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Thread: The Peterless Skank Shew, circa 2005

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    Default The Peterless Skank Shew, circa 2005

    The Peterless Skank Shew, circa 2005




    The Peterless Skank Shew, circa 2005

    Quote Originally Posted by Originally Posted by Pasdaran
    After a few minutes Miller calls in and then after another few minutes Lindstedt calls in and the battle of the white patriots began.

    Part 1


    Part 2


    Edit 1: Timeline of events according to

    Originally Posted by traitorglennmiller
    Lindstedt & I debated for about an hour last nite on internet radio - Republic Broadcasting Network - host Peter Shaenk

    Chronology of events:

    10 Feb - Byron Yost and I spoke live for 90 minutes on that show

    11 Feb - Lindstedt phoned into the same show and spewed out his well known lies, half truths, disinformation, and personal insults against my manhood and honor.

    16 Feb - I phoned in to defend my manhood and honor with "my side of the story". After 10 minutes or so, Lindstedt phoned in and the debate began. Frankly, I was surprised he mustered up the guts to face me one-on-one.

    But, of course I kicked his ass by simply stated the truths, just as I have for the past year on this forum. BEHOLD, Lindstedt's feminine voice shake, quake, and stutter as he tries to explain why 2 of his grandchildren testified he'd sexually molested them, and how he advocated the murders of regime criminals by running them thru meat grinders, making dog food of them, then forcing their relatives to eat them. (I kid you not - tune in and hear it for yourselves)


    Edit 2:

    Feb 10th show

    Part 1


    Miller appears at 39:00 ^

    Part 2


    Feb 11th show

    Part 2


    8:30-19:30 is Lindstedt's call

    The fact of the matter is that Peterless Skank, professional paytriot, cut me off just as I was about to ask about Linder being financed by TraitorGlenn Miller. If my voice cracked, it was in anger at the false accusations about child molestation made against me by my ZOG enemies.

    What I said about exterminating the spawn of regime criminals holds. You can't have a Revolutionary regime if the families of regime criminals are allowed to live. Rather you must make an example of what happens to who ever supports ZOG.

    Four years later, about the only thing that has happened is four years later. The professional paytriots are wearing thin, and ZOG has demonstrated that it can't run a mighty Evil Empire efficiently, or even have it pay its own way. ZOG has imprisoned a few more of its enemies while the whigger nut sheep show their rumps to ZOG terror. And it is because of those like TraitorGlenn Miller that things are in these dire straits. WhiggerNutsionalists know something is wrong, they sense that their time is coming with the darkening days. But being endemic whiggers, they don't know that their limitations of being sheep means that they really have no role in the fighting.

    Now since I've been out, I've noticed some of the whigger sheep shrinking from the judas-goats under my steady gaze. This is why I've advocated working with what we got, not the hash-pipe dreams of nutzis or paytridiots and simply to understand that the Great Tribulation is inevitable. This is why I do not attack other than in passing the TraitorGlenn LinderMillers or Peterless Skanks or whigger-whimperers. They are simply sheep and goats which have eaten ZOG's johnson grass and the prussic acid is working on them right now. Rather I have worked on building the DSCI church and preaching the Good News of the Great Tribulation which shall sweep away ZOG. And if in this civil war the impotent and leaderless whigger nutsionalists and ZOG destroy each other, then it is a win-win situation like whenever the niggers and piglice get into a gun battle. What is coming is chaos and hatred and like a tidal wave engulfing and washing away all that exists. All I can do is to make DSCI strong points to float free on the waves, and to set a good example for the 700,000 Christian Israelite men who have not bent their knee to ZOG/baal.

    I had that show archived on my old computer and cannot get to it. But I am fascinated by how it seemed such an archetypical moment: The professional ZOG traitor and the paytriot presstitute shutting off the question from the DSCI element asking the basic question: From where does the money come from to maintain the LinderMiller and other professional paytriot movement hacks? The follow-up question could not be allowed to be asked: If ZOG is paying for these Paytriots and snitches, then will they not advance the Cause of their ZOG paymaster? And the few thousand whigger nutsionalists, giggling that the Paytriot Peterless Skank censored the religious bigot and we-want-to-pretend pedophile from saying another word against "our ZOG" who will provide us order in a concentration camp someplace in Texas. See Judges 6:27-32. Call me Jerub-ZOG, for let ZOG do its own pleading, as opposed to you whigger nutsionalists doing it for ZOG. Like my treasonous whigger brother loving ZOG for jailing and murdering a father and a brother, you too love what you fear, having a Stockholm Syndrome for whiggers.

    The Peterless Skank remembered me, on Dec. 3, 2008 like a bad dream. It predicted that I'm another Le Harvey Oswald, or James Earl Ray in the age of O'Nigger. And it whined about how because of madmen like me the kike supermamzers were going to sic the whigger piglice to lock us all up in a death campe, etc. etc. Peterless Skank sits under an alieass, like most whiggers on these forums, and they pull each others dicks worried about how ZOG is going to exterminate them all. Bah! Humbug! There are more balls to be found in a half-negroid Palestinian fourteen year-old pussy living in Gaza right now than there is to be found amongst the entire whigger nutsionalists and paytriotards for profit.


    Any [bowel] Movement 'manned' by cowards, liars, thieves, and idiots simply cannot progress very far -- and this Movement won't. The fact that ZOG has worse offal servicing it simply means that the entire body politic is cancerous with only a few healthy cells anywhere. So the only hope is for these cells to live for themselves apart and to let the cancerous body politic die.

    In which case, the only propaganda which can succeed because it is relevant is the simple propaganda of hate and fear and kill anyone not on your own side. A civil racial, religious war of extermination is coming, and only simple propaganda means anything to the combatants. And thus paytriot profiteers like Peterless Skank senses that, and thus someone like myself is far more a threat to profits than TraitorGlenn Miller, his accomplice in thievery. All that Peterless Skank wanted was a 'Payton Place' jewry Springer moment. Once Payton Place threatened to become the Norman Bates Motel and jewry Springer made into lampshades by the wild Nutzi, the microphone was cut, like at a Dumbya Bush press conference with a shoe-hurling Arab. Peterless Skank was jewst another client cockpuppet trying to bat away the shoes headed towards his fellow traitor.

    Since then, the LinderMiller 'Whigger Paytriot Party' accomplished no political goals, other than TraitorGlenn Miller making it impossible for an overtly White candidate to run on a political party with ballot access in Missouri. That was TraitorGlenn Miller's 'accomplishment' for which I am suing MoZOG, the MoZOG political parties, AND TraitorGlenn Miller along with Obongo. Obongo was the means of getting publicity which failed, given the nature of the increasingly irrelevant jewsmedia refusing to report the anti-ZOG 'news.'

    Do whiggers understand what is going on when it goes on? No. Rather they are like whigger chickens seeing the butchering knives sharpened and the boiling water poured, ready to receive their headless carcasses for plucking. They know something is wrong, like not being fed and watered so that they won't have full crops or much shit in the innards in their corpses. But until the hand grabs them in the cage and takes them to the block and places their heads on the bloody block where they might or not see the severed heads on the ground, only then do they figure out something is wrong. One last squawk before the hatchet descends and breaks their necks and severs their heads, and then it is time to run and jump and flop and bleed.

    And there is nothing that they can do about it. They have no ability to live in the wild. They have been bred to provide meat and eggs. Having a sense of what the future holds would be a needless cruelty for they have no way of changing their future because they cannot change who and what they are. So YHWH mercifully makes them stupid. YHWH is kind to both chickens and whiggers.

    Yes, I was aware back in 2005. And I am aware today. But most of you whiggers are no more aware today than you were four years ago. All that can be expected is that some of you are aware that something has changed since then, and Martin Lindstedt is babbling something about what it is.

    Think and grow aware.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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