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    Default Hurts far less than a tattoo

    Hurts far less than a tattoo


    Well, so far the new job is just the same as the old job: the usual eclectic group of associates who are just so thrilled about a new person in the office and they all want to know if I work out.

    And, just like at the old job, everyone drives either a BMW or a huge truck like mine. It's nice to fit in!

    I had this interesting experience at a botox clinic this morning. I was in the waiting room and this Asian woman came in with her mongoloid-looking child and asked if I could get off the couch, because her son wanted to sit there.

    He was wandering around the waiting room knocking stuff over, and all the other couches and chairs were occupied. This woman expected me to stand, or to sit on the floor, so her precious child could have the couch.

    I can't decide who I hate more: people who bring their damn dogs everywhere and expect them to be catered to, or people who bring their damn kids everywhere and expect the same. At least you can just kick the dog!

    So I just told this woman, "Uh, I would also like to sit on the couch."

    I, as in, the paying customer who had arrived first. And you know what, even if I had come in while her little cunt-nugget was already drooling on the couch, that couch would still be mine. I belong there, the kid does not.

    Maybe this bitch was a single mom, and with a face like hers, I could see that. All the botox in the world wouldn't make her a person worthy of anything! But still, if you can't afford a babysitter, maybe you can't afford to have toxins injected into your face?

    Or, maybe she could afford it, but no one wanted to be in the same room with her kid, because he was a piece of crap. I've been there, I'm sorry to say. No one wanted to watch my two kids because at age 25 I was more concerned that the kids be allowed to "express themselves" (meaning scream and whine) than that they grow up to be quality people. If you have money to pay for a babysitter and you still can't get one, it's because your kids are horrible, and it's your fault.

    My kids almost got expelled from preschool because, as liberal parents, we did very little in the way of actual discipline in the home. We had to really lay down the law so they would be accepted back.

    I hope she was getting the botox to look good for someone who beats her for not getting the laundry done! I hope her kid grows up to be embarrassed about his nasty skank of a mom and acts out by becoming an emo fag!

    So I refused to give up my seat. I'm like the Rosa Parks of my time; you know, the white version, who can no longer move her forehead. (Which, by the way, was why I was there. My coach suggested it because I have a habit of furrowing my brow in the middle of a routine and I just wanted to give it a try and see if it would help.)

    Anyway...regarding my job situation, I got an email suggesting that maybe people would like me more if I showed a little bit of humility and remorse about my past.

    So...people would like me better if I lied to them?!

    First of all, I don't really have the time for more friends right now. I have to wait-list people. I mean, after work and the gym and the kids, I have Frank, and then I have my new movement cell, and some work friends, and some local family, and my bodybuilder friends. So the time for any new actual, not-online friends is very scarce. Basically, if you don't do what I do, I don't have time for you. My real-life friends today are people who work where I work or who go to the gyms I frequent. So, I have little motivation for trying to garner more approval among people I will most likely never meet.

    And, I'm sure it's evident that, while I'm not exactly proud of how I used to make my living, I'm not exactly wallowing in shame over it, either. I'm not much of an actress (as many of you can testify) and I don't think I could pull off a very convincing "ashamed and repenting" act. When I laid it all out for the boss, I said that I had left that lifestyle and was glad to be out of it, but I never hinted that I was ashamed.

    And, as I recall, that has been a lot of movement people's beef with me: "And she's not even sorry!"

    No...not really...I've said it before, if I had the chance to live out my entire life all over again, and had the power to change things, I would change absolutely nothing. No regrets, no apologies.

    I believe honesty is best, and my honest attitude about my life is that much of it was hilarious! I had a very detailed blog back then and you know, that is something I regret: letting that get lost. I didn't actually delete the site (it was something like Myspace for, uh, the industry; a way to get work) but I forgot how to find it.

    So, movement super sleuths; I know it takes you a few months to find where I work, but maybe this is something you can find quicker! And, also the titles of some films that were set for release only in the UK. What, you thought the anti-racists actually listed my entire works?!

    Oops. I guess this isn't very humble. Well, I think I'll soon have a lot more to be an arrogant dick about, because I am in the process of moving out of the ghetto and into a much nicer neighborhood, closer to Frank and the new job. I figured it was worth a bit of extra money to get a nicer place, even if it will be a little smaller. I have a cavernous living room now that's good for practicing my routines, so I might have to take more of my practices to the gym.

    Oh, and Frank was over here yesterday and he ATE THE ENTIRE PEANUT BUTTER PIE that was his Thanksgiving treat, so I'm going to make him another one and hide it. Men!

    Posted by Axis Sally at 5:50 PM MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by donothingwn

    November 19, 2012 8:17 PM

    wow that pie sounds amazing!

    I used to be a jew between the ears. I watched TV and cursed and was in a couple porn videos that are hopefully super obscure LOL

    If someone wants to judge me based on that, well, I get it. It would make me wary too, but id evaluate someone on present behavior. I like people that treat me well and have similar values. I don't need jew-friends that want to use some event from my history as a lever to get leverage on me. Gross.

    I respect that you don't apologize reflexively. I think it'd just feed the fire anyway, for nothing.

    Stand your ground, Sally! :-)
    quote="Axis Sally"]

    November 19, 2012 8:57 PM

    Were you an extra in the background or something?

    In reality, it was a very sad life and it took me a while to be able to laugh at it. I did have one boyfriend back then (the guy I almost married) and he said his main problem with it was that I "ruined" the experience of watching porn for him. He said before he knew me, he could watch the videos because the women weren't real people to him, but then after he met me he was forced to see the other side of the industry and concede that all those women were someone's mother and/or someone's daughter; in other words, real people. And he didn't like being forced to see that.

    So with men I've seen the best thing is to be honest; once you go out on a few dates just lay it on him. Best to hear it from me rather than discover it, uh, elsewhere, ya know? If a guy can't handle it then we just call it quits and split on friendly terms. We all have our deal-breakers and that is one for many people.

    Frank's response was basically, "Who cares; that was years ago."

    It is mildly embarrassing knowing that people I work with or interact with on a professional basis have seen me in some very unflattering ways. I was kinda fat back then. But a lot of people are into that.

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    Smile Food coma! :)

    Food coma!


    Thanksgiving was a success! I went to about five dinners - that with the ex and kids; a few people from work (old workplace and new workplace) and then my dinner at home with just Frank. I'm surprised at how much I can eat!

    I'd never cooked anything for Frank before, so I was nervous, but he ate up everything, even the stupid green beans and retarded cranberries! And he said the peanut butter pie was the best he'd ever had. I doubt that's true, I think that's just something guys say. But some are honest; I made a peach crumble pie for my coach's last birthday and he said it wasn't as good as the one his mom always made, but that it was definitely a close second. I'll take that!

    Frank was saying he felt small because he hadn't worked out in a month. WTF?! So I had him get on the scale and fully dressed, with shoes on, after eating that huge dinner and three desserts...he weighed 190 POUNDS!!! That is so completely unacceptable! No man of mine can weigh anything less than 200, and that has to be the early-morning, before-breakfast weight! So I really need to feed this boy. I had no idea he was shrinking down to nothing; to me he still looks big. I sent him home with loads of desserts and stuffing and the potato-pear gratin. I know he's going to feed that slacker son of his, but it was still a huge amount of food. He loves sugar; I've got to find excuses to make more desserts and then be like, oh, I had all this extra; would you like to take it home? I think I'll start baking for everyone at work again. It's very time-consuming, but worth it if I can put some meat back on this guy's bones!

    Plus, once I get moved, we can start working out together again. We used to work out together before we were an item, since that was all I had time for. He's a good partner...not like some people who will agree to work out with you and really all they want to do it watch you work out.

    But, he did put his foot down about all the money and said I had to stop throwing it around. So I saved the rest . . . but not after I bought him his Christmas jacket. And, two more things: got us tickets to the King Tut exhibit, where we hung around the museum looking at a dead guy's stuff, and . . . the best thing ever...tickets to Las Vegas for next year's Mr. Olympia contest!!! I got the super VIP package so we'll be in the nicest hotel and our seats at the event will be within grabbing distance of the best bodybuilders in the world!!!

    And yes, I did get refundable tickets in case I run into some major health problem and can't go. Well, the plane tickets are refundable. The VIP contest package will be easy to sell, if it comes to that. I already booked the vacation on my work's calendar.

    I've been secretly wishing that someone had tried harder to get me fired, because work has been super hectic and maybe I'd rather just take that $600 per week in unemployment! Then I'd have more time to focus on my next contest. But even if I were to get fired again, I'd still be eligible for unemployment because the boss and I just decided to tell the unemployment office that I had actually not been fired at all; it was a huge misunderstanding and I have still been working for the same company continuously.

    I did get an email from this particular white retard asking where I work now . . . dude, really, it's not hard to find. Same company; different workplace. Just google the company or whatever and send anonymous letters to all the workplaces!

    I think Frank was just irritated about what I had done to my face, but I assured him it's not permanent. He said my brow-furrowing habit was cute and he didn't want it to go away. Awww. And if he bitches about the Vegas trip when I surprise him with it on Christmas, I'll tell him I paid for all that BEFORE he told me to stop with the spending.

    He's asking me how I want to spend my birthday and I couldn't decide if I want to go shooting, go skiing, or go to a nice Italian restaurant...and then I realized . . . there is nothing stopping us from doing ALL these things! Where did I ever get the idea that I have to limit myself?

    What I'm really supposed to be doing is writing another piece for my new podcast. Yep, looks like it's still on! I don't want to use the ones I wrote for RFN (when I thought I'd be returning), I want to have all new material.

    I keep asking the kids what they want for Christmas and they say they don't know! What's wrong with them?! Kids are supposed to want STUFF!

    I personally have no need for any more STUFF. I've been telling my family and friends that I'd prefer experiences over things, especially tickets to stuff I can do with the kids. So I'll ask my parents for tickets to zoos and aquariums and things like that, and my friends for concert tickets and other grown-up stuff.

    I keep asking my oldest if she wants to get her ears pierced, but she says she's "not ready to take the pain." She's going to be a wuss like her mother.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 3:08 PM SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2012

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    Default The ADL probably loves me!

    The ADL probably loves me!


    You know what's gay? When you post in an open forum asking for advice and the only response you get is "I don't know; that's never happened to me." Then why did you respond?! That's like raising your hand in grade school and then answering "I don't know" when called on. Just asking how to get past the mental block that happens when you're trying to do a deadlift a few weeks after previously hurting yourself doing a deadlift and all I'm getting is "I don't know, man; I've never been injured." Well aren't you just the greatest!

    Anyway, a lot of people have suggested to me that it was an organization like the JDL or ADL or some other Big Kike Club that was responsible for the notorious "anonymous email." I honestly don't think I am that important...I mean, sure, the FBI has talked to me, but again, why wait a few months after I already have my job to try and screw it up for me?

    I noticed that when I was dealing with this last year, with my ex-husband and landlord and potential employers getting these kinds of calls, movement people were quick to blame "the ADL" rather than admit we had loser trash among us who would actually do cowardly things like this. Come on...if a white nationalist has asked me to move in with him, and I say no, and then my landlord gets an "anonymous phone call" detailing my wicked racist ways...am I honestly supposed to think, "OMG, the ADL is trying to make me homeless!" or would it make more sense to look at that particular white nationalist, who I had used as a character reference in obtaining my housing?

    That's what I learned in preparing for my psychology degree: "When you hear footsteps, think horses, not zebras." Always turn to the most logical and simple explanation for things. Like when my kids' pictures were taken from the motel room in Montana where I had been staying - Harold seriously tried to convince me I was being targeted by the ADL! I guess that made a lot more sense than some CI pervert - who had a key to my room because he was the motel manager - going in and taking what he thought should belong to him. A lot of WN folk don't want to admit we have these kinds of horrible people among us, so they blame everything on "the Jews." Of course.

    I, like some other WNs, have been dealing with this ever since coming into the movement. Numerous landlords, employers and family members (and even my church!) have received anonymous phone calls and emails about me, and law enforcement have also received reports of certain activities my NSM unit took part in. There was always one common denominator in all these cases, one person I had shared personal information with, and because this person was a friend or "respected leader," in all of these cases, I thought well no, it couldn't be HIM! But come on...my landlord's home phone number?! It's not like I made a facebook or blog post that was like, "Hey everyone, finally got a new apartment; my landlord whose phone number is (xxxxxxx) was super cool, and appears not to be a big kike!"

    Likewise, if I tell a WN that I finally got a new job at the Lava Lamp Factory, and I'm just so excited to finally be making lava lamps, and I don't post about it online and then the Lava Lamp Factory calls me on Day 1 and tells me not to bother showing up...yeah, looks like that ADL is really on to me, huh!

    This is why I decided, no matter how good of a friend someone in the movement seems, do not use them as character references for employment or housing or anything else. Do not tell them where you spend your time outside the movement. Speak of where you work or where you live in general terms only. Obviously, where I work is easy to find (still don't know why it took this douche seven months to get it??!!) and anyone can track me through my bodybuilding federation, if they actually wanted to buy tickets to my shows.

    That would be hilarious. A lot of the competitors have their "cheering sections" so when their class is up, all their friends will yell and scream and hold up signs. So maybe a bunch of movement tards and anti-racists and the ADL, of course, could all buy tickets to my show and then when I get on stage, hold up signs that read "Nazi Whore" or something similar? I bet it would get on Youtube! A lot of people have already sent me pictures of their "Go Cori Lou!" signs they made.

    That's why I'm relieved that this temporary embarrassment is over; everyone at the office "knows." At first it was awkward; everyone at work knew me as that former porn actress and former Nazi. But all I had to do is be myself...now everyone knows me as the bodybuilder-cheesecake baker-quiet person who just shows up and works until the work is all done, and always has something funny to say, and who has those adorable blond children.

    And that's what happens when you pull out the big guns too soon - now the enemy has no more ammo! What is he going to say now that he hasn't already said?!

    I have been asked if I do autographs of my former, uh, work...I don't know if these are serious inquiries but I will have to say no. As much as I can openly joke about my life now, it was still my decision to make a clean break from that line of work and autographing my stuff would somehow go against that. And why the hell are you buying pornography anyway, if you think it's so bad and wrong! Even if you openly admit to watching it, there are like six million movies out there better than mine...

    So, after all that lecturing from Frank about not spending too much money, he goes out and buys a MOTHERFUCKING BOAT!!! I don't know anything about boats so I can't say what kind, but it looks big. This is the dumbest thing in the world!!! He lives in a house in the city! I asked where he would keep the boat and he's paying to have it stored! He's paying about as much as a car payment, or a rent payment, to have a big dumb boat that just sits there!

    Oh well. It's his money. He did say that we can take the boat when "the balloon goes up" because he's convinced ZOG is going to shut down I5. So maybe he's on to something after all...

    Now he says he wants a new truck like mine. I told him he could just use mine whenever he wanted but of course he wants his own.

    I'm getting better at parking. The gym has been crowded lately so sometimes there is only one parking space left for me! But it's hard when I drive someone else's car because I'm so used to all the little cameras that come on in mine when I have to reverse. Also, probably the best thing is that when you press the heat button or the defrost button, it's instant! BAM, heat! No more of this waiting crap!

    Stupid boats. Oh well, at least it's not a video game.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 6:26 PM SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2012

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    Default Put the lime in the coconut . . .

    Put the lime in the coconut . . .


    So I forgot if I mentioned, the guys in my new cell all want to meet Frank, because of his martial arts expertise; his skill at creating free sources of energy (I don’t know how he does it; he built this thing to make light bulbs last forever); his computer hacking mastery and because he’s, you know, with me.

    I brought it up with him and at first he was like, hell no…in fact, when I told him I was going to meet these guys he was like, “Have fun with all your freaking informants and faggots.”

    Faggots? Where did he think I was going, to a Creativity Movement convention/bathhouse/goat-rape ceremony?

    Anyway…now he’s very intrigued. He might actually let his paranoia drop for a second or two and seriously consider meeting someone in the movement!

    He showed me these FREAKY videos of him doing all this martial arts stuff like bending steel rods with his neck and getting hacked in the stomach with a butcher knife! Wow. I had no idea that is what they did. But I was asking him how he got his scars and he said it was from a kung fu demonstration. I love men with scars! Scars tell a story.

    And, although he was familiar with a lot of Harold’s stuff, he admitted he had never heard RFN and thus had not heard the wit and wisdom of Axis Sally! So I’m going through old clips (before it started to suck) and pulling up some of my best stuff for him to hear. He will love this! I know how to edit out only my stuff now (getting good with Wavepad!) but I think I will let him listen to Harold’s stuff and the panel discussions as well. You know, let him form his own opinion, even though he kind of already has.

    And of course he had to ask why the hell I started another contest prep after everything I’d just been through, and I said because I want to do that big show coming up, and said I need him to do my diet for me and he agreed. You just can’t leave this life, brother. He asked how I could afford all this and I reminded him, I’m like half your size…what you spend in three months, I spend in a year.

    But, I’m afraid to say my health problems are more not-good than I thought. I was seriously almost detained in a hospital! I went to see a doctor for just a basic checkup, to kind of follow up on my ER visit, and she said I had very high blood pressure, an abnormally fast heart, and kidney failure. She wouldn’t let me leave! They ran all these tests and said I couldn’t leave until my heart slowed, and they gave me crappy drugs and NO FOOD and still I was registering 220bpm.

    I think their machine was broken! Because how would I still be alive?

    I stayed in the bed for 8 hours and finally just got sick of it all. I pulled the oldest trick in the book: said I had to go to the bathroom, then ran like hell! I ran to my truck (which, by the way, got scraped in the parking garage because it was too tall!) and drove to a pizza place and had a slice of pizza and three brownies.

    And I wasted one of my paid vacation days on the stupid appointment!

    And screw your stupid diagnoses! If I have kidney failure, why does everything still work? Why am I not in horrible pain? Why am I still strong in the gym, and sleeping well, and doing stupid cardio? What medical school did you go to, the crappy online version? Probably the free download, while you sat around in your underwear watching your sister’s kids in your ghetto apartment and hoped the building inspector didn’t come by before you had time to clean up the car parts off the living room carpet.

    Frank is still trying to tell me I look really good when I’m thick and soft, like I am now…”We have to get you all dressed up and go out to dinner!” By all means, feed me…and I realized, I kind of like looking this way too. I mean, being totally shredded was nice, but I’m someone who likes to completely change my appearance every so often, and contest dieting is one way to do that. I don’t want to look the same all the time. I enjoy the journey; I like to actually PREPARE for a contest, to see the work I’m putting in each week, to evaluate my progress and see if I need to do something different this time around…bodybuilding is one sport where you’re never done, and you can’t just do the same thing all the time because your body adapts.

    So, my best Axis Sally pieces…definitely the lemonade one. The Nevada Food Raid. Maybe the ones about banks, or stupid hippie medicine, or drugs? Transgenders! OMG he is going to love these!!!

    This is going to be fun! Hopefully they’re still on the RFN site. Actually I can get them from Youtube!

    I started some parts of my Thanksgiving meal early. Frank wants a peanut butter pie. The last time I made one, it was for my husband, and it was so rich I could barely eat it. There is a reason he gained 50 lbs after we got married. Meanwhile, I just kept getting thinner, breastfeeding two kids. (Serious calorie burner…about 1000 per day!) At first I wanted to be all innovative and make all new dishes, but I think I’m just going to stick with the tried-and-true ones because I have so many invites, so I’m already going to be stuffed. So just my usual cornbread stuffing, spiced cranberry sauce, and, you know, everything else. But I am trying a new kind of cheesecake – one of those double-decker ones, first layer pumpkin, second layer chai spice.

    And, for some reason, I bought a big jug of coconut rum, forgetting that I don’t drink crap like that anymore. So now what the hell am I supposed to do?! I can’t possibly get drunk on it; it doesn’t have enough alcohol!

    So screw all you informants and faggots, I have to look for some people who drink stupid gay drinks.

    Posted by Axis Sally at 1:10 PM MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2012

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    Default Exciting new developments

    Exciting new developments


    So check this out, retards . . . I got fired.

    For about three days!!! I was just at work on a random day, doing work crap, and the owner comes in and is like, "I need to speak with you." And right away I knew it couldn't be good, and my mind started racing, trying to come up with something wrong I had done, and wasn't coming up with anything.

    And, it turned out it was what it always is: he had received a "disturbing email" containing "various links" to my former life of debauchery and neo-Nazi involvement.

    I asked who sent the email and he said he could not tell me because then I might "retaliate." Can't imagine that happening...but I said I felt I had a right to know who was trying to ruin my life. So he agreed to show me the email with the names blacked out. Then he handed me my final paycheck, plus a severance check equal to a month's wages and the remainder of my paid vacation days.

    And right away, I recognized it as someone in the movement...the crappy spelling . . . the random capitalization of words which are not meant to be capitalized . . . the style of punctuation. Of course, I don't want to draw too many conclusions. It could be someone else in the movement wanted me to think it was this particular person, so I am not going to automatically assume it was him. After all, when I wanted to deflect suspicion away from myself after sending a nasty note, I would often spell everything wrong so people would not assume I had sent it.

    You know, when I was like, thirteen. Which is slightly older than the mental age of this particular Aryan masterpiece.

    So I explained to the owner that I am no longer employed in, you know, that other line of work and that I resigned from the NSM years ago and that I even got rid of the tattoos and that all I cared about today was doing my job and raising my kids. Plus I talked about God and stuff.

    His attitude changed immediately; the email had implied I still did stuff like that and he was relieved to know it was no longer the case. He said the CEO (his brother) would absolutely not be moved but he said that rather than letting me go outright, he would transfer me to another branch, at a location of my choosing. He said I could start work the following week.

    I asked about the severance check and he said I could still keep it because, technically, my job had been "severed."

    He said he did not tell any of the other employees the reason behind his decision, but I reminded him they were my friends and they would ask questions. He said it was up to me what I told them.

    So I decided to tell them the truth. I called them all together as a group and said my job had been transferred due to some embarrassment caused by an email detailing my life of sin. And I told them exactly what that meant.

    Some were crying when I was done! They didn't want me to leave. A couple of the women privately pulled me aside and told me that I wasn't the only one. I know. One man told me his daughter was currently caught up in that life and that my story was inspiring and he wanted me to speak to her! Sweet!

    So for the new location, I picked one much closer to Frank! Now I can see him more than like twice a week! He's thrilled.

    So, some pathetic white retard tried to ruin my life, and instead what happened was:
    1. I got a month's wages for doing nothing
    2. I get to keep my job and my rate of pay
    3. I'm closer to my man
    4. Everyone at my old job thinks I'm just so great and inspiring

    So if this is what happens when white nationalists try to interfere with my life, by all means, I will post the location of my new job and that way you don't have to wait a few months before you try and get me fired again! Getting fired is sweet when you're me!

    I did find one downside to this: now, I will have to go to the new job's employee Christmas party with new people, instead of getting to see my old friends at the old job's Christmas party.

    I believe that is known as "white people problems."

    Posted by Axis Sally at 11:49 AM SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2012

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    Default Sally Comes Clean

    Sally Comes Clean


    Want to know what Axis Sally really thinks? Not what she said for a year on Radio Free Northwest, but the truth? Listen to this podcast.

    http://www.axissallyraw.com/podpress...allyRaw004.mp3 Download and Listen Link

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    Default Sally Goes Into Detail

    Sally Goes Into Detail


    Sally talks more about Harold Covington, about the Northwest Front, about her past, about her life.

    http://www.axissallyraw.com/podpress...allyRaw005.mp3 Download and Listening Linkl

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