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  1. 2017
  2. Deep ZOG Shall Try to Mount a Coup Against the God-Emperor
  3. The Trump Inniggeration
  4. There Won’t Be A New Afrika
  5. jew Scarburro & Morning Zika: "Our Job Is To “Control Exactly What People Think”
  6. President Trump Addresses the CONgress-Critters 28 Feb 2017
  7. Gerorge [S]Will is Right -- Donald Trump IS a Threat, to Cuckservatism Inc
  8. Federal judge rules Joplin public schools must end 'religious' field trips
  9. I drove from Baltimore to jew yawk to kill me a nigger
  10. Big Orange The god-emperor lets Obongocare Crash & Burn
  11. France Votes: The Woke vs The Unwoke
  12. The ZOG-Emperor/Dog-Humperor's Fi
  13. The ZOG-Emperor Fires Big FiBbIe Pig
  14. UK Election: Tories Falling Short of a Majority
  15. Beware Fake News
  16. Boomer Bernie-Bro Shoots Republican Congress-critters but kills not enough
  17. We had a watermelon Feed and Politicians talked about how free we is.
  18. Ian McCarthy, accused of killing Clinton, Mo., police officer, lived a solitary, troubled life
  19. Steve Hybernigger Bannon on 60 Jew Minutes
  20. Angela Merkel wins fourth Election
  21. The-m-Ass Shooting in Lost Wages
  22. Crooked Swillery Gets Caught Out
  23. Bernie-Bro Massacre 26+ whiggers in a Texas Church?
  24. Older whiggers coveting teen-age pussy in Alabama
  25. Afrikoons bneing Afrikoons: Taking out the MuGarbage: Is China Behind the Zimbabwe Coup?[/
  26. nigger & jew 'liberals' molesting whiggress wymyn
  27. Brit-fag Royal jews marrying common Amurrikwan niggers
  28. Beaners killing whiggresses in Sans Fagscrisco
  29. Judge Roy Moore & Trump vs gliberal whigger Democrat, the globalist jews and RINO-cucks
  30. I'm a nearly gone Goof -- 2017
  31. 2018
  32. Muzzie Aloha Snackbar Attacks -- 2018
  33. All You Whiggers Need to Get on the Oprah Train 2020
  34. Missouri Governor (((Eric Greitens))) BDSM Navy-SEAL Blackmail Rape Dungeon
  35. The God-Emperor Says, "Yes, we want no more niggers, no niggers from Shitholeistan non-jew Ass Oy Vey"
  36. The God-Tsar of All The Russias Wins Another Presidential Term
  37. Barbara Bush is about to Croak
  38. Chas Kikenhammer, sick & dying jewboy Spawn of Satan, is about to croak
  39. Tommy Robinson Affaire
  40. Supreme kort baal-priestcraft
  41. The Brett Kavanaugh Coonfirmation Hearings
  42. Report: Pennsylvania priests molested over 1,000 children
  43. The ZOG Emperor Fights Back
  44. John McCain croaks off
  45. White Man Shoots Up Synagogue of Satan in Pittsburg