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The Reltney Identity
09-16-2010, 01:28 AM
The Reltney Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum


Hi, Jason Reltney, here. Or so I think I am.

You see, the captain and crew of a crab dinghy seen me drowning in a wading pool in Table Rock Lake in Moronsouri and they fished me out. But I couldn't remember who I was. Except I have an overwhelming urge to beat the living kikeshit out of typpycull ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns and a congenital pathological loathing of possums. Why is that?

Well, for some reason I also think I might be a DSCI sockpuppet Internut spy. I was for a while over on phorafags/feebs and some characters named Mikey Kikey Jukes-Kallikak O'Hybernigger Connor, Hadding the Loveless Mattoid Meercat, and Tennessee WhiggerSwill Williams thought I was some Internut Warlord named Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt.

But most of the phorafags/feebs thought I was merely someone named after a Limey penis. An awful lot of them poseurs thought I was an asshole. Including Ramblow/Rambutt Krider/Kryger, Sulla the Dicktaster, Jakob Featherstein, 88cmCrack/Penix and Mike bLevins.


Oh well, what to say. Shit falls apart, shit falls apart, like shit always does, shit always does.

The Reltney Identity
09-25-2010, 05:54 AM
Who Should Lead The Bowel Movement?



Will, you don't know this place or a lot of its regulars well. A lot of those votes were ironical. In particular, of Lindstedt's "supporters" --

Ace Rimmer, Allegheny, Apocales, Aule, Azimuth, COCKATOO, Grimsrud, klipgeit, Lily, MartinLindstedt, President Camacho, Rogerius Josephus Boscovich, Sakura, ScottishStalinist1, Stanley, Sulla the Dictator, Yon

-- probably only 2-3 are sincere, if that. I'm not even sure if Lindstedt's own vote was sincere. Only ZOGbot hybernigger feebs playing at running Voice of ReTards gets to decide who is and who is not legit. Sulla the Dicktaster is a shit-colored mamzer, klipgeit is a jew, Lily is a kikess, President Camacho is a whigger wanting to be a nigger, and Rogerius jewsephus Boscovitch is a Balkanoid spam-mamzer and ditto for Ace Rimmer who is a Balkanoid spam-mamzer faggot. They did it as a jewk. The rest voted for Lindstedt because they had nobody else to vote for available.


Thanks, Mike. You're right. I'm new here and know none of Phora's regulars, except Hadding, who invited me here, and one other. I've met and know 4 of the six men listed in the poll, however. I never met Lindstadt <whew!> and haven't heard of McCarthy.

As a drunken anglo-mestizo ZOGbot going ass-to-mouth with TraitorGlenn Miller I'm cursed to take things literally because getting drunk, beating up stupid whigger skanks, and filing bogus lawsuits on behalf of Morris Dees takes up a lot of my remaining sober moments so such subtle irony flies right over my incredibly idiotic pointy anglo-mestizo head. :duh:


My vote for Nugent was sincere.

WW as a long term member of the racialist struggle, who do you believe is the best person to lead anything of worth at this time?



We Need Not Reinvent The Wheel

Thanks for asking, Vindex. I don't see a best person presently. If I did, I'd have deferred to his leadership and joined my strength with his. Our best leader may be in the seventh grade now for all we know, and, hopefully, is being properly groomed and steered by one of us who has his head screwed on right.

I see no leaders who are telling the same truths as was Dr. William Pierce. All the ones I see out there who claim to be WN leaders compromise on those truths in order to have a "broader outreach." I like the Creativity Alliance for now because CA doesn't compromise. They started from scratch after the abortive Matt Hale era of promoting Creativity failed.

As for Mr. DeNugent, I like him fine enough, for a politician. He invited me to be his "friend" on some social networking site, but nothing seems to have come of that. He asked me to endorse his candidacy and I told him I'd try not to be unnecessarily critical of him. He says he was a member of Dr. Pierce's National Alliance (early 1980s), but then he launches into politician mode and starts criticizing Dr. Pierce's policy stating that Xianity is an ideology opposed to that of our Alliance. (That was laid out in pages 46-51 of our NA Members Handbook, before the Alliance hijackers removed those pages.) When John declared something like , "A movement without Christianity is no movement," that's when John deNugent and this Pierce loyalist part company.

BTW, the Creativity Alliance has pretty much adopted Dr. Pierce's original National Alliance Membership Handbook. I helped write that Handbook with Dr. Pierce back in 1992-'93, so it was a pleasure to receive my new CA Handbook by snail mail to see those previously removed pages that dealt with Xianity restored, along with everything else to guide a soldier for the race.


Thank you for answering my question.

How do Creators feel about Dr.Pierce's, Cosmotheism? Could a merging of the two be possible?


Xians have Yahweh; we biological racists have our way

Creators like the teachings of Dr. Pierce, Dr. Revilo Oliver, David Lane and other like-minded race-thinkers. There will eventually be a synthesis of compatible, Nature-based, eurocentric beliefs that are grounded in REALITY, and that emphasize the primacy of race preservation. That race driven belief system will include the best features of Cosmotheism, Creativity and pagan creeds such as Wotanism.

Racially-conscious, Nature-loving, anti-Xianity Satanists would find this belief system compatible, I'd expect. (I checked out the links in your sig file :welcome: .)

Back in the late 1980s, before we had the Internet, I was editor of the Racial Loyalty tabloid, the monthly newspaper for Ben Klassen's Church or the Creator (COTC). I recently found RL #52, July '89, and saw in it a letter to the editor I published from a National Alliance member which included the following quote from Dr. Pierce from his February '89 National Alliance Members BULLETIN:

"The greatest obstacle to the survival of our race is Christianity. Even with all their malice and cunning, the Jews would pose no real threat to the race were it not for their Christian collaborators. In the U.S. just as in South Africa, the Jews may be pulling a lot of strings behind the scenes, but the troops in the war against the White Race are mainly White Christians filled with religious guilt and obsessed with the need to expiate that guilt by sacrificing their own race on the altar of 'equality'.

"...Let us never forget...that Christianity itself is an alien, hostile, racially destructive creed of Jewish origin, and in the future most of those who have fallen under its spell will continue to be our enemies and the enemies of our race."

A couple of years after Dr. Pierce wrote those words to his Alliance members in the internal NA BULLETIN, and I republished them for Creators in Racial Loyalty he invited me to come work with him in WV as the Alliance's first Membership Coordinator. The COTC self-destructed around 1992 and and many Creators joined the National Alliance, so it wouldn't be so strange for activist-minded former Alliance members to want to help rebuild a viable Creativity Alliance since Gliebe's "new & improved" National Alliance is unrecognizable to them compared to the Alliance they had been a part of under Dr. Pierce. Alliance-building is Alliance-building.

I know of no Creators or Cosmotheists or Wotanists who would not agree with those fundamental religious truisms from Dr. Pierce 21 years ago. Klassen, Pierce, Oliver, and Lane are all gone now, but their words live on to inspire a new generation of activists.

I've met Dr. Kevin McDonald and have most of his books on the JQ. He writes good books. He could never be my leader, however, because of his lame position on Xianity, which is not much better than John DeNugent's. McDonald's American 3rd Position (A3P) movement is Xian-friendly, and even Covington-friendly, with Jamie Kelso running it and WhiteNewsNow and something called WhiteRace.com. Kelso calls his stuff "entry level," an "experiment" in his "positive only" approach. Good for them and for Stormfront.

Independent-minded Creators, Cosmotheists and Wotanists don't make very good lab rats for Kelso/McDonald's "entry-level, positive-only experiment." They require better.


Interesting take on things, I note from what I have seen Creators, Pagans and Racially loyal ilk all seem to naturally get along on the personal level. But throw a xtain or CI nut or two in the mix and it all goes south.

Which shows me why the xtain wing has always failed for 50 years and on.

The Reltney Identity
09-26-2010, 05:35 AM
A hybernigger jewfish guppy eating out the WN seed-corn


I'm abusing my power by banning the socks of previously banned users? I hate to say this, but you're an idiot. You've fucking lost it, man. You're living in a fantasy world. You think The Phora is some data mining operation run by Sephardic Jews in Antwerp? You're a fucking kook, and I'd appreciate it if you'd A) stop using my real name all the time, and B) mind your own damn business.

The fact of the matter is that you are a coward, a bully and a liar as well as a ZOGbot.

I was reading in the shoutbox last year when you were all drunk and pissing and moaning about how when you were five or so you got beat up by one five year old niglet.

Ever since you have been a pussy. The pathetic attempt at a hate crime was one last half-hearted attempt to find jewr nuts, right? Now if you would only be an honest self-aware hybernigger pussy and just do some little act of rebellion against ZOG when you managed to work up the nerve, why that would be fine by me, but fat, drunk, stupid and working as a ZOGbot is no way to go through your misbegotten life to quote Animal House. Don't claim to be a White Nationalist and a friend of free speech when you are acting as a capo for jews pretending that phorafags/feebs is a White Nationalist forum with free speech.

As regarding me being a liar, it is Sephardic jews in Brussels, Belgium, not Antwerp who own phorafags/feebs. They somehow managed to take over from Fade the Butcher. Now I'll admit that Fade was a pretty piss-pore person to store your posts on, but it seems that this is the case all over within the bowel Movement. Don't try to obfuscate this with jews from another place.

Brussels is the capital of the European Union. Your Argentinian sephardic jew mamzer buddy Karkass/Farkass thought it was a joke to reveal it was a jew over at phorafags/feebs but I had a sockpuppet, either BenKKKameron or Jason Reltney do a screen shot and post it over here on StumbleInn. Farkass/Karkass decided to find something else than 'Take Down Lindstedt' on behalf of jewboy Maude DeFraud Flanders after getting nailed. None too smart little jewboys over at phorafags/feebs, are they? But then again, the jews and you hyberniggers ain't as smart of parasites on the White Man as you think you are. Three jew stooges running phorafags/feebs. Wanting to turn it into VNNF version 2.0. Banning Lindstedt sockpuppets on behalf of Hadding the Loveless Mattoid Meercat, Tennessee 'WhiggerSwil'l Williams and Mikey-Kikey Jukes-Kallikak Connor of Voice of ReTards. Might as well invite TraitorGlenn Miller and get jewr payoff directly from the petty cash drawer of the Department of ZOGland InSecurity, Kapon O'Kapo.

Now I will give you credit for sorta sticking up for me over on The Neosho Daily Douche and Neosho Fuktards and writing me a letter when I was first locked up in jail. But I do got to wonder how much of that was an act to pretend to being a White Nationalist and how much of that was for real. You certainly didn't seem to want to throw jewrself under the train or take a bullet for me when I got banned by your [d]ruling jews of phorafags/feebs.

Now let's see how well a fat guppy-fish protects the White Nationalist seed-corn:


Quite the little shabbes hybernigger phorafag/feeb piglice/capo when dealing with what you think is some young White Nationalist. Along with Mike bLEVIns you love a degenerate FBI false front who is a faggot lawyer from Mississippi who caused Pastor Lindstedt and Jim Giles and everyone else as much trouble as possible, but whom even niggers like Medger Evans' brother thought was a fraud. Not only did you negrep someone who said, truthfully, that which everyone in the bowel Movement knew, but anyone could see, was an elderly chickenhawk faggot like Richard Barret was killed by a faggot prison nigger as can be seen even by clueless whiggers in the Adam Sandler re-make of "The Longest Yard."

The Coontent of jewr character was certainly made manifest. You are the kind of VNNF/phorafag-feeb guppyfish who loves eating out the White Nationalist seed corn. "Nobody gives a shit what you think. Fuck off." Oh how so very unibrow in the phorafag/feeb unibrow tweezing salon and circle-jerkeriy. Then a second neg-rep. Then a gloat of the drunken hybernigger papist bully to some White kid when you think you have him down. "And thanks for the second negrep." You're welcome.

And then when Mikey-Kikey Jukes-Kallikak Connor of Voice of ReTards, a ZOG false front, told Hadding the Loveless Mattoid Meercat and Tennessee WhiggerSwill that The Reltney Identity was = to PastorLindstedt's you decide to obey the [s]will of jewr Three Belgian Sephardic jew Masters.

Now I think it likely that Il Ragno told Mikey-Kikey that he had gotten a posrep message from me when his mother died of cancer. But I love to test people within the bowel Movement and find out their true loyalties, and a sockpuppet is worth throwing into the shitcan in order to probe. After all, a sockpossum leaves no sock-widows and sock-orphans. After fifteen years in the Internut, where I was TraitorGlenn Miller's TraitorGlenn Miller spying on the drunken snitch, why I know my Internut espionage very very well.

Read Harold Covington's Northwest Quartet some time, Capon. Covington knows his jews and how they sense a pogrom like the spawn of Satan kike rats they are. Mike bLEVIns/VonBluevins knew that it had been caught as a Genesis 3:15 anti-White hater, and when it knew that it had been treating The Reltney Identity badly but Pastor Lindstedt knew all about it, bLEVIns beat feet just before the shitstorm hit, didn't it?

Oh well, Capon, you won't be the first or the last shabbes hybernigger whigger to pay for being a kapo when the Day of the Rope comes. The gut-sick guido kikenweasel can call me a 'Rope Bunny' and ban 'The Reltney Identity' for twisting the knife in itz Colostomy Bag, but I do believe in the 'Day of the Rope' nearly as strong as I believe in The Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Need I post what you wrote as rep just before you banned what you thought was a Klansman kid, i.e. BenKKKameron? I know that I got the screen shot somewhere on my hard drive. And all because another poseur faggot jewlian Lee wanted to bully me. I told the old faggot to fry up the contents of its mayonnaise jar with its steak and eggs of a morning. But that's business as jewsual with you phorafaggot/fuktard shabbes-whiggers serving the Three jOOges on phorafags/feebs: A dirty treasonous faggot pervert like jewlian Lee playing Whigger Nutsionalist is worth more than just another White racist kid.

Do you really think everyone is as stupid as you regime criminal lackies and flunkies are? I think I'll post what others who got to know you thought, and none of them were fooled.

You are like typpycull hybernigger piglice who thinks that its casual petty brutality to those Whites under their power isn't noticed and that your masters and you will be in power forever. Well, nothing lasts forever, and certainly not ZOG/Babylon. You are like the piglice thinking that since I can't prove that one pig knocked four of my teeth down my throat taking me to the Fulton State NutHouse on Dec. 6, 2005, that somehow they will never be convicted by a jewry of their ZOGling peers. Well, let me tell you and them like I love to do, like Elijah told Ahab and Felix Dzerzhinsky told the Tsar's muscle: You will confess. You will be destroyed. And nothing shall remain of you and your line. Not even dogshit. Nothing lasts forever. Especially dogshit.

Now before I asked that you resign from phorafags/feebs and save yourself. I'm not going to ask that any more. I think you've passed the point of no return. I think that we are quits now. I don't owe you anything. So you just keep on being a phorafag/feeb capo and drink a fifth of vodka and smoke a nickel-bag of crank a day and maybe you will kill jewrself before those you shit on when you thought you were invincible can sharpen a blade or drape a noose over a tree limb.

Most of these ZOG false-front Whigger Nutsionalist forums need to implode after their true loyalties are shown. Quite a few have been imploding recently. I think once phorafags/feebs isn't able to pretend to be 'free speech for Whites' any more, then there won't be any more point in maintaining the pretense of running this Belgian jew data-mining operation for the EuroZOG. The Three Belgian j00ges can close the virtual sinogogue and pull a Fade the Bitcher on itzself. Maybe blame Ixabert for it.

Insofar as me being a kook, well, insofar as jew're concerned I'm an acute racist sociopath. All the jew and nigger and mud and whigger psychiatrists at the NutHouse agreed on that, but since they couldn't define my alleged psychosis with any clarity, they decided to call it 'Psychotic Disorder Not Otherwise Specified' which means any damn thing a regime criminal quack says it does. I do need to scan their secret kikeshit and put it on the Internut some time. I think that replacing all them categories with a simple one diagnosis of Piglice Testicle Eating Syndrome would make it easier for [mis]treatment of regime criminals and whigger collabor-traitors everywhere. Look for it in DSM-6.66.

Insofar as my business is concerned, I am about my Father's Business. That is running your father's spawn out of business, cf. John 8:44. I really do feel like naming the jew and they hybernigger traitor too. How do you want jewr name spelled right, Capon?

09-26-2010, 01:45 PM
I had a run-in with ol' Joke Featherbrain/Kevin O'Quiffe at ODES, back in the spring of 2009.

He was arguing that the Hate Crimes Bill, which has since become law, wouldn't destroy what's left of the First Amendment for Whites in this country, in real world terms, even though Paul Craig Roberts, in his excellent article, pointed out example after example of how the British law, virtually identical to this one, has, in fact, made any criticism of a non-White by a White a "hate crime". :mad:

I knew him, then and there, for the typycull ZOGling whigger ass-clown that he is. :nuts::rolleyes::D

So, needless to say, I was kinda surprised when you said he had been one of your defenders, and even more surprised that he wrote you a letter when you were locked up in the nuthouse. Of course, I suspected he must've had an ulterior motive, and looks like I was right.

SI's decision to put that walking pile of dogshit into a position of "authoritah" was even dumber than allowing Cartman to be hall monitor. :eek::rofl:

For this reason, I have decided, at long last. *NOT* to register over there. Don't see much point in boarding the Titanic once it's already hit the proverbial iceberg. Guess I'll register at The Beer Barrel instead. :cool:

10-05-2010, 04:50 PM
ZOGbot traitors must always hang together. . . .



Yeah, its totally reasonable to just assume people are Federal informants, based on some profile you've concocted, and absent any actual evidence.


What is unreasonable is to take the assertion of those who claim to be White Nationalists, decent people, yet who openly admit to dropping the dime on someone by writing a federal prosecutor, say, "So what if I am a federal informant!!!" or "Fuck the White Race" -- and then delete their July 31, 2010 show like a criminal pisser-possum. Even a fuktard like Jim Giles knew that revealing its inner race-traitor wouldn't do it much good in catching other fools.

You can trust such only slightly more than you can trust some fat drunken doped-up hybernigger acting as a sort of kapo over on a data-minining whigger, mamzer and jew muhdikkk!!! depositary owned by the Three Belgian j00ges.

Why these ZOGbots need to stick together. Once the mundanes skin out one treasonous tyrannical pig, the rest are in danger of skinning alive, just like happens when any social order breaks down. Traitor solidarity. That's why Hadding and WhiggerSwill simply must, must try to rope TraitorGlenn Miller and Benny Buttfuck Klassen and former ZOG false front William Pierce together and insist that nary a discouraging word be spoken lest the facade crumble and ZOGbots be dragged screaming to be skinned alive and hung by a rope made of their own intestines to a nearby tree.

You can only tell how they really feel about White people is to pretend to be one, powerless and friendless in enemy territory and then the no-longer-so-inner hibernigger and jew kapo who hates ordinary Whites is revealed. They show theys' hatred and contempt and brutality to us mundanes who they can claim are not obeying their jew masters' arbitrary [d]rules set up to destroy the White Man and then, when caught, insist that we should judge them by the very Rule of Law by which they came to power and which they perverted, and that they cannot be punished until they admit their guilt. Well, Iron Felix Dzerzhinsky had a marvelous shortcut, and every single one of the [d]ruling piglice and regime criminals confessed their guilt, and bloody raw red justice was served.

Kevin O'Keefe is a poseur. A faker. A petty capo acting on behalf of its jew masters trying its best to enforce the [s]will of the jews. Jim Giles serves itself also by serving the jews. The Mike bLEVINs jew at least had a bit of jew sense and fled the pogrom.

Over at phorafags/feebs there is a program of trying to rehabilitate bowel Movement traitors and other jews like Lawyer Richard Barrett. Forums which had sense enough to tard corral or ban Hadding the Loveless Mattoid Meercat and Tennnessee WhiggerSwill Williams trying in turn to rehabilitate TraitorGlenn Miller, Benny Buttfuck Klassen, and William Pierce were welcomed and protected from criticism over at phorafags/feebs. Which is fine because phorafags/feebs should be outed as ZOG false fronts.

But not here at StumbleInn. StumbleInn is not a phorafag/feeb colony. Phorafag/feeb shitting dogs do not [d]rule here, not even under guise of a new Censorship Director. Over here at StumbleInn, phorafag/feeb shitting dogs feel the descending jack boot when they squat to squeeze off a loaf. Such is the SInner tradition and ancient law.

Who are you going to believe? A lying wannabe phorafag/feeb shitting dog quisling or your own lying eyes and ears?

jewdass Roid Rage Retard Giles is a self-serving traitor. So is 'Jake Featherstone.' They hate White Men and serve the jews. They should be treated with the open contempt and hatred which they have earned.


Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri