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04-19-2013, 05:06 AM
The REAL Reason ZOG Murdered The Branch Davidians


It was because two of them, Wayne Martin and Jeff Little, had hacked into the BATF's computers, and found out about their plan to use nigger and beaner drug gangs to disarm American citizens. :mad:

This eight-minute video, Part 4 of a 1994 documentary called DAY 51: THE TRUE STORY OF WACO, is the smoking gun:


There are eight parts in the documentary. Unfortunately, the various parts are not numbered, so you can only find the individual segments by trial and error. :(

Anyway, here's Part 1:


04-19-2013, 10:21 AM
Good find. Thanks for the link.

I am beginning to think that the real reason why hemp is illegal is because the politicians are afraid that Americans will start using it to braid rope in order to hang the damned, treasonous politicians. Could it be? Nah.

05-10-2013, 02:10 PM
Clarifying A Point.


I've heard Pastor Lindstedt say---at least four times over the past year or so, and twice since the twentieth anniversary of Waco---that David Koresh "liked to fuck niggers". I would be curious to know ecactly where he got that notion. :confused::(

So far as I know, no one ever accused him of any such thing, not even ZOG or the Davidian defectors. Did he, perhaps, hear it from Tom Metzger, who traitorously sided with ZOG against the Davidians? :confused::mad:

I have watched a number of documentaries on Waco, read five different books on the subject, and never heard anyone suggest that Koresh had taken she-apes as either "wives" or "concubines".

According to the book, WHY WACO? by James D. Tabor and Eugene V. Gallagher, Koresh had seven "wives": 1. Rachel Howell, his legal wife, a probable anglo-mestiza with blonde hair and cork-brown eyes, with whom he sired three children, Cyrus (8), Star (female, age 6), and the infant, Bobbie Lane (apparently female), 2. Michelle Jones, Rachel's sister, with whom he sired three children, Serenity (female, age 4), and two twins, Chica (obviously female) and Latwan (gender unknown), 3. Nicole Gent, a White Australian woman, with whom he sired two children, Dayland (female, age 3) and the infant, Paige, 4. Katherine Andrade, who, judging by the surname, might've been a Sicilian Jewess, or, possibly an Italian mamzeress, with whom he sired one daughter, Chanel, (age 14 months), 5. Aisha Gyarfas, White Australian girl aged about 15 or 16, with whom he sired the daughter, Startle (age 1), 6. Judy Schneider, White or anglo-mestiza, legal wife of Steve Schneider, with whom he sired one daughter, Mayanah (age 2), and 7. Lorraine Sylvia, race unknown, (possibly Italian or Mexican) legal wife of Stan Sylvia, with whom he sired one daughter, Hollywood (age 2). He also had at least two "concubines": Robyn Bunds, whose picture I've seen, and who was either White or anglo-mestiza, with whom he sired one son, Shaun, age unknown, and Dana Okimoto, Japanese, with whom he sired the two sons, Skye and Scooter.

So, to sum up, no known beaner or gook wives, let alone niggers, and only one gook concubine. Some say that the illegal immigrant beaneress, Floracita Sonobe, legal wife of gook, Scott Sonobe, was next in line to become one of Koresh's concubines. I've seen her picture, and she's not bad looking, for a beaneress. But, at any rate, it gives you an idea of the type of women Koresh found attractive, and none of them were remotely negroid-looking.

Yes, he did have a number of nigger followers. There were two main black families, the Martins and the Morrisons. The Martins were Wayne Sr., a black lawyer from New York state, and his four children, three female, and one male. He was either a widower or else had divorced his wife and gotten custody of the children. The Morrisons were British citizens, of Jamaican or West Indian descent, who Koresh had met on a trip to England. There were also a few others, Livingston Fagan, among them, who had been a Rastafarian reggae singer before he met Koresh. Koresh actually chose him to be his successor. All in all, there seem to have been about 25-30 black Branch Davidians out of 80 to 100.

But let's get real: David Koresh was from Texas, one of the most racist states in this country. And, even though he was an anglo-mestizo himself, there is absolutely *NO* reason to believe that he didn't know better than to fuck a nigger. Most anglo-mestizos down here hate niggers as much White people do. That is simply a fact. So there's no reason to think his Mama didn't teach him not to fuck niggers. Yes, like most Christians, in fact, he was a universalist, and he took his followers where he could find them. But that's no reason to think he was actually FUCKING all of them.

So, while there's no reason to think that a typical whigger nowadays, let alone an anglo-mestizo, won't screw a good-looking beaneress or gookess if he gets the chance, NOBODY, NOT EVEN MOST NIGGERS, LIKES TO FUCK THE SHE-APES. :D;)

Although Koresh may've been an anglo-mestizo, and had unusual religious beliefs that you don't agree with, that's no reason to throw reckless allegations around without the slightest bit of evidence.

Note: It is entirely possible that TrashCanMan72 is correct and what I've repeated on the basis of what I've been told is incorrect. I'm not a partisan of David Koresh, although what ZOG did to these people who were wierdos and wanting to stick to themselves was wrong. The lesson of Waco is that ZOG/Babylon won't let people peaceably opt pout of living in servitude under ZOG/Babylon.

I have no firsthand knowledge as to the sleeping arrangements of the Koresh followers and thus defer to TrashcanMan's more exhaustive researches.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN