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  1. I'm Hillary Clinton and I'm an Evil Crooked Bitch Running Yet Again For President
  2. Hi! I'm 2016 and I'm a big Tard, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!
  3. Hi! I'm 2016 and I'm a big Tard, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!
  4. [S]Election 2016
  5. Dead Papist-Guido jewpreme kort jewstice croaks off & leaves Obongo/Swillery to make an appointment
  6. Live Thread: Super Tuesday 3 Live Thread: Super Tuesday 3
  7. nigger Lies [Don't] Matter
  8. Second [De]Generation Raghead shoots over 100 faggots, kills half of them
  9. Brexit -- Fail
  10. FBI refuses to indict Hillary
  11. Race War: Niggers vs Piglice
  12. Sanders $ells Out
  13. The Donald settles for mere Pence
  14. Nice Terrorist Attack on Frogs by Ragheads on jew-lie 14th
  15. Republican National Party Coonvention in Cleveland
  16. Radical Islamic Terrorism kills at least 8 German whigger & mamzer ass-clowns
  17. Democrat National Coonvention
  18. The Donald says "Deport them All"
  19. Hillary's Hate: Clinton: Half of Trump’s supporters fit in ‘basket of deplorables’
  20. Hillary the Sick Evil Corrupt Downer Cow Goes Down
  21. The Non-Issue of Neoconservative Purges
  22. Der god-Emperor Disclaims Birtherism
  23. Somalian sand-nigger spawn stabs ZOGling whigger ass-clowns in Minnesota Mall
  24. "This Ain't Germany" (New Parody Song)
  25. The Swillery-Trump 1st Master [De]bate
  26. Deusch Bank Goes Belly Up in 2016 like Lehmamzer Bros in 2008
  27. Vice-Presidential Debate 4 Oct 2016
  28. Second Presidential Debate -- 9 Oct 16
  29. #NeverTrump Has Destroyed The Republican Party
  30. #NeverTrump’s “Sinister Deal” With Hillary
  31. Wherein us $PLC jewboy tards troll Brad Griffin
  32. Third Presidential Debate -- 19 Oct 16
  33. Weinergate
  34. Conservatism, Inc. Unleashed The Third World Immigration Tsunami
  35. Live Thread: 2016 Presidential Election
  36. What To Do When Swillary Steals The Election
  37. The On-cum-cummin' god-Emperor Trump Administration
  38. What Now?
  39. The "False News" that cost Hillary the [S]Election
  40. The god-Emperor Trump cucks out
  41. Fidel Castro dead 24 Nov 16