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Thread: Did William Pierce run a ZOG False Front Organization?

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    Default Them fuktard ZOGbots are going down-[Whigger][s]will

    Them fuktard ZOGbots are going down-[Whigger][s]will


    Quote Originally Posted by $permFart Tard

    Our people can never seem to come together. Always divided. Addlepated. . . Suffering from Peter-Dunkin'.

    Cum-cum, cum-cum.

    Thank God. Do you really want to "come together" with scum? Scum who won't tithe beyond what ZOG has given us for our ZOG False Front? Giving us theys' last in geezer-gelt and whiggaz-mites so that Derek can go to kollidge and learn to despise you fools making my lifestyle and that of the Duck possible?

    I hate to say it on a public forum, but White Nationalism attracts the very best, and the very worst of tard.

    I took a particular interest in Dilloway a few years ago, after I'd personally banned one of his many accounts here on Stormfront, and he started posting on other boards that he would have "lone wolves" kill both me and my son Derek and that was before the lil' faggot went rogue Antifa. I wasn't worried, as he was clearly just a blowhard and an apparent informant (like most blowhards like me and the Duck). He had said as much on this board under one of his accounts, having gotten in trouble with the feds, presumably because of his overactive mouth, and making some kind of deal with the court to stay out of jail, which he couldn't talk about. You know how it is, been there, done that. The Duck had to suck an awful lot of nigger cawk to get out alive -- or so the Duck told me privately. Good thang we we got "Hal Turner-style ZOG financing for our ZOG data-mining operation.

    I don't remember ever meeting him, but he sure blabbed a lot, reportedly acknowledging to another group that he was an informant, but saying he only informed against the "bad" White Nationalists.

    I'm surprised Will would have trusted him. Will had once tried to register Dilloway for our Stormfront Smoky Mountain Summit, but he was understanding when I told him why Dilloway wasn't welcome. So then WhiggerSwill asked me that if I wouldn't allow the Tard Dilloway and the Chomo-Pervert Kevin Alferd $perm into $permFart, then could I give that fat old skank Apri Gaede the boot? I told WhiggerSwill Welass to grow up. Advice ignored, of course.

    But it looks like Will did trust him with the keys. Everyone here should take anything the SPLC says with a grain of salt, though, even though they give us our paychecks based upon our symbiotic relationship. They're expert at mixing truth with outrageous lies. I know David Duke was sure surprised to learn from that article that Kevin Strom had written most of his first book. The Duck had thought that it was written by the same jewboy who wrote TraitorGlenn Miller's silly book as it reads much the same. "A Drunken Melungeon Rat Squeaks Out" or "Mein [Sexual] Awakening" what is the difference?

    Unfortunately, Dilloway is just one of many. Can't even keep them separate no more when they are nothing other than a paycheck or tally for getting paid by /zog. Depressing for me these past forty-six years in the "Movement." But the many good, dedicated men and women here keep me going. Well, itz mainly the ZOGbux from ZOG. There never was a pension plan for real Klansmen, and here under $permFart I'm making out like a louch-lizzard.


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    Default Will Williams sells out 308 acres of National Alliance West Virginia Property for $215,000

    Will Williams sells out 308 acres of National Alliance West Virginia Property for $215,600

    Now you Mamzer CreaTards can call jewr Chairmamzer "TraitorGlenn WhiggerSwill Welass", cum-cum, cum-cum!!!


    In a totally expected move, Fake-Chairman of the National Alliance Will "WhiggerSwill Welas" Williams -- soon to be dubbed TraitorGlenn WhiggerSwill -- sold to the fifth-largest corporate landowner in West Virginia timber conglomerate WV Coastal LLC for the sum of $215,600 approximately 308 acres of already logged-over mountain timberland on Sept. 18, 2018.

    This has effectively put an end to a ZOG false-flag effort put together by William Pierce who bought this property in the early 1980s with a down-payment of $5,000 and paid off with $90,000 of the $400,000 of Order loot. (There were rumors of this swirling around but upon the publication of county tax records this is the first general knowledge of this, as was the death of Harold Covington.)



    TraitorGlenn WhiggerSwill supposedly "bought" the National Alliance Chair-mamzership from Erich Gliebe, who had looted the National Alliance of money left by Fearless Leader William Pierce who had grown the $400,000 given him by Robert Matthews from Order loot drom an armored car robbery to a multi-million Hal-Turner ZOGbot Financing Empire worth several millions and with over 1200 members. Erich Gliebe facing litigation from the Jim-Ring dominated National Alliance Restoration & Renewal Group (also known as "the NARRGers") decided to abruptly sell his chair-mamzersheep to TraitorGlenn WhiggerSwill a.k.a. Willie allegedly for $25,000 in order to evade litigation from the NARRGers.

    Erich Gliebe had already received in the early 2000s over $300,000 for logging off the National Alliance property and pocketed the funds. TraitorGlenn Whiggerswill had already looted Fearless Leader Pierce's extensive library for the usage of convicted self-admitted child-porn enthusiast Kevin Alferd Strom and had claimed that he was the rightful owner of National Alliance property by taking out debit cards in his and his wife Svetlana's names.

    In the winter of 2015, TraitorGlenn Whiggerswill a.k.a. "Willie" was coonvicted of trying to choke a female staffer -- part of Willy's long and sordid history of female abuse and is supposed to be sentenced to six months imprisonment in the Pocahontas County Jail on 10 Oct. 2018. Thus the fire-sale to timber corporation WV Coastal LLC for $215,600. WV Coastal is the fifth-largest corporate landholder in West Virginia and had owned the neighboring 200 acres next to Pierce's farm. The nearby Cosmotheist Community Church still owns 66.6 acres adjoining with the buildings such as are intact.

    TraitorGlenn WhiggerSwill has kept this matter quiet, having already looted the defense fund for some NA fuktard facing prison for burglary and littering having already been convicted for weapons violations. As recently as two days ago, on Oct. 6, 2018, convicted self-admitted pervert Kevin Alferd Strom was asking 10,000 mamzer fuktards to send in $200,000 so they could launder the ZOGbux realized from TraitorGlen WhiggerSwill's fire sale for less than half the assessed tax valuation.

    More info as this story develops. The facts taken from the Pocahontas County West Virginia Tax Assessor's Office' Search "Will Williams"


    The Reltney Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum

    Then Shit Fell Apart, Shit Fell Apart,
    Like Shit Always Does, Shit Always Does. . .

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