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  9. Pastor Wei?mann Curses,Destroys and Sends to Hell to Pastor Visser aka Murderer Meth-addict Zog/false prophet Baal priest???
  10. Hi, I'm Jeromy Visser and I'm a Mamzer Baal-Priest
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  25. Vissers Mother
  26. What the Fuck is "jewniversalism" cum-cum, cum-cum? Three pretend DSCI kikes go Talmudic ass-to-mouth.
  27. James "Wick the Dick" Wickstrom -- Murderous Adulterous ZOGbot Baal-Priest
  28. Cornholer Pisspul Mamzeries is going belly-up yet again, maybe for the final time this time
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  31. To My [Not Quite] White Kinfolk Worried About Less Than Being 100% White DNA
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