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TraitorGlenn Miller
06-07-2012, 04:34 PM
Phone Call From Joseph Paul Franklin, 3 Jun 2012


He phoned collect, and we spoke for 15 minutes. He's only allowed one call per month, as I understand it.

He said the warden and other officials came to his cell coupla days ago and informed him that all his appeals are exhausted and therefore he'll be executed soon, but gave no date. Neither of his attorneys have contacted him in about 10 years.

Per Mr Franklin's instructions, I phoned both his attorneys (Jennifer Herndon - 314-831-5531, and Paige Canfield, 314-664-7635). Left message for Herndon, but spoke with Canfield. She said she'll confer with Herndon, and both will look into this, and also phone Mr Franklin and the prison warden.

Mr Franklin also wants to talk to the media. I phoned Associated Press, St Louis, reporter Bill Draper, who seemed highly interested. I gave him phone numbers of the prison warden, both attorneys, and my own. (tel: 816-654-1050). I'll phone a few more media outlets, as well. And I urge other VNNers to do the same. Ask them to contact Mr Franklin, ASAP.

Per instructions, I phoned Mr Franklin's daughter's former husband, and asked him to pass this information on to her. Seems she hasn't written her dad in quite some time, and he doesn't have her current number.

I also phoned assistant warden Crump (tel: 573-438-6000, ext 1203). His secretary will ask him to return my call.

Mr Franklin also informed me that he's promptly receiving the newspaper I subscribed for him a month or so ago.

If anybody wants to make some phone calls, per Mr Franklin's request, feel free to do so. Numbers are provided above.


Here's Mr Franklin's address for those with the guts and initiative to mail him a few lines of moral support before the JOG kills him:

Joseph Paul Franklin #990133
Potosi Correctional Center,
11593 State Hwy "O"
Mineral Point, MO 63660

Now if I had known anything about this matter, I'd have snitched on this Racial Hero. So now I'm just trying to rub my leprous rat-sores against this hero who needs our moral support.

TraitorGlenn Miller
09-11-2013, 10:54 PM
Phone Call From Joseph Paul Franklin -- Trying to suck up to another Movement Hero that likes drunken mamzer rats


He sounds great - mind is sharp hasn't had a drink in over 30 years - and he shows no signs of fear, whatsoever. He works out daily, weighs 174 lbs on 5'11". We spoke for 10 minutes, then was cut off. ZOG knows that I'm still snitching and need to suck up in order to catch me some more ZOGling whigger and anglo-mestizo tard.

He believes in re-incarnation, and is a devout christian - prays all the time. Therefore, he says he has hope he won't be executed.

HE NEEDS MONEY, DESPERATELY: To pay for stamps, writing materials, soap, socks, shorts, t-shirts, etc., and also for food from the canteen because prison food is terrible.

He gave me these instuctions for sending him money:

Postal money order mailed to

Inmate account
PO Box 1609,
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Insert a note inside the envelope saying: For inmate Joseph Paul Franklin, # 990133.

I'm leaving for the post office right now to buy a $100 MO, and will mail it today ?? I'd give a thousand or more from my federal case worker from ZOG, but it would look suspicious.

TraitorGlenn Miller
09-18-2013, 10:33 PM
I pushed my mongrel-rat sores on Joe Paul Franklin again.


Among other things, we told jokes, and he laughed genuinely, especially when I said I'll make him head of the US Civil Right Division when I'm elected president.

Finally, they are allowing him the privilege of purchasing telephone minutes. And he has lots of people to phone before his scheduled execution date of 20 Nov 2013. Included are his attorney, other attorneys recommended to him, his family members, friends, people who might help him do this or that, etc.

And he'll be phoning me regularly now to coordinate his instructions.

He also wants to phone lots of book authors in hopes of finding one who'll visit and write a biography. A non-fiction book presumeably similar to Turner Diaries.

I just now emailed one potential author for him. Hopefully, she'll respond. Does anyone here know a writer who might be interested ??

Won't that be one hell of a book ??

So, who'll pony up a few bucks ?? You can put any name and address on the money order, ya know:

Anyway, he's desperate for money to buy phone minutes, as well as food, writing materials and other stuff from the prison commissary.

The $100 money order I mailed on Thursday has not yet reached him.

Mail money order to this address:

Inmate account
PO Box 1609,
Jefferson City, MO 65102

PS: On the MO where it says "To", insert: Joseph Paul Franklin, # 990133.

Whatchasay ?? I really need to make myself look relevant again.

10-18-2013, 10:42 PM
Hatewatch Exclusive: Racist Serial Killer, Facing Death, Recants

Don Terry on October 17, 2013,



As he awaits his November date with the executioner, prolific racist serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin wants something he never showed any of his victims.

He wants mercy.

If the courts won’t give it to him, he hopes maybe God will.

“I’ve prayed to the Lord for forgiveness,” Franklin told Hatewatch this week in a series of telephone interviews from the condemned unit at the Potosi Correctional Center in Missouri. “I not only asked the Lord for me, but I’ve prayed for all of my victims, too. I go from name to name and pray for each one of those people and regret that I ever harmed and shot them the way I did.”

Once defiant and unrepentant, the 63-year-old death row inmate, a self-admitted savvy manipulator, is “doing everything I can” to save his own life – and to prepare for the next. He has renounced his racist past and extremist beliefs and he professes a Christian rebirth during the 33 years he has been locked up for roaming the country and gunning down an interracial couple in Wisconsin, two black boys in Ohio, a Jewish man coming out of a synagogue after worship in Missouri and at least three other people from Tennessee to Utah. Authorities suspect there could be as many as 20 murder victims.

Using a sniper rifle, Franklin said he also stalked and shot publisher Larry Flynt, putting him in a wheelchair, because Flynt featured interracial sex in Hustler magazine. Two years later, in the spring of 1980, Franklin shot and tore a gaping hole in the back of civil rights leader Vernon Jordan, who somehow survived the attack.

He was acquitted of shooting Jordan, who was president of the National Urban League at the time he was shot in a hotel parking lot in Fort Wayne, Ind. The jury, Franklin said, made a mistake.

“I was on a mission,” Franklin said, to kill as many Jews, blacks, and white women involved in interracial relationships as he possibly could. “I wanted to start a race war.”

He said he was inspired by Charles Manson, adding, “A lot of white nationalists looked up to Charles Manson.”

Franklin said he thought the killing of another civil rights leader would cause black people to riot, sparking a race war.

Jordan, however, wasn’t even his first choice.

“I was going to kill Rev. Jesse Jackson,” Franklin said.

Franklin drove to Chicago in 1980 and even walked around the headquarters building of Jackson’s Operation PUSH on the city’s South Side, looking for a place to set up a sniper’s nest. But he could not find an ideal location in the busy neighborhood. Then he noticed what he believed to be an unmarked police car following him.

Franklin quickly left the city and was driving through Indiana when he heard on the radio that Jordan was speaking nearby.

He pulled over, retrieved his rifle and waited in the bushes near Jordan’s hotel room.


Franklin is a hero to neo-Nazis and other white supremacists, at least those who still remember him. The late neo-Nazi leader William Pierce dedicated Hunter, his novel about a lone-wolf racist terrorist, to Franklin.

Franklin’s chilling and sad words from death row today undoubtedly will shake and shock his supporters.

In his interviews with Hatewatch, Franklin spoke of his remorse and belief that anti-Semitism “is itself a sign of mental illness.” He talked about being beaten and abused as a boy growing up in Mobile, Ala., about joining the Klan, and leaving after just three months because there were more police informants under the sheets “than Klansmen.” He talked about devouring Mein Kampf over and over and about a road trip he said he took as a young neo-Nazi with David Duke and Don Black.

It was 1969 and the young racists were on their way to Arlington, Va., for a gathering of the World Union of National Socialists, started in 1962 by American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell and European neo-Nazis. Franklin said they made the trip in Chevrolet Chevelle that belonged to a close friend of Duke’s, who rode with them. Duke, the future Klan leader, did most of the driving.

“I was sitting in the back behind David Duke,” Franklin said. “He was in the front seat, telling racist jokes. Don Black was sitting in the back seat to my right.”

Franklin credits his change of mind and heart to decades meditation while incarcerated. “I began meditating St. Patrick’s Day, 1985,” he said. “But it took me a long time to really change. I was just so hardcore. When you’re that hardcore it really takes you a long time to change, but eventually, over a period of time, I just gradually started changing my views on a whole lot of things. I just could not see myself out there doing that same thing again.

“I’m glad I got caught,” he continued. “You know before I committed even more crimes. It’s been said many times that the Lord will often times turn what appears to be a curse into a blessing and that is what happened in my case.”


Franklin began his personal mission of murder in 1977. He drove around the country in a used Chevy he purchased for $975 from the proceeds of the first of his 16 bank robberies, hunting down interracial couples, “totally obsessed with Mein Kampf and Hitler” and consumed with a desire “to kill some Jews,” although most of his victims were black.

After being caught, Franklin told a Missouri courtroom that the only thing he was sorry about was that killing Jews was illegal.

He’s sorry about much more now.

Pending execution can have that effect on people.

“There are psychiatrists who actually believe that anti-Semitism itself is a mental illness,” Franklin told Hatewatch. “And I’m convinced personally that it’s true. I’ve met other people who were into Nazism and I could tell that they were mentally ill.

“People should be locked up just for espousing that type of views,” he continued. “That would have helped me out if I would have been locked up in a mental institution for a while until I was cured.”

Instead, he killed at least eight people and has spent more than half his life in prison. Now his time appears to have run out. The state of Missouri is scheduled to put Franklin to death by lethal injection on Nov. 20 for the sniper killing in the fall of 1977 of Gerald Gordon, 42, as Gordon was coming out of a synagogue in suburban St. Louis.

Gordon was the third of the eight people Franklin has been convicted of murdering from 1977 to 1980.

A last ditch legal fight over the method of execution could – at least for a while – delay Franklin’s scheduled execution.


In the meantime, Franklin wants to have his say.

“I was mentally ill when I was out there, man,” he said. “I mean, I was just really out of control. That was not me out in the streets, doing that crap. I would not even think of doing that stuff anymore.”

Born James Clayton Vaughn Jr. in Mobile on April 13, 1950, Franklin’s childhood was by all accounts filled with poverty and pain, mostly at the abusive hands of his mother who made life for Franklin and his three siblings “a living hell.”

His parents, however, were not any more racist than “most other people” in the segregated South, he said.

“They weren’t members of any white supremacist organization or anything,” he said. “Just about everybody in Mobile at that time during the ’50s and ’60s when I was growing up, used the N-word. It was kind of common then. Matter of fact it was uncommon to hear anybody use the word Negro.”

His mother’s side of the family was from Germany. As a boy, when Franklin discovered photographs of his German relatives wearing swastika armbands during World War II, he was hooked. “I thought, hey, this is something my family is into,” Franklin said.

He joined the American Nazi Party in 1967, the same year Rockwell was assassinated by a disgruntled follower, sending in the $2 membership fee. He was 17.

“The party at that time was fairly strong,” Franklin said. “They just began integrating the schools and I think a lot of the organizations at that time were at their peak — United Klans of America, American Nazi Party, National States’ Rights Party. A lot of people were scared of integration and began joining those organizations.”

At one time or another, Franklin says he belonged to all three.

But his heart always belonged to the Führer. In 1976, Franklin changed his name to Joseph Paul Franklin, taking “Joseph Paul” from Adolf Hitler’s minister of propaganda, Joseph Paul Goebbels, and “Franklin” from American icon Benjamin Franklin.

A year later, the killing began with a young interracial couple in Madison, Wisc., who Franklin happened to encounter in a mall parking lot.

“I’m just trusting in the Lord’s mercy,” Franklin told Hatewatch. “He tells us right there in the Scriptures that those who obey him will enter into his rest and receive eternal life.”

Moments later, an automated voice interrupted Franklin, informing him he had one minute left on the monitored prison telephone.

Then, 60 seconds later, the automated voice was back and said, “Goodbye.”

The call was over.

Joseph Paul Franklin had run out of time.

11-16-2013, 11:51 PM
Letter to Joseph Paul Franklin -- 16 Nov. 2013


The Church of Jesus Christ Christian
/ Aryan Nations of Missouri
Pastor Martin L.D. Lindstedt
338 Rabbit Track Road
Granby, Missouri 64844
(417) 472-6901

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Brother Joseph Paul Franklin
Prisoner # 990133
Imprisoned @
Death Row/Awaiting Execution
Potosi Correctional Center
11593 State Highway O
Mineral Point Missouri 63660

Dear Brother Franklin:

I meant to write you sooner, but better late than never.

Some of my problem is that TraitorGlenn Miller, a known federal informant and agent provocateur, has seen fit to put himself into the picture regarding your soon execution by the State of Missouri within a few months. I have my own history with TraitorGlenn Miller dating from 2000, when Louis Beam and Katja and David Lane of the Order had me pretend to be TraitorGlenn Miller’s friend and Internet supporter in order to sabotage TraitorGlenn Miller’s return back into the Racial Resistance Movement. So TraitorGlenn Miller is trying to suck up to you and bring about his being thought of as being “hardcore” when all he ever was was a drunken Lumbee-injun melungeon snitching ever since he was in the Army snitching out on recruits joining the Ku Klux Klan.

On the other hand, TraitorGlenn Miller is the only one who seems to have contacted you for the past year or so and made your plight known. So my position is that anything that you do with TraitorGlenn Miller is between you and him – I will not get involved with your doings with him. I can’t expect you to disown someone who has helped you even though in my judgment and experience it is so that TraitorGlenn Miller will get “street cred” to get around his past behavior.

What I’m trying to ascertain is that I’ve heard that you are a Christian, and in some respects you hold the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity creed: that jews are the spawn of Satan from Satan’s seduction of Eve, giving birth to Cain, the first jew; that non-whites are the Sixth-Day soulless Beast of the Field; that Noah’s Flood was a local event in the Tarim Basin designed to drown miscegenating Adamites; and that modern Northern and Western Europeans are the “lost” Ten Tribes, actually all Thirteen Tribes, of the House of Jacob/Israel. Those are the basic tenets of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity. The rest is mere gloss.

If you are Christian Identity, then as someone who has an actual non-profit Church corporation registered in Missouri – there are lots of Christian Identity family congregations in the Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas Ozarks – perhaps I can be of assistance to you, if such is your wish.

My position regarding your past actions is that you are a Soldier of YHWH who did as he thought fit. As with The Order, I don’t think that their or your actions were politically successful, however, your courage and dedication in doing what you saw fit is of value in and of itself. I think you were ahead of your time. And I myself, given that the [bowel] Movement is full of mongrels and rats and ZOG agents provocateur (ZOGbots), like TraitorGlenn Miller, have for the past several years, rather than promote wasted efforts like running for office, or holding rallies in which a dozen or less retards are protected from several hundred ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns by a hundred ZOG piglice, I have advocated what I call the Ten Thousand Warlords program. Ten Thousand Warlords ruling over no more than Ten Million surviving ex-whiggers with 120 million dead whiggers, 180 million dead muds and jews using the Great Tribulation to destroy the enemies of YHWH and Christ’s Second Coming to end it all. [I myself am not allowed to run for federal, state, or local office because I’m a “White Supremacist” thanks to TraitorGlenn Miller’s antics. And I so used to run for office back in the 1990s and early 2000’s.] So as mentioned before, you were a Warlord when being a Warlord wasn’t cool.
I myself want a Great Tribulation to destroy most of the hue-man ZOGing herd animals. I had my family destroyed and torn apart by ZOG using their special laws to take my four little grandchildren from their home across the street, and buy and sell them like cattle to gliberal whiggers and perverts and ZOGlings. When they were taken away on April 9, 2004, crying and screaming, I swore an Oath to YHWH to send every single regime criminal pig, lawyer, judge, politician, burrocrat, along with anyone supporting them along with their entire families and send them all screaming to hell if YHWH willed it for my revenge. And I will not be foresworn.

A year, a month, and a day later, on May 10, 2005, I was illegally (according to MoZOG’s own laws if there was any suspicion of child molestation there was supposed to be an immediate investigation) arrested on statutory sodomy charges in which some Newton County pig claimed that he had heard a state therapist say after they got my slightly-retarded six-year-old grandson claim – after they coached him – that I had allegedly kissed his penis, buttocks, stomach and back pretty much several times a day between his fifth birthday in March until August 2003, when for some reason I allegedly stopped. There was no independent forensic evidence of this, indeed, none of this was even investigated according to law. Meanwhile, I was suing to get the grandchildren back and the crooked judge, an old enemy that I had humiliated countless times when he was the Granby city attorney, refused to even allow the lawyer I had hired to represent my girlfriend, the grandchildren’s biological mother (the mother of the grandchildren, an ignorant welfare slut, was my step-daughter). Furthermore, the Missouri Southern Kort of Appeals refused to even listen to my appeals or force the crooked judge to even sign a “final judgment.” One of the tricks used by the crooked Missouri state kort system is having the jewdge refuse to actually sign an order taking away your liberty or property so then if you make an appeal the crooked Missouri korts of appeal and jewpreme korts claim that they don’t have jurisdiction because the trial kort judge didn’t sign the “final judgment.” They pulled that shit on me over my grandkids being taken and sold just as they did it for a friend of mine over a traffic kort violation that I had written his appeal for. I did manage to get the circuit kort clerk to get the crooked judge to sign the final order at the last minute, then got the finished kort incantation sent out. And the corrupt swine refused to make any decision until I was safely in jail before the very judge who stole the grandkids on the basis of third-hand hearsay hearing preliminary evidence as to whether or not there was probable cause for binding me over for trial. The judge snarled in glee that the Missouri kort of Appeals [d]ruled that judges could steal and sell my grandchildren based upon “evidence” from an anonymous hotline call.

Anyways, since I had a long history of federal litigation on civil rights violations, at least seven federal lawsuits, one against Matt “Runt” Blunt for violating election laws in order to make hisself the corrupt one-termer governor he turned out to be, the first order of business was to force me to accept a lawyer so that they could have my pub[l]ic pretender agree to let the Division of Family Services make their own video and to hell with risking my grandson say in open kort that the charges were false. (By the way, I never molested my grandson or any of my grandchildren, or for that matter any other people’s children. But after all that I’ve been through, I’d gladly appoint the most violent of the perverts I’ve met in the jail and NutHouse to sodomize, skin, kill and eat the spawn of regime criminals in a heartbeat when given power.)


November 16, 2013 (In order to get this to you before your impending texecution)

I had thought of not finishing this letter to you because you seemed to come under the sway of TraitorGlenn Miller, the drunken melungeon red-nigger mongrel rat. TraitorGlenn arranged, through his friends in the $outhern Poverty Law Center, and interview in which you were seen to be begging for mercy in order to live and saying that you were sorry for what you done. I’ll enclose a copy of said interview.

A lot of other mongrels infesting the bowel Movement then denounced you as a fraud and a coward. I’m not going to do any such thing, because you were abandoned and much of the bowel Movement wants you to die and rid themselves of what they view as an embarrassment. I do not, because in this world, as this other psychopath playing “The Governor” in the hit series about the Zombie Whigger and nigger and jew Apocalypse, “You either kill or be killed.” Us clear-eyed sociopaths are right in that respect. There are no innocents, only sides. It is moral and right to exterminate and to torture and send screaming to hell to hell not only regime criminals, but also ZOGling whigger herd animals. When my grandchildren were sent screaming and crying from their homes on April 9, 2004, I swore an Oath to YHWH to likewise do, but more thoroughly likewise to the families of piglice, judges, lawyers, politicians, and their supporters, and also to their children anf grandchildren. 120 million whiggers, 180 million mamzers/mongrels, and all of the jews must die in the Great Tribulation so that YHWH’s Servant Nation Remnant might prevail and live. (Matthew 24:21-22)

Anyways, since I refused to accept a pub[l]ic pretender to [mis]represent me, I was sent illegally to a psychiatric hospital-prison, doped up and tortured there much like ZOG/Babylon does to ragheads in Guantamo for nearly three years. Eventually I was transferred to medium-security psychiatric prison, started back with filing lawsuits, and got a new whigger head-shrinker to stop the illegal forced doping, pretended that I’d hire a lawyer (as eventually the new crooked judge figured out that he couldn’t force the public pretender’s office to misrepresent me), got released to face trial in Newton County, then refused to hire a lawyer, and after a few more months got them to agree for me to have access to the county law library to represent myself, got five or six other accused in my situation to ditch their public pretenders and want to represent themselves, and thus forced them to reduce my bond from the illegal $100,000 to $10,000. Then since my slightly retarded grandson refused to lie against me, the case fell apart before the preliminary hearing on Feb 27, 2009 and the case had to be dismissed.

I scare the piglice and jewdges but good when they read my web pages to find my “Dzerzhinsky Protocols” advocating grabbing their children, torturing them into confessions against their parents and grandparents, then skinning alive the entire lot, cf. General Jehu’s actions against King Ahab and Jezebel and their supporters and baal-priests for the judicial murder of Naboth and his family. (I Kings Chapter 21, II Kings Chapters 8-9) YHWH hates not only them jew Spawn of Satan, but any and all whiggers who collaborate with them.
So Joseph Paul Franklin, why should I have any problem with you doing YHWH’s Work in shooting dirty jews, mongrels, whigger race-traitors and sundry perverts? In fact, you should be proud to be a Soldier/Servant of YHWH!!!

So, since you are likely going to be riding the needle in a few days time, I’d like to urge you to abrogate your $PLC interview, say as your final words that you have absolutely no regrets other than that you didn’t kill more of them damned dirty jews, mongrels, race-traitor practitioners of bestiality and homosexuality, perverts, ZOGlings and other degenerates supporting Under Satan’s Administration (USA/ZOG). Telling Jay Nixon and Chris Koster to kiss your ass as you are strapped down and “Fuck ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final” as your final words would be, to my way of thinking, wholly appropriate.

Revelation Chapter 20: 1-6

1 And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.
2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,
3 And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.
4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
5 But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.
6 Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.

You will likely be put to death soon by this mighty Evil Empire. So you might as well face it like a soldier of YHWH, and since death comes to us all, earn your First Resurrection and rule in Paradise as one of YHWH’s kings and priests for a thousand years, and face not the second death upon Judgment Day.

You are at liberty to call me if you wish at my home landline of 417-472-6901. If you wish babtism and ordination into the Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri we can discuss it. If not, then fine.

TraitorGlenn Miller is crowing about how you are going to will that old rat your worldly goods. I wouldn’t. Give them to your daughter Lori, who TraitorGlenn Miller disparaged unjustly as abandoning you until she showed up on Rabbi Linder’s Greater Free Range Tard Corral and Colostomy Bag News Network Forum, and made TraitorGlenn Miller backpedal. Both Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller are rats who have testilied against Movement activists.

If you get a stay of execution, then we can work on it from there. If not, then die like a White soldier without regret or apology for that which YHWH and the inherent Spirit of Adamic Man bade you to do. If you have any regrets, then keep them to yourself and YHWH.

I’ll pray for you that YHWH’s Will be done.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt,
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Cousin Randy Turner
11-18-2013, 11:22 PM
Gov. Nixon: Let him die!

http://governor.mo.gov/newsroom/2013/Gov_Nixon_denies_clemency_petition_of_Joseph_P_Fra nklin


From Gov. Jay Nixon)

The Governor's Office today released the following statement from Gov. Jay Nixon (http://governor.mo.gov/newsroom/2013/Gov_Nixon_denies_clemency_petition_of_Joseph_P_Fra nklin) regarding his decision on the petition for clemency from Joseph P. Franklin:

Earlier today, I received from my counsel a final briefing on the petition for clemency from Joseph P. Franklin, which has been reviewed in detail. After careful deliberation, I have denied this petition.

As Governor, this is a power and a process I do not take lightly. Each instance involves a very specific set of facts, which must be considered on its own.

Joseph P. Franklin was sentenced by a jury to receive the ultimate punishment for committing merciless acts of violence, fueled by hate. In October 1977, Franklin fired five shots at a group of worshipers leaving a synagogue in Richmond Heights, killing Gerald Gordon and wounding Steven Goldman and William Ash. This cowardly and calculated shooting was only one of many senseless acts of extreme violence that Franklin, motivated by racial and religious intolerance, committed against numerous victims across the country - from Tennessee and Ohio to Utah and Wisconsin.

As this case reaches its conclusion and the sentence is carried out, I ask that Missourians remember Gerald Gordon and keep his family, and the victims of Franklin's other crimes, in their thoughts and prayers.

11-19-2013, 11:36 PM
YHWH spared sinning Christian Israelite Joseph Paul Franklin -- for now.


TraitorGlenn Miller
11-19-2013, 11:42 PM



It was just reported on TV news a few minutes ago - 4:55 PM CST - 19 Nov 2013.

Details forthcoming.

Hail Joseph Paul Franklin - my friend - our hero - martyr of our posterity

11-19-2013, 11:45 PM

Cousin Randy Turner
11-19-2013, 11:53 PM
Judge halts execution of Joseph Paul Franklin


U. S. District Court Judge Nanette Laughrey halted the execution of serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin moments ago, saying that time was needed to explore the contention that Missouri's new method of execution may violate the Eighth Amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.

Franklin had been scheduled to be executed at midnight.

Judge Laughrey's 14-page decision criticized Missouri's state government for creating a "moving target" with the continuing changes in its execution protocol:

Defendants chose an untested, non-litigated method of execution in 2012. After more than a year of litigation and only after the close of discovery did Defendants change the protocol to address specific concerns raised by Plaintiffs. Defendants issued three different protocols in the three months preceding Franklin’s execution date, and as recent as five days before the execution, Defendants again changed their method of execution.

Defendants’ protocol has been a frustratingly moving target. In the face of such a grave consequence as that of the death penalty, this Court declines to reward Defendants’ attempts to prevent Plaintiffs from fully litigating their claims.

The judge concluded, "Plaintiffs have shown a significant likelihood of success on the merits, a showing of irreparable harm in contrast to relatively little harm to Defendants, and no fault in the delay of their current case pending before this Court."

As the judge pointed out in her decision, the state would not suffer much harm from the delay, but denying it could cause a great deal of harm to Joseph Paul Franklin:

Given the irreversible nature of the death penalty and Plaintiffs’ medical evidence and allegations, a stay is necessary to ensure that the Defendants’ last act against Franklin is not permanent, irremediable cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth Amendment.

Posted by Randy at 3:53 PM TUESDAY (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/11/judge-halts-execution-of-joseph-paul.html), NOVEMBER 19, 2013

11-19-2013, 11:55 PM
Federal judge stays Joseph Paul Franklin’s execution

Federal judge » New execution protocol in Missouri and killer’s competency are cited.

By Jim Salter | The Associated Press
First Published Nov 19 2013 09:19 am


http://www.sltrib.com/csp/cms/sites/dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls?STREAMOID=L3uvP cCAa_ZwZPn6iagwRs$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYvwELSRpMycckB QK5k11NYJWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4 uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_C ryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg
(Courtesy photo) Karma Ingersol, left, and Terry Jackson-Mitchell, two anglo-mestizo mudsharks,
were with David Martin and Ted Fields (niggers) when serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin righteously
gunned the two men/Beasts of the Field down as they were leaving Liberty Park on Aug. 20, 1980
where they had plumbed the two mudsharks' nether depths and stanky skanky orifices with theys'
floppy telegonic black-snakes.

St. Louis -- A federal judge in Missouri on Tuesday granted a stay of execution to murderer Joseph Paul Franklin just hours before his scheduled death, citing concerns over the state’s new execution method.

U.S. District Court Judge Nanette Laughrey ruled that a lawsuit filed by Franklin and 20 other death row inmates challenging Missouri’s execution protocol must be resolved before he is put to death.

The state appealed Laughrey’s ruling to the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis on Tuesday night, though it wasn’t clear how quickly that court would rule. A second lower court federal judge, weighing a separate defense appeal contesting Franklin’s competency to be executed based on his mental illness, also granted a stay and said the issue needs "a meaningful review."

Laughrey’s 14-page ruling criticizes the timing of the state’s changes to how it carries out capital punishment, specifically its plan to use for the first time a single drug, pentobarbital. It also takes issue with a plan to acquire the drug from a compounding pharmacy.

Laughrey wrote that the Missouri Department of Corrections "has not provided any information about the certification, inspection history, infraction history, or other aspects of the compounding pharmacy or of the person compounding the drug." She noted that the execution protocol, which has changed repeatedly, "has been a frustratingly moving target."

Franklin, who has been diagnosed as mentally ill, didn’t seem to fully understand the stay, said Jennifer Herndon, his attorney.

"He was happy," she said. "I’m not really convinced that he totally understands that he was going to die."

Franklin, 63, was scheduled to die at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday for killing 42-year-old Gerald Gordon in a sniper attack outside a suburban St. Louis synagogue in 1977. It was one of as many as 20 killings committed by Franklin, who targeted blacks and Jews in a cross-country killing spree from 1977 to 1980.

Among his victims were David Martin, 18, and Ted Fields, 20. Franklin gunned down the two black men as they were leaving Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park with two white women on Aug. 20, 1980.

Karma Ingersol, one of the women with Martin and Fields when they died, said Tuesday she was devastated by the stay.

"His words are hurtful. He needs to be silenced, to be done away with," she said. "There’s no closure for me. No closure and no forgiveness."

Terry Jackson-Mitchell, the pair’s other companion, said: "I’m at peace no matter what happens."

Johnnie Mae Martin, David Martin’s mother, opposes the death penalty.

She said Tuesday had been a day of sadness as she thought of Franklin awaiting execution.

"There is a time for everything and now wasn’t the time. I don’t know if he needs to apologize to more people or what but tonight wasn’t his time," she said. "I just hope he’ll be at peace."

Her daughter Denna Lightner responded to news of the stay with an "Amen."

Earlier Tuesday, she had asked for a letter to be delivered to Franklin expressing her forgiveness.

Lightner said the fact that Franklin had apologized and "come to know the Lord" in recent years allowed her to let go of anger over her brother’s murder.

"I’m fine with whatever happens now," she said.

"My only hope it that all families connected to the slayings ... find comfort during this turbulent journey."

Like other states, Missouri long had used a three-drug execution method. Drugmakers stopped selling those drugs to prisons and corrections departments, so in April 2012 Missouri announced a new one-drug execution protocol using propofol. The state planned to use propofol for an execution last month.

But Gov. Jay Nixon ordered the Missouri Department of Corrections to come up with a new drug after an outcry from the medical profession over planned use of the popular anesthetic in an execution. Most propofol is made in Europe, and the European Union had threaten to limit exports of it.

The corrections department turned to pentobarbital made through a compounding pharmacy. Few details have been made public about the compounding pharmacy, because state law provides privacy for parties associated with executions.

Throughout this litigation, the details of the execution protocol have been illusive at best," Laughrey wrote. "It is clear from the procedural history of this case that through no fault of his own, Franklin could not resolve his claims without a stay of his scheduled execution date."

She added: "Franklin has been afforded no time to research the risk of pain associated with the Department’s new protocol, the quality of the pentobarbital provided, and the record of the source of the pentobarbital."

The stay pleased The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri.

"Simply put, the state of Missouri is playing games by continually making last-minute changes to its protocol and hiding important information that the public needs to evaluate the execution plans," ACLU executive director Jeffrey A. Mittman said. "Treating the important constitutional issues at stake here, in such a cavalier manner, is a disservice to the people of Missouri."

It also pleased Franklin’s daughter, Lori Gresham, who said she had spoken with her father earlier Tuesday but they had not talked about the execution.

She said she was "ecstatic."

"I’m so grateful," she said.

In a Nov. 13 Salt Lake Tribune interview, Franklin said he remained hopeful his sentence would be stayed and that he would have an opportunity to make amends to his victims and work to undo the bad "karma" he had created. "I would be really great to have that opportunity."

He described his own transformation during 33 years in prison as "a miracle."

"I’ve made an effort to try to change myself and become a better person," he said, mostly by studying world religions.

But in an interview with Fox 2 this week, reporter Tom O’Neal asked Franklin whether he deserved to die for his crimes.

Franklin paused and then said: "To tell you the truth, I actually think I do, yeah. I cannot say no to that question."

Tribune reporter Brooke Adams and correspondent Peg McEntee contributed to this story.

Cousin Randy Turner
11-20-2013, 11:51 PM
Attorney general: Franklin execution cannot erase terrible memories, but offers closure



(From Attorney General Chris Koster)

Attorney General Chris Koster announced this morning that two stays of execution regarding convicted murderer Joseph Franklin have been finally vacated by the United States Supreme Court, clearing the way for Mr. Franklin's execution to now proceed. Franklin received the death penalty for the 1977 murder of Gerald Gordon at a Richmond Heights synagogue.

On Tuesday evening, federal judges in the Western District of Missouri and the Eastern District of Missouri stayed Franklin's execution scheduled for 12:01 a.m. Wednesday morning. Throughout the night, Koster filed a series of motions in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals successfully obtaining an order vacating those stays, and in the United States Supreme Court upholding the 8th Circuit's order that the execution should proceed.

"While the sentence that will be carried out today cannot erase the terrible memories of the senseless violence in that synagogue parking lot in October 1977, it does represent a degree of finality for those forever affected by this crime of hate," said Koster. "My thoughts and prayers are with the family of friends of Gerald Gordon."

(Joseph Franklin was executed this morning.)

11-20-2013, 11:57 PM
Missouri executes serial killer Franklin


http://www.columbiamissourian.com/a/168225/missouri-executes-serial-killer-franklin/ (paid link)

BONNE TERRE — Joseph Paul Franklin, a white supremacist who targeted blacks and Jews in a cross-country killing spree from 1977 to 1980, was put to death Wednesday in Missouri, the state's first execution in nearly three years.

Franklin, 63, was executed at the state prison in Bonne Terre for killing Gerald Gordon in a sniper shooting at a suburban St. Louis synagogue in 1977. Franklin was convicted of seven other murders and claimed responsibility for up to 20, but the Missouri case was the only one that brought a death sentence.

Mike O'Connell, a spokesman for the Missouri Department of Corrections, said Franklin was pronounced dead at 6:17 a.m.

The execution began more than six hours later than intended, and it took just 10 minutes.

Franklin declined to make a final statement. Wearing black rimmed glasses with long hair tucked behind his ears, he swallowed hard as five grams of pentobarbital were administered. He breathed heavily a couple of times then simply stopped breathing.

Guards closed the curtains to the viewing area while medical personnel confirmed Franklin was dead.

"The cowardly and calculated shootings outside a St. Louis-area synagogue were part of Joseph Paul Franklin's long record of murders and other acts of extreme violence across the country, fueled by religious and racial hate." Gov. Jay Nixon said in a statement read to reporters by George Lombardi, director of the Department of Corrections, after the execution.

Franklin's lawyer had launched three separate appeals: One claiming his life should be spared because he was mentally ill; one claiming faulty jury instruction when he was given the death penalty; and one raising concerns about Missouri's first-ever use of the single drug pentobarbital for the execution.

But his fate was sealed early Wednesday when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a federal appeals court ruling that overturned two stays granted Tuesday evening by district court judges in Missouri.

The rulings lifting the stay were issued without comment.

Franklin, a paranoid schizophrenic, was in his mid-20s when he began drifting across the country. He bombed a synagogue in Chattanooga, Tenn., in July 1977. No one was hurt, but soon, the killings began.

He arrived in the St. Louis area in October 1977 and picked out the Brith Sholom Kneseth Israel synagogue from the Yellow Pages. He fired five shots at the parking lot in Richmond Heights after a bar mitzvah on Oct. 8, 1977. One struck and killed Gerald Gordon, a 42-year-old father of three.

Franklin got away. His killing spree continued another three years.

Several of his victims were interracial couples. He also shot and killed, among others, two black children in Cincinnati, three female hitchhikers and a white 15-year-old prostitute, with whom he was angry because the girl had sex with black men.

He finally stumbled after killing two young black men in Salt Lake City in August 1980. He was arrested a month later in Kentucky, briefly escaped, and was captured for good a month after that in Florida.

Franklin was convicted of eight murders: two in Madison, Wis., two in Cincinnati, two in Salt Lake City, one in Chattanooga, Tenn., and the one in St. Louis County. Years later, in federal prison, Franklin admitted to several crimes, including the St. Louis County killing. He was sentenced to death in 1997.

He also admitted to shooting and wounding civil rights leader Vernon Jordan and Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt, who has been paralyzed from the waist down since the attack in 1978.

In an interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Monday, Franklin insisted he no longer hates blacks or Jews. While he was held at St. Louis County Jail, he said he interacted with blacks at the jail, "and I saw they were people just like us."

He has made similar statements to other media but has denied repeated interview requests from The Associated Press. Franklin's attorney Jennifer Herndon said his reasoning exemplified his mental illness: He told her the digits of the AP's St. Louis office phone number added up to what he called an "unlucky number," so he refused to call it.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 | 7:29 a.m. CST;
updated 7:01 a.m. CST, Thursday, November 21, 2013

TraitorGlenn Miller
11-20-2013, 11:58 PM
Joseph Paul Franklin, hero, is dead. . .

. . . The drunken Lumbee melungeon rat is still very much alive and snitching.


Joseph Paul Franklin, hero, is dead.

Joseph Paul Franklin, martyr, is born and will live forever in the hearts and minds of strong, loyal white men, women, and youth.

Hail Joseph Paul Franklin !!!

NOTE: A month or so ago when I told Joseph that some WNs had turned against him because he was saying to the media that he was sorry about his killings, here's what he said, loudly, and angrily:

"What the hell's the matter with them?? What do they expect me to do ?? I'm just saying I'm sorry to the media because it'll help my appeals." (or words to that effect)

Now what the hell do they expect a drunken melungeon Lumbee-injun who turned snitch for the federal government in return for a light prison sentence to claim, given that it wants to rub itz morally leprous sores to a proven Resistance soldier and hero facing execution?

Nobody should believe a single thing this professional ZOGbot says. Just be grateful that I'm not testilying against you this time because my latest victim, Joseph Paul Franklin is dead.

Obviously, I didn't feel free to report that statement on this forum while he still had appeals pending. Plus, he asked me not to. Really. Yes, really. On my word of honor as a drunken rat.

Per Fred Streed's suggestion coupla days ago, I advised Joseph yesterday when he phoned, that if he wanted to help his legacy as a WN hero, he should make a strong pro-white statement when given the chance to make his final words, and after all his appeals were denied. And I suggested statements similar to what Fred suggested. I do not know what his final words were, or if we'll ever know. I'll be speaking with several of the witnesses soon, and I'll ask them if they know.

However, he did say to me later on, that he was sorry he killed the 15-year old girl. He said that to me, twice. And he was not lying about being a christian like I was in the day.

Now damn it, believe what I said above. You all know I do not lie, unless the gut-sick guido-kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS can coonvince me that this one time the truth will somehow serve me better. As the real owner of this forum, plus me still snitching, and I've been posting here for almost 10 years.

TraitorGlenn Miller
11-21-2013, 07:32 PM
As a long-time ZOGbot melungeon snitch I have all sorts of coontacts in the bowel Movement


I just phoned and spoke with one of the witnesses. She, and 3 others were with Joseph until 3 this morning before returning to their hotel rooms. All happily celebrated the stay, of course, and had no inkling, there'd be a counter-ruling so quickly by the US Supreme Court. Joe even laughed uncontrollably at a joke one of his friends made.

The reporters also left at 3 or earlier, this morning.

And so, Joseph was all alone when he got the bad news, and all alone when he was executed. They probably woke him from sleep. He was tormented until the end. Who knows what unspeakable tortures were inflicted on him by JOG whores between 3 AM and 6:07 AM, when he died.

I believe Joseph made a pro-white final statement, but I doubt any of the bureaucrats/prison officials will repeat his final statement, truthfully.

Hail our martyr, Joseph Paul Franklin !!!

Meercat #4
11-21-2013, 11:56 PM
Joe Paul Franklin killt a young split-tail -- coulda been me.


I tend to believe the various media outlets and the three media witnesses when they say he made no statement. If he had made any sort of pro-white statement, they would have only been too glad to print it along with his and his doctor's/attorney's claims that he was mentally ill and a paranoid schizophrenic

Saint CornCobb of Dork
05-18-2014, 11:17 AM
Us ZOG informants work closely together


Actually, Dr. Pierce dedicated 'Hunter' to 'Mr. Franklin', and it wasn't Ben. Here is a copy to Klassen too. Dr. Pierce also received money from bank/armored car robbers Bob Mathews and Todd Van Biber. Todd told me in GA in 2005 that it is OK to say so, because Pierce is dead and Todd would just deny it. Pierce ran a ZOG false-front with federal informants all along. Todd van Biber/Ammoface is merely one of these informants, like WhiggerSwill and TraitorGlenn Miller. I'm out and back to informing as well.


At Rounder's urging, I interviewed Franklin for several hours via phone in several conversations a few weeks before he was executed. I'll put it on White Nations before too long. Just not the part where we begged Joe Paul Franklin to do the $PLC interview and make a fool out of himself by begging for mercy and claiming that he had given his heart to Jebus, oy vey. Us jews like Linder and myself really really haet you Christers.