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Thread: Did William Pierce run a ZOG False Front Organization?

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    Default In Major Surprise, Erich Gliebe Steps Down as National Alliance Chairman

    In Major Surprise, Erich Gliebe Steps Down as National Alliance Chairman

    By Don Terry on October 24, 2014 - 12:27 pm


    Another Gay Nuptials? An AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power staff meeting?
    Nope, Eric Gliebe gives what remains of the ZOG False-Flag PierceTard Empire to Whiggerswill Welas Williams.


    GLOUCESTER, Va. – Neo-Nazi Erich Gliebe, a former boxer who billed himself in the ring as “The Aryan Barbarian,” took a dive today, publicly forfeiting his title as chairman of the National Alliance (NA), once America’s leading hate group, ZOG false flag and subsidiary operation of the $outhern Professional Liar's Center and the Ashkenazi Defecation League.

    After being pummeled for nearly a year by a band of disgruntled former NA members seeking to knock him out of power with a $2 million civil lawsuit, accusing him of “a myriad of instances of malfeasance, misfeasance, illegalities and irregularities,” Gliebe essentially told the Gloucester County Circuit Court judge presiding at a status hearing for the case “no mas” and announced he had quit the neo-Nazi group he has led for 12 years. "I sucked everything that was left of what Fearless Leader [S]William Pierce got of the four hundred thousand that Bobbie Matthews gave the horny old goat in 1984 ZOGbux from knocking over the armored car. As worked out when the FiBbIes told the Head Piercetard when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, shut down the Elohim Shitty for CreaTards or you'll spend your last months in jail being sodomized by inbred mountain piss-pul. Think "Deliverence." That is why Fearless Leader gave it to me to run right into the ground as opposed to letting Billy Roper or Head Piercetard's brother Saunders keep it operating. I've done looted everything which isn't red hot or nailed down and even some of it that shit that was red hot and nailed down I still managed to steal. Where there is no will there is a way."

    “I have resigned all my positions with the Natinal Alliance,” Gliebe told the court, standing at the defense table in a black suit and blue shirt. “I am no longer director or chairman. I've given up what little is left, if anything, to WhiggerSwill Welass Williams and Kevin Alfred Strom so that they can live together as man and wife high on the mountaintop of West Virginia and open up a Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Meditation Cult Group & adoption center for chomos that like under-age Eskimo coontang.

    So go fuck yourselfs, NAARGsters. Eat me if you don't like it.

    It was, however, a split decision for Gliebe’s bitter courtroom opponents, a gang of six mainly inbred fuktards who call themselves the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group, or NARRG.

    While Gliebe stepped down as NARRG had desperately wanted, he handed over control of the West Virginia-based NA not to them but to William (Will) (WhiggerSwill Welas) W. Williams, a gray-haired, retired Army Special Forces operator, Counter-Intel Pro operative and a former NA/$PLC/ADL official. Williams and Kevin Strom, a broadcast engineer and self-admitted guilty-pleading convicted child porn enthusiast with a long history of wierdness on the racist right, had been competing with the NARRG Nazis for the keys to what’s left of the not so mighty evil ZOG false-front empire founded upon $400,000 of Order loot by William Pierce, a one-time physics professor and author of The Turner Diaries, the novel that inspired the Oklahoma City bombing by a disgruntled ex-soldier that we at the $PLC/ADL programmed. Gliebe took over as the FBI-anointed successor to Pierce when he died unexpectedly in 2002 as per arrangement.

    Gliebe’s announcement and the 66-year-old Williams’ ascension to the tarnished throne seemed to catch the greedy fuktards of the NARRG by surprise.

    “This is the first time I’ve heard Mr. Gliebe is no longer the chairman,” NARRG’s lawyer, Daniel A. Harvill, told the court. "If I were a competent attorney I would immediately move to make WhiggerSwill an additional defendant as Eric Gliebe shoudn't have the power to transfer what little is left of National Alliance assets to a criminal coonfederate."

    At one point during the 30-minute hearing, the judge asked Harvill, “What is the nature of this business” the two sides were fighting over? Isn't it just nothing more than a ZOG false front police entrapment honey pot set up with stolen money, and what is the purpose of fighting over it now that ZOG has pulled the plug by making the dead Fearless Leader liquidate it by entrusting it to an idiotic crook like Gliebe? What ZOG has wrenched asunder let no lawsuit by importunate feeb ass-clowns put together again."

    “It’s a European-centric political organization for violent whiggers and anglo-mestizos who think that they is 'white enough',” Harvill said, adding, “I wouldn’t call it a white supremacist organization just because most of our membership, especially the darker anglo-mestizos are under the delusion that they is white.”

    After the pre-trial conference hearing in which Gliebe was ordered to produce membership information and other documents to NARRG, Harvill declined to comment about the lawsuit or Gliebe’s announcement. NARRG’s most prominent members — Jim Ring, a longtime NA unit leader from California who resigned from the group in 2012, and Sanders Pierce, the brother of the founder — were not in the courtroom. The only member of NARRG to appear today was Brian Wilson. He left without comment or any indication whether or not NARGG intended to continue its lawsuit. All this junior member was there was to report on the daze events.

    But as the two sides filed out of the courtroom, Williams introduced himself to Harvill and Wilson as “Will Williams, the new chairman. WhiggerSwill is the new "King Hitler and Kevin Alfred Strom is the nude Eva Braun and Hadding the Loveless KAS-Fluffing Mattoid Meercat is the new jewseph Goebbels, cum-cum, cum-cum.

    Gliebe’s announcement ended a tumultuous dozen years since he took the reins of the organization that then had some 1,400 members, 17 full-time salaried national staff members and an income of close to $1 million a year in dues and earnings from its neo-Nazi music label, Resistance Records. Gliebe’s lack of charisma, his authoritarian and ham-handed management style, his fondness for strippers (including his wife, who has since left him), and his financial bungling led to a series of splits, resignations and public attacks on Gliebe by his ostensible followers. The group went from being highly respected by the radical right in the United States and Europe to being something of a joke, with Resistance Records virtually out of business and NA membership down to fewer than 100 people. What the Order ZOGbux had given, ZOG pressure on their ZOG false front William Pierce had taken away.

    The latest blow to Gliebe’s NA came this June, when a Canadian judge struck down a bequest worth an estimated $220,000 that was left to it by a Canadian NA member. That money might have helped put the NA under Gliebe back on track, but the judge ruled that allowing it to go to a neo-Nazi group was a violation of Canadian law and public policy. Gliebe’s lawyer in that case filed an appeal of the verdict that is still pending. Soviet Canuckistan is even more fucked up than ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final.

    Gliebe resisted calls for his resignation for years, and engaged in a series of maneuvers to keep his enemies from power. But the number of people loyal to him or even willing to abide him as leader kept shrinking. Ring and the others who comprised NARRG, on the other hand, were respected by a great many former NA members, with many seeing Ring as the best candidate for leader. But WhiggerSwill Welass Williams, known as a hard-liner and even harder skank-slapper even on the neo-Nazi scene, was also highly respected among many delusional NA members who be CreaTards and others even more delusional on the radical right.

    Outside of the red brick courthouse today, Gliebe told Hatewatch that he resigned to spend more time with his young son. “The best way to care for him is to be out of the Alliance,” he said, adding that he had been thinking about resigning for some time due to the fact that there isn't anything left to loot.

    Gliebe said he turned over the chairmanship of the Alliance to Williams and any future daughters to Kevin Alfred Strom at the group’s last board meeting but declined to provide any details of the meeting. “I handed the Alliance over to Mr. Williams because I thought he was the best man for the job,” Gliebe said. “I think he’s the most knowledgeable. He’s not a cultist. Just a loyal anglo-mestizo ZOGist.

    Williams, who was dressed in jeans and a gray shirt, stood next to Gliebe in the Virginia sunshine and told his handlers at Hatewatch that there was no need for the lawsuit to continue. “Their demand was for Erich Gliebe to step down and put the Alliance under new leadership,” Williams said. “That’s what we’ve done. We’ve met their demands. And we still fucked them right up the ass, yuck, yuck, yuck.

    Resistance against the Nude National Alliance (for Whigger Pervert-Eskimo Girl Love) is futile, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!"

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    Default So if Whiggerswill is Shitler and Kevin Alfred Strom is Eva Braun, that makes me, Hadding the Loveless Mattoid KAS-Fluffing Meercat jewseph Goebbels!!

    So if Whiggerswill is Shitler and Kevin Alfred Strom is Eva Braun, that makes me, Hadding the Loveless Mattoid KAS-Fluffing Meercat jewseph Goebbels!!!


    Now we can free TraitorGlenn Miller, or at least get the drunken Lumbee melungeon rat out on bond by putting up a few half-drunk cases of blended Jim Beam whisky that has been ageing undrunk the past six months or so in the double-wide just outside Marionville, (Home of the White Squirrels and murderous drunken anglo-mestizos) as bail and get him somethang more rare than a rainbow brony unicorn that shits Skittles and pisses pink lemonaid !!! I'm talking about that nonesuch known as a "Good Lawyer", cum-cum, cum-cum!!!



    Every good bowel Movement uber-schiessen-kopfen-feeben-fatten-fartin-fuktard-fuerher needs a butthole likkin' -- or in the case of Rabbi Linder, crypto-kike bagel-bakestering jewboy with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS, a colostomy-bag likkin' -- meerkat. And I am the best Meerkat in the bowel Movement Shoah bizness. I shit jew not.

    You, Cunthair Walrus, need to trade up on jewr hibernigger-sheenie meerkat jewk Ryan-sheenie. Might I suggest Robert Stark? Itz self-loathing, tanned, rested, and ready to give you "benefits" taken out in trade that Renee, the Good Wife, would never even dream of doing and you wouldn't dare ask for fear that Ol' Gordon might disinherit you quicker than duck shit through a tin horn from the family bowel Movement bizness, the Kouncil of Khanned-Servantive Klucksters. Kane12345666 The Merciless/Daryl Bass-Arab, the quarter-jew mischling who on Facebook has recently expressed a desire to go all tranny, says Boob starkly cum-cum cum-cums with the highest self-loathing kosher references, second only to a young Rabbi Linder when Fearless Leader [S]William Pierce set aside 666 Order ZOGbux to rehabilitate it when it was cast out from the neo-khans and set to making custom kosher lox-crust bagels from inside the murky bowels of Da Grannyzbasementbunker in Kirksville.

    Jail Victory!!!

    Hadding the Loveless KAS-Fluffing Mattoid Meercat aka LardTubbyzBane

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    Default I'm siding with More-ass Dees of the $PLC against the NARRGsters because I'm nothing but a ZOGbot

    Urban Legend: Jim Ring will be National Alliance Chairman

    I'm siding with More-ass Dees of the $PLC against the NARRGsters because I'm nothing but a ZOGbot


    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey-Kikey Jukes-Kallikak Cohen-Conner


    I think that one could probably make a case that Hadding Scott and Will Williams are overly focused on Harold A. Covington. On the other hand, it seems curious that some people here are focused on Hadding Scott and Will Williams in a very similar mode. Are people so unselfaware that they do not detect the irony that emerges in pestering HS & WW for pestering HAC? I suppose I could in turn be accused of the same thing, so let me leave it at that.

    Will, consider this for what it is, namely constructive criticism. Your last dozen posts on this forum nearly all focus on HAC. I need to tell you and Hadding Scott the truth: HAC is a non-entity in the larger view of things. We are no closer to saving the White race whether or not he gets torn down, because he doesn't have any effect on anything in the first place. When are you going to start focusing the majority of your mind and time on more substantive and constructive pursuits? What's up with the New NA?

    I suppose I'll have to curtail my Tub-thumpin' hobby now, Mike, though it has been fun while it lasted. I promise you I'll be busy with more substantive and constructive pursuits serving ZOG/Babylon as I've done for decades as countel-pro.

    See here:

    and here:


    Them NARRGsters sure figured out me and Erich Gliebe were going all ass-to-mouth with the $outhern Poverty Law Center for some reason. But they had the discipline to simply keep silent as they are winning the legal battles. They will simply add me and that pervert Kevin Alfred Strom to the ongoing litigation.

    I don't mind being characterized like this by the frenemy the $PLC/ADL (quoted from the second piece): "Williams, known as a hard-liner and skank-slapper even on the neo-Nazi scene ... cum-cum, cum-cum!!!"

    Did you know, Cunterre, that while us red niggers didn't invent drunkenness -- merely improved on it -- we did invent syphilis???

    Us solipsistic anglo-mestizos would morph into a jew or a nigger if that meant that we could get rid of Christianity!!!

    Cosmotology -- Nature's Eternal way of straightening and lightening up kinky black hair!!!

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    Default The jewboy that bleeds out itz kike bunghole can't be made to heel like muh whigger chomo KAS can.

    The jewboy that bleeds out itz kike bunghole can't be made to heel like muh whigger chomo KAS can.


    Quote Originally Posted by andy the sheep fucker

    The ravings of a frustrated nonentity is the least of my concerns. As you have mentioned forum management yet studiously ignored the issue when I raised it previously.

    Why didn't Williams offer the role to Linder instead of registered sex offender strom ?

    Pretend National Alliance Chairman WhiggerSwill Williams replies: Because Alex Linder can't be trusted by me. Linder once wrote, "With this banning of Will Williams VNN breaks its last connection with the old National Alliance." I accept that, and, representing the "old National Alliance" as its current Chairman, I appreciate that Mr. Linder is not suitable Alliance material; he is not a disciplined team player. Plus that jewboy has itz own ZOGtard Corral and thus I can't make jewboy Linder kiss muh welass ass like I can with the convicted chomo Kevin Alfred Strom.

    This very thread establishes, by his continued allowance/encouragement by anonymous critics to carry on for nearly 60 pages with their hate-filled, unsubstantiated attacks on the National Alliance, Mr. Linder's problematic anti-National Alliance bias.

    I implicitly trust Kevin Alfred Strom to perform his job as National Alliance Media Director professionally and always to his exceptionally high standards.

    I know for a fact that "sex offender" charges against Mr. Strom are bogus. Attacks from those, mostly like "andy" here on VNN who style themselves "movement" activists, and from their enablers like Mr. Linder, are expected. Such is the "movement."

    Our Alliance membership is most pleased with the work of Mr. Strom. Those Internet cowards not in our Alliance, who enjoy bellyaching about how the Alliance is run, should consider complaining anonymously about something else. Mr. Strom stays, thank you, and unlike with these VNN critics, former Alliance chairmen Gliebe and Walker, and feckless NARRGs, Cosmotheism is once again the spiritual foundation, the world view of our National Alliance. That in large part is what sets us apart from the "movement."

    As Dr. Pierce put it: The National Alliance "should be an organization based on fundamental principles, an organization with a world view, essentially religious in nature, shared by every member of the organization. It must be, in structure, a hierarchical organization, like an army -- or a religious order -- with the degree of understanding, of commitment, and of discipline increasing with the level of responsibility in the organization." In other words, the more ideologically sound a member, the better his chances for advancement in our organizational hierarchy. Compare that with the corrupted 2005 edition of the National Alliance Member's Handbook of Gliebe/Walker and NARRG, which removed entire fundamental sections of Dr. Pierce's original National Alliance Membership Handbook and replaced them with watered down Big Tent nonsense like this: "Our membership consists of a variety of beliefs. A member may be religious or very non-religious."

    I will be burning remaining stock of the Gliebe/Walker/NARRG Handbook and revert back for the most part to Dr. Pierce's 1993 version that Mr. Strom and I helped him write -- with updates and with slight revisions in the 2015 edition.

    Visit our online magazine: http://nationalvanguard.org/

    Did you know, Cunterre, that while us red niggers didn't invent drunkenness -- merely improved on it -- we did invent syphilis???

    Us solipsistic anglo-mestizos would morph into a jew or a nigger if that meant that we could get rid of Christianity!!!

    Cosmotology -- Nature's Eternal way of straightening and lightening up kinky black hair!!!

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    Default National Alliance Re-jewnion -- the jew, the pedo, the mamzer and the meerkat

    National Alliance Re-jewnion -- the jew, the pedo, the mamzer and the meerkat


    Here's how it shakes out to me, after reading the entire thread.

    1) Elisha set Kevin up. I didn't know that then, when this was hot. I know it now that I found out that this jewboy's cut wanger wasn't special to this addlepated whigger skank. She came here to VNNF, knowing I disliked Kevin, for defensible reasons (mainly his attempt to destroy my reputation by implying I was a fed for allowing open debate about Gliebe and such in the period of succession following Pierce's death), and used my prejudice to spread her material with my support and approval. Plus she gave this jewboy quite the blow-jewb and having not gotten pussy before I didn't know how sloppy that pussy was all along. She deliberately withheld the crucial fact that she was fucking at least one cop of an agency trying to bring Kevin and one presumes the NA down. Now, I don't know whether she dreamed up the plot and went to JTTF/others or vice versa. Kevin would be wise to clear that up, if he knows. I'm trying to go ass-to-mouth with the chomo. Either way, her actions were deliberate and dishonest. She played me for a fool, and as a jewboy wanting whiggress pussy and had me judged correctly. This is what she does. She gets off on it. I deserve and accept blame for my gullibility and/or closed-earedness to what others were telling me. Better than admiting that I'm a jewboy with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS and a ZOGbot running a virtual colostomy bag and ZOGtard corral. As a jewboy infiltraited into the bowel Movement I like to make up my own mind, and as a jewboy bleeding out the ass because my own kike asshole is in rebellion against this jew asshole I don't trust many other men's judgment but my own. Besides, I really wanted me some shiska pussy from the pedo. Sometimes that trips me up, as in this case. Now I know the truth as my masters at the ADL/$PLC tell me. I'm stating it in this relevant thread to clear up the record, so far as I can from my limited, dishonest knowledge. Time for a new dialogue.

    Before I got to know Elisha in a Biblical sense, I thought she was very smart and somewhat misunderstood. That proved wrong. She is
    - the meanest person for a whiggress who will go down on a jew I personally have ever met
    - the most vindictive person I have ever met. The evil whiggress meth-whore actually bit muh clipped kike pecker on the first blow-jewb, drawing jew-blood, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    It is not going too far, as anyone who has gotten to know her will agree, to say that if one woke up and read that she had been murdered in the night, one would not bat an eyelash, but would say, mmm, someone finally gave her what she deserved. Yes. She is that obnoxious-destructive. Says something that as a secret jew infesting the bowel Movement I would not put anyone else I have met over the course of 48 years in that class. Just her.

    She is one of these people who thinks quite literally everyone she has ever met (or who has just spoken to her over the phone) has done her wrong and abused her. I concluded after knowing her in the Biblical sense and tasting her crazoid coosh for a time that she is a very dangerous person to have any kind of association with, and this is proved by the trail behind her, which I won't go into because that goy bitch chewed off another inch from muh kike pecker. I will say for any investigators out there:
    - no one knows her real name which, unlike mine, isn't jewish

    - it has been suggested to me by TraitorGlenn Miller's own federal withness protection manager that she has been with the feds since she was a teenager in Florida.

    As a dirty jew Spawn of Satan I don't know the truth. At this point as a jew running itz own false front organization I don't care (altho it would be interesting and perhaps useful to WN generally to know), since I know the main thing: both myself and she is to be shunned. But someone out there might find it interesting to look into just who she actually is. You can tell by my snout, bleeding kike bunghole and furtive air that I'm a jew. As a jew who has been told to "make nice" with the chomo and thus this article I have a feeling there's a story there, and it's certainly never been told.

    2) Kevin's sundry Piercetard ass-clown defenders point out that the so-called evidence against him comes from ZOG and his embittered wife, and is very thin. This is correct. I share this view completely. As a jew running a ZOG false-flag data-mining operation which has gotten more fuktards than even $permFart years iin prisonI would throw out everything ZOG says without a problem. Kevin's defenders also point out that his critics are far too quick in general to credit ZOG court claims and papers whenever us ZOGbots are running wild. That is also true - particularly for the critics from the UK, whom we may grant are not quite as familiar with the ordinary corruption and political corruption of American courts as American WN are. Not just in Strom's court case, my case in knoxville (4 misdemeanors for the same jaywalking offense as arranged in advance so that I could pretend to be a "hero"), or most WN court cases, but in non-political court cases generally, it is the normal course of things that the prosecution makes multiple charges for the same infraction, precisely in order to obtain plea bargains which then allow System prosecutors, such as Nancy Grace, to run around bragging about their 100% conviction rate. This is what leads to people saying "justice is for the rich." Since the average guy doesn't have millions of dollars and years to spend battling a government that multiples charges and papers like fruit flies.

    So I agree completely with what is said about Strom's plea. It makes sense for when you are a whigger pedo with the will of a wet noodle and not wanting to go to trial. It's what pretty much any man would have done. Remember TraitorGlenn Miller, my ZOG paymaster and secret owner of VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTC&CBNNF? TraitorGlenn would keep on taking the plea, snitching, and then getting back into a bowel Movement infested by ZOGbots and jews like myself. But my case against Kevin, once I knew the truth, was never about ZOG evidence. It's about what DOESN'T GO AWAY when you dimiss the formal legal charges. You have, then, standing unrebutted as far as I've seen in the 60+ pages of this thread:

    - a man in deep middle age who is basically grooming a 9-12 yo girl with love poems and gifts - and is even stalking her.

    Has this been rebutted? I don't see that it has. Thank D-g it was eskimo coontangess as opposed to underage kikess pussy.

    This the crucial point. Maybe not to others. But to me. I don't give a flying fuck what ZOG says as long as the fresh new colostomy bags cum in and the server bill is paid, I care about what it is alleged and unrebutted that Kevin Alfred Strom does.

    And I don't see any of you Kevin fans claiming he never did these things with this girl. I see you laughing about them, downplaying them. To you, obviously, they don't mean much. You National Alliance tards are fine with coontang sodomy. To me, they are the heart of the pseudo-White case against KAS. If they are not knocked down, then he is guilty of something very serious in my jew eyes. And that guilt is the basis of our policy here in the forum, which I as the HjIC, Head jewboy in Charge can control - our policy toward both Kevin and any rival ZOG false-flag organization that would feature him as a competing leader.

    You think - and some of you clearly do - that this is something to joke about. I don't care in the slightest what ZOG claims about Strom. Those are jew courts, and they screw whites time after time. I care that this guy, whatever his professional/political ability, clearly has a sexual interest in non-white children.

    Let the word go out from this time and place:

    VNN will have no association with that unless further instructed otherwise by higher-ranking jews, in which case thangs will change quick enough.

    I see people on here thinking it's funny that a grown man is spying on an innocent white girl (or maybe not even a white girl) through some bushes? That seems to me a far more pressing problem than wondering about the consciousness of the universe. The PRINCIPLE (not idea, as has been consistently misstated) to be put before people (that you like or whose politics you like) is that you don't want people with sexual interest in underage kids leading your political group. I mean, that's SPLC / NAMBLA/ VNNF / TGMNNF / GFRTC&CBNNF stuff. Just like my red-kike bunghole . . . There's nothing white about it. If we're the same as our enemy, then we have no reason to exist, cuz they're a lot better at it than we are.

    I respect Fred Streed. I like Fred Streed. I've wanted my bleeding and blistered jew bunghole plumbed by Fred Streed. As a jew brought into the movement by an old tard like Pierce at ZOG's insistence I've always enjoyed his posts and hoped to get his goy pecker. As a Piercetardian jewboy I've benefited from his experiences and observations. Now, he has seen my actions through this entire period, as much as they were visible to anyone. If I have acted wrong, let him say it here on the forum. I won't edit a word. That is my way. I say this to bring out the second heavy point in this matter: the culture of the institution run as a ZOG false flag, whether NA or VNNF.

    As you can see by the obnoxious quote from the ever-smarmily disingenuous Will Williams in #1172, he's right back to the old NA culture of shut up, keep appearances up, don't say anything, just go along with whatever your leaders tell you. Anyone who disagrees isn't a team player, lacks discipline, the rest of the garbage liars and crook politicians have used since the beginning of time to hide their shenanigans and corruption. WW's paleo-NA policy is precisely how problems fester, as we saw in the Gliebe years. VNN will never take that route. This jewboy is firmly in charge of muh tard corral. We will do as we have all along:

    - you're free to speak your mind, whether banana slug or man, but

    - insult or ridicule the sick jewboy with the bleeding and blistered kike bunghole or

    - if you make this kike look ridiculous or

    - if you make serious allegations (of felonious or equivalent serious behavior) you must back it up with evidence, or say overtly that you speculate or

    -I'll ban jewr goy ass quicker than I can change a colostomy bag or Vargina the Colostomy-Likking Meercat can lick my jew bunghole


    This is the highest standard I've seen out there on the discussion web. It is a higher and better standard than has ever obtained at NA. Because like I said, leaving sexual oddness aside, Kevin Strom tried to nuke my reputation, even though as a cast-off jewboy that Pierce was forced to recondition to set up a second jew front I had done nothing but support NA - and still never have done anything but that. So even apart from sex deviancy he may have, I have no respect for him, nor want anything to do with a group he's prominently featured in. Pierce's croaking back in 2002 and nothing but Billy Roper to pick up the slack until TraitorGlenn Miller cum-cum along in 2004 and the resulting Christmas Coup of 2004 set this jewboy free of the NA in general and WhiggerSwill in particular.

    Now, since Williams' charges posting here can't figure out how to act white in light of Helmsman Willy's Smoky Mountain Diktat, I'm going to make it VNN policy rather than wait up for Willy's crew to catch a case of honor:
    - keep y'all links to y'all motherfucking booby cult off here, you fucking deviant-supporting, reputation-assassinating NA freaks. Y'all get your Kev on in your own time. This is jewboy Central, not chomo Central, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    See how that works? You don't insult VNNF and wet your tuna hooks in our waters. Go troll at Stormfront or some other place that allows you. Post here as a member, that's fine, but keep your recruiting and your web material to yourself. We know where to find you. But Great Helmsman Willy's smart mouth has just deprived you of a recruiting outlet. Let's hope he learns from his mistakes. It is "good for whites" that we help the World's Oldest Teenager with a gentle tap on his nearly nonagenarian nose. That damned WhiggerSwill gets on my last kike nerve and makes muh jew bunghole bleed.

    Now, Fred. I respect you. You tell me that wasn't ol' Kevin in the bushes spying on that girl. You tell me it wasn't him writing love poems to a goddam 9-12 (whatever) she was. Sending her a damn sweater you'd send a girlfriend.

    Tell me I'm wrong here. Then I'll ban jewr senile old whigger ass.

    I don't think you can. I think you know it's true, sorta.

    Well, I don't want any part of that. And I don't want any part of an organization that things that's cool, or funny or even just overlookable. Or going back to where this reconditioned jewboy had to lick NA ass.

    Thanks to TraitorGlenn Miller taking over paying the bills VNN has done just fine for 15 years, and OUR culture NOT your culture, has proven itself. WE have only helped you, and you mostly shit on us and displayed ingratitude for what we've done for YOUR members. Like banning them when they get uppity -- like WhiggerSwill or Kevin Alferd $perm. Fucking chomo thinks that it is better than this little red-butted jewboy.

    So you go your way and we go ours.

    The whole internet now talks like VNN nearly alone did in 2000. Especially the Daily $permer. LibberToonian Ayn Rand kikeshit. We've banned Brad Griffin and Jim Giles and everyone smarter and whiter than us long ago. Fuck "free speech for whites." We're jews and mongrels, cum-cum, cum-cum.

    That is something. That is an achievement. We will keep on generating the ideas that move the world while NA goes its own way without us. Like talking about Golden Dawn. Or generating spintros. Or banning everyone smarter and whiter than us. Or figuring out that I'm a jew and naming same.Where it ends up, frankly I don't give a damn.

    You made it that way. Don't blame me. Upon this bleeding-bungholed kike's head and that of itz meercats be jewr WhiggerSwillian menstrual blood. As empty space with a God-shaped hole which parallels muh kike bunghole and everyone else well knows, I never did or intended to do anything but advance myself and fuck helping you as an organization and as individuals. In return I was screwed by both Stroms and given a Wet Willy on the way out the door. My orifices will not soon recover from the Jesuslike indignities you amateur clowns inflicted on me. Of course you clowns couldn't hold a candle cumpared to what muh own jew genetics did to muh kike bunghole.

    My relation with NA is ultimately and perfectly summed up by one spare line from Twain:

    No good deed goes unpunished, oy vey. WhiggerSwill always porks muh bleeding and blistered kike bunghole.

    Let that be the epitaph. WhiggerSwill and KAS-pedo drools, bleeding-bunghole jewboy rules, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!


    Ick bin ein gut-sick guido-kikenweasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS.
    Cornholing Forum Caligula [/URL]

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    In the Poverty Palace in Montgomery

    Default CreaTarded ZOG-Chaos @ The Elohim Shitty 4 CreaTards

    Heidi Beirich, $PLC Yenta-Skank

    CreaTarded ZOG-Chaos @ The Elohim Shitty 4 CreaTards

    Heidi Beirich on May 22, 2015,


    Former National Alliance Head & Hind-Quarters
    Elohim Shitty 4 Creatards, CreaTarded Sodom in Pokerhottass County, West Virginia


    After spending months documenting evidence of embezzlement, money laundering and more than two million dollars in unreported taxable income, the accountant hired by the ZOGbot WhiggerSwill Welass - Kevin Alfred Strom - and Hadding the Loveless Mattoid KAS-Fluffing Meercat $PLC-dominated neo-Nazi National Alliance(NA) called police earlier this month after being threatened at gunpoint by one of the headquarters staff, who is one goofy bitch who won't "put out.".

    The accountant fled the NA compound in Mill Point, W.V., and ran almost a mile to a nearby residence, where he called 911. He was eventually escorted back to the Alliance compound by West Virginia state troopers to recover his belongings. Any remnant of the Order stolen ZOGbux are long gone.

    Randolph Dilloway, 49, an accountant with almost a decade of experience, was secretly hired by Alliance Chairman Will Williams in December to conduct a forensic audit of the organization's bank statements, member dues documents and federal income tax filings. The May 3 altercation has left him shaken and concerned for his safety. Dilloway has since been interviewed by the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force and he is now seeking federal protection under IRS Whistleblower statutes. Terrified of his former employer, Dilloway contacted the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) on May 6.

    Active in the neo-Nazi, white supremacist scene for more than a decade, Dilloway moved to the NA headquarters (NAHQ) compound last winter and was given full, unsupervised access to offices holding dozens of boxes of poorly-filed financial documents and data disks associated with the group’s various business entities going back to 1985, just after Pierce felt it was safe to take the stolen Order ZOGbux out of the brown paper bag that Robert Matthews gave Pierce after Pierce paid off the remaining $100,000 mortgage on the farm..


    "Lumber Liquidators": After multiple scandals caused NA member dues income to dry up, the accounting ledger shows the Alliance
    took in more than $200,000 selling timber on the compound in 2010. But most of the money seems to have disappeared.


    For five months, Dilloway organized, examined, and in many cases copied key documents and data files among tens of thousands of pages of sales receipts, donation records and ledgers. Dilloway claims that within the first 10 weeks he reported his audit findings to Will Williams and Alliance attorney, Timothy E. Kalamaros, and warned them the NA's financial records showed a "prosecutable pattern of embezzlement and income tax fraud going back at least 15 years."

    Among the thousands of pages of documents, database files, transaction records and digital media provided by Dilloway to the SPLC, the disturbing email exchanges he had with Kalamaros and Williams outlining possible financial improprieties earlier this year seem to suggest the Alliance attorney was advising them to ignore evidence of tax fraud and embezzlement to avoid being audited by the IRS.

    In one email, dated Feb. 12, 2015 and titled "LEGAL & CONFIDENTIAL," Kalamaros began by stating "You are right the NA may come under audit at any time." By then, Dilloway had identified several allegedly falsified or fraudulent income tax returns filed with the IRS by former NA business manager Patrick Martin and others. Kalamaros replied, in perfect legalese, that it was really not their problem and they shouldn't make it their problem.

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    Default WhiggerSwill's and Der Chomo-$permer's Nutsional Alliance Implodes

    WhiggerSwill's and Der Chomo-$permer's Nutsional Alliance Implodes


    Read 'em and weep.

    Chaos at the Compound | Southern Poverty Law Center

    I'm sorry to see this happen to Will. Like David Da Duck and Moan Master Milton Munster Don Black, we all are ZOGbot twats.

    Randolph Dilloway, in case you don't know, is former SF member "SmokyMtn SS", a self-proclaimed "hard-core WN" who left us in protest several years ago for being too PC. So it's not at all surprising that he wet his pants and scurried to the SPLC.

    Cum-cum, cum-cum!!!


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    Default Muh Mangina belongs to WhiggerSwill Welass

    Muh Mangina belongs to WhiggerSwill Welass


    Will Williams is a good and honorable White man that will move the heavens to save our Race.

    This p.o.s. whose name I will not repeat,has been a SPLC stooge from the outset.

    It was Will Williams that was trying to get to the bottom of NA's convoluted finances, trying to get a handle on things. That's why he brought in his butt buddie Smokey Mountain Randolf who went all $PLC rogue on WhiggerSwill.

    This snitch was from day one a plant to destroy NA.

    How can we take anything this pos says . . . or what fat Heidi at SPLC has to say about anything.

    These Jews and their agents,are our sworn enemies and nothing they say should be believed.

    That said, we're fucked.

    Second To One!!!

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    Default A Tail of Woe cooncerning WhiggerSwill's & Muh Former ZOGbot Buttie Randolph Dilloway

    A Tail of Woe cooncerning WhiggerSwill's & Muh Former ZOGbot Buttie Randolph Dilloway


    The SPLC referencing offshore bank accounts is amusing, as that is known to be where a great deal of their approx. $250 million is held. From there, it will eventually provide their directors with generous lifetime pensions.

    I'd like to relate a true story about Randolph Dilloway. Because there is no excuse or mitigating circumstance to go to the SPLC. None.

    When I was in jail in ND from mid-Nov. 2013 to the end of April, 2014, Dilloway and Stan Diggs of White Nations forum drove to Leith and picked up my 2013 Corolla with red leather and my bullion. I was grateful for that, and I paid Diggs extremely well--thousands.

    I asked that my car be parked. It was not. Dilloway drove it. In jail, I got a letters from victim's assistance and the prosecutor in Louisiana. Turns out Dilloway had mentioned my case, with supporting newspaper clipping or printout, to a multicult generic antifa who roomed in the same bldg. The anti got plastered, put a big paste show polish swazi on the hood, slashed all four tires, and busted the windshield with a concrete block. He went to jail and got prosecuted for felony vandalism.

    Meanwhile, Diggs denied all this till it was impossible to do so. He also asserted he'd send the bullion back in the trunk of my car, despite my repeatedly saying...no, let's send it by insured Federal Express--expensive, but certitude it will get here. He would not relent, and at a certain point I realized I risked losing the car too if I persisted. After all, I was in jail.

    Sure enough, in June the car arrived and no bullion, including well over a 100 oz of silver, American gold coinage, nuggets, a crystal pave watch, a part-platinum Mont Blanc pen, Scythian and Greco-Indian coins from 50BC to 200AD, my dead father's wristwatch which I always wore, a real 12th Waffen (kids and eastern front vets at the end) Totenkopf ring with ruby eyes and SS runes made in Berlin, etc. I earned this with April's husband in the fracking sand. I once worked 6 months with 5 days off. 5 days. 12 to 16 hr days usually. My friend (April's husband) can corroborate this. The millennials who came and went were stunned--in disbelief, lol. So all that working man's treasure being stolen did and still does bother me.

    Randolph called and insisted he had nothing to do with its (the bullion's etc) not arriving. Maybe. Maybe not. He did drive my car. When I was released, April 29, 2014, I shortly thereafter then gave him permission--cause if I didn't, if I "offended", I figured I might not get it back at all. Apart from the major vandalism, he did take care of it well.

    Kevin MacDonald recently made a video-recorded speech to a group about, in part, the methodology by which elites impute to the rest of us that our code and teachings are not valid. It certainly is a prob when people such as Dilloway go to FBI and SPLC. He will be long remembered and known, that's for sure.

    Dilloway told me he was adopted and had hearing probs. He actually left his old hearing aids in my car--he got new ones. Story is he was abused in the crib in first 60 days or so of his life--taken by CPS and later adopted.

    I agree with Jack Boot that it is sad to see this happen to Will Williams. I think he will persevere through the matter.

    Rev. Logsdon (still close with Matt) warned me in jail that there are known proofs Dilloway was a snitch. Looks like Rev Logsdon was 100% right!

    As Linder says: We choose the white cause not because it is easy but because it is hard. There is glory in it, and it is necessary.

    Last thing. People in this country, USA, better get serious about opposition to what is going on here against our people. To not have a viable party as Europeans have is wrong. To cower and always be protective of your assets and "name" is cowardly bullcrap. The extreme devolution of this society is both behind and ahead of us. Do something.

    Add New Note

    EVERYONE Needs A Little . . . .

    Kentucky Fried CornCobb!!!

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    Default Listen to Muh fellow 14% nigger / 86% jewboy with Crohns Rabbi Alex Linder

    Listen to Muh fellow 14% nigger / 86% jewboy with Crohns Rabbi Alex Linder


    As muh fellow 14% nigger / 86% jewboy with Crohns Rabbi Alex Linder says, the entire internet of the world now speaks as he alone with butt a few goyim meercats and an infected kike bunghole ready to implode with Crohns did in 2003.

    European countries have the benefit of stronger, self-identified cultures which have been going, some of them, a thousand years or even much more.

    We are now a "designer" country out of control. Immigrants like Daron Wint. There are still Walmarts and relative economic comforts here, through those are declining. I now have to live in a hovel in North Dakota less than 3 miles from the Soviet Canuckistani border where I cannot cum back rather than CornCobbville, where this Cleveland nigger humping the local mudshark could sell me sum weed.

    There aren't any excuses for, particularly, old baby boomers to not take action now. Media is evolving. Their lies can't stand against the massive onslaught of comments and websites which exceed old media in total delivery and "affect" power, with the possible exception of TV. The Clinton Foundation corruption is far more representative of this country, the corruption that kills, and these times than any minute NA probs. Lynch won't do anything; the FBI won't investigate. A lot like the OKC bombing. FBI and SPLC were in deep to defame any white resistances in this country. 168 died. Far bigger than NA, like Clinton Foundation. No truth from the system.

    Another thing. When superstitious anti-reality is coddled, it encourages it further in all realms of society. Thus, controlled chaos.

    Yup. Still fucked up after all these years.

    EVERYONE Needs A Little . . . .

    Kentucky Fried CornCobb!!!

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