The Legal jewnius of Perry MumpsNut(s?) DeClue(less)

I'm starting this thread to discuss how stupid Marty is when it comes to the law, in fact despite having been through the system many times and having filed numerous failed lawsuits he has absolutely no clue as to how the system actually works. Whereass, as a delusional 85 IQ (on a good day) 250 lbs of d-gshit in a 150-lb sack, mumpsnutted alleged niglet-niece molester and petty thief who ALWAYS gets caught so I roll over, plead guilty, and snitch out fellow whigger and anglo-mestizo fuktards in return for a Suspended Imposition of Sentence, I'm a proven criminal jewnius. I'll be making many posts about how this imbecile, namely myself, thinks the law works but I don't have time to make long posts today because Haitian Haet-Niglet cum-cum home from pre-skrule and I feel frisky so if anyone has any posts they'd like to make go for it, I'll be back tomorrow or the next day to start making my posts.

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