The Return of the Pro-dik-dik-gal Ingelded

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Who me? Ingelded? This shitskinned Greek faggot loves racist hetero See-Eye Dentist maniacs, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

For the life of me, I can't understand why you might assume I have any animosity against you, Martin. Never mind the fact that I done runnt-off for over two years and five months from the Inn before I decided to crawl back the other day. Nor am I going to ever discuss the virtual blow-jewb I gave Kane the Merciless Quarter-jewboy for him to administratively hide some of his (and your) posts regardling myself over on his forum. After all, there are so many traits you possess that I find so admirable. Truth be told, I'm probably more than a tad bit envious. I mean there's the obvious ones to everyone and your greatest strengths: brevity of wit and your calm, even-keeled demeanor. That you are actually Aryan and fully heterosexual. I think far to many don't give you enough credit for your penchant for good hygiene or your uncanny ability to pulverize anyone in debate with cold, steely-eyed logic under the clever guise of white Ebonics, cum-cum, cum-cum.

There is no way that I'm going to discuss the rest of the questions asked. No Appy isn't living in my dumpster back of the bungahole, cum-cum, cum-cum. Do I look like I need to suck the jew bosses cock any more? Not that that was ever really a distastefool chore. Or that I am getting my ass beat by the nigger, the beaner, or the other whigger faggots in my fifth-rate Village Piss-pul garage band. Again, totally a non-issue, yum-yum, yum-yum

Anyway, so good to see you. Can't say it was unexpected that you would be around with jewr toothless toothy grin.

You know the Rules of the Inn, as good or better than I. You might bend them, but you will not overtly break them.

Your pal (non-cum-cum, non-cum-cum),


Well, as mentioned above, I'm not going to actually wel-cum-cum the Return of the Pro-dik-dik-gal Spawn of the Pseudo-Balkanoid.

Seems like that after jewr travail in the Sodom-mines of Southern Mexifornia you have decided to return after an absence of two years, five months and six or seven daze. Some of the Old Timers are happy to see you back; me not so much. But the written -- and more importantly the unwritten -- Rules of the Inn say that it is not me who can drive you away. I am an extremely Lawful Christian Israelite.

I took the liberty of answering some of the questions that you have dodged with my own surmises. If you wish to answer them with jewr own slant, proceed.

I'm annoyed that you fear me less than you fear the Hungarian Magyar jewboy ambulance chaser over on that virtual shithole on the lowest circle of the Circle of Crust, i.e. Thermojewclear Whorrior/Mattoid Outta Time over on Da MamzerBarrell. But you are safe from Beller Kuhn and jewnstain and A-taco-please here at the Inn. I myself am allowed in Da QueerBarrell's jewlag, but haven't been over there oafishully since May 2012 when I left in disgust.

No reason to deny our mutual Genesis 3:15 enmity, but no need to wallow in it either.

By the way, SoredMamzer / Ol' Niggerlips The Mamzer From Mentor finally decided to sue me for $10.75 million for the "crime" of showing itz Facebook profile proving that it had a swarthy pelt, like jewrself. I have answered the snivel cum-cum-plaint and it looks like maybe a federal kort jewry trial -- in four or five years from now. Always give a nigger or a jew enough rope . . .

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri