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Fruit-Loop Visser
04-12-2013, 05:29 PM
What the Fuck is "jewniversalism" cum-cum, cum-cum?

Three pretend DSCI kikes go Talmudic ass-to-mouth.




04-13-2013, 07:22 PM

From the clip, the hanging order would be thus:


Jeromy Visser
04-15-2013, 05:01 PM
The Sephardicks strike back



Great show! Made muh pisser-possum pussy quiver, cum-cum, cum-cum.

If that doesn't get the OSLs to repent, nothing will. All knees shall bow-wow to the Sephardic jew melungeon Pisser-Possum of D-g!!!


The imposter single-seedliner won't repent for anything, rather they'll spend hours pouring over the works of another man playing accuser and judge which is what the last 12+ hours has showed us. Seeing as no names were mentioned it's ironic that they're really telling on themselves needlessly. How dare the Finckelsheenieites and No-Debbie-El Sapphiracy of Klunt ass-clowns fail to mention jewromy Chief Runnin' Lyin' Melungeontard Pisser-Possum and Obie-gender-bender.

Last night I could see them grasping for straws trying to claim Christ DIDN'T make the thirty-plus statements I covered instructing Israelites to tend to their own section of the vineyard. "I admit I never listened to the end of the podcast. I got to about the 50 minute mark and packed it in." Uh, huh. Nobody needs to know a Melungeon pisser-possum's bizness, cum-cum, cum-cum. Fuck 'em if they can'y take a joke or a persimmon or a pisser-possum turd.

It doesn't matter how many sockpuppets the OSLs use to frame deceit and avoid the scriptural issues - what they don't know is last night's sermon wasn't for them. It's for the countless two or three others that will come later in the hopes that when they start pushing the jewish "no Devil, no Baptism, no Faith" doctrine (that Clifton even warned them against) their ears and pisser-possum peckers will perk up and they can spot the tares sown in amongst the wheat. Cum-cum, cum-cum.

Objective achieved! Bridget Da Hi-Yaller Idjit cum home from working at the TwAtlanta Pilot truck stop and she gives me sum pisser-possum pussy so I could leave off climbing atop Pisser-Possumette, cum-cum, cum-cum. Overwhelmingly the response has been positive from that show and the girth of DSCI obviously agrees with me and Eli - somebody concerning themselves with the "purity" of Dual-Seedline better at least be DSCI! Never mind that me and Eli are Sephardic jews and melungeons and definitely non-white. All else is simply seen as an attack from the ANTIFAs like Marty and follow in the same slanderous and anti-scriptural path. Cum-cum, cum-cum, Praise D-g!!! Just as Yahweh promises, no real wheat shall follow us tares.

Under the Blood of Holey D-g,

Meercat #2
04-16-2013, 03:54 AM
The Eliar & Pisser-Possum Talksjew Codcast

by Michael DeMattoid
Thursday Apr 11, 2013 7:38 am


Re Eli/ Pastor Visser's Talkshoe Podcast "What is a Universalist?", found here:


Well, where to start, cum-cum, as SwordBrethren/Ol' Niggerlips would say if he wasn't busily sucking cock . . . .

1. No Eli / Visser, again, no one has said that non-Israelites must be exterminated, or that Israelites should exterminate non-Israelites, or any other variation of the same theme. All the murderous Jersey City jewboy Rabbi MildSwill Finckelsheenie, whose sacred Talmudic ass I lick says is that G-d will kill all the muds and mamzers and us jews. Although to be fair about it, Rabbi Finck's personal body count of Puerto Rican sneak thieves murdered as a jew pig is much, much higher by a magnitude of one than Eliars and the Pisser-Possums. What is your angle with this assertion?

2. Eli / Visser, you prove to take a hypocritical position by truthfully accusing others, especially Rabbi Finckelsheenie and Capt'n Senility Clifton Emahiser, both marrano jew mamzers pretending to be Christian Identity teachers of using a pejorative to label someone, in this case the term "Universalist", and then in the same breath you yourselves name people as "Exterminationists". ??? Don't you know that only Rabbi Finckelsheenie has a Khazar-Hittite kosher license from D-g to call you Sephardic jews and melungeons names. ???

3. As far as I understand Eli has not repented from his claims that someone that is not a genetically pure Israelite can indeed be an Israelite. Of course no-one knows for sure that they themselves are pure in the blood. I myself am a mamzer, and Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren especially are non-white mongrels pretending to be whiggers. However, such assertion is outside the Word of Yahweh, and it follows that such an assertion will attract claims that it is a universalist type position, you Sephardic marrano melungeon jew mamzer "Universalists".

4. It matters not that past CI luminaries chose not to criticize each other's scholarship. What matters is what Yahweh says how we anonymous mamzers who nobody knows fuck-all about should act when one among us misrepresents His Word as we pretend to know it. Moreover, history has shown that if Butler, et al, had been harder on policing the persons surrounding them, the varying events that occurred may not have done. At least the swarms of skinhead and criminal vermin that Butler attracted were White, which amongst us is no longer even remotely the case. Those events put CI back decades. Centuries even. It only follows that us witless wall-to-wall mamzers pretending to be CI folk today are more aware of the possibility of infiltrators among us, and act to put others on notice of such people, again, in line with what Scripture tells us we must do. Cf. I Mamzers 6:66.

5. The issue of whether all Israel is to be saved is one of the more recent debates among DSCI Teachers. It is not, in my opinion, something that one should use to refuse fellowship with an Israelite Brother in Yahweh. No one, as far as I know, on any side of this "debate", until it seems now, has refused fellowship because of their held positions on this issue. It is a moot point because most of us are delusional mamzers and/or lying jews, hence born damned. On the other hand, proposing that non-Israelites can be allowed into the Assembly is of course a minimum reason for the rebuking of fellowship, cum-cum, cum-cum. Additionally, this issue should not have been used at all to add weight to the actual discussion topic of the podcast, that being the issue of universalism. I am too witless of an officious mongrel to actually have my own pretend CI program but I sure like to bitch about you Sephardic jews' Talksjew show though.

Further, obviously one cannot be a taking a universalist position, in the DSCI meaning of the term, when claiming that all Israel will be saved as an anonymous mongrel. This claim was also made by Eli and Paster Visser in the podcast, which was also very disappionting. They made me menstruate out of my man pussy.

Note: despite the topic of the podcast being "What is a Universalist?", the term "universalist", in the context of DSCI, was never defined to my satisfaction in the podcast.

I admit I never listened to the end of the podcast. I got to about the 50 minute mark and packed it in. Thus I have no fucking idea as to what was later covered in the podcast, but then again, who cares? I live to bitch.

Meercat #3
04-16-2013, 10:45 PM
I used to go ass-to-mouth with David Duck but now that I'm a No-Devil Sapphiracy of Klunt-i-cum-cummer I suck off Rabbi Finckelsheenie now


It's true that Dr. Swift believed and taught that the negroid and asiatic races were earlier creations of Yahweh. They cite him in their defence in this regard but overlook the fact that Dr. Swift also regularly taught that we were to conquer and occupy the entire earth until Christ returns which they claim has no basis in scripture. I think most of us would agree that if White people get their act together prior to the return of Christ then total Christian Imperialism would be the order, not extermination of all non-whites. What happens at and after the Second Coming is something entirely different. At that time Jesus is making final judgements on everyone.

It seems to me that Eli and Visser have drank deep drafts of Davey Puke's "white nationalism" rhetoric and have forsaken good ol' fashioned Christian White Supremacy. Right? What is the WN line? "We don't want to rule over anyone. We just want our homelands and we want the non-whites to have theirs". In otherwords we want the savages to be able to indulge in their savagery overthere because in reality non-christian "WNs" want the same thing, a place to revel in their own filth. To try to "white nationalise" Christian Identity is yet another facet of being a universalist. How can someone call themselves Identity and not support the total destruction of all false religion not in accordance with the papist-preterist jewniversalism of the Ashkenazi Jersey City jewboy pig of Rabbi Finckelsheenie and Ol' Niggerlips/SwordBrethren /Bryan Reo and the inhumane subjugation of all non-whites in any period of time prior to Christ's return? I mean, let's coonvert them jewnibrowed slant-eyed shitskinned Mamzers from Mentor and pretend that they are Israelites like me and Rabbi Finckelsheenie and Capt'n Senility Emahiser.

Thursday Apr 11, 2013 9:20 am (http://forum.christogenea.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=5035#p12043)

04-16-2013, 10:58 PM
Us Sephardic marrano melungeon mamzerkikes need to keep them Ashkenazic jewboys from shitting all over us.


For what's it's worth I really enjoyed this broadcast and thought our fellow Sephardic marrano jew Eli did a great job exposing the evils of Ashkenazaic Finckelsheenieite "universalism." Truly no man can speak for another and last night's show is really the only answer he owes anybody, if he even needed to do that. Besides, the murderous Jersey City jewboy pig Rabbi MildSwill Finckelsheenie is being the bully here. I think the Sephardic Edomite flock of Israel are smarter than that pack of Ashkenazi jew and mamzer pigs crowding the trough ever since that murderous Jersey City kike pig got released from prison. The Finckelsheenieites are more psychotic than most people give them credit for and Biblically us Edomite Sephardics as the true Sons of God know those who sow discord are not our kinsfolk. The word universalism itself was defined from several different sources most of which us jews made up and perhaps the most important segment of the broadcast would be Eli's "Five Fundamentals of CI" that (almost) every Sephardic marrano jew and melungeon CI pastor adheres to.

For those that missed it, here's the list:

#1) The exclusivity of the Israel people. As Edomite Sephardic jews, we have less Khazar Hittite blood than the Finckelsheenieites.
#2) Segregation (being holy or "set apart"). Us Ladino-speaking Sephardics owned the slave ships that brung them niggers to AmurriKwa.
#3) Adamic Dominion over all nations. Are we NOT Men? Are we not Hue-men?
#4) Opposition to established religion (universalism). Never trust an Ashkenazi jewboy like Finck.
#5) All races created by Yahweh but not all called. I'll admit that us Sephardics have more nigger in us than the Ashkenazi.

All this infighting makes me sad and I'll admit I know very little about those doing the accusing since I used to go ass-to-mouth with Sci-Fi Faber before migrating to jewromy Da Melungeon Pisser-Possum, but my advice to my fellow Sephardic marrano jew Eli is this - keep preaching the Word in season and out of season and let the trouble makers destroy themselves, they always do. Eli gots three times the mamzers that Rabbi Finckelsheenie does. I'm looking forward to the second part of this show as I think Dan Johns will have some valuable additions like wettt and willing serial polygamy coontang to the iron-clad facts presented thus far. I don't agree with Pastor Johns on everything not netting me any red-nigger or nigger-nigger polygamous pussy but you sure won't find me attacking him for my ignorance like many of the proud-hearted do.

Anyway, keep up the good work. You have no idea how important sound doctrine is these days to our Sephardic and miscegenated people and there's less and less pastors preaching true Separdic CI doctrine anymore. "The servant is not above his master" even though our cousins of the Ashkenazi /Khazar /Hittite race and Finckelsheenieite papist-preterist No-Devil pastors often forget it!

Lenny/Lenio C. Barcelos

Solomon/Lenio Cohen Barcelos
04-11-2013, 06:58 PM (http://covenantpeoplesministry.org/forum/showthread.php?5530-What-is-Universalism&p=12856#post12856)

Kluntz Meercat
04-17-2013, 04:17 PM
Them Sephardic jew mamzers Eliar and jewromy have been hard on the Gerda Kochite Sapphiracy of Klunt's meercat's beaver.


The positive reviews are pouring in: "Great show! If that doesn't get the OSLs to repent, nothing will." LOL. As a "No-Devil" Gerda Kochite Head Baal-Priest Klhumper of the Sapphiracy of Klunt run out of both Dual-Seedline Christian Identity and the more popular of the One-Seedliners like Pete Peters and Arnold Murray and thus without anyone listening to me other than the Ashkenazi mamzers of Rabbi Finckelsheenie, itzself a "No Devil" jewboy, I'm afraid the podcast is only going to resonate with those suffering from cognitive dissonance or just don't get it. "It" being Klunt stanky with a pancake-titted topping. Indeed, the show was nothing more than damage control and a feeble attempt to reinvent universalism for their own ends when us No-Devil Gerda Kochites invented it first in order to claim that jews are not to blame for evil whiggers like me. In order to sidestep any of the legitimate charges of universalism (like saying a person with 15% jewish blood could be considered a White person when Rabbi Finck-el-sheenie is 100% Ashkenazi Khazar Hittite kike and Bryan Reo is a shitskinned jewnibrowed niggerlipped mamzer faggot), the tactic employed by these two used car salesmen was that the word itself (universalism) is being used as a pejorative . . . "it's the new "N" word" (in CI). Me and Klunt loves them jews and niggers plowing away at Debbie's nasty burrow-furrow now that nobody whigger wants her barren diseased coosh or flapped with her pancake tits. If I'm understanding them correctly, they're saying they have never said or done anything that smacks of the classic understanding of what constitutes universalism, from a purely academic perspective. As opposed to me and Klunt being very jew friendly from Rabbi Richard Niemela to Rabbi MildSwill Finckelsheenie.

From the beginning, Eli postured a high moral ground that there would be no "name calling." I was glad because everyone knows that Klunt is an old whore from before the time that she was the wife and sexual mascot of the Washington State Klan and that an idiot like me run off with that nasty skank and now am her baal-priest past-her Meerkkkat Markkk Klowney. Yes, I was relieved that Eliar/jewseph Kutz-November didn't want to call names, but then, because he wasn't calling it like everyone sees it, I lost my fear of bringing up past criminal history. Now I'm like a rabid meercat, yap, yap, yapping away against Eliar and Chief Sephardic Melungeon Pisser-Possum jewromy Visser. I think I'll dare yap from the safety of Klunt's stanky skanky burrow-furrow. Oh good, they're going to address the issue of universalism academically. But, that was a short lived hope as the invectives started dripping from their calumnious mouths. I think I'll nip Eliar's and jewromy's Sephardic nutsacks while they are on the downstroke in Klunti-cum-cum's virtual snatch. Like the scorpion who just couldn't restrain himself from stinging the frog, like the five or six othewr klansmen pumping and humping after the Klavern meeting on the Klailiff's Klunt, cum-cum, the free flow of name calling ran like a river; pertaining to those who have presented facts, audio clips, written texts of what Eli himself has said, that would lead one to believe that he has a problem understanding the racial import of the Bible in his public discourse, to wit: hypocrites, busybody's, divisive, deceptive, provocateurs, CI police, undermining CI, wolves in sheep's clothing, doing the work of Lucifer, slanderers, jewish, false doctrines, Pharisees, Sadducees and mean spirited. But, he wasn't going to engage in name calling. I think both them Sephardic jewboy mamzers will join LiarBill 'MumpsNut' DeClue(less) in munching down the Dos Lindstedt pissgetti.

The witless host unwittingly blurted that, "We only go to the lost sheep." And moments later Eli is rationalizing his acceptance to go on a negro podcast to tell them that we are not their oppressors, because it's really the jews. However, he later stated, " . . . as we brought in more negro slaves to this country." Klunt has serviced her share of niggers and beaners and jews back in the day. Is this a Freudian Slip? Cum-cum, cum-cum. Who is the "we"? Certainly not me and Klunt or the Ghost of the No Devil Gerda Koch. I swear I heard an old Willie Martin piece on the jews bringing blacks to this country. Speaking of Willie Martin, it was that stupid evil Klunt's getting Andy 'Blanchardsmamzer-Belialsson' Anderson to ban Willie Martin after Andy finished off all the rest of the Dual-Seedliners over on Wholly_Whores jewhoogruppen that pissed off Lindstedt to where he got Hengist to find out about Klailiiff/Klunt's glory(hole) daze in the Washington State Klan wherein I was a Kludd/Klhumper of Klunt the Sexual Mascot at the time. Anyway, Eli continues his lame excuse for giving the holy to the dogs as the host of the program was replaced with some "black Hebrews"[sic] and Eli didn't have the wherewithal to hang up the dang phone. Them "Black Hebrews" could have been used to plung Klunt's skanky stanky, cum-cum, cum-cum. He did the same thing recently on a podcast talking to a call-in caller "Jose" the mestizo. Sheesh! It makes muh mangina boil!!!

Eli said, "It's impossible for DSCI to be universalist." Perhaps, from a very narrow definition of overtly trying to convert non-Whites to Christ. But, there are more subtle shades of universalism that betray exclusivity. Since I deny that there is any Satan or Devil, and thus that jews can be the spawn of the 'No Devil' and that niggers, gooks, and mamzers are the 6th Day Beasts of the Field, then there is no religiously racial reason to forbid them within Gerda Kochite "No Devil" Sapphiracy of Klunt New Covenant Cornholer ersatz Christian Identity as can be proven by me and Klunt's past history of going ass-to-mouth with kikess Gerda Koch and Finnish talmudic skrewler Richard Khazardick' Niemela or presently with the murderous Ashkenazi pig Rabbi MildSwill Finckelsheenie. But this is about bitching about the Sephardic jews/melungeons Eli James and Jeromy Visser. In Eli's own words (not the so called "pejoratives" of "the CI police"(a term denoting Pastor Lindstedt made up by the Sephardic melungeon Jeromy Visser)), he writes, "“The other major point to bear in mind is that Jesus, like the Old Testament prophets, distinguishes between Israelites and non-Israelites. Although Jesus is not exclusive in his teaching of the Law, it is nevertheless a fact that, for Jesus, true Israel plays a major role in the salvation of this world. Jesus does not consider non-Israelites unworthy of his attention . . . Jesus was not preaching truth, justice, love, and mercy for one group of people only, namely, the tribal in-crowd. He was preaching these things for all people” - from "The Great Impersonation" by Eli James, page 111. I cum on Klunt's pancake tits.

How can Eli now say, "We teach exclusion" when we just read the above? I mean, what Klunt-fucking difference does it make when I as a Gerda Kochite "No Devil" New Covenant Cornholer baal-priest of the Sapphiracy of Klunt deny the religious racism of both the Dual-Seedliners and the lesser religious racism of the One-Seedliners? Who is really playing the game of deception and why would anyone in Christian Identity enable this kind of doubletalk? Who, who, who, cum-cum, cum-cum. Either the host of this program didn't do his homework and didn't bother to educate himself with the preponderance of self incriminations or he's part of the problem also. That'll teach Rabbi Eliar James/jewseph Kutz-November to not call names. If Eliar has spoken about me and Klunt's didoes like Lindstedt does, I'd have shut my Kluntz Meercat's skanky stanky likkin' mouth and not chirrrrred a chirrrrrr. The premise that the word universalist is being bandied about cavalierly to falsely accuse Eli of what the word universalist actually means is false and without honor. If anything, it shows coontempt for the limited intelligence and spirit of the Christian Identity community that has run me and Klunt offn everyplace except $permFart and Finckelsheenie's Forum.

When Jesus said in John 17:9, “I pray for them; I pray not for the world, but for them whom You have given me, for they are Yours”, He was praying for His Disciples and by extension Israelites. 'Israelites' like Gerda Koch and the rest of the No Devil jewdeans. He was not praying for the world, implying non-Israelites, because they were not given by God to Jesus. Of course, judging by my past history, me and Klunt are not picky about our company, either, just as long as they have harddd for Klunts wettt. Neither Testaments infer a special relationship with all the races of the world to be saved. That said, I'm a New Covenant Cornholer Sapphiracy of Klunt baal-priest. I guess by “tribal in-crowd” he was insinuating the 12 tribes of Israel, who must, according to his understanding, allow the Indian tribes and African tribes and Amazon tribes to be “in” with the “in-crowd.” Of course, having denied the true ancestry of the jews and that there are no Sixth Day Beasts of the Field, and having worked with jews and muds and mamzers before I have no standing to bitch about Rabbi Eliar James and jewromy Visser. If Jesus was not exclusive in His teachings, then He was inclusive and inclusion of all people to be saved in the world is . . . universalism. Like that which me and Klunt practice, but far more open and honest.

Klunt's Meercat Mark Klowney
Head Baal-Priest, Gerda Kochite No Devil Sapphiracy of Klunt
Kinsmamzer Redorker

Kentucky Klhumper of Klunt
Thursday Apr 11, 2013 1:16 pm (http://forum.christogenea.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=5035#p12044)