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11-05-2012, 05:56 PM
Voat LibberToon 4 Libbertoonitanity


Henpecked LibberToon Fuktard Jim Higgins (http://whitenationalist.org/lindstedt/nsdamolp.html) is running for Missery Gubbernatard


I am running for Governor (http://whitenationalist.org/lindstedt/jaymark.html) to change the way people view their state government. People believe wrongly that government can solve problems. It can’t. Neither can us LibberToons because everything crooked that the Repulsivecunts and DemoncRATS do, we will do also. Government programs do not work because they are morally wrong, they require forcing people to do things they would not voluntarily do (http://whitenationalist.org/lindstedt/fedvmolp.html). Government programs do not work because the incentives are backward. They reward people for irresponsible behavior, and penalize honest productive citizens. We support the LibberToon ASS-Platform of Abortion, Sodomy, and Smokin'-Dope and we will use 'majority [d]rule to punish you if you dare dissent. Government programs have a high overhead. They require thousands of bureaucrats to handle other people’s money. Us LibberToons preach liberty but practice crony fascism in real life (http://whitenationalist.org/lindstedt/cm052696.html). Hell, we can't even hold open-meetings (http://whitenationalist.org/lindstedt/jg042197.html) for LibberToonian lynch mobs, we are such crooked lying pieces of shit.

Libertarians are changing the political debate. Actually, we talk big shit about freedumb, but regularly meet in order to voat away the rights of others who don't bother to show up (http://www.whitenationalist.org/lindstedt/proxymad.html) who demand that we live by our professed principles. In fact, we will set up a lynch mob to have arrested for 'trespassing' someone comes to his own political lynching. The Democrats and Republicans have had the same debate for over 70 years. How to best disenfranchise the White Man without having an open civil war. Like the Repulsivecunts (http://whitenationalist.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1943#post1943) and DemoncRATS, we simply refuse to let them run for state and federal office (http://whitenationalist.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1944#post1944) while claiming to be different. They each want bigger government but for different reasons. They at least are openly in favor of a dygenic lot of thieves and criminals having absolute political power, whereass we pretend to be for liberty and freedumb. Every election cycle they make the same promises, and once elected they ignore those promises. Whereass we always get mired in demanding the LibberToon ASS-Platform and get about half of a percent or so. Meanwhile government gets bigger, more intrusive, and more of a burden on society. You can’t keep doing the same things and expect a different result. Of course if you voat LibberToon, you will get a pack of lying delusional ass-clowns who can't make it as fifth-raters amongst the DemoncRATS and RepulsiveCunts.

Stop being fooled. LibberToons are cum-plete lying ass-clown (http://whitenationalist.org/lindstedt/smaftime.html) fuktards

If you keep voting for the major parties they will never change. You can voat for LibberToons, who are so delusional that they cannot change.

There is one sure way to get their attention by taking a whole half-percentage from both political parties.

It’s time to vote Libertarian. And whine jewr way to a-lie-nation.


Missouri's Libertarian Party leaders voted to expel a former candidate for governor after growing tired of the insults and lawsuits he hurled at them.

The action, taken yesterday during a special state committee meeting at the Heidelberg Restaurant, has little practical effect. Martin Lindstedt of Granby retains his elected party posts and, under state law, may file for office as a Libertarian next year.

"It wasn't a pleasant thing, but this has been building up for three years,'' said state vice chairman Jim Higgins of St. Louis. ``We needed to make a statement and take some sort of action to let people know what the story is.''

Lindstedt was arrested by Columbia police for trespassing after refusing to leave when asked to do so by Heidelberg manager James Turpin. He posted a $75 bond and received a court date of May 13 for his arraignment.


Jim Higgins: I'm tanned and rested and that evil bitch LaDonna won't give me any rest now that it is my turn to run for Grubbernatard (http://whitenationalist.org/lindstedt/nl072296.html). You make fun of fifth-rate candidates from a fourth-rate minor political party and we WILL file criminal trespassing charges against those invited to their own lynching for daring to videotape what should be an open political meeting. We do not tolerate intolerant White Supremacist Nazi Militiamen from Heck (http://whitenationalist.org/lindstedt/jaymark.html#hellzmilitiaman)!!!

A voat for Jim Higgins, ass-hurt LibberToon for Gubbernatard of Missery is a voat to stay out of jail and that you know jewr place as a whigger with delusions of adequacy.

This is a political ad from Jim 'Henpecked' Higgins, LibberToonian ZOGling whigger ass-clown for Missery Gubbernatard. And I approve of this message except the parts marked in blue which recount what a lying fuktarded ass-clown I am..