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03-29-2013, 10:26 PM
Dead kike in the middle of the road, s'thinkin' to High Hellven


Whigger Nutsionalism, er, White Nationalism is up to itz idiot ass in jews. Not Ape Fox-mamzer open jews, but rather the sort of what I call "were-kikes" like this recent babtised "wet-jew" like Larry Auster.

Now let me admit that the above-ground Dual-Seedline Christian Identity church is nothing but wall-to-wall jews and mamzers like Eli James, Bill Finck, Jeromy Visser and Dan Johns. That said, these jews spend much time telling their mamzer coongregations that jews are indeed the spawn of Satan before getting down to the serious business of yapping about mythical "good jews" and papist preterism and baal-cult of Cybele Roman Catholicism. But within Christian Identity even the numerous parasitical jews admit that there is no such thang as a "good jew."

What is especially ridiculous amongst the "carriage trade (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/carriage%20trade)" whigger nutsionalist 'intellectuals' sans intellect is the notion that theyz' smarter than God whilst dumber than dirt. You will have the "Kink of the Whigger Nutsionalist brain trusters" Doctor Kevin MacDonald write learned tomes about how jews are a "culture" -- not a race -- entirely separate unto theysselfs and how jews is different and how jews are working to destroy the mighty Evil Empire of ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final. Yet these learned mattoids refuse to go the final millimeter and deduce that jews are the Spawn of Satan, born evil, and out to destroy White Adamic True Man ever since Cain was spawned in Eve's pussy in the Garden of Eden. Being an 'intellectual' means that in most ways you are a cowardly fucking idiot, unable to deduce the obvious, because you are a steer-man unwilling to go from knowing to doing something about it. You have just enough intellect to understand that if you take that last intellectual step then you must act, and if you must act than you will become a man of blood and thus not a gentle-man.

I'm pointing out that these 'intellectual' master-debaters of the whigger nutsionalist persuation on the sliding scale of bourgeoisie (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bourgeoisie) / ZOGling whigger ass-clown persuation -- from V-Dare and AmurriKwan Renaissance to Counter-Currents to The Occidental Quarterly to Occidental Dissent -- with theyz' pea-brain to pea-testicle ratio always shy away from taking that last step of determining that saving the white race inevitably terminates with a policy of absolute racial and religious civil warfare which will result in over ninety percent of the whiggers, almost all of the mamzers and all of the jews being destroyed in that civil war. Apocalypse starts out with understanding that the Sixth Day Beasts of the Field and mongrels are mere nasty animals without souls that have absolutely no "right" to live amongst White people, that jews are born evil and need to be exterminated outright on sight, and that any and all whiggers who collude with muds and kikes in racial treason need to be wiped out root, trunk, branch and tender twig. Thus these blind-guide whigger nutsionalist 'intellectuals' because of their moral and mental and physical cowardice will always seek an 'exit strategy' and that involves seeing 'jews' as individuals as opposed to evil Satannic animals, a scruffy tribe of parasites and predators, who need to be torn out and burnt from the body politic. They ignore the Christian Nationalist prescription of Christ Jesus who compared these dirty jews and treasonous whiggers to "tares" who would be gathered up and burnt at YHWH's Harvest time.

Yes, patience is a virtue, especially when carrying out necessary policy before itz time means a violent death or lengthy prison sentence but a Christian Nationalist will understand that it is necessary to cut out a cancerous arm or leg and burn the diseased tissue and thus gain Heaven crippled and halt and lame instead of going to the grave awaiting Final Judgment and the Second Death whole. This is why this genuine Dual-Seedline Christian Identity pastor says that we have a "Whigger Problem" because we are dying as a race not because of niggers or beaners or gooks or even jews, but because of whiggers. A Christian Nationalist White Man unafraid to chew off his own leg or execute an errant brother will have no problem with lynching a nigger, burning a gook or gassing a kike. But the thought of doing so, of understanding that what is not us, like jews, and that which is of us, but treasonous needs to be destroyed that we may live; that thought, that understanding precedes any and all action.


Hunter Wallace
03-30-2013, 10:51 PM
RIP, Lawrence Auster



Iím sure everyone has heard the news that Lawrence Auster of View From The Right (http://www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/024382.html) lost his battle with cancer on Good Friday.

There isnít much left for me to say that hasnít already been covered in the tributes that have been posted at VDARE (http://www.vdare.com/articles/in-memoriam-lawrence-auster-a-great-sometimes-irascible-fighter-for-tradition) and Amerika (http://www.amerika.org/meta/lawrence-auster-1949-2013/). When I was in college at Auburn, I stumbled across his book The Path To National Suicide (http://jtl.org/auster/PNS/PNS_Contents.html), and it was a formative influence on my views about immigration and multiculturalism.

I would prefer to remember the Auster that I encountered in that insightful book rather than the blogger that I came to know in later years. Like Alex Linder, it would be the understatement of the century to say that Larry Auster clashed with other bloggers (http://age-of-treason.blogspot.com/2013/03/lawrence-auster-is-finally-dead.html) and far too often allowed ideological disputes to devolve into personal feuds.

As death approached, I had considered reaching out to Auster to thank him for his lifeís work and to wish him luck in the next life (future historians trying to figure out what happened to America in the first decade of the 21st century will find VFR a nearly unparalleled resource), but he made it plainly clear toward the end that he didnít want any ďanti-SemitesĒ among his well wishers.

Larry went to the grave fighting anti-Semitism. After all these years, I had come to believe that he was sincere in his desire to preserve Western civilization (no one who was faking it would blog to his deathbed), but for whatever reason (choose your explanation), he could never really bring himself to acknowledge the starring role that Jews had played in undermining that civilization. He couldnít wrap his mind around the thought that the Jews arenít going to take ďwill you knock it off, pretty pleaseĒ for an answer.

Anyway, I will miss Larryís unique take on ďthe passing scene and what itís about viewed from the traditionalist politically incorrect Right.Ē Although I didnít always agree with him, I still enjoyed reading his thought provoking website.

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ZOGling whigger ass-clown
04-02-2013, 02:51 PM
Auster: Blacks and anti-semites are killing us.


Black: I hate whites.
Jew: I hate whites.
Auster: Blacks and anti-semites are killing us.

One can debate whether this was a deficiency of intellect or honesty, though for those seeking to understand the ambivalence in some quarters toward his contributions . . . there it is.

— Sorry if this gets posted more than once. Larry’s spirit seems to have left his body and entered my computer, where it remains no less quarrelous in death.

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