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    The Gubu Crew Blog



    Okay, here's the 411 on this site. It's a blog I've had lying around fallow for some time, as you can see by the older posts. I originally suspended it because I liked Thoughtcrime better and I didn't feel like screwing with multiple blogs, although I ended up by doing just that.

    Anyway, long story short, I'm reviving this one to deal with the Goat Dance. The objective is to provide internet-accessible truth regarding the multifarious slanders, smears, lies, and bizarre fantasies of the Goat Dancers. From now on whenever they slither into another site's comments section, which seems to be their favorite wallow of late, I don't have to "take the high road" as people keep demanding I do and ignore them. I can refer interested parties to a source of factual and accurate information.

    That "high road" leads nowhere. Contrary to what certain Movement dweebs claim, ignoring this kind of freakish activity does not make it go away. To the contrary, people assume that if you don't refute these sociopathic morons, then you can't. Ignoring them simply doesn't work. Like Beatnik Flanders says, "We've tried nothing and now we're out of ideas."

    That's the weird thing I've noticed over the past few years. Everyone seems pretty much fixed in their mindset. Those who get the Northwest Migration get it; nothing anyone says or does, either the Goat Dancers or myself, seems to have any effect on their belief in a future for our people in our own Homeland here on the North American continent. That's good. The problem is, the Goat Dancers can cause confusion and can deceive a lot of potentially valuable people whom the Republic needs. That's bad.

    That's also presumably the reason they do it, although the question of exactly what motivates these hee-haws is fascinating and complex. We will be examining those motives at length on this site in the future.

    Give me a couple more days to circulate the URL, and then we'll get going.

    posted by The Old Man @ 1:02 AM WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012

    Come Home to the Northwest


    Down With Jugears

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    Default Excerpt From Radio Free Northwest, March 25th 2010

    Excerpt From Radio Free Northwest, March 25th 2010



    Greetings from the Northwest Homeland, comrades. It’s March 25th, 2010 , I’m Harold Covington, and this is Radio Free Northwest.

    I’m going to begin this week’s show with a subject I’m very reluctant to broach. I spent most of this weekend debating with myself over whether or not to speak of this in public at all. I know a number of my associates and our Party supporters will disagree with my decision to do so, and I can understand their viewpoint. This is about the fifth time I have re-worked this part of the show so as to convey to you folks to the best of my ability, exactly what it is I want to say without simply adding to the confusion by going off into long pointless digressions about things that happened 20 and 30 years ago where the majority of you won’t have a clue as to what in hell I’m talking about.

    I refer to a systematic and growing campaign of defamation, slander, harassment, and abuse which has been conducted against me personally and against the Northwest Migration concept on the internet for quite some time. Not by the Jews and not by the left and not by the government or the SPLC, but by people who claim to be White Nationalists who more or less believe as we do. In my view the validity of that claim to be one of us is open to serious question, but when you come across this happy horse dung, which I am sure you shall eventually, judge for yourself. I call this hysterical campaign of abuse and vilification by several names in my own writings, GUBU, Space Madness, but most often I call it the Goat Dance.

    I chose that name because one of the so-called White groups I criticized in the past that started all this taradiddle used to have a kind of ritual involving virtually nude young men wearing only jock straps with green leafy things stuffed in them and the leader of the group presided over the festivities wearing a kind of robe or toga made out of a bedsheet, kind of a racist John Belushi. They called this the Goat Dance, and since this took place on a rural estate yes, there was a live goat involved. Don’t ask.

    I understand why a lot of you feel I should be maintaining public silence on this mess. I have been told that I need to "take the high road," that I should be a big man and rise above it all, that I shouldn’t dignify this defamatory drivel with an answer, and I get all that. I also understand also that by responding I am to a large degree giving these people what they want. Like all stalkers, what they want most of all is for the target of their weird desires to respond to them, acknowledge their existence. They don’t want this to be about the Northwest Migration, the Northwest Republic, or even about Harold Covington. They want it to be all about them. They’re some pretty sick puppies.

    The reason that after much reflection I decided to include this segment in our podcast this week is because the fact is, the decision has been taken out of my hands. The things I am going be talking about are already being discussed in public, by which I mean on the internet, although perhaps bellowed and howled and cackled in public would be a better term for it. It’s already out there whether we like it or not, and to new people who don’t know what the hell’s going on and have nothing to guide them, it’s weird and confusing, and they are coming to me wanting answers.

    At least once a week, I get an e-mail from somebody asking me the question “Harold, why does everybody in the Movement talk bad about you and the Northwest Migration?” The first thing I do when I get these questions is I fire back another e-mail in response saying “define everybody.” Because the fact is that no, “everybody” does not bad-mouth me and the Northwest Migration. This bird-brained and pathological behavior is confined to five or six specific individuals who have made a career out of it. Their identities are known to me, including most of the false e-mail addresses and internet sock puppets they employ.

    I regret to say that one of these individuals is my own brother, but in his case his motivations are personal, financial and family-related and have nothing to do with White Nationalism or anything racial. So not counting my brother, roughly 80 to 90 percent of the toxic waste which is circulating about me on Movement internet boards and whatnot comes from about half a dozen specific, known individuals, none of whom are acting out of any legitimate racial and political motive.

    The rest of it is just mindless repetition by silly people who don’t know any better but who just like gossip and scandal. They hear this stuff and they shoot it all over the internet just for shits and giggles. Someone once said that great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, and little minds talk about people. We have an awful lot of little minds in the Movement. The internet really facilitates this kind of childish tantrum. I mean, look at Lindsay Lohan and Twitter.

    One of the odd things I have noticed about this phenomenon down through the years is that any time I try to speak of White character in general terms, everyone nods sagely and agrees with me, but when I cite and analyze specific examples, by name, a lot of people jam their fingers in their ears and shout "LA LA LA LA I’m not listening…." In our rather eccentric collective mindset, it seems to be okay to discuss our many moral and personal failings so long as one does it in very broad terms, so whoever’s listening can convince themselves that Harold isn’t really talking about them, but the minute I start naming names and citing specific examples of disgraceful and counterproductive behavior, especially on the part of those who claim to be our leaders, all of a sudden I am quote-unquote “fighting a feud.” This is very much a "shoot the messenger" kind of thing. So don’t worry, I won’t upset anyone by naming names here. In any case, I am really not comfortable with perpetuating the names of these assholes in any connection at all to what I view as a sacred and holy cause.

    I’m an old hand at this; I have been subjected to this kind of gossip and abuse for well over 30 years now, dating back to the pre-internet days when we put our smears and slanders in little single-sheet newsletters run off on mimeograph machines in garages.

    Another one of my old Movement mentors, Major William Gaedtke, the last head of the old America First committee, once warned me about this. He told me, quote, “Harold, the problem is these people who are spreading lies and rumors about you are basically mediocrities. We are so used to mediocrity and incompetence in the Movement that anything else makes us suspicious. These people who slander you simply can’t understand why anyone with your education and talent would devote themselves to this dinky little Movement of ours instead of using your abilities to make all kinds of money, because that’s what they would do themselves if they had your chops.” End quote. Or words to that effect.

    So yeah, they started laying this crap on me long ago, back in the days of yore. I have some real favorites from those days, especially the rumors where I was supposed to have magical powers kind of like the Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series. I was supposed to have sacrificed my cat in a Satanic ritual in the Nazi headquarters on North Street in Raleigh, and I am also supposed to have sent poltergeists to haunt Michael Hoffman the Second. Wait, that’s naming a name, isn’t it? Screw it. I was also supposed to be an alcoholic Indian.

    Plus of course the usual big three: Jew, Fed, and queer. I still get called a Jew, with of course no documentary proof at all. In point of fact my family line has been traced back to 1727 when a Scotch-Irish immigrant named John Covington landed in Charleston; that was actually done by the Raleigh News and Observer newspaper editor, a liberal named Claude Sitton, who hired a genealogist in 1980 to try and find Jewish ancestry in my family tree, but he came up dry. Nope, nothing but Germans and UIstermen. I get called a fed all the time as well, of course, again without one shred of evidence for the past 38 years. Queer I’m glad to say they’ve pretty much left alone; it would be kind of hard since I’m the guy who got Frank Collin put away for seven years.

    Everyone who has ever been prominent in the racial right has been subjected to this to one degree or another; this kind of dysfunctional behavior seems to be part and parcel of the kind of personalities that are attracted to the Movement.

    Some people say that if you just ignore this nutty personal stuff it goes away. Unfortunately, in my experience that’s not true. If you just ignore it, people assume you don’t answer it because you can’t answer it. My policy when one of these moronic allegations pops up has always been to make one definitive statement per rumor or accusation and afterwards refer anyone who inquires to that statement as a kind of “canned answer.” I haven’t bothered to do that for many years now, and that may be one reason why all the toxic waste has been building up, so this podcast is going to have to constitute my “canned answer” for a while.

    Now, as to why they do this nonsense? Lordy, lordy, where to begin, where to begin?

    First off, I am sure it is no news to most of you that our movement has a lot of people associated with it who have no business within a hundred miles of any kind of alternative politics. We have serious character issues, and since those character issues are largely what have been preventing us over the past 50 years from mounting an effective resistance to the crisis in our civilization, I have in the past refused to be polite and look the other way. I tend to say out loud what has to be said and let the chips fall where they may. I hold up mirrors, and a lot of people don’t like what they see. So that’s one reason some of these people are giving me all this crap on the internet. In the past I caught them with their fingers in the cookie jar or I caught them with their pants down, in one case quite literally, and I let everybody know it.

    Secondly, as the late Dr. William L. Pierce once put it to me in the last civil letter he ever addressed to me, “The problem is, Harold, that we are all chasing the same buck.” Bluntly put, a lot of the anti-Covington mess originates either directly or indirectly from certain Fearless Leaders who don’t appreciate even my limited competition for that same buck. I think a little research will reveal that a large part of the somewhat misnamed Movement “in-fighting” over the past 50 years between all manner of personalities and groups on the right has its roots in competition for the donation dollar. We have been afflicted for many years with so-called leaders who view this sacred and holy cause as a business, and who use gangster-like tactics to steal supporters for themselves and undermine the support of other groups and so-called leaders. This kind of thing has been standard in the Movement since Colonel Simms and the Second Empire Klan in the 1920s.

    Third, a lot of these people who are doing this are simply insane. The internet has allowed too many people to get in touch with their Inner Nut, and when some of us sit down behind the computer keyboard we get a visit from Mr. Hyde. I know because I am susceptible to this myself, and I concede there have been times when I have let the badger loose to howl at the moon, if you will pardon my mixed metaphors, so I know whereof I speak.

    If you will peruse some of these internet attacks on me, you’ll notice that most of them read like they were written by Beavis and Butthead or the characters on South Park, but they weren’t. Believe it or not, the overwhelming majority of this childish twaddle is written and circulated by middle-aged men in their 40s and 50s, whom you would think should by now have outgrown adolescent toilet humor and "nyaah nyaah nyaah." It always astounds me, the sheer childishness of some of this stuff, and the fact that it comes from men with gray hair in their heads. You’d think these men would be able at least to show a little bit of dignity while they were lying about me, but apparently for them the internet seems to serve as a kind of sick Fountain of Youth, or perhaps I should say Fountain of Childishness.

    Finally, as paranoid and conspiracy-theoretical as this sounds, in the case of one Goat Dancer, I genuinely believe this man to be wearing more than one hat, and to be acting on an ulterior agenda. I don’t know for certain. At the end of the day he may prove to be just a kook, but if he is, there’s method in his madness. He has demonstrated a remarkably consistent, persistent, and determined pattern of destructive behavior over the past 23 years for a mere loon. Ever since 1987 this man has gone where the action is, and all of a sudden, that’s where the action isn’t. He has built up an impressive body count of white racial organizations that he has destroyed or seriously damaged, including inflicting some middling serious damage on the Pat Buchanan campaign in 2000 and the Ron Paul campaign in 2008.

    I know, I totally get the irony of my spending several past podcasts telling you all about how you shouldn’t give in to paranoia, and now I seem to be indulging in it myself, but I never said the threat wasn’t real. I said we mustn’t let it prevent us from functioning. Remember, just because you’re paranoid, that don’t mean they ain’t out to get you. Paranoids have enemies too.

    You have to bear in mind that most of these specific teapot tempests are decades old, lies and misrepresentation about crap going back to things I said and did and wrote in the late 1970s in some cases. I have often wondered why none of it ever seems to die down, why someone always seems to go to great effort stirring it up again every couple of years, especially whenever it looks like the Northwest idea is starting to gain momentum and we’re starting to get some people in and get some things done. Like now, for instance.

    One thing I will address specifically is that I allegedly wrote this history of the White Nationalist movement that has all manner of unkind things to say about certain individuals in our past. The document referred to has been floating around the internet for something like four years now, and I believe there are also hard copies in circulation that people have run off on their printers as well. It is a roughly 30,000-word monograph or pamphlet entitled A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement.

    In point of fact, no, I did not write the Brief History. At least not all of it, and not for that specific purpose. What happened is that somebody came along and plagiarized, collected, and collated a number of articles and bits and pieces from the past 50 years on Movement internal matters and melded them all together into a single report or long article. Some of that “borrowed” material is mine, yes, such as the Huey Long segment, the bulk of the section on Glenn Miller and a good bit of the material on Benny Klassen. And there I go naming names again. Oops!

    But the Brief History also contains sections which were either written or paraphrased from works by Bill White, Louis Beam, the late Rick Cooper, Dr. Edward Fields, the late David McCalden, the writer known as “Maguire” and a number of other writers and commentators.

    However, I will say this: whoever wrote the Brief History, they know their Movement beeswax. While to be sure, some of it is opinion and editorializing, I have been able to find only one single factual inaccuracy anywhere in the report. (They refer to "the late [Revisionist] Bradley Smith when Smith is in fact still alive.) I think that’s another thing that’s driving the Goat Dancers nuts—they can’t refute anything in the report factually, so they scream “HAC wrote it! HAC wrote it!” in order to make it all about me and to distract people from what the document actually says.

    The irony of it is, the Brief History is not in fact all that pro-Covington or pro-Northwest. The author makes clear that he is not a supporter of the Northwest Migration and that he thinks I’m foolishly wasting my time.

    Sometimes people ask me, “how do we know who to believe?” Look at my work, look at my life, look at the people who are saying these things, look at the world around you, and wonder why we have gotten nowhere in our efforts to resist. What can I tell you? If you’ve read my novels, everything I have to say is in there. That’s it, people, that’s me.

    Now, after this podcast hits the site, there will probably be some responses to the effect that except for the Brief History document I did not answer specific charges, and that’s quite correct, I didn’t, and I have no intention of doing so and wallowing in the mud with these people. I didn’t answer them, for one thing, because when I do they simply ignore it and bring more deranged accusations. They keep moving the goal posts, because serious discussion of fact is not their true agenda. I also usually don't bother because most of their specific charges against me are simply deranged nonsense, and if I were to repeat them in order to refute them, then I would be perpetuating them.

    Many of you guys listening to this still probably have no idea what on earth I’m talking about, and that’s good. You’re not missing anything, believe me. Chances are you will eventually run across this excrement on the internet on your own, and when you do just remember what I said here.

    However, in order to refute the charge that I am only presenting one side of the story here, I have decided that I will give my critics and my enemies some brief time of their own on this podcast, so that you can hear their case against me in their own words, and from their own lips.

    [Music break - They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Ha! by Napoleon the Fourteenth]

    (Laugh) People, I’m sorry. So much for my comments about middle-aged men showing dignity, but that was just too much to resist. I’ve been looking for an excuse to play that one since these podcasts started and the Goat Dancers finally gave me an excuse.

    But you see what I mean about the internet making us childish? It’s just so much fun to play with these machines every now and then. But at least I understand the fact when I am yielding to my inner child or whatever on here. These other idiots honestly don’t seem to realize how what they’re doing looks to other people. They have no sense of shame.

    Anyway, enough of that. [Program goes on.]

    Come Home to the Northwest


    Down With Jugears

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    Default Of Cabbages And Kings

    Of Cabbages And Kings



    [originally from 1997]

    Of Cabbages And Kings

    "The time has come," the Walrus said,
    To speak of many things.
    Of ships, and shoes, and sealing wax,
    Of cabbages and kings,
    Of why the sea is boiling hot,
    And whether pigs have wings..."

    I would like to apologize for inflicting yet more of this on you, but I can only remind you that, as childish as it sounds, "they started it."

    Sometime around October of last year, a decision seems to have been made somewhere, in whatever place and by whomever such decisions are made, that it is time to put paid to my activities and above all, get me off the internet. Everything that has happened since then is part and parcel of this overall campaign to silence my critical voice, and it has become increasingly difficult for any intelligent observer not to draw the conclusion that it is being coordinated, and in at least one instance financed from outside the Movement in the form of heavy legal fees. (I have discovered that it is specifically prohibited, not by law, but by “accepted practice,” to compel disclosure of who is actually paying someone’s attorney. How convenient!)

    I will not attempt to discuss Wyatt Kaldenburg's "book review" of George Orwell's 1984, other than to point out the obvious fact that he has read it and missed the entire point of the book. In a way I am sorry for him if all he got out of Orwell's monumental novel was the drivel he wrote. But he is entitled to his opinion about the book, no matter how silly it is.

    What I will discuss are two things, my use of the pseudonym "Winston Smith", which for some reason that defies rational analysis continues to exert a gripping and obsessive fascination on certain people, and the alleged "proof" that I am a "government agent" in which alleged passages of the court transcript from the Asheville case is cited---passages which do not, in fact, appear anywhere in the actual transcript.

    When I went to England in 1991, given the oppressive nature of British censorship and "race relations" laws, clearly I needed to exercise certain rudimentary security precautions, for all the good they eventually did me. Having long been an admirer of Orwell, I chose the name of "Winston Smith", and I ran a post office box under the name "Airstrip One Publications".

    In order not to run this e-mail on an already distasteful subject to book-length, I will not go into details about the events of June 1992, which I have discussed elsewhere, save to point out that my presence in Britain was revealed to Gerry Gable by none other than "Church of the Creator" Maximum Pontoon Benny Klassen. Gable repaid Klassen's favor by printing his entire letter in SEARCHLIGHT magazine, including the signature and COTC letterhead. How, precisely, Klassen found out where I was is a mystery I would very much like to hear expounded myself. His letter to Gable gave indications that he was privy to information which could only come from wiretaps or government surveillance of some kind. I'm sure we can all put two and two together. When I returned to this country I actually did revert to using my birth name for a while, retaining Winston Smith for my British correspondence and a few other things.

    After a while I noticed something---the name "Winston Smith" seemed to drive people like Gable, Klassen, and all the Usual Suspects absolutely up the wall. To this very day it makes them gibber like a pack of rabid monkeys, as witness this latest attack by Kaldenburg, and I must admit I enjoy making these people gibber like a pack of rabid monkeys. Okay, maybe it's an infantile pleasure, but there it is. What can I tell you?

    Why? Why does it bother them so much? I don't know. The name George Orwell itself was a literary nom de plume---the author's real name was Eric Blair---and as bitterly as Orwell's former Communist associates attacked him and still attack him to this day, I don't recall that they have ever vilified him for using a pseudonym. There just seems to be something in the mentality of both Marxists and Movement frauds it triggers off.

    Now let us move on to the Wicked Winston Chorus's piéce de resistance, (no pun intended), the alleged "court documents" from the 1983 Asheville trial which allegedly "prove" that I am a government agent. These have been around for some time, but not in the form alleged by Kaldenburg. We are confronted here with yet another example of a phenomenon I have observed since about Christmas time: the Goat Dancers have ceased merely to abuse and insult and vilify, and have now begun to lie outright. When I am confronted with allegations of things and events that simply did not happen, there’s just not much I can do except deny it, once, and state the truth for the record, once, and then move on. I doubt it will do much good. Lies and fantasies are always so much more fun than the mere pedestrian truth.

    The Asheville case itself is pretty simple. A deranged man named Frank Braswell, whom I regret to say was an NSPA member for a time and whom I eventually threw out on his ear on grounds of mental instability, wanted to make things go boom. He wanted to make things go boom so badly that he just couldn't resist telling everyone about it, including one BATF agent and one North Carolina SBI agent. Braswell was eventually convicted, on the basis of something like eighty hours of tape-recorded telephone conversations wherein he babbled on and on and on about his plans to plant drums full of napalm in shopping centers in Greensboro (not "ZOG buildings" as Kaldenburg falsely states) and detonate them during rush hour.

    When Braswell went down he took five innocent people with him, including his own wife, Patsy, who was just as nutty as he was. The other four guys were a real loss, good men who were guilty only of being weak and refusing to bring Frank Braswell to heel, as I tried and was unable to do, hence his expulsion from the NSPA.

    I won't go into the case itself any further; it is a dreary example of the sort of thing we've seen all too often if we've been in the Movement any length of time. But please bear in mind that Braswell and the others were convicted on the basis of their own tape-recorded words, because Frank simply would not keep his mouth shut and the others did not have the strength of character at any point to say, "Frank, shut the hell up! We are not going to do any such thing, and we want you to stop talking about it!”

    Basically, they were guilty of talking about something and of being in the same room or on the same telephone line with Frank Braswell while he babbled about it. It is inconceivable to me that any of them ever would have actually committed the act; they just took the attitude, "Oh, that's just Frank running off at the mouth again . . ." and his mouth ran them right into prison.

    The Asheville defendants went through three trials all told, largely because the first two juries copped to what was going on and couldn't find it in their hearts to convict five innocent people just because, for whatever reason, they wouldn't tell one lunatic to shut the hell up. Some years ago one of these pathological liars who are obsessed with me to the point of insanity obtained a transcript of one of the trials somehow, and out of the reams of documents he located one brief section, a couple of sentences, describing how the BATF agent Michael Sweat came to target Braswell. There have apparently been several creative "additions" to this, additions which now appear for the first time.

    From Mr. Kaldenburg's drivel:
    The smoking gun on Harold Covington can be found in the records of the United States District Court, Western District, North Carolina, Asheville Division, Criminal Case # ACR8111, pages 4, 5, 232 and 313 when Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) agent, Michael Sweat is on the witness stand and states that Harold Covington was working as an informant for the BATF when he lead the National Socialist Party of America from Raleigh, North Carolina.
    Needless to say, Sweat never testified to any such thing on the stand. Kaldenburg simply made it up, but WTF am I supposed to do? Pass out 2000-page trial transcripts to everyone in the Movement so they can all see something that is not there? How the hell does one prove a negative, that something did not happen? It can be done in certain circumstances, but it’s damned hard.

    Sounds impressive, doesn't it? All them numbers and sich-like? Of course, somebody's divorce case or a lawsuit over a dogbite would have an equally impressive string of legal-sounding numbers and sonorous Latin crap attached to it.

    I repeat: I have a copy of the very transcript which has been circulated by the Usual Suspects for about five years now, which is probably legit, and in this transcript BATF Agent Sweat says no such thing as Kaldenburg states. This is a lie on Kaldenburg's part, pure and simple.
    [2012 note: it has been pointed out to me that I am just asking for an act of forgery here, which has been done in at least one case I’m aware of, the Sharon Mooney letters. Internet and digital and Photoshop technology is infinitely more advanced than it was in 1997, and since no one in the Movement does anything any more except hunch over their computer keyboards, some of these yeggs have become quite skilled at it.

    Yeah, but whaddya gonna do? This is a bird-brained sideshow, the main event is Northwest Migration and my novels, and all I can do is post the truth and make it accessible to interested parties. Loons will probably be playing with this over the next 200 years. Nothing I can do about it except do what’s right, and the Goat Dancers can go fuck themselves. – HAC]
    What the actual transcript says of relevance is one statement only. One single sentence, in fact, In response to a question from the U. S. Attorney, Sweat states "I got Frank Braswell's address from Harold Covington in Raleigh."

    So he did. He got Frank Braswell's published post office box from an issue of the then Party newspaper New Order, in some literature I gave him when he came to the Party's offices in Raleigh.

    Sweat visited the literature room once. He got the literature, nattered a bit, gave me his "mercenary" spiel, and left when I indicated my polite disinterest. I thought no more about him for months. It is on this grain of fact, taken completely out of context, that the entire ridiculous evidence of "court records proving Harold Covington is an agent" is built. New Order was published then as now by Gerhard Lauck, who printed Braswell's address in the unit directory. Oddly enough, I've never heard Lauck being accused of being an "agent" because of this.

    That's it. That is all there is to it.

    That is all there has ever been to it.
    Covington had convinced Nazi Party member Frank Braswell into planting a bomb to protest the Greensboro 16 Trial.
    This is also a lie. This statement appears nowhere in the transcript, in the testimony of agent Sweat or anywhere else. Kaldenburg is making it up, pure and simple.
    Covington, according to the sworn testimony of BATF agent Sweat, called and made arrangements for agent Sweat to meet and arrest Comrade Braswell. Covington came up with the story that he and ZOG agent Sweat were White racist comrades in the Rhodesian Army in the mid-70s. Covington told Braswell that Sweat would help him make the bombs.
    This is a lie. Nothing of the kind ever happened, and the transcript says no such thing.
    Instead, Sweat arrested Braswell for plotting to bomb ZOG buildings. Sweat stated in court that Harold Covington was working as a BATF "undercover contact" within the Nazi Party. Covington also had BATF agent Bernie Butkovich arrest Wayne Wood, and Covington handed the entire mailing list of the N.S.P.A. over to BATF agent Michael Allen.
    These statements are false in their entirety, and do not appear anywhere in the transcript of any of the Asheville trials. Kaldenburg is making them up out of whole cloth, and now it appears an internet forgery has been created, something which I frankly would not be surprised to learn is the case. Wayne Wood was never arrested by BATF agent Bernard Butkovich; he was arrested on the scene of the Greensboro shootings by the Greensboro police department. Little details like this are important, because they indicate that Kaldenburg has no idea on earth what he’s talking about.

    The only statement in all of this which even comes within shouting distance of fact is that I gave what remained of the attenuated NSPA mailing list to Michael Allen in 1981 when he took over as my successor as Party leader of the NSPA. Since then Michael Allen has been accused in Marxist author Elizabeth Wheaton's book Code Name Greenkil of being an informer for the St Louis police department, not the BATF or FBI. Given a number of demonstrable lies in "Greenkil", I treated this with a good deal of suspicion at first, but I have since come to learn that at one stage the St. Louis cops were squeezing Allen on a gun charge and to get them off his back he gave them some old NSPA memos and leaflets, most of which were more or less public, and the St. Louis police passed them on to the FBI. This was wrong and disgraceful of him, but it is hardly high-level espionage.

    This has been public knowledge for years. Why is Harold Covington, aka Winston Smith, aka Myron Silverstein still moving around in White racist circles?

    Au contraire, this particular version of Kaldenburg's allegations based on the alleged Asheville transcript has not been "public knowledge for years". This is the first time these specific allegations have been made any time in the five years or so since the transcript pages started getting passed around.

    To make it even more bizarre, Kaldenburg's hysterical allegations are contradicted by what is on those very pages which have been circulated by my enemies. This is what leads me to believe that we can expect some kind of forgery to start coming down the pike soon. Apparently the actual two pages weren't strong enough to do the trick; they have been circulating for years and are old hat by now. They have not driven me from the Movement, nor have they prevented me from coming onto the internet. Obviously, a new Asheville Transcript Hateware Version 3.1 Upgrade must replace the old Version 2.0 on the Wicked Winston circuit.
    [2012 note: this actually didn’t happen. Whoever was ramrodding the Goat Dance back then realized they weren’t getting any traction on the “court transcripts” and they disappeared. I haven’t heard anything of them for almost 15 years. – HAC]
    As to why I am still "moving around in White racist circles"...? You know, Wyatt, sometimes I wonder that myself.

    Granted, most rightwingers aren't smart enough to pull a court record. However, this has appeared in countless books and newspapers.

    No, in point of fact they have not “appeared in countless books and newspapers.” Two pages of photocopied transcript have been circulated attached to assorted smear sheets sent around by members of the COTC, WAR, and the National Alliance. There are probably less than 100 copies of these, and they have all been passed around within our incestuous little Movement. None of the news media have ever even seen this nonsense, to my knowledge, much less repeated it in public.

    The only exception is a very jumbled version in the highly suspect and mendacious Code Name Greenkill, written by an acknowledged and self-admitted leftist lesbian associated with the Marxist Institute for Southern Studies, a long-standing CPUSA front group. Had members of the National Alliance been involved in Greensboro, there is little doubt that Elizabeth Wheaton would have found equally false and vicious things to say about them and about the Great Man Himself, and yet because she elected to direct her venom against me, a desiccated Red dyke has apparently become an instantly sterling, totally reliable authority on events within our Movement. Only when she attacks Horrible Harold, of course.
    An Associated Press (AP) wire on June 25, 1981 entitled, "Covington Named In Nazi Trial," stated that Harold Covington was a police informant for the BATF and helped the government arrest 6 Nazis in a bomb plot. This AP wire appeared in 1,000s of newspapers throughout the United States and the world.

    Odd that I didn't see it at the time, and I was in the country and still hooked into the Movement grapevine, and following the trial by reading the Asheville and Raleigh papers in the periodical section of the Charleston library. I'm pretty sure I would have noticed my name in a headline.

    Odd that nobody saw it at the time. Odd that in the past sixteen years no one has ever mentioned this to me, or sent me a copy of this alleged clipping, not even the people who hate me to the point of madness and have been doing everything they could to slander and smear me, and who would be Xeroxing copies of any such article by the thousands and dropping them from airplanes, if any such article had ever actually existed. Odd that no newspapers I can find on microfilm in the Raleigh or Chapel Hill or UNC libraries have any such story printed anywhere, in any account of the Asheville trial.

    [Sigh…] I suppose some kind of alleged "clipping" will be circulated now. Great things you can do with these personal computers and a good word processing software, eh, Wyatt? Tell you what, my man, you send me your forgery and I'll create one accusing you of committing unnatural acts with animals in the San Diego Zoo, and we'll see which one reads better.

    Needless to say, no such news article as the one described above ever appeared. Kaldenburg is making it up.

    This was 16 years ago. Why is Covington still looked up to as a Nazi leader?


    Because with all my faults, I am still far preferable to an alcoholic traitor who hands over 50% of his donation money as well as all his correspondence to Morris Dees. I am superior to a notorious homosexual pervert and probable racial Jew. I am a better option than cretins who vandalize mail boxes and leave their feces on people's doorsteps. I am superior to drunks who “declare war” and then sell out their own comrades in exchange for a bottle of whiskey. I am a better man than cowards who lie about their military records and who then use the very law of the state and the society they claim to oppose in an attempt to silence any criticism or any scrutiny of their behavior as regards an act of mass murder.

    Harold Covington, or, as he is best known, Winston Smith, does nothing positive or productive for the White Aryan Race. He spreads vicious lies in his mediocre and infrequent newsletter, and shows himself to be the Cointelpro agent that he is, yet he is not routed out.

    Resistance is published every week, usually on the dot, although in the past year we were held up by Hurricane Fran for a week. NSNet is published every day. Hardly "infrequent". I mention this seeming quibble simply to demonstrate that Kaldenburg is unfamiliar with the facts about the writer he so viciously attacks. If he can make the error of calling a weekly newsletter "infrequent", what other errors or deliberate lies are contained in his tirade?

    Enough of Kaldenburg's ravings.

    I suppose I could sit here and type out the actual transcript pages, but let's be honest---would it do any good?

    We are not dealing here with facts or anything that is susceptible to reason. We are dealing here with hatred---raw, nauseating, verging on insanity. These people are motivated by the lowest and most weak, contemptible passions which can possess the human spirit. Their word is worthless, on me or any other topic.

    Why? Let us examine once again exactly what I have done, just what is so terrible that I must be subjected to this kind of treatment.

    I have discussed, in public, the obscene "arrangement" which Tom Metzger has struck with Morris Dees regarding the collection of the $12.5 million judgment in the Portland lawsuit, and I have refused to let the story go because as long as Metzger continues to operate, he will continue to betray the trust of those who write to him and send him money in the belief that he is a genuine racial leader.

    I have discussed, in public, certain financial transactions and legal situations involving Dr. William L. Pierce of the National Alliance, transactions and events which Dr. Pierce finds embarrassing and which he does not wish discussed in public where his financial livestock might hear of it.

    I have discussed, in public, certain aspects of the Oklahoma City bombing which neither the government nor certain of its assets within the Movement want discussed.

    All of these matters are perfectly legitimate subjects of comment in any political movement. They are matters of extreme concern to those who support this Movement with their funds and their effort and commitment. And yet someone does not seem to think so. Someone has decided that these people and events and the possible reasons behind them must be placed off limits to public discussion.

    Now, let us assume for the sake of argument that everything I have stated and written in the past regarding all this is true. (An easy assumption to make, since it is.) In whose interest is it that I be silenced?

    We are now faced with an unprecedented escalation of the long campaign of abuse and vilification which has been directed against me for years. It has been escalated into plain, outright lying. There will almost certainly be an additional escalation into actual forgery of alleged documents. Like I said, these personal computers are great toys. You can do almost anything with them: create legal forgeries, forged newspaper clippings, forged letters, etc. As most of you know, there have already been a number of forged e-mails purporting to come from me over the past few months, as well as spams, etc.

    What you are all going to have to realize is that this is going to get infinitely worse. There is going to be no end to it, nor is there any lower limit or bottom line below which these people will not sink. I have in the past few weeks been made aware of some specific new smears of an unutterably obscene nature, and those of you who have read the Kaldenburg smear in toto are aware that some of this is also contained therein.

    There is simply no way that I can counteract direct, outright lies except to state, once, that they are lies and the people who are circulating them are liars who are motivated by the most base and revolting emotions and incentives. Then drive on. You will either believe me, or you will believe them.

    What you all need to understand is that this tactic, if pursued long enough and with sufficient absence of any scruple or restraint, will eventually be effective. That's human nature. All of you even now are saying to yourselves, "Well, surely there can't be that much smoke without a little fire..." Am I right?

    Actually, no, there is no fire at all here, but that of course is the reason for the campaign of vilification and demonization, to make the name of Harold Covington “too controversial.” Never mind that the “controversy” is completely artificial and stirred up in a deliberate, scripted campaign by three or four individuals whose true agendas are by no means straightforward, and at least one of whom seems to be wearing more than one hat.

    The problem here is the same as that which exists with all attempts to silence freedom of speech. These people are not only violating my rights, they are violating your rights as well---your right to hear many different viewpoints and opinions, your right to know all the facts about current events.

    If you make it clear to the Usual Suspects that regardless of your opinion of me, you do not approve of these tactics, and that you will not in any way shape or form support someone who engages in them, then that might turn the trick. Then again, it might not. I say again, we are dealing here with hatred which has reached the point of insanity, and that kind of hate is seldom susceptible to reason or persuasion.

    My written work stands on its own. Please re-read everything you have received from me. If you decide that I am some kind of "agent", then there is frankly nothing I can do about that. It certainly will not deter me from doing my racial duty.

    This campaign is going to continue indefinitely, and it is going to get worse and sink to depths of unutterable foulness. We are just going to have learn to work around it, and see how it plays out.

    -Harold A. Covington

    Come Home to the Northwest


    Down With Jugears

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    Default Quick Re-Cap

    Quick Re-Cap



    Okay, the intent here is to showcase some of my older written work, in some cases over twenty years old, due to the Goat Dancers' habit of attacking the comments section anywhere my work is referred to with screaming tirades of bizarre and incomprehensible abuse, often using multiple sock puppets as they did on a recent Occidental Observer article about my fiction.

    Most present-day Movement people weren't around back in the Nutty Nineties--we have a very high turnover in our little subculture--and simply have no idea on earth WTF these fools are gibbering about. This site will try to provide a program so you can tell the players and the plot.

    As to why I don't just "take the high road" and "be a big man" and "don't stoop to conquer", as Ed Steele always used to advise me to so? That's because this has been going on in one form or another since the 1970s and it's clear that Ed's "high road" leads nowhere. For whatever reason, the kind of dysfunctional behavior we saw on Occidental Observer this week is some kind of Movement pathology which is part and part of us. It's like living with cancer. To do that, one needs to have a working knowledge of the disease, its symptoms, and its causes.

    I also frankly hope that this site can be used to draw off some of the Space Madness and get it away from serious attempts at racial propaganda and information activities. Like it or not, the internet is the only mass medium of communications we have access to, and we need to quit pissing and vomiting all over it.

    Willard, "Hadding," and that wog in Vancouver are banned, because they have nothing to say and yet they keep on saying it, and saying it, and saying it. Everybody else, go ahead, scream and cackle and shimmy and shake like a bowl of jelly in the contents section ho ho hee hee ha ha...

    posted by The Old Man @ 10:46 AM SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2012

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    Default "Is The Keg Out Yet?"

    "Is The Keg Out Yet?"


    [This is the one that got Billy Roper all pissed off and calling me a Jew and a fed agent, blah blah blah. Again: there was a problem in the Movement, I spoke of it in public, and the Movement responded by trying to shoot the messenger. - HAC]

    February 28th, 2004

    "Is The Keg Out Yet?"

    Hi, guys:

    This isn't exactly a C-Gram. It's a rather long story I was going to attach to the next C-Gram in order to prove a point. I have decided that if I were to include this story in the main weekly C-Gram tomorrow it would be digressive, confusing, and strain the short American attention span away from the point I am attempting to make, so I am going to send this little tale on ahead as a kind of advance footnote. It's instructive.

    I recently sent out a little squib bemoaning the fact that there seems to be an almost overwhelming wave of depression, despair, and apathy among "our" people that I have never before seen in all my time in this thing of ours.

    The question arises in my own mind,and I'm sure in some of yours, that maybe it's just me. Maybe "the Movement" is finally rejecting Howwible Hawold and his incessant demands that we actually do something about all this. Maybe we have all gotten tired of Howwible Hawold's demands that we get up off our asses and move to the land that God has appointed for our people's destiny and rebirth, and our lapse into sullen apathy is our way of telling Howwible Hawold to lighten up and be entertaining again or be gone.

    Is this the case? I don't think so, honestly. If it was I'd face up to the unpalatable truth just like I demand that all of you do, but the fact is that Northwest Migration per se is getting just as much pure lip service as it ever did, perhaps more. "Yeah, yeah, Harold, I'll be out there next year...two years from now . . . just gotta finish up this or that blah blah . . . . "

    Okay, I'm coming to understand that my chain is being yanked by people who are simply on the usual endless quest for the Movement holy grail of play without pay, but the fact is that I am still considered sufficiently entertaining so that my chain is worth yanking, more so than ever.

    I get new subscribes every day, although that's the last I ever hear from almost all of them, until I drop them from the list after six months of silence and they send me a cranklepuss e-mail wanting to know where their Northwest Net entertainment is. But the point is, there does seem to be interest in what I have to say, however doom and gloom all the rest of it is.

    I honestly do believe that it's not just me who is experiencing this almost total collapse of the so-called "Movement" into apathy, despair, recrimination, and squalid white trash behavior. Here's an anecdote to prove it, and it doesn't even come from Bill White.

    As always in the Movement, any known contact with Howwible Hawold is the Kiss of Death, and since my source is afraid of losing his entree with this crowd (God knows why he wants to keep hanging around with them, but he does) I will maintain his confidentiality. However, I consider him sufficiently trustworthy to give his account credence. Besides, this just sounds like something that would happen in the Movement.

    As most of you will be at least vaguely aware, the only individual remaining in the Movement who is doing things in the traditional way is Billy Roper of White Revolution. Roper pushes "white unity", i.e. the idea which Adolf Hitler ridiculed in Mein Kampf, that ten cripples tied together are the equivalent of one strong man.

    What Billy actually seems to be doing is trying to re-invent the National Alliance with himself as guru, in view of his firm belief that by right he should have gotten the boodle when ye aulde man flipt 'n diede instead of Erich Gliebe. But we won't get into that.

    Billy's favored tactic is the traditional street-walk to show off all that lovely white unity, i.e. two or three eccentric people from every little grouplet, wearing a variety of odd costumes and waving multifarious flags of diverse historical epochs, who get together and stand on a street corner waiting for the television cameras to show up while the "anti-fascists" throw rocks and garbage at them. I have discussed this tactic before in my article entitled The Street-Walking Rationale.

    To give him his due, Billy has had some mild success at this. In August of 2002 he claimed 500 people at a street walk in Washington and for the sake of courtesy we'll let that stand. It was his high water mark. At a recent "Aryan fest" in Arizona the local news reporters estimated 350 people from all over the North American continent, i.e. roughly the numbers of a middling-sized wedding reception. Again, out of courtesy we will not speculate as to how many of those people were undercover cops, Morris Dees or ADL agents, or undercover reporters looking for a Pulitzer or at least a paperback of the Among the Haters variety.

    Billy's game plan is actually fairly smart and practical, in that it shows that he understands the psychology of "our" people a lot better than most. Most Fearless Leaders don't even make any effort to understand or adapt to the psychology of the people they're trying to get mileage out of. What Roper does is he sets a street walk in the morning or afternoon and he finds somebody with some land or otherwise gets hold of some rented space in a state park or whatever for the evening, when he stages a Skinhead rock concert. The prime feature of these after-activity bashes (no pun intended) is the weenie roast or barbecue, the sale and trading of Skinhead and Satanic rock CDs, the live music--and, of course, the keg, actually quite a few kegs of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Miller High Life, or other cheap domestic brew.

    Billy Roper clearly does what Harold Covington cannot--he provides cakes and ale, and I do mean ale. He literally bribes dysfunctionals to participate in his activities with food and alcohol.

    Those who show up at the street activity in the daytime and walk up and down in a costume, while scum pelt them with offal and the television cameras roll and Morris Dees' photographers click away, are rewarded with a kind of ticket or chitty entitling them to two free 16-ounce paper cups of beer, or some such arrangement, possibly a free chili dog or burger from the barby as well. This aspect seems to vary from event to event as Billy tries to fine tune it. In theory, everyone else is supposed to pay for their cakes and ale.

    In theory.

    What has happened to White Revolution in practice was always brutally and painfully predictable.

    Billy has assembled a little core group of about 35 to 40 people who like to street-walk and are willing to drive the length of four or five states on a three-day weekend by way of an outing to do it. And by the by, this is not an inconsiderable accomplishment on Roper's part. Anyone who can peel 35 or 40 White males away from the television and get them to drive to a street walk instead of the beach or the lake on a holiday weekend has accomplished something, and I don't mean that in any sarcastic way.

    The problem is, it's always the same 35 OR 40 faces at these events. This is starting to be noticed and it's starting to be embarrassing. But there's another problem even more embarrassing that has surfaced over the past year.

    There is another crew of the same old faces, around 75 or 100 by some counts. These are mostly twenty and thirty-something skinheads and their tattooed molls, who always seem to be able to find the concert site, yet who are mysteriously unable to make it to the street activity beforehand.

    It seems there's these traffic jams, or the fifteen year-old beater van just happened to break down, or hey, man, we got hassled by cops on the way in, or hey, man, we just couldn't find a place to park . . . . and once this crowd appears on the concert ground, they tend to get very huffy and irate and belligerent when they see so-and-so with the little chitty or hand stamp getting free beer while they are asked to pay two bucks a throw for a 16-ounce paper cup of Pabst. Hey, man, is it our fault we got held up in traffic? Hey man, is this any way to treat a comrade and a fellow Aryan Warrior? Give me a goddamned beer before I bash your fucking head in!

    At this point details and blow by blow accounts of some of these events might lead to my informant being identified, but suffice it to say that sometimes four or five kegs end up getting consumed with payment made for maybe 25% of the beers, so Billy ends up taking a loss on the brew. As with Chicken Little's fairy tale, everyone wants to drink the beer but no one wants to earn it through a couple of boring and frustrating hours standing on a street being abused by human garbage and unable to fight back, which is frankly understandable.

    Then they start going to their cars, and the private stock comes out--cases and coolers of beer and plastic jugs of Jim Beam and vodka. Not to mention wacky tobaccky cigarettes on occasion. There may or may not be a midnight rampage depending on how mellowed out the brew makes them and whether or not the bands are any good.

    Basically, in White Revolution, what you've got at best is a kind of White racist Animal House. What seems to have happened is that WR has become part and parcel of the increasingly white-trashy, whigger gang-like Skinhead subculture. Going to a WR event is now similar to a Hell's Angels' "run."

    There is now a whole tribe of semi-nomadic whigger gangstas, complete with nigger dialect like "whuzzup" and "itz" and "boyz" and gang finger signs, who lead a semi-nomadic existence with their women and sometimes children, rolling down the highways in beater cars and vans in search of the next free flop and the next full refrigerator, the next sucka (sic) willing to give them freebies in the name of "White Power" and "White unity" until their welcome wears out and somebody calls the cops. Since we lost the Aryan Nations compound in Hayden Lake, Billy Roper has—entirely unwillingly, I'm sure--become the focus for this subculture.

    To be fair and give him his due, I have strong reason to believe that Billy Roper is aware of these problems and he is excruciatingly embarrassed by it. But he just plain doesn't know what to do about it, because he knows that if he stops providing the cakes and ale, the Skinhead rock and the Pabst Blue Ribbon, then no one other than maybe a dozen or so of the most dedicated or most eccentric will show up for his little gigs, and since "White unity" streetwalks are the cornerstone of his whole grouplet, that's White Revolution down the tubes. Because beyond the street-walks and the keggers, there really isn't much of anything to it. Basically, Billy Roper is not a White Fearless Leader in the traditional sense. He's a rock concert promoter who pretends to be a political leader. The problem he has is the same one William Pierce had. Pierce was a writer and a bookseller who pretended to be a political leader. (Harold Covington is a writer and a bookseller who no longer bothers to pretend to be a political leader, and who describes himself in third person like Tom Metzger and Bob Dole.)

    If he can't come up with those cakes and ale there will be no re-building the New Hillsboro on 345 rolling acres in Arkansas for Billy. He might even have to go out and look for a real job again, which is a horrifying experience for someone with a traceable racial past, as I can personally attest. I know I'm sounding sarky, but I genuinely sympathize with the guy. Been there and done that.

    En passant, this little piece got its title from something that happened after one of Roper's recent street-walks. After the demo wherein the usual 35 or 40 faces showed, out at the concert site, Billy noticed several people getting calls on their cell phones and he learned, "That was so-and-so and his people. They were just calling to ask is the keg out yet?"

    My understanding is that Roper just plain erupted. He is supposedly going to crack down on street-walk no-shows who are just here for the beer. Lots of luck to him.

    * * * *

    So, number one, it's not just me who's having problems.

    Number two, a scary thought. The NA is virtually gone and will be completely gone once Gliebe finds a buyer for the West Virginia real estate and rides off into the sunset with his pockets full of cash. This means that White Revolution is now more or less it. There's nothing else even remotely "active" on the scene and won't be until the Golden Child returns from chokey to walk once more among mortal men.

    I keep asking for someone to come up with an alternate plan to Northwest Migration, if there is one. White Revolution is the closest thing to an alternative that exists.

    We're supposed to save our race through drunken skinhead rock concerts.



    Posted by The Old Man @ 10:19 AM SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2012

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    Default The OO Zoo

    The OO Zoo


    Dear HAC,

    I read the comments section on the Occidental Observer book review and I have a few questions.

    Is this the reputed White Nationalist movement? Is this what grown responsible adults do with their time? Sit around and talk trash about weird drama and entertain deranged trolls from the far corners of the earth under their real life names? Is this considered normal?

    Does it truly matter if X did Y and said Z twenty years ago over petty bickering? Does pressing the issue based on ad hominem characterizations promote white interests? Why do these people insist on degenerating a squabble like Jews instead of making peace?

    Does this represent our movements internal state of affairs or is this some kind of sting? What is wrong with our people?


    Posted by The Old Man @ 10:50 AM FRIDAY, MAY 04, 2012

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    Default Pro-Northwest Post From Eight Years Back

    Pro-Northwest Post From Eight Years Back


    [No, "George Lint" is not me. I know who it is, and he's one of those guys who honest-to-God have a real career-type job to protect, so he used a nom de net.

    Yes, I know his comments on Edgar Steele and some others are not linientreue and I do not share his views, and did not back then, but this is something of a minor historical document and it can't be edited. I am re-posting it because of the excellent summation it gives of the state of the so-called Movement eight years ago, a condition which has gotten worse since then.

    Yes, I know, "Luther Williams" is a well-known pen name used by William Pierce. I have never claimed that I am the only one the the Movement with a sense of humor. - HAC]
    Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 14:52:40 -0800 (PST)
    From: George Lint
    Subject: There Is Only One Hope for White People
    To: nwnet@earthlink.netX-ELNK-AV: 0




    It is time that the white Aryan movement faced up to the unpleasant truth: we are doomed and our people will become extinct unless we quit wasting time with the so-called "leaders" we have, and execute a complete change of direction.

    The National Alliance under Erich Gliebe has gone right down the crapper. Gliebe's reign at the NA has been a total disaster. Gliebe is incompetent, paranoid, weak-willed, indecisive, vicious, scheming, dishonest and totally untrustworthy. Gliebe is squandering money like a drunken sailor; not two years after Dr. Pierce's death, Erich Gliebe has spent almost all of Dr. Pierce's life's savings on luxury goods like expensive SUVs and stripper girl friends. Erich Gliebe and Shaun Walker are stripping assets from the Hillsboro property on a nightly basis. Fred Streed can hear the trucks going in and out and taking everything away almost every night. There may be some truth to the rumors that Dr. Pierce isn't really dead but in hiding on the coast of Oregon and Gliebe is stripping the NA's assets and divvying them up with Pierce.

    True or not, at some point when the cash cow is clearly about to collapse (and Gliebe about to be indicted for various acts of fraud) Gliebe and his buddies Walker and Strom are going to take the money and run. Not that it matters; as white leaders they're useless anyway. Gliebe is a recluse who is afraid to do media interviews or have his picture in public. He has all the charisma of a baboon. Walker appears to be mildly brain-damaged, and Strom's high, girlish little voice on ADV is a disgrace and lends credence to the belief that KAS is as queer as a three dollar bill. Many local Alliance units won't even run Strom's phone messages because they are afraid his girly-man voice will attract queers. Speaking of which--does the National Alliance really NEED a spokesman who posts pictures of himself in his underwear on his personal web site? And even if Strom isn't light in the loafers, why the hell can't the NA find a spokesman who doesn't sound like a queer?

    David Duke is simply a fucking disgrace. Duke stole $230,000 of donation money, gambled it away in casinos, fled the country until he had to come back because his passport was about to expire and he couldn't find a Russian girl dumb enough to marry him so he could stay in Russia, and then he went to prison for all the above. He's out now, and he hadn't been out of prison two weeks before he was photographed on a gambling riverboat in Vicksburg blowing more money he got from somewhere and pawing the tits of some silicon blonde. Do we really need a leader who is a cheat, a thief, and a con man? Can we honestly not find anyone better than this?

    And why does Duke refuse to openly deny that he was videotaped in prison performing homosexual acts on gangsta inmates of all races? Why does he tap-dance around the subject every time it is brought up instead of clearly stating that it didn't happen? Duke's defenders deny it, but Duke himself remains strangely silent. And that March 2003 bulletin he mailed out (keeping it off the internet)--was that an admission that the tapes existed, or was it not? The wording was so mealy-mouthed and the whole thing so weasel-worded as to give Duke a mile of wiggle room on each side. Why the equivocation? Do we really need a white leader who may show up on the front page of our newspaper or the six o'clock news in the middle of an election campaign with a big black cock in his mouth? Because David can't seem to give us any categorical assurance that this will not happen.

    Did you check that parade of losers at Duke's homecoming meeting in New Orleans on Memorial Day weekend of 2004? Willis Carto, Don Black, John Tyndall, the mysterious Edgar Steele lurking in the background. Washed-up has-beens and lightweights. And in the audience, barely a single head that wasn't gray or a single waistline size below 42.

    Speaking of Edgar Steele, just what the hell is his story? I thought he was a right guy, a brilliant writer, a serious grasp of the Joo question, and then all of a sudden he wants us to recruit FAGGOTS and allow them as leaders? What the hell is it with all these goddamned queers coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden, Martin Webster re-surfacing and Tony Clifton and Walter Mueller and the, uh, "sexually ambivalent" behavior on the part of the NA? Fuck "modernization." Degenerate perversion is not the way a white man acts or lives, period.

    For a while there was hope with Alex Linder, but in one of the most completely bizarre developments in a Movement famed for the bizarre, now Linder seems to have fallen completely under the influence of none other than the infamous Sergeant Snitch himself, Frazier Glenn Miller--a man who married a Polynesian woman and has non-White children, a man who betrayed his whole organization to the FBI, a man who testified against White racialists twice in high-profile death penalty cases, a man who spent years in the Federal Witness Protection Program, and finally, who admits to all of the above because he has discovered that so-called White racists today have no moral compass and no standards at all, and nobody gives a damn. Now Miller and Linder are talking about forming their own "org"--two pathetic drunks clinging to their whisky bottles like life preservers. God, it makes any decent White man want to puke!!!

    All the rest are either way too old or else they're permanent lightweights. Fields and Warner and Butler are all in their seventies and eighties. Bill White turned out to be insane. I know Billy Roper personally to be an honest and decent man, who never abuses money, and in a Movement where most of the leaders are crooked, that's definitely a big plus. But Billy just doesn't have any political or strategic grasp of anything. All he can think of is more and better street demonstrations, and he could only get 24 to Topeka and they couldn't even spell their picket signs correctly. He can't control his own people and stop them from turning White Revolution events into drunken and drug-crazed orgies. The whole Skinhead scene has just gone to complete shit anyway. They're just white trash petty criminals now, and Skinhead is useless.

    There is only one hope left, and we had better put our prejudices and our preconceived ideas aside and take it. Harold Covington and Northwest Migration is it. It's either that or nothing.

    Take a good long hard look at Covington, and you will see he's the goods. What you will find is that 90% of what you've heard about him is just plain not true, bullshit lies put out by the National Alliance and by faggots like Martin Webster and outright perverts like Jeff Krause, repeated so often on the internet that everyone "knows" they're true. But they're not.

    The fact is that Harold Covington has been proven right on the money on everything he's ever said about the Movement, every time, which is why these fucking dipshit losers hate Covington so much and tell all these stupid lies about him.

    I have known Harold for years and yeah, he's got some rough edges and he can be a bit of an ass and a Puritan sometimes, but considering what the Movement has produced by way of an alternative, I think we need a bit of Puritanism at the top, some Biblical prophet to tell us to get our damned act together. Because we sure as hell ain't getting our act together on our own.

    The Northwest Migration idea is also looking better and better all the time, as the years go by and our so-called "leaders" like Gliebe and Duke keep coming around with their hand out for donations and giving us goose egg by way of results. The Northwest Plan isn't fully baked yet and it has a lot of gray areas, which HAC acknowledges. He wants us all to get together and iron out all those rough patches, fill in the gaps and connect the dots as a people by consensus, which is another thing you won't find from tin-plated little cult dictators like Duke or Metzger or Gliebe.

    Comrades, brothers, sisters--will you at least stop what you're doing, sit down, and take a good long look at what is going on and why we're not getting anywhere?

    It's time we came clean. Covington has the answers. No one else does.

    -Luther Williams

    (See? Even back then, some of us got it. - HAC)

    Posted by The Old Man @ 10:20 AM FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2012

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    Default No-id.Com Message

    No-id.Com Message



    [For those of you who weren't around back in the Nutty Nineties, back then there was a site called no-id.com where you could simply type in a message and send it anonymously without screwing around with picking your own proxy server, etc. Once the Movement discovered this site, everybody used it except me, since I in fact have personal ethical objections to sending anonymous e-mails. Yes, really. I don't do it except in those very rare cases where somebody must know something and (usually) will pay no attention to the information if he knows it comes from me. The incoming headers on these goomers were always the same, dev-null@no-id.com. When you saw that header you knew you were in for a GUBU treat.

    I was, of course, accused of authoring a lot of these, if not all. I didn't, I don't know any way at all to prove that I didn't, I don't give a rat's ass who believes I did it or not, and I remain astounded that anyone cares about something so utterly childish, not to say 15 years ago. But apparently "Hadding" and Willard pore over these like sacred texts.

    Believe it or not, I was by no means the only person in the Movement who was disgusted by Tom Metzger's behavior, and one guy, identity unknown, practically lived on no-id.com in those days. The reason that "everybody knows" that "Harold really wrote all the dev-nulls" is that "only Harold can write so good." I have always been bemused by the Goat Dancers' contention that apparently I am the only person in the Movement who can compose a properly spelled and grammatically correct sentence in the English language.

    Anyway, for your historical edification, here is a "dev-null". If you ever hear reference to it hereafter, you'll know what it is. - HAC]

    Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1997 18:55:41 -0500From: dev-null@no-id.comTo: NSNet88@worldnet.att.net
    Subject: Just Prove We're Wrong, Tom

    You notice that Tom Metzger is reacting just like we predicted he would? He's blustering, he's threatening, he's beating his chest, but he has never actually DENIED the charges against him, nor has he done one single thing to prove us wrong.

    And it would be so simple to prove these charges false, if indeed they are false. Just produce a few simple, independently verifiable documents for public inspection.

    If it's really safe to send money to John Metzger instead of Tom because John successfully bankrupted out of the Portland civil judgment, then Tom can produce John's Final Bankruptcy Decree, along with the case file number and the Federal Bankruptcy Court it is filed in. He can reproduce the section which SPECIFICALLY RELIEVES John of the Portland judgment. (All debt relief granted through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is presumably what John would have filed, is listed by specific debt.)
    Tom can produce the relevant court orders and consent decrees relating to his financial supervision by the court in Portland, telling us all exactly how he IS handling the $12.5 million civil judgment. Nothing can be done along that line without the written approval of the court.

    Tom can produce his bank statements and publish his income tax returns, something that many politicians do voluntarily, showing his sources of income and (hopefully) indicating that he is NOT being subsidized in any way by Morris Dees' official receiver, San Diego attorney James McElroy, as part of the court-ordered receivership and financial supervision.

    Finally, Tom can produce a notarized statement from the Fallbrook postmaster indicating that there exists no court order or other legal directive regarding P. O. Box 65, Fallbrook, California and the disposition of mail sent to that box.

    Tom Metzger could have silenced his critics at any time over the past four years, since the Montgomery Advertiser exposed his obscene "arrangement" with Morris Dees, by producing the documents named above for public inspection and telling where they may be independently verified.

    He has not done so, and he WILL not do so. Because everything we have said is true. Tom Metzger has betrayed us all, and he continues to betray us all by handing our donation money and our mail to a legally appointed agent of Morris Dees. This is the FACT of the matter, and it simply does not matter how loudly Metzger blusters, bluffs, beats his chest, threatens, or tries to throw sand in everyone's eyes by wild accusations against Harold Covington or Ed Fields or Willis Carto. What we say here is TRUE.

    He does not disprove what we say, because he CANNOT disprove it. He has lied to us all for almost ten years about this. Tom Metzger is a disgrace, a coward, and a thief. That's all there is to it.

    And by the by, no, these little epistles do not come from Harold Covington, although we understand Harold is tearing his hair out because he is being blamed for them, for which we apologize. Harold is not the only one in the Movement who is utterly disgusted by what has been going on for the past decade and the way the rank and file have been betrayed by our so-called "leaders".

    We must know the truth, for it is only truth that will make us free.

    This message has been sent via an anonymous mail relay at www.no-id.com.

    Posted by The Old Man @ 6:10 PM SUNDAY, MAY 13, 2012

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    Default Idle Questions

    Idle Questions


    Willard -- WhiggerSwill Welass


    [Ramblings from Grandpa Simpson.]

    What might I have accomplished over the past 40 years if I had not been forced to wade uphill in toxic waste up to my hips? Toxic waste spewed forth by those who claim to believe as I do?

    Jesus, we might actually have a bona fide, America-wide, non-costumed National Socialist movement in America and Canada right now, a genuine Nazi Party! Thanks a lot, goat-dancing assholes!

    Suppose that in 1994 Tom Metzger had simply admitted what he'd done with Dees, admitted that at least temporarily Dees had him beat? Then quietly and with dignity, withdrawn from active participation in the Movement until his legal situation could be sorted? Rather than turn over one single envelope and one single dollar and one single name to Dees' court-appointed receiver, taking all the flak that would have resulted from that refusal to bend the knee?

    If he'd done that, we would have had ourselves a hero, a true Braveheart, a leader of truly nationwide stature, and Metzger would have had no stronger supporter and advocate than me. Instead -- well, we know what happened.

    Suppose Dr. Pierce had been able to resist the deal he made with the devil in 1991, the real estate deal with a Jew that came with Willard attached? All for what? A mere $80,000 that he later lost with change in the Bryson City lawsuit, which he would never have become involved in had he listened to my desperate pleadings back in '91 for him to renounce Old Benny B. and Willard in all their squamous manifestations?

    It takes so few of us to really screw the racial pooch, bad. You look back at the Nutty Nineties and you will see how, one way or another, everything goes back in one convoluted way or another to those three bad apples and that one ambiguous, confused apple in our barrel -- Metzger, Benny, Willard, and Pierce. (All usual Pierce disclaimers taken as read, please. Brilliant writer, excellent media presenter, best intellectual racist material since the Third Reich counterbalanced with feet of clay and a character devoid of any personal ethics whatsoever.)

    That was the beginning of it all, the beginning of the end of the old Movement. Some people say it was Frazier Glenn Miller's absurd opera bouffé. No, that was the end of the 80s. As bizarre and slapstick as the Miller affair was, along with the heroic saga of the Order, if handled right, that could have been a stopping point, a transition wherein we might have moved into serious national politics with some sense of dignity, continuity, and purpose.

    Instead, it turned into a joke. We needed Braveheart, and we got Butthead. The White race needed William Wallace, and what we got was Willard.



    posted by The Old Man @ 11:48 AM FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    I didn't know Willie had had any recent photographs taken.

    4:15 pm
    Quote Originally Posted by Joe McGowan

    None of these Goat Dancing sons of bitches give a rat's ass about the 14 Words. They are half-crazed overgrown children obsessed with their own egos. Fuck them all very much.

    At 7:21 PM

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    Default The Via Dolorosa of "Hadding Scott"

    The Via Dolorosa of "Hadding Scott"


    [Re-posted from the Homeland blog.]

    I have to say, I just don't get it. WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY? I'm ex-NA myself, including a stint on the Hillsboro staff, and I never heard of him except a few times as a guy who was helping Strom with the technical end of ADV about 2000 or so. I've read his bullshit on the internet and he comes off like this big defender of Dr. Pierce's reputation, but I can't find any ex-Alliance people who even met the guy, never mind saw him in Hillsboro. Even the ones who used to hang with Strom before he got all creepy don't remember Strom ever introducing any "Hadding Scott." Are you sure this yo-yo even exists?

    -Gerald Richter

    There is a real person using that name who occasionally appears on verbal talk shows where a voice can be heard, such as Jim Giles' now-defunct Radio Free Mississippi and another recent show.

    I have been given a name and address of the actual person who is supposedly using the name "Hadding Scott" from several sources, independently of one another, who claim to be internet contacts of his under his real name. For reasons I stated in a previous post, I will not publicize that information.

    No one I can find has ever physically seen him or met "Hadding Scott", unlike the almost-as-elusive "Hunter Wallace". (I was given a surreptitious photo of him almost two years ago.) "Hadding's" motives and the true agenda behind his bizarre internet behavior remain unclear. - HAC

    posted by The Old Man @ 1:27 PM WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 2012

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