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05-01-2010, 10:55 PM
The jewplin Glob mentions that I got disqualified -- but not why.


Two dropped from race; report deadline missed


By Debby Woodin
Globe Staff Writer

JOPLIN, Mo. ? Failure to file personal financial reports has knocked the lone Democrat and one of three Republicans out of the race to represent Joplin in the state House.

The state Ethics Commission has disqualified Democrat Jim West and Republican Adolpho Castillo among about 45 candidates who missed a filing deadline.

Second chance?

That doesn?t shut the Democrats, or West, out of the race, though. The party?s nominating committee gets to choose a replacement candidate since there was only one from that party, according to Laura Egerdal, spokeswoman for Secretary of State Robin Carnahan.

West said he wants to be that candidate.

?We?re going to look at all options to stay in the race,? West said Friday after admitting that he overlooked filing his personal financial information by April 20, as required by election law.

West held a general seat on the Joplin City Council, but did not seek re-election to it because he decided to run for the 129th District House post.

Jim Fleischaker, a Joplin attorney who is chairman of the Democratic nominating committee for the 129th Missouri House District, said ?We?re reviewing our options now. I do plan on calling a meeting in the next several days, but we?ll just have to see? if a candidate will be nominated and who that will be.

He said the way the system works is ?unfortunate. They (the Ethics Commission) wait to notify people until after the deadline had passed when it?s too late to do something about it? instead of sending out a reminder notice.

Candidates do have an obligation to disclose the information, but they receive a number of documents at the same time and the deadline for filing one of the reports can easily be overlooked, he said.

Castillo said he may have to chalk it up to experience and wait for a chance to run again but that he, too, believes there must be a flaw in the reporting system if so many candidates, like him, could miss a filing deadline.

Castillo thought his financial information was already on file because he files it to serve on the state Commission on Human Rights, he said. When he was notified that he missed the filing date, he submitted the information and thought he would be subject perhaps to a fine, but did not realize he could be taken out of the race, he said.

Because Castillo was not the party?s only candidate seeking the post, the Republicans won?t get a chance to rename Castillo or place any other candidate on their ticket, Egerdal said.

Shelly Dreyer and William White are the other GOP candidates in the 129th.

Business as usual

Julie Allen, executive director of the Missouri Ethics Commission, said the action is consistent with past election cycles.

?For each election cycle, the law requires that should candidates fail to file the statements by the 21st day after the last filing date, the commission is to notify (the secretary of state or the county clerk) that the candidate is disqualified,? she said.

In response to Fleischaker and Castillo?s comments, Allen said, ?The law provides that the candidate receive the ?Notice to Candidates? form at the time they file and the candidate signs that they understand (his or her) responsibility,? in regard to the filing deadlines, she said.

The winner of the 129th District race will succeed Ron Richard, the current speaker of the House. He is not eligible to seek another House stint because of term limits. He has filed as a candidate for state Senate.

West said Friday that he received a letter from the state April 22 informing him that he had missed the April 20 deadline to submit his personal financial report.

?We did file my financial statement for the (campaign) committee, but the personal, apparently I missed it,? West said.

?We?re working with my staff to get this thing resolved,? he said. ?I made a mistake so therefore I am working to get it corrected.?

Egerdal said there is no appeals process set out by state statute when a person is disqualified.

?If the individual feels there was some kind of error, they could get an attorney and go to court,? she said. ?If an individual is an only candidate, that party?s nominating committee is going to be able to choose a new candidate to place on the ballot.?

Two others in races of interest to the Joplin area who were disqualified are Martin Lindstedt, a Libertarian from Granby, a candidate for U.S. Senate; and Bob Brown, a Springfield Republican in the race for the 7th District U.S. House seat.


There were 15 other state House candidates who were disqualified throughout the state for missing the deadline to file personal financial reports, according to an Ethics Commission report filed with the secretary of state?s office and displayed on the secretary?s website (http://mcvr.mo.gov/Elections/CandidatesonWeb/candidatesremoved.aspx).