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Do not know who this Thomas777 is, but this thread should provide a week or two of entertainment here. It appears that Thomas777 is going to school us on the short comings of Dr. Pierce and White Nationalism in general.

Welcome to VNN Thomas777, there are just a few rules here: do not call someone a Jew; no linking to websites of known enemies of White Nationalists such as Harold Covington; and use proper formatting and spelling in your posts.

Originally Posted by Thomas777
Go ahead and start the thread and alert me to its existence and I'll explain the shortcomings in William Pierce's thought. This shouldn't be a terribly controversial topic;...we can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of his tactical orientation and his historical claims and theoretical assumptions....

I'd very much enjoy an opportunity to debate these matters with your colleague Alex Linder - I don't know if you correspond with him regularly or often or if you post on his forum with any consistent enthusiasm, but if you do and you wouldn't mind passing the word along to him, you might suggest he register here to accept my challenge - or failing that, he might allow me debate with him on VNN Forum, so long as I can be assured I have an opportunity to defend my position without being unduly prejudiced by the fact that VNN is his forum. I will not engage with people who employ bad faith tactics like summarily banning people for not agreeing with them or for bruising their egos in the course of an academic discussion. I need a gentleman's guarantee that I will not be edited, censored, or banned so long as I do not resort to ad hominem, personal insults, misrepresentation(s) of facts and/or my opponent's position, or bad faith tactics tailored to disrupt discourse or otherwise sabotage the discussion. If you are amenable to passing on this suggestion, and Alex is interested in a debate, feel free to PM me through the messaging system here...

Please consider starting your thread so we can get to the business of a productive debate, and again, pass my message to Alex Linder if it would not be an imposition. Thanks.



Will Williams:

Like I said in post #632: ...So, anyway, I started our debate thread, here: http://www.thephora.net/forum/showthread.php?t=83525

I don't know why Thomas777 would respond here rather than there. This and other posts in this thread regarding our "debate," and other off-topic distractions can then be removed when he does.

I've passed on Thomas777's challenge to debate Linder to someone who will put up a special thread at VNN for that purpose.