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Thread: Nyuck Nyuck Delaney takes a tip from Eli James. Implores to the animals.

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    Default Nyuck Nyuck Delaney takes a tip from Eli James. Implores to the animals.

    Trayvon whine to the youtube whiggers. I guess this is how he is "making an impact". This hybernigger actually has a sagittal crest like a nigger. I never noticed until now.


    Comes out to defend Zimmerman. Probably related to Kaplan. LOL!

    It's not by coincedence that he ends his segment by quoting some hannity-loving nigger like that ATLAH nigger.

    More of the prison infiltration by the federal government. Just like with Finck and the rest of these criminals that are given shortened
    sentences to do the work of ZOG. Plain and simple. Basically, it's a whigger factory. These whiggers will say whatever their jewish masters
    demand of them.

    The jews agendas change. Simply based upon what disruption/disinfo asset(s) they need at the time. And these desperate criminal
    whiggers are eager to please for shortened sentences.

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    Never take seriously anonymous tards that sport jewess avatars.

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