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Thread: Did William Pierce run a ZOG False Front Organization?

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    Default Dr. William Pierce: Sex, Lies, and a Video Tape

    Dr. William Pierce: Sex, Lies, and a Video Tape

    by Heathen Holiday Gliebe


    Dr. William Pierce... not a bad guy, just a total lying hypocrite.


    After reading countless Internet postings written by unquestioning, unsuspecting pro-White activists blindly worshipping the supposed ‘moral authority’ of the late Dr.William Pierce, it is well past the time to expose some of his most notorious sexual behaviors and scandals to get a more accurate understanding of who this man really was. And there is nobody more suitable for this job than myself, the ex-Playboy model and stripper who was dragged through the mud and publicly defamed, humiliated, threatened, and verbally abused for years for allegedly tainting and contaminating the American pro-White movement with nudity…legal nudity. Do I have a chip on my shoulder? Yes I do.

    However, just because I am writing about the supposed ‘real morality’ of Dr. Pierce, doesn’t mean you should throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. Less than morally righteous people have accomplished a lot of brilliant things, which I would consider to be one of life’s cruel jokes.

    If you think I am doing irreparable damage and being a “traitor to White people everywhere” for writing this, think again. Since researching life extension, GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), and robotics, I have since learned that “race”... a specific, unique strand of DNA, will be disappearing, as in altered forever in the very near future. With the advancements in genetic engineering, (minus the greed and irresponsibility of Monsanto), and a good dose of Fukushima radiation, the Earth will very soon look like Star Wars movies with mutant creatures, man-machine hybrids, and robots all amongst us. This is not a sci-fi episode, this is science non-fiction, and these technologies are developing right now as I type this.

    And although I personally have no physical, tangible proof of these stories, there are endless eye-witness accounts and shreds of evidence lost in time or being held by certain people such as emails, pictures, or video tapes that are still out there in someone’s file cabinet or tucked away in their computer folders. It is not my job to supply you with these tangible things; it is only my opportunity to explain the stories related to me by my various sources and personal experiences and observations. If you want to dispute these, feel free to do the tedious legwork of gathering and acquiring the physical evidence for yourself, as you also must be prepared to provide the necessary evidence to prove these stories false.

    Some people might also say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man having a healthy sexual appetite, and they are correct. There is nothing wrong with a man having a sexual appetite. It’s built into our DNA. However, there is most certainly something wrong with it when you try to sell yourself to the world as something that you’re not. When you get on your moral-high horse and preach that something is bad and then close your front door at night and do the very thing you are preaching against, this rotten hypocrisy always leaks out and reveals itself eventually. So much for leading by example.



    Speaking of leading by example, let’s first take a look at what Dr. Pierce says about pornography. Dr. Pierce not only wrote about pornography being primarily owned and operated by Jews in his book, Hunter, but he has also given many American Dissident Voice speeches on it, giving his audience the impression that because it is owned and operated by Jews, it is immoral. Yet, in 2001 a National Alliance staff member caught Dr. Pierce immersed in Internet porn and as a result became completely disillusioned with the NA. This staff member claimed that Dr. Pierce ruined his life and sent out a mass email detailing Dr.Pierce’s fascination for pornography. He claimed that Dr. Pierce’s desire for having a “threesome” caused the breakup of his 5th marriage (3rdmail order bride from Bulgaria), besides his infatuation with hardcore lesbian porn even though the two frequently watched porn movies together. His 5thwife (3rd mail order bride) was not at all interested in sharing a bed with another woman and was revolted at the thought of preforming oral sex on a woman.

    While still married to his 5th wife (3rd mail order bride), Dr. Pierce would openly advertise his need for an executive assistant, while a secretary would have been most helpful, Dr. Pierce was really looking for a submissive sexual partner.

    (Side note: To set the record straight, Dr. Pierce was married a total of 5 times, in which 3 of them were mail-order brides. Instead of buying a woman for a night, which is illegal prostitution, you are buying the woman for more than one night. The first two mail-order brides, or rather, legal prostitutes, were from Hungary and the last one was from Bulgaria. It has been said that Dr. Pierce got the idea from a former member who had started a mail-order bride service. This mail-order bride aka legal prostitution started a trend and a chain-reaction amongst several nerdy losers in White Power World who can’t get a woman on their own and have to buy one.)

    In July of 2000, a very attractive, blue-eyed, 25-year-old heavily tattooed skinhead girl arrives at the National Alliance headquarters to apply for the secretary position for Dr. Pierce. Not sure of what Dr. Pierce would think about her tattoos, she quickly finds herself being the target of Dr. Pierce’s sexual advances. Dr. Pierce immediately hires the skinhead girl and puts her to work in his secret office behind his library, isolated from the rest of the staff. When she asks the Chairman for a place to stay, he offers her his trailer, his bedroom and his bed, while he sleeps on the couch.

    For the next couple of weeks, Dr. Pierce rarely lets her out of the back office and keeps the girl around him all day and night. He takes her to the top of the mountainon the property, where he is rejected from his attempt to kiss the girl. He then tries to get the young girl to sit on the couch next to him while at the trailer, yet she again rejects his advances.

    During this time, Dr. Pierce’s 5th wife (3rd mail order bride) who had been visiting relatives in her native Bulgaria, calls her husband to tell him she’llbe returning home. Dr. Pierce, who is now all smitten with the 25-year-old skinhead girl, tells her to stay in Bulgaria for the time being. She pleads with her husband to return home, but Dr. Pierce adamantly tells her, “NO.”

    After a couple weeks of unsuccessfully trying to get into the pants of the 25-year-old skinhead girl, Dr. Pierce, now sexually frustrated, gives up and lets the girl find a room in town near the National Alliance property. The skinhead girl eventually leaves the Alliance with what she thought was a job opportunity to work for her race, but now carries the experience of learning that she was only wanted there for sex.

    Dr. Pierce made it a habit to make sure to invite every female National Alliance member to his leadership conferences, hoping to find another submissive helper/sexual partner. At one of the leadership conferences, an attractive lady offered to move to the National office and be his executive assistant. After this particular conference, Dr. Pierce took her to the top of the mountain where he put his moves on her. Not realizing that sex was part of the job, she rejected his advances, never came back to West Virginia, and eventually dropped out ofthe Alliance.

    In the spring of 2001, Dr. Pierce began a relationship with an attractive, tall, thin woman nearly half his age of 67 at the time. He eventually convinces her to move to West Virginia, although she stayed off the National Alliance property in a house close by that was owned by Steve Simms. Steve Simms worked on the computer network for the National Alliance, and just happens to have a half-white, half-Chinese daughter by a Chinese wife and made it clear that he wanted her to marry a White man someday.


    Steve Simms. In White Power World, where RACE is #1,
    it's EVIL to be a stripper, but ok to have kids with an Asian.
    April Gaede was engaged to this thing.


    (Steve Simms is one of the many people in White Power world who viciously and relentlessly attacked me for years for being a stripper and marrying Erich Gliebe, who took over the Alliance after the death of Dr. Pierce. I still don’t understand how stripping is worse than marrying and having kids with a non-White, but this is an example of the insanity of the White Power movement and why it never got anywhere.)

    Dr. Pierce’s new girlfriend/secretary, the tall, thin attractive woman, is also kept isolated in the back office behind Dr. Pierce’s library doing work, while his 5thwife, back from Bulgaria by this point, is kept in his trailer doing the necessary cooking and cleaning.

    Before moving the tall, thin attractive woman to the property, Dr. Pierce regularly sent illicit emails and photos of his fully erect penis to her. He also talked about having children and starting a family with her. However, Dr. Pierce tricked and lied to the woman by failing to tell her he had a vasectomy and could no longer have any more children.

    While Dr. Pierce’s5th wife is living in his trailer performing the daily chores of survival, the Chairman and his new girlfriend would have regular sexual relations in the main office building where they worked, including during intermission of a leadership conference. Dr. Pierce would use his personal library - not just for reading and research - but to fulfill his insatiable sexual appetite. Dr. Pierce was very happy during this time of his life. He had found an attractive partner half his age who shared his interest inpornography and anal sex. Dr. Pierce had been quoted saying, “I enjoy awoman’s body, all parts of it.”

    But after several months of his new girlfriend trying to get pregnant with no results, the woman finally visited a doctor in Virginia to find out why she was not getting pregnant. She then found out that Dr. Pierce deliberately lied to her and misledher for his own sexual gratification by failing to tell her he could no longer have children. As expected, all hell broke loose on the mountain. The woman, who had spent the last of her childbearing years with Dr. Pierce, was understandably hurt and angry that she would not be able to get pregnant and chaos ensued at National Alliance headquarters. Dr. Pierce then became extremely fearful of his safety as she was in the company of guns and had to call for backup.

    The fact that Dr. Pierce prevented a perfectly healthy White woman from procreating, raising the White birth rate he regularly complained was rapidly declining, is equivalent to the ‘evil dreaded abortion,’ possibly even worse. This same woman told me on the phone to cherish my baby because she never got one, and I will always hold the upmost sympathy for her. And what about having as many White kids as possible? A vasectomy isn’t going to raise the White birth rate, either.

    On top of all this, information came out that there was a video that was made of one of their sexual interactions while they were still together. Shaun Walker had instructed Erich, my ex-husband, to “take one for the team” and go have sex with the girlfriend to get the video back. She had blackmailed the National Office with threats to release the tape to the SPLC in order to retrieve her belongings from the National Alliance property after her breakup with Dr. Pierce. She eventually got her belongings back, but the tape is rumored to still be out there somewhere, and supposedly copies of it were made.

    After his girlfriend left West Virginia and went back home brokenhearted, Dr. Pierce immediately got back on the wagon and began flirting with an Ohio woman, again, half his age. He convinced her to visit the National Alliance headquarters in West Virginia, but again, she quickly realized Dr. Pierce’s true intentions with her and abruptly left the property.

    The last woman that Dr. Pierce allegedly had sex with before his death was with his 4thex-wife, (2nd mail order bride from Hungary) who he had flown to go see in Florida, and she was also re-married to another man at the time.

    Dr. Pierce has a set of twin boys, from his first wife, who wanted nothing to do with him after the divorce from his first wife. Neither one of his sons had ever read any of Dr. Pierce’s writings nor books, except one of them eventually did after he passed away in 2002. Dr. Pierce chose his race over his own flesh and blood, which is hardly setting an example of creating strong White healthy families. Mail order bride number 2 had also wanted to have kids, but then also found out about Dr. Pierce’s vasectomy, which contributed to their divorce.

    So now let’s take a look at how easy it was for the FBI, or anyone with common sense for that matter, to do an accurate profile on Dr. Pierce. While usually you can trace the motivations of a man back to either money or sex, or both, it was ridiculously easy to use the age-old lure of sex to get Dr. Pierce in the right frame of mind or distract him.

    Some time during the 1980’s, the Feds, or someone, sent a woman down to the NA property to infiltrate it. As expected, Dr. Pierce ended up sleeping with the woman and then was arrested for sexual assault. Luckily for him, her story didn’t add up so he got out of that mess.

    In August of 2000, German black metal musician Hendrick Moebus, who was jammed up for allegedly giving a Roman salute in Germany at a concert, had been volunteering at the Resistance Records warehouse on the property. When an alleged informant had driven Hendrick off the property to a Shoney’s parking lot 30 miles away and delivered him to the hands of the US Marshalls, Dr. Pierce was being distracted by the alleged informant’s offer to bring him two young women, both whom he could perform anal sex on.

    To show you how delusional some of these pro-White activists are regarding the moral authority of Dr. Pierce, a former Unit Coordinator from Texas once said that, “Dr. Pierce would never approve of nudity” when the issue of pornography came up. Little did he know that he was in possession of the original copy of the porno called, DeepThroat, that was found by staff members after his death. Complete with Jewish porn stars and everything he preached against. Or did he have that film just for research purposes?

    In February 2005, I attended a National Alliance meeting in New Jersey and sat in the back row while my husband at the time, Erich, was giving his speech. Caught off guard, a skinhead member in the audience, who is dead now, raised his hand and complained that he could not raise his daughter while the Chairman was involved with a sex-industry worker (talking about me as if I wasn’t in the room). Then, realizing I was now being ganged up on, another NA member, “Bob the Cop,” sat in the back of the room and read the entire audience a letter out loud from April Gaede, the infamous mother of the Prussian Blue singing twins, complaining about me being a stripper. I just sat there stunned, embarrassed, scared to death that I was going to be physically assaulted or something, while watching Erich trying to wriggle his way out of that by saying he wasn’tinvolved with anyone that worked in the sex industry, which was true, as I had quit dancing in Atlanta and gave up my entire life to go be with Erich and work for “the Cause.”

    The irony of this whole thing is that while I was being crucified and punished for being in Playboy magazine and a stripper, I had done everything right and what was ‘expected’ of me. I had given up stripping, worked for my race full-time, got married, then got pregnant and had a child to start the family I always wanted, and was 100% loyal to my husband while we were married. I thought the whole point of “saving your race” was literally converting White people to living a “White is Right” lifestyle of - healthy family, lots of White kids. I had no idea you had to be perfect from the moment of birth or you wouldn’t be accepted in their club of hypocritical idiots, but I found out the hard way. Most of the pro-White activists and NA members didn’t even have kids and had no intention of having any….thankfully.


    Yankee Jim ... he beat his wife to death
    and killed himself after cyber stalking me and abusing me for years.


    Then there was this psycho who called himself, “Yankee Jim.” He was a regular poster and keyboard commando on the VNN forum website and viciously attacked me on every single post he made. It was the most bizarre infatuation to where other people would question his obsession with me. I used to tell Erich that something is not right about a man being obsessed with attacking some girl on the computer he had never once met or spoken to while his wife was in the other room cooking dinner. Then one day Erich got a call that Yankee Jim had killed himself after he beat his wife to death. That could have been me.

    Kevin Strom out of prison, early... arrested for child pornography, stalking
    an Eskimo girl and buying her gifts, etc. One of the biggest moralists of the White Power
    movement to ever exist besides April Gaede.


    Then of course, the most insane propagandist of morality in the Cause came from Kevin Alfred Strom. This guy was such a weirdo; I would get goose bumps just hearing him speak. In case any of you don’t know about Kevin Strom, he was the National Alliance media director and was fired from the National Alliance, by me via Erich, and was later arrested for child porn on his computer and for allegedly stalking some Eskimo girl on an elementary school playground, supposedly buying her gifts and taking pictures of her. Dr. Pierce’s last girlfriend used to call him a, “F-ing faggott.” I was told his crazy wife, and now ex-wife, Elisha Strom had set up a video camera in Kevin’s office and had caught him masturbating to pictures of underage girls on his computer. Elisha, no moral authority herself, was allegedly stalking some cop she became obsessed with. Elisha had also made sexual advances on Dr. Pierce’sgirlfriend outside of his trailer one night. These two idiots are part of the reason for the collapse of the National Alliance, because they couldn’t handle the Chairman being married to a former stripper. So they started a break off version of the National Alliance, conned a bunch of disillusioned members into joining them and called it National Vanguard, which of course failed miserably.

    There are still to this very day, hordes of idiots out there trying to say that Kevin “the Weenie” Strom was set up by the Feds, despite the fact that Kevin verbally admitted to looking at “shockingly young females” on a recorded .mp3 at a meeting with his counselor and was leaked on the Internet probably, and allegedly, by Elisha in case nobody believed her. They try to say the audio was spliced, proving further how stupid they are about science, as the technology exists to see if the audio was spliced or not.

    Then there are these morons out there trying to say Edgar Steele, this whack-job, obese, narcissistic pro-White attorney who also unfairly attacked me, and who never won a single case for any pro-White activist, was set up. According to the idiots on the Internet, Edgar Steele supposedly was framed by the Feds for attempting to kill his wife by placing bombs in her car or something, yet it seems like his wife might be a hindrance if he’s trying to buy a new one. EdgarSteele had sent over 14,000 emails to mail-order brides he claimed in the name of “research!” In a recording made from a call he made from jail to his son he mentions a present on the table for his girlfriend. I am sure his son was thrilled to be hearing his Dad talk about his girlfriend, and his current wife is obviously going through some kind of Stockholm Syndrome of total denial and love for her captor.

    And these are some of the people who attacked me the most and made my life a living hell, to the point where I had breathing problems from anxiety so badly, I spent my entire pregnancy on the computer trying to figure out why I couldn’t breathe and going to endless doctor appointments taking tests to try to determine why I could not catch a deep breath. This lasted 6 months after my pregnancy until finally a doctor determined that it must be anxiety… you think? They even put my Playboy pictures on the Internet with bullet holes through them. They wrote endless postings and even made entire websites of absolute lies about me.

    Dr. Pierce also regularly requested that Resistance magazine show nudity, especially breasts in the magazine, but was convinced by those around him that the magazine was primarily aimed for the White youth and would not attract the right audience, nor would it be able to be distributed freely without it being labeled sexually explicit. There was already heat against Resistance Records for carrying titles such as, Vaginal Jesus, who Dr. Pierce purchased himself and personally signed the check for Vaginal Jesus.

    Then there is this slight little issue of homosexuality, which clearly states in the National Alliance handbook that this is forbidden for members. Well, Dr. Pierce knowingly had a full-blown homosexual man in the membership, but since he was paying more than $10 a month in dues, his plan was to keep him isolated from the other members. And last but not least, it must be told that Dr. Pierce also had a known race-mixer, a man that was married to a Pakistani wife who had converted to Islam on the membership roster . . . paying those dues.

    So in summary, while I am now free of the bondage of being surrounded and threatened, insulted and defamed by the judgmental, hypocritical losers in White Power World, I will forever have to take responsibility for my bad decision in joining the movement. Yet, I learned a harsh and valuable life lesson, and that is to never again try to live my life to what other people want me to be or expect me to be for their own comfort level. It was hell on Earth to go through what I went through, and nobody should ever have to go through that, but I did come out stronger and wiser, but most of all, I came out being back to my true self, an original Free Spirit on a planet full of slaves.

    January 23, 2014 at 9:34am

    I have a twat and I have a brain . . .

    . . . I'm told my twat works a lot better than my brain.

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    Default Former U.S. Army Officer Re-launches Notorious Hate Group

    Former U.S. Army Officer Re-launches Notorious Hate Group

    By Ryan Lenz
    on January 7, 2014 - 4:42 pm


    Will "WhiggerSwill" Williams, Countelpro Operative

    National Alliance (NA) chairman Erich Gliebe has shut down the group’s constellation of websites, suspended recruiting and continues liquidating what is left of the NA’s assets, including attempting to sell off a 289-acre portion of the group’s West Virginia compound, where deceased founder, William Pierce, was buried a decade ago.

    But now, two former senior Alliance members have announced their intention to reform what remains of what was once America’s most influential neo-Nazi organization and bring it again to glory: one a retired Army special forces operator, the other a convicted pedophile with a long history on the racist right.

    William W. Williams, 66, a former U.S. Army Special Forces officer, has partnered with broadcast engineer, Kevin Strom, 57, and announced plans to rebuild the Alliance using a barn on Williams’ remote property in Mountain City, Tennessee as a base of operations.

    The announcement comes as a surprise, given Gliebe’s failed leadership that seemed to spell out the end of what was once a powerhouse group on the radical right. But Williams, an outspoken and self-described “biological racist,” remains one of the most respected membership coordinators in the history of the Alliance, and he has high hopes.

    Unlike Gliebe, Williams is seemingly unafraid of media attention, Internet criticism or much of anything or anyone else in the white nationalist movement. A close quarters brawler, or, rather more like a whining pussy that demands censorship of any criticism and ridicule on racist forums and an absolutist when it comes to Pierce’s unique brand of national socialism, Williams is known to work both publicly and behind the scenes advancing Alliance ideology and fighting his enemies, usually by working with us in the Southern Poverty Law center to bring frivolous litigation and using his Countelpro contacts to get bogus civil judgments.


    Erich Gliebe, the thieving Piercetard, stole everything.

    And among them he surely counts Gliebe.

    “What has Gliebe won, exactly? The privilege of having to look over his shoulder the rest of his life, waiting for retribution for having hijacked the Alliance and driven it into the ground? Some winner. He actually believes he can convert Alliance assets for his own personal use with impunity. That’s treason in the eyes of many,” Williams wrote on Stormfront, the largest white supremacist Web forum.

    Despite the implied threat, Williams doesn’t seem to want the property. He is not aggressively challenging Gliebe’s possession of the NA compound in West Virginia, nor struggling to take the remaining assets of Pierce’s estate. Based on his recent writings and activity, he appears to be intent on simply reforming the Alliance from the ranks of those who have resigned.


    Kevin Alfred Strom, Self-Admitted Convicted Chomo-Weenie

    Most of the push back from the racist movement this week over Williams’ announcement has centered on Strom’s conviction and the reputational consequences of having his name again associated with white nationalism. But it remains unclear why Williams decided to align himself with Strom –– and defend –– a convicted pedophile and registered sex offender, who was released from federal prison in 2008 after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography.

    Williams did not return telephone messages left on Monday, but at least for now, he seems deeply committed to defending Strom online, even to the point of threatening legal action to anyone who calls Strom a pedophile.

    “Kevin was framed; he didn’t do ‘it,’ and did what he had to do to be with his children when faced with a trumped up 10-year prison sentence and possible $250,000 fine,” Williams wrote. “He has returned to fight another day and I will defend him from all comers, ‘friend’ and foe alike.”

    Much of the criticism so far has come from the National Alliance Reform and Reformation Group (NARRG,) based out of Sacramento, directed by Jim Ring and intent on restoring the Alliance to its former glory.

    In a post on the group’s website, titled,”A Perverted False Prophet Returns,” Ring wrote:

    “It’s bad enough our National Alliance has had to suffer years of Erich Gliebe but now with the entrance of interloper Strom, it would be like going from the frying pan to the fire. As we continue to fight the dishonest and corrupt leader Erich Gliebe and his so-called board of director cronies, you can be certain that we will vigorously do likewise with the pedophile Kevin Strom.”

    Williams replied on Stormfront, “You’d be wise to disabuse your NARRG boys of their spurious smears and have them cease and desist forthwith their claiming Kevin is a pedophile.”

    Though the record disputes Williams’ claims of Strom’s innocence, his version of the 2007 federal case against Strom is gradually becoming gospel in the racist movement. The fact that Williams is willing to put his own credibility on the line to publicly defend him also underscores Strom’s skills as a seasoned propagandist.

    One of the brightest and most creative racists in the movement, Strom has effectively crafted an alternative reality about his criminal record that essentially argues he was the “victim” of a vindictive spouse and an over-reaching federal government that fabricated the allegations against him. Strom’s skills at twisting the narrative by exploiting the racist movement’s innate paranoia and distrust of government and media are having an effect.

    A handful of influential neo-Nazi discussion forum posters are increasingly supportive of Strom’s claims of innocence. Former Alliance member Todd van Biber, a convicted bomber and bank robber, commented on Strom’s case this week on Phora. Under the name “Todd in FL,” Van Biber claimed the charges against Strom were “thrown out” and that his wife put the child pornography images found on Strom’s computer. Another of Strom’s most ardent supporters online over the past few years has been former National Alliance and National Vanguard member, Aaron Shiels, of North Vancouver, Canada. (Shiels also did not return telephone messages left on Monday.)

    Known for his promotional support of David Duke while posting as “British74″ on Stormfront, Shiels promotes his 132-page e-book, titled, “The Zionist Attack on White Civilization,” as a downloadable e-book, in every post he puts online. The book, at least in part, appears to be in violation of Canadian laws against inciting racial hatred.

    “Jews are hated because of their wicked immoral practices of their religious Satanic book called The Talmud. Jews are hated because they have been caught Ritually Sacrificing and Murdering White children in occult religious practices. Jews are hated because they are importing the criminal third world into productive White nations,” Shiels wrote. He then added, venemously: “Jews are hated because they are a plague upon humanity.”

    Williams and associates can claim Strom was “framed” and allege he was “set-up” by his estranged wife, but the record and Strom’s own admissions contradict these assertions.

    Strom was arrested in January 2007. He had come to the attention of police after the mother of an 11-year-old girl filed a criminal complaint with Virginia authorities after the child began receiving gifts from an anonymous man, later determined to be Strom. Almost a year later, in October 2006, the FBI eventually searched Strom’s home and computer and found more than a hundred photographs of the 11-year-old child, including images of her in a bathing suit. Agents also recovered a song Strom had written to the fifth grader, to be sung to “Here We Come a Wassailing” with the lyrics, Once I met a pretty girl, her name was [NAME OF 12-YEAR-OLD] . . . I will be showered with the kisses of [NAME] and we’ll be married.”

    The case unraveled two days into Strom’s October 2007 trial when federal prosecutors failed to convince US District Judge Norman Moon that Strom had explicitly attempted to have sexual relations with the victim and Moon dismissed two of the charges. Moon did, however, acknowledge that Strom was “obsessed” with the child and that he was, in fact, a pedophile, which is defined as a “person who is sexually attracted to chlldren.”

    “I think the jury can find he was sexually attracted to this child,” said the judge. But that alone is not illegal. And when prosecutor Gould reminded Moon of Strom driving past the girl’s house, Moon replied, “That’s what these people do when they’re obsessed.”

    Strom ultimately plead guilty to possession of child pornography. Among the images found on his computers, according to the indictment, were files named “teen rape,” “Lolita Dreams,” “Wings,” and “Eternal Nymphets Natural Gold.”

    Strom now lives in in Johnstown, Penn., where he has emerged from the shadows, ready to rehabilitate himself as a leader in the neo-Nazi movement. And despite his unequivocal record, many in the racial nationalist subculture seem willing to welcome him back –– most especially Williams.

    In a Phora post last week, Williams stated he introduced Kevin Strom to his new girlfriend. He wrote: “I talked to Kevin earlier today and to his girlfriend that I introduced him to. She’s a lot younger than he, so, yes, he is attracted to younger females. Good for him. So am I. My wife is 24 years lounger. Kevin’s teen-aged daughter lives with him, too. You think she’s not safe around her daddy? Kevin is no threat to anyone but the GD Jew, who he will continue to expose despite having his life turned upside down by JOG. Bowed but not broken!”


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    Default Charges dropped against white supremacist

    Charges dropped against white supremacist

    By Rob Seal / rseal@dailyprogress.com | 978-7265
    October 4, 2007


    A federal judge threw out a pair of charges Wednesday against white supremacist leader Kevin Strom, citing a lack of evidence. Strom, founder of defunct neo-Nazi organization the National Vanguard, was charged with attempting to sexually entice a 10-year-old girl and also with intimidating a witness.

    Before he tossed the charges, federal judge Norman K. Moon said that the Greene County man had engaged in questionable conduct.

    “I think there is overwhelming evidence that he was sexually drawn to this child, and was obsessing over this child,” Moon said.

    However, the judge ruled that prosecutors failed to show that Strom tried to pursue sex with the girl.

    Authorities maintained that Strom sent the Orange County girl anonymous gifts, drove past her house and wrote lyrics to love songs professing his desire to marry her.

    Authorities seized Strom’s computer in October 2006 and found more than 100 pictures he’d taken of the girl, including many in which she was clad only in a bathing suit, according to testimony.

    However, prosecutors never showed in court that Strom made a substantial step toward soliciting sex from the child, defense attorney Fred Heblich argued in court Wednesday.

    “In order to convict him, [the jury] would have to speculate,” Heblich said.

    Moon agreed, dismissing the jurors and striking the charges before the defense presented its case. Afterward, one juror said Moon made the right move.

    “I think that the judge spoke to the evidence presented and made a good decision,” Steve Kell said.

    The young girl’s mother, however, said she was horrified by the outcome.

    “I broke down, and I had to cry,” she said.

    The girl’s mother said she became increasingly alarmed by Strom’s conduct toward her daughter, who was friends and classmates with Strom’s stepdaughter.

    The woman said her fears increased after the child received an anonymous bouquet of roses and white lilies on her birthday.

    Suspecting Strom as the sender, the mother called the Sexual Assault Resource Agency in Charlottesville and asked what to do.

    After a short conversation, the SARA counselor looked up Strom’s name on the Internet and discovered his affiliation with the white supremacist movement. She called the girl’s mother back and gave her the news.

    “Then my heart went up in my throat and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh,’” the mother said.

    The woman said police contacted her shortly thereafter, and though she is disappointed with the judge’s decision, she’s glad Strom was arrested.

    “Until [she] is 30, I’m still going to be afraid that he’s still interested in her,” the woman said.

    Strom was also charged with attempting to intimidate a witness. Authorities alleged that he physically assaulted his wife, Elisha Strom, and that he filed criminal and civil charges against her as retaliation after she reported him to the authorities.

    Elisha Strom, 32, testified that her suspicions were raised after she caught her husband looking at child pornography. Kevin Strom still faces separate child pornography charges.

    Detective Brian O’Donnell testified Wednesday that Kevin Strom had admitted that his wife caught him “masturbating to pictures of young girls.”

    Before dismissing the charge, the judge questioned the relevancy of that accusation.

    “She caught him masturbating, but I’m sure that he was not the only one in the county doing that,” Moon said in court. “And it’s not a crime, so far.”

    Moon ruled that a physical fight between the married couple occurred well before any official proceedings were under way, and therefore couldn’t be construed as witness intimidation. Pursuing the criminal and civil charges against her was Strom’s constitutional right, he said.

    “I don’t think this case comes even close to making either the obstruction charge or the enticement charge,” he said.

    Kevin Strom remains in jail pending his January trial on child pornography charges, though he could request a bond hearing.

    Archived at the Library of Congress, Oct. 4, 2007

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Hi! I'm TraitorGlenn Miller and I support bowel-Movement Self-Admitted Guilty-Pleading Convicted Pedophiles who are ZOGbots.

    Hi! I'm TraitorGlenn Miller and I support bowel-Movement Self-Admitted Guilty-Pleading Convicted Pedophiles who are ZOGbots.


    Did yaw'll read this editorial in the Charlottsville (VA) Times ?? It pretty much exonerates Kevin Strom.

    Kevin wasn't found guilty of shit. He pleaded guilty to one count of possession of child pornography, because the alternative to a guilty plea was a strong probability he'd have been found guilty of one or more of the other charges piled against him, for the sole reason he's a high profile white "supremacist" and a highly successful exposer of the jewish menace.

    Had he not pleaded guilty to one count, he'd have served 10 years or more, in a nigger infested prison, and as a convicted child sex offender, at that.

    Furthermore, get this: You are guilty of possession of child pornography on your computer, even if you don't know it's there. That's the freakin law, according to the Charlottsville editorial.

    Who among you wouldn't have done exactly what Kevin did ??

    This clearly means that any, and all of us, are vulnerable to exactly what Kevin faced.

    NOTE: I admit I'm no great authority on this case. I never developed a strong interest because I'd never met Kevin, and I always figured he was just another cyber space WN intellectual.

    Now this from The Charlottsville Times:

    "The Kevin Alfred Strom Case
    Posted by Editor in Opinion on 09 2nd, 2010

    Kevin Alfred Strom (pictured) — the Charlottesville man who’s accused of being a racist and who pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography in a politically tinged case in which his main accuser was cop-follower/blogger estranged spouse Elisha Strom (herself now convicted of obstruction of justice) — staunchly maintains his innocence. What should the community’s attitude be to him? — Ed.

    by D. Peter Maus

    I’M GOING TO BE CAUTIOUS about addressing the politics, here, because I often find Kevin Strom’s politics to be uncomfortable, but he’s made a point that’s not altogether out of line. And raises legitimate questions about what actually happened, here.

    Convicted upon the facts, perhaps. Convicted on the evidence, perhaps. And the truth is that only Kevin really knows what actually happened when the authorities came calling.

    But, child porn is one of today’s hot button issues. Like heroin in the 50′s and cocaine in the 70′s, child porn is one of those issues that generally gets a pass when questions are raised about procedure in law enforcement. But, like heroin and cocaine, child porn has been made very easy to convict on. In fact, one need not even know one is in possession to be convicted. Hidden in clauses of bills like DMCA, are items making the reception, even if unsolicited or unknown, of child porn an actionable, criminal offense.

    In that light, it’s very much like heroin and cocaine: Plant an item, try in the press, convict on the evidence.

    Especially easy, when the target is politically hot, as is Kevin Strom.

    There are few better ways to destroy someone in this culture than to attach their name to something like child porn. And that, alone, should raise questions when it happens to a politically charged citizen. Who benefits from the diminution of a politically charged citizen, unless it is someone who is politically invested?

    Consider also, that we no longer accept the completed sentence as ‘payment in full’ for an offense in this society. No longer does the convict get a clean start, and an opportunity to rebuild their life after it’s been leveled by the legal system. No longer does the past get to be the past. Today, we have websites, we have registries, we have notices that there are convicts living among us. None more reviled than the child molester, or the ‘sex offender.’ And they are tarred for all time with that epithet.

    Even if they are not actually guilty.

    You think that doesn’t happen?

    Just an example: Half of the people on death row in Illinois were proven to have been innocent when the evidence could be more coolly and more accurately examined. Let me repeat. Half of the people on death row in Illinois were proven to have been wrongly convicted.

    Does anyone think that can’t happen in any other state?

    Anyone think that can’t happen with those accused of sex crimes?

    ESPECIALLY when there is a politically charged component to someone’s life?

    Then consider this: Even the judge in Kevin’s case said the prosecutors were out of line and dismissed the bulk of actions as flimsy abuses of process. He even acknowledged that Federal agents were prosecuting what was, in fact, a local matter. But, Kevin’s politics stabbed at the heart of the Federal Government. If that’s not a coincidence, it needs to be proven.

    And the single count upon which he was convicted was based on a confession extorted against threats of the horrors of a life in a federal prison as a sex crime convict.

    Consider also, that he has sole custody of his children. Something a judge would not permit were he actually believed guilty of a sex crime.

    And he has ready access to Internet traffic. Something that also would not be permitted, were he believed to be guilty.

    These things must be considered when evaluating the conviction against Kevin’s rebuttal. But, as a culture, we don’t. Because ‘child porn’ is attached to the matter.

    The entire Constitution of the United States was written by men with an innate distrust of the power of government, and the fear of the abuses of men overwhelmed by power. They specifically prohibited the creation of propaganda organs of government to bamboozle the public with false witness, and guaranteed a free press to protect themselves from such an abomination. (Which we have since voluntarily abrogated, apparently.) They were men who’d experienced first hand the horrors of power. And they created a legal system designed to protect the innocent, and protect the falsely accused, by remaining institutionally skeptical, and questioning everything said about someone, putting in place safeguards to protect the human rights of the accused against legal abuses, and allowing for the true recovery of one’s life after conviction. So that once sentence is served, the prosecution ends. Unless provoked by a next offense.

    We’ve gotten away from all of that. We try in the press. The government forms alliances with media (Google has an office in the White House, for Christ’s sake). We empower one class against the other. (In Florida, a man is automatically removed from his home on charges of spousal abuse, even if the accusation is made anonymously by phone from out of state by someone who’s never met either party. Conviction is also nearly automatic. And this is becoming the standard across the States.) We persecute at whim. We prosecute for unpopularity of language. We erase protections from abuse, and presumptions of innocence. We register released offenders. And we persecute in perpetuity.

    And we do it without the skepticism that the Founding Fathers specifically codified into the structure of the Nation. The skepticism that ensures the protection of the rights of the accused. The skepticism that ensures the pursuit of the absolute truth.

    That, alone, should raise questions that deserve answers about every conviction, every accusation, every interview of a citizen whose politics stand in opposition to the Government.

    It is our right to dissent. Guaranteed by the Constitution. It is our right to oppose. It’s how we keep the government honest. To limit the power of what Paine termed ‘a necessary evil.’

    And, yet….

    Again, Kevin, alone, knows what the truth really is. But in the case of one so politically charged, we should all be skeptical of what is said about him. It may, indeed be true. But in a case where politics figure so prominently in the irregular pursuit of citizen, we must remain skeptical.



    My Side of The Story

    The Whigger Fuktard Party

    My FBI Ghostwritten Book - "A Whigger Mamzer Rat Sqeaks Out"

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    Default Flyover cuntree whiggers needs must listen to jew yawk shitty wops about the proper way to run a ZOG false front

    Flyover cuntree whiggers needs must listen to jew yawk shitty wops about the proper way to run a ZOG false front


    What these guys never ever begin to understand - or maybe it's narcissism, or just dopiness instead - is that white people as a racial subset are not exponentially worse off despite their "activism" in the 90s and beyond, but because of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Another mamzer

    Without Pierce, the NA is worthless. It's not coming back.

    Agreed. Its only moments of forward momentum came under his stewardship.

    One other point maybe worth pondering; in terms of his cultural cachet.....the semi-respectability crucial to getting your message heard and disseminated by people not already on your team ....the NA made its most important gains in what we would call the pre and early-internet age. Maybe there's a connection there. Until now, the official story has been Pierce died, and they decided to take money from skinheads and similar sorts of missing links Pierce warned his people to shun like cancer, and that was pretty much all she wrote.

    Maybe the other story is the megapopularity-unto-ubiquitousness of the Net in this century only underlined the shabby, irrational, and often-deranged nature of online white nationalism, and as the oughts became the teens and the Net itself became widely viewed as a necessary-but-dangerous portal through which narcissists self-obsess, nerds hide from reality, children are corrupted and co-opted, bottom-feeders wallow in society's yellowest discharges, and dangerous lunatics openly post their recipes for mass murder for the world to see, it became easier and easier to remain silent as more and more ominous 'safeguards' and 'restraints' were placed on free speech, usually ending in a federal-court kangaroo trial....only in this case, silence meaning consent. All I know is 10 and 20 years ago there was a groundswell driving a growing whte consciousness, and now it's a fringe ideology for fringe individuals.

    You know what it might mean? It might mean that people aren't very happy at having niggers thrust upon them by schools and government and especially the media, and they're even less happy about the prospect of the browning of the future.....but that they don't want any part of the swastika t-shirt, worse-is-better, Hitler-was-right crowd as an alternative. (If anything, their revulsion at such Grand Guignol hillbillies slightly dissipates their unease at Paco and Pinchas!) See, for one thing a lot of these people have families.....while we've got an army of childless experts in replacement-birth demographics in our ranks. Sorry, but it's like that. Go to any WN or WN-ish board and soak in the unrestrained contempt directed at soccer moms, than whom the only things lower are single moms (mudshark single-moms being the absolute bottom rung). Then wonder to yourself where in the world all those white babies that Our Ultimate Victory will require are supposed to come from. Lindstedt's rape camp, perhaps?

    The fact that, even now, you have to sit down and explain to the WN diehards how perception is often reality, and you're battling for hearts and minds, and you can no more inspire with belligerence and threats than you can issue declarations of war from a trailer park and then expect respectful recognition for your "credibility" and "activism", is mind-boggling......but of course you always do. That's because the typical WN strategy for, let's say, countering the horrible publicity and negative growth incurred by the Kevin Strom mess..... is to reinstate Strom as leader, shout down any naysayers with "He's NOT a fag! Hail victory!" and then write down the names of anyone spotted murmuring or passing notes in the crowd during Strom's opening poetry excerpt.

    There's no point arguing or even acknowledging these people, they're so ridiculous. Does anyone doubt that David Duke and Glenn Miller and Bill White and Harold Covington and God help us Hunter Wallace will all still be game-pieces on the WN checkerboard (these people don't rate the standard 'chess' reference) in five and ten years time? Twenty, God willing and the Medicare holds out?

    I've said before that it will take time, and a better breed of white man - honed through calamity, deprivation and disaster yet to come - to revive, restore and maybe reimagine civilization into something that won't fall apart two days after the glue dries. But by that point our whole present way of life may be nothing but tales told to babes by their grandmothers; pictures in a scrapbook; worse yet, artifacts in somebody else's Forbidden Zone. Trust me - you can beat your chest like a bull gorilla all you want but you don't want to live like that...not after a life full of paved roads and potable tap water and an operational power-grid, you don't - because nobody in their right mind who's living now wants that.

    The Spider Knows!!!

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    Default There is a good reason for calling it "pedophorafags/feebs"

    There is a good reason for calling it "pedophorafags/feebs"


    I see that the ramblings of a confessed pedophile are still allowed to be posted on this site. Says a lot about the members and admin that they allow this to happen. In future whenever anyone talks of the phora, it will be, that place that freely allows a pedophile and his friends to post. I dont see Williams posting Stroms crap over on Stormfront even though he is a member there and has defended strom there as well. Never thought I would ever say this,but it looks that even stormfront has better standards than this place

    One of 170 million in the ZOGland bothering 120 million whiggers!!!

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    Default Pedophorafags/feebs bans people who go against our jew ZOGbot business of promoting other pedophiles and mamzer ZOG false fronts

    Pedophorafags/feebs bans people who go against our jew ZOGbot business of promoting other pedophiles and mamzer ZOG false fronts


    Quote Originally Posted by Some Mamzer View Post
    There is a good reason for calling it "pedophorafags/feebs"


    I see that the ramblings of a confessed pedophile are still allowed to be posted on this site. Says a lot about the members and admin that they allow this to happen. In future whenever anyone talks of the phora, it will be, that place that freely allows a pedophile and his friends to post. I dont see Williams posting Stroms crap over on Stormfront even though he is a member there and has defended strom there as well. Never thought I would ever say this,but it looks that even stormfront has better standards than this place
    You still don't get it, huh? We don't ban people because someone like you stomps their foot and demands it. We ban people who are genuine White Nationalists while letting in jews, perverts, and mamzers pretending to be White Nationalists because we are mostly jews and mamzers ourselves also pretending to be White Nationalists. If anyone gets banned, it will probably be you because you are embarrassing us with the truth -- that we are indeed supporting self-admitted guilty-pleading perverts like Kevin Alfred Strom and working ass-to-mouth with WhiggerSwill Welas as a ZOG false front..

    Now settle down and stop shitpoasting. This is NOT really a free speech forum for Whites, never was, any more than that gut-sick kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS Alex Linderwitz' tard corral ever was. We are a collection of jews and mongrels and ass-clowns running a tard corral in order to datamine all along. This is jewr last chance, you Greek mongrel pretending to be an Aussie hibernigger poofter.


    jewboy -- Misbegotten Spawn of Satan
    2d in Evil only behind yenta jew-grrrrrl

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    Default Ban me, you Balkanoid judenmamzer pedophorafag/feeb bitch Overwatch/88cmCrack. Suck Kevin Alfred Strom's pedophile cock. So much for the pretense.

    Ban me, you Balkanoid judenmamzer pedophorafag/feeb bitch Overwatch/88cmCrack.

    Suck Kevin Alfred Strom's pedophile cock.

    So much for the pretense of Freedumb of Speech on this jew mongrel forum.


    Quote Originally Posted by jewboy/88cmCrack/OverBalkanoidspam-mamzer-Watch View Post
    Pedophorafags/feebs bans people who go against our jew ZOGbot business of promoting other pedophiles and mamzer ZOG false fronts


    You still don't get it, huh? We don't ban people because someone like you stomps their foot and demands it. We ban people who are genuine White Nationalists while letting in jews, perverts, and mamzers pretending to be White Nationalists because we are mostly jews and mamzers ourselves also pretending to be White Nationalists. If anyone gets banned, it will probably be you because you are embarrassing us with the truth -- that we are indeed supporting self-admitted guilty-pleading perverts like Kevin Alfred Strom and working ass-to-mouth with WhiggerSwill Welas as a ZOG false front..

    Now settle down and stop shitpoasting. This is NOT really a free speech forum for Whites, never was, any more than that gut-sick kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS Alex Linderwitz' tard corral ever was. We are a collection of jews and mongrels and ass-clowns running a tard corral in order to datamine all along. This is jewr last chance, you Greek mongrel pretending to be an Aussie hibernigger poofter.

    you regard someone questioning a defender of pedophiles as shitposting(there is no A in post by the way). Fine go ahead, ban me. All that will prove is that you would rather allow defenders of pedophiles as well as the pedophile in question to remain, says something about you, doesn't it bitch.You are most likely a jew as well since no White person of good character would stand up for a pedophile and its defenders. Williams is a lunatic and a defender of a self confessed pedophile,yet you would rather keep him as a member while banning another member who questions that.

    Ban me if you want,but dont bother trying to claim any moral high ground,you lost that when you chose to defend Williams and Strom over a member who questions things. Freedom of speech includes the right to question those who make the rules

    I'm Little Butt I'm Loud!!!

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    Default Urban Legend: Jim Ring -- NOT Kevin Alfred Strom -- is the best man to lead Dr. Pierce's National Alliance

    Urban Legend: Jim Ring -- NOT Kevin Alfred Strom -- is the best man to lead Dr. Pierce's National Alliance


    There's a lot of drama surrounding Jim Ring and his NARRG (National Alliance Reform & Restoration) outfit the past couple of months. Jim has been linked to Harold Covington, of all people, through his buddy, Covingtonista Rodney Martin. So Ring, with Martin behind him, has sued Erich Gliebe, Chairman of what's left of the rump Alliance:


    I'm not sure of Jim Ring's legal theory as to why he thinks he deserves to take over the National Alliance.

    Ring has pissed off Erich Gliebe's ex-wife to the extent that she wrote this colorful piece (not suitable for children).



    __________________________________________________ __

    A White Power Love Story: Jim Ring & Maria Papadopoulos


    Since leaving the rot-gut sub-culture of hell I regularly refer to as “White Power World,” my life has been so much easier, meaningful, and healthier in every aspect. It brings me peace of mind to be on the outside looking backwards at all the human garbage I left behind. And writing about the truth of it all has been very therapeutic to help me overcome the trauma of what I experienced by making that very bad life-altering decision of being involved with these people. After all, isn’t writing much more “moral” than smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or relying on toxic psychiatric drugs to ease the pain?

    After years of being viciously attacked for being a former stripper and Playboy model and living through the hypocrisy of White Power World, I am now more confused than ever on what morality is to these people. And it seems that the White Power movement is more concerned with morality issues than supposedly ‘saving the White DNA;’ justifying it by ignorantly thinking that morality, instead of science, is going to save White DNA. This might be because of all the criminals and degenerate scumbags that are attracted to this deviant sub-culture like moths to a flame. The White Power herd apparently must need these moral rules to keep each other in line where mature, reasonable adults don’t need to bother with pushing morality, as they are naturally thoughtful and considerate to the world around them.

    You would think that these people who try to continue making my life a living hell by keeping me sucked in their miserable, sad lives and their expired, no-longer-relevant Cause, would give up on me and focus on someone else. I should, however, be grateful that they make it easy for me to continue to point out their hypocrisy and sheer academic stupidity, giving me further confirmation that leaving them behind in a trail of ripped up pages of the Turner Diaries was the right thing to do. There is life after White Power World and I hope that by sharing my bizarre experiences I will be able to save a life or two from what I had to go through.

    For first time since I officially joined their useless Cause, by becoming a member of the National Alliance in July of 2004, I am on the offense.

    Two of these people who are now showing up on my radar and are mistakenly attacking me on the Internet in typical White Power fashion are Hitler nerd and K-Mart clothes hanger, Jim Ring, and his dream girl, this dumpy Greek hag that has a Führer fetish and works in a hole-in-the-wall restaurant as a cashier named Maria Papadopoulos. California couldn’t be luckier to have these two idiots sucking up their limited natural resources, but it just wouldn’t be White Power World as we know it without them.

    Jim Ring or “K-Mart Man” as I like to call him, has apparently read my super-awesome article on the real morality of one of his White Power Gods, the late Dr. William Pierce, founder of the ailing National Alliance, and felt compelled or possessed or something by his spooky ancestral spirits – to publicly respond to it by attacking me. Jim should have kept his mouth shut and laid low and rode this out until the shock of it all eventually died down. But, no . . . K-Mart Man had to climb up on his Internet soap box, or rather the website he and his son high-jacked from the National Alliance, to try to defend his 2nd best God after Hitler by predictably and cowardly attacking the messenger and not the message. Dr. William Pierce was an immoral hypocrite, period. Deal with it.

    I guess I should have anticipated that Jim Ring would not like that I exposed Dr. Pierce because it might somehow negatively affect his hell-bent desire to be the Chairman of the now decaying National Alliance, in which I was the one who suggested he become a year ago to get my ex-husband Erich Gliebe out of there for the sake of our son and a long list of other valid reasons. It’s not like Jim Ring even enters my mind when I think about the NA, that’s how much of a non-impression he made on me the one time I met the little Hitler nerd.

    Part I - Maria Papadopoulos aka “Dumpster Head”



    Let’s get this straightened out right now: The real reasons why Jim Ring is trying to make himself Chairman of the National Alliance and take it away from Erich Gliebe is not just to keep Erich from making any money from what’s left of the National Alliance, but Jim’s real agenda and motivation is to win the ultimate grand prize… and that prize would be to gain the affection and attention of his fellow Hitler worshipper, Maria Papadopoulos, more commonly known throughout the White Power movement as “Dumpster Head.” The guys in White Power World call her Dumpster Head because she’s so hideous that they claim they would only receive oral sex from her at night besides a dumpster.

    You must know that Maria has a Führer Fetish that is way out of control. To put it bluntly, if Vladimir Putin is reading this, please lock your doors. It started with an American military guy then she upgraded to former candidate for “President of the Americas,” John DeNugent, whom she cyber stalked and regularly publicly praised and worshipped. Then on to her full-scale mission to nab Erich, and then to some allegedly married guy named Tom that she was completely destroyed over because he paid more attention to his daughters than her. And who knows how many stalker emails other Führers like David Duke or Kevin Strom got from Maria.

    Jim is 100% totally and undeniably infatuated with Dumpster Head and has repeatedly made statements to several NA members over and over again that he thinks Maria “is the real thing” and goes out of his way to try to impress her. California members have also reported that Jim Ring spends countless hours on the phone with Maria. And poor little Jim has had to endure Maria’s fetish for other Führers besides himself, like for instance, her going after Erich.

    At the October 2012 leadership conference, Jim Ring was freaking out worried to death because Maria had shown up a day early unannounced with her alleged married man Tom. Maria was all upset there was a mouse in the building. Jim kept stressing out saying, “I just wish she hadn’t shown up so early, I just wish she hadn’t seen the building.” But Robert Ransdell, who was clearly stunned that Maria could get any guy at all, asked: “Why would Tom want to be with such an unattractive woman?”

    Can you imagine the torture K-Mart Man had to go through, having to maintain his fake professionalism, while watching Gliebe get the girl? Poor little dude, I almost feel sorry for him. Now, if you read my article on Dr. Pierce, you will recall that I mentioned that men are usually motivated by sex and money, or both. And here we go again with another classic tale of men battling it out and going to a full-scale war over a woman, and money, but mostly a woman… except in Maria’s case a female that more closely resembles a wildebeest with the hands of a man.

    The whole catalyst of why Jim Ring turned against Erich Gliebe after seven years of kissing his ass and being Erich’s biggest cheerleader in the NA, was not at all due to his performance, or lack thereof as Chairman of the National Alliance, it all was because Jim wants Maria but Maria wanted Erich.


    Maria initially came aboard the White Power scene a week or so after my divorce with Erich was finalized in October of 2009, uninvited, at a National Alliance leadership conference in West Virginia. Within twelve hoursof meeting Erich for the first time ever, she changed her goal of pursuing John DeNugent to Erich Gliebe and had manipulated Erich to where she was on her knees in the main building hall giving him oral sex. She had told Erich that she was going to give her money to John DeNugent but had changed her mind and was now going to give it to Erich. Then, she told Erich that she didn’t feel comfortable staying in the same motel room as one of Willis Carto’s guys, and so Erich offered her a couch in the main building, and the rest is well . . . . you know, not anything that Dr. Pierce wouldn’t do.

    At the 3rd and last National Alliance leadership conference Maria attended in 2012 she brought along her allegedly married Führer with the plumber crack, Tom. They stayed in Marlinton in a motel room that was right next door to a couple other NA members who were annoyed with the noises of moaning and bed squeaking coming from Maria and Tom’s room. This resulted in her being the butt of many jokes during the rest of the leadership conference.

    And it was Jim Ring who told Erich Gliebe that the guy Maria was sleeping with (after she couldn’t buy Erich), Tom Hunt, is married with a family. Does adultery count as morality for Jim Ring? Do you see why I am confused on what morality is supposed to be for these idiots?

    So pay attention ladies, this is what Maria Papadopoulos’s strategy is for how to land a Führer:
    Step 1: Send the Chairman countless love letters, emails, pictures, and Grandma-like care packages of undershirts, socks, food products, including stale Greek baklava, Irish oatmeal, rice, soup, and rock hardcookies. (See Exhibit A at bottom of this article.)

    Step 2: Offer to pay for trips anywhere in the world and romantic getaways with the Chairman and send him pamphlets and brochures of potential destinations.

    Step 3: Offer to pay for absolutely everything for your Führer, including, but not limited to, dinners and plane tickets.

    Step 4: Regularly insult the Chairman’s ex-wife and make him feel guilty about how he handles her.

    Step 5: Play footsy under the table with the Chairman at the lounge after leadership conferences in the Marlinton Motor Inn with a table full of members.

    Step 6: Rub semen all over yourself for the Chairman.

    But apparently Maria’s strategy of trying to buy a Führer doesn’t work. Erich had made it perfectly clear to Maria, on more than one occasion, that he was not ready for a relationship so soon after his divorce. So Maria would hatefully accuse him of being unappreciative because she claimed that, “any other man would die to receive gifts from her.” She kept pestering Erich to come out to San Diego, and when he went, she tried to trap him thereby booking an extra day without telling him about it. Maria would throw money at Erich, but then all of the sudden wanted it back plus Interest when she finally got it through her Dumpster Head that her investment wasn’t paying off and wasn’t going to have a relationship with the Chairman after all.

    Let’s talk about just how scary it is for mankind when Maria doesn’t get her way. Erich informed me that one night in Cleveland when she was on her mission to nab a Chairman, Erich had refused sex with her, so Maria threw the most bizarre 2-year old kind of temper tantrum, complete with stomping on the floor like a child while huffing and puffing around the room. This totally freaked Erich out, as he has never experienced anything like this from a woman in his life, let alone a now 53-year-old grown woman with 4 kids, by 2 different daddies.

    Maria’s rage and inability to handle this rejection escalated into threats to take Erich to court and sue him for all the things she had given him. And presently, her anger and spitefulness has gotten so out of control, that she now just pulls the puppet strings on her little Führer, Jim Ring, and has successfully dragged half a dozen naïve former NA members in on her vengeance. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    Clever girl, this Maria Papadopoulos thinks that she is. But, in her life-long quest to be the next Ava Braun, future wife and sex panther of the next great Führer, she has carelessly and selfishly left behind a string of disgruntled people she has used, manipulated, and betrayed. In one way or another, they all somehow got in her way of reaching her goal of finding the most powerful “White Warrior” she could pick out from a book of dead Greek Gods or an Internet website on Viking re-enactors.

    The most recent of those she used and abused being myself, who mistakenly trusted her and allowed her to develop her fraudulent form of friendship. Thankfully, it was long distance, but the truth, as always, comes out and I find out that our fake friendship was just so Maria could have someone else to listen to her complain about how horrible Erich Gliebe is for not wanting her. And just like a true White Power gal that chases off any females smarter and better than them, she further drives the knife in my back by posting lies about me on the Internet accusing me of being on Erich’s side.

    Dear morons of the world, I am not on Erich Gliebe’s side. I am on my child’s side - and - I am on my side, and that is it. The sooner you get that through your primitive caveman skulls, the better off we will all be.

    Part II: Jim Ring aka K-Mart Man

    Now let’s focus on the little Hitler nerd himself, K-Mart Man.

    I am still undecided on who has caused the most damage to the pro-White movement due to preaching about morality while simultaneously being a hypocrite, Jim Ring or Kevin Strom. Tough call. We know what happened to Kevin Strom and his charges for pedophilia, so let’s just put it all out there on the table and sort it out with K-Mart Man. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the people who preach the most about morality are always the ones with the most skeletons in their closet.

    Let’s just start off with Jim Ring’s idea of becoming Chairman. That was a direct result of me trying to find a replacement Chairman for Erich and telling Jim that he should be - which is exactly like I did with Shaun Walker, except in that case Erich actually stepped down to allow Shaun to be Chairman. I don’t care what useless idiot, ego-maniac, wanna-be Führer takes over the National Alliance, just as long that Erich is out of it for the best interest of his son. And besides that, it’s completely stupid and pointless now to promote race when there’s genetic engineering and robotics. (And Jim was told about these technologies that are resulting in the end of race, and therefore racism, but he is too stupid to grasp anything scientific.)

    Jim also claimed he didn’t want to be Chairman back in October 2012, yet he told Erich on the phone that he really did want to be Chairman and then lied to other NA members about it while trying to promote Robert Ransdell for the job.

    But, Jim’s got big, big problems right now since he quit the National Alliance last year because Jim Ring is a career White Power guy with all of his eggs in one basket, a much worse position to be in than a career stripper. With his bad track record of hopping around and burning bridges with all the various other White Power organizations that have existed, the unstable National Alliance is really his only move on the chessboard.

    Jim Ring is not smart enough to start an organization on his own like Dr. Pierce. He has no charisma, like Rockwell. He has no creativity or future insight, or even balls to spell out the truth about religion like Klassen did. He has no sense of humor or personality to attract followers other than just the people that are pissed off at Erich Gliebe, just like Kevin “the Weenie” Strom did when he broke off from the National Alliance and took on the movement retreads. Dr. Pierce talks about Jim Ring in the membership handbook under “Empire Builder” as he clearly sees himself as some kind of master strategist and great leader, yet he can only attract 10 people at one of his cub-scout like camping trips and half of them come from one family.

    Jim Ring hasn’t written any books. In fact, Jim Ring hasn’t done anything at all Chairman-like that you would expect from a “great White leader.” The only thing he’s done is high-jack a National Alliance website and attack other goofballs in the movement.

    And Jim’s resume is hardly impressive, either. In November of 2002, at the Western Regional Conference, Jim gave some long drawn out repetitive speech about gun shows and people were passing notes to him telling him to, “end it, already!” and he threw the note on the floor in open disgust. For 30 minutes of that boring speech, he talked about why you shouldn’t eat behind a table at a gun show. Now fast-forward all the way up ten years later to the 2012 leadership conference, K-Mart Man gave such a boring speech the only thing people could remember about it was his bizarre statement, “I have money now.” All these years in White Power world, and that’s all that can be remembered about Jim Ring’s speeches. He’s hardly inspiring the masses if he can’t even inspire his fellow comrades.

    I knew Jim was a lost cause when I kept stressing to Dumpster Head Maria that if he really wanted to be a Chairman then he needed to just start acting like one and just do the job, and that the buildings, the property, the books and office in West Virginia shouldn’t be preventing him from doing the necessary writings, broadcasts, and all those Chairman-like activities that Chairmans of racist organizations like to do.

    K-Mart Man now thinks he’s some kind of tough guy for having some bogus lawsuit trying to sue Erich for $2 million dollars, which is totally hilarious on so many levels. The main point being that he’s using the same exact System expecting justice and a fair trial from the same exact System he is supposedly fighting against!! God, how hilarious it is when these White Power idiots use the legal system they hate and hates them!! It never turns out good for anybody but the attorneys.

    And Jim has had some experience with the legal system already. In fact, it was so scary for him back in 2000, that he actually quit the National Alliance over it. (Refer to Exhibit B - letter to Dr. Pierce from Jim Ring at the end of this masterpiece talking about why he resigned.) Apparently, Jim was involved in some pretty sketchy stuff that we will get into more detail another time. Then, Jim quits the National Alliance again in October 2012, because he decides he doesn’t like Erich anymore. In fact, Jim has quit every group he’s ever been in, including the Klan, the New Order, the NS Kindred Nazi commune; he’s a career quitter! You can’t have a track record of quitting when you’re trying to be a Führer, it just doesn’t fly. What’s Jim Ring going to do, pull a Ross Perot and quit the first time he is threatened and then jump back in the game when he feels safe?

    And Jim with all his preaching and whining and bitching about morality has not one, but two failed marriages and had no relationship at all with one of his kids because of “the Cause.” He even told Erich, not once, but twice, that he should “Give up his son, already!” What the hell was he thinking? How DARE Jim Ring suggest my son not have a Father! Is Jim Ring really that much of a follower that he has to copy everything about Dr. Pierce down to the last dirty detail of giving up his kids? Next thing I hear about Jim, Maria will have scratched his eyes out and he’ll be ordering mail order brides. Because he’s that follower-slave type of personality, you know, the guy who follows verbatim what their leaders-masters tell them to do. He’s that guy.

    K-Mart Man walks around wearing his shirt unbuttoned with a giant life rune like some kind of White Power version of a Jersey Shore Guido -hairy chest sticking out and a set of man boobs and all. And I can almost see the little man right now…. sitting there behind his computer monitor… staring at it with that infamous Jim Ring - I take myself way too seriously - intensity. Because when you read the definition of “wound-tight,” you see a picture of Jim Ring. K-Mart Man is definitely a ticking time bomb with that Napoleonic complex just waiting to explode – yeah, he’s creepy.

    Jim Ring is also such a cowardly little sneak he tried to lobby Shaun Walker to kick me out of the National Alliance back in 2006 for simply posting on the Resistance forum. He wanted me kicked out of the Alliance for defending myself against my attackers. And he has insulted me to everyone who will listen and has even thrown away the Resistance magazines with my interview in it because he can’t stand that I didn’t feel ashamed of the stripping and try to hide it. While Jim is busy hanging clothes up on the racks of K-Mart, I can take them off and make the same money in one night that he makes in a week. Who is the smarter one here? While I write articles and use my own name, he and Maria use fake screen names.

    Jim won’t even publish my comments on his high-jacked website, cutting off my Free Speech while pretending to fight for people that are being imprisoned for using it. Hypocrite.

    When Jim Ring heard about a former member looking at girls online, he said it was “disgusting,” but he has no problem burying his head inthe sand when it comes to Dr. Pierce’s enthusiasm for pornography. When he was living at the Nazi commune in Northern California, the leader used to walk around naked, and again he buried his head in the sand about it.

    So, here we are ladies and gentleman, with another few hours of great content for a comedy sketch and look into this insane, hypocritical subculture of idiots. So sit back and enjoy this comedy show, and let’s see what else transpires (more to come) with the Jim Ring and Maria Papadopolous “WhitePower Love Story.”


    Did you know, Cunterre, that while us red niggers didn't invent drunkenness -- merely improved on it -- we did invent syphilis???

    Us solipsistic anglo-mestizos would morph into a jew or a nigger if that meant that we could get rid of Christianity!!!

    Cosmotology -- Nature's Eternal way of straightening and lightening up kinky black hair!!!

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    Default National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe Facing Two Million Dollar Lawsuit

    National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe Facing Two Million Dollar Lawsuit

    By Fat-Heidi Beirich,
    Deutch-Yenta-skank Do-nut Whore desperately wanting "whigger input"
    Intelligence Special jew short-bus Project Director

    February 10, 2014


    The infighting over the remnants of the once mighty neo-Nazi National Alliance (NA) is spinning out of control. At one time the country’s premier hate organization, the now flailing NA has spawned two offshoots recently claiming its inheritance.

    One of those spinoffs, the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group, using the clunky acronym NARRG, is suing the NA Chairman Erich Gliebe and the group’s two remaining board members, Ryan Maziarka and Jayne Cartwright, over what’s left from the NA’s glory days.

    The Alliance was founded by Dr. William Pierce, a former physics professor and the author of The Turner Diaries, the novel that inspired the Oklahoma City bombing. Since Pierce’s death in 2002, the group, which at one time had 17 paid staffers, 1,700 members and a seven-figure income, has suffered from near incessant infighting. In the past few months, Gliebe has ended the group as a membership organization and has put the organization's West Virginia compound up for sale.

    According to a posting on the NARRG website, the lawsuit is a civil action that aims “for the removal of said persons from their positions of authority in the organization and also each person to be held financially accountable for damages done to the organization under their watch.” The lawsuit is described as “containing a plethora of civil allegations of wrong-doing and complaints stemming from a myriad of instances of malfeasance, misfeasance, illegalities and irregularities” that cover the period from 2003 to the present. NARRG says the bulk of the suit is directed at Gliebe, but Maziarka and Cartwright are also targeted “for dereliction of duty as well as being accomplices under Erich Gliebe’s direction allowing the state of affairs to continue.”

    The names of three of the individuals behind the suit have now been made public. The mailing address on the naarg.com website is the same address as a Carson City, Nev., engineering firm owned by Brian D. Wilson, Wilson Technical Services LTD. Wilson is a named plaintiff in the case filed against Erich Gliebe according Gloucester County, Va., court records.

    Wilson has been involved in the hate movement in other ways. He was photographed attending a Christian Identity Bible camp put on by Dave Barley in 2013 (Christian Identity preaches that Jews are the descendants of Eve and Satan). In addition to his hate interests, Wilson is a senior engineer in the hydraulics section of the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT). He began work for NDOT in 2007 according to a newsletter put out by the agency. As of press time, a call to NDOT’s internal civil rights department had not been returned.

    The other two named plaintiffs are Flournoy Sanders Pierce, 77, the brother of William Pierce, and Jim Ring, a former NA member from California who resigned from the group a year and half ago. NAARG is tight with Sanders Pierce, who is described by NARRG as “closely associated with” it. He was recently interviewed by NARRG supporter Rodney Martin. In the interview, Pierce said his brother greatly admired Adolf Hitler and was a dedicated National Socialist.

    Sanders Pierce refused comment about the lawsuit when contacted by Hatewatch.

    Ring broke off from the NA in October 2012 in order “save the organization from going into complete obscurity.” Ring wrote at the time that he made the “sacrifice’’ of quitting only after “extensive talks with the chairman over the miserable state of the organization under his long tenure of this past demoralizing decade.” He said he hoped his resignation from the NA – to which he devoted 22 of his more than 40 years in organized hate – would “wake the chairman from his continuous slumber and inattention.” Less than a week after Ring resigned, his son Connor Ring took down two National Alliance websites as he also resigned in disgust over the state of the NA.

    The court records indicate that Pierce, Wilson and Ring are represented by Daniel A. Harvill, a lawyer in Vienna, Va. When contacted by Hatewatch, Harvill also refused to comment on the suit.

    Apparently, the dispute between Gliebe and NARRG has been going on for some time. Their website reports that “[d]uring a goodly portion of 2013, NARRG attempted in good faith to settle the management issues through an agreement to a legally binding out of court mediation with the aid of an attorney we had engaged for the purpose.” That effort collapsed, according to NAARG, because Gliebe refused mediation. “Left with no other option, NARRG filed a civil action to save the National Alliance,” the website says. “As the case is now in process, no further comment will be made byNARGG for the time being.” NAARG directs supporters to a Paypal account to fund the lawsuit.

    The other NA faction that has arisen recently from the group’s ashes is run by longtime NA members Will Williams and Kevin Strom, who spent time in prison for child pornography. Jim Ring has attacked this effort online. In a January post entitled “A Perverted False Prophet Returns,” Ring didn’t hold back. “It’s bad enough our National Alliance has had to suffer years of Erich Gliebe but now with the entrance of interloper Strom, it would be like going from the frying pan to the fire. As we continue to fight the dishonest and corrupt leader Erich Gliebe and his so-called board of director cronies, you can be certain that we will vigorously do likewise with the pedophile Kevin Strom.”

    Meanwhile, Erich Gliebe’s ex-wife, Erika, is continuing her poisoned pen campaign against prominent former NA members. In a Facebook posting last Thursday, Erika Gliebe published another screed ridiculing Jim Ring as “K-Mart Man.” The post claims Ring’s quest to take over the NA is driven by a wish to “gain the affection and attention of his fellow Hitler worshipper, Maria Papadopoulos, more commonly known throughout the White Power movement as ‘Dumpster Head.’” The reason for this nickname is too sordid to print here.

    The post slams Papadopoulos, who has attended leadership conferences at the NA compound in 2009 and 2012, as having a “Führer Fetish” and, at one time, a sexual relationship with Erich Gliebe. The post is downright vicious for those who want to read more.

    Online court records suggest Gliebe has not yet responded to the civil complaint. It remains unclear if he has even retained counsel.

    The NARRG group seems to be skeptical that Gliebe can mount a legal defense at all. In a post on VNN yesterday, Robert Ransdell suggested Gliebe may fold. "[T]hings truly are looking positive, and possibly for an outcome that won't be a long drawn out thing, finances for the Chairman are evidently not good and he may very well not even be able to retain an attorney, if this happens then a possibility for a quick and positive result may be in the cards," Ransdell wrote.

    Of course, if Gliebe continues to use his ex-wife to attack and antagonize his fellow racists behind-the-scenes, they may be less than open to an amicable settlement.

    The notion that professional racists, who derive a living advocating for the overthrow of the "Zionist Occupational Government," feel compelled to turn to the "ZOG courts" to fight over the carcass of what is left of the National Alliance suggests to some their motivations are more about the money than the message. In a post on VNN last night, former NA member, Alex Linder sarcastically wrote, "[s]o it takes the smell of delicious green money to get the NA remnants back together."

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