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    Default Drugs & dogs

    Drugs & dogs


    Oh - first I gotta let you know - I'm locked out of the Axis Sally facebook because I failed the security check where I have to identify all my friends . . . because I pretty much add anyone who requests, and all you homos post stupid pics of squirrels or dumbass motivational quotes that obviously aren't working on you. So that is why I haven't responded to your messages.

    All right, we must have had a bunch of new people recently listen to some old RFNs or read old blogs because a lot of you want to know: just what is it I have against pot smokers, and do I support our current drug laws?

    A bunch of other people have insisted that I would like pot if it were legalized because then I could smoke it without fear.

    OK, first of all, I have always believed that the individual is to control and own his or her body and life. This is why I have no (moral) objection to suicide. Obviously I would be devastated if someone I cared about chose suicide, but I do not believe it is a “sin” or otherwise morally wrong – just sad. I think people should do whatever the hell they want with their bodies as long as they don't force their lifestyles on others or harm others in the process.

    So, if you choose to use drugs, I believe that is your “right.” Of course, many drug users end up encroaching on the rights of others . . . stealing and causing disturbances and such. Pot smokers fall into this category by being stupid flakes who are annoying to be around. I do not like drug users because they cannot hold conversations, pay attention, or be reliable. And, it is my right to choose not to associate with drug users.

    I have used a lot of drugs in the past; many know of my former heroin addiction. I have not used street drugs in almost 15 years. It has nothing to do with the legality or morality of drug use – I did not want to live my life that way anymore.

    Today, if I believe I have a real need for a substance, I will use that substance and not bother to get another person's approval. I do not need a doctor's approval (though I may go this route for convenience sake), nor do I need the approval of a written law. It's my body and I make the rules. For example, if I have a toothache, I may decide I need some vicodin. I will first choose to get it from a dentist, since that way is more affordable and reliable and safer, but if I do not have time to see the dentist that day, I may bum some from a friend instead, which is horribly illegal. I'm not even sorry.

    Right now, since dieting makes sleep very difficult, I sometimes decide I need prescription sleep meds. Sometimes these come from a doctor, and sometimes they do not. Of course, I draw the line at driving around looking for the “bad part of town” asking random street niggers if they are “holding.”

    Physically and psychologically, I do not enjoy the experience of smoking marijuana. I quit that before I quit all the other drugs. It makes me feel like garbage; if I want to be stupid and paranoid and hungry, I sure don't need a drug for that! Even if it were legal, the physical feeling would be the same, and it's not something I enjoy.

    Next question: “Are you for real?!”

    Not sure what this was in reference to, so I'll just flip it back around: What do you think?

    Corinna is a real person. Sally is not. Sally was a character that Harold made up to boost his listener numbers, and over time, the fake person and the real person kind of merged personalities, the way all actors do when they portray a made-up character.

    So . . . do I, Corinna, hate niggers and skinheads and cats and potheads and pretty much all white boys under 40? What parts of the things Axis Sally says are Corinna's own feelings, and what are things that just go perfectly with the Axis Sally persona you all know?

    Of course I'll just say, “If you can't tell, why should I?”

    Now, I don't just get on here and make up random stories. I, Corinna, really did hose down some ghetto kids with pepper spray a while back. I, Corinna, really did receive a gift of a bulletproof vest from a retired police officer who is a business contact. I went out a couple weeks ago and gorged on nachos, I have two little blond girls, I have a tattoo of a giant realistic chicken on my back. I really did get rid of all my white power tattoos.

    But, this is my Axis Sally blog. Several of you who knew me before I was Axis Sally already have access to my personal Facebook, or we talk/write in real life, or you're some of my bodybuilding fans. (Or you're pathetic stalkers who troll the internet looking for images because you know I won't send you any in real life!)

    So, am I for real? I would say that any time you hear things on the internet from or about another person, there is a lot that's true and a lot that's exaggeration. Maybe I don't really hate cats. Maybe I've had cats that I loved, or would consider having more cats...or maybe I hate cats far more than I will ever let on. I guess you'll never know, because really, it's not important that you do know.

    With that, here is why dogs are exactly like niggers! Both dogs and niggers do the following: make loud horrible noises; chew up things you like; bite people; pee on things; drool; dig around in your yard; run off with your food; knock over trash cans; threaten children and old people; spend most of their free time eating and sleeping; and roll in their own excrement. The smartest nigger will learn how to tie his shoes. The smartest dog will learn to stop biting its own tail.

    So far, the only difference I have noticed between these two creatures is that those who put up “Lost Dog” flyers usually want the dog returned alive, and will offer some kind of reward. Makes me wonder why they didn't just keep the gate closed in the first place...but that's my next blog.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 6:19 AM SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2012

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    Smile More hatred toward animals! :)

    More hatred toward animals!


    And, as promised, here is why I hate dogs.

    Or, more accurately, why I hate people who love dogs. Some history: I was one of those kids who was never allowed to have a dog when I lived with my mom. When I lived with my dad, we had 24 of them! We lived in remote Alaska and we needed the dogs to do work for us – mainly hauling loads, and also transporting us on sleds from village to village because owning a motor vehicle was not practical.

    The dogs were kept outside in a large lot about a 15-minute walk from the house. They spent their lives on three-foot chains. They did not have names. They were workers, not pets. Of course, I was free to “play” with them, which usually consisted of me unchaining one of the dogs and letting it drag me up and down the beach.

    After begging my mom for months, when I went back to live with her she said I could take one of the dogs home. I chose a really pretty one, started in obedience classes, and then started dog shows.

    I had a perfectly behaved animal who won lots of awards and wasn't like those jackass dogs who do nothing but cause problems. My dog did not get into the neighbor's trash. He did not chase cats. He did not bite, or bark, or knock stuff over, or chew stuff up. While we were out walking, he did not pay attention to other dogs. And when I gave him a bath, he knew to wait until I was a safe distance away before he shook himself dry. He would also stand still for blow-drying and nail clipping.

    And, all dogs are capable of this. They are highly trainable animals. The trick is to stay consistent with the training, much like disciplining a child. If your child knows he doesn't really have to listen or obey, he will not. Same with a dog. The rules need to be the same all the time, as do the consequences for breaking the rules.

    So if you have a dog and do not train it, the reason is either that you are a lazy retard, or you just plain like it when your dog causes problems and ruins things for other people (and are still a lazy retard).

    There are a lot of lazy retards around – especially in the white nationalist movement – who believe their dogs are precious little angels who can do no wrong and anyone who doesn't think it's so awesome that little Goebbels is chewing up the couch cushions can JUST GO SUCK IT. (If you have a dog named after some white hero, you should know it makes you look even more retarded.)

    Dog lovers, like many self-absorbed new parents, live in a delusional world where EVERYONE loves their dumb animal/bratty kid as much as they do. Certain rules, such as “no dogs in the workplace” or “no dogs in the grocery store” or “no dogs in the nail salon” or “no dogs in the library” surely don't apply to you and your pweshis! Your dog is special! He's not like all the other dogs.

    After my first child was born, I realized I was wired in such a way that allowed me to live in the real world where not every single person out there wants to hear and see my kid. For example, some people did not like sharing a nice restaurant with my kid, since she had not yet learned how to behave in such an environment. This was a constant point of tension between my husband and I – he wanted to let the baby be a baby. I wanted to let the adults be adults. He believed that “no one would mind” a screaming baby in a restaurant, classroom, library or other place where adults go to be adults. I disagreed. If the kid can't shut up, she gets taken out of the room.

    Babies eat, sleep and cry. Which means if they are not eating or sleeping, they have no business being anywhere but in their homes, crying. A dog who knows its place is seen and not heard (and preferably not seen either). Dogs who insist on being heard, or otherwise attracting attention, do not belong anywhere.

    A dog, like a baby, can't help what it is. I don't hate the baby who screams in a restaurant, I hate its ignorant twat of a mother who thought it should be there in the first place. Likewise, I don't hate all dogs; I hate the people who let them get away with everything. I wonder what their children will be doing later after growing up in such a lax environment, if these morons can't seem to figure out how to train an animal that practically lives to be trained.

    I am surprised at how many people I know who will hit a child but not a dog. If your children need physical disciplining, why not your animals? Mother dogs discipline their puppies by biting them. Dogs have a natural instinct to obey a pack leader. Don't you want that to be you?

    I've also noticed how many lazy retards think having a dog is their “right.” So they get one and then horribly neglect it because they don't have any time or money for it. Can you afford to have a baby right now? Do you have the time to raise a baby through its first year? If not, don't get a dog. They need equal amounts of attention.

    I would love to get back into dog showing again, because I love displaying the best of a pure bloodline. I actually did meet with a few breeders recently and had a look at some of their stock, but couldn't quite find a dog that was good enough, so I passed on everything I looked at. The dogs all had physical flaws, or they came from white-trashy kinds of homes, or there were little nagging errors on their pedigrees that suggested their bloodlines may have been tainted at some point. In retrospect, I think it was good this did not work out, since I really don't think I have time for a dog right now. I can always look into professional handling, but that's just not my priority now.

    So, losers, start working with your damn dogs. Teach the basic sit-stay-come. Teach it to shut up. Teach it that it's not the freaking boss of anything. Put its food in front of it; it should know never to start eating until you give it the ok. (Good for survival in some situations: where I lived in Alaska, we had problems with foxes and wolverines, so a lot of people would leave out poisoned meat. My dogs were trained never to eat without permission and never to eat anything off the ground, as well as to stop eating when told.)

    And when that's all done, maybe you could teach your damn kids never to speak when adults are speaking. Go outside and clean up after the stupid dog until the grownups are done having grownup time.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 8:28 PM SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2012

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    Default Just sitting around at home like always

    Just sitting around at home like always


    Another letter from the not-like-other-skinheads skinhead!!!

    He informed me that this would be the last letter I ever got from him. He said something about my “bad attitude” but I suspect it was mainly due to the person who helps him hold his crayons having to go in for chemical castration.

    He declared that I was a “pussy” because I'm not covered with white-power tattoos; “It's the people like me who will be fighting on the front lines while the people like you do nothing but sit around at home like always.”

    Why is it that no matter what a skinhead does, he considers himself to be “fighting on the front lines?” Whether it's playing foosball with the bros, whining at his mom that he needs more clean laundry or knocking stuff off the shelves at 7-11 in a drunken fit at 3am, he is ON THE FRONT LINES!!! Fighting for the GREAT WHITE RACE!!!

    He also said that not only is he a skinhead, he's also a Creator, and he's a CI moron!!! (I thought Creatards and CI fags were mutual enemies?) So he's basically everything I hate rolled into one scrawny tattooed package! I bet when he gets out of prison he'll get a dog, too!

    He also chewed me out for not sending him a bunch of books. “I can't ask my mom for these books; she won't talk to me if she sees they are white power books!” Well, I sure would hate to see your mommy mad at you!

    And then he said he was glad to hear I no longer worked with Harold because “I wouldn't want to be in the NF if people with your bad attitude are there.” Well, he'll sure love working with Harold! Harold has the kind of attitude that makes mine look like, I don't know, Mr. Rogers. (Trying to think of an example of a super-nice person.)

    He insisted that he puts his white-power beliefs above everything, even his own family, which is what landed him in prison. I think white-power retards like this will play the “it was for the cause” card whenever they do something stupid that screws up their life. Instead of saying, “I acted like a dumb white-trash fool and because of this, I am separated from my family” he can say blah blah blah THE CAUSE blah blah GODDAMN NIGGER blah blah STANDING UP FOR MY RACE blah blah blah MY MOMMY WON'T BUY ME ANY BOOKS.

    Maybe you remember NSM leader Jeff Hall who was murdered recently. Now, Jeff was a friend of mine and I mean no disrespect toward him, but I watched some Youtube clips of him at rallies where he was saying he was missing his daughter's birthday – as he had every year – to “fight for the future of the race.”

    What a load of crap. The future of your race is AT HOME HAVING A BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Without her father!!! Anyone who would put a stupid rally above his own child is acting like a scumbag. And anyone who thinks being in prison for beating up a stupid nigger is totally worth being separated from his family is just your typical CI/Creatard/Skinhead.

    He still signs his stuff “Reverend!”

    Why do dumb skinheads use the term “homeboy” so much? Do they not realize it makes them sound like niggers? Like really stupid niggers?

    I think I'll start supporting those liberal douchebag groups that call for bans on pitbulls. Not because I have anything against the dogs, but because skinheads love them, and maybe when their precious pets get rounded up and shot like jews, they'll go hate-crime someone to try and make the tears stop (even though, the ones I've known cry like girls all the time!) and then they'll end up in prison, where they belong, and they can keep Reverend company. Just as long as his mom doesn't find out.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 9:09 PM MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2012

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    Default Wtf rfn?!

    WTF RFN?!


    So, I finally remembered to listen to RFN! I'd been forgetting for the past several weeks, and I wanted to check it out and see how different it was.

    And, well . . . damn.

    Now, by no means am I saying I could slap together something better, but jesus it's boring now!!!

    I had assumed that, in my absence, Harold had been improving the show. I figured he had a new co-host, perhaps another woman, because the NF does have several women who are very well-spoken, racially aware, and – you'll love this – NICE as well!

    But there was no new female co-host! I figured he would have at least have some guest speakers, even though I knew he was not happy with the panel discussions anymore, but again, we have so many good people among us (Action Andy and Andreas Donner come to mind) so why is RFN back to just being Harold again?

    Right now I'm listening to him talk about how white people are lacking their ancient courage and that if they just grasped their old Aryan roots, he would have his (free) personal assistant (unlimited hours), because isn't that the true meaning of white power right there – doing crap for people who refuse to do it themselves, in order that they would have more free time to devote to Internet quibbling?

    Where are the interviews with new migrants?! Where are the commentaries on various racially oriented news stories? Where are the life stories of racial awakening from the SMART white people? Where are the white mothers, who are keeping our race alive? Why is it now nothing but the incessant pouting of a snot-nosed man-child?!

    I hope it gets better. I still have hope that it will. Guys...if you are in the Seattle area, have you considered asking if you can be a guest on the show? Or, you can always send in an audio file. Unless Harold just isn't allowing that anymore.

    I think in the meantime I'll just listen for the music, or scroll ahead to see if there are any other speakers.

    Anyway . . . I assumed I wouldn't be blogging until after my show, due to all the hunger and discomfort (started the “water reduction” a few days ago...not fun!) but I actually find it helps somehow. Gives me a way to occupy my mind.

    I've got some tough competition this year. The girl who beat me last year moved to a different division, so I'll be up against only two other women. One should be easy to beat, and the other . . . I have no idea. It could go either way.

    Lots of people have been asking me exactly how bodybuilding contests are judged; is it just on how big you are? Or how strong?

    You are not asked to perform any lifts; that's a powerlifting meet. Bodybuilding is strictly about aesthetics. And no, it's not all about size. If it were only about size I would win every show because I'm pretty much guaranteed to be the biggest in my weight class. Judges look for size, definition, presentation, hardness/vascularity, that thin-skinned “dry” look, and the “total package” which can include stuff like your suit and your tan. There are some desirable traits that are only genetic that the judges like to see, which I fortunately have.

    So you get up there with everyone in your class and are compared side-by-side doing quarter turns and then they call out the mandatory poses, things like “front double biceps” and “side tricep.” A panel of seven judges all score you and they rate you according to where they think you should place, so that would be 1, 2, 3, etc. Then, the highest score and lowest score are eliminated, to prevent favoritism or bias. The remaining scores are added up, and the competitor with the lowest score wins.

    At the last show, three judges placed me first, and four placed me second, so I got second, by literally one point. (But then I got first based on my routine.) It could easily go the same for this show. It will probably be the same judges.

    I can't decide how many other shows to do after this one. Obviously I want to end on a high note, so if I don't win, I've pretty much gotta do another one . . . but I might want to do a local one anyway because my secretary and some other local friends really want to come to one. Sometimes it surprises me that people actually want to watch me do this shit. I mean, I'm on stage for like two minutes! And the show drags on until midnight, so you have to sit through hours of everyone else.

    But they tell me they just want to be there for support because “that's what friends do for each other.” Uh...oh yeah. I forgot, I have FRIENDS today! Real friends, who don't base their friendship on how many swastika tattoos I have or how many stupid patches I can put all over my dumb, retarded, gay flight jacket.

    And the man, whom I shall call “Frank” even though that is not his name (so don't look him up) keeps reassuring me that he got the time off work and he is coming to my show and spending the whole 3-day weekend with me. I'll believe it when I see it . . . I actually had a boyfriend last year but then he ditched my show so I never spoke to him again. He said he couldn't afford it . . . what a loser! So if Frank comes through for me here, I'll know he's a keeper.

    Like I said, I've known him for a year but never seriously pursued anything because he works as a professional bodyguard and I thought that was a shady occupation. Plus, his paranoia level makes Harold look like a naïve little trusting child! Maybe he and I will start our own cell. He would totally be into living out the Brigade! I think I'll send him to be Harold's personal assistant.

    I remembered something else I have that no other competitor will: a giant chicken back tattoo.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 6:03 PM TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by FeminizedWesternMale
    September 11, 2012 9:02 PM

    "snot-nosed man-child"

    You don't understand how poisoned you are by ZOG. I've listened to every word you have said on RFN. As long as we put our own individuality and opinions above the fourteen words, we will continue to play the game the Judæo-Liberal Orthodoxy has designed to spin us into extinction. Your learned "culture of critique" has you publicly snuffing your own brethren into the ashtray of history. Right, because our differences between family members means so much more than our own ability to be a **special person**.

    As ZOG applauds. But heck, I'm sure YOU FEEL better, so why not.
    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally

    September 11, 2012 9:25 PM

    I'm sure you wouldn't be having a tidy little opinion about me, now, would you? Because, you know, fourteen words and white power and junk. My brother in the struggle for our race's very survival. BOOTS AND SALUTES!!!

    I'm not at all special...but I do feel pretty darn good.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    September 12, 2012 12:21 AM

    "why is RFN back to just being Harold again?"

    Probably because he is a sick 60 year old man handling RFN and NF alone while writing a new book. And in 10 years he will probably be dead and NF will vanish off internet. Oh well, at least he is not off playing with a new car or whatever.
    Quote Originally Posted by donothingwn
    September 12, 2012 12:44 AM

    I agree about RFN. He totally needs other voices on there, and you were fantastic. I'd have as many folks as possible, including the panels. Those sounded fun, with a pretty girl, not just a dude repeating himself.

    Id bet he's in work mode on the novel and RFN is second fiddle.

    So Axis Sally has a boyfriend? !? Good for you, but sad for us racialist losers that pretended you were our nazi sympathizing girlfriend. Actually I met a girl that's racially aware but meh she's kinda a user and that's a total turn off. I wonder if I can find a nice girl at church maybe? Hows your churchifying going these days?

    Thanks for the updates, I really enjoy your writing and I'm greatful you take the time to publish this blog.
    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally
    September 12, 2012 1:09 AM

    Well, he could be my boyfriend . . . as long as he doesn't ditch my show. I'm still all sore about that other guy last year. My dad ditched my wedding and I was nowhere near as upset!

    He's total NF material too. I think I may have found Harold's "Rockwell." I'm totally gonna send him to NF gatherings and no one will know he's with me! Of course he does have that build . . . you know, like mine . . .

    I can't understand why Harold hasn't brought on any other speakers. Or maybe he invited them and they declined? There are other pretty girls in the NF as well! At least he still has Gretchen. I don't always follow her stuff but as least she breaks up the monotony a bit.

    I do still go to church . . . but mainly just when I feel the need to give thanks. Some go when they feel the need to confess; I'm the opposite. If I've "sinned" or whatever, odds are I'm not a damn bit sorry, so why lie? But when I feel gratitude - the way I do a lot lately, since my life is very rich and full - that is when I like to say my thanks.

    Maybe Harold's not playing with a new car, but I sure am! Best thing I ever bought. Had to do something with my money after it was made clear my services to the NF were no longer necessary.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    September 12, 2012 1:49 AM

    "Maybe Harold's not playing with a new car, but I sure am! Best thing I ever bought. Had to do something with my money after it was made clear my services to the NF were no longer necessary. "
    Perhaps a wiser investment would have been to give some tekki fanboy 10 usd to buy a domain name and 50 usd to pay for hosting for a year and then make them set up a little radio-webpage which you then could use for doing your own take on RFN - uploading perhaps 10min a week or such. I imagine the more NF stuff available online the better, that is a good kind of diversity. A girl hosted RFN might appeal more to girls? . . . or guys?
    Quote Originally Posted by Wulfram
    September 12, 2012 5:42 AM

    I still have not gotten these dogs of mine under control yet. I may have to (hire) on some professional help with them. Is that cheating?

    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!!! with the inter-personal bashing. I am (dizzy) with the (almost) revelations that you are exposing. You were told to (not show up for work) with the NF? Damn!

    Have to agree on the RFN having a more open feel when there was panel discussions and audio files sent in from compatriots to the NF movement. Right now, with HAC being busy writing, the panel-like discussions would ease his radio talk time down some as well.

    You are revved up Axis! Give them your best at the competition!
    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally
    September 12, 2012 10:19 AM

    In bodybuilding, since you are only scored on how you look in comparison to everyone else, all you can do is beat your own personal best, since you never know who else will show up.

    Nothing wrong with using professional help if you need it. What exactly are the behavior problems? Usually people who have problem dogs get that way because they didn't properly socialize the dog from the beginning, and then they decide, after the dog is a few years old, that they're going to take back the reins and be the boss . . . and the dog won't have it.

    I thought everyone was aware it was not my decision to leave RFN? I can give you the full story via e-mail, but short version: HAC decided I was too high-maintenance to be worth having around, due to my wanting more creative control over my work - such as, only writing my own pieces, a say in which pieces can be rerun, etc. But, obviously, there's more . . .

    I am VERY high-maintenance and that is likely to get worse.

    Re major purchases: Currently planning my next one . . . the website isn't a bad idea! I also started paying off some very old debts, and by the end of the year, those will be caught up, which will free up a lot more money. So I'd better start thinking of what to do next...Of course it's nice to be able to take the kids to nice places. Seattle has so much to offer.
    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor
    September 16, 2012 3:03 PM

    So basically, in your own life, as in all of our lives, it's okay for us to make errors. Everybody makes errors sometimes. This is fact. And when you make such errors, it's okay. But yet, when Harold does, he's suddenly this wicked old man out to get you.

    All of the people criticizing Harold must realize this, that we've all gone through life making errors over and over again. We all fuck up occasionally, because we're Man (or Woman) and that's part of how we grow. And each time we learned something about ourselves.

    When we learn from our errors, most of us making them in the pursuit of materialism, lust, television-trance, drugs, the acceptance of others, fame, money, and so on, we still get pats on the back from our folksbrothers because hey, we've all been there.

    And yet, when Harold makes those same exact errors that all of us make, and does it in attempting to bring into existence the fourteen words that we all profess to follow so closely with our lips so dearly, suddenly he's a man to be insulted?

    To anyone who holds such a view of him, I say to you, get away from anything to do with the Northwest Front. Depart from us, and may our descendents never know that you all were our folksbrethren.
    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally
    September 16, 2012 7:15 PM

    You say to get away from the NF? Too bad you are a nobody with no authority to tell anyone to do anything. I forget, to some people, any criticism of the almighty fuehrer Harold Covington is akin to dissing a skinhead's sacred boots.

    Harold is not the NF and the NF is not Harold. Some people don't realize you don't have to be bosom buddies with Harold to be a valuable part of the NF.

    Not departing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor
    September 17, 2012 3:15 PM

    I was in the wrong with that last part. I apologize for saying what I said regarding your departure.
    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally
    September 17, 2012 3:40 PM

    Aw brother, it's cool. You know, I still take topic suggestions. Most people who email questions just ask about workout crap and "when are you coming back to RFN?" So if you want me to try my hand at something other than animal-hate, skinhead-hate, Harold-hate, and other forms of hate, let me know!

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    Default Not like the others

    Not like the others


    This weird thing happened at the gym a few days before the show.

    I was just doing my thing, and this typical middle-aged white man approached me. He was just a regular dude trying to get in shape and probably not knowing where to begin. He was in the wrong place; this is a bodybuilding gym. It's owned by a local pro, and it's not like “regular” people can't join, but they most likely will not feel comfortable and would be better off at a Gold's or 24 Hour Fitness with people who just want to “be healthy.” This guy wasn't gross or anything; he just had the normal flabby stomach, stick legs and skinny arms.

    He asked if I could talk to his 14-year-old son about a diet, and without waiting for me to answer, brought the kid over. He was just a regular-looking kid; not fat or anything, just unremarkable. But the poor kid looked really embarrassed; I mean, what teenage boy wants to listen to diet advice from a woman who has bigger muscles than he does?

    But the dad was like, “Now, I want you to listen to someone who obviously knows what she's doing.” And then to me: “He thinks he can eat all the junk food he wants just because he works out; is that right?”

    Well, no . . . first of all, following your dad around the gym and just doing what he does in a half-assed manner is not “working out.” So I said to the boy, “Uh, well, at your age you probably don't have to worry too much about putting on bodyfat, but you should be eating good clean foods that will work for you. Not junk.”

    The dad asked me how much protein I ate and said he spent all the kid's birthday money on protein powder. Oh hell no!!! Do NOT put your soft, skinny, weak child on anything remotely resembling what I do! Young teens don't need protein powder anyway; that can really wreck your kidneys if you aren't doing the work to metabolize it. I didn't start using that stuff until I was late-20s, and you start with one shake a day, not the seven or eight I sometimes do now.

    Now, this is a young white boy who is spending his free time in a gym and not at a computer, not drinking, not getting high, not throwing rocks at buildings. He didn't talk like worthless ghetto trash or like most skinheads. He didn't have stupid tattoos, a face full of metal, or weird hair, and he was wearing normal sweats and a normal t-shirt, not stupid MMA clothes that all the skinheads like to wear because it makes them feel superior to let the world know they spend all their free time watching niggers on TV punch each other, and guys roll around on the floor with other guys.

    I've always thought that Aryans should stop letting their kids be weak. But is there perhaps some balance needed? Would this kid's time be better spent maybe joining a sports team at school and using the gym a few times a week for some sport-specific training? Weightlifting can set one up for a lifetime of strength and health, but when forced into it at a young age by someone who has no idea where to start, the results will not be good.

    I commend the dad for encouraging his son to learn more about diets. I believe not all Aryans have to look like me, since, let's face it, most never will. And being a little overweight doesn't necessarily mean you're disrespecting the best genetics on Earth. But there is something really wrong with one who would deliberately feed junk to a genetic masterpiece. I mean, if you had a show dog, or show horse, one that was the product of generations of selective breeding, would you feed it rubber cement? Aerosol cheese? Wet shredded newspaper? Not unless you wanted it to turn into a useless trash heap. So, when you take something far more rare and valuable – a pure Aryan – why would anyone feed it hot dogs, soda, or anything your great-grandparents would not recognize as food? And don't even say you can't afford real food; I've noticed those who say this have no trouble affording beer, cigarettes, video games, or new boots.

    White children are becoming a rarity. If you are fortunate enough to have one (or more), you must protect this most valuable of investments. Give them the best of everything, all that they need, and never take them for granted. Most children are not pure white anymore, and most white people with great genetics would rather squander them on mating with non-whites, or on having no children at all.

    A comrade recently e-mailed me to tell me he had found a white woman who seemed somewhat racially aware. He did say she was not half the woman I am. Well, they never are. But if she's white, and if she has any interest in racial awareness (and I mean real interest, not “my boyfriend's a racist so I'm gonna start telling nigger jokes!”) then she is a rare and wondrous thing. Hang onto her. Don't do anything stupid!

    I said on RFN once: white females of childbearing age make up less than 2% of the world's population. But of course, that 2% includes those females who are race mixers, lesbians, feminists, liberals, and the mentally unfit. So out of that 2%, how many are white females who understand the importance of preserving their heritage? How many understand how rare and great their bloodline is? How many are committed to producing more of the same, and instilling in their offspring the importance of continuing the bloodline? I'm guessing damn few!

    So, if you have found one of these women, for God's sake, don't screw it up. You don't know how good you have it. Don't ever treat them like they are expendable, or like you could do without them. You can't.

    I had a sister who was born three months too early. We were told she may not survive, or that she would probably be sickly and disabled if she did survive. She lived in an incubator for several months. She was quite undersized as a child, but was totally healthy and normal, and is so today, although she is even shorter than I. But when we were kids, it seemed she got away with EVERYTHING! And, her birthday parties were a lot more elaborate! And now I know...that was as it should be. We four kids were all equally valuable, but the life of my youngest sister was several times more miraculous. She deserved more based on how rare it was that she survived.

    I see this guy and his son at the gym all the time. I try to avoid them, because if the son really wants advice, I'd like him to get it from someone who is geared more toward, uh, normal people. I never see a wife. Maybe she “doesn't have time to work out” (AKA dicks around on the computer like a tard all day) or, maybe, there is no wife. I hope this isn't the case of one parent not realizing how good she had it and wandering off in search of something better.

    The gym owner wants to give me a bunch of free stuff and have my pictures up all over the gym. He says he's never seen a woman who can get as big as I can “without turning butt-ugly.” It doesn't matter that other people have been at the gym longer, or have known the owner longer, or perhaps have helped the owner further his own athletic career . . . I get all the things because I look different (more rare) than anyone else who uses the gym. I get away with parking like a total jackass, because I am different than the other people who need to park there. I certainly don't have a problem with this . . . let's reward the rare. The extreme. Do whatever it takes to hang onto those who are not like the others.

    The gym owner has this bulldog he always brings there who just lies there like a slug. I can see it's got great genetics. I asked if he ever showed the dog, and he was just like, “No way do I want to do that!” More genetics gone to waste.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 8:28 PM WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2012

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    Default Something about 14 words?

    Something about 14 words?



    These pictures were taken two years apart. Notice anything? Now extrapolate two years into the future . . . if your minds are capable of thinking that far ahead...

    One of my old Montana boys won the men's division overall title at my show!

    Yes, people came from neighboring states to do this show (one could call it the Northwest Homeland Championships!) and probably the only good thing about my time in Montana was getting to put together my own team. We all had matching jackets (mine said “Cori Lou” and I still have it!) and did a show together in Montana, and then last year they competed in my show in Washington! Glad to see they're still around, especially since these are people who say I inspired them to compete in the first place.

    But, on the way home, one of the local pros was in a serious car accident. He was so depleted that he drove off a cliff and is very lucky to be alive. His car was upside down and all smashed! This is why I'm so glad I had Frank to do all the driving; you're never supposed to drive yourself to or from a show! There is a reason bodybuilders are required to carry accidental death insurance – we tend to do stuff like this.

    So for this reason, I have decided not to travel to Oregon for my next show, just in case Frank can't make it. I don't want to take that risk. I'll stick with another local one here, which is likely to be quite small and attended only by locals. Meaning, I'm practically guaranteed to win. My only reasons for doing it are as a test; I've never done shows 6 weeks apart and I want to see if I can handle it, and also to give people a chance to see me who didn't get to come to Spokane.

    Finally got to see Frank for the first time since the show . . . this dude is turning me into a sentimental, cuddly wuss! What the hell?! Normally I look for relationships where the other person is rarely around, and where I don't have to listen to them talk. But Frank talks ALL THE TIME and I actually like to listen to him, and I like having him around!

    It would be nice if he drank, though. He doesn't. He says he likes to maintain awareness of his surroundings at all times, but that he would always be my designated driver. So I guess I can't complain about that!

    I also wish he did facebook so I could tag him in pics and comment on all his stuff, but good luck with that...

    A few of you have asked what my plans are for next year; like does winning a state show allow me to compete in a national show . . . well yes, it does, but honestly I just don't feel ready. Maybe that is something I will look at two or three years down the line, but next year . . . I honestly don't know. My coach wants me to take a year off (from competing, not from the gym) and focus on small improvements. Frank wants me to give my body a break and keeps texting me horrible pictures of enlarged hearts and other maladies. I want to get a bit bigger, which you can't do when you are always on a strict diet. But at the same time, I cannot imagine NOT being in a state of preparation. So, I don't know. I definitely won't be on stage again before next summer.

    Someone else asked what my kids think of all this . . . I haven't brought them to one of my shows because they are usually in casinos so you have to be 21, and they drag so far into the evening anyway. Right now all they know is their mom looks different from other moms, and that I dress up in little outfits and do funny routines.

    My mom asked me why in the hell I want to look like this. I could be rude and ask her why she wants to be 40 lbs overweight . . . but really, I have personal reasons for wanting to look like this. It all came from the crap that went down in Montana. Back then I looked a lot different. I was small and was fine with looking “athletic,” whatever the hell that means. No need to take it to excess. But then I realized, the only way to protect my family is to be bigger than those who would try to hurt them.

    Of course, there are other ways . . . I could carry weapons all the time or learn martial arts. But personally, I would rather prevent an altercation in the first place. What's better: kicking the ass of someone who grabs your child, or looking so damn scary they never touch your kid in the first place? Why not ask the child?

    I fear getting small and weak-looking the way other women fear getting fat. I'm always measuring myself, making sure my clothes aren't getting looser, making sure people still back away when they see me coming. I've been writing down everything I eat for years; gotta make sure I get enough of everything.

    Will this change now that I've got a man around who is also quite large, and is a martial arts instructor and bodyguard? Maybe. But he's not around every second. It definitely helps, though, when I feel like I'm not the only one who is responsible for keeping the bad people away.

    Someone else in the movement remarked on what a shame this is. He appreciates everything I've done with my physique and respects my decision on how I want to look, but reminded me that Aryan men are the ones responsible for the protection of Aryan women and children. I know they are, but that is not how it has always been. Sometimes those who are our kin will hurt us far more than those who are supposed to be our enemies, and this happens both in and out of the white nationalist movement. A child is more likely to be hurt by a family member than by a stranger.

    I feel it would be irresponsible of me to just assume that my family's safety can just be handed over to “someone else.” I'm the mom. Of course, women “should” be able to rely on men to do all the man stuff like chasing off predators. But also, men “should” just stop hurting children in the first place.

    Maybe some sort of agreement can be reached: all men (or I guess anyone, really) from this moment on, never hurt or threaten a child, no matter who its mother is. And all women, agree to let the men take over the duties of protecting the family.

    And then we'll have a great white world! But I'll still be bigger than you.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 3:55 PM MONDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2012

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    Default No more tears

    No more tears


    All right, losers: a few things.

    First, I do not add movement people to my personal Facebook. You probably know why, but in case you don't, it's because every time I give some white-power fucktard access to my personal life, my ex-husband and my boss and my landlord end up getting harassing phone calls. Luckily I found out who was responsible for this last year (totally worthless person) and removed him after my ex got another phone call a few months ago, but I'm not taking chances again. At least this time my ex knew he was dealing with trailer trash and my visitation with the kids was not threatened. I sure don't need any of you accessing pictures of my kids or updates about their activities. I'm going to give Twitter a try, and you can follow me there all you want!

    Second, I get lots of questions asking me if I'm open to doing things for the cause, whatever that means, and then you disappear and don't provide the details on how I can get involved. So I'll say it again: yes, I am interested in speaking on your stupid show. Yes, I am interested in writing for your magazine that probably is full of grammatical errors and dumb nigger jokes. Yes, I am interested in meeting the buck-toothed retard you found under a bridge and just KNOW would be a SUPER NEATO addition to your sorry excuse for a cell, because, let's face it, he can't be any worse than what we normally attract.

    So...tell me what I need to do here! Tell me where to submit my half-assed essay on how I became racially aware. Tell me what you would like me to speak about on your radio show that probably sounds like you recorded it with a cassette recorder, and where to submit it. (I have recording capabilities.) Tell me when and where you want me to meet your bozo (hopefully Starbucks) and let's make it happen! Don't just leave random comments about these things and then drop off, unless you weren't serious.

    The rest of what I got was hate mail; three people accusing me of having an eating disorder (what do you want to bet these three look like the back of a bus, only uglier?); two threats of violence that I could not possibly take seriously because they were misspelled (but the two authors, if they really were two separate people, did go out of their way to mention they were proud skinheads, and we all know how white-power it is of them to threaten white mothers); and one random person who said I was “mean” and had a “negative attitude.”

    I can't imagine what he might be talking about...but he wouldn't be the first to point this out. I made this Mexican bitch cry a few days ago, using only my words! I caught some dumb trash kids throwing rocks at each other too close to my truck. I ran them off the property, and since they were Mexican, I found the closest Mexican female (at least I think it was) and demanded that she take the things. She looked like this dead goat I found by the mailboxes once, only hairier.

    First she tried the “no speak-a English” routine, then tried to pretend the retards weren't hers, then admitted they were. I told her I hoped she had some good liability insurance because my truck was worth more than her worthless offspring could ever hope to earn in their lifetimes, no matter how many of her boyfriends passed them back and forth.

    In other words, the truck was worth significantly more than eighteen dollars and eighty-five cents.

    And she started crying and said I was mean and nasty! So much for not understanding English, huh! When my personal property is involved, I tend to become slightly less warm and welcoming. The damn kids shouldn't have been on my property in the first place. People who cry over stuff like that have something wrong with them.

    A lot of people have asked just what I have against men who cry. Well, I don't like men who act like little baby girls! Why is that so hard to understand? Why don't you just put on a pretty dress while you're at it, and go out and buy some tampons and then meet up with your book club?

    The white nationalist movement has at least been able to get one thing right: men are men and women are women. Men and women are different, not equal, and should not be equals. Crying is for women! Well, not me; I don't cry. But other women.

    But, in and out of the movement, men who speak out against the notion that “men and women are equal” are all too quick to want to be “equal” to women when it benefits them. They rationalize, if it's okay for women to cry, it's okay for men to cry too! These men also expect women to pay for drinks and open doors...good luck with that. You don't get to assert your manliness one moment, and then demand the right to act like a female the next. And as a female, if I'm on a date I am not paying for a damn thing! If I just got paid and you're broke, we stay in. I'm also not checking the oil in my truck, because that's guy stuff, so I'm glad I have someone to do that for me.

    Oh, and the kids didn't damage it with their rocks. I looked it over really good and saw a few dings but I think I put those there from trying to drive in the Starbucks drive-thru. I don't fit.

    Once, I got in an argument with a guy over the phone and not only did he start crying, he texted me a picture of himself crying. Who does that?! I wish I had saved it and posted it all over everywhere, but I shuddered when I saw it and deleted it immediately. And the lame thing is, we were arguing about a flyer drive! I wanted to do some leafleting with Martin Luther King flyers on, like, Martin Luther King day. He wanted to do them on Christmas. Guess I'm just a dumb girl with dumb ideas that don't make any sense! So he just burst into tears at the thought of me not liking his idea. I totally lost all respect for him.

    His eyes were open, and his lower lip was all stuck out. That did not look good with his shaved head and flight jacket.

    So that is why I think less of men who cry. Of course, I know they all do it...but geez, go to your room if you're going to do that crap, and come out when you're ready to be a man!

    Now, speaking of people who keep asking me to be on their shows or forums or whatever, it looks like I've received one serious offer. It should start in early November, and it'll be called Axis Sally Raw: the idea is now I can say whatever I want, without Harold censoring it, and I also won't censor listener comments, with one exception: those who insist on posting links that are not exactly family-friendly...you know who you are! I'm sure you have no shortage of other places to post things of that nature.

    Just back from the gym...now I'd better get something to eat before I cry.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 12:38 AM THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    October 4, 2012 11:43 AM

    Starbucks is owned by the jew & gives revenue to Israel.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    October 14, 2012 6:25 AM14, 2012 6:25 AM

    The one little detail in your last paragraph - about Harold's censoring - is the most important thing you've pointed out, in my opinion. That's the one big red flag about him. He also controls ALL communication between people on his forums, boards, blogs and websites. Nobody is allowed to contact or ask each other questions without going through his filter. That tells me a lot about him, and should be something that other people take note of when deciding whether to get involved with anything he's part of.

    That's probably the first thing that anybody with serious financing looks at - and is what puts them off.

    The other thing that bothers me is his insistence on real names, addresses, etc. I can understand that (for purposes of mailing out material, obviously), but he's dropped comments about having us checked out. Problem is, that goes two ways - but he's not providing any information about himself. Reminds me of the behavior of certain three-letter agencies.

    And why does he know so much yiddish?

    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally
    October 14, 2012 8:40 AM

    Yeah, I get emails all the time from people who say they were trying to post comments on the RFN blog about how they missed me and he'd just not approve them. Guess he's trying to make it look like no one is asking about me? But they just send their comments to my email to let me know.

    He's also censored certain things I said because they were things he did not agree with. I remember once specifically saying, "Being part of the NF does not require you to agree with everything Harold says" and of course that was edited out.

    I was saying that I don't believe we should start gunning down little retard kids. See, I can be a softie sometimes! But apparently that was not "real" NF material so it didn't get in.

    Lots of people don't realize Harold is not the NF and you don't need his approval to be a part of it. But I saw too many people who would ask his permission before doing anything, as though he were somehow qualified to give anyone advice on life, or anything?

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    October 17, 2012 11:32 AM

    Another thing I hate about HAC is when he edits posts. I used to post to his board as "Slartibartfast" but I caught him editing my posts on a number of occasions and, when I disagreed with him on something, he edited my post to read gibberish, making me claim I was a Joo Spy and going off on his weird babbling.

    Guys, HAC was diagnosed in 1970 as a schizophrenic by the US Army and given a section 8. His heart my be in the right place about our racial survival but he's not exactly playing with a full deck.

    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally
    October 18, 2012 10:59 PM

    Yeah, that's kind of immature. I think there is always some room for discourse and disagreement. No one has to agree with Harold, or with anyone else, on absolutely everything in order to be a white nationalist. No one has to agree with Hitler on everything either; lots of people love to throw that out there - "Hitler would not have approved of what you think." Well, he was certainly entitled to his opinion, but you know what...he was a PERSON and not a DEMIGOD. Oh, also, you weren't there; you have no idea what he thought.

    Quote Originally Posted by C
    October 20, 2012 8:33 PM

    Sounds like someone has been reading that blog by Hadding about Harold. It's mostly nonsense.

    The NF website is used by Harold to convey a certain image of the NF. If your comments don't fit with it then they'll be censored.

    Internet communication about the NF is limited on the main website as that is not its purpose. However there is a forum, run by someone other than Harold, and if you want to talk on the Internet you can go there.

    The whole idea of the NF is to get off the net. Believe it or not anonymous, but in the Homeland Harold can't censor you in person when you're hanging out with your NF buddies. Of course if all you want to do is trash talk an old white nationalist with health problems odds are you won't have many buddies for long.

    Harold's planted a seed that is growing. Set aside your personal beefs with him and instead do what Sally does - dedicate yourself to the cause. While he planted that seed he isn't the tree and he won't own it when it's grown. We all will. So let's make sure it does, by at least being in the Homeland and on hand to help each other and welcome new migrants. One step at a time.

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    Default King-sized scrapbooker

    King-sized scrapbooker


    Well, I'm going cold turkey.

    Nothing special, just diet soda. Lots and lots and lots of diet soda. Spending gas money on diet soda. Drinking so much and so fast that I am physically uncomfortable. Sore throat, bellyache, mouth sores.

    So, I just have to cut it out. I'm an Aryan and better than this, and I just have to be willing to experience some discomfort and craving.

    Of course, I've quit things much more addictive than soda. It all comes down to being willing to experience physical discomfort, sometimes very severe, and accepting that you sometimes have to go without things you want. It's not about waiting until it becomes more comfortable, or until you don't want it as much.

    One example: quitting smoking. I quit almost twelve years ago. I had tried weaning off; I'd have one less cigarette per day. I could get down to five, but not lower. I tried the patch and the gum. Finally I tried cold turkey and that's what did it. (Okay, I was pregnant, but still . . . cold turkey.)

    It is physically possible for anyone to stop smoking, provided they are willing to feel horrible. Many people are not willing. Or, they quit for a day or two and then start crying about how they want to kill themselves, so decide it's probably better to smoke. I'll agree that it's better to smoke than be dead . . . except, you were never going to kill yourself in the first place. You just learned somewhere along the line that melodramatic overreactions to not getting what you want are a great way to justify your pathetic choices.

    So, it's possible for me to stop the soda. I mean, at this moment, I am not drinking any soda. So whatever the hell I'm doing right now to not drink soda, I just need to keep doing that! So far what works for me has been: 1. Not buying soda. 2. Not drinking soda when it is available for free, like at work. It's like magic!

    This works for all kinds of crap. If you don't want to use/ingest something, don't buy it! Don't keep it around! Don't accept it when offered to you! Repeat as often as necessary!

    Is there anything you would like to give up, but can't? (Meaning, won't?) When I think of how hard it will be to do without something, I try and put it in perspective by thinking of everything that white people are giving up to create our Homeland, and those generations ago who gave up everything they had to come here. All their worldly possessions. The only homes they had known. Sometimes, even certain family members.

    So, I've got it quite well here. This is a true first-world problem. All I have to do it take the money I'd spend on soda and buy something else equally useless! I could use some new winter work clothes and a haircut.

    Which brings up the next subject: a few people wrote to me, as I had a feeling they would, about my “men are men and women are women” bit, pointing out the obvious. So, I've got some numbers to throw out:

    I am not bigger or stronger than a man! I am bigger and stronger than most women. In a year, I will weigh anywhere from 120 to 145 lbs. Most men weigh significantly more. If you are a man weighing less than 145 lbs you basically have nothing to say about anything, and need to be locked in a room with steak and donuts. My biceps are 14”. Most men who don't even work out have bigger arms than that. My bench press has been stuck at 185 for a while now. I'm hoping to make 200 next year, but I think most men can do well over that. And I don't plan on going over 200, even if I can. I really want to avoid the numerous shoulder surgeries, knee surgeries and other injuries that most bodybuilders start racking up. If you set arbitrary maximum lifts, you can avoid this. My squat is 265 and I'll stop at 300. Most men squat like 400, I think?

    As for functional strength, I have a lot of men beat there, but that's because I take care of my back so I'm not always screwing it up. A few months ago I bought a king-size bed. I was just going to get a little twin bed, but then it occurred to me that something larger existed. So I got the king-size and the store people loaded it into my truck for me. I texted Frank and asked if he could show up and help me unload, and he said he could be there in three hours. But when I got home, I didn't feel like waiting, so I just dragged the thing out of the truck and up the stairs myself. It sucked! The mattresses didn't have handles, so I just had to hold them by the edges!

    Now, I can't pretend this was easy, or that I did it gracefully. The building manager was reviewing the security footage (he watches it every day . . . Frank covers his face every time he walks up my stairs!) and he was like, WTF??!! I just explained I didn't feel like waiting. But I looked a mess while I was carrying it, that's for sure. It probably took a good hour to take the things out of the truck, then drag both of them up the stairs, then through the living room and into the bedroom to set up. But I did it! No waiting for someone to show up!

    Then I told Frank it was all done and I didn't need him to come by after all and he said, “You're such a freak!!!” (Which, in our world, is the best compliment one can receive.)

    And the next day, no back pain. It just felt like I'd done a lot of leg work.

    This, obviously, is good. Translate into what I could possibly do in times of war...compared to most of you who can't even carry their box of video games.

    So then some of you asked if I do anything remotely “girly.” Sure I do! Here's a list:
    1. Scrapbooking

    2. Embroidery/knitting/other crafts

    3. Cooking

    4. Manicures/pedicures/hair/eyebrows

    5. Shopping, but mostly on ebay

    6. Collecting useless things like garden gnomes

    7. Browsing antique stores

    8. Calligraphy

    9. Getting out all the Christmas cards on time

    10. Dressing the kids up all pretty

    11. In warm weather I mostly wear dresses

    12. I'm one of those people who wears lots of makeup at the gym. If I'm spending a few hours there looking at myself, I want to look GOOD!

    13. Sending dumbass sappy love songs to Frank, but only because he started doing it first

    14. I have flower and fairy tattoos

    15. I buy whatever crap people are selling at work, like Mary Kay, candles, etc.

    16. COSMETIC SURGERY...come on, people!

    And now I feel the urge to go lift something heavy. Just water and Starbucks today!!!

    Posted by Axis Sally at 10:42 AM SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by donothingwn
    October 6, 2012 8:45 PM

    A freaking King size mattress?!? are you nuts?!? You must have looked like an ant carrying a big leaf! ;-)

    ps I think its hilarious Frank covers his face for the security camera. I do admire his vigilance, though. I'm glad you keep us informed. Has he shared any code words, or discussed evac plans of your apartment, you know, just in case?

    Some of the guys on YouTube make their kids run intruder drills and memorize codewords. It seems overkill to me. Lets hope it is!

    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally
    October 6, 2012 9:39 PM

    I didn't look good, that's for sure! It was exhausting. I'm glad I don't do that for a living. On the footage you can barely see me at all, just this huge bed slowly inching up the stairs, and then this small sweaty person emerges from behind it. Wonder if I can get that on Youtube somehow!

    Frank's paranoia drives me nuts! He's always fiddling with my computer, tightening up the security, telling me to disable my GPS before I take pics with my phone, so the FBI won't know that I was snapping pics of my abs at the gym, I guess. I've said before, he makes Harold seem like a naive trusting fool! But he's not insane-paranoid, like some wacko. Just hyper-vigilant and hyper-annoying. He won't have any pics of his face online at all. (Except he's got a lot of media coverage from bodybuilding shows, so I don't know what good that does!)

    He's definitely a doomsday prepper . . . got loads of dried food, bottled water, batteries, and ammo . . . doesn't use bank accounts . . . gets paid in cash . . . keeps few possessions in his home, takes his computer and his safe everywhere. Won't see doctors because he doesn't trust them with his information. Won't meet anyone else in the NF because he doesn't trust them either. He goes to all kinds of weird conventions full of people who do things with computer security . . . sounds hella boring so I don't ask to go.

    Quote Originally Posted by donothingwn
    October 7, 2012 12:36 AM

    Wow carrying a safe and computer must take a lot of effort. I never would've thought of that myself, its actually a great idea, as long as the vehicles secure. I need to get a portable gun vault for legal transport of firearms, keeping original documents and things in there? hmm that's an intriguing idea! They're in the safe at home, and I have copies with me, but copies won't get me on a plane to Europe or whatever in case of emergency. I'll have to think about that.

    That's why I like to hear about his security, because the man sounds thorough and I remember he had other good ideas.

    For whatever its worth, I think he's doing a great job. I'd love to be strictly cash. Why make it easy for them to monitor me.

    I've read in the paper of guys getting fake IDs like the mexicans do just in case of needing to visit an emergency room anonymously to dodge the bill. Id never do it or suggest anyone does, but I thought it was interesting.

    That's funny he tightens the security of your browser! Can't ever be too careful. I hope Harold is paranoid! He's got good reason. Not that there's probably anything the system doesn't already know if they care to. I agree with him though, make the bastards work for it, if even just a little.

    Quote Originally Posted by donothingwn
    October 7, 2012 12:39 AM

    PS id *love* to see that video! That must have been a lot of work! Those mattresses slide and lean all over the place.

    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally
    October 7, 2012 8:07 AM

    I've given a fake name at the ER before. I had ID in a former name and just used that, and then gave a bogus SSN. Even if you aren't worried about an impending revolution, every visit to a healthcare provider counts against you in the long run.

    Also, if you use your work insurance, people at work will know what you saw the doctor for. I work in HR now, and I see the bills for every insurance claim submitted. I can tell you which of the employees are seeing counselors, who has HIV and who wets the bed. Now imagine if I were some scummy mexican with this same info (and could read English) or some filthy jew who wanted to bring someone down...you can see where this can go. If you have a medical condition you don't want everyone to know about, best to pay cash.

    I think I stumbled on a rare find here . . . someone who is well-versed in the Brigade and everything about the NF, who did not make the mistake of letting the NF know who he was or being associated with us in any way, online or in person. He'll be a great asset when the time comes.

    Quote Originally Posted by donothingwn

    October 8, 2012 3:55 AM

    Scummy mexican or filthy jew LOL! I had a girlfriend that would always be all 'thats love talk' when id say something like that in conversation LOL but she meant it. Now I get it, at least for me its nice to hear someone has beliefs I can relate to and never ever hear normally. They're filthy kikes that scheme and scheme all day to destroy us from behind the scenes and that's all they'll ever be.

    Sorry to rant!

    My trainer would always say the more muscular you are, the more calories you burn so they more you get to eat. Do you find that to be true at your level of fitness, or think its true?

    Quote Originally Posted by donothingwn
    October 8, 2012 3:58 AM

    Oh and thanks for the heads up on the medical. I had no idea HR (aka the Stazi) were privy to that info! Wowee! I gotta go to Home Depot and ask la raza where to.get me an id!

    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally
    October 8, 2012 6:46 AM

    On some level it's true; the more muscle mass you have, the greater caloric intake is required to maintain it. But it still matters where those calories come from; a caloric need of 3000+ per day is not a license to eat junk. All the calories have to work for you, which means good clean food, six to eight small meals a day. The biggest mistake I see most people make - and for some reason, it's almost all middle-aged men - is stuffing down one or two large meals a day. They insist they don't have time to eat several small meals. I pick one or two days a week for food prep; I cook, weigh and box up all my foods and store them, sometimes labeled, like "Thursday meal 3" and "Monday extra carbs" and then just grab and go.

    After every show people ask if now I can "eat what I want." Far from it...(as if I only wanted to look good for one day, right?) It just means now I can eat a lot more of all my boring food!

    Bulking up is pretty sweet though...calories during contest prep sometimes go under 1000 for women, so getting 2000+ is great. Plus I can have double portions of oatmeal and yams, plus small amounts of fruit and little treats like flavored yogurt. Still, the bulk of everything is meat, vegetables and healthy fats. Eating some peanut butter now.

    Quote Originally Posted by donothingwn
    October 10, 2012 2:49 AM

    Mmmm peanut butter! You said it, eating 6 meals a day doesn't just happen, it takes preparation. Its dumb but it seems unmanly to worry that much about what you eat, as if being a fat pig is masculine.

    My fat friend asks when I eat real food, which I guess is processed or pizza or something. My answer was I try not to eat anything from a can or package.

    Oh! I'm a diet soda addict. Evidently aspertine is super addictive. I can relate to drinking it till your stomach hurts or spending your last dollar on it. Every day I say I'll quit and I mean it, then trudge to the store and buy it later.

    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally
    October 10, 2012 6:04 PM

    I have a major sweet tooth, so I got anything remotely sweet out of the house. No soda, no Splenda (again), no yams, even no more protein powder! Right now I can do without it; when I start bulking up again I'll need it. I got some plain unflavored sparkling water for when I want that fizz. So for carbs now I do beans, rice, unflavored rice cakes. Boring. I just remind myself, eat to live, don't live to eat!

    Now for oatmeal, since I don't like it without sweetener, I instead mix it with some cooked egg whites and ground turkey, plus olive oil. It's really good, but not good enough to overindulge on.

    Another good diet rule is to not eat foods that have more than one ingredient (unless it's dairy or protein powder).

    I try and stick with stuff that tastes fine at room-temperature, so if I'm at work I don't have to be running to the break room all the time. I can just pull a container out of my bag and eat when it's time, or if I have to drive somewhere, I don't need to worry about whether or not I'll be back in time for my next meal. I've gotten really good at eating with my hands while driving, and not getting anything on my suit!

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    Default You know what really grinds my gears?

    You know what really grinds my gears?


    Hi guys, it's Axis Sally, and a whole lot of things are really pissing me off!!! Here's a list!!!

    1. My stupid body! It's basically trying to get revenge on me for all the crap I've put it through, giving me serious medical problems that might keep me out of the upcoming show! Basically, I'm having lots of internal pains, and one way to make them stop is to cut down on protein intake, but I can't really do that three weeks from a show. I'm trying to just hang on, just keep swimming...but I am getting really sick. Why now, when there's a show only an hour's drive away and I still look good and still remember my routine?! A few others I know have withdrawn themselves from the next several months' shows for similar health problems...wonder if we're all, uh...doing the same things? I rebounded hard after this last show, the first few days. Every morning I'd go through these weird spasms that hurt enough to make me get audible about it.

    2. Twice last week, I had to do GUY STUFF. First, there was a fire in the bark dust outside the office, and because I was the only one there, they made me wet down all the bark dust so the next time some bum threw his cigarette on it, it wouldn't catch fire. But then I couldn't get the hose to work, so I had to lug a bucket of water back and forth and just throw it all over the bark dust, and my hands got dirty! I'm not good at yard work! And then I had to change light bulbs, which I am also not good at.

    3. I have some extra gerbils I'm trying to give away on Craigslist and every time someone wants one, then they expect me to drive it out to them, or they want a bunch of free food and stuff with it. Maybe if you can't afford to feed a pet, you shouldn't have one?

    4. Which brings me to my next point...seeing all these damn "Lost Dog" and "Lost Cat" flyers everywhere. Why don't people take care of their pets?! I may not like animals, but I think if you're going to have them, they should at least be cared for. And what's with all these rewards people offer for $200 or even more? If your cat was worth that much to you, why didn't you keep it from running away in the first place? I hate to think of how these people raise their kids! "Oh gee, I left the front door open and he done wandered off!"

    5. And speaking of gerbils, my ex will not let the kids have one. He lets them have a cat; chickens; horses; and these godawful screeching parakeet things...but no, they can't have a little low-maintenance gerbil!

    6. My ex goes to this sickeningly liberal church, and I went there to hear the kids sing, and all these dumb hippies kept remarking that I didn't have a nametag. Uh, I try to make it clear that I don't really want to be there. Why would I make myself a nametag, thus giving the false impression that I wish to join your community? There are always Jews and fags there.

    7. This idiot at work who does annoying things. Every single day, he stops by my office and says, "How's Sally today?" I hate it when people refer to me in the third person like that. And every day, I say "Good." Then I pretend like I'm working or something. And every time, he says, "Just good? Not great? Not super?" Hey, guess what...I'm not exactly maddeningly cheerful all the time, okay? What's wrong with just being "good"? And, every time I eat something, he has to say, "So, breakfast, huh?" or "Is it lunchtime already?" Finally I snapped one day and was like, "I know that my food is just the most interesting thing in the world to you, so I'll make it easy: I don't have 'breakfast' and 'lunch'; I have 'feedings.' This is 'Meal 2.' In three hours it will be 'Meal 3.' I promise I'll update you on whichever meal it is that I'm eating." So he stopped saying dumb stuff about my food, and now just asks if I worked out today, and "how's Sally?" But he looks nervous every time he has to walk into my office now.

    8. My oven is heating unevenly. Not what I need just before Thanksgiving! Luckily my secretary, who cooks just as much as I do (okay, I'll admit it; she's actually better) said I could come over and use as much of her stuff as I needed.

    9. Got a wisdom tooth coming in. But at least I just got on the company's dental plan, and I can go to the dentist in my building because I hear he's really good with people like me who wuss out at the thought of any sort of pain and have to be put to sleep as soon as they walk into the office. I had two babies completely drug-free...but can't be awake for a teeth cleaning.

    10. All the damn niggers and Jews. Just because, you know, I'm at the end of the list.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 12:54 AM WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by donothingwn
    October 10, 2012 3:12 AM

    Jews and fags at church? How inclusive!


    I've been looking into churches. A guy told me there aren't any that aren't universalist gubmint run crap and I didn't believe him. Now I'm just trying to find one the least-worst.

    I like Texe Marrs a lot. I wish Mel Gibsons church were still open. At least he knows the jew.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike V.
    October 10, 2012 6:57 AM

    i thought that it was very tolerant of you to list the niggers and jews all the way down at #10. im glad that youre starting to mellow out on the whole racial thing ;-)
    Quote Originally Posted by Axis Sally
    October 10, 2012 10:21 AM

    Yeah, that church must be rubbing off on me. We are all God's children, after all.

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    Default Be better looking and less weak, in one stupid step

    Be better looking and less weak, in one stupid step


    Well, that's it, I'm out of the show.

    It's kind of a relief. I just started having one problem after another and Frank and my coach were telling me the only way to get better is to let yourself get better, you know? Take a month or two to unwind, detox, just get it together! Basically, Frank put his foot down and said next year I can do whatever the hell I want and he'll support me, but for now, I have to get better. He did point out that the sooner I get better, the sooner I can start getting bigger like I want to.

    Ironically, I told another competitor this same thing...he won his weight class at my show, and was then hospitalized. He's out for six months and understandably pissed off. So I said something that I think comes from the Brigade, the thing about “living to fight another day.” So that's what I've gotta do now.

    First, there was the horrible kidney pain, which is still there. It might get better after another month off protein powder. Then, I got an infection in my shoulder which took a week to clear up, and during that week I could not work shoulders at all. Then the stupid wisdom tooth; I see a dentist tomorrow. And now it's these raging headaches. Everything is just telling me to stop. Coach told me where to get anonymous blood work so I can find out the extent of the damage, and right now it might not be so bad.

    And Coach just reminded me that this show is very small, not competitive, and that the one I just did was something to be proud of. Saying I won that one carries a lot of weight in our community. Saying I won a small one in a small town won't mean much.

    So now I'm just doing about 130g protein per day, and not doing the morning cardio. Still doing my 5 days a week of lifting, and evening cardio, but I get a bit more food now. I've even been eating fruit! Next month I'll increase the foods a little bit more, and then in December I'll start my next bulk-up and just explode.

    I'm already stronger! I was up to 165 on squats yesterday, which is still a hundred pounds under my max but for the past few months I haven't gone above 95. And, yesterday I got to put that to some good use.

    I was alone in the gym, on a treadmill, and this kid comes in and starts using the bench press. He looked like a typical athlete, in good shape but not overly muscular. I don't know why I thought to look over at him when I did; when I do cardio I just put on the headphones and zone out to Britney Spears. But I saw the bar rise and fall, rise and fall, and then it just fell and didn't get back up. First I thought he was doing one of those reps where you hold it as long as you can, but then I saw his legs kicking.

    So I jumped off the treadmill, ran across the room and pulled the 200-lb bar up off his neck. He was fine. The bar hadn't squashed him long enough to cause real damage. He looked up at me and asked, “Are you a bodybuilder?”

    It's funny when people ask me that; it's like, what do you expect me to say? “No, I just look this way for no reason at all!”

    Anyway...if I had been contest-ready, there's no way I would have had the strength to do that. I would have had to strip the plates off the bar first, during which time the kid would have remained trapped. And, go figure...even though I didn't use good form (was more concerned with speed at that point) I have no back soreness, no leg or shoulder pain. I bet most of you couldn't rescue one of your buddies from underneath a pile of beer cans without getting a hernia!

    So...I'll say it again . . . if you are weak, you are useless to the Aryan race. Get stronger. Set small stupid little goals and meet them, and know that somewhere in Seattle, a girl is doing more than you.

    This kid told me he was training to be a powerlifter. Uh . . . you might wanna start using a spotter so you don't die! I was a little nervous to leave the gym that evening, because I saw him get on the squat rack.

    I've dropped a bench press bar on myself twice. The first time I was sixteen years old, alone in the gym, and had just done 100 lbs on the chest press machine. I had no idea back then that barbell movements are a lot harder, so I just assumed this meant I could bench 100 lbs with a barbell . . . and discovered I was wrong when it slammed down on my stomach. This scared me off barbells for years.

    The second time, it was just a few years ago, and only 95 lbs, but I just couldn't lift it anymore and it sank down and all the plates fell off. So luckily no pain there, but still embarrassing.

    And then there was the time I got stuck in the leg press machine, but hey, getting stuck after doing a few reps with 568 lbs . . . not so embarrassing.

    But what sucked about yesterday was I jumped off the treadmill without noting my time, so I had to start my workout all over.

    And now, to answer a very important question, from Bill in PA (like that's even real):

    “Why don't you try to grow your hair longer?”

    Gee Bill, that is an excellent idea, but I'm just not sure which muscle to flex.

    Try to grow your hair longer...no matter what people say, there is no magic formula. You just kind of sit there until one day, months or years later, you wake up with longer hair. My hair is longer now than it was a year ago. I've had it down my back before, but I don't want it that long again. I'm thinking maybe a few more inches max.

    But the main issue here is, I don't take requests when it comes to my appearance. I do exactly as I please with what I've got (or if I don't have what I want, I get it) and I change it as the mood strikes. I've had my hair as short as an inch, because that was what I wanted it to be at the time. I've had blond hair, red, black . . . pretty much every color in the normal spectrum. Right now it's blackish-brown. I think I'll start transitioning toward a more warm auburn-brown.

    The only people who need to approve of my look are myself; contest judges/coaches; and my man. And, of course, he's crazy about my look. He's always liked heavily muscled women, and says he's never seen anyone who looks like me in person, only at contests on TV or in obscure fitness magazines. So he's obviously psyched.

    There was actually a whole year where I didn't see him; we met at a gym and he'd always annoy the hell out of me by talking to me when I was on a cardio machine. But then he just kinda grew on me. I wasn't built like I am now, but he could see I had a lot of potential and that I was still nothing like anyone else. So, when I called him up a year later, I was all worried that he was going to look crappy . . . like, what if he'd gotten skinny? What if he had long hair? And then I saw I had nothing to worry about, and he saw that I'd completely transformed.

    So . . . if I look exactly the way I want, and my man's happy, and those important to me like my look . . . why should I care what any of you think? If you don't like my look, one thing you can do is not look at any of my pictures. This should help somewhat.

    I've learned that if you give in to people's requests about what to do with your looks, they will still find something to complain about. And, there will always be someone more worthy who liked you the way you were.

    I once heard, “Don't tell me how to do it unless you do it better.” I think this applies here. Most people who have anything negative to say about my appearance tend to be ugly. If you look better than I do, then I'm interested in what you have to say. If you don't, then what even gives you the right to speak?

    And, if you are ugly, what the hell is wrong with you? Be less ugly. Physical beauty is an Aryan trait! Not all of us can look like some ideal we find in a magazine, but all of us can make small improvements if we are not satisfied with what we have. I would suggest:

    1. Make a list of things wrong with you
    2. Find one thing on that list to fix, and do it
    3. Maybe do some pushups and stuff too

    Posted by Axis Sally at 1:22 PM SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2012

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