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05-16-2013, 02:58 PM
Grinning Nigger Moon


Night before last, I went out, as I usually do, to get dinner and groceries. Had a coupon for a ten-piece chicken tenders box at Hardee's for $7.98, so I got that, a large order of curly fries, and a medium Sprite.

After I'd eaten, I went on to Kroger's and picked up a few bags of chips. Didn't see anything unusual there. Didn't expect to see many niggers on a Tuesday night, and I didn't.

When I got to Wal-Mart, though, it was a whole other story. :( There must've been twenty niggers in there, at least.:eek::mad: And on a Tuesday night, too. I just didn't understand it. :confused:

Usually Friday night is "nigger night". That's when you see all the niggers running around. That's why I don't like to get my pizza that night. I always make it a point to get it on Thursday, instead, whenever possible. Whenever I get it at Papa John's, (which is most of the time, really) I always eat half of it there in their parking lot, then drive over into the Kroger's parking lot next door, where they have Coke and Pepsi machines, and get a 20-ounce Sprite if they've got it, or a canned one, if they don't, and eat the second half there.

The way it's laid out, there's a K-Mart on the near end of the parking lot, when you first pull in, Kroger's is on the far end, and Mr. K's Books and Nixon's Deli are in between. The drink machines are in between K-Mart and Mr. K's, and that's where I always park. But, for some reason, or other, all the niggers in town seem to like to congregate in that parking lot, and they turn out in full force on Friday nights.

Now, grant it, this is Oak Ridge I'm talking about, not Knoxville, and the local piglice don't allow them to get too wild, at least not in public, but, still, it kinda creeps me out to hear them yelling and cussing at each other, probably about half-lit. Alcohol and niggers can be a dangerous combination. ;)

But, anyway, seeing all those niggers there at Wal-Mart on a Tuesday night kinda knocked me for a loop. But, after I had gotten my groceries and was taking them back to the car, I decided to look up in the sky, just to satisfy my curiousity, since people say a full moon can cause people to act weird sometimes.

Then I saw it. The thinnest little fingernail-sliver of a moon. I always called them "Cheshire Cat moons", because they remind me of what it looked like when the Cheshire Cat in ALICE IN WONDERLAND disappeared, and the grin disappeared last. That's what happened. The niggers had seen it and taken it as a sign.

I bet they saw that moon and thought it was Massa Obama grinning down on them from the sky, saying: "Go on out, niggah, and get uppity!" "Steal some shit if you feels like it!" "Whitey ain't gonna do nothing!" "It's YOUR world now!!!" And they all obeyed. :p:rolleyes:

But, in all seriousness, guys, one of these soon days, it's gonna happen, FOR REAL. Only it won't be because of some stupid Grinning Nigger Moon. It'll be because they think their Magical Nigger's about to get impeached, or because somebody's made an attempt on its life, successful or not. (If successful, they'll probably blame it on "Islamic terror", and Biden won't be allowed to take his place. The neo-con wing of the Illuminati that ordered it will put in some military dictator, declare martial law, and that will be the sign that THEY'RE running the show now. If unsuccessful, they'll probably blame it on us "White Supremacists", which will precipitate the race war, which they will use as a pretext to install the Limp Chimp as Dictator-For-Life.) It'll happen in Oak Ridge and in every other small and middle-sized town and big city across this country.

And, when it does, WOE BE UNTO YOU, WHITE MAN, IF YOU BE CAUGHT OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. Any White man, woman, or child, who isn't packing heat when the time comes, with or without piggy's approval, will be a sitting duck. And, make no mistake about it, that's EXACTLY what ZOG wants!!!:mad: