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05-11-2009, 04:07 PM
The Real or Imagined ZOGland Sex-Crimes Thread


ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final has always pursued a policy of "Nabothism" or malicious prosecution followed by "jewdicial murder" against Targeted Individuals. In the old days it used to be planting drugs or weapons or hairs or fibers in order to bring about a railroad before a packed jury of regime criminals and a corrupt judge.

But today and for the past twenty years or so, the "laws" and regime-enforcement piglice and prostitutors have chosen to instead simply take up the Targeted Individual's children or to set up "Cybercrimes Joint Task Forces" in order to entice and entrap both whiggers and mamzers for what is essentially what are defined as "crimes" without any real victim. Just as in the former Soviet Russia or Maoist China, the purpose of this criminal-regimeist activity is to destroy the White Population by eliminating its natural revolutionary leaders and leaving the jews and whigger race-traitors in charge.

I myself have been victimized by this policy by having my grandchildren stolen and sold under color of ZOG-law and myself charged with bogus child molestation charges. It took over three and a half years of jailing, torture, doping up, before the bogus case fell apart due to my semi-retarded grandson refusing to lie against me when the time finally arrived for a preliminary hearing. Thus I see no moral impediment to the torture of regime criminals and their spawn and anyone supporting ZOG/Babylon. Indeed, I see a moral imperative for the extermination of both ZOGling regime criminals and any and all ZOGling herd animals supporting ZOG/Babylon/The Beast.

So now the only thing which can and will save the White Race is exactly this Great Collapse / Civil War II / The Great Tribulation making its inevitable arrival and culling the herd of over 90% of the whiggers, almost all of the mongrels/mamzers and all of the jews. Upon this Collapse will arise the Rule of the Ten Thousand Warlords over around ten million surviving ex-whiggers.

In the mopping-up operations, it is necessary to impose the Dzerzhinsky Doctine in which all regime-criminal piglice, lawyers, judges and politicians are skinned alive and crucified in groves of crosses, and that the pressititutes, baal-priest jewdayos, social workers, and government "workers" take their place in the middle as baal-messiahs who preached that "evil is good and good is evil." Their spawn is to be given a DNA test, and if proven whigger the underage males castrated and the daughters spayed, blinded or lobotomized and put into service for artificial insemination for breeding a Neo-Aristocracy of the Neo-Master Race.

So the purpose of this thread is to show why We White Nationalists / Servants of YHWH must proceed with the utmost in ruthlessness and callous disregard for the whigger herd animals of ZOG/Babylon and create a world in which there are no more sheep for racial predators to live, a Confederated Fourth Reich of racial petty states in which all Whites have their place in society, with government operated for the good of the overall race.

But for now, back to detailing the sundry contents of this thread. Most of the parties named are guilty as hell of that which they have been accused. Even those who are innocent are under great pressure to "confess" to something, which is why torture of regime criminals and their families in an imperative. The problem is that since ZOG/Babylon is so corrupt and evil, how exactly is it to be determined whether someone really was innocent or guilty. And if it was up to me, I'd take the really guilty perverts I have met and set them to work torturing the spawn of their regime-criminal parents.

So, this is an old resurrected thread made public and gone back into. I hope that both the Ten Thousand Warlords and the ZOGling whigger and mamzer and jew ass-clowns will read this thread. Let the Ten Thousand derive ruthless inspiration; let the ZOGling impute hopeless horror at what is to come.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

06-10-2009, 03:37 AM
Cyber detective testifies man graphic in online chats with ‘girl’

By Anne Hershewe
June 9, 2009


A Jasper County sheriff’s detective testified Tuesday that a Centralia man went well beyond chitchat in his online solicitation of sex with a person he thought was a 13-year-old girl by the name of “Candy.”

Donald C. Bisans, 48, is standing trial on three counts of attempted enticement of a child via the Internet. He allegedly initiated online chats with a Jasper County detective posing as a 13-year-old girl during which the defendant sent the “girl” a link to an adult pornography Web site, graphically discussed what he would like to do with her sexually, and suggested that she and an underage friend meet him for sexual purposes.

Detective Ed Bailey of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department, who specializes in Internet crimes against children, testified that he was using his undercover identity as a Sarcoxie teen named “Candy” when Bisans first contacted him March 27 of last year under the screen name “goodguy4u68.”

Bailey said the contact with Bisans continued for about two weeks. Throughout the chats, Bisans used explicit sexual language and sent Bailey links to adult porn Web sites, Bailey told the court. Bisans also expressed “interest in sexual activity with the young girl,” he said.

Shortly after the online conversations began, Bisans offered to send “Candy” money to buy a webcam, Bailey testified. The detective provided him with a supposed address for “Candy’s” friend “Cindy” where he could send the money. Bisans then became interested in initiating some sort of sexual activity between the two girls that he could view via the webcam, Bailey told the court.

Bailey said he eventually received $80 from the defendant through the mail on April 7 of last year for the purchase of the webcam. Bisans was arrested three days later.

In her opening statement, Assistant Prosecutor Kimberly Fisher told jurors that Bisans was well aware of the illegality of his actions, yet he decided to go through with them anyway. She elicited testimony from Bailey that Bisans had expressed knowledge that what he was doing was illegal and could put him in prison.

Fisher said the defendant’s language went beyond suggestive statements and indicated that he intended to meet the “girl” in person and engage in sexual activity with her.

Public defender Charles Oppelt in his opening statement did not deny his client’s chats with Bailey. He instead emphasized that Bisans never actually arranged a meeting with the “girl.” Oppelt told jurors that his client regarded the chats as little more than fantasy, and that he became increasingly suspicious that “Candy” and “Cindy” actually were much older than they claimed to be, especially after speaking on the phone with the two adult female decoys who were playing the parts of the girls.

The trial is to resume today in Jasper County Circuit Judge Gayle Crane’s courtroom, with jurors expected to receive the case for deliberation by sometime in the afternoon.


Detective Ed Bailey of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department testified at the trial of an accused online child predator that the motto of the Southwest Missouri Cyber Crime Task Force is “don’t initiate and don’t escalate” in its undercover sting operations.

Staff writer Jeff Lehr contributed to this report.

06-11-2009, 10:38 PM
Jury convicts Centralia man in online sting

By Anne Hershewe, Joplin Globe
June 10, 2009


A Centralia man’s defense, that he was merely indulging in fantasy during sexually explicit online chats with a sheriff’s detective posing as an underage girl, did not play well with a Jasper County jury.

Jurors deliberated 32 minutes Wednesday before convicting Donald C. Bisans, 48, on all three counts of attempted enticement of a child that were the focus of a two-day trial in Jasper County Circuit Court in Joplin.

Bisans initiated chats on an Internet Web site in late March 2008 with Detective Ed Bailey of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department. Bailey was posing online as a 13-year-old girl from Sarcoxie named “Candy.”

Bailey testified that during the online contact of about two weeks, Bisans expressed an increasing interest in sexual acts with “Candy,” sent her links to adult pornography Web sites, and talked about how they might meet once her school year had ended.

The defendant was arrested April 10, 2008, after sending “Candy’s” equally fictitious friend “Cindy” $80 in the mail for the purchase of a webcam so that the “girls” could send him video of them performing sex acts on each other.

Assistant Prosecutor Kimberly Fisher sought to prove that Bisans broke Missouri law at least three times during his contact with “Candy.”

Fisher presented evidence that on March 31, 2008, Bisans encouraged “Candy” to engage in sexual contact with her friend “Cindy,” an undercover identity of former Diamond police Chief Jim Murray, who specializes in Internet child-predator crimes and assisted Bailey in his investigation. Bisans again broke the law two days later, Fisher maintained, by suggesting what articles of clothing “Candy” should wear when he met her.

A third violation of the law took place April 7, 2008, the prosecution maintained, when the defendant sent “Cindy” $80 through the mail for the purchase of the Internet camera.

Bisans never took the witness stand in his own defense.

Public defender Charles Oppelt instead cross-examined state witnesses in an effort to show that his client regarded the chats as little more than sexual fantasy. Oppelt maintained that Bisans actually suspected that “Candy” and “Cindy” were not as young as they claimed.

When Bisans at one point talked on the telephone with two adult female decoys recruited by Bailey to pose as the “girls,” he knew they were not teens, Oppelt argued. He said the women who acted as the decoys were simply not credible in their playacting as teens. Nor were Bailey and Murray during their online chats with his client, Oppelt argued.

“Donald knows no 13-year-old girl is going to want to chat with him about sex,” Oppelt told jurors during closing arguments.

Oppelt acknowledged that his client used sexually explicit, even disturbing, language in his chats with “Candy.”

“Fortunately, we don’t put people behind bars because they say things that are offensive and obscene,” he argued.

Fisher told the jury that the case was not about whether “Candy” was real. It was about whether Bisans believed “Candy” was 13, she said. She said jurors could see for themselves in transcripts of the chats that he believed just that.

“He refers to her age 43 times, and many of those were after the phone call,” Fisher said.

She argued that Bisans was “preparing her for sexual intercourse” by showing her adult videos featuring sex acts that he indicated he favored. She pointed out to jurors that during the course of the chats, the language Bisans used gradually shifted from “if” he were to have intercourse with “Candy” to “when” he would.

Fisher argued that Bisans also showed a consciousness of guilt, for example in expressing a desire to make sure that “Candy’s” mother would be working on the day they were to meet.

The defendant will be sentenced Aug. 10 after completion of a sentencing-assessment report. Under state law, he could be assessed from five to 30 years on each of the three convictions.

The prosecutor’s office also filed for prior and persistent offender status, which could affect the sentencing. Court records show Bisans was convicted of first-degree statutory sodomy in 1991 in Audrain County.

Bond increase

Donald Bisans was returned to the Jasper County Jail after Wednesday’s jury verdicts, and Circuit Judge Gayle Crane raised his bond to $100,000.

Staff writer Jeff Lehr contributed to this report.

12-11-2009, 03:20 PM
Man gets two years in prison for sexual misconduct with a child over Net

By Jeff Lehr
The Joplin Globe
Fri Nov 20, 2009, 09:43 PM CST


A Jasper County judge assessed an Illinois man two years in prison Friday for sexual misconduct with a child over the Internet.

Circuit Judge David Mouton gave Kelly J. Williams, 25, of Stonington, Ill., the maximum time permitted under a plea agreement with the Jasper County prosecutor’s office. Williams accepted the plea offer and changed his plea to guilty in September. Sexual misconduct with a child under the age of 15 carries up to five years in prison in Missouri.

Williams recently received two four-year sentences in Newton County Circuit Court on convictions for another count of sexual misconduct with a child and a count of enticement of a child. The three sentences will run concurrent by orders of the judges in the two cases.

The convictions stem from online sting operations conducted in 2008 by Detective Ed Bailey of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department and by former Diamond police Chief Jim Murray, who investigates child-predator activities on the Internet as a liaison officer with the Diamond Police Department.

Bailey had online contact with Williams in March and April of 2008 posing as a 13-year-old girl. A probable-cause affidavit states that Williams sent Bailey two adult pornography photographs and tried to persuade Bailey’s online persona to have sex with her 8-year-old brother.

Murray reported similar online behavior of the defendant to the Newton County court.