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    ZOG-occupied, whigger-infested East Tennessee.

    Default November in History

    November in History


    November 1. The Stamp Act, imposed by the British Parliament on the American colonies, goes into effect, this day in 1765. The Act required the colonists to buy stamps to put on legal papers, magazines, and newspapers. Bostonians react to it by looting and burning the home of Royal Governor Thomas Hutchinson. New Yorkers lay seige to the Royal Artillery garrison at the Battery, burn the coach of the Lieutenant Governor, and wreck the home of Major James, commandant of the British troops in that state. These various mobs were labeled "Sons of Liberty" by Colonel Isaac Barre, a British MP.

    November 2. Daniel Boone born 1734. Lincoln receives invitation to "make a few appropriate remarks" at Gettysburg, 1863.

    November 3. Confederate General Jubal A. Early born 1816. Infamous 19th-century science fiction writer, Ignatius Donnelly, born 1831. "Prince Of Confusion" (poem) written 1994.

    November 4. Republicans lose big in mid-term elections, 1862. Will Rogers born 1879. "Hey Mama" written 1993. "Under The Dogstar" (poem) written 1995. After defeating his rival, Hitlery Rotten Clit, in the primaries, and gaining the Democratic nomination, Barack Hussein Obama manages to defeat Republican nominee John McCain, becoming the 43rd President of the Jewnited Snakes, this day in 2008. Had the Republicuntz chosen *ANYONE* but this ugly, bald-headed, senile old Commie-kisser, this would not have happened. They could've nominated Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney and be running the country right now. Instead, they clearly chose to commit suicide, and officially became irrelevant on this day.

    November 5. Robert E. Lee named commander of new Confederate Department of South Carolina, 1861. William Cooper murdered by Feds, 2001.

    November 6. The Confederate flag is lowered for the last time when a Navy ship docks in Liverpool, England, this day in 1865. "The Emperor Of Shit" (poem) written 1993.

    November 8. Lincoln beats McClellan in key presidential election, with 212 to 21 electoral votes, 1864.

    November 9. Confederate General A.P. Hill born 1828. In a foreshadowing of things to come, Lincoln goes to the theater to see John Wilkes Booth perform, 1863.

    November 11. Union troops destroy mills and railroads at Rome, Georgia, 1864. General George S. Patton born 1885. Neil Young born 1945. "Born And Bred In A Briar-Patch/ISS-SSI" written 1998.

    November 12. Daniel R. Anthony leads his infamous "Seventh Kansas Cavalry" of abolitionist terrorists into Independence, Missouri, this day in 1861, burning every farmhouse, barn, and wheatfield along the way. Before reaching the town, however, they encounter 150 Confederate irregulars, commanded by Upton Hayes, along the banks of the Little Blue. After an hour of pitched battle and a dozen losses on each side, the Yankees withdraw back to Kansas City. Robbed of his provisions by the Yankee marauders, Hayes has no choice but to abandon the town a few days later. Anthony, joined by the notorious Jayhawker chieftain, the Devil-bearded Charles Jennison, is able to capture the town without resistance. Jennison then herds every White male in town into the public square, rounds up all the Negroes, dresses them in Federal uniforms, places them under a colored officer, and has them march in military formation around the captive Whites. He then reads them a proclamation warning them not to give "aid and comfort" to the "enemies of the Union", burns the house of a prominent Secessionist, plunders several stores, and steals every able-bodied horse he can find. Before returning to Kansas City, he nails a ZOG shitrag to a pole in the square. As soon as he departs, the citizens tear the shitrag down and trample it in the dirt.

    November 13. Yankee General Joseph Hooker born 1814. "Reginald X" written 1995.

    November 14. Robert Fulton born 1765. Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy born 1908.

    November 15. The Trent Affair threatens to bring Great Britain into war supporting the Confederacy, 1861.

    November 16. Northern politicians urge reconciliation with Great Britain, 1861. True to form, Rosenfeld shows his Jew colors by recognizing the Soviet Union, 1933.

    November 18. Lincoln arrives in Gettysburg with a fever suffeering a mild case of small pox, 1863. "Can't Go On Pretending" written 1990.

    November 19. George Rogers Clark born 1752. Approximately 20,000 gather in Gettysburg to see Lincoln deliver a 2-minute speech at the cemetery dedication, 1863.

    November 20. Intense fighting ends between Cherokee and Creek Indians who are split over loyalties to each side, 1861.

    November 21. Hood's army marches north to threaten Federal-occupied Nashville, Tennessee, 1864. "Alfalfa" Bill Murray born 1869.

    November 22. Battle for Chattanooga, Tennessee begins between Yankee General Grant and Braxton Bragg, the South's most incompetent commander, this day in 1863. Any guesses as to who's gonna win, folks? There's still time to place your bets. ;-( "It's Really Speeding Up Here At The End" written 1997.

    November 23. Mark Twain born 1835.

    November 24. Battle for Lookout Mountain around Chattanooga, 1863.

    November 25. Union forces route Confederates off daunting Missionary Ridge, 1863.

    November 26. Hood's army pushes toward Columbia, Tennessee, hoping to hit separated Union armies, 1864.

    November 28. William Blake born 1757. General Braxton Bragg resigns in disgrace, 1863. Too bad he couldn't have done it a week earlier. His stupidity will cost the South the war. :-( TALES OF NEW JERUSALEM (song cycle) written 1996.

    November 29. Ignoring the advice of his artillery commander, E. Porter Alexander, General Longstreet decides to attack Fort Sanders in Knoxville, Tennessee without a preliminary artillery barrage and without providing his troops with ladders, this day in 1863. The result, predictably, is a disaster, with 813 Confederate losses: 129 killed, 458 wounded, and 226 missing. At 11pm the previous night, Confederate skirmishers had advanced on the fort, capturing the Federal rifle pits and 50 Yankee soldiers. This is the *ONLY* thing that went right for Longstreet in this battle. At dawn, three brigades, led by Generals Lafayette McLaws, William Wofford, and Benjamin Humphreys attack the fort. The Federals of the 79th New York are waiting for them. Many Confederates die before ever reaching the fort, tripping over the telegraph wires the Yanks had strung amongst the stumps in the field approaching it. When the men begin to fall on each other like dominoes, the Yanks fire their cannons into the midst of them. Those who make it to the ditch surrounding the earthworks, however, soon discover the truth of Alexander's speculations about its depth. It is, on average, eight feet deep. Once in it, the men are confronted by an almost vertical ice-covered wall, rising 16 feet before them. They are trapped. A murderous fire pours down upon the attackers and men fall by the score. There is no way anyone could dig footholds in the wall under that fire. Some soldiers leap onto the shoulders of their comrades and try to reach the top of the wall. Those who make it are instantly shot down. Lieutenant Samuel L. Benjamin, (Jewboy, surprise, surprise. :-/ ;-( ) the Federal artillery commander in the fort, had instructed his men to prepare 50 cannon shells with three-second fuses. Now the defenders light the fuses and toss the shells over the parapet, among the attackers. It is a massacre. What caused Longstreet's rashness and resulting bad judgement no one can really know for sure. Perhaps, as Colonel Alexander suggested, he was persuaded to his actions by General Bragg's chief engineer, Brigadier General Danville Leadbetter, and "preferred to accept the responsibiity rather than plead that he had been so taken in". The stupidity displayed in the plan of attack certainly reeks of Bragg, Bragg, and more Bragg. Could Longstreet have taken the fort if he had followed the advice of his artillery commander? Probably, though, even witn a preliminary artillery barrage and ladders, the casualties still would've most likey been high. The tragic irony of it all, however, is that the battle wasn't even necessary. As Lincoln, Jew rat though he was, accurately stated: "East Tennessee" could "be no more than temporarily lost so long as Chattanooga" was "firmly held". The battle only occured because Bragg and Jefferson Davis had conspired to get General Longstreet out of Chattanooga, because he kept clashing with Bragg over strategy. Had Longstreet remained in Chattanooga and forced Bragg to follow his advice, the South would've undoubtedly won the battle, and, likely, the War. The reason the South lost, then, can be neatly summed up in two little words: BRAXTON BRAGG. And Bragg could've never become a general in the first place, let alone assume independent command, had it not been for two other pesky little words: JEFFERSON DAVIS. Bragg was a close personal friend of Davis's, and Davis allowed their friendship to cloud his judgement. Little wonder, then, that so many people believe that Davis was some kind of conspiratorial Freemasonic Jew-tool, purposely chosen as the South's commander-in-chief to ensure a Northern victory. Davis, however, was simply an incompetent buffoon who should never have been elected President of the Confederacy. "Ol' Hal's In Ecstasy Now" written 1994.

    November 30. Three Confederate divisions under the command of General John Bell Hood, led by Generals Cleburne, Brown and French, fail to take possession of the Federal breastworks at Franklin, Tennessee, this day in 1864, after routing Yankee troops under General George Wagner and taking nearly 700 of them prisoner. General Hood would earn his reputation as a butcher this day, losing 7,000 men: 1,750 killed outright, including the Irish-born General Patrick Cleburne, known as "The Stonewall of the West", and three Brigadier Generals, John Adams, Otho F. Stahl, and Hiram Granbury, and the rest wounded or taken prisoner. States Rights Gist, the hard-fighting South Carolinian, and another Brigadier General of Hood's, would later die from wounds he received at Franklin. When you consider the fact that all this slaughter could've been avoided, had Hood simply allowed Forrest to flank the enemy instead, it becomes clear that, next to Braxton Bragg, John Bell Hood was the worst general the South ever produced. After hearing television reports that the Mayor of Franklin intended to ban the Confederate battle flag from a commemoration ceremony, marking the 142nd anniverasry of that battle, I head to Franklin, this day in 2006, armed with a quart of moonshine, a box of Kleenex, a lighter, and two vials of my own feces. :-/ :-) ;-D In the end, the reports turned out to be nothing but a gephilte fish-story spread by the Jewsmedia, but I did get to witness a pretty cool ceremony with a good number of re-enactors.


    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    ZOG-occupied, whigger-infested East Tennessee.


    December in History


    December 1. All imported goods from England banned by First Continental Congress, effective this day in 1774. English ships were forbidden to enter American ports.

    December 2. John Brown, the crazed, nigger-loving abolitionist terrorist, hanged near Harper's Ferry, Virginia, 1859.

    December 3. Gilbert Stuart, the American artist famous for his portrait of George Washington, born 1755. Yankee General George McClellan born 1826.

    December 4. Confederate General William "Old Blizzards" Corning born 1818. Dennis Wilson born 1944.

    December 5. Yankee General and famed Indian fighter George Armstrong Custer born 1839. Little Richard born 1932.

    December 6. Confederate General John Singleton Mosby born 1833. Jefferson Davis died 1889. "Shit In The Nectar" written 1994.

    December 7. Battle of Prarie Grove, Arkansas, 1862. Hamilton Fish born 1888.

    December 8. U. S. Secretary of the Treasury Howell resigns from the Buchanan administration to join the Southern cause, 1860. Jim Morrison born 1943. Sam Kinison born 1953. Robert Jay Mathews murdered by Feds, 1984. "Nothing New To Say" written 1998.

    December 9. Joel Chandler Harris born 1848.

    December 10. Kentucky is admitted to the Confederacy, rounding out 13 states, 1861. A group of 200 men from Thomas's Legion of Indians is attacked by Colonel William Jackson Palmer of the Fifteenth Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry on a ridge just outside of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, this day in 1863. The Cherokees were forced to retreat and the Yankees captured "1 prisoner, 16 horses, 18 muskets, 2 boxes of ammunition, several bushes of salt, meal, dried fruit & c. and a large quantity of blankets, old clothing & c."

    December 11. Disastrous fire strikes Charleston, South Carolina business district, 1861. "Long Time Ago", "Revelation" and "The Old Times" written 1994.

    December 12. Yankee General Burnside makes plans for the next day's futile assault, 1862. "Oy Vey, Motherfucker" written 1995. "Babylon Around The World" written 1997.

    December 13. Confederates defeat the Yankee forces of General Burnside in the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia, 1862.

    December 14. Thousands of wounded lay helpless on the frozen slopes surrounding Fredericksburg, 1862.

    December 15. Bill of Rights ratified 1791. Battle of Nashville, Tennessee rages 1864.

    December 16. Fifty men dressed as "wild Indians" board British tea ships moored in Boston Harbor and dump 342 chests of tea into the water, this day in 1773. This was later known as the "Boston Tea Party". Only six months after his crowning triumph at Gettysburg, Yankee General John Buford dies of typhoid fever, 1863. Bill Hicks born 1961.

    December 17. Hood's crippled army retreats south from Nashville, Tennessee, 1864. Wright Brothers' first successful flight at Kittyhawk, North Carolina, 1903.

    December 18. Word reaches President Buchanan that South Carolina will secede from the Union, 1860.

    December 20. With a vote of 169-0, South Carolina votes to secede from the Union, 1860.

    December 21. Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock, 1620.

    December 23. Crypto-Satanist, 33rd-Degree Mason, and founder of the pseudo-Christian cult of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, born 1805. He marries the widow of Captain William Morgan after he is murdered by New York Freemasons. The probable Jewess, Sarah Wakeman writes in her diary that she "likes being a soldier very well", 1862. Killing babies just comes natural to that tribe. ;-( "God's Own Whore" (poem) written 1997.

    December 24. Treaty of Ghent, intended to end hostilities between Britain and America, signed 1814. The sneaky bastards still attack New Orleans in spite of this on January 8th, 1815. "Cautionary Tale" written 1996.

    December 25. George Washington crosses the Delaware, in preparation for a succesful attack on the city of Trenton, New Jersey the next morning, 1776. Jimmy Buffett born 1945. Martin Lindstedt born 1957. This day is also the pagan Feast of Tammuz, blasphemously rendered as "Christmas" by the Church of Rome. In the future, all those who celebrate this vile "holiday" will be put to death.

    December 26. In Charleston, South Carolina, state militia seize Federal property, 1860. "Stand Up" and "A Prophecy" written 1995.

    December 28. Battle of Chickasaw Bluffs, near Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1862. Andi Carpenter born 1969. Dennis Wilson died 1983. "No Salvation" written 1995.

    December 29. Satan-worshipping 33rd-Degree Freemason and self-styled "Pontiff Of Lucifer", Albert Pike born 1808. Traitorous Tennessean and 17th President of the Jewnited States, Andrew Johnson, also born this day in 1808.

    December 30. U.S.S. Monitor sinks in rough seas off North Carolina coast, 1862.

    December 31. Battle of Stones River, Tennessee begins near Murfreesboro, 1862. Left final message on MOC board, 2001.


    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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