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Thread: Kane12345666 wants allies against phorafags/feebs and Da MamzerBarrel -- The Ax-us of Auntie ZOGling Mamzer Ass-Clowns?

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    Default Kane12345666 wants allies against phorafags/feebs and Da MamzerBarrel -- The Ax-us of Auntie ZOGling Mamzer Ass-Clowns?

    Kane12345666 wants allies against phorafags/feebs and Da MamzerBarrel -- The Ax-us of Auntie ZOGling Mamzer Ass-Clowns?


    Significant Events
    1)-The Lyceum / Firezone Archived
    3)-Facebook Integration
    4)-Gangster Bolshevik rap on Audiozone
    5)-Radio Programs
    6)-A special present

    Comments on Events

    1) The Lyceum / Firezone has been archived for viewing It was a forum designed in 2007 by and for posters who mainly no longer post. Besoshvilli and I decided that it was obsolete, however our work is archived.


    2) The Original Phora is back : (thephora.net runs off of a stolen database from the old thephora.com). We offer mod positions to anyone who is banned on thephora.net and passes our vetting process. If you make it into our inner circle, you will have the privilege to log in as any phora.net shadow account (log in as starr, overwatch, etc) with simple click of a link for whoever you want to impersonate. We don't really compromise on this issue, if you support thephora.net you don't belong on thephora.co. If you are neutral you can post. If you are against thephora.net, then welcome to our inner circle! Our position in google in general is rising.


    3) Facebook Integration for FMP. We have created a forum, "Trueface," that runs on facebook but is hosted on FMP. Your posts are indexed in google but you can login using a facebook connect with your facebook name. With us hosting your posts, you don't have to worry about facebook deleting them. You don't even have to type your password each time and your password doesn't have to be your facebook password. *You don't have to have facebook to use this, as we also allow registration via email.

    Feel free to friend me and other Lyceumites on facebook.

    4)Lately we have been calling our selves "Gangster Bolsheviks." Read about and Listen to our song
    Comment on the post if you want.

    5)Check out our radio programs

    6) Finally, a big FUCK YOU to the phoraphags who have tormented me for 5 years using the beer barrel, si, facebook, vnn, majority rights, my space and every medium they could find to antagonize me.

    Fuck you. You are outed.

    1 – Gerrard Bryne – Basil Fawlty
    2 – Mary Jemming – Phora Technical Resource
    3 – Kristin Jemming – Starr
    4 – Chris Hayton – Ahknaton
    5 – Daniel Horn – Sinclair
    6 – Daniel F.W. – Dani88
    7 – Kevin O’ Keefe – Jake Featherston
    (some people rumor that his real name is Joey Chesnut)
    8 – Ken Kummins – Lucifer
    9 – Steve Scwankhous – Overwatch
    10 – Stan Sterkendries – Jimbo Gomez
    11 – Tom Ostrowski – Azimuth / Prak Stal
    12 – Mike Connor – Mike
    13 – Village Voice Employee – Il Ragno (knows Michael Musto, may be Tony Ortega)
    14 – Stephen Brower – Intrepid
    15 – James Herndon – Jaybird
    16 – Pietari Tamminen – Petr
    17 – Jxxx Gxxxxxxx – Macrobius
    18 – Robert Flake – Apocales
    19 – Alison Gasparini – Alison

    See this thread about getting revenge against Il Ragno. I encourage all people who read this to contact to look up the numbers and staff members at the village voice using the links below. Feel free to help get il ragno fired.

    Now let's move fowards!

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    Default How about a Neo-Hitler-Stalin Pact?

    How about a Neo-Hitler-Stalin Pact?


    You got me thinking, Kane about a Hitler-Stalin Pact.

    I know you are on a free-speech hosting company that won't allow such as Bryan Reo to file bogus DMCA cumplaints. Cryin' Lyin' Bryan goes whining to your server they will tell it to prove its lies. And you did unearth the Bryan Reo 'I am a faggot' pictures at Xuqa.com.

    As you may know, I demanded and was refused absolute power of discretion on Da MamzerBarrell over jews and mamzers getting on my supposed DSCI subforum and calling me a child molester. Therefore I have not been banned but have been downgraded there.

    Therefore I propose a deal such as like that on Da MamzerBarrell. Make me a Moderaturd with absolute powers on a new subforum called Da MamzerBarrell and I'll provide content from my own forum.

    I'm not scared of you Kane 'outing me' because I'm a public figure. Therefore as long as we have some 'ground rules' we can get along just fine. If you give me a subforum called Da MamzerBarrell on your Circle of Crust the following applies:

    1. I get to modify any outside member posts as I see fit. I have complete control over my subforum.

    2. No delusional Appy-shit on my subforum unless given prior permission. I'll be moving any Appy posts I don't like to a 'sump/cesspool' thread on Da MamzerBarrell any time I get around to it.

    3. I'm on good terms with Macrobius and post on his forums. I'm not going to fight with him because I won't. I'm also not interested with fighting with Il Ragno That is what your entire forum is about so you can do it there, not on my subforum. I'll dick with some other deserving phorafags/feebs on a 'case by case' basis. They are pretty much a pathetic lot anyway and I don't even see why you even bother to fuck with most of them anyway . . .

    4. Essentially I'm offering the same arrangement as I have on StumbleInn. I run my subforum my way. I post my material and gain you some traffic. Every so often I write an article special to FMP. If this is not acceptable to you, then fine. If it is, then we have a deal.

    5. I can't offer you a subforum on my forum because it is a DSCI Church-Politcal forum and no jews are allowed, not even 'good jews.' But I do count on you to remember that I've never ever went a millimeter out of my way to wrong you back when you were on StumbleInn or Da MamzerBarrell. I chalked it all up to you being one fucked-up little jewboy.

    So, we got a deal?

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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