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  2. Hi! I'm LiarBill DeClue(less), Phony OSLer Baal-Priest of St. Louis
  3. Mad Marty Sings & Makes Mein Mangina Wettt!!! -- Whigger Problem
  4. Abo-liar tries to set "Pastor" Weibmann up as ZOG did to Edgar Steel
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  15. My theory regarding Obadiah 1:18
  16. 2.5 Mamzers => OFFLINE!
  17. Obadiah 1:18, what have we here?
  18. Obadorker likes draft-dodger Ted Nugent!
  19. Obadiah implies that Paul Fromm is a drunk!
  20. "Obadiah 1:18" makes himself look like an ass on White Reference.
  21. The case of a melungeon and his tranny...(continued)
  22. Obie-gender-bender's "Down Low, Down Under"
  23. A Pisser-Possum Named Sue --OR-- The Pisser-Possum/Aussie Poofter Internuts Snivel Whore
  24. Cast into Hell . . . by the murderous Khazar jew pig Rabbi Baal Finck!!!
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  28. No More Radio Free Northwest for This Forum, now down to one mamzer, cum-cum. cum-cumj!!!
  29. The Dirty Pisser-Possum From the Dirty South Hath Whupped Muh Fat Tranny Ass & Tweaked Muh Hormone-Enhanced Nipples
  30. Obie-gender-bender vs Passtard Swill in Booze vs Chief Pisser-Possum with LiarBill MumpsNut DeClue(less) running fuktarded