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    Default Axis Sally Leaves Radio Free Northwest Because Of "Creative Differences", Wants Her Own Media Outreach With More Creative Control

    Axis Sally Leaves Radio Free Northwest Because Of "Creative Differences", Wants Her Own Media Outreach With More Creative Control


    One of the stalwarts of the Radio Free Northwest (RFN) radio program has left. Axis Sally, who provided incisive and informative commentary, has announced on her blog her departure from the program because of "creative differences". She offers no further details about the precise reasons for her departure, but says she's thinking about a full-blown website with a blog, podcast, guestbook and pics. There's no indication that Axis Sally has resigned from the Northwest Front itself.

    The first hint of the change came during the July 12th RFN broadcast when, for the first time in over a year, Axis Sally was not a part of it. This triggered the following comment from Douglas Pearson:
    ..Harold, I sent you a message on Brad Love. Everyone, he was sent to prison again for breaking a certain unclear court order. We plan to have him out by Monday. A great man will get his day. Also, if you got rid of Axis you’re nuts. Harold, I don’t give a shit what you’re creative diffrences are. Fix them and get her back on the show and more so. Axis is a great Aryan woman who deserves to have her voice heard. She needs to speak out, let her do what she does best. You’re also going to hate me for saying pray for Brad he needs it. If you aren’t religous than at least think of him. This is not something that we should be afraid of. Anyone who wants to talk religion than there is a place to talk about it. Banning it outright does no good besides its not working. Support what works, right?...

    Axis Sally also said that the visits she (and some other NF members) received from the FBI in May 2012 (discussed on the May 20th RFN podcast) did not intimidate her into making this decision. The FIBs were probing for links between the Northwest Front and the J.T. Ready incident. As for Harold Covington, he does not address this issue in print. In all, a classy, drama-free approach highlighting the professionalism of the Northwest Front.

    Axis Sally's real name, photo, and some controversial aspects about her past are a matter of public record; a website called HaroldCovington.com, which defames and smears Covington, published the information. But the information is not relevant to this post. Besides, Axis Sally prefers not to use her actual picture is because she was once involved in a very unpleasant child custody dispute due to her racist beliefs and activism. Although the issue was resolved in her favor, she does not want to tempt fate; courts tend to be biased against racialists. Axis Sally was once married, is now divorced with two kids, and maintains a civil relationship with her ex for the sake of the kids.

    Posted by Anchorage Activist at 12:49 AM Sunday, July 22, 2012


    For Recent News of the Bowel Movement

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    Default Stupid white dumbasses who can't do a thing for themselves

    Stupid white dumbasses who can't do a thing for themselves


    As promised . . .

    I get a lot of advice-seeking e-mails from people who think the whole NF idea sounds super neato but basically want it all set up for them before they come here. "Oh wow, a whole place just for white people? Cool; tell me when you've got the white neighborhoods all set up and I'll move there!"

    That's it. They'll get here when someone else does all the work. What about "Can I move there now and help you get things going?" or "What do you need from an average guy like me to help you get started?"

    A lot of people also ask me where or how they can find jobs, or if they will be provided a job when they arrive. What do you think, genius? People who have Bachelor's and Master's degrees still have to hunt for their own jobs; why does Stormfront Dumbass Loser White Slob Video-Game Humper think one will just be handed to him?

    Here is how to get a job (you might want to have your caseworker read this to you):
    1. List all your work experience, education, skills, knowledge, abilities, special talents, and anything else a potential employer may find useful.

    2. Take this list to the employment department and meet with someone who can help you find a position.

    3. Alternatively, if you have a stable work history, browse the classified ads or other job boards for work in your field, and apply.

    Another common question - actually, more like a demand - is that I find someone a decent neighborhood or city. They usually give me a time frame of two hours to three days before they send follow-up e-mails like "Well?"

    Are you people capable of making any of your own decisions? Does someone choose your clothes for you too, and lie them out for you in the shape of a person every night? Maybe even stuffing the socks into the shoes? That would not surprise me one bit. You probably have all your food and utensils labeled too, and a sticker chart in the bathroom for your "good" days.

    I haven't yet been able to figure out why it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to choose a neighborhood for YOU and YOUR FAMILY. Next person who asks me that question gets answered with Harold's apartment complex.

    Here is how to look for a place to live:

    1. Tell the manager at your group home that you would like to try living independently for a while to see if you can get along in the community.

    2. After the appeals process, get a newspaper or get online and start looking at different locations, rent,amenities, attractions, etc.

    3. Travel to places that interest you and have a look around.

    4. When meeting with an apartment manager or real estate guy, shut up about how your damn swastika tattoo is part of your "religion" because we both know it isn't, and you look like a fool.
    So there you have it! I just helped you clear two of your biggest hurdles; you now know how to find employment and housing!

    Is there anything else I can help you with? I imagine some of you need your ass wiped and your food cut up for you (hopefully not at the same time). Do you need someone to tuck you in and read you a story (I know several of you who are illiterate) and hold your hand when you cross the road and tell you everything is going to be all right? That tends to be the kind of brave Aryan warriors we get, so don't worry, you're not at all different. I won't let anyone bully you!

    In fact, you've had such a good day today, I think you've earned yourself a sticker!

    Posted by Axis Sally at 9:29 PM WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1, 2012

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    Smile I felt THREATENED! :)

    I felt THREATENED!


    This blog will be about using the niggers' own tactics against them!

    But first, a response to those who are saying they miss me, RFN isn't the same without me, etc. Awww, thanks guys! I miss you too! I really appreciate your offers of donations and technical help for me to get my own show going, but I don't think that's really the answer for me right now.

    First, I don't always have something to say, and there is no way I could fill up an hour a week on my own. Sometimes when I worked for RFN I could only speak for three minutes at a time. And I know there's no way I can "compete" with RFN; it's a great show and always will be. I'm sure Harold will get a new female co-host, if he hasn't already. I've been meaning to listen to the show, but I forgot.

    I'm not the ONLY woman in the movement, remember? There are several who have more experience and who are better-spoken. Hopefully HAC will find one of those.

    And, as I said before: I commit to nothing. I come and go as I please. I couldn't handle a weekly commitment on a show right now. Well, I could at the moment because of the backlog of new material I'd written, but when that ran out, I'd be back to nothing.


    There is one material comfort I've traded for everything else: I may have a very nice and extremely large apartment, a lot of nice things, a position of authority at work, good salary, time to do much of what I want . . . but I live in the freaking GHETTO. And I don't mean one of them dark-skinned families moved in next door . . . I mean I've gone downstairs and found the lobby windows shot out. It's a wonder my truck hasn't been messed with! Of course I have insurance and a Lojack system, but still . . .

    I live above a dentist's office, and it's the only apartment there, so after hours, the parking lot and surrounding areas are all mine. I have access to several security cameras, and if I look at one and see some young people doing stupid things, I go outside and inform them that they will be leaving the area now. Usually they run off. But there was one time they briefly hesitated, as though they had a right to negotiate with me, so I blasted them with pepper spray.

    I was a little disappointed that it didn't work better. The kids (anyone under 40 is a kid to me!) kind of squealed and yelled some profanities and stumbled around for a bit, but I was hoping they would get totally dropped and lie screaming in the parking lot. So the next day, I got a huge fogger of bear mace. The guy at the gun store said it would clear the parking lot in five seconds, and that I could fire it from the balcony.

    (And yes, of course I have guns, but I am on camera whenever I go outside, ya know?)

    But then, some security guards wanted to talk to me, saying stuff about "assault weapons" and something about the "rights" of these degenerates (some of whom, I'm sorry to say, were white). Well of course it's an assault weapon; isn't that why people have weapons? So that they may assault other people with them? I didn't get them to cuddle with!

    But, at work, I am in contact with a lot of retired police officers who are related to the dentist from whom I rent, very nice people who are all concerned about a girl living by herself in that neighborhood, and they kind of took care of the situation for me. They told the security guards that I felt "threatened" and was acting out of fear for my own safety!

    And I remembered . . . that's what the niggers say whenever we say something racist! They felt threatened! And that's how white people end up in jail for saying the n-word, or hanging ropes in their yards or making little KKK snowmen . . . someone "felt threatened."

    So, that's what I started saying . . . I felt threatened. They might have been going for a gun or something. I just happened to have the pepper spray with me. I was very afraid because I live all alone and I'm just a girl.

    Then one of the cops said he had something that might help me out and that he'd drop it off one day, next time he was in the neighborhood. I thought maybe it was more pepper spray or a club or something. Then early one morning I heard a noise, so I went over and looked at the cameras. I saw someone running away from the front of the building, but then they were gone. Then I got a text message: "Look in the bushes . . . this was once mine."

    Does this sound creepy or what?

    But waiting in the bushes for me was not mace, not a club, and not a new little kitten. . . but BODY ARMOR!!! The cop gave me his old vest! At five in the goddamn morning!

    It's a little too big to wear under clothes, but I wear it around the house, or when I need to go outside if I hear a weird noise. No one has bothered me in a long time!

    You know, sometimes it's pretty swell being me.



    Posted by Axis Sally at 9:36 PM TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    August 8, 2012 4:58 PM


    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    August 8, 2012 5:04 PM

    That's awesome. You are so fortunate to own such things. The government just banned body armour in addition to our long confiscated firearms down here.

    Not only is it illegal to shoot back at criminals in Australia, It's also illegal to survive getting shot by them now, except by luck of course. You guys in the states honestly won't know how lucky you are until one day you wake up and you're just like us.

    Well, some of you anyway. White nationalists like yourself tend to be more aware of these things. Probably because good WNs have a more global perspective. They don't call it White Pride World Wide for nothing, after all.

    Quote Originally Posted by donothingwn
    August 9, 2012 4:52 PM

    That's awesome you hosed them down with pepper spray, and very illuminating what the reaction was! I hope you have it recorded on security cam!

    I know they're annoying...I wont lecture you on how you're too important to risk being in a situation with that lot...I'm sure you've heard that already. Good to know you're well prepared for emergency situation! I can just imagine you wearing your armor around the house LOL

    That was a very thoughtful gift.

    You know, I have this 'how to own a gun in California and stay out of jail' book, and it says if you're ever in an incident . . . . just say you were in fear for your life and then dummy up and wait for your lawyer.

    To the Australian comrade-theyre trying to disarm us before lowering the boom, our time will come soon enough! but you never know, we might get to keep them a bit longer.

    I loved the post, stay safe Axis Sally!

    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally
    August 10, 2012 10:48 PM

    Yep, it's all on camera! Our cameras record and save everything for months. We caught some of these kids breaking in a few weeks ago. Of course, nothing ever happened to them... I really feel the cops don't have enough rights! I know, sounds weird coming from me, but sometimes you've gotta be able to beat someone up like they used to.

    I think what pissed that security guard off the most was that a white woman defended herself and her property without going through the proper channels.

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    Default My vest!

    My vest!



    I just gotta get a little bit bigger, and this thing will fit me!

    Anyway...I think I posted on Facebook that I baked a cheesecake for a church auction that went for $75? Well, since that was such a success, I made a sweet potato pie for another one. I'd never made one before, or eaten one. It went for $60, and it's all anonymous, so no one knows who made what.

    Well, evidently, although this is a mostly-white church, everyone who ate the pie said it had to have been made by a black girl because there was no way a white girl could master a "black" dessert like that.

    Um...so I guess there's such a thing as being a little too good at what I do?

    Taking another road trip in my giant land monster. . . going to see some comrades and laugh of memories past. I think I'll leave the vest at home, though.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 11:01 PM FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2012

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    Default Follow your dreams. . . unless they're worthless and gay!

    Follow your dreams. . . unless they're worthless and gay!


    I have returned from yet another road trip! I visited some NF comrades and a friend in prison. He’s not affiliated with the movement; we’ve just been friends for like 15 years and we write all the time.

    He’s getting out next year, and like so many white people, he has some pretty retarded ideas about how the rest of his life is going to proceed. Basically, he’s going to invent some “internet company” that will allow him to work only four hours a day, be his own boss, and make enough money to pursue his dream of being a big rock star and traveling around the world meeting interesting people.

    NONE of these things are going to happen! I already know what’s going to happen: he will move into some halfway house, find work at Wal-Mart or a factory or a mill, and maybe follow his more realistic goal of getting a few community college courses out of the way.

    And nothing is wrong with this; making an honest living doing what you can with the limitations you’ve got, until one day your limitations are less severe. But many white people don’t understand that they need to deal with any restrictions on their precious dreams at all; don’t understand that they’re not unique and special and that no, you can’t really accomplish something just because you put your mind to it and work hard and follow your heart. That’s gay.

    How many people do you know who think that because they like playing music and sound halfway decent, they should get paid for it? I can relate somehow, associating mainly with other bodybuilders – anyone who “works hard” and “looks good” thinks they should be able to make a living at it and travel and be in magazines and win contests and spend their spare time, I don’t know, hanging out on the beach? They all ask me why I don’t become a personal trainer and try to go pro and be just like them, and I don’t try to explain why I have no desire. Never mind that most professional bodybuilders – like many professional musicians - are not well-paid, they don’t live interesting lives, they can’t afford to turn down any work, and they live out of motels and suitcases. These guys don’t want to hear it because that’s not going to happen to them – they’re (all) going to be the kind that make millions of dollars and are in magazines and have contracts and sponsors and fans and their own clothing lines.

    Some people in the movement have this idea that having a job, especially a full-time job where you aren’t the boss and you have to do what other people say and you work hard to make money for other people, equals being a “wage slave” and that is one of the worst things you can ever be, because then you don’t have all this free time to devote to the movement. White people are looked down on when they show enough responsibility and initiative to create good lives for themselves and provide for their families, because what do you mean you can’t come to the rally or the barbecue or the other movement thing? You have to work? Sneak out!

    When I lived in Montana, someone else in the movement, a typical CI jackass type, tried to convince me that rather than maybe leaving Montana and using one of my degrees to find some real work, I should stay in Montana and be a “businesswoman.”

    “Really? In, um, what sort of business?”

    [Stupid mouth-hanging-open kind of grin] “Anything-yew-wanna-do! You can be anything you want if you just put your mind to it!”

    OK, that makes sense. Rather than do what I studied in college, why not just work in, uh, some other kind of business, because it’s what I want?

    Because this was, again, a typical inbred CI, there was no point in explaining any of this to him. In his mind, going to school and earning degrees and then working in either of those fields makes me a wage slave because I have to work eight hours a day and sit in an office and other people tell me when to show up and what to wear and I can’t say nigger or hang swastikas everywhere and if I really loved my race that’s what I’d be doing at work every day.

    This prison guy was telling me kind of the same thing. “You shouldn’t be working for someone else; why don’t you try to own your own business?”

    With having no experience in business management? What sort of business? I’m just supposed to buy some random business and start running it, evidently. Because that would be better than working for someone else.

    I’m not the absolute boss at work, but I do enjoy a comfortable degree of authority, and I can do a lot of what I want without having to ask or explain. I can also have a lot of three-day weekends. I’m not at the bottom. I can do personal errands in the middle of the day, I can buy things I feel I need in my office, I can use company vehicles, and I can decide whether I need to call in an assistant. I definitely don’t go to work feeling like an underling or like I just follow orders all day.

    It started to get kind of heated between us as I kept insisting I was happy at my current job and that his idea was really not very well thought-out, and then I started getting dizzy and thirsty and needed some water, and they had only warm water. So we quit talking about work, and about his dumb ideas.

    I mentioned on RFN a while back about that book Stuff White People Like, and about white people who think there is nothing in the whole world that is more important than following their dreams. I believe this is a shortcoming that is not as prevalent among some other races – think of traditional Mexican or Asian families, for example. You don’t hear of the children deciding that instead of working in the family business, they’re going to run off somewhere and write poems.

    On the drive home, I saw many white people riding in cars with their arms and legs hanging out of the windows, leading me to ask again, what the hell is wrong with us?

    Posted by Axis Sally at 10:35 PM MONDAY, AUGUST 13, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by Harlan Markwalder

    August 14, 2012 9:12 PM

    "...one of (your) degrees..." They give out degrees in buggery and sado-masochism nowadays? Hmm, ya learn something everyday.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    August 15, 2012 8:31 AM

    White people are creative and imaginative. Some can use this gift to build, lead, explore or discover truths. But we have a negative racial tendency (I believe) to get personally invested in fantasies, and for many, our analysis is a little off, the result being self-destruction rather than genius.

    A White person being White:


    Quote Originally Posted by C
    August 15, 2012 5:43 PM

    This really is a toxic inclination and it is pushed HARD in the schooling system in my country and, Id imagine, in Amurrica as well. Don't hate the poor bastards. The well of knowledge has been poisoned and it twists even the best of us into grotesque parodies of who we could and should have been.

    There is nothing more honourable than for a white man to work and function as a provider to his family, his community, and himself. In the absence of a white man this duty falls on a white woman, especially if white children are involved.

    I think women should be able to work. But like this dreamer mentality the toxic idea that anything other than a career is a waste of a woman is shoved down innocent throats from the year dot. The social paradigms on these issues need to be inverted, just as the Foe did long ago. The only way this can be done is via a compliant media, or else, with state power or huge cash based lobbying power if it were done in modern democracy, in direct opposition to the ludicrously rich left wing and neocon establishment.


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    Default Not like all the other skinheads

    Not like all the other skinheads


    One thing a lot of you may remember is how much prison correspondence I do. I will write to anyone white who requests a letter – even if they can’t spell worth a damn because, let’s face it, we are dealing with white people here – and I will continue to write to them as long as they keep it clean and don’t ask for money.

    I also do not, under any circumstances, do phone calls. This has nothing to do with “not wanting a record of correspondence” like others in the movement; I just do not like to talk on the phone, with anyone, and therefore do not do it. I don’t even call family or close friends, so I’m sure not accepting calls from someone I don’t even know.

    So, I got a letter recently from some random white guy in prison whose name I vaguely recognized from some of Harold’s book orders, and he said he was an Axis Sally fan [he read some of my transcribed words in the Observer] and just wanted to say hi and asked if I would write back. I wrote back thanking him for the letter and let him know that, since he was a white person in prison, he would always receive a letter back, but I warned him I thought very little of skinheads. (He had, of course, signed his letter with “Boots and Braces” and “Skinhead White Pride” and a bunch of other…things. Just in case I would have any doubt from his writing just what he was.)

    He wrote back and explained to me exactly how he was different from every other skinhead, and I’ve gotta say, his letter really opened my eyes and made me rethink a few things!

    For example, he mentioned that, although he did have the majority of his skin covered with ink – including parts of his face – these were not typical skinhead tattoos because they were done by his brothers and represented pride in his race!!!

    And, his inability to hold down a steady job for more than a few weeks at a time wasn’t because of typical immaturity among a certain type of white person . . . it was because of all the damn Mexicans!!! I’d never looked at it like that before!

    He did say that most of his spare time on the outside tended to go to drinking with his buddies and smashing things with baseball bats, but again, this isn’t because he’s a typical skinhead – this is because all the damn Jews made it impossible for young whites to have any sort of fun around town because…uh, actually he didn’t get as far as an explanation for that one. Just, you know, the Jews. Ruining everything.

    And about being in prison for assault…well, the nigger started it. The fallen comrade was only standing up for his race. Again, not like every other skinhead; this guy’s reasoning is impeccable! “He started it!” Hey, that worked for me when I was like five years old, and it obviously worked great for this guy!

    So, you see, obviously he is NOT your typical skinhead, what with the Mexicans and the Jews and that one nigger. SUPREME WHITE POWER!!! I should totally get a tattoo that says this.

    Now, I do write to Jake Laskey. (Google for info) He contacted me as another fan; he knows where I stand on certain things and I know who he is. We can each respect t this about the other person, so we continue to write. I like a lot of what I read from him; he likes what I say. We don’t have to see eye-to-eye.

    Basically, everyone will go out of their way to convince you they are not typical whatevers, usually by bolstering their claim with excuses that backfire on them by making them look like the most typical of the whatevers. You see mothers do this all the time: “He’s not like other four-year-olds; he only acts up when he’s tired or bored.” (So, pretty much like every other four-year-old.) “My dog isn’t like every other dog; he only jumps on people when he’s excited.” (Like every other dog.)

    Skinheads are like other skinheads, Creatards are like other Creatards, women are like other women, kids are like other kids, niggers are like other niggers, etc etc etc . . . you are not unique. No one is.

    So maybe instead of denying who you are in the hope of gaining a sort-of friend, why not embrace it? Why can’t this guy (who insists on being addressed as “Reverend,” which will never, ever happen) just admit: yes, I shave my head and have ugly tattoos and have never even read Mein Kampf because I barely know how to read at all, and I’ve never had a job and use few words other than profanities, but I’m just sitting here in jail with no one to talk to and thought maybe I could try to form some letters with my hands and see if someone out there could read them, and maybe write back, in really large print, and skip lines, and then maybe I can ask someone to help me read it. I’d be glad to write! There are a few people on my pen pal list who receive letters like that: Less than one page, double-spaced; longest sentence is usually something like “I am glad to hear you are staying out of trouble.”

    Reverend. What a joke. How typical.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 6:13 PM MONDAY, AUGUST 20, 2012

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    Default Freak Physiques and Facebook

    Freak Physiques and Facebook


    It finally happened . . . my contest coach said I was looking a little small and flat and ordered me to have a cheat meal.

    This is the day every bodybuilder looks forward to; we all hope that our coach will be one who “lets” us have nachos or cake or booze in those crucial final weeks leading up to a show. Turns out, mine is!

    Of course, this depends on the competitor and her progress and goals as well. Obviously.

    So I made an evening of it. . . I took another bodybuilder friend with me, because the coach-sanctioned Cheat Meal is a huge day in our lives. I wanted to share it with someone who would understand, and I also wanted a designated driver just in case. Although, we ended up walking, and I didn’t really drink that much.

    He said that watching me fall all over that plate of nachos was just as much fun as watching me on stage. He ordered a big steak dinner and then insisted I eat half of it as well.

    I’ve known him for about a year, and we’re used to people staring at us. He said that was what eventually made him quit competing: at 5’7 with a stage weight of 230, he didn’t look like other people. He was too big even to tie his own shoes. He said, “I got tired of being a freak.”

    So now, since he’s retired from shows, with several respectable wins and a great record, he has nothing but time and resources to invest in my shows! Can’t argue with that! And now that he’s down to a still-hefty but less-freakish weight of 200 or so, people don’t gawk at him. . . only at me.

    All I heard was people saying to him, “Wow, your wife is ripped!” (Why do people automatically assume that two people in a bar on a Monday night are married?) And, this leads me into my racial spin: I’ve noticed that whites in general often have serious insecurity problems, especially white males who feel they are not getting enough attention or credit.

    This guy had been a well-known bodybuilder and suddenly, he was not the star of the show. Not one person said, “Oh, and you’re in pretty good shape too, I see!” Men . . . women . . . both were focused only on me. But he took it very well. “Yeah, she looks great, huh! I’m really proud of her! She works hard!” Even though at times he had given me some much-needed help, he didn’t feel the need to take credit for any of it.

    Other white men, when strangers felt it necessary to point out my obviously different appearance, would either go out of their way to mention everything that was wrong with me (“She might look good to you because you don’t compete, but she’s just a newbie; she hasn’t managed to get in decent shape for one show yet”) or would make an equally great effort to take credit for my appearance (“She only looks that way because she works out with ME!!! The BEST!!! You should work out with me! I’m accepting new clients! We could start tomorrow!”).

    In trying to decide whether this was a white-people thing, or a guy thing, or a vain-athlete thing, I thought perhaps it was just an immature-person thing – and, unfortunately, white males tend to be rather immature and insecure.

    And, a lot of this may be due to biological processes that have been misguided and not allowed to fully develop. Men are competitive by nature and nature dictates they must compete for females in order to pass their genes along. In the idiot, this manifests as one of the above examples, the man jumping around beating his chest yelling “Look at me! I’m the best!” hoping to drive away other males and, in doing so, show the female that he is the suitable mate.

    I had a boyfriend like that once . . . every time we went somewhere, he felt the need to ask passersby “You lookin’ at my woman?” in what he considered to be an intimidating manner. Too bad he was 5’6 and therefore had to look up into another man’s face as he asked this. . . it kind of ruined the effect he was going for.

    On the other hand, a man with a larger capacity for abstract thought might better plan his Alpha Male strategy: I want this female to consider me a suitable partner and I will demonstrate my suitability by displaying traits she seeks and repressing traits that may make her look elsewhere. I will convey to other males that I have an interest in this female, so they know there will be competition if any of them have an interest.

    So, what factors exist that allow some white men to plan (whether consciously or not) a good strategy like this, and that cause other white men to resort to yelling “MY WOMAN!!!”? Perhaps certain white mothers drank a little too much paint thinner during their pregnancies?

    It’s this crucial action - filtering that spells out the difference between “See nigger: beat him up” and “As a white person, I prefer to interact with members of my own race, and support other races sticking with their own as well.”

    And now, onto something else: Facebook.

    I love Facebook. It’s fun. I don’t care if it’s “owned by Jews” and “full of viruses.” I can post pictures and like other peoples’ updates and randomly correct strangers’ use of you’re/your! (And I’m talking about my personal page, I only go to the Axis Sally page to see what you racists are all up to.) I’m one of those people who updates every few hours (at least) and posts funny/stupid pics all the time and talks about cute things her kids do and posts pics of her pets even though no one cares. I think Facebook paranoia has reached the level of movement paranoia, with exaggerations such as “Did you know that if you’re on Facebook, the FBI will know everything about you?” “Did you know that Facebook has a tracking device that follows you around and records what you buy?”

    Unfortunately, Nacho Man from the above scenario is one of the Facebook Paranoid. He has a page with only three pics of himself (with the former freak physique) and his face blurred out, and a fake name, and doesn’t post. I asked if he could have at least one page that was, you know, normal, so I could tag him places and comment on his pics, so he set one up and posted videos of me shooting some of his guns, but I’m his only friend and again – no real name, no real pics! He’s always going on about Facebook’s “facial recognition software” and “the CIA.” Not surprisingly, a lot of what he has said in the past made me think he was real NF material, but I don’t think I want to corrupt the poor guy after he was nice enough to get me nachos. But I can’t talk to him once without him wanting to tighten up my computer’s security and add all these weird things I don’t understand. “Well, can I still post Youtube videos if you do x to my computer?” “Oh, don’t mess with YouTube; it’s full of viruses . . . ” I don’t care! I want to look at my Britney Spears videos and post them on my Timeline!

    And, of course, the FBI already knows exactly who I am and what I do. They’re probably some of my best Facebook friends. The ones who can spell.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 10:28 PM WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22, 2012

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    Default Mom's Friends

    Mom's Friends


    Another three-day weekend coming up! I swear, even though I work all kinds of overtime and spend 3 hours a day in the gym, it feels like I have more free time than ever! It’s nice to be able to just sleep in and relax and do whatever I want, with my favorite people.

    I’m going to take the kids somewhere for one last trip before they go back to school. They want to go shopping, but I think I want them to do one more outdoor thingie first, then I’ll take them shopping after I get an idea of what everyone else at their school has, so I can get them better stuff.

    I’m getting more pic requests, and most of these are from people who know damn well who I am and just want me to send a pic so they can “prove” they were right. Well, you know who I am, and I know that you know, and you know that I know that you know…so no pic for you! As I’ve said before, the most recent pics of me that can be found online are about a year old, and you’d have to troll some bodybuilding fan pages to see them. (Unless, of course, people have been covertly snapping pics of NF meetings, something I would not put past a few of us!)

    To remind you, the reason I don’t post face pics is due to the custody case that I got dragged into. So, although everyone knows who I am, there won’t be a pic of my face on any Axis Sally-related webpage, just so my ex won’t have one more little bit of leverage.

    My kids go to a school that is about half non-white. They live in a nice neighborhood, but I have seen a few non-white families there as well. They are of course growing up without any indoctrination into the racialist movement; my early efforts were shut down fast.

    When I was growing up, I never had one bad interaction with a non-white. I was never physically harmed by any of them, and even as an adult, I have never been personally harmed by them. I mean, I’ve had to deal with them generally screwing up everything they come into contact with, but I’ve never been mugged or otherwise attacked by one of them. And, I’m glad to say my kids have never been hurt by one of them, or by anyone else.

    But, I’m sorry to say, the most dangerous people they have come into contact with were those in the white nationalist movement. There were a few very sick individuals who did not bother to hide their intentions toward them from me, and the kids and I are very lucky that no harm ever came to them. I had the misfortune of meeting a lot of disgusting CI scum who believe that pedophilia is their god-given right, or whatever. CI and Creatards, both seemed to have the same idea. And I’m not talking about people who marry 14-and 15-year-olds, I’m talking about LITTLE CHILDREN. Like mine.

    Human garbage like this will spout the 14 Words, or tattoo it on their bodies, yet this is how they behave. What does it mean when the people that a child comes into contact with, the same people who talk and write and Stormfront-post nothing but “future for white children” are the ones who would cause them the greatest harm? And all the while, they are living among non-whites, who have not one bad intention toward them? I think this means white people have a lot to be ashamed of.

    Some of these same people were the ones who made anonymous phone calls that landed me in court; I blocked their access to my children, so they struck out at a white family. They had a problem with me personally, so they went for the defenseless white child who has no idea what’s going on, just that, all of a sudden, Mom can’t come around anymore.

    Thankfully, this was all dropped. I see the kids as often as I want now, and I still get to be Axis Sally. I’m sure the ex knows, he just doesn’t bother to fight me anymore. Based on the intelligence level of those doing the phone calls, I think he knew what sort of trailer trash he was dealing with and decided that even his racist ex-wife was several rungs higher on the evolutionary ladder.

    But, this would be the reason I think so little of CI faggots and skinheads. Once you have caused harm to a white child, you are lower than a nigger.

    This is one reason I got rid of all my white-power tattoos. Yep . . . all of them, gone! The big Hitler portrait is gone, the swastikas are gone, the Ein Volk is gone, and the 14 Words scroll is gone! Obviously, having tattoos like this means nothing when it comes to who you are as a person; just look at anyone in the movement who gets caught with a Mexican girlfriend or selling drugs or trying to break up a white family – they probably have “Supreme White Power” on their necks like some kind of faggot, or a big boot on their arm that looks like they did it themselves while they were high on crack, which they probably were. I figure I’m a better person even without the tattoos than scum like this who have White Pride all over their bodies.

    Many NF folk wondered why I wouldn’t bring my children to gatherings, even after everything that had happened. Right now they’re still a bit shell-shocked; they freeze with fear anytime they hear mention of “Mom’s friends.” And no, this has nothing to do with the evil ex and him feeding them stories, it has to do with certain worthless scum that make up the white nationalist movement and their actions – something many people in the movement don’t want to admit happens. So, I will not force the kids to be around Mom’s friends. Even my non-racial friends, people who have gotten to know me the past couple years and start thinking, hey, your kids are the same ages as my kids/grandkids, we could all go to the zoo . . . no. Absolutely not. I am not ready to introduce them to Mom’s friends again. It doesn’t matter who you are or how good of a person you are, they will be scared and I’m not ready to scare them again.

    I hope to Yahweh (ha ha!) that the kids do not join any part of the white nationalist movement when they grow up! Instead of joining a retarded organization and having a retarded haircut and wearing retarded patches, I hope they honor their race in other ways, such as displaying the strength and courage of their ancestors, or their father’s intelligence (hey, he’s book-smart) or their mother’s ability to overcome damn near anything. I also hope they have many many children of their own, children who resemble them (and me). Beyond that . . . I really don’t care.

    Meanwhile, I’ve got all kinds old pics I need to get rid of…think I’ll send them to prisoners.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 10:06 PM FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    August 25, 2012 3:58 AM

    You do not need them to join any racialist organisation to make them racialists. All you need to do is to make them understand who hates them for what they are.

    Blacks/browns might be nice to talk to, but pretty much every single black is a black supremacist, as soon as you start talking about immigration and multiculturalism, they will promote white genocide thru mass-immigration, and racist laws to discriminate white people looking for jobs/school etc.

    In fact it is probably best to keep them away from racialist organisation, if they join now, they might rebel and become hippies when they become teenagers...

    Better to activate their natural pro-white instict and nudge them in the right direction now and then.

    And if you figure you're going to "leave them out of all that." and "Just let them live their own lifes." And not give them any racial education or preparation. You should know that they are being taught to hate themselves everyday in school when they watch tv.

    Without making them naturally pro-white this could very well be their future if they are hard working enough to go to a university and receive the full-on multicultural brain scrubbing.


    Quote Originally Posted by Wulfram

    August 26, 2012 8:32 PM

    There are obviously a lot of sides to you Sally. It is weird; seems like you are on your own now. I hope I am wrong and that you might still believe in our people enough and that you do not end up having to fight this war on your own.

    While I have never been attacked by shitskins I do have cousins and other family that are race-mixing and I just do not have anything to do with them. My cousin, specifically, had her apeman at her place when I once dropped in to see her years ago. This shitskin just leaned up against the wall of her place and gave me this dead glare stare. This pissed me off, as I was just visiting a member of my family.

    I was not racially inclined back those few years ago but, still, I did not like the alien atmosphere this creature my cousin made the decision to bed with gave me. I do not befriend any type of shitskin, I do not speak to them in job functions (as little as I can get away with) and I do not associate with Whites who are shitskin lovers either.

    Obviously, take care of your kids, and I truly do wish there will be a stable land/future for them to live in when they become adults and bring their own descendants into this crazy, messed-up world.

    The Northwest American Republic would do nicely, thank you very much!

    Quote Originally Posted by Axis SallyAugust 27, 2012

    10:47 AM

    I still prefer the company of my own . . . but "my own" are no longer the types of white trash found in most parts of the movement. These people are lower than muds to me. Just, you know, regular white people now. I've found there are a lot of us who prefer to stick to our own but who don't feel the need to sign up for every single racialist organization and message board in existence. I know I am not the only woman in the movement whose children would have been endangered had she continued to bring them around, but I've noticed a lot of women tend to look the other way because they believe they're doing the right thing for their race by refusing to speak out against their "brothers." Those who fail to protect their children are just as much a disgrace to the white race as those who would go out of their way to hurt them.

    If white children are, you know, our main bag, like all the tattoos say, we should be quick to remove those who do not have their best interests at heart.

    Fortunately, I could never be attracted to a non-white, as I only choose men with very specific physical characteristics that, to my knowledge, exist only among whites.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    August 27, 2012 11:56 AM

    Alright now you did it! you opened this dialogue, specifically what qualities do you look for in a man?!?
    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally

    August 27, 2012 10:08 PM

    Well, like all women, too many to list. But one thing I have always looked for, that I have not noticed in non-whites (just based on seeing them in public or pics of them) is copious body hair. Thick fur. Handfuls. As in, I will pour Rogaine on your back while you sleep. You should look like you are wearing a sweater when you are not.

    Blacks, for sure, don't have this! Or if they did it would be some afro, which isn't what I had in mind.

    I'm sure there are some jews that would meet the above standard, but of course I'm only drawn to white facial features as well. It's natural.

    I've been told before that my nose and lips are obviously Scandinavian in appearance . . . till I got my very own haters and then they decided they were actually negroid features. But I still get stopped randomly and complimented on my cute Norwegian nose.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wulfram

    August 28, 2012 9:28 AM

    Too bad there is not a Thumbs up option on this site. Great answer about your beliefs in abandoning the goofy ones who would displace you by insisting you have aFreakan features. They must be jealous of true Aryan features, as many of us have a lot of different White sub-groups in our physical/psyche.

    I call myself a Euro-mutt, but only in a good way.

    The site that was playing games and downgrading you was one named after (Harold) and their section on you was just ridiculous and profane.

    Two thumbs up!
    Quote Originally Posted by donothingwn

    August 29, 2012 11:54 AM

    Just for the record I think you have the most ridiculously cute as a button nose I've ever seen. I'm not surprised you get comments on it.

    I'd love to hear more about what you eat when you're training for events.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    August 29, 2012 9:18 PM

    For those in our ranks that would harm our children, our future, I am a firm believer in a not-so-subtle 38 to the head relief. These scum should be put out of our misery and I don't believe they are redeemable. I believe I know what qualities you are looking for in a man, and were I 30 years younger, I'd be interested in determining if those were the qualities I'd like to think I aspire to.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    August 30, 2012 1:18 AM

    Leaving white nationalism seems a bit odd. Why not join A3P? Their the sort of organisation that wont let you in unless you're wearing a tie. It is not the white nationalism movement that is filled with trash, it is the white supremacists/nazi part of the movement that is filled with trash. You will have no problems bringing your kids to an A3P meeting. And A3P may not be racists, but they are racialists. Then you can continue to aid your race and your childrens future.
    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally
    August 30, 2012 8:57 PM

    Where did I ever say I was leaving WN?

    I'm sure A3P would love the fact that I don't vote...and that whole podcast I did about them a while back. I'll see if I can find the written version.

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    Default Men. . . manly men!

    Men. . . manly men!


    Well, got a letter from Jake Laskey yesterday! Before I report - which he asks that I do – I will answer some FAQ about me.

    First, my heritage: Scandinavian, German, Irish.

    Second – lots of people want to know if I do whatever workout craze is new and hot right now, like P90X, Insanity, TRX, Zumba, Crossfit, etc. No, I do not. Those workouts are more for athletic conditioning or general weight loss; I train strictly for size. You don't get huge quads by doing squat jumps or shaking your ass to salsa music in a room full of women.

    Third – current diet. Well, now, not much food at all! Eggs, protein powder, chicken, fish, broccoli, green beans, spinach and a quarter-cup of oats four days a week. It's brutal and it affects all areas of my life. Gallon of water a day, coffee is ok but diet sodas have been yanked, an hour of lifting and two hours of cardio.

    Fourth, similar to those white men-children who want me to do everything for them in terms of telling them the magic secret to finding a job and a house in the homeland, I get a lot of requests for free help in all that is fitness-related. There are only a few things I can say to this:

    1. I pay a lot of money for the advice and help I receive. Why should I give it to you for free? I guess what would be fair is if I were to charge everyone who asks for advice, say, 10% of what I currently pay for that advice. Hey, I may have stumbled upon a nice idea here! Or, tell me what sucks up most of your monthly expenses – is it your rent? Car payment? Video games? Aryan Wear clothes? Tattoos? Whatever it is, just give me some of it for free so I don't have to buy it!

    2. Even if I told you exactly what I do, there's no way you'd do it, so why even ask? If you want what I have (and I seriously doubt most people would) then do what I do. If you want what you have, keep on doing what you do! Wow, I should charge everyone who reads this gem.

    3. If you ask for something that does not exist - “Can you maybe put together a plan for me that will give me abs like yours, and strength like yours, but I don't really need arms that big, or legs that big, and also I don't want to give up pizza, or have to go to the gym every day, or even join a gym at all, and I want to be able to relax on the weekends and after work and” - well, then you'll get nothing. Reminds me again of the manchild who asks me, “Can you tell me where I can get a nice house for maybe $5000 or so, that's about three stories and has at least five bedrooms, and maybe comes with a pool table, and a huge yard, and is in a nice town with no niggers?” Sorry, I already bought that house.

    The remainder of the FAQ centered on my children and started to get increasingly personal. I don't tell white-power retards what school my children attend! You'll have to find us some other way.

    And now, Jake's letter.

    “Much love and respect, and thank you for the photos! All I can say is that you are VERY beautiful. You keep the proud Aryan man motivated. Please send pics of you next to your truck! . . . I do pull-ups here daily; my comrades set up some straps with a mop handle as our bar. . . Feel free to send me your blog posts. I dig your stuff as you know, keep active, don't let Harold disturb you. We need racial women, especially you, keeping your voice heard...you have the right to be just who you are, you're Axis Sally! . . . Harold has been screwing up the Northwest Observer now that you're not helping him with it . . . . as for donations being used for dumb shit, yeah that happens a lot . . . I'd love to hear you talk more about eugenics, family racial upbringing, health & fitness, activism, and what the right Aryan male should be. You should check your Corrlinks! What are you gonna get me for my birthday, can I have more contest pics?”

    OK Jake – first, I don't do Corrlinks. That's just lazy. I mean, I work full time, have a family, and have six million other things to do, yet my pen pal list of 15+ names all get handwritten letters. I think someone who has nothing to do but sit in a cell and go to a job and classes can also take the time to write a letter. Just like the phone calls, I don't like it, so I don't do it. I write paper letters and only read other paper letters.

    Your birthday? (In his letter he specified that he was “32 going on 45.”) Sure, I'll send some pics if they're good. No, not everyone will get them. The requests I get for pics well outnumber the pics I buy, so I choose only my favorites to give them to. Most bodybuilders sell their pics.

    I'm sick of talking about family crap and racial activism and, like, how important it is to teach your kids that it's so damn great to be white. But, I can talk more about Aryan males, because this came up recently.

    One woman I know randomly lamented, “Where have all the MEN gone?” And, of course, some man felt the need to chime in with strange examples of all the ways he was, in fact, a real manly man. Never mind the fact that real men don't usually tell long, indignant stories about how manly they are. One of his reasons was that, one day at work, he found a loose dog and he made several phone calls until the dog was reunited with its owner.

    So . . . he ditched his job to play with a stupid animal? Yeah . . . such a man! A dog that runs around deserves a bullet in its butt, and its retarded owner should be prevented from getting another dog, since he obviously doesn't know how to take care of a pet. Oh, you left the door open and it ran off? Wow . . . I hope you don't have children!

    I remember Harold trying to find his future Commander Rockwell (who would also work for free on an as-needed basis) and searching in damn near every white-power message board out there, even going so low as to comb the NSM mailing list. Well . . . even I know the future of the Northwest Front will never be found among the trashpiles. The future belong to real men, and real men don't spend their spare time on Stormfront whining about the niggers. Where have all the men gone? Well, most of them are at work. Some may be spending time with their wives, or working on their homes, or showing their children important things. Some are teaching college courses. Some are at church. Some are caring for their elderly parents or disabled family members. Some are preparing their stashes of food and supplies for the winter ahead.

    I guess it would never occur to someone to look in any of these places when, uh, you know. But someone like me, who is in contact with people who busy themselves in the ways described above, is very likely to find the true future of our movement. I hope it's okay that none of them say “white pride world wide” on the internet, and that they have jobs and might not be able to devote every spare moment to THE CAUSE.

    Got all registered for my show. . . reserved the hotel room, got my paid vacation time, and I even have someone who insists on driving me there for the six-hour drive (since you're not really supposed to drive the day before a show) and paying for everything. I'll believe it when I see it, and if it's true, he'll be the first person I have ever let drive my truck.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 10:48 PM THURSDAY, AUGUST 30, 2012




    Quote Originally Posted by Douglas Pearson

    September 1, 2012 12:22 PM

    Good luck in your competition! Flying might be easier with all the smaller airlines that operate in the US. Just a thought. I hope that you take me up on that idea of getting your own gym. Jake is going to be Northwet Voulunteer when he grows up and gets out of that prison he's in. Speaking of which Brad is still in prison and the kike judge was supposed to release the verdict last Friday, hasn't come out yet, I wonder why. I;d like to hear that A3P interview. How's that website idea and podcast going, Joe is really lonely and it shows over there at The White Voice, he may not want you back but you'll find he'll be beging to have you back in no time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally
    September 1, 2012 9:15 PM

    There are advantages to having your own gym, but a few disadvantages. If you join a commercial gym, all the maintenance is done for you. Plus, I like having several gyms to go to where everyone knows who I am. I have a whole fan base. The only thing I really want at home is a piece of cardio equipment; just having trouble finding one that doesn't weigh 800 lbs! I think I'll go with a lightweight spin bike. Right now my cavernous living room is empty; I have a lot of cabinets and shelves on the walls, one just for all my trophies, suits, tanning supplies and stage makeup. But the empty space is good for practicing my routine.

    Thought of flying to the show, but I'm making a 3-day vacation out of it so I want my truck with me. Plus I have to show it off to everyone else. My next planned show (if all goes well) is out of state and I'm still planning on driving. . . or, rather, having someone drive me.

    Poor lonely Joe . . . maybe he can hook up with Harold?
    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally

    September 1, 2012 9:16 PM

    Oh, and I can't find the written piece about A3P . . . probably left it on Harold's computer . . . but it should be on RFN, most likely of this year. Basically I said I believed in bullets over ballots and I can't help but notice A3P says nothing about the Jew problem.

    I haven't voted in about 13 years. Means I don't get jury duty either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    September 2, 2012 8:41 PM


    I enjoyed your take on where we'll find the next "Rockwell". I believe that when the time arrives, the right man for the task at hand will be there (as AH was there for his folk). Good luck on your competition and please post a follow-up blog on the experience. I look forward to the time when I can again make the journey from MI to see you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    September 3, 2012 6:53 AM

    "I can't help but notice A3P says nothing about the Jew problem."
    They do. One of their core leaders is Kevin Mcdonald, you don't get more "Jewish problem" then that.

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    Default Crash Time!

    Crash Time!


    Or is it crunch time?)

    It's here . . . I go on autopilot from now until the show! I am just barely hanging on. I actually got written up at work for being such a damn flake, and I'm sorry to say they were not out of line there. I have been so careless and forgetful – missing deadlines, forgetting to make important phone calls, misplacing important files. I took what I had coming to me; didn't get defensive. I just said I was very sorry for allowing this to happen and that I thought their actions were fair. So now I'm extra careful, leaving myself little reminders all over the place, checking in with the manager constantly.

    You should see my apartment . . . it's covered in little post-it notes reminding me to do really mundane things: “Clean pet cages.” “Mop kitchen.” “Mail truck payment.”

    Today at practice, Coach sent me home early because I was so dizzy I could barely stand up, much less remember my choreography. She said I shouldn't be feeling like this for another week or so; guess I'm ahead of my game like always!

    What the hell is wrong with me? Well, I am 9% bodyfat. Some of you may remember an RFN I did about physical strength and stupid retardo vegetarian diets. If you don't have a certain amount of fat in your diet and on your body, things like the above scenarios will happen to you. I'm shutting down, and likely won't be back to normal until after the show when I get my damn nachos. Complex carbs and healthy fats are brain food, and I eat mainly lean proteins and green vegetables.

    To put it in perspective: an average female is 25% fat. An athlete may be around 20%. At 15% you will start to see that six-pack. Women clinically diagnosed with anorexia nervosa are around 10%. And I am lower than 10%. I feel pretty damn bad most of the time.

    But, this is temporary . . . between contests I usually get to the 20% mark with a huge rebound in strength, energy, mental clarity and well-being.

    So, I may be slower than usual when responding to emails, FAQs and letters. I gotta do what I do.

    It was like this last year too, and I was nowhere near as lean as I am now. I remember packing up gym clothes, driving to the gym, then realizing I had packed nothing but eight pairs of socks. Most of my gym clothes have been purchased at the closest Wal-Mart or Fred Meyer; didn't want to drive back home and get them. I'm really bad at remembering my shoes too. Recently this summer I took a vacation to my family's beach house, and did not bring shoes or a coat. Luckily my dad got me some while I was there.

    I am so glad I will have a ride to the show this year! I hate driving when I can't think. And, honestly, it's not like I was that brilliant to start with!

    Many people give me breaks when I am like this. One of the guys at the gym finally said something to me about how I park across three parking spaces, and another guy immediately cut him off, saying “Dude, she's pre-contest!!!” I can usually count on everyone getting out of my way so I can use the equipment and not have to wait.

    Speaking of the truck . . . I'm finding more and more neat gadgets! It has all these idiot lights and idiot cameras that come on when you're about to do something idiotic, like bump into something. There's a video camera that automatically comes on every time I reverse. These things are very useful to someone like me, who can't seem to drive anywhere without hitting a curb. Unfortunately it doesn't come with a “learn to park this damn thing” feature. I can't park at home either, so I'm lucky I don't have to share the parking lot with anyone.

    Let's see . . . I mentioned a while back about how I got rid of all my white power tattoos, which is of course the worst thing in the whole world any white nationalist can ever do. But, check this out: I also threw out all my white power CDs, because I decided the music was worthless swill!

    Now, I still like some of No Remorse and Prussian Blue. Actually I kept the Prussian Blue CDs. But I'm fine with listening to No Remorse on YouTube occasionally. I don't need to own any CDs.

    You know what I really like as far as white music? The stuff Harold finds for RFN. That's real music. That's good stuff, and that is what I think of when I think of white power music now, as opposed to “Badass to the bone/skinhead superstar” or the ubiquitous “kill all niggers.”

    Now some FAQ, still just as unimaginative as the last. Come on, guys.
    1. What kind of music do you like?

    Since we're on the subject . . . I hate to say “all kinds” but really, it's hard to find music I don't like. I listen to Rob Zombie, the Beach Boys, Carrie Underwood, the Doors, Metallica, Britney Spears . . .

    2. What do you do for your abs?

    Not a damn thing. Seriously. The diet is a huge part of it; there's a saying that “abs are made in the kitchen.” Also, if you do a lot of heavy standing barbell work – deadlifts, overhead presses, bent rows – you will work your abs because you'll need them to stabilize you. But I've had a ridged six-pack for the past couple of months and I don't do sit-ups, crunches or any other ab exercises.

    3. Why did you leave the NSM?

    The NSM was a lot of fun for me; I liked the rallies and camaraderie. But I later decided that my energies were better used for the NF. I was past the “have fun at the afterparty” part of the movement; I wanted to do something I felt would be useful. So I wrote my resignation letter and returned the handbooks and patches. I still have the uniform though . . . never know when that may come in handy.

    4. What do you recommend for a new mom trying to get in shape?

    Moms get in shape the same way as anyone else. Why do they think they're so special, like somehow they need to do something different? It's true that if you're exclusively breastfeeding, your body needs some extra fat to keep up the milk supply, but we're talking like an extra ten pounds. So lift heavy things in a repetitive manner; do 30-60 minutes of cardio; and stop eating crap. You'll get to where you want to be. I gained 50 lbs with baby #2 and it took me a year to lose it. If you're not there in a year, you did something wrong along the way, and if your kids are, say, over age two and you're not in shape, you can stop blaming them.
    And, not a question, but a comment that several people have made: they like the podcast better than the blog. Hey, so do I. Yes, I'd love to do more podcasts. It wasn't my decision to stop doing them. But I am not going to start my own radio show; I may still go with my own website. In the meantime, if you want my podcasts back so badly, here are some things you can do:
    - Have me as a guest on your show or the show of someone you know
    - Help me create a site where I can have a short recording every so often
    - Let me record something and send it to you; you can do what you want with it
    So how does that sound?

    OK . . . less than three weeks now! Not sure how often I'll be on here, or on the Axis Sally facebook, but I will remember to check my e-mail at least. Now, I gotta get to my packing list, since I'll be taking a three-day trip and, as you can imagine, I wanna be sure I have shoes.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 7:58 PM MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2012

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