View Full Version : Why American White Nationalists Should Not Support Gun Appreciation Day On January 19th; Organizers Threw American Third Position Party Under The Bus

Anchorage Activist
01-19-2013, 11:31 PM
Why American White Nationalists Should Not Support Gun Appreciation Day On January 19th; Organizers Threw American Third Position Party Under The Bus


A shadowy group called Political Media Inc. has organized a nationwide Gun Appreciation Day on January 19th, 2013 in response to the transformation of the Sandy Hook massacre into a political weapon by Barack Obama and the gun-grabbers. It's kind of unclear just what they want to do, but they are fielding a petition campaign to get the federal government to cease and desist all efforts to disarm or short-arm the American people (http://gunappreciationday.com/petition-to-defend-gun-rights)by limiting and disparaging the Second Amendment or rendering it a dead letter through federal legislation, interpretation and regulation.

Political Media was also recruiting sponsors, who would get their organizational logos displayed on the GAD website (http://gunappreciationday.com/sponsors) in exchange for their sponsorship. One of the sponsors was the American Third Position Party -- until late on January 18th. Then an extremist left-wing media site, Media Matters for America, blew the whistle on A3P's sponsorship (http://mediamatters.org/blog/2013/01/18/gun-appreciation-day-is-sponsored-by-a-white-na/192318), and this was the result (http://gunappreciationday.com/articles/statement-on-media-matters-report):

The small hard working staff at Political Media, Inc has been working diligently throughout the Gun Appreciation Day Campaign. The volume of support we have received has been overwhelming. We decided to have an open registration for sponsorship for Gun Appreciation Day put a screening process in place to avoid associating the event or Political Media, Inc. with groups or businesses that might detract from the message.

We mistakenly missed one.

We have removed the group and reiterate this event is not about racial politics, it is about gun politics. We believe in equal rights of ALL Americans in every race, gender, religion, location and economic class to keep and bear arms as guaranteed to them in the Bill of Rights.

Gun Appreciation Day also wrote this drivel on their Facebook page:

"Guys, the screening process of our sponsors was apparently not deep enough - We have corrected the problem, but you should know the left wing media called us out on it as they should have. We know better and I apologize for not catching this...but we are forging ahead - This is about Gun Liberty for all."

The American Third Position Party isn't just about race. They posted a position paper on gun violence (http://american3rdposition.com/?p=8851) which states in summary that beginning in the 1960s, psychiatrists leading the liberal political left have hijacked America's social agenda. They have purged God from the schools, and substituted moral relativism for ethical certainty. They have further perverted the entire society by using the First Amendment to persuade people that gay is OK, that violence is fine, that diversity is our strength, and that all the new ways are better.

Yet although MSNBC criticized GAD for accepting the sponsorship of other organizations they deem "extremist" (http://tv.msnbc.com/2013/01/09/right-wing-extremists-conspiracy-theorists-behind-gun-appreciation-day/), only the American Third Position Party was thrown under the bus. And apparently A3P has Stockholm Syndrome and is willing to take it in the ass from these people, because they continue to urge people to support Gun Appreciation Day (http://american3rdposition.com/?p=8980).

Wrong move, A3P! When we offer to help out with a campaign, and the campaign organizers decide we're not worthy and throw us under the bus, the proper response is to INFLICT PAIN IN RETURN. Consequently, I urge all American White racialists NOT to support Gun Appreciation Day and NOT to sign their petition. We can continue to work for the protection of the Second Amendment in other ways and through other channels without lowering ourselves to rub shoulders with self-righteous patriotards and clueless teabaggers who merely want to pour old wine into new bottles.

The time for reform is past -- the time for revolution is at hand. We won't be satisfied merely with just a seat at the table -- we want to kick over the table and start a new game.

Posted by Anchorage Activist at 12:23 AM Saturday (http://whitereference.blogspot.com/2013/01/why-american-white-nationalists-should.html), January 19, 2013