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10-17-2013, 05:32 PM
Looks like Teddi was in it for the rough sex after all. :mad::rolleyes:



(With A Spine Like Spaghetti)

by CGO

South of the border
In a back-alley bar
She was pouring tequila for tips
Talking rich gringos out of their pants
And dreaming of big nigger dicks

A picture of Barry hung up on her wall
She used to dream of his fist in her clit
And one butt-ugly whore
But the drunks liked to cum on her tits

CHORUS: Two-Faced Teddi
With a spine like spaghetti
200-pound tramp
With a chihuahua named Paco
She likes to feed tacos
And a crackpipe by her lava lamp
She looks like a gorgon
But ol' Captain Morgan
Helps her turn the odd trick or two
Two-Faced Teddi
With a spine like spaghetti
Some folks say she's really a Jew

Johnny The Queen
Was a part of the scene
That went on in that two-bit dive
He took it in the butt
But talking to cheap sluts
Made him kinda feel alive

He was Barry's butt-boy
His pride and his joy
He loved to suck on that half-breed dick
Teddi got the idea(r)
To seduce that queer
And end up as Barry's next trick

She said: "Johnny, I know you're a faggot."
"You like taking dick and giving head."
"You may be as tan as the sand in Japan
But I'll spank your ass beet-red!"
"While I fuck your butt with my strap-on
And call you a bad little girl."
"I"m Two-Faced Teddi
With a spine like spaghetti
And I'm guaranteed to rock your world!"


So Johnny went up to her bedroom
And she hog-tied him there on the floor
Put her Size 50 panties on top of his head
And proceded to back out the door
He couldn't see shit in the darkness
But he knew that his ass wasn't sore
With her stench in his teeth
He soon fell asleep
With blue balls
He started to snore

Meanwhile, back at Barry's apartment,
The jizm was starting to fly
He bit her fat tits
And he fist-fucked her clit
And he shot a big load in her eye
Then Teddi said: "Barry, I can't understand
What you needed that fairyboy for."
"I'm Two-Faced Teddi
With a spine like spaghetti
And you'll never find a better whore!"

Yeah, she's Two-Faced Teddi
With a spine like spaghetti
She's just a dirty beaner whore


---CGO 10/16/2013.