View Full Version : Hi! I'm Russifer Walker, Sephardic Hi-Yaller Lumbee Melungeon and I have muh own Tard Corral, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

Russ Walker
02-06-2015, 11:25 PM
Hi! I'm Russifer Walker, Sephardic Hi-Yaller Lumbee Melungeon and I have muh own Tard Corral, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

My idiotic and highly retarded website CHRISTDESCENDEDFROMJOSEPHANDIAMARETARDEDMAMZER.COM is now up. It is somewhat redundant but fUktarded and it is revolutionary in a tedious melungeon fuktarded sort of way in that it tells the truth about the sex tourist who got rolled by three of itz Greek whore cousins wanting me, Russifer, to give them some money after they sucked on my hi-yaller melungeon cock. Like the rest of the Russifer Walker, tedious tard Lumbee melungeon family, other jews have abandoned his family and went down into Canaan, had a jew lover stretching out muh mangina, bought me a whore and was an incest monger, punking out itz daughter to where she be-cum-cum not only a mongrel lesbian covenant breaker, pledge whelcher, lover of burning others (Tamar), but a rather lesbo-skankian Lumbee melungeon daughter of Judah. When Christ said that he came ONLY to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, how can any normal person with even an iota of brains say that he is descends from Judah and hence rejects Christ almighty. I would hate on judgment day to stand before Yahshua and tell him that his ancestors were Judah and Pharez (breech of the covenant) and that they were so sorry that they had to be segregated in the Promised Land (Jos 18:5) from the other 10 tribes and that he supports Christ’s bones being exhumed and bleached out in the sun for DUNG (Jer 8:1-3). With few exceptions most Identity Pastors have been fooled and don’t have the guts to admit that they have been wrong for many years.

Wickstrom uses flags as justification for Judah instead of the scriptures. Roloefs just refuses to discuss the matter saying it has been long decided. Finck is too busy worshipping himself and his other god Paul to even investigate the matter. Emahaiser is too old to learn new things. Skip Baker and Don Brown just call jew (Identity heretic) for anyone who has ever brought up any truth. Niemella never has any substantive response except to say that others so not like the truth. It is easier than admitting that are simply wrong. Dan Johns and Bob Jones are also on this train to nowhere called Judah. Dewey Tucker is still in Baptist bible school where they worship jew-Judah John Hagee style. When are you guys going to get out of the 1960’s of Swift and Comparet and learn that the calendar says 2015? There are numerous anti-Paul websites. I have really not spent any time on them because small Paul already sickens me. On judgment day Christ will say to you I NEVER KNEW YOU BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNEW ME.

Why should Yahweh bless or help a group of people that believe that his bones should be dug up and laid out in the sun for dung? You tell me because I am forced to agree with him.

Another fable that the Roman Catholic Identity pastors cannot get rid of is the Stephen Stoner, race mixing advocate and government lover, Paul, which ironically means “small”. Small in the truth. Matthias means “Gift of God”. If Yahweh wanted Small Paul to replace Judas, he would not have chosen (Gift of God) Matthias.

“there is neither jew nor Greek . . .” nonsense. While we have all been mistranslated, Eli James is typically too busy making excuses for Paul saying he was mistranslated. I did an exegesis of Gal 3:38, Gal 3:29, Rom 10:12 and found no mistranslation. Small Paul is a race mixer ‘eat anything you wish’ and the so called Christian churches use Paul as an reason for integration of the people and the destruction of this society and the Identity Pastors are too afraid to admit the truth. Paul is a Benjamite joo and proud that both he and his father were Pharisees. How evil can you get? Paul is a self-ordained false 13th apostle. He was never made an apostle and we all know it. In his epistles he calls himself many times an apostle although the underlying Greek word is different. By the same token in my chicken house I heard a loud noise from my chickens and my head chicken pecker made me his 14th and false apostle.

Dewey Tucker probably takes the cake in this matter however. An alleged Greek scholar but when the subject of Gal 3:28, Rom 10:12 and Romans 13 come up, he is strangely silent. He is selling his soul on this matter. He can call me a coward or anything else he chooses, but it will not change the 325 AD Roman Catholic cannon scriptures or his being a Roman Catholic whore. Dewey uses non-sequitur logic saying that if we remove the Pauline gospel that we will then have to remove Peter, Revelations etc. NONSENSE. The 10 chapters of the Apocrypha was removed and the rest of the bible stayed intact.

On judgment day you had better hope that this e-mail is not rubbed in your face because you will not be able to say that you did not know.