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09-08-2009, 08:35 AM
The Turner Diaries

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There is an evil sack of gliberal whigger faggot shit named Randy Turner (http://www.blogger.com/profile/2165866) who used to be a jewspaper reporter and editor before the jewspaper fired his lying faggot ass, probably for lying and moral leprosy. Now this evil faggot is doing Satan's work fucking with the minds of young whiggers over at the jewplin Middle Skrewl and turning young white children into gliberal whigger faggots like itself.

Now Randy Turner does maintain a blog -- The Turner Report (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/) -- in which Turner always picks on his targets of White America like Keith Olbermamzer on the Obongo Channel of MSNBC. And, this lying faggot pretty much raises a welt when he prints his lies in a liepaper comprised of gliberal whigger faggots trying to make the world safe for these cockroaches trying to be cockroaches.

I've gotten kicked while I was down in the jail and the NutHouse (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/search?q=Lindstedt). And I want to make this evil degenerate faggot and its disciples print a retraction -- branded upon they's hides and skinned and pelt-posted to the new draught-houses (public latrines) wherein these baal-priests did infest.

But for now, I'll lay in a few welts of my own, by taking Turner's worst lies, introducing a stream of kikeishness to them, and posting a response for the rest of those wronged by Turner's lies to enjoy. I get enough responses, I'll put up a blog -- The Turner Diaries (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries/) -- for ZOGlings to enjoy.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

09-08-2009, 09:07 AM
Fuck Civility, Let's Geld You Gliberal Whigger Faggot Cocksuckers!


They's On To Me: a Whine For A Return To Snivility

Larry Litle at the Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind blog offers a plea for a return to civil discourse (http://simplethoughts-complexmind.blogspot.com/2009/09/disagree-with-me.html) now that us gliberal whigger faggots have poisoned the well trying to destroy the country by dispossessing White people in order to feed the niggers and beaners. Unfortunately, that plea and similar ones made by me and others are unlikely to change a nation which is as polarized thanks to us gliberal whigger faggots really fucking up shit as badly as I have ever seen it:

People, it is time to get over yourselves. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean that they want to ruin our country. It does not mean that they are in the pockets of big business or the unions. They are not the anti-Christ because they disagree with you on stimulus, healthcare, or gun control. Maybe we should start to listen to each other with open hearts and hear what people are saying and try to understand why they think what they do. We do not have to agree with them.

Us gliberal whigger faggot rats need to stick together preaching moral relativity now that we have fucked the pooch but good and turned ZOG/Babylon 3 into the bankrupt shithole it is today with all the racial and political tribal groups we created each trying to claw their way to surviving off of the White man, and the White man waking up all pissed off and such.

Mercy! Mercy for gliberal whigger faggots that fucked over and destroyed the minds of your children while we destroyed the White social order and civilization that us spawn of Satan hated from day one!

What gets me is that critters like Randy Turner abuse their power as newspaper reporters and editors and as teachers over children trying to destroy the old social order and then when there is the inevitable vengeful reaction from those who have learned that "everything is politics" Randy Turner and his fellow liberal wrecking crew whine about the loss of civility. Since when should anyone be polite to rats and cockroaches who have learned to do evil while pretending to a higher level of morality? Now that the results are in from what they advocated, and by their incessant whining brought about, why not recognize these corrupt trees from by their evil fruit? And, having recognized these corrupt trees, laying an axe to their roots, tearing them out, root and branch?

You degenerate idiots cannot ever recreate what you have done your hypocritical best to destroy. Now since the nation is on the verge of a civil war of each against all, you whine about how your victims are starting to recognize you lying evil clowns for the vicious monsters you are. Your claiming good intentions now as when you brought about these evil policies which have brought about disorder and chaos simply doesn't cut it no more now that the results are in and tabulated. You social vermin really do need to reap ALL of the whirlwind you evil fools have sown.

Civility to you moral imbeciles? Civility is wasted on such as yourself. Especially when a bullet or a rope would do far better to permanently cure what you swine have brought about.

7:16 AM


Disagree With Me?


I have noticed that people have become very comfortable demonizing those that they disagree with them. I am not talking about possession by spirits but rather being painted with the worst of negative traits by another. Name calling, extremism, and assuming the worst of someone's motives are common place when someone disagrees with you.

This has been extremely apparent during the healthcare debate. The extremes of one side have portrayed the democrats as socialists and murders. The extremists on the other side paint the republicans that disagree with them as gun toting wackos that are in the pocket of the mega insurance companies. Even when people try to be civil, the liberals will state that the conservatives just want things to remain bad for people and the conservatives will say that the liberals just want to bankrupt our country.

People, it is time to get over yourselves. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean that they want to ruin our country. It does not mean that they are in the pockets of big business or the unions. They are not the anti-Christ because they disagree with you on stimulus, healthcare, or gun control. Maybe we should start to listen to each other with open hearts and hear what people are saying and try to understand why they think what they do. We do not have to agree with them.

I know I have several very good liberal friends that I completely disagree with on several issues but I usually can understand where they are coming from. They do not want to destroy the U.S. but rather to make it better. I may not agree with their methods and conclusions but I can not deny their motivations are pure.

The problem is that we see our leaders constantly acting like this. When leadership and authorities display such poor behavior with each other, then the country has a propensity to follow suit. With every major political campaign, the demonizing appears to get worse. There is no wonder that regular people are jumping on and reacting with extreme distrust and hatred. But that does not excuse the behavior.

I am not saying that we should all just get along. I am saying we can discuss, argue, and debate issues without personal attacks against those that do not think like we do. We need to stop using name calling to cover up the flaws in our arguments. Lets get back to basing our debate on facts and not on how evil we believe our opponents to be.

It is time that we started acting better than our politicians.

These have been a few simple thoughts of my complex mind.


What amuses me greatly is the sight of gliberal whiggers, congenital thieves of White People's lives, liberties and property through the imposition of their own made-up 'laws' enforced by ZOG's piglice, now still trying to thieve what little remains, and getting a reaction which promises violence which will undo their control over society are now whining about the lack of 'civility.' They are like rats, having gotten into the grainary, and having pissed and shit all over what they couldn't consume, are now snarling at the 'lack of civility' behind the farmer getting terriers, traps and poison and thinking about using them.

Randy Turner and above gliberal whigger being a case in point. They keep pushing and pushing their gliberal whigger piglice state in which the only people in prisons for sodomy are the fathers and grandfathers of White children taken away because we wish to continue our race and line of White People. They insist upon allowing the fraudulent nigger alleged president to essentially take away what little money remains in taking care of elderly and poor whiggers under Social Security and Medicare and giving it to the niggers and illegal beaners for Obongo-care. Obongo-care is fully socialized health care designed to essentially kill old whiggers to give to niggers and beaners. Then when the crooked insurance corporations which essentially scam off the profits from the top and their bought kongress-kritters tell the whiggers about 'death panels for old whiggers' these gliberal whiggers then throw a fit about the counter-lies. They get scared at the hatreds unleashed promising a civil war of each against all, then whine about why there needs to be a return to 'civility,' i.e. the very conditions under which these thieving degenerates were able to under color of imperial promiscuous love destroy White society and not be skinned and gelded for it.

For example, Randy Turner while I was falsely arrested for statutory sodomy based upon what some social worker told the piglice who wanted me railroaded for child molestation and murdered in prison and for which I was falsely imprisoned for 3 1/2 years in jail and the NutHouse in his columns made the assumption that I was guilty and sided with the corrupt judges and prosecution all the way. Corrupt jewspapers like the Neosho Daily Douche, jewplin Glob, and Newton County News would print up Turner's lies, and that of the piglice and prostitutor and refused to print up my side of the story. When, on April 24, 2009 I told Turner about the Newton County pig Don Hunt breaking off four of my teeth transporting me to the NutHouse on Dec. 6, 2005, Turner said, "I'm sorry." No you are not, Turner. You simply do not have the moral courage to face what happens when piglice are given the power to torture and beat free White men who will not respect these cowardly thugs. What you want is a police state, Turner, wherein White men do not have the ability to raise their families as they see fit, and so, while you yourself are a faggot, you raise the standard in calling your White men enemies what you are: a pedophile of sorts who would destroy the minds of White children, either at the point of your own dick, or by virtue of the power given to you by the local gliberal whigger drone skrule board. In the old days, the White fathers would not have allowed any school board to hire what was obviously gliberal whigger faggots anywhere teaching their children.

Furthermore, and most importantly, like all parasitic

09-10-2009, 12:10 AM
The Kongress-Kritter Sez Emperor Obongo Is A Nekkid Lyin' Nigger



Joe Wilson makes a fool of himself during Obama speech

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

How can we expect people to behave in a dignified manner at town hall meetings when people like Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C. can't even manage to behave respectfully in the hallowed halls of Congress? This portion of the video from tonight's speech shows Wilson calling the president a liar:


Posted by Randy at 8:17 PM


Comment: (If Allowed by That Lying Gliberal Whigger Faggot Randy Turner)

But Obongo IS a Lyin' Nigger King

But Obama is a liar. Essentially Obama-care is about taking away taxpayer dollars for Medicare for older whites and giving it to non-whites and to illegal mexican aliens who Obama will legalize. It involves criminalizing white kids and middle-aged middle-class whites who live healthy lives and don't want to live under government's thumb. In short, it does involve 'death panels' for old whites and enslaving whites in order to give benefits to non-whites who migrate here from the rest of the world.

This congressman simply said that the black emperor has no clothes and big-government liberals like Randy Turner and the rest of the chattering classes are whining about how truth is 'hate speech.' Truth is hate to those, like Turner, who hate the Truth.

Trillions of dollars in printed money wasted in giving Wall Street banksters relief from their gambling debts, trillions of dollars in entitlements being paid while nearly one-fifth of the population is bankrupt and unemployed, and Obama is going to create a new entitlement for non-whites and criminalize what few whites don't want it. Nothing but bigger government at gunpoint until a sort of Afghanistan comes to America, a war of the parasitic against the productive.

We simply can't live in peace with each other for much longer. If nothing else, I'd like to thank Randy Turner for ratcheting up the current civil war on this lying blog of his.


The fact ot the matter is that ZOG is simply destroying itself all that much more the faster. There is no money in the Treasury to fight two lost wars, to bail out the jew and whigger thieving banksters, or to maintain even the entitlement programs of Social Security and Medicare for elderly whiggers no more. So, the Treasury is essentially printing up ZOGbux as fast as it can, the chinks and japs are abandoning the ZOGbuk as a reserve currency and buying commodities like oil and metals with their depreciating ZOGbux.

What the Lyin' Nigger King is doing now is to essentially further enslave healthy Whites not needing the System for health care and chaining them by means of criminalizing their freedom from the System in order to pay for unhealthy niggers and illegal beaners to further live off of the White man. Obongo proposes to cut out the jew-run insurance companies who lost trillions in insuring jew bankster Wall Street gambling debts wherein profits were given to the 'gamblers' and the debts were foisted onto the White taxpayers. These crooked insurance companies essentially 'cherry pick' by taking the healthy Whites who are able to pay premiums as clients, then if they get sick refusing to pay their claims by having jew and whigger lawyers deny their claims. Thus profits are diverted to corporate pockets while ZOG gets to insure the elderly and poor by means of Medicare/Medicaid. In short, these jew/whigger corporations practice 'crony capitalism' by means of making sure they reap the profits while the only people paying taxes, namely the Whites are stuck with the costs.

Now since the financial meltdown of the past year, these costs cannot long be bourne by ZOG. Since the banksters and corporate welfare addicts are being supported by ZOG, and ZOG is broke, that means that the elderly whiggers must be put on what will essentially be 'managed care' in which a sort of triage will take place in which a panel of ZOG burrocrats, many of them niggers, will essentially run what are indeed 'death panels' to figure out who lives and who dies for being worn-out poor White people. Harold Covington in his novels, especially "A Distant Thunder" and "The Brigade" has pointed this out before. At the same time, young violent niggers and illegal beaners with a litter which would make Lassie envious will be taken into the emergency room and have their bills paid for by the White taxpayers, with healthy Whites made into criminalized tax slaves.

Thus Obongo-care is essentially into murdering, at first by neglect, old worn-out poor Whites, enslaving healthy Whites and White business into being tax slaves by criminalizing freedom from the medical system ZOG has created, and creating more and more niggers and beaners and turd-whirrrrlders as invaders to displace Whites in their own country by treating them for the results of their own violent stupidity and criminality and encouraging their indiscriminate breeding. We feed,they breed. So as it is to be expected, this Lyin' Nigger King is out to exterminate Whites by taking over the reins of a criminal ZOG/Babylon regime and destroying the Founding Stock of White People through deceit.

Now when a few White People, in this case, a South Carolina kongress-kritter says, truthfully, that Obongo the Lyin' King is lying, the forces of White dispossession and extermination, like Randy Turner, the self-hating, Genesis 3:15 anti-White enmity spewing gliberal whigger faggot and the rest of the ZOG/Babylon chattering classes and regime-criminals & enablers have a fit about how speaking the truth to power is 'hate speech.' Truth is hate to those who hate the Truth. The spawn of Satan are the children of lies because their father, Satan, is the father of lies.

Gliberal whigger faggots like Randy Turner -- who a more just era would have skinned him after branding a retraction for its lies and shoved a red-hot poker up itz ass for itz faggotry -- are too cowardly to themselves impose this 'Auntie-White' tyranny directly by theysselfs. Instead they use the most brutal of piglice to impose this tyranny of ZOG/Babylon upon Whites while at the same time whine about a 'lack of civility.'

The Whore-House of [Mis]Representives is of course a monkey-house. Nigger and mamzer and jew and faggot representatives make sure that it will never be anything but a temple devoted to thievery off of the White man.

Civility to parasites and regime criminals is overrated. Rather, this vermin should be exterminated upon detection. My idea of politeness is in first making this lying faggot eat its nuts and fudge-packing dick with broken teeth because it loved the Newton County piglice breaking my teeth out taking me to the NutHouse. Then printing a retraction for its lies using a branding iron upon its worthless hide, its entire worthless whigger family's hide, and the hides of the families of its jewspaper publishers, editors, and reporter's who enabled Turner's lies over the years. The last thing regime criminals and ZOGling whigger ass-clown herd animals need is civility, calling good evil and evil good. Rather what such need is woe and a world of hurt and to be sent screaming to hell so that the other ZOGling whigger herd animals will see and fear to misbehave. Whiggers are diseased animals which want to die, but who want to bring down healthy tissue of the White body politic with them. The only cure for what ails the White man will be in letting the-m-asses of whigger die in the current racial, religious and class civil war, along with all of the jews and non-whites infesting them.

Realistic White Nationalism involves in not going against the flow of History to the same thing that happened to Babylons #1 and #2, but rather in letting things proceed as they are meant to do, trying to wake up a minority of Whites, to take advantage of the chaos which will destroy well over 90% of the diseased whigger herd, and to raise up and feed the current neo-aristocracy of warlords who live today, waiting for their chance to rule absolutely under the guise of a White-only racial religion of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity.

That gliberal whigger lying faggot Randy Turner is merely one of the thieving ticks and parasites that like the jews, that YHWH allows to live so that Heaven doesn't become clogged up with whiggers. As such, he should be listened to and then Whites should think the exact opposite of what this vicious gliberal whigger faggot preaches. Essentially the Turner Report is a concentrated nugget of kikeian dogshit that you should take care to not only not to step into, but not to eat.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Swillis Gumpf Turner
09-10-2009, 05:50 PM
Hi! I'm Swillis Gumpf Turner of The Turner Diaries!


Swillis Gumpf Turner here. This is my blog, The Turner Diaries (http://whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries).

I am that faggot skrule teecher Randy Turner?s (http://www.blogger.com/profile/2165866)smarter third cousin and the grand-nephew of Earl Turner (http://www.jrbooksonline.com/PDF_Books/TurnerDiaries.pdf).

I love pussy and corn likker and hate jews, niggers, and faggots, especially uppity ones like Cousin Randy.

Don't you city whiggers believe a word that that lying faggot Randy Turner says in "The Turner Report (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/)."


He is one lying sumbitch, and thinks he is smarter than everyone else, especially his distant kin who still run around in them pointy dunce hats and white robes made out of sheets. Well, don't be foolt none. Randy looks down on us hillbillies and wants to pretend that we don't exist no more. He'll lick his own shit from another faggot's dick and think he's so smart because he done gradjewated from hile skrewl and went to kollidge and got a digree and edjewmacation in jewrnanalism and got to work for the jewspapers and such. Why, now he is a skrewl teecher around Y&D&FofC whigger boyz and let me tell you, I'd fire his faggot ass like the jewspaper editurds did when they caught that lying bastard lying.

Well, he's got hisself a blog and he lies like a mangy dog that fucked the sheep. By the way, Cousin Randy used to fuck sheep. Ewelene really misses him.



Cousin Randy's Lying Blog, The Turner Report (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/)

My Truthful Blog, The Turner Diaries (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries/)

Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

09-12-2009, 10:57 AM
Randy Turner Gets Wise To Cousin Swillis


Turner Report moves from GOP smear merchant to "socialist blog"


You can't please all of the people all of the time.

After being referred to as part of the Republican smear machine Tuesday (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2009/09/blog-turner-report-part-of-republican.html) for my coverage of the $9,000 plus in lobbyists' gifts received by Rep. Mike Galboy, D-Kansas City, now the pendulum is swinging the other way and I am an unrepentant socialist aimed at corrupting the minds of young people with my posts on The Turner Report.

I received this comment to the Republican smear machine post a few moments ago:

Randy Turner loves the sort of big government which lets him influence the minds of ordinary citizen's children, as his attempts to influence their parents' minds at the newspaper office ended in failure. Turner has a genuine hatred of ordinary citizens 'impolitely' trying to influence the regime which rules over them as subjects, hence his hatred for free speech at the town meetings and the activist at the governor's office.

Randy Turner is not a liberal, but rather a collectivist of the left. Using unaccountable police intimidation upon people who don't want their childrens' minds twisted by these leftists without children of their own is perfectly acceptable to parasitic government workers wanting to be paid for turning children into fearful drones and tax slaves.

Let's understand that Randy Turner is simply a socialist propagandist for Civil War who wishes to have his victims mentally and morally disarmed before they get in their licks. Once you figure out that it is the same old 'liberal'/socialist press, only repackaged in a new-media blog then you figure out Randy Turner, regardless of his outraged squeals to the contrary.

Posted by Randy at 3:34 AM



Randy, I get a chuckle from some of the comments. In the news business as well as the gay bar business in jewplin, as you know, we used to say we were doing our job if both sides attacked us. My bunghole still aches at the joyful reaming. I don't have to tell you to keep it up, because I know you at least in the Biblical sense and know that you will, sure as you put on the strap-on double-dildo in the jewspaper restroom at the jewplin Glob and at McClellan Park. I don't read you daily but I not only swallow, but I enjoy it when I do...well, I'll always be glad you encouraged me to remain in the closet like jewself even when it pisses me off. (he said with a grin on his face after the golden shower.)
7:51 AM

Randy - in the news business??? He ought to be in the gay bar business and then reopen The Turner Report/Diaries as a gossip column.

Now there's some news! Why do think Turner got fired from the Carthage jewdenPresse?
3:08 PM

Randy is a liberal Democrat. At least he admits his position. His frequent readers know where he is coming from and read accordingly. As a conservative, i don't mind reading different points of view if they admit their bias. A lot of journalists try to hide their true colors behind a mask of objectivity. I prefer to suck my kikeish tube-steak fresh from the horse's ass. Thank you Randy Turner and thanks for the loan of the kneepads.
6:33 PM

At least you haven't been called an a*sshole yet! You do report some news that the other media dosen't though I like that.
12:19 PM

Turner though tries to present himself one way then acts another depending on the situation. He wants so desperately to think of himself as a part of the actual media but is a simpleton blogger hack. He makes one attempt to hammer sacrificial lamb Jeff Smith then says "look at me, I am criticize both sides equally!" That story was an easy layup. Yeah right, how lame.
4:04 PM

I wrote the above comment that Turner is whining about.

Sure, Turner is obviously a gliberal hack who got removed from his liepaper editorship because even they couldn't stand to be so removed from the mass of public opinion here in brain-dead SW Missouri. Essentially Turner abused his position too much even for the gliberal press and paid the price for it, as have the liepapers paid the price for crapping too much on the only people able to read their lies -- namely older white people who got tired of reading lies and contempt for their readers -- got tired of paying for this crap and decided to simply buy a computer and read other stuff. If it wasn't for the grocery ads and for Best Buy my wife wouldn't read the liepapers. As it is, she only reads the obituaries.

So Turner went on to a new class of victims who can't very well object to his gliberal foolishness, namely the public skrewl system. In olden times the skrewl bored would have kicked out an elderly homosexual from teaching their children, male or female, but today's skrewl boreds are victims of notions placed into their heads by a previous [de]generation of Turners. Frankly, Turner shouldn't be allowed anywhere near white children because he wants to turn them into degenerate drones like hisself.

What I do like is that Turner got a blog full of liberal idiocy and lies here in the middle of kosher khannedservantive brain-dead Missouri. I'd like to see a Point/CounterPoint Debate between Turner and, say, Rita Crowell (when she isn't drunk) or Keith Siegler or anyone of the other 'live wires' who are cynically living high on the hog, like Dwight Douglas.

But Turner is kink on his throne, and won't put up with too much abuse, but rather rack its gliberal brain trying to figure out who is having fun with his foolishness in this, the comments section of his blog.

1:00 AM

The last comment sent by the radical racist who has been leaving responses to my posts the last couple of days was rejected. Us gliberal whigger faggots used to writing and editing for the jewspapers have neither a sense of humor nor of fair play. It appears that either Martin Lindstedt has been the one posting the remarks and has tried to disguise his identity to get his views posted, or there is actually someone else in this area who thinks the same way Lindstedt does, -- Oh the horror, the horror, it makes my sphincter-void clench anticipating the red-hot poker -- or who uses the same allegedly clever misspellings of words, and spreads the same message of vile hatred. Only us gliberal whigger faggot jewsmedia types gets to use hatred and only against White people that our types infest and parasite off of. If it is not Lindstedt, it would appear to be someone who travels that same road of hate thy neighbor. Me, I 'love my neighbor, as my stretched-out gliberal whigger faggot bunghole attests to, and which is why I love being a pub[l]ic skrule teacher so that I can turn your children into gliberal whigger faggot drones like myself, as everyone else can attest.
3:59 AM

About Me

Randy Gliberal Whigger Faggot Turner
I teach eighth grade communication arts (English) at South Middle School in Joplin turning whigger kids into gliberal whigger faggots like me. Before entering the teaching field, I spent 22 years as a reporter and editor for various Southwest Missouri news (http://www.carthagepress.com/)papers and was a lying bastard who the publishers ended up firing due to the area getting tired of my gliberal whigger lying faggot ass. I have published two novels, Small Town News (http://rturner229.tripod.com/smalltownnews/id3.html) and Devil's Messenger, and one non-fiction book, The Turner Report, wherein I shit all over the evil waycist natives, especially my third cousin, Swillis Gumpf Turner, who is onto my faggot ass (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries). But Ewelene loves me better than Cousin Swillis!


09-12-2009, 11:02 AM
Friday, September 11, 2009
John Stossel moves to Fox News

John Stossel, who has been with ABC's 20/20 since 1981, is moving to Fox Business and Fox News Channel, a place where he should feel comfortable.

Stossel's arch-conservative views have included a support of educational vouchers in newspaper columns, books, and television programs. I addressed that subject in an August 2006 Turner Report post:

ABC reporter and syndicated columnist John Stossel is back to his hobby of attacking public schools in his latest column.

Stossel, the born-again big business booster, who has been bashing public education by taking a few admittedly horrid examples of public education gone awry, and then using those as an excuse to condemn all public schools, continues his mantra that competition cures all ills.

If we had competition in schools, he says, the following would happen:

"I bet we'd see cheap and efficient Costco-like schools, virtual schools where you learn at home on your computer, sports schools, music schools, schools that go all year, schools with uniforms, schools that open early and keep kids later, and, who knows what?"

I am sure that Stossel's sports schools and music schools would enable this country to bridge the highly suspect gap between American students and those in foreign countries, gaps which can nearly always be explained by the simple fact that the American public school system is the only one in the world that even makes an attempt to educate all students, ranging from the gifted to those with severe mental retardation.

Citing another suspect source, Stossel perpetuates the myth that home-school students fare better on standardized tests than public school students:

"Homeschooled students blow past their public-school counterparts in terms of achievement. Brian Ray, who taught in both public and private schools before becoming president of the National Home Education Research Institute, says, "In study after study, children who learn at home consistently score 15-30 percentile points above the national averages," he says. Homeschooled kids also score almost 10 percent higher than the average American high school student on the ACT."

Name me one of those studies. Stossel has made a habit in each of his tirades against public education of saying all sort of studies exist to back his point, but he never indicates specifically which studies these are. This kind of sleight of hand has been going on in anti-public education propaganda since the 1980s when "A Nation At Risk" first alarmed the country about the supposedly horrendous state of American education, yet never cited a single study to prove any of its doom-and-gloom scenarios.

Of course, home schoolers are going to do better. Most home-schooled students do not go on to higher education. You are taking a small percentage of highly motivated home-schooled students. If you compare them with the same small percentage of top public school students, I would guess the scores would be virtually equal. That is not an indictment of public schools. I would imagine there are many parents who provide excellent teaching at home. At the same time, the home schooling trend, like so many others, has been largely started by a group of people who are making big bucks off of it, by exploiting the idea that public education is some big anti-religious establishment that is responsible for everything that is wrong in society.

And let us not forget it who else has made a killing off attacking public education. John Stossel's big business agenda has helped turn him into a highly-paid, much sought after public speaker and has resulted in two best selling books. He has a lot to gain by continuing his scurrilous attacks against public schools.

Posted by Randy at 6:19 PM

Anonymous said...

I have been e-mailing Stossel at ABC repeatedly given the stupid direction that 20/20 has taken into BS news. I'm not a fan of Fox, but wish him well there.
9:07 PM
Anonymous said...

Randy, Stossel is not an "arch-conservative." He is more accurately defined as a libertarian. He will likely clash with some of the neocons at Fox.

There's three sides to the political debates going on right now in the US: the Republicans' side, the Democrats' side, and the people's side. Stossel is one of the few in the national media who seems to be on the side of the people.
10:42 PM
Anonymous said...

John Stossel is a good man and is just another knife wound in A B C who love to shoot themselves in the foot.
7:06 AM
Joe Wilson said...

You lie!
9:14 AM


If people really could boycott your product and only those who wanted public schooling paid for it, then you would be out of a job. The public school system is a failure and it needs to be scrapped in favor of vouchers and home schooling. As it is, the vast majority of property taxes and state funding is wasted on public indoctrination in order to teach children to be obedient little tax slaves.

A lot of people have gotten tired of what the public school system produces, mainly fools who are taught to hate their parents and God, but also the crime, drugs and illegitimate births and so they have taken their most important thing, their children, and opted out. Why shouldn't they listen to John Stossel compliment them for making a wise decision? Why shouldn't they vote to defund their local public school and to elect representatives who will give them more educational freedom in an Internet age?

Why, other than to benefit the professional educrats and provide free babysitting, bother to educate the uneducatable, like the mentally retarded, the gang-bangers, and the illegal aliens? Shouldn't it be enough to try to teach them to read, write and arithmetic? Why is it that you professional educrats think that our children and tax dollars belong to you to turn into educated idiots like yourselves?

There is a big Internet out there in which everyone can read and think for themselves and with choices they no longer wish to buy or to pay for what you produce. Besides, we simply can't afford to pay for you drone's retirement, benefits and pensions.

I like listening to John Stossel. He is a breath of fresh air. So ABC's loss is Fox's gain. I already prefer to get my news from Fox anyways.

9:49 AM

Metallic Fury
09-12-2009, 02:47 PM
I keep reading a LOT of negative comments against FOX news, and it seems to be coming from liberals.

Aftera few youtubes I seen where they show protesters against what Washington DC does, from the 9/11 coverup, to Obama's policy, his "presidency", etc

Do you think maybe a few people are worried?
If things were changed overnight, that the folks who own,run, and work at FOX do not want to be associated with, and tried for crimes against the American people,like the other networks that have lied and hidden the truth?

09-13-2009, 08:49 AM

Turner simply cannot understand, stupid anti-white racist that he is, that his racism isn't sacred simply because it is anti-white. For the past fifty years, liberal critters waving the bloody race card have gotten a free ride and thus have a fit when whites who have lost their jobs and pensions no longer can afford to simply give in to these racist pimps and bandits wanting to strong-arm them in the name of their ersatz morality and superiority.

So now they have taken to the streets saying that they cannot afford Obama-care and in some cases they have grown rude and to the point and the left simply cannot stand to have the same tactics used against the right used against them. We have a populist right/white revolt in which Obama and Barney Frank are accused of being fascists and so then there is the whining about 'racism' on the part of these socialists poverty-pimping for the non-whites, an increasingly impoverished white populist movement not dependent upon the sell-out Republicans is learning to counter-attack with charges that the main-stream left is 'racist', socialist, and fascistic. Now Obama is portrayed as a flesh-eating zombie, and as Hitler, and Turner howls in protest about the 'unfairness' of his stock in trade being used against himself.

Yes, there are doubtless Republican and big-pharma operatives whipping up some of this crowd of whites down on their luck. But it is also Libertarians and White Nationalists who are getting in the harshest talking points. But regardless of who thinks they are leading this parade of white populism -- IT IS REAL AND WHITE PEOPLE ARE HURTING AND THEY SIMPLY CANNOT AFFORD TO SUPPORT NON-WHITES ANY MORE. As a result there simply is no surplus wealth, only white taxpayers strapped by debt worried about how they are going to make ends meet. So then when these left-wing socialist poverty-pimping aunty-waycist bandits and their enablers and camp followers like Turner try the same old holdup routine, they end up getting rage and overt hatred in return. And so they whine that the old ways of racial extortion which used to work when the country was richer because it was whiter no longer works.

It is not only on this blog, but across the nation that white resistance has stiffened. Desperate white people who have lost their jobs, homes, pensions simply cannot afford to pay higher taxes and fees to the current corrupt regime and their corporate lackeys nor to the leftist poverty- and race-pimps demanding more of what they simply no longer got. The news media and government establishment is baffled by this anger and like Randy Turner still are calling names like 'stupid [white] racist' and 'Neo-Nazi' and 'inbred hillbilly' and all the the names which used to work but do so no longer. The real Nazis and racists and religious fanatics will of course eventually co-opt and lead these desperate people seeking leadership, promising them relief if only they will overthrow and eliminate their oppressors.

And Turner's and the rest's idiotic standard response:m Shrilly whining that this grass-roots opposition are 'stupid racists' being maneuvered by 'smart racists.' Not yet, but soon. Stupid racists will want to be led by smart racists and Randy Turner and the rest of the media are showing that they are no friends of normal white folks living on the edge, who have been robbed by such as Turner and his anti-white socialist racists.

The present stiffening of comments making fun of Turner's moral pretensions can't be laid at the feet of one man or ideology but rather the old ways not working anymore and this area being instinctively hostile to Turner's brand of anti-white socialism. If Turner was a teacher in San Francisco, Turner's blog would fit is perfectly. But given that Turner has always been rude and contemptuous of the normal everyday white People that this socialist moral poseur infests and would lecture, there invariably is a reaction to amoral 'turnerism.' Turner gets fired by a fed up newspaper publisher tired of subscriber complaints. Eventually Turner will get fired from his government teaching job by a school board who will be put under pressure by white taxpayers tired of their children's heads being stuffed with anti-white racist socialism and worried about their sons being taught morality by a closet homosexual. Turner is like a Chilean Allende communist before a Pinochet counter-revolution, when the majority of the population supports a backlash.

So what is Turner to do faced with a stiffening reaction? Probably delete this comment along with others he suspects are from such as myself. For every political action there is a political reaction, and Turner is about to reap one hell of a reaction, as are the [d]ruling Democrat feebs, who will try to blame the Establishment Republicans for what is increasingly a wave of white discontent and desperation caused by both corporate parties.

So Tuner, prepare for a wave of ridicule and criticism which you are too cowardly to face. You can of course practice censorship as it is your blog, but from now on in there is no more free ride. The news media and others simply don't have too many troops on the ground, and a liberal is a moral degenerate wanting to claim a moral high ground and intellectual supremacy which in real life never existed. Auntie-White-waycist blogging can't survive criticism and ridicule in an ivory tower any more than it did on AM talk-radio.

The ONE thing I love about Turner's blog is that this fool ratchets up the hatred and makes it impossible for whites and non-whites, the devout and a-theists, conservatives and liberals, rich and poor to live in peace together and paves the way towards a racial, religious, and class civil war in which only the strong and productive will survive and the weak and parasitic will be exterminated. Randy Turner is the rat who gnaws on the ropes holding the gondola in which we all live to the social order ballon whereas I an the racist fanatic who is deliberately shooting and cutting through the gordian knot tying it all together.

The above comments were not made by myself or under my direction, Turner. I suggest that you 'stupid racists' find 'smart racist' leadership devoted to exterminating gliberal auntie-white poverty-pimping socialists like Randy Turner who wants you to be forced out of your present Social Security and Medicare arrangements in order that more transfer payments be made to non-whites and illegal aliens so that you whites will be the ones displaced and taxed to death and exterminated in our own country. If Turner were honest, then he'd live in Africa or Mexico with those he professes to love as opposed to trying to destroy the White Christian Nation that he parasites off of like a communist rat.

And, check out your Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner's "The Turner Diaries" over on www.whitenationalist.org. Cousin Swillis is not exactly a fan of jewrs, Turner. I think that everyone who you bullied using your power as a jewsmedia and government 'worker' parasite will enjoy hearing the 'lowdown' from 'Cousin Swillis.'

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

09-24-2009, 10:41 PM
Turner Hates State Representative Cynthia Davis



Why don't you simply call these Republicans a pack of racists right out so that they can decide to politically retaliate against you and the rest of the public school teachers abusing your power to indoctrinate their children's minds against their Republican parents and Christianity?

What I like about you liberals is that by politicising differences and playing the race card it eventually gets all worn out and spurs a backlash. Eventually there will be a return to the 'spoils system' to where you liberal drones will be out of a job and without a safety net. People will end up homeschooling their kids and voting down property taxes, maybe even voting to dissolve the school districts and abolish public education because you liberals wormed your way in therte and abused it.

You seem to have it in for Cynthia Davis ever since she voted for a bill to keep you out of the lives of students while out of school. What are you, some sort of liberal kiddie stalker or something? I think you are sort of creepy in always wanting to get at the kiddies when they are not under your control in the classroom. Get over it, if it wasn't for the fact that the wife has to work, then most people would pull their children out of the public school system rather than have to deal with liberals trying to corrupt their children not only in the classroom, but outside it. The public school system is how you liberal drones turn young white children into godless drones like yourself.

I think I need to notify Cynthia Davis that she is right about you creepy public school teachers trying to infect and corrupt young minds of children born to conservative parents. You don't seem to be able to keep yourself from getting at the children, Turner. Cynthia Davis needs to pass a bill regulating your liberal kind of school teacher from indulging in political (and any other) activity both inside and outside the classroom. She needs to pass a sort of Missouri Hatch Act to deal with you irresponsible public employees 'working' in the public schools.

Swillis Gumpf Turner
09-30-2009, 01:37 PM
Cousin Randy Birthers A Bolshevik Turd


KSPR airs birther infomercial -- & Makes Me Give 'Birther' to an Obongo-sized Kenyan Turd


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The lunatic fringe that claims that President Barack Obama is not an American aired its message on KSPR, Springfield (http://www.ky3.com/news/local/62765272.html), last Thursday at midnight. I just found out about this abuse of the jewsmedia and I'm going to squeeze out my own little Obongo Kenyan turd-baby over this shit!!! I'm about to lose control and I 'think' I like it, like it!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-DcNPFWhbk)

"It's obvious President Obama is trying to hide where he was really born," blasts the infomercial. We wouldn't have had this problem if the hyenas would heve eaten the future niglet-in-thief just like they did with the afterbirth, an old useful Kenyan custom.

Despite verification from the Hawaii Department of Health that the president has a valid state certificate of birth, Live Prayer.com has teamed up with the United States Justice Foundation to urge people to write $30 checks to help pay for faxes asking every state Attorneys General to launch an investigation. Rather stupid really, when teaming up with KFC to get the Obongoids onto the USS Madagasgar would be so much cheaper. Every nigger needs a little KFC.

As a thank-you, recipients will receive a bumper sticker, which reads, "Got birth certificate?" Just don't drive around in East St. Louis or South Side Chicago while white and with that particular bumper sticker.

It may be a fringe movement, but Ky3 Incorporated General Manager Mike Scott said the station will only restrict content if it violates the law or is deemed libelous or the check bounces, which happens when niggers are involved.

"Obviously, the opinions of this particular program may be a minority of our viewers, but certainly I think this group has the right to express themselves. I don't think it's libelous in any fashion," Scott said. "This is not the Turner Pub[l]ic Bolshevik System or Communist News Network. We believe in free speech as long as we get paid to air it. Capitalism -- Selling Obongo dull steak knives so his niglets can munch high on the whiggroid long-pig, to paraphrase Lenin."

Obviously, KSPR's advertising department has much lower standards than its news department. They wouldn't let me be a reporter after I got my ass fired for lying like a faggot over at the Carthage judenPresse (http://www.carthagepress.com/). Hell of a deal now that I don't have any moola for airing my own screed or a visit to Thailand with the Michael Jackson Economy Pederast Memorial Sex-Tourism Tour.

jewr Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner of The Turner Diaries (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries/) Sez:

How do you know Obama wasn't born in Kenya? For that matter, since Obama received a Fulbright grant to go to college open only to the foreign born, then how do you know that Obama's citizenship wasn't denied by the very act of petitioning for financial aid as a foreign student? Since Obama claimed to be a foreign student to become a student on a scholarship, then why should he be later, when convenient, allowed to later claim to be a natural-born citizen to become a president?

There are plenty of facts sufficiently supporting questions as to whether Obama is or is not constitutionally qualified to be selected president. Half a billion was spent in order to force him upon the American people. Now even though the government courts refuse to hear the case, it won't go away. Large segments of the white population will think of Obama as a fraud and certain politicians on the right will fan the flames the highter as liberal whiners like Turner demand censorship and [d]rule of [g]liberal as opposed to rule of law.

There is a civil war going on between those like Randy Turner who refuse to let the truth come out and those whites who refuse to be ruled by a negro. Neither side will prevail fully. Rather, the flames of civil war will be fanned by both sides seeking absolute power and the end result will be civil war between both sides unwilling to compromise, with the fence-sitters caught in the middle. The Republic was set up so that nobody gets what they want all the time, and going about so that all dissent is forced to go underground ensures a violent explosion as the aggrieved think that they have no choice but violence in order to survive intact with their families and property.

This TV or radio station had a lawful duty to accept that political advertisement, whether or not you or other liberals like it or not. They did so, and didn't even beg permission from your Bolshevik blog, Turner. Ain't it wonderful that there are some TV stations still trying to make a profit as opposed to being Randy Turner's Public Bolshevik System/Communist News Network? (PBS/CNN)


Is Barock Obama the Prezident,I thought Gorge Bush was, because this economy seems to get worse and woeser and we need more troops for war in Afganistan. Sorry I lerned to spell in Publik Skool.

8:21 AM

In the past Scott has refused to air ads critical of Roy Blunt because he thought they were inaccurate. One said Blunt laundered campaign money from one campaign account to another. Scott refused to air the ad because he said Blunt only transfered the money from one account to another. Would love the opportunity to make him answer questions about the way he treats Democrats raising questions about Roy compared to the way he is treating the birthers critisims of the President. A sickening double standard is being practiced at KY3 and KSPR.

2:03 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

Puh-leeeze. If what you say is true, then sue the station for refusal of your ad. After all, if it is a political advocacy ad, and advertised as such, no mass-media station can refuse to air the ad. If they did, then sue them.

Of course newspapers lie about politicians just as politicians simply lie. If you want to whine about who are the biggest lying whores, the reporters or the politicians they cover, it is a whine which can go both ways.

You liberals got MSNBC as the Obama channel, wherein they get a bunch of liberal whiners mouth-breathing about how unfair it is that Kiene_Obama is not worshipped as 'The One' and the kosher connedservantives got Faux News wherein the Great War against Muslims is justified on behalf of Greater Israel perpetually. The rest of us get to pick and choose what we want to listen to, as the population grows polarized and increasingly desperate.

In any case, I don't get KSPR out of Springfield so if I want to hear what is said I got the Internet and can probably catch it on YouTube if I care to hear it. I don't.

Get used to it. You won't get everything you want and there isn't enough money to pay for it and they are running the printing presses as it is, so you won't be getting health care even if you want to take away Medicare away from elderly whites in order to give to illegal aliens who you liberals just legalized. There ain't no Coup de Ville hiding in the bottom of no Cracker-Jack box neither. This country is on the verge of collapse and you fools got nothing better to do than whine about what some other fools put on the television stations that nobody neutral listened to anyway. They were probably doing something useful, like googling for lesbian MILFS on youporn rather than trying to get their jollies reading Point/CounterPoint here on The Turner Diaries.

6:21 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner
10-15-2009, 05:40 PM
When Right-wing Politicians Talk Sense . . . .

Cousin Randy Has a Cow, er Sheep, er, Ewelene.


Cynthia Davis: Cap and trade (legislation) a punishment for all of us


In her latest newsletter, Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O'Fallon takes aim at federal cap and trade legislation:

Recently I attended a tour of the Ameren UE nuclear power plant in Callaway County. This is the first time I have toured a power plant in my seven years as a Missouri House Representative. Although the plant is visible to motorists from the I-70, I have never been very close to it. The steam column always looks ominous from a distance. Although the steam column is the most visible, the nuclear power generation actually takes place in the domed building next to it. This plant is so well reinforced, I felt as though I were in the “mission-control room” of a well constructed fort!

Our electric rates are projected to double or triple if the congress in Washington DC creates new hardships and punishes those who use coal fueled power plants through the proposed “Cap and Trade” Bill. Nuclear power is the least expensive form of electric generation available, but only about 20% of our electricity comes from a nuclear source. Electricity has been the source of our financial development and stability. Ask your grandmother how it improved her life when the washing machine & dryer, air conditioning, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, electric mixer and other labor saving devices were made available!

Despite what you may have heard about wind and solar, Missouri does not have ideal conditions for either. To get enough sun requires building in the southwest where they don’t have so many cloudy days. To get enough wind requires building in the Northwest. Missouri has days when we have neither sun nor wind to produce any electricity whatsoever, so building a supplemental power plant remains in our future.

While you may not think your electric bill is anything to brag about, our rates in Missouri are currently among the lowest in the nation. Part of the reason for this has to do with our ability to use plants that were built and paid for decades ago. Current projections show that our demand for electricity will increase 20-30 % over the next 20 years. Our current power plants will not be able to supply enough for this demand. In general, people are using more electricity per capita with all the new electronic appliances, flat screen TVs, phone chargers, AC adapters and every other gadget you can imagine. I love living in the age of modern conveniences and appreciate all the utilities that save us time and make our lives better. This has an economic impact of making us more productive, well groomed and able to spend more time doing what we truly enjoy.

If our congress passes the “Cap and Trade Bill” get ready to see your electric rates really go up. The best way to understand Cap and Trade is to consider the game of musical chairs. Right now, there are enough chairs for everybody, but Cap and Trade seeks to remove chairs every year until there are only a few players left in the game. The end result will be less electricity available at very high prices. If you didn’t like what happened when gas went up to over $4 per gallon, you are really not going to like this!

Link here to read: Who Really Pays For Cap & Trade? And here to read What Cap & Trade will cost families.

I asked my source at Ameren UE what happens if those in Washington don’t pass the bill once they realize that a recession is a horrible time to inflict additional, undue hardship on the American people. He said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) already has enough power to levy these taxes. The blame still falls to Congress who created and gives this power to the EPA. Our congress has the power to create, direct and dismantle the EPA like a robot.

Here is the bottom line: Those representing us are asking all the wrong questions. Instead of trying to further destabilize the economy by increasing the cost of living expenses on the citizens, they should be asking, “How can we help our citizens and free markets gain access to less expensive utilities?” Perhaps the best answer is for congress to curtail their interference in our lives. This Cap and Trade experiment may turn out to be a great test of whether Congress cares more about their constituents or the lobbyists.


Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

Turner just can't leave alone a state legislator living 300 miles away around St. Louis, and thus another one of 163 members of the House but with the exception that she wanted teachers like Randy Turner to leave them kids alone outside the classroom and to make sure that they had no criminal record inside the classroom. Turner hasn't forgiven or forgotten THAT.

Now it makes sense that she should be against increased taxes and 'cap and trade' legistreason which will not do anything for the environment -- "global warming" being revealed as a hoax used to increase the power of government and the fact that China and India put out a new coal-burning polluting electrical generator every week or so -- in the midst of a big government/central bankster derived depression. Representative Davis fails to see how anything is to be gained by cutting into the supply and cost of electricity which is necessary to make all our lives richer and better, or even as it was. Certainly not when there is a 'jobless recovery' with a real unemployment rate approaching 15-20 percent.

So how will things be improved by making electricity more expensive? I can see how a public school teacher like Randy Turner thinks that the government does things so much better than us private citizens can hope to manage -- at least during Democratic administrations and Congresses -- but do we really wish a corps of edumacated idiots already turning our children into drones like they are deciding how public utilities should be run or taxed?

It could be argued that since Representative Davis talks good sense that it is foolish to raise taxes and give power to those who got us into the Greatest Depression, but rather to use more non-carbon generating nuclear power in a geologically stable area of the country, that Randy Turner decided to show that he could be balanced and fair in his usually biased reportage concerning an elected official (living across the state, no less) that he doesn't like.

Naaaaahhhhh! There is a tone in this article that only liberal dogs and drones can hear and methinks I sense the smell of sanctimoniousness, the all-purpose slime that vicious evil slugs use as both armor and to leave a trail upon which they glide.

Oh well, what to do . . . . where's my salt shaker?


There's a tone in Davis' OWN newsletter that appeals only to liberals? Your comment attacking Turner is funny given that the only part of the post that is in his writing is this:

"In her latest newsletter, Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O'Fallon takes aim at federal cap and trade legislation:"

Yeah, I can smell the self-righteousness eeking from those words. It's quite revolting to the conservative ear.

Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

Let's see. 160-some other State Reps in the Missouri House and Cynthia Davis lives across the state and Turner is obsessed with her?

I am simply wondering why . . . . when we all know why. Davis is someone who stands for everything Turner is against, like parents taking care of their own children and keeping liberal drones like Turner at arm's length. And thus Turner has to incessantly attack her, when in reality, there are plenty of state reps in this area like Emory, none too much different than Davis.

You see, in Cynthia Davis' Ideal world, and in mine, you liberal drones wouldn't be able to use the power of the government to get to our children and our wallets. You could all move to San Francisco or New York City and live out your sterile liberal lives without ever affecting our lives in the slightest.

But I must admit that the main reason I like Cynthia Davis, is that Turner and you other liberals hate her and all she stands for. If not for your hatred, I doubt that I ever would have heard of some state rep living on the other side of the state.

As mentioned above, you can see where a slug has been by simply noting its trail of slime. And but a single grain of salt cutting through the slime to the oozing flesh beneath, sends the slug into a rolling agony as it threshes about.

What we really should do is simply admit that we hate each other, put an end to hypocrisy, and get to the task of killing each other by means of civil war. You liberals want to bring Sans Francisco and New York/New Jersey to Southwest Missouri, and we can't have that.

Cap and trade legislation will be devastating to our economy. It will kill jobs and raise energy costs. One has to wonder why we would intentionally pass legislation we know will have such catastrophic consequences. Write your Senators and tell them you do not support cap and trade at http://tiny.cc/pxIgi.

Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

Concerned Citizen is right. We don't need no higher electric bills devastating our economy. But Cousin Randy is such a faggot that he hates State Representative Cynthia Turner saying that he can't get his nose and pecker into skrule-children's affairs, so he talks shit about her all the time.

Besides, Cousin Randy is a really really stupid gliberal whigger asshole and won't rest until he got his electronic vibrator, butt-plug, and mechanical sheep taking the place of Ewelene is sidelined for lack of juice, the stupid whigger faggot.

Well, we the people wouldn't intentionally pass such legislation, but our would-be masters in D.C. are happy to given the massive possibilities for graft and corruption in the handing out of "carbon credits" and how this allows D.C. to regulate every aspect of American life, right down to your gasoline powered lawnmower.

The only saving grace to this mess is that of interregional warfare: parts of the country like ours that mostly depend on fossil fuels will be hit a lot harder than the coastal regions. So everyone expects this will die in the Senate (at least until after the 2010 election).

Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

Well, you are right. The brain-dead stupid whiggers and anglo-mestizos areound here are not going to want to pay higher electrical bills from coal-fired plants. But being real brain-dead whigger pussies always wanting to suck ZOG's dick, you must never underestimate these ass-clowns, lead by Cousin Randy, wanting to take it up the poop chute.

So time will tell whether Obongo the Magic Nigger will get what he wants from the professional politicians and moneyed whores in the CONgress.

The whole point of this article was for Cousin Randy to bitch like a faggot bitch about a righteous bitch like Cynthia Davis.

Swillis Gumpf Turner
10-24-2009, 01:58 AM
Cousin Randy Writes Hisself Another Book 4 Gay OutHouse Consumption


Link to "jewspaper daze" of course featured on my idiot lying blog.


A link to Amazon.com's page (http://www.amazon.com/dp/1440180598?tag=wildcatcentra-20&camp=14573&creative=327641&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=1440180598&adid=14H0YY33625GR1Z90S53&) for my new book, Newspaper Days can be found on the right-hand side, as well as links to the pages for my previous books, The Turner Report, Devil's Messenger, and Small Town News.

Smug goofy gliberal whigger faggot, ain't I?

hope the paper in the book is the new, cushiony comfort Kleenex Cottonelle Ultra 2-ply paper for that luxurious feel. Then your book will have some salvageable value.

Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

Ditto on Anonymous #2's comment on how to make your latest book more useful.

That said, it seems that you didn't give a correct link to Amazon, and in addition a Google search don't reveal where to find it on Amazon.

I am amazed that anyone thought that your idiot opinion did a $1,000 worth of damage because everyone within this area should know that your opinion means nothing much to those in the area who know you, much less $1.5 million or billion. You really belong with that Rouse boy (http://www.waderouse.com/content/author.asp?id=Bio) who wrote about how Granby was not kind to your kind of liberals. Your kind = faggots, that is.

In any case, I was hoping to read some pages of the freebie and decide whether I wanted to review it for the rest of the idiots like yourself moaning about how horrible life is among us (http://www.waderouse.com/content/books_americas_boy.asp?id=Excerpt) denizens here in flyover country.

From "AmeriKwa's [Faggot] Boy (http://www.amazon.com/Americas-Boy-Memoir-Wade-Rouse/dp/0525949348)"

Growin’ Up in Granby

YOU DON’T really have a say in where you live. It is predestined. Some people get Malibu, Taos, or Aspen; I get Granby, a tiny farm town in the southwest Missouri Ozarks.

My parents grew up in the Missouri Ozarks, in little places that don’t even warrant dots on a map, places with deserted main streets and town squares, old bandstands and courthouses, and very little hope.

My family has hope. And that’s what makes it all so very hard.

My mom, Geraldine (“Geri,” for short), grew up in Granby with my grandparents, Viola and Wilbur “Web” Shipman, and my aunt Peggy. My dad, Ted, grew up in Neosho, the county seat, about eight miles from Granby, with my other grandparents, Fred and Madge, and my aunt Marilyn and uncle Roy.

Everything in Granby is white or off-white—the people, the cars, the clothes, the houses. It is like the black-and-white opening of The Wizard of Oz. When you finally see color, it’s overwhelming.

Even the food in Granby is white or off-white. When I go to dinner at friends’ houses, they eat only gray-looking meat alongside a potato. They snack on potato chips and vanilla ice cream. They drink milk or beer. “We don’t like any food with color,” a friend’s mom said to me once, when I asked if there were vegetables. “They’re weird.”

And so am I. I like to wear starched pink oxfords, sweater vests, and shoes with buckles. I do not like to get my hands dirty. I did not wipe my own butt until I was in junior high.

There is not much to Granby, Missouri, a town where trailers outnumber homes and teeth. There is one gas station; one lonely, dirty little grocery store; a post office; and one restaurant—Rita’s—which rotates its “fried buffet” daily. That’s how Rita’s publicizes it: “fried buffet.” The food is deep-fried and all-you-can-eat; people wobble in—literally wobble—and eat until the steaming silver bins are empty. Monday night at Rita’s is fried chicken with mashed potatoes and cream gravy; corn with mountains of butter that slowly melt until the kernels are actually floating; green-bean casserole; and apple pie, crisp, cobbler, and ice cream. Tuesday is fried fish and hush puppies. Wednesday is fried frog legs and french fries. Thursday is breakfast-all-day (fried eggs and hash browns), and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday repeat with the chicken, fish, and frog legs. There is, of course, a salad bar, but it contains only iceberg lettuce and four dressings: ranch, Thousand Island, bleu cheese, and creamy Italian; the rest is mayonnaise-laden “salads”—macaroni and potato—sitting next to bacon bits and chopped-up ham. My family eats at Rita’s two or three times a week and always shows up for the Sunday buffet during the school year. I try to avoid the buffet—any buffet—but it is impossible in the Ozarks. When I ask for oatmeal, I am told that “oat” isn’t a “meal.”

Granby doesn’t even have a stoplight—just a flashing light in the middle of town whose only purpose is seemingly to highlight the town’s two deserted main streets. The town is so quiet that when you drive by with your windows down, day or night, you can actually hear the blinking light blink—the click, click, click of the yellow.

Granby does, however, have its own language. For instance, the word “nary,” found only once in Webster’s, actually has three distinct meanings in Granby: nary as adjective meaning “narrow” (That’s a nary bridge, or Don’t be nary-minded); nary as contraction meaning “isn’t” (Nary a motel in town); or nary as a noun meaning “contrarian” (Don’t be a nary).

Granby’s claim to fame is trumpeted proudly on its lone water tower: THE OLDEST MINING TOWN IN THE SOUTHWEST. How true that is, I never know. Granby had been—for the briefest of periods—a buzzing ore-mining town. The town had swelled to about 5,000 people at its height. There were dance halls, bars, places to eat, and more bars. Men swarmed for the work, and women followed. One of those men was my mom’s dad, Grampa Shipman.

The beauty of Granby, or of any small town, is its simplicity, its absolute nothingness, where you’re free to concentrate on nature.

Much as I hate to admit it, the faggot kid's right about Granby. That's why we'uns so pissed about it. We'd be even more pissed if books written by faggots were even as common as teeth, even yellow or green ones, around here. Much less read. His older brother was one of my younger brother's friends until the stupid whigger fuktard got likkered up in his motorcycle and got plastered onto the grill of an 18-wheeler around 1:00 a.m one morning. So the faggot kid moved off to jew yawk and wrote crap about us Granby racist redneck piss-pul.

Here's hoping that that faggot cousin of mine will join the faggot Rouse kid soon and they all die of GAIDS.

Swillis Gumpf sez:

Cousin Randy has no sense of humor, no more than any other gliberal whigger faggot skrule teecher messing with the minds of young whiggers at the whigger factory, giving out the edjewmacation. Why, he deleted my comment and the other two comments as well, particularly the one about how to make his witless lying book useful for normal pleasure. So Cousin Randy deleted the comments.

Anyone else want to tell Cousin Randy how we are on to him? Cousin Randy hasn't deleted the comments section yet. He might, but not yet!!!

Swillis Gumpf Turner
10-26-2009, 12:59 AM
A Review Of Cousin Randy's New Lying jewspaper Memoir, "MeinDikkk!"


Smug goofy gliberal whigger faggot, ain't I?

A desiccated turd review of my new book 'jewsPaper Daze'


I have always been amused at Bill and Hillary Clinton's complaints about being the victims of a "vast right-wing conspiracy." Unlike Bill, I don't like humping the little girleys -- there will be no blue dress in my future -- but jewplin sure got a lot of faggot bars in which a discreet faggot skrule teacher like myself can always get me some, if you know what I mean.

As far as I can tell, they made it through the White House days just fine, even surviving the Monica Lewinsky scandal. I, on the other hand, actually did lose my job because of a vast right-wing conspiracy of sorts, essentially comprised of swinish hillbillies like my Cousin Swillis, who mounted a counter-whispering campaign which I outline in several chapters of my new book, [j]Newspaper Days, which is on sale at Amazon.com and which will be available at other internet sites and at Joplin-area retail outlets in the next few weeks. Essentially it is a print-to-order deal in which I write lies to other whigger feebs across the fruited and nutted ZOG-plains.

Following is a review of each of the 26 chapters in the 232-page book:

"Newspaper Days" takes me from my first journalism job in 1977 with the Newton County News in Granby until I stepped into the little trailer outside of Diamond High School to begin my teaching career in the fall of 1999.

The following is a breakdown of the chapters in the book

1. Goodbye Carthage judenPress - The book begins with Ralph Bush firing me on May 17, 1999.

2. A Little Background - My first job at the Newton County News, how I landed it, ran a stopsign and was involved in an auto accident the same day, the murder of Barbara McNeely, being fired, landing a job as Lamar Democrat sports editor, losing that job due to budget comebacks, taking the job as editor of the Lockwood Luminary-Golden City Herald and the closing of that newspaper. (It's a long chapter, but it's broken up into smaller parts.)

3. Returning to the Newton County News - I return to the Newton County News, working for Emery Styron, the [d]ruling anglo-mestizos helping run Granby-- right into the ground -- get another chance as editor and deal with some fascinating people, including City Marshal Duane Beaver, who is now dead and can't defend himself against a lying faggot piece of shit like myself like he could back when I was a cowardly younger lying whigger faggot jewranalist, Mayor Bob Snyder, and my cartoonist Scott White, my first interview for a teaching job, my showdown with some drug dealers who wanted to do me bodily harm, getting fired through the U. S. Mail, and then being rehired at the Lamar Democrat.

4. Lamar Democrat Revisited - How Tommy Wilson and Dave Farnham ruined the Democrat as a daily in my idiot whigger faggot opinion and turned it into a weekly newspaper and how Doug Davis saved the Democrat from going out of business, the return of the Democrat to local ownership, the younger reporters I worked with, Murder at the 71 Motel and leaving the Democrat to go to The Carthage Press.

5. The Early Days in Carthage - How I almost left a couple of months into the job to return to the Democrat because I didn't have anything to do, the Webb City Police Department investigation, the Nancy Cruzan case, my battles with the late Bill Denney, when he was sports editor,

6. The Transition from Reporter to Editor - How I found out about my promotion weeks before Jim Farley or Neil Campbell finally told me, teen drinking, the Joplin Globe reporter who accused me of making things up with the Webb City police investigation (and how she had to eat crow when everything I wrote about was testified to under oath in a civil suit), eavesdropping on closed sessions of the Jasper City Council (us whigger faggots get real good at sneaking and snooping around and spying on people so we can lie about them later) and Lockwood Board of Education, the rise of Bubs Hohulin -- an honest small-government politician who I hated as much as Cynthia Davis -- the state senate race between Marvin Singleton and James Spradling, Bill Webster and Roy Blunt battle for the GOP nomination for governor, and finally becoming managing editor in which as a skulking whigger faggot I got to lie about everyone I pleased without fear of being shut down.

7. Taking Charge of the Newsroom - Starting with Amy Lamb, Randee Kaiser, Ron Graber, and Jack Harshaw as my staff, the Doug Ringler murder, how Amy Lamb energized the Press staff with brilliant coverage of Terry Cupp's preliminary hearing and with other strong features,

8. Nothing Succeeds LIke Excess and I certainly am one excessive gliberal whigger faggot - Early stories during my time as managing editor including Amy Lamb's coverage of the execution of the man who murdered Harold and Melba Wampler of Jasper, Ron Graber becomes a hero in his hometown of Freeman, South Dakota, following the arrest of Lamar con artist Pat Graham, Randee Kaiser leaves vacation to cover Carthage developments in the Oklahoma City bombing case, my Sports Talk columns on former Lamar volleyball coach Armando DeLaRosa, who murdered his wife and then killed himself, and on Seneca football coach Alvin Elbert and his friendship with eight-year-old drunk driving victim Abby Phipps

9. The Lamar Press - This chapter details our 49-week adventure in printing the best weekly newspaper this area has ever seen, including columnists Nancy Hughes, Kim Stahl, Katie Gilkey, Doug Oakes, Susan Davis-Mabe, and Marvin VanGilder, Cathy Bland's trip to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington to visit her father, Lamar war hero Howard Layne Jr., who was killed in Vietnam, the Leigh Hughes story from first kiss to lasting love, and how we closed the newspaper in style with Cait Purinton's investigation into the Lamar Guest House.

10. The Sale of The Carthage Press - American Publishing Company buys the newspaper from Thomson and we come under the regional management of the Cope family of Neosho, bookkeeper Carolyn Baker embezzles $42,000 and costs Jim Farley his job (and then sues us for vacation pay) How American Publishing became Liberty Group Publishing, using a process that later put the company CEO in prison, and then how Liberty became GateHouse Media

11. Red Oak II - Artist Lowell Davis recreates his hometown Red Oak three miles outside of Carthage, then in a weak moment, burns his studio. Eventually, former Carthage resident Terry Reed reaches an agreement to buy Red Oak II, and attempts to attract investors through an event called the American Heritage Festival. The speakers' lineup for the festival is a who's who of conspiracy theories in the U. S., as opposed to the lies us jewspaper editurds make up and put out as real.

12. A Storm Brewing in Carthage - As corrupt thieving ass-clown Jasper County officials become needlessly concerned about the American Heritage Festival, Terry Reed takes his case to the people through the Mornin' Mail which invariably pisses off us jewsmedia ass-clowns 'thinking' only we get to lie to the Piss-Pul.

13. The American Heritage Festival - With The Press at its lowest point, thanks to my faggot Managing Editurd mismanagement, Amy Lamb, Tricia Gould and Brian Webster had left, Ron Graber and I team with three interns, Jana Blankenship, Brooke Pyle, and Marla Hinkle, to cover Janet Kavandi's space shuttle flight, the KOM League Reunion, and eventually the festival. And we lie like lying faggot whigger dogs. . . . and really sodomize the pooch.

14. And Those Nuts... - Thanks to my whigger faggot lies, the shit really hits the fan. The Kansas City Star makes it look as though Carthage is a hotbed of racism, with the difference that Kansas City is a lot more racist because it is awash in them niggers and Carthage isn't, just got beaners, and I write the column that marked the beginning of the end of my newspaper career, as I am about to get caught lying to where it will cost money. Lowell Davis decides not to sell to Terry Reed, I hear Reed tell a radio talk show host that he is suing me for libel, the Globe and the Mornin' Mail beat me on the story. By now I'm known as such a lying weasel that everyone doesn't believe me when I ask for information.

15. Monday Morning Coming Down - The details of the lawsuit, how we handled it in the pages of The Press -- essentially we simply lied some more as usual with us lying bastards of the jewsmedia.

16. Our Response to the Libel Suit - Ralph Bush pens an answer to the Reed lawsuit, as he wants to simply tell the truth and make an apology for me being a lying bastard while, ratlike, I just keep on lying. I dig up new information about Reed's past lawsuits and the background of some of those who spoke at the American Heritage Festival trying to cover the fact that we all were a pack of liars by painting the Festival speakers as nearly as big of liars as we are, when in fact they were merely nuts in believing their own bullshit.

17. Moving Forward - I am allowed to add Jo Ellis, John Hacker, and Rick Rogers to the Press staff, coverage of the death of Congressman Gene Taylor and Staff Sgt. Kenneth Hobson of Lamar, who died when the U. S. embassy at Kenya was bombed, Rick Rogers and Ron Graber redesign The Press, The American Heritage Festival receives national coverage in a far right wing magazine concering how and why nobody should listen to a jewspaper run by a lying gliberal whigger faggot. Liberty Group Publishing does not contact a lawyer, as it would be a whole lot cheaper to simply fire my gliberal whigger faggot lying ass and publish a retraction and apology, but the Kansas City Star's attorney launches a full-frontal assault on Terry Reed, but they tell me that they don't need any more lying gliberal whigger faggots causing trouble for them no more as the lawyer is already busy enough in litigation coveringing the screw-ups of a lot smarter, even gliberal gliberal whigger faggot jewrnanalists than me.

18. All the Way to the White House - Terry Reed says the American Heritage Festival lawsuit will take him all the way to the White House, which goes to show that he was as big of a nut as I was of a gliberal whigger lying faggot uncovering a conspiracy against him and others involved in the festival, Ralph Bush tells me to make a move i.e. offering to beg Terry Reed to take it out in trade -- gliberal whigger lyhing faggot blowjobs -- that eventually costs me my job as the Carthage Press oafishul gliberal whigger lying faggot .

19. Number Five in the State - This chapter details how The Press was the number five newspaper in the state in the Missouri Press Association Gold Cup contest in 1998, thanks to the hard work of Stacy Rector, a high school senior whose work on our Teen Tuesday section won the press the Community Service Award but mainly my going ass-to-mouth with the big jewspaper media faggots in the Missouri [juden]Press ASSociation's executive washroom, Work by Ron Graber, Cait Purinton, and Brian Webster was also rewarded, I find out that the judge almost ruled against us in the Terry Reed lawsuit because it was obvious that in addition to being a lying gliberal whigger faggot jewspaper editurd, I was easy to prove malicious in my incessant lying.

20. Abandoned - The Press runs a weeklong series on drunk driving that receives much acclaim, I receive a bill for nearly $8,000 for attorney fees in the Reed lawsuit, which everyone else thought was only fair giving that it was my malicious lies which caused the problem in the first place.

21. The Beginning of the End - Ralph Bush puts me on probation for, among other things, having too much local news on page one, but really trying to get my worthless ass kicked off because I'm the one who started the shitstorm thanks to my lies. Ralph decides to fire John Hacker, Rick Rogers decides to leave The Press for a job at Missouri Southern, Jennifer Martin celebrates 30 years at The Press, though her departure would come only a few months after mine. The jewsmedia rats were leaving a sinking ship.

22. The New Regime - Rick Rogers and Ron Graber replace me as managing editors of The Press, Ralph Bush fights to keep me from getting unemployment, and when you are one lying weasel fired for cause then it really hurts to be out on jewr ass penniless when you've certainly lied about everyone in the area. I become paranoid about Rick Rogers' possible role in my departure, this old war horse is put out to pasture to become a gliberal whigger skrule-teecher destroying the minds of young whiggers in the pub[l]ic skrewls.

23. Third in the State and Nobody Knew It - The Press was beaten only by the Kansas City Star and St. Louis Post-Dispatch in the 1999 MPA contest, but no one at the Press realized it. THe newspaper wins first place awards for community service, the drunk driving series, investigaative reporting (the drunk driving series) and best feature story (written by teenager Stacy Rector), but plays up its wins for sports coverage and design, the American Journalism Review looks into my firing, Terry Reed drops the lawsuit against me, and later against The Press, I discover the real reason why I was fired, other than because I'm a malicious lying weasel who cost the jewspaper money and reputation over a libel suit.

24. Looking to the Future - The Joplin Globe tries to take advantage of my firing, as they were nearly as big of lying weasels as I am, plus homophobic.

25. Newspaper Job Possibilities - I talk to Jim Farley, the Siloam Springs newspaper, the Springfield News-Leader and Neosho Post about jobs. The Nevada Daily Mail hires me to sit around and wait until the managing editor is fired and I can take over, I interview for teaching jobs at Webb City, Diamond, and East Newton, but get passed over, I have to choose between taking the managing editor job at Miami, Oklahoma, or being a substitute teacher for a year. Another teaching job opens up and I have to make a final decision on whether to stick with journalism or teaching. Whether to continue as a lying gliberal faggot weasel lying to the relatively hard-headed parents via the jewspaper in a profession that everyone was getting on to me, or to fill young innocent whigger skulls full of mush into becumming as big of gliberal whigger faggot drones like myself. Well, we all know how that turned out. Being too cowardly to move away from the places I shat on, I decided to becum a grubbermint 'worker' in a profession crammed full of other gliberal whigger faggots like myself.

26. School Days - I become the shortest teacher in the Diamond Middle School Language Arts Department (I'm slightly under five-nine, the women were both six feet tall) I found myself surrounded at Diamond by many familiar faces from our clandestine chapter of the North American Man-Boy Love Association. My teaching career begins.

That is just a capsule summary of what is included in the book. I would guess that anyone who lived through those times will see some things they had totally forgotten about, or find out information they had never heard before. I am an inventive liar and hopefully there will not be any more libel and slander lawsuits.

Posted by Randy at 8:57 AM

Commentary (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2009/10/capsule-summary-of-new-book-newspaper.html) on Cousin Randy's kikeshit self-review:

Guess I don't need to read the book now.

I hope the paper in the book is the new, cushiony comfort Kleenex Cottonelle Ultra 2-ply paper for that luxurious feel. Then your book will have some salvageable value. But...t, I repeat myself.

5:26 PM

and why would people want to read this ???????

6:16 PM

I like Randy's writting . . . it helps my insomnia.

6:30 PM

My Gosh!!! What gall...revewing your own book....what a sleazy thing to do. So glad to learn there really is a right-wing conspiracy...and, of course, it attacked Randy...sounds like people who say they were picked up by aliens from outer space...

I don't think Randy has a monopoly on doing good work on high profile stories....right in little ole Neosho there have been plenty of big stories from tornadoes to ice storms, to the killings in a local church, to the death of the little girl in Stella and on and on and on....come on Randy...wake up to reality

8:04 PM

That last comment sure sounds like someone in the upper hierarchy at the Neosho Daily News. And I have consistently complimented the staff at the Neosho Daily for its ability to handle the big stories. I question the commitment of GateHouse Media and the Daily management to digging up the type of investigative stories that will best serve the community.

8:43 PM

What right have you to question the commitment of anyone? Who made you king?

I suspect most people at every small newspaper works as hard as they can. I would guess they get satisfaction for their work when they cover a big story or a little one for that matter. And I doubt if most of them do it for the same of having their names on a story...some people leave their egos at home when they go to work.

Finally Randy, why do you only address comments such as this and not the ones from comments such as 3:17 p.m or 5:26 p.m. or 6:16 p.m.?

Ignoring things won't make them go away. And hooray for 8:04 p.m.

4:57 AM

Gabby L. said...

4:57, I was wondering one thing when I was reading your comment... Who made YOU king?
Oh, and I would figure he didn't reply to the first 4 comments because they were juvenile at best, and they don't deserve his acknowledgement.

And to 8:04, he didn't review his book, he gave a summary of it. Hopefully you would have known the difference if you weren't out to attack him in the first place.

I personally think that the book sounds very interesting. I'm looking forward to checking it out!

9:19 AM

Gabby, you're not going to BUY this masterpiece...you're going to check it out...whoooah...that's really showing your support of the author...unless you didn't make yourself clear and "check it out" means you will buy a copy to read...You may have to wait until Randy gets a copy from his on-line vanity press

1:08 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

I look at the synopsis of Turner's latest self-serving memoir and it is typical of that written by incompetents and losers throughout History explaining how everything that they screwed up is somebody elses' fault.

Of course Turner's main fault -- a sort of malicious love of lying for its own sake and twisting the truth to get at his right-wing enemies -- is the same fault of the media in general, which is why the Main-Steam Media, MSM, especially the liepapers, are now on the ropes. The liepapers got the mature sudience to simply cancel their subscriptions once the Internet came along because why should anyone pay to be lied to while being treated with a disdainful sort of off-hand contempt? The younger generation never even bothered to subscribe. Yes these feebs really 'thought' that we would put up with it forever, as opposed to holding grudges, and didn't see the reaction coming their way to where they would no longer be read by fools, and now these former 'reporters' and 'editors' of lies have only a little 'news' to publish on their dwindling audience of free blogs.

It is extremely difficult to sue lie-papers for libel, especially if the lawyers for these liars claim that because of the lies they told you are now a public figure. You have to prove that the lies are not simply typical lies which all these media tell, but that there was malice involved. With Randy Turner, maliciousness was always quite apparent, and so the Carthage Press decided to simply make peace with Turner's victims by forcing out Turner.

Yet Turner claims that a judge nearly ruled against Turner's liepaper. Perhaps quite a few of Turner's victims were lined up to testify as to Turner's vicious malice out to destroy the social order as it was here in SW Missouri.

In any case, people simply stopped buying the liepapers against other victims and when lied about simply said nothing, knowing that this sort of vicious scum enjoying its power to ruin lives wouldn't print a retraction. What could they do, except refuse to buy or listen any more? But certain people, like this Terry Reed, did people a service by engaging these liepapers in litigation and making them careful to stop engaging in malice while they were under the gun in court. Through lawyers and legal action they ground down the local liepapers that the extremely malicious Randy Turner wrote for and eventually forced these liepapers to simply make Turner move on to other venues, regrettably now the public schools where the children don't have as much experience in how to deal with the likes of Randy Turner as their parents did.

I have no doubt that this self-serving memoir will have Turner simply reciting all the miniscule good deeds Turner thought he did while ignoring all the heartache Turner caused by indulging in his lies against the enemies that he made. Turner is argument #1 for why maybe it is a good thing that the remaining liepapers have been consolidated because they won't put up with a local reporter or editor's malicious lies simply because they have no axe to grind with the local community. Because their bottom line doesn't include maliciously settling old scores in the local arena, these national newspaper chains probably did indeed clean up the industry somewhat by making sure that a vicious malicious critter like Randy Turner couldn't do as much damage before being cut loose. Because they are into newspapers as profit machines, they have no incentive for maliciousness like ideologues like Turner do. And so, contrary to Turner's thesis, national, and thus business control over the media may well indeed be a better thing.

What destroyed the Main-Stream Media is it's penchant for social engineering and lying to accomplish same. But what also destroyed the MSM is also its penchant for speculative liquidity in which they took on much more debt than they could manage, especially given that the debt-bubble burst.

If Turner's butt-wipe sells locally, it will be because of Turner's local enemies wanting to get a little bit of their own fun at Turner's expense. After all, we are on equal footing -- we all have our own blogs and forums and access to same. And whether Turner censors this or not means nothing because after all, it will show that Turner is a coward and bully unable to take some of what he dished out. And I doubt that we will be as indulgent as Turner is in reviewing his little memoir. Hopefully it will cut into national business as well.

Turner does need to receive a bit of what he dished out to the poor, weak and downtrodden who stumbled over the years.

Soon to be a major motion picture starring:

* Wilfred Brimley as Ralph Bush
* Rosie O'Donnell as Marshall Duane Beavers
* Larry "Bud" Melman as Jim Farley
* Lindsay Lohan as Amy Campbell
* Harry Reid as Ron Graber
* Dan Blocker, Jr. as John Hacker
* Hal Holbrook as Lowell Davis
* Cotton Mather as Marvin Van Gilder
* Paris Hilton as Cait Purinton

and, as Randy Turner .....

3:08 PM

I say, if Nancy Grace, Barrack Obama, and Glenn Beck can promote their own books, why not Randy Turner???? Good for you!!!! If you don't toot your own horn, than no one will!

3:28 PM

3:28 p.m. is right- no one else will promote it!

So go for it Randy, brag all you want and push your revenge all you can...

or, Randy, how about buying a nice big ad in the CARTHAGE PRESS to sell your book? They would love to take your money...you take their good name all the time...so let them take your money

3:50 PM

..........."regrettably now the public schools where the children don't have as much experience in how to deal with the likes of Randy Turner as their parents did."

Do you mean to tell me that Randy Turner is in a classroom? With children? With no adult supervision.

Surely, any school district with any concern for what the students are being exposed to will have another adult in the classroom to monitor Mr. Turner and his attitude and aptitude (or lack there of).

And you, Gabby L., are truly like a spare tire with coffee breath.

4:41 PM

That's the point 3:28. Nobody, and I mean nobody is tootin' Turner's horn......but Turner.

Gosh, this is fun on a rainy day.

4:46 PM


I am somewhat perplexed by the amount of criticism this blog receives. If people don't like what you say- then why are they taking their time and energy and thought process to read and post comments? Really....

6:15 PM

4:41---Obviously, you lack a definition of what a teacher does or what a teacher should be. I would love for my child to experience Randy Turner as a teacher. What an opportunity for any student, 8th grade or college, to have someone with life experiences, a real world view, and an ambition to reach others through teaching. I do not always agree with Randy politically but I love this blog.

6:35 PM

"This blog features observations from Joplin East Middle School communication arts teacher Randy Turner, formerly an award-winning reporter/editor for various Missouri newspapers."

6:35....I don't know about 4:41 but it appears your favorite teacher spends a large amount of his time trying to make up for his past journalistic failures with The Turner Report. Is this part of his Career Ladder justification?

Are his students suffering from his lack of classroom effort.

I have yet to read blogs from students with glowing reviews of how Randy's dedication to teaching is inspiring them. Have you?

8:16 PM

Cousin Swillis sez:

My critique of Randy Turner simply involved how Randy Turner was one of the worst offenders promoting godless liberalism upon the unwilling readers in what is probably the most socially conservative area of the entire nation. A left-wing fanatic, Turner played fast and loose with the truth until he found someone that he slandered and libeled who filed a civil lawsuit and which obviously had the end result of removing Turner from the newspaper industry which largely agrees with Turner. The end result is that what happened to Turner -- a sort of social antibody reaction to a nasty bacillus -- has an analog in the larger society. Liberalism in the Main Stream Media (MSM) has largely failed. The end result is that you now have the Dumbya Channel of Fox News, the Obama Channel of M$NBC, and CNN taking up the middle. So today we have niche markets and the Internet wherein everyone can read what confirms his own prejudices.

Now the problem is that Randy Turner was driven out and he found a haven in the public school system to 'teach' his failures and to help create more liberal drones out of your children, having for whatever reason no children of his own to legitimately create in his own image. Just as the MSM, the failures of the public school system is increasingly made manifest as well, and they are by all standards a failure except in the areas of trying to indoctrinate political correctness, in separating children from their parents and God, and in giving lying liberal drones like Randy Turner a sort of welfare check for creating more worthless liberal drones like himself.

So as time wears on and there is less money in the system because people are losing their jobs, retirements, and homes due to in large part because of indoctrinating fools to accept thieves and parasites to rule over them and hold their money, likewise a sort of antibody reaction will more than likely remove liberal drones like Randy Turner and others from their jobs and positions. I must confess that I hope that like other real-life drones they starve to death in a cold world they have helped make, just like bees shove out their formerly pampered drones this time of year as (social) winter approaches.

Now I will grant Turner some points for allowing this criticism to appear on his blog, while also understanding that if Turner doesn't allow criticism, then he as a drone might as well just give it up and take a last flight into the wintertime. Turner is a particularly sanctimonious drone facing a harsh world in large part created by other liberal drone Baby Boomers just like himself. And thus, like stegosaurus with two walnut brains, one located in his anus, Turner will have to simply live with rabid possums and dire wolfosauruses chewing on his idiot butt while he thrashes his spiked tail in the air. You other witless stegosauruses can do nothing to help.

Gabby L. said...

Well, since I am the ONLY person on here who has had the guts to put their name on here other than Mr. Turner, I have come to find my name mentioned in a few comments, and I'd like to respond.

10:27-Yup, reserve a copy for me, and yes, I'll only require one. :)

1:08- You have it wrong. I didn't intend "check it out" to mean anything less than getting the book and reading it. Does that narrow down the meaning for you, or would you like to try to take another crack at me by questioning my support for the author?

And 4:41- Funny thing, I don't drink coffee. Try Dr. Pepper, I do drink that. :)

It's funny how I'm required to use times as names. It makes responses feel so impersonal even though their comments are intended to be taken personally. It's just hard to take it personally that way though. Oh well, I'm sure that's what they rely on to be able to be so hateful. :)
9:50 PM

Mariah said...

"I have yet to read blogs from students with glowing reviews of how Randy's dedication to teaching is inspiring them. Have you?"

I just happened to stumble upon this. I find it rather distressing. I'm almost afraid to post this, because all these bold, anonymous people seem to be quick to jump on anyone who supports Randy Turner. But post I will.

Mr. Turner's class is the reason I aspire to be a journalist today. In the class, we were encouraged to have our own opinions and express them freely. I can say without doubt that the year I spent with Randy Turner is the year I decided where my passion could be found.

While this class was nearly 6 years ago, much of what I learned in that classroom still influence what I do today. Randy Turner is an amazing teacher. He is dedicated to his students in a way I never experienced in another educator. This dedication inspired me and my classmates alike. I know of countless stories of students who hated putting pen to paper, and found themselves writing with a fervor their parents couldn't pay them for.

I know none of what I said will change any of your minds. While I realize this post will most likely be torn apart by the anonymous mob that prowls on this blog, I stand by it. In all my years in compulsory education, I had the pleasure of meeting very few teachers like Randy Turner. His class was a gift for which I will always be grateful.

Thank you, Mr. Turner.
9:19 PM

Cousin Swillis Sez:

First of all, Randy Turner has not abandoned the weapons that liberals in the media always use to preserve their power to try to frame the dialog, namely censorship. Randy Turner has deleted comments which hit close to home on his blog. And when liberals have made many enemies in their censorship attempts, they like to then whine about how their detractors have learned to be anonymous when making their derision public. In short, both Randy Turner and his defenders want to be like Chairman Mao in yapping about 'letting a thousand flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend' -- just before engaging in a Cultural Revolution purge of their political enemies.

Now for every one of all the feminized students like Mariah above loving the force-fed liberalism that no doubt Randy Turner shovels out in class, doubtless there at least four or five boys and two or three girls who found Turner the most sanctimonious smarmy old poofter that ever bored the living crap out of them in class. When I went to junior high there was this homosexual math teacher who would give his little five minute lecture to his students about how one of his victims was retarded, or, in my case, mean, to the other grade-peer class of thirty or so. Then the victim would hear about it from the other students within a day or so after being treated badly by the indoctrinated students. This happened to me twice, and ended when my father deliberately went to class and confronted that two-faced faggot directly to his face about talking about his students in class and threatened a lawsuit if not allowed to humiliate that teacher like he did with me. After that, this 'teacher' behaved -- a bit.

This is why I think that there should be no compulsory education whatsoever. None. And if there is, then it should be limited to four years between the ages of eight and twelve wherein the students learn basic reading, writing and arithmetic. After that, let the parents and students simply save their time and money on deciding as a family what they wish to learn and let the free market decide, via Internet learning and in boarding school, how to get training in their own trades and how to make a living.

No more twelve-plus years of government-provided daycare or kiddie-jail or indoctrination or government jobs for a class of liberal drone parasites. A cutting of property and sales taxes by two-thirds. True freedom of speech and thought because there is no provision for regimeist political enforcement for those connected politically. Parents teaching their offspring to respect them and God. Separation of School and State.

Now Mariah is another drone who wants to get into the Main Stream Media looking for a job which doesn't exist any more. There is not any more local papers which can afford to relentlessly print up lies about its citizens and expect to enjoy support from those citizens. All that will be left is a few national lie-papers and a weekly local with grocery advertisements being printed on dead trees. Best Buy no longer gives out an ad in the Joplin Globe. So I'm thinking of simply getting up to buy only the Wednesday paper any more and letting the rest of the week well enough alone.

So Mariah, you would be probably in journalism school today, piling on massive debt for a job which no longer exists. That is one of the good things of the MSM blowout, is having drones like yourself starve. I took a journalism class in college and was always fighting the estrogen deluge from leaking liberal douchebags. This in large part why I detest reading female and homosexual writers is because of their own inability to stop looking, not at their navels, but their own nether parts, and then writing it up like I just have to look at and smell the real world from their idiot viewpoint. I don't think so.

Randy Turner will doubtless write what he thinks is a glib and cunning book which will sell a few hundred copies. The people he libels are dead, like Duane Beaver, or simply living their own lives, and probably won't do anything but suffer and steam in silence. Some of us locals with our own blogs will buy our own copies and review Turner's book with open contempt. And thanks to print-to-publish, Turner will have a copy at Hastings or Barnes & Nobel in this area on sale, and sell some via the Internet at Amazon or Lulu.

Every political action creates a somewhat (un)equal and negative reaction. You liberals have been on top a long time. Now us reactionaries will soon have our day and hang or skin some liberal dogs who had theirs and were base in their actions when they did.

Swillis Gumpf Turner
11-07-2009, 07:08 PM
Cousin Randy Wants to Try & Convict the Accused in His jewsmedia


Cousin Swillis Sez:

Innocent Until Proven Guilty by Jury, Not Turner said...

Turner is one of them newspaper reporters who 'think' that they have a right to accuse, try and convict people in the media they control. Of course, there is never any punishment of Turner any more than there is any punishment of the police for making false accusations.

Why not allow the accused to be tried before an uncontaminated jury pool other than that Turner and the rest of the media want to play god and tell us what we are to think.

There is a reason why most people think that you are a liar and you ended up getting fired as an editor and reporter, Turner. You abused your position and somebody simply decided to call you on it, and so the management of the newspaper got rid of you.

I have a solution: Hard and fast laws that if newspapers print propaganda concerning a particular court case, that if the accused is found innocent, that newspapers and reporters like Turner be found guilty and imprisoned for years for denial of the accused rights to a fair trial.

If you wish to engage in speculation as to guilt and innocence and get found out to be wrong, then there should be some penalty for it. As it is, I think that the Branson newspaper is acting in a morally responsible manner in not speculating or being used as a propaganda tool for the police and prosecution. Something that Turner never learned about, even though run out from the positions he abused.


Swillis Gumpf Turner
11-09-2009, 12:52 AM
Cyndi's Gotta Gun!!!

. . . . . And Cousin Randy Don't.


Cynthia Davis, a pistol-packing mama


In her latest column, Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O-Fallon, addresses gun laws and lets the world know she now has a permit to pack heat.

Here I am at my St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department to pick up my permit. I paid $100 for the privilege of participating in my second amendment rights. I still would rather have a strong hero come to my rescue if in trouble. At least that’s the way it happens in the movies! Then again, I only like to watch movies with happy endings.

Going through the process was valuable and helpful in understanding our gun laws. One concern I have with the current law is that guns are prohibited in churches. This means there is no defense for the members if a criminal act is attempted or perpetrated. There is a provision in another section of Missouri statues allowing an override of this prohibition, but why should this section of the law exist it at all? This subjects churches to state laws in an area where the state should be silent. It’s as though the state does not consider churches capable of defining acceptable standards within their own jurisdiction.

Churches do not belong to the state. Therefore the state is overstepping its bounds by taking gun-possession decisions away from the churches. The state would do well to delete this issue for the same reason that we do not dictate what people can do in the privacy of their own homes. Most of us were taught as children that the church is God’s house. Just think how differently things may have turned out if it were not for a heroic woman with a gun at the New Life Church in Colorado.

When well motivated and properly trained people demonstrate personal responsibility to protect themselves against law-breakers, it saves costs of law enforcement and human suffering. The State of Vermont does not require a permit to carry a concealed gun. Former Vermont Representative, Fred Maslack, went a step further in 2000 by introducing House Bill 760 which encouraged residents to protect themselves against crime. Under his bill, adults who choose not to own a firearm would be required to register their names, addresses, Social Security Numbers, and driver's license numbers with the state. "There is a legitimate government interest in knowing who is prepared to defend the state should they be asked to do so," Maslack says. This bill did not pass.

I am not intending to introduce anything like this, nor do I know of any other states entertaining this idea, but it shows how other people in our country feel about the benefits of gun ownership and the importance of being able to protect the innocent.

When I was on the O’Fallon board of Aldermen I went through the Citizens Police Academy. During the classes the police officers emphasized the importance of the good guys staying in control at all times. I don’t like violence, yet I recognize that a strong defense is the best deterrent to violent behavior.

(Photo: Cynthia Davis is shown with her gun permit)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Anonymous said...

Randy, why do you feel the need to constantly dish out childish name calling? Are you that lonely that the only way you can fill your evenings is to serf the net looking for new opportunities to try to put down your “enemies”?

9:06 AM

Anonymous said...

It's called surf the Web, first you misspelled and no one has used the term net regularly since about 2002.

12:34 PM

Anonymous said...

Hey, you’re right I made a typo and I'm out of date, thus my point has been totally invalidated. Kudos! (that's another old-timer term for you)

1:44 PM

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Rep. Davis had been packing some heat at Fort Hood today, there would have been fewer killings.

Hey Anonymous 9:06 - I surf the web now and then myself...don't you love being out of date....I do

Sorry Anonymous 12:34 (Edjewmacated), you're just gonna have to live with us ... we're not going anywhere...maybe you can get some hand sanitizer to guard you from the unclean masses

7:30 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

I like Cynthia Davis said...


And Turner don't. When liberals say that right-wingers equate gun registration with castration it is because they have already willingly undergone the process, and like the eunuch priests of Cybelene, never really miss much what they didn't have no use for neither. What steams their little crock is the well-grounded, for once, suspicion that us reactionary neo-nazis here in flyover country are having fun with our guns and know how to use them -- preferably on liberals.

Pore Turner. Obsessed with Cynthia Davis who probably doesn't even know a pathetic critter like Randy Turner exists, and if she did, would probably emit a girlish, "Ohhhhh, yuck!!!" if she seen one, even though she knows liberals, pathetic feebs demanding power, exist because she always runs agin them.

Turner is like a rabid chihuahua chasing an eighteen-wheeler, foaming at the mouth and out of breath trying to cock a leg to spray on the steer tire. Pore Turner, always seeing the southern end of a northbound lead female dog in estrus and being already cut, can't do anything but impotently snarl and snap and yap about the unfairness of life. Woe is Turner.

Perhaps you should give it a rest, Turner. Cyndi is living well and that is the best revenge.

9:54 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner
11-10-2009, 11:50 PM
The Revised Missouri "State Coercion of Child Witnesses" Statute 491.725


New law may be used in Pete Newman sex case


The Taney County Prosecuting Attorney filed a motion Monday to protect the child witnesses expected to testify about former Kanakuk Kamp director Pete Newman when he comes to trial on felony sex charges. If Judge Tony Williams approves the state's motion, it will be one of the first times that Missouri's new Child Witness Protection Act, has been employed since it became law Aug. 28.

Newman is charged with two counts of sexual misconduct and single counts of statutory sodomy and sexual misconduct involving a child under 15. The Taney County prosecuting attorney has said that Newman's acts, all with underage boys, took place over a 10-year period.

The Child Witness Protection Act is printed below:

The “Child Witness Protection Act” was created in 491.725 RSMo. to give courts the discretion to make numerous changes to
court procedures to help prevent children from becoming confused, intimidated or harassed when they participate in court prceedings.

Some of the accomodations include changes to the oath required of witnesses to make it more easily understood by children, limiting the duration or timing of questioning, rephrasing confusing or harassing questions, changing the layout of the courtroom, or allowing the child to hold a toy, blanket or similar item during testimony. Perhaps most importantly, the court may designate a “support person” who may accompany a child to the witness box and remain near the child but who may not obstruct the defendant’s view of the child-witness or influence the child’s testimony in any way.

Posted by Randy at 5:30 AM, Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2009.


Hey Randy check out Ozarksfirst .com
11:43 AM

It was my understanding that the majority of these children are now 16-20 years in age now. I'm not sure holding a toy while being questioned is going to apply here.

12:48 PM

Chilly, you're just plain stupid.

8:20 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

For uncoerced child witnesses said...

This 'revised' law is yet another way to allow the baby-stealers at Department of Family Services/Child Protective Services and the 'advocates' to coach and terrorize the children that they stole in order to testify against their parents. The US Supreme Court decided back in 2004 that no longer would the DFS and police be able to refuse to put children on the stand to testify against their parents by using a video deposition which they controlled. Eventually the results of that law was filtered down so now the 6th Amendment right to confront one's accusers was upheld in Missouri. So this new law is a means of allowing these baby-stealers and social services to continue to try to influence the testimony that they elicit, coach and coerce. In short, it allows those government workers who stole the children in the first place to be in the view of the stolen children to remind them that regardless of what the kid says, that they still will be in the foster-care system and can be punished until they are eighteen, and then shoved out to fend for themselves.

In short, this new law should be called the "Subornation of perjury of child witnesses by social workers and therapists" law, because that is what it will be used for. Because that is exactly what this law was designed to do, is to allow the social workers to keep their thumbs on the scales of justice in these court cases drawn up against those parents deemed unfit by the state to raise their own children to become probable enemies of the state.

Well, hopefully some day these very same tricks will be used against the perpetraitors who steal children today under color of law and the politicians who enable them. Let them get back what they dished out. I bet if I had control of their children I could make them say anthing against their former parents.

But Turner loves these sort of laws because he is against parents being able to counter-indoctrinate their own children. Turner foams at the mouth at parents getting to teach their own offspring independent of what those indoctrinators of State choice, the public school teachers get to do in order to make more liberal drones like themselves.

Plus, Turner is the one who wants these people accused to be pre-lynched in the news media so that they can't get an untainted jury.

9:36 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner
11-14-2009, 03:04 AM
Let's leave the mass-murdering to qualified Muslim Mental Health Professionals!!!


Cynthia Davis: Keep an eye on those Muslims


That Cyndi legisheifer sure chaps
my skrule-teecher faggot ass!

Considering the murders at Fort Hood, Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O"Fallon in her latest column, says we need to keep an eye on those of the Islamic faith in our military:

When we heard the news last week about Army officer, Nidal Hasan, who opened fire at the Fort Hood Army Base, I felt compassion for all who have a loved one on any military base. This tragedy serves as a reminder that there are major philosophical clashes between Christianity and Islam.

Christianity is the foundation of tolerance. American laws are based upon Judeo-Christian principles. Jesus teaches us to love our enemies. On the other hand radical Muslims, such as Hasan's imam (Islamic cleric) teach it is honorable to kill non-Muslims. In the Koran, Sura 2:191 says, “Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them.” There are some Muslims who are praising Hasan’s actions and condemning the Muslims who condemned this act. While some Muslims may be unaware of what their faith teaches and others do not adhere to these parts of the Koran, we as a country should not ignore the obvious.

And her conclusion:

At first glance, it would seem like we could protect our military if we allow Muslims an opportunity to be discharged based upon a conscientious objection. However, it may not have helped in a case where an individual is using his position in the military to harm our country. It is critical that our leaders identify the cause of this attack. It would be difficult to protect ourselves against those who are mentally ill. However, if this proves to be an act of terrorism and nothing is done, we can expect more of these types of attacks and even worse. We owe it to our military personal and all the citizens to have policies that support unity and patriotism.

Posted by Randy at 5:24 AM, Thursday, November 12, 2009



Although I'm sure her constituents will eat up this us vs them rhetoric, she should shelve the talking points about religions she knows nothing about (other than scans of Wikipedia). Anyone from any religion -- Christianity, Islam, whatever -- can cherry pick quotes to justify acts of violence in the name of God. What we need to do is identify people who have mental illnesses and watch them (which she gives lip service to later), not watch people from certain faiths in general.

8:27 AM

Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

Let's leave the mass-murdering to qualified Muslim Mental Health Professionals said...

Anonymous @ 8:27 is a typical idiot like the fool sheep killed the other day by this Muslim 'Mental Health Professional.'

As the news comes in, it is apparent that the FBI and others in his chain-of-command knew that they probably had a problem in this Muslim officer of Palestinian descent talking about being a 'holy warrior' and wanting to leave an army which is killing his fellow Muslims, men, women and children civilians, but because of Politically Correct notions needing saying that "This is not a Crusade against Islam", this potential problem was simply wished away until the matter literally blew up with over 40 people being shot and 13 killed so far.

Cynthia Davis is absolutely correct. Muslim soldiers who don't want to be killing their fellow co-religionists shouldn't be forced to deploy to a war zone, much less given guns to kill our soldiers in an act of betrayal. They have divided loyalties, and when we force them to choose sides, we may not indeed like the end results.

I don't know why Turner obsesses on some state legislator who lives across the state, but so far Turner's attempts to show how stupid Cyndi is ends up with the result of showing how very stupid and out of touch Turner is, especially given this area. You're batting a perfect .000 so far Turner.

Anonymous 8:27 knows nothing about religion or history. The Christians of the past 2000 years had no problem in reconciling their religious beliefs with killing Huns, heathens, Turks, and Christians among others and within this country during the 17th-19th centuries in keeping negro slaves and slaughtering redskins. In fact, the idiotic notions the above-mentioned fool holds explains precisely why the Muslims are winning the current two wars of occupation in places we have no business in occupying. Trillions of dollars wasted and thousands of lives lost in order to make people into our own image when they like how they are now just fine.

And concerning those who use religion to justify their acts of aggression against others; that is caused not by mental illness, but rather rational manipulation of soft-headed fools who are mercilessly exploited or killed under color of religion. These predators are often far more calculating in assessing the reality on the ground than these feeble-minded fools wishing that their 'reality' was only real. Insofar as claiming that those who either calculatingly or naively use religion as a political tool are mentally ill, I can only hope that that Mental Health Professional Doctor Nidal will perform something useful on such nitwits to improve their lack of intelligence -- like another lobotomy.

I certainly wouldn't want some Muslim guarding my six in Iraq and Afghanistan. But then again, I'm able to learn from the unfortunate experiences of others who were forced, because of Army Political Correctness, to have a 'job enriching' diverse workplace like that at Ft. Hood.

Idiots. I'm sure glad that I'm not in the Army no more.

4:10 PM

Anonymous said...

wouldn't you like to be in a war zone somewhere and have this guy assigned as your fox hole partner?

what are the non-Muslim soldiers to do now? Let's listen to them...those boots on the ground are way ahead of the airheads in the White House....

7:28 PM

Why Randy doesn't like Cynthia Davis:

1. She's female in a power-type position

2. She's Republican

3. She speaks her mind openly

4. She doesn't fear the press

5. Some national TV clown (the kind of fool Randy sheepisly follows and believes) (Olbermamzer (http://www.stltoday.com/blogzone/political-fix/political-fix/2009/06/olbermann-dems-pile-on-criticism-of-cynthia-davis/)) doesn't like her and tries to make her look bad on his show

Randy obsesses over people with these traits...makes me think we need more people like this.

5:05 AM

Muslims need to go back from where they came from.

6:21 AM


I am amazed (http://www.blogger.com/profile/15330613997333646488) at the vindictiveness in these comments!

11:17 AM

a "blogger" is AMAZED ... you have to be kidding! Bloggers, as a rule, live in a maze

4:25 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

I like Cynthia Davis said...

William Lind, who writes a great deal about Fourth-Generation warfare isn't too surprised about what happened at all:


"Last week’s shootings at Ft. Hood, in which thirteen U. S. Soldiers were killed and 30 people wounded, appear to be a classic example of Fourth Generation war. The shooter, U. S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, was a practicing Muslim. He sometimes wore traditional Islamic dress and carried a Koran. He reportedly cried “Allahu Akbar” before he opened fire. Though American-born and a U.S. citizen (and army officer), Major Hasan appears to have transferred his primary loyalty away from the state to something else, Islam. For his new primary loyalty, he was willing to kill. That is what defines Fourth Generation war."

Nov. 10, 2009

Seems to me that Cyndi has a better grasp on the situation on the ground than all of you liberal fools who seem to think that a 'good Muslim' is one who repeats your idiot notions before he kills his fellow soldiers or detonates a suicide bomb OVER HERE as opposed to an openly unfriendly 'bad Muslim' OVER THERE who plainly tells us that he wants our soldiers to go home now because they are tired of having their cities bombed and civilians murdered.

Such a conservative notion that maybe we should not open the military ranks to jihadists. Why, the next thing you know Cyndi will be saying things like we ought to have parents feeding their own children as opposed to having you idiot liberal school teachers keeping them over the summer so that they can get a free school lunch.


11:48 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner
11-19-2009, 06:22 PM


Swillis Gunpf Turner sez:

I still foolishly believe in holding fair trials said...

Anonymous 7:03 gave the real reason why the Branson liepaper didn't print the news that yes, surprize, there are perverts in the Family Entertainment mecca of Branson. They don't want common sense to intrude upon people trying to take a vacation from their normal life. Why, Branson might have the same amount of perverts and molesters as any other area of the country.

I suspect that 10-20% of the population are perverts. Most people living today have neither intelligence or strength of will to resist doing whatever pleases their glands at any given time. I blame this upon the pub[l]ic edumaction system populated by liberal drones like Turner.

And here I thought that the Branson liepaper wanted to let this alleged molester have a fair trial as opposed to allowing the news media to convict him in advance. I should have known that all of you liepaper editors and reporters are liars and that they refused to cover this event not because of any principles of civilization such as rule of law, not rule by mob, but because they didn't want to cut into the tourist trade.

A degenerate population ensures that nobody is safe nowhere.

4:15 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner
11-20-2009, 01:09 AM
Sexy Sarah Bars Hostile jewsmedia Whores From Starting Shit At Skrule of the Ozarks



Time for some Megan Fox photoshopping!!!

Gutless Palin bars media from College of the Ozarks appearance


I am sure this post will bring out the legions of Sarah Palin acolytes who believe the Alaska governor can do no wrong, but the agreement between Mrs. Palin and College of the Ozarks to bar the media from her Dec. 2 speech is indefensible and shows that for all of her legendary "mavericky" tendencies, she is simply a politician who plays too fast and loose with the truth (when she has any idea what that truth is).

College of the Ozarks is a private institution and has every right to bar whomever it wishes from its premises, but For Mrs. Palin to set such guidelines is a clear sign that she is still unable to cope with the media, so she takes the next best approach- demonizing it to try to cover all of her shortcomings.

It would be nice if Mrs. Palin relented and agreed to let reporters cover the event, but that would require Mrs. Palin to admit she was wrong about something and that day will probably never come.

Posted by Randy at 4:28 AM, Thursday, November 19, 2009



I don’t blame Randy for his hate filed rants against female politicians. If I was a middle-aged “confirmed bachelor” I would be bitter too.

10:31 AM

Regarding Al Gore:

Personally, I think Gore should let the media into all of his conference talks. It's gutless to do otherwise, just as it is gutless for Palin to refuse to let the media -- even a hostile media -- question her.

However, there's one big distinction. Gore is giving talks about the environment. Palin is clearly gearing up to run for the office of President of the most powerful country on Earth.

If ANY candidate for POTUS refused to regularly meet the media (no, not Oprah, a press conference) and be questioned, there's no way in hell I'd vote for them.

Palin included. She has something to hide, which is clearly that she has no real grasp of the issues.

The whole "the media is out to get me" nonsense don't fly either. Nice cover story, flies with her true believers, but it don't wash with the independent voter. You run for POTUS, you answer questions. Democrat. Republican. Independent.

In the end it won't matter. Palin refuses to try to expand her base of supporters with cowardly silliness like this. And you can't get elected POTUS with the same old 22% of the population voting for you.

1:15 PM

Actually, I think Palin is doing the same thing Gore is doing, selling books and trying to control their image.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion on Palin. However, it seems to me if you are going to call someone “gutless” or a “coward” then you ought to have the balls to run for office yourself and not just pontificate on a blog.

2:04 PM

Considering that I allow anonymous jerks (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2008/11/no-more-free-space-for-lindstedt.html) like you to make comments about me all of the time and I sign my own name to what I write says a lot more about my courage than it says about yours.

2:07 PM

Yes Randy, you are a real hero. The abuse you take from jerks like me far exceeds the attacks made on Palin and her kids.

What impresses me the most about your posts is how you excel at childish name calling while eschewing intelligent debate.

BTW, I see that the editorial review for your new book at Amazon states that you enjoyed “a storied newspaper career” that earned you “ more than 100 awards.” Could you share with us what awards you won (or at least the top ten)? Also, the review mentions that your latest book is “the follow-up to the highly successful The Turner Report.” I see that The Tuner Report has an Amazon sales rank of #2,597,282 is that your definition of “highly successful?”

3:57 PM

It is just amazing that Turner continues to criticize others for their personal attacks but his "gutless" attack on Palin is okay? I have asked you many times on this blog why you have this double standard but you have never been able to answer. I doubt that she has ever personally attacked you Turner so I don't see the need for the hostility. Oh that's right we are the fools for reading your babbling. Anytime you put down Nodler's name or Palin's name....it increases your blog traffic and makes you feel important even though it is not you people are searching for. perhaps you should put a bit more effort into your lesson planning in order to get those comm arts MAP scores up. Lord knows that craphole school district could use improvement. It's no wonder the reputation the district has with teachers like you continuing to add to the embarrassment.

8:12 PM

I know this may seem to be a big jump for some or maybe many, but it amazes me how divided our country has become.
Let's go back to WWII and how our country, all political parties, all individuals, united together to fight a common enemy.
Do we not now have a common enemy trying to destroy our nation. Is not our economy and our standing in the world not at risk for our survival?
Must we be so petty about our little differences that we can't unite with a common cause!

5:59 PM

Swillis Gumpf sez:

Send in the clowns said...

Sarah Palin is a politician and all politicians are whores. The politicians who are not whores and who honestly show their disdain for the public and thus are running for office in order to cause trouble or demand certain things get done are called 'nuts.'

The news-media are all whores. They lie and connive in order to put forward their idiot notions. They get caught and then lose audience share and then get fired. Right, Turner?

So the secret to political success given that whores lie is to get their johns in a row. Palin wants to sell her idiot ghost-written book before an audience of Republi-tards as surely as OwlGore wants to only appear before worsheepfull Demo-tards. Neither are able to think on their feet, to engage hecklers, so they choose a safe path, like Obama with a back-up teleprompter and Flush Rimblow with call screeners.

So the sundry partisans choose their safe grounds and safe audiences and turn it into a media event and bar the hostile whores of a different faction. Then the barred whores then screetch outside in the 'free-speech' area about how they can't set up shop in that particular brothel area, how the opposing whores are diseased, and how their johns are pathetically stupid to buy their tail from their preferred prostitutes.

I say that all of them are poxed and morally and mentally syphilitic. And so I don't take any of them seriously. Why should anyone? The whole country is polarized and so they pick and side with politicians and bloggers who cater to their prejudices. What else is new?

I do, however, appreciate Turner screetching about how cowardly and idiotic the Republi-tards are, especially given that the Demo-tards are usually smarter, just eviler.

And Turner, if you want to cut off the comments section which is what most of us read in order to see you you yelp and scramble, then go ahead and make your blog irrelevant. You are a performing clown -- a swine who sometimes finds a truffle -- and if your audience wants to see a free circus then you will need to go with the flow and shuck & jive and juggle for our entertainment with a smile. You really do need to understand that in the great meaning of things you are really nothing but a whore-clown needing to stop taking yourself so very seriously. You have the drawback of any politician or reporter in that your political half-life is determined by how much you got caught lying in the past. Your only cure is to move to a place where nobody knows you. Otherwise, stop threatening to 'pull a Palin' (Ashcroft, OwlGore, etc.) on us. OK?

Whores galore. Buy you a ghost-written book and leave twenty Federal Reserve Note$ on the nightstand when you go to see the clown of your choice. Ain't De-mock-racy wonderfool?

By the way, I think I'll stay at home this season and rewatch the youporn video of a Sarah look-alike cherry-picking some Y&D&FofC feeb (http://www.youporn.com/watch/290446/sarah-plays-with-her-sons-friend/) that I bookmarked from last year.

9:45 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner
11-21-2009, 04:16 AM
Cousin Randy Wants To Deflect Suspicion From Hisself


News-Leader: Judge in Pete Newman case ignored law with decision to close hearing


When he was using a new law to close a preliminary hearing for former Kanakuk Kamp director Pete Newman, Taney County Circuit Court Judge Tony Williams did not even check to see what the law said (http://www.news-leader.com/article/20091120/NEWS01/911200409/1007/Move-to-close-court-draws-criticism).

Williams told the Springfield News-Leader:

"They agreed to do it, so I never did actually get the book out" to review the new law, Williams said.

Told of the controversy generated by the attempt to close the hearing, he said: "My concern is children. If that is no one else's concern, then that's their problem."

It is sad that it is so easy for Williams to make decisions that close the workings of the judicial system to the public and open the door to all kinds of possible mischief. What he should have considered are ways in which the children could have been protected without closing the courtroom doors to the public and to the press. These types of procedures are used on a regular basis in cases in which people are testifying who might be in danger if their identities are revealed, such as confidential informants. Why couldn't the same methods be put to use in this case?

It turned out to be a moot point since Newman waived his preliminary hearing at the last moment.

The News-Leader story indicates the Taney County prosecutor never asked for the closed courtroom and offered other options. It was the judge who immediately suggested the public and press be removed. That kind of hair-trigger reaction should concern people.

No one wants children to suffer when testifying about evils that have been committed against them, but at the same time, when you start closing public court hearings you are starting a dangerous precedent. Once it has been done for a case like this, soon it will be done for all cases involving children, and then it will spread to other cases where people have been victimized and soon we will have no way of knowing what is going on in our courts.

Friday, November 20, 2009, Posted by Randy at 3:42 AM


Anonymous said...

Courtrooms have always been public forums...and with good reason. To protect our system of justice and to hold the judge, attorneys, clients and witnesses accountable to the adherence of the rules and regulations of the courts. I understand the desire to protect children from possible public humiliation and scrutiny...but, also know the importance of not beginning the practice of closing courtrooms. The closing of courtrooms allows for the potential of so many violations of justice and is against everything this country was built upon.

5:30 AM


But those right make our justice system work. Judges are not above the law and Williams should have looked at the law before ruling on something he didn't have knowledge of.

10:25 AM

Judge Williams was big enough to admit that he didn't look at the book, okay!!!!!! He didn't have to say that, but he was honest. He didn't make that ruling to undermine the law! He was thinking about the victims!!!!

Pete waived his right to the hearing so shut up and stop trying to prove your point! I take it that this is a rich whigger who had one of his spawn ass-raped by the pervert to the spawn of the Rich & 'Tarded.

11:23 AM

What he did WAS within the law. He did the right thing. Wish more judges around this country would follow his lead. When they fail to protect these child-witnesses or give minimal sentences to their abusers, O'Rielly should expose them on his show.

When Mr. Peter's sentencing comes around, the judge should give him the MAXIMUM PENALTY.

11:56 AM

This is yet another example of Randy not letting his ignorance of a subject stop him from expressing an opinion.

It sounds to me like the issue wasn’t that the Judge ignored the law, rather it was that no one objected. Judges only make rulings when there are controversies, in this case there was no opposition and thus nothing for him to decide. For example, hearsay is not allowed in a trial but if a lawyer does not raise the objection then a judge is not going to do it for him. It was the same way here, no one objected so there was no controversy for the judge to rule on.

12:51 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

For once this idiot Turner is correct. The judge violated the written law and if a judge can't obey the law which gives him power over others, then why should anyone else obey the law when it is inconvenient?

The idiots on this blog seem to think that judicial lawlessness is OK as long as the results are with their prejudices. They never figure out until they are on the docket in a secret court that perhaps civilized behavior and rule of law is a good thing, but like criminals in the prisons everywhere that everyone is guilty except theysselfs.

Right now the lawyer and defendant are cowed, hoping that if they let the judge have his way that the judge will cut them some slack later. When the course of events arrive, the defendant and his probable later lawyer will then claim that the judge and prosecution went along with public hysteria whipped up by the media and move for an acquittal on all charges based upon being railroaded in a secret court without the right to confront uncoached witnesses and challenge the constitutionality of the new law misused to justify closing the courtroom.

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the old Ohio v Roberts allowance of hearsay testimony and said in recent cases that the accused MUST be able to confront the witnesses against him in open court. The old Roberts-era 'hearsay exceptions' have been so scrapped that people who 'testify' against their killers using previous 911 calls can't use that 'hearsay' evidence in court any more. The recent Missouri statutes are an effort to get around those Constitutional protections and will more than likely be challenged by a smart convictee with a lot of time on his hands and a law library available in prison.

Not that there is any need to use this new law 491.725 for the benefit of social workers in coaching children in court to reach the desired conclusion. This 'law' was designed to entrap working-class daddy for allegedly diddling his kids without there being any real material evidence present while welfare mommy was off at the casino so that the social workers could sell the children to rich yuppies and perverts. The alleged victims in this case are well able to confront the accused in open court as it seems that they are 10, 12, years old. So this new law shouldn't be used and abused to do away with the established trial process of open courts and open witness testimony. The end result might be that a smart manipulator will 'lose' in court and end up having all the charges dismissed upon appeal by getting a new attorney claiming that his client didn't get a fair trial thanks to a hysterical witch-hunt whupped up by the media and allowed by a corrupt weak judge to using an unconstitutional set of laws abused by the prosecution.

Best thing that can happen is for the prosecutor to file a motion that the current judge be replaced and the arraignment be redone and that the case be started over without using the latest legal 'trick' of RSMo 491.725.

Weak, stupid, arrogant judges, corrupt prosecutors, idiot press and degenerate people. So much for rule of law. Let civil war decide who wins, who loses, who lives, who dies in favor of the strong and unscrupulous able to think clearly.

5:15 PM


Well Randy I guess you got Maddog's vote.

7:53 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

The Springfield paper had one of the drafters of this suspect legislation say the following:

"The purpose of that statute -- and I think it's clear on its face -- it was never intended to close a courtroom," Moore said. "It was intended to create certain safeguards so children could feel comfortable testifying ... it's designed to help them testify in open court."

The purpose of that legislation was to allow social workers and divorce lawyers wanting to break up families by having the kiddies testilie that daddy diddled them while welfare mommy was gone to the casino would have those who got the children under their thumb easier ability to coach the nippers while obeying the requirements that they no longer can use a videotape of their production out of open court. These lawyers and social workers are upset that their handiwork will be destroyed by some ham-handed judge and idiot prosecutor trying to shoot fish in a barrel and by closing the courtroom destroy the entire case AND their legislative machinations and let an egregious pedophile run wild upon appeal.


Well 5:15 you were giving a pretty good arguement until you started talking about social workers selling kids, then you showed your real lack of intelligence. Your a moron.

8:21 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

So I take it that you, 8:21 are some sort of social worker or enabler who is uncomfortable with the amount of hatred generated towards the current regime for their baby-stealing ways.

Them little white babies born to poor white trash are the only valuable thing that you white liberals really want. There isn't much market for them little tar babies and wealthy couples will go to Eastern Europe or China and adopt some surplus female children that the Chinese don't want. But what fetches the highest dollars are healthy white babies from poor white families.

So it is a simple thing for you social workers to make up some rules and take little white children and buy and sell them. Happens all the time. Occasionally some kids get sold to rich yuppies or homos and there is a big stink for a few years like happened in Washington State. But most of the time everyone knows what is happening and there is some sort of agreement not to speak of the matter because those the social workers victimize are poor and uneducated and powerless.

However, the possibilities of retalitory violence against social workers and the entire social system is enhanced because some people won't forget or forgive what has been done to them in destroying their families under color of law for the personal profit of those in power.

In any case, this thread was about judicial overreaching in these alleged child molestation cases. The particular law was passed in order to give you social workers a thumb on the scales when the brainwashed and terrorized kiddies, suitably prepped and coached to claim that daddy or mommy molested them when there is no physical evidence and send daddy and mommy to prison for the rest of their lives.

Reading the Springfield newspaper, you find that the lawyers and social workers who created this law are all annoyed that this judge has so far over-reached in creating a secret judicial process that the law AS APPLIED will be ruled unconstitutional. Or it will create an atmosphere of hatred and suspicion for the minions of the System that they get scared to go outside among the general population.

As it is, this current alleged molester will doubtless get the entire ball of wax overturned because of this stupid and corrupt judge couldn't be bothered in reading and obeying the law. Reversible error/prejudice has already occurred and the Defendant, with a new lawyer, should let all these errors pile up and then get the entire conviction overturned upon appeal, probably with prejudice. But for now it is the prosecution's turn and the best thing to do is to let the prosecution shoot its wad and muddy up the water with prosecutorial misconduct.

As for Turner and you other baby-stealing liberals, I have no intention of arguing with your kind. Rather, like a remorseless prosecutor, I prefer to point out the issues and facts involved so that your kind can continue to do evil because you are evil and have an agenda of evil and make 'points' so that when it is your turn on the docket you can be judged as you did judge those who you accused when it is your victims' time to judge you. A political rule of thumb, especially around here, is that conservatives are invariably stupid and liberals are invariably evil.

So if something was said that smote what little conscience you still had as a government 'worker' or regime enabler, then I can only hope that it made you sick enough to quit and repent or that you continue to do evil and thus damn yourself and your family when what is going around finally comes around to you and yours.

8:23 AM

This isn't a liberal vs conservative issue for me. I'm politically conservative, my kids knew Pete Newman and thankfully weren't victimized by him, and I can think of no good reason to have the courtroom closed to the public.

I'm sure it will be difficult and embarrassing for these teenaged guys to sit in a witness chair and describe what Pete did with them. I have no doubt, however, that they now fully understand that Pete, as the adult, manipulated and abused them. Pete should feel shame for his actions; his victims should not. Hopefully these young guys know that they're heroes for telling their stories to their parents and the authorities so that Pete could be prevented from continuing these heinous acts.

By the way, social workers don't coach kids to lie in court about abuse. In cities with Children's Advocacy Centers children who have made an outcry of abuse tell their stories to social workers in videotaped interviews. The social workers have been trained to ask questions which are phrased in such a way so as NOT to lead them to exaggerate or say something untrue. The authorities want truthful and accurate testimony so that it can't be torn apart on the witness stand. The police and DA's study these videotapes to build their cases. They get accurate info and the victim doesn't have to tell his/her story over and over during the investigative process.

Obvious a DFS/CPS baby-stealing bitch or an enabler of the same. I certainly hope that this Randy Newman did rape the spawn of this rich & powerfool whigger who loves to see the children of the poor stolen and their parents jailed on bogus child molestation cases. -- Swillis Gumpf Turner

Furthermore, the kids get to practice testifying in court ahead of time so that it is less stressful when the time comes. They know where the defendant will be sitting, what his lawyer may ask, etc.

Judges: don't close the courtroom! The brave victims are prepared to tell their stories, otherwise they would have never come forward in the first place!

3:20 PM


Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

What goes around comes around said...

Saturday night there was some fat bitch from the Social Services on the TV whining about how there were over 400 children in Jasper County needing foster parents. Thus the lie that these social workers are not about removing white children from the homes of politically incorrect or poor white families for those chosen to raise these children to become good little government lovers is revealed for the grossly idiotic lie it is. Four hundred children removed from so many families in one county alone so that the baby-stealers got to in effect advertise for somebody to raise the children they stole like they are giving out so many Thanksgiving turkeys if you will only fill out a credit card application. And on this forum, rich liberal/conservative liars think that they can pull the wool over us all when there is such a wrenching in the social fabric from these policies.

Let me tell you what it seems like to the discerning:

None of these 400 childrens' parents have the money to send their children to some 'Christian camp' where they can live in the equivalent of gated-community kiddie care. The lying fools on this forum have no problem with the children of poor white people getting put in foster care where they are abused and molested in the equivalent of human puppy mills for the foster check or adopted by rich yuppies or perverts who the police dare not arrest. And no, they have no problem with homosexual social workers and school teachers for the children of the poor and middle class. Why homosexuality isn't an abomination but rather a legally protected lifestyle to be protected by 'hate-crime' laws.

But there comes a disconnect in such 'thinking' when they farm out their own spawn to some expensive 'Christian camp' where their little bi-curious nippers learn the joys of rump-ranging, fudge-packing, and wiener-munching, not from other little twelve year old gaywads but from predatory homosexuals typically churning out more homos just like them.

And, it goes to show that God has a sense of humor when the very laws designed by the rich and powerful in order to steal, buy and sell the children of the poor in order by convict their daddies and mommies of child molestation absent forensic evidence comes back to bite them by these laws then being openly abused in order to railroad a genuine sexual predator who turns the spawn of these rich 'Christians' into sexual, as well as social predators and parasites. All of which goes to show that in a decaying plutocracy that the laws are routinely made by the rich and powerful in order to be enforced selectively against the poor and weak.

Wouldn't it be ever so just if someone who lost their children to the state was to get past the jury-tampering phase and vote "Not Guilty" because in a world full of evil people the misery and despair of broken-up destroyed families should be democratized?

Perhaps Pete Newman, pervert pedophile of the spawn of the rich and powerful, is nothing more than an unlikely agent of God's Justice.

4:47 AM


Well, Cousin Randy deleted the above comment. Cousin Randy loves these laws designed by the social workers and lawyers in order to convict the parents of poor and middle-class children of bogus child molestation cases and put the White children being raised White into foster care and the whigger factory so that pervert skrule teachers like Cousin Randy can get to them.

But when these laws are abused in order to close the kortroom when the sexual predators of the spawn of the rich & whiggroid can be railroaded, Turner is caught in a quandry. What happens if Turner gets caught.

The rich gliberal whigger shitheads have no problem with child molestation of the children of the white working poor but have a cow when the perverts teach their bi-curious whigger spawn the 'joys' of faggot sex. Then when it hits them, they go ballistic.

Well, part of me hopes that the jew pervert gets away with sodomizing and turning into faggots the spawn of these jewdayo-whigger rich ass-clowns. What goes around comes around.

12-06-2009, 06:53 PM
Me and Cousin Swillis Visit Cousin Randy Turner's Book Signing
The Turner Diaries (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries/) Rules, The Turner Report (http://rturner229.blogspot.com) Drools!!!


When me and Randy Turner's Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries/?p=1) heard that this gliberal whigger faggot Cousin Randy was going to have a book signing at Hastings' Book Store in jewplin (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2009/12/newspaper-days-signing-set-for-saturday.html) over his lying book, 'jewspaper Daze' which Cousin Swillis had already reviewed (http://www.whitenationalist.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1106#post1106), why Cousin Swillis wanted to actually read Cousin Randy's lying mass of shit. Yup, Cousin Randy was doubtless gonna lie about how the lying bastard had been driven from the jewspaper industry and sent to molest the little skulls full of mush at the whigger factory, also known as the pub[l]ic skrewl system. Cousin Swillis, a fair, yet stern man, was gonna actually read Cousin Randy's kikeshit before writing about what a lying sack of shit his Cousin Randy was. But, Cousin Randy and Cousin Swillis don't like each other too much since Cousin Randy jilted Ewelene and left her broken hearted, and prey to looking for love in every mangy hound with a pecker.

Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

When we got to Hastings, Roxie refused to go in to see Randy Turner. She said that Randy Turner, while in her high skrule class, was a stuck-up asshole who thought his shit didn't stink, even though it did. Randy Turner was a first-class nothing, except a suck-up who would kiss the asses of the teachers and smarm off to everyone else, except the big boys who could and would whup his ass. Cousin Swillis in the back seat agreed. Roxie said that Randy Turner wasn't anyone to screw the girleys. Cousin Swillis asked what they had that Ewelene didn't have. Roxie said that the reason she don't go to high-skrewl reunions is because Randy Turner goes to every one and is still an asshole. Cousin Swillis said 'ditto.' Roxie said that she didn't want to go inside to see Randy Turner. Cousin Swillis said that he wanted to beat Cousin Randy's ass.

So I said that there was no sense in anyone doing something that they didn't want to do (looking at Roxie) or which would end up having to bail them out (looking at Cousin Swillis) or would put any extra money in that gliberal whigger butthole fag Randy Turner's pocket (looking at my wallet). I would go in and have Randy Turner sign his latest lying book for both me and Cousin Swillis. So I picked up the hardcopy of Cousin Swillis' review (http://whitenationalist.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1111#post1111) and walked in.

Well, Randy Turner was surrounded by whoreds of ugly skank fag-hags (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2009/12/some-photos-from-saturdays-newspaper.html). I don't know what it is about them gordas, but when they can't get any whigger dick, they want nigger or beaner dick that they are not supposed to have. I didn't see the skank with the Michael Jackson fetish, or the fairly good looking one that looked like she would fit in on a Stevie Nicks LP album cover, but I did see a number of the sort of fag-hag lesboskanks common in a creative writing class, wherein I was the only critter with a dick, and still no grabbers or groupers.

Anyway, I walked up to where Randy Turner was forted-up behind his paperbacks and said that me and his Cousin Swillis wanted to buy a book from him to review further. Cousin Swillis had written a review based upon Cousin Randy's synopsis. Randy Turner snarled that he knew who Cousin Swillis was. The Neosho Fuktards (http://whitenationalist.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1194#post1194) had ratted me out (http://www.neoshoforums.com/MO/forums/showthread.php?780-Time-for-a-reality-check-people/page4). What to say?

So I decided to brazen it out. I told Randy Turner that his Cousin Swillis had written a review and I wanted him to see it. Randy Turner said, "I know what he wrote!!!" in a tone which said that Swillis' Cousin Randy was not amused. "Well, are you too chickenshit to accept his work to enjoy as much as Cousin Swillis did when he wrote it?" With little grace, Randy Turner took the hardcopy of around seven pages.

"So if I buy your book, will you dedicate it to your Cousin Swillis?" I asked. "No," snarled Cousin Randy, "I won't. You'll take what I write. And I won't talk anything further with you (or Cousin Swillis) at all." Oh, well, if that's the way itz gonna be. So I nodded at Randy Turner to go ahead and sign his name, although I had hoped to get Cousin Randy to write to his Cousin Swillis: You keep on pitching, Cousin Swillis!!! To which then Cousin Swillis would write: "And I'll keep on catchin'!!!" atop his Cousin Randy's signature.

Anyway, I went and paid for the book. Randy Turner looked like he would croak of apoplexy and I could only hope so. He was all red-faced and clearly annoyed and his lesboskank fag-hags were looking around in the air, anywhere but at myself or Cousin Randy.

So, I went back to the car and told Roxie and Cousin Swillis what had happened with me and Cousin Randy. Cousin Swillis swore, "Damn that cocksucking sheep-loving&leaving Son of Belial. Gimme the damned sales receipt." Well, not wanting to chance not being able to take the book back if it was a bigger dog than I suspected it was, I palmed off a McDonald's receipt onto Cousin Swillis. Cousin Swillis, his face thunderous, stomped out of the car and into the Hastings.

Cousin Swillis came back five minutes later looking like the cat who ate the canary. "We ain't gonna have to make a quick getaway, are we?" ""Nope," said Randy Turner's Cousin Swillis. "Me and Cousin Randy discussed it peacefully, man to faggot, and I put in a quick 'cum to Jesus' request and Cousin Randy seen the light. Cousin Randy wrote down what I asked and inquired as to how Ewelene was doing and promised to cum over with flowers for Ewelene next time he was in Newtonia. All is well with me and Cousin Randy."

Then Randy Turner's Cousin Swillis handed me the receipt:


The Turner Diaries (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries/) RULES, The Turner Report (http://rturner229.blogspot.com) drools


What to say? What COULD I say? 'Cousin' Swillis Gumpf Turner (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries/?p=1) sure looks like a typpycull Ozarkian inbred Neanderthal, but he gets things done. And I am NOT a Man of YHWH who argues with results!


Hello World! Ah's Swillis Gumpf Turner!!!
Swillis Gumpf Turner
Cousin Randy is a gliberal whigger butthole fag!!!


Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Swillis Gumpf Turner
01-12-2010, 02:56 PM
Cousin Randy's "Diary of Anne Finkle-Heichestein"


Importance of Meep Gies


I helped make up this lying kikeshit
and all I got from the dirty jew
was one copy of this lying book.

Watching television news Monday provided a clear look at what our society has become...and why it is important to maintain newspapers.

The stories that were covered offered a wide range of interesting, though not particularly important events:

-Former St. Louis Cardinal first baseman Mark McGwire finally admitted what nearly everyone believed from the beginning, that he used steroids (though his claim that he could have hit 70 home runs in 1998 even without the chemical help was a bit hard to take).

-Former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been hired as a contributor to Fox News (interesting, but not much of a surprise).

-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, with his comments about President Obama lacking a "negro dialect" remained under fire.

-NBC's in-house drama, trying to juggle the volatile situation with Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and Jimmy Fallon continues with no resolution in sight.

-Simon Cowell announced he will bow out after the current season of American Idol.

While all of these stories were covered extensively in newspapers, as well as on the cable television news shows, there was one story, about the death of a woman whose contributions to society were probably more valuable than those of all of the aforementioned celebrities combined, which was almost exclusively relegated to newspapers.

It was announced Monday that Miep Gies died in a Netherlands nursing home after suffering from a fall a few days before Christmas. She was 100.

The name Meep Gies may not ring a bell with you, but Meep Gies was one of a small group that hid eight Jews from the Nazis for slightly more than two years, an act which could have cost her her life. And when the Gestapo finally discovered the eight, it was Meep Gies who managed to preserve the writings of the youngest of the eight- Anne Frank.

Her first thought, she always said, was to hold on to the diary to give it back to Anne after the war. That did not come to pass, as Anne Frank died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Eventually, Meep Gies presented the papers to Anne's father, Otto Frank, and then she helped him put them into the form that has become known to generation after generation for more than six decades, continuing to offer an indictment of the Holocaust, as well as to deliver a message of hope.

In a 1998 interview, Meep Gies said she did not consider the risks she took to protect the Frank family and the others in that annex to be heroic. "They were powerless, they didn't know where to turn. We did our duty as human beings: helping people in need."

Though it would have been nice to have seen more television time devoted to Meep Gies and her continuing contributions to the world, it was not surprising that the airwaves were filled with Sarah Palin, Mark McGwire, Harry Reid, Simon Cowell, Jay Leno, and Conan O'Brien. That left it for newspapers to pick up the slack and most of the ones I read this morning featured stories on Meep Gies, whose gift to posterity will be recalled long after the names mentioned above are just dim memories.

The Diary of Ann Frank is one of the most famous forgeries in existence. After the war, her father, one of millions of Holocaust survivors, undertook to write up what he thought would be profitable. Vast portions of the 'diary' were written in ball-point pen, the first which was available after 1951. Ann Frank's father, Otto, after suspicions were raised, refused to allow scholars to inspect the alleged diary that he had allegedly 'found'.

So to anyone but the professionally credulous,or those who have something to gain from it, this Diary of Anne Frank is a fraud. What was probably a few pages of diary by a child have been expanded into a polemic against the Nazis, who were quite aware of whom had betrayed them in the First World War, brought about the injustices of the Versailles Treaty, and the puppet Weimar Republic, which brought about the perceived need for a savior in the form of Adolf Hitler, whom most Germans loved.

And the silly woman who harbored Jews in her home is no more to be admired than some silly senile old cat lady hiding a score of diseased fleabags from the animal control officer. Southpark did a parody of this several years ago. Yet predictably Turner has nothing better to do than to bemoan the end of idiot lie-papers which used to publish reams of liberal polemic drivel which usually bored the proles to tears and amused and enraged white men to where they refused to pay for this vicious silliness any more.

No wonder the mass media, especially the lie-papers, is on the ropes. Good riddance to dog-awful lying rubbish.

What on earth is dubious talking about???

Meep was a heorine who MUST be recognised for the work that she did

I have read the book and saw the film, and was heartbroken on both occasions,

Dubious should be locked up and the key thrown away
10:35 AM

Typical Southwest Missouri hatred by Dubious.

Go play with your guns, freak.
12:33 PM

Diary of Anne Heiche-Stein (http://users.mo-net.com/mlindste/gb031701.html)

ONLINE AUCTION ON E-Gay.com ---- Bidding starts at $66,666.66 for the original stained-with-angelic-tears copy!

***** "A one in a six million find" - - The Diary of Anne Heche-Stein, dedicated to her "friend", Melissa Etheridge-berg

DESCRIPTION: "The moving memoirs of a sensitive, talented jewish girl who meets "the love of her life" in the murder factory of Bergen-Belsen, where she slaved 18 hours a day pitching her dead relatives into the ovens. Little Anne and Melissa sneak off behind the crematoria every chance they get and play a "game" together that later inspired the family "fave", "Twister".

666 pages, Publisher, WoeIsMe Books 2001
Order a copy Online at: www.Amazonia.com

. --Luke LaVellian

1:07 PM

Oh well, above post was deleted by Cousin Randy, who as a gliberal whigger faggot can't be expected to appreciate Luke LaVellian (http://www.pastorlindstedt.org/luke_l.html).

But some nutzis did show up at post theys' little tributes to Hitler:


I want to know this. Why didn't the Gestapo haul Miep Gies off along with her husband when they came for the Frank family?

4:33 PM

And Hadding:


Only Jews not born in conquered western Europe were deported. The Frank family was not deported because they were Jews. They were deported because they were immigrant Jews. Many Jews born in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands lived through the German occupation without being disturbed. I suspect that Miep Gies was one of them.

There's a lot of gratuitous drama in the way Miep Gies tells the story. She says that the Franks were sent off to a "death camp": how is that credible or even relevant when Otto Frank survived at the "death camp" of Auschwitz and Anne Frank, being well enough to travel, was evacuated thence only to die of typhus (not gas) at Bergen-Belsen? This is not rational. Miep Gies seems to have been working with Otto Frank to hype the story.

4:39 PM

Looking at above blog and comments, it seems that 'Hadding' knows and appreciates Hitler even more than I do. Cousin Randy will throw a hissy fit nearly as bad as he did when I threatened to send Ewelene to the packers if he didn't sign my copy of his lying book 'jewspaper Daze (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries/?p=29)' at the jewplin Hastings book store like I wanted him to. I don't expect that Hadding's remarks will stay up unless Cousin Randy is working his nerve up to ask him for a date.

Harold Covington makes his appearance:


Part of the so-called Diary of Anne Frank was written in ball point pen, which had not yet been invented in the 1940s. The forgery appears to have been carried out with the collusion of Otto Frank, who sued his ghost writer in the 1950s over a royalty dispute. All of this is why the original document is so carefully hidden away from prying eyes in a safe deposit box in Israel, where historians and scholars have been repeatedly denied access.

7:44 PM

There we go again. The Diary of Anne Heche-Frank[enstein] being a forgery made up, like all them jew Holohoax whoppers. Why, is there any limit to the misconduct of them jews and theyz shabbes whigger enablers? Apparently not.

But I would like to thank Harold Covington for making an appearance after Pastor Lindstedt sent out an e-mail for his friends and allies to wolfpack Cousin Randy. As it is, Cousin Randy is now the Quean of DeNial thinking that that crazoid discharged mental patient Pastor Lindstedt has becum all schidzoid.

Another friend J.A. Whiteman/whiggerthumper chimes in:

whgrthumper asks:

Where are the ashes, bones or any other forensic evidence of this so-called holyhoax?

Are we to believe Steve Spielberg the lying hollywierd kike when he puts out propaganda pieces like Shitlerz's List and Saving Ryan's Privates.

Are we also to believe Benyamin I. Met-a-yahoo when he waves a piece of paper that supposedly proves Adolph Hitler (may his name live in infamy), had a final solution for the lice-infected jews that went beyond just getting them the hell out of Germany?

I suspect that this new "documentation" floated down from the sky right along with those AL-CIA-DuH ID cards that magically appeared at the Pentagram after it was bombed. Were these new documents that Meta-yahoo waved in the air recently written in ballpoint also?

Some of us no better. Only a jewtool whigger like you and the other twats that read your tripe would fall for the 2000 year old lie.

7:55 PM

Well Cousin Randy is so coonfused. Must be suffering from inverse male whigger faggot telegony from all them nigger poop chutes he has rump-ranged and from all the congoid trouser-trout blacksnake he has 'entertained in his gliberal whigger faggot mangina. You would think that an idiot gliberal whigger faggot skrule teacher like Cousin Randy would know the difference when grading papers, but then again a gliberal whigger drone like Cousin Randy has doubtless reduced his ZOGling whiggerlet ass-clowns in his pub[l]ic skrule class to jewniform idiotic degeneracy. Cousin Randy whines:


I am curious as to just how many different names Martin Lindstedt can come up with to spread misinformation.

8:02 PM

Keith Partridge said...

We are tired of this Anne frank lie shoved down our throats for so many years (me, only heard this since the 1980s, and boy was I mad when learned how I had been lied to by jews and the educational system!)

Look at the evidence why we don't believe it.

If you still continue, then it's obvious you are doing it for an evil agenda.

8:16 PM

Uncle Julius said...

"The Diarrhea of Anne Frank" is a wonderful work of fiction. Well, ok...it's not really wonderful, but that it's definitely a piece of fiction was first revealed in 1959 when a Swedish journal reported that a jewish novelist named Meyer Levin was suing Otto Frank (Anne's father) over nonpayment for the dialogue Levin had written for the "diary". It's no wonder that any question of the "official facts" about the Holoco$t is a jailable offense throughout Europe and Canada. Unlike fabrications, REAL history doesn't need to be enforced at the point of a gun!

8:22 PM

One of Cousin Randy's edjewmacated whigger drones decided to jump into the wolfpack:

T said...

You're all joking, right? A forgery? A work of fiction? You all should be ashamed of yourselves. There were many Jews in hiding during the Holocaust and many non-Jews that were willing to help them. If any of you have even read Anne Franks diary, you wouldn't question its authentensity. Instead, you sit at home and agree with protestors that protest subjects you know nothing about, just so that you can say you're diffferent. Congratulations. You're different, and completely wrong. Miep Gies courage is inspirational. Americans today could learn a lot from her.

8:55 PM

Then the One Who Is Legion With No Name responded:

Anonymous said...

Hey Dandy Randy, I did not even know who you were until directed to your worthless blog. Whenever I encounter a fool such as you, I just have to say something. Martin is at least 1000 miles away from where I am.

We are legion. Don't think for a minute that there are only a handful of us out here. When your nigger pets start to riot overtly, you will see just how many of us there are you fk'n retard.

9:06 PM

Randy Turner is to teaching what he used to be to journalism said...

Looks like you must be a rather poor school teacher since you cannot detect the difference between all them different posters and their styles. Some are highly educated. Some have had the misfortune of being taught by a sorry excuse of a public school with their teachers like yourself.

What sort of school teacher are you, anyway, Turner? Are you filling up them kiddies' heads full of tripe so much that they end up like little brainwashed drones turning in the exact same papers? So alike that you can't tell any difference in what they write? Or do you simply mark down for punishment by low-grading those independent young minds who are not buying into your liberal garbage?

The 'problem' is that this Anne Frank silliness has become as suspect as the atrocity stories of Nazis turning jews into lampshades or six million lies or whatever. Sort of hard to maintain the wartime fiction that millions of jews were killed in a Holocaust when so many of them survived these 'death camps' like Bergen-Belsen in order to live to sell another Holocaust memoir which later turns out to be fraudulent. Most of these Holocaust stories have in the fullness of time been revealed to be forgeries made so that jews could extort the Germans, then the English, American, and now Swiss taxpayers for causing something which didn't really happen like it did as the jews claim. Yes, jews were hated in Nazi Germany for what they had done to the Germans in the First World War and for what the Russian jew bolsheviks did to the ethnic Russians and Ukranians by starving them to death and putting them in gulags and murdering them. Joseph Stalin killed far more Russian Arny colonels and generals that the entire German Army did in WW2. But merely because the 'Diary of Anne Frank' is a hoary old forgery doesn't make it sacred, especially given that so many of these Holocaust whoppers have failed the test of time and second scrutiny.

For example, Russian jew emigres to Israel only get half the 4500 sheckles due them per year as 'Leningrad Siege' Holocaust survivors if they are over fifty and under 65 years old, and thus not even born during the German siege of Leningrad from 1941-44. Yet the German people still are paying half-price Holocaust reparations for something which didn't even happen to those jews not even born but who claim as a sort of birthright reaping the benefits from the Holocau$t Industry.

Even some jews like Finklestein are urging other jews to stop poisoning the well of civil discourse by these fraudulent reparations. This is especially the case given that so many American and English taxpayers have lost their homes and jobs thanks to the rapacity of bankster jews like Goldman Sachs. There is not only likely to be plenty of compassion fatigue, but also a backlash which might well lead to a real Holocaust if fools like yourself don't exhibit, if not shame, but good sense.

But then again, you don't seem to be much of a real teacher, Turner, but rather a sort of wannabe brain-washing drone, who when washed out of the newspaper business by your lies, decided to find a more innocent, vulnerable, and captive audience to peddle the politically correct garbage that their parents rejected.

10:52 PM

Well, keep them comments and love for Cousin Randy cummin' y'all. Cousin Randy needs to know that he hasn't had that much loving since he run off and broke Ewelene's little wooly-headed heart.

And tomorrow at this time, I'll let Cousin Randy in on how he has been wolf-packed and rat-f*cked.

Heil Hitler!!!

Swillis Gumpf Turner
Editurd, The Turner Diaries (http://whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries)

Swillis Gumpf Turner
01-12-2010, 09:18 PM
Being Mean To Swillis Gumpf Turner's Gliberal whigger faggot Cousin Randy.




It didn't take that one person anytime at all to realize you posted that comment.

Nonsense. Swillis Gumpf Turner's Cousin Randy Turner is a gliberal whigger faggot. Cousin Randy won't look into what he would regard as a neo-nazi chamber of retards until such time as Cousin Swillis posts this up to his "The Turner Diaries (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries/)" blog or he sees it at Whiggerville/Neosho Fuktards section (http://whitenationalist.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=47) of my Christian Nationalist forum (http://whitenationalist.org/forum/). Then Cousin Randy will want to check out all the links posted to see how bad he got diddled by the Nazis.

You see, once somebody starts ragging in on Cousin Randy, everyone else that he screwed over as a jewrnalist and editurd of a local jewspaper will want to pitch in and so they will post quite a few comments. Then Cousin Randy will have to wonder whether or not to keep his comments section open. If Cousin Randy keeps the comments section of his blog up, then he is a stupid gliberal whigger faggot. If Cousin Randy doesn't, then he is a stupid gliberal whigger faggot pussy. The key is to post the post, then make a copy of it where Cousin Randy can't delete it, and then show that Randy Turner is a coward and liar and weaking without any moral courage and scruples as well as a lying gliberal whigger faggot mis-edjewmacating the kiddies in the whigger-factory pub[l]ic skrewls.

What I also like to do is to sometimes send an e-mail to Cousin Randy's former victims, urging them to 'pile on.' They usually enjoy seeing Cousin Randy get his cum-uppance.

Either way, Cousin Randy, like all gliberal whigger faggots who used to have a jewsmedia monopoly, is whining that the Internet has opened up the way for open debate and scrutiny. It used to be that the jews used to post theyz' Holohoax Whopper of the Month or Week or Day and nobody White or Nazi got to say anything. Now like jews in theyz own little virtual ghetto, they must huddle and bemoan the daze when they used to have a monopoly in publishing with nary a discouraging word from Whitey.

Turner might suspect a lot, but he won't know jack shit until the fool goes to see what I've posted to the Lindstedt forum and Swillis Gumpf Turner blog (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries/). Yes, I'm more than a little bit 'Over the Top' but I'm a long way from being the only Net-Nazi running wild nowadays plucking any and all low-hanging fruit.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Swillis Gumpf Turner
01-22-2010, 01:39 AM
Don't You Just Love It When jewdayo-whiggers Get Theyz Gaywad Spawn Punked Out By jew Camp Counselors?


Pete Newman arrested on Colorado sex charge


Pete Newman was on time for his hearing on felony sex charges this morning in Taney County Circuit Court, but the hearing had to be postponed nevertheless, when the former Kanakuk Kamp counselor was arrested on a Colorado warrant on similar charges according to Kathee Baird at the Crime Scene blog:

Newman was arrested this morning when he and his attorney Tom Carver appeared in a Taney County courtroom on a motions hearing. Newman was arrested for sexual assault out of La Platta County, Colorado.

At this time court records in Colorado have been sealed and Newman is being held without bond pending extradition to Colorado.

The Taney County hearing has been rescheduled for 10:30 a.m. Thursday, March 4.

Posted by Randy at 2:39 PM Thursday, January 21, 2010



Wonder if his family is now going to advise him to confess, be contrite and go take his consequences. If they continue to support his "pleading not guilty" each and every time, they have a long haul ahead. Colorado and Missouri are not the only states. It would be better for him to confess and go into the system, before every single state comes forth and they are humiliated all the more. Newmans, Galloways: If you want him to get right with God, repenting and being truthful is not optional. You can't say, "Repent to God, but lie to the authorities." That's not true contrition. And you all know that.

Pete: Good riddance. You are FINALLY where you need to be. Have fun. Hope you get some of your own medicine. You deserve way worse.

2:57 PM

I love it when sanctimonious whiggers 'advise' family members to turn on each other to the piglice. I have no doubt that this whigger family will be eating each other for lunch when the supermarket closes.

Thank the Lord he is FINALLY behind bars where he should have been all along.

3:10 PM

So much for having a trial. Another typpycull whigger degenerate.

how could you possibly think his family supports his 'not guilty' plea, are you his family? do you even know his family?

3:11 PM

This ass-clown whigger will be the first to turn in family to piglice, no doubt. Call it a New AmeriKwan ZOGling whigger ass-clown. The Soviet jewnion tried to make their own New Soviet Man and it failed. But that was under Khazar Communism. Khazar Capitalism makes for a more stupid typpycull whigger worshipping its Babylon/ZOG.

They come to court with him and sit there over and over when he pleads not guilty. Now, do you think that's NOT supporting him? Additionally, they have bailed him out of jail and signed his bonds. Sounds supportive to me.

3:20 PM

jewdayo-whiggers have no real family values.

However, my brother and mother were also treasonous whigger pieces of shit who abandoned me in my hour of need, so why should other whiggers be different?

'Newman' is a jew name. Which goes to show that jews have more fellow spawn-of-Satan loyalty to theyz own than jewdayo-churchian ZOGling whiggers.

well, i guess that's where your ignorance comes in, 'sounds supportive' isn't a very factual statement

3:31 PM

Well then, describe how coming with, bailing out, signing bonds, IS NOT SUPPORTING him. Do that. Because obviously you do know him, or them. Careful, because no one really knows Pete.

3:35 PM

whigger 'thinks' it knows Peter, when it don't know Jack Shit.

When I don't support something or someone, I distance myself from them. I don't pour my time and resources into them. I don't risk my name, reputation, etc. for them. I CERTAINLY DON'T ENABLE THEM!!!!!! Wake up from your denial!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:37 PM

Looks like we have a mob of anonymous whigger gathering on the comments section of faggot Cousin Randy's blog. Gotta love it when jewdayo whiggers gets theyz gaywad spawn punked out by a jew faggot at a rich jewdayo private camp but overlook an obvious gliberal whigger faggot like Cousin Randy at a pub[l]ic skrewl.

Is Pete Newman employeed? How does he financially support his family? The answer would tell you who supports who.

This isn't rocket science, people.

3:40 PM

No whigger, it isn't rocket science. Sooner or later the piglice will be filing so many charges that it will be impossible to make excessive bond. So then jewboy will have to rely on his pub[l]ic pretender and then get sold out.

What I like about this mob of whiggers is that they would be reduced to such a pile of quivering whiggershit if ZOG decided to go against them. None of them would have any friends or family and to the jewlag they would go -- especially if 'innocent' of the charges.

ZOGling whiggers don't seem to have any idea as to how legitimate rule of law should be run. That is because they are such whigger degenerates. Not whigger savages, albeit savage. whigger degenerates who act savagely.

you are sad

3:41 PM

Anyone supporting Pete is sad. You can love without supporting.

3:44 PM

All of which goes to show that whigger 'love' is a rather unsubstantial thang. whiggers have no loyalty to other whiggers, even when the whiggers are family. Itz every whigger for itzself.

glad to know your not into 'life-risking' thats pretty brave of you.

3:46 PM

and how do you suggest to show that 'love'?

3:47 PM

Does anybody out there know if he'll get extradited to CO before the MO cases are wrapped up? How does that work? What about when the other states press their charges? In the past, how has this been handled.
Will they finish the MO cases, then move on to CO, then when that's finished, move on to each state where there are crimes until they're done? What if he's sentenced in MO to life or close to it? Will they keep going?

3:50 PM

If your support heaps more pain on these already-victimized families, then it should stop. If they love him, he probably already knows that, without them further wounding.

3:53 PM

Another whigger who doesn't believe in holding a trial. I just wish that whigger was an open jew-hater, but that requires courage.

@3:50: Generally the state that conducts the initial investigation will get first crack at him, then its 1st come 1st served. That's likely why this Colorado jurisdiction went ahead and arrested him - to "stake their claim" when he is done in MO (through being found guilty, a plea bargain, being found not guilty, etc, and then serving whatever sentence he receives). So that AR, TN, GA, TX or whatever states you hear have investigations going don't get him first. The extradition in this case will likely be only a couple of days in Colorado to be formally booked, arraigned, and then released back to the care of the MO authorities (presumably back out on bail). MO/CO law may be different, or the states may have worked out a deal that would allow CO to keep Pete in jail without bond which would serve the purpose of revoking what many think is an undue bond while avoiding the issues of revoking the bond of someone who did not violate his terms. The above is just my semi-educated guess.

4:03 PM

Lawyer-whigger has speculated.

heaping more pain is the last thing needed in this situation. that is something we definately agree on. questioning the integrity of the family is painful too.

4:05 PM

Unfortunately, what Pete Newman has done will cause many people to "question the integrity" of not only Pete's family, but the integrity of everyone. He violated the trust of children, their families and everyone who knew him while he was performing these heinous acts against his chosen victims. To not understand this is to be naive and unsympathetic towards his victims, their families and every family who trustingly sent their children to Kanakuk Kamps. His family is supporting him. No doubt about it.

4:22 PM

It seems that all the jewdayo whiggers with a gaywad whigglet who gave up itz ass is now on this blog and howling for kike blood.

In 2001, as a staff member at K-Kountry, I remember a male staff meeting in May during staff training week when Pete and Will (who was the director then) mentioned that we always needed to be careful that we don't do anything that even appears bad. They then mentioned that a parent had brought an allegation against Pete to the effect that Pete had abused their son. I remember Pete talking about how the "ridiculous" allegations were the "worst thing that had ever happened" to him.

I can't believe I didn't ask more about that incident. I worked for this guy...he personally hired me...I received counsel from this guy...I looked up to him. Hearing in 2001 that he had been accused of stuff made me raise my eyebrows and wonder why he would even put himself in a position to be accused, but I foolishly overlooked it.

I'm so concerned about some of my kampers who were close to Pete because they lived in Branson and I remember they had regular contact with him.

I just found out about this last night and have wanted to throw up all day.

Does anyone know anything more about the allegations before 2001? I really wished I had asked more about it then. And I agree with the mom who said she sensed something kinda weird and slightly effeminate in Pete...I did too. While I was always in awe of Pete, I was also always distanced from him...like it was impossible to really connect with him like it was possible to connect with Will. Pete almost seemed too placed on a pedastool and I think he wanted it like that. Was he abused as a kid or something (not that I think that excuses his behavior in the least!).

Finally, why aren't these comments dated (there's only a time of day, not a date)

4:37 PM

Probably another faggot camp counselor all pissed off that jewboy got to plumb gaywad whigglet bunghole and he didn't. Another Cousin Randy who wants to imprison the fathers and grandfathers of White children so that he can turn them into little gliberal whigger faggots and get the scrutiny onto other pedophiles.

The Ass-Clown Offensive (http://www.wired.com/culture/culturereviews/magazine/17-10/mf_chanology) said:

Sure looks like 'Anonymous' has been busy. Probably your tax dollars at work from the prosecutor's office.

Unless you are willing to place your name out in front, I don't see why accusations should be believed.

Frankly, I look forward to the day when everyone who is making accusations and essentially demanding that 'sinners confess' without getting a fair trial are themselves judged as they did judge others.

Civilization itself demands that all the accused receive justice, and justice demands that the accused have a right to a fair trial. Otherwise, all you have are a bunch of false accusers having people judicially murdered with nothing -- nothing -- to restrain the cycle of accusation and conviction.

I pray that everyone who makes a false accusation -- like the little boy who cried wolf -- has happen to them that which they accused others, without proof or accountability.

And, since it is obvious that I live among degenerates, I think that I myself had better remain 'anonymous.'

6:31 PM

Where is he in jail?
What will get him out?

6:50 PM

to ass of clowns offensive..you are a disgust. you obviously do not have the heart invested in this like some of us that have been totally victimized....i have no words to express the pit you must come from and dwell in. he confessed and its true. your words are worth nothing talking about justice. nothing.

8:49 PM

Anonymous whigger, I can only hope that jewboy gave jewr gaywad little jewdayo whigger a 'learning experience' and that he becums as big of a faggot as Judge Gregory Stremel, and a total pig faggot who works at the Children's Division like Doug Baugh, who destroys whigger families until such time as there is a Revolution and jewr grandspawn all suffer from Piglice Testicle Eating Syndrome.

Ass Clown Offensive:
You have GOT to be kidding me. You're such a hypocrite! You didn't even post your own name! He is guilty, guilty, guilty I went to Auburn with Pete and knew him VERY WELL through Campus Crusade and the 3 summers I worked at Kanakuk and the rumors about him and kids have been floating around for 10+ years! His own fraternity had to ask him to stop bringing young boys in the house because everyone was so creeped out by it and they were concerned about their own propriety. Pete put himself on such a pedestal that he was untouchable and if anyone made a mention of him doing anything inappropriate he would flip out. This is NO SURPRISE to any of us who know him. Frankly, we're all just glad that it's finally coming to an end. He got what he deserved today and I hope the rest of the states pile on.

8:50 PM

8:50--Can you say any more about his behavior back in his college days. What do you mean he brought young boys to the frat house? From where did he find these kids?

We've heard from past "girlfriends" and college friends that everyone thought he was gay. That people thought he had the propensity to be a child molester back then. How is it that so many people suspected his creepiness back then, but he was able to fool so many people once he joined the Kanakuk staff????????

His 3 brothers all seem so normal, including his twin brother. He has the most wonderful family and WONDERFUL parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are there any old "girlfriends" out there who can shed any light on this psychopath????

It's so hard to wrap my mind around this still.

Were any of these suspicions never discussed with the kamp leadership??

9:56 PM

4:37, how is it that you just found out about this last night? what planet do you live on? dont mean to be rude, but really how did you miss all this for the past few months?

10:11 PM

10:11 :
I'm the guy who posted at 4:37 (actually I posted that a week ago on another thread and someone has been copying it over on to other threads). I just don't have any contact with kanakuk people very much; strangely enough I found out bc I went on the kanakuk website to check things out bc I was about to recommend that someone I know send there kids there. When I saw Pete wasn't the director I was really suprised but figured he had started some other ministry, so I googles his name and couldn't believe it till I saw in the police report he admitted to doing some things.
As if you really care about that...
I'm just worried sick for some of the kampers I had who knew Pete well...I mean I want to dig up their addresses or facebook them or something, but atthe same time it's like I don't want to creep them out any more than they already are! Kanakuk is such an amazing place; I know it's gonna be crazy with how secure they're gonna be now, but I'm afraid this will be really hard for parents to feel safe enough. The one thing I would point out to all concerned parents is this: everything that happened with Pete preying on these kids happened after camp (at least I'm pretty sure hats true, am I wrong?) The structure of Kamp really makes it almost impossible for your kids to ever be alone with anyone - camper or counselor.

10:30 PM

The Ass-Clown Offensive

It's me, The Ass-Clown Offensive here again:

You idiots don't seem to get it. You evil fools are helping to destroy the social order by blaming the accused for his family sticking by him. Well, since among your sins of hypocrisy, self-righteousness and stupidity, what should be numbered among them is disloyalty as the telling sign that if one of your own was accused of a horrendous crime you would of course be numbered with those who would sell him out. So on a scale of animal family loyalty you should rank yourself lower than hyenas and slightly higher than . . . . wildebeests??? No, not wildebeests. Wildebeests don't do much of anything when one of their own is killed and eaten by lions and hyenas, but at least they don't actively send their own out to be eaten by the lions, or try to tell the prey's mother and female companion and children that they ought to give him up to the hyenas.

You got to love it when you 'Christians' show how very despicable, lawless and corrupt you are and how there is no such thing as a fair trial possible.

Osama, you and the ragheads won. The 'Christians' will destroy themselves without you having to fire a shot. They created a police state where all it is necessary is to make an accusation and they will then convict and sentence and execute somebody behind their backs. But good luck in getting a surrender, as none of them have any capacity for organized anything.

Oh, and Assley Marie . . . . You didn't leave YOUR name. You should, because YOU are the one making the accusation. I am merely the only one, like Lot in downtown Sodom, who wants the stranger to be treated decently. Since I'm outnumbered by cowardly anonymous moral degenerates by at least twenty to one, I think it is best for me to remain 'anonymous.'

12:46 AM

Swillis Gumpf Turner
01-30-2010, 05:14 AM
The Portrait of Dorian Turner


No open season on abortion (mill) providers: Jury finds Scott Roeder guilty

The Outlaw Scott Roeder


The jury just declared Scott Roeder guilty of murdering abortion provider De. George Tiller at a Wichita, Kansas, church on May 31, 2009.
The decision was made after 40 minutes of deliberation.

Roeder admitted he committed the crime during three hours of testimony. Any possibility of Roeder being convicted of a lesser crime, such as manslaughter, was eliminated Thursday when the judge ruled that the only charge that could be considered was murder. The jury could only decide between guilty and not guilty on that charge.

Both sides made their closing arguments this morning, with the prosecution pounding home the fact that Roeder admitted he committed the crime, that the crime was obviously planned out beforehand (Roeder testified that he considered killing Tiller on several earlier occasions.

Stripped of the possibility of arguing that Roeder was guilty of a lesser offense, his attorney argued that Roeder was simply following the path of civil rights pioneers Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who broke laws for the greater good. Of course, the defense attorney failed to mention that Mrs. Parks and Dr. King's lawbreaking was always done in a non-violent fashion.

After the judge's decision to remove consideration of the lesser offense as far as Dr. Tiller's killing was concerned, the only question mark remaining in the case was how the jury would handle assault charges filed against Roeder for the other people who were shot, but not killed, by Roeder. Roeder was also found guilty on the assault charges.

Even that doubt had been pretty much removed after Roeder admitted that he also committed those crimes.

Court officials, concerned about the possibility of violence in the wake of the verdict, had added extra security, including bomb-sniffing dogs. The courtroom is surrounded by anti-abortion activists, who are offering a show of support for Roeder.

Posted by Randy at 8:45 AM Friday, January 29, 2010



All depends on what side you are on said...

Quit whining, Turner. Roeder shot and killed 'Tiller the Killer' and so if a new regime comes along likely Roeder will be granted a pardon and a pension.

All this does is to legitimize and politicise killing. Tiller the Baby Killer got a free pass to murder babies on the ground that they weren't human and so now Roeder on the other side killed a legalized murderer. So all that awaits is who is in power to decide who gets rewarded for killing the enemies of the state and who gets punished for killing the states' killers.

So all it is now is that killing and violence to achieve political and religious ends is acceptable. Randy Turner is merely whining about how what goes around came around to Tiller the Baby Killer.

3:35 PM


(Cousin) Randy (http://www.blogger.com/profile/05760019501046060231) said...

At times, I am amnzed at the kind of jerks who leave comments on my blog. Anyone who has followed my work for the past 30 years is aware that I have pro-life beliefs. That extends to not taking a gun and killing people. I find the late-term abortions that George Tiller provided despicable, but I also find it despicable to shoot someone to death (especially in front of his family and in a church). A not guilty verdict for Roeder, would have been an open invitation for more violence.

3:44 PM


Anonymous jewdayo-whiggerwuss said...

How much better and effective to pray that those people who participate in abortions would have a change of heart...like Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood Director in Texas. After being asked to help with an abortion and seeing the image of the baby trying to move away from the probe, she realized what was really going on, walked out and is now pro-life. Her actions will have far-reaching results. Imagine the huge impact on the abortion industry if Dr. Tiller could have been convinced that abortion does indeed end the life of a human being.

4:49 PM


The Picture of Dorian Turner said...

I really fail to see why you are so amazed at all the kinds of people who leave disparaging remarks on the blog of a poseur, a liar, a hypocrite, a moral leper like yourself, Turner. After all, like all politicians and those pretending to an odor of sanctimony who end up getting caught and then run off of the trough, you as a journalist and editor were run off by popular demand and now are peddling your liberal wares to a captive audience those too young and innocent to see you for what you are. You Turner, perform an abortion of the minds and spirits of our young.

Your whining reminds me of the story by an honest homosexual named Oscar Wilde, about this character named Dorian Gray who had a picture made of himself and every time Dorian did something evil and vicious the portrait would age and corrupt, leaving Dorian Gray as young and handsome as ever. It got so that pore Dorian couldn't bear to look at the picture because even when Dorian wanted to be good, the hypocrisy would still leave its mark. Dorian murders quite a few people, including the painter of the portrait, blaming him for getting his wish that the portrait would age and corrupt while Dorian sinned with a fresh face to the world.

So Dorian Turner, the comments section of this blog is is your portrait, and yet you whine like a wuss when some of us use our artistry to paint you like we really see you.

Tiller the Baby Killer murdered tens of thousands of infants, some of them illegally for which he was about to undergo a trial and for which he was protected by then governor Sibelius and others. Tiller the Killer got anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars for performing these murders. And all the way protected by thinking, correctly, that he would be morally backed up by pius degenerates like yourself yapping about how they wish that these babies didn't have to die for the convenience of sluts raised no better in the public schools.

You even had so-called Christian churches which honored Tiller's good deeds. Why as if Jesus Christ came to save the shriveled raisin soul of an abortionist murdering for profit over ten-thousand unborn infants who never did anything bad in their unfinished lives. A pity that Roeder didn't go into these temples of Satan and perform a post-natal abortion on every single one of these evildoer enablers of Tiller the Killer's.

No, Dorian Turner, some of us have eyes so that we do see, and some of us have a nose that we do smell the stench of evil regardless of how much attar of liberalism you drench yourself with in order to hide your true nature. As Socrates said, the unexamined life is not worth living, but I can well suspect that sometimes even the strongest-stomached moral jackal doesn't want to and cannot stomach peering dead-on into the Picture of Dorian Turner.

3:06 AM


Anonymous Liar said...

Well 3:31 that was a pretty good speech. It seems you can talk but apparently you cannot read. Randy expressed his views on the post before hand but you accused him of just the opposite. Which means you do not have a clue what he stands for but it was an opportunity to say what you want. At least learn to read.

6:32 AM


Terrible Swift Sword said...

No, Liar 6:32 am and Dorian Turner, there is no inability to read on my part, but rather simply that some of us get to where we learn to discount lies. Simply because you claim to be against abortion because it is indefensible morally to claim that you are in favor of murdering those who are innocent, and then whine because some MAN kills a murderer of those babies that he is a murderer for killing a killer, then in reality you are indeed for murder, but wish to try to fool the idiotic and morally decrepit.

When being talked down to by politicians, lawyers and journalists, the wise don't pay much attention to what these criminals say, but rather what they do.

The social order is decaying and falling apart simply because there no longer is anything keeping us together. We no longer believe the common lies, we no longer have any interest in remaining together, we are simply incompatible. What we do is hate and despise each other and so soon enough we will be tearing each other apart. We are no longer able to live in peace with each other.

I think that if this Scott Roeder lives to see the new nation which shall emerge, that he will be granted a pardon and recognized as a hero by those of us who appreciated him putting an end to the murder of innocents. Of course, there is no place for either Turner, nor yourself, Anonymous 6:32, any more than there is a place for the innocent in your wicked evil heart of mud.

Who gets to live and who gets to die will be determined the old fashioned way -- by those willing to take a stand and willing to use violence to enforce their morality upon others. I suspect that the new order of things will not have any use for lies and hypocrisy, or those who tell such, as such are the trademarks of those who love the old Sodom and Gomorrah of today.

I applaud the comeback of the politics of the gun.

8:57 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner
02-07-2010, 07:37 AM
Cousin Randy Discovers an End To a Desirable Piglice State When It Cums To Hisself


"Drug testing of welfare recipients, legislators continues trek down slippery slope"


As much as I have often wondered what kind of hallucinogenic drugs Missouri state legislators are on when they pass one ludicrous bill after another, I never dreamed the same thoughts were running through their heads.
That revelation came this week as the Missouri House of Representatives debated a bill that would require anyone receiving public assistance to undergo periodic random drug tests.

From all appearances, it was just another election year bill designed to warm the cockles of the Republican majority in our state as it tries to further increase its advantage in both houses. After all, what stirs up voters in this Tea Party era more than a chance to stick it to the poor?

And then, the debate took an unexpected turn. An amendment was offered that would require state legislators to undergo drug tests every two years before they take office. Even more surprisingly, the amendment passed by a wide margin. The entire package then sailed through the House on a 113-40 vote.

The bill should have no problems making it through the Senate during an election year….which means Missourians will have taken another step in the continuing march toward eroding our freedom of privacy completely.
It is not just welfare recipients and state legislators who are the targets of this drug testing frenzy. Another Missouri bill would require random drug testing of public school teachers.

The U. S. Supreme Court has already approved school policies that require random drug testing for students who participate in extracurricular activities, and my school has adopted such a policy, even though you would think in a country that prides itself in its freedoms that someone would have to have probable cause in order to invade a student’s privacy in that fashion.
Even worse, the students have bought into the same line of reasoning fed to them by those who instituted drug testing. “Why should a drug test bother me if I don’t have anything to hide?” I have heard that comment many times.

Some day in the not-so-distant future, when everyone has to submit to random drug tests and we have been stripped of all expectation of privacy we may look back and see what a precious freedom we have lost.

Posted by Randy at 5:24 AM Friday, February 05, 2010




So those who are teaching in our schools..and those who are taking government money shouldn't be subject to the same rules that a very large percentage of others in the country who work in the private sector. How convenient.

7:08 AM

I support it completely. You want my hard earned money so you can sit home on your butt? Fine. But you're going to have to prove to me you're not sitting home popping pills and smokin' hooch. That's not what my money is for.
7:43 AM

What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Now we have to prove to you we're not "popping pills" and smoking antiquated slang terms?

This is exactly like red light and speed enforcement cameras. Seems fine to most, but when you think about it all they do is chip away at your privacy and rights.

8:03 AM

You can have all the privacy you want as long as you don't insist on taking my tax dollars.

8:50 AM

Now let me get this straight, all legislators will be required to take a drug test before they take office? If they know they will be required to take the test on a certain day, will they just not do drugs for 30 days before that date? After that, they can go back to doing drugs if they are so inclined. How convenient. Where is the word "random" in the amendment?

10:48 AM

Chief Justice Price said it best: For years we have waged a “war on drugs,” enacted “three strikes and you’re out” sentencing laws, and “thrown away the key” to be tough on crime. What we did not do was check to see how much it costs, or whether we were winning or losing. In fact, it has cost us billions of dollars and we have just as much crime now as we did when we started. We have created a bottleneck by arresting far more people than we can handle down through the rest of the system.

11:23 AM

What has got to be hilarious is seeing some former hack journalist and present school teacher who used to be in favor of expanding the power of the government to essentially determine whether or not who we could associate with and how high of taxes we could pay now is all of a sudden in favor of limited government when that same government proposes drug testing those bottom of the trough tax-feeders like himself.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Turner.

12:21 PM

looks like we still have some real seriously hostile hard core people out there. wonder what would/could ever happen to calm them down? sometimes it appears that there are a number of people that can only settle for "my way or the highway".

how are as a nation ever survive with this diverse attitude?

3:14 PM

Hey anon 12:21, you need to mellow out.

Stay away from that meth, it makes you mean.

4:30 PM

Why stop at welfare recipients? If you receive government money than you should take a drug test. Social Security. Medicare. Medicaid. Unemployment benefits. FHA mortgage recipients. People who accept FDIC coverage on their bank accounts.

And why just "drugs" - why not alcohol and tobacco. In terms of cost to our health care industry and economy, alcohol abuse and tobacco addiction are just as expensive as other drugs.

And then ..........

10:18 PM

It always seems like we are very supportive of intrusive programs for "those people." But when WE become, through whatever circumstances, THOSE PEOPLE, it's an entirely different issue. It's not just a slippery slope...it's throwing people off the cliff in the name of judgment. What about the children of "those people" who have no say in what choices their parents make? Guess they are thrown off the cliff, too. After all, they'll probably grow up to be just like their parents...right?

6:23 AM

Swillis Gumpf Turner
03-09-2010, 03:55 PM
Cousin Randy's Fagophile Exceptions to the First Amendment



Daily Kos readers rip into my post

I knew it was coming when I wrote about the Westboro Baptist Church in my latest Daily Kos post (http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2010/3/8/844044/-A-perversion-of-the-First-Amendment), and the readers there did not disappoint me. My belief that the hate-filled group has every right to express its beliefs, but not at the funerals of soldiers who have given their lives for our country did not go over well with Kos readers. The post was a rewritten version of an earlier Newton County News column, which became timely once again when the U. S. Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear a case involving the church.

Posted by Randy at 3:31 AM Tuesday, March 09, 2010




One day, when we ALL will be held accountable for our lives, including the decisions we have made and actions that we have taken, the hatred these "church" people have will not be met with "Well done, good and faithful servant."

6:36 AM

Phred Felps said:

Turner, along with the other wretched scribblers infesting this coast-to-coast nuthouse, labors under the delusion that his amoral arbitrary silliness should be made law.

A loser unable to find a job in an economy ravaged by private interests protected by public thieves could find no other employment other than to be shipped over to foreign lands to murder innocent men, women and children on behalf of a Zionist criminal regime and a no-longer so mighty Evil Empire. This loser was duly dispatched by a bomb or bullet placed by free men wanting imperial forces removed from their nation. This cannon-fodder thug is no more to be mourned by what few free men remain in this country than we should mourn Russian or Chinese or North Vietnamese soldiers enforcing their regime's will on others.

Yet here comes this corpse shipped back home and there is a demand that this armed criminal's deserved demise be treated as 'heroic' and that this deserved death have a 'higher patriotic meaning.' And thus the demand that a regime criminal be made into a demi-god by these enablers and profiteers.

Saying at a funeral that someone who died serving an imperial criminal regime in a foreign war deserved exactly what he got from the natives, is political and religious speech, which everyone living in a free society has an obligation to themselves to allow. Allowing every little despotic idiot and meddler like Turner and Anonymous 6:36 to carve out exceptions to free speech means exactly what we have today: The pretense to living in a free society but the reality in which we really live under the despotism of the whim of every little bureaucrat, police officer, public 'servant,' journalist and sundry meddlesome snoop wanting to impose their notions of appropriate behavior upon others.

Where it will all end is in a racial, religious and political civil war in which violence, not yammering, decides who rules and who gets what. Then any meddling snoop trying to enforce his will upon others by trying to control the speech of others will either learn to mind his own business or face a nose-slitting or public castration. And thus we will live in a truly free society in which people are polite because there are consequences.

1:31 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner
03-27-2010, 01:58 AM
Blame It On The Waycism That Was Falling Down


Racism is thriving in America


I do not remember much about the day Martin Luther King was assassinated. It was just another day to someone attending an all-white school in the southwestern corner of Missouri.

I vaguely knew that Dr. King was important, but I had no idea why.

I was an adult when I discovered the civil rights movement and I remember thinking, ?Why have I never heard anything about this? ? And I quickly began devouring books on the subject, immersing myself in the stories of the Freedom Riders, the Birmingham church bombing, Freedom Summer, and the murder of Emmett Till.

Today, I teach an eighth grade English class that was made possible by the U. S. Supreme Court?s 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision and each year my students spend almost the entire third quarter writing a research paper over some aspect of the movement.

One thing I have been able to tell my students is that the civil rights movement changed the way the United States thinks of race. Because of the sacrifices of so many during the 1950s and 1960s, I tell them, even though racism still exists, we have made great strides toward a more harmonious society.

Recent events make me wonder if I have been mistaken.

While the election of Barack Obama was undeniably a step forward for the United States, it has also served to expose the dirty little secret that has been there all along- there is still a significant racist component in this country.

How can we say otherwise when one of the heroes of the movement, John Lewis, is attacked with racial epithets as he approached the House to cast a vote on the most significant bill since the civil rights legislation of the ?60s.

How can we say that when protesters have no qualms about spitting on Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, an African American Congressman from Missouri.

How can we say otherwise when so many in the Tea Party contingent boldly wave signs with racist caricatures of our president, and when the ?N? word slips so casually from their lips?

How can we say otherwise when we see venom directed toward Barack Obama that goes far beyond simple disagreement with issues?

The election of Barack Obama has exposed a cancer that has been there all along, but appears to be far greater than we ever realized.

While the majority of those protesting different policies of the Obama Administration most likely are simply those who oppose the expansion of government in our lives, it is becomingly increasingly evident that racism is playing a key role, especially among those who appear willing to use violence and who are willing to brazenly sling racial epithets in public.

My students have completed their research project for this school year. Next year, I may have to rethink how I teach the subject. Those great strides that I have proudly pointed out to my students each year for the past 11 years may have been just a fleeting illusion.


Might be a good idea to rethink that, Randy. Why don't you teach them -- ENGLISH.

3:54 AM

You mention the "sacrifices of so many during the 1950s and 1960s" as if it is the blacks who were sacrificing, then. African Americans had been making sacrifices for hundreds of years. The 1950's and 60's were when they said "no more".

No, they didn't sacrifice anything except 'the back of the bus'...what they did was fight for the equality they should have had all along...and they are still fighting for it.

Maybe, when you "rethink" you should really rethink the "English" you use and it's context. (but keep teaching)

Your old pal,
Jim F.

4:24 AM

Jim, you are quite correct. I was still thinking more about the way John Lewis was treated over the weekend.

As for anonymous at 3:54, teaching students how to write a research paper is much a part of teaching English as providing instruction on how to conjugate verbs or the meaning of a short story. While they are researching the civil rights movement, they not only are writing papers, but they are doing the non-fiction reading that constantly shows up as a weakness on middle school test scores, they are learning the uses of similes, metaphors and other types of figurative language in the speeches given by Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy, and others during that era, and they are being given valuable research techniques that can help them not only in English, but in the other classes as they progress through high school and college.

4:52 AM

If I understand correctly, you spend that much time on a research paper each year and each year the topic is the same for every student. No wonder you are brainwashed if you read that many papers each year on the same subject which I suspect is slanted to your opinion because of what you tell the kids to begin with. Why are you ignoring all the other great movements and events in history and doing the same thing year after year. Why don't kids get to select their own topics instead of just being channeled by your bias and preference? What about the life and death challenges of the brave pioneers; what about how the Native Americans have had to adapt to a larger culture; what about the heroes in battle (the Sgt. Yorks and the Audie Murphys); what about the struggle to find cures for disease such as smallpox and polio?

The more I learn about your teaching methods, the more I worry.

5:11 AM

Having grown up in the Deep South and then moving to Joplin, I was always amazed at how little difference I saw in terms of racism.

The only real difference is that people in the midwest THINK they aren't racist because there are so few minorities for them to actively discriminate against. But all you really have to do is listen to how they talk about other races. Then it's clear.

5:14 AM

The students in my class are given 15 topics concerning the civil rights movement. They also are allowed to select a related topic of their own, as long as I can be convinced there is enough material available for the topic. We also have a large collection of civil rights books in the East Middle School Library, which, when added to my own collection, offers the students the ability to employ book, as well as internet research. I am sorry anonymous 5:14 that my choice of a research area does not meet with your approval, but it fits well within the district and state curriculum, and prepares the students for the type of research projects they will have to do in high school and college.

5:28 AM

Randy- this would br a good post if the slurs or spitting had happened.

Neither did, and there's a $10,000 bounty on any video showing a single mention of the n-word.

Are you going to be honest enough to write about it once you've studied up?

And the real question - what do you teach your students about how politicians use race to divide white and black communities for their own benefit?

Racism will always exist in some form, but so will those who falsely accuse their political opponents to get some press.

6:28 AM

Jim Durbin: You're being silly, reporting bourgeois truth when only revolutionary truth matters to people like Randy.

One only hopes his students figure out someday the difference between the two and which is most important to them.

7:35 AM

Randy, I wasn't criticizing your choice of research projects. I WAS criticizing the latent racism I've seen in the midwest--which is so often combined with a denial that the speaker/community is really racist.

My point was that, when you listen to all the talk about "us" and "them," and when you hear all the talk about "the blacks" or "the Mexicans," the language midwesterners use gives them away just as much as if they were using racial epithets.

7:56 AM

The Gimlet Eye said...

Randy Turner is the typical liberal school teacher trying to make children into liberal drones like he is through a process of educational assimilation. Call him Goofballus of Borg.

For example, Turner admits to forcing his students into writing some lauditory silliness about the civil rights movement. It would be a foolhardy student who wrote up a hagiography about General Nathan Bedford Forrest and how that worthy was the first President/Grand Dragon of the First White Civil Rights Organization when it became necessary to protect the interests of Southern White People in the face of Northern Black Republican oppression post 1865. Or about how Adolf Hitler protected ethnic Germans from the predations of jew banksters who betrayed Germany in WWI to suborn the Balfour Declaration and brought about the ruinous Versailles Treaty and the hyperinflation of 1924 which destroyed the savings of the German People.

No, Turner would be foaming at the mouth and give the little rebellious White boy an "F," probably call Social Services on the parents of the little budding Goebbels, and personally shovel 200-mg tablets of Ritalin down the nipper's throat.

You see, allegations of racism are the only way that liberals have in trying to maintain their own way and to feel good about theysselfs. They think that their anti-white racism is so moral and fine, and ignore their own hypocrisy.

The fact of the matter is that white people are no longer able to maintain enough to feed themselves and their children, so they don't have anything to give to minorities who are becoming the majority. And if whites are unable to take care of themselves, then they won't have anything left to give as their government due to invading minorities. Things get rough and they get sort of testy and short to these demanding minorities and demanding hypocritical liberal drones -- like Turner.

The fact of the matter was that $500 billion was taken out of Medicare for the care of elderly whites in order to create a trillion-dollar new entitlement for blacks and hispanics. So an entitlement created for elderly sick whites is being destroyed to give to non-paying minorities, most of them not even legally here. So yes, there will be increased racial friction as whites rebel against having to pay higher taxes and having their social safety nets cut. Be grateful that it is still in the talking stage and hasn't turned violent -- yet.

Turner needs to be mindful that he is not teaching in Zimbabwe. Instead, Turner wants to turn this country into Zimbabwe and then whines when we are not grateful for the anticipated results of Turner's rancid moral pretensions.

Turner is an idiot doing his damnedest to create even more idiots in his own idiot image. The same things that made him have to leave journalism should make him leave teaching. Turner should apply his manifest intellectual and moral talents to something fitting Turner's abilities, like used-car sales or becoming a politician.

1:05 AM

Anonymous said...

Racism is wrong. The most important thing that has not been mentioned is that the racism comes from all races, not just the white americans. Randy, you talk about the alleged spitting and racial slurs. I may have missed it during the elections if you spoke out, but what about the black thugs that were outside of election places with sticks. Think that isn't a form of racist threats against voters? It is not just the whites but all races that discriminate against each other.

I am for teaching about the civil rights era, but spending that much time on it takes away from an opportunity to teach about so much more about the beginnings of our great country. The politically correct left has robbed our kids of a balanced learning environment over the last several years!

10:25 AM

I have said it time and again and I repeat.... I would not allow my child in this man's classroom.... I have a great appreciation for public education and come from a long line of teachers (including myself) but it becoming more and more easy to understand home schooling... something I have long opposed... even if home schooling parents have their own agenda... that is no worse than a public school teacher who pushes his or her own agenda....

11:35 AM

The Gimlet Eye said...

Turner abuses his teaching position in order to advance his own liberal agenda.

Not as big a problem back when Turner was simply writing lies in the liepapers. Then, if you didn't like what self-serving lies Turner wrote and the idiot publishers published, the solution was simple: simply don't buy and read Turner's garbage or sue Turner for libel and slander. Something like that happened, and everyone was the better, except the schoolchildren, for it.

But Turner forcing children to write some liberal drivel goes too far. These public school teachers need to be sternly told that intellectual development and independence means these children writing about what these children know and love and not writing some stupid liberal crap so that they can keep up with the class suck-up in Turner's class. There are plenty of blogs and citizen's journals on the Internet and now everyone can read whatever they like, and write about it as well, if they learn to think for themselves.

I think Turner needs to be fired from the current job that Turner abuses -- trying to teach children to disobey, despise, and eventually hate their parents, and then, given time, God. Turner is an anti-Christ liberal wanting to turn our children into another liberal drone like himself. Turner can't control his impulses to ruin our children, and wants to turn them into anti-white racists like himself.

Have you noticed that Turner now compares anyone who disagrees with him to Adolf Hitler (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2010/04/inspiration-revealed-for-mssu-president.htm)? Makes you wonder who beat Nazi Germany -- liberals like Turner? Or white men who, now it seems, should have let Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia fight it out, then finished off or made peace with the winner.

4:50 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner
05-18-2010, 02:30 AM
Cousin 'Moby Dick(less)' Randy Is Cunting Capt'n Bruce Speck


Joplin Globe hangs Chart reporters out to dry
(The following is my post on today's Daily Kos.)


A tradition of journalism I have admired since the first day I worked for a small town weekly newspaper in 1977 has been the way newspapers stand up for college and high school journalists when they run afoul of the powers that be.

Newspapers, whether in metropolitan areas or in the backwaters of the United States, have banded together to aid student journalists who refuse to back down in the face of overwhelming pressure.

I had the privilege of being one of those newspapermen who backed the youngsters and I never hesitated. The First Amendment is the backbone of this nation, and its first line of defense should always be those who practice journalism.

Sadly, in these days when newsmen are no longer in control of their business and have seen it run into the ground by a neverending stream of those who have risen through the advertising ranks, it is no longer a given that newspapers will defend the First Amendment.

In Joplin, Missouri, the city that I call home, the newspaper appears set on providing a roadblock to the First Amendment and leaving a group of courageous young journalists and their advisor out to dry.

Controversy has never been a stranger to Missouri Southern State University’s student newspaper, The Chart. The newspaper has provided a steady stream of top-notch journalists to Missouri and in doing so has received many honors.

The newspaper has never been tested as much as it has since the hiring of Bruce Speck as the university president two years ago.

Speck was the only person to interview for the most important position on campus and since taking the helm he has been at the center of much criticism, both for his management style, his efforts to dismantled the university’s much praised international mission, and an abortive, secretive attempt to bring a medical school to Joplin.

The Chart has been on top of each controversy involving Speck, thanks to the hard work of Editor Brennan Stebbins and the guidance of advisor T. R. Hanrahan. For that diligence, Speck, his aides or board members have removed copies of the newspaper from a recruiting fair, have done their best to undermine it in the community, including the use of planted comments on my blog, The Turner Report and on other venues, and have threatened Hanrahan’s livelihood.

The community’s “professional” newspaper, The Joplin Globe, has been 10 steps behind The Chart on every MSSU story, but for a short time appeared to be making an effort to catch up.

Bruce Speck was under so much fire; he completely stopped talking to the media. All requests to talk to him had to go through his public information director, and every one of those requests was denied.

Enter Michael Beatty.

Beatty, the former publisher of the Baltimore Examiner, took the top position at the Joplin Globe at the beginning of the year. And if there was any hope that he would usher the Globe into a brave new world of hard-hitting journalism it ended April 6.

As I noted on a Turner Report post last night, Beatty sent an e-mail to Bruce Speck, which revealed that the Globe had dropped public information requests on items that could have embarrassed Speck, offered to arrange a meeting with him, Speck, and the Globe’s editor to give him “examples of positive stories” the Globe wanted to run about MSSU, and offered Speck advice on how to manage the news.

I suppose it comes as no surprise that the university is a major advertiser in the Globe, as are those who have been pushing for a medical school in Joplin.
So it is sad, but no surprise, that Michael Beatty failed to follow the rich tradition of newspapermen who battled to defend the First Amendment.
And it is no surprise that he has left Brennan Stebbins and the band of intrepid reporters at The Chart, to fend for themselves.

There is one consolation to the story, however. Michael Beatty’s e-mail to Bruce Speck was not uncovered through a leak from some disgruntled university employee. It was revealed through good old-fashioned reporting.
The e-mail came to light thanks to a Freedom of Information request from the Chart.

Now that is the First Amendment in action!





I always thought that Chad Stebbins was full of himself and his lame attempts at "reporting" were just to keep the campus entertained. In my opinion, they always "hand pick" the students that they interview to try and start some controversy.

Naturally the Chart is ahead of the Globe in reporting things that happen on campus....duh! I recognize that is Chad's vision that runs the whole operation, but he should be more open.

8:06 PM

Slur the father for the nationally recognized, award winning work of the son...What the....?? Low, DD and Bruce...very low.

8:22 PM

8:22 PM

It's quite clear you have no idea how the Chart works.

The work of the Chart and its students must hurt you deep somewhere so you must strike back at the students...

Sorry, 8:22, Stebbins, Hanrahan, the Chart and the students reporters have far more credibility than the Globe these days.

8:33 PM

Chad Stebbins is a credit to MSSU and was a great influence to many journalists. The Joplin Globe has been an embarrassment to journalism. MSSU was a great school and I am proud of the work I did there as a journalist and student. From what I have seen the new administration has done its best to ruin the school. The Globe has done little to shine a light on the shady backroom deals and thus the "journalists" at the Glob have allowed the fungus that is corruption to grow out of control. Shame on the Globe for being an embarassment to the entire community.

-Phil Cross (not afraid to post openly)

9:48 PM

Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/ Go tell it to the Marines sez...

Turner is whining again that his detractors use his blog comments to make fun of Turner's pretensions. If you don't like what we comment upon, Turner, simply disable the comments section and reveal yourself as a hypocrite once and for all.

The fact of the matter is that Speck enjoys the confidence of the Board of Governors and they renewed his contract. So Speck can fire anyone he pleases and thus nobody who works for MSSU wants to cross him in these days when the job market is poor for academics.

Now if Speck wants to use his power ruthlessly, then this is simply nothing different than Turner and the local left-winger chattering nitwits would abuse it as well. Anonymous @ 8:06 PM simply gave his impression that Chad Stebbins and son were not the second coming of journalistic Jesus Christ or really all that good in the overall scheme of things and the rest of the yappers and Turner 'think' that Anon 8:06 is either Speck or Dwight Douglas. Such is their 'excellence in reporting.'

For the vast majority of us, whether Speck and Dwight Douglas run things as opposed to Turner and friends means little. Somebody is going to be MSSU President, and Speck seems to have held the line on keeping tuition in line and not cutting any jobs. In an era of declining state aid and taxes, this is actually pretty good, and whether or not you like Speck, it shows that Speck is competent. And thus since Speck is competent, then best leave things be as they are.

So Turner's whining that these idiotic scribblers unable to run paper newspapers as a profitable business might not get grown men to jump at whatever they command or explain themselves every five minutes shows that Turner is out of it. Speck doesn't have to explain himself to you wretched idiot scribblers and most people with any sense wouldn't speak to members of the fifth column in any case. Nor does the Joplin Globe have any duty to engage in mischief or idle speculation against the president of any local business which advertises in their paper.

Now what this means is that you get to write whatever foolishness you please in your blog, Turner, and delete critical comments, including or especially this one. But I fail to see why someone who abused members of the community when they were a reporter and editor 'thinks' that they have any moral ground in which to squeal about how anyone with good sense doesn't want anything to do with you. So maybe you should quit whining that you are not the only one who gets to abuse the First Amendment, Turner. You've deleted comments before, so threatening to do so again, and acting as if you are doing us all a favor by allowing some select criticism merely goes to show that you probably wouldn't do as good a job -- or as honestly as Speck.

Speck's doing a good enough job as MSSU President and if he is smart enough not to want to talk to someone with an agenda of causing him and the college trouble, then that goes to show that Speck has good sense. Plus, some of us like listening to Turner whine.

10:32 PM

@Go tell it to the Marines -- You obviously don't know jack about journalism, or about proper management techniques; in fact, your post, which is a rambling rant that appears induced by drugs or alcohol, offers nothing new. Bruce Speck is an embarrassment and should be fired or resign. Of course the board "supports him." The board is heavily influenced by Dwight Douglas, who has an iron-clad grasp on who is on the board, and what the agenda is. This type of rule by one group is paramount to fascism. Sadly, the present situation is likely to end with a tragedy of come sort. Let us all hope that before that occurs, clearer minds will prevail.

2:22 AM

Also to "Go tell it to the marines" -

Speck did not "hold the line on tuition increases". The Governor and Senate of Missouri is doing that. It's called Senate Bill 389.

And if you think that Anonymous 8:06 was not trying to imply that Chad Stebbins is "behind all the monkeyshines" at MSSU, then you don't understand how to read. Here is a direct quote: "I recognize that is Chad's vision that runs the whole operation, but he should be more open."

And if you think you would like to work for Dr. Speck, since he is such a great leader, come on out to MSSU and pick up a job. You should have a doctorate in some field as that is a small requirement for most university professors. Also you should be prepared to feel completely baffled everyday as to why things are happening as they are. You will never know from day to day what random policy might be enforced or what new person may be your boss that day or why you continue to care about a university where you know that your work and input are not valued.

5:08 AM

This board of governors has been "out of it" by design. Douglas design. That's why they went along with Douglas and "told" Speck they would renew his contract for two years. When they realized "there really was trouble in Dodge City", it was too late. There was a majority on the board to fire Bruce BUT since Dwight had convinced them earlier to TELL Speck they would renew his contract for two years, they argued for a while about what to do. No contract had been signed, but not wanting to spend $400,000 to buy him out since they had already "told" him and Bruce would legally have them by the balls, they acquiesced and resigned themselves to wait and see if "things would get better."

They never did. They got worse.

Messich, the respected VP of Acadsemic Affairs, and former dean of arts and sciences and head of Biology resigned "to go back to the classroom", a couple of years away from retirement, when he could have just stayed as VP at the higher salary and greatly enhanced his retirement pension. Bruce appoints Jack Oaks, and after 18, just 18 days on the job, Oaks resigns (giving up 40 grand a year) and goes back to the classroom. As he does, he issues a scathing letter "outing" Bruce and his incredibly poor leadership and vindictive behavior. Bruce then starts a national search, and one by one the finalists withdraw when they see who they would be working for. Bruce declares the search a "failure". We are now operating with another incompetent as interim vp of academic affairs. Terri Agee, the vp of business and a pal of Douglas, also quits and goes "back to the classroom" although she had never taught. The loss in salary by going from vp to professor is around 50 thousand. Why did she do that?... Of course, her pal Dwight arranged for a cushy internal legal "consulting" for her at extra pay. Venture to guess how much extra she will get for this "extra" work?

Speck doesn't even have to fire people. The rats abandon the ship on their own.

Douglas pal, Nodler, got a 2 million dollar pork for a "stadium storm shelter" HA!The football coach wanted to transform the shelter into a indoor practice facility. They spent 400 thousand in planning and the project was misteriously abandoned. To this day there has been no accounting of the 400000 dollars and neither Bruce, nor Douglas nor Nodler will speak about it.
The Globe, of course, has not dare ask the questions that should be asked about these wasted 400000 of TAXPAYER MONEY. Way to spot the sunshine on public officials, Globe.

All of this, and much more, (no room to detail it all) under the poor leadership of whom "Go tell it to the marines" calls "competent"

Give me a break!

The faculty at Southern are right. They are whining, yes, whining about poor leadership. They should!

Who wouldn't. The Chart is right. They are the only ones bringing sunshine into the nefarious affairs of Bruce, Dwight and company. Keep it up, Chart!

8:18 AM

Go tell it to the marines: said...

You said: "Speck's doing a good enough job as MSSU President and if he is smart enough not to want to talk to someone with an agenda of causing him and the college trouble, then that goes to show that Speck has good sense."

First of all, you cannot defend a policy of blanket refusal to grant interviews by the president of a public institution. You just can't. Second, since you refer to "college", I'm guessing you've been observing a while. Right, DD?

10:09 PM

Worse, Speck is not a man of good sense. He is also a man with no integrity. Julio may have had a benign dictatorship during his term, but he had integrity. He was also smart enough to know what to say and not to say to the media. The faculty knew whom they could trust and not trust…and they knew how Julio would react to just about every possible thing that might be asked of him. Speck, however, is a loose cannon; and the "meda policy" proves he is a man without a lick of sense. But he was handpicked for the job by two guys with even less sense. So what did we expect?

12:27 AM

Cousin Swillis Gumpf/Go tell it to the Marines 2 sez:

Listening to all these idiots claiming -- correctly -- to be what 'modern journalism' is all about simply goes to show why newspapers and media are going bankrupt. The reason is because you fools are morally and mentally bankrupt. The only reason for reading your drivel is to think on the matter some, then do the exact opposite of what you fools want.

Nobody intelligent has any 'duty' as Anonymous 10:09 claimed to speak to any journalist simply because these importunate idlers have claimed some sort of perogative to bother people going about their business. Since Speck has gone about minding the store as the Board of Governors set him to doing, anything less than a subpoena by a court of law is the only means under which he has to testify against his own interests. Some liberal whiners who want to hector him about why he doesn't do things as they wish doesn't cut it. But why don't you try holding your breath or hopping on one foot until Speck's contract is up for all the good it will do you?

Insofar as making sure that no positions have been cut and that the University -- actually, I don't think that MSSU rates being called a 'University' -- has enough funds to survive a tuition freeze means that Speck is doing a good enough job financially. A lot of colleges and universities have lost much of their financial base during this bankster-induced depression, and if Speck's management has MSSU financially sound, then what more is required?

The whiners, starting with Turner, 'think' that Speck should be removed simply because they don't like him. Which is tough, simply because the vast majority of us out here who would otherwise not care one way or the other about Speck or Dwight Douglas like these whiners even less. Guess what "Mean Girrrrlz"? Nobody cares and so Speck is in and you fools are out. Life after High School can be so cruel. Go whine your way towards further alienation for all we care.

So, regardless of what is said and whined about, if some of you college types don't like the way Speck runs things, please feel free to quit. Plenty more eggheads living on the edge of financial destitution without benefits with worthless degrees willing to take your place. I bet that they'd kiss Bruce's butt for a chance to feed at the public trough some of you dissatisfied swine want to tip over.

And no, I don't mind you whining and moaning about Speck and Douglas. I so love listening to the yelps of real perceived pain coming from you idiots. You may call Bruce and Dwight the biggest idiots in Joplin -- but anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can see that you woeful snot-nosed mattoids are on the outside looking in with your snouts pressed against the glass.

Nobody believes everything -- or really much of anything -- that they read in a newspaper or blog.

Especially this blog. Pore Pore Pityfool Turner.
12:53 AM

Dear Go tell it to the marines 2 1:02 a.m.


OK. You've jumped the shark this time. No one is going to believe you're for real.

10:36 AM

Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/Go Tell It To The Marines 3 sez:

The comments section on Turner's Blog is far more interesting than anything Turner has to write. Turner is a knee-jerk liberal trying to tell the natives that he is one of them while engaging in a great white liberal whale-hunt on Capt'n Speck and Capt'n Douglas. Call Turner, who is well out of any position of power and thus unsuccessful in his crusade, 'Moby Dickless.'

Reality is that Speck has the better part of a two year contract ahead of him. And if Speck manages to keep MSSU solvent while funding for higher education is drying up, then Speck will likely get another extention on his contract.

Julio Leon was a begger in a day when there was plenty of money in the Missouri treasury. Speck did away with this laughable 'international mission' silliness -- we have enough third-world refuse thanks to Tysons Foods already -- and tried to actually bring in a medical school given that there are plenty of hospitals in this area needing doctors. One of the keys to lowering the demand for medical services in an ageing population is increasing the number of mechanics in the doctor licensing monopoly and making it cheaper for them to get a license. So it fell through because of the current educational paradyme of educrat turf wars.

In an age of "University of Phoenixes" and other on-line schools, I think that Dr. Speck's hunker-downism and Dwight Douglas's relentless Joplin boosterism might actually turn out correct. It is time for MSSU to hunker down during tough economic times and become more relevant to LOCAL interests as opposed to the demands of liberal journalism types who can't even get a job in a dying irrelevant industry.

Reality is something which happens whether you liberal nitwits like it or not. The public funding cupboard is bare. Time to stop irrelevant internationalist silliness and work towards solutions geared to local interests. Speck and Douglas, whether you like them or not, seem to have a greater grasp of reality than Turner and most of his fellow liberal fish-out-of-water-in-SW-Missouri edumacated fools on this blog.

This entire blog entry came about because one entity dependent upon the well-wishing of the public, the Joplin Globe, decided to work well with the other publicly funded entity dependent upon the good will of the public, Missouri Southern State 'University.' There is good sense in both of these reaching an accommodation for the good of the region. There is no need for constant back-biting and whining. And so they came to an accommodation. And, as long as it is above-ground and known then what of it? Is it so very wrong when society's leaders co-operate for the good of us all? Regardless of what the chattering nitwits like Turner 'think'?

Reality sucks. Reality bites.

Reality IS. Get used to it.

Swillis Gumpf Turner
07-15-2010, 02:08 PM
Cousin Randy Blames The Top Maggots For The Decline of the jewspapers


Arrogance leading to the decline and fall of newspapers


I am so tired of the hand wringing over the failing newspapers in the United States. I worked for newspapers for 22 years and I can tell you without the slightest doubt that the major reasons you read about in every tearjerking story over their decline and fall are only symptoms and come nowhere near to accurately describing the disease.

Newspapers are not failing because they gave away their product for free over the Internet.

Newspapers are not failing because a younger generation does not want to read and has more interest in social networking and video games.

Newspapers are failing because of the arrogance of the people who are running them.

I am not talking about the editors and reporters on the front lines. They are playing with the meager hands they have been dealt. The problem is at the top -- the companies that decided it was more important to squeeze every last cent out of the newspapers without putting any quality back into them.

Companies like GateHouse Media, which I worked for when it was known as Liberty Group Publishing bought up one newspaper after another, chose center production hubs and eliminated jobs in communities without doing anything to improve their products. News staff sizes were cut drastically, production jobs eliminated entirely, while all the while company executives boasted of an improved product. Usually, this improved product consisted of a redesign, some advertising initiatives, and more special sections and niche products than can be counted. And that devotion to outside products cut down on the quality of the daily newspaper.

In small communities, obituaries, wedding anniversaries, engagements, births, all of which had been considered news in the past, were now just sources of revenue. If a family cannot afford to pay outrageous prices to a newspaper during its time of grief, the loved one's death will simply go without notice.

And no one at the top of these newspaper chains was able to figure out they were creating a disconnect between the community and the newspaper. Newspaper owners of the past, most of whom lived in the community, were smart enough to know that membership in the Chamber of Commerce and sponsoring a fireworks display or a concert (or more likely some kind of business expo) only reached one segment of the community and not a big one at that. It doesn't matter how much time you play footsie with the business community if you are not reaching their potential customers. Each time newspapers cut back on news coverage, or charged for it, they lost more and more of those potential customers.

Are there any signs that anyone at the top of the newspaper chains recognizes this problem and is doing anything about it?

Sadly, no. If anything, the companies are headed in the opposite direction. Instead of putting more money into their news products, newspapers continue to create niche products, each of which brings in some revenue, but do nothing to stop the hemorrhaging taking place in the core product. More attention is paid to the type of national celebrity news that readers can and will find more easily on the internet. What they usually will not find on the internet is the local news they need.

And the practice of centralizing production and cutting jobs continues. If even some of the savings that the newspaper chains realize from these moves were put back into the journalistic product, there might be something to say for them, but that is almost never the case. All it does, is improve the company's bottom line, cut more jobs, and slash even more ties to the local communities that eventually will determine if the newspapers are going to survive.

The most recent move of this sort was announced this week by Gannett, the country's most powerful newspaper chain. As I noted Tuesday, Gannett is centralizing pagination (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2010/07/central-design-plan-will-eliminate-jobs.html) at five hubs across the country, and considering the company has nearly 100 daily newspapers, that means a number of people will receive pink slips in the near future, affecting every local community Gannett is supposed to serve.

While Gannett and other newspaper chains cannibalize their own products in search of every nickel they can find, the long-term health of those very products is being sacrificed for short-term profits for stockholders and a killing for the executives who are destroying the foundation on which their companies were built.

In the March 18 Turner Report, I noted the massive bonuses Gannett CEO Craig Dubow and other Gannett executives have received while cutting jobs and forcing employees to take two weeks of unpaid furloughs:

In a proxy statement filed today with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Gannett, owner of USA Today and daily newspapers across the United States, including the Springfield News-Leader, announced more than $2.1 million in bonuses for its five top executives, including $1,450,000 for CEO Craig Dubow.

And while Gannett employees have to wonder if they will have still jobs and have to take meager severance packages and/or unemployment pay when they are fired, Dubow and his fellow executives can wreak havoc with others' lives while being guaranteed they will not face similar upheavals:

And while many Gannett employees were shown the door to help the company's bottom line, Dubow has no needs to worry on that account. If he ever leaves the company voluntarily, it has already invested nearly $9.6 million for his pension, he has nearly $6 million in stock options, and more than $3.8 million in restricted stock units, for a total of $19,312,688, according to the proxy statement.

After Dubow leaves the company, he will have medical coverage paid for life, home computer assistance for three years, use of the company plane for the same amount of time (though he will have to reimburse Gannett for that), use of an office, secretarial assistance, for a total of $47,000 worth of perks.
If for some reason, the ownership of Gannett changes hands, Craig Dubow is guaranteed $39 million under his contract, with the other top four officials guaranteed a combined $48.5 million, for a total of $87.5 million.

Please don't blame a fickle readership for the rapid disintegration of newspapers in the United States and don't consider using taxpayer money to prop up this cadaver so it can pillage our communities for more profits and provide little of substance in return.

Readers only left newspapers because the newspapers left the readers.

POSTED BY RANDY AT 9:05 AM, Thursday, July 15, 2010




Well said Turner. Well said.

I went back a few days and reviewed what someone wrote. I got a chuckle out of it, and believe it to be true.

"Have you seen the News-Leader lately? It has no local character in any of the content. Some type of page lifted from USA Today is stuck inside and the news is whatever comes down the pike from who knows where.

There are not enough pages to wipe with. I mean we are talking about a thin newspaper in more ways than one.

I was told the delivery route that serves me has gone from over 900 daily deliveries from subscriptions two years ago to 86 today. WOW! And I don't mean Wonders Of Wildlife.

It is sad for our city but I must say from some of the stupidity over the last 20 years on editorial content, the chickens have come home to roost and they too are crapping on the NL."

The News-Leader at one time had 'Randy Turner' like folks out and about getting facts and reporting them. Now they are only interested in a return for the share holders, and that ain't much, if anything.

9:20 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2010/07/arrogance-leading-to-decline-and-fall.html?showComment=1279210802473#c3788205370837 415168)

Cousin Swillis/Flyswatter sez:

Most of what Turner says is correct: Big Media decided to skim everything from off the top for theysselfs and put nothing back in at the local level. As a result, fewer people read the lie-papers, preferring to get what they think the criminal regime wants them to hear from the TV or major media on the Internet. Then for agreement on what they want to think, they have their choice of bloggers, forums, and web pages. Thus people have chosen their own media of choice and the end result is fracture and Balkanization as everyone finds out what he wants to believe is true.

But Turner lies about how the 'good ol' daze' of how it was good when Turner and Turner clones/clowns ran things. Essentially Turner was a liar and bully who abused his power as an editor, and then Turner ran afoul of someone much like him on the Right, and in the commotion of a libel lawsuit, the publisher/manager of the local paper was able to ship Turner out on his ear, and thus end Turner's career of shoveling liberal BS to a discerning audience. Of course now Turner is now shoveling his offal to a captive audience. Sooner or later the parents and taxpayers will stop supporting Turner and his fellow corps of parasitic liberal nitwits, and funding will follow children as the best parents take out their progeny and the taxpayers can't support the pub[l]ic skrewels.

Actually, I love seeing all the pain and hurt as clones of Turner lose their jobs and professions essentially lying to anyone stupid enough to read these lie-papers. So it is nice to see what is going around coming around to liberal idiots who advocated exactly what they ended up getting. But now that the effects of globalism and centralization and political correctness is coming around to them, commences now the puling and moaning concerning how they have been downsized and terminated and hung out to dry with the rest of the garbage.

All of the former pillars of society have been picked apart by people like Turner, first in the major media and now in the public school system. Now these parasitic termites find out that the mound in which they lived yet picked apart is falling down, and they whine that when they wanted the social order to fall apart, these silly silly fools never thought that they would be caught up in it.

Turner whining about the management destroying the major lie-papers is akin to a maggot lower on the totem pole whining about the fatter maggots living at theys' expense on a declining carcass. Maggots have no loyalty to anything other than theysselfs, and cannot understand how they had anything to do with the way things have come about due to their own misconduct.

1:06 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2010/07/arrogance-leading-to-decline-and-fall.html?showComment=1279224381209#c3976118450341 022185)

Thank you Flyswatter - not because I believe everything you say, but because you say it. He will never figure this out, but Randy Turner isn't the great sage and "knower of all things" that he wants people to believe. And it scares the living daylights out of me to think of him teaching children...

1:10 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2010/07/arrogance-leading-to-decline-and-fall.html?showComment=1279224608754#c8681213026187 992625)

Anonymous, perhaps you would have been better off if you had Mr. Turner as a teacher since you appear to agree more with Flyswatter, which appears to be another pseudonym for Martin Lindstedt. Mr. Turner isn't always right with what he says, but his honesty and integrity have never been questioned by anyone with intelligence.

1:40 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2010/07/arrogance-leading-to-decline-and-fall.html?showComment=1279226422034#c5902294460629 240351)

Swillis Gumpf Turner/Flyswatter 2 sez:

The problem with a drone like Turner is that after those who actually had to deal with Turner's causing the Carthage Press to be hated and despised because of Turner's sanctimonious stupidity -- which other drones like Anonymous @ 1:40 claim is "honesty and integrity" -- turfed Turner out on his ear, this drone immediately glommed onto the other maggots' paradise of the pub[l]ic skrewl system, wherein more self-righteous maggot drones are programmed to be nothing more than consuming excreting animals in a declining system about to collapse hated by both its subjects foreign and domestic.

Yes, the public school system needs to be defunded and its captive audience of institutionalized children set free of the likes of Turner. Last month, Turner was shrieking like a maggot deprived of new fodder over Glenn Beck telling the Tea Partyiers that they need to take out tax money as well as their children from the pub[l]ic skrewls. Turner then yapped about how the current regimen of drone-programming just had to continue because otherwise . . . . liberal drones like Turner would be out of a job programming more worthless drones like Turner.

In a free society, Turner and Turner's army of murmuring mattoids would be free to publish whatever they wanted, and to create as many other mattoid drones as they pleased -- at theys' own expense. The children of ordinary citizens do not belong to them, nor does tax money from their parents or anyone else.

Thus Turner can of course publish his blog and, admitting that Turner has lost the public debate on his own blog, Turner can block commentary at [s]will, and thus admit that he never was or is able to deal with free men able and willing to think for themselves. Of course Turner and his sock-puppet ass-clowns routinely threaten to declare their moral and intellectual bankruptcy by closing the comments section whenever hearing a disparaging word from hostile readers with their own opinions upon whose minds pub[l]ic edumacation didn't take much hold.

As a way to get from the current degenerate state to freedom, private school vouchers, cutting property taxes, and closing down marginal schools, limiting taxpayer-funded public education to three years from the ages of ten to fourteen for the purpose only of teaching the Three-R's or reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic, closing down and privatizing higher edumacation by closing state universities and abolishing the state-sponsored accreditation and licensing systems (which have the sole process of limiting education and training to politically connected parasites) and any other measures to separate schools and the State.

We have an Internet system to use as a library and a school. We simply don't need drones like Turner and Turner-like drones to function as toll-keepers any more. Since Turner and his fellow drones are no longer necessary at the local and regional level, let them be sent out to live in the real world, to either perish or to change their parasitical world-view and become actually productive people living on their own dime.

It also looks like quite a few people are less than enamored with Turner. That Turner needs adult supervision is the consensus, and the Management of the Carthage Press did, and the school board should, grow tired of bothering with someone needing such great amounts of moral and mental supervision to not run amok.

My point is that Turner and those like Turner idiotically insist that it is all management's fault, and not manning up and taking responsibility for theys' part in the collapse of local and regional lie-papers. They were the first at fault. Anyone able to think for himself got into the habit of going to the Internet to read their news. A parasitical Management eating their own seed-corn is finishing the process. But when the big maggots kill and eat the littler maggots, it is hard not to cheer when it is the littler maggots like Turner who are now finding out that what goes around to others eventually comes around to them.

3:06 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2010/07/arrogance-leading-to-decline-and-fall.html?showComment=1279231589589#c4838938964225 907654)




Mein Twattt!!!

Elizabeth Lundstrum sez:

Okay, people Break It UP. This discussion was not an invite to neuter Randy Turner. This was a comment on the demise of newspapers. This is not a local issue- this is happening all around the country. I believe the New York Time is going strictly web based.

Don't get me wrong- I love newspapers. I like the physical feel for them and also the local reporters passionate views of their topics. I love magazines and paper books. For me and my generation. this will never be replaced by Kindles or e-books, or e- papers. But let us face the facts- the production of paper products has increased. Paying staff, selling copies, and distribution are sinking newspapers and publishers.

Also, I can read something on an internet news source at least 10 hours before it hits the paper. The internet has basically scooped the paper business.

The push by certain climate groups for "greener " practices by businesses has also hurt newspapers. Paper is made from wood, bleached with chemicals and than the ink is used. Disposal is expensive. Yes, you can recycle but many just want us to be a paperless society- "save the trees, save the earth".

My last point is that I know Randy Turner personally. You have not worked with him, had him as a teacher, had a child in his class, or even read his stuff. You read his blog for what? information, fun, to post petty insults? I am pretty much sure that you are exercising your first amendment rights by telling him your opinion (behind an anonymous post) but he is also exercising his. Get a life and read something else.....

7:04 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2010/07/arrogance-leading-to-decline-and-fall.html?showComment=1279245888051#c7685785827248 503706)

Mein Twattt!!!

I suffer from solipsism.


But I don't contemplate my navel, I contemplate my (http://lundstrum.blogspot.com/) PUSSY !!!

It is simply not credible to say that "the editors and reporters on the front lines" are blameless when they are delivering center-left to hard left editorial content to a center-right country.

5:30 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2010/07/arrogance-leading-to-decline-and-fall.html?showComment=1279283431306#c1487719429691 207146)

Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/Flyswatter sez:

Betty, you might be the Head ReTard (http://www.blogger.com/profile/10489906122201177564) in the local Tard Corral known as the pub[l]ic skrewel system, but you are simply wasting your time trying to treat grown white men as one of your little idiot tards regardless of whether, judging by your ability to use the English language and ability to 'think' you must have put the 'Special' in Special Edumacation (http://lundstrum.blogspot.com/). If anyone needs to get a life, it is you, and for what it is worth I think that you are fit for nothing other than maybe drawing a plow when the Social Order goes down another few notches after the Great Collapse.

Like all drones and parasites in a declining System about to collapse, you seek to whine that this collapse is caused by the predators and parasites who are simply mopping up. The fact of the matter is that the inmates now run the asylum, and as a result the rest of us simply fled it, which is why we home-school our children and don't want to pay higher and higher taxes for you liberal idiots any more.

Turner and those like Turner essentially destroyed the lie-papers because the minute there was an alternative to getting the news of the day, we went onto the Internet, created our own blogs, web pages, and alternative media. We networked and created our own alternative media and schools of thought. We no longer need your kind any more. And thus, we sit and gloat while the former mainstream media is simply looted for what is left, leaving the former parasites who did the grunt work of lying and sleazing being left high and dry to starve.

Now insofar as whether we know Randy Turner better than you do, Liz. You think you know Turner better than we do because you are a drone parasite just like Turner is. Some of us have known Turner its entire life and despised Turner because Turner is a liar, coward and degenerate. Regrettably 'tolerance' leads to toleration of that which should have been eliminated when found. Turner wore away at the patience of the Carthage Press management and readers, and when an excuse was found to rid themselves of Turner, Turner was run off, chop, chop.

If I had a child 'under' Turner, then I'd be kicking up a fit to where that wouldn't happen, or Turner would be teaching children whose parents don't much care how they turn out -- which is the majority. In my father's day, critters like Turner wouldn't have been allowed to teach children in any case.

You parasites are like dinosaurs. You have recreated the world in your image with the result that the social order is on the verge of collapse and simply can't afford to keep you drones and parasites up any more. State and local governments have had to turn loose you useless, evil eaters. Just as the media is in terminal decline because nobody wants their product and a poorer population can't afford to pay the salaries, wages and pensions of the media, likewise nobody really wants you degenerate liberal idiots anywhere near their kids and no longer can pay high property taxes. As a result, soon enough most of you parasites will be out on your ears and out on the street.

Insofar as whether Turner decides to censor the comments section of his blog, if Turner wishes to admit defeat in the war of ideas, then fine by me. Turner never was one to allow free speech when he ran the local lie-paper, and neither are most editors. That's why none of us buy lie-papers anymore unless we are in it. Whatever Turner censors will doubtless show up in another blog in any case.

It definitely is a high-lite of my golden years to see what James Kunstler calls you 'Yeast People' dying off from the toxins from your own foul byproducts after a long decline and season of starvation.

No, Randy Turner and his fellow corps of liars in the media destroyed the foundations first. When us, the disgusted, found the Internet, we left and never looked back. Now all the moneymen are draining what is left in the corpse, nothing more.

6:19 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2010/07/arrogance-leading-to-decline-and-fall.html?showComment=1279329566540#c7453166792107 871955)

All of you that are bitching about Randy Turner, keep this in mind... You do not have to read a single thing he has written, you are not forced to believe anything you don't want to. I'm not sure what you complainers believe in, but you are a typical bunch of Republican "againers". If you didn't say it or you don't believe it, then you are again it, and to you its obviously wrong for anyone else to think otherwise. Yep, I work in public and hear your kind every day. Most of them are also called "Baptists".

Now take after this, won't you say doesn't make one little bit of difference to me.

4:26 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2010/07/arrogance-leading-to-decline-and-fall.html?showComment=1279365977781#c3157871908919 159981)

Swillis Gumpf Turner/Flyswatter 4 sez:

All of you liberal trough feeders who support Randy Turner keep this in mind . . . .

The responses to Turner's silliness involves arguing as to what has finished off the liepapers and mainstream media (MSM). Turner and Liz and the other fools want to blame the looting maggots which are cleaning off the bones off the corpse. Myself and a few others want to put the blame for the initial decline squarely where it belongs -- on Tuner and his corps of like-minded drones who made the lie-papers unreadable and not even remotely honest, triggering the first exodus of working white males and taxpayers who resolved to not pay to read lies aimed against their own interests. So along came the Internet and off went we. We formed our own media for which we pay nothing except if we want to support our own media with our own efforts. Now Turner and the rest of you liberal parasites are whining that since we don't need your kind any more, that we are taking our attention, children, and soon tax dollars elsewhere.

Something that you parasites only dimly understand is rushing up to bite you: The host -- us -- don't need the parasites -- you. You parasites, on the other hand, need us, and cannot prosper or even live when we close our minds, wallets, and doors to the likes of you. You all are parasitical drones surplus to society and thus are left to make it on your own.

Now to these realities, like all liberals you whine and say given the shambles of the New Reality facing you which you created and to which we reacted, "Well, I meant well!!!!" Which is a lie that you liberals tell in order to advance your parasitism in the first place. Your kind was always evil and stupid and vicious, and the end result will put paid to the likes of you.

So, again. Turner can at any time close the comments section to hostile commentary using any excuse Turner pleases. But in doing so, Turner declares moral and mental bankruptcy. And while I and the rest are sure that Turner might well think that he has no choice but to admit defeat, whining and sitting in a corner pissing hisself and having other liberal parasites pulling his finger is certainly no victory.

7:11 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2010/07/arrogance-leading-to-decline-and-fall.html?showComment=1279375865905#c5685005834667 400254)

Cousin Randy Turner
08-17-2010, 12:08 AM
Judge's ruling opens door for more perverted funeral protests from Westboro Baptist Church


Thanks to an order issued today by U. S. District Court Judge Fernando Gaitan, the Westboro Baptist Church will be able to continue its desecration of military funerals.

The order struck down Missouri laws which restricted the times such protests could be held and requiring protesters to maintain a distance of at least 300 feet from the funerals.

Having spent most of my adult life writing words that are protected by the First Amendment, I have always been a staunch supporter of free speech, even when that speech is vile and disgusting- but does that mean that we have no obligation to protect the sanctity of the grieving process for families whose loved ones have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the First Amendment that these jackals then flaunt in their faces?

Cousin Randy Randy Turner, Monday, August 16, 2010 8:45 PM



Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/Heil Phred sez:

Having spent most of your entire life writing self-serving lies which are in accordance with the chattering class of parasites hiding behind the First Amendment to the Bill of Goods, you were finally run off by the publishers and readers who got tired of your lies. The First Amendment simply meant that sooner or later you ran into a similar jerk on the right who took you to court and finished you off.

These funerals are used as political events. Your kind wants to use the myth that idiot thugs in a declining economy are somehow 'heroes' for joining the looting expedition of an imperial state in order to go half-way around the world and murder women and children and when they are justly killed by the patriots of foreign lands, your kind wants to call them 'heroes' when in actuality they are worse than the SS. So then when certain real patriots, who wonder why the ruling class's imperial wars for personal profit should be glossed over, and decide to draw attention to the real costs of the war upon their discarded tools, you dishonest fools immediately claim that you get to draw where the line dividing what is permissible to write or say by claiming -- absent facts, intelligence, or even honesty -- to a higher morality. Your 'higher morality,' Turner, is akin to that of a tapeworm.

I have a simple solution for your kind Turner: You say whatever you please. Then when anyone gets annoyed at what you write, then they brand a retraction on your hide and skin you out, putting the stretched pelt on the lie-paper door for all to see.

That way the rest of us can figure out who is in power and what is safe to say and think and nobody needs to get the lawyers and judges involved.

You and your kind never believed in free speech for anyone except your fellow liars. But things are falling apart, and you no longer have a monopoly of who gets to say what, thanks to the Internet.

These foreign wars are lost. They were lost the day they were started as a looting expedition. Hundreds of millions of brown people can't be occupied forever by a hundred thousand Western soldiers hunkered down in fire-bases. There isn't money to fix American roads and infrastructure, yet these fools think that they are going to make Iraq or Afghanistan into a Western democracy with modern infrastructure. Millions of teachers here are going to be laid off, but you think you are going to close down Islamic seminaries over there?

The soldiers who were killed in foreign wars are simply poor people who couldn't find any jobs over here, so they found their only employer, took their chances, and lost. They are simply discarded tools, and certainly not heroes. And anyone who glorifies the unnecessary wars in which these dupes were killed, is a traitor and parasite -- one who hates rule of law because sometimes even these corrupt courts gives a reverse to a thief who claims a higher morality.

10:51 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2010/08/judges-ruling-opens-door-for-more.html?showComment=1282024281418#c2483747744684 325479)

Cousin Randy Turner
08-22-2010, 12:28 AM
I'm Desecrating the memory of Barbara McNeely . . .

. . . For My Own Perverted Purposes

From time to time, I open a scrapbook and look obsessively over a short poem, written in faded blue ink on a sheet of notebook paper that has seen better days.

The words don’t rhyme and they will never rank with those of Emily Dickinson or Elizabeth Barrett Browning, but they mean the world to me:

Remember the Days
when we were young and free
to roam and play like goofy kids

Those words, which began the poem, weren’t the words of a seasoned poet, but the thoughts of a 16-year-old girl. A girl who tolerated a gliberal whigger butthole fag and might have made me into a normal heterosexual White man as opposed to an ex-sheep fucking twisted gliberal whigger butthole fag trying my best in the pub[l]ic skrewl system to turn your kids into degenerate self-hating gliberal whigger perverted drones like myself.

Though we didn’t get along at first, as the smell of Ewelene was still on my pecker and even then all the normal whigger girleys sensed something twisted about me, Barbara and I became good friends in high school and when we attended Missouri Southern State College. The McNeely family were high-class, Barbara's aunts were skrule teachers, and I knew that I'd have to suck up in order for the Turner spawn to 'arrive.' When I made my first fledgling efforts to write a novel while I was at East Newton High School, it was Barbara who did my typing for me and offered me a steady stream of encouragement. I so wanted sloppy seconds as a 'catcher' on the boys she dumped. Even then I could suck the lug nuts off a big truck. Just ask the boys at the Petro truck stop about the quality and overall satisfaction of my 'work.'

And suddenly all of that was gone. My friend and support system who didn't hate supercilious faggots and who kept me grounded in what wymyn our age really wanted was gone forever and she was only 20 years old.

The man who killed her, William R. McMurray, said he stabbed Barbara multiple times because he thought she was his mother. He was the obverse side of the mentally ill coin: He was heterosexual and hated domineering women, while I am a homosexual who like a jew uses whigger women against whigger men. When his trial was held, the Joplin Globe -- then a conservative locally-owned jewspaper which was in touch with its readers and thus instinctively hostile to twisted faggots like myself -- contained one account after another of how the deeply religious folks at Cecil Todd’s Revival Fire ministry thought that McMurray had undergone a conversion, had been saved, and was deserving of forgiveness. They were old-style jewdayo-whiggers who believed in forgiveness of sinners, normal sinners, not left-wing twisted faggots like me trying to overturn the then-extant social order. Not once did any of these people, so quick to proclaim how the Lord could make a difference even in the life of someone who had done something so horrible, offer one word of sympathy or support to Barbara’s family, any more than I offer one single word of sympathy or support to haters and Klansmen whose families and lives are destroyed by criminal regimeists, piglice or the gliberal whigger butthole fags. You see, it is all about a Genesis 3:15 hatred and how the social order must place us degenerate whigger faggots on top preaching 'tolerance' against 'hate' on the part of you evil homophobic White men who are to be forced to live as slaves to serve us in your assigned places on the bottom of the New World Social Order.

Finally, a jury found William R. McMurray not guilty by means of insanity. As an evil gliberal whigger butthole fag, I hate the old 'Rule of Law' in which ordinary citizens decided these matters. He was committed to a state mental hospital and a few years later, after the fact, the McNeely family and the man others who loved Barbara, learned that McMurray had been freed and was walking the streets. My kind loves the 'mental hospitals' and system of putting racists in there to be assaulted by niggers and drugged involuntarily here in the USSA like they did back in the USSR before it collapsed, but not when the System 'cures' my personal enemies and turns them loose to resume their lives. Us gliberal whigger butthold fags are a pretty sanctimonious lot.

Our attorney general at the time, the later imprisoned Bill Webster, not only backed the Missouri Department of Health on its actions, but just like those decent folks at Revival Fires, never offered a word of apology to Barbara’s loved ones. Never offered a single word of apology for simply obeying the law as statute and jury and 'mental health professionals' applied it. We need a Democratic Attorney General like Jay Nixon who refuses to go after piglice and regime criminals when they rob, rape, kill and imprison ordinary White folks when they dare to keep their property and families to themselves.

And since that time, William R. McMurray has been with his wife and kids, living the kind of life that he made sure Barbara McNeely would never have. Sob, sniff, sniff -- a life that myself as a gliberal whigger butthole fag going ass-to-mouth in a McClellan Park "'men's'-room" never really wanted to have either. But the whole purpose of this screed is to wax sanctimonious and to pretend that I have ever been attached to any pussy other than Ewelene. That’s bad enough, but I received a disturbing e-mail a few days ago from a reporter in Crawfordsville, Ind., McMurray’s hometown, another gliberal whigger butthole fag like me of the sort infesting these dying jewspapers which haven't gone down -- yet -- because White men able to read long ago refused to buy this lying crap out out by degenerate liars like oursselfs. This 'reporter' and I spent a wonderfool weekend playing 'jewfreey Dahmer' in downtown Newtonia. The 'safe word' was 'nigger cocksucker'.

Apparently, 33 years after the murder, William McMurray is ready to cash in on his notoriety, offering another of the endless stream of books authored by those who have done terrible things, gone through a redemption process, and have emerged to lead successful lives. I love the First Amendment -- except for those like Pastor Lindstedt, Reverend Fred Phelps, and any other White men and women who say something I deem to be 'hate speech -- and while I've made a few ZOGbux writing a pack of lies, nobody should profit from telling the truth if they disagree with me.

In this book, the reporter told me, McMurray plans to write about the horrible abuse he suffered as a child, what it lead him to do, and how he “turned his life around.” Which goes to show that McMurry still is a retard for stupidly, but honestly, ever speaking to us lie-paper reporters or to piglice. Nobody should ever talk to FiBbIes, jewdges, lie-yers, head-shrinkers, skrule screetchers, and certainly not gliberal whigger butthole fag jewspaper reporters if they have anything on the ball.

For this man, who deprived the world forever of the sunshine that was Barbara McNeely, to make money off the tragedy, is a desecration to her memory. Nobody but us gliberal whigger butthole fags working for the liepapers should be allowed to profit from human tragedy. I simply can't stand it that this White man changed his life around, got some sort of mental health treatment, became a Christian, and married and had children. Itz not fair, itz not fair, itz not fair. White men need to be locked up in jewlags, not writing books about finding redemption and having White children.

So many times I have been amazed at those who manage to gloss over the most horrific acts with homilies about the healing power of forgiveness. Us evil gliberal whigger butthole fags never seek forgiveness -- rather we seek power over others to impose ourselves and our superior morality -- because when it all falls apart we will all whine the eternal whine of the 'liberal' evildoer: "But, but, but . . . . . We meant well !!!!! . . . . "

Well forgive me, but I am not buying it. It won't buy me a five ZOGbux blowjewb from a cheap rent-boy. Don’t tell me about the redemptive powers and inspiration that McMurray’s books may offer to those who have been abused as children. Your children need to be mentally abused and turned into sanctimonious gliberal whigger butthole fags like me and the rest of my tribe of drones in the pub[l]ic skrewl system.

I will continue to find my inspiration -- and sanctimonious profit -- in that short poem and in the memory of the wonderful young woman who wrote it.




Cousin Randy Turner
02-15-2011, 12:33 AM
Cousin Randy Turner (http://rturner229.blogspot.com)
Gliberal Whigger Butthole Fag (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries/)

Stop the killing of gliberal whigger butthole fags


NRA CEO on Tucson shooting: Don't blame our guns


There was a time, not too many years ago, when even the National Rifle Association could be counted on to be a voice of reason when it came to issues like having average citizens in possession of major artillery.

Apparently, that is no longer the case.

In the wake of the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the murders of six others last month in Tucson, Ariz., there has been a call for a return of the same kind of sensible ban of assault weapons that the Bush administration allowed to expire.

Though it seems likely there will be an effort in upcoming months to reinstate the assault weapons ban, and to eliminate the type of magazine that allowed Jared Loughner to get off several more rounds before he was finally subdued, odds are nothing will come of it.

Those types of much-needed reform would not make one bit of difference as far as Americans' Second Amendment rights are concerned. It would not affect the type of weaponry a person would need to protect his or her home. Americans could still exercise their constitutional rights.

However, that is not the message the National Rifle Association has been pushing. The following passage is taken from the Washington magazine, The Hill, concerning a speech made last week:

Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's executive vice president and CEO, lashed out at supporters of tighter gun control laws in the wake of the attack on Giffords in Tucson, and said that existing gun regulations had only failed.

"If Tucson told us anything, it told us this: government failed," LaPierre said in a speech Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

"When they tell you that a government ban on certain guns or magazines will stop violence, don't you buy it, not for one second," LaPierre said.
The National Rifle Association has made a habit over the last decade or so of creating a new crisis, almost always fictitious, based on the idea that someone is lurking around every corner trying to take away the guns of peaceful citizens.

Each crisis gets the dues pouring in. One such crisis brought about a series of so-called Castle Doctrine laws, which gave people rights they already had to protect their lives and property. No one was ever able to show a case in which the Castle Doctrine was necessary, but that didn't stop politicians from treating it like it was the most important ruling for gun rights that ever came down the pike.

Now, at a time when we should be having rational discussions about the type of weaponry that no one outside of the military needs, (and especially not for protection), Wayne LaPierre and his organization are back to their old tricks.

To LaPierre and those who hang on his every word, it is never about the weapons, it is always about big government wanting to sneak into your bedrooms and liberate your guns while you are sleeping.

That is simply not going to happen. Law-abiding citizens are going to be allowed to keep their guns. Recent U. S. Supreme Court rulings have made that clear. But our nation's highest court has yet to say that the Second Amendment gives a person the right to own any kind of weapon he wants.

Hopefully, considering the Tucson shootings, that will never be the case.



Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/Ought to be a law against Liberals said...

What part of 'shall not be infringed' doesn't Turner and other liberals understand?

Insofar as new pro-freedom laws not being necessary, how about a law against Turner and other liberals? Why not pass a law to where liberals cannot own guns and they must live next to those they profess to love? Why not 'interpret' the laws against those like Turner?

Turner is a mere hypocrite wanting people disarmed so that the government can do anything it wants. We need to close down them public schools so that clowns like Turner can't perpetuate theysselfs no more

12:38 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/02/nra-ceo-on-tucson-shooting-dont-blame.html?showComment=1297672692054#c847322683135 6402163)

Guns don't kill people - abortions do.

4:24 AM

What about convicted felons and 'shall not be infringed?'

Let's face it, some people's access to guns needs to be infringed. The problem is how to do it.

With a hugh gun market along Mexico's border, reportedly providing weapons to the criminal element in Mexico, something, somehow needs to be done.

Perhaps the NRA CEO could help provide some leadership on solving that problem.

7:17 AM

It's illegal for felons to own or even be in possesion of a firearm of any kind. They can't even have one in the house that they live in even if it belongs to another person. It's a trip straight back to prison if it's found out of any of these circumstances, so that's the solution to your first problem. Solution to your second problem about guns on the border involves more than just selling the guns to druglords...maybe more intervention from the government that is supposed to keep us safe and actually have more presence on the border for starters. Possibly intercept shipments of guns that are going back to mexico across the border. There's many things that more military presence on the border can accomplish.

8:41 AM

There are enough gun laws on the books. If the person who sold him the gun would've had beter training, who knows? There is more than enough blame to go around, don't just focus on the NRA. The person who did this if he did't have a gun could have probably done more damage by blowing himself up. Even without guns in the equation people will always find ways to kill other people.

2:50 PM

Better training? The guy selling the gun was interested in a profit, period.

3:55 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner/Go ahead, Turner punk, make our day said...

What I like about this is every time you 'liberal' idiots talk about more gun laws, the more scared people go out and buy even more guns.

Let's see. One million police and over three million 'criminals' -- some of them innocent and set up in order to avoid revolution -- and over 200 million guns. What happens if the criminals figure out that they outnumber the 'regime criminals' and decide to use their guns to stage a revolt? What do they have to lose? Their lives and freedom? Looks like civil war is around the corner and when it kicks in the losing side will be enslaved and exterminated.

But on the up side, the winners will make sure that they are the only ones allowed guns. Only come that day will be the only possible enforcement by a dictatorship using these 'liberal' gun laws as a pretext. Hitler, bless him, enforced the Weimar JudenRepublik laws -- but only on the jews, Communists, homosexuals and other like idiots making the gun laws. The SS and Gestapo got to run wild in the streets rounding up subversives to the New Order of Life then.

I'm still laughing at what happened with some nutty White Supremacist' living in Pittsburg, Pa, who thought Obongo was gonna take his guns. So in the space of thirty seconds he cacked three little pigs in his kitchen back on April 2009. From what I gather, he's been in solitary confinement in jail as the lawyers endlessly wrangle about his mental status and whether he was within his rights for defending himself and his home.

Now multiply this by tens of millions of mentally ill with access to guns. Some psychiatrists 'think' that better than half the population (certainly all those of the 'liberal' persuasion) is screwed up in the head. So we have tens, maybe hundreds of millions of nuts armed to the teeth with guns of all sorts, and the idiot liberals 'think' that passing even more laws is going to make a nation of paranoid schidzophrenics turn in their guns before going off to what they think are the the death camps.

Go ahead, liberals. Make our day. What are you gonna use to make us disarm? Harsh whiny pissy language?

Go ahead, liberal punks, make our day!!! Just try making me reload twice instead of only once!!! Go ahead. I dare ya'!!!

5:29 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/02/nra-ceo-on-tucson-shooting-dont-blame.html?showComment=1297733362500#c368676527189 718178)



The Turner Diaries (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries/) RULES, The Turner Report (http://rturner229.blogspot.com) drools

Cousin Randy Turner
02-19-2011, 12:21 AM
Cousin Randy Turner (http://rturner229.blogspot.com)
Gliberal Whigger Butthole Fag (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries/)

Pub(l)ic Skrewl Teechers and jewnion pub(l)ic employees need more tax ZOGbux


Steelman cheers Wisconsin governor


In a tweet a few moments ago, Republican U. S. Senate candidate Sarah Steelman cheered the stance taken in Wisconsin against public employee unions:

Kudos Wisc leadership standing up for taxpayers against union demands. Wisc shows problem with collective bargaining for public employees.



Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/Sarah has a point said...

This may come as a big surprise to a government worker drone like Turner, but the private sector doesn't have a mattress-full of money to pay for public sector retirements. Especially now that the banksters have looted the pension funds.

You public 'servants' will have to pay out for your own pensions. And if you don't want to work for what the strapped state governments can pay, then . . . . quit and let a new hire from the ranks of the unemployed take your place for less. From what I gather, you are the sort of idiot we don't want turning children into liberal idiots in any case.

Sarah Steelman is correct, as is the Wisconsin governor. The state sector is going to have to shrink and we will have to raise tariffs and bring back manufacturing jobs, deport all the illegal aliens, and start taking care of America first.

1:19 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/02/steelman-cheers-wisconsin-governor.html?showComment=1298063953999#c464416333 675682503)

So it's just okay to promise your workers a pension and then when some scab governor decides he doesn't want to pay what you've been promised it's just okay to change the rules in the middle of the game? I don't think so.

I personally think the US Congress, these state legislatures, and anyone else elected should immediately go to minimum wage with NO benefits. Immediately. They should lose any pensions or perks acquired throughout their careers.

I wonder how long before they'd turn the dogs and the cops on us all if we tried that.

Same thing.

Steelman's a scab. And an ugly one at that.

3:53 PM

Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/Auntie-Parasite said...

Anonymous regimeist parasite @ 3:53 has the idiotic notion common to all parasites that the government -- or the productive taxpayers -- owe them a living.

I suggest that rather those of us who are productive identify these parasites and give them what they really deserve -- putting them in seclusion by theysselfs and giving them only skinning knives and iron pots, and letting them decide for theysselfs who lives and who gets lived off of.

Trying to tell a parasite that nobody owes it a living is an undertaking best taken when they are destitute because of other parasites. What was said about the elected congress-kritters and legistraitors is correct. They are the big parasites betraying the little parasites.

In any case, there is no more money to pay pensions for regime-criminal parasites, so Nature will take its course and they will either learn to do something productive from which they can feed, or they will starve when they kill their host.

5:30 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/02/steelman-cheers-wisconsin-governor.html?showComment=1298079046891#c658274860 4264739301)



The Turner Diaries (http://www.whitenationalist.org/TurnerDiaries/) RULES, The Turner Report (http://rturner229.blogspot.com) drools

Cousin Randy Turner
02-20-2011, 12:48 AM


Not Teaching Cows Calculus said...
The fact of the matter is that non-white children, especially negroes, are genetically stupider than white children, as has been proven time after time ever since IQ tests have measured intelligence in World War I. Africans are a full standard deviation less intelligent than whites, with mestizos at least half a standard deviation less intelligent. This has been also discussed 20 years ago in "The Bell Shaped Curve." However, due to the standards of living in non-white countries since forever, that non-whites are less intelligent is a given. Their civilizations, such as they are, reflect their genetic abilities.

So these failing schools have been forced to tell the truth: nothing can educate the mentally inferior because of these racial differences no matter how much tax dollars are wasted on them. Spending more limited tax dollars trying to teach penguins to fly or swine calculus is an exercise in futility as well as political correctness.

So since non-whites are far less intelligent than white children, it simply is a waste of time and money to try to educate those who are uneducatable. Society should stop spending scarce resources on creatures which will never be able to shape up in any case and spend them on those able to learn.

As a society we simply should shut down the public schools, and in their place create basic skills institutions which will be limited to providing maybe four years from the age of ten to fourteen to teach minimum skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic. Then if limited intelligence people don't learn from what little education they are given, then this failed experiment ends without investing too much on those unable to learn.

The public education experiment has been a failure and it is past time to end it altogether. End it will, but only when the entire System suffers a catastrophic collapse.

10:41 PM

Anchorage Activist
03-03-2011, 02:48 AM

Phelps daughter reacts: The blaming from the shrew

What a hate-filled shrew!

In this Associated Press video, Westboro Baptist Church pastor Fred Phelps' daughter, Margie Phelps, who argued the case before the U. S. Supreme Court, reacts to the Court's 8-1 decision in favor of the church, handed down earlier today:




Jack D. (http://neoshoforums.com/MO/forums/)

Sorry for the language Randy, but she is one psycho bitch.

7:14 PM

Cousin Randy (http://www.blogger.com/profile/05760019501046060231) sez:

I would say you are being too kind, Jack.

7:19 PM

Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/When YHWH Cares Enuf to Send the Very Best

I don't know. She sounds like a fully masculinized Turner . . . or is that Turner is a fully feminized Phelps-ette? Perhaps a gender-role reversal would do both of them a world of good.

I gotta laugh about how some idiots in a declining economy sign up to be cannon fodder for Big Oil and to save the Jews from getting kicked out of the place we stole for them because we wanted to kill the Germans because 6 million Jews were turned into something useful, like lampshades and soap. So when they get scragged by the local population all annoyed that they are murdering their women and children sundry idiots start whining that a pitiful few imperial drones are now dead. Sobbbbbbb!!!

Let's see. This manly bink in the youtube video thinks that drones were killed because God is pissed off that faggots are running wild. Hmmmm. Maybe she has a point. Maybe it is because AIDS isn't enough and YHWH don't do Hallmark or Western Union.

I suggest that Turner and Jack D. over at Neosho Forums (http://neoshoforums.com/MO/forums/) 'celebrate' their grief by getting a room together, or, if they don't have enough funds, how about a men's room stall in McClellan Park?

12:33 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/03/phelps-daughter-reacts-blaming-from.html?showComment=1299141223183#c4953266171283 764854)

Cousin Randy Turner
03-07-2011, 02:33 AM

So they got more unconstitutional restrictions passed which will simply be overturned after great expense by fools.

The recent decision by an 8-1 majority pointed out the facts of the case. Phelp's bunch lawfully got into a 'free-speech' containment area over 1,000 feet away from churches and cemeteries and there they lawfully protested. The only way Snyder was able to see them was on the television site. Thus it became simply a matter of whiners all annoyed that somebody dissented over the Afghanistan War or homosexuality or whatever. Snyder got to bury his drone son ground up in an unnecessary foreign war for the Empire. All that was ever hurt was his notion that he gets to pretend that everyone is sorry about this matter, when obviously the Phelps group, and quite a few others are not. People who go over to foreign countries to kill and enslave and pillage from the natives sometimes get killed. If every soldier in an unjust war was guaranteed death or maiming for life, then these wars might cease.

I suspect that this new law for the benefit of whiners and pandering politicians will be declared unconstitutional concerning the times allowed for protest. The 500 ft. provision is not an issue because the Phelps decision involved 1000 ft distance minimums. The name and overt purpose of the law -- concerning 'unlawful' picketing -- will make sure it is struck down when it winds its way to the federal court system.

The problem is that some fools think that because Phelps-tards get what they wanted -- publicity -- that they should undo the Constitution and Bill of Goods in order to get what they want -- the silencing of anyone daring to disagree with them and their own personal solipsistic moronality. These petty-minded moral imbeciles won't in the short time get what they want, complete censorship of everyone else disagreeing with them because every other little moron wants to censor his fellow idiot as well. In the long run, when every little moral imbecile gets what they want, then the end result will be civil war in which every one of them will become casualties, and the former way of life which spawned these mental and moral weaklings, let them live without struggle, shall become gone with the wind.

Cousin Randy Turner
03-13-2011, 04:59 PM
The Failure of American Teachers


For a long time, I tried to fight it.

Whenever someone had the temerity to criticize public schools and schoolteachers, I stood staunchly in the corner of those who practice my profession. I noted that in my 12 years as a teacher, I have had the privilege of serving with some of the hardest working, most skilled professionals in education.

Though I have only worked in two school systems in those dozen years, I spent the previous 22 years as a newspaper reporter and had the opportunity to observe dozens of schools, all of which were doing outstanding jobs of serving their communities.

After more than three decades, I have finally had my blinders removed and I no longer have the same glowing view of public education.

It has nothing to do with test scores, considering most of the schools are taking poorly-worded tests from companies that are making a mint off selling both tests and practice tests. After all, if the tests are any good, there would be no need for these practice tests, which have turned out to be a lucrative sideline for the test companies.

It has nothing to do with lazy, incompetent teachers who received tenure and cannot be fired. On the contrary, that is a phenomenon of some large, suburban schools whose failures are then exploited by those who wish to see public education destroyed. From what I have seen first hand over the years, many young teachers who are not cut out for teaching quickly discover that and move to other work. Others are encouraged by administrators to leave education, while others are removed before they can do more damage. Few incompetents receive tenure in Missouri and most of those are as a result of lazy, incompetent administrators not doing their jobs.

It has nothing to do with the spate of stories about teachers misusing their positions of trust to take advantage of students. Some public education critics have targeted teachers because of these few who have brought shame on all of us. The reason those instances are so well publicized is because they are still thankfully rare.

It has nothing to do with out of control unions who care about teachers more than children. It has not been my experience that union members put anyone ahead of children.

It has nothing to do with teachers working 8 to 3 everyday and getting three months off in the summer and long Christmas breaks. I don?t know many teachers who don?t take their work home with them and most arrive well before the first bell and are working long after children have gone home for the day. Summers are spent either teaching summer school or taking classes and attending seminars to keep up with the latest developments of education or to earn higher degrees. Of course, those higher degrees and the debt the teachers have run up earning them will be wasted once laws are passed, including one scheduled to be voted on next week in Missouri that will eliminate years of valuable experience and advanced degrees in favor of a system that relies on the same poorly written tests I mentioned before. Poverty, parents who don?t care, children with so many distractions that they find much more rewarding than learning- none of those things mean anything. After all, if you believe the rhetoric from our politicians, the sole problem in American public education is horrible, inept teachers.

And that brings me to the sole reason I have changed my mind about the competence of American public schoolteachers- If we were doing our job, somewhere along the line we would have taught the politicians who are systematically destroying public education, the greatest of all American experiments, something about decency, respect, and developing the mortal fortitude to resist the siren song of the special interests who are well on their way to making the U. S. into a world of haves and have-nots, where public education will serve to provide low paid feeder stock for non-union companies and taxpayer-financed private schools will continue to cater to the elite, with the middle class existing only in history books.

Public schoolteachers have failed miserably by producing the most incompetent, mean-spirited legislators in U. S. history.

Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/Cry of the Parasite said...

Following Turner's logic, then of course public school teachers should be blamed for creating a bunch of cowardly seething morons who cannot be expected to be anything but vengeful for the years wasted on 'learning' -- or not -- simple tasks such as reading, writing and arithmetic.

Thousands of tax dollars spent per pupil per year on . . . a lower standard of literacy as these schools are used for social engineering purposes to turn children away from their parents, among other evils.

This system didn't and doesn't work and now that the shortcomings are beginning to be paid for in that the results are unable to maintain former levels of civilization and funding. Before any change is possible because it is desired and because there will be no other alternative, what is necessary is a total collapse of the social 'business model' akin to what happened to the newspapers. Turner is a sort of parasitic cowbird canary in the coal-mine, being kicked out just before the concern that hires him collapses.

Abolish property taxes on primary homes for the first $100,000 valuation. Allow individual school districts to set their level of funding. And, most importantly, limit formal schooling to be paid for by the remaining diminished property taxes to four years from the age of 10-14. The taxpayer shouldn't have to pay for babysitting. With the lower burden of taxation, women should be free to stay at home with their children. If these mothers then are able to have their offspring pass a high-school equivalency examination, then they get half to three-quarters of the educational allotment for the four years of schooling.

The state will get out of the business of granting licenses and monopolies. In a reduced era of prosperity, government workers will have to provide for their own pensions as well.

But none of these reforms will take place absent a complete collapse.

Turner's whine is that of a parasite who has gotten what it wanted, and then found, like most Baby Boomers, that its nostrums have killed the golden goose that laid the golden eggs. America is in a steady decline and the pace of decline is picking up, thanks to the level of sheer idiocy from the public schools. Property taxes are rising while people are losing their homes. That the People allow banksters and lawyers and politicians to rape them is caused by public schools training children to be cowards as well as fools. Things are only going to get worse, much worse. So it's only fair that politicians pick up on this discontent and take advantage of it against those who were in the forefront of our social decline. Turner's rant was the cry of the parasite unwilling to admit that not only is the Beast dead, but that Turner-kind&kind was what killed it.

3:41 PM SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 2011

Cousin Randy Turner
04-10-2011, 05:48 PM
Cunningham news release: I have saved Missouri's children from evil teachers like Randy Randy


One of the problems when the media becomes simply a transit for news releases and does not look beyond the words of the politicians themselves is that we end up getting an inaccurate snapshot of reality.

Judging from Jane Cunningham's trumpeting of her Amy Hestir Student Protection Act, which passed the Missouri Senate this week, you would think that behind every classroom door is a student looking to prey upon unsuspecting children.

She mentions that studies have shown that Missouri ranks 11th in the number of teachers losing their licenses due to sexual misconduct. Nowhere does she mention, because it would not fit in with her propaganda, that a law passed in Missouri in the 1990s made it much easier for school authorities to handle this type of situation, therefore we obviously would have more teachers losing their licenses than other states that never bothered to put such safeguards into place.

Mrs. Cunningham makes it appear that school officials have willingly let perverts go from one school to another to avoid possible lawsuits. That may have been the case at one time, but that has happened much less in recent years. Despite what Mrs. Cunningham seems to think, school administrators have consciences and are not going to allow those who have been caught abusing their positions of trust to simply continue to prey elsewhere.

This is simply another in a long line of anti-teacher, anti-public school legislation foisted upon the legislature and the public by Mrs. Cunningham. Her news release is printed below:

Today, Senate Bill 54, sponsored by Senator Jane Cunningham, R-Chesterfield, passed unanimously in the Missouri Senate and will now move to the House for debate. Senate Bill 54 will create the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act with the aim of preventing the sexual abuse of children.

“I’m very glad that this necessary and protective legislation has passed in the Senate,” Sen. Cunningham said. “This bill is vital to protecting public school students from sexual predators in the classroom. The bill will make it easier for school officials to be aware of sexual misconduct demonstrated by their employees when making hiring decisions.”

Amy Hestir, whom the legislation is named for, is a Missouri woman who was continually molested and assaulted by her junior high school teacher while she was in school. The teacher was employed by several school districts before winning a “Teacher of the Year” award before retiring. The practice of sexually abusive teachers moving across the state is so common that The Missouri Department of Education has termed the phrase, “Passing the Trash”.

“In Missouri’s current employment law, school districts are reluctant to share information regarding former employees for fear of lawsuits,” Sen. Cunningham said. “As a result, teachers who engage in sexual abuse or misconduct with students are able to relocate from one school district to another, with the new school district unaware of the employee’s prior record, as in the case of the teacher who assaulted Ms. Hestir.”

Under Senate Bill 54, Missourians who apply for a teaching certificate would be required to complete a criminal background check, and in order to be hired, the applicant cannot have been listed under the state sexual offender registry or the state child abuse registry.

School districts in Missouri would also be allowed to discuss information about their employees with other school districts. Also, school districts would be liable for damages if they dismiss an employee or allow an employee to resign for reasons of sexual misconduct, and then fail to disclose those reasons in an information request from another school district.

Senator Cunningham went on to say, “Studies show that Missouri is the 11th worst state in the nation for educators losing their licenses because of sexual misconduct. This is unacceptable. If passed and enacted into law, Senate Bill 54 would bring a peace of mind to students and their parents, knowing that state schools are safer.”

Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/You Got What You Always Wanted sez:

I think that Jane is even HOTTER than Cyndi.

And I think that these new laws keep you teachers honest, and not pulling a Newman on your charges. This proposed law makes good sense, which is why it passed the Senate.

Why is it that you liberals all think that the rest of the population is automatically guilty of something, yet when common-sense laws are passed which are designed to weed out and run off predators, you foam at the mouth that these new laws don't render you exempt from the imputation of guilt by desire? Liberals don't like living under the same laws that they wish to force upon others. That is the beauty of the current tyranny -- that the laws are made to apply to some and others are above the law and exempt from behaving. The end result is that now that the economy is tanking, that now you teachers are having new laws created in order to weed out the predators, and so those not caught yet but expect to be caught out in the new dragnet are squealing.

You simply are a hypocrite, Turner. You wanted a police state in which everyone but yourself is guilty of something? Well, you got the police state, now this tyranny is eating its parents, and now you have to live under the Ring of State Power. Face it, Turner, you are merely Sauron's Orc #666, and #660-665 are on the chopping block, and you're next.


http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/04/cunningham-news-release-i-have-saved.html?showComment=1302479744407#c720544256628 0289412

Cousin Randy Turner
04-28-2011, 02:24 AM
Chart editorial: Bruce Speck is a bald-faced gliberal whigger fag-stomping blight-wing anti-jewrnanalist liar


Chart editorial: Bruce Speck is a bald-faced liar

Brucie makes me cum-cum in my faggot pants!!!

An editorial posted today on the website of Missouri Southern State University's newspaper, The Chart, reveals just how far University President Bruce Speck has gone to tear down avenues of communication, while all the while blithely claiming that he has fostered greater communication.

Normally, I would not quote so much from another source, but just in case Bruce Speck or someone else decides this kind of defiance cannot be tolerated, I want to make sure that Brennan Stebbins' editorial (http://www.thechartonline.com/news/speck-s-assertion-simply-doesn-t-add-up-1.2191129) reaches an interested audience:

"It is not appropriate to say the administration is held to a higher standard than anybody else on this campus," Speck told the Board. "We have tried to be very transparent in our communication with the Board, with all of our constituencies. No one can make the accusation and back it up that we have held back information. That has not happened."

That statement was a bold-faced lie.

It's been exactly a year since the governing board for the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences voted unanimously not to partner with Southern to bring a medical school branch to Joplin.

In a March 5, 2010 edition of The Chart, Speck is quoted in an article concerning the medical school project as saying "We'd like them to be clear and say, ‘Yes, we are planning on moving ahead, let's do it,' or, ‘No, we're not, let's don't do it.' I do not think it would be helpful for them to say, ‘Well, we're not sure,' because there are timing issues here. We'd like to get a very clear picture of what they'd like to do."

Speck was referring to an upcoming April 2010 meeting of the KCUMB Board of Trustees during which discussion of the project was anticipated.

The Chart eventually requested email correspondence between Speck and the acting president of KCUMB, Danny Weaver, and the documents indicated sparse contact between the two. An anonymous source provided The Chart with another email that had been withheld from the request that was sent from Weaver to Speck on Feb. 25.

"Speaking candidly, if a vote were taken today, it would fail!!" Weaver wrote in the message, which he later confirmed to The Chart.

It seems like a double exclamation point after the world "fail" would give Speck enough of a "very clear picture" of how KCUMB was planning to vote, but despite receiving that message, Speck continued to tout the project and act like it was a done deal in public.

Isn't that withholding information?

During our reporting on the medical school project, Speck abruptly began enforcing a media policy that limited access to himself and other top administrators. In fact, after spring break of 2010, Speck refused every single interview request made by The Chart for the rest of the semester.

Speck's actions and his media policy led to a front-page editorial in The Chart's April 2 edition, and the Student Press Law Center, a national organization advocating for the rights of student media, sent a letter of concern to Speck and the Board of Governors.

"To the extent that the policy instead functions as a selective screening device—and that its purpose and effect is to obstruct access by The Chart to faculty, staff and administrators—it is questionable both legally and as a matter of sound public policy," SPLC Executive Director Frank LoMonte wrote in the letter.

"It likewise is not accepted protocol for a college president to refuse to talk to his own campus newspaper. That is the mark of an institution attempting to insulate instelf against scrutiny and to ‘spin' the news. We might expect that behavior from a soft-drink company, but not from a public agency that is supposed to be transparent," LoMonte wrote.

And finally,
"There undoubtedly will be times in the history of every institution when adverse publicity makes the school look bad. But a college that treats its employees and students with distrust, and elevates image control over transparency, does not merely ‘look bad.' It is bad."

It appears I'm not the only one who believes Speck has withheld information.
I contacted Speck's office for a meeting last spring —not an interview—to discuss the media policy with the President and his refusal to accept interviews.

He granted my request, on the condition that I not take any notes, I not record any of the discussion and I never repeat anything that was said. I agreed, and while I can't divulge what was said, I can say that the end result was Speck continuing to deny interview requests.

Isn't that withholding information?

Speck's statement about withholding information was just plain stupid. There was nothing beneficial in making the remarks. Don't tell me it's sunny outside while I'm getting rained on.

"No one can make the accusation and back it up that we have held back information. That has not happened," Speck said.

Well I am making that accusation, and I am backing it up.


Cousin Swillis Gumpf/Truculent with a Pallet Slat said...

Why is it that all you liberal faggy-boys want to play how very tough you are with truck drivers with their own opinions? Only in Hollywierd and your own bath-house fantasies does the pink triangle ever triumph over the Stars & Bars or the Double-S death runes of our kind.

But since you have a little fantasy about how very tough you are, here's mine: Demanding -- and getting -- a retraction for the lies made against ordinary persons by means of a branding iron then skinning with the pelt nailed to the newspaper door for journalistic felonies and a thorough beating with a pallet slat with an embedded rusty nail or screw for the numerous journalistic misdemeanors committed continually by you lying liberal clowns.

You and Turner are the very sort of vermin who altogether abuse any position of editorial power you were given. So sooner or later your kind was run off by both the general readership and the management who had to pay the bills with a declining subscription base. There isn't anyone within my social group who hasn't done anything but gloat at the decline and death of the main stream media.

Insofar as the intellectual pretensions of MSSU: it never was anything more than a sixth-rate state university with fourth-rate pretensions. It's only function was to bring a 'university' for the local training of local youth so that they would stay home. All Speck and Dwight Douglas have done is to simply tell you liberal nitwits that you idiots studying teaching or journalism or psychology/sociology wanting to become public parasites on the east bank of MSSU ought to remain second-class citizens to the business and 'something-useful' students wanting to get jobs in the private sector. We all know that you are just a bunch of retards too stupid to make it at the University of Sodom in Columbia or even SMU in Springfield.

And don't worry about my dirty curtains, liberal nitwit. Rather, what your kind needs to do -- and you cockroaches do have just enough survival wit to do it -- is when you are peering out a glory hole in a public men's room you see one of my kind actually doing what we are supposed to be doing, you would be better served safely stay in the stall and to not say an 'effing word.

Your kind can't survive in a world of free speech such as exists on the Internet.

Cousin Randy Turner
05-07-2011, 04:09 PM
Teaching Accountability Makes My Mangina Bleed


An open letter to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

(The following is my latest Huffington Post blog.)

Dear Secretary Duncan:

When I first heard that you had written an open letter to the teachers of America, I was afraid to open the envelope.

Considering that it was just last year that you said Rhode Island school board members were "showing courage and doing the right thing for kids" when they fired the entire faculty at a high school, I thought your latest letter might contain a pink slip or at least some sort of reprimand to place in my permanent record.

Instead, I was told just how much you respect me and the hundreds of thousands of teachers in this great country.

Among the things you wrote:

"I know that most teachers did not enter the profession for the money. You became teachers to make a difference in the lives of children, and for the hard work you do each day, you deserve to be respected, valued, and supported."

I suppose that would be the same value and respect you showed the Rhode Island teachers, leaving all of them, including some who I am sure were exceptional teachers, with damaged reputations.

You also wrote, "I consider teaching an honorable and important profession, and it is my goal to see that you are treated with the dignity we award to other professionals in society. In too many communities, the profession has been devalued."

The profession, Mr. Duncan, has not only been devalued in many communities, as you say, but one of those communities is on the Potomac. If you want to take a look at the man who has placed a target on our backs, look in the mirror.

While I am quite sure you sincerely believe in everything you are saying, your own words belie your professed respect for public school teachers:

"We can build an accountability system based on data we trust and a standard that is honest--one that recognizes and rewards great teaching, gives new or struggling teachers the support they need to succeed, and deals fairly, efficiently, and compassionately with teachers who are simply not up to the job. With your input and leadership, we can restore the status of the teaching profession so more of America's top college students choose to teach because no other job is more important or more fulfilling."

No matter how you spell it, Mr. Secretary, you are talking about teaching to the test and devaluing the critical thinking skills that you supposedly prize. "Data" and "accountability" are code words for an educational system that embraces the same kind of failed business model that put this country in the economic crisis it is in today. The multitude of multiple choice masters our schools will develop using your Race to the Top plan will take us anywhere but there.

And you dare say, "with your input and leadership?" Input that does not include more charter schools, merit pay, an increased emphasis on standardized tests, and drives to rid public schools of veteran teachers to make room for "better" teachers who go through six weeks of Teach for America training, is ignored.

Mr. Duncan, you have been told by one teacher after another that the key to improving schools is by eliminating the societal problems that contribute so heavily to student failure. That input is ignored.

Poverty, crime, divorce, child abuse have nothing to do with student failure in the Walton/Gates/Broad MBA style education reform you represent. You have identified the problem with education, though you try to airbrush it with your flowery ode to the teaching profession, and it is public schools and the "bad" teachers who populate them.

Mr. Duncan, you speak warmly of the hundreds of teachers with whom you have spoken, and again, I am sure you are sincere, but there is a difference between speaking with teachers and knowing what actually goes on in a classroom.

The late, great Walter Alston managed the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers to three world championships. He was never a great baseball player, but as a manager he always got the best out of his players.

The difference between you and Walter Alston, Mr. Duncan, is that he did play one game in the major leagues and spent years in the minors. He knew what it was like in the trenches. He did not learn the game just by talking with the players, and then shuttering the Dodgers' minor league teams when their statistics dropped.

But perhaps it is unfair for me to compare you to Walter Alston. There is a more apt comparison.

Take away your smile and give you a sex change and you would be a dead ringer for Michelle Rhee.

POSTED BY RANDY AT 12:05 PM Saturday, May 7, 2011 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/05/open-letter-to-secretary-of-education.html)



Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/Arnie makes my mangina bleed/Turner in a pink dress & fishnet stockings said:

Turner, you idiot.

Your kind of teaching hack, like your hack journalism, was the very sort which created the problem. Now you are getting all pissy with someone, who like Michelle Rhee, has been sent to muck out the swamp your sort of 'alligator' made of both public schooling and journalism.

Think of it. Both public education and the main-stream media are on the ropes simply because nobody able or willing to pay the bills like the taxpayers and readers liked what came out as outputs given the massive hi-quality inputs. It's like putting prime rib in one end of the digestive system and by now everyone knows what comes out the other end. And for what?!!! To keep a growing parasitic cancer alive such as the public school teachers and journalists. Who needs that?!!!

Both the public school system and the main-stream media need a thorough purging of the predators and parasites and drones which infest their particular professions. Regardless of how many alligators the clean-up crew has stacked up to theys' glutamusses maximii, and no matter of how much dying last final snaps such make, the fetid swamps of both the public schools and journalism needs to be drained and cover and concealment for predators and parasites denied.

Besides, if anyone needs to tread lightly concerning sexual identity issues, it's Randy Randy Turner.

Cousin Randy Turner
05-14-2011, 09:24 PM

FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011

Latest Huffington Post blog- Public school teachers: Are we an endangered species
My latest Huffington Post blog, "Public School Teachers: Are We an Endangered Species?' was published today.

The blog features comments on the onslaught of attempts to characterize classroom teachers are overpaid, underworked perverts, with the latest example Sen. Jane Cunningham's Amy Hestir Student Protection Act, which is on its way to Gov. Jay Nixon's desk. The following passage is taken from the post:

Another bill, also sponsored by Sen. Cunningham, passed the House today and is on its way to Gov. Jay Nixon for his signature. In this bill, the senator, who is expected to announce a bid for Congress next week, made it appear as if Missouri public schools are a cesspool of pervert teachers being passed around from one district to another, molesting hundreds of children.

The bill adds stringent requirements for school districts looking to hire teachers (unnecessary requirements since Missouri has had a strong protection system in place for nearly two decades) and requires more training so teachers can spot those who are preying on students. Most irritating of all to me and other teachers who have worked to teach students the responsible use of social networking, teachers will no longer be allowed to communicate with students or former students through Facebook or other social networking sites.

This bill, I might add, was passed with the backing of the Missouri National Education Association, which was only concerned that teachers charged with crimes involving students be afforded due process.


Your Turn Turner said...
Calm down Turner.

School teachers SHOULD get caught up in the 'sexual predators' hysteria. When you have someone like yourself screetching about how everyone is a pervert except yourself and that "there ought to be a law" then of course sooner rather than later there will be increased scrutiny at your door. Who do you think is more likely to be a pervert? Some truck-driver or someone in a profession which is close to school schildren, like teachers?

Your whining and puling about how you public school teachers shouldn't be monitored at all while those of us who have to work for a living must pay more taxes isn't going to impress us much. Get over yourself and live with increased public scrutiny of the sort that you advocated back when you were an incompetent and dishonest editor and now school teacher.

Reading the hysteria you put out reveals that you think that you have something to hide and that you are making demands based upon an inflated and idiotic appraisal as to your moral and mental worth. You are beginning to sound like someone who has something to hide. So . . . . keep it up, never mind what I say. You seem determined to put your head in a noose, Turner.

What goes around comes around. Its coming around to you, Turner. About time, too.

Cousin Randy Turner
08-03-2011, 05:24 PM
Fox News rewrites reality; Turner agrees with Jane Cunningham on Facebook law


I was shocked to discover a few moments ago that I supported Sen. Jane Cunningham (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/08/02/new-missouri-law-bans-exclusive-online-contact-between-teachers-students/) on her bill that prohibits contact between teachers and students through Facebook and other social networking sites.

It was the first time in dozens of interviews over the years that a reporter has misquoted me or taken what I said out of context. I suppose I should not be surprised that the reporter was from Fox News.

This is the portion of the story that included me:

Districts will have several additional months to implement the social-networking aspect of the new law. "Frankly, a teacher that has nothing to hide will be real pleased by this, because it's going to show their good work," Cunningham said.

"A good teacher is going to like this," Randy Turner, a communication arts teacher at East Middle School in Joplin, Mo., told FoxNews.com. Turner said he's fearful districts will ban usage of social-networking sites altogether to eradicate any potential gray areas.

"I understand people have concerns about who their children are having as friends on Facebook, but I know many teachers who have used Facebook, and all of them have been professional," Turner said.

"We're not getting on there to be pals. It's a professional service."

Turner said he's also worried that the new law removes an important "avenue" for contact between teachers and students -- both during times of emergency and during the everyday grind of homework. "A student having difficulty with a classroom assignment probably won't want to advertise on Facebook that he or she is having a problem with it," he said.

Under the new law, Turner said teachers wouldn't be able to respond directly to seemingly innocuous questions like whether school will be in session tomorrow or to directly disseminate information during times of emergency. Turner said he used Facebook extensively in May following the tornado that killed at least 116 people in Joplin.

The story makes it sound as if I agree with Jane Cunningham when she says her bill when she said a teacher with nothing to hide does not have to worry about this law. In fact, the reporter never even mentioned the Cunningham quote. I told him, as I have told others who have asked that the only teachers who will be punished by this law are the ones who would never think of crossing the line with a student.

I also never used the term "professional service." I said that I always act in a professional manner when I am communicating with students through Facebook. I never made it sound like I was trying to provide some kind of service to my students.

The reference to innocuous questions about the weather is also a misquote. I told the reporter that students would not have a problem posting that kind of message on a wall, but might not be willing to reveal that he or she is having problems in a class.


I have just looked at the latest version of the story on Fox and the part that made it appear that I agreed with Jane Cunningham has been removed. I do appreciate that. The new version is much better.

POSTED BY RANDY AT 9:23 AM TUESDAY (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html), AUGUST 02, 2011


It is frustrating to be misrepresented, right? Looks to me like they grabbed quotes you have actually made. You are vocal; you've been heard.

9:41 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html?showComment=1312303298239#c34686696708 75501498)

I am more disappointed than anything. This was not a hatchet job; it was just poor reporting. I have been interviewed over the years by liberals, conservatives, and people playing it right down the middle. Mistakes have been made, but were almost always of a minor nature, nothing like this.

9:44 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html?showComment=1312303452508#c85572669550 65148709)

Really? Well again, the law limits private communication. Open facebook pages are permissible and there is no need for private communication apart from what either someone else in the school district or a parent or guardian should be aware of.

You look on Fox News like you support this appropriately. Personally, I think that is great for you, Teacher.

9:50 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html?showComment=1312303842327#c37184453525 63296593)

There is no justification for a teacher having current students as "friends" on Facebook. None.

If a teacher wants to use Facebook or some other social media site, create a fan page that is open to all....then it's still perfectly legal.

Now, what's the problem with that solution, Randy?

2:26 PM

It is what I will end up dolng, but it is a weak substitute, and I have written extensively about the problems with it. There are many educational problems (and other problems that affect teens) that they are not going to be willing to share on a public fan page site.

I have yet to hear one argument that this law will actually be able to protect even one student. The teachers who are using Facebook effectively, for educational purposes, will have to change the way they do things to a more diluted version, while the teachers who this act supposedly targets are not going to be deterred at all, especially since I have not heard of any who have targeted children through Facebook.

3:30 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html?showComment=1312324252094#c78391967889 28137485)

Well, if you haven't heard of a teacher courting a student-target on facebook, Randy, does that mean it hasn't happened, OR does it mean merely that you are not included in the discussions behind "why" this issue was written into the law?

I think it is the latter, myself.

3:35 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html?showComment=1312324549887#c86098263116 01987164)

Please do a little bit of research. The Facebook portion of this bill has not been addressed in the public hearings nor has any teacher ever been called to testify for or against the use of social networking sites by students. The provision was ignored by the media, because each year Amy Hestir has been brought before Jane Cunningham's committee to testify about the horrific things that happened to her. There has been no testimony about Facebook or any other site. Check the articles that have been written about it. You will find none before the Joplin tornado. I had one AP reporter call me and interview me about it before the bill was passed. The story never ran. AP never called again until the bill was signed.

And I might add, the Speaker of the House Steve Tilley is on a YouTube video telling another Joplin blogger that he did not even know the bill passed.

3:45 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html?showComment=1312325118399#c56240048233 82794301)

" The story makes it sound as if I agree with Jane Cunningham when she says her bill when she said a teacher with nothing to hide does not have to worry about this law. "

Please fix your grammar before trying to appear as a credible educational authority.

4:16 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html?showComment=1312327016897#c64238547418 36026848)

The hearings are open to the public. Did your local representative or senator not invite you to participate? A teacher with tenure like yours would surely have enough time to go to Jefferson City to speak on behalf of a cause so important to you.
I wonder why your local senator or representative would not have kept you in on such public hearings?

5:49 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html?showComment=1312332579905#c78302502424 91430611)

Ruskin High Math Teacher Lewis McKenzie said he's on board. McKenzie doesn't want his personal life to become a distraction in the classroom. He said he's glad the law better defines what is and isn't acceptable and thinks the law is a year or two overdue.

7:52 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html?showComment=1312339948778#c37264945133 01494469)

@ anonymous at 5:49

I'm sure an educator struggling to help rebuild the school district and prepare for the upcoming school year would have more than enough time and resources to make the short drive from Joplin to Jeff City a few times a week to participate in these sessions.

As I'm sure you can tell the majority of that was sarcasm directed at not only you, but also everyone else that chooses to offer criticism from behind the name "Anonymous." But I guess we have Al Gore to thank for that. (That's a reference I'm sure you didn't get.)

9:08 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html?showComment=1312344516303#c60097253967 8005688)

Swillis Gumpf Turner
08-03-2011, 07:56 PM
Cousin Randy wants to remain on Faggot Fuckbook and pork dem Y&D&FofC heil-skrewl chickens.


Gotta wonder who the fuck Cousin Randy Turner thinks it is foolin.' Cousin Randy is a gliberal whigger butthole faggot who wants to butt-fuck them little whigger gaywads in his class, like jewseph Newman did at that ZOGling jewdayo-Zionist Camp Wanna-fukka-sukka in Branson. Now that Cousin Randy can't entice the little wannabe faggots for a session in McClellan Park -- D-g hates jewplin, St. Johns, and McClellan Park especially -- through Facebook Cousin Randy is having a hissy shit-fit and bitching to the other gliberal whigger butt-hole fags on National Pub[l]ic Radio and Cuntington Post/Pest.

So time to probe Cousin Randy using forensic probing questions like Cousin Randy likes using butt-plugs. Let's see how far I can needle and pry pore Cousin Randy.


Cousin Swillis/Turner the Professional said...

Don't you know that Randy Turner NEVER abused his position as a reporter or editor back when he was playing newsman to misquote or make his perceived enemies look stupid or crooked?

Turner routinely abused his power as a reporter and editor back in the day. Which is why Turner was run out of that profession like Turner needs to be run out of the teaching profession. I sure hope that the school board is reading Turner's blog.

Professional teachers like the one mentioned want to have policies to protect not only the students, but themselves. This is a good, necessary law that only predators could find fault with.

11:08 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html?showComment=1312351713396#c57971004953 19597704)


I actually appreciate these wild over-the-top attacks because they certainly do make me seem much more reasonable than those who disagree with me. I have a feeling that those of you who are leaping on my writings on the Facebook law would be criticizing me if I were praising motherhood and apple pie, just because I was the one who was doing it.

11:47 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html?showComment=1312354040126#c64392984068 06911923)


Randy writes, "There are many educational problems (and other problems that affect teens) that they are not going to be willing to share on a public fan page site." TRUE.

But . . . teachers should not be communicating with students in an exclusive, one to one setting about these "problems that affect teens". It is absolutely correct to assert that MOST teachers would use such communication to help the student. A FEW teachers would take advantage.....and yes there are other laws that pertain ONLY to teachers. Teachers can't date an 18 yr. old student.....if a mechanic or an attorney wants to date an 18 yr old, still in high school they can. It's not advisable, but they could do it. There are plenty of other examples of how teachers ARE treated differently under the law....some laws to protect teachers, some laws to protect students.

Some folks on here are totally unreasonable in their attacks on Randy. Randy is also being unreasonable trying to hold onto his ability to secretly communicate with students through Facebook. Both are wrong.

5:46 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html?showComment=1312375599979#c85936487380 25525219)


Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/The Coyote Snitching Out the Little Foxes said...

I'd say that most of the people attacking Turner remember Turner as an abusive left-wing journalist who would abuse his power as a reporter and editor as much as possible and thus rejoiced when Turner was kicked out of those positions.

So now we think Turner is a tightly closeted homosexual and thus are keeping an eye on Turner as Turner whines about how it shouldn't have to obey the 'Facebook Law' and have no contact with underage students. We are mindful of Turner's hypocrisy in running around calling everyone a child molester and predator, especially this Pete Newman. Turner's liberal whine: that private schools should be held to higher standards than public taxpayer supported schools when in fact the opposite is the case. Simply put, we think Turner is a predator who blows the whistle on other predators to deflect suspicion from himself, like a coyote snitching on a fox in the vicinity of the chicken house.

So is some of this criticism based upon hatred and revenge appropriate? Well, I'd say so. At the very least Turner is like one of the old Bolsheviks who killed so many White Russians and now is whining about how the presumption of innocence no longer exists in the Red regime they brought about.

So Anon @5:36 am might be quite reasonable in what he wrote but it still won't matter to either Randy Turner or to Turner's many enemies because both of us want blood. Turner is not a man of peace any more than Ariel Sharon was.

10:26 AM


Well of course Cousin Randy Turner, the gliberal whigger butthole faggot censored away the above comment because what should be understood is that Cousin Randy is indeed a gliberal whigger butthole faggot and the elephant in the living room is that Cousin Randy is indeed a closeted homosexual wanting to be around young boys questioning their sexuality so that they can be twisted in order to become faggots like Cousin Randy Turner.

Now back in the old days, Cousin Randy might have gotten its faggot ass whupped and encouraged to 'move on' other than with pub[l]ic edjewmacation, but not today. Cousin Randy is whining up a storm about how it isn't allowed to have private Internet communication with young men at risk questioning their sexuality. Most of the homosexual lifestyle is on of choice, not genetics, of environment, not nature.

I also got to laugh about the Fox News bunch 'misquoting' Cousin Randy. Cousin Randy is the most vicious and evil lying sack of shit ever since skrule daze when Cousin Randy thought it was the smartest gaywad punk in skrule. Cousin Randy abused its power as a jewrnalist and editurd whenever possible, and now that the presstitute perfession has turned blight-wing now Turner's mangina is in an uproar.

Fucking lying snivelling gliberal whigger butthole faggot pussy. Could have becum like me, a proud Klansman fucking the same old sheep. But nooooooohhhhhh! Cousin Randy wants young whigger chicken-flesh.

Cousin Randy Turner
08-12-2011, 10:16 PM
From 2009: Jane Cunningham says there are six times more perverted teachers than priests


As I have noted several times on The Turner Report, Sen. Jane Cunningham, R-Chesterfield failed four times to get the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act passed before she finally succeeded this year.

Though most people, including teachers, have said they have no problem with most of the act, except for the social networking portion, Mrs. Cunningham has been promoting her bill year after year with the same misleading information, never verified by any reporter.

In this 2009 YouTube video, the senator says that teachers are six times more likely to molest children than priests. Of coursw she never says, and no one has yet called her on it, there are hundreds, probably thousands more teachers than priests.

It's an old joke, but it certainly fits. How can you tell when Jane Cunningham is not telling the truth to her constituents?

Her lips are moving.


Swillis Gumpf Turner
08-12-2011, 10:37 PM
From 2011: Swillis Gumpf-Turner says Cousin Randy 666 times more likely to cornhole jewr gaywad jewplin heil-skrewler than St. Louis Roman Catholic priests


Damn, that Cousin Randy is all defensive. Why, he went and censored the below comment of mine:

Cousin Swillis Gumpf-Turner/When Randy's fingers are typing said...

Randy doesn't like women politicians who want to protect children from pedophile teachers.

Since there are much more public school teachers than Roman Catholic priests and pedophiles are attracted to the objects of their lusts, then I wouldn't be surprised if there were numerically "ten or twenty times as many perverted teachers than priests." Does Turner have the actual statistic handy? Or is in fact this 'guess' by Senator Cunningham correct or even understated?

How can you tell when Randy Turner is lying to his blog's readers with their pointy little liberal skulls full of mush? . . . .

. . . . Randy's fingers are typing.

Cousin Randy has always been a pussy like that, wanting to dish it out but not take anything back. For example, when Ewelene took to bouncing back when Cousin Randy was humping her and getting some fun out of it too, that asshole Cousin Randy called her a slut because she was baaaa-ing with pleasure and hit pore Ewelene with a pallet slat and like to broke pore Ewelene's heart. What an unfeeling, monstrous old faggot Cousin Randy turned out to be!!! But then again, Cousin Randy always was an asshole. Now he wants to turn all jewr gaywad jewplin heil-skrule whigger shithead kids into gliberal whigger butthole fags like he is.

Oh well. What to say? Others, not just me, are beginning to figure it out, though.

Think I should send a copy of this e-mail to Janie C, though?

Cousin Randy Turner
08-15-2011, 10:56 PM
Jane Cunningham: Why's everybody always picking on me?



Sen. Jane Cunningham, R-Chesterfield, just can't understand why anyone is interested in her little old Facebook bill. In an article from Reuters (http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/44130772/ns/technology_and_science-tech_and_gadgets/), Mrs. Cunningham points out that the state teacher organizations failed to voice any objections to the bill until after it had been signed by the governor.

Cunningham said teacher organizations supported the broader bill when it passed and did not raise concerns about the teacher-student Internet contact provision until recently.

Teacher organizations may have supported the bill but the provision concerning social networking, which apparently also includes everything from e-mail to texting, was never presented to rank and file te teachers.

As I have pointed out before, the Facebook provision was never covered in the media as far as I have been able to determine, except for a report done by Gretchen Bolander of KODE in Joplin. It was never mentioned in MSTA or MNEA legislative reports.

In the Reuters article, Mrs. Cunningham says the problem is with misinformation that has been provided about her bill, but her answers to media questions indicate that either the misinformation is coming from her or that she has no understanding whatsoever of social networking:

"I've been working on this bill or four years, and all of a sudden the whole world is interested in it," said Cunningham, a St. Louis Republican.

"It's gotten a lot of attention because of misinformation," she added.

Teachers can still befriend students on Facebook or be in other Internet contact as long as the sites are open to administrators, parents or others, she said.

Allowing strictly private contact between teachers and students has proven to lead to some secret, improper relationships, she said.

The new law restricts texting, e-mails and website contacts.

POSTED BY RANDY AT 7:59 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/jane-cunningham-whys-everybody-always.html) SUNDAY, AUGUST 14, 2011



I don't teach in Missouri, but I wonder if the law is going to create any trouble for post-secondary instructors (community college, university) at state-funded institutions who have the occasional under-18 student who might well still be covered by the law.

I've had students as young as 15 (as near as I can tell; I don't usually ask) in classes, and a lot of schools (esp. community colleges) are developing HS/CC hybrid classes to allow students to get a jump on college credits.

8:40 AM

Well, this woman sure the heat. She's created a huge burden on students, teachers, and administrators in Missouri. I have teachers and coaches who are too afraid to email or be emailed by students because of this law. It's ridiculous. Why make taboo out of something that is the exact opposite? Yes, it can be abused but that doesn't mean everyone needs to be punished for it, especially when the entire district is using it in a positive way.

8:53 AM

LaelaZ said...
*sure deserves

8:54 AM

It's her mouth. She needs to shut up and iron her husband's shirts.

9:27 AM

Does this law make appropriate email communications illegal?

Are you saying teachers and coaches cannot email instructions, assignments or answer appropriate questions from students about appropriate school activities ans studies?

Your comments makes it sound like you are surrounded by teachers and coaches who are idiots and that you are their administrator. How sad.

If I were on a school board with someone with your obvious, judgement problems, we'd have to have a talk about your future, and it would not be very sunny. Do you know what I mean?

4:16 PM

Randy said...

Actually, that is exactly what the law is saying and if you want to bully teenagers, please stay off this blog. I do not want or need readers like you.

4:21 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner
08-16-2011, 12:10 AM
Turner the Kakistocrat


Something that needs to be understood is that Cousin Randy Turner is a sociopathetic gliberal whigger butthole fag piece of shit. You see, Cousin Randy is essentially twisted and evil, and seldom tells the truth. For years this predator yammered and whined for lessening freedom for private citizens in favor of more 'law' and more interference in family life as a lie-paper jewrnalist and then editor. Eventually the readers and management run Turner out of the newspaper industry because they got tired of reading Turner's lies or being responsible for Turner's lies.

Regrettably, Turner then wandered into another profession in which Turner could still be a vicious amoral liar but with this time before a captive audience, that of children so that Turner could influence them to become the amoral, vicious perverted evil animals that Cousin Randy is.

Cousin Randy is a bully and a coward. When he had power as first a reporter and then an editor, Turner would routinely twist words, make up something said, editorialize in a supposed news story and do its best to make its victim look foolish or small or crooked. The

Swillis Gumpf Turner/Turner the 'Kakistocrat' pt1 said . . .

This law passed overwhelmingly because there is ABSOLUTELY NO VALID REASON WHATSOEVER for a public school teacher to have and maintain private unsupervised contact after school hours with underage school children without the consent of their parents or the supervision of school administration. NONE!!!

Even Turner, with his vast array of experience in claiming that everyone else is a potential criminal and that Turner and other liberals always mean well which is supposed to cover how 'liberal' policies always fail but we are supposed to keep them in power because they claim that they mean well, why even Turner couldn't come up with a hypothetical reason why he should be allowed to have private, unsupervised contact after school hours without the permission of his supervisors or the children's parents and guardians. After a long career of whining about "How there ought to be a law . . . . Turner decided that there really oughtn't to be a law against Turner . . . or Turner getting to do whatever Turner wants to do, whenever Turner wants to do it, without the consent or permission of others who are responsible or have to pay the price for whatever Turner wants to do but now can't because there is now a law against it.

The law passed because no teacher wanted to be known as a potential pervert against a law aimed at pervert public school teachers. The teacher's unions didn't want to be seen as opposing a law and then having one of their teachers molest some students and get away with it because this law wasn't passed. And so the teachers and their union were silent as the governor signed it because he didn't want to be seen as soft on pervert teachers.

And so the law has passed and only Randy Turner does dare whine aloud and often against this law which passed against such as himself. All of Turner's enemies, who suffered from Turner's hypocrisies over the years are seeking to write something in Turner's blog which will tweak Turner to the max without being censored by Turner.

Frankly, I don't see why Jane Cunningham is apologetic for getting her law passed after years of effort in doing so. Jane kept plugging away and when she became powerful enough as did the conservative Republicans, then this law went through like a hot knife through butter and nobody still can be seen as being against this wise and just law without looking like a pervert of some kind, or a pervert enabler.

11:50 PM

Since there was a 5,000 character limit, the essay had to be divided into two sections, Accordingly:

Swillis Gumpf Turner/Turner the 'Kakistocrat' pt1 said . . .

So Turner, far from your commentators being the bully, rather it is that you are the bully, threatening to censor anyone who isn't supporting that which even you cannot actually support: you and any other public school teacher having private, unsupervised contact after school hours with children without the express permission of their parents or local school authorities responsible legally or morally because of their office/position, elected or appointed.

Of course this is your blog and you can be as big of a bully on your property as you please, and censor anyone you please on it. It is because most of you public school teachers and public employees have in fact a voracious visceral contempt for private property that this law putting a limit on your behavior with other people's minor children, who were as a matter of fact not born and bred to provide you with a government job, was deemed to be absolutely necessary.

So now that the law has passed, if you don't think you can obey it, you should submit your resignation to the Joplin school board as opposed to whining about how it is so very unfair and unnecessary and leaving the parents in the district worried that you might think that obeying it is optional. In fact, perhaps since you seem to have such a problem with this law, perhaps you should be made to swear a 'loyalty oath' that you will fully obey and comply with it or face termination forthwith. After all, public employment is NOT a private property right.

Insofar as you censoring comments which are well reasoned albeit critical, I think you have forfeited all moral pretensions to be taken seriously in any regard. You are simply a sort of criminal with a sense of entitlement 'thinkng' that everyone else must obey the rules after agitation for slavery for others, but that you are above all rules placed to limit your behavior. You are thus not any aristocrat, not even a rotten one, but rather a 'kakistocrat.'

11:53 PM

So both sections were submitted AFTER I had saved the post because I knew Cousin Randy Turner was a lying cocksucker. And sure enough, the gliberal whigger cocksucker corps responded, with none of them having the wit enough to figure out what happened to "Turner the Kakistocrat Pt 2."

Cousin Randy Turner
08-22-2011, 09:43 PM
News-Leader: Facebook bill posing problems for faggot pedophile teachers, gaywad students


The media, which totally ignored the social networking portion of Sen. Jane Cunningham's SB 54 when it was being considered, continues to publicize it now.

The Springfield News-Leader examines the Facebook bill in today's edition:

"I think that the problem is that the teachers -- which is 99.9 percent of teachers out there -- who use these tools effectively are being impacted by a small group of people who don't," says Zac Rantz, communications coordinator for the Nixa school district and president-elect of the Missouri School Public Relations Association. "Email and everything like that are just normal forms of communication between people."

Rantz goes on to say, "We understand and support the intent of the law, which is to keep sexual predators away from our kids and out of school, but banning them from Facebook, texting and email is not going to prevent that."

Vagueness of the law is the other issue, Rantz says: "Everyone is interpreting the law differently, which is part of the problem."

The law in part reads: "Teachers cannot establish, maintain or use a work-related website unless it is available to school administrators and parents, or have a nonwork-related website that allows exclusive access with a current or former student."

Rantz says schools are waiting on legal counsel to tell them how to respond. Each district is responsible for drafting policy to ensure compliance with the law. But first, Rantz says, they need to know what the law means.

Some implications are fairly obvious: no more private email, instant messages via Facebook or text messaging. In an age when teens are more likely to text than pick up a phone, this could have an impact on the immediacy of communications between educators and students.

Swillis Gumpf Turner
08-22-2011, 10:01 PM
Liepapers dead, pubic skrewls next


Cousin Swillis?/Liepapers dead, pubic skrewls next said...

Turner doesn't need to see or text or obsessively communicate privately with certain of his pupils without their parents or school supervision after school hours. He just wants to be able to do so and is having a hissy fit because those days are numbered. Them little gaywad nippers did fine without Turner getting to contact them privately back before Turner got obsessed with having private unsupervised contact with them and they will do even better now that such private unsupervised contact is to be banned.

The Springfield paper isn't read much over here anyway, and that is not likely to change. I knew that they were liberal nitwits before this latest idiotic statement supporting pedophile public school teachers getting to sext students but now am not surprised that they think it is now such a problem to keep public schools from being a pedophile's paradise. Yapping such stupidity with a [non]straight face is why they lost their readership in the first place. Why pay hard-earned money just to be lied and preached to by hypocritical moral imbeciles?

But you keep on trying to explain to parents why you have a constitutional right to have private unsupervised contact with their offspring to parents and see how far that gets you Turner. I imagine the rest of the teachers are wishing you would please just shut up about all this whining about a law that protects not only students, but them as well by simply banning unsupervised private contact with their students. If they decide to beat your ass because you are making them look like a pack of perverts too, then they sure have my approval. Keep it up and someday we won't have any more public schools paid for by property taxes.

Cousin Randy Turner
08-23-2011, 10:05 PM
No more bullies, liars, and racists bring mean to us gliberal whigger butthole fags


One of the problems most associated with the internet has been the ease with which faceless, anonymous people can launch scurrilous attacks.

It has been a problem with any website that allows comments and as the success of this blog has grown over the past eight years it has been a growing concern of mine.

For a long time, I have only removed the worst of comments, ones which included obscene language or racist remarks.

I have bent over backwards to allow remarks that are critical of my viewpoints and have even allowed one commenter after another (for the most part, the same handful of petty people) to launch all kinds of personal attacks on me, some of which have nothing to do with the post.

I have always tried to encourage an open debate on The Turner Report, but by allowing bullies, liars, and racists (many of whom have learned what I will delete and have started sneaking in their poisonous beliefs), I have actually discouraged an open debate. I have received e-mails from people who have said they have left comments in the past, but will no longer do so because of the vicious attacks launched on them by people who will tolerate no viewpoint that differs from their own.

I have always been concerned that if I moderated comments more forcefully, I would lose readers.

After weighing all of these considerations, I decided after deleting another one of these long, ranting comments calling me a pervert because i oppose Jane Cunningham's Facebook Bill, that I no longer will allow comments to automatically appear on my website. All comments will go through moderation from this point.

If you want to disagree with my opinion,please do so. I will be happy to run comments from people whose viewpoints differ from my own. That is the kind of open discussion that elevates the internet.

If you want to attack my character or the character of others who agree with what I write, you are going to have to find another outlet.

I have spent eight years building The Turner Report into a successful blog.If those whose poisonous comments have continued year after year want to continue to have their viewpoints read, they are welcome to put in their own time and develop their own following.

From this point on, their free ride on this blog is over.

MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2011 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/no-more-bullies-liars-and-racists.html)

Swillis Gumpf Turner
08-23-2011, 10:11 PM
Time 4 The Turner Diaries 4 "Fair & Balanced Approach" to Gliberal Whigger Butthole Fags


11-30-2011, 11:53 PM
Our View: Protect children, not institutions
November 29, 2011

The Joplin Globe (http://www.joplinglobe.com)


Pennsylvania State University is just the latest example of what happens when an institution’s reputation becomes more important than the lives of those it’s supposed to serve.

We’ve heard for weeks about the allegations against former football defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky and how he used his authority at Penn State and with his charitable organization, The Second Mile, to target, isolate and then sexually assault young boys. And, how those who knew about it kept quiet.

Penn State, unfortunately, is no anomaly. It’s just another example of the protectionism afforded to institutions at all levels. Churches, youth organizations and school districts make the news — sometimes at the local level — when sexual abuse of children is exposed. But, as with Penn State, there can be multiple crimes: the abuse itself, and the attempts to hide what happened.

In the wake of the Penn State scandal, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster wants lawmakers to consider expanding the mandatory reporting of sexual abuse of a child.

Missouri law currently requires teachers, clergy and members of certain other professions to report child sex abuse to law enforcement. Koster wants the Legislature to consider extending the mandatory reporting requirement to all citizens.

Before we make everyone a self-appointed expert on child abuse, why don’t we look at those entities that could make the biggest difference? Such as the institutions and their leaders who are already charged with protecting our children.

Quietly dismissing a pastor, a priest, a camp counselor or a schoolteacher, so as to protect the institution’s reputation, is not in the best interest of stopping the crime.

When we believe that our children are more important than the “good name” of the institution, only then will children really be safe.


Joan Turner (http://www.facebook.com/people/Joan-Turner/100000223234053)

Good Grief! May I suggest the Globe write an editorial about getting the accused rapists and killers of Rowan Ford to trial. I am David Turner.

Pastor Lindstedt (http://www.facebook.com/people/Pastor-Lindstedt/1680561172)

Not a problem provided that if false accusations of child molestation are made that the police, judges and media that whupped things up are put to death along with their families. cf I Kings 21. Hail Victory! Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN.

Cousin Randy Turner
12-06-2011, 04:56 AM
Joe White, Kanakuk ask for civil suit to be dismissed or moved to Missouri



If at first you don't succeed...

On Friday, attorneys for Branson-based Kanakuk and its CEO Joe White filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a Texas couple whose son was molested by former Kanakuk Kamp director Pete Newman.

If the suit is not dismissed, the documents, which were filed in U. S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, say, it should be moved to Missouri, where the actual molestation took place.

The Texas family says it would never have sent the boy to Missouri had it not been for White's convincing them during a trip to Texas.

This is the second time Kanakuk attorneys have tried this gambit.

U. S. District Court Judge Joe Fish ruled Oct. 28 that the plaintiffs had shown enough evidence that a significant portion of the crimes against the boy occurred in Texas. The following passage was taken from Judge Fish's decision:

The plaintiffs contend that Kanakuk CEO Joe White and Kanakuk officials came to Texas to convince children to come to the camp at Branson where they were sexually molested by Newman. Newman pleaded guilty to sex abuse charges and is serving two life sentences.

According to the complaint, White and Kanakuk deliberately came into this district, persuaded residents of this district to send their children out of the district, and facilitated the transportation of those children out of this district. White spoke at the “Promise Keepers” event in Irving, Texas to influence parents to sent their children to the Missouri Camps Kanakuk convinced the defendants to send their son to a camp outside of this district by communicating with them at their home in this district through telephone calls, mail, and e-mail. Once the plaintiffs agreed to sent their son to the camp, the defendants organized a bus in Dallas that would take him out of this district and into Missouri.

Newman’s phone, mail and e-mail communications with John Doe I at home in Texas allowed Newman to “groom” John Doe I for sexual abuse.

These communications, which were allegedly “sponsored and sanctioned” by Kanakuk, permitted Newman to develop a “deeper and more trusting relationship” with John Doe I. Id. And after receiving permission from John Doe, Newman discussed masturbation with John Doe I over the phone, while John Doe I was at his home in Texas.

POSTED BY RANDY AT 6:07 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/12/joe-white-kanakuk-ask-for-civil-suit-to.html) MONDAY, DECEMBER 05, 2011


Newman in a hot tub, Turner on Facebook

Newman in a hot tub, Turner on Facebook said...

Turner seems to have two minds about child molestation.

When it occurs in a private Christian school, the owners of that school should be hounded and driven out of business entirely. However if this child molestation occurs in public schools, then these schools should be given a free pass and allowed to continue to exist . . . . without any laws passed by legislatures to ensure that it doesn't happen in the first place by claiming that public school teachers have a 'right' to private contact with students without the parents' and administrative knowledge, much less approval.

Two standards, one Turner. Joe Newman in a hot tub, Randy Turner on Facebook.

How about privatizing the schools so that Turner won't have to be so morally bi-polar?

Cousin Randy Turner
01-11-2012, 10:14 PM
Message to Missouri schools: If they don't look like us, check their papers

My gliberal whigger butthole fag mangina is aching at thinking of not getting somethang strange becuz it got deported!!!


(The following is my latest Huffington Post blog (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/randy-turner/message-to-missouri-schoo_b_1199089.html).)

Public schools are a place where all children should feel welcome.

That has always been my goal and the goal of the teachers who work with me. If Missouri State Sen. Will Kraus, R-Lee's Summit, has his way, that will continue to be the case, unless you have a Hispanic surname or perhaps your accent or the color of your skin differ from Sen. Kraus'.

The senator would like to see Missouri join Arizona and Alabama in requiring public schools to become the law enforcement arm of a right-wing agenda. Parents who want their children to attend a public school will have to furnish evidence that their child is legal.

The idea, Sen. Kraus said in a statement issued Tuesday (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/01/kraus-this-is-why-i-want-schools-to.html), is to determine how much money illegal immigrants are costing the state of Missouri. It is not to punish anyone, he insists.

Of course, if the General Assembly passes Kraus' bill, we will see an increase in dropouts, the same thing that happened in the other states that passed this legislation. And while the courts have ruled to this point that students cannot be turned away, the very fact that such a law exists creates more than enough fear to keep any parent who is in this country illegally to keep their children away from the schools.

It also creates yet another mountain of government-mandated paperwork that does not do one thing to educate children. It is also likely that the cost of implementing this law will simply divert already scarce dollars at a time when Missouri, like many other states, are not putting enough money into its schools.

With the announcement earlier this month that Speaker of the House Steve Tilley, who has received more than a quarter of a million dollars in campaign contributions over the past three years from billionaire educational voucher supporter Rex Sinquefield, has removed former educators from the House Education Committee and has replaced them with anyone who has filed an anti-teacher or anti-public school bill (and one representative who was home schooled and home schools all of his children), it appears that public education in Missouri, like in most states, has a target on its back once again in 2012.

I shudder to think of what public education in Missouri will look like in a couple of years. Vouchers, which will likely be passed under the euphemism "tuition tax credits," will enable public money to be poured into private schools, public school teachers will be paid on the basis of how their students do on poorly written standardized tests, teachers will be allowed to enter the field with fewer requirements since everyone knows that experienced teachers (in the new way of thinking) are a liability.

And while the children of those whose parents are wealthy enough to contribute to political campaigns will find their private school education subsidized by taxpayers, the public schools, long the backbone of Missouri communities, will still be around, as well.

After all, someone has to handle the students who are not wanted by the private schools and monitor those who do not look or sound like Will Kraus.

POSTED BY RANDY AT 4:27 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/01/message-to-missouri-schools-if-they.html) WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 2012


Well, Turner, if you think it is so awful in this day of strapped state and local budgets to stop educating illegal aliens and 'anchor babies' I suggest that you sneak across the border and teach them little mestizos English as a second language based upon what the Mexican taxpayer can fund.

It may come as quite a surprise but simply cutting off benefits to those who don't belong in this country and are neither able or willing to pay for these benefits that taxpayers are no longer able to pay for either is probably the last step just before the entire educational edifice collapses. We've listened to you liberals and all you ever accomplished when you got most of what you wanted was disaster.

Pretty soon there won't be no more public education funded by property taxes. Call it educational bureaucratic over-stretch.

Cousin Randy Turner
01-21-2012, 05:55 PM
Proposed teacher tenure constitutional amendment another attack aimed at public schools


I could be fired tomorrow.

That is not a prediction, (I’m keeping my fingers crossed) but a simple statement of fact. This is my thirteenth year as a classroom teacher and my ninth with the Joplin School District, but if, for some reason, school officials determined I no longer fit into their plans, I would probably have to dust off my resume.

But first, I would be entitled to a hearing because I have tenure.

That protection, which contrary to the myth being pushed by those who are looking to eliminate every last vestige of power held by teacher unions is not keeping thousands of bad teachers in classrooms across the United States, may soon be a thing of the past in the Show-Me State.

Associated Press reported Tuesday that Missourians might vote (http://www.semissourian.com/story/1805390.html) on the elimination of teacher tenure in November if an initiative petition is successful. The paperwork was filed with the secretary of state’s office by the same attorney who has served as front man for another initiative petition which would eliminate the state’s income tax and replace it with a sales tax, a soak-the-poor scheme which would benefit those who think spending tax money on people who don’t live in their neighborhood is an affront to their constitutional rights.

According to AP’s account, the constitutional amendment sought in the initiative petition would eliminate public funding for any school district that uses seniority in any fashion to determine which teachers should be fired or promoted. Decisions on salary, hiring and firing would have to be based on scores on standardized tests or as those tests are referred to in the language of those submitting the petition- “objective criteria.”

Without a doubt, the initiative’s supporters will blanket the state with advertisements spreading the message that thousands of bad teachers are employed in Missouri schools, graying drones who show up (or not), collect their paychecks year after year and do not answer to anyone because they are protected by powerful unions.

And it won’t be hard to find anecdotal evidence that there have been instances where good young teachers have been let go while older teachers were retained. The failing schools in our inner cities will be highlighted as reasons why tenure should become a thing of the past. Of course, no mention will be made that all of these failing schools are located in centers of poverty because poverty to those who have bankrolled anti-public school initiatives and lawmakers has nothing whatsoever to do with failing schools- the responsibility lies solely on teachers, and more specifically those “bad” teachers who are standing in the way of Missouri becoming an educational Shangri-La.

Supporters of the initiative will undoubtedly fail to point out that Missouri, unlike many other states with teacher tenure, does not allow tenure to be achieved until the first day of a teacher’s sixth year. And it can be longer. After I taught in a smaller school district for four years and then took a job in the Joplin school system, I had to wait an additional five years. My tenure did not become official until the first day of my 10th year as a classroom teacher.

Those who want this to pass are, for the most part, the same ones who are pushing efforts to bring in Teach for America and instructors from non-traditional areas, indicating that teacher training is unnecessary and that anyone can step into a classroom and succeed.
They also want to promote the absurd idea that experience counts for nothing and that when you reach your mid-30s or 40s, you already have one foot in the grave and can no longer serve the educational community.

Make no mistake about it, the purpose behind anti-tenure laws, the same as with so-called “parental choice” bills, is the complete and utter annihilation of a public school system which has served this country well.

In the end, all of the merit pay proposals and opening up teaching to anyone who can stand in front of a classroom is only going to increase the already high percentage of people who enter the profession and leave it within a few years. The only problem is- when the newer teachers leave to try their hand at something more lucrative (and with much less stress) this time, there will be no veteran instructors remaining to take up the slack.

At the point, the destruction of public schools will be complete.

Cousin Randy Turner
02-16-2012, 12:12 AM
Rex Sinquefield and the KKK: Speech shows billionaire's arrogance and prejudice


(The following post is my latest Huffington Post blog (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/randy-turner/billionaire-links-kkk-wit_b_1271592.html) and is also my column for this week's Newton County News.)


In the middle of a speech (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/02/sinquefield-kkk-remarks-go-viral.html) in which he demanded an end to teacher tenure, retired billionaire Rex Sinquefield unleashed the following bombshell:

The Ku Klux Klan got together and said how can we really hurt the African American children permanently? How can we ruin their lives? And what they designed was the public school system.

His quote was taken from a 2007 column in the ironically titled Linn Unterrified Democrat. The author, Ralph Voss, a former judge and self-described Reagan Republican, told me the Sinquefield quote took his words out of context and provided me with a copy of the original column (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/02/writer-who-penned-source-of-sinquefield.html).

The damning words linking the KKK to public education were not the only ones which Sinquefield used to shade the truth during his speech at the private Lindenwood University.

He employed the oft-used tactic of saying teacher tenure was driving good teachers out of education while the bad ones lingered on and on just drawing their paychecks and sapping any chance children have of receiving an education.

Sinquefield had no evidence to back it up. He didn’t need any.

What Sinquefield, an outspoken advocate of educational vouchers, has is his bank account and his willingness to spend money on politicians to do his bidding. When you have billions and you are willing to use it in a state that has no campaign contribution limits, no one worries about whether you make any sense or not, they just ask “What do you want me to do?” and “How quickly do you want it done?”

While Missourians are far more interested in legislation that would bring jobs to the state, their elected officials, many with substantial money trails leading back to Sinquefield, are insisting that issues like teacher tenure are at the top of the list for what voters want accomplished during the 2012 legislative session.

In 2011, Sinquefield contributed $50,000 to Sen. Jane Cunningham, R-Chesterfield, who pushed an unsuccessful tenure elimination bill that would have forced public schools to divide their faculties into four tiers, and paid them according to student scores on standardized tests, with the teachers on the top tier receiving 60 percent more than those on the next tier. This year, Sen. Cunningham, is pushing a bill that would open the door for vouchers to attend private and parochial schools.

Speaker of the House Steve Tilley, R-Perryville, who put education at the top of the agenda, received $75,000 from Sinquefield, while the chairman of the House Education Committee, former public school teacher Scott Dieckhaus, R-Washington, picked up $13,500, from the billionaire. Dieckhaus, who sponsored the House version of Sen. Cunningham’s teacher tenure bill last year, has a new bill aimed at eliminating tenure this year.

Sinquefield is also pushing a constitutional amendment that would eliminate Missouri’s income tax and replace it with a larger sales tax. At this point, he is already funding a group in favor of the proposal called “Let Voters Decide” to the tune of more than $5 million. The plan, opponents argue, would decimate public schools, which are already reeling from the damage that has been done to 0ur economy. From all appearances, that would not bother Sinquefield a bit.

What could make 2012 different from other years is that apparently Sinquefield has made it known that he is tired of spending so much money and not receiving anything in return.

Two Joplin-area businessmen who have regular dealings with the legislature told me that they recently asked a local legislator why he was supporting Sinquefield’s plan to eliminate the state income tax, when they knew he had said many times it was a bad plan and would never work.

The legislator said he and his fellow representatives had been told by leadership they needed to be vocal in their support of the changes Sinquefield wants, or the money flow was going to be cut off.

The money flow continues unabated.

Perhaps after the controversy over his Lindenwood speech, Sinquefield will be content to let his money do the talking. Hopefully not. His billions give him the appearance of someone who has something of substance to say.

When he actually opens his mouth and removes that thin veil, all of the riches in the world cannot hide the arrogance and prejudice of Rex Sinquefield.

POSTED BY RANDY AT 4:36 AM MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2012 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/02/rex-sinquefield-and-kkk-speech-shows.html)

Cousin Randy Turner
02-21-2012, 11:36 PM
Sex scandal hits McAuley; basketball coach fired
I was wrong and Senator Jane Cunningham was right -- the Facebook Law was necessary to keep us pervert chomo teachers from diddling them nippers.


Officials at McAuley High School in Joplin sent a letter to parents today telling them that boys basketball coach Chuck Williams, who also served as athletic director, football coach and golf coach, has been fired.

At least two young women have leveled accusations at Williams. One is a recent McAuley graduate and another is a senior who attended McAuley until recently when her accusations against the coach made her a target of his supporters. The Joplin Police Department has interviewed both young women, a source told The Turner Report.

Parents were reportedly told that the accusations involve supplying alcohol to minors. Screen shots of Facebook messages allegedly sent by Williams indicate use of profanity and references to drugs and sex in conversations with a teenage girl.

(Note: I have the screen shots, but I am not going to have that kind of language on this blog.)

Williams is the second teacher fired by McAuley for misconduct in the past couple of weeks.

More [mis]information and censorship
is on the way.

POSTED BY RANDY AT 9:54 PM MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2012 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/02/sex-scandal-hits-mcauley-basketball.html)


What is wrong with teachers these days? Sex, alcohol and such....oh my! Especially at a private religious school. Then you look at TJ Independent Day school, Joplin, Mo. The "school" just fired the new art teacher for shaking a 5th grader. Check it out. The school swept the incident under the rug as usual.

3:32 AM

Well, firing the guy sounds like the main thing to do for shaking a fifth grader. What other steps would you like them to take?

6:46 AM

To the first Anonymous posting... why did you refer to TJ as a school in quotation marks?

9:40 AM

I don't believe it. I want to see proof, I think you're bluffing Turner!

2:19 PM

Here is an education to Anonymous who questioned the use of quotes around the word “school”. These are called sneer quotes, which are quotation marks placed around a word or phrase to indicate that it does not signify its literal or conventional meaning. The effect of using sneer quotes is often similar to pretending a skeptical modifier such as so-called or alleged to label the quoted word or phrase, to indicate scorn, sarcasm, or irony.

Other steps to take other than firing the guy??? One-step would be public awareness (a news article) based on the "quality" personnel working at the school. Just as the situation at McAuley, public awareness is essential in making choices for a safe education for our children.

6:13 PM

Facebook...any teacher who facebooks with student for any reason should be fired.

6:19 PM

Cousin Swillis Gumpf-Turner/Jane Cunningham was right said...

Sounds to me like that Facebook Law that you didn't like very much should have been in place so that criminal charges could have been placed against this teacher.

It was to combat just this sort of abuse by teachers against the persons and morals of their underage students that this law was passed last year, but some of these 'wonderful' teachers like yourself said that the law was not really necessary and so subverted it and had it repealed.

So now this 'Facebook Law' has been proven necessary. Public school teachers shouldn't be allowed unsupervised contact via Facebook or any other electronic medium without the knowledge and consent of parents and school administration. Leaving these as 'policies' by local school boards, because they don't have the Constitutional power to criminalize their policies/suggestions simply is not enough. Criminal sanctions as created by the Legislature are what is necessary, and what was the purpose of last year's Facebook Law.

Jane Cunningham was right and you were wrong, Turner.

9:26 PM

Above comment was censored by Cousin Randy Randy Turner.

That's ridiculous. The overwhelming majority of teachers who maintain Facebook friendships with students do so in an entirely professional manner. The only teachers who should be fired are those who misuse Facebook.

10:20 PM

That's ridiculous. The overwhelming majority of teachers who maintain Facebook friendships with students do so in an entirely professional manner. The only teachers who should be fired are those who misuse Facebook.

10:20 PM

Even if the Missouri Facebook Law of last year had been upheld by the legislature - that no teacher could have any child in school as a friend - it would not have prevented this predator from his actions.

That was a big point concerning the argument to change that ridiculous law. Only decent and honest teachers wouldn't friend a child on Facebook because of the law.

It was never going to stop a true predator.

1:07 AM

Cousin Randy Turner
02-26-2012, 11:14 PM
The anonymous bullies who comment on blogs


Those who have read The Turner Report over the past nine years have seen this pattern before.

I write something that ticks off someone and the vicious comments begin almost immediately and don't stop. And at some point it always leads to personal accusations about my past (and if I had done all or any of the things these anonymous bullies and cowards accuse me of doing, I would probably be sitting in a jail cell).

The same pattern began shortly after my post about the firing of McAuley Coach Chuck Williams earlier this week. And I made the same mistake I have made in the past. I went out of my way to be fair to those who were leaving comments.

Though I deleted the ones that were the most egregious, I wrongly left derogatory comments about the alleged victims in this case, one of whom is underage. That was a mistake. Those comments have also been removed.

At least one person, perhaps more, has been bombarding me with negative comments, often the same ones over and over, berating me for not publishing them. These comments have included some new stories that I had never heard before about why I was fired at The Carthage Press. I accidentally posted one of those. It is also gone.

The anonymous writer noted a few moments ago that I had deleted nine comments, bringing the number on the Williams post from 32 to 23 and he bragged that he has "a screen shot" of them. Congratulations! What I deleted were comments that made you look like a jerk. I also deleted one comment that I had accidentally posted twice, my complete rundown of the times I was fired at various places, (all of which I wrote about extensively in Newspaper Days, which is available at Amazon.com and I did not sugarcoat my shortcomings in that book), and several cowardly swipes at the girls who were involved in the incidents that led to Williams' dismissal.

Call it a violation of your First Amendment rights. It is not. You can take your screen shot and you can publish it anywhere you want. You can even start a blog and if you are lucky and have any writing skill (doubtful from the samples I have seen of your writing) perhaps in a few years you will develop a following that is a small percentage of the reading community I have worked years to build.

I would advise you take one step if you plan to do that. Use your real name. My readers don't have any use for cowards who want to bully teenage girls under the cloak of anonymity.

My blog has always been open to comments, whether they agree with me or not. I encourage a a wide-ranging discussion on issues and news stories. I will continue to do so. Character assassination has no place on this blog and will not be tolerated.

POSTED BY RANDY COUSIN RANDY AT 8:52 PM FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2012 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/02/anonymous-bullies-that-comment-on-blogs.html)

Cousin Randy Turner
03-06-2012, 11:41 PM
No place for Rush Limbaugh in Hall of Famous Missourians



(The following is my latest blog for Huffington Post, and my latest column for the Newton County News.)

The timing of Missouri Speaker of the House Steve Tilley’s announcement that he had named Rush Limbaugh to the Hall of Famous Missourians could not have been any worse.

It has only been a few days since Limbaugh went on a verbal rampage, referring to Georgetown student Sandra Fluke as a “slut” and a “prostitute,” simply because she advocated expanded access to birth control.

Tilley noted that Limbaugh is “famous,” and that certainly is true. But then the speaker had the audacity to compare Limbaugh to other famous Missourians who have already been enshrined in the hall and who had their detractors- the Show-Me State’s only president, Harry S Truman, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, and former Gov. Warren Hearnes.

For Steve Tilley to compare a radio host who has made millions by dividing America to people who devoted their lives to public service is an insult. Limbaugh has always referred to himself as “an entertainer,” but there is also no legitimate comparison between Limbaugh and such entertainers as St. Louis Cardinals legend Stan “The Man” Musial and Walt Disney, both of whom are in the Hall.

Some have called Limbaugh a journalist (though journalists are required to provide a least of modicum of truth). In that field, the Cape Girardeau native pales in comparison to Walter Cronkite, another member of the Hall.

Even if you could forgive Tilley, who as Speaker has the sole province to select the new members, for preferring someone from his own area of the state, there is no forgiving him the insult to enshrine Limbaugh during the same year that he selected Buck O’Neil and Dred Scott for induction.

That would be the same Dred Scott, whose efforts to escape slavery were thwarted by one of the worst decisions in U. S. Supreme Court history, and Buck O’Neil, who nearly singlehandedly brought the Negro Baseball Leagues Museum in Kansas City into existence, was the first African American coach in major league baseball, and who was a long-time all-star with the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro Leagues, where he played because the doors to major league baseball were closed to people of his color.

What a cruel joke for Steve Tilley to invite Rush Limbaugh into the Hall of Famous Missourians the same year as Buck O’Neil and Dred Scott.

After all, though it is his sexist comments that have brought a firestorm upon Limbaugh over the past few days, he has a long history of peppering the airwaves with racially-charged remarks.

Nine years ago, it was his disparaging comments about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, saying McNabb had been built up by a media that wanted to see a black quarterback and black coaches succeed. Limbaugh asserted that McNabb’s success was completely owed to the Eagle defense. The controversy over that remark led to Limbaugh’s resignation from ESPN.

Since the election of Barack Obama in 2008, Limbaugh has teetered on the edge of racist comments on nearly a daily basis, referring to the president as a “Halfrican-American,” and offering alleged humor based on President Obama’s skin color including a song called “Barack, the Magic Negro.”

A man such as this has no place in an institution designed to honor the best of Missouri. While the world has moved into the 21st century, Rush Limbaugh and those who hang on his every word steadfastly cling to a lily-white past that shames all of us.

Cousin Randy Turner
06-06-2012, 10:57 PM
Obituaries and the death of newspapers



(The following is my latest column for the Newton County News and blog post for Daily Kos, the only two places that let me whine like a faggot.)

In a few years, people will probably wonder what the fuss was about the rapid decline of newspaper popularity in the early 21st century.

Historians will argue whether the final nail in the coffin came from chain ownership (a safe bet), arrogance (another safe bet and might just be a synonym for chain ownership), or technology. My Cousin Swillis Gumpff-Turner will say it was because the jewspapers were filled with gliberal whigger butthole faggots like me and that the readers -- at least those with White Men able to read and think for themselves -- simply decided to stop reading stupid lying shit that would only make them pissed off. And then cum the Internet . . . .

Or it could just be that newspapers are dying because of the way they have treated the dead.

At one time, all small to medium-sized newspapers in the United States ran complete obituaries of everyone who died. It didn’t matter if it were the richest man or town or the town drunk, a 102-year-old who lived her entire life in the community or an infant, the passage was considered newsworthy. It allowed supercilious ZOGling whigger faggots one last chance to virtually sodomize those that we didn't like, and therefore helped finish off the jewspapers because people would plain refuse to read this shit unless it concerned them directly.

It was not only a matter of fairness, but it was good business. Everyone had an investment in the local newspaper and the obituary pages always ranked at the top in readership surveys. Them old buzzards who were the only ones even reading the liepapers did so in order to figure out which one of them had croaked off first.

That common sense approach to journalism began to die when newspaper owners (dirty jews mainly, but also a lot of thieving piece-of-shit whiggers and anglo-mestizos), after running away advertisers with a glut of special sections and greed to boost the kind of profit margins that other businesses could only dream of, began to think of the deaths of human beings as just another revenue source.

I was the editor of the Carthage Press, at least until reader and pub[l]ic cumplaints cooncerning my lies and stupid crooked shit woke up the publisher and he decided to get rid of my stupid lying presumably faggot ass, a small Missouri daily in the 1990s when the regional newspaper, the Joplin Globe, (or perhaps I should say the chain of thieving jewboys that owned the newspaper at that time) decided to charge for obituaries. If your family paid, your death was newsworthy. If not, it received a brief mention, including the time and place for the funeral service. High jewrnanalism, middle jewrnanalism, low jewranalism.

Perhaps it is just coincidence, but from that point on, I have seen a deterioration in the Globe as a community newspaper. Of course the pissing and shitting and anointing thereof and sticking a pin through the paper doll that I got from my faggot Haitian voo-doo lover might have helped too. When the biggest newspaper in the area began charging for the service, it was only a matter of time before all of them did. Thankfully, by the time that happened, I was a teacher and was no longer in the newspaper business because pretty much everyone from the publisher to the readers thought it was time for me to move on. They were hoping for me to get into somethang noble and useful like pig farming but me and my mangina ached to teach the sodomistic lil' gaywads of a rising new [de]-generation some new 'tricks' so I got into edjewmacation.

When the Globe moved into the internet era and established a website, it maintained the same division -- obituaries for those who could afford it, and death notices for those who could not. Which of course stood to reason because if you could read it offn' Da Internut, why pay to look for the same thang in a dead tree?

This week, that approach changed. Whine-roll whigga puh-leeeze!!!

Now if you visit the Globe website and want to know when or where a funeral is going to take place, you have to either be a subscriber to the print edition or to the Globe’s e-edition. It doesn’t matter if you are a friend or family member from out of state who has no connection with Joplin and no need for subscribe to a Joplin newspaper, if you don’t, you’re out of luck. Of course if you still read that stupid jewspaper, then jew're DEFINITELY shit out of luck.

The timing was bad for the hard working staff at the Joplin Globe. During the past year, it has received well-deserved attention from across the nation, including a recent documentary about its courageous response to the May 22, 2011, tornado, that killed 161 people, including one Globe staff member, and displaced about a third of the Globe’s workers. Me, I've gotten into the Anne Frank-en-faggot jewplin hollowco$t aspect of this shit, churning out two quickie books.

The Globe’s corporate management, the good folks at Community Newspapers Holding, apparently decided it was time for its newspapers to milk a few cents more out of the death industry just like me trying to milk the very last few drops offn' some lil' gaywad's meatstraw.

I am sure it will not be long before someone sets up a website where obituaries can be found and when that happens another reason to read newspapers will have vanished forever -- the same fate as classified ads and eventually legal notices when people come to the realization that the only reason those are still in newspapers is to prop up their bottom line -- the taxpayers would probably be served just as well in this day and age by having legal notices posted on internet sites. Just so long as that Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt don't get to use that service. Did you know that there is a faggot dating site on Craigslist, jewbook, and a lot of discreet sites?

Writing these words does not come easily to me. I have loved newspapers since I was six years old and my dad, a truck driver, brought me copies of the Kansas City Star and Tulsa World to read, then said, "Buck up you little faggot. Damn, why couldn't I have shot me a good wad like my brother Swillis did? Marge, haven't you managed to housebreak this lil' faggot yet? I'm tired of having to keep on bringing home these damned liepapers all the time" . We always had subscriptions to the Joplin Globe, Neosho Daily News and the Newton County News because I never could manage to get quite completely housebroke what with my stretched out sphincter even then. I spent 22 years as a newspaper reporter and editor and loved every minute of it. The readers, for theys' part, thought differently from day one. The rapid decline of newspapers breaks my heart, my achy breaky heart, fart, fart but it still might blow up and kill this 'man.' Where was I? Oh yes, pontifuckating. So about the management of the liepapers, once they started being just another stock market commodity instead of a public service, they sealed their own fate.

When, and if, the newspaper industry dies, a victim of its own greed and incompetence, I am sure there will be some venue where its obituary will be written (http://newsosaur.blogspot.com/) -- and no one will have to pay to see it. And there will be much rejoicing.

Cousin Randy Turner
09-10-2012, 09:14 PM
The case against class warfare (when done by Republicans)


(This was my June 28 Huffington Post blog, but I feel the timing to run it again is just right. Them left-wing faggots let me whine at [s]will over there, and I'm [S]Will now.)

The cold day in hell has arrived. I think I need to find one of them little gaywads that I punked out at the Middle Skrewl and poke my perverted gliberal whigger butthole faggot pecker up itz warm poop-chute.

If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever agree with Congressman Paul Ryan about anything, you would have either received derisive laughter or a challenge to a duel. Ladysticks at zero paces, on the ruins of the McClellan Park mens' restroom glory-hole.

After all, this is a man who is praised by people who should know better because he is willing to sacrifice Social Security and Medicare "for the good of his country."

But when he told an interviewer last September, "Class warfare . . . may make for really good politics, but it makes for rotten economics," Paul Ryan stumbled onto the truth. He was so farsighted to bail out them Wall Street jew banksters whose indoor gambling on derivatives and Credit Default Swaps and sub-prime mortgages means that us pub[l]ic skrewl teachers will have theyz' (401)k's becum-cum None-O-One k's. (I majored in skrule teechin' and not economics.)

This election season has been marred by people who have tried to stoke a feud between those who struggle to make ends meet and those who worry if the elevator they installed for their cars is down for repairs.

Class warfare does make for rotten economics and it is time to tell Paul Ryan and his colleagues, whether they classify themselves as simply conservative or Tea Party, that as gliberal whigger butthole fags just trying to get our 'fair share' of a declining trough we are sick of it. And you don't want me puking up a cup full of gaywad cum on jewr spats, I shit you not.

It is class warfare when a bunch of white middle-aged men with six and seven-figure incomes fight tooth and nail to keep people from having affordable health care, making the same arguments that were made before Medicare and Social Security were passed. It is NOT class warfare when grey old senile gliberal whigger butthole faggots who turned pretty much the entire economic order to shit want to be paid for doing so.

It is class warfare when public school teachers are attacked for being the cause of education problems in the United States while these same men do everything they can to eliminate the programs designed to battle the poverty that is the biggest cause of failures in our inner-city schools. Well, not actually poverty. Niggers. Niggers are the biggest cause of poverty in our inner-shitty skrewls because niglets are born stupid and violent and nobody, including me, wants to be around them.

It is class warfare when anti-union and anti-worker legislation is touted as vital to bringing jobs to states when the whole idea is to get every state to pass these bills and reduce the wages and benefits that these "job providers" offer. As said before, it wasn't economics which was my major. Edjewmacation, or rather gliberal whigger butthole faggotry was. I've always been in favor of the unions pricing their members out of a job and making the working-class whites have to pay for it all.

It is class warfare when you lower taxes again and again for these "job providers" who never seem to provide any jobs. With taxes so low, no money is left to pay for essential services, which makes it necessary to launch attacks against the middle class public servants whose jobs relied on that money and upon piglice to make sure that the taxes were paid..

It is class warfare when you blame the dysfunctional educational system for not providing job-ready workers (which was never the purpose of public education in the first place -- indoctrination and providing us gliberal whigger butthole fags with young whigger gaywad man-pussy was), to cover up the shipment of those same jobs to other countries to save a few dollars. It wasn't until there was no longer any private-sector jobs left that it occurred to us pub[l]ic servants to whine about job outsourcing.

It is class warfare when you begin the systematic elimination of campaign finance limits, the only thing that offered the possibility of an even break in the electoral process to those moderate and liberal incumbents who cannot afford to wine and dine their politicians and offer them carpet bags full of cold cash like you right-wing corporate-crony ass-clowns can.

It is class warfare when the corporations are given unlimited free speech, while one impediment after another is placed in the path of unions or anyone else who represents workers. Of course when I was a reporter and editor of a local lie-paper, I certainly didn't give an even break to all the working poor and literal nazis and klansmen who had a different opinion from mine. So I censored them, just as I do today on my pathetic gliberal whigger butthole fag blog. Free speech for me and mine, censorship for thee and thine you nazi swine.

It is class warfare when legislators continue to offer bills designed to strip money from public schools and have it sent to private institutions, while making no effort to make sure that those same private institutions will open their doors to anyone, including those with physical, emotional, and behavioral problems. Since we simply have no ability to turn White children into useful productive citizens who will be able to look out for their own welfare, well might as well whine about how the beaners, niggers and retards who NOBODY can edjewmacate are sucking hind tit and us pub[l]ic skrewl swineherds are having to be doing less with less.

The most horrific part of the class warfare that the American people have been subjected to the past few years is that the more times we are told that class warfare (against the 1 percent) won't work, the more effectively it is working for that same one percent. See. Advocating class envy against the one percent while pretending that as a gliberal whigger butthole fag drone that I'm not into the class envy thang -- worthless.

We automatically accept, almost without question, that Medicare and Social Security, success stories by anyone's definition, must be altered, or perhaps dismantled, in order to save these unsustainable programs.

We accept the statement that public schools are failing, when the overwhelming majority of them are not and the inner-city schools that are full of untrainable and violent beaners and niggers always having problems are being hurt just as much by politicians' disdain for dealing with poverty and societal problems, as by poor teachers of their own racial kind.

We accept the idea, and it is far more insidious than anything else I have mentioned, that those who are poor, those who are diseased, those whose religion or sexual preference is different from the majority, those who have come to this country because of what the United States represents, and I pray will continue to represent, are somehow the root of this nation's problems. I prefer to pretend that when you have filled this nation with the shit-colored offal that has created these horrific conditions common to the Third World that we can continue to maintain a White Western First-World Civilization in which the rights of us sodomistically correct gliberal whigger perverts to keep on calling the shots will long endure.

We have all been victims of class warfare. Some much, much more than others, as my own sphincter can testify. What has been most shameful has been the way the word "conservative" has been destroyed by these zealots. You need us gliberal whigger butthole fags to define it. Like Claire McCaskill as opposed to Todd Akin. There is nothing conservative about systematically destroying the ideals and values that have made this country great. Why can't you 'conservatives' be the sort of conservatives that gave us gliberal whigger butthole fags whatever we wanted and bitched to achieve and then when we did get it refused to pay for it because there was nothing left to pay for it.

Zombie whigger apocalypse. Belch & felch about it.

Posted by Cousin Randy Randy at 9:33 PM WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 05 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-case-against-class-warfare.html), 2012

Cousin Randy Turner
09-17-2012, 10:43 PM
Teachers do not have to be political eunuchs


(The following is my latest Huffington Post blog and Newton County News column.)

During my first year of teaching eighth grade writing, I took a gamble on a lesson plan that seemed destined to end badly- I showed an early debate between the Republican candidates for president.

As you might expect, the students grumbled, wondered why we had to do something so boring and made their case for another video (As far as I know, this Nemo still hasn’t been found.)

They finally settled down and began watching the video, and though I was anxious about whether it would happen, they quickly became absorbed as the candidates spouted their talking points.

After the video, we discussed the debate and took a vote.

If my eighth graders had their way Ambassador Alan Keyes would have become the Republican candidate for president, with Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch finishing second and John McCain third. Coming in dead last was the man who eventually became president, George W. Bush.

Keyes, of course, was a glib and entertaining speaker, while the surprising show of support for Hatch came from one of my students who had lived in Utah and made the case quite eloquently for the only candidate she had heard of before.

During my second year as a teacher, I had the good fortune of being able to teach about the presidential election that never ended, and while some people thought the 2000 election was a nightmare, I found it to be a wonderful time to be teaching, with students who came into class every day wanting to talk about the latest developments in the ongoing battle between whether George W. Bush or Al Gore would take the oath of office.

I have never shied away from bringing politics into the classroom and over the years I have been criticized for bringing issues into the classroom, not by students, parents, or administrators, but by those who read my blog posts and disagree with my views, and automatically assume I am imposing them on my students.

I am not; that is not my job.

Last week, in a Huffington Post blog, Larry Strauss (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/larry-strauss/teaching-election_b_1877104.html), a high school English teacher and coach, expressed his pride that students could not tell his political leanings and, in fact, thought of him as a Republican though he had never voted for a Republican in his life.

Strauss quite rightly emphasized having the students research the candidates and their stances on the issues:

And so, for example, the students in my class will analyze the stump speeches of both major candidates along with those of some lesser known candidates and when we evaluate the claims and support and utilize factcheck.org to study the art of political deception, we will do so for everyone. We will pick apart the rhetorical strategies of every candidate, use criticalvoter.com to reveal the linguistic tricks of their trade and understand how words can change the world -- or be used to maintain the status quo.

Strauss talks about his colleagues who cannot keep their political viewpoints out of the classroom and try to bring students around to their way of thinking. He disapproves of that approach and so do I.

His method is to be a blank slate, and while I am sure that works for him, he is missing out on a way to connect with students on an even deeper level and show them that even when we disagree on issues, there is no reason we can’t discuss those issues amicably. We have an opportunity to teach a powerful lesson about the way public discourse should be handled, but so often is not.

Teachers do not have to be political eunuchs to serve their students well.

My political viewpoints are never front and center in my classroom. I am more interested in hearing what the students think and especially, in how well they express those opinions, both verbally and in writing.

Whether they are Democrats or Republicans, I play devil’s advocate in discussions and make them back up their points (and sometimes make them take a closer look about the validity of those points, on both sides).

If students ask me how I feel about an issue, I will quickly tell them and not make a big deal about it. I always stress that the people who are elected or who are running for office are not running to destroy everything that this nation stands for and it is never a battle between good and evil, but between people with differing viewpoints on how to better serve their country.

Hopefully, when the school year has ended, they will understand that you do not have to shout down someone to make your point and that people who disagree you with are not necessarily spawns of Satan.

When they leave my classroom, they won’t be brainwashed into believing the same way I believe. Their parents have far more to do with shaping their political beliefs than I, or any other teacher, and that is the way it should be.

The students who leave my classroom feeling the same way I do about issues are the ones who came into my classroom with those same beliefs. As for the ones who disagree with me, every year they leave saddened that they did not have a few more weeks to convince me of the folly of my ways.

From now through Friday, September 21, my novel on education, No Child Left Alive (http://www.amazon.com/No-Child-Left-Alive-ebook/dp/B008HLQUJE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1347814383&sr=8-1&keywords=No+Child+Left+Alive), is available as a free download as part of a promotion by Amazon's Kindle Select. Give it a try and if you like it, spread the word.

Posted by Cousin Randy Randy Turner the gliberal whigger butthole fag on 12:03 PM SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2012 (]http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/09/teachers-do-not-have-to-be-political.html)


If discussing current events in a courteous, even-handed manner to inform students is done as you say, Mr. Turner, then I agree with you: it is not political indoctrination to debate the political issues of the day.

But my experience with teachers and administrators in the Center & Kansas City school district are quite different - and disturbing - than your illustration.

For instance,

1) a mathematics teacher who's an openly avowed socialist (2000) not ashamed to voice her politics in the classroom - along with discouraging words about the 'old white man party' (GOP);

2) a sympathetic administration not inclined to respond to parents' requests to stop this type of 'indoctrination' in her classroom.

3) a history teacher who's an openly avowed marxist (2004) with a litany of posters, pictures and pamphlets idolizing Che Guevera, Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, and Venezuela dictator Hugo Chavez . Howard Zinn was her 'go to guy' for historical context.

4) a social studies teacher who's an openly active (2008) Obama organizer and campaign bundler with his desk and cork boards pinned with Obama campaign posters and literature.

There was no other media offered for other political parties or positions. "It's MY classroom!," he protested, and staunchly refused to curtail his avid support for Obama.

Parents' protests fell on deaf administration ears.

Based on my experience, Mr. Turner, you're the exception - not the rule.

And it is a slippery slope, indeed.

12:03 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/09/teachers-do-not-have-to-be-political.html?showComment=1347908624605#c14836191 69832398605)

Cousin Randy Turner
10-22-2012, 10:48 PM
Obama wins the debate, education plan superior to Romney's


(The following is my latest Huffington Post blog.)

Who would have guessed that it would take a debate on foreign policy to reveal what Barack Obama and Mitt Romney think about education?

And who would have thought that it would be the final debate before the president of the United States clearly stated his vision for the next four years?

I wasn’t thrilled about the topic of the third and final debate between the two presidential candidates being limited to foreign policy. Thankfully, and despite the best efforts of moderator Bob Schieffer, the topics ranged far from that narrow perspective and gave us our best glimpse yet of the choice we have to make in two weeks.

Mitt Romney’s perspective on education was painfully simplistic- He hates unions, and oh, by the way, “I love teachers.” News flash, Gov. Romney, unions are teachers and they are filled with trained professionals who work day after day to help children to reach their full potential. Unions are not the protectors of an ever-growing cadre of lazy, shiftless bums who arrive just before the first bell, leave immediately at the last one, and play Farmville and work crossword puzzles the rest of the day.

Romney’s best ploy on education was to note how well Massachusetts did while he was governor, and yes, that state’s schools were right at the top when he was there, thanks to a hard-working group of teachers and administrators and a predominantly Democratic legislature that invested heavily in children and their education. And the first thing the governor did was to cut funding for the number one schools in the nation.

That point was made succinctly by President Obama but tonight, unlike in the first two debates, the president not only pointed out the problems with the Romney vision of what American should be like, but also noted how his view differs and what direction he would like to see this country head in the future.

The president spoke of ending our entanglements in Iraq and Afghanistan and investing money in this country. That vision included education from the youngest child to the worker who needs to be retrained to keep pace with the ever-changing job market.

The Obama plan centered around investment of money for education and research, a stark difference from the draconian cuts that have been the hallmark of Romney’s pronouncements, though, of course, Romney has never been specific about exactly what he would cut (just that it would be about everything except defense).

The president also promised to end the one-way shuttle that has sent our jobs overseas and gave tax breaks to the companies so they could do so. That is vital for education to be successful in the United States. As long as we keep rewarding so-called job creators who show contempt for their country by moving jobs overseas to save a few dollars and receive tax breaks, we ensure that education will never be able to keep pace with the needs of the job market.

The biggest difference between the two candidates on education, however, harkens back to the one major disagreement that has always been a centerpiece of this long presidential campaign- taxes.

Under the Romney plan, the status quo would stay the same as it has since the Bush tax cuts were enacted. We would continue with the fiction that the people with the most money, those who are inaccurately labeled job creators, would take some of that money and put people to work. Unless we tie the continuance of those tax cuts to actual job creation (of jobs that pay decent wages), that is never going to happen.

On the other hand, President Obama is asking that the people at the top end of the tax brackets, the people who have continued to prosper while everyone else is having to pinch pennies to make ends meet, pay more and invest that money into education and research, the kind of investment that will keep this country on top.

There is much that I do not like about President Obama’s education policies, with his naming of the woefully underqualified Arne Duncan as secretary of education at the top of the list.

I have been uncomfortable with administration policies that favor creation of unproven charter schools and encourage basing teacher pay on the results of poorly written standardized tests.

But even with the administration’s flawed education policy, it is light years ahead of what is being proposed by the opposition. Vouchers, drastically cut funding for education, and blaming “unions” but not teachers (because as we all know, Mitt Romney loves teachers) are a formula for destroying public education.

Posted by Randy at 8:25 PM MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2012 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/10/obama-wins-debate-education-plan.html)

Cousin Randy Turner
10-28-2012, 02:07 AM
In McCaskill ad, students rip Todd Akin for opposing student loans




(From the Claire McCaskill campaign)

Standing in front of The Columns on campus at the University of Missouri/Sodom, a group of students today spoke with reporters about the importance of affordable student loans, and how Todd Akin’s extreme plans to eliminate the federal student loan program would hurt Missouri families hoping to send their kids to college. At the news conference, students framed the clear choice in Missouri’s U.S. Senate race between Akin’s extreme agenda and Claire McCaskill’s strong record of fighting to protect predatory undischargeable student loans and keeping college unaffordable for Missouri’s working families.

To underscore the students’ message, McCaskill for Missouri today announced a new web video -- the latest in a series of “Real Words” ads (http://clairemccaskill.com/updates/videos) released this week -- featuring Missouri students speaking directly to camera about why they’re supporting Claire in this election, and expressing serious concerns about Todd Akin’s extreme beliefs on student loans and affordable higher education.

“Without federal student loans, I wouldn’t be able to afford college, so I’m grateful to have Claire as our Senator fighting for students like me,” said Mizzou student Syed Ejaz (http://clairemccaskill.com/updates/videos). “If there’s anything that makes me nervous for the future of our nation’s economy, it’s the extreme politicians like Todd Akin, whose policies would mean that only rich kids get to have a college degree. If it wasn't for gliberal whigger femnisheviks like Claire McCaskill, sundry ragheads like me couldn't go to skrule to learn advanced female circumcision techniques or how to fly jumbo-jets into jew yawk shitty skyscrapers.”

“It’s crucial for Missouri voters to know that Todd Akin wants to get rid of federal student loans, and thinks private banks should be the chief decider of which kids can go to college,” said Drew Stiehl, a recent Mizzou graduate. “Here’s what Claire understands and Todd Akin doesn’t: no private bank would have taken a risk on me as a 17-year-old with no credit history. I wouldn’t be standing here today if extreme politicians like Akin got to call the shots, but fortunately we’ve got Claire in the Senate fighting for us every day. Now I owe over $666,666 in student loans for my Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgendered Studies Master's Degree and hope to earn it back doing porn web-cams from the back of some trucker's sleeper cab. Thank you, Claire McCaskill for making it possible for me to have a worthless degree and a student debt that I shall never discharge unto my grandchildren's day.”

“Claire knows what it means to take on student loan debt and work through college to pay the bills, so I know we can trust Claire to stand up for Missouri’s students and working families,” said Mizzou student Jacob Nicholson. “When I look at the choice in this election, it’s really important to me that Claire is a product of Missouri public education, while Todd Akin said the federal government should have no role in education whatsoever. Between Claire and Obongo, they shall make the taxpayers pay not only for my skrewling, but my health care and groceries and rent and gasoline and everything else as well and make stingy old White farts pay for it.”

Throughout this campaign, Todd Akin has repeatedly said he does not believe the federal government should be in the business of helping middle and low-income students afford higher education, and has supported efforts to eliminate Pell Grants and other federal college affordability programs that are utilized by more than 175,000 students in Missouri. Todd Akin doesn't believe that taxpayers should pay for the abortions of sundry sluts and is in the pockets of those millionaires who do believe in "No brass, no gas, no ass, and no free ride." What a fucking Nazi. Todd would probably put me and my kind in a labor camp and not let us have any Internet contact with underage pub[l]ic skrewl students, either.

At a debate hosted by the University of Missouri/Sodom College Republicans in April, Akin refused to support a plan to keep student loan rates affordable, saying he preferred a plan that would eliminate federal student loans and make for-profit institutions the only option for students who need financial aid to attend college or trade schools. Akin said at the debate that the government should not be in the student loan business, and went so far as to say that student loans were equivalent to "stage three cancer, when actually it is more like GAIDS."

Since receiving his party's nomination for the Senate, Akin has not walked back on his comments, telling the Springfield News Leader in August, "I called a spade a spade. Todd is a real tardd, refusing to pull a Mittens and say whatever is convenient for the moment. We need a chickenshit gliberal whigger like Claire McCaskill, who will vote 100% Obongo Democrat."

As Missouri's Democrat Obongoid Senator, Claire's made affordable higher education a top priority behind passing Obongocare and has been a strong advocate for students and middle class families being in debt forever. In 2007, she passed long overdue legislation that increased the number and value of Pell Grants as a sort of "gateway drug" to get idiots to take out higher and higher student loans to the financial industry. She also passed a measure that provides loan forgiveness to public school teachers after 10 years on the job. They are the best 'pushers' of this unsustainable educational bubble.

Claire recently returned to her roots as a waitress and a five-dollar hooker who, with the help of student loans and the 'cash on the barrelhead 4 gash on the barrelhead' policy, waited tables to pay her way through college and and sucked off the law skrule professors in order to get through law school. To highlight the importance of student loans and the minimum wage, as a professional parasite lawyer and politician Claire visited Flat Branch Pub and Brewing in The People's Republic of Columbia to wait tables, see if she could get any 'takers', and talk about these critical issues for Missouri’s working families, none of whom are to be found in a college-town bar-room.

Claire McCaskill -- what's not working for Missouri.

Posted by Randy Randy at 8:36 PM FRIDAY (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/10/in-mccaskill-ad-students-rip-todd-akin.html), OCTOBER 26, 2012

Cousin Randy Turner
11-06-2012, 06:25 AM
An election day message to my students


Friday was an important day for the eighth grade students at the middle school where I teach eighth grade English.

The eighth grade teachers arranged a day that began with student debates on whether the electoral collage should be retained or the president elected by direct popular vote and continued with a number of guest speakers brought in to help the teenagers understand the political process.

The speakers ranged from a retired union leader to a state representative who has sponsored right-to-work legislation. The half-hour breakout sessions also included a longtime TV anchorman who is making his first try at elective office at age 59 to two high school students who have spent the last several months volunteering for a candidate for statewide office.

The media was also represented- by a veteran reporter from a local television station and by a 20-year-old college student whose political blog is a must-read in the Show-Me State.

The students heard from Democrats and Republicans and had the opportunity to watch them interact in a positive way.

Sadly, the day came to a close and the four hours of civility were a thing of the past.

It does not have to be that way. As my eighth graders and I reflected on our election unit Monday, I was asked about the presidential election and this was the message I delivered to my students:

If Barack Obama is re-elected president, no matter what some of you have been told at home or have heard on television or seen on the internet, it will not be the end of civilization as we know it.

If Mitt Romney is the one who receives the majority of the electoral votes Tuesday, the nation will not collapse.

Those things have been said about every presidential candidate since this country began and we are still here and will be here for a long time to come.

And no matter what you have heard, this is not the most important election we have ever had, at least it’s not the only “most important election we have ever had.” We had one in 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, in fact, every four years for as long as I can remember.

I am willing to bet that the 2016 election will be “the most important election we have ever had,” and that the same thing will be said in 2020 and 2024. It is comforting that we always look on the presidential election as an event of that magnitude.

I have heard students, usually parroting their parents, talk about how evil Barack Obama or Mitt Romney are and how they are just running to ruin our country. Sorry, but that is not how the system works.

In my 56 years on this planet, I have never seen a political candidate whose platform was to get elected and do the most damage he could do. Whether the candidates were Republicans or Democrats, or representatives of some third party, I have never seen anyone who did not genuinely want to improve the lot of their constituents.

Their methods of how to accomplish that differ, sometimes dramatically, and at times they are led astray by mistaken policies or by listening to the siren songs of people whose motives are not so pure, but all of them strive to be the best public servants they can be.

What makes this country great is that the final decision on who runs our government is not made at the point of a gun, but in the sanctity of a voting booth. For all of the flaws in our system, and there are many, it is that truth that has made our nation one of the most remarkable political experiments in history and one that will keep it vital and energetic far into the future.

Posted by Randy at 9:02 PM MONDAY, NOVEMBER 05 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/11/an-election-day-message-to-my-students.html), 2012

Cousin Randy Turner
11-11-2012, 08:04 PM
The trouble with the Joplin Globe


Cousin Randy Turner
12-09-2012, 07:04 AM
An argument for teacher tenure


(This is my latest Huffington Post blog.)

In about a month the 2013 legislative session will be upon us and the attacks on teacher tenure will begin anew.

One of the enduring myths propagated by the so-called reformers is that there are thousands upon thousands of bad teachers in this country who cannot be fired because they have been given tenure and their jobs are being protected at the expense of brilliant young teachers who could have saved education.

To back up this allegation, we always see the same anecdotal evidence trotted out. It’s either the young teacher of the year who is let go because of rules requiring that veteran teachers be retained, or it is the veteran teacher who has committed all kinds of atrocities that should disqualify him from ever setting foot in a classroom again who cannot be dislodged.

No one ever questions just how meaningless most “teacher of the year” awards are and how many times the awards have little or nothing to do with teaching ability.

And no one ever looks into the administrative failures that led to the bad teacher somehow managing to hold on to his job.

As the attacks on teacher tenure continue, you can expect to see another line used which has become familiar over the past few years- Why should teachers have protection that no other worker has?

As someone who covered board of education meetings for 22 years as a newspaper reporter before entering the teaching field, I cannot tell you how many dozens of times I saw board members elected whose sole goal was to remove a teacher who had supposedly committed some wrong against the board member’s child. Considering the importance of education in our lives, it is incredible to realize that there are those who actually decide to run for school board because their son or daughter did not receive enough playing time in a sport . . . and often they win.

Teachers also need protection against ambitious, my-way-or-the-highway administrators who come in with dictatorial methods and are willing to remove anyone who questions their judgment. If tenure is removed, teachers in many school districts will no longer have the ability to question changes that could have a negative impact on them and the children they serve. And as anyone who has been in education knows, it is a field in which an administrator who is trying to make a name for himself can do an incredible amount of damage in a short amount of time. In many cases, those administrators have moved on to the next step up the ladder in a year or two. With tenure, at least when they leave, there will be a solid educational framework intact. If administrators are allowed to fire whomever they want without any restrictions, when they leave, all they remain in the wake are sycophants who do not have the same level of dedication to the school or to the community.

Before we take the road toward destroying a system that has, for the most part, been beneficial to American public school systems, we need to do considerably more research, even though I am coming closer every day to being convinced that “educational research” is an oxymoron.

We have all heard the statistics about how many teachers drop out of the profession before they have even taught for five years. Why are those teachers dropping out? We are always led to believe that the teachers who decided to get out while the getting was good were the cream of the crop and the ones who have stayed in the classroom are the ones who are gaming the system to get three months off every summer and short workdays and who stop giving their all once they have achieved tenure, but doesn’t it make more sense, that the ones who have stuck it out in the classroom through all of the attacks on the profession are most likely in it because they are good at what they do and genuinely care for children?

I have no doubt an in-depth study would show that most of them who left early left because they simply did not have what it takes to be in the classroom.

It takes a special kind of person to teach children who come from broken homes and often receive their only good meals when they are at school and be expected to have those children scoring at the advanced or proficient level on meaningless standardized tests.

It takes a dedicated professional to come to the classroom every day at a time when his job is being demeaned by those who want to tear apart public education and benefit from the privatization of what remains.

Many people are not cut out for that kind of work and to paraphrase our Show-Me State president- they couldn’t stand the heat so they got out of the kitchen.

Those who have persevered deserve the protection of tenure. Tenure does not protect bad teachers; they can still be fired. The others need to know that if they do their jobs professionally, they will be able to keep them.

Posted by Randy at 6:22 AM FRIDAY (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/12/an-argument-for-teacher-tenure.html), DECEMBER 07, 2012

Cousin Randy Turner
12-20-2012, 06:44 PM
No Guns for This Teacher, Not Now, Not Ever


(The following is my next Huffington Post blog.)

The NRA should be proud of me.

In my inappropriately named novel No Child Left Alive (http://www.amazon.com/No-Child-Left-Alive-ebook/dp/B008HLQUJE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1356046751&sr=8-1&keywords=No+Child+Left+Alive), a second year teacher in a dysfunctional public high school begins carrying a handgun to class after a near-rape incident.

Recent events have led me to believe that I am not cut out to be a novelist. In my book, the authorities frown on teachers with guns.

In real life everyone from Texas Gov. Rick Perry to Missouri State Representative Mike Kelley, R-Lamar, is not only sounding the drumbeat for arming our teachers, but they are almost making us feel ashamed if we are not fully prepared to bring our guns and blow the heads off any intruders. Not even the death of 20 schoolchildren at Sandy Hook Elementary School is making a dent in the minds or hearts of some of those who serve us.

Forget any efforts to curb the proliferation of the kinds of weapons that would have made our Founding Fathers skip directly from the First Amendment to the Third. Forget a reversal of the drastic cuts that have allowed so many Americans in desperate need of mental health care to slip through the cracks.

As usual, when it comes to public schools, it all comes down to the teachers, as far as our state and national legislators are concerned. Forget funding for additional resource officers for our schools; forget reasonable limitations on the kinds of weapons that no civilian needs to own. Forget about a common sense solution to the epidemic of violent movies and video games that besiege our young from infancy.

Those things appear to be extraneous to those who represent us. Let the teachers carry guns and our elected officials can sit back, collect their campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association and wait until the next time a gunman strikes terror into a community.

When I have written about the problems with guns in our society, I am usually swamped, nearly immediately, with knee jerk responses. You know the ones:

-The killers go to schools, malls, movies, churches, etc., because they are gun-free zones. They don’t have to worry about someone returning fire. (Actually, they go to those places because that is where the people are. Most of these killers spend little time thinking about who might be carrying a concealed weapon.)

-If you criminalize guns, only the criminals will have guns. (Another weak argument. Few of the gunmen who massacred innocent people across this nation were criminals prior to their acts of violence.)

-And the worst one- Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. For once, I am inclined to agree with the heavy firepower enthusiasts on this one. It is people who kill people. And the ones who have been pulling the trigger have been the NRA’s legislative lapdogs, crying wolf every time someone mentions curbing high-powered weapons and acting like government storm troopers will be knocking on the door any minute to get your handguns and hunting rifles. Instead of working to keep people from obtaining the type of weaponry no one needs for protection, they are carving out one protection after another for gun owners, proposing and often passing bills that make it easier for one human being to kill another and never face any scrutiny over that death.

I am proud to be a schoolteacher and I put the education and safety of the children who sit in my classes above all else.

That being said, I am not going to carry a gun to my classroom, not now, not ever. I will do my utmost to provide my students with a quality education and do whatever I can to help them succeed in life.

The job of making sure our children’s educational needs are being met, and doing whatever we can to contribute to their mental, emotional, and physical security, is one teachers meet every day.

Adding more guns to schools in an effort to stem the tide of violence that is overwhelming this country is madness.

It was only a few years ago that the U. S. spent billions of dollars looking for weapons of mass destruction in every nook and cranny in Iraq.

Those weapons were never in Iraq; the weapons of mass destruction are sitting in Congress and in state legislatures across this nation.

Posted by Randy at 3:45 PM THURSDAY (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/12/no-guns-for-this-teacher-not-now-not.html), DECEMBER 20, 2012

Swillis Gumpf Turner
12-21-2012, 11:12 PM
Cousin Randy Turner is one sick puppy

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2012/12/no-guns-for-this-teacher-not-now-not.html?showComment=1356073323540#c85530532812249 24173

And you wonder why a number of us ordinary citizens don't want your kind teaching our children and deciding what rights we need to give up because you don't want for us to have them? To us, listening to your lies, is like listening to a criminal rationalization as to how you justify getting to do whatever you want to us.

Connecticut is a place with the kind of gun laws and taxes and beliefs that your kind would find more congenial than having to live here amongst us. That's why your kind needs to live with your own kind and to be sent away from those of us and our kind who believe in freedom for ourselves, alone. I don't have anything to do with what happened in Connecticut. I think what happened there is nothing more than one sick animal doing whatsoever it wanted to do to an entire herd of sick diseased animals that agreed that their misbegotten lives were valueless to any whackjob with the means to harvest them away whenever the mood took him. Thus what happened there has no more to do with me and mine than what happens in Mexico or Somalia or China or Africa someplace. I'm in no way responsible for what sick diseased animals do to each other way off where they live according to their own lights and rules. What works or doesn't work for them is of no account to me.

I look at your blog and there simply isn't any living in peace with you and your kind. Our children and tax dollars and freedoms don't exist for you to tell us what we need to do with them, or for you to get to decide on how we live our lives. There simply is no living with some self-righteous moralistic thief and tyrant wanting to tell us that they know what is best for us in a community which is alien to yourself. Soon the only solution which will work is for your separation or extermination in order to keep such as yourself from those of us wanting nothing to do with the likes of yourself.

Cousin Randy Turner
01-12-2013, 11:57 PM
When technology in schools isn't the answer


Cousin Randy Turner
02-07-2013, 06:00 PM
Nieves: We won't follow any government regulation on anything


It was only a matter of time.

Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington, an alleged Senate GOP leader, introduced Senate Joint Resolution 17 Wednesday, asking for Missourians to vote on a Constitutional Amendment which says we don't have to follow any federal laws on anything.

Nieves' grabbag resolution covers everything from guns to abortion to the environment and reads like this:

Upon approval by the voters, this constitutional amendment prohibits the Missouri legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government from recognizing, enforcing, or acting in furtherance of any federal action that exceeds the powers delegated to the federal government.

The state also shall not recognize, enforce, or act in furtherance of any federal actions that: restrict the right to bear arms; legalize or fund abortions, or the destruction of any embryo from the zygote stage; require the sale or trade of carbon credits or impose a tax on the release of carbon emissions; involve certain health care issues; mandate the recognition of same sex marriage or civil unions; increase the punishment for a crime based on a perpetrator's thoughts or designate a crime as a hate crime; interpret the establishment clause as creating a wall of separation between church and state; or restrict the right of parents or guardians to home school or enroll their children in a private or parochial school or restrict school curriculum.

The state is also required to interpret the U.S. Constitution based on its language and the original intent of the signers of the Constitution. Amendments to the U.S. Constitution shall be interpreted based on their language and the intent of the congressional sponsor and co-sponsors of the amendment.

The amendment also declares that Missouri citizens have standing to enforce the provisions of the amendment and that enforcement of the amendment applies to federal actions taken after the amendment is approved by the voters, federal actions specified in the amendment, and any federal action, regardless of when it occurred, that the General Assembly or the Missouri Supreme Court determines to exceed the powers enumerated and delegated to the federal government by the U.S. Constitution.

Anyone who was hoping our state legislature was going to spend time debating anything of substance (jobs, anyone?) is going to be disappointed once more.

The resolution received its first reading Wednesday.

Posted by Randy at 5:57 AM Thursday (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/02/nieves-we-wont-follow-any-government.html) February 7, 2013

Swillis Gumpf Turner
02-07-2013, 06:06 PM
My lawlessness is bigger than your lawlessness

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/02/nieves-we-wont-follow-any-government.html?showComment=1360281252588#c8407799 678763494707

Let's see.

None of you want to obey the CONstipation and the Second Amendment to the Bill of Goods, which establishes the federal regime, so you propose to do away with the parts of the social deal you don't like under color of law.

Then you whine when some state senator says that he and other Missourians don't have to obey the federal government or its 'laws' either. Meanwhile your First Kenyan claims that he gets to murder American citizens by drone strike whenever he says so under color of law. This after running guns to the Mexican drug cartels as an excuse for disarming white people.

Looks to me like Civil War II is around the corner. Maybe when all the partisans on one side or another kill or enslave each other then maybe the survivors can live in peace. Or, if in the habit of fighting, not. I know that I sure wouldn't want your kind to live around me without you having to wear the slave collar that you want to set on me. But since I can do my own work, killing is cheaper and safer. Even if your kind wins, then a new round of civil war will break out as you parasites must decide who works and who rules.

I think my lawlessness is bigger than your lawlessness.

Cousin Swillis Gumpf-Turner posted @ 3:54 PM Thursday (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/02/nieves-we-wont-follow-any-government.html?showComment=1360281252588#c8407799 678763494707) Feb. 7, 2013

Cousin Randy Turner
04-10-2013, 01:54 AM
A warning to those who want to become teachers


(The following is my latest Huffington Post blog, wherein I cumplain to the other gliberal whigger butthole fags about how we simply cannot live in peace with the local conservative folks..)

Nothing I have ever done has brought me as much joy as I have received from teaching children how to write the past 14 years. Helping young writers grow and mature into gliberal whigger butthole faggots has been richly rewarding and I would not trade my experiences for anything.

That being said, if I were 18 years old and deciding how I want to spend my adult years, the last thing I would want to become is a classroom teacher. I'd move to jew yawk or Sans Fagscrisco as opposed to becum-cummin' a local whigger trainer and enabler.

Classroom teachers, especially those who are just out of college and entering the profession, are more stressed and less valued than at any previous time in our history. Sob.

They have to listen to a long list of politicians who belittle their limited ability, blame them for every student whose grades do not reach arbitrary measurable standards, and want to take away every fringe benefit they have -- everything from the possibility of achieving tenure to receiving a decent pension that private-sector employees can only dream of.

Young teachers from across the United States have told me they no longer have the ability to properly manage classrooms, not because of lack of training, not because of lack of ability, not because of lack of desire, but because of upper administration decisions to reduce statistics on classroom referrals and in-school and out-of-school suspensions. The youngest [de]generation of whigger and mongrel animals are simply too fucking stupid to drink piss from a boot, the fuktards. As any classroom teacher can tell you, when the students know there will be no repercussions for their actions, there will be no change in their behavior. Beaners and nig-nogs will run wild. When there is no change in their behavior, other students will have a more difficult time learning. That said, as a gliberal whigger butthole fag I support further integration of niggers, beaners and other mongrels into the rapidly diminishing young whigger population because I'm a knee-jerk gliberal whigger butthole fag who loves to promote evil but be well paid while destroying the foundations of the very social order from which I live off of, like a parasitic worm.

Teachers are being told over and over again that their job is not to teach, but to guide students to learning on their own. While I am fully in favor of students taking control of their learning just as I fully am in favor of the Second Amendment just so long as white Christian heterosexual family men are disarmed, I also remember a long list of teachers whose knowledge and experience helped me to become a better student and a better person. They encouraged me to learn on my own, and I did, but they also taught me many things. Especially becum-cummin' a gliberal whigger butthole fag. In these days when virtual learning is being force fed to public schools by those who will financially benefit, the classroom teacher is being increasingly devalued. Cum-cumj, cum-cum. The concept being pushed upon us is not of a teacher teaching, but one of who babysits while the thoroughly engaged students magically learn on their own. I myself have no responsibility for the inevitable results from the policies that I supported in taking away parental control but rather wish to bitch about these results as if they somehow came into place somehow.

During the coming week in Missouri, the House of Representatives will vote on a bill which would eliminate teacher tenure, tie 33 percent of our pay to standardized test scores (and a lesser, unspecified percentage for those who teach untested subjects) and permit such innovations as “student surveys” to become a part of the evaluation process. All reasonable laws whose time has cum-cum, cum-cum.

Each year, I allow my students to critique me and offer suggestions for my class. I learn a lot from those evaluations and have implemented some of the suggestions the students have made. But there is no way that eighth graders’ opinions should be a part of deciding whether I continue to be employed. Who's the [d]ruling gliberal whigger butthole fag here? And, don't forget, that I only love 'progressive' laws which take away rights from ordinary people, NOT those laws which hold me and my kind to measurable standards and might contain punishments like termination if we refuse to obey those laws.

The Missouri House recently passed a budget that included $2.5 million to put Teach for America instructors in our urban schools. The legislature also recently acted to extend the use of ABCTE (American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence), a program that allows people to switch careers and become teachers without having to go through required teaching courses. Imagine what will happen to us edjewmacatards if we face competition from piss-pul outside our teacher's jewnions.

It is hard to get past the message being sent that our teachers are not good enough so we have to go outside to find new ones when this message makes so much sense.

And of course to go along with all of these slaps in the face to classroom teachers, the move toward merit pay continues. Merit pay and eliminating teacher tenure, while turning teachers into at-will employees are the biggest disservice our leaders can do to students. Why, itz a edjewmacational holohoax, cum-cum, cum-cum. How many good classroom teachers will no longer be in the classroom because they question decisions by ham handed administrators looking to quickly make a name for themselves by implementing shortsighted procedures that might look good on resumes, but will have a negative impact on student learning about how niggers are smarter than white people and how to lip off to their benighted reactionary parents who won't go along with the gliberal whigger butthole faggot criminal regimeist line.

If you don’t believe this kind of thing will happen, take a look at what has occurred in our nation’s public schools since the advent of No Child Left Behind. Dumbya questioned the 'soft racism' of thinking niggers and beaners unedjewcatable so Bushy had passed this law requiring proof of training. Everything that is not math or reading has been deemphasized. The teaching of history, civics, geography, and the arts have shrunk to almost nothing in some schools, or are made to serve the tested areas. Elementary children have limited recess time so more time can be squeezed in for math and reading. Sob, cum-cum, cum-cum.

Even worse, in some schools weeks of valuable classroom time are wasted giving practice standardized tests (and tests to practice for the practice standardized tests) so obsessive administrators can track how the students are doing. In many school districts across the nation, teachers have told me, curriculum is being based on these practice standardized tests. And to the exclusion of learning techniques of safe sodomy.

That devaluation and deemphasis of classroom teachers will grow under Common Core Standards. Pearson, the company that has received the contract to create the tests, has a full series of practice tests, while other companies like McGraw-Hill with its Acuity division, are already changing gears from offering practice materials for state tests to providing comprehensive materials for Common Core.

Why would anyone willingly sign up for this madness? Why, anyone who hates gliberal whigger butthole fags like me, of course!!!

As a reporter who covered education for more than two decades Like I covered Ewelene, and as a teacher who has been in the classroom for the past 14 years, I cannot remember a time when the classrooms have been filled with bad right-wing heterosexual overtly pro-White Christian teachers. The poor teachers almost never lasted long enough to receive tenure. Whether it is was because they could not maintain control over their classrooms or because they did not have sufficient command over their subject matter, they soon found it wise to find another line of work. But, like myself, run out of journalism because of my dishonesty, the teaching profession has its standards inimical to traditional American values and standards.

Yes, there are exceptions- people who slipped through the cracks, and gained tenure, but there is nothing to stop administrators from removing those teachers. All tenure does is to provide teachers with the right to a hearing. It does not guarantee their jobs. See? Nothing much to tenure.

Times have changed. I have watched over the past few years as wonderfully gifted young teachers have left the classroom, feeling they do not have support and that things are not going to get any better. Perverted progressive gliberal whigger butthole fags need jewr support!

In the past, these are the teachers who stayed, earned tenure, and built the solid framework that has served their communities and our nation well. The current overflowing toilet we have now is not our fault, or, even more to the point, we won't admit ownership to it.

That framework is being torn down, oftentimes by politicians who would never dream of sending their own children to the kind of schools they are mandating for others. Like limosine liberals, for example. You didn't think that Bill Clinton or Obongo want their children going to pub[l]ic skrewls full of niglets and beanerlets do you? Despite all of the attacks on the teachers, I am continually amazed at the high quality of the young people who are entering the profession. It is hard to kill idealism, no matter how much our leaders (in both parties) try. Sob, cum-cum, cum-cum.

I suppose I am just kidding myself about encouraging young people to enter some other profession, any other profession, like prostitution or law, besides teaching.

After all, what other profession would allow me to make $37,000 a year after 14 years of experience and have people tell me how greedy I am? Once I got run out of journalism an idiotic gliberal whigger butthole fag hack like myself had no other place to turn to.

Cousin Randy Turner
04-22-2013, 10:22 PM
How did KOAM scoop me on this one? Randy Turner suspended


Word leaked out late last week that I have been placed on paid administrative leave by the Joplin School District.

KOAM/Fox 14 had a well-balanced report last night, interviewing students and parents who supported me and also presented Superintendent C. J. Huff's prepared statement. The report accompanies this post.

Though The Turner Report was scooped on this story, I understand it has a better chance of getting the teacher's first statement on the situation. (If I get scooped on that, I might as well give up.)

At the moment, I am being told not to talk about the specifics of this. Hopefully, that will change later today, as I am in the mood to do a lot of writing (even though it seems that's what gets me into trouble.)


Posted by Cousin Randy at 11:48 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/how-did-koam-scoop-me-on-this-one-randy.html) SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2013

ZOGling whigger ass-clown
04-22-2013, 10:33 PM
I'm ass-to-mouth with you Cousin Randy, my gliberal whigger butthole fag butty

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/how-did-koam-scoop-me-on-this-one-randy.html?showComment=1366651348811#c916966383346 6569976

Randy, You can reach me at abgame65@aol.com or read my blog at ansonburlingame.wordpress.com. Nothing yet on my blog as I don't know enough, yet, to make a public comment.

As you may be aware, I am deeply interested in public education and have written, in blogs a lot, and occassionally in columns in the Globe on such matters.

I have no idea what is really going on today with you and R-8 but am deeply interested in such matters. I have said exactly that in a private email to the chairman of the local BOE calling for speedy resolution, in public of the charges and rebutals to each one.

I am sure you as a long time writed in public will make your case and I for one will listen very carefully and respectfully to both sides.

Obviously, you have been accused by someone of being a "rogue teacher". Who made such accusations, I have no idea nor the substance of them, either.

but I for one will be watching carefully and closely as this matter is resolved.

May the "right" side win in the coming fray is my only wish.

Good luck as you are for sure going to be fighting against "city hall" of a sort.

Anson Burlingame (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/)

10:22 am 22 April 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/how-did-koam-scoop-me-on-this-one-randy.html?showComment=1366651348811#c916966383346 6569976)

04-22-2013, 10:55 PM
Students Hope to Bring Suspended Joplin Teacher Back

By Kelly Reid, Reporter
Updated: Apr 22, 2013 3:13 PM PDT


A tenured Joplin Area School teacher is placed on administrative leave...and students are asking why.

Randy Turner, an 8th grade Communications teacher at the Joplin Middle School was placed on administrative leave on April 8th. The students in his class have had a substitute since, and they say learning is not the same. A bond between a teacher and a student can make a huge impact on a child's willingness to learn.

One of Turner's students, Clarissa Scalia broke down in tears while thinking of her favorite memories of Turner's class."He was the only one that would actually help me and everyone else thought I wouldn't be good at it, but he was the only one that would believe in me." she said in relation to her Quizbowl experience.

Up until recently, Turner has been making an impact on Joplin 8th grade students, until he was recently placed on administrative leave, which has parents now wondering why.

Mackenzie Robinson's daughter, Taylor is currently a student in Turner's class. She said she was shocked when she found out the news that he was no longer in the classroom. "He has been nothing but an excellent teacher, he keeps an open line of communication between parents and I know my daughter as well as several other students just absolutely love him. I haven't heard one student say a single solitary thing about him, or a parent for that matter." she said.

Turner is a well known social media advocate, with his own blog and many books published and available for purchase.

A statement released from Joplin Superintendent Dr. C.J. Huff says:

"A complaint was received by the Joplin Schools on April 4th. An investigation by the Joplin Schools administration began within 24 hours of receipt of that complaint. A 28-page Statement of Charges was delivered to and received by Mr. Turner on Thursday, April 18, 2013 as a result of that investigation. As this is a personnel matter, the District will not disclose the details of the Statement of Charges."

But his classmates aren't standing for it. Robinson's daughter, Taylor along with her classmates including Scalia, Madison Riddle, and Alexandra Steltz have created a Facebook page called Project Turner, in honor of their favorite teacher, and in hopes of drawing attention to bringing him back into the classroom.

"We just keep updates on what we're doing and we're trying to save him, and help him get his job back." Robinson said.

As our story aired, the page had just over 130 likes . . . Currently it has over 300.

Turner says he plants to address the media after he speaks with his attorney and the Missouri National Education Association Representative.

For more information on Project Turner, their page can be found here:


jewplin Glob
04-23-2013, 10:48 PM
Joplin teacher on leave after employee complaint, district investigation

By Emily Younker
Globe Staff Writer
April 22, 2013


JOPLIN, Mo. — An investigation by the Joplin School District of an employee’s complaint has led to the dismissal from the classroom of a teacher at East Middle School.

Randy Turner, an eighth-grade communication arts teacher, was placed on paid administrative leave on April 8 after the school district received a complaint from a district employee on April 4, according to a statement emailed to the Globe on Sunday from Superintendent C.J. Huff. After an investigation into the complaint by the administration, a 28-page “statement of charges” was given to Turner on Thursday, Huff said.

Huff declined in a telephone interview to specify the nature of the complaint or to release details of the “statement of charges,” saying it is a personnel matter.

Turner did not immediately respond Sunday (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/how-did-koam-scoop-me-on-this-one-randy.html) to messages left at two phone numbers listed for him. A former newspaper reporter and editor, he also maintains a blog that covers crime, education and political issues at the local, state and national level.

His dismissal sparked the creation of a Facebook page called “Project Turner,” which has gathered support from students seeking to bring their teacher back to the classroom.

Huff said the investigation included “a review of any and all evidence” related to the complaint as well as interviews with people who might have had relevant information. Speaking in general terms, he said the people who were interviewed could have included district employees, students or parents.

Huff said the district followed standard procedure in placing Turner on paid leave, which means that the employee is being paid according to his contract and is still employed by the school district, but is not working.

“Any time we’ve done an investigation where there are concerns, it’s not unusual to send an employee home on paid administrative leave pending the investigation,” he said.

Under the school district’s due-process procedure, Turner can request a hearing in front of the Board of Education, at which time he would be allowed to “state his case,” Huff said. The board would review any evidence against him and then determine whether to continue his contract, Huff said. If a hearing is not requested, the board still would meet to consider whether to continue the contract, he said.

Many of Turner’s students are using their “Project Turner” Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TurnerProject) — which was created Friday and had received more than 130 “likes” by Sunday evening — to garner support for him, according to Mackenzie Robinson, president of the East Middle School PTO. They also are brainstorming ways to show their support, including designing and wearing T-shirts to school, she said.

“This is a teacher that has made a very high impact on these students’ lives, and they want to fight for him,” said Robinson, whose daughter is one of Turner’s students and also one of the students behind the Facebook page. “He’s done nothing but influence them in a positive direction to express themselves in their writing.”

Meanwhile, Turner launched a campaign Thursday (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1667652899/let-teachers-teach) — the same day Huff said he was given his “statement of charges” — on the online fundraising platform Kickstarter.

On the page titled “Let Teachers Teach,” he proposes a two-book series — with the tentative titles “The War Against Teachers” and “Teachers Fight Back — and seeks to raise pledges in the amount of $40,000 by May 12 to fund the project.

In the first book, he writes, he says he will use his background as an investigative reporter “to detail the forces that are conspiring against the classroom teacher, both through original reporting and by offering anecdotal evidence from teachers in their own words.”

The second book “will feature the stories of teachers, many told in their own words, who relate their successes and failures in trying to find ways to do their jobs, help children and maintain their dignity in a climate that sometimes makes it nearly impossible to accomplish any of those things.”

He describes a self-published novel published in July 2012, “No Child Left Alive,” as having struck a blow “for the cause.”

That novel, published as an e-book, contains numerous passages of a graphic, sexual nature. It is a fictional account about a school administration obsessed with preparing students for state testing at a cost of not allowing teachers to actually do their jobs.

Scott Meeker, Globe enterprise editor, contributed to this report.

Cousin Randy Turner
04-26-2013, 05:54 PM
The Joplin School District's charges against me


As most Turner Report readers are aware, I was removed from my classroom at Joplin East Middle School April 8, placed on paid administrative leave.

Last night, as I read over the 28-page list of charges against me, I grew both angry and depressed. Angry because this is no way to treat a gliberal whigger butthole fag. Depressed because I'm guilty as hell of all charges and specifuckations.

Finally, I began detailing the charges on my Facebook page. (https://www.facebook.com/rturner229)

I am going to take a different approach for this blog and simply repeat the way I reported it on Facebook last night and early this morning:

I have already written my first blog post on my situation (other than the KOAM video). I am awaiting suggestions on it.
Basically, though the charges against me are "immoral conduct" because I posted the Daily Kos article that I linked to on Facebook last night on a website called Room 210 Discussion that I started at South so students and former students can have discussions about the kinds of issues we have always discussed in class. The site was never used as a classroom website and never really caught on, but I did not shut it down, nor did I shut down another failed website called Room 210 for Teachers. THe Daily Kos article, which I will link to again in a few minutes, had a part toward the end that said that encouraged people to download and discuss No Child Left Alive. Every once in a while, I copy and paste one of my articles into some of my lesser websites, in case someone comes across it on a search engine.

By putting it on Room 210 Discussion, the charges say, "Mr. Turner posted class materials on the Room 210 Discussion blog so that students would have to visit the blog in order to fully participate in class."

I would be surprised if any of my students have ever heard of Room 210 Discussion, unless, of course, the ones who were interviewed during the investigation were told about it by the HR person. It is not a part of my class nor has it ever been. I tried to tell that to the HR person, but she said, "You will get your chance to talk later." I am still waiting for that chance.

(More to come)


Toward the top of page two, the charges say, "The book, No Child Left Alive, written by Mr. Turner, contains the following sexually explicit and violent passages;" I do not intend to repeat those. I have never said there is not sex in the book. It was never intended for young readers, which is why it is the only book I have written under my real name, instead of Randy, the name I go by.

Pages 2 through 17 of the charges is simply one paragraph after another taken from the book, no additional charges. Some of them are sex scenes, although there is nothing that comes anywhere near to pornographic (something that should be apparent to those parents who have downloaded it since all of this started." Some are simply high school students talking with each other. Some of it is violence (there is a school shooting incident toward the end of the book.) Some of it is language. The language and scenes are appropriate in the book, but I am not going to put them on Facebook.


Continuing, the charges say, "Mr. Turner encouraged his middle school students to read his books, including No Child Left Alive, in order to discuss them in class." That never happened and they are fully aware it never happened.

"Although the District recognizes Mr. Turner's right to privately author and publish creative works, providing inappropriate materials of a sexually explicit nature to children is immoral conduct and negatively impacts his ability to be a positive role model as a teacher in the District.


Also from the charges, "Mr. Turner's immoral conduct as described herein renders him unfit to supervise and teach children. His integrity and respect have been compromised by his actions, and his continued employment would adversely impact the students, the educational environment and the District as a whole."


Continuing the charges, all related to my putting the Daily Kos article on Room 210 Discussion: "Mr. Turner's immoral conduct as described herein is contrary to justice, honesty, modesty, and good morals so as to render him unfit to serve as a role model for children."


That was all from the first charge. The second charge, which begins on page 18 is "Willful or Persistent Violation of Board Policies." "Mr. Turner willfully and/or persistently failed to obey the school laws of the state or the published regulations of the Board of Education by providing and promoting obscene material he authored entitled No Child Left Alive that contains graphic depictions of sexuality, rape, domestic violence, and school violence to 12, 13, and 14 year old children through his blog for his middle school communication arts class."

Again, Room 210 Discussion is not my classroom blog, nor has it ever been. We use three blogs, EMS Roundabout, which is the Journalism Club blog, Mr. Turner's Corner, my classroom blog, and Room 210 Civil Rights, which I created to go along with the third quarter research project.

The charges continue, "Mr. Turner's actions as described above are in violation of Board Policy AC (Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation, which prohibits sexual harassment."

"No Child Left Alive, which Mr. Turner made available to middle school students through the Room 210 Discussion classroom blog, contains communications of a sexual nature, including comments about sexual activity in violation of Board Policy AC.

"No Child Left Alive, which Mr. Turner made available to middle school students through the Room 210 Discussion classroom blog, includes written descriptions of physical conduct based on sex in violation of Board Policy AC."


According to the charges, I also violated the policy about staff/student relations. That is explained on page 20. "Mr. Turner engaged in conduct that violates Board Policy GBH by violating other board policies, including, but not limited to Board Policy AC, and by making No Child Left Alive available to middle school students through his Room 210 Discussion classroom blog.

"The actions of Mr. Turner in making No Child Left Alive available to middle school students through the Room 210 Discussion classroom blog demonstrates a failure to maintain professional boundaries by communicating with students about sexual topics in violation of Board Policy GBH.

"Mr. Turner further engaged in conduct that violates Board Policy GBH by using a means of electronic communication in a manner that was not authorized by his supervisor.

"Mr. Turner engaged in conduct that violates Board Policy GBH by making No Child Left Alive available to middle school students through the Room 210 Discussion classroom blog, thereby using electronic communications to communicate with students regarding matters of a sexual nature."


The next part, which I am not going to print word for word indicates that since Room 210 Discussion "bears the imprimatur of the district," that I am responsible for what is on there.


According to the charges, I also violated district expectations which require me to "refrain from using profanity." Mr. Turner violated Board Policy GBCB when he posted on a classroom blog made available to students, and encouraged them to read for discussion purposes No Child Left Alive, which fails to provide quality instruction, contains sexually explicit and age-inappropriate content, and contains profanity."

The charges also accuse me of teaching about human sexuality, which says you must "present abstinence from sexual activity as the preferred choice of behavior in relation to all sexual activity for unmarried students because it is the only method that is 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and the emotional trauma associated with adolescent sexual activity."

I forgot to mention on the last one that I was supposed to do have done that "when I posted No Child Left Alive, by failing to adhere to District policy and procedure on the Room 210 Discussion blog.


I am also in trouble because I did not ask for approval to assign No Child Left Alive for discussion (which would have been hard to do since I didn't assign it in the first place). "Anyone wishing to distribute unofficial material must first submit for approval a copy of the material to the principal or designee 24 hours in advance of desired distribution time." I violated Board Policy IGBDA, they say, "when he posted, made available to students, and encouraged them to read for discussion purposes unofficial material in the form of No Child Left Alive on the Room 210 Discussion blog without obtaining prior authorization."

From page 24 (we are nearing the end) "Mr. Turner violated Board Policy IIA when he posted, made available to students, and encouraged them to read for discussion purposes No Child Left Alive, which fails to meet the district's high standard for quality instructional materials and fails to advance the goals of the District on the Room 210 Discussion blog.

"Mr. Turner willfully or persistently failed to obey the school laws of the State or the published regulations of the Board of Education by providing and promoting obscene material he authored entitled No Child Left Alive that contains graphic depictions of sexuality, rape, domestic violence and school violence in 12, 13, and 14-year-old students through his blog for his middle school communication arts class after he had notice of policies that would prohibit him from doing so without District authorization."


As I reach the middle of page 24, finally all of the nonsense about No Child Left Alive is over Now we turn to Scars from the Tornado, which coincidentally i also posted an article about on Room 210 Discussion. (Why I picked those two times to post on Room 210 Discussion and Room 210 for Teachers, I don't know, but I did." All of Page 25 is a repeat of this story, which appeared in the March 13, 2013, Turner Report:

The charges the note that I copyrighted the book that "Scars from the Tornado is for sale to the general public on Amazon.com for $3.99 and is also available at some retail locations.

"Mr. Turner instructed his eighth grade students to write the stories, essays, and comments that were late incorporated into Scars from the Tornado."

"Mr. Turner then compiled his students' work into a book that he has marketed for personal gain.

"The parents of students in Mr Turner's class did not give permission for Mr. Turner to publish their children's classroom works."



These are called signed parental permission slips.



No one ever asked me about any of these things. During the 10 minutes I was interviewed, the only question about Scars from the Tornado I was asked was if I had ads for it on my classroom blogs (they were probably talking about Room 210 Discussion, I thought they were talking about EMS Roundabout and Mr. Turner's Corner." After I said yes, I was immediately placed on paid administrative leave.

As for the other allegations, the writing was not a classroom assignment, it was voluntary writing for a contest, for which prizes were awarded (out of my own pocket, I had better add).


I am charged with conflict of interest for copyrighting the book, which the school says is its property and for "when he attempted to use his position with the District to cause patrons and students to purchase Scars from the Tornado on amazon.com."

This makes me angrier than just about anything I have seen (and I am plenty angry about all of this).

1. If profit was my motive, I certainly would not have given away 1,111 free e-copies.

2. On Facebook and on the Turner Report, I asked readers for suggestions on how proceeds from the book should be used. I mentioned the Joplin Fire Department's Christmas for Kids, other projects, and finally I really loved the idea Sheri Cornett came up with to form a Scars from the Tornado Foundation with those who contributed to the book serving as the board of directors and giving money to other schools who are faced with tragedies similar to the Joplin Tornado. I talked this over with Bud Sexson, with other teachers, and I wrote about it both on Facebook and on the Turner Report. I also talked the idea over with my students, who were in favor of it.

3. I have yet to receive a cent from Amazon.com The book was published in March and no money will arrive from that source until sometime next month.

4. Bud Sexson was also told, as were readers of the Turner Report and my Facebook page that in my efforts to raise money for the book, I lost more than $4,000 to Google. This was also written on the national Daily Kos.

5. And though I hate to mention this, in case he is reading, I also owe $250 now and $250 later to the book's designer, David Hoover.

6. In other words, I have not made a dime off Scars from the Tornado and the people who made these charges already know that.

The 28 pages ends (and isn't it about time) by saying, Mr. Turner engaged in a conflict of interest in violation of Board Policy GBCA when he caused his students to create work product that he used to publish and students created for class for personal gain without School Board or parent authorization after he had notice of policies that would prohibit him from doing so."

Again, I have not made a dime off Scars from the Tornado. If this book was such a bad thing, then why did my principal not tell me I couldn't write it during any of the at least four times I talked with him about it?


And that, Facebook friends, is why Joplin School Administration thinks I should lose my job after 10 years.


Did I mention that for what some of you have just been reading, I was escorted out of the building and to my car, just after school ended and while buses were loading by the school's police officer (and stupid me, I forgot my jacket so I had to be escorted back into the building and then escorted back to my car.)


The interrogation of me on Monday, April 8, before I was escorted out by the police officer (and I don't blame him, he was doing his job) took only 10 minutes and part of that was spent telling me I could not record the conversation and then being asked to remove my I-phone from my pocket, turn it off, and leave it on the table."


Much of the end of the time was spent telling me what I could and could not do while I was on leave. For 28 pages of charges, I probably was asked about six or seven minutes worth of questions. I was not allowed to explain about Room 210 Discussion, nor was she interested, and I was never asked the Scars from the Tornado questions.


Posted by Randy at 9:30 AM THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-joplin-school-districts-charges.htm)

Cousin Randy Turner
04-29-2013, 10:58 PM
My frustration with my current job situation


I really don’t know what to do with myself. I'd kill myself but then a lot of you people out there who I've lied about and shit on would rejoice to hear about me blowing my pin-sized brains out.

I don’t want to admit that. It feels like a declaration of weakness and, in all likelihood, will be seen as such. Us gliberal whigger butthole fags love to whine our way to alienation.

Ever since I was escorted out of East Middle School Monday, April 8, by our school’s police officer, moments after being told I was being placed on paid administrative leave, I have spent hours and hours wrestling with how to handle this situation. Should I continue to stalk some of you gliberal whigger gaywad future butthole fags behind the backs of your idiot reactionary parents and the skrule bored or clean up my act -- at least until after I've pulled the wool over the eyes of them idiots on May 9th? I don't think I can suck up my deceit like I did the Neosho Forums Admin's cum in a McClellan Park restroom back before it was "Gone With The Wind" on May 22, 2011 any more.

I have joked about it on Facebook and in a few conversations, simply because that is the way I deal with setbacks. That and making a cumplaint to jewbook about Pastor Lindstedt's rude homophobic remarks and trying to get him kicked off like the Skrule Bored is trying to kick out this little red gliberal whigger butthole fag skrule teacher. I don’t want to let people know that I am worried to death about losing a job I love and worried that the steps that have been taken against me could end up marking the end of my teaching career. I'm really fucked when it cums down to it because I'm guilty as hell.

Though I feel like a young man, let’s face it -- I’m 57 and I have a pacemaker. Schools aren’t going to be lining up to add me to their faculties. Certainly not when they have to worry about me being a rogue teacher needing to be fired because I simply cannot obey the laws passed by the legislature or the directives passed by the local elected Board of Edjewmacation.

More than anything I am frustrated about the steps that have put me into this position. Frustrated because I simply don't have enough insight to realize that it was myself who put myself in this position. I'm such a sociopath.

I am frustrated that the question-and-answer session (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-books-that-got-me-fired_25.html) that led directly to my being placed on leave was barely more than five minutes. I simply wasn't smart enough to figure out the less said the better and had to give even more reasons to get rid of my worthless lying sleezing ass.

I am frustrated that I was never even asked if I had made a profit off Scars from the Tornado. Not that it mattered since it was a stupid book made from a collection of idiot essays written by my students that if it wasn't for the fact that it was whining about the jewplin tornado holohoax nobody would really give a shit. A more careful investigation would have shown that I have not and that I have made every effort to be open and honest with my students, their parents, and the taxpayers of the Joplin School District about what I would like to see done with that money. Like contributing to the North America Man-Boy Love Association. Ha, ha, ha. Just kidding.

I am frustrated that a book that says so many positive things about the Joplin School District and should be one that any school district should be proud of is being treated like it is part of a criminal activity. Well, time to go to the bathroom with my subscription copy of "Black Inches (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Inches)" and dealing with it.

The frustration extends to the accusations centering on my book (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-joplin-school-districts-charges.html) No Child Left Alive. I wonder why a few more moments couldn’t have been taken by the human resources director to hear my side of the story. I can't seem to understand that her job was to simply find out whether or not the charges could be proven or not. It was of the nature of a preliminary hearing in which the only thing necessary was to show that the charges weren't totally baseless in order to proceed. She clearly says I will get my opportunity to tell my side, but should that opportunity have to wait until my job is on the line at a do-or-die hearing? I don't have a problem with my enemies having no more due process of law for their lives and liberty, but when it looks like I'm about to be removed from a public teaching job then that's different. I'm special. D-g's own Gliberal Whigger Butthole Fag. Room 210 Discussion is not a classroom blog and I have not talked to my class about it for years. It mentions East Middle School at the top only because, for a brief time three years ago, I considered trying to set up a discussion blog. I did not do it and I have not pointed my students in the direction of that blog. You can trust me. It's not as if I've ever lied.

An investigation that was seeking the truth would have found that out rather quickly.

An investigation that was seeking the truth would never have led to the Board of Education and a vote that is clearly not in the best interests of the Joplin School District.

One of the people who left comments on my blog said some kind things about me- things that I deeply appreciate.

It is true that I am usually one of the first ones to arrive at work each day and one of the last to leave. In 36 years of working, I have only missed four days. Three of those came last year and it took a pacemaker implantation procedure to pull me out of class those three days. When I am working at a job, whether it be at newspapers, where I worked 22 years, or the last 14 as a classroom teacher, I have never cheated my employers. I show up, I do my job, and I do it well.

I have always considered it to be part of my job to help younger teachers deal with the day-to-day problems they face. Young teachers, like the students who sit in their classrooms each day, are the hope of the future.

In the 10 years I have spent in this district, I have probably done as much as anyone to emphasize the positive, whether it be on my Journalism Club website, my Mr. Turner’s Corner, which is the only classroom website I have, or in The Turner Report.

In 5:41: Stories from the Joplin Tornado and Spirit of Hope: The Year after the Joplin Tornado, I wrote stories that specifically pointed out nothing but positive things about the Joplin School District.

In 10 years in this district, I have never once received a bad evaluation. My fellow teachers thought enough of me to name me one of the first two teachers at South Middle School to receive the Golden Eagle Award, something that is given to the top teacher, as voted by his or her colleagues. There are others I thought were more worthy, but of all the honors I have received in my years in journalism and education, the Golden Eagle Award is the one that means the most to me.

That year, I was also a finalist for the Joplin School District’s Teacher of the Year Award.

For 10 years, I have done my best to be a positive force for the children of the Joplin School District. You will find few people outside of those who have brought this action against me who would disagree with that assessment.

For all of that, I deserved more than five minutes with someone who clearly had already decided the outcome of the interview.

For all of that, I deserve to have this hearing canceled and be put back into my classroom,

Instead, my time as a teacher may very well have ended with a police officer leading me out of the building.

Can this really be the message the Joplin School District wants to send?

jewplin Glob
05-04-2013, 10:51 PM
Your View: Contradicting ideology

By Rylee Hartwell and Laela Zaidi
Special to The Globe
May 2, 2013


JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin School District prides itself on its integrity and support of creative teachers.

Our former eighth-grade communication arts teacher, Randy Turner, was recently placed on administrative leave. Turner is an experienced journalist, is active in social media, published various books, and continues to write for online publications such as The Huffington Post and Daily Kos.

However, Joplin administrators recently went against their own principles that they claim to enforce. Joplin Schools wishes to encourage engaged, creative methods of teaching through “21st-century learning.” Instead of celebrating Randy Turner’s accomplishments, he is being punished for his work outside of the classroom. If Turner is let go, the district will lose one of its most enthusiastic and dedicated teachers.

As former students, we have seen firsthand the benefits of taking one of the only writing intensive classes the district can offer.

Turner allowed open, interactive discussions within the classroom. He taught in an objective manner, but nevertheless, inspired students to express their views without judgment. Those who were lucky enough to attend East Middle School (formerly South Middle School) have continued to express their gratitude for having a teacher who truly cared. In fact, Turner’s class has inspired many students, such as us, to continue writing beyond our middle-school years in online publications, as well as print media. By taking Turner’s class we learned words have the power to make a difference in our community and the importance of activism. This is a lesson that hundreds of students have carried with them long beyond their time at Joplin schools.

If the school district fires Randy Turner it will be turning its backs on its students. By firing Randy Turner, Joplin Schools will contradict its own ideology and lose an inspiring teacher and friend.

Rylee Hartwell

JHS sophomore,

Laela Zaidi

JHS junior

05-08-2013, 10:58 PM
The Turner Case and a Stone Wall

by Anson Burlingame (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com)


Early last week the Globe reported on the removal of Randy Turner from his classroom and being placed on leave with pay pending further investigation, action by R-8 and maybe a hearing before the Board of Education. Simply because of my interest, strong interest, in matters related to public education in Joplin and nationally, I began to carefully watch and listen to all public information related to that case. In no way did I attempt to run any “back channels” to find out more. I merely wanted to await further public information and of course will attend any public hearings on the matter.

As for being pro or con, I was and remain NOT pro or con on the specifics of this matter. I am very neutral on the matter, but did see important issues, far beyond just Randy Turner and R-8 as being at stake.

Not unexpectedly, the matter did not stay “quiet” after Globe reporting, publicly, for very long. The first public comments came from Randy Turner himself, which surprised me. I thought anyone preparing for a formal hearing on such a matter would stay quiet, work with attorneys and prepare a good case to be presented later on. But Randy Turner chose not to do so, stay quiet, publicly. You can read his NUMEROUS blogs, articles defending himself, including leaking “secret tapes” that he was told not to record in the first place. Legal to do so, probably, make such a recording. But SNEAKY, you bet, at least in my view which matters not a bit in the overall scheme of things.

Then here came the “local liberal” and union man, with a public blog trying to make this a union issue. I commented, on that blog, for sure, in disagreement.

So two public web sites, the Turner Report and the Erstwhile Conservatve Blog, (look’em up for yourself) went viral, against R-8, etc.

I responded with two blogs of my own discussing what I believe to be BIG issues related to this case. But I did not take a firm position, pro or con on the details of any dispute. I tried to keep the “high ground” and not get into the details of the matter to be adjudicated.

I did however drop a couple of comments on the Turner Report blog site. Well here it came, that onslaught of “anonymous” disdain from some 21 people commenting on that blog. I responded to those comments but my responses were never POSTED on Turners Report. I emailed Randy Turner and asked that my comments be posted and received NO REPLY to that request. I call that a stone wall.

As well, I emailed Turner with some private questions to him to help me determine if he in fact was a “good teacher”, as he claims he is and is supported by some students, parents, and yes, some anonymous loudmouths. I told him in the email any replies he made would be held private, but I reserved the right to publish the questions asked. NO RESPONSE been received, again. Another stone wall, in my view.

I post below the email (in part only) sent to Randy Turner, over 48 hours ago. Take it for what it is worth. But despite his efforts to defend himself publicly and his refusal to reply, publicly or privately to issues related to that defense, I will remain neutral pending the outcome of a BOE formal hearing in the coming days.



You are being supported, publicly by some students and parents, claiming that you are a great teacher, etc. Obviously there is NO WAY I can evaluate such claims and just asking you if you are such, a great teacher, does little to resolve my ability to reach my own conclusions on that point. Thus a few detailed questions:

1. How long have you taught in Joplin MIddle Schools and approximately how many students, during those years have you actually taught? Of course by that I mean kids that started and ended a semester class.

2. Of that total number of students, how many were found to be less than proficient in English or whatever it is called on State tests? Were YOUR students about “average” meaning 50% or so less than proficient, or did your students routinely excel as at least proficient in their ability to read and write English?

3. As well, of the total number that passed through your classrooms over those years how many became dropouts before graduating from high school?

4. Of that total number that “passed through your classroom” over the years did you assign a FAILING grade to them for a given class? By failing grade, I of course mean those that received no credit for the class in which you ultimately failed them, grade wise, an “F” I would assume being such a grade?

5. Of that total number of failing grades assigned by YOU as the teacher, how many were “overturned” by your superiors, principles, asst. principles, etc.. By overturned I mean they DIRECTED you to change the grade assigned, or gave some “outside help” to such students and then assigned a different and passing grade for each student so assisted?

Now the above are pretty straight forward questions and I would assume “approximate” answers COULD be provided by you, directly. NO NAMES for sure of students, etc. are so requested, just the roll up of numbers if you will.

Finally, here is a more subjective approach to such issues.

1. Of the total number of students taught by you in Joplin Middle School, how many actually went DIRECTLY to college after graduation from High School?

2. Of the total entering college, immediately after graduating from High School, how many actually GRADUATED from college, in four years or less?

. . . . . . .


NOTE: There was more in that email but are not pertinent, directly, to providing a means to assess the claim of “being a good teacher”.

I remain completely distant from trying to assess all the various, specific claims made against Turner, as he has reported them, publicly. I will await the hearing to make up my own mind in that regard.

But ONE of the defenses might well be that “Turner is a good (great?) teacher” and is only being steamrolled by the “system”.

Well I can read the R-8 investigation when it is made public or revealed in more detail at the hearing to make up my own mind about “steam rolling”. But no way can I decide whether or not Turner is a good teacher, which he and his defenders claim, publicly, and in many cases only anonymously, the latter being, well I refuse to cuss in this blog on this matter!!

I would also have kept my own public mouth closed had Turner NOT made his partial defense public. But in defending himself publicly and then stone walling further questions or comments, well to me that is wrong and thus this blog.

I have used two disparaging words against Turner’s actions in this matter. One is “sneaky” and the other is two counts of stonewalling questions. As well defending a position in a public blog and not allowing rebutal’s or other points to be posted publicly is…… You pick your own word. Cowardly is my choice however.

So yes I am judging Turner personnally now. But in terms of his case before the BOE, I have heard his defense, so far, and will judge the MERITS of that case coming from the R-8, but only when it “comes” publicly. For sure I won’t just take “Turners Report” as all the information I need.

This entry was posted on May 8, 2013 at 2:46 pm (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/the-turner-case-and-a-stone-wall/)

Meercat #5
05-10-2013, 04:51 AM
Them ZOGling gliberal whigger bloggers can't stand disagreement now can they?


So Dwain Bwain Graham isn’t the only local blogger to not post “approved” comments? Geez, what is it with the left and free speech these days?

They sure as hell want it for themselves but when they don’t like what they see . . . well . . . wee…wee…wee…. all the way to the crying towel.

I’ve thought about commenting on Turner’s blog but after hearing your experience I can see no need because I assure you after reading the crap that he calls a “book” my comment would certainly meet the same fate as they do on DB’s little circle jerk.

Geoff Caldwel (https://www.facebook.com/geoff.caldwell.311)l Says:
May 8, 2013 at 3:47 pm (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/the-turner-case-and-a-stone-wall/#comment-5223)

Cousin Randy Turner
05-21-2013, 10:21 PM
Students under 18 will not be allowed into my hearing without a parent

. . . If I can't get me a mob of idiot gaywad gliberal whiggers and whiggresses to defend this gliberal whigger butthole fag, then I'm fucked!!!


If anyone wonders why I haven't given an interview to the Joplin Globe since I was escorted out of East Middle School by a police officer April 8, the article posted online pretty much says it all. The reason is because yes, I'm pretty much guilty of all the charges and specifuckations and much prefer to 'try' the issue here -- on my blog where I can delete and censor any contrary opinions.

Reporter Emily Younker has made numerous efforts to get me to talk, both through e-mail and by phone over the past six weeks. I have politely declined all of those requests. I know how them reporters from the lie-papers make shit up and fail to tell the truth. After all, that is exactly how I did it back when I was a reporter, then editor of the Carthage jewspaper. I'm scared that that skank will do to me what I did to others back when I had the power to do so.

Today's article (http://www.joplinglobe.com/topstories/x2002154646/Hearing-slated-for-Joplin-East-Middle-School-teacher-set-for-Thursday), just like the first and only other article the Globe has published about this situation, is heavily weighted toward administration's side of the issue. Which is as it should be since being guilty as hell of the charges I know enough to keep silent and thus lose by default.

The superintendent issued a statement on the situation in which he stated, for no apparent reason, that there were 28 pages of charges against me and if you want to know what Mr. Turner has been charged with, you are going to have to ask him.

At one point, I offered to provide the Globe reporter with information off the record so that she would have a better understanding of what is going on here. She said she did not do things that way. Off the record, that is. This reporter will have to stick with reporting the facts which are laid out, which means that I'm obviously guilty. Since there was no point in telling the truth and thus proving that I am guilty of that charged, I decided to cut my losses and so I ended the conversation.

The question remains if she doesn't do things that way, why is there a mention in both of her articles that No Child Left Alive contains "graphic sexual content." Which it does. Did she download the book, plug in the vibrator and ride away in wettt sextassy while trudging past muh gliberal whigger butthole fag manifesto, and then offer her own opinion of it or, and this seems much more likely, she accepted a description of the book from someone in administration and then dropped it into both of her stories, something which benefits the administration's efforts to paint me as a gliberal whigger butthole fag pornographer, a description that does not coincide with those of other gliberal whigger butthole fag people who have actually read the idiotic self-serving manifesto pretending to be a book.

The reporter is also misleading the Globe readership when she quoted me as saying, "I don't have any plans to comment." She left ouf the part where I told her I had already made my statements on the Turner Report where the Administration's charges are not posted, only some of them, with my own self-serving comments and those idiots who agree with me are left intact and she could use any or all of what I have written. Apparently, my side of the story is only worthwhile if it comes in response to her questions, while administration can simply issue a news release and it goes straight to page one. That's the way I ran things when I was an editor, it didn't really matter what my victims said or did, and so I'll whine like a pussy now that the shoe is on the other cloven-hoof foot.

If there was any justice according to my way of 'thinking', the administration should have to prove that I assigned this book and deliberately tried to get students to "download and discuss" it before they can start reading graphic passages during the hearing. As a guilty criminal I like to think that I get to decide how to run a hearing when I'm the one on trial. This looks to be another method of cutting down on the number of little gaywad gliberal whigger butthole fag people who will show up to support me.

Cum-cum, cum-cum.

Posted by Randy Cousin Randy at 1:54 PM, Tuesday May 21, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/05/students-under-18-will-not-be-allowed.html)

jewplin Glob
05-21-2013, 10:42 PM
Hearing slated for Joplin East Middle School teacher set for Thursday

Minors not allowed without adults because of ‘graphic content’

By Emily Younker
May 21, 2013


JOPLIN, Mo. — An East Middle School teacher who was removed from his classroom last month following an investigation by district officials will go before the Board of Education this week.

Randy Turner, an eighth-grade communication arts teacher, will have the opportunity to address the board during an open hearing on Thursday after having been placed on paid administrative leave on April 8.

Turner was placed on leave — a standard procedure — after the school district received a complaint about him from a district employee on April 4, according to Superintendent C.J. Huff. After an investigation into the complaint by the administration, a 28-page “statement of charges” was given to Turner on April 15, with a set of additional charges delivered to him earlier this month, Huff said.

Turner has declined several requests to comment on the record to the Globe on either the charges or the hearing itself.

“I don’t have any plans to (comment) at the moment,” he said again this week in advance of the hearing.

Huff also has not specified the nature of the complaint or released details of the charges, saying it is a personnel matter. He has said the investigation included a review of evidence related to the complaint as well as interviews with people who might have relevant information.

While not making any details of the complaint public, the notice of the hearing states that children younger than 18 will not be permitted into the hearing unless accompanied by a parent or guardian because of “graphic content” expected to be discussed.

During the hearing, Turner will be able to “state his case” to the board, which will review the evidence and ultimately decide whether to continue his teaching contract, according to Huff.

Rylee Hartwell (http://www.joplinglobe.com/editorial/x508490715/Your-View-Contradicting-ideology), a Joplin High School student, said he and another former student of Turner’s have organized a rally for the teacher alongside Duquesne Road near the administration building on the morning of the hearing. He said their objective is to get Turner returned to his classroom. He said Turner taught a “very writing intensive” class at East Middle School and also supported the creation of a student newspaper at the middle school.

“My impressions of Mr. Turner are simple, and they’re that he’s a good man,” said Hartwell, now the assistant editor of the high school newspaper. “He got me to a place where I know that there’s great power within my words.”

Turner’s dismissal sparked the creation last month of a Facebook page called “Project Turner,” (https://www.facebook.com/TurnerProject) which has gathered more than 600 “likes” from students and others seeking to bring their teacher back to the classroom. An online petition on change.org asking that Turner retain his position has collected more than 300 signatures.

A campaign launched by Turner on the online fundraising platform Kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1667652899/let-teachers-teach) that sought $40,000 in pledges for a two-book project had raised $171 when it closed earlier this month. In proposing the project, Turner described a self-published novel published in July 2012, “No Child Left Alive,” as having struck a blow “for the cause.”

That novel, published as an e-book, contains numerous passages of a graphic, sexual nature. It is a fictional account about a school administration obsessed with preparing students for state testing at a cost of not allowing teachers to actually do their jobs.


Randy Turner’s hearing will be at 9 a.m. Thursday at the administration building, 3901 E. 32nd St. It will be conducted in an open session before the Board of Education, which also has scheduled a closed session for legal and personnel issues and identifiable student and personnel records.

05-22-2013, 12:47 PM
Randy Turner should be fired


Let's say that there was a teacher who wrote on his blogs that they thought that jews were the literal spawn of Satan, that non-whites should be barred from immigration to this country and those already here expelled or killed, that Adolf Hitler was a great White man and that the Great Tribulation/Civil War II is absolutely necessary so that Whites may survive as a race. All of which beliefs -- and then some even more radical -- I hold.

But I don't expect to get a job as a public school teacher holding those views, much less being allowed to spread them to a captive audience. Even less, being allowed to contact your children after hours via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media so that I can indoctrinate your children without your knowledge. much less the permission of the public school officials, both elected and appointed, to keep a shield of approved curriculum between teachers and students.

Why don't you read Randy Turner's blog (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/)? In it you will find that Turner has a big problem in understanding that he isn't allowed to contact underage students via social media without the knowledge and approval of parents and school administration. When people like myself called him on this, Turner simply censored any such comments and put his blog on moderation. Anyone actually reading Turner's blog could predict Turner being caught (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/how-did-koam-scoop-me-on-this-one-randy.html), tried, and fired -- as is going to happen. Even Turner finally has figured out as much and is trying to "spin" this as a First Amendment issue when it is not.

There was a Facebook law passed a couple of years ago, and both Turner and the teacher's union and Jay Nixon -- all of whom don't think that any of you have a Constitutional right to keep or bear arms or have private information that they don't get to scan and store but that somehow they have a 'right' to a public job -- screetched and caterwauled, and whined once it was passed because it had criminal penalties for rogue teachers like Turner who can't leave them kids alone via the Internet after school hours. They filed bogus lawsuits and gutted the Facebook Law. But still, local school boards have the discretion to fire teachers who are cyberstalking public school students after hours. Whether some students like these attentions or not is irrelevant. It is parents and the public school authorities who determine what teachers are to teach and the hours and places of instruction -- not teachers. When Randy Turner bellers about "Letting Teachers Teach!!!" those of us who know Turner immediately ask, "Let Teachers Teach -- What Exactly?" Some of you really don't want to know.

Turner thinks he is really smart and slick. So at his preliminary hearing he didn't obey the instructions (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-books-that-got-me-fired_25.html) given him as policy. So further charges were made (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/05/secret-recording-devils-messenger-cited.html). Why don't some of you working in private business deliberately disobey the boss and then put up on your blog how you fooled the dope and then see how long you have a job?

When Turner was a reporter and editor of a local paper, he abused his power in every way that he could. Someone sued Turner for libel and the owners of the newspaper booted him out for his crimes against truth and their own credibility and profitability. Shouldn't a position in which the consumers are literally a captive audience be protected against Turner? Someone who couldn't make it because of a lack of honesty as a reporter and editor certainly should not be allowed to be a teacher inserting its own 'morality' into the minds of the naive young.

The school board has Turner dead to rights. Turner dare not answer these charges either on his blog, to a reporter with the Joplin Globe (http://www.joplinglobe.com/topstories/x2002154646/Hearing-slated-for-Joplin-East-Middle-School-teacher-set-for-Thursday), and likely not before the Board of Education. Turner will be fired today. He's getting off lucky. Sixty years ago Turner would have been tarred and feathered.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

jewplin Glob
05-23-2013, 05:40 PM
Content of book, students' access to it at issue in hearing for suspended teacher

From staff reports
May 23, 2013


JOPLIN, Mo. — A standing-room only crowd is present at the hearing this morning to decide the fate of suspended Joplin Middle School teacher Randy Turner, who has asked for the hearing before the board of education.

Among the issues is an allegation that Turner posted a link on a blog to his book, “No Child Left Alive (http://www.amazon.com/No-Child-Left-Alive-ebook/dp/B008HLQUJE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358661753&sr=8-1&keywords=No+Child+Left+Alive),” a fictional account of a school administration obsessed with preparing students for state testing at a cost of not allowing teachers to actually do their jobs. That novel, published as an e-book, contains numerous passages of a graphic, sexual nature.

The blog was intended to be something for students and former students, the district contends, an allegation that Turner disputes, according to an attorney who accompanied him to the hearing.

District officials also allege Turneer recorded a personnel meeting with the school’s human resources director even though he was told it was against district policy to record that meeting. Turner’s attorney argues that under Missouri law Turner was allowed to record that conversation as long as he was present.

Turner was removed from his classroom and placed on administrative leave last month after an investigation by school district officials triggered by a complaint to the district.

Turner was placed on leave — a standard procedure — after the school district received a complaint about him from a district employee on April 4, according to Superintendent C.J. Huff. After an investigation into the complaint by the administration, a 28-page “statement of charges” was given to Turner on April 15, with a set of additional charges delivered to him earlier this month, Huff said.

Turner, who has yet to testify today, has declined several requests to comment on the record to the Globe.

While not making any details of the complaint public before the meeting, the notice of the hearing states that children younger than 18 will not be permitted into the hearing (http://www.joplinglobe.com/topstories/x2002154646/Hearing-slated-for-Joplin-East-Middle-School-teacher-set-for-Thursday) unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian because of the “graphic content” that is expected to be discussed.

05-23-2013, 07:18 PM
A Message To The Board Of Education

by Anson Burlingame (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/)


I requested that the below message be sent to all members of the Joplin Board of Education, before the hearing in the Turner Case is adjudicated on May 23, 2013.

My request to so send it was NOT recommended by an attorney representing the Joplin BOE out of fear that it might unduely influence the members of that BOE. I accept that recommendation made by the attorney, though I must admit why private citizen input is deemed inappropriate as long as it does not call for a “verdict” one way or the other, is a question to consider, in public matters.

In all likelihood, no members of the BOE will read this blog so I am comfortable posting the message herein, before the scheduled hearing. I offer it as a matter for public discussion, herein, however.

This case is NOT just about R-8 and Mr. Turner, in my view. It goes to the heart of the challenge for public education, all over the country, today. WHAT and HOW should we teach students in K12 public education is the issue. TRASH, which the book No Child Left Behind is in my view, is NOT appropriate for 12, 13 or 14 year old students, particularly when it is one sided TRASH.

Whether Turner did influence or attempt to influence students with TRASH is yet to be determined. But I defy anyone to tell me that lousy book is not TRASH and thus has no place in the classrooms or attempted exposure to students outside the classroom as well.

Here is my now not so private message to the local BOE on that matter:




> Dear Members of the Joplin Board of Education,
> This message provides my own input as a private citizen in Joplin for your
> consideration as you adjudicate the issues related to the matter now
> scheduled for a hearing on May 23, 2013, the “Turner Case”. For sure I
> make NO predetermined conclusion before what will be an impartial hearing involving
> critical local, but national matters as well, related to public education.
> To me it all boils down to the question of was Mr. Turner a “good teacher”
that made a mistake, maybe. I have no insight whatsoever into documents
> not yet before the public eye. But I have read press reporting, public
> blogs written by Mr. Turner (and others) and one book written by Mr. Turner,
> No Child Left Alive.
> I support Freedom of Speech for sure. But any speech to which
> impressionable young minds are exposed must be done under adult supervision
> and effective guidance, primarily within homes, but also within our public
> education system. Our schools must teach students to make decisions for themselves.
> Older students can of course be exposed to more difficult and “sensitive”
> matters.
> Espousing particular positions on public matters is not appropriate by our
> schools or teachers within the schools. Balance, both sides of political
> or social positions must be provided and then judge how students learn,
> both sides of a position, and then make up their own minds one way or the
> other.
> Good teachers routinely achieve such an important part of good education,
> helping students to really think through all sorts of problems, critically,
> and reach their own conclusions. Good teachers provide balance and judge
> then how students decide matters, matters appropriate for their age and
> maturity, for sure.
> Of all decisions that I have seen come before your Board over the last
> several years, this one is the most difficult to decide, in my view. But
> it is a matter of grave importance, in my view, deciding what and how to teach
> our students such that they can learn to make up their own minds, later on
> as adults.
> Respectfully,
> Anson Burlingame

Cousin Randy Turner
05-24-2013, 08:42 PM
I would like to thank muh gliberal whiggerette gaywad ass-clown pedo-fluffer posse.


Thanks to all of you for your support today and these past few weeks. It was a grueling 12-hour session, I could not have asked for a better attorney, better defense witnesses, or better supporters.

When I arrived at the administration building today, I couldn't find the parking place marked "accused" and all of the spots in the front were filled, so I had to drive past the rally in favor of me. I would have enjoyed seeing that even if it were for someone else. There is something inspiring and completely American about people willing to hit the streets to fight for a cause.

Rylee Hartwell and Laela Zaidi did a wonderful job organizing the rally. I don't know when I will have a decision, but with all of the support I have had this week, I feel like I am a lucky, lucky man.

Have sum free gliberal whigger butthole fag porn: No Child Left Alive. (http://www.amazon.com/No-Child-Left-Alive-ebook/dp/B008HLQUJE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358661753&sr=8-1&keywords=No+Child+Left+Alive)

jewplin Glob
05-25-2013, 10:37 PM
Joplin Board of Education to decide fate of East Middle School teacher

By Wally Kennedy
May 24, 2013


http://d6673sr63mbv7.cloudfront.net/archive/x1543052880/g0002580000000000002c4567ee719dee7f27d0a92fa94049a b36682aba.jpg
East Middle School teacher Randy Turner (right) on Thursday listens to testimony
during a hearing to determine his job status with the Joplin School District.

JOPLIN, Mo. — After hearing nearly 10 hours of testimony from more than a dozen witnesses and accepting more than 45 exhibits into evidence, members of the Joplin Board of Education voted to move behind closed doors Thursday night to decide whether Randy Turner, a communication arts teacher at East Middle School, will continue to teach.

Termination charges against Turner include allegations that he engaged in immoral conduct, that he intentionally violated district policies and that he made available to middle school students material that contained inappropriate sexual content.

Turner was placed on leave — a standard procedure — after the school district received a complaint about him from a district employee on April 4, according to Superintendent C.J. Huff. After an investigation into the complaint by the administration, a 28-page “statement of charges” was given to Turner on April 15, and a set of additional charges was delivered to him earlier this month.

The school district’s human resources director, Tina Smith, on Thursday said she interviewed students in Turner’s classes and inferred that he might be “grooming” his students, a reference to behavior often exhibited by child predators.

Turner was accused of tagging by name proportionally more girls than boys on his Facebook page by Klista Rader, director of information technology for the district. She said that “stood out as odd.”

Turner would later testify that he had never tagged anyone on his Facebook page.

Huff testified that he would be more at peace knowing there were no “victims” of Turner’s out there. Holding back tears, Huff said that as the parent of a 13-year-old girl, he could not put his head on a pillow at night “and not bring these charges before the Board of Education.”

No parents or students testified against Turner in terms of his moral character or his ability to teach. The parents and students who did testify said he was an outstanding teacher capabIe of lighting a fire in students who had not shown an interest in writing.

One parent said she wished she had more information about a permission slip she signed to let Turner publish student writings in a recently released book, “Scars from the Tornado.”

The hearing, which began at 9 a.m. and concluded at 9 p.m., started with excerpts from a book — “No Child Left Alive” — that Turner said he wrote as a satire about the distressing state of public education in this country. The excerpts, read by administration attorney Shellie Guin, included graphic, but not explicit, references to sex.


Turner said he used the sexual content to reflect what really is happening in the schools. He said some of the scenes were inspired by experiences of teachers.

Turner said the book was written for adults and was never intended to be read by middle school children. He said he inadvertently posted on a blog — Room 210 Discussion — that the book was either available for purchase or could be downloaded for free. The blog at one time was used for classroom purposes by students, but it had not been used in more than two years.

District officials said posting the notice on the blog made it available to students. Whether any student read the book was irrelevant, school administrators said; the act of making it available was the problem.

The district also accused Turner of posting information on his Facebook page and through his Twitter account that the book was available. The district said Turner’s Facebook page and Twitter account are followed by students.

In all, the district said, Turner on 17 different occasions let students know about the existence of the book that he had testified was never intended for children.

The district did not produce any students who said they had read the book.

Parents who had read the book at the instruction of Turner’s attorney told the board that the book was a satire and that many of the themes expressed, such as the lack of classroom discipline and bullying, were genuine issues. The sexual content, they said, was irrelevant to the theme of the book.

The parents said they would not want the book to be read by children.

Turner’s lawyer, Nancy Watkins, of St. Louis, contended that the district itself had permitted middle school students to be exposed to sexual content that was inappropriate. The attorney cited an instance in which a guest speaker at East Middle School recently talked about how his sister was being raped by a baby sitter and that he had permitted himself to be raped to protect her.

One parent said her 12-year-old son did not know anything about rape until he attended that assembly.

Other charges included Turner’s secret taping of a phone conversation with the district’s human resources director after she had told him that such recordings were not permitted by district policy. Turner’s attorney said the district policy cited by human resources director was incorrectly interpreted by the director. The attorney said Missouri law does not prohibit people from secretly recording a conversation to which they are a party.

When Turner aired the recording on YouTube, he did so to defend himself, the attorney said.

If the board chooses to terminate Turner’s contract, it must reveal the vote to do that within 72 hours of the decision.

Student rally

ABOUT 40 STUDENTS AND PARENTS turned out at the Joplin School District administration building before the hearing on Thursday. Most of those attended the hearing and stayed throughout the day.

http://d6673sr63mbv7.cloudfront.net/archive/x1543052878/g000258000000000000451a8fdbd7f4a40277d043d5a44b4ab 50d306306.jpg
Jerad Fisher (right), a Joplin High School graduate, and others on Thursday morning show their support
for East Middle School teacher Randy Turner during a demonstration near the Joplin School District’s administration building
on East 32nd Street. (2 of 2)

05-25-2013, 10:45 PM
The Turner Case


First and foremost, read Wally Kennedy’s superb article in Friday’s Globe reporting the FACTS as presented at the hearing in this case. He concisely NAILED the various presentations and now the BOE must decide a very TOUGH case. It is very much to be determined either WHEN a decision will be made and HOW it will be announced. My guess is it could take a couple of weeks, maybe.

Frankly, I see no way how the BOE can make a fair and impartial hearing based on just paper evidence submitted during the hearing, alone. CLEARLY, Randy Turner in FACT violated multiple BOE policies. From a legal standpoint, the administration “proved” its assertions that policies were violated. But the question then becomes WHY did Turner do so, violate BOE policies and were such violations so egregious as to be “firing offenses”.

This case is TOUGH simply because extraordinarly sound JUDGMENT must be used to decide, one way or the other. The case is NOT just open and shut “legality”, in my view. As expected, I believe the case comes down to “was Turner a good teacher that simply made some mistakes, and thus…….” My own conclusion now is NO, he was NOT a good teacher, a professional teacher. And the evidence of such came right from the mouths of his supporters and the writing’s they submitted as exhibits.

YES, Turner was a very POPULAR teacher. But again, I do not think he was a good, professional teacher, based on reading what he has written, himself, and the products from his students. Please let me expand on that thought before you throw the book at me.

I begin with the opening statement by his attorney who said, “Mr. Turner does NOT teach reading. His course is a writing intensive course!!!!” That my friends is “in the record” at least in terms of words to that effect. Well Mr. Turner, how in the hell can you teach good writing without demanding a helluva lot of good reading, learning how to make critical judgments of what one reads and THEN write about it. Impossible, in my view. Good judgment, critical judgment is a BASIC part of good writing.

Yet his own students said he lets them write whatever they “feel” and never judges their writing/judgment as good or bad, other than grammar and spelling, etc. If Turner was conducting a course in psychotherapy, well maybe that would be OK. But again, good writing must reflect good judgment, in my view. As one teacher with whom I spoke during the hearings said, a student must be able to write clearly AND BACK IT UP as well. Turner rarely forced his students to “back it up” it seems based on testimony that I heard.

Now go read Turner’s own blog, the Turner Report. He does the same thing, himself. He writes prolifically about a wide range of subjects. But he fails in many cases to back up his own views on many subjects, right there in his own blog. He also “shades the truth” in his blog and does NOT allow posts that challenge him to “go up” on his blog. That to me is pure censorship and I don’t like it from people that choose to write publicly.

But then consider the ridiculous book, No Child Left Alive. Sure he has every right to write and publish that book. But what was he trying to achieve by writing the book. He said it himself. It was intended as a satirical demonstration of a dysfunctional school system. To me at least the book FAILED on that count alone. It was not good satire. It was the grossest overstatement of a dysfunctional system that I think I have ever read. The book was in no way objective nor did it suggest how to better “run a school”. That was left almost exclusively to the mind of the reader, for sure.

If I was going to prepare for a debate on the pros and cons of the No Child Left Behind government program, which Turner HATES, I would NEVER use NCLA as a reference to so prepare for a debate. It is simply TRASH with no basis for consideration, unless you think Turner’s grossly one sided view is valid on that subject. Obviously women get raped in school bathrooms because …….???

Another point, brought out in testimony but not emphasized by the administration’s direct examination of Turner. Turner was “pushed” (to the ground) by a student in about Oct 2012 (maybe 2011) and the discipline taken against that student by an Assistant Principle was woefully inadequate, in Turner’s view (and I agree as well). So what did Turner do because an Assistant Principle made a mistake?

The answer was there for all to hear. Turner wrote NCLA!!! Boy will I get those SOBS that fail to properly discipline students. I’ll write a book to blow’em all out of the water, and he proceeded to do exactly that.

My question, and I would have been all over Turner in direct examination had I been questioning him is WHAT COULD YOU HAVE DONE, within the “system” in your school to remedy a mistake by one of your supervisors. He (Turner) COULD HAVE, complained verbally to the Principle, complained verbally to the Director of Human Resources, put his complaint in writing to one or both of those supervisors and go all the way up to the Superintendent of Schools as well, had he been really upset with the lack of discipline in a single case. He did not do any of that, seek remedy for a legitimate concern, within the system provided for such concern resolutions.

NO, he just put his “feelings” in a book, and let’r rip, publicly. Well Mr. Turner, this citizen read your book and assigns a grade of F, period. You failed to “back up” your tirade, just like you seem to encourage students to “let’r rip” in your writing classes, with no back up to their opinions.

Yes Turner was a very popular, even a beloved teacher, based on testimony provided by well meaning students, parents and other teachers. But as the administration’s attorney repeatedly pointed out in cross examination, such opinions had NOTHING TO DO with the specific charges brought forth by the administration. Hell none of those students, parents or other teachers had even READ the charges or made any attempt to refute ANY or all specific charges. They simply testified with their “feelings” about the matter.

Sound familiar?

So Mr. and Ms. BOE members, the Superintendent of Schools has CLEARLY taken a firm stand regarding Turner’s performance from about Dec 2012 (when he first began promoting his book, to students and others) up to his removal from the schools and being placed on paid leave of absence in April 2013.

Countering that judgment by the Superintendent of Schools, you saw a parade of “passionate” students, parents and other teachers, expressing their “feelings” on the matter and calling for Turner to be returned to the class room.

It is now up to you “guys” but it is pretty clear how I would debate that vote if I was a member of the BOE. Turner would be fired and his certificate allowing him to teach elsewhere removed. I would then budget a helluva lot of money for attorney fees for follow on law suits as well coming from the NEA and its minions!!!

Is this a fight worth fighting? You bet it is in my opinion. Professional teachers must act professionally, not like screaming kids when they think they are wronged. Mr. Turner failed to do so, act professionally and thus should suffer the consequences of his own mistakes. My God, can’t you just hear the NEA reading that accusation!!! Maybe I should get my own lawyer, I suppose.

Some Faggot
05-25-2013, 10:54 PM
Da jewplin Gay-Pride Spelling Nutzi Sez:


Just two things, Anshole.

“well-meaning” is a hyphenated compound modifier. “Classroom” is one word.
Maybe Turner could teach you about writing. And since "well meaning" starts at the beginning of the sentence, it doen't require capitalization according to the Cousin Randy McClellan Park Mens' Room Glory Hole [D]Rules of Good-Enuf' Gay Grammar

I don’t deny you your opinion, ebut when you express one on such a subject, you might edit a bit more tightly.

thom hanrahan Says:
May 24, 2013 at 2:18 pm (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/the-turner-case/#comment-5290)|

Meercat #4
05-26-2013, 04:43 AM
I really got edjewmacated in Randy Turner's classroom.


1. “Turner rarely forced his students to “back it up” it seems based on testimony that I heard.” Well, based on sitting Turner’s classroom for a year, plus reading works of students for contests on several occasions, plus being petted and praised by Turner because nobody heterosexual male will take Turner's class, he really does make his students support their arguments. In fact, that’s one of the keys to a good grade in his class. That and polishing Turner's knob.

2. “It was not good satire. It was the grossest overstatement of a dysfunctional system that I think I have ever read. The book was in no way objective nor did it suggest how to better “run a school”. That was left almost exclusively to the mind of the reader, for sure.” A) Whether Turner’s book was “good” has nothing to do with whether or not he is an effective teacher. B) Novels do not have a requirement for providing a solution to whatever problem they choose to tackle. This book’s main goal is more likely to be sparking a discussion about our current education system and coming to a solution as a community. The Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgendered Community. You reactionary conservative swine cannot be trusted to want to hold hands -- or peckers -- to cum to an acceptable solution.

3. For a guy who thinks one should support, or “back up,” one’s argument, this blog post does not do a good job of supporting its argument. It is clearly an attack on Turner’s character, not his effectiveness as a teacher. Actually, it seems to include a lot of “feelings,” which even the author doesn’t seem to believe are enough for adequate reasoning. My 'feelings' are better than your feelings if for no other reason than because I have a pussy.

4. I could go through and site several writing problems in this post, such as missing commas, misuse of capitalization and so forth, but I won’t. All I will say is if this blog’s author had been in Turner’s class, he would probably be a better writer. Not to mention a more prolific stalker.

andreasteere (http://andreasteere.wordpress.com/) Says:
May 24, 2013 at 2:26 pm (https://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/the-turner-case/#comment-5291)

ZOGling mamzer ass-clown
05-26-2013, 04:23 PM
Now for the my chance for some character assassination on behalf of my fellow gliberal whigger/anglo-mestizo butthole fag Randy Turner

http://www.joplinglobe.com/topstories/x1167594806/Board-of-Education-to-decide-fate-of-teacher?fb_comment_id=fbc_127337514132654_75806_12 7362847463454

As a person who has no personal connection to any of the parties in this apart from following the story since being made aware of it via media sources, and being a ZOGling mamzer ass-clown addlepated with mongrel self-righteousness and a baggie of cheap smokin'-dope I find that the primary wrong here is the extent to which a human being may be ruined on the basis of flimsy inferences and stretched interpretations. Never mind the fact that the charges that Turner simply cannot obey Board of Education policy and thinks he has the "right" to be around minor schoolchildren via social media without the permission of the parents and the supervision of the school administration and against the express policies set into place by the local elected School Board. Nope, I'd rather pretend that I am a neutral party in this matter so that more worthless underbred drones can be created via the pub[l]ic skrule system.

Having since read the book in question, I recognize that these inferences are made by people connected to those satirized in Turner's book (No Child Left Alive). Recognizing, too, that attorneys and law enforcement saw nothing here worth pursuing, the charges and subsequent hearing appear a vehicle by which to put out the suggestion of sexual impropriety. At least not yet. Turner is right to try to cloak his "grooming" of gaywads and lesboskanks behind First Amendment cover. Circumstantially, it gives the appearance of character assassination of the most heinous kind. I contrast it against the overwhelming heartfelt support expressed by people who know him personally and in the Sodomistical Biblical sense: students, teachers, reporters, etc.

Now for the my chance for some character assassination: The only people who appear to be against Turner in an outspoken manner are satirized administration members, friends of said administration members, and the infamous neo-nazi Martin Lindstedt of Granby. I recognize that in witch-hunts feelings of personal responsibility can become distributed among the group and so become lessened for any individual, but I also question how a group of professionals can participate in smearing someone and present this as grounds for sleeping soundly. Rationalize it as you may, administrators, but in this instance your own morality is equally (if not more) suspect.

Now I need to be excused for a minute while I go ass-to-mouth with this nigger buck who extended me this bag of smokin'-dope on credit.

Justin Deremo (https://www.facebook.com/justin.deremo)
Thursday May 23, 2013 11:34pm (http://www.joplinglobe.com/topstories/x1167594806/Board-of-Education-to-decide-fate-of-teacher?fb_comment_id=fbc_127337514132654_75806_12 7362847463454)

Meercat #5
05-26-2013, 04:43 PM
I'm a gliberal mamzer ass-clown follower of Randy Turner


I think No Child Left Alive is fiction and needs no “back up”. Or sense. Or anything other than Randy Turner's hot cum on the pages. I didn’t think it needed to provide a solution to a problem either. It was nothing other than masturbation. If he claimed it was a documentary or a research paper he should have those things, but fiction is purely the authors “feelings”. I haven’t seen a single blog or news source that actually “backs up” either side. All of you are fuktards. Who made the complaint in the first place. Probably some gliberal whigger or anglo-mestizo skank unable to ovulate to such as Randy Turner. What is their position such that they can make a complaint and have it heard? What exactly what their complaint. I just said this, but when your attention span and mental capais less than five seconds long you tend to repeat yourself. What were all the charges against the teacher? What is the evidence for each and every charge? That is what people would really like. But I only hear what people think. Not that it matters as I'm unable to reason or think or memorize anything. All I have to go on is whatever I want at the moment.That is not news that is fiction.

Amy Thomlinson Says:
May 24, 2013 at 2:43 pm (https://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/the-turner-case/#comment-5293)

Meercat #1
05-26-2013, 07:00 PM
I'm trying to explain the charges to Turner's retardettes.


The person who made the complaint is a 15 year employee, a former principal of many of his students. And yes, as a barren coosh of a gliberal anglo-mestizo skankazoid, it is unable to ovulate to Cousin Randy's gliberal whigger butthole fag charms. The charges, that he made a sexually explicit book, and I’ve read it, it’s raunchy, accessible to middle schoolers. He claims he did this with no intention for students to read it, but then he promoted the book many more times, 17 according to evidence, on Facebook and/or twitter. He also did not get proper permission slips from parents I publish their students work, which I really don’t think is that big if a deal at this point. He was also charged after he secretly tape recoded his meeting with the HR lady, after she provided him a copy of the board policy that stated not to. And again, not that big of a deal to me at this point. Hope that answers your questions. His students are mad because they like him and from what I’ve heard, he’s great in the classroom. Like his Cousin Swillis Gumpf-Turner, he's a wizard beneath the sheets. So it very unfortunate that he made such a poor decision, 17 times, to give students access to that book.

Bb Says:
May 24, 2013 at 7:16 pm (https://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/the-turner-case/#comment-5301)

05-26-2013, 07:04 PM
Both sides, nothing more than animals, pigs really, in the shadow of a Great Hunger . . .

http://www.joplinglobe.com/topstories/x1167594806/Board-of-Education-to-decide-fate-of-teacher?fb_comment_id=fbc_127337514132654_75806_12 7362847463454#f1dc91024

Most of the people commenting on this story, including Justin Deremo, are partisans of Turner. There has been other commentary on the blogs of the local kosher 'khannedservantives' like Anson Burlingame and Geoff Caldwell. Randy Turner has also been bemoaning having to face charges on his Facebook page, and of course blog. According to Turner's blog, the Joplin BOE is bringing forth some black helicopters to round up Turner. But not to worry. I made a lot of friends at the NutHouse and I'll be happy to provide Turner some references.

Every White man knows how easy it is for the criminal regime to trump up bogus child molestation charges on the basis of a custody case, or even simply because the government wants you dead or discredited. I myself had to endure three-and-a-half years of torture, being sent to a State Nuthouse, doped up and tortured until I was able to represent myself and the bogus charges had to be dismissed because my retarded grandson refused to lie against me. But still, my family was destroyed and my pretty much non-existent political career finished as well, except of course in the White Nationalist and Christian Identity Movements, wherein I'm the Second Elijah the Profit.

So it amused me a lot to see someone like Randy Turner having to be really careful as his accusers made Turner walk the "Perp Walk" and have to be very very careful as they hinted around at Turner's "grooming" of potential victims, talked about calling the local police and US Attorney's Office, and Huff's Camille act in crying about how much they fear Turner's getting at the lil' nippers via social media. Turner was no more considerate of the truth concerning myself when Turner was writing his blog, and like when Turner was writing in the lie-papers back when I was a militia general in the 90s. Turner routinely censors and twists the truth, which is why Turner is no longer in the lie-paper racket or much of a respected blogger.

Now I thought of attending Turner's 'hearing.' Turner and the rest of Turner's Tards would of course, like Jason Deremo hastened to proclaim, that the Joplin School Board was siding with us nazis and racists in firing pore Randy Turner. Maybe it would help Turner and the teacher's union in filing a federal civil rights lawsuit. Yes, I hate and despise Turner, but I also despise and detest the public school establishment as well.

So I decided to stay home because I didn't want to waste gas firing up the Geo Metro which only works on two out of three cylinders. Somebody is going to lose, most likely Turner, and the other side will be damaged as well. When both sides lose, it's a win for me.

Let's understand something: Both sides want to use and program your children and waste taxpayer dollars to suit their own purposes. Both sides, nothing more than animals, pigs really, in the shadow of a Great Hunger. Everything breaking down, on the verge of collapse and soon we will be killing each other for the dwindling means of survival. LOL.

I suppose the only one happy about this reversion back to the Fourth Century AD is myself, but that is to be expected of an apocalyptic maniac cult leader.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

05-26-2013, 07:06 PM
Kernal Klink Burlingame, at jewr service.


To all of the above,

Thanks for your input. I did not expect to be unscathed by posting such a blog, for sure.

Throughout my professional career, 23 years as a Naval Officer and about 10 years in senior executive civilian positions, judging people and being judged myself was a hallmark of such experience. My only experience teaching in High School classrooms was as a substitute teacher for about 7 years in two different counties in Missouri, including Joplin.

Of course I never was a student in Turner’s classroom nor did I ever meet him, in any way. I am familiar with his blog, the Turner Report but have never been a serious follower on that blog. Frankly, I consider him to be a bad blogger, for what it is worth and find little interest in his views, mostly poorly expressed views, in my own opinion.

I am an independent conservative, but not a Tea Party supporter in most cases. I read two liberal blogs, locally almost every day and engage therein, frequently as well.

In my view Turner failed miserably to act professionally as I said in the blog. He seemingly published NCLA in a fit of anger over not receiving adequate support from an Assistant Principal. If he did not like all the “meetings” required of teachers, I saw no evidence that he did anything about it or even tried to do anything about such interference. I saw a whining teacher complaining about many things but not one doing anything constructive to change the environment in which he worked, other than to write, polemically and publically about such matters.

Whining publically rarely changes much of anything within professional organizations, in my experience. Constructively and aggressively challenging “systems” within the systems themselves CAN do a lot of good, however, in my experience, again. I saw no evidence that Turner ever took that approach. Had he done so, well THAT should have been part of his defense, in my view.

I read all publicly available material (including several blogs in the Turner Report and of course NCLA) before the hearing and attended the entire hearing before the BOE. I drew many of my conclusions from the testimony provided therein. Before the hearing I was completely neutral as to how I felt the matters at hand should be judged. Now, I have obviously made up my own mind and thus this blog.

As for the quality of writing and the ability to really make valid points, look no further than the testimony offered by student activists and the petition written to support Turner. Along with NCLA, I give that petition a grade of F as well, for what it is worth. Note the testimony offered under cross examination on just that point, polite but accurate cross examination.

Finally look back in this blog for two articles, one entitled Public Trust and the other Professional Loyalty. Both addressed the Turner Case, at what I consider to be fundamental levels.

Anson Burlingame

ansonburlingame Says:
May 24, 2013 at 9:12 pm (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/the-turner-case/#comment-5303)

Jeromy Visser
05-26-2013, 10:47 PM
Hi Anshole, I'se the Sephardic melungeon marrano red-nigger jewromy Visser


I do not think Mr. Burlingame is guilty of this, but the Tea Party, much of the GOP, and local “conservatives” have been quick to judge the President by his associations with Rev Wright and Professor Ayers, so in that vane should we all look at those of you who oppose Mr. Turner as allies of your supporter Aryan Nations pastor and convicted sex criminal, Martin Lindstedt?

Boob Hosmer Says:
May 26, 2013 at 1:17 pm (https://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/the-turner-case/#comment-5333)

Cousin Randy Turner
05-26-2013, 10:53 PM
Joplin R-8 Administration using taxpayer money to hunt down Turner Report commenters


Instead of concentrating on addressing the problems that Turner Report readers have noted in recent weeks, the Joplin R-8 School District has turned its technology department on this blog, spending taxpayer money to try to find the anonymous whistleblowers who have provided valuable information about things that the taxpayer need to know.

I have learned that the blog is being watched like a hawk nearly every minute by someone trying to come up with an IP address or anything that will enable them to trace the commenter and then exact punishment if that person is an R-8 employee.

How many tens of thousands of dollars are going to be spent with this foolishness? Are there any steps these people are not willing to take to intimidate and bully their employees and keep the taxpayers in the dark?

(Note: I have removed all statistics from the website and the ones that were there were only up for a short time before they disappeared. They'z cummin' to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, hey, hey, to the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time . . . )


Posted by Randy at 12:46 PM FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/05/joplin-r-8-administration-using.html)

ZOGling whigger ass-clown
05-27-2013, 03:59 PM
Anson Burlingame here. I'm a gliberal shabbas whigger ass-clown posing as a kosher khannedservantive.



I hope the reply posted regarding the Pastor Linstedt comment speaks for itself, clearly. I am a gliberal shabbas whigger ass-clown posing as a kosher khannedservantive, and I do not like racism or dangerous racial bigotry which will disturb my firm lip-lock on kosher kike ass-hole. How he even found this blog is beyond me and I wish he had not. Now a pack of NimBuster fuktards are here and they bring nothing other than nigger tranny shemale porn. D-g, how much myself as a sexually repressed retired field-grade Army orificer needs that nigger shemale and tranny porn. I think that I'll go over to NIMBusters.org and look up some nigger shemale tranny porn. I need to clear up that blockage in my prostate that is giving me blue balls, and quick. Nor do I wish to engage in POLITICAL debate regarding the President, his supporters or detractors, etc. on this particular blog. I lick that Kenyan nigger's presidential bunghole too. No Birtherism discussed here.

As I wrote earlier to a commenter, this Turner Case, in my view is NOT a political issue. It is one of right and wrong, what and how to teach kids in our schools today. As a kosher khannedservantive we want to program jewr kids' minds.

I hope we can keep it to that framework of debate for this case, cum-cum, cum-cum.


ansonburlingame Says:
May 26, 2013 at 7:00 pm (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/the-turner-case/#comment-5337)

NIM-Buster News-kike
05-27-2013, 05:07 PM
The One-Eyed jewnsons of the NIMtards are upon jew, Antsson


Burlingame needs to jack off to some furry pron

Roger Wiseman (http://nimbusters.org/forum/read.php?board=8) Says:
May 26, 2013 at 10:31 pm (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/the-turner-case/#comment-5340)



Wow is this Burlingame guy a jackass or what? I tell you what I’m going to come kick you ass and dry hump you all night long I’m Jeremy Visser Aryan nations Church of Jesus Christ Christian and my flock is not going to listen to this shit! PEDO!

Nimtard impersonating jewromy Visser (http://nimbusters.org/forum/read.php?board=8), the Sephardic melungeon baal-priest
May 26, 2013 at 10:32 pm (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/the-turner-case/#comment-5341)

05-27-2013, 10:50 PM
I'm going to piss down my leg and run for the tall grass but refuse to censor jewst yet.


Well NOW I am tested in terms of how to allow free speech, on this blog. I have never heard of Pastor Lindstedt, have no idea what his criminal record may be, know nothing about the Arryan Nations of Missouri, etc. I also will not waste the time to google him, either.

But I sure hate to have this blog tainted with such organizations and people leading or supporting such organizations. Thus I was tempted to “take down” the comment above. But no, I let it stand simple because I support Free Speech. At least Pastor Lindstedt stuck to the topic at hand, the Turner Case, by and large.

And you bet, Pastor, if I thought you were teaching in Joplin Schools I would raise all the unmitigate hell I could raise and do my best to get you OUT of such schools, as fast as possible.

Now did Turner go as far as you seem to have gone, off the deep end of political and social thinking in America. NO WAY as far as I can see. He in no way compares to YOU, just based on your stated views above which I find abhorrent, politically and socially in America today.

But as well, Turner did some really egregious things in my view, primarily in writing NCLA in the first place and then using social media to promote it to students and others as well. Had he mistakenly posted it on one obscure blog then let him go. But 17 strikes later, well he should be “outta there” in my view.

Bottom line, for me, after some 25 or so comments herein on this subject, I remain certain that Turner should not teach school in Joplin hereafter based strictly on my readings of his blog, the book NCLA and the evidence and testimony offered last Thursday in a fair and impartial hearing.

BUT, again, Pastor Linstedt, because I agree with you on that bottom line position, don’t EVER think I support you or your organization, in any way.

I would politiely suggest you spread your bile elsewhere, but for now at least, I refuse to censor you.


ansonburlingame Says:
May 26, 2013 at 6:54 pm (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/the-turner-case/#comment-5336)

Meercat #3
05-27-2013, 10:57 PM
Ants-son, you and me need to get a room now that the glory holes in McClellan Park are gone with the [whirl]wind.



Tomorrow is Memorial Day. The one day a year this country sets aside to remember those that gave their all for freedom.

And part of that freedom is the Bill of Rights and at the very top of that bill is:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

“Pastor” Lindstedt’s opening statement is beyond offensive, it belies the suspension of reason and logical fact. It completely distracts from what otherwise are valid complaints and concerns regarding Turner.

BUT, this Republic does not represent freedom of speech that we agree with , it stands for the freedom to express even the most offensive of the offensive.
I understand your angst that he has now posted on your blog.

BUT, again, consider the alternative.

You and I allow full freedom of speech while Turner and the DwainBwains censor that which they do not like or those they cannot handle.

I sir, am fully capable of deciding for myself the merits of Lindstedt’s comment and I feel the same for other readers of this blog.

By letting his comment “stand” you are not “endorsing” his comment, you are instead letting his pathetic, small minded ignorance speak for itself.

And believe me sir, it speaks VERY LOUDLY.

Geoff Caldwel (http://blog.caldwellscorner.com/)l (@geoffcaldwell) Says:
May 26, 2013 at 7:54 pm (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/the-turner-case/#comment-5338)

jewplin Glob
05-28-2013, 04:22 PM
Joplin School Board decision could take up to two weeks; Turner remains on paid leave

By Wally Kennedy
May 24, 2013


It could take up two weeks for the Joplin Board of Education to decide whether Randy Turner’s teaching contract should be terminated, the school district’s attorney, John Nicholas, said Friday.

“The board has not made any decisions yet,’’ he said. “The state statute indicates that the court reporter has to provide a transcript (of Thursday’s termination hearing) within 10 days.

“That could happen at any time within the next 10 days. The board must make a decision within seven days of receiving the transcript,’’ he said.

In the meantime, Turner, a communication arts teacher at East Middle School, will continue to be an employee of the school district, the attorney said.

Only the board can terminate a tenured teacher. The board, he said, “could terminate, not terminate or take some other action.’’

If the board chooses to terminate Turner’s contract, it must reveal the vote to do that within 72 hours of the decision.

Turner was placed on leave — a standard procedure — after the school district received a complaint about him from a district employee on April 4, according to Superintendent C.J. Huff. After an investigation into the complaint by the administration, a 28-page “statement of charges” was given to Turner on April 15, and a set of additional charges was delivered to him earlier this month.

Termination charges against Turner, which were recommended by Huff, include allegations that he engaged in immoral conduct, that he intentionally violated district policies and that he made available to middle school students material that contained inappropriate sexual content.

Thursday’s hearing involved nearly 10 hours of testimony from more than a dozen witnesses and accepting more than 45 exhibits into evidence. Huff, in testimony on Thursday, said Turner’s hearing was his first as a superintendent.

No parents or students testified against Turner in terms of his moral character or his ability to teach.

Cousin Randy Turner
05-28-2013, 04:47 PM
Let Teachers Teach available as a free download today and tomorrow



My new book Let Teachers Teach (http://www.amazon.com/Let-Teachers-Teach-ebook/dp/B00CR7YHQC/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1369758004&sr=1-1&keywords=Let+Teachers+Teach), a collection of some of my essays on education is available today and tomorrow (Tuesday, May 28, and Wednesday, May 29, as a free Amazon Kindle download.

Along with the essays are updates, additional commentary and a newly-written introduction bemoaning the fact that I got caught by the School Administration and am about to get fired for disobedience to Board of Education policies and stalking minor students after school hours without the knowledge or permission of parents and school administration.

The book includes the following essays:

1. Violence, Statistics, and American Education - This one, written just after Sandy Hook, is the one that is being used against me by the joplin School District because I posted a link to my book No Child Left Alive from it when I copied and pasted it onto Room 210 Discussion. I get to do whatever I please, school district rules be fucked.

2. The Writers' Wall of Fame - A more personal essay, this one describes the Writers' Wall oF Fame I use to reward my students for excellent work and some memories of it. Also, not being as creative of an author as I am a liar, how I use these documents from my favored little gaywads and lesboskankettes to pad my shitty e-books.

3. The House of Bricks - One of my Joplin Tornado essays, includes the hunt for one of my eighth graders in the apartment complex behind the 15th St. Wal-Mart. Any excuse for stalking after hours.

4. Missouri's Newest Lobbyist, Michelle Rhee - My examination of the StudentsFirst organization and how its name does not go along with its views. Fucking uppity dog-eating gookess that doesn't understand her place or is suitably gratefool to us gliberal whigger butthole fags.

5. A Seventh Grader's Gift That Keeps On Giving - The effect of a New York teenager's gift to my class after the tornado. And no, it wasn't a virtual blowjob.

6. A Day of Miracles - A return to school after the tornado. Shame that the survivors weren't turned into soap or lampshades from the jewplin Tornado Holohoax.

7. Joplin's Apocalypse Now - Another tornado essay. Every day is May 22d, 2011 now. Itz moar than a Holohoax, itz a racket.

8. Returning to My Tornado-Ravaged School - My first visit to East Middle School, two days after the tornado. You voters need to build us some Taj Mahals of Ignorance as trailers are not enough.

9. Sanitizing of Huckleberry Finn - My thoughts on a new version of Mark Twain's classic that removes the N word, plus remembering my sixth and seventh grade teacher Mrs. Jean Rowe, who read the book to me and my classmates. The only acceptable use for the word "nigger."

10. Speaking for Victims of a School Shooting - Looking back at the shooting at Memorial Middle School. So many people were sympathizing with the shooter. I wrote this one for the other students. Fuck the Second Amendment and fry the little non-gaywad fucker for life.

11. The Dangers of Data-Driven Education - No wonder the people in administration have a problem with me. How dare you measure our work product.

12. The Lies They Tell About Teachers - The next few essays are all written as a response to the ongoing attacks on classroom teachers. At least us gliberal whigger butthole fag teachers.

13. The Changing Expectations of Teachers - I tell the story of a student who came by after school just to talk and I found out years later that innocuous conversation had driven thoughts of suicide out of her mind. Now, with a culture of highly scripted, micromanaged meetings disguised as "collaboration" and "professional development," I wonder if a teacher will even be available for the next young person contemplating killing himself or herself. There is no excuse for ending stalking.

14. A Teacher Witch Hunt - Wherein I get caught and prosecuted.

15. Glenn Beck and Public Education - That clown needs to be censored like I censor my blogs and I used to do at the lie-paper until I got fired.

16. Tribute to an Inspirational Teacher - Each year, until this one, I have asked my students to write essays describing an East Middle School teacher who has inspired them. The students vote on the Most Inspirational Teacher, not based on which teacher is the most popular, but on which student wrote the best paper. In this essay, I write about when this award was received by one of my favorite East colleagues, Kim Frencken, because of a paper written by one of my favorite former students, Taryn Parker. I had them lil' gaywads jumping through hoops.

17. To Sir With Love Revisited - Usually every year, again not this one, I show the Sidney Poitier movie To Sir With Love. Don't you just love it where that nigger had them lil' whiggresses' panties wettt? Almost enough to make me wish I was a nigger and heterosexual. In this essay, I talk about the difficulties his character, teacher Mark Thackeray, would have with today's soulless data-driven education.

18. Remembering Ryan Baker - One of the most difficult essays I have ever written. This is a tribute to one of my Diamond students after he committed suicide. Itz rough being 'different' here in homophobic fly-over cuntree.

19. There Is No Crisis In Public Education - I make the case for public education, giving us teachers more money, power, and absolutely no accountability. That and letting us stalk the lil gaywads after class hours without the knowledge or permission of the parents and school administration. Cum-cum, cum-cum.

20. Tribute to a Middle School Principal - The essay I wrote after former East Middle School Principal Ron Mitchell was forced out. He let me run wild.

21. A Warning to Young People: Don't Become a Teacher - Ironically, I wrote this one the day before I was removed from East by a police officer in front of my students and it was published on Huffington Post the next day. Thankfully I have a band. Maybe we can make a remake of Willie Nelson's song: Mammas Don't Let jewr Babies Grow Up 2 B Gliberal Whigger Butthole Fags.

22. Mr. President, My Students Deserve Better - After the State of the Union Address, I expressed my disagreement with the stupid uppity nigger Kenyan secret-raghead president over this goals for education. Funny how the essay hasn't differed from the Dumbya Administration, though.

23. When Technology Isn't the Answer - What happens when the lights go out? Or when your personal butthole vibrator runs out of juice? This essay was based on an experience that occurred this year while my students were working on their third quarter research project.

24. Students First Report Cards to Fail to Mention, Crime, Poverty - According to this organization, the only thing that has an affect on education is teachers. Strangely, their report card also grades states down if they actually have pensions for teachers. Whitey needs to feed the Niglets moar.

25. No Guns for This Teacher - Written after Sandy Hook when arming teachers was the fad. I have a Constipational right to a public school teaching job but you don't have a Constipational or Bill of Goods right to keep and bare arms.

26. An Argument for Teacher Tenure - I would think my own case would be a convincing argument for teacher tenure. I got my hearing but I shouldn't even have been tried.

27. It's Not Bad Teachers; It's the Economy, Stupid - My thoughts on how the state of the economy affects education. Not only your children, but all of your money belongs to us public trough bottom-feeders.

28. Teachers Do Not Have to be Political Eunuchs When We Have Teachers Unions To Act As Our Dildos - Teachers can reveal how they think about issues without forcing students to follow those beliefs. Regrettably none of today's Hitler Youth bother to take my class so I can flunk them.

29. Message to a First-Year Teacher - I wrote this after seeing on Facebook how my former Diamond student Stephanie Taylor was preparing for her first year at Carl Junction. It offers advice for any young teacher. Stalk early, stalk often -- but cover your tracks.

30. Pray for Those Godless Public School Teachers - An argument against those who claim we are pushing secular humanism when we are actually pushing gliberal whigger butthole faggism. How do you think we exist without recruiting young chickens?

31. It's Time to Use Test Scores to Determine Teacher Pay - If you can't tell, I was being sarcastic. Where does anyone get the notion that teachers should be tested like mere students?

32. My New Pacemaker - A personal essay, about my missing class and MAP tests to have my pacemaker implanted last year. Maybe I should have stayed on the sheep farm around Newtonia with Cousin Swillis, but how can you keep the gliberal whigger butthole fag on the sheep farm once itz seen gay jewplin and McClellan Park?

33. The Crisis in American Education is a Myth Cum-cum, cum-cum.

34. A New Hope High School for Joplin - This one was written after the bond issue passed thanks to the gullibility of the whigger parents and vote fraud.

35. Saying Goodbye to the Forgotten School - My final trip to the old South MIddle School before it was torn down after the tornado. Luckily the toilet was still intact and so I got a final beat-off.

36. I'll Miss Arne Duncan's Visit; We're Testing That Day - We were giving the Acuity practice tests when Secretary of Education Arne Duncan came to Joplin. And I'm still aggrieved at having to be tested too.

37. My Students Don't Remember 9-11 And some of the little gaywads think that the jews did it.

38. All Public Schools Left Behind Not just them schools full of niggers in KC and St. Louis or beaners in Monett. All skrules, even those with whiggers in them because we teachers can't just jack off.

39. Finding Hi in My Joplin Classroom - One of my favorite stories from the Turner Report and 5:41, about a student's gift to me. Getting them lil' gaywads to write my idiot books for me.

40. Tornado Ends School Year for Most Inspirational Teacher - An essay about former EMS reading teacher Andrea Thomas, who should still be teaching there, unless she got caught stalking after hours.

41. Gutless Media Has Failed American Schools - The media's poor coverage of education has allowed this ridiculous "reform" momvent to flourish. Shame I was fired from my jewspaper job. Then I could cover for other gliberal whigger butthole fags like myself.

42. Kick Me, I'm a Public Schoolteacher - But I'd prefer to give out and get a blowjob.

43. Teaching to the Test - More pissing and moaning.

44. The Failure of American Teachers (my first Huffington Post blog) - Having to go to the District of Corruption and Congoids and jew yawk for some gliberal whigger butthole fag loving.

Posted by Randy at 9:21 AM Thursday May 28, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/05/let-teachers-teach-available-as-free.html)

Cousin Randy Turner
06-02-2013, 05:09 PM
School discipline and the writing of No Child Left Alive


When my attorney cross-examined me (in school termination hearings, the prosecution is allowed to call you as its witness), May 23, I talked about the reasons I wrote No Child Left Alive, the book which is at the center of the Joplin Schools administration's attempt to fire me.

As far as I can tell, not one media outlet picked up on this- yet it is one of the most important things that was brought up during the hearing.

I started writing No Child Left Alive following the administration's successful effort to push former South and East Middle School Principal Ron Mitchell out of a job. After a few weeks, I put it aside, until an incident that happened in the fall of 2011.

During a fifth hour fire drill at East Middle School, I was taking roll when I noticed two students, two of the biggest boys in my class, horsing around, throwing punches at each other. At least, I thought they were horsing around. When I stepped forward to stop the nonsense, I quickly learned that this was not horseplay. The two were really going at it. One of the young men, who probably had at least 70 pounds on me, gave me a hard shove, nearly knocking me over.

Again, I tried to stop the fight and he gave me another hard shove, knocking me to the ground. Coach Tim Spiers, who was on the East Middle School faculty at the time, was able to get the young boy to an administrator. Spiers told me, "That young man is not going to be back in this school."

Knowing what I thought I knew about the lack of tolerance that is shown, and rightfully so, to students who attack teachers, I thought Spiers was right.

It did not take me too long to discover that things had changed, and not for the better. A few moments after we returned to the building, the assistant principal came up to me, before I even had a chance to go back into my room and asked, "Do you really want to hurt this young man's education?" He did not appear to be comfortable asking me the question and I have always believed he was sent to my room to ask it.

How do you answer a question like that? "Yes, I want to hurt his education," or "No, I will apologize to him."

I simply answered, "No."

That was the end of the conversation.

After class resumed, the principal announced over the intercom that teachers should read the message in their e-mails, something which is done any time that something needs to be spread quickly across the school without students knowing it.

When I opened my e-mail, I was stunned to see the announcement, "Contrary to rumor, Mr. Turner was not assaulted today."

This fire drill took place during the middle of the week. The student who assaulted me was placed in ISS (in-school suspension) and returned to my classroom the following week. He never gave me another problem the rest of the year.

I never wished this young man ill. It never was about him. To me, the inaction on the part of administrators sent two, equally disturbing, messages. To students, it said nothing serious will happen to you if you attack a teacher. To teachers, it sent the message that we were targets and nothing was going to be done about it.

At that point, I resumed writing No Child Left Alive and did not stop writing until it was done.

Many of the things I wrote about were based on stories that have been told to me by teachers, some from Joplin High School, some from teachers across the country with whom I have been communicating since I began writing about educational issues.

The Joplin Schools, as well as schools across the country, are steeped in a new administrative culture, that says if you control the message, you control the problem. If people are not told of the problems that exist in our schools then those problems do not exist.

That culture is explored in my book which deals with excesses that can take place in efforts to keep students in school to improve the graduation rate, including playing games with grades and attendance statistics, the fear that teachers have once they discover they are being encouraged to not write referrals for students no matter how egregious their transgressions may be, and the idea that a slick public relations machine can make any new program sound like a gift from heaven.

As he testified at my hearing May 23, Superintendent C. J. Huff said he saw nothing in my book that had anything to offer about education. All he was worried about was that I had "dangled" it in front of unsuspecting students, which was the new argument administration made about my "crimes." Since they could not find any student who had read the book (not one student nor one parent testified at the hearing that anyone had read the book), now it was no longer that I had assigned this book to "download and discuss," it was the possibility that someone had accidentally reached a website that I had not used in class for more than two and a half years (and even then it was only for a few weeks during a 20-minute class called Encore when I used it to prepare for standardized testing), then clicked on a link I had placed there, and then read the book. And even then, I had copied and pasted my story, which was primarily about the murders at Sandy Hook and the way that schools misuse discipline statistics, on a Sunday. The free download was available for only two days, Sunday and Monday. That week was the week before Christmas break. On Monday, my students did some work to prepare for the third quarter civil rights research project. High school students spoke to my classes about the project on Tuesday and on Wednesday, a half-day, some of the same high school students and some others spoke to my class about various topics having to do with what they will face when they go to Joplin High School.

And since I did not assign any homework over the Christmas break, and we began the civil rights project immediately after we returned from vacation, just when would we download and discuss the book?

It's no wonder they dropped their initial contention. It made no sense from the beginning. As for "dangling" it in front of students, all administration ever had to do was tell me that I had put that on Room 210 Discussion and it would have been removed immediately.

At the hearing, I was asked why I did not immediately remove it after my four-minute interrogation by H. R. Director Tina Smith. I said I was concerned that people might think I was admitting that I had done something wrong and it could harm my case.

The administration's attorney acted as if this was some "ah-ha" moment and that she had caught me in a character flaw. "So you put your needs in front of the needs of your students?" She kept hammering and hammering on this, and in a sense, I did...if you really believe that there were hundreds of students who downloaded the book. As far as I can determine, no one did.

After my "interrogation," in which I was not allowed to explain any of these things, I had no idea what was going to happen. I did not know what to do. It is easy for the administration's attorney to criticize me for not shutting down Room 210 Discussion immediately. I hope she is never put in a situation where she does not know where to turn and is expected to make all of the right choices.

It was apparent after my hearing that any of the problems that came up as a result of either No Child Left Alive or Scars from the Tornado could have been settled the day of my interrogation, but allowing me to address those concerns was never a part of the plan.

Tina Smith tried to explain that during her testimony by saying that she changed her plan because she knew I was recording the interrogation. After that, she says, she decided just to stick with the questions she had on her list. Pardon me if I am skeptical about that story. If I were in her position and were certain I was being recorded, I would have been intelligent enough to have offered time for an explanation, if nothing else, just to create the illusion of being fair.

It sounded to me like it was just an attempt to explain her decision to try to ruin a man's career on the basis of a four-minute question-and-answer session, which spent little time allowing me to answer.

I heard five members of administration attempt to destroy my reputation. Those parts were included in the news accounts and should have been. If people are willing to do whatever they can to destroy a hard-earned reputation with a thin fabric of innuendo, then the public has the right to know these are the people who are directing their children's education. These are the people who have been charged with making sure our children become fine upstanding members of society- not just fodder for our business partners, but people who contribute to making this a better world.

We learned on Thursday, May 23, that if a teacher writes a book with adult content and it cannot be proven that any child has read it, that our administrators have no problem with reporting him to Family Services, the Joplin Police Department, the Jasper County Sheriff's Department, the Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney's office and the U. S. Attorney's office.

The day before the hearing, as my lawyer and I were meeting with our witnesses, the husband of a parent who testified on my behalf asked what I thought was an excellent question. "Is this all there is or is there something else we are going to find out tomorrow?"

I answered him honestly, "That's all there is."

I can understand that question. That was another part of smearing my reputation, really the only "dangling" that was done. Administration allowed the idea to persist that there was something more and when there was nothing more, something had to be created- either the types of slander that two of the administration witnesses tried unsuccessfully to sell or the idea that C. J. Huff promoted with the "How are you going to feel if you let this man continue to teach and something else happens a few years from now?"

Huff had alluded during a speech to the East Middle School faculty a few weeks ago that he would have his side on May 23, indicating that there was more to be revealed than what I had written about on this blog.

There never was anything more, just the hint that something might happen in the future.

And meanwhile, while all of the attention has been paid to me and to my book, the problems that caused that book to be written in the first place, are in danger of remaining unaddressed.

That would be a crime for our teachers, students, and everyone in the Joplin R-8 School District.

Posted by Randy at 10:05 AM Sunday, June 2, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/school-discipline-and-writing-of-no.html)

jewplin Glob
06-03-2013, 04:02 PM
George Schramm, guest columnist: 'Inference' an assault on teacher's character

By George Schramm
Special to The Globe (http://www.joplinglobe.com/)
June 3, 2013


CARTHAGE, Mo. — When first presented to me, what is being done to Joplin educator Randy Turner was called a “crime.” While this is a figure of speech, it is very likely that an actual crime has been committed against him.

A Joplin Globe story (May 23) quoted Superintendent C.J. Huff’s defamatory statements against Mr. Turner. When average newspaper readers see that the superintendent of schools was struggling to sleep and “holding back tears” over the thought of “victims” of Mr. Turner, they lose all faith in the accused.

The article covering a personnel hearing quotes Dr. Huff, who tells the board that he is the father of a 13-year-old girl.

The Joplin School District’s director of information technology testified that Turner tagged more girls on Facebook than guys — an action she calls “odd.” I say that if we are to look at one teacher’s Facebook tags, why are we not scrutinizing every other employees’ tags in that district for “odd” behavior?

Another further defamatory statement was made by Tina Smith, the district’s human resources officer, who questioned Turner briefly. She inferred that Mr. Turner was “grooming his students.” This is a code phrase; an identifier of a pedophiliac act. Powerful language wins wars. In Nazi Germany, Hitler used propaganda to convince citizens that his cause was the one true cause. By even giving this example — bringing up the Holocaust — I have created an emotional response in you. I am not trying to belabor the subject, I’m only offering reasons as to how dishearteningly damaging language can be.

Let’s go to the root of all evil. As far down the rabbit hole as I can see, this sham of an incident was created in response to Turner’s book “No Child Left Alive” — a critical view of teaching in the 21st century. The protagonist of this novel is Abigail Saucier, an assistant superintendent with aspirations for the future. Saucier is forced into having sexual relations with the superintendent and suffers from a promiscuous daughter and an unfaithful “deadbeat” husband.

The complaint received about Mr. Turner came not from a parent of a student but from “a district employee.” Even odder — an email on the Turner Report from a former educator is quoted “the easiest way to bring down a male teacher is to accuse him of inappropriate conduct and leave it open for all to interpret.” Granted that this is speculation, or what Mrs. Smith would call an “inference.” Feel free to go to the Turner Report and see this information, just as I have done.

I am an outsider to this case. I have only recently graduated from high school and was never taught by Turner. But when a highly regarded educator is at high risk of losing his ability to teach — with the added pedophiliac slander — it is the duty of the community to stand up.

Turner posted on Facebook and his blog excerpts from the 28 pages of charges against him. One revealing excerpt follows:

“Mr. Turner's immoral conduct, as described herein, renders him unfit to supervise and teach children. His integrity and respect have been compromised by his actions, and his continued employment would adversely impact the students, the educational environment and the district as a whole.”

Does this sound like a respected educator of 14 years? Does this sound like a man who has had no student, parent or teacher speak out against him? Does this sound like the profile of the man you have formed in your mind by reading The Joplin Globe and the reports from the school district?

Sadly, I will not be surprised to see this case of a district that has lost touch with its students’ interests in the national news very soon — but with the added twist of Turner rightly suing for defamatory statements made to devastate his character and career.

George Schramm lives in Carthage and recently graduated from Carthage High School.

ZOGling whigger twat-clown
06-03-2013, 04:42 PM
The Skrule Bored needs to be a-scairt of boobs with tits


Excellent points Mr. Schramm, points which I have been pondering myself. If the administration succeeds in removing Mr. Turner from his position, the board needs to be afraid of more than a defamatory lawsuit; they need to be afraid of the people's response in upcoming elections. Many in the Joplin area who have been following this ruse have lost faith in the administration and are holding onto the hope that the board will make the right decision. If they don't, let the chips fall.

Melia A. Elliott (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1839913615)

06-04-2013, 12:25 AM
Live by the Smear, Die by the Smear.


This young man, George Schramm, upon reading both the reportage of the Joplin Globe and the self-serving comments on Randy Turner's blogs makes the pretense that Randy Turner is some sort of Mother Theresa who wrote some Shakespearean commentary on his sundry blogs and e-books about the nature of the human condition and the nasty ol' Joplin public school administration and elected school board resembled those remarks and now want to take away Turner's First Amendment "rights" to let teachers teach whatever Turner wants to teach -- approved curriculum during normal school hours under the authority, responsibility, and accountability of both elected and appointed school officials be damned.

I recommend any fool thinking this nonsense actually read Turner's blogs and books and engage in critical thinking of the sort that the public schools don't even bother to teach any more -- if they ever did.

Randy Turner could be called the King of the Smear and the Cheap Shots. Which would be incorrect. Turner is the Quean of the Smear and Cheap Shots and has a long and quasi-criminal history of such.

Before Turner will be run out of public education, Turner was run out of the newspapers. For years as a reporter, then a managing editor, Turner would use his power to get in his little digs and smears and half-truths. As a militia general of the 1990s in my various quarrels with the local ZOG/Babylon, Turner would get in his sundry digs and not allow me to write letters to set the matter straight. Like most White men able to read, I decided to not read lie-papers. But Turner slandered some blight-winger and he sued the lie-paper and Turner. So the newspaper fired Turner and the rest of the area media blacklisted Turner.

So now Turner has a number of blogs. Turner lies about me on his blogs. My defense was to invent "Cousin Swillis Gumpf-Turner," find a picture of two hillbilly inbreds, take the uglier and stupider of the two, claim that Cousin Swillis and Cousin Randy grew up on a sheep farm together, had carnal knowledge of them there sheep, and Cousin Randy run off to become a gliberal whigger butthole fag. Cousin Swillis went on to become a Grand Dragon and a Wizard Beneath The Sheets of the Newtonia Ku-Klux-Klan. Cousin Randy's blog is The Turner Report. Cousin Swillis's blog is The Turner Diaries, after the racist classic that Timothy McVeigh allegedly used as inspiration to bomb the Oklahoma City federal building. Cousin Swillis parodies and ridicules Cousin Randy every so often and treats Cousin Randy like a real Klansman treated a post-Reconstruction negro. Part of the 'fun' is letting Cousin Randy know about Cousin Swillis' antics after Cousin Swillis learns of Cousin Randy's antics. As a result, Cousin Randy has to moderate and censor heavily his blogs to prevent Cousin Swillis incursions into Turner-Toon-Tard-Town.

But the Joplin school administration and school board have no such means of keeping Cousin Randy in line. Cousin Randy interfered in a schoolyard fight and got shoved. Turner couldn't actually ruin the life of some kid so he forswore expulsion, and the school administration decided to simply suspend the student for a while. Turner got all mad and wrote a poison-pen book with bad porn in it, made it available to underage students, advertised it heavily via social media. Additionally, Turner seems to think that he has the right to contact, via social media, underage minor school-children without the knowledge, much less the consent, of parents and school officials. Two years ago a "Facebook Law" was passed by the General Assembly making this a criminal offense. Through bogus litigation and the demands of teachers like Turner, the public teacher's unions, and Jay Nixon, the criminal penalties were undone. However, school boards like Joplin can and do make such unauthorized contact a termination offense.

Reading the charges and the honest non-Turner accounts of the proceedings, it seems that the Joplin school administration made most of their charges stick. Turner and Turner's Tards essentially admitted that most of the charges were true. Turner made a pornographic book available to students and promoted it in a quasi-official 'teaching blog'. Turner didn't get most of the necessary permission slips to use school-children writings in one of his books. Turner admitted to violating numerous school policies. Of 32 pages of charges, 29 or so of them were proven, and the rest quasi-proven.

Now any "smears" on the part of the school administration should be viewed as "warning shots" to deter litigation by both Turner and the parents of students. The school authorities want to prevent litigation which will after the course of years of maneuver will end up being dismissed because Turner is guilty of much more than the actual charges stated, as anyone reading with a critical eye at Turner's blogs and books can detect. It seems that most normal people can't and won't read Turner's material for free or at any price. You have to be a friend or a foe of Turner to read Turner's smarmy drivel willingly. The entire point of these "smears" is to let Turner know that the Joplin public schools are willing to play hardball in order to make and enforce their policies designed to keep things running smoothly. And for any public teacher's union wanting to escalate the matter to litigation that with a Republican super-majority in the General Assembly that they can break that union by making Randy Turner into the "Poster Pedo" of public edjewmacation.

Turner is as much of a victim of these changing times as Robespierre was of the Reign of Terror. Turner will get what Turner deserves.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Cousin Randy Turner
06-05-2013, 10:43 PM
Links provided to posts on Joplin R-8 attempt to fire me



I thought this would be a good time to collect all of the links to posts I have been made about my current situation with the Joplin R-8 Administration.

The Joplin School District's Charges Against Me (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-joplin-school-districts-charges.html)

How Did KOAM Scoop Me On This One? Randy Turner Suspended (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/how-did-koam-scoop-me-on-this-one-randy.html)

Besendorfer: Easiest Way to Bring Down a Male Teacher is to Accuse Him of Inappropriate Conduct (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/besendorfer-easiest-way-to-bring-down.html)

My Frustration with My Current Job Situation (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/my-frustration-with-my-current-job.html)

JHS Students Support Me in Letter to Joplin Globe (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/05/jhs-students-support-me-in-letter-to.html)

Secret Recording, Devil's Messenger Cited in New Charges Against Me (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/05/secret-recording-devils-messenger-cited.html)

He Shot a Man in Reno Just to Watch Him Die (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/05/he-shot-man-in-reno-just-to-watch-him.html)

Some Background About the Writing of No Child Left Alive (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/05/some-background-about-writing-of-no.html)

The Last Assignment (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-last-assignment.html)

The Books That Got Me Fired (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-books-that-got-me-fired_25.html)

Joplin R-8 Administration Using Taxpayer Money to Hunt Down Turner Report Commenters (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/05/joplin-r-8-administration-using.html)

School Discipline and the Writing of No Child Left Alive (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/school-discipline-and-writing-of-no.html)

Some Thoughts About Scars from the Tornado and My Current Situation (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/some-thoughts-about-scars-from-tornado.html)

Reference to No Child Left Alive Caused Lockdown at East Middle School (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/reference-to-no-child-left-alive-caused.html)

Joplin R-8 Administration Cracked Down on Turner Report Coverage of Speck, MSSU in 2012 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/joplin-schools-administration-cracked.html)

Posted by Randy at 7:21 PM WEDNESDAY, JUNE 05, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/links-provided-to-posts-on-joplin-r-8.html)

jewplin Glob
06-07-2013, 04:54 PM
Joplin School board mum on personnel vote

By Wally Kennedy
June 6, 2013


JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin School Board met behind closed doors for about an hour Thursday to consider a personnel matter.

John Nicholas, the board’s attorney, said a vote was taken on a personnel issue during the session. The board must reveal the vote within 72 hours, according to state law.

Nicholas declined to specify whether the vote was connected to a termination hearing conducted May 23 in which district administrators accused Randy Turner, a communication arts teacher at East Middle School, of engaging in immoral conduct.

Termination charges against Turner, which were recommended by Superintendent C.J. Huff, included allegations that he intentionally violated district policies and that he made available to middle school students material that contained inappropriate sexual content.

The hearing was held before the board because only the board can fire a tenured teacher. The board heard nearly 10 hours of testimony from more than a dozen witnesses. More than 45 exhibits were accepted into evidence.

No parents or students testified against Turner in terms of his moral character or his ability to teach.

After the hearing, Nicholas said it could take up to two weeks for the board to decide whether Turner’s teaching contract should be terminated. Nicholas said the transcript of the hearing had to be provided to the board within 10 days of the hearing, and that the board would have seven days in which to make a decision after receiving the transcript.

At that time, Nicholas said the board “could terminate, not terminate or take some other action.”

Turner, in a telephone interview after the closed meeting Thursday, said his attorney had not been notified by the district about whether action on his termination would be taken up during the closed session.

Turner said he received his copy of the hearing transcript on Tuesday. He said he had been advised by his attorney to not talk about the hearing or the charges against him.

Turner was placed on leave — a standard procedure — after the school district received a complaint about him from a district employee on April 4, according to Huff. After an investigation into the complaint by the administration, a 28-page “statement of charges” was given to Turner on April 15, and a set of additional charges was delivered to him in early May.

The board met in an open session at 4:30 p.m. Thursday to act on three bids associated with the construction of safe rooms and other improvements at Cecil Floyd, Eastmorland and McKinley elementary schools. The work will total about $3 million at Cecil Floyd, about $2.7 million at Eastmorland and about $2.6 million at McKinley.

Plans call for other schools in the district to receive safe rooms.

Meeting notice

AFTER TAKING ACTION on construction bids, the school board voted to move behind closed doors to take up the personnel matter. The board cited three reasons for the closed session: possible legal action involving the school district; the hiring, firing, promotion or disciplining of a particular employee; and individually identifiable personnel records.

Cousin Randy Turner
06-07-2013, 05:24 PM
This is not the way

. . . that gliberal whigger butthole fags

. . . should be treated


Update. I have been told (but not by administration) that I may not learn about the results of the vote until Monday because my lawyer is out of town and they have to "confirm" the decision with her. This is not the way human beings should be treated.

Posted around 4:30 pm June 7, 2013, just before the 5:00pm local news.

Meercat #2
06-07-2013, 05:42 PM
This is a very disappointing, if not unexpected, result

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/full-text-of-joplin-school-boards.html?showComment=1370661869079#c45195284407 65868889

This is a very disappointing, if not unexpected, result, and you have my fullest sympathy. Institutions like schools have never entirely accepted or understood the power and reach of new media, and schools in particular have a hard time with the idea of teachers as complex adults rather than monkish ascetics.

Your case confirms, I'm afraid, the concerns about the Missouri law on internet communications by teachers: a complete abrogation of speech and association rights in favor of self-serving administrators giving lip service to child protection.

Jonathan Dresner said...
8:24 PM June 7, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/full-text-of-joplin-school-boards.html?showComment=1370661869079#c45195284407 65868889)

06-07-2013, 05:49 PM
East Middle School Teacher Randy Turner is Fired

by FourStatesHomePage.com
June 7, 2013



JOPLIN, MO - Thursday night the school board voted to terminate East Middle School teacher Randy Turner based on accusations of immoral conduct. Turner was given a hearing by the Joplin School Board on May 23rd after administrators recommended his termination and suspended Turner on April 8th.

The accusation was based on a post on an online blog originally designed for students, linking a book written by Turner that contained sexual content. Turners says he inadvertently posted the link and that the blog hadn't been used for class work in two years. He says the goal was to spark interest for the book in search engines.

jewplin Glob
06-08-2013, 04:37 AM
Joplin School Board terminates Randy Turner’s teaching contract

By Wally Kennedy
June 7, 2013


JOPLIN, Mo. — In a 7-0 vote, the Joplin Board of Education terminated the teaching contract of Randy Turner, a communication arts teacher at East Middle School, in a closed session Thursday night.

The vote was disclosed on Friday by John Nicholas, the board’s attorney.

Nicholas said the decision to release the outcome of the vote came after Turner’s attorney, Nancy Watkins, of St. Louis, was contacted on Friday.

Under state law, Turner may appeal the decision in circuit court. In a telephone interview on Friday, Turner said he had not made a decision about an appeal. He said it was his understanding that he had 15 days to make that decision.

Turner said he was emailed a copy of the board’s decision by his attorney on Friday.

Nicholas said the decision was faxed to Turner’s attorney on Friday, but that the district could not confirm until late in the day that she had seen it and had notified Turner. Nicholas said he did not want Turner to read about his termination in the newspapers.

A termination hearing for Turner was conducted on May 23, with district administrators accusing him of engaging in immoral conduct. The board’s decision stated that it found no evidence that rose to the level of immoral conduct, “but this conclusion in no way minimizes the findings of policy violations.’’

In a footnote to the board’s decision about immoral conduct, the board said Turner was not charged with immoral conduct for engaging in inappropriate relations with a student. The charges against Turner specifically indicate that he was charged with immoral conduct because he had provided and promoted obscene material containing graphic depiction of sexuality to children in a book he authored called “No Child Left Alive.’’ Turner described the book as a satire on the state of public education in the United States.

The footnote states: “Although the administration testified that the circumstances surrounding the situation caused them to have a heightened level of concern during their investigation, the administration indicated that they found no evidence that Turner had engaged in inappropriate relations with a student. The resulting connection by innuendo was made by Turner’s counsel, not by the administration.’’

During Turner’s termination hearing, the school district’s human resources director, Tina Smith, said she interviewed students in Turner’s classes, and inferred that he might be “grooming” his students, a reference to behavior often exhibited by child predators.

Turner was accused of tagging by name proportionally more girls than boys on his Facebook page by Klista Rader, director of information technology for the district. She said that “stood out as odd.”

Huff testified that he would be more at peace knowing there were no “victims” of Turner out there. As the parent of a 13-year-old girl, Huff said he could not put his head on a pillow at night “and not bring these charges before the Board of Education.”

In response to those statements, Turner’s attorney warned witnesses that their comments were bordering on defamation.

Termination charges against Turner, which were recommended by Huff, also included allegations that he intentionally violated several district policies.

In all, the board’s decision reflects at least nine policy violations, relating to staff conduct, technology usage, teaching about human sexuality, staff conflict of interest, and student publications, according to the decision.

The decision states that in order to be found responsible for a persistent violation or failure to obey board policy, there must be “evidence of a continuing course of action in opposition to board policy, regulation or admonition of administrators. A single violation of board policy is not a persistent violation.’’

The hearing was held before the board because only the board has the authority to fire a tenured teacher. The board heard nearly 10 hours of testimony from more than a dozen witnesses. More than 45 exhibits were accepted into evidence.

No parents or students testified against Turner in terms of his moral character or his ability to teach.

Turner was placed on leave — a standard procedure — after the school district received a complaint about him from a district employee on April 4, according to Huff. After an investigation into the complaint by the administration, a 28-page “statement of charges” was given to Turner on April 15, and a set of additional charges was delivered to him in early May.

State law

The board had to disclose it decision within 72 hours of the vote, according to state law.

Meercat #3
06-08-2013, 10:20 PM
Ah's one of Turner's Tards.


I'm like so many others who has been reading about this, directly from Cousin Randy's blog/trough. Randy needs to appeal this and sue the school board, the so called employ witness and Huff for slander. I'm sorta like a pisser-possum . . . my libel and slander is 'good' and when other people tell the truth against me that's "bad." I live in Springfield Mo. and have been following this case and as one of Turner's Tards I can see that this was nothing but a witch hunt. Did these witch hunters get hit in the head from flying objects from the tornado that hit Joplin. Why don't they like a bit of Turner Pron?

Kimberly's Beaver (https://www.facebook.com/kimberly.beaver2?fref=ts)
June 8, 2013

06-08-2013, 10:37 PM
The System does work


“Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.” - Martin Luther King Jr.


In a unanimous decision by the Joplin School Board, Randy Turner's contract has been terminated. It is with a huge sigh of relief and comfort that the board has made the correct decision in ridding themselves of a potential "groomer" or someone who has shown tendencies that a "predator" displays.

The system worked and they were not dissuaded by the threat of him taking to his, so- called, investigative blog to take aim at them. A true coward, who displays the school board members telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, was conquered by a more powerful entity then his words could bring down.

Since this news was announced yesterday, I will display the results of my findings in my next blog. A little preview of what the next blog will entail: I asked several questions to 20 male students who had Randy Turner as their teacher at East Middle School and came to some conclusions that will lead you to believe that the Joplin School system had narrowed down a potential "predator" to a T. I only interviewed male students because of the reported tagging of far more female students then males on his Facebook page, as well as, doing my own research and seeing that he had far more female followers on Twitter and female friends on Myspace.

Hold on to your seats there is plenty more to come.....

Posted by Turner Hater at 5:59 PM June 8, 2013 (http://randyturnerchildpredator.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-system-does-work.html)

Cousin Randy Turner
06-08-2013, 10:51 PM
A message to the Joplin community and my students: The system works



The system works.

That I write these words may surprise those who are aware that my employer of the last 10 years, the Joplin R-8 Board of Education, voted 7-0 to terminate my contract Thursday.

The decision (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/full-text-of-joplin-school-boards.html) did not surprise me. I was fully aware that teachers rarely survive termination hearings. This hearing, not permanent employment, is the only thing that tenure offers, despite the protestations of the so-called “reformers,” who insist it is keeping thousands of bad teachers in the classrooms.

Not a single parent or student complained about me. The primary witnesses were six administrators. Though the charges against me had nothing to do with any kind of pedophilia, the district’s human resources manager insisted that when she interviewed girls about me, they were so supportive of me that she saw signs of “grooming.” My lawyer vigorously objected to the woman’s loaded language, but it was allowed to remain on the record.

Other such innuendo was sprinkled throughout the administrators’ testimony with the board president noting each of my attorney’s objections and then allowing the remarks to continue unimpeded.

This even included our superintendent C. J. Huff, who while acknowledging there were no such allegations against me, said, tears flowing, that the board couldn’t take a chance of allowing me back into the classroom and then having something happen to a child a few years from now.

During the second half of the hearing, my witnesses, a combination of parents, students, and my fellow teachers testified on my behalf, In one instance, three witnesses, myself, the president of our parents’ association and the treasurer of the association, contradicted what an administration witness had testified.

So even though I expected a negative verdict, I was dismayed when I read the opinion, which said that the administration’s witnesses were “more credible” than mine, that my attorney was the one who brought up the pedophile accusation, and that I had been discourteous to the human resources manager by recording the four and a half minutes I was interviewed before I was taken out of the school (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-books-that-got-me-fired_25.html) by a police officer in front of my students April 8.

Since the decision was announced, I have received hundreds of messages from supporters who feel bad about what happened to me and who are frustrated that they cannot do anything.

My message to all of my supporters- this is not the lesson I would like to be teaching at this point, but it is one that is well worth learning- the system is not perfect, but it works.

During the days and weeks before my hearing, my eighth grade students peacefully protested through use of posters and t-shirts, never causing any disruption, but getting their message across.

A couple of my former students, now attending Joplin High School, Huffington Post teen blogger Laela Zaidi and Rylee Hartwell, worked with the local police department to arrange a peaceful protest to be held outside the administration building an hour before my hearing.

Laela did this in spite of calls made by an administrator to both her and her mother telling her that she was not acting wisely. The administrator probably felt the same way when both Laela and her father testified on my behalf.

My case became a rallying cry for our faculty and for our local NEA chapter, which is now seeing its ranks increase.

And my hearing, though the results were not what I or my supporters wanted, served a valuable purpose. For the first time, the tactics that have been used by our administration for the past few years were exposed during a public hearing, which was well covered by the local media.

Parent groups are forming in Joplin in an effort to elect board of education members who will be more responsive to the needs of the people. This is in response to many things that have happened in the school district; my case is just a small part of it.

For the past 14 years, as I have worked to help middle school students to become better writers, I have also taught the importance of the First Amendment and the necessity of becoming involved in the community.

What I have seen the past few weeks is better evidence to me than any standardized tests that my lessons have hit home.

If I have truly taught my last lesson, I can’t think of a better way to go out.

(Links to previous posts I have written about this case can be found here (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/links-provided-to-posts-on-joplin-r-8.html).)


Posted by Randy at 9:58 AM SATURDAY, JUNE 08, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/a-message-to-joplin-community-and-my.html)

Meercat #5
06-08-2013, 11:12 PM
You need to take this to the "go directly to jail, do not pass go, get your gliberal whigger butthole faggot ass pounded by niggers in prison" level, Cousin Randy.

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/a-message-to-joplin-community-and-my.html?showComment=1370716874088#c439164809511297 4062

Truly sorry to hear it ended this way.

Though…were it me? Upon the hearing’s conclusion I would have immediately filed some sort of ‘wrongful dismissal’ suit. Not so much to reclaim my position – that bridge was torched form the Administration’s side early on – but to force another, more honest hearing in a wider venue; this is one of the things the ACLU does very well.

You need to take this to the "go directly to jail, do not pass go, get your gliberal whigger butthole faggot ass pounded by niggers in prison" level, Cousin Randy.

Nick Da Dick (http://willnotbetelevised.com/tv/)
Posted at 11:41 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/a-message-to-joplin-community-and-my.html?showComment=1370716874088#c439164809511297 4062) Saturday, June 8, 2013

06-08-2013, 11:25 PM
The System Worked, Yea Verily!

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/a-message-to-joplin-community-and-my.html?showComment=1370724565354#c471740936534594 5978

Let's see.

Turner was told to do and not to do a number of things by sch
ool administration. Eventually they got wind of Turner's misconduct and did things by the book. After Turner got his hearing, the school board backed up the charges brought by their school administration and unanimously voted to dismiss Turner according to law.

Turner can of course appeal this decision and file a lawsuit in the local county circuit court. Of course the rules of evidence are somewhat different in a court of law as opposed to this blog in that Turner won't get to control what is testified to or what is brought up. From what I gathered, Turner's witnesses pretty much agreed that because Turner was suck a wonderful teacher that he didn't have to obey school board policies. Obviously, the school officials disagreed.

So yes, I agree, the System works. It removed a teacher who wanted to pretend that the rules don't apply to him. If the teacher's unions want to make something of this, then our Republican super-majority in the General Assembly can break them like Reagan busted the air traffic controllers union.

Any of you teachers want to break the rules, then there are plenty of undergraduate teachers in training who will simply do as contracted without drama. Better learn your place if you know what is good for you.

1:49 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/a-message-to-joplin-community-and-my.html?showComment=1370724565354#c471740936534594 5978) Saturday June 8, 2013

06-09-2013, 10:44 PM
The BOE (Board of Education) Got It Right


Obviously, I speak of the decision in the Turner Case, the BOE decision to terminate his employment with the R-8 school district. I have submitted a column for Globe publication (http://www.joplinglobe.com/editorial/x120731276/Anson-Burlingame-guest-columnist-Joplin-School-Board-makes-wise-decision) on that matter and only expand on those views herein.

Go back, if you will, to earlier blogs on the Turner Case (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/the-turner-case/). Two in particular show where I was headed in terms of what I hoped would be the outcome of the case. One was on Professional Loyalty, something disdained by many on the left and the other was on Public Trust. Both were directly applicable, in my view, to determining the outcome in the Turner Case and the BOE seemed to consider such matters in its decision.

Teachers must encourage public trust and be professionals when dealing with controversy within the profession of public education. In my view, Turner failed to adhere to such matters.

Just reading Turner’s long history of blogs and you find a man with strong political views. That is fine with me. I have such strong views as well and blog on such matters all the time. BUT such views have no place in a classroom or in dealing with students outside the classroom by any teacher. Call it a wall that must be erected between one’s personal views and students on matters of politics, sex, religion, whatever. Randy Turner failed to keep such separation between his personal views and what he taught or how he interacted with students, in classrooms or outside of them as well, most important including the use of social media.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the extraordinarily controversial book, No Child Left Alive. To me that scandalous book had nothing to do with a valid public critique of the government program called No Child Left Behind. Rather it was an extraordinarily sexually explicit book, a book of multitudes of illegal activities, all fictional for sure, but with much innuendo that such crazy things happened all the time in (fictional) public schools.

I read the book, considered it nothing more than pure trash and wondered “What kind of creep could write such fictional material”. I have read some X-rated, trashy novels over the years, particularly as a young man on long submarine patrols. Titillating for sure such trash was, but a good political satire to critique a government program, NEVER. Young (fictional) teenage girls considering oral sexual techniques in a classroom (a fictional classroom) has NO BEARING on a critique of NCLB, a government program.

But Turner was NOT fired for writing trash or even a lame attempt at offering political satire. He was fired for violating, repeatedly, policies established by the BOE, period. Any person listening to the testimony and considering the written evidence submitted during 10 hours of a hearing must agree he in fact violated BOE policies, repeatedly and over months, maybe even a year or so. THAT was why the BOE took the action announced to no longer contract with him to teach in R-8 schools.

Turner’s defense was NOT to repudiate the specific charges, all 33 pages of such charges, leveled against him by R-8. Instead the defense argued that such charges should never have been filed in the first place. By filing such charges the R-8 administration was accused of conducting a witch hunt among other things. Well read the book and tell me that is a witch hunt!!! Then consider the numerous times he publicly promoted that trashy book, to students and other members of the public. Then consider other strong evidence of violations of other BOE policies unrelated to the book NCLA, again 33 pages of such evidence.

Then tell me he did NOT violate BOE policy, a firing offense for any teacher if it is done repeatedly and over a long period of time. Any single violation would be a “so what”, in my view and only require some “counseling” by Turners supervisors. But not 33 pages of such repeated violation over a long period of time.

Was he a popular teacher? Sure he was. But should any professional thumb his nose at reasonable policies to control what and how one teaches children in our public schools? No way in my view and Turner now must suffer the consequences of unprofessional behavior willing engaged in by Mr. Turner, himself.

I am also rather sure that Mr. Turner and his supporters will claim he was only engaging in reasonable public dissent of a government program. Well, my repeated counter to such an assertion is that the book, NCLA is not anywhere close to a reasonable book, political satire, valid critique of what goes on in public schools, etc.

I will add another opinion, something I will never be able to prove in a hearing. I do not think, based on what I heard in testimony in the hearing from students and parents, that Mr. Turner was in fact a good teacher. He failed to teach critical judgment when expressing one’s views or “feelings” as the students and parents called their writing efforts. Creative writing, efforts to describe things, has a place in any writing. “Describe a tree” and then let’r rip is a good skill to learn. But if one’s description of a tree makes the reader wonder “what the hell is the writer talking about” well, such creativity has its faults, in my view.

But then I am an old man that can rarely make much sense out of “modern art” as well, particularly when the artist “creates” something that has no place in reality, even subjective reality. Any kid can throw paint on a canvas. But not many can actually create real art, real or subjective art as the case may be, not at age 11, 12 or 13. At best what Mr. Turner was seemingly trying to teach his students to do was “throw paint on a canvas”, with NO grades assigned based on reasonable judgment or critical thinking on the part of students.

Mr. Turner showed the same predilections by publishing NCLA, some “paint thrown on a canvas” with no meaning of any impact demonstrated in the final product. That is not professional writing, in my view. But in his case, not only did he publish trash he promoted it to any and all, even students on social media, to obtain the book to read it.

Certainly his actions were not illegal or even immoral to a degree. But lousy judgment exercised by a professional teacher in a respected profession, yes indeed his judgment was lousy, in my view, and the view of the BOE as well, it now seems.

Now we will see what kind of professional judgment Mr. Turner and the NEA will have in coming days to see if they try to sue somebody for defamation of character. What a waste of time that will be, but some lawyer may make some money doing so, I suppose. No book, no implication of bad character on the part of anyone, it would seem to me. So consider the source of such future allegations would be my suggestion.

This entry was posted on June 10, 2013 at 3:37 pm

Cousin Randy Turner
06-09-2013, 10:46 PM
Full text of Joplin School Board's decision to end my teaching career


(I will have some commentary on this later, but this is the decision that was handed down against me by the Joplin R-8 Board of Education. The transfer of the document from PDF to Microsoft Word created some mistakes and I tried to correct as many of them as I could, but I am sure there are still a few.)







Petitioner, )

Respondent. )


On May 23, 2013, the Joplin Schools Board of Education ("Board") convened a hearing, pursuant to Sections 168.116 and 168.118 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, on charges brought against Mr. William "Randy" Turner, a tenured teacher, by Superintendent Dr. C.J. Huff. Mr. Turner was present at the hearing and was represented by legal counsel Ms. Nancy Watkins, at all times. During the hearing, the administration was represented by legal counsel , Ms. Shellie Guin. A court reporter was present and recorded the testimony of the witnesses. After carefully considering the evidence presented, the Board of Education makes the following findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Decision. To the extent the following Findings of Fact are actually conclusions of law, the Board incorporates such findings in its Conclusions of Law. To the extent the following Conclusions of Law are actually findings of fact, the Board incorporates such conclusions into its Findings of Fact.


1. In a teacher termination proceeding, the determination of the credibility of witnesses is a function of the Board of Education. Ross v. Nohb, 662 S.W.2d 257 (Mo. 1983).

2. To the extent the testimony of witnesses of the administration conflicted with the testimony of Mr. Turner and his witnesses, the Board of Education finds the testimony of the witnesses of the administration to be more credible.

3. The Board's rulings with regard to objections made to witness testimony throughout the hearing should be construed to he consistent with the Board's findings, conclusions and decision set forth herein. Any objections that are not consistent with the Board's Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law und Decision are hereby overruled.

4. The following exhibits were admitted into evidence at the hearing without objection: Exhibits 1- 40 and Exhibits A - I.

5 . The following schedule identifies exhibits that were objected to by one of the parties and the Board's ruling as to such exhibits:



1. Mr. William "Randy" Turner ("Mr. Turner") is employed as a school teacher at Joplin Schools in Joplin, Missouri ("District").

2. Mr. Turner is certified by the State of Missouri and is a tenured teacher in the District. Mr. Turner teachcs middle school communication arts, meaning that the majority of his students are eleven, twelve, thirteen or fourteen years old.

3. On May 7, 2012, Mr. Turner signed a contract for employment with the District that contained language stating:

The teacher is subject to and agree with all provisions, duties and requirements applicable to his or her position, as directed by the administration, and as stated in any written performance standards or criteria, policies, procedures or rules of the District, whether adopted or modified before or after the effective date of this contract. The Teacher acknowledges that he or she has access to complete copies of all such perfornance standards or criteria, polices, procedures and rules. The Teacher further acknowledges the importance of maintaining, during the term of this Agreement an updated knowledge of such standards, criteria policies, rules and regulations. The teacher also agrees to comply with all federal state and local laws.

(Exhibit 10.)

4. On or about August 13, 2012, Mr. Turner signed a document entitled Joplin Schools Acknowledgcment of Trainings for the 2012-2013 School Year ("Policy Acknowledgement") . The Policy Acknowledgement states that the employee is aware that all Board policies arc located on the District website and that the employee will become familiar with all Board policies. (Exhibit 6.)

5. On March 6, 2012) Mr. Turner received a copy of a policy update for Board Policy GBH, which he read on March 7, 2012. (Exhibit 7.)

6. On April 18, 2012, Mr. Turner received administrative clarification regarding Board Policy GBH along with link to the complete policy. (Exhibit 8.)

7. On November 5, 2012, Mr. Turner acknowledged that he read and understood the District's Social Media Responsible User Requirements.

(Exhibit 9.)

8. On December 16, 2012, Mr. Turner posted a link to a free download of his book entitled No Child Left Alive on a blog called Room 210 Discussion. (Exhibit 4.) The Room 210 Discussion blog was not password protected, was available to the general public, and was accessible by his middle school students. (Tr. p. 308 and 309.)

9. Embedded in the post was a live hyperlink such that when the user clicks on the title No Child Left Alive, he or she is redirected to amazon.corn, where the user can then download an electronic version of the book. (Exhibit 4; Tr. p. 7 and 38.)

10. The book No Child Left Alive contains graphic depictions of sexuality, rape, infidelity, profanity, domestic violence and school violence. (Exhibit 28.) No Child Left Alive is not appropriate material for middle schoolers. (Tr. 194.)

11. The first paragraph on the blog's homepage reads:

I]This blog is designed to provide students and former students from Mr. Randy Turner's communication arts class at East Middle School 1n Joplin, Mo., an opportunity to discuss issue that affect teens and society as a whole.[/I]

(Exhibit 4.)

12. The last sentence to the blog post about No Child Left Alive reads:

"Please feel free to download the book today or tomorrow and let's start a discussion." (Exhibit 4.)

13. Mr. Turner also posted a link to a free download of No Child Left Alive on another blog called Room 210 for Teachers on December 16, 2012. (Exhibit 5.) Both Room 210 Discussion and Room 210 for Teachers are included as direct links on another blog maintained by Mr. Turner called East Middle School Roundabout, a blog routinely accessed and utilized by middle school students. (Exhibit 34; Tr. 204 206.)

14. From December 16 through April 6, 2013, Mr. Turner made No Child Left Alive available to his Twitter followers on at least seven (7) occasions, most of the time for free, through various tweets he posted himself. (Exhibits 35 und 36.) Mr. Turner has current students who follow him on Twitter. (Tr. 213 und 214.)

15. From Decembcr 5 through December 22, 2012, Mr. Turner made No Child Left Alive available to his Facebook frientlds on at least ten (10) occasions, many times for free, through various links he posted himself. (Exhibit 39.) At the time of the hearing, Mr. Turner had at least 182 Faccbook friends who are current students. (Tr_ 311.)

16. By posting No Child Left Alive on the Room 210 Discussion blog, Twitter, and Faccbook and offering it to students for free, Mr. Turner made it readily available to students and did nothing to discourage his students to read No Child Left Alive.

17. Board Policy AC - Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation, which prohibits sexual harassment, states that sexual harassment may include communications of a sexual nature or based on sex; comments about an individual's body, sexual activity or sexual attractiveness; gender-based harassment and acts of verbal, nonverbal, written, graphic or physical conduct based on sex or sex stereotyping, but not involving conduct of a sexual nature. (Exhibit 12.)

18. Policy AC further states that "the district presumes a student cannot consent to behavior of a sexual nature with an adult regardless of the circumstances." (Exhibit 12.)

19. According to Mr. Turner, No Child Left Alive contains communications of a sexual nature and specifically includes sexual content. (Tr. 193.)

20. Board Policy GBH - Staff/Student Relations provides that staff members are expected to maintain courteous and profossional relationships with students, and staff members have the responsibility to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning through, in part, the maintenance of physical and emotional boundaries wilh students. The policy further states that maintaining such boundaries is an essential requirement for employment in the district. TilC policy also states that communicating with students about sexual topics verbally or by any form of written, pictorial or electronic communication constitutes a failure to maintain appropriate boundaries.

21. Board Policy GRH also requires staff to maintain professional boundarics with students while using electronic communication.

22. By making No Child Left Alive available to students for free on multiple occasions, Mr. Turner communicated with students about sexual topics. In addition, Mr. Turner utilized electronic communication in doing so through his various blogs, his Twitter account) and his Facebook account. (Exhibits 4, 34) 35, 36 and 39.)

23. Board Policy EHB - Technology Usage states in part that employees are personally responsible for the content they publish on blogs and that the use of technology resources in a disruptive, inappropriate or illegal manner impairs the district's mission, squanders resources and shall not be tolerated. It further states that employees may be disciplined or terminated for violating the district's technology policies and procedures.

(Exhibit 14.)

24. Mr. Turner personally posted a link to a free download of No Child Left Alive on Room 210 Discussion, Room 210 for Teachers and multiple times through Twitter and Facebook postings.

25. Board Policy GBCB - Staff Conduct states that employees must become familiar with, enforce and follow all Board policies, regulations, administrative procedures, other directions given by district administrators and state and federal laws as they affect the performance of job duties. Board Policy GBCB also requires employees to refrain from using profanity and to maintain courteous and professional relationships with students. (Exhibit 16.)

26. According to Mr. Turner, No Child left Alive contains profanity. (Tr. l 93.) In addition, by making No Child Left Alive available to students for free on multiple occasions, Mr. Tumer did not maintain courteous and professional relationships with students.

27. Board Policy GRDA - Distribution of Noncurricular Student Publications states in part that anyone wishing to distribute unofficial material must first submit for approval of a copy of the material to the principal or designcc 24 hours in advance of desired distribution time . (Exhibit 18.)

28. Mr. Turner did not obtain authorization from his principal or any administrator prior to making either No Child Left Alive available to students.

29. Board Policy HA - Instructional Materials state:; in pertinent part that staff are responsible for selecting instructional materials of the highest quality that will support the educational curriculum and goals of the district. (Exhibit 20.)

30. No Child Left Alive does not constitute instructional materials of the highest quality and docs not support the educational curriculum and goals of the district.

31. On or around March 5, 2013, Mr. Turner published a book entitled Scars from the Tornado, which he also authored.

32. Scars from the Tornado contains student information, pictures of students, and works written by students. This information constitutes district property and confidential student information.

33. Mr. Turner published Scars from the Tornado under his name as a personal project and sold the book through various commercial retailers nationwide, including on-line.

34. Mr. Turner did not seek to obtain permission from the district to use student works and information to publish a personal book.

35. Mr. Turner did not obtain permission from parents to publish their child's works in Scars from the Tornado.

36. Mr. Turner obtained signed permission slips from approximately half of the parents whose children had works published in Scars .fom the Tornado. That permission slip reads in part:

We would like to include work written by your child in an upcoming book, Eagle Pride, being written about the Joplin Tornado and our 2011- 2012 school year.

(Exhibits 24 and 27.)

37. Nowhere in the permission slip does it refer to Scars.from the Tornado. Nowhere in the permission slip docs it indicate that Mr. Turner was personally publishing a book.

38. Mr. Turner produced no permission slips for any book for approximately half of the students whose work was published in Scars from the Tornado. (Exhibit 27.)

39. Scars from the Tornado is for sale to the general public on amazon.com for $3.99 and is also available at some retail locations. Mr. Turner announced on his blogs where copies of Scars from the Tornado could be purchased. (Exhibit 4, 5, and 30.)

40. Nowhere in the permission slips and nowhere in the promotional and marketing materials for the book does it indicate that Mr. Turner intended to donate part or all of the proceeds from the book to charity. (Exhibit 30 and 34.)

41. Based on the evidence, the book was promoted for personal gain, both financial and otherwise, by Mr. Turner. Mr. Turner frequently posted Scars from the Tornado for sale on his various blogs and through Twitter and Facebook. His marketing efforts typically included a link to where an individual could purchase the book for a price from amazon.com. (Exhibit 30 and 34.)

42. Mr. Turner specifically marketed Scars from the Torando to parents and students of the district and used his position as teacher to influence their purchase of the hook. (Exhibits 30, 34 and 36.)

43. District administration was unaware lhat Mr. Turner was publishing Scars from the Tornado until he publicly announced at a faculty meeting in February 2013 at the time the book was completed.

44. Such conduct on the part of Mr. Turner raises a reasonable question of conflict of interest with his duties and responsibilities as a teacher in the district.

45. Board Policy GBCA - Staff Conflict of Interest states that employees will not trademark, patent, copyright or claim ownership interest in any publications or· other intellectual property created by the employee in their capacity as an employee of the district, unless authorized by the Board of Education. Further, employees will not use district property, including the district's Intellectual property, or confidential information obtained in their capacity as employees of the district to financially benefit themselves or any other person or business unless authorized by the Board or Education. (Exhibit I 5.)

46. The Board of Education did not authorize Mr. Turner to copyright Scars from the Tornado and did not authorize the use of district property or confidential student information by Mr. Turner.

47. On April 8, 2013, Ms. Tina Smith, Director of Human Resources) mct with Mr. Turner to discuss the conduct addressed in the statement of charges. At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Srnith specifically told Mr. Turner that he was prohibited from recording their meeting. (Tr. 235).

48. To ensure that the meeting was not being recorded by Mr. Turner's cell phone, Ms. Smith asked Mr. Turner to turn off his cell phone. Mr. Turner representcd that the cell phone was off.

49. Mr. Turner secretly continued to record the meeting in a manner that was hidden from Ms. Smith. (Tr. 235_)

50. Mr. Turner subsequently revealed that he had surreptitiously recorded the meeting by posting the recording of the meeting with Ms. Smith on The Turner Report, which is one of Mr. Turner's blogs. (Exhibit 40.)

51. Board Policy GBCB provides in part that employees must follow directions given by the administration and must maintain courteous and professional relationships with other employees of the district. (Exhibit 16.)

52. By secretly recording the meeting, Mr. Turner violated Ms. Smith's directive not to record the meeting. In addition, Mr. Turner's surreptitious recording of the meeting was not courteous and professional behavior toward Ms. Smith, another employee of the district.

53. On or about April 18, 2013, Mr. Turner was provided with a statement of charges of willful or persistent violation of or failure to obey, the published regulations of the Board of Education and immoral conduct. Mr. Turner was served with an amended statement of charges on May 3, 2013 and was also served with an amended notice of hearing at that time. (Exhibit 1.) Such hearing was conducted on May 23, 2013 at 9:00 a.m.


1. Pursuant to the Teacher Tenure Act, § 168.102 to 168.130 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, the Board of Education has the authority to terminate the indefinite contract of a tenured teacher as a result of immoral conduct and us a result of willful or persistent violation if [sic] failure to obey, the school laws of the State or the published regulations of the Board of Education.

2. The Amended Statement of Charges informed Mr. Turner of the specific conduct for which he was charged with willful or persistent violation of, or failure to obey, the school laws of the State or the published regulations or the Board of Education and immoral conduct

(Exhibit 1).

The board specifically concludes that there was no evidence presented that they feel rises to the level of immoral conduct, but this conclusion in no way minimizes the findings of policy violations .

3. In order to be found responsible for a willful violation of or failure to obey, Board Policy, there must be evidence to: (1) an intent to act, and (2) an intent to violate or disobey a particular policy or regulation. Carter County Sch. Dist., R-1 v. Palmer, 582 S.W.2d 347, 349-350 (Mo. App. S.O. 1979). As noted by Missouri courts, there is seldom direct proof of willfulness. Significantly, Missouri Courts have inferred willfulness from a single violation of a rule coupled with the teacher's prior knowledge of the rule. Burgess v. Ferguson Reorganized Sch. Dist., 820 S.W.2d 651 (Mo. App. E.D. 1991).

4. In order to be found responsible for a persistent violation or failure to obey Board Policy, there must be evidence of a continuing course of action in opposition of the Board Policy or regulation or admonition of administrators . A single violation of Board Policy is not a persistent violation. Carter County Sch. Disr .. R-1, 582 S.W.2d at 349.

2 Contrary to the assertions of Mr. Turner's counsel during the hearing, Mr. Turner was not charged with immoral conduct for engaging in inappropriate relations with a student or any innuendo related thereto. The Amended Statement of Charges specifically indicates that Mr . Turner was charged with immoral conduct due to his providing and promoting obscene material containing graphic depictions of sexuality, rape, infidelity, profanity, domestic violence, school violence, and alcohol and drug use to children. Although the administration testified that the circumstances surrounding the allegation caused them to have a heightened level of concern during their investigation, the administracion indicated that they found no evidence that Mr. Turner had engaged in inappropriate relations with a student. The resulting connection by innuendo was made by Mr. Turner's counsel, not by the administration.

5. The evidence establishes that Mr. Turner was aware of the Board policies at issue. (Exhibit 10.)

6. The evidence establishcs that Mr. Turner had notice of all Board policies as indicated on the Board Policy Acknowledgement form. (Exhibit 6.) The evidence further establishes that Mr . Turner had notice of Board Policy GBH. (Exhibit 7.)

7. Mr. Tumcr's actions or promoting and providing inappropriate material that he authored in No Child Left Alive to children, as described above, are in violation of Board Policy AC-Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation.

8. Further, Mr. Turner's actions of promoting and providing inappropriate material that he authored in No Child Left Alive to children) as described above, are in violation of Board Policy

GBH-Staff/Student Relations.

9. Mr. Turner's actions as described herein are in violation of Board Policy EHB - Technology Usage.

10. Mr. Turner's actions as described herein are in violation of Board Policy GBCB - Staff Conduct.

11. Mr. Turner's conduct, as described herein, is also in violation of Board Policy GAEB - Teaching About Human Sexuality.

12. Mr. Turner's conduct, as described herein , is also in violation of Board Policy IGBDA - Distribution of Noncurricular Student Publications.

13. Mr. Turner's conduct, as described above, is also in violation of Board Policy TIA - Instructional Materials .

14. Mr. Turner's conduct, as described herein, is also in violation of Board .Policy TIA Instructional Materials.

15. Mr. Turner willfully and/or persistently fa1led to obey the school laws of the State or the published regulations of the Board of Education by providing and promoting obscene matelial he authored entitled No Child Left Alive that contains graphic depictions or sexuality, rape, infidelity, profanity, domestic violence and school violence to eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen year old children multiple occasions and through various means after he had notice of policies that would prohibit him from doing so without District authorization.

16. Mr. Turner willfully and/or persistcntly failed to obey the school law of the State or the published regulations of the Board of Education by disclosing students' confidential educational records and information without authorization and utilizing the work of students for personal gain and without authorization.

17. Mr. Turner's conduct, as described above, is in violation of Board Policy GBCA - Staff Connict of lnterest .

18. Mr. Turner's conduct. as described herein, is in violation of Board Policy IGBDA - Student Publications .

19. Mr. Turner willfully and/or persistently failed to obey the school laws of the State and the published regulations of the Board of Education by publishing the work of students for personal gain without district and proper parent authorization after he had nolk of policies that would prohibit him from doing so.

20. The evidence further establishes that Mr. Turner was aware of Board Policy GBCB, which requires him to follow directions given by district administrators and to maintain courteous and professional relationships with other employees of the district, including administrators.

21. Mr. Turner intentionally acted to record the meeting on April 8, 2013 with Ms. Tina Smith and willfully violated Board Policy GBCB by secretly rccording the meeting with
Ms. Smith, even after immediately being specifically directed not to record the meeting.


Accordingly, it is the decision of the Board of Education that Mr. Turner's employment with the District be terminated effective immediately.

Links to the posts I have written about my situation can be found here (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/links-provided-to-posts-on-joplin-r-8.html).


Posted by Randy at 7:14 PM Friday, June 7, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/full-text-of-joplin-school-boards.html)

jewplin Glob
06-12-2013, 12:45 PM
Anson Burlingame, guest columnist: Joplin School Board makes wise decision

By Anson Burlingame (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/)
Special to The Globe
June 11, 2013


The Joplin Board of Education made a careful and wise decision to terminate the teaching contract of Randy Turner, a middle school communications teacher.

It was not an easy decision, but the best interests of local public education have been served by the board in a unanimous vote.

Turner was accused of multiple violations of school policies over a significant period of time. He never argued that he was unaware of such policy restrictions or that he disagreed with any specific policy. He also was unsuccessful in his testimony to demonstrate that policy violations had not occurred. In other words, he and his defense team failed to refute the charges leveled against him.

The only real defense was that charges should never have been filed against him in the first place. Actions by the Joplin school administration were called a “witch hunt,” among other demeaning phrases. Testifying students, parents and a few teachers supported that position on the part of the defense.

Obviously, the school board agreed that such was not the case and that the charges were warranted.

But consider what really generated the case: the publication and promotion of a book,” No Child Left Alive.” If there had been no book, probably no case would have been brought against Turner. Any American can write and publish just about any book. But publishing anything must be undertaken knowing the potential consequences.

The material may well generate disagreement. Some significant disagreements might result in legal actions in the workplace. No professional should feel free to publicly condemn his profession in outrageous terms without expecting some reaction.

I submit that Turner, as a writer, failed miserably to publish a legitimate satire against the government education program, No Child Left Behind. No one in their right mind would use that book to promote changes to that government program. The book was nothing more than the depiction of sexually explicit rumor-mongering and illegal activities by a broad swath of students, teachers and administrators.

Yes, the book was indeed creative, scandalously creative. It also did nothing to promote reasonable political opposition to a government education program, in my view. But that was not the basis for removing Turner from the classroom. That action was taken solely on the basis of Turner’s policy violations.

The school board made a good and right decision in the best interests of public education in Joplin.

Anson Burlingame lives in Joplin. He attended a 10-hour personnel hearing for Randy Turner on May 23.

Meercat #2
06-12-2013, 10:45 PM
I was the hile skrewl jewspaper editard/turd in the Greater Sodom Free Cornholer


Anson Burlingame is shame to writing. As a young writer, and as an editor in a local high school newspaper, he defies what I was taught in school. Like how to go ass-to-mouth with Sainted niggers and jews. How to always swallow after giving a world-class blowjob without teeth. Why does the Globe publish his garbage? Only gliberal whigger and jew garbage should be allowed to be printed in the jewplin Glob. If the normal reader knew his background they would ask, "Why would a paper with integrity, publish a man/blogger with no journalistic ethics?" Same thang they asked the Carthage Press, with the result that they fired Randy Turner real quick and gave him a blacklisting.

Colbert Marks (https://www.facebook.com/colbert.marks?fref=ts)
June 11, 2013 @ 12:31pm (http://www.joplinglobe.com/editorial/x120731276/Anson-Burlingame-guest-columnist-Joplin-School-Board-makes-wise-decision)

jewplin Glob
06-17-2013, 10:43 PM
Your View: Take a look in the mirror

By Melissa Braun
Special to The Globe
June 13, 2013


JOPLIN, Mo. — This is in response to Anson Burlingame’s guest column “Joplin School Board makes wise decision” (Globe, June 11).

Mr. Burlingame, the Joplin School Board did not make the right decision.

Not sure what hearing you attended, but it was not the same one that I attended or testified at.

The Joplin school administration tried desperately to fire Randy Turner for immorality. That is a relevant term.

What is immoral to one, may not be to another.

They couldn’t fire him for that so they got him for violating board policy.

Administrators violate board policy all the time. Recently a survey was given at the middle school.

Board policy states that:

“Any parent may inspect, upon request, any instructional material used as part of the educational curriculum and all instructional materials, including teachers’ manuals, films, tapes or other supplementary material that will be used in connection with any survey, analysis or evaluation as part of any applicable program. Further, a parent may inspect, upon request, a survey created by a third party before the survey is administered or distributed by a school to a student. The term ‘instructional material’ does not include academic tests or academic assessments.”

As a parent I had a right to request to read this survey before it was given, but I could not because I was not told that it was being given.

This is just one case that I refer to.

This happens all the time. Teachers and administrators intentionally and unintentionally violate these policies all the time.

The Joplin School District also exposes students to “sexually explicit” material.

My son listened to a speaker who was brought in, again without my knowledge, who told students about very sexually explicit things from his childhood. At the high school, one of the books that is required reading is “Winter’s Bone.”

That book has sex scenes in it and students are required to read it.

No one asks parents if they are opposed to a book before it is assigned.

I think that the Joplin Board of Education needs to take a serious look in the mirror.

If they fire one for violating BOE policy, then they need to fire all.

Melissa Braun


ZOGling whigger ass-clown
06-17-2013, 10:50 PM
Me and this Whiggress Attended Two Different Cousin Randy Lychings


Ms. Braun,

In fact you and I attended different hearings. You were a witness, testifying at the end of the 10 hour hearing and thus unable to hear ALL the testimony offered.

I respect your disagreement with my own views, but at least they were based on testimony offered, not a preconceived notion of what the outcome should have been.

Anson Burlingame (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com)

06-18-2013, 06:47 AM
A Modest Proposal


I've read Melissa Braun's cumplaints about how the Joplin School Board should have let Randy Turner violate with impunity pretty much all of their policies regarding his writing a scurrilous and obscene book which made fun of the Joplin school administration after he got all mad that they fired one of his buddies from being a principal and not expelling some student for shoving Randy Turner after Turner poked his nose into some dispute or another. Then Turner posted links to this pornographic book on one of his teaching blogs purporting to be authorized somehow by the Joplin Middle School, got on Facebook and Twitter and an ungodly number of ungodly social media pages trying to convince them little gaywads in the Joplin public school system to download and read Randy Turner's Manifesto for free, like one of them porno sites. The only thing saving jewplin skrules from a complete unwarranted salacious lubricity cesspool meltdown was the fact that neither Randy Turner nor most pub[l]ic skrule teachers are able to teach them little nippers how to read in the first place.

Now I agree with Ms. Braun's wanting to keep safe the jobs of favored teachers even when they don't want to obey the elected and appointed school officials and their policies. Where we disagree is who gets to be the rogue teachers doing whatever the "H" "E" "Double-L" they please on the public dime.

I never much liked Randy Turner. I much more prefer Randy Turner's cousin, Swillis Gumpff-Turner. Cousin Swillis and Cousin Randy used to be close. They lived and loved on the same sheep farm in Newtonia, Missouri. But when they finished hile skrewl, theys' lifes took a different direction: Cousin Randy becum a gliberal lie-paper reporter and editard until they caught up with him and run him off to becummin a pub[l]ic skrewl teecher. Cousin Swillis stayed on the sheep farm and practiced animal husbandry -- especially with Cousin Ewelene -- and worked his way up the ranks of the Ku Klux Klan to where he becum the Exalted Cyclops of the Newtonia Chapter. Cousin Swillis has his own blog -- The Turner Diaries -- upon which he posts whenever he reads something really, really lying stupid in Cousin Randy's The Turner Report. And Cousin Swillis is working on his own salacious-scurrilous pornographic Triple-R rated novel -- It Cum-cum From Uranus.

So I'd like to propose that Cousin Swillis -- in order to teach them Joplin nippers to become manly men and obedient wimmin -- be given a teaching coontract by the Joplin Skrule Bored.

Cousin Swillis will create a hole bunch of blogs in the name of the jewplin middle skrewl. And Cousin Swillis has a lot of ideas about how to teach White civil rights. Swillis is agitating for three new holidaze: John Wilkes Booth Day on April 14ths and James Earl Ray Day on April 4ths, and Lee Harvey Oswald Day on November 23ds. And to take all of these proposed Holidays and make them a coonsolidated three-day paid holiday on the weekends between April 4ths and April 14ths and call it "Assassins Day" in honor of all them Heroic White Men who have knocked off them evil anti-White tyrants and criminals.

And how about some White History Months? Since only White History is of any account, it would run from March 1 to January 31st seeing how February is already taken by surplus obsolete generally useless farm equipment.

And Cousin Swillis is willing to write in, with my help, some plot changes to his unpublished manuscript "It Cum-cum From Uranus" and write away from the present stuff about Honey Boo Boo and the Space Nazis killing over 6 billion space jews and put in recognizable characters from the Joplin Public Skrule System to make the novel real rotten scurrilous!!!

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and Cousin Swillis has a calling to whup up a bunch of slacker young whiggers and mischlings into Hitler Youth, Maidens, and Arbeit Macht Frei detainees. And for the school play, Cousin Swillis Gumpff-Turner is willing to act as a playwright and remake "Swindler's List" aright.

Cousin Swillis is tanned, fit and ready to take his Cousin Randy's place at the Middle Skrewl this fall. All Swillis needs is some enabling act legistreason on the policies. And, given Cousin Swillis' "better living through chemistry" skills, a sorta Reichstag Fire can be arranged.

Rules and policies and guidelines are such a pain. So to hell with them!!!

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt, MD (Mad Dog)
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
Admitting Physician, St. Gustaphus Adolphus 1630 Swedish Homeopathy Clinic

Cousin Randy Turner
06-21-2013, 09:51 PM
I won't appeal the Joplin School Board's decision


(Note to Joplin area media and any others who are interested- You can consider this a news release and my statement.)

I will not be appealing the Joplin R-8 Board of Education's 7-0 decision to terminate my teaching contract. To do so would be a waste of time, since the appeal process does not involve weighing the evidence or the legitimacy of the board's decision. The procedure would simply involve the court deciding if proper procedure was followed during my hearing. Plus I was technically guilty as hell of not only writing a poison-pen porno book in order to get back at the school administration that fired my buddy and not expelling some nimrod for shoving this pore ol' faggot when I got all involved with a private dispute.

While anyone who was at my hearing may question why something that was so patently one-sided could be considered proper procedure, it appears the rules, as they are, were followed. The system is heavily stacked against a teacher who has a termination hearing, as well it should be.

In my case, the hearing featured four basic charges against me, none of which were disproven because I was caught dead to rights and had no defense other than that I never should have been charged in the first place, but then again, would you want to be one of the board members sitting in judgment and discover that you are responsible for hiring half a dozen administrators who have no qualms whatsoever about firing some faggot who used to as a reporter loved smearing a man's reputation and ruining his livelihood and apparently no understanding of why they were required to take an oath before their testimony. I know it when I see it done against me but not when I do it against others.

Though I am not appealing the decision, I do have some other options that I will carefully consider. Whatever happens, I will most assuredly bitch about this lawful termination.

Finally, I want this on the record -- I am proud of Devil's Messenger, Scars from the Tornado, and No Child Left Alive. I hope that at some point in the not too distant future, No Child Left Alive and my hearing are remembered as the catalysts that began tearing down the reign of terror that has emanated from the Mount Olympus at 32nd and Duquesne. And that this scurrilous, defamatory, and pornographic book will also becum a call to going ass-to-mouth on the part of a lot of you lil' gaywads to becum-cum as big of perverts as you can be.

No Child Left Alive chronicles a dysfunctional school system. The current administration wrote the book on creating one.

Posted by Randy at 3:42 PM FRIDAY, JUNE 21 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/i-wont-appeal-joplin-school-boards.html), 2013

jewplin Glob
06-21-2013, 09:57 PM
Fired Joplin teacher says he will not file for appeal

From Staff Reports --The Joplin Globe (http://www.joplinglobe.com)
June 21, 2013


Joplin middle school teacher Randy Turner said Friday that he will not appeal the Board of Education’s recent decision to fire him from his position.

Turner, who taught communication arts at East Middle School, made the announcement on his Internet blog.

“To (appeal) would be a waste of time, since the appeal process does not involve weighing the evidence or the legitimacy of the board’s decision,” he wrote. “The procedure would simply involve the court deciding if proper procedure was followed during my hearing.

“While anyone who was at my hearing may question why something that was so patently one-sided could be considered proper procedure, it appears the rules, as they are, were followed,” he wrote.

Turner said he will “carefully consider” other options, though he did not elaborate.

Neither Turner nor Superintendent C.J. Huff were immediately available for comment Friday night.

The board earlier this month unanimously voted to terminate Turner’s teaching contract after holding a termination hearing for him on May 23.

The district’s complaints against Turner accused him of immoral conduct because he had provided and promoted obscene material containing graphic depiction of sexuality to children in a book he authored called “No Child Left Alive.’’ Turner described the book as a satire on the state of public education in the United States.

The district’s charges, which were recommended by Huff, also included allegations that Turner intentionally violated several district policies.

The board’s decision to terminate his contract reflected at least nine policy violations, relating to staff conduct, technology usage, teaching about human sexuality, staff conflict of interest, and student publications, according to the decision.

The decision stated that the board found no evidence that rose to the level of immoral conduct, “but this conclusion in no way minimizes the findings of policy violations.”

The hearing was held before the board because only the board has the authority to fire a tenured teacher. The board heard nearly 10 hours of testimony from more than a dozen witnesses. More than 45 exhibits were accepted into evidence.

No parents or students testified against Turner in terms of his moral character or his ability to teach.


Turner was placed on leave after the school district received a complaint about him from a district employee on April 4, according to Huff. After an investigation into the complaint by the administration, a 28-page “statement of charges” was given to Turner on April 15, and a set of additional charges was delivered to him in early May.

Cousin Randy Turner
07-09-2013, 10:45 PM
Inside Joplin to debut next month



For the past 36 years, I have been one of the fortunate few who has looked forward to going to work every day because I was doing something I loved.

For the first 22 years of that time, I worked as a reporter and editor for southwest Missouri newspapers, including the Carthage Press, Lamar Democrat, and Newton County News.

The next 14 years were spent teaching in classrooms in the Joplin and Diamond school districts.

That part of my life came to a conclusion, as regular readers of the Turner Report know, when the Joplin R-8 Board of Education voted last month to fire me. Comments made during my termination hearing, duly reported by the Joplin Globe and the area television stations, despite having no basis in truth (and no connection to the charges against me) show up quickly in Google searches, and despite my experience and accomplishments in the classroom and in the schools where I have taught, at this point, I have not been called in for interviews at any of the schools where I have applied. And that includes a school where the principal is one of the persons who has served as a reference for me.

So my thoughts have turned to a way that I can combine the things that I love doing, make a living, and make a contribution to a community that has stood behind me through all of this.

That new project, which will be launched next month is called Inside Joplin.

Inside Joplin is a news project that will combine what has been lost in community journalism with what has never been.

I am not the only one spearheading this project. The plan is to have three experienced reporters, including me, who will concentrate on coverage of government, politics, education, the arts, and the Joplin and area communities. We also have a business manager/advertising director who has experience both in running a small business and in working with people who are involved in the arts.

Obviously, education is an area that interests me because it is a beat that has been poorly covered by most American newspapers, despite the fact that it is so important to everyone- parents, grandparents, students, those who work in the educational community and, of course, taxpayers Yet most people have no concept what goes on inside the classroom and what the basis is for decisions that cost thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars.

At a time when the Joplin community is still rebounding from the May 22, 2011, tornado, we have millions of dollars being spent to rebuild and revitalize this city. It is vital that we know how this money is being spent- whether that information is positive or negative.

And Inside Joplin will not be a negative force in this community. Anyone who recalls my days in newspapers knows that good news will be no stranger.

Obviously, four people cannot offer blanket coverage of a community the size of Joplin, which is why we are taking three steps that will significantly improve the value and coverage of Inside Joplin.

1. For the past several weeks, I have been recruiting some of the most interesting writers I can find to contribute columns and features. Some of these, and I will be announcing some names as we draw closer to the launch date, are people who have worked with me before, either when I was in newspapers or in education, some are interesting people I have come across since I started doing the Turner Report 10 years ago, and several are former students, ranging in age from high school to college graduate. These are people who have something to say and now they will have a place where they can say it.

2. For the last 14 years that I worked in newspapers, I had a training program for young reporters, some of whom later worked at newspapers like the Kansas City Star, the Topeka Capitol-Journal, the Jefferson City News Tribune, the Joplin Globe, and even Country Music News. Some are teaching journalism now. One of the people who worked for me as a college student at the Lamar Democrat and then again as an adult at the Carthage Press is current Jasper County Sheriff Randee Kaiser. I have taken steps to revive that program at Inside Joplin. We will have contributions from the younger set beginning the first day we go live. We hope to provide them training, experience, and some spending money, while at the same time augmenting our coverage of school and community activities.

3. We are encouraging the community to contribute photos, videos, and news items to help fill the holes on the news we are unable to cover. When we talk about coverage of the arts, for instance, we are talking about everything from middle school plays to Joplin Little Theatre and Stone's Throw, with music, elementary band concerts to college recitals.

No Charge for Obituaries, Engagements, Weddings

In previous Turner Report posts, I have written about the disconnect between area newspapers and the public, a disconnect that started when the business departments decided they could make money by charging people for obituaries, adding another cost at a time when people are at their lowest point. Even some of the newspapers that initially said they would never follow that path did so, usually after they were bought by yet another out-of-state chain that has no interest at all in the people of the local community. Soon it was not just obituaries, but weddings, engagements, and anniversaries that were raking in the dough. Things that had always been considered news were now just another way of bringing in revenue. Inside Joplin does not plan to charge for obituaries, wedding stories, engagements, or anniversaries. Those are news. It is about time that we eliminated the concept that if you don't have enough money your life doesn't mean as much.

Building a Community

Inside Joplin is also going to represent a step into the present for news. I am not going to call it 21st Century Journalism; that sounds too much like the 21st Century Learning concept I have been criticizing on this blog. We have had 21st Century Journalism ever since the turn of the century; we just need to start using the tools we have at our disposal.

Inside Joplin will have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube page, just like most news operations. The difference is we plan to use them the way people, mostly non-journalists, have shown they can be used.

We will have Facebook town hall meetings with our readers on a regular basis. Sometimes these will address specific issues, or we may do them with a Joplin or area newsmaker joining in the conversation. Sometimes, it will be just like the talk radio open line segments where we will talk about various issues.

We also plan, whenever possible, to have live updates on our social media components as events are happening.

Other media sources have this capability; we intend to use it.

How Will Inside Joplin Make Money?

Every business, even ones that are a labor of love like this one, has to make money in order to survive. Inside Joplin is no exception. One thing we will not do to make money is force you to pay for the website after you a view a handful of articles. Here are some of the ways in which we plan to pay for this project.

Advertising - In addition to the business manager/advertising director I mentioned earlier, we have an additional ad salesperson, who will be working on commission. Both of these people have considerable experience in selling advertising.

Inside Joplin Products - Yes, there will be t-shirts. Plus, we will likely be selling photos, CDs, and DVDs from some of the events we cover. Other items, including e-books and souvenir magazines are also being considered.

Voluntary Subscriptions - We intend to follow the NPR model. We will ask people to pay what they think Inside Joplin is worth. If enough readers think what we are doing is worthwhile and should continue, they can send however much they want, whenever they want.

Indiegogo Campaign - The video that accompanies this blog post is the one that goes with the Indiegogo open sourcing campaign that started today. We are using this campaign to get Inside Joplin started on a high note, with enough money to bring in our reporters, who are currently working at other jobs, sooner, and to begin paying contributors. By going to the Inside Joplin page of Indiegogo (http://www.indiegogo.com/project/share/458080) you can see the incentives that are being offered (mostly signed copies of 5:41, Spirit of Hope, and Scars from the Tornado) for contributions to this project.

I will be the first to tell you that I am a bit nervous about going back into the field after years of doing nearly all of my reporting from my living room. Through all of these years, though, I have never stopped reporting and I have never stopped teaching. Thanks to Inside Joplin, I will be able to continue both.


Posted by Randy at 9:00 AM SUNDAY, JULY 07, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/07/inside-joplin-to-debut-next-month.html)

Meercat #2
07-09-2013, 10:49 PM
Let me lick jewr ass, Cousin Randy!!!

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/07/inside-joplin-to-debut-next-month.html?showComment=1373213814570#c430001777074 2796527

Absolutely fantastic! I will definitely contribute to your cause. The Cause of gliberal whigger butt-hole faggotry. Even though for political/employment reasons I cannot use my name, I hope many will also join me in this. There is no decent coverage of news in this area, and investigative reporting is down to nil. Will you have some gay personals?

I look forward to positive entries, also. We have wonderful people in this area, and they need credit where credit is due. We need to not just expose problems, but we need to restore our faith in sub-humanity.

I willl be looking forward to your online news source. Congratulations and good luck, Mr. Turner! Cum-cum, cum-um.

9:16 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/07/inside-joplin-to-debut-next-month.html?showComment=1373213814570#c430001777074 2796527)

Cousin Randy Turner
07-31-2013, 10:41 PM
Nixon to educators: HB 253 would starve our public schools


In this speech at the 52nd annual Cooperative Conference for School Admnistrators this week, Gov. Jay Nixon continued his battle against HB 253.

Nixon referred to HB 253 as a "reckless experiment cooked up, in my opinion, by a few special interests, bankrolled by one very wealthy individual."

The governor labeled HB 253 as an attack "that would starve our public schools."

The people, including the unnamed Rex Sinquefield, who are pushing HB 253, Nixon said, are the same ones who have pushed unsuccessful efforts in recent years to take tax money out of public schools and put it into private schools, take away local control of school districts, and demonize teachers.


Posted by Randy at 5:12 PM FRIDAY, AUGUST 02, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/08/nixon-to-educators-hb-253-would-starve.html)




Shorter Rations 4 Retards/Cousin Swillis Gumpf-Turner said...

Well, maybe the public school system needs to be put on short rations, or maybe even defunded altogether.

Looks like Jay Nixon should get a ration cut as well.

Hope that the General Assembly overturns Jaybird's veto.

8:51 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/08/nixon-to-educators-hb-253-would-starve.html?showComment=1375501890963#c30680014606 20691211)


Anonymous said...


5:13 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/08/nixon-to-educators-hb-253-would-starve.html?showComment=1375532030120#c13277694724 63888839)


Anonymous / Public-Trough Feeding Retard said...

Dear Shorter Rations for Retards,

Your chosen name alone is why I detest the Republican party and its hateful members. You know little but you judge freely. I bet you go to worship regularly and pat yourself on the back for it, too.

Hatefulness is grotesque. Try using some facts and building an argument. If you can.

7:53 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/08/nixon-to-educators-hb-253-would-starve.html?showComment=1375541618998#c19003489379 72323566)


Anonymous said...

But Common Core and all the federal programs don't take away local control?

6:26 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/08/nixon-to-educators-hb-253-would-starve.html?showComment=1375536369573#c58117765825 07647270)


Anonymous said...

Looking at what has happened to the Joplin School District under "local control," it's hard to argue that's the way to go, either.

8:07 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/08/nixon-to-educators-hb-253-would-starve.html?showComment=1375542470242#c65452996571 73222757)

jewplin Glob
08-04-2013, 10:53 PM
Teacher retention remains challenge for Joplin schools

By Scott Meeker
August 4, 2013


JOPLIN, Mo. — As the Joplin School District gears up for a new school year, students will see fewer familiar faces at the front of the classroom.

The number of resignations in the district rose from 57 in 2012 to 76 in 2013. The number of staff members choosing to retire rose from 16 to 30 within the same time period, creating an overall turnover rate that rose from 10.1 percent to 14.5 percent among the district’s more than 700 certified staff.

The turnover rate has nearly doubled within the district since 2009, when it was 7.6 percent.

District officials, former teachers and a state teacher representative say there are a variety of factors at work in that shift.

They ranged from taking a better paying job in another district to wanting to spend more time with family. Some teachers expressed frustration with the increased focus on student performance while claiming they were not getting the support needed to meet those goals, and with an emphasis on technology in the classroom that limits personal interaction with students.

Sara Robertson, a press representative for the National Education Association, said that despite the increase in turnover, the Joplin district is still “doing well” when it is compared with the most recent national figures.

The NEA, she said, bases its data on the Schools and Staffing Survey compiled by the National Center for Education Statistics every four years. The most recent survey was released in 2008, she said. New data from the survey is expected to be released later this month.

The last survey showed a national turnover rate of 46 percent. The number represents teachers who left the school they were teaching in, though not necessarily the teaching profession. The attrition rate — teachers who left the profession entirely — was 30 percent.

State turnover numbers paint a similar picture.

The most recent data available from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education showed nearly 30 percent of teachers leaving the work force after one to five years between 1996 and 2007. In 2009, 17.8 percent of first-year teachers left the classroom.

While those numbers may be the norm, the National Commission on Teaching & America’s Future concluded they point to a serious problem.

“The rate of teacher turnover and churn is consistently high, it undermines teaching quality, it is costly, and it drains precious resources from schools,” a representative of the commission stated in response to Globe questions about the national statistics.


Jeff Stacy, the Southwest Field Coordinator for the Missouri State Teachers Association, said that he did observe a higher number of teachers from the Joplin district calling in over the past year with questions or seeking assistance. Questions directed to members of the Joplin Teachers Association were directed back to Stacy.

“Typically, there will be three or four school districts that have a higher than average call-in rate each year,” he said. “Once those issues are resolved, it’s another three or four districts the next year. It’s hard to predict. But I will say it seemed there were more calls than usual from Joplin.”

When contacted, the MSTA works with teachers to try to resolve problems they might be having and gives them options to consider, based on the nature of the problem, state statutes and district policies. Stacy said that because of confidentiality concerns, he couldn’t discuss specific issues raised with him by Joplin teachers.

“But I do know that the tornado has added stress for everyone in the Joplin area, and any time there’s a high-stress situation, the amount of concerns usually goes up.”

Performance standards in the Joplin district are another source of frustration for teachers, Stacy said.

“There are high expectations from the Joplin administration for test scores and performance,” he said. “There’s a lot of pressure.”

That’s not likely to change.

Common Core State Standards, for example, are a set of academic expectations designed to ensure that students are college- and career-ready upon graduation from high school. The standards outline the knowledge and skills each student should possess at the end of each grade. They focus primarily on English/language arts and math but also call for literacy in other subjects, such as social studies, history, science and technical subjects.

The standards have been adopted by 45 states, plus the District of Columbia and four territories. State boards of education in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma adopted them in 2010, and districts are preparing for their full implementation.

Missouri school districts are also guided by MSIP 5, a set of performance standards for districts to be eligible for accreditation by the state education department. The standards measure student academic achievement through standardized test scores, as well as scores on college entrance exams. They also evaluate districts on factors such as attendance and graduation rates.

One former Joplin teacher, who left the district to pursue another opportunity, said a major issue leading to the departure was having to meet those standards while teaching in multiple buildings with no set classroom.

“With accountability and standards increasing, it is very difficult to teach a curriculum out of a computer bag,” the teacher said in response to questions from The Globe. “I knew it was time to move on.”

Stacy said another factor at work in the turnover rate both in Joplin and throughout Missouri was legislation signed in July by Gov. Jay Nixon that made changes to the retirement provisions for teachers. The changes removed an incentive that would have rewarded teachers for staying with the district for additional years. Many longtime teachers throughout the state chose to take retirement before it took effect, Stacy said.

‘A hard transition’

C.J. Huff, superintendent of Joplin schools, admits that things have changed dramatically within the district in the two years since the May 22, 2011, tornado damaged or destroyed many district buildings, including the high school.

“There has been a tremendous amount of work that’s happened over the last two years that wouldn’t have happened in the same time frame,” he said. “It’s a reinvention of what schools can and should look like.”

He said Joplin teachers have left their jobs for a variety of reasons, including the economic downturn.

“The economy really hurt us to a degree,” he said. “We saw people losing jobs here locally. Spouses sometimes had a job that paid more and had to do a job search and then move. But there were also teachers who wanted to try something different.”

He also noted that despite the rise in Joplin’s turnover rate, the number is still below the state and national averages.

Regarding issues raised by teachers who have resigned, Huff said the new classroom reality isn’t always a good fit for every teacher.

“We work really hard to retain our staff, and retention is a big part of our strategic plan,” he said. “But we also have an obligation to our families and children to measure and monitor progress toward meeting our expectations. When we hire teachers in Joplin, they have two years, three tops, to demonstrate they have the skills, attitude and belief system that matches ours to get the job done.

“If they’re not able to do that, there is an evaluation system. If they feel the need to leave or find another district that is a better fit for them, that’s OK. I have no problem with that.”

He said recruitment efforts within the district are focused on tapping teachers who have the skills to adapt to a new teaching environment and providing professional development for current teachers. And while that may mean having teachers out of the classroom more than in the past, he believes it is a necessity.

“One of the things that has changed over the years is students being taught in isolation,” Huff said. “Now we have teachers observing other teachers to look at strategies, principals doing walk-throughs and more community members and volunteers in our schools than ever before.

“All of these things culminate to a model of education where (teaching) is out in the open. That’s a hard transition, and it’s not a good fit for some people. These changes have happened because our world is demanding it. We have to find good teachers who are comfortable working in that kind of culture.”

‘Good and bad’

Mary Gaarder, who retired as a teacher for Joplin’s gifted program in 2011, witnessed firsthand many of the changes and challenges now facing those working in the district.

“I think the biggest change, of course, has been the introduction of lots of technology,” she said. “I think it’s wonderful, but it does demand a lot of a teacher. It does push you. You can’t just keep doing what you’ve done.”

The pressure put on teachers for student performance on standardized tests, she said, is “sort of a wash.”

Gaarder said that on the upside, a poor teacher has to do the same things over and over, year after year. But good teachers, in her opinion, are open to changing their approach to teaching their students.

The focus on testing can be “much more of a straitjacket” for good teachers, she said.

“There’s good and bad to the accountability movement,” said Gaarder.

As part of that movement, she said, there would be days when members of an observation committee would enter the classroom several times, watch the teaching process and then issue a score.

“It can be intimidating, especially for people who have taught a long time,” she said.

Other districts

Webb City Superintendent Anthony Rossetti said his school district also has seen “a slight increase” in teacher turnover in the past few years.

“The (teacher) retention rate in the state of Missouri hasn’t been good for the past five years, but ours is higher than that,” he said.

He also said the district has begun collecting data to help bring the retention rate up even higher.

“We make a big investment in our staff in the first five years and even after that,” Rossetti said. “We’ve initiated exit interviews to see if we can determine categories of why people are choosing to leave education, so maybe we can address issues and concerns before (teachers) decide to go somewhere else.

“If someone is not happy with the environment, the workload or they don’t feel prepared, we hope that will come out and we can put plans in place to address some of those things.”

Blaine Henningsen, superintendent of the Carthage School District, said turnover levels have had “a steady run” in the past several years.

“We’ve had the normal turnover, such as moving out of the community or family choices,” he said. “But we have retained first-year teachers at a higher rate than in the last six or eight years. We’ve also added 12 or 13 positions due to growth.

“We did have about 25 teachers retire last year because of the incentive that was there, but we had anticipated that happening.”

Cousin Randy Turner
08-05-2013, 12:53 AM
Globe whitewashes Joplin teacher turnover problem


The Joplin Globe has posted its promised examination [of] the teacher turnover problem in the Joplin R-8 School District (http://www.joplinglobe.com/topstories/x125810711/Teacher-retention-remains-challenge-for-Joplin-schools), and as you might have expected, it was a whitewash.

First, the numbers given to the Globe by school administrators seem to be at odds with what a simple head count of teachers who have left this year and comparisons on the DESE website from last year. Hopefully, the Globe reporter had the intelligence to simply ask for a list of teachers from the upcoming year and each of the past two and then made a simple comparison. I seriously doubt, however, that anything like that happened.

Then reporter Scott Meeker called all of the usual suspects- somebody from NEA, somebody from MSTA, C. J. Huff, and a retired teacher who apparently was not pushed out by C. J. Huff or Angie Besendorfer and was happy to say good things about the district.

What is missing, likely because the Globe is not a highly trusted media source by school employees, are quotes from any people below administration level who are still working at the school or anyone besides the one teacher who retired.

How in the world do you expect to find out why the turnover is high if you are not talking to the people who left?

As usual, in the days since Michael Beatty became publisher of the Joplin Globe, the story is designed to make it seem that everything is OK in the Joplin R-8 School District, just as it was at Missouri Southern State University during the Bruce Speck era.

As you might expect, C. J. Huff is not at a loss to explain why so many people are getting out of Dodge and leaving him and Besendorfer to their 21st Century education:

(Huff) said Joplin teachers have left their jobs for a variety of reasons, including the economic downturn.

“The economy really hurt us to a degree,” he said. “We saw people losing jobs here locally. Spouses sometimes had a job that paid more and had to do a job search and then move. But there were also teachers who wanted to try something different.”

He also noted that despite the rise in Joplin’s turnover rate, the number is still below the state and national averages.

Regarding issues raised by teachers who have resigned, Huff said the new classroom reality isn’t always a good fit for every teacher.

“We work really hard to retain our staff, and retention is a big part of our strategic plan,” he said. “But we also have an obligation to our families and children to measure and monitor progress toward meeting our expectations. When we hire teachers in Joplin, they have two years, three tops, to demonstrate they have the skills, attitude and belief system that matches ours to get the job done.

“If they’re not able to do that, there is an evaluation system. If they feel the need to leave or find another district that is a better fit for them, that’s OK. I have no problem with that.”

It is a shame the same evaluation system is not applied to R-8 administrators.

Cousin Randy Turner
09-09-2013, 07:56 PM
Sources: Crackup imminent at Joplin Schools Administration office



Paranoia has become rampant at the Joplin R-8 Administration Building, sources have told The Turner Report.

A source from within the administration said that Superintendent C. J. Huff has spent nearly as much time dealing with his "enemies" as he has with the school's business, likening it to an obsession.

Part of that obsession, the source said, came after I had been removed from my job as an eighth grade communication arts teacher at East Middle School. Huff was caught totally off guard by the revelation that I had recorded my "interrogation" by HR manager Tina Smith and has determined that no one is going to record anything he says unless it is something designed to promote him and the school district.

That has led him to require some of the people who have visited his office or attending meetings to remove their phones and turn them off before he will speak to them, including the district's principals and, in at least one instance, a parent Huff considered to be an enemy.

The Huff situation has led to a bunker mentality at 32nd and Duquesne as employees wonder not only from day to day which C. J. Huff will be in their midst, but also from minute to minute.

On more than one occasion, two sources inside the building told the Turner Report, Huff has tearfully related how he told his daughter when they moved to Joplin that it would be the last time they would move and how he could not understand why people were out to get him.

Huff has also become preoccupied with knowing who is for him and who is against him, the sources said. At the rally at College Heights Christian Church opening the 2013-2014 school year, administration spies were watching to see which employees were applauding during Huff's speech.

Huff and the top administrators have kept a close eye on the Turner Report and on Inside Joplin and have been watching to see if any district employees "like" the Inside Joplin Facebook page. (None have and I would recommend that they continue to follow that course.)

My writing has not been the only outside news source that has brought tears to Huff, according to the source. This summer, two of my former students, whose names I am not going to mention on this blog, started a blog of their own, which began with a story revealing that Huff was making $8,000 a speech relating the story of how he and the Joplin School District dealt with the Joplin Tornado. Huff automatically assumed, since the two students were supporters of mine and organized the rally on May 23, the day of my termination hearing, that I was the mastermind behind that blog.

I wasn't. In fact, though I admired the two young people for their efforts, I advised against the blog. I was afraid of exactly what ended up happening- the students ended up being targeted and have had their every move watched by administration.

Nothing is too minute to get past the watchful eyes of C. J. Huff and his staff. A few weeks ago, I received a message from a former colleague of mine, who does not work in the Joplin School District, but who has a relative who does. He told me he could no longer leave comments on my Facebook page.

This teacher has a relative who teaches in one of the Joplin middle schools and that relative was called in by the principal, reportedly at the behest of upper administration, who wanted to give this teacher a warning not to be too friendly with me.

This teacher was not a Facebook friend of mine; in fact, to this day, I have never met him.

My former colleague sent me a personal message on Facebook.

The teacher, he said, was genuinely concerned about losing his job and feared he was being "watched by Joplin's Big Brother."

Administration source: Turner targeted for firing before No Child Left Alive was published (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/administration-source-turner-targeted.html)


Posted by Randy at 10:10 PM SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 08, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/sources-crackup-imminent-at-joplin.html)

Meercat #3
09-10-2013, 02:40 PM
It is a good thing that they fired Turner because . . .

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/administration-source-turner-targeted.html?showComment=1378761585198#c380750895 499914046

It's a good thing they fired you, because that one move totally did more to improve their public image, inspire confidence, and reduce opposition than anything else they have done in the past few years.

Since I know they are reading and probably not inclined to understand subtext, I would like to explicitly state that the above was sarcasm. I say this, because like most retards wielding a knife I tend to focus on the paper-cut that I inflict upon my real or perceived enemies while ignoring the deep abdominal wounds I've inflicted upon myself and my "friends." The campaign against Turner backfired in every way and if anything has informed and inspire people who otherwise wouldn't know anything about the proceedings in R-8 administration. Now Turner is busily scribbling in his witless blogs, including the one pretending to be a lie-paper, and nobody but us right worsesheepfool tards and the enemy Huffites are reading this stupid shit of Turners.

This one move has increased coverage that R-8 leaders were trying to avoid, because now that Turner doesn't work for you, he has no reason to hold his tongue at all. Turner is going to gossip like a bitch and then, every so often the Huffites will counter-attack and Turner will bitch some more.Do not kid yourself into thinking it is just him; a lot of otherwise good kids and responsible people are not happy with the way things have gone down. Do not rationalize that these people are simply "troublemakers," they are educated and respected members of the community, accomplished students, and they are sincere in their beliefs. They are also too chickenshit to show theyz' snouts but never too proud to bitch. The students especially are learning a lesson about authority that they will carry with them their whole lives, an example of what they do not want to become as they assume positions of responsibility in their own lives. They will becum-cum "power psychos" and the cycle will cuntinue.

R-8 administrators, you share responsibility for the negative image in the community. It is not just the work of "embittered" former employees and students. You are complicit in how this has gone down, regardless of good intentions. You will never be able to force people to like you, you will have to actually acknowledge that you are not completely right, just as we on the other side would not be right to completely demonize you, and begin to adjust to a point of compromise. Administration has more power, so the greater responsibility is with you, just as parents are responsible for setting the tone in their home (and too-strict or inflexible authority results in rebellion). The more butthurt, the more bitching.

2:19 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/administration-source-turner-targeted.html?showComment=1378761585198#c380750895 499914046)

Meercat #4
09-10-2013, 10:36 PM
I am a voter. I plan to exercise my voting rights . . .

. . . to support rogue teachers like Randy Turner.

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/administration-source-turner-targeted.html?showComment=1378762844473#c643348609 7951672497

1) if the McAuley principal - Gene Koester and the Parish priest at St Peter's would have done their jobs, the firing of the coach would not have escalated to where it went. They sat on that information for 3 weeks before they did anything and it was only after pressure that they let that coach go.

2) the entire faculty at MSSU is glad that Bruce Speck is gone. The faculty gave him a vote of NO confidence. Did that tell the Board of Directors anything? No. Their pig headed foolish idea to hire Speck and retain him sure came back to bite them in the ass. Southern was run into the ground by Speck.

3) I sat through your hearing Randy. I heard parents, students, and other teachers say what a good teacher you were. I heard your evaluations discussed. I saw a group of school board members including Jeff Flowers, Randy Steele, and Mike Landis did their seat time, by the looks on their faces, they already made up their minds long before the board hearing. At least Ann Sharp and Dawn Sticklen took notes and appeared interested.

Who needs the NSA when you have Joplin R-8 spying on their employees ? evidently-they were stopping you before you could do any more damage you blogging educational terrorist.

I am a voter. I plan to exercise my voting rights by voting school board members out of their seats as well as keeping my eyes and ears open for any information you can use Randy against the admin. CJ Huff and Besendorfer may think they run the big show, but sometimes its the little people who have the connections.

2:40 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/administration-source-turner-targeted.html?showComment=1378762844473#c643348609 7951672497)

Cousin Randy Turner
09-12-2013, 04:13 PM
Now available: C. J. Huff and the Assassination of a Teacher's Character


http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-_6LQDHoYZXM/Ui51BoHo7NI/AAAAAAAAQ8M/sEsBXKMfxwA/s1600/C.+J.+Huff+and+the+Assassination+of+a+Teacher's+Ch aracter.jpg



I have had a hard time going out in public since April 8, the day that a police officer escorted me out of East Middle School after HR Director Tina Smith "interrogated" me for approximately four and a half minutes.

My lawyer told me that it was rare that a teacher had fellow teachers, parents, and students who were willing to testify for them during a termination hearing. It was also rare, she said, for a teacher to receive the kind of support I received.

But in the back of my mind, I kept on thinking about the people who did not know who I was or the people who may have just heard about me from their kids and never met me at a parent-teacher conference. To those people, the lies that were told about me might just be considered the truth. After all, why would a man who makes $175,000 a year (plus $8,000 a speech) and an entire crew of administrators take the witness stand, swear to tell the truth, and then tell a story that was so far from the truth that it would be laughable...if the person who was on the receiving end was someone else.

Why would they do that? I am still not certain, though I pick up bit and pieces of information and the picture is starting to clear up a little.

Before my hearing, on the advice of an NEA representative, I began applying for teaching jobs at other schools. I asked three of my former administrators if they would serve as references. All three agreed and I submitted applications for four open teaching positions, all in this area, there would not have even have been any need for me to move.

One of the districts was serious enough about me that the principal called all three of my references, who sent word back to me that they had said nothing but good things about my teaching ability and my ability to communicate with young people. They also volunteered information about some of the other things that I have done- sponsoring after-school organizations, organizing charity benefits, and working with younger teachers. All of them were under the impression that I was going to be interviewed for the position.

That fell apart when C. J. Huff released the information that there were 28 pages of charges against me and somehow the Joplin Globe, which according to Editor Carol Stark never runs an anonymous quote, brought up my book, No Child Left Alive and mentioned that it had "graphic sexual content."

How in the world did the Globe know that? I doubt seriously that any Globe reporter spent the money to buy my book. "Graphic sexual content' is not mentioned on the book's Amazon page or anywhere else. The only way the Joplin Globe could have known about the information is if it had a source in administration, whether that source be C. J. Huff or one of the people whose jobs depend on C. J. Huff.

I was never interviewed for that position or for any of the three positions. Whether that was because of the mention of sex and 28 pages of charges, or if the people called Joplin administration and were told bad things about me, I have no idea. It would not be the first time this administration has fired someone, or been in the process of firing someone, and tried to make sure that person did not land a job.

With the possibility of another job gone and a number of people standing beside me, I elected to ask for a hearing. That was the day C.J. Huff and his top-dollar witnesses finished my teaching career, ruined my reputation, and the Board of Education, even those who were supposedly in my corner, voted 7-0 (heaven forbid they ever disagree on anything), and even said the highly-rehearsed witnesses who testified against me were more believable than the parents, teachers, and students who stood up for me, at great risk to themselves.

The media concentrated on the accusations that were made against me. Though the charges were purportedly about three of my books, No Child Left Alive, Scars from the Tornado, and Devil's Messenger, suddenly Tina Smith was able to say that the female students were so supportive of me that she detected signs of "grooming."

My lawyer objected. Even thought it was obvious what Tina Smith was doing, Board President Jeff Flowers, serving as the judge, simply said the objection was noted and then told the prosecutor to continue. And the innuendo that I was some kind of pervert was allowed to go on...with the board of education's blessing.

Tina Smith even said she knew all along I had recorded the interview. That was why she did not allow me to defend myself or try to explain what were bogus charges from the beginning (and the charges were changed once they realized that I could defend myself on every one of them).

The woman who brought the charges against me, Lisa Orem, another administrator, told a convoluted story of how she came to find a link to No Child Left Alive on an obscure blog.

Another administrator, Klista Rader, explained how I "tagged" more girls than boys on Facebook. Even though she was head of technology, apparently she did not realize (or did not think the board would realize) that people can tag photos on other people's Facebook pages. I have never tagged anyone on Facebook.

Another administrator, East Middle School Principal Bud Sexson said that he had never heard of my book Scars from the Tornado until I announced at a faculty meeting in March that it was about to be published. Three witnesses, including the president and treasurer of the East Middle School PTO, testified that Sexson knew about the book almost a full year before that. The accusation against me was that I never received permission from administration, even though Sexson was fully aware of the book every step of the way.

According the board decision, Bud Sexson was more believable than the president and treasurer of the East Middle School PTO.

C. J. Huff finished me off. There was nothing in my book that had anything to say about education, C. J. Huff said. He could not sleep at night if I was allowed to remain in the classroom, he said. He would not want to have his daughter in my class. How could the board members live with themselves if they rehired me and something happened somewhere down the road.

My lawyer objected.

Jeff Flowers noted the objection, then allowed the character assassination to continue.

"This is a circus," my lawyer said.

All of those accusations against me were spread through local media. When someone Googles me, they find out about grooming, they find out that a tearful C. J. Huff could not bear the thought of me being in a classroom and something horrible happening to some student a few years down the road.

I had never been accused of any of these things; nothing of the sort had ever been hinted at. The day before the hearing, we met with our witnesses at the Hampton Inn and one father asked me a reasonable question, "Is there anything else going to come out?"

That was what C. J. Huff had promised to the East Middle School faculty when he met with them a few days before the hearing.

I told the parent that there was nothing else, but it was a fair question. It was what everyone was wondering.

Only one crime was alleged during the 10-hour hearing and as far as I can remember it never made its way into the Joplin Globe or was featured on any of the TV newscasts. That was when I told how I was attacked by a student two years earlier and it was covered up by the administrators at East Middle School. It was that experience that led me to finish writing No Child Left Alive.

After the board issued its 7-0 ruling against me, I continued to apply for teaching jobs. I applied for eight over the summer, six of which were for the course I had been teaching for the biggest part of the last 14 years. Not only did I not get a job, I never even got an interview....and one of those jobs was for an eighth grade communication arts teacher at an area school, where the principal was one of the three people who had provided a reference for me.

I can't blame the people at the other schools. Would you want to have to deal with parents who want to know why you hired someone who had been accused of "grooming" children, someone who was described by the hero of the Joplin Tornado as someone who was too dangerous to be around children?

I have never been a sociable person, but as I noted at the beginning of this long post, things have been even worse since April 8. I am totally uncomfortable around people I have known for years. I don't know what to say, and though I know I shouldn't, I worry about the idea that there are people out there who believe what C. J. Huff and the rest of his hired crew said about me.

I don't know how much good it will do, but as far as I can see, the only way to get out the story of the mugging that took place May 23 at 32nd and Duquesne is to print the entire transcript of the hearing, starting with the prosecutor reading every excerpt from my book that had sex or bad language in it and ending with the feeling that 10 hours had been wasted and the decision was already a done deal.

I have published the transcript as an e-book. I had intended to make it so cheap that anyone could pay 99 cents or $1.99 and find out for themselves what happened. Unfortunately, it is so long that I would have had to have paid everyone to download and I cannot afford to do that. I did not change a word. I uploaded the PDF document that was sent to me by my attorney.

It costs $5 and even though it is a public document, I would suggest if you have any desire to download it (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F2OBQ3Y) that you do so quickly -- I have a feeling this is not something the crew at 32nd and Duquesne wants spread throughout the Joplin R-8 School District.

Posted by Randy at 6:26 PM MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/now-available-c-j-huff-and.html)

Meercat #3
09-13-2013, 10:49 PM
This shit is making muh gliberal whigger butthhole fag mangina bleed

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/now-available-c-j-huff-and.html?showComment=1378777403098#c73509455219503 36803

I find that I cannot find adequate words to describe the shame I feel for my district. I doubt that anyone on that board doubts now that they were lied to at every turn and have been for at least six years, certainly since Bess blew into town and in increasing intensity since the tornado. That they have not rectified any of the problems is a reflection of their aversion for the truth.

They will pay someday, even if it has to wait until they face God, but they will all someday be held accountable for this disgrace. D-g loves them gliberal whigger butthole fag teachers who spread soft-core porn in order to make a point. I will buy a copy and hope every teacher in R8 does, also, because this could be any of us. That, and menstruate.

6:43 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/now-available-c-j-huff-and.html?showComment=1378777403098#c73509455219503 36803) Monday, Sept. 12, 2013

Swillis Gumpf Turner
09-17-2013, 01:32 AM
Whine, Turner, Whine

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/now-available-c-j-huff-and.html?showComment=1378783890701#c73274416165008 15054

All this whining for nothing.

The Board of Education made the right decision to get rid of a rogue teacher. You knew better than to even bring an appeal in open court because you can't censor or delete opposing evidence.

So now your teaching career is over just as your journalist career is over. Why should anyone bother to read the whinings and ravings of a confirmed liar who has no credibility other than on his idiot blogs in which he censors any opposing or dissenting voices? You might be one regular little two-bit Sodom Hussein here on this blog of yours, but you are nothing other than a whiny little bitch here in Joplin.

And the Board of Education and the Joplin School Administration is correct to keep an eye on any other 'teachers' like Turner who have the notion that they get to decide policy without the benefit of election by the general public. Most of us with children have had enough of your kind. You shouldn't be entrusted with our children or our tax dollars if all you are going to do is to act as if some rogue teacher who had due process and was fired for cause is some sort of hero for writing pornographic books and then posting the link to that porn on a 'teaching blog'. We don't need your kind and you need to get gone too.

You want to play politics, Turner? Then fine. You were done unto before you could cause further trouble.

I, for one of many, are glad you are gone from contact with children as a teacher.

Now whine, Turner, whine.

8:31 PM Monday, Sept. 12, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/now-available-c-j-huff-and.html?showComment=1378783890701#c73274416165008 15054)

Cousin Randy Turner
09-17-2013, 10:45 PM
Joplin Schools makes move to protect students on computers; Turner Report is blocked


Word has spread rapidly around the Joplin High School campus about the admission by a child sex criminal to law enforcement officers that he had pornographic photos of 10 Joplin students, four of whom have been identified.

Since that man, Ronny Justin Myers, 35, was in charge of monitoring high school students' laptops that has created concern about how much privacy the students have and started students taping over the cameras on their laptops.

Myers made that admission to law enforcement officers seven months ago, but this is the first that the students have heard about it, according to those who have talked to the Turner Report.

The first students to learn about Myers' admission learned it at their homes and then brought the information to school and the word spread. No one read about it on the Turner Report, at least not at school.

In order to protect Joplin High School students from evil influences, R-8 Administration has blocked the Turner Report this year.


Posted by Randy at 4:28 PM Monday, September 16, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/joplin-schools-makes-move-to-protect.html)

Meercat #5
09-18-2013, 03:52 PM
Right worsesheepfool meercat tards, save one


Huff is doing the right thing. Your blog is ridiculous and sad.

4:33 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/joplin-schools-makes-move-to-protect.html?showComment=1379374418263#c7314365504 135573248)

This blog is spot on and blocking the Turner Report won't keep the kids from finding out the truth. What is ridiculous and sad is how little Joplin seems to expect of its school system. You can always go read the court documents yourself.

5:03 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/joplin-schools-makes-move-to-protect.html?showComment=1379376234236#c5715160125 469103819)

4:33 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/joplin-schools-makes-move-to-protect.html?showComment=1379374418263#c7314365504 135573248) -- How much did Huff pay you? I don't think he could pay me enough to put protecting his sorry hide ahead of student safety and decency.

What sick people are attracted to that man. I don't get it. But, maybe I just don't have enough desire for money.

5:33 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/joplin-schools-makes-move-to-protect.html?showComment=1379378019405#c9160524766 540838964)

4:33 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/joplin-schools-makes-move-to-protect.html?showComment=1379374418263#c7314365504 135573248), if the blog was so ridiculous, they wouldn't block it, and you wouldn't be back again to comment. The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference.

8:15 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/joplin-schools-makes-move-to-protect.html?showComment=1379387725604#c1503816748 504630977)

09-18-2013, 05:24 PM
Not a shekel's worth of difference . . .

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/joplin-schools-makes-move-to-protect.html?showComment=1379483791751#c7280639598 631927239

Calm down Turner. In the middle of your whining about both Huff and the Joplin Globe, I'd like to put in my two-pence of rationality.

You were duly accused of putting a link to a pornographic book (your own) onto a blog (also your own) which purported to be an unauthorized "teaching blog". You asked for and got a hearing in which it was determined (http://whitenationalist.org/forum/showthread.php?p=8702#post8702) that you violated numerous Board of Education and Administrative policies and for which you were duly fired (http://whitenationalist.org/forum/showthread.php?p=8688#post8688). You then had the opportunity to appeal that administrative finding in a neutral state district court, which you refused (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/06/i-wont-appeal-joplin-school-boards.html).

Seems to me that you are guilty, even though like all the rest of the social offal in the jails and prisons you still won't admit guilt. So fine.

But therefore, according to the duly found findings of fact and of law, you are a rogue teacher who slips in links to pornography on your various and sundry blogs. Wherefore, the Joplin school system -- and the other various local school districts -- have no choice but to block your various blogs and anything else affiliated with you.

Now whether there are bigger perverts than you running around has nothing much to do with the local education authorities having a moral and legal duty to block your efforts to get at their charges at the school or on school property or even after school hours, i.e. on these laptops.

Don't worry, you'll always have Facebook (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2011/08/fox-news-rewrites-reality-turner-agrees.html).

I'd agree that these laptop cameras built in along with their microphones should be disabled for the privacy and security of minor students. This can be done by simply putting a layer of masking tape over the built in webcams and instructing both parents and students about the dangers of letting webcams take pictures of them in their bedrooms as well as putting private passwords on public property.

But Internet learning using computers and tablets and smartphones are going to take over for expensive, mediocre, and yes, rogue teachers like you, Turner.

Huff should pare the ranks of the administration as well as that of you teachers, make sure that every student as well as their parents, can disable their webcams by having a sleeve over the webcam during non-school hours. That webcam is the Eye of Big Sauron-Sister.

And yes, blocking the web sites of all political persuasion, the left as well as the right. These students have enough problems learning to read, write and do arithmetic. They don't need any political programming by anyone not their parents.

It is not as if you really have any deeply held moral principles at all, much less against censorship (http://whitenationalist.org/forum/showthread.php?p=9128#post9128). There is only a difference of degree, and certainly not principle or really much substance, between you and say, Ronny Justin Myers (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/court-document-former-tech-employee-had.html) or Carol Stark of the Joplin Globe (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/day-six-no-word-in-joplin-globe-about.html). Not even a shekel's worth.

The duly-elected and appointed authorities, both in the school system and in the local media, will always have a bigger audience and influence than you and I, Turner. And maybe that is even often a good thing.

10:56 PM Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/joplin-schools-makes-move-to-protect.html?showComment=1379483791751#c7280639598 631927239)

Cousin Randy Turner
09-20-2013, 10:31 PM
Parents, students taught about laptops as KC schools go 1 to 1


In the Kansas City Public School District, just like in Joplin, the laptops have arrived, the teachers were never given any input into the process and education will miraculously improve. This isn't Kansas City, it's Fool's Paradise.

Technology is wonderful, make no doubt about it. Technology as the be-all and end-all of education is a tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes.


Posted by Randy at 9:10 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/parents-students-taught-about-laptops.html) THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2013




Can't stop change which cuts into the ranks of you rogue teachers.

The reason that these laptops are being given out as "digital education" is because the school districts can't pay for swarms of you public employees any more. So they are going with a standard digital curriculum in which certain porn sites and political sites like yours are blocked.

Your whining about the technology worker who used his position to take pictures of underage students in their bedrooms can be negated by simply having a software lock or hardware device as simple as a strip of masking tape to prevent these laptops from taking pictures of students in their bedrooms.

In fact the ranks of the administration should be cut as well and students given vouchers as soon it won't be a matter of bussing. Students can "call in" via their laptops and only attend public schools two days a week with this digital education.

11:35 PM THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/parents-students-taught-about-laptops.html?showComment=1379658911830#c4831728838 663480641)


Rogue teachers? You are so far off the mark that it amazes me how much you caught us both dead to rights. To be that dumb, you must work at JSAB like me and Cousin Randy used to do before we got caught and fired from ever teaching the lil gaywad nippers ever again.

The truth is coming out now, which really puts people on the defensive. Well, or at least answering charges.

If students are only going to be here two days a week, why continue spending money on that building? Shoot. We could just stagger their days and stay as we are. Bussing? How is that an issue in Joplin? What an amazingly short sighted comment.

You really really need us edjewmacated teaching tardbots. Don't replace us, bro!!!

5:18 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/parents-students-taught-about-laptops.html?showComment=1379679515550#c7203408454 609747887) FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2013


This must be the work of the evil Dr. Huff and his cronies, right randy? Or perhaps when a school is transitioning to laptops there is not an unlimited time period to train the teachers for months on end. You would think they could get the basics and continue the learning process until the day they stop teaching. Someone that taught a certain way 15 years ago and is unwilling or unable to adapt their teaching methods may be in the wrong occupation.

2:06 PM FRIDAY (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/parents-students-taught-about-laptops.html?showComment=1379711184920#c1909988259 731091568), SEPTEMBER 20, 2013

Cousin Randy Turner
09-28-2013, 10:37 PM
Free downloads of C. J. Huff and the Assassination of a Teacher's Character



Beginning at about 2 a.m. Sunday, or about five hours from the time I am writing this, the entire transcript of my May 23 termination hearing at the Joplin R-8 Administration Building at 32nd and Duquesne will be available for two days as a free download.

There is no introduction, no words of my own in the book, C. J. Huff and the Assassination of a Teacher's Character (http://www.amazon.com/Huff-Assassination-Teachers-Character-ebook/dp/B00F2OBQ3Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1380420626&sr=8-1&keywords=C.J.+Huff+and+the+Assassination+of+a+Teac her%27s+Character), other than those I spoke when I testified. The nine-hour hearing began with the administration attorney reading scenes containing sex, violence, and/or profanity just to give everyone the idea that I was an evil human being who deliberately exposed children to pornography. It was only later in the day that the truth came out- they were never able to find even one student who had read the book.

I published the transcript because I look at it as sort of a turning point, not only for my teaching career, which came to an end because of the things C. J. Huff and his administrators said (only administrators testified against me; one parent shared concerns but offered no evidence, otherwise the only parents and students who testified were there to support me), but also because it was the first time that the public was able to see just how ruthless C. J. Huff can be and what little concern he and his administrators have for sworn oaths to tell the truth.

I initially thought I was not able to offer this as a free download, but I tried again tonight and found it was possible.

I do offer one piece of advice- Please, whatever you do, do not download this on a Joplin R-8 computer. They are watching you.

Posted by Randy at 7:11 PM SATURDAY (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/free-downloads-of-c-j-huff-and.html), SEPTEMBER 28, 2013



8 Comments: (Before that 'excellent' jewspaperman Cousin Randy deleted them)

Will read this for sure...Cum-cum, cum-cum.

7:59 PM

Will be a riveting book, a tale of a lying caught idiot told by a gliberal whigger ass-clown, when I left Joplin last year just a step from being fired for cause like yourself, I thought that I would never fall back in love with teaching them little ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns a bunch of idiotic lying ZOGswallop.. R-8 almost ruined my spirit, and they haven't changed a bit. Glad I got away from Huff & Co. when I was on top! Number 1 with a dildo and with a butt-plug in Number 2 on the B-Side of Life.

8:17 PM

If you posted the blog at 7:11 pm Saturday night and the transcripts will be available at 2am Sunday that would be 7 hours - not 5. Which also means that this stupid shit you are peddling won't be free to download, either. Good thing you didn't teach math -- or ethics.

9:12 PM

You are correct about the math and in your statement, but the time stamp on my posts has always been two hours off, so it actually was five hours when I wrote it.

9:14 PM

I should add that, even though I was correct with my five hours statement, you are absolutely right. I would have been a horrible math teacher.

But with my swinging three-incher of homoerotic man-meat, I'd love to "groom" your daughters and gaywad sons.

9:15 PM

First of all, you are NOT an "author" of this book any more than any other criminal undergoing a hearing in which he is found guilty is the "author" of the trial transcript.

Secondly, you were duly found guilty and fired under the due process of law accorded you, then you refused to appeal it because the hearing was done according to the book. Neither CJ Huff nor the Joplin School Board are at fault for removing a "rogue teacher" who thought that he could get away with anything. The right-worshipful retards on this blog of yours have no input as to why you were rightfully permanently removed for cause.

Lastly, this "book" is not downloadable for free, which is all it is worth, if anything.

You have been fired for cause from every career you have pursued, Turner. The fault isn't in them who fired you but in them who hired you. The sooner you figure out that you are simply dishonest and not to be trusted in any position of responsibility and decide to change, the better for you, Turner.

9:37 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/free-downloads-of-c-j-huff-and.html?showComment=1380429442463#c30764956577132 41072)

Amazon required that an author be listed, but you are correct that I am not the author.

9:40 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/09/free-downloads-of-c-j-huff-and.html?showComment=1380429655825#c24610801249915 28326)

9:37 If you hate him so much why do you read his blog?

Calling him a criminal as in your first paragraph is a lie. He was not charged with any crime. I worked with this man for 8 years and know he is a good man and not what you say.

10:08 PM

Cousin Randy Turner
11-28-2013, 04:41 AM
Bleeding the taxpayers dry: The empire that C. J. and Angie built -- Part One



No one wanted to be the one to tell Angie Besendorfer.

The departure of Jim Simpson as Joplin R-8 superintendent gave her an opportunity to return to the kind of power she had one year earlier when she was head of the Reeds Spring School District.

Besendorfer was already under fire at Reeds Spring for employing many of the same highhanded tactics that she has used in Joplin and for firing popular teacher Mike Collins. Collins helped organize a campaign against the three incumbent board of education members and all three were defeated by people whose stated goal was to send Besendorfer packing.

Even though she had just been given a raise, Besendorfer saw the writing on the wall and left Reeds Spring to become an assistant superintendent in the Joplin R-8 School District.

And now less than one year later, she had an opportunity to move into the top position. Simpson was resigning to take over the Lindbergh school district.

Sometimes, though, things do not work out the way you plan.


The Joplin R-8 Board of Education shocked everyone by opting to hire C. J. Huff, the baby-faced superintendent of the smaller Eldon School District near Jefferson City. Huff was no stranger to the area, having grown up in southeast Kansas and having served in administrative positions in Nixa and Springfield.

When Besendorfer learned she had been bypassed in favor of a younger outsider, she threw a tantrum, sources within the administration building told the Turner Report.

Once she got it out of her system, though, her game plan changed. The board hired Huff because of the ability he had shown in Eldon to increase graduation rates, something that was desperately needed in Joplin. Besendorfer immediately began assuming all kinds of duties that would normally be handled by the superintendent, ostensibly to allow Huff to concentrate on improving graduation rates and developing his pet project- something called Bright Futures.

With her increased responsibilities, Besendorfer began building her power base, essentially making life miserable for the other two assistant superintendents, Steve Doerr and Doug Domer,with both eventually opting to retire at the end of Huff's first year in Joplin.

It was portrayed as the elimination of unnecessary positions and a saving of money for the school district.

Instead, it was the beginning of a reign of terror that has ended up costing more than 200 teachers their jobs in the last two years, added layer after layer of highly-paid administrators, and firmly planted the Joplin R-8 School District on the road to bankruptcy.

And while all of this happened, the R-8 Board of Education has rubber stamped every move. Though board members reportedly do not particularly like Besendorfer, Huff, realizing the value of having someone who is willing to do the dirty work while he takes the credit, has gone to bat for her, despite the fact, three sources within Administration have told the Turner Report, that Besendorfer has made it clear that she does not have a high opinion of the man who is supposed to be her boss and often makes remarks to her handpicked group of assistants about how little Huff understands about the way things should be done and about his penchant for crying,not only in his speeches, but also in his dealings with his administrative team.

An abundance of administrators

Anyone who thought the Joplin R-8 School District saved money when two of its four superintendent positions were eliminated has not been looking into the growing number of $50,000 plus employees who work out of the Administration Building at 32nd and Duquesne.

During Jim Simpson's last year as superintendent, he had three assistants, Besendorfer, Doerr, and Domer. Paul Barr was CFO, a position he still holds, Angela Neria was in charge of technology, a position now held by Klista Rader, and Janet Earl ran special education.

Since that time, the following positions have been created:

-Director of Community Development- held by Kim Vann, who also serves as head of Bright Futures. Ms. Vann's background is not in education. She previously worked with the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce.

-Human Relations- Tina Smith, with no education background, handles the job that was previously done by Steve Doerr, a veteran educator.

-Director of Curriculum and Instruction- Sarah Stevens was brought up from Besendorfer's personal training ground of junior administrators, the teaching coaches, this year to take this position.

-Director of Elementary Education- Jennifer Doshier was rewarded for her part in the elimination of nearly every teacher during her final year as McKinley Elementary principal by being moved into the central office.

-Director of High School Instruction- Jason Cravens handles this position.

-Assistant Director of Special Services- Mark Barlass had to be hired for this position since his immediate superior, Director of Special Services Lisa Orem, is not certified in special education. In fact, she is not even certified as an administrator any more. DESE records indicate Orem's principal certificate expired more than two years ago, on Sept. 1, 2011, and she is only certified as an elementary teacher.

Director of Buildings- Michael Johnson handles this position.

Teaching/Learning Coaches and 21st Century Learning Coaches- In addition to having principals and assistant principals at each school, Besendorfer has added teaching/learning coaches, ostensibly to help teachers, but with the understanding that they are to serve as the eyes and ears of upper administration (Besendorfer) at each school. The coaches have weekly all-day sessions in which they report to upper administration about what is going on in their buildings. After the addition of laptops for all high school students in the fall of 2011, the district added four 21st Century coaches, and then requested money for seven more in its 2012 federal Race to the Top application. Despite the U. S. Department of Education's rejection of the request, the seven coaches were hired.

Career Pathways Directors- Many of us can remember a time when principals ran a school, and if the school was big enough, there might be an assistant principal or two. Joplin has a principal, three assistants, and six Career Pathways directors. The district, under the Besendorfer plan of moving every high school student into one of five Career Pathways, has one director in charge of each pathway, and then a director in charge of the directors. Again, all of this was included in the Race to the Top application, which was rejected by the federal government. And again, despite the large amount of money, the cost was absorbed by the local budget. Of the six Career Pathways directors, only two are educators. Like so many of the other positions that have been added, they have been given to either people who have no educational background or who are woefully underqualified for the positions they hold.

In the Race to the Top application, administration indicated that when the federal money (which they did not receive) ran out, the cost for the Career Pathways and 21st century learning coach positions would be absorbed by the local budget.

Last summer, the R-8 Board of Education, continuing to rubber stamp the creation of the Huff-Besendorfer empire, gave the two carte blanche to continue their wasteful spending by approving a "strategic plan," which calls for the district's reserves to drop to 8 to 11 percent by 2014 and then continuing to add one position after another.

Of course, the same "strategic plan" calls for the reserves to be back up to 25 percent by 2015. Only one problem -- there is not one word about how Huff and Besendorfer are going to accomplish that miracle.

Hopefully, no one will try to sell swamp land to the board members any time soon. The deal would most likely be approved on a 7-0 vote.

(Much more to come)


Posted by Randy at 7:02 PM MONDAY (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/11/bleeding-taxpayers-dry-empire-that-c-j.html), NOVEMBER 25, 2013

Cousin Randy Turner
12-13-2013, 11:52 PM
Anonymous commenter -- Fired McKinley teachers had it coming



As hard as it may seem for those of us who believe teachers deserve to be treated with respect and not treated like children, there are those out there who believe teachers are a dime a dozen and you can plug anyone into any teaching position and get the same result.

Several weeks ago, the Turner Report revealed for the first time how Assistant Superintendent Angie Besendorfer cleaned house at McKinley Elementary. The post was titled "Angie Besendorfer and the Massacre at McKinley Elementary (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/11/angie-besendorfer-and-massacre-at.html)."

That title set off some of my readers (primarily those who absolutely hate everything I write, but who still read every word I write and anxiously anticipate my next post), who were offended that I used the term "massacre" in the title, implying that Angie Besendorfer was some kind of serial killer.

I will not be apologizing for my use of the term "massacre" now or ever. Perhaps it was a bit colorful, but when only a couple of teachers are left out of the entire staff at an elementary school, the word "massacre" is not only descriptive, but it is a fair description of what happened.

Especially since it occurred with the full blessing of the seven people elected by taxpayers to represent their interests.

A few moments ago, I received a comment on that post that was typical. If teachers do not do their jobs the way Angie Besendorfer or some other autocratic administrator wants it done then they deserve whatever happens to them.

I posted it there, but as I have done recently with comments that are both pro and con, I am also posting it here. This is the kind of mindset that allows people like C. J. Huff and Angie Besendorfer to thrive at the expense of teachers and at the expense of the taxpayers and the students in the Joplin R-8 School District.

Typical of Turner to escalate simply firing teachers who don't want to do their jobs with allegedly some maniac off his meds killing twenty or so kids or teachers.

You whiners who don't want to fit in or work with your bosses in administration or the school board can find employment elsewhere where they are weaker in what they expect -- like you shutting up and doing your jobs as told. There isn't anywhere where some employer will let you do whatever you want as opposed to what he wants.

Wonder why Turner isn't a legitimate source of news or information?

For someone who "isn't a legitimate source of information," it seems there are a lot of people who would like to shut me up.

Consider helping the hard-hitting reporting and commentary of The Turner Report/Inside Joplin to continue and grow by taking a voluntary subscription.


Posted by Randy at 4:49 PM Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/12/anonymous-commenter-fired-mckinley.html)

Cousin Randy Turner
12-17-2013, 11:48 PM
Joplin School Board race opens with scandal, slumber party



The April 2014 Joplin R-8 Board of Education race will be a referendum to decide whether district patrons want to continue to allow C. J. Huff to continue to play high roller with his pyramid scheme of financial management or whether they would prefer a return to fiscal sanity.

It also marks a turning point for whether they want to continue to allow teachers and staff to be fearful of losing their jobs if they say or do one thing to displease those at the top (or even if they are just doing a job that administrators want to give to someone else) or if they want to make the Joplin School District the workplace of choice as it once was.

Most importantly, the April ballot is a choice between one new program and one new expenditure after another designed to build administrators' resumes or finally making decisions based on what is best for the children and the taxpayers.

Let history show that the most important board election in years began with a slumber party.

Details are not clear about exactly who attended this slumber party, which was held at the Administration Building at 32nd and Duquesne, only that select people were invited. Filing for the Joplin R-8 Board of Education officially began at 8 a.m. this morning when the doors were unlocked. For the first time, some board candidates were allowed to circumvent the rules.

Board President Jeff Flowers indicated that he arrived at 8 p.m. the previous night, using his own key to enter the building..

According to her Facebook page, by the time former Irving Elementary Principal Debbie Fort showed up at the building at 3:30 a.m. to wait in line, she received an unexpected greeting.


I arrived at the Board of Education at 3:30 am to file my candidacy. Imagine my surprise to discover one or more of the current board members waiting inside the warm building. I don't know if it's legal but for me it certainly seems unethical. They offered to let me wait inside but I declined. Seems like the playing field should be the same for everyone.

Reportedly, it was Jeff Flowers who greeted her.

The idea behind arriving early is the tried-and-true premise that those who are not certain about who they are going to vote for have a tendency to cast their ballots for the first names listed.

Those names, in addition to Flowers, include his fellow board member and former board president Randy Steele, Shawn McGrew, who has played a prominent role in Bright Futures the past couple of years, and Linda Banwart, one of the people who was in charge of the successful campaign for the $62 million bond issue, the largest in Joplin R-8 history. All four reportedly were part of the slumber party designed to make sure their names were listed first. (Note: The names will be listed in this order- Steele, McGrew, Flowers, Banwart.)

What they talked about during the long hours is unclear. Perhaps they ordered pizza and whiled away the time discussing whether Becky really kissed Johnny or if Cindy had a crush on Freddie.

Maybe time was spent on a rollicking game of Truth and Dare, ending with a dare for everyone to ask for plush jobs with Western Governors University.

Or perhaps they waited in stony silence, waiting for someone to have an original thought.

After Debbie Fort turned down Flowers' generous offer to come in out of the cold and join the slumber party, the next candidates to arrive, also left off the invitation list, were Jeff Koch and David Guilford.

Their names will be a bit further down the list.

This time, despite the statistics, I have a feeling most people are going to review the full list of candidates. Despite the Joplin media's lack of interest in the scandals surrounding C. J. Huff, Angie Besendorfer, and the Joplin R-8 School District, word has been spreading quickly.

Angie Besendorfer is already on her way out, the first to desert the proverbial sinking ship. While state and federal investigators have been focusing in on the problems emanating from 32nd and Duquesne, C. J; Huff has been scrambling to hold his crumbling empire together.

During the past couple of months, Huff has discouraged some people who wanted to run for board of education and, on at least one occasion, dropped a hint to a prospective board candidate's employer that running for the position could cause problems in the workplace.

And Huff has every reason to be worried- if his favored candidates do not win, the days of "joined at the hip' will be a distant, unpleasant memory. All that will be needed at that point, is one more vote to bring an end to the disaster that has been C. J. Huff's administration.


Posted by Randy at 10:13 AM TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2013 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2013/12/joplin-school-board-race-opens-with.html)

Cousin Randy Turner
01-01-2014, 11:14 PM
Anson Burlingame is an idiot; the Joplin School Board race is not about me


I don't make a habit of calling people idiots, even when their behavior would certainly seem to indicate the label applies.

That being said, Anson Burlingame is an idiot.

One sign of how far the Joplin Globe has fallen over the past few years has been its eagerness to make this man out to be some sort of wise thinker whose columns should appear in the newspaper's pages. The Globe tried a failed experiment a few years back of setting up certain people in the area as bloggers. At first glance, it seemed like the blogs were a success; they were filled with reader comments.

Unfortunately for the Globe, most of the comments were from their own bloggers, bickering with each other.

How much they were paying these people for their wisdom I have no idea, but the experiment came to a screeching halt a couple of years ago.

Since then, the Globe has propped up the two "conservative" bloggers, Burlingame and Geoff Caldwell, by providing them with regular space on the editorial pages as "guest columnists." Both of them were featured on today's opinion page.

Burlingame's column (http://www.joplinglobe.com/editorial/x2011609260/Anson-Burlingame-guest-columnist-Important-local-election-looms-in-2014) shows just how little the man knows about what is going on in Joplin.

According to Burlingame, the April school board election centers on one issue- the fact that I was fired from my teaching job. He describes it as "one of the two defining local issues of 2013."

Then he makes it appear my firing is the reason why so many challengers have filed for three Joplin R-8 Board of Education seats:

"If you as a voter feel that the board was right to fire Turner, then you should select candidates who would support similar decisions should they arise in the future. The reverse is true as well. Vote for candidates who believe the board was wrong to fire a tenured teacher if you feel that way."

It is late in the second half of his "guest column" before Burlingame finally acknowledges there are other issues in the school board race, but he names only one -- Common Core Standards.

In fact, Anson Burlingame's column and his assessment of the board race is almost exactly what Superintendent C. J. Huff wants this race to be. It is almost as if C. J. bought Anson lunch and explained what is really going on in the district, playing to Burlingame's apparently endless well of self-importance.

Don't get me wrong. My firing is an important issue -- but mainly to me. It is not the most important issue that is facing Joplin R-8 voters in April. When Anson Burlingame was doing his research for his column (or accepting the talking points of C. J. Huff), he neglected a few other issues that are far more important:

-The district is dangerously low on funds- This is not some baseless charge that I have made up to get back at C. J. Huff, which has been Huff's approach to everything that has been written on the Turner Report. You have to discount what I am writing because I am a disgruntled ex-employee. You don't have to take my word on the financial situation. The board's own strategic plan indicates our reserves are below 14 percent and will be down to as low as eight percent this year. Then miraculously they will improve to 25 percent in 2015. It is all in the strategic plan which is on the district's website. Mr. Burlingame, that is an issue.

-More than 200 teachers have left the district in two years- This is a sign of an administration out of control. When C. J. Huff says that teachers are leaving because their spouses are finding jobs elsewhere and the board of education fails to challenge him, we have a serious problem. I wrote about the departures based on documentation that is available on the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) website.
Mr. Burlingame, that is an issue.

-Student privacy invaded- I would be the last person to try to pin the blame on Administration for its hiring of sex criminal Ronny Justin Myers to its technology staff at $67,000 a year. That could happen to anybody. However, C. J. Huff and company discovered in February that Myers had told authorities that he had pornographic photos of 10 Joplin High School girls on his laptop. One of Myers' duties was monitoring the high school students' computers. The authorities, with the help of Administration, were able to identify four of the students. This was in February, 11 months ago. At that time, Huff told the media and the public that Myers worked in the administration building and had no access to students. What Huff never said then and has not to this day mentioned is that Myers had access to the students' laptops, including the webcams on then, giving him unfettered access to private moments in their homes. The board has never addressed this issue. You can say the information is coming from a disgruntled former employee, but it is all available in court records. Mr. Burlingame, that is an issue.

-District wants more taxpayer money- Less than six months after voters passed the largest bond issue in the Joplin R-8 School District's history, Administration was already planning to ask voters for a tax levy increase to fund paying teachers for after and before-school programs. Again, this comes from public documents- the district's application for a federal Race to the Top grant. Mr. Burlingame that is an issue.

I could go on. I have written about so many things over the past few months, all of them backed by sources, nearly all of them also backed by documents. At the same time, the board has approved a strategic plan that calls for reserves to dwindle to nearly nothing, it has approved out-of-control spending by Administration. Money has been spent to create one layer of administration after another, buy all kinds of technology, including technology to spy on teachers to make sure they are using technology, and wi-fi for buses because the teachers are having to make sure all of their lessons are loaded with technology.

The April 2014 Board of Education election is not quite as simple or as simple-minded as Anson Burlingame portrays it in today's Joplin Globe.

If Globe Publisher Michael Beatty and Editor Carol Stark want to make sure that C. J. Huff's views are well known to the voting public, they should cut out the middle man and let Huff provide the columns.

I have heard the taxpayers are paying a nice salary to the people who do C. J. Huff's writing for him.

Posted by Randy at 4:06 PM WEDNESDAY (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/01/anson-burlingame-is-idiot-joplin-school.html), JANUARY 01, 2014

Cousin Randy Turner
01-10-2014, 11:20 PM
Things I'm Thinking About, January 9 -- Why I Ran the Besendorfer Divorce Story


A few things I'm thinking about:

Why I ran the Besendorfer story - One of the comments I have seen a few times since I posted the story about Joplin R-8 Assistant Superintendent Angie Besendorfer's filing for divorce is that it is not news and people are certainly entitled to their definition of news. I have also heard that more and more I am sounding like a bitter, fired teacher and I have even been accused of stalking.

It Was News - If Angie Besendorfer had filed for divorce even a month or two after my termination hearing, I would not have written a word about it. Some of you may find that hard to believe, but at that point, it did not tie in to any other news stories. I did not just add the last few paragraphs of the story to make it longer. Besendorfer's departure for Western Governors University is a major development in the ongoing series of revelations about the Joplin R-8 School District. It was announced on the day before Thanksgiving with little or no ceremony. Considering the ongoing investigations into the operations of the school district, it was quite natural that many considered it a sign of someone leaving a sinking ship. After all, why would someone under contract leave a school district halfway through the year at a time when new schools are opening- schools that are more a product of her vision than anyone else's? And especially when the crown jewel of those new schools, Joplin High School, is still several months away from opening. I have had people e-mail me and tell me that the marital problems were taking place and offering that as a reason why Besendorfer might be taking the WGU job. At that point, however, the information was not a matter of public record. Now it is. The departure of Angie Besendorfer from the Joplin Schools is a major story. The reason why, and we still do not know it for sure- it could very well be because WGU is a dream job- is an important part of the story.

Stalking? - I understand the people who have a problem with inserting a personal situation, even one that is a matter of record, in a post. Those who took the cheap shot of calling me a stalker are just taking cheap shots. One of the reasons I have so many stories that are not featured elsewhere is because I go through state, county, and federal records on a daily basis. Was I stalking Daniel Whirworth when I ran the target letter he received from the U. S. Attorney telling him he was the subject of a grand jury investigation or Jeffrey Bruner when I wrote that he had been bound over for trial and had his bond set at $1 million? Obviously not, but the last time I received criticism for bringing personal information into a news story was when I revealed that Bruner's wife was an employee at Missouri Southern State University, where murder victim Derek Moore was an offensive line coach. What did that have to do with anything, people wrote me. Sources had already told me that it was very much connected to what happened at Northstar 14, something that quickly became apparent.

Bitter? -- Considering the character assassination that took place last year, something that I have no doubt involved Angie Besendorfer and almost certainly was instigated by her, I would guess not many people would blame me for being bitter. Perhaps to some extent I am, but that is not the reason I have written so many posts about the problems in the Joplin R-8 School District. The one good thing that has come out of my firing is that I have been given the opportunity to work on the biggest story I have been handed in the nearly 37 years since I started my first newspaper job. Hundreds of teachers leaving the school district, out-of-control spending, a climate of fear like none I have seen in the all of the years I covered area school districts and much, much more. Perhaps I am bitter, but I take reporting seriously. As with my earlier reporting on Bruce Speck and the problems at Missouri Southern, no one ever questioned the journalism; they just attacked me personally or accused me of being tabloid.

In conclusion - For those of you who simply have a problem with ever bringing something like a divorce into the news, I respect that opinion and I do not want to lose you as readers. I want you to know that writing something like this is not something I do without careful consideration. Judge me on my entire record.

Posted by Randy at 8:32 PM THURSDAY (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/01/things-im-thinking-about-january-9-why.html), JANUARY 09, 2014

Cousin Randy Turner
01-16-2014, 11:55 PM
Things I'm Thinking About, January 16


Some of the things I have been thinking about:

TV Leads the Way over Joplin Globe - As those who have followed this blog over the years are well aware, I occasionally received smartaleck comments from people who absolutely hate me, but can't seem to live their lives without reading what I write. Today, I received one of those comments. The reader wanted to know if I planned to "take credit" for the Joplin Globe finally writing about the lawsuit filed by former Royal Heights Principal Larry Masters against Joplin R-8 Assistant Superintendent Angie Besendorfer.

The answer to that question is no. The Joplin Globe did not write about the lawsuit until it our local television stations not only featured it, but led their newscasts with the story. After that, it appeared in the Globe. I am certain that if our local TV reporters had not broadcast the story, we would still be waiting to see it in the Globe.

The philosophy at the newspaper of record is simple- if it runs in the Turner Report, it is not news. If it runs in the Turner Report and then it's on TV, something has to be written about it.

A case in point- The lead story in the Wednesday Joplin Globe, right at the top of page one, was the information that Joplin lawyer Daniel Whitworth had received a letter from the U. S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri telling him he is the target of a grand jury probe. Not only did the Joplin Globe wait until the TV stations ran with the story, but the Globe story ran a full six days after it was featured in the Turner Report.

The Globe's upper hierarchy seems to be under the mistaken impression that they can ignore the news because it's not news until they say it is.

That philosophy is getting to be more and more embarrassing for the Globe. The largest news-gathering staff in Joplin is being beaten consistently on stories by the local television stations and far more times than it should be by the Turner Report.

Is a Medical School for Joplin on the Horizon? - I am hearing that talks are heating up with the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (KCUMB) on a medical school for Joplin. Reportedly, some heavy-hitters in the Joplin and Neosho areas, people who are known for putting big money into political campaigns have raised about half of the money that will be needed. Reportedly, if this happens, it will not be located at the location of the current Joplin Public Library as had been speculated, but on the controversial prairie land that had been discussed earlier.

Doesn't Angie Besendorfer have a contract? Questions remain about the impending departure of Joplin R-8 Assistant Superintendent. Didn't she sign a contract to work for the school district? Does her pay end at the moment she leaves or is she being paid through the end of her contract? It's not that I am complaining that she is leaving, far from it, but it would be highly unlikely that a teacher would be let out of his or her contract to go to a better job. In fact, any effort to do so would probably be met with threats of having the teacher's license revoked.

Posted by Randy at 7:43 PM Thursday, 16 January 2014 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/01/things-im-thinking-about-january-16.html)

Cousin Randy Turner
01-21-2014, 11:41 PM
Text provided for Gov. Nixon's State of the State Address


Thank you, Lieutenant Governor Kinder, Speaker Jones, President Pro Tem Dempsey, judges of the Missouri Supreme Court, state officials, members of the legislature, members of my cabinet, and my fellow Missourians.

With us tonight are Missouri's exceptional First Lady, Georganne, and our son, Will.

Tonight, we are honored to be joined by Missourians who put their lives on the line to protect the lives of others. Whether they fight our enemies abroad or protect our communities at home, these ordinary men and women do extraordinary things. They are real heroes.

On August 6, in the dark of night, deadly flash floods struck several Missouri communities without warning. In Pulaski County, creeks became raging rivers, rising by as much as 23 feet - inundating homes, washing out roads and, ultimately, claiming lives.

There were many acts of bravery that night, as state and local emergency personnel fanned out to look for folks who needed help.

Two local firefighters had been attempting to rescue a man and a young child, when their boat capsized in the rushing water, leaving all four of them clinging to a single guidewire.

Another local first responder had been holding two women above water for thirty minutes, never giving up on the rescue attempt, but tiring.

Fortunately, Corporal Lance DeClue and Lieutenant Justin McCullough of our Missouri State Highway Patrol were on duty that night.

Overcoming darkness and debris, pouring rain and treacherous floodwaters, and even a stalled rescue boat, troopers DeClue and McCullough got all seven of these individuals to safety.

Three years ago, when we worked together to merge the State Highway and Water Patrols, we knew this change would improve efficiency and reduce overhead. It has. But in the rushing waters that night, it was clear that the benefits of this reform went way beyond balance sheets. It saved lives.

I'd like us all to recognize Corporal DeClue and Lieutenant McCullough, who are with us tonight. Please join me in thanking them for their service and heroism.
These brave Missourians remind us that the true strength of our state cannot be measured in bricks or bushels, but in the talents and tenacity of our citizens.

Here in Missouri, folks don't shy away from challenges - they work together to tackle them. Getting up early. working hard. staying late. and looking out for one another.

And thanks to the people of Missouri, the state of our state is strong, and growing stronger with each passing day.

In every corner of our state, wages are up, personal income is up, and unemployment continues to fall.

In fact, since I took office in January 2009, Missouri's unemployment rate has dropped from 8.6 percent to 6.1 percent, and it's been below the national average for 51 straight months.

Since this time last year, Missouri has added nearly 44,000 jobs. And when you look at the pace of private sector job growth, Missouri was top 10 in the nation - better than every single one of our neighboring states.

Agriculture exports from Missouri have increased by more than a billion dollars over the past five years - 71 percent - thanks to Missouri farmers and ranchers.

Behind these impressive numbers are significant investments by companies that are hiring and growing all across our state - high-tech global brands like Monsanto, Expedia, Express Scripts and Cerner, to name just a few, along with small businesses and startups like CoFactor Genomics in St. Louis and Brewer Science in Rolla.

We all know that if you want to win, you've got to compete. That's why I want to thank this General Assembly for helping us make Missouri a finalist for the Boeing 777X. We didn't win the biggest prize - but we competed at the highest level.

It's important to remember, it was just three and a half years ago, that we came together in another special session that also had very high stakes.

Auto plants had closed. Jobs had gone overseas. And folks thought it wouldn't be long before the last Missouri-made vehicle rolled off the line.

But instead of giving up, we took action.

Together, we passed the Missouri Manufacturing Jobs Act, we upped our investments in workforce training, and we saved Missouri's auto industry.

Today, Missouri's automotive comeback continues to make headlines. Just look at last week:

On Sunday, GM unveiled the all-new Missouri-made GMC Canyon..
On Monday, Ford unveiled the all-new Missouri-made F-150.

Later that day, we welcomed a new automotive supplier - Janesville Acoustics - and over 150 jobs to Warrensburg.

And on Thursday, Ford announced the hiring of the 1,000th worker to build the Ford Transit van, previously built exclusively overseas.

Ask any autoworker in Claycomo or Wentzville about the pride they take in building the next-generation of American-made vehicles, and they'll tell you it means a lot more than just a paycheck.

For those autoworkers and their families, the work we do here is very real.

Our economic progress is no accident. It's the result of a clear and unwavering focus on strict fiscal discipline and smart investments.

We're the Show-Me State, so we developed a strategic plan, and we followed it.

Instead of engaging in Washington-style deficit spending, we kept our fiscal discipline - balancing budgets, cutting waste and keeping taxes low. This past year, all three major rating agencies reaffirmed Missouri's perfect AAA credit rating.

Tonight, as I have every year, I am proposing a balanced budget that holds the line on taxes - and continues to downsize government, cutting 81 more positions from state payrolls. By the end of this fiscal year, we will have reduced the state workforce by 4,600 full-time employees.

But we didn't just make government smaller - we made it smarter. We reduced energy use, sold off surplus property and put more state services online. My budget continues to invest in technology to provide Missourians with the efficient, effective, accountable government they deserve.

Keeping our fiscal house in order helped us protect our shared values. We made sure that as we moved our economy forward, we didn't leave folks behind: a young child with autism, a student working her way through college, a family rebuilding after a natural disaster, or a soldier returning from the frontlines.

Four years ago, we launched Show-Me Heroes to help employers recruit and hire our men and women in uniform. Two years ago, we strengthened it by making sure these veterans also get the training they need. Today, Show-Me Heroes continues to change lives.

I recently visited one of the 3,400 Missouri companies that have taken the Show-Me Heroes pledge. At IBM in Columbia, we recognized the 5,000th veteran employed through this program.

Our veterans fought for us - so we're going to be there for them.

For every soldier serving our country overseas, there's a family back here at home - putting on a brave face each day for the kids. Families who, in soldiering on through the loneliness, lend their loved ones strength, lend us all strength - and so it's important that we honor their sacrifice as well.

Tonight we are joined by Heather Styles and her daughters, Paige and Payton. Heather's husband of 11 years, Maj. Matthew Styles, is a helicopter pilot on his second deployment to Afghanistan. While he serves our country at war, Heather is holding down the fort at their home here in Jefferson City.

They represent thousands of military families all across our state who are counting down the days while their loved ones are in harm's way. Please join me in thanking the Styles family for their service and sacrifice, and wishing Major Styles a safe and speedy return home.

Together, we've laid a solid foundation that got us through some tough economic times, and has brought us to a defining moment for our state.

Now, with our economy picking up steam, how do we build on that foundation?
With Washington paralyzed by politics, what can we do here in Missouri to make a lasting difference for real people?

And when it's always easier to do the small things and then declare victory, how do we tackle the big challenges? The things that matter most: good schools, good jobs, and healthy communities for our kids to grow up in.
Missouri is a diverse state. Just here in this room, we've got farmers and small business owners; artists and outdoorsmen. There aren't many things every single one of us would agree on.

But here's one we can:

Our single greatest responsibility - as elected officials, as parents, as citizens of our state - is to make sure every child in Missouri has an opportunity to achieve his or her dreams.

And we all know, that opportunity starts with education.

For centuries, public education has been a value we cherish as Americans, a value we've reaffirmed time after time.

In the 1700s, Thomas Jefferson called for a public education system that would safeguard our young democracy from tyranny and oppression.

In the 1800s, we established the land grant university system, including the University of Missouri and Lincoln University.

By 1900, every state in the nation had free public elementary schools.

And when the Greatest Generation returned home from World War II - after literally saving the free world - a grateful nation honored them with something far more precious - and patriotic - than a ticker tape parade: the GI Bill.

Shepherded through Congress by Missouri Senator Champ Clark, the GI Bill gave millions of Americans an opportunity their parents never had: the chance to earn a college degree without going into debt.

Think of the impact that it had: between 1940 and 1950, the number of degrees awarded by U.S. colleges and universities more than doubled. Over the next half century, the percentage of Americans with a college degree quintupled.

They became engineers and small business owners; scientists and Supreme Court Justices; Presidents and preschool teachers.

They bought homes, started families, and launched companies - creating the modern middle class, and driving a postwar economic boom unlike anything the world had ever seen.

We're joined by one of them tonight.

Dr. Frank Fontana of St. Louis served in the Army during World War II, and followed the frontlines all the way to Berlin. When he came home, the GI Bill provided him the opportunity to get a degree in optometry, and later he started his own practice.

He married the love of his life, Dorris, and they had two sons who they put through school. The GI Bill gave Frank the opportunity to pursue his dreams, to support his family, and become a great optometrist. I should know - he was mine.

Please join me in thanking Dr. Frank Fontanta for his service and for reminding us what the American dream is all about.

This nation's greatest generation made a commitment to education - and as a result, they made the United States the driver of the global economy and the undisputed leader of the free world.

Now, it's our turn to carry on that legacy.

Now, we must work to help every child start school ready to learn.

We must demand that every school is getting the job done.

And, we must make sure that every student can afford to get a college degree.

Together, let's resolve to give our children and grandchildren more opportunities, better opportunities than we had, and build the future they deserve.

We need to start early. Parents and teachers see it every day: the first few years of a child's development have an impact that lasts a lifetime.

A child who starts kindergarten ready to learn, is more likely to succeed in school, go to college, and get a good job.

Working together, over the last year, we've expanded access to early childhood education, giving more children the opportunity to go to high quality preschool in their communities.

But this year, it's time that we do much more. Kids grow up fast - so there's no time to waste. We must work together to make sure our kids start smart.
And that's why my budget will nearly triple funding for the Missouri Preschool Program.

We will provide quality early learning opportunities to thousands more kids all across Missouri. But that's just the beginning.

As many of you know, Georganne and I spend a lot of time at Missouri's schools - touring classrooms, talking to students, meeting with teachers and staff. Sometimes, I shoot a few hoops.

Our schools are the hearts of our communities. They're where we gather for picnics and dances, ball games and bingo - where lifelong friendships are made, and fundamental values are learned.

And in today's global economy, whether you root for the DeSoto Dragons, the Sikeston Bulldogs or the Mound City Panthers, our K-12 schools must also be rigorous, high-tech institutions of innovation.

More technology. Smaller class sizes. Well-prepared teachers. The tools our kids need to succeed.

Accomplishing that goal is going to take an unwavering commitment by all of us, and it's going to take money.

That's why my budget increases funding for our K-12 classrooms this year by $278 million, and will put us on a path to fully funding the foundation formula next year.

Every one of us has run for office. And when we knocked on doors and folks asked if we believed in public education - we all said yes. And at every town hall meeting, when someone raised their hand and asked what we'd do for teachers - we said we'd support them. And on the campaign trail, I'll bet almost all of us made a promise to invest in our students and our schools.

Well, you know what? It's time to put our budgets where our campaign brochures are.

Now it's time to decide whether we're merely going to talk about public education, or whether we're going to fund it.

This is the test - and this is the year - to get serious about fully funding our schools. Our local schools will put these dollars to work in a big way for our kids and communities.

Here are just a few of the priorities that school districts have already identified:

In Kennett, every student will have a computer.

In Fort Zumwalt, 50 additional teachers will reduce class sizes, and give kids the personal attention they need.

In Santa Fe, they'll bring back summer school, and establish the district's first early childhood education program.

Up in Kirksville, they will implement Project Lead the Way - the hands-on curriculum that helps students understand and excel in science.

And in Springfield, 4,000 more three- and four-year-olds will have the opportunity to attend high-quality preschool.

Tonight we are joined by teachers, administrators, and board members from across the state. I'd like you to stand. Please join me in thanking them for taking on the honorable challenge of educating our kids.

And with this commitment to fully funding the formula, we're going to demand accountability and measurable results: tougher classes, higher test scores, and higher graduation rates.

Our students need to be ready to compete worldwide - and that means they have to raise their game, and we need to raise ours too.
We've got to believe in education so much, that we commit to making it better.

And when we talk about education - there is something that always bears repeating: there is no more honorable profession than being a teacher.

None of us would be in this room today were it not for the extraordinary people who taught us - and believed in us - years ago.

We are blessed to have so many talented teachers across our state, selfless public servants who stay late to make sure our children don't fall behind, who often dig into their own pockets to make sure they have the materials they need to teach our kids.

And yet each year, there are some who believe the way to build up our schools is to tear down our teachers - trying to cut their pay, or reduce their retirement benefits or threaten their job security.

That simply needs to stop.

Now we can all support making smart reforms to our education system. And of course, we should hold educators accountable for the important job we entrust them to perform.

But instead of attacking public school teachers, we should make it our mission to recruit the best and brightest minds to take on the honorable work of teaching our kids. And that is exactly what this significant education investment will allow our local school districts to do.

Tonight we are pleased to be joined by Tobin Schultz. Ever since he was in the ninth grade, Mr. Schultz knew he wanted to be a teacher - and at Joplin High School, he continues to inspire and motivate students each and every day. Last October, Mr. Schultz won the prestigious Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award.

We were all inspired by how Joplin - even in its darkest hour - rallied behind its students and its schools. Just this month, 1,400 students in Joplin walked in to three brand new schools, marking another milestone in a remarkable recovery.

Mr. Schultz is joined by Joplin High School Principal Dr. Kerry Sachetta, A-Plus Coordinator Susan Day, and Superintendent Dr. C.J. Huff.

Please join me in thanking Mr. Schultz - and all of our teachers - for the vitally important work they do each day.

At Joplin High, Mr. Schultz works hard to make sure kids are prepared to take the next step, and pursue the higher education they need for the careers they want.

Many of us have probably had the same conversation with our kids around the dinner table: we tell them that no matter what they're interested in, the more education they get, the more financially secure they will be.

The numbers are stark: the unemployment rate among high school graduates is more than twice that of college graduates. And by the end of this decade, two-thirds of all jobs will require some kind of college credential.

Together, we've made great strides to make sure that a quality, affordable college education is an option for every family. In fact, over the past five years, Missouri's public universities have led the nation in holding down tuition increases.

Number one.

But we're not done yet. Working together, we're going to make sure students graduate from college with the skills to compete for good jobs, not a load of debt.
That's why I have called on our four-year institutions to once again freeze tuition for Missouri undergraduates.

That's right - under my budget, Missouri undergraduates at our public universities should not have to pay a penny more for tuition next year. Not a penny.
And no student should have to settle for less education, just because their parents make less money.

So we're doing something about that. My budget puts additional dollars behind our Access Missouri Scholarship program so that students from low-income families can get the financial aid they need.

And we'll make sure Bright Flight lives up to its original mission of keeping our best and brightest students here in Missouri during college and after they graduate.

Finally, I'm proud to report that we've taken our A-Plus Schools program statewide, adding 266 schools since 2009 - giving thousands more students the opportunity to earn an A-Plus Scholarship.
Today, all across Missouri, students who work hard, play by the rules and give back to their communities can attend two years of community college - tuition free.

But affordability is only part of the equation.

Once again, core funding for our colleges and universities will be awarded based on performance: on how well our institutions meet specific goals.

And in the high-tech global economy, we need to make sure the degrees students pursue match the skills that businesses need.

Over the next decade, the jobs that are in highest demand will require at least some background in science, technology, engineering or math - the so-called STEM fields.

We're talking about software programmers and scientists, mathematicians and machinists, coders and chemists.

The best way to attract more of these high-paying jobs is to make sure our workers have the skills to fill them - and that is exactly what our STEM initiative will do. With an initial investment of $22 million, this initiative will help our universities purchase state-of-the-art equipment, expand lab space and - most importantly - produce more graduates in these fast-growing fields.

Investing in high-tech education will pack a huge punch for our economy.

Education must start early - but it can never stop. With technology constantly advancing, we can't forget that learning needs to be a lifelong endeavor.

Every Missourian willing to work hard and learn something new - no matter what their age or education level - should have the opportunity to take that next step and move up the economic ladder.

I thank the legislature for working with us to strengthen our workforce training tools, and give more Missouri workers the opportunity to sharpen their skills, and get better jobs.

From preschool to graduate school, in total, my budget includes 493 million additional dollars for education.

Our growing economy, combined with our sound budget management, affords us this unique opportunity to invest in our students' future - our state's future.
It's our responsibility to do it.

But there are those who feel that instead of fully funding our schools, we should pull money out of our classrooms in order to experiment with our tax code.
Let's get something straight: I've held the line on taxes every year I've been Governor and will do so again this year.

Missouri's a low-tax state - sixth lowest in the nation - and we like it that way.

I've signed four tax cuts as your Governor - specific, targeted tax cuts that have helped our businesses expand and grow. For example, Missouri employers will save $70 million this year alone because we cut the corporate franchise tax.

But here's what I won't do: I will not support anything that takes money out of our classrooms.

As we saw last summer, in community after community in all corners of our state, parents, teachers, administrators, school board members, business leaders and concerned citizens spoke out with one united voice.

The people of Missouri said they expect their elected leaders to support public schools, because they know that education is the best economic development tool there is.

High paying jobs, growing businesses, thriving communities - these are goals we share, so let's invest in the one thing we know will help us achieve them: a workforce that can compete worldwide.

This is the year to send a budget to my desk that puts us on track to fully funding our schools, and builds the Missouri our kids deserve.

We've shown that we can work together to create better opportunities for all Missourians. Just look at what we're doing - together - to serve Missourians with disabilities and mental illness.

In 2010, we passed landmark legislation to require insurance companies to cover the diagnosis and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders - and what a difference it's made for our kids.

Today, because of this law, 1.6 million Missourians have coverage for these proven treatments, and more than 2,500 Missourians were treated for autism spectrum disorders last year.

Our Partnership for Hope continues to be a tremendous and life-changing success for thousands of Missourians with developmental disabilities. My budget expands this vital program to even more Missourians, in more communities across the state.

For years, thousands of Missourians with developmental disabilities were forced to wait months - often years - to get the in-home Medicaid services they needed - people like Nate Huffman from St. Peters, who I met when we first launched the Partnership for Hope in 2010.

Back when he was in school, Nate had access to physical therapy and other services that helped him be more independent. He'd even gotten strong enough to walk around his high school track. But when he graduated, those services ended.

For eight years, Nate's condition and quality of life worsened while he was placed on a waiting list for in-home services. Eight years - it was heart-breaking. But that was before the Partnership for Hope.

Today, Nate is doing much better. His physical therapy is going well and he's able to communicate through a new computer system. He told me that his goal was to someday be able to walk around that track again - and thanks to the Partnership for Hope, he's getting closer to reaching that goal each and every day.

Because of Missourians like Nate, each year I've been in office, we've made it a priority to chip away at that waiting list.

And now I'm proud to report, this year that waiting list will no longer exist.

Our friends and neighbors will now get the life-changing services they need, when they need them.

On mental illness - as tragedies across the nation exposed dangerous gaps in our country's mental health safety net - we took action here in Missouri:

We added new mental health liaisons at each of our 29 community mental health centers, so that our law enforcement officers can focus on being cops, not frontline caregivers.

We launched seven targeted emergency room response teams, to ease the burden on our doctors and nurses.

And we made a historic investment in Mental Health First Aid training, so that more teachers, clergy, first responders and ordinary citizens can identify the signs of mental illness and know what to do.

Together, we are training more than 1,000 Missourians on these proven, life-saving techniques. And with your help this session, we'll train thousands more.
But as any member of law enforcement can tell you, there are those for whom preventative services are simply not enough. Some mental illnesses are so severe that those suffering from them are a danger to themselves and others.

Since 1851, this care has been provided at Fulton State Mental Hospital, Missouri's only maximum security psychiatric facility - a facility that is crumbling and in desperate need of replacement.

It's inadequate to the needs of patients. It's dangerous for the staff who care for them. And it's an embarrassment to our state.
Now is the time to take action.

That's why I look forward to working with you to address this most urgent of needs and issue bonds to support the construction of a new mental hospital in Fulton.

Interest rates are low. Our credit rating is high. And the need is undeniable. Friends, let's roll up our sleeves, work together, and for the safety of all our communities, get it done this year.

And as we intensify our efforts to make sure that Missourians with mental illness and developmental disabilities get the appropriate care - it's clear that we need more qualified professionals to provide that care.

Just look at the numbers - 104 of Missouri's 114 counties are designated as mental health professional shortage areas; 72 counties lack even a licensed psychiatrist.

These are good jobs that are in demand now - we just need the qualified professionals to fill them. That is why my budget includes a $20 million investment to help our community colleges and universities train 1,200 more mental health professionals.

From teaching a child with autism how to interact with peers, to helping law enforcement respond to individuals in mental health crisis, these health professionals will help keep our communities safe - and make sure all Missourians have the opportunity to live up to their God-given potential.

The priorities I've just laid out are by no means the only issues that require our attention this session:

We need to restore the public's faith in what we do here by reinstating strict campaign contribution limits and passing comprehensive ethics reform.

We need to rein in the tax credit programs that don't deliver a solid return on our investment.

And we need to end discrimination against LGBT Missourians in the workplace. No Missourian should be fired because of who they are or who they love. Last year, the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act passed the Senate with bipartisan support, but failed to get to my desk. Let's get it done this year.

We need to fix the law that's led to so much stress and uncertainty for families and schools, as thousands of students are transported from one district to another.

We need to have a robust discussion about our state's long-term transportation infrastructure needs - and how to pay for them.

We need to develop a comprehensive energy plan for our state: one that balances the need for low-cost, reliable energy with our duty to be responsible stewards of the environment.

And we need to reauthorize the Missouri Rx program, to prevent more than 200,000 seniors and Missourians with disabilities from paying more for their prescription drugs. Let's work together, as we did just three years ago, to extend this essential help for Missourians in need.

But the most significant improvement we could make to the health and wellbeing of our state is Medicaid, and it needs to get done this year.

Since New Year's Day, Missouri taxpayers have spent $115 million and counting - $5.47 million a day - to improve and reform health care in other states, like Arkansas and Arizona, New Jersey and Iowa, Michigan and North Dakota. This adds up to $2 billion, or $500 for every Missouri taxpayer, every year.

Each day we don't act, these states use Missourians' tax dollars to implement innovative reforms, like rewards for making healthier lifestyle choices and penalties for missing doctors' appointments.

Each day we don't act, Missouri's Medicaid system continues as it has for years, without additional protections for taxpayers, or new measures to promote personal responsibility.

Each day we don't act, thousands of Missouri women aren't getting the preventive health care they need to detect breast or cervical cancer early - while there's still time to treat it.

And each day we don't act, nearly 300,000 working Missourians go another day without the treatment they desperately need, for no other reason than they live in Branson instead of Bentonville, in Cape Girardeau instead of Cairo, in Maryville instead of Muscatine.

And if you don't see these folks knocking on your doors or lighting up your phone lines, it's because they don't have time. They're working to pay the bills and make ends meet.

We all know there are problems with Obamacare, and Washington's implementation of it has been abysmal.

But rejecting Medicaid won't fix any of those things. It won't keep Missourians from having to pay federal taxes, or exempt our businesses from new requirements under the law.

Instead, by standing still, we're making the things we don't like about Obamacare even worse, forcing Missourians to bear all the costs of this law - and reap none of the benefits.

Think about that.

The people who are suffering now as a result of our failure to act don't work in the White House - they work the night shift in our factories. They wait tables and scrub floors. They drive snow plows and look after our kids.

Right now, hundreds of thousands of these working Missourians can't afford to get the basic health services they need to lead healthy, productive lives.

They're folks like Anita Sutherland from Van Buren. Anita was a home health care worker who now works part-time at Head Start.

Being uninsured has already taken a toll. A year ago, Anita was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had to leave her full time job. Since then, she's racked up over $100,000 in medical bills, and is suffering from complications of her cancer treatment. Today, buried in a mountain of debt and unable to afford the medical care she needs, Anita doesn't see a way out. She feels hopeless.

But when we strengthen Medicaid, Anita will be covered. She'll be able to get the treatment she needs and go back to working full time. She'll have hope.

Working Missourians like Anita aren't looking for a handout. They just want to get a checkup without wiping out their bank account.

I challenge each one of you to think of any other bill that would make this kind of real and immediate difference - the kind of difference Medicaid expansion would make - in the lives of the people we represent.

I challenge each of you to consider how history will judge those who had the power to help people like Anita - and chose not to.

I challenge each of you to explain why it makes more sense to pay for Medicaid in other states, than it does to reform it in ours.

The path before us is clear:

We can make sure working folks can access affordable health care coverage.

We can improve and reform Medicaid in Missouri.

We can help people.

As the book of Isaiah says: "If you satisfy.. the needs of the afflicted, then your light shall rise in the darkness and your night will become like the noonday."

At this time last year, the same Medicaid debate was taking place in state capitols across the country.

And since that time, we've seen Governors and legislators, Democrats and Republicans, in other states, come together to reform their health care systems. But here in Missouri we stood still. And now we've fallen behind.

This year, Missouri is paying the cost.

This year, Missourians are suffering the consequences.

I look forward to working with all of you to bring affordable health coverage to working families in Missouri and reform Medicaid the Missouri way.

One year ago, many of us gathered in St. Louis to mourn the loss of an icon - Missouri's adopted son, Stan Musial.

Stan the Man was a member of the Greatest Generation who put his career on hold to serve in World War II - and went on to become the greatest hitter in baseball history.

Stan was called baseball's "perfect warrior" - because while he swung a loud bat, he also carried himself with a quiet dignity - always a gentleman.

He was known to say, "Every day you put this jersey on, it's a privilege."

The same can be said for all of us in this room.

Every day when you put that pin on your lapel, and enter these doors to do the people's business, it's a privilege.

And with that privilege comes responsibility.

The people of Missouri count on us to look out for their families as if they were our families.

To focus on what matters: Better jobs. Better schools. Better opportunities for their children.

And it's easy to get caught up in the political back and forth of the day. Or the controversy of the hour. Or the latest tweet.

But we must be bigger than that, because the work we do here is very, very real.

It's real to the parents in Bolivar who didn't go to college but save money every week so someday their children can.

It's real to the farmer in Trenton who nearly lost his crop during the drought of 2012, but has come charging back.

It's real to the child with autism in O'Fallon who's getting the ABA treatment he needs to learn and thrive.

And you better believe it's real to the family in Joplin who lost everything and could have moved away and started anew - but they chose to stay right there to rebuild the town they love.

And their state government has been with them every step of the way -because that's what we do. That's why we serve.

We're here to make a difference for those who work hard and need a hand - often times for people we'll never meet.

Because the legacy we leave will not be measured by votes on Election Day or back-slaps in these hallways - it will be measured by the lasting impact we have on the communities we serve.

The opportunity we've been given - to make this kind of difference in the lives of those we represent - is as rare as it is fleeting.

Ten years from now, when trucks are still rolling off the line in Claycomo, folks might not remember the Missouri Manufacturing Jobs Act.

Twenty years from now, when the mom whose insurance paid for the cancer treatment that saved her life attends her son's college graduation, she won't know the names of the lawmakers who voted for Medicaid expansion.

And 30 years from now, when the student who was the first in her family to go to college takes the reins of a Fortune 500 company, she probably won't credit the high quality preschool she attended.

But we will. And we'll know we focused on the right things. We'll know we made the right choices.

That's our call to action.

That's the sacred responsibility we hold.

In the short time we've been given, let's make it count.

Working together, let's build the Missouri our kids deserve.

Thank you and God Bless.

Posted by Randy at 5:05 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/01/live-jay-nixon-gives-missouri-state-of.html#more) Tuesday 21 Nov 14

Cousin Randy Turner
02-07-2014, 11:22 PM
Randy, you're a bitter old man and we're worried about you


Over the last couple of weeks, I have been the recipient of a heartwarming display of genuine concern from my anonymous and/or untraceable friends.

"Randy, we're worried about you," one wrote. "For years, I have admired your work, but lately, you have turned into a bitter old man..

Another one wrote, "Randy, you have totally ruined your reputation as a reporter and as a teacher. You''ve become an old grouch. You have to get over getting fired and start writing about something positive. I am worried about you."

A third added this sentiment. "Randy, you are sounding more and more like an old whiner. You have so much to offer, but you are so negative."

That person was worried about me, too.

These messages have me extremely upset.

Why in the world do all anonymous and untraceable people think 57 is old?

I can live with the comments about being "bitter" and "grouchy" and being a "whiner," but come on, don't pick on a person just because he is on the wrong side of 50.

And be more generous with your use of adjectives- I am not old; I am well seasoned, perhaps loaded with wisdom (some would just say loaded), or aging gracefully. After all, I still have all of my hair- I keep it in a box under my bed.

I would say that the sudden rush of concern for me is more of a sign of the effectiveness of the Turner Report.

One anonymous reader said I had hurt my reputation and have grown "old and out of touch" (there's that word again), because I mix opinion with facts. No offense to this anonymous reader,but I have been writing the Turner Report for more than 10 years and it has always been accurately labeled as "news and commentary." My readers can tell the two apart.

The problem, as I see it, is that some of the powers-that-be in Joplin are more concerned that people are reading what I write, and many of them are agreeing with me. It has been rewarding over the past several weeks to hear from many readers who said they had never heard of the Turner Report, but now they read it every day. Many of them have also commented thoughts along the lines of "Why aren't we seeing any of this in the Joplin Globe?" They will have to ask Carol Stark about that.

As for me being bitter, nothing could be further from the truth, as anyone who has talked to me can tell you. The people who are bitter are the ones who are helpless because they cannot do anything about the world that surrounds them.

I do not accept that there are people who are so powerful that they cannot be touched. If the Joplin Globe had lived up to its responsibilities, there might not be a need for someone like me. If the Joplin Globe had been doing its job, the circumstances that brought about my departure from the teaching field would never have happened. Hundreds of others night still be employed in the Joplin School District. The situation that is developing with the city of Joplin and Wallace-Bajjali might never have occurred or the behavior of the firm might have been modified if they knew that they were being watched by reporters, rather than cheerleaders.

What my "anonymous friends" do not seem to realize is that the people of Joplin are intelligent. If I were feeding them a bunch of nonsense, they would have turned away a long time ago. My writing has a point of view, it certainly is filled with attitude, but it is based on truth and in most cases has been backed up with documents.

I am excited about having the opportunity to perform a service for the community.

But I'm not bitter...and I am certainly not old.

Posted by Randy at 5:24 PM Friday (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/02/randy-youre-bitter-old-man-and-were.html), February 7, 2014

Cousin Randy Turner
03-05-2014, 12:22 PM
Announcement: I am mailing out resumes . . .

. . . looking for masochistic retards stupid enough to hire trouble for theysselfs.


I have been trying to keep this a secret, but it is about to leak out, so I will share it with my Turner Report readers.

For the past several months, I have been mailing resumes to all different sorts of schools, people who are looking for just the right kind of person for the right kind of job involving education.

So far, no one is responding to these resumes with any enthusiasm, so I will probably stop needing to put the truth in them and start embellishing them to make landing a job a possibility.

Don't be feeling sorry, however.

If I can keep sending out his resumes, surely someone will hire C. J. Huff and get him out of Joplin.

Posted by Randy at 7:53 PM Tuesday (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/03/announcement-i-am-mailing-out-resumes.html), March 4, 2014


Let's see:

Any skrule district stupid enough to employ you will have to inevitably deal with poisonous diatribes on your blogs and having themselves slandered and defamed by sundry idiot books which only your detractors read but only then download when they are free or for purposes of termination of your teaching contract.

You will also insist that you just got to have social-media access after school hours with no supervision from either the school administration and/or the parents. In short, exactly what other perverts want, claiming to have a "great love" for vulnerable children without much in the way of caring adult supervision, but with an Internet connection, and an awful lot of time on their hands.

Then when you get caught violating school board policies, and are marked for termination for cause, you certainly won't go quietly. Not at all. You will whine profusely on your blog, proclaiming your innocence while avoiding any situation under which you are under oath and thus maybe facing criminal, in addition to termination, charges.

Such a deal, Turner. Who doesn't want to avoid the entire matter and not even think of getting burnt by a rogue teacher by simply "file-thirteening" your resume into the nearest trash can?

You have been blacklisted by the local media and school districts for a reason. Your 'independent reporting' has been coonfined to this, your free blogger account. The only ones who read you are:

1) your fellow liberal drone-tards;
2) your numerous enemies who aren't inclined to either forgive nor forget, and;
3) those who love to wallow in the local crap which, granted, you have a knack for airing.

Turner, you are like the blind pig that sometimes finds a truffle.

Stick to what you are good at, Turner. Write your slanted, biased, mean-spirited, vicious one-sided blog telling us that the local idiots and criminals on the city council and the board of education are largely flea-brained idiots with the morals of jack weasels who run things just like you would if ever anyone was stupid enough to elect you for anything.

Cousin Randy Turner
03-12-2014, 10:22 PM
Alone in his bunker - the C. J. Huff story



It is not a problem most of us will ever have to face.

Alone in his bunker at 32nd and Duquesne, C. J. Huff had a serious decision to make- Should he put "hero of the Joplin Tornado" at the top of his resume or should he put it somewhere slightly lower on the first page and show that he has remained a modest man in spite of all of the acclaim that has come his way since May 22, 2011?

People had been telling him for the past two years that he needed to cash in while he was still a hot commodity and they were not just talking about the frequent speeches he has made all across the country.

Other jobs were out there, other school districts, business possibilities, maybe even becoming a full-time motivational speaker. He had enjoyed the interaction with those who attended his presentations and the news clippings, all of which mentioned either that he had been brought to tears or he was at the brink of tears as he related the events of May 22 and the days afterward.

But C. J. Huff stayed in Joplin where he was loved. He had to be loved; his Bright Futures partners told him so.

Little by little, the hero facade that was erected around C. J. Huff after the tornado began fading away as he said things that reminded people of the days before May 22 when he was a mortal just like the rest of us.

-When more than 200 teachers left the district in two years, he said it was because their spouses had found jobs in other communities. That made sense. When the husbands get jobs, the little women have to follow.

-When he spent thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on a thank you tour at a time when district funds were dwindling. The people who helped Joplin would have appreciated phone calls and sincere thank-you letters just as much.

-When he, with the unanimous stamp of approval of the R-8 Board of Education, submitted a five-year strategic plan that called for the district reserves to fall to as low as eight percent, but to miraculously climb back up to 25 percent, even though no efforts were being made to curb spending.

-When he made a call to an employer and suggested it would not be a good idea that if an employee decided to run for Board of Education.

-When he made references to being a conservative and about conservatives having pitchforks and torches.

- And, most importantly, at least to this rogue teacher, he found out that I'd written a pornographic poison-pen book against himself and Angie, and I put free download links to what was purportedly a teaching blog. That, and running my classroom like an ass-clown out to aggrandize myself while violating numerous school board policies telling me not to have inappropriate contact with students I was "grooming" without the permission of either parents or school administration. The Huffster cried and I lied and after due process, was fired for cause.

It has been one thing after another and it has not helped that during the past few months, he has had federal and state officials on his back about nagging paltry little things like proper use of Title I funds and questionable practices that led to higher graduation rates.

How could anyone question the graduation rates? Would the Joplin R-8 School District have spent $3,000 for a party for local businessman to announce an 85 percent graduation rate if it were not so?

C. J. Huff may have missed the best time to leave, but signs that he should be looking have been all around him for the past few months.

Though he was never really that close with Angie Besendorfer, she had been able to take care of the day-to-day management of the school district while Huff busied himself with the herculean tasks of increasing the graduation rates and continuing to build a Bright Futures empire.

When she resigned, all of a sudden Huff found himself surrounded by people whose chief loyalty was to Besendorfer and not to him. Even worse, many of the people were not qualified for the positions they held. Some lacked the proper degrees; most had little, if any experience, and many of the people who were there had not been hired because of any management ability or any outstanding knowledge of education, but because they were willing to do, without question, anything Besendorfer asked them to do. Huff needed a bulldog to do the kinds of things that Besendorfer had done and fortunately, he had one in human resources director Tina Smith. She was not really qualified to be a chief operating officer, but that approach had worked for Besendorfer, and this would enable him to continue to concentrate on graduation rates, Bright Futures and spreading the gospel of the Joplin Tornado across the nation.

Still, despite having someone else to handle the day-to-day operation of the school district, C. J. Huff has been a worried man. There are people running for the board of education who want to change the way he does things, maybe even force him out.
How can you force out the hero of the Joplin Tornado?

The sunset of C. J. Huff's time with the Joplin R-8 School District seems to be at hand. He sits alone in his bunker, surrounded by people who have never been loyal to him, guiding hundreds of people who have been in fear of Angie Besendorfer, Mike Johnson, or Tina Smith.

The idea that he was a man of the people, who just happened to be surrounded by autocratic administrators who have ruled by keeping the district's employees in fear of losing their jobs, is no longer held. Even those who have been long-time supporters of Huff know that it is he, no one else, who is ultimately responsible for the waves of teachers and staff members who have left the district.

Huff can look out his door and see Bright Futures, but there are no bright futures on his horizon.

Soon to be a major motion picture, with myself played by a Wally Cox (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wally_Cox) lookalike.

Posted by Randy at 8:33 AM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/03/alone-in-his-bunker-c-j-huff-story.html) WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 2014

Cousin Randy Turner
05-30-2014, 10:57 PM
Globe columnist: If Huff hadn't fired Turner, we might have two sex scandals


I have been told it would be better to ignore the blog written by frequent Joplin Globe guest columnist Anson Burlingame. I have seen no evidence that it reaches many readers, except when I bring attention to it.

However, there are two reasons why Burlingame cannot be ignored. The first, and this seems to be occurring less often lately, Burlingame has been a frequent "guest columnist" in the Globe, and when he writes in that capacity, he has a much wider readership.

Recently, the second reason has become equally, if not more, important. Burlingame has acknowledged having many one-to-one conversations with Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff and it has become obvious that Huff has used Burlingame's writing, both in the Globe and on Burlingame's blog, to float trial balloons.

It has been in Burlingame's blog, that the idea that I am a pornographer who has no place in the classroom has been pushed numerous times.. He has also echoed C. J. Huff's testimony at my hearing May 23, 2013, that I had to be removed from the classroom because who knows what I might do if I was allowed to remain. At least Burlingame doesn't cry when he says it as.C. J. Huff did.

I have heard from people who tell me that C. J. Huff has continued to make that argument and has insisted, "I knew it would follow me I fired him, but I couldn't allow him to remain in the classroom."

Does anyone really believe that if C. J. Huff knew what was going to happen to him after he forced me into that hearing that he would have done things the same way?

The difference has been that I have used an extensive collection of public documents, e-mails, lawsuits, board minutes and other public records, including most recently, Missouri Ethics Commission documents, to reveal an ever-growing list of problems for the Joplin R-8 School District, something I should never have had to do if the traditional local media was doing their job.

One thing I did not do was to issue any attack on C. J. Huff following the sex scandal that exploded Thursday when the arrest of Joplin High School communication arts teacher Jessica Low became public knowledge.

I see no way that C. J. Huff could have known or predicted this situation, any more than the one that involved former South Middle School teacher Charles Gastel one year earlier (a scandal which had nothing to do with the Joplin schools other than Gastel's status as a teacher whose last job was in the R-8 School District and had only ended a few weeks earlier).

Burlingame took the low route today, and if it did not come as a suggestion from C. J. Huff, it certainly said the things that the superintendent wanted said.

His message- If C. J. Huff hadn't fired me, the school district might be facing two sex scandals now.

If this is not a sign of the desperation that seems to overcome C. J. Huff and his dwindling number of supporters these days, I don't know what is.

The following passage is taken from Burlingame's post (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/public-schools-and-sex/):

Are our schools looking hard for the precursors, actions that are not yet “illegal” but are certainly,well what word to use, right. Is “unseemly”, “untoward”, etc. better words? I suggest looking hard for precursors of illegal sexual activity in public schools by teachers are appropriate and needed today. Said another way, teachers should be held to higher standards in such activity, standards above that expected of a “man (or woman) in the streets”.

I know of one very big example of a public school taking action when a “precursor” was revealed. Yep, it was, in my view, the infamous Turner Case. BUT, I do not call Turner a predator either. For sure he stepped across no legal lines. He is free to write and publish whatever he chooses to write and publish as far as I am concerned. And if his written descriptions are a “little quirky”, well that is not illegal.

But the real question, at least in my mind, in that case, the Turner Case, was wondering whether private “sexual quirkiness” is a line that teachers should never cross. OK that is debatable, maybe as well. But when such descriptions of teenage sex are espoused as political satire and thus defended, publically, well that line I see as a big red one and not to be crossed by any teacher anywhere, any time. For such people the next line might well become ……. We can then read all about it in the Globe when that happens.

I knew Randy Turner only by his written words in his long running blog until his termination became a very public matter, at his choosing. While I have long disagreed with his blog, the themes or content of the blog, never did I believe he should have been fired for such views as well. BUT, when I read his book, saw evidence of pushing that book into the awareness of 11, 12 and 13 year old kids, well he went far too far in my view and received just punishment, termination, for his actions and yes his “quirkiness” if you will.

But as well, I am not trying to retry the Turner Case, again. I am also not trying to “pick on” Randy Turner, again, either.

What I am saying however is I’m not sure how many teachers have demonstrated the precursors of being “Crazy Majors”. I do believe that deserves serious discussion and considerations of further actions by administrators and BOEs to minimize the number of teachers that come close or cross the lines of being “untoward, quirky or unseemly” or other words to describe people that fail to meet higher standards to remain as teachers of kids in public schools.

Recently, in another blog post, Burlingame acknowledged that C. J. Huff has continued to take action against me even after he fired me:

As well both men conduct “secret war” against each other trying hard to find as much dirt as possible against the other.

Anson, the only one who is doing anything in secret has been C. J. Huff. Everything I have done is been right here on this blog. I have been completely open.. The same cannot be said about C. J. Huff.

And now, about all C. J. has left is Anson Burlingame.

Talk about poetic justice.

Posted by Randy at 4:34 PM FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2014 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/05/joplin-globe-columnist-if-c-j-huff.html)



Why does he bother to say he's not picking when that is what he is doing? Typical Burlingame self-contradiction. This is the kind of thing that tells me what kind of people they really are. Anything their brain can conjure to save them from the realization that they actually done wrong. It eliminates any false claims to having taken the high road.

The phrase used by our administrative commenter yesterday, "shining light in this dark place" is reflective of the underlying condescension and self-righteousness. Just as friends of any accused say "I know them and they are good people! They go to church and have a family! They could not have done anything wrong!", so too does each individual connected to administration say this about themselves.

Poor Anson is so happy to have someone important talking to him he doesn't know he's being used. Parallels Stark and Rohr, unsurprisingly.

5:04 PM

Isnt it interesting that Huff makes these allegations against Turner that seem to have no supporting evidence but had no clue what was really going on in his own back yard with Gastel, Low and the computer guy who tried to meet someone at the mall and had pictures of female students on his laptop? And too bad Huff doesn't realize Burlingame is a big joke

5:49 PM

If I were administration or in the corner of administration, I would not want to remind people of the circumstances under which Randy Turner was let go. Inside the bubble, their dislike for Turner may have allowed them to gossip their way into believing that these insinuations were based in reality, but out here it just looks like what it is - trying to smear someone they didn't like in the most heinous way possible.

Attempting that particular smear against Turner was among the most immoral professional behavior I have ever encountered, and for someone like myself who has no connection to the schools apart from being a parent in the community, it fueled my motivation to pay attention to these issues. Now that it comes up again, and Burlingame stokes this fire, it reminds me again of how horrible Huff is and how ignorant Anson truly is, the latter being a fine example of the dangers of unmediated confirmation bias crossed with Grandpa Simpson's penchant for writing letters to the editor about things he doesn't understand.

If they cannot admit that their dislike for Turner and desperate need to discredit him led them to see phantoms where their were none, how can we possibly expect them to see or admit to errors on any other front? If they fall back on this slander in times of stress, they deserve whatever hell rains down on their heads.

It is understood in the community (people outside the bubble) that administration explicitly suggested people to find dirt on Turner. Regardless of whether it is true, it is accepted as belief because the public actions of administration appeared in keeping with such an order. It appeared that they were self-aware of this issue when during the proceedings their legal council made a point to say that these insinuations towards grooming behavior were not actually being made but rather were being projected into the administrations accusations. They did this when they were fearful of a law suit on the basis of libel or slander. Too bad their attorneys were smarter than them, knowing that nothing was there, further confirmed by the public display of referring the matter to law enforcement. That protective statement shows they know they're full of it - or at least their lawyers do.

We are apparently dealing with people who do not live in a world of R-rated movies, who find that any examples of sex in a work of fiction are clearly the product of the creator's perversion, as opposed to serving a satirical purpose with regards to the perversion of our educational system. That's right! Sometimes when works of fiction represent bad guys, they make the bad guys do bad things so that you understand that they are bad guys!

Mark Twain was not endorsing racism in Huck Finn, and J.K. Rowling does not want your kids to worship the devil. Regardless of the quality of a work of fiction, controversial ideas are used therein to make points - and that remains true whether or not the reader gets it. I say "regardless of the quality of a work" because folks like Burlingame toss in little jabs that are besides the point, pointing to yet another area where he presumes authority.

Or it could just be that they felt Turner to be a liability to their desire for absolute control of image and went after him in the most personal and ape-like manner possible. Let us not forget who these people really are. Administrators, if you cannot show true compromise and a spirit of unity - even to people you may dislike personally, which is what grown-ups have to do sometimes - then please take heed that when you presume to shine light on dark corners, you are simply showing us where the sun don't shine. That's a euphemism for "your ass", by the way.

5:59 PM

I must be ignorant of the law, because I do not understand why Mr. Turner has not filed a defamation lawsuit. His name has been slandered to the point that he will probably never find another teaching job.

7:21 PM

Swillis Gumpf Turner
06-02-2014, 11:00 PM
Cousin Randy Randy Turner was fired for cause.

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/05/joplin-globe-columnist-if-c-j-huff.html?showComment=1401658846102#c2499813847379 579565

Listen up, Turner-tards: Randy Turner was fired for good cause.

A number of us critical readers predicted that sooner or later Turner would be caught out and fired for cause. Turner didn't like any boundaries placed upon himself as what contact to have with minor students outside school hours and teaching business without the permission of parents and school administration. Remember the whining about the "FaceBook Law" a few years ago? What was decided was not to criminalize unauthorized contact after hours by the overall state, but rather to let the local school boards decide by policy what was and was not permissible.

Turner wrote a poison-pen semi-pornographic bit of vituperation about the present administration and then proceeded to post links for his students to read said crap on a teaching blog.

This was against school policy, and while the school administration might have hinted that Turner is a predator, what worked out was that Turner was fired for violating school board policy. Any other local smaller school board would have probably detected Turner faster and kicked Turner out sooner as well.

Turner has the notion that he gets to decide what is taught and how it is taught when Tutner is merely a rogue teacher wanting to get a public service job in which he gets to meddle with the minds of a younger generation. Turner simply got caught out, and like that other lying retard with a free blog Anson Burlingame says, just in time, too.

This society breeds its own degenerates all wanting to be in power. I'd say that the Joplin School Board is doing a good job in detecting and removing such moral degenerates and imbeciles. Detecting them is easy, given Turner as a Judas-goat indicator. Any "teacher" who 'thinks' he gets to do whatever he wants in the public schools paid for by taxpayers needs to figure out who is the boss: elected officials or his own wants. Your inappropriate wants get detected, then out you go, just like Turner.

Turner is a competent blogger, though. Reading about how the Joplin school system is burning through the funding means that there needs to be a change which won't happen as long as the voters vote for higher taxes to make up the difference in what Huff wants and what taxpayers will pay for. This situation won't take place until there is fiscal difficulty, though. Then Huff will be out, like Rohr.

Turner was a failure as a teacher and as a journalist. The fault for that lies altogether with Turner.

2:40 PM, Saturday, May 31, 2014 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/05/joplin-globe-columnist-if-c-j-huff.html?showComment=1401658846102#c2499813847379 579565)

Cousin Randy Turner
07-14-2014, 09:33 PM
I made a terrible mistake


When I first began writing about the problems in the Joplin R-8 School District, I had some sizable obstacles to overcome.

Among them, would anyone take me seriously when I was writing about the numerous scandals in the school system, when my readers were fully aware of what the C. J. Huff Administration had done to me? And, of course, there was always the possibility that some of my readers thought I got exactly what I deserved.

So with each post I made about the school district, I had to be extremely careful that I did not let my less than kind thoughts about C. J. Huff, Angie Besendorfer, and the rest of them get the best of me. That meant I used the same methods to confirm my information that I used during my years as a newspaper reporter. Anything less would have stopped not only my efforts to reveal the truth about the Joplin School District, but also my efforts to create a news source that could serve as an alternative to the Joplin Globe.

It has been a long time since I have received a message from a reader claiming that I have lost my credibility with all of the posts I have written about the school district. I am sure there are people out there who believe that nothing I have printed is true, but those people are definitely in the minority.

While there have been stories that have been incredible and totally caught me off guard when I first came upon them, those stories never reached the Turner Report until I was convinced they were true and the documents that I have used with many of those stories had been verified.

You should see the stories I have not printed. I am convinced some of them are true, but you are not going to read about them here until they have been confirmed to my satisfaction.

That is why I feel the need to apologize to readers for an item I published Sunday.

I wrote a post publicizing the claim on Kim Seavy's Justice for Joplin Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/justice4joplin) that he had damaging documents about the Joplin City Council, such as information about boorish behavior from city council members, including billing the city for a family meal and seeking an extramarital hookup.

A few hours after I published the post, Mr. Seavy posted his documents (https://www.facebook.com/justice4joplin), which included the following:

- A 2012 bill from Charlie's Chicken to the city for $1,500 to pay for chicken for a hungry nigger mayor:


-A message purportedly posted on an adult website by a married man seeking some sex on the side and leaving the business e-mail address of a city councilman for anyone wanting to respond.


- A letter from a wig shop in Annapolis, Maryland, talking about how horribly a former mayor acted during a visit there and how she wanted special treatment because she was the nigger mayor of Joplin. Yet the letter is from the shop and the shop is not named.



The documents were accompanied by Seavy's claims of how important they were, including this one:

This is what is known in INVESTIGATIVE circles as ORIGINAL SOURCE documents. AKA EVIDENCE.

And perhaps it is, but Seavy offers no details to flesh out what these documents mean and he hurts his credibility when he claims that he is offering more evidence than what could be found about former City Manager Mark Rohr in the Loraine Report. Besides, they are MY nigger mayor and council-critters and I support their wrong-doing.

Seavy is leading the fight to recall the council members who are the targets in his document release. That doesn't mean his documents are not legitimate, but unless he has something more to back them up, they don't come close to passing the evidence test.

For promoting it as if it were going to be something more. I apologize.

Posted by Randy at 11:46 AM Monday, July 14, 2014 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/07/i-made-terrible-mistake.html)

ZOGling mamzer Twat-clown
07-14-2014, 10:49 PM
Mr Cousin Randy Turner: I'm ovulating to jewr silly dishonest shit

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/07/i-made-terrible-mistake.html?showComment=1405369673907#c8264703920 58294657

That's okay, Mr. Turner. At least you acknowledged the possible errors. And covered up for the niggress mayor wanting to make them Whigger taxpayers pay for nigger chicken, and wanting a wig to cover up her nappy head, and whatever allied council-critter wanting sumtahng strange. Truth is altogether gliberal. That says a lot about a man's character. Many would never admit to making a mistake. I am ovulating right now as I finger my man-neglected lil' snatch, thinking about what a manly closet faggot you were when I went to middle skrule and had you teaching my class. Oh, and I think the vast majority of us will still trust your reporting. You are the only gliberal whigger butthole fag writing a blog in jewplin right now who anyone even sometimes listen to because you are biased. In fact, I'm thinking most of us are already wishing for more news. Just don't fink out them tards who are on our side. I'm fingering my mamzeress coontang right now, in fact. We count on you to keep us updated. Cum-cum, cum-cum.

1:27 PM (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/07/i-made-terrible-mistake.html?showComment=1405369673907#c8264703920 58294657)

Swillis Gumpf Turner
07-14-2014, 10:56 PM
All the "news" that sorta fits Turner/Turnertards

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/07/i-made-terrible-mistake.html?showComment=1405381646674#c5216167283 442268441

The above is disingenuous drivel. Turner isn't much of a reporter and even less of an editor or school teacher. Turner is a mere agenda-driven blogger and nothing more.

Why shouldn't Turner as a blogger write pretty much anything Turner pleases? Print all manner of gossip and innuendo and rumor as Turner pleases? Censor anyone Turner likes and make whatever excuses Turner feels like making? This is Turner's free blog and Turner can do whatever Turner pleases on this blog of Turners.

When it comes to meeting, much less exceeding, the requirements of Turner's employers Turner inevitably falls short. Many readers and parents and victims of Turner's bile predicted that Turner would be fired for Turner's misconduct and rape of the truth over the years well before Turner came to the attention of Turner's employers and they got rid of Turner as best they could, and under any pretext, real or imagined. Then there was much rejoicing in the land.

This latest masturbatory self-indulgent post by Turner in which Turner exclaims that yes, Turner has scruples, yes, Turner has some sort of respect for the Truth, and that yea verily that Turner is a really really good and nice guy who loves impressionable young children and wants to turn them into little liberals stuck in a wilderness of hate and racism and pursuit of the almighty dollar. The end result is that those of us grownups with a gimlet eye guffaw while the lil' Turner-tardettes, as like above, ovulate.

The downside of this persecution/prosecution of Turner is that those who kick Turner to the curb are then given free passes while they loot the treasuries of Missouri Southern, City of Joplin and Joplin R-8 School District. Them Fearless Leaders who plowed Turner under get to thinking that we all will be eternally grateful of ridding us of this nattering nabob of negative nugatory nit-wittery that they invariably over-reach and are then purged by the grownups in turn. First Bruce Speck, then Mark Rohn, soon enough CJ Huff.

And through all this doing of the necessary, there is the incessant yapping of Turner and the Turner-tards saying "I told you so" while the Greek Chorus sings as the finale, "Count no place well-governed until you finish counting the spoons." Then, and only then, can you drop the curtain and say that that particular episode is done for the day.


4:47 PM Monday 14, 2014 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/07/i-made-terrible-mistake.html?showComment=1405381646674#c5216167283 442268441)

Cousin Randy Turner
07-28-2014, 10:49 PM
Burlingame: Teachers who testified for Turner "sore excuses for good teachers"


Three teachers testified for me at my termination hearing May 23, 2013. None of them talked about their own philosophies or styles of teaching, but all of them were labeled bad teachers today by blogger and frequent Joplin Globe guest columnist Anson Burlingame.

That normally would not be such a big deal, considering that Burlingame's frequent blog posts on education have shown little understanding of what goes on in the classroom and even less understanding about what goes on in the Joplin R-8 School District.

The problem is that much of what Burlingame writes about the local school district is a parroting of what Superintendent C. J. Huff tells him. When Burlingame writes about the development of Joplin, it is based on what David Wallace of Wallace-Bajjali tells him. In the past, when he wrote about the friction in Joplin city government, it was based on what former City Manager Mark Rohr tell him.

If he states an opinion on anything that happens in the Joplin school district, it is a safe bet that at some point he has heard it from C. J. Huff.

By the way, I have never met, personally (as far as I know), any of the whinners on the Turner Report, other than Randy and only briefly. But I have seen some of them in action, particularly in the Turner hearing. They were sore excuses for good teachers, the ones I saw and heard, to be sure.

Three teachets testified for me, all veteran teachers who have served the Joplin R-8 School District well. Two of those teachers, Mike Wallace and Kim Frencken, left the district following the 2013-2014 school year. The third one is still teaching in the district.

Burlingame appears to be C. J. Huff's attack dog on the issue of low morale among district employees. In his most recent post (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/prioritizing-public-school-problems/), he suggests that teachers who have problems and do not receive satisfaction from their building principals should send a letter to C. J. Huff stating their problems, making sure to send a copy of the letter to the building principal.

Now that is a plan that would certainly aid C.J. Huff in getting a new list of teachers to drive out of the district, but it would do nothing to take care of the teachers' concerns.

Burlingame also insists that if he were a classroom teacher, he would take care of the discipline problems. After all, no one messes with Anson Burlingame, as he explained in this response to two comments:

Hell even Turner complained of being “attacked” by a student. Can you imagine a student attacking ME, or either of you and what would happen if that was the case!!! I don’t mean physical repercussions either. I mean that kid would get an ear and headfull of the strongest responses he might have every encountered and he would NEVER return to any class that I taught, ever again. And if some principal tried to …….., well talk about a hearing before the BOE. I would demand on in spades in about a day!!!

And if there is a problem with discipline that extends beyond the classroom, it has nothing to do with C. J. Huff, but with the principals and certainly, C. J. would be upset if he knew of such a problem:

I have had just such discussions on many occassions with the Superintendent in Joplin, how can teachers get their views heard? In my view the problem is not at the Superintendent level, it is at the Principal level. If I was a teacher that “had” to take a “hoodlum” back into my class based on direction from the Principal, I would be knocking on the Superintendent’s door that same day or emailing him a strong email. Of course if I did that, well I better be correct in my complaint as well. But I would NEVER let some “administrator” tell me to do something that was just WRONG, either. It would have to “come from the top” for sure.

Fortunately, most of Anson's misinformation about the local education scene has appeared on his blog and not in the Joplin Globe where he enjoys a much larger readership, but he has already declared that I was a bad teacher and now without missing a beat, those who testified for me are also bad teachers.

They have to be. C. J. Huff wouldn't lie about something like that, would he?

ZOGling whigger ass-clown
07-30-2014, 10:36 PM
Prioritizing (& Making] Pub[l]ic School Problems

by Ants-son Burlingame (http://ansonburlingame.wordpress.com/)
Typpycull ZOGling whigger ass-clown living in jewplin


Nationally and locally, complaints about public schools are legion, a lot of them. The pub[l]ic skrewl system is doing one hell of a jewb edjewmacating them nippers. Why, most of them is cumpletely fucked up in the head, even more so than my [de]generation of ZOGling whigger ass-clowns. As a quasi-gliberal whigger fuktard I suggest that the accumulation of problems over time, like the last 50 years, has resulted in a list so long that no one can “fix the system” to avoid the myriad complaints all at once. I'd blame it on letting the niggers run wild in the pub[l]ic skrewls since Sumthang Brown v Topeka Bored of Edjewmacation, but that be racisst, and I'm a whigger pussy who had to work in the Navy, so I don't dare. The really big ones, legitimate complaints must be fixed, first, or at least mitigated to a degree to move that complaint or issue lower down, making it a lesser complaint or issue. What that shit means, I really don't have an effin' clue.

Since the campaign for the April 2014 local election began I have read the Turner Report (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/) frequently. Cousin Randy Randy really burns off my senile dingleberries. That blogger and I disagree on just about every issue addressed during that campaign and I wanted to “know my detractors” hopefully in a non-Biblical sense and their views as I began to write publicly about such issues. Since the (s)election I have continued to read that blog several times a week to remain up to date on what the blogger and his supporters are concerned about, particularly how our public school system, R-8, is being operated. That, and because Cousin Randy and Randy's Turner-Tards really unclog the arteries to where I can unlimber the pecker-pump and crawl atop the ol' lady, cum-cum, cum-cum.

In this blog I focus on the problem of first deciding what the “biggest problem” might be in Joplin public schools. I already have a pre-determined agenda so I challenge anyone to conduct a thorough review of the Turner Report over the last two years alone, starting with the firing of the author of that blog by the Board of Education and find a prioritization of problems to be confronted and fixed or mitigated. I would submit that the “biggest problem” according to that blog is the performance of the Superintendent of Schools and the BOE. Fire Dr. Huff and stack the BOE with Turner blog supporters and all will be resolved is the general thrust of that blog. In other words our problem in public schools is performance by elected officials and one man, the leader of the R-8 district. And the answer is letting Cousin Randy and the rest of the Turner-Tards run wild. But if that is the "answer" then it is a mighty stupid effin' question.

Turner did not always write such attacks as best I can tell. He only focused his diatribes after he was legally and correctly in my view, fired for poor performance. Until then Turner had to lay low, what with "grooming" them lil' budding lesbo-skanks. I refer you to a recent blog at


He reposts a 2008 blog wherein he addresses the problem of public school drop out rates.

That blog, written before Dr. Huff started working as the R-8 Superintendent, addressed how severe drop out rates had become and the need to address that problem. But he then does what many public educators have done, since 2008, and blame the problem on society, with little or no constructive advice on how society can fix the problem, much less how schools could do so. In other words, a blog written by a teacher in 2008 does not indicate in any way what Dr. Huff or teachers themselves should do to resolve or at least mitigate the issue of drop out rates. In fact, Cousin Randy was most interested in getting to use Facebook in order to get at his little herd of jewvenile tard, grooming them without the knowledge or permission of skrule authorities and parents.

To me at least, such is a classic example of failing to identify the KEY issue confronting public education, locally or nationally. Drop out rate is NOT that key issue. Our public education system fails to produce graduates that have the level of knowledge and behavior skills to either enter college or trade schools directly or the work place as productive employees in a modern society today. Don't know why you can't teach anything to hue-man baboons.

If every graduate learns, during 12 years of public education, “how to learn”, level of knowledge in core subjects and how to behave themselves then the major issue of failing public education would be resolved. Focus first on those that graduate and make sure they meet modern requirements for level of knowledge and behavior and do that FIRST is my long stated “goal” for public education. Keep them lil fuktards in skrule forever.

The failure to achieve that goal or effective progress towards meeting that goal is the “biggest problem” facing public education, in Joplin, today. Let's blame teachers for not being able to teach anything to retarded whiggers or average niggers and beaners with much less than 85 IQs.

Now drop out rate. I submit that progress has been made to reduce that problem and that Dr. Huff and the local BOE worked tirelessly at the State level to achieve progress. It was done very simply as well. The State Law was changed to require all students to remain in school until the age of 17 (vice sixteen). If that law was further changed to raise the age of legal “drop out” to the age of 18 another spike in graduation rate would be observed, in my view. In other words, thru the law, kids and parents in general are forced to “behave themselves” better by forcing students to remain in school for an additional year. Which means that the stupid and the vicious are allowed, indeed commanded, by [d]rule of [f]law to simply stick around wasting their time and the ZOGbux of the taxpayers. So much for whining about "high skrewl students unable to read and write, much less think. But then again, I'm edjewmacated and I sure cannot think either.

Of course that legal approach does absolutely nothing to keep those older kids from being “hoodlums” in classes. That remains the responsibility of individual teachers. Not that of the growing layers of administration accomplishing nothing useful that can be discerned. But Turner does not address that issue, how teachers must better control students to achieve the primary goal, graduation of each student that “means something” later on as they enter adulthood. I guess that is “society’s problem” as well, at least according to Turner. Turner is a big faggy pussy, unable to beat the shit out of a misbehaving nigger or spic.

Well maybe that is not correct. Based on rather close reading of his blog of late, just firing one man and replacing various members of the BOE will achieve the goal of producing good graduates is all that is needed, I suppose, at least “according to Turner” and his supporters.

Permit me if you will to make a short list of “Turner complaints” about the local school system published in his blog in the last several months. I am sure I have missed some, but here is such a list.

Turner was unjustly fired.

Huff’s salary is too high.

Huff failed to report speaker fees as required and maybe even failed to pay taxes on them or some of them.

Turner was unjustly fired.

Huff unjustly refused to renew contracts for various teachers and principals.

The BOE unjustly allowed Huff to do so.

Turner was unjustly fired.

The BOE has wasted tax payer dollars while recovering from the tornado in 2011.

Turner was unjustly fired.

Financial reserves have gone far too low since the tornado.

Teachers have not been given sufficient pay and raises to such pay.

Janitors and other staff have unjustly had working hours cut.

Turner was unjustly fired.

The BOE is poised to improperly ask for a long term loan to make up financial shortfalls, with no tax payer approval of such action.

The BOE is poised to improperly ask for a short term loan to cover expenses while awaiting reimbursement from state and federal authorities for restoration of destroyed facilities, without taxpayer approval of such action, again.

Teacher retention rate (no longer drop out rate for students) is a looming disaster for R-8.

Turner was unjustly fired.

The payroll for the administrative staff is far too high.

Too many “teacher coaches” are on that administrative staff.

And lastly, but by no means leastly, Turner was unjustly fired.

Nowhere on that long list of complaints to be found on the Turner Report is the issue of improving the quality in terms of increased level of knowledge AND behavior of all graduates from Joplin High School. If the State audit of “performance” by the local school district is going to be meaningful, I suggest the auditors look carefully why producing better graduates lacks the needed progress to improve. Other than that we simply need to keep unmotivated and stupid and violent retards in skrule forever.

OR, of course, the auditors could determine that R-8 is on the right track in such an effort. As well the auditors COULD term that all the above complaints found on the Turner Report are simply a tempest in a tea pot and fail to address KEY issues affecting public school performance as well. Like that Turner was unjustly fired.

We’ll see, in about six months when the audit is completed. Until then I think I will just no longer read the Turner Report.

It hurts my mangina too much to think.

Cousin Randy Turner
08-24-2014, 05:10 PM
C. J. Huff to teachers, staff: Help me fight Randy Turner



Following a summer that has seem him deal with one public relations blunder after another, ranging from the six-and-a-half-mile ribbon to the $8 million dollars in "might-as-well" spending and a financial situation that has forced the district to borrow $45 million, Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff has finally decided to deal with the biggest problem facing his district.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Huff stopped at every school in the district, met with the entire staff in each building, and a great deal of time in each session was spent with the superintendent describing the harm that has been inflicted on the district, and of course, on the kids, by Randy Turner.

The Huff tour took place during the 24-hour period right before he made his announcement about the delay of the scheduled Monday, August, 25, opening of the new Joplin High School, so that was a prime focus of concern during the meeting with high school teachers and staff, but even there Huff asked for help in dealing with the menace posed to the district by the Turner Report.

Huff delivered slightly differing messages at each of the schools, but essentially he said these things:

-The only reason the Turner Report has gained readers is that "people are tired," otherwise Randy Turner would have been struck down long ago by people who know that his writing is "hurting the school district." and "hurting the kids."

-Huff said that the Turner Report did not have a following right after the tornado because people were "pulling together" at that time. (Actually, the Turner Report readership reached its highest level ever for several months after the tornado.) Now, Huff says, people are reading the blog because they are "tired and grumpy."

-Huff said I am a "rumor monger" and do not even try to print the truth and can write any lie I want to about him because C. J. Huff is a public figure.

-He told the teachers that if any of them were in his place they would have fired me, too.

-At some of the stops, including at all three middle schools, Huff said I had "furnished pornographic material" to 150 students.

-If the Turner Report is successful in its attacks on the district, it will make it almost impossible to get a needed tax levy increase to replace the aging buildings at Columbia and West Central.

-Huff made it clear that he will use taxpayers' time and money (though he did not use that phrase) to start a social media war against the Turner Report. This started recently with his creation of a blog. He asked teachers and staff to help him by sharing his blog on their social networks and by spreading the word about all of the good things that are going on in Joplin Schools.

Teachers at the elementary, middle, and high school levels told the Turner Report that teachers were "uncomfortable" listening to the superintendent attacking me. Some described his behavior as "unprofessional."


Posted by Randy at 8:45 AM Sunday, April 24, 2014 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/08/c-j-huff-to-teachers-staff-help-me.html)

Cousin Randy Turner
09-08-2014, 08:24 PM
No Child Left Alive and the C. J. Huff Administration's obsession with PR



During the same month that my novel, No Child Left Alive (http://www.amazon.com/Child-Left-Alive-Randy-Turner/dp/1490388036/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1410106379&sr=8-1&keywords=No+Child+Left+Alive), was published in paperback format (and about three weeks after the Joplin R-8 Board of Education terminated my teaching position, the board approved a Comprehensive Improvement Plan for the district with 20 percent of that plan dedicated to improving the school district's public image. The plan, of course, was created by the C. J. Huff Administration. A screenshot of that portion of the plan is included in this post.

The first part of the post is an excerpt from No Child Left Alive (http://www.amazon.com/Child-Left-Alive-Randy-Turner/dp/1490388036/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1410106379&sr=8-1&keywords=No+Child+Left+Alive) featuring the new superintendent of the fictional Franklin Heights Unified School District, Dr. Carlton Dunn, showing what his priorities are:

As the head of the Franklin Heights Unified School District’s technology department hunched over his computer, Carlton Dunn looked over his shoulder, peering intently at the screen.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“I like the profile shot.”

Dunn nodded. “I do, too. Let’s go with it.”

“Are you absolutely sure you don’t want to go with a picture of the high school or maybe a cougar. That is our school mascot. People are familiar with it.”

“No, no,” Dunn said, his voice ringing with certainty. “The people in this school district need to be reassured that I am in charge.”

“I know I’m reassured,” the tech chief said, though Dunn did not pick up on the trace of sarcasm in his voice.

“Good. That’s the way everyone else will feel, too. Go ahead and put it on line.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. It is high time that we spread the word online about all of the good things that are going on here.”

“Well, start spreading the news. We’re on Facebook.”

Dunn admired the page. “I’ll send out an e-mail to the staff. Everyone will ‘like’ us on Facebook and we will offer a bonus to the staff member who successfully invites the most people to our page. I will have our new public relations coordinator start typing up positive information to put on the page every day. Isn’t it exciting?”

“Oh, yeah. No doubt about it. When did we get a public relations coordinator?”

“I hired her today. She was a steal for $80,000 a year.”

“The taxpayers are lucky to have you in charge of their money.”

“Of course they are and this way we can be sure that they know that. Now tell me one more thing- When you get our Twitter account set up, will we able to have my picture on it, too?”

And now to prove that truth is stranger than fiction:

The improvement plan includes five areas in which the district plans to improve between now and 2017. The media plan is the fourth standard and is reprinted below directly from the board documents (http://www.joplinschools.org/Page/256) found on the district website (http://www.joplinschools.org/site/default.aspx?PageID=1).



Posted by Randy at 9:22 AM Monday, September 8, 2014 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/09/no-child-left-alive-and-c-j-huff.html)

Swillis Gumpf Turner
09-08-2014, 08:44 PM
Cousin Randy Turner is an obsessed tard

http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/09/no-child-left-alive-and-c-j-huff.html?showComment=1410222728614#c4684353404471 570654

Well, the obsession isn't limited to CJ Huff.

You wrote a semi-pornographic poison-pen novel and advertised it on an ostensible "school" blog. You were fired for cause and knew that it would be a waste of time and money to appeal.

Concentrate on CJ Huff going through the tax money, Turner. Whenever you whine about the "unfairness" of your firing CJ Huff gets a free pass to waste another million of taxpayer levied funds.

It is when your enemies over-reach and piss off their base of the Good Ol' Boys that they get gone, Turner. Your whining about your deserved and long overdue firing by CJ Huff enables CJ Huff.

But asking you to stop whining is like asking you to stop breathing, Turner.

5:32 PM Monday, Sept 8, 2014 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/09/no-child-left-alive-and-c-j-huff.html?showComment=1410222728614#c4684353404471 570654)

Cousin Randy Turner
12-08-2014, 11:42 PM
Ed Emery and the 20 minutes I'll never get back


It was during one of those early book signings, back in the days when being an author was still something new to me.

I can't remember which book it was, but I do remember it was near the front of the now defunct and sorely missed Hastings store in Joplin.

I had sold a few books and had a steady stream of people either stopping to buy a book, stopping, looking it over and moving along, or just stopping to say hi.

I recognized the tall man who came through the front door and made a beeline for where I was sitting. I had seen his photo in the news and on his government website.

He introduced himself, sat down and for the next 20 minutes, not noticing (or caring) that a line was forming behind him, proceeded to lecture me about the dangers of public education. The man favored educational vouchers and completely eliminating teacher tenure so school districts could finally remove all of the "bad" teachers who he seemed to believe were filling the classrooms in Missouri schools.

A couple of times during that marathon session, I tried to contest his points, but I soon stopped trying. It only kept him around longer (and there were people patiently waiting) and besides, it was obvious that to him, my opinion did not mean anything unless I came around to his opinion.

Finally, he left. Twenty minutes gone from my life, never to be recaptured...and he didn't even buy a book.

Several years have passed and that man whose presence darkened that book signing, then a state representative, now a senator, has not changed his opinions on public education one bit.

It doesn't even matter that Missouri voters soundly rejected Amendment 3 last month, which would have eliminated teacher tenure and forced school districts to evaluate teachers based on student scores on standardized tests.

The years have not mellowed Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, who has pre-filed SB 27, which would eliminate tenure to any teachers hired after the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year. Emery also wants to eliminate the current type of salary schedules, based on years of experience and advanced degrees, which are used in nearly all Missouri schools, and replace them with a "merit" type plan, which would be based on supposedly non-subjective evaluations, which would include student test scores.

Those who oppose teacher tenure always use the same arguments:

-Once a teacher has tenure, it is almost impossible to fire him or her. If you are able to do so, it costs a fortune.

-The problem with public education is bad teachers. (Poverty, crime, and poor home environment don't play any role at all.)

-Administrators could run wonderful schools, if only they could hire and fire people whenever they wanted and didn't have to worry about tenure and seniority.

-Why should teachers have tenure when no one else does?

And teachers have not done a good job of defending themselves and their profession. Once you eliminate tenure, you are not only eliminating protection for teachers, but also for parents and students.

Good teachers are often the only thing standing between misguided policies and curriculum decisions that might boost administrators' resumes, but will not be in the best interest of the children. And for anyone who has been around education, there are administrators who fall for every fad that comes around, even if that fad was first tried and failed under a different name 20 or 30 years ago.

After all, the administrators who always seem to land the positions at the bigger schools are the ones who tried something totally different from what everyone else was doing (and then landed the next job before the results were in on whether this innovative approach actually worked).

If left to their own devices, some administrators would remove any teachers who raised concerns, replace them with compliant rear-end kissers, and then flee the district in a few years, leaving an almost entirely new faculty with no experience at standing up for what the children and the community need.

It is almost never mentioned that while some states give teachers tenure after two years, it is a much different situation in Missouri, where a teacher has to teach five years in one school district before tenure is reached on the first day of the sixth year. It certainly should not take five years for administrators to find out they have a bad teacher on their hands. It is also not true, as some have claimed, that teachers earn tenure and then become burned out and lazy.

Those instances are few and far between. Good administrators should be able to catch the poor teachers and remove them from the classroom, and in fact, many teachers realize they are in the wrong profession and are gone long before they have reached the five-year mark.

Contrary to the message that people like Ed Emery have been sending, there is nothing wrong with having a core of veteran teachers in a school district, teachers who can provide the foundation for a solid education for thousands of students for years and also provide welcome advice and instruction to younger teachers.

All bills like SB 27 do is remove the incentive for people to become classroom teachers. Why would young people want to join a profession where they are blamed for everything that goes wrong even when much of it is totally out of their control? Why would they want to become teachers when all they hear in the news is how legislatures are stripping their low-paid profession of the things that made it an attractive option- tenure, incentive for continuing higher education, health benefits, and pensions and also their power to unionize and fight for their rights?

It is time to send the Ed Emerys of Missouri a message that teachers are not the problem facing education. Look in a mirror, Sen. Emery, and you will see a large part of the problem.

One of the things that irritates me the most when I see Ed Emery's anti-public school legislation is that as a classroom teacher at the time I had that book signing at Hastings, I didn't just send him on his way.

All of us can look back on time we have wasted and have regrets.

I can never get those 20 minutes back.

Posted by Randy at 6:39 PM Monday December 8, 2014 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2014/12/ed-emery-and-20-minutes-ill-never-get.html)

Cousin Randy Turner
08-10-2015, 10:50 PM

Cousin Randy Turner
08-11-2015, 10:49 PM
Due to being a whining lying gliberal whigger pussazoid . . .

Sorry, I am not running those comments any more


Creepy ol perv no longer a teacher of anythang

A few hours ago, I noticed that I had five new anonymous comments for the Turner Report. Hostile, hurtful comments which prove that everyone is out to get me, a creepy old perv practicing lavender journalism from behind a keyboard in my shuttered locked apartment.

I only go out at night to buy food every week or so when the food stamps cum in or on weekend nights to McClellan Park where I have "dates" with other faggots and suck down warm protein through a suitable six-inch meat-straw.

Since they all came within a few seconds of each other and I have not written anything remotely controversial over the past few days, I figured the comments were probably from the same person. Yup, either CJ Huff or Dwight Douglas or that racist maniac Pastor Martin Lindstedt or any of 777 others working for the jewplin Chamber of Commerce, cum-cum.

It turns out I was right. Don't you know that pretty much everyone is out to get me? That is why I must stay inside during the daytime and not because I'm a gay vampire, buttt because I'm gliberal whigger butthole faggot.

This person thinks it is amusing to take whatever subject I have written about and write something to the tune of "You can blame C. J. on this," or "It must be C. J.'s fault." Never mind that I keep on posting CJ's picture as my main demon who ended muh teaching career while there is nothing much to do with Da Huffster. Did I forget to mention that everyone is out to get me, especially the Hufftards, and Pope Marty and the entire Chamber of Commerce and those working with them?

That was the type of comment on each of the five and the comments were placed on five separate posts. Fukkin' broad-based coonspiracy, itz!!!

I deleted four of the comments and published the fifth, since the fifth was actually on a post that mentioned C. J. Huff. But not the real hurtful ones, that irritated muh mangina.

This same person has been leaving this comment on numerous posts ever since C. J. Huff "retired." That CJ Huff got a third-million golden parachute and all I got for muh CJ Hufftard-engineered "retirement" was a dry cornholing and a disability check and a golden shower from CJ pissing all over me when I went to beg him on bended knee-pads to not fire muh old perv ass.

If he or she wants to continue to do so, that is fine. I have to deal with hundreds of junk e-mails every day, so spending a few minutes deleting useless comments is not going to be much of a hassle. It is not as if I got anythang else to do while barricaded behind muh door waiting for everyone to go home and go to sleep so that I might feed.

I have gone above and beyond and under and with knee-pads in my efforts to include as many reader comments as possible. As I have mentioned before, the primary reasons I have deleted comments in the past is because they either contained profanity, included racist comments, or libeled someone, including occasionally me. Especially that racist profane maniac Martin Lindstedt and Cousin Swillis Gumpf-Turner. I am amazed at how many people think they can say things that are not true about me as I claim and that I will publish them.

On the other hand, I welcome people who disagree with me and will happily continue to publish those comments if they will kiss my ass or let me suck theys dick in the McClellan Park men's room, especially the stall with the three gloryholes. Somethang is always gonna turn out "just right".

Another type of comment that will no longer be found on any new Turner Report posts is the one that refers to everyone with the suffix "tards." Here's looking at you, Cousin Swillis. I probably should have stopped that one a long time ago but for the fact that you called the Hufftards names as well. It is possible to write something critical without being offensive. There will be no more hurtful things said here unless they be fully homophiliac anally aggressive in a gay sort of way.

Perhaps this is an attempt to be politically correct, but well reasoned politically correct fag-friendly pro-gliberal whigger butthole faggot comments will always have a home here on this pathetic blog owned by some pore feeb who has been ass-raped by the local establishment and enjoyed most of it and especially every single inch involved. When a person's idea of intellectual discourse includes that suffix of the t-word, he or she has left the concept of a well reasoned fag-friendly comment behind.

Some of the critics of this blog have jumped all over the fact that I allow people to comment anonymously. That is because there sure are a lot of other perv teachers who want to "teach" somethang not on the oafishul curriculum and letting them as sanctimonious sexual and moral predators continue to have access to your children without fear of detection is not going to change. Anyone who has read this blog for the past couple of years has been able to find thoughtful comments and often valuable information from anonymous fellow skrule teachers with an agenda with self-serving comments, whether they were positive toward the Turner Report or not.

Returning to the subject that began this post- the commenter who thinks it is funny to add a C. J .Huff comment to every post- the idea he or she seems to be trying to put across is that C. J. Huff is gone so it is time for the Turner Report to follow suit. After all, now that the tornado money is drying up and CJ Huff has been runnt-off, you would think that a creepy old perv with no other talent other than lavender journalism wouldn't have anything more to write about.

Sorry, I am not planning on going anywhere. The food stamps cum in last Friday, I went out to buy some supplies, sent out and paid the bills for my electricity, sewer, gas, water and Internuts. I also got muh "secret energy drink" fill-up from the McClellan Park men's room this weekend. The barricade went back up and so I'm pimped, pumped, and ready to roll for another month, here in the gliberal whigger butthole faggot Turner-tard bunker, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

When the area's newspaper of record fails to inform its readers about problems in the city government and in the school district according to my selective notions and then raises its prices, there is a need for an alternative news source which isn't beholden to the local Chamber of Commerce and itz advertisers and which caters to pub[l]ic skrule teachers wanting unauthorized access to your children and which hews the gliberal whigger butthole faggot line.

When newspapers decide they want to increase their revenue by turning what has always been news, for instance, obituaries, into another commodity for sale, there is a need for an alternative news source. Let the Turner blog be jewr oafishul buzzard.

When people know they will be fired if they step forward and talk about serious problems cooncerning how they don't have sufficient access to jewr wallet and children, and the area's homophobic newspaper of record will not even listen unless they reveal their names and perverted unaccountable natures to the readers, then there is a need for an alternative homo-friendly politically correct news source.

On Sunday, I revealed to readers on the Inside Joplin Facebook page and on my Facebook page that I am beginning another attempted expansion of the Turner Report/Inside Joplin trying a new approach to offering coverage that readers are not able to get anywhere else. We'se talking toilet-cams, first in McClellan Park, then in select gay bars and private residences in jewplin.

The Turner Report/Inside Joplin has been growing for the past couple of years, but we are just getting started whining and bitching and pissing and moaning and censoring opposing opinions. I will reprint that Facebook post in a few minutes.

Cum-cum, cum-cum!!!


You can pay your $275.76 a year to the Joplin Globe when prices increase September 1 or you can pay $30 a year (or $3 a month) to the Joplin area's alternative news source, a creepy old perv who practices lavender jewrnalism from behind a blog, or make a contribution in any amount you choose. If you would prefer not to use PayPal or a credit card, feel free to send a contribution to The Creepy Ol Perv Practicing Lavender jewrnalism, 2306 E. 8th, Apt. G, Joplin, MO 64801



Just another anonymous CJ Huff quasi-supporter said...

What some of us all love about the Turner Report is Turner's amoral witless hypocrisy. And how Turner relentlessly makes his sundry whinings all nothing more than a bogus claim to where his censorship and lies are far superior to his local establishmentarian enemies because . . . get this . . . he means well.

I was one of the four or five commenters who ridiculed Turner's still blaming CJ Huff for everything wrong in Joplin. You see, everyone knows full well that Turner is nothing more than a disgruntled ex-employee fired for cause with nothing else to do but whine against those who cast him out for ample cause.

But like the Hilldebeast it is all a vast right-wing conspiracy to get Turner because Turner is simply the pest who won't go away but rather sits on the sidelines endlessly whining that we need more of Turner's kind -- teachers who want to teach things not approved of by accountable adults elected or appointed to teach a certain curriculum.

But allegedly like CJ Huff, Turner obsesses over his blog looking for criticism or ridicule from commenters while at the same time whining about the editorial content of the Joplin Globe and the former CJ Huff administration detecting and weeding out rogue teachers like Turner.

The purpose of commenters like myself is to keep Turner and Turner's blog marginal. By making comments which sting of the truth, and then having Turner censor them, we make sure that everyone knows -- starting with Turner -- that Turner is simply a liar and a hypocrite. There are -- were -- other blogs and web pages in which ribald commentary about Turner and this blog can be printed as well. The First Amendment is a double-edged sword and Google is not Turner's or any other blogger's friend, or at least not all the time.

So go ahead Turner. Whine about the faults of the Joplin Globe and of Mark Rohr, Bruce Speck and CJ Huff. Think all you want that there is someone who is out to get you using the very same methods you use against others. The truth is that all of the above public officials were gotten rid of because they misused public funds and annoyed them who had raised them up, and less because you harped endlessly concerning their low crimes and misdemeanors. Then when you post a picture of CJ Huff on one of your disposable rants and four or five people at much the same time ridicule you about your CJ Huff fixation, decide to "crack the whip" using your limp wet noodle of editorial control.

I'm certainly not going to recommend that you get out more. Certainly not when "we" keep you marginalized to where you are staying in your apartment scared to go out and feverishly posting blog post after blog post about your sundry petty hatreds and paranoid fantasies. It is cheaper on the taxpayer that you self-medicate your seething hatreds and hurt self-entitlement using google-therapy and thankfully you are too much of a quivering coward to buy a gun and go postal.

It was the comments section which was the most interesting part of your idiot lying blog however. The pub[l]ic loves being entertained by conflict. Hence Donald Trump brought in the largest ratings for a cable news show last week with the menstrual-blood libel holoco$ting yet another oppressed-by-biology "minority". Likewise with the comments ridiculing your pompous silliness. Ever since you have cracked your limp wettt noodle of editorial control, why even your Most Right Worsesheepfool Turner- (must not use the t-word which rhymes with lard which is most appropriate) "groupies" seem to have skedaddled what with Master being suddenly all out of sorts. You used to be the Managing Editor of the Carthage Press. Still wondering why that gig went south?

Live long but do not prosper in the Turner-bunker, Moan Randy.

7:05 AM

Cousin Randy Turner
08-22-2015, 04:44 PM
Message to the Joplin Globe: We were not shocked by the audit


Cousin Randy Turner
03-05-2016, 11:47 PM
School shootings, rape, discipline and Joplin High School -- All the Fault of CJ Huff



A freshman student is arrested for compiling a hit list and threatening a school shooting.

A student says she was raped in a hallway.

Sadly, incidents like these happen in schools across the country. They are not necessarily a sign that a school is out of control. We have had news reports of shocking shootings and other incidents happening at the best schools in the country.

It is also not just something that happens at sprawling urban schools. This modern nightmare has occurred at small schools, private schools, and schools that are highly regarded.

Some of the comments on this blog since the arrest of a Joplin High School ninth grader Thursday was reported have laid the blame on school officials for this threatened school shooting and for the reported rape.

One thing that should be noted is what went right this week. Whether a shooting would have occurred is something we will never know. What we do know is that students had the courage to come forward and tell administrators what they knew, making sure there was no chance of Joplin joining the ranks of Columbine and Jonesboro.

That is what worked right.

What should concern taxpayers is a situation that was allowed to develop over the past several years by an out-of-touch Board of Education that was more interested in basking in the reflected glory of a "hero" superintendent and the approval of an unelected group of community elites than in doing what was best for the children.

How else can you explain moving toward one of the biggest high schools in the state of Missouri at the same time that you are guaranteeing that it will be staffed by one of the most inexperienced faculties in the state?

It took the election of new board members for the focus to finally turn on the departure of more than half of the district's teachers, including a disproportionate number of veteran educators. It is always important to bring in a blend of passionate young teachers each year, not only to bring their energy and enthusiasm, but to make sure that they have the time to learn from experienced teachers before taking their place among the faculty leaders.

That model was never taken seriously by former Superintendent C. J. Huff and his Assistant Superintendent Angie Besendorfer. An average of more than 100 teachers have left Joplin per year for the past four years. While some of those were inexperienced teachers replacing inexperienced teachers, more than half of the district's approximately 600 teachers have left.

Instead of taking this problem seriously, the board backed Huff, even while he changed his reasoning each time someone asked him why teachers were leaving.

At first, it was the tornado. That made it seem as if teachers were abandoning their school district because they, unlike the superheroes in upper administration and on the board of education, were heading for calmer pastures. Few, if any, teachers left the R-8 School District because of the tornado. An overwhelming majority of teachers place the future of the children ahead of their own personal comfort. Many of the teachers who have left the school district only did so after it became apparent that nothing was going to be done about Huff and Besendorfer.

Huff then took the sexist route, claiming that teachers were leaving because their husbands took jobs in other communities. That happened a couple of times. There was even at least one instance of a male teacher leaving because his wife received a better job in another state, but it was not a major factor in teachers continuing to flee the district.

After those excuses did not work, Huff, never a strong supporter of the classroom teacher during his seven-year tenure in Joplin, threw his former employees under the bus, claiming they were leaving because they were not capable of performing up to "Joplin standards." On the contrary, some of the teachers who left had no problem being hired by school districts which not only offered the teachers higher salaries and better benefits, but in many cases, performed up to a much higher standard than that set in Joplin.

At the same time, the area's newspaper of record, the Joplin Globe, did its level best to serve as a public relations trumpet for Huff. On the one time that it focused on the problem of teachers leaving the district, it did so in such a way that it made it appear as if there was nothing unusual in having that many teachers leave.

And when Interim Superintendent Norm Ridder has mentioned the mass teacher flight as being one of the biggest, if not the biggest, problem facing the Joplin R-8 School District, it has been relegated to the inside jump of board of education articles, if it is mentioned at all. This is being done despite statistics revealed in a recent board meeting that more than 50 percent of the teachers across the district have less than five years of classroom experience.

While Ridder and the current board of education have accurately termed this as the number one problem facing the school district, it has yet to receive page one coverage in the Joplin Globe.

Yet, during the past several weeks, the Globe has offered its prime real estate, space on page one of its Sunday edition, to the efforts of a woman to have an empty chair designated at the Joplin High School graduation for her son, who would have been a member of the Class of 2016, but he was killed in the Joplin Tornado.

While I wrote in favor of the seat and disagree with the high school administration's decision, pushing this story two times on page one of their biggest-selling newspaper of the week and not addressing the biggest problem that faces this district appears to be another case of the Globe editors putting their thumb on the scale against those who have attempted to restore sanity to the district.

That brings us back to the events of the past couple of weeks at Joplin High School.

While these things could have happened with a faculty consisting of 100 percent experienced teachers, the parents I have spoken to have mentioned time after time their concern about the number of first and second year teachers in the classroom, teachers who not only do not have the background to deal with some of the disciplinary problems that have arisen, but who have a dwindling number of veterans to consult.

Young teachers learn, not only by having to deal with situations in the classroom, but then by meeting with veteran teachers and asking them what they would have done differently. Under the Huff Administration, not only were those teachers no longer around, but teachers were seldom given the opportunity to meet with the ones who remained to receive that valuable guidance.

That, combined with edicts from up above to write less referrals to make discipline statistics look better, left the teachers sometimes feeling they were working in a war zone instead of a place of learning.

A larger number of veteran teachers may cost more in terms of salary and benefits, but the rewards are far greater. Students feel safer, parents are more satisfied, and younger teachers have a much greater opportunity to develop to their full potential by benefiting from those who have been in the trenches.

Ironically, this week as events came to a head at Joplin High School, the man who drove more than half of the teachers out of his school district, C. J. Huff, was speaking at the third annual Bright Futures USA Conference at Missouri Southern State University and being praised for his work as a "child advocate."

Real child advocates know that the best way you can support children is by ensuring that they have the best classroom teachers.

Not surprisingly, that was not one of the topics addressed at the Bright Futures USA Conference.

Posted by Randy at 12:19 PM Saturday, March 05, 2016 (http://rturner229.blogspot.com/2016/03/school-shootings-rape-discipline-and.html)

03-05-2016, 11:54 PM
It's Always CJ Huff's Fault

https://rturner229.blogspot.com/2016/03/school-shootings-rape-discipline-and.html?showComment=1457217322543#c75974988288071 04988

This entire blog has but one premise: It is ALWAYS the fault of CJ Huff and anyone and everyone who had something to do with the inevitable firing of Turner. This entire blog is nothing but Randy Turner trying to re-write history in favor of simply letting the teachers teach whatever they please without accountability or restraint.

Forcing young people into confinement in which they have no ability or willingness to learn whatever foolishness is fashionable at the time there might well be incidents in which like prisoners they get all violent or at the very least unruly. The solution is to segregate classes upon the ability and willingness to learn the necessary curriculum offered, teach them up to the limits of their abilities, and let the rest go do something which they find profitable to themselves and their future.

Turner's solution to everything: Listen to Turner and punish CJ Huff and the former school board who detected Turner and gave Turner a hearing and fired Turner for cause. Otherwise Joplin will become another Columbine or Sandy Hook.

This is not only self-serving but patently ridiculous.

The last thing anyone should do is to listen to Turner other than to figure out what not to do. The basis for public education is that taxpayers and parents elect school board members who set policies as opposed to public educrats doing so. Any teacher who wants to personally set school policy and curriculum will end up like Randy Turner and usually sooner rather than later. These mental and moral mediocrities get into something that they think is easy going for those of their limitations and for a few years they energetically do what they are told. Then they get some "experience" and think about how easy it would be if only the school board comprised of non-educrats would listen to their "wis-dumb". Then they try to implement on a limited fashion on their own limited classroom their pet theories, and either get slapped down and buckle under back to democratically-elected policy or they get rebellious and are caught again, fired, or made to resign.

The CJ Huff Administration, for all its faults, was excellent in detecting such teachers like Turner and sending them packing. The glaring fault of the CJ Huff Administration and the Joplin R-8 School Board of the time was in going through the tax money while blaming the tornado. CJ Huff and the board of that time was sent packing by the taxpayers for such financial wastage, and NOT for firing incompetent teachers like Turner.

Turner got caught out several times, given the choice to "move on", decided to publicly fight the matter as opposed to sneaking into another district and then either behaving or getting detected again, given an open and fair hearing in which all sides were heard, and then publicly terminated.

Now in Turner's forced early retirement -- nobody will ever hire Turner as a teacher ever again -- Turner re-writes his memoirs in the form of this dishonest whining blog.

Now lest anyone of Turner's groupies and peers yawp about how "Nobody needs to read this blog", which is irrelevant as well as correct, let's say that many of us just love to read how Turner is suffering, how neither Turner nor Turner's fellow flunkies have any intention of learning from the consequences of their stupidity, and how upon every occasion Turner and those like Turner will seek to blame "society", i.e. the very foundation of public education (elected local officials to disburse and set policy for local tax moneies and local public property), which gives them employment in the first place.

They think that they all are Socrates -- who came to a bad end when the restored democracy has enough of Socrates "teaching" the very traitors and tyrants who destroyed Athens' Golden Age. Rather, these "teachers" are more like Daffy Duck and Wile E. Coyote: Unable to learn from their mistakes but wanting everyone else to suffer from their failed amoral stupidity.

2:35 PM Saturday, March 5, 2016 (https://rturner229.blogspot.com/2016/03/school-shootings-rape-discipline-and.html?showComment=1457217322543#c75974988288071 04988)

Cousin Randy Turner
05-23-2016, 10:47 PM

Cousin Randy Turner
07-07-2016, 03:12 PM
Rigor, relevance, and relationships- memories from Joplin R-8



A few years ago, teachers at East Middle School were told that we would be concentrating on the three Rs during the coming school year.

If any of us had the dream that we were going to actually be concentrating on the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic instead of teaching to the tests (and teaching to the practice tests), our hopes were quickly dashed when our principal Bud Sexson let us know that the three Rs were rigor, relevance, and relationships.

When I heard Sexson stressing the importance of adding rigor to the educational process, something did not seem right.

As an English teacher and someone with a knowledge of the English language, I knew that rigor was the last thing that the students at East or in the Joplin R-8 School District needed.

The definition of rigor is "harsh, unyielding. Why were we wanting to push harsh and unyielding education on children?

At first, I thought this was just another phase that Joplin was going through. Instead, it turns out Joplin was latching on to another one of these fads to which education often falls victim.

Though the time of relevance and relationships appears to have come and gone, schools all across the nation are still pushing rigor.

I was reminded of those professional development meetings at East, when I read the latest blog post from educational historian Diane Ravitch, who served in the U. S. Department of Education under President George H. W. Bush:

The post is about a letter from a Brooklyn teacher who had the same reservations about "rigor" that I had.

The letter contained the Merrian-Webster definition of rigor:

a (1) : harsh inflexibility in opinion, temper, or judgment : severity (2) : the quality of being unyielding or inflexible : strictness (3) : severity of life : austerity

b : an act or instance of strictness, severity, or cruelty
: a tremor caused by a chill
: a condition that makes life difficult, challenging, or uncomfortable; especially : extremity of cold
: strict precision : exactness
a obsolete : rigidity, stiffness
b : rigidness or torpor of organs or tissue that prevents response to stimuli
c : rigor mortis

Considering the nonsense that educational charlatans, all of whom seem to be making steady money as consultants, have been touting since No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top and so-called reform have swept the nation, it should come as no surprise to those of us who have had to deal with the results (and that's all of us) that these geniuses do not even know the meaning of the words they are shoving down our throats.

Posted by Randy at 6:51 PM Wednesday, July 06, 2016 (https://rturner229.blogspot.com/2016/07/rigor-relevance-and-relationships.html)

Swillis Gumpf Turner
07-07-2016, 08:47 PM
Turner-Trotsky whines about how Huff-Stalin destroyed Bolshevik Edjewmacation


Turner whines about "fads" in edumacation. The test scores on the SAT have gone down since 1957, which was three years after Brown v. Board of Education in which negroes with at least a standard deviation lower in Intelligence Quotients were "integrated" into white schools in which no amount of indoctrination could overcome basic racial differences in intelligence. The curriculum was dumbed down with the end result of white kids not having to study in order to meet the lowered standards. In a futile effort to overcome Nature, sundry fads were implemented all of which failed over the past 60 years.

So by the time that Dumbya Bush cum in and decided to "overcum" the "racism of lower expectations", i.e. reality by setting up "No Child Left Intelligent" in which there would be massive testing to measure the outputs on raised wasting inputs, the "Department of Education" imposed increasing the mandates along with the federal monies. The states accepted these tax dollars and left until later worrying about how to meet the rising impossible standards. Of course the schools failed in overcoming the inevitable decline in test scores, although massive fraud was attempted in school districts in Atlanta and Houston. Today the way the System "works" is to have the white kids try to keep up the test scores as best they can as they are taught to "game" the tests. Not to think independently or rationally because Independent Rationality might well lead to Rebellion.

So we have Turner, who cannot ascribe the genuine reason for the decline in test scores to lowered intelligence of the subjects imprisoned by a failing System, and will not take the responsibility for the liberal achievement of doing away with quality by the enforcement of e-quality. So Turner writes a nasty libellous semi-pornographic book aimed at his bosses, gets caught, fired, and now blames the very System which elected and selected the Joplin School Board and Superintendant and bureaucracy which followed the funding of what has become a "Disneyland for Dummies."

In short, Turner is like Trotsky blaming the failures of Communism on Stalin, er C.J. Huff.

The only time Turner has any sort of Truth on his side is when Turner blames the wastage of tax dollars on how the rebuilding proceeded after the Tornado.

Under our System of Public Schools, the taxpayers elect a School Board. The School Board members, with public input, hire a Superintendant. The Superintendant hires his staff and teachers. A teacher who cannot obey his supervisors, elected or appointed, is to be fired when detected.

The System worked as intended. Turner was caught, given due process, and fired. Now Turner has a blog bemoaning the reality of what happened. Which is fine. Even a blind pig sniffs out a truffle every so often.

The System isn't working for the public or the students, however. Property taxes skyrocket as the general economy declines. The students don't even learn the basics of literacy. Neither Turner nor CJ Huff is in favor of simply teaching enough for a GED for those who want to learn, and then calling for "free babysitting" where the subjects will be fed and housed for ten hours five days a week until they reach the age of majority and then expelled to . . . the streets or the military or the prisons.

The current System is not reformable. There can be no reform until there is truth which can be said, then acted upon. The truth is that most "AmurriKwans are stupid and unfit for higher education." Nothing more than the bare minimum should be expected -- and paid for. So the System will totter on like a zombie, feeding upon the young and productive until there is none left and the entire System collapses.

That said, I greatly like to listen to Turner-Trotsky whine about how Huff-Stalin destroyed the True Faith of Bolshevik Edjewmacation via Test-Score Lyshenkoism.


1:07 PM Thursday July 7, 2016 (Censored by Cousin Randy Randy Turner) (https://rturner229.blogspot.com/2016/07/rigor-relevance-and-relationships.html)

Cousin Randy Turner
07-13-2016, 09:32 PM
Grand jury indicts Neosho businessman on child porn charge



A federal grand jury indicted Neosho businessman Blake Altman on a child pornography charge June 16.

Altman, 31, former general manager at Sam's Cellar, is free on a personal recognizance bond, offer opposition from the U. S. Attorney's office, which noted that not only was Altman downloading child pornography, but he told investigators that "his preference was for girls between 10 and 14 years old."

Altman is being represented by Springfield attorney Dee Wampler.

The government made the following argument for keeping Altman behind bars while he awaits trial:

The defendant was utilizing peer-to-peer file sharing software to receive and distribute images and videos depicting child pornography. The imagery in question depicted children, some as young as infants, engaging in sexually explicit conduct. The defendant, at the time of the search warrant, possessed a rifle loaded with armor piercing bullets, two sets of body armor, and a Kevlar helmet.

The defendant was accused by a family member of inappropriately touching her when he was 16 years old. The accusation was never reported to the police. The defendant told the investigators that his preference was for girls between 10 and 14 years old. This case involves a minor victim..The evidence against the defendant is overwhelming

The indictment came more than eight months after a search warrant was executed on Altman's arrest, which was noted in the October 3, 2014 Turner Report:

Though no arrests have been filed anywhere at this point, a search warrant request filed in the U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri indicates child pornography had been traced to an IP address belonging to a Neosho businessman.

The affidavit, written by Joplin police officer Charles Root, working with the FBI as a member of the Southwest Missouri Cyber Crimes Task Force, detailed the reasons the search warrant was being requested:

On August 14, 2014, Southwest Missouri Cyber Crimes Task Force Officer James Smith conducted an undercover investigation into the distribution of child pornography. Utilizing an undercover computer, TFO Smith was able to make a direct connection with the target computer and browse the files available for sharing.

The target computer contained approximately 116 files believed to contain depictions of ch