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06-01-2009, 10:29 PM
The Consolidated Naboth v. House of Ahab Regime Criminal Bogus Sex-Crimes Thread


As in the Days of Noah, and of Naboth, the [d]ruling criminal regime routinely creates bogus charges against White men who are inherently lawful so that they will be tried on the basis of false testimony by perjured Sons of Belial, and then murdered for their property or simply because they are politically incorrect or simply in the way.

When my grandchildren were taken away on April 9, 2004, I was informed that it was simply a means of later filing bogus child molestation charges against me so that I would be sent to prison with a 'chester jacket' and murdered there for child molestation and racism and thus ZOG, the State and local Republican political establishment would be rid of a dangerous White Nationalist political and religious leader.

So I was indeed finally arrested on May 10, 2005 on bogus charges and a cash-bond of $100,000 designed so that I would remain imprisoned. On June 23, 2005, when I refused to accept a pub[l]ic pretender, the next crooked judge, Kevin Lee Selby, the very crooked judge who had taken the children and whom I was suing in order to get them back, illegally and unilaterally imposed 22 counts of criminal contempt of kort for 660 days. All this simply because I refused to accept any lawyer, especially a pub[l]ic pretender. The pub[l]ic pretender's office didn't want anything to do with defending an unruly defendant like myself. So the crooked judge Selby and the just-as-crooked sheriff Ken Copeland conspired to hold an 'indigency hearing' and then send me to the NutHouse for mental evaluation. Which was exactly what they did. I was sent to the Fulton State NutHouse, illegally drugged there in order to jewstify my continuing incarceration there, and kept for over 2 1/2 years until I managed to convince a new, fresh out of medical skrule psychiatrist named Jason Cafar to delete the illegal forced medications. Once these forced medications were deleted, there no longer was any excuse for keeping me at the public expense at the NutHouse. George Bush was at the end of his second administration and Runt Blunt wasn't going to run for another term, having been told to leave quietly.

So I pretended to soften on the matter of hiring a lawyer, and hired a crooked weasel named David Riesenmy. This weasel was out to sell me out, of course, but by this time both Mild Bill Dobbs, Jacob Skouby, and jewdge John LePage had figured out that they didn't have a case. After all, even if they were able to coerce my grandson to testify that I had kissed his penis, then it would still be a matter of his word against mine, hardly 'provable beyond a reasonable doubt.' In fact, I intend to use this precedent to jewstify taking the spawn of regime criminals, lawyers, jewdges, piglice, government 'workers' and supporters, torturing their spawn to testilie against them, and then skin out the lot and exterminate them and take theyz' property for a Neo-Aristocracy of DSCI theocratic warlords. Anyway, Riesenmy came up with a deal to where if I would pay him $1700, and agree to leave the state, then the charges would be dismissed for the next few decades. I agreed, but the social workers allegedly dragged their feet.

So I got the 'right' to access to a law library. Since it would cost a bunch of piglice to take me to the county law library, and the other prisoners were agitating to use a law library as well and ditch their public pretenders, Jacob Skouby and LePage and Copeland decided to simply let me post a $10,000 cash bond. From there the case fell apart and was dismissed at the soonest available opportunity when my grandson, abused in the foster care system, refused to tell lies against me at preliminary hearing.

So, the purpose of this consolidated thread, which I will name after Naboth, who was murdered by King Ahab at the instigation of the baal-bitch Jezebel, and thus the final straw for YHWH fomenting a revolution which destroyed the House of Ahab and Ahab's criminal regime. Baal-priests, Sons of Belial, regime criminals, the money-mamzers supporting Ahab's criminal regime, all destroyed along with theyz' families, reserved food for the dogs in the cities and the birds in the fields. The purpose of this thread is to show, how like Ahab's House, the current ZOG/Babylon/The Beast must be destroyed, and to do that, EVERYONE who in any way supported ZOG/Babylon/The Beast must be exterminated absolutely, without mercy, with extreme prejudice, so that there is nothing left of a race-mixing Satannic criminal regime which is out to destroy YHWH's Servant Nation, not even a squirt of sperm, not even an ova, not even one stone piled up on another.

The way to do this is to demonstrate that this lawless regime has but one goal: to destroy YHWH's White Aryan Servant Nation. That they will do this by pretending that they obey their own corrupt law, their CONstipation and Bill of Goods, as 'interpreted' by ZOG's own jew/nigger/beaner/whigger jewdges. What difference does it make, when White People are being destroyed economically, and in their families, by ZOG bringing in a flood of muds and destroying the jobs, pensions, homes and families of the Founding White Race, as to what yapping regime criminals claim as being CONstitutional? You will be destroyed if you continue to allow this to continue, and deservedly so, if you acquiesce in your continued destruction.

When I saw my grandchildren being taken, screaming and crying fromtheir home across the street, I swore an oath to YHWH that I would likewise send each and every regime criminal and theyz' spawn to hell, screaming and crying and with much lamentations. I will NOT be foresworn to YHWH.

I urge the White Christian and non-Christian Israelite to do the exact same thing.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

08-12-2009, 02:44 AM
jewplin Piglice Entrapping Whigger Dogs Over a Bait of Virtual Pussy


Child-sex offender sent back to prison for online preying

The jewplin Glob
August 10, 2009
By Jeff Lehr jlehr@joplinglobe.com


A Jasper County judge sentenced a Centralia man and prior sex offender to 30 years in prison Monday for engaging in sexually explicit and luring online chats with a sheriff’s detective posing as an underage girl.

Circuit Judge Gayle Crane at a hearing in Jasper County Circuit Court in Joplin sentenced Donald C. Bisans, 48, to three 30-year terms for three counts of attempted enticement of a child. The judge ordered that the terms will run concurrently.

Bisans was convicted by a jury June 10 after a two-day trial in Joplin during which he claimed that he was merely indulging in fantasy while communicating online with Detective Ed Bailey of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department in March and April of 2008. Bailey was posing at the time as a 13-year-old girl from Sarcoxie named “Candy.” The detective testified at the trial that Bisans initiated the chats on a Web site and expressed increasing interest in sexual acts with “Candy” over a two-week period.

Bisans also sent “Candy” links to adult pornography Web sites and talked about how they might meet once her school year ended, Bailey testified. Bisans was arrested April 10 of last year after sending “Candy’s” equally fictitious friend “Cindy” $80 in the mail for the purchase of a webcam so the “girls” could send him video of them performing sex acts on each other.

The Jasper County prosecutor’s office argued at trial that Bisans broke the law when he encouraged “Candy” to engage in sexual contact with “Cindy.” The latter is the undercover identity of former Diamond police Chief Jim Murray, who specializes in Internet child-predator crimes and assisted Bailey in his investigation. Jurors also convicted Bisans of breaking the law when he suggested what articles of clothing “Candy” should wear when they met and when he sent the “girls” money for the purchase of the Internet camera.



I met Don Bisans at the Newton County Jail and Bisans was a real piece of shit. He deliberately left a book of his in my cell, then accused me of stealing it when Kelly Williams, a young whigger who also was caught by these piglice on the computer, was reading it. Rather than bitch about Williams, a young whigger that Bisans liked, Bisans chose to bitch about how I 'stole' his book. I asked Bisans if he wanted his book and Bisans instead chose to bitch instead about how I had allegedly lied about stealing his book.

Of course Bisans was my size or bigger, and for some reason didn't like me, probably because I wouldn't kiss his ass or act frightened of him or pretend to find him special. There was some sort of dislike on his part from day one when I had gotten there and Bisans wanted to indulge in it. All of the other 'chomos' sided with Bisans or were frightened of him, except for Saiman, the Samoan killer, who was always invariably polite to everyone.

In any case, many of the people were there because they had been lured there by that piece of pigshit Jim Murray from Diamond and the other local piglice that Murray had trained. Murray and the other local piglice find it funny to hunt for whigger and mamzer dogs looking for whigger sluts to fuck. Male parents can't keep their daughters from screwing anything, and trying to make them keep their legs together, much less keep them from screwing niggers and beaners will draw domestic abuse charges today. Yet, having created all these sluts, ZOG/Babylon wants to imprison as many whiggers of whatever age wanting to screw these sluts that they created.

Now I think that the piglice, the prostituting attorneys, pub[l]ic pretenders, jewry's who convict, and city and county committee-critters who support these piglice should provide pussy for these made-up crimes in which they give out actual prison time for virtual pussy. So, lobotomizing and crippling whigger pussy and forcing it to breed a Neo-Aristocracy for a master race is of course quite in order for the crimes of these regime criminals and whigger sympathizers.

Now Don Bisans deserved a real gelding from the father of any real-live girl that he screwed and impregnated. I have no use for those who take advantage of real young girls to consume them upon their own lusts. I sure wouldn't want Don Bisans, a criminal, as a son-in-law. But creating all of these sluts and then imprisoning whigger criminals for thirty years simply for talking dirty over a computer with these dirty young sluts who will never amount to nothing anyway -- well that is the acme of regime criminality. Even if the accused is guilty, regime criminals deserve summary texecution for they are no better than the scruffiest of chomos. And since I had my family destroyed (http://whitenationalist.org/lindstedt/naboth21.html) and three and a half years of my life taken away by these regime criminals and was guilty of nothing except hatred of ZOG/Babylon, make them scream, make them scream when you send them all to Hell.

Rape and geld at [s]will in Diamond, jewplin, Don Bisans. They deserve anything and everything they get.

Jeff Lehr is a typpycull jewspaper reporter. The whigger piece of shit was smarming over how I don't like niggers six or seven years ago when it was interviewing me over a story. Take that typpycull whigger and itz spawn and put them in a cage full of niggers and give the niggers a cooking pot, matches and fuel for a slow fire, a dull knife and short rations and jewff Lehr will scream a different tune about the coontent of a wonderfool nigger's character and leave off being a sanctimonious whigger son of a bitch -- maybe. Sure would be fun to find out.

This Gayle Crane is a stupid wymyn cunt who managed to get into a jewdgeship a number of years ago. The stupid cunt is the very sort of femnishevik gliberal whigger who creates these stupid whigger sluts, then gets all mad at whigger males wanting to fuck these sluts. Like all jewdges, skin this bitch and her misbegotten family slowly.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

11-23-2009, 06:57 PM
Piglice Shooting Starving Dogs Over Bait


Man gets two years in prison for sexual misconduct with a child over Net


By Jeff Lehr
Published November 20, 2009 10:43 pm

A Jasper County judge assessed an Illinois man two years in prison Friday for sexual misconduct with a child over the Internet.

Circuit Judge David Mouton gave Kelly J. Williams, 25, of Stonington, Ill., the maximum time permitted under a plea agreement with the Jasper County prosecutor?s office. Williams accepted the plea offer and changed his plea to guilty in September. Sexual misconduct with a child under the age of 15 carries up to five years in prison in Missouri.

Williams recently received two four-year sentences in Newton County Circuit Court on convictions for another count of sexual misconduct with a child and a count of enticement of a child. The three sentences will run concurrent by orders of the judges in the two cases.

The convictions stem from online sting operations conducted in 2008 by Detective Ed Bailey of the Jasper County Sheriff?s Department and by former Diamond police Chief Jim Murray, who investigates child-predator activities on the Internet as a liaison officer with the Diamond Police Department.

Bailey had online contact with Williams in March and April of 2008 posing as a 13-year-old girl. A probable-cause affidavit states that Williams sent Bailey two adult pornography photographs and tried to persuade Bailey?s online persona to have sex with her 8-year-old brother.

Murray reported similar online behavior of the defendant to the Newton County court


Hats off to the Jasper County and Diamond law enforcement agents for taking a child predator off the streets. "Concerned" is absolutely right, the courts need to put this evil away from society permanently. SEND A MESSAGE! God bless the children.

This guy will be 35 when he gets out (unless he gets out early, which he probably will) and be able to ruin some more children's lives! Our judicial system needs to do something more than smack their hands. Sad!

What a Pervo


01-14-2010, 05:29 PM
jewplin Glob yapper -- Misseri jewpreme kort rejects sex offender [d]rules


Missouri Supreme Court rejects sex offender rules

Published January 13, 2010 09:16 am - The Missouri Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with two sex offenders, ruling they cannot be barred from handing out Halloween candy and living within 1,000 feet of schools and child care centers because those restrictions weren’t in place when they were convicted.


Today's yapper 4 U whiggaz!!!
Do you brain-dead jewspaper-reading fuktards think the Missery jewpreme court made the correct decision? Tell us in the comments forum below. Show us jewr fuktard edjewmacated tits, whiggaz/mamzaz/jooz!!!

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with two sex offenders, ruling they cannot be barred from handing out Halloween candy and living within 1,000 feet of schools and child care centers because those restrictions weren’t in place when they were convicted.

Missouri enacted the sex offender restrictions more than two decades after the two men were convicted. A divided Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that it would be unconstitutional to force the men to comply.

At issue was a provision in the state constitution that bars retrospective laws, which the Supreme Court has defined to mean new obligations, duties or disabilities with respect to past actions.

Judge Michael Wolff in the court’s majority opinion said the sex offender restrictions changed the affect of the men’s previous convictions and therefore were invalid. Wolff was joined by Judges Patricia Breckenridge, Laura Denvir Sith and Richard Teitelman.

“It is the conviction itself, not any evidence of present or future dangerousness, that alone imposes the obligation, creating a direct retrospective additional obligation,” Wolff said.

Judge Mary Russell, in a dissent joined by Chief Justice William Ray Price and Judge Zel Fischer, said the Halloween and residency restrictions were “collateral consequences” that could be levied for past criminal convictions because state officials had a legitimate interest in protecting children.



Arise Fuktards & Yap:

I don't think you people have the slightest clue about what happened here. Have you gotten a ticket, or how about all you drunk drivers that have been given a DUI or DWI. This law would be the same as if they gave you a suspended sentence on your DWI and then 2 years later told you that the law changed and you now have to put in a breathalizer in your car because all people being convicted of DWI have to have a breathalizer in your car to test your breath before you start your car every time. Or maybe if you payed your taxes late and received a fine, but in 5 years they passed a law that states it is a $10,000 fine and up to 1 year in jail for the same crime, and now you have to pay up. By the laws of this country you can not be punished over and over again for your past crimes. No matter how vile or detestable. That is the law. Sorry.

Boy, howdy. I shore am glad theys can't retrofit any more time on my sentence for the sex crime I committed. I'd hate ta have ta put on that there dunce cap again and stand in the corner more for a pullin little Sally's hair back in the 4th grade. And Granny already done paddled me when I gots home too.

plato, how sad that your comment reflects how passive society has become to bad laws and infringements upon the person rights of others. To the others, who said they are specifically targeting a residence near a school. Perhaps they don't think they should have to be concerned with the location of schools when they move. The other issue is when cities decide to build a new school, these people would be forced to move FOR NO GOOD REASON. People, my gosh, stop expecting the government to protect you from any remotely possible harm!

It seems to me that those who are talented at writing these laws should make sure they have covered all bases. Perhaps it should be done by a committee that includes victims of such abuse. Those of us who have suffered at the hands of someone who gets their jollies while hurting a child, often ruining their lives by this act, have lost ALL rights as far as I'm concerned. At the age of three my rights were taken away by the next door neighbor who didn't look like the person he was. He was funny and friendly and deadly. PTSD is the gift that keeps on giving. the imprint of those grizzly acts is there forever, influencing everything we do. Let's separate those who urinate in public from those who actually hurt small children. Let's get some common sense going here!!!

Why was it so important for the two 'gentleman' sex offenders to fight this? Why do they want so much to live within 1000 feet of a school and to hand out candy to children that they would go clear to the supreme court? I am not suggesting anything by my questions. Personally if I was guilty and really repentant for such actions, I would go out of my way to abide by the laws.

What we really need to do is take all of the sex offenders and put them on an island or in an open field where they can not hurt any more children. Build them there own "resort" in Alaska or Montana where there is emough room to house all of these disgusting people in the US. Thats my personal opinion.

It is the duty of our courts as well as everyone to protect children. Due to past conviction, these men are a threat to children and have no right to endanger a child. Allowing access to children is endangering them.

Now---Finally---At Last---Missourians know what the high court in Missouri thinks of kids.

Dear concerned parent. What they overturned was the going back and essentially adding to the sentences of those who were convicted before these new restrictions were in place. Set aside your emotion for a moment. Imagine if the city/state sent you a bill today for a ticket you received (and paid) 20 years ago because back then your violation was only half of what it is today. Wouldn't you find that a bit wrong? Of course you would. How fair would that be? You would be subject to getting a bill every time the fine was raised. That's the same basic issue that the court addressed.

I agree with the Court's decision. In no way do I support the crimes being committed by those convicted of violating another person. I think it is nearly impossible in this day to present a clear argument against silly, ineffective legislation on this topic without someone claiming, "how can you support the molestors." The answer is that, regardless of what you think, arguing against the the many silly, ineffective sex offender rules is not supporting the awful violations that those convicted have perpetrated on another. I am sorry if you feel otherwise.

However, 1. Your child should not be out alone on Halloween to collect candy. If you are allowing this, you are irresponsible, period. Oddly enough, the "lights off" policy probably serves to get people wondering about the neighbor who doesn't really want to participate in the Halloween ritual of giving out candy, so leaves the home light off.

2. Most people can walk and/or own cars. 1000 feet is maybe 2 city blocks. Do you really think that 1000 feet is some magic distance? 2000ft? 3000?

3. Cities have, time and again, increased the arbitrary "foot rules" making it so that individuals that have served their time have greater difficulty finding housing and jobs. You might be thinking that they deserve it, but you end up paying for it in the end as they either a) turn to criminal activities to survive (aka steal from you or your local stores) and perhaps return to jail (which you pay for) or b) they receive social services (aka public aid, which you also pay for).

4. You need to be far more concerned with the people that you willingly allow into your homes than you do some stranger on the street. The news covers the "stranger danger" stories and thus, people think they are far more common than they really are. Most victims of sex-related crimes know their attacker/molestor--they aren't the creepy neighbor that lives across the street.

5. Sex offender registries themselves give people a false sense of security. Are you being LESS vigilant after you check online to find no sex offenders in your neighborhood? If no, then they serve no purpose. If yes, then you are just plain irresponsible and naive. It is unfortunate that we live in a world where we cannot move about freely with no cause for worry. Be vigilant. Don't let the government lull you into a false sense of security.

The Court made the correct decision in overturning what the Legislature had done in order to instill a FEELING of safety where it did not exist. You can't really blame the government for playing on our own illogic. If this decision just increased your vigilance or raised your awareness, then that, itself, justifies the Court's decision.

It’s a sad thing in this state and for that matter this country that we make laws to protect us, our children and grandchildren. And a judge/count decides to protect the criminal. I would hate to see our country go back to ways of 3rd world countries on law enforcement issues but as concerned parent stated handing their self may be the best way. But our judges and counts may cause that to happen. Especially with it affects our children. My real opinion is that’s these sex offenders should not be on the streets to start with. One time you’re in for life.

Why don't people bother to read. In reference to the recent Missouri supreme court ruling concerning two convicted sex offenders, the court ruled in their favor because of the wording of current Missouri law which says you can't be prevented from doing something that would otherwise now be illegal if it wasn't illegal when the person was convicted previously. The problem does not lie with the court, it lies with the wording of current law. If the person doesn't agree with the court ruling don't blame the court, blame the wording of the law. Be angry with your local state representative, get on his or her case to change the wording of the law.

The answer to this is for every decent person in every state to push their congress men and women for a FEDERAL law making it impossible for those who have committed sex crimes against children to live within 1000 feet of any school, daycare or after school program for children, to loiter in or near public parks, swimming pools and other outdoor recreational areas and to prohibit them from participating in Halloween or any other public celebration catering to children. The Missouri Supreme Court IS NOT concerned with protecting children. They do, however, realize that they must comply with Federal Law. Write letters to your congress people. Ask friends and relatives in every state to do the same. I am.

Some that are required to register as sex offenders is because they were 19 or 20 dating a 16 year old, also urinating in public, sexting that teenager are c. has now being dubbed sex offenders for. Also some are falsely accused. yes I agree with the decision. Kansas has proven that where a person lives in distance to schools,parks, etc, has nothing to do with re offending.

I think the court made a horrible decision. What if the offenders happen to molest another child? Then the court will look really bad for not implying those laws. If someone were to hurt my child I will take action into my own hands andnot worry about the courts because they dont seem to worried about it. I wonder if someone could file an appeal to the decision to have them reconsider or get another completely different justice to rule on the mater???

05-12-2010, 08:27 PM
Innocent White Teacher Acquitted of Bogus Child Molestation Charges


Former kindergarten teacher says acquittal isn't a victory

Tonya Craft leaves the courthouse
with her husband David Craft on April 23.
She was acquitted on molestation charges.


NEW YORK (AP) — A former north Georgia kindergarten teacher says her acquittal on charges she molested three young girls is not a victory.

"There's no one that wins in this situation," 37-year-old Tonya Craft said Wednesday on NBC's Today show. "My whole heart had been taken and I got half of it back."

The jury in Ringgold found Craft not guilty Tuesday on each of 22 charges of child molestation, aggravated sexual battery and aggravated child molestation.

"You hope the truth comes out, but you're scared to death it won't," Craft said.

Craft was arrested two years ago and was fired from her job at Chickamauga Elementary School.

She said she asked herself "How can this happen, how can this go from absolutely nothing to something so heinous?"

Craft said she wants to educate people on how children can be led to believe they've been molested.

Neosho Daily Douche
02-05-2012, 02:01 AM
Jury convicts attempted rapist


By Todd G. Higdon
Neosho Daily News
Posted Feb 03, 2012 @ 10:38 AM

Neosho, Mo. —

After going into deliberation for only 1 hour and 50 minutes on Thursday, a Newton County jury found Gilbert E. Hagebusch, 56, of attempted forcible rape.

The jury trial lasted three days.

“Mr. Hagebusch is a prior and persistent sexual offender,” Newton County assistant prosecutor attorney Bill Dobbs said. “He was convicted in October 1975 of statutory rape in Barry County and he was convicted in October 1984 of rape and sodomy in Jasper County. He will face a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole and that will be his natural life.”

Dobbs and Shelle Riley, also an assistant prosecutor attorney, prosecuted the case. The case was presented before Newton County Judge Kevin Selby.

According to Dobbs, the case is from Sept. 6, 2010, and originates at a residence in Diamond.

“This was a violent event. Mr. Hagebusch had picked this young woman (at the time a 26-year-old woman) up as she was walking along a county road,” Dobbs said. “She was acquainted with him, but barely. He gave her a ride, they ended up at his home and he viciously attacked her. He choked her several times to the point of passing out. He forcefully sexually assaulted her and she was able to escape his grasp. She fought him, she broke out a window in the trailer house and yelled for help and even used a shard of the broken glass to wound Hagebusch.”

Dobbs continued.

“…She reported that she had seen a gun earlier, she had been threatened that he would kill her, that he would shoot her, that he would shoot her dog and then as they were leaving the trailer house, she could see that he had the gun in the back of his waistband,” he said. “She was able to run from him as they were leaving the house and neighbors had heard her yelling for help and were standing on the porch of an adjacent trailer. She ran to that trailer, that trailer belonged to a firefighter/first responder, he administered First Aid, summoned the police and an ambulance. She was taken directly to Freeman Hospital for emergency treatment and a sexual assault examination.”

Hagebusch left the house and drove off. He was picked up the following morning by Newton County Sheriff’s Department and has been in custody for 16 months.

“We are very pleased (with the verdict),” Dobbs said. “Our victim was a remarkable young woman. She was 26 years old when this occurred. She did a wonderful job of testifying. It was a case that, of course, was very important to this office, because of the defendant’s prior records.”

Hagebusch will be sentenced on May 4.

02-25-2016, 09:25 AM

https://www.courts.mo.gov/casenet/cases/nameSearch.do (Missouri case Net)

02/23/2016 Bndover to Circ with Prel Hrng
Judge/Clerk - Note
Preliminary Hearing Held
Scheduled For: 02/23/2016; 1:30 PM ; KEVIN LEE SELBY; Newton

02/16/2016 Preliminary Hearing Scheduled
Associated Entries: 02/23/2016 - Preliminary Hearing Held
Scheduled For: 02/23/2016; 1:30 PM ; KEVIN LEE SELBY; Newton
Bond Set
BOND SET $ 50,000.00 SURETY. KS
Pre-Trial Conference Held
Scheduled For: 02/16/2016; 1:15 PM ; KEVIN LEE SELBY; Newton

02/11/2016 Motion for Continuance
Motion to continue; Electronic Filing Certificate of Service.

01/26/2016 Judge/Clerk - Note

01/25/2016 Note to Clerk eFiling
Probable Cause Statement Filed
PC Affidavit; Electronic Filing Certificate of Service.
Amended Complaint Filed
Amended complaint; Electronic Filing Certificate of Service.

01/21/2016 Motion for Bond Reduction
Motion for Signature Bond; Electronic Filing Certificate of Service.
Filed By: Renee Gotviagehya

01/19/2016 Preliminary Hearing Scheduled
Associated Entries: 02/16/2016 - Pre-Trial Conference Held
Scheduled For: 02/16/2016; 1:15 PM ; KEVIN LEE SELBY; Newton
Judge Assigned
Pre-Trial Conference Held
Scheduled For: 01/19/2016; 9:00 AM ; GREGORY STREMEL; Newton

01/06/2016 Entry of Appearance Filed
ENTRY OF APPEARANCE; Electronic Filing Certificate of Service.
Filed By: Renee Gotviagehya

01/04/2016 Pre-trial Conference Scheduled
Associated Entries: 01/19/2016 - Pre-Trial Conference Held
Scheduled For: 01/19/2016; 9:00 AM ; GREGORY STREMEL; Newton
Confin Arraign Doct Hrng Held
Scheduled For: 01/04/2016; 9:00 AM ; GREGORY STREMEL; Newton
Confin Arraign Doct Hrng Sched
Associated Entries: 01/04/2016 - Confin Arraign Doct Hrng Held
Scheduled For: 01/04/2016; 9:00 AM ; GREGORY STREMEL; Newton

12/29/2015 Warrant Served
Document ID - 15-NWARW-653; Served To - MCFADIN, JAMES LYNDON; Server - SO NEWTON COUNTY - NEOSHO; Served Date - 23-DEC-15; Served Time - 00:00:00; Service Type - Sheriff Department; Reason Description - Served

12/23/2015 Warrant Issued
Document ID: 15-NWARW-653, for MCFADIN, JAMES LYNDON. , Bond Amount: 50,000.00, Bond Text: CASH ONLY
Probable Cause Statement Filed
Complaint Filed
Judge Assigned



NEOSHO, MO 64850

Year of Birth: 1983

Represented by Gotviagehya , Renee -- Assistant Public Defender
Business: (417) 389-8489



Description: Statutory Rape - 2nd Degree { Felony C RSMo: 566.034 }
Date: 07/01/2015 Code: 566.034-001Y199511.0
OCN: O3017975 Arresting Agency: NEOSHO PD

Next Charge/Judgment
Description: Statutory Sodomy - 2nd Degree { Felony C RSMo: 566.064 }
Date: 10/01/2015 Code: 566.064-001Y199511.0
OCN: O3017975 Arresting Agency: NEOSHO PD

Next Charge/Judgment
Description: Sexual Misconduct Or Attempt Involving A Child Under 15 - 1st Ofns { Felony D RSMo: 566.083 }
Date: 07/25/2015 Code: 566.083-001Y200536.0
OCN: O3017975

jewplin Glob
02-28-2016, 09:58 PM
Neosho man to stand trial on sex offenses with minors

Jeff Lehr, Joplin Globe Feb 24, 2016


NEOSHO, Mo. — A judge ordered a 32-year-old Neosho man bound over for trial Tuesday on charges that he had sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl and a misdemeanor charge of sexual misconduct with a 13-year-old girl.

Associate Judge Kevin Selby after a preliminary hearing in Newton County Circuit Court found probable cause for James L. McFadin Jr. to stand trial on charges of second-degree rape, second-degree sodomy and sexual misconduct with a child. The judge set March 21 for McFadin's initial appearance on the charges in a trial division of the court.

Three girls, ages 15, 13 and 5, testified at the hearing.

McFadin is accused of having sexual intercourse and oral sex with the oldest girl on more than one occasion last year. He was also accused of sexual misconduct with each of the two younger girls, but the testimony of the youngest girl failed to corroborate the allegation involving her.

02-29-2016, 11:47 PM
How a crooked judge like Kevin Lee Selby handles a child molestation case in which the evil mongrel has no interest


Neosho man to stand trial on sex offenses with minors

Jeff Lehr, Joplin Globe Feb 24, 2016



NEOSHO, Mo. — A judge ordered a 32-year-old Neosho man bound over for trial Tuesday on charges that he had sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl and a misdemeanor charge of sexual misconduct with a 13-year-old girl.

Associate Judge Kevin Selby after a preliminary hearing in Newton County Circuit Court found probable cause for James L. McFadin Jr. to stand trial on charges of second-degree rape, second-degree sodomy and sexual misconduct with a child. The judge set March 21 for McFadin's initial appearance on the charges in a trial division of the court.

Three girls, ages 15, 13 and 5, testified at the hearing.

McFadin is accused of having sexual intercourse and oral sex with the oldest girl on more than one occasion last year. He was also accused of sexual misconduct with each of the two younger girls, but the testimony of the youngest girl failed to corroborate the allegation involving her.

05-25-2016, 11:57 PM
General Mills donates to the Children's [Chomo]-Haven -- A pedophile for profit NGO

A local food manufacturer is celebrating a major milestone of assisting in the buying and selling of poor white children as sex slaves

By Stuart Price
Published 05/24 2016 07:42PM
Updated 05/24 2016 07:42PM


JOPLIN, Mo. -- Children's Chomo Haven

"$20,000," said Steve Kurtz, General Mills Plant Manager. "The first of the open payments. The rest will be left on the nightstand after services have been rendered by them little pedoed-puppies from this pedo-puppy mill, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!"

"You're kidding me?" asked Stephanie Theis, Children's Haven Executive Director, Baby Broker & Doctrinaire Lesbian. "Let's pretend that this is a spur of a minute thang. And there will be a small white boy and girl for you to diddle once we finish destroying their family and send their father to prison on trumped-up child molestation charges..

"Congratulations, so that is why I brought my friends and all the news crew here today," said Kurtz. "But the statutory sodomy in return for the $20,000 "donation / payment" from General Frauds, well that is a kickback, right?"

"I'm shocked and amazed, and not often speechless. This is fantastic," said Theis. "Want me to break them in or do you want to pop their little cherries?"

That's the reaction of Children's Haven Executive Lesbian and Baby-Stealing Director Stephanie Theis, when a familiar face knocked on the door Tuesday morning. Cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

"I just like to thank General Mills, they've been a great supporter to us for 13 years. They've been represented on our board and are currently the president of board, and not only get theys' choice of the now-familyless pedo-puppies in this pedo-puppy mill, but feed grain-based high carb slop which will give our little pedo-puppies at this pedo-puppy mill obesity and diabedes, but plenty of ZOGbux under the table, so they're just a great group of folks supporting local community organizations like this pedo-puppy mill which has as its #1 goal the destruction of poor white families," said Theis. After these fuktards leave I'm breaking out the anal lube and dildoes and reading to some seven year olds my cum-stained copy of "Heather Has Two Mommies."

That familiar face belongs to Steve Kurtz, who is the plant operations manager at General Mills in Joplin, as well as the president & figure-head of the Children's / Chomo-Haven Board of Directors. He says the occasion is the 150th year in business for General Mills and the 666th of getting its pedo-pecker sucked.

"We understand the great service they provide in this community year in and year out, destroying White families and ending the White Race in line with the Protocols, so we want to continue to support Children's Chomo-Haven," said Kurtz. Cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

"We're serving more kids up as sex slaves to connected government perverts than ever before, we got 16 here this morning and some calls for families coming in later on. While in most counties poor families only have a 24% chance of getting their kids back but here in Jasper and Newton County it is only 11 percent or less than half the vicious Missouri norm, cum-cum, cum-cum. So, really just utilizing it to keep kids busy and safe this summer," Theis explained.

"So I know the impact and I get to see the children here and understand, you know, the and think about what kind of situation they may be in if it wasn't for Children's Chomo-Haven," said Kurtz. "Why, they might be home with their families not eating grain and sugar products, thus not only avoiding custodial sexual abuse but not all fat and stupid, cum-cum, cum-cum. Well, let the sex games begin, cum-cum, cum-cum.

Children's Haven provides shelter for kids in crisis situations as defined by lesbian regime criminals out to destroy poor White families and aid in buying and selling these White children.

This is a parody, criticism and news protected by the First Amendment and "Fair Use" Doctrine.

01-23-2018, 11:39 PM
Local Piglice try to teach Baal-Priests how to stop Mad-Mongrel Shooters


jewplin Glob
05-08-2019, 01:12 AM
Training crazed whigger bitches to steal whigger children . . .

Jasper County CASA chapter inducts newest group of advocates

By Kimberly Barker kbarker@joplinglobe.com
May 7, 2019


Ten people were sworn into Jasper County's CASA organization by Associate Judge Joe Hensley on Tuesday at the new Juvenile Center.
The volunteers are the second class to graduate into the local CASA chapter, which is part of a national organization aimed at providing a voice in
court to child victims of abuse and neglect. The class (from left): Jessica Sachs, Nancy Beckwith, Andrea Abbott, Michael Brockett, Judge Joe Hensley,
Sharon Clark, Carol Mailes and Connie Godwin. Not pictured: Jody Chance, Tammy Swab and Tami Menke.

Ten volunteers were sworn in as Court Appointed Special Advocates in the Jasper County’s CASA chapter on Tuesday where they hope to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of children in foster care throughout the region.

The new group of advocates were sworn in by Jasper County Circuit Court Associate Judge Joe Hensley in the courtroom at the county's Juvenile Center in Joplin.

The local CASA chapter is part of a larger, national organization aimed at providing a voice in court to child victims of abuse and neglect. The Court Appointed Special Advocates meet regularly with children in foster care and advocate for them in court. Volunteers receive a minimum of 30 hours of training with different case scenarios and are appointed by the juvenile court judge.

Advocates investigate, communicate and make fact-based recommendations to the court on behalf of the children in efforts of finding them a permanent home. They may also be one of the only constant, adult role models in a child’s life during their time in foster care.

The Joplin chapter, which was launched in August, has steadily been growing over the past few months. Debi Koelkebeck, executive director of Jasper County CASA, said this will be the second graduating class in the program, and the next training class in June is already booked.

“The (next) class will have 20 advocates, and we’re working on scheduling one right after that, which I’m hoping will be in late summer,” she said. “We’re really ramping up the ability to match a voice of an advocate to an abused and neglected child. We literally just started, and the first class graduated in January.”

Sharon Clark, one of the 10 advocates appointed on Tuesday, said being a CASA volunteer gives her the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the younger generation and let the children know there are people who care about them.

“I read about CASA in the Globe and knew I wanted to help," she said. "My dad always said to leave the world a better place. I think it's a neat thing, and I hope every county in the United States does this program."

Koelkebeck said there’s a large need for an organization such as this one in Jasper County and that the response from the community has been phenomenal. She said about 400 children in foster care just in Jasper County are in need of CASA volunteers.

“The co-founder and I knew how much this was needed, but the way the community has responded has been fantastic,” she said. “I have youth ministers, retired postmasters, school principals, and they all have experience with children in some way. Some of them have seen the trauma these kids have gone through, so they know what it takes to help them.”


Want to volunteer?
In order to become a member of Court Appointed Special Advocates, volunteers must be at least 21, pass a background check and screening, have no criminal record and receive at least 30 hours of training. Those interested in volunteering can contact Debi Koelkebeck at 417-680-3250.