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Thread: Oak Park Sikh Temple Shooter Being Prematurely Typecast As A "White Supremacist"

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    Default Oak Park Sikh Temple Shooter Being Prematurely Typecast As A "White Supremacist"

    Oak Park Sikh Temple Shooter Being Prematurely Typecast As A "White Supremacist", But Cops Had Not Confirmed This


    Update August 6th: The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is now reporting that the shooter has been identified as Wade Michael Page, who served in the U.S. Army from 1992-98. The JS cites a report by the SPLC as evidence that Page was involved in the white power music scene, and cite Jeffrey Imm, who heads R.E.A.L. and who claims that someone based in Milwaukee using the name "End Apathy" began posting on Stormfront in February 2008. The Uprise Direct blog published an interview with Page in May 2010. (Page Since Deleted by Blog Owner. -- PMLDL) In NO CASE was there any indication that Page entertained any notions to kill non-Whites, and Page's death will prevent any determination as to whether or not Page acted on his racial beliefs.

    Because the man who gunned down 10 people, seven of them fatally, at a Sikh temple in Oak Park, WI is single, unemployed, bald-headed, white, and tattooed, some media outlets such as the Daily Mail and ABC News, citing anonymous sources, are hysterically proclaiming him to be a "white supremacist" and a "skinhead". However, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, which is much closer to the scene, says that they cannot confirm this, and local law enforcement sources have merely said that the shooter is a "domestic terrorist", based upon tattoos found on the shooter's body.

    According to the Journal-Sentinel, the shooter has been described as white, single, in his 40s and an Army veteran. That description came in part from Kurt Weins, who lives in the 3700 block of E. Holmes Ave. in Cudahy. He said he rented the property to a man he believed to be from Chicago with no record of violence in Wisconsin. Authorities did not tell Weins whether his tenant was the shooting suspect, but the description matches that of the man that sources said was the shooter. Weins said he saw nothing suspicious in the man's behavior during the brief period he knew him. YouTube video of Fox6 report embedded below:




    The incident took place on August 5th, 2012 around 10:00 A.M. as Sunday services were being conducted at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, just south of Milwaukee. The temple was founded in October 1997 and has a congregation of 350 to 400 people. A gunman suddenly entered and began firing. Worshippers began scattering in all directions, many hiding in bathrooms or other rooms within the temple. The president of the temple, Satwant Singh Kaleka, was preparing to deliver remarks when he became one of the shooting victims. He was one of the seven fatalities. The first police officer to respond to the scene, a 20-year veteran on the police force, exchanged gunfire with the suspect and sustained multiple gunshot wounds. He was undergoing surgery at Froedtert Hospital, the main trauma center in the Milwaukee region, along with two other injured victims, and is expected to survive. A second Oak Creek officer who responded returned fire, killing the shooter.

    But law enforcement is not jumping on the "white supremacist" bandwagon yet. One federal official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media refused to say whether the gunman was thought to belong to a hate group or some other violent group because the investigation was still unfolding. Other federal officials cautioned against thinking that a concrete link to a domestic terrorism group or hate group had been established. “The investigation will have to continue to see and determine the motive,” said a federal law enforcement official who had been briefed on the early planning for the case. “We don’t know much about the motive at this point.”

    The Sikh Coalition, the largest Sikh-American civil rights organization, also urged caution over the gunman's motive while the police investigation was ongoing. Executive director Sapreet Kaur said "There have been multiple hate crime shootings within the Sikh community in recent years and the natural impulse of our community is to unfortunately assume the same in this case. . . ".

    The rush to judgment by some media outlets is deplorable. Just because a shooter is white, bald, and has tattoos does not make him a "white supremacist" or a "skinhead". The media outlets who plastered their headlines with "white supremacist" should be ashamed of themselves for sensationalizing the act at the risk of stirring up anti-White hatred. The man was also recently discharged from the Army and was reportedly dumped by a girlfriend; is it possible that PTSD problems or rejection issues may have triggered this act? Responsible white nationalists neither advocate nor tolerate this type of activity. In addition, there's also the danger that, in the wake of the Aurora shootings, gun-grabbers will use this as a pretext to push for more gun control.

    Some intelligent reaction from a Stormfront thread that's grown to 18 pages:
    creationofadam: The media and ZOG are going to have a field day with this. If the shooter is in fact white, than it will be called a "hate crime" by default no matter his beliefs. I find it highly suspect that right as the international gun summit and international gun treaty is on the horizon that whites keep commiting mass murder and there have been several scenerios in the last week where whites were found with vast arsenals with plans to carry out mass shootings. These types of crimes kill two birds with one stone. First they frighten the sheeple into surrendering their 2nd ammendment rights away and they beef up the sterotype of white people being dangerous extremists.

    I genuinely hope that this guy is antifa or just some garden variety nutjob and not a WN. Due to the hollyweird sterotype of having a shaved head and being white and killing a bunch of non-whites he will be labeled a neo by the media no matter what his beliefs are. This seems to coincide with the new laws that are pending which strike down the first amendment and make it illegal to be critical of non-whites and eventual ban on "racism"(by that I mean white rights to advocate for ourselves, not anti-white racism). These types of things are exactly what Obama needs to fufill his marxist agenda.

    Volodyamyr: We have two possibilities here. One is we have a white man who did something rash, monstrous and crazy without regard for how it will impact the rest of us. The other is this is the work of someone who was turned into a Manchurian Candidate, and therefore this is another false flag attack. Since it's clear the gunman was shot and probably killed by police, it doesn't look like it would be the work of a Mossad agent, who would prefer to get away with murder literally. This is only going to harm our rights and interests because this isolate incident will be used to paint all whites with the same brush, as well as suppressing the far more numerous hate crimes against us.

    FrustratedAmerican: I can't find a way to attribute it to anything that out there. What it shows is how useless the mental healthcare system is in this country.

    Before this is over we'll hear that someone, probably more than one person, knew he was "crazy and dangerous". Just like the guy in Aurora, just like Loughner, just like Cho, just like most of the others before them.

    Someone knew they were nuts and didn't do anything about it. That's the downward spiral of civilization, when we worry so much about hurting someone's feelings that we leave crazy people walking the streets that we KNOW will eventually snap.

    When this guys motive is revealed it won't make sense, just another nutcase that slipped through the cracks. It will probably turn out that the Sikh's were victims simply because they were handy and he knew they would be easy targets, not because he had any particular beef with theirs or any others religion.
    From VNN Forum, a comment from someone who lives in the area:
    Dylan Jones: I live here and just so everyone that doesn’t live in the area knows, the police and, subsequently, FBI has detained the people inside the temple all day. The mother of Armadeep Kaleka, Armadeep’s father was shot and is the president of the temple, was only allowed to talk to her son long enough to ask if her husband was alright. Armadeep said they aren’t releasing any information to anyone, then his mother said she had to go because they were on radio silence. The families and friends of those inside the temple haven’t been told who is dead, who is injured, they’re getting complete silence and being told that the FBI is briefing them. It’s 10:20 PM CST, local news showed people coming out of the temple at 12:20 – but the families still have no news. They’re being met with silence about everything. Why does the FBI find the need to keep such secrecy from immediate family members this many hours later. Conspiracy or not, that’s insensitive and a little suspicious!

    A member of the temple council told local news that over the weekend a few men were walking around outside the temple “casing” it. He said those same men were back early this morning walking around, then a few hours later the shooting happened. Yesterday, the other Sikh temple in the Milwaukee area received a phone call from someone asking when the busiest time for the temple was. That definitely sounds like more than one person to many people in Milwaukee. And, the lone gunmen, lived in 2 homes on the same street. He moved from one house a few blocks away about 3 weeks ago, to the home currently being investigated for explosives. That is striking many people in my area as odd and has people asking questions.


    Posted by Anchorage Activist at 10:08 PM Sunday, August 05, 2012

    Last edited by PastorLindstedt; 08-07-2012 at 04:32 PM.


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    Default Page: A Hero Of Our Time

    Page: A Hero Of Our Time




    Ever since the shooting at the Sikh temple took place, the government and the media Jews have been doing their level best to demonize Page, a 40-year-old white guy that had finally had enough. He walked into a rag head "temple", which is an affront to our core beliefs and culture, and opened up on these invaders, who came to our country to spread their primitive, deranged beliefs while at the same time siphoning off as much of our money as possible. Just another army of foreign parasites, let in here by Obama and the rest of his white hating, America hating band of communists. Page had said that he had finally had enough of white America's apathy, and that perhaps if enough white men sacrificed themselves, we would finally wake up and DO something about our destruction, which is being set up all around us, even as I speak. I hope he was right. I'd hate to think that he wasted his precious life on a fool's errand, but considering the absolute selfishness of the average white today, I don't give it good odds of succeeding.

    White America needs to suffer. It needs to do without for a while. No more Big Macs or TV or easy access grocery stores, or air conditioning, or even gasoline. They need to see what the rest of the planet lives like. That's because if they don't get their collective heads out of their spoiled asses and do it damned soon, they WILL lose all of it, and most likely forever . . .

    This planet is grindingly poor. Dirt poor doesn't come close to describing it. I've been all over this world, and I can tell you from first-hand experience that what I saw was heart rending and enraging. That's because everywhere I looked, I saw Jew evil let loose without anyone to stop it. Unchecked, the Jews will leave this entire world in ruins, with the survivors cowering at their feet for a crust of bread. Think I'm exaggerating? Just give it a couple of years. We're damned close to joining the rest of the world.

    What I can't seem to make people see is that the Jews despise them. They hate us with a maniacal passion that goes into pure evil insanity. And they will do anything to see this through. Anything. They want the United States DEAD, and all its white inhabitants either dead or enslaved.Why do you think liberals have been doing their damnedest to allow millions upon millions of hostile parasitic aliens into our country? They serve no useful purpose, they add nothing to this nation, in fact all they do is take away from us in money, resources and added crime . . .

    We are far better off without them and our leaders damned well know this. But we are barraged day and night by a continual stream of pro-mud propaganda that lays heavy guilt trips on anyone that dares to question their presence on American soil. Why, they're RACISTS! That dreaded word that's been branded into the white psyche through decades of brainwashing. Hell, our young females are breeding with blacks continually now out of nothing more than programmed guilt!

    And don't think that the coons don't see this and are taking full advantage of it. A few years ago, I had a talk with a ghetto nigger as part of a series of interviews I did for a white supremist organization. This buck was gloating at me because of all the "white puzzy" he'd been getting because of liberal brainwashing. He just loved it. It was all I could do not to pull his ugly head off and shit down the bloody stump, but I had to complete this interview. But I have to tell you, it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do . . .

    I've got a few years on me now, but I'm still just as dangerous as I always was. I taught hand-to-hand to state trooper cadets for several years, plus my father was what used to be called a "War Master". That meant he was a black belt in every known martial art. And he taught his boys, both of them, from an early age. It was an edge that would save my life on several occasions through the years. On top of this I went through SEAL training at Coronado island in San Diego. There's more to my background, but that's enough to get the point I was trying to make. I wanted to hurt this nigger. But I gritted my teeth and listened . . . and I learned.

    This buck flat out told me with a gloating expression on his monkey face, "Yeah man, I promise dem stoopid bitches whatever dey wants to hear, as long as it gets me into dey pants. What I wants is to knock dem hos up, den split, man! I aint' suppotin' no chilluns! Dat's what welfare iz fo'!" Then he gave me a sly grin and said,"Malcom-X laid it down man. We iz supposed to knock up all de white wimmins we can, so we can pollute whitey's gene pool! It's our revenge fo' makin' slaves of us, you dig?"

    I wanted to kill him on the spot. I wanted to rip his dick off and stuff it down his evil throat. But I realized at the last minute that it would be like sweeping the desert with a toothbrush. All that killing this piece of shit would accomplish was locking me up. It wouldn't stop the problem in any way. What we needed was national attention, a national uprising where whites started killing muds by the freaking millions, not dozens. In other words, we needed a WAR.

    Page understood that. That's why he picked the target he did. He knew it would make national news, especially right after the theater shooting. Let's put it succinctly . . . these bastards need to GIT! This is NOT their home, nor do they have the right to come here and try to spread their degenerate beliefs. If they want to practice that crap, they need to go HOME! NONE of these damned invaders are wanted or welcome here, I don't care what the liberal media says. They're a pack of liars anyway . . .

    TV today has become nothing more that a propaganda machine. The same goes for our public schools which now promote nigger culture and their total lack of morals. They promote screwing recreationally, interracial marriage, homosexuality, nigger rap "music", and teach our naive' kids a twisted, highly censored form of history and sociology that is nothing more that a series of bold-faced LIES wrapped in a pretty ribbon. The TRUE history of the United States is no longer taught. In its place is a barrage of guilt trips for the evil and heartless way we butchered all of our poor, defenseless enemies in World War II for simply bombing the hell out of us and killing thousands of innocent young men at Pearl Harbor. They were just "misunderstood". Is anyone else out there ready to puke?

    Heroes like Doctor Albert Schweitzer and Johnny Wiesmeuller are banned from our history books and TV because they were conservatives that told the TRUTH about blacks. That would NEVER do! The truth is and always has been the mortal enemy of communist liberalism. Johnny was a three-time Gold Medal winner for swimming, and the star of all those Tarzan movies of the Forties. If you haven't seen them it's because the damned liberals have censored the crap out of them. To view them now, you can go online and look up TARZAN. Download the movies, there's dozens. It was a series. Damned good too, and they showed in theaters back then and later on TV. In his movies, niggers were portrayed as niggers, oogabooga and all. They were great fun, long before political correctness and Al Sharpton. Can I get a YAAZZUUH??? He was to Tarzan what Schwartzinegger was to Conan . . .

    Page died to try and wake up his fellow whites. In the past ten years we have seen a lot of martyrs for the cause, and yet my people still sit on their cowardly asses. Page complained about white America's apathy. And he was dead right. What's it going to take folks? Are we going to have to do without power, food, gasoline and freedom before you finally decide that just maybe something should be done about Washington DC? How many more Pages have to die to get your attention? How many dammit!



    "Man has the unique capacity to take gold and turn it to shit."--Joom

    NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.

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    Default Religious hatred in the heart of Joplin -- makes my faggot mangina bleed

    Religious hatred in the heart of Joplin

    -- makes my faggot mangina bleed


    (The following is my latest Huffington Post blog)

    Less than three months have passed since thousands of people walked side by side down the path taken by a tornado one year earlier. It was a symbol of how far the city of Joplin has come in such a short time.

    The Day of Unity was an inspirational scene for those who stood along that path and for those who saw it on the news- people of all ages, all colors, and varying religious beliefs coming together to celebrate the feel-good story of the town that had conquered the forces of nature, the town that refused to die.

    Somewhere in that story of tornado to triumph, another story was waiting to be told. While thousands marched in broad daylight, headed toward tornado-stricken Cunningham Park, others waited to make their entrance in the dead of night, offering a counterpoint to the sunshine and warmth.

    The fire department was called to the Islamic Society of Joplin Mosque at 3:30 a.m. today, too late to stop the blaze that eventually left the building in ruins. It was the third fire in four years at the mosque, which has also seen its sign frequently vandalized. Members of the mosque have become accustomed, according to news accounts, to hearing slurs tossed at them as they headed toward their place of worship.

    Not for one minute after the tornado destroyed one-third of our city and killed 161 people on May 22, 2011, did the people of Joplin entertain the idea that the tornado had triumphed. The rebuilding began immediately. We became accustomed to the praise of a nation because of the way we picked ourselves up and began the battle- not to build Joplin back the way it was, but to build an even better Joplin.

    The praise, however, did not just belong to Joplin residents. In the 15 months since the tornado, the city has become a destination for those who wanted to help. No one checked those who came and turned people away because of their color, their sexual persuasion, or their religious beliefs.

    If people came ready to work and contribute, they were welcomed with open arms.

    One church after another has sent busloads of volunteers here on mission trips, offering inspiration to the people of Joplin, at the same time the people of Joplin were serving as an inspiration to them.

    It was a couple of months after the tornado that the Joplin School District announced that it had received a half a million dollar gift from the United Arab Emirates (which was later matched with another $500,000) enabling the high school to provide MAC laptops to every student for the first time.

    Thanks to the generosity of an Islamic nation, Joplin High School was able to take a bold step into the future. There were a few who complained about how the school district was selling its soul by taking money from an Islamic nation, but thankfully, those voices of fear and hatred were few and far between. For the most part, Joplin residents responded the way we all should respond when we receive a gift- with a heartfelt thank you.

    Today, after the news of the fire had spread, I read a Facebook posting by one of my former eighth grade students, now a junior at Joplin High School, a young woman whose family came to Joplin from Pakistan, not just her immediate family, but also aunts and uncles- and all of them lost their homes in the tornado.

    “I remember picking the building out with my parents when the Muslim community was first looking for a place of worship,” she wrote. “It was unfortunate to lose my home and school in a natural disaster but even worse that after all we've been through someone would want to watch part of our town burn intentionally out of their own ignorance.”

    I thoroughly expect that the people of Joplin will rally around the Muslim members of this community in the days and weeks to come. They have been here for Joplin and Joplin will be there for them because, though a few would have it otherwise, we are all part of Joplin.

    Just like other places that have battled through natural disasters, we have learned many lessons along the way. Tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis- nothing nature throws at us can destroy the triumphant nature of the human heart.

    Nor, sad to say, can these disasters tear away the plaque from the souls of those who would loot a home destroyed by a tornado, or those who would take pleasure in destroying a place of worship.

    The darkness in which they perform their evil is matched only by the darkness in their souls.

    Posted by Randy at 1:52 PM MONDAY, AUGUST 06, 2012


    The Turner Diaries RULES, The Turner Report drools

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    Default Do Nothing -- Save jewr fattt whigger ass

    Do Nothing -- Save jewr fattt whigger ass
    by Matt Parrott


    Squeezing out a good one

    1,148 words

    I’m going to go ahead and assume that the basic narrative the mainstream media is piecing together is correct: that Wade Michael Page is a White Supremacist skinhead who burst into a Sikh temple and slaughtered a bunch of foreigners for being foreigners. It sounds true enough and I want to be first in line to save muh fattt Hoosier whigger ass from the shitstorm deluge cum-cummin'.

    It’s all very early and new information could radically change the narrative, but I’m going to plow forward with my hunch that it’s pretty much true. I know he has a background in military “PsyOps.” I know the media is being biased against us in its coverage of the event and exploiting the tragedy for all it’s worth . . . and that water is wet. I know there are pieces missing from the puzzle, but for the sake of this piece, I’m going to assume the rest of the pieces will pretty much add up to the aforementioned narrative. Itz the safest thang to do for a meercat.

    According to an interview, Mr. Page declared that he named his skinhead band “End Apathy” because he wanted to “figure out how to end people’s apathetic ways” and start “moving forward.” I’m going to balance some conjecture and projection atop these preliminary reports and offer the preliminary conclusion that he slaughtered these unfortunate people out of a driving need to “do something!This is anathema to whigger meercats who can be counted on to 'do nothing' up until the time like a bunch of wether lambs we are rounded up and slaughtered. We literally lost all reason to live once we lost our nuts.

    After all, Western Civilization hangs in the balance. Our entire race and all of our nations and folkways are being systematically targeted for oblivion. If nothing is done, Europe will fall to Islam and America will fall to a surge of Third World invaders within my lifetime. The prospect for both ourselves and for our future generations is decidedly bleak, as the natural impulse our own forefathers indulged to exploit and oppress the weak will be amplified by the resentment these groups openly and strongly harbor for our people. But none of that means anything if it means that we could personally get hurt. Fuck the White Race, like Jim Giles the Roid-Rage-Retard said. I'm only living for me.

    Surely, given the stakes, something must be done, right? See how smart I am in setting up the question so that I can pussy out?

    No. Mr. Page’s rampage was worse than doing nothing. Breivik’s rampage, while decidedly more polished than this one, was worse than doing nothing. Even my Hoosier Nation project, which incidentally didn’t involve anybody being slaughtered, was at best a waste of time and money. The blog posts, the meetings, the campaigns, the organizations, and the comments (especially the comments) are a big distracting waste of time and money . . . at best. The projects of yesteryear were a waste of time, as well. That’s not to say that the men and women involved were anything less than honorable or that their sacrifices were unappreciated, but an honest appraisal of the “White Nationalist” movement’s successes and failures is a decidedly one-sided appraisal of cascading failures. Like I said in muh farewell post, ala Billy Roper, "Personally, professionally, and politically, I’m in the midst of a major and rapid transformation." I've done gone all pussazoid.

    Buffoons, like Cunthair Wallass, who think that the Confederate States of America are a model to emulate, frothing Jew-haters hellbent on persecuting those who aren’t as venomous and monomaniacal as they are, and historical hobbyists jockey to offer “the way” to a large and growing audience of sincere and intelligent people who are desperate for leadership.

    I was one of those “leaders.” My leadership consisted of wandering around in circles through various doomed schemes to effectively engage mainstream politics. But to debate about whether the something to be done should be “mainstream” or “radical” relies on the the false assumption that something must be done. I don't like the way this is going. Why, I'm a fat corn-fed Hoosier whigger who don't want prison mansechs with big bisechul nigger bucks, not Dickie Barrett or Greg Johnson.

    A couple weeks ago, I happened upon a car that was idled at a busy intersection. I pulled into a nearby parking lot and jogged over to see if I could assist the driver. He was cursing and yelling like a madman, slamming his fists against the steering wheel and beating his foot on the accelerator . . . revving the engine without moving forward.

    “Excuse me, sir. Would you like me to help push your car over to that parking lot where you won’t get rear-ended?”

    “No! I’m fucking late for work again because of this goddamn car!”

    I stared blankly, unsure what to say next.

    “Just go!” he spat. Then I realized that he was a VNNF subscribing member.

    So I just went -- quick as muh fat little Hoosier whigger legs could get up and went.

    As I drove away after locking all the doors and rolling up the windows, he was descending further into his pathetic tantrum, with billows of smoke rolling out of the grill. For whatever reason, he had a mental block against taking a step back from the problem, looking at the big picture, and calmly settling on the best possible solution. Paradoxically, his intense desire to get where he needed to go compelled him to accomplish the opposite . . . further damaging a car which was already in disrepair. He was already going to miss his appointment, but he was in denial. He couldn’t bear to face what he had already lost and soberly plan for the best possible outcome in light of his unfortunate circumstance.

    Within our movement, both mainstreamers and radicals alike find themselves in a similar state of denial. “If we could just persuade enough people with a mantra or a book or something, we could restore the American system and way of life! If we could just muster up enough votes, we could turn this ship around!” Conversely, radicals often see through that charade, concluding that it’s merely a matter of going berserk on enough traitors and invaders. But even Breivik’s well-planned act and effective follow-up has almost surely failed to accomplish its intended goal. Unless Wade Michael Page has a manifesto even more carefully and thoughtfully planned than Anders Breivik or Ted Kaczynski (a rather unlikely proposition), his episode will have absolutely no other effect for us than to further alienate the general public from our movement. I simply cannot wrap my Hoosier whigger pea-brain around the fact that Wade Page was simply a whigger made desperate and without anything in the way of a plan to become a political soldier in large part because us so-called Movement 'Intellectuals' had no real political agenda to harness his desperate violence. I can't admit that if there was any workable plan, such as NorthWest Imperative, that I'd recommend it because it is promoted by rivals I don't like.

    Time to recognize that I'm not even a beta dog. Time to pull a Billy Roper and seek to tuck tail and hide beneath a bigger dog. Time to go all modern and head out to Sans Fagscrisco. Who could that be? I know!!! Counter-Currents occupies a unique niche in the habitat of radical right organizations and publications, emphasizing education over activism. Metaphorically, reading and supporting Counter-Currents is the equivalent of the stranger with car problems accepting my offer to push him out of immediate danger, then sitting and reading some manuals on car maintenance and repair. No, I don't understand how to fix my car either by reading a manual, but if I can cadge a job writing a manual I can get someone who knows what he is doing to work on my car. It doesn’t fall into the “mainstreamer” error of allowing our opponents and audiences to define the parameters of our discussion and debate. It doesn’t fall into the “radical” error of setting a false timetable and ending up doing something when doing nothing would have been strategically preferable. Rather it allows us to drop our socks and grab our cocks and apply a 'hands-on' solution to feeling much, much better, at least until we have gotten a nut off.

    That’s not to say that inaction and resignation is the solution. It’s not. At some point, leadership and action will be necessary. Sometime after tomorrow sometime for sure. But that leadership and action must be informed, enlightened, and inspired. We need another Fearless Leader. That leadership must be aware of the countless detours and dead-ends that await those whose aim is to rescue our people from oblivion. It must know all the good restaurants, bars and bath-houses to attend. It must be positive rather than reactive, philosophically grounded, spiritually healthy, politically savvy, and socially viral. It needn’t be perfect, of course, but it needs to be superior to anything currently extant. To get to that point will require stepping back from “taking action” and engaging in “activism” long enough to survey the entire situation — which necessarily entails “esoteric” and “philosophical” considerations — and approach the problem from a more promising angle. I am seeking someone who will tell me what to do -- not figure it out for myself.

    Until then, my advice for those who ask what should be done — aside from educating yourself and those with ears to hear — is to do nothing. Not a fucking thing.

    See also: Greg Johnson, “First, Do no Harm


    Trad Yoot ZOGbots, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!



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    Default Beware of Vantards

    Beware of Vantards


    Drudge Report

    This is the image that is splashed on the front page of The Drudge Report:





    He looks like a younger version of Harold Covington or Bill White.

    Vantard meltdowns do happen: J.T. Ready, Curt Maynard, Todd Vanbiber, Joe Snuffy, Glenn Miller, James von Brunn, Bill White, etc.

    Posted on August 7, 2012 by Hunter Wallace

    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Default We'z lamestreamers on the verge of extremism

    We'z lamestreamers on the verge of extremism


    Counter-Currents occupies a unique niche in the habitat of radical right organizations and publications, emphasizing education over activism.”
    I think there is a place for different media and organizational enterprises, methods, and priorities in this context. These things can and should be complementary. Counter-Currents can emphasize education over activism. Other enterprises can engage in education for activism or education through activism.

    I’ve heard that Lenin once said that among socialists there was a short distance between economism on one hand and terrorism on the other. The equivalents of these deviations among White nationalists are mainstreaming and extremism. At first glance, these things may appear to have nothing in common, but they do. To put it crudely, the mainstreamer believes that they are one election away from victory, while the extremist believes that they are one bombing or shooting away from victory. Both the mainstreamer and the extremist practice magical thinking; both think in terms of quick fixes; both fail to adequately consider their actions and the consequences of their actions.

    Guillaume Faye distinguishes radicalism from extremism. Radicalism means going to the root of things. Radicalism means working creatively, comprehensively, systematically, persistently. Radicalism is not a middle of the road position between mainstreaming and extremism. Radicalism builds new roads to new destinations. If mainstreaming and extremism effectively define themselves in relation to the existing system, radicalism effectively defines itself in relation to a new system.


    Tell Me What To Do, O, Fearless/Dickless/Mindless Leader!!!!
    I Need A Zero!!!!!!

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    Default Stormfront's Don Black Condemns Oak Park Sikh Temple Shooting, Says Wade Michael Page Not Representative Of The Stormfront Community

    Stormfront's Don Black Condemns Oak Park Sikh Temple Shooting, Says Wade Michael Page Not Representative Of The Stormfront Community


    Initial rumors of the involvement of Wade Michael Page in the white racialist movement have been verified, and Page's involvement was extensive. Page played in white power heavy metal bands with names such as Definite Hate and End Apathy; he started the latter band in 2005. He also posted frequently on white racialist websites, describing himself as a member of the Hammerskin Nation. Page posted 250 messages on one site between March 2010 and the middle of 2012, and appeared eager to recruit others. More details on this have been published by One People's Project and the Southern Poverty Law Center; notwithstanding their biases against white racialists, they make an effort to get their facts straight.

    Because of Stormfront's disproportionate size and prominence in the white nationalist community, media and other observers zoomed in on it first in order to get material for their stories. And since Stormfront webmaster Don Black lives in West Palm Beach, WPTV Channel 5 sought Black's reaction; one of the objectives of this post is to get all of Black's quotes from media sources in one place.

    From WPTV Channel 5:
    "All of our, almost all of our posters on Stormfront have condemned it. It is counterproductive. There is no reason to kill innocent people even though we oppose third world immigration into this country," said Donald Black, who runs Stormfront.

    Black condemned the Wisconsin shooting, but stood by his site's goals - to protect white people from what he called third world immigration. "We provide a community for like-minded people who want to work for their values, their heritage, their interests just like every other group, every other racial and ethnic group does, and is applauded for doing, [but] because we do it, we're called haters and instigators of violence." Black says there are about a hundred people in the West Palm Beach area who participate on Stormfront's message boards. He also says they occasionally meet, and that they may hold another meeting soon.
    WTSP Channel 10 recorded the following reaction from Don Black:
    "That is unfortunate and it does hurt our cause," said Stormfront founder Don Black. "Almost everyone on Stormfront has condemned what he did. And unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it." Black acknowledges his distaste for non-white immigrants in America, saying "We think Sikhs belong back in India, Mexicans back in Mexico. We believe this nation was founded on white European principles, by white European settlers, and it should remain a nation that reflects that heritage and those values."

    But Black also says in no way does he condone violence. "If I had any idea he might be contemplating something like this, I would strongly discourage him. We don't think these people deserve to be killed, particularly the Sikhs." Instead, he concentrates on his own mission, preserving the white race in America. "We love our own people," insists Black. "We're promoting our heritage, our values, just as every other race has the right to do."
    Don Black's contentions are validated by the discourse in two separate Stormfront threads, one 52-page monster entitled "Here we go again: Mass Shooting At Sikh Temple In Oak Creek, Wisconsin", and a shorter thread entitled "U.S. Racists Worried Over Sikh Killings (Stormfront Members Quoted)". Thus Jeffrey Imm's pathetic attempts to discredit Stormfront by cherry-picking eight inflammatory posts out of two major Stormfront threads proves to be an epic fail.

    Posted by Anchorage Activist at 1:57 AM Tuesday, August 07, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    "We believe this nation was founded on white European principles, by white European settlers, and it should remain a nation that reflects that heritage and those values."

    Europe as a nation was a concept not known to Europe until the end of WWII. Let alone Germany was divided into more than 200 little independent principalities.

    If I remember my American History Class, the first settlers emigrated from Europe to the New World because they were persecuted for their believes. So much for the white "European values". These values never existed. The "Europeans" persecuted the first settlers. That is why it is not build on European values. It is quite the opposite. Maybe people tend to forget that these very European values (economic interests of Spain, England and France mainly) were fought before reaching independence.

    The settlers just wanted to leave bad living conditions behind and try to find a better life abroad and live their religion.

    Sounds like todays inmigrants to the US to me . . .

    Just some thoughts of a 14 year old German

    5:09 PM

    Quote Originally Posted by Anchorage Activist

    Anonymous 5:09 P.M. -- There's a difference between the immigrants of yesteryear and today's immigrants. The previous immigrants paid their own way; they didn't demand entitlements from the greater society. They were also more willing to assimilate.

    Today's immigrants are much more prone to use taxpayer-funded services. Immigrants also bring unproductive members of their extended families back home through "chain migration". And today's immigrants are much less likely to assimilate; that's why we have hyphenated Americanism.

    5:30 PM


    For Recent News of the Bowel Movement

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    Default Muslim group seeks to rekindle spirit of Joplin after tornado

    Muslim group seeks to rekindle spirit of Joplin after tornado

    By Roger McKinney

    JOPLIN, Mo. — A little girl viewing the ruins of the destroyed Islamic Society of Joplin mosque with an adult on Wednesday asked a heartbreaking question.

    “Why did they burn it down?”

    Other children, assisted by adults, gathered what pieces of a burned Quran, the Muslim holy book, they could find. They were surveying the destruction of Monday’s fire in advance of a news conference by members of the mosque and representatives of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. CAIR is a Muslim civil rights and advocacy group based in Washington, D.C.

    The fire, reported about 3:30 a.m. Monday, is being called “suspicious” by authorities. A July 4 fire, which caused minor damage to the roof and for which there is surveillance video, was intentionally set. About 30 FBI agents, plus agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and investigators with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department, are pursuing the investigation.

    The mosque will be rebuilt, local Muslim officials said.

    Those at the news conference appealed for Joplin to renew the spirit that was prevalent in response to the 2011 tornado in its response to the mosque fire.


    Nihad Awad, CAIR executive director, said he wanted to reaffirm the group’s admiration for how Joplin responded to the tornado.

    “They have shown the best of what America is,” he said of Joplin residents.

    He said that spirit should be revived in the response to the mosque fire.

    “In that spirit we’re coming together,” Awad said. “Joplin should be united. Joplin should not let anyone divide it.”

    CAIR has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for Monday’s fire or the July 4 fire. The FBI and ATF have offered a $15,000 reward for the conviction of those responsible for the July 4 fire. It would be extended to the Monday fire if it is determined to be arson.

    “This great community is not going to be taken by fear,” Awad said.

    Awad said CAIR respects law enforcement and will allow authorities to do their jobs.

    “Our community has every reason to believe this fire was deliberately set,” he said.

    Hina Qidwai, a member of the Joplin mosque, told of the camaraderie among everyone in the aftermath of the tornado. The mosque was a host for workers from AmeriCorps, Catholic Charities and other groups and churches.

    “The whole town came together,” Qidwai said. “Color didn’t matter. Culture didn’t matter. Religion didn’t matter. It was just humanity.”

    She said the apparent deliberate destruction of the mosque has been unsettling for her.

    “We didn’t expect it,” she said.


    The day ended with an interfaith iftar meal, breaking the Ramadan fast of the daylight hours, at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church. Members of several other churches and the United Hebrew Congregation also participated. Ramadan is the Muslim holy month. About 70 attended the event.

    One of the guests was the Rev. David L. Myers, director of the federal Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships with the Department of Homeland Security.

    “For people of faith, it’s a sign of standing together,” Myers said of the event. “It’s a strong way for the faith community to stand arm-in-arm with the Islamic community.”

    Joplin police Chief Lane Roberts said he took an oath to a document — the Constitution — that guarantees religious freedom to everyone. He said though the mosque was not in his jurisdiction, its burning angered him.

    “What has occurred here is a crime against your faith,” Roberts said. “It’s a crime against everything this country represents.”

    The menu for the meal included halal jambalaya — jambalaya prepared according to the requirements of Islam.


    TO CONTRIBUTE to rebuilding the mosque, people may send checks to the Islamic Society of Joplin, P.O. Box 3164, Joplin, MO 64803, or place money in the Islamic Society’s account with Commerce Bank.

    OTHER OPTIONS include a PayPal account on the Facebook event page for the Aug. 25 “Neighbors” - Joplin Mosque Support Rally in Landreth Park. People also may contribute at the crowdsourcing website indiegogo: www.indiegogo.com/joplinmosqueofficial. It had raised nearly $100,00 by Wednesday night.

    All the shit unfit to print


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    Default Michael Page

    Michael Page


    Dear Harold:

    Here's something I noticed I'm just curious about. When the feds’ guy J. T. Ready went nuts this spring it was a really big deal. You emailed us about it, and Sally had to do a special podcast. When the Jew Jared Loughner went nuts in early 2011, you also did a special podcast. You did pretty much the same for Joe Stack. Yet not a peep about Michael Page?


    Numero uno, my RFN time was pretty much filled up this week.

    Number two, I have already made my attitude towards shooting sprees clear.

    Number three, I was waiting for the dust to settle and see if Page popped up on anybody’s radar. He hasn’t. No one in our circle seems to have met him or heard of him at all. This is usually the case with media-described “white supremacists” (sic) who do this kind of thing — none of us real “white supremacists” ever seem to have heard of them.

    I may or may not say something on next week’s show, depends on how the news cycle goes. By then Obama’s media probably will have forgotten all about it and they’ll be blaming Mitt Romney for South American earthquakes. (Apparently he causes cancer now.)




    Quote Originally Posted by Dave

    He's already off the front page. Another "Wag The Dog" scenario, as like as not.

    Dave 08102012 / 0933

    9:34 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    The guy looks Jewish to me. Typical kosher shooting spree suspect.


    2:48 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Nasty

    Good day, HAC. You mention that you have made your attitude towards shooting sprees well known.

    May I ask you to post a link to that particular discussion, as I keep running into the mindless, who, first thing, screech "Oh, Lord ... who will deliver us from these tools of the Devil? ... or somesuch. I have my own opinions, but they are regarded as pretty much Science Fiction by a lot of people, (including a lot of friends) and I could use more independent thought.

    2:56 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by LA DODGER FAN

    UN! Nice to seee you! Small world

    HAC has talked about them in podcasts, shoot which one I can't tell you off the top of my head.

    I can't do the man justice but in a nutshell he says don't do it, and not just because the feds are listening, but because it's a waste of a good nationalist.

    It's so easy to connect these shooters to jews or government, it just makes me realize how much they're just phoning it in these days and hold the public in total comntempt. This guy worked in psy ops for the military, for gods sake, they couldn't try to hide that even a little?!?

    PS you turned me on to the northwest front, I hope to thank you for that one day!

    3:32 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Well DUH, of course "Jared" Loughner was a joo. That's a jooish name!

    "Jared" is also the name of the subway fat guy who lost all that weight and he's (wait for it) the son of a jooish doctor!

    10:43 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    I do find it interesting that some reports say Page "shot himself in the head" and other reports say he was "shot by officers." Sounds like someone decided not to take Page prisoner and walked up to him, wounded, and finished him off with a bullet to the brain.

    Not the first time that's happened with law enforcement (see the Romanian kids who flipped out in LA a few years back with automatic rifles and body armor) and its not the last time.

    10:46 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Adit

    @ Uncle Nasty

    I think HAC is referring to his podcast about Joe stack who flew his airplane into a Gov building. The link is:


    I think this covers his attitude about these types of spree killings.

    2:13 PM

    Come Home to the Northwest


    Down With Jugears

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    Default Volksfront Denies That Wade Michael Page Was A Member Of Their Group, Denounces Page As A Coward And A Disgrace

    Volksfront Denies That Wade Michael Page Was A Member Of Their Group, Denounces Page As A Coward And A Disgrace


    The effort to find out why Wade Michael Page chimped out and fatally gunned down six members of a Sikh temple in Oak Park, Wisconsin continues, since he's no longer around to tell his story. Both the media and the Anti-Defamation League are trying to bring Volksfront into the story. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is now reporting that Page's former girlfriend, Misty M. Cook, is an associate with Volksfront. Cook shared accommodations with Page until June 2012, when they broke up, and South Milwaukee Police removed a gun from the home that she and Page once shared. Cook cannot legally own a gun because she has a previous felony conviction, but police did not say whether they referred a gun charge against Cook for prosecution. Update August 8th: ]Misty Cook has now been arrested and charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

    The Journal-Sentinel further reports that Mark Pitcavage, investigative research director of ADL, claims that they've linked Cook to Volksfront through photographs and Internet postings, although they acknowledge that Volksfront doesn't accept females for membership.

    After two media enquiries, Volksfront decided to set the record straight. In a blog post entitled "Volksfront Response to Media Inquiries Regarding Wade Page", they deny that Page was ever a member, characterized the shooting as an act of demented criminal cowardice, decries the lack of quality control in the white nationalist movement, and offers their symapthies to the families of the shooting victims. Here's the full statement:
    Wade Page was not, and has never been a member of, or associate of our organization. Volksfront has no dealings with Wade's band or the organization he belongs too, neither of which are welcome at Volksfront events. Wade has never attended a Volksfront event nor has his band ever played a Volksfront organized function.

    Volksfront feels this act was an act of demented criminal cowardice. The 'White Nationalist' movement is fractured and has many organizations, many of whom are hostile to each other, it is inaccurate to label or consider all organizations the same or unified. It is not a unified 'movement' and has a myriad of standards, structures and belief systems.

    Unfortunately not all organizations do their due diligence in controlling their rhetoric or enforcing a code of conduct and that allows rejects, outcasts and deviants to infiltrate certain segments of the loosely defined 'White Nationalist" movement. Volksfront was the first, and may be the only, folkish organization to publicly reject violence as a political tool and as morally objectionable.

    Volksfront is saddened by this event and our sympathies go out to the families of the victims and officers involved.

    In our opinion Wade Page was a coward and disgrace to his people.

    Despite the denial, ABC News still reported that Page was an associate of Volksfront, although they included Volksfront's denial in the story.

    In a previous post entitled "Wisconsin Shooting - Possibly Linked to Domestic Terrorism", Volksfront explicitly stated their objection to the use of violence as a political tool and classified it as immoral. To those who would use violence as a political tool, they wrote "You are not a soldier when you attack women, children and the defenseless. You are a murdering criminal. You are not a revolutionary and will not be remembered as one". You can read their baseline political positions HERE.

    Volksfront was officially founded October 20th, 1994, in Portland, Oregon. Since its founding, they've grown into an international brotherhood with members, prospects and supporters throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Volksfront is a secular fraternal organization for working persons of European descent; their activities and interests include events, concerts, media distribution & creation, joint land ownership projects, business creation and the social and financial betterment of their members. As an example of their activism, they're holding what is called "Althing 2012" in St. Louis from Sept. 1-3, which will feature live music, BBQ, camping, athletic competition, and seminars. The term "Althing" comes from the Icelandic word for "parliament"; the Icelandic Althing is the oldest parliamentary institution in the world still extant.


    For Recent News of the Bowel Movement

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