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Thread: Sundry Newton County Regime Criminals

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    Default Newton County will always have a "Pussy jewdge"

    Newton County will always have a "Pussy jewdge"


    Attorney Christine Rhoades announces that she wants to take Greg Stremel's bench seat in 2018


    Published on Mar 5, 2017

    KODE-12 TV 3 March 2017 10:00pm News.

    Attorney Christine Rhoades announces that she wants the seat of the homosexual judge Greggie Stremel who is moving on to take the seat of this cowardly Presiding Circuit Court Judge Timothy Perigo, who is retiring now that thanks to myself telling everyone about Newton County judges, tried and failed to get on the Southern and Western Missouri Court of Appeals and just recently on the Missouri Supreme Court.

    Christine Rhoades sold out my step-daughter Amalie Baldwin and enabled Judge Kevin Lee Selby to buy and sell my four grandchildren. I am so very glad that this lawyeress bitch has left spawn as hostages to fortune.

    Hail Victory!!!

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    Default (Crooked) Attorney to run for judge

    (Crooked) Attorney to run for judge

    By Todd G. Higdon
    Saturday, March 4, 2017


    By Todd G. HigdonA local trial attorney announced her plans to run for Newton County Associate Circuit Judge, Division 2, in 2018.

    On Friday morning, Christine Rhoades, made the announcement on the steps of the Newton County Courthouse, as family and friends looked on.

    "I feel as if I have spent a lifetime in a career which now leads me ideally designed and perfectly at home to serve Newton County and its justice system," she said. "For 20 plus years, I have walked with clients through this system, and I have felt all too sharply their frustrations and their anxieties. I am confident today that I am the best person and in the best position to fix this system for them and make improvements upon it."

    She has practiced law for 21 years in criminal and domestic relations. She is a certified Family Law Mediator receiving certification in 2005. Since 2013, Rhoades has served on the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel, Region XV Disciplinary Committee. She also has served as guardian ad litem since 1997. She received license to practice from the Missouri Supreme Court on Oct. 4, 1996.

    "I will work toward maintaining open courtrooms for litigants and the public, where allowed by law, so that the public has an opportunity to hear what the court system does, and to fully explain the procedures and processes at each opportunity, as well as the reasons for the decisions that I make in resolving disputes," she said.

    A lifelong Missouri resident, Christine Rhoades' family moved to Neosho in 1978. She graduated from Neosho High School, University of Missouri-Columbia and received her law degree from Washington University in St. Louis. In 1997, she joined her father, Ross Rhoades in his law practice.

    She is married to Brett Day and they have two children, Michael and Abby.

    "Justice systems serve their citizens best - not by picking winners and losers - but by instilling in those citizens that their justice system is swift, fair and respectful. Newton County needs a justice system that works toward disposing of disputes as quickly as possible that is transparent to its ligates and also looks for alternatives to scorched earth litigation," she noted. "... Finally, as your associate circuit judge, I will advocate for the expansion of our national known drug court. Hopefully to extend that to our juvenile offenders in a way that involves not a formal disposition of their case... I am asking for my fellow Newton County (residents) to give me this opportunity to give me this opportunity by voting for me in the Newton County primary on Aug. 7, 2018."

    The current Associate Circuit Judge, Division 2, Newton County is held by Judge Greg Stremmel.



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    Default City transfers ownership of cross in order to get some anti-religious faggots off their municipal corporation ass

    City transfers ownership of cross in order to get some anti-religious faggots off their municipal corporation ass

    By Lee Ann Murphy
    Sept. 7, 2017


    The Neosho City Council designated a specific area of Big Spring Park as surplus property during the regular session Tuesday evening.

    It’s the area that includes the cross, a longtime local landmark that came under fire from the Freedom From Religion Group earlier this year.

    The City of Neosho and the new owner, a private non-profit group, made it official on Thursday, when documents were signed.

    Neosho Mayor Ben Baker released a statement about the change on behalf of the City of Neosho.

    “Speaking as a representative of the City of Neosho, from the onset of this issue, it has always been my desire as Mayor to do everything I can to honor the requests of the citizens I represent,” he said. “But to also be fiscally responsible with every cent of taxpayer funds. I am not willing to plunge the city into a lawsuit that could result in paying out thousands, or millions of dollars of taxpayer funds for legal fees, which would not be a fiscally responsible decision. In fact, it would be extremely damaging to the financial stability of our city. Yet, I believe it is also my job as mayor to represent and defend the wishes of the people.“

    The statement continued.

    “As you might imagine, sometimes that balance is an extremely difficult line to walk,” Baker said. “However, I do believe the measure we have passed tonight will be a solution that will satisfy both sides of this issue. As of tonight, the city has transferred ownership of the land in question to a private conservation foundation that will maintain and protect the heritage and historical value of Big Spring Park (which is very important to our citizens.) This action by the council will also address the complaint of the Freedom From Religion Foundation that the cross is on public land by transferring the land from public ownership to private ownership.

    “This action also takes into consideration the future of this issue and secures the majority concerns of our citizenry from future councils who may not have the same interest in preserving our cultural and historical heritage.I am extremely grateful that the council and I have been on the same page with this matter along the way and we were able to find a solution that will hopefully resolve this issue once and for all.”



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    Default Bond reduced for drunk driver who killed Joplin girl, Neosho man


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    Default A Newton County non-profit organization is doing what they can to help rehabilitate past convicts

    A Newton County non-profit organization is doing what they can to help rehabilitate past convicts

    Posted: Jun 12, 2021 / 11:02 PM CDT / Updated: Jun 12, 2021 / 11:02 PM CDT


    NEOSHO, Mo. — A Newton County non-profit organization is doing what they can to help rehabilitate past convicts.

    The group Prison Did Not Break Me held an event Saturday at West 60 Cycle in Neosho, where ex-offenders came together to have a good time.

    The non-profit raised money to help individuals find counseling, jobs and more resources when getting out of prison.

    Activities held at the event included live music, a corn hole tournament, raffles and more.

    Sheena Eastburn – Prison Did Not Break Me Founder, says, “People can make bad choices, but it does not mean that we’re bad people. We can still be very successful in our society, so it’s all about rehabilitation and making better choices, and so I want to help other people coming out to make those better choices and not keep going back to prison.”

    Estburn adds that they’re end goal is to have a chapter of Prison Did Not Break Me in every state, Nationwide.

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