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    ZOG-occupied, whigger-infested East Tennessee.


    Today In History

    This page will contain dates of historical significance and/or significance in the life of Charles Gavan O'Lanahan.

    January 1. Paul Revere born 1735. Revolutionary War General "Mad" Anthony Wayne born 1745.

    January 2. Battle of Stones River, Tennessee, concludes after more than 25,000 casualties, 1863. Confederate General James Longstreet died 1904. Roger Miller born 1938.

    January 3. Washington defeats General Howe in the Battle of Princeton, 1777. Despite victory, Confederate General Braxton Bragg retreats from Stones River, 1863. DUMBASS!!! J.R.R. Tolkien born 1892. "Pretty Swastika Road" written 1996. "Trademark Growl" written 2000. Got 5th car, 2005. Barack Hussein Obama makes history by winning the Iowa Caucus, 2008. On this day, he officially becomes "black" in the eyes of all Americoons, who now realize that he stands a real chance of winning the Presidency.

    January 4. "One Of Us, One Of Them" written 1999.

    January 5. Admiral Stephen Decatur, famous for his great naval victories in the War of 1812, born 1779. Confederate General Joseph Kershaw born 1822.

    January 6. New York City Mayor Wood proposes that even if the Union is dissolved, New York should be free to trade with the South, 1861. Theodore Roosevelt died 1919.

    January 7. David Bowie born 1947.

    January 8. Andrew Jackson defeats the Treaty-breaking Limey bastards at the Battle of New Orleans, 1815. Confederate General James Longstreet born 1821.

    January 9. Battle of New Orleans, 1814. First shots of Confederate War For Independence fired from Morris Island in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, 1861. Mississippi becomes third state to secede, 1861.

    January 10. William Seward, Gaybraham Rothschild Lincoln's rival, agrees to become his Secretary of State, 1861. Jim Croce born 1943. Rod Stewart born 1946.

    January 12. Jack London born 1876. "A Tramp, Shining" written 1990.

    January 13. Yankees capture several towns in Arkansas, 1863.

    January 14. Dave Grohl born 1968.

    January 15. Yankees capture Fort Fischer, North Carolina, after days of heavy fighting, 1865.

    January 16. Confederate schooner carrying tons of cotton is sunk by Yankee ship off Texas coast, 1865. Robert Jay Mathews born 1953.

    January 17. Benjamin Franklin born 1706.

    January 18. Daniel Webster born 1782.

    January 19. Confederate General Robert E. Lee born 1807. Edgar Allan Poe born 1809. Phil Everly born 1939.

    January 20. Revolutionary War ended 1783. Lee & Jackson Day celebrated in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Virginia. Barack Hussein Obama is inaugurated as the 43rd President of the Jewnited Snakes. He and his media minions both love to claim that he's the first black president, however, having a race-traitorous whigger skank for a mother, he is not. He is merely the first half-breed president. He is, however, the first ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT president as well. ;-( Once again, THANKS A LOT, BUSH!!! :-(

    January 21. Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson born 1824.

    January 23. John Hancock born 1737.

    January 24. Georgia's state militia takes control of Union arsenal at Augusta, 1861.

    January 25. "Snakechasing Motordog Blues" written 1994. Met Jew's Shitty Son in the flesh for the first time, 2002. "Deus Ex Machina" (poem) written 2002.

    January 26. Louisiana becomes the sixth state to secede, 1861. Douglas MacArthur born 1880.

    January 27. Lewis Carroll born 1832. The editor of the PHILADELPHIA JOURNAL is arrested and imprisoned by the Antichrist Lincoln regime for publishing opinions critical of the half-Jewish bastard, 1863. Nick Mason born 1945. Vietnam "War" ended 1973.

    January 28. Confederate General George Pickett born 1828. William Butler Yeats died 1939. "Bullshit Lies" written 1994.

    January 29. Thomas Paine born 1747. Tommy Ramone born 1952.

    January 30. "Buffalo Brains" written 1995.

    January 31. General Robert E. Lee is named commander-in-chief of all Confederate armies, 1865. Silver Shirts founded by William Dudley Pelley in Asheville, North Carolina, 1933. Johnny Rotten born 1951. "Knoxville Can Kiss My Ass" written 1999.
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    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    ZOG-occupied, whigger-infested East Tennessee.


    February 1. Texas votes 166-7 in favor of secession, 1861. Don Everly born 1937.

    February 2. Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston born, 1803. At about two o'clock in the afternoon, Major Francis M. Davidson's Fourteenth Illinois Cavalry overran the Confederate pickets uoutside their camp at the mouth of Deep Creek, where 300 Cherokees of the Legion were caught entirely by surprise, this day in 1864. The Cherokees grabbed their weapons, climbed upon the bluffs and defended them with fierce determination. They were finally forced from their positions on the bluff. With a few prisoners, Davidson turned back to Tennessee. Eight Yankees and two Legion Cherokees had been killed. "Candide Can-Opener" written 1996.

    February 3. Yankee ship, QUEEN OF THE WEST, runs past Confederate batteries at Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1863.

    February 4. In Montgomery, Alabama, the Confederate States of America are organized, 1861. Charles Lindbergh born 1902.

    February 6. Confederate General JEB Stuart born 1833. Ronald Reagan born 1911. Axl Rose born 1962. "Vodka & Chimney Dust" written 1990.

    February 8. Yankee General William Tecumseh Sherman, the mass-murdering scumbag, born 1820.

    February 9. Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens are elected as Confederate President and Vice-President, 1861. Special election held in Tennessee to decide whether to approve a State Convention to vote on secession, 1861. The measure fails, largely due to the efforts of inbred wastes of skin like William G. "Parson" Brownlow.

    February 10. The French surrender Canada to the British, 1763.

    February 11. Thomas Edison born 1847.

    February 12. Gaybraham Rothschild Lincoln, the bastard son of an Illuminati Jew and a trashy slut, born 1809. John L. Lewis born 1880.

    February 14. Gordon Kahl and his son, Yorie, are ambushed by Federal marshalls in Medina, North Dakota, 1983. Yorie is shot and wounded by the Federal dogs, and later made to take the fall. He is currently rotting away in one of ZOG's filthy prisons. Femroid Reparations Day. (If you celebrate it, you're a EUNUCH!!!)

    February 15. Cyrus McCormick born 1809. After heavy fighting, Confederates decide to surrender key fort in Donelson, Tennessee, 1862. Gunman Joseph Zangara narrowly misses his chance to become the greatest American hero since John Wilkes Booth, when the bullet he intended for President-Elect Rosenfeld hits Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak instead, this day in 1933. Cermak later dies from the wound. Saw Michael Martin Murphey in concert, 2001.

    February 17. Confederate submarine H.L. HUNLEY becomes the first sub ever to sink an enemy ship in combat, 1864.

    February 18. Confederate President Jefferson Davis is inaugurated, 1861. "HOAA" written 1990.

    February 19. Sherman burns Columbia, South Carolina, 1865.

    February 20. Kurt Cobain born 1967.

    February 21. Got 6th car, 2009.

    February 22. George Washington born 1732. Lincoln goes to Philadelphia's Independence Hall and lies through his dirty yellow teeth, 1861.

    February 23. Pastor Richard G. Butler, founder of Aryan Nations, born 1918.

    February 24. James Otis argues against the Writs of Assistance passed by Parliament which gave the King's officers authority to search a store or home for smuggled goods and try those found with said goods in an admiralty court by judges sent over from England, 1761. George Rogers Clark and his army of 200 men capture the British fort at Vincennes, in present-day Illinois, this day in 1779. Sherman's "March To The Sea" hampered by flooding rains, 1865.

    February 25. Nashville, Tennessee falls into Yankee hands and remains so for the rest of the war, 1862. "Rivers" written 1998.

    February 26. Lincoln signs law allowing for paper currency, 1862. (Gee, I wonder who could've put him up to THAT? ;-) "Paper money, funny money"/"It's been proven throughout history/"It deceives us while it bleeds us/"And it leads us down to TYRANNY....."*from "Paper Money" by Carl Klang, 1993.) Bill Hicks died 1994. Operation Wandervogel begun 1998.

    February 27. President Davis calls for a day of fasting and prayer, 1863. The great populist Senator and "America First"er, Burton K. Wheeler born 1882.

    February 28. Confederate Constitution written 1861. Brian Jones born 1942. BATF agents, armed with automatic weapons shoot their way into Mt. Carmel Center near Waco, Texas, killing six Branch Davidians: Winston Blake, Peter Ghent, Peter Hipsman, Perry Jones, Michael Schroeder, and Jaydean Wendell, 1993. LET THE NAMES OF THESE MARTYRS BE BURNED FOREVER INTO THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF ALL FREEDOM-LOVING PEOPLE!!!

    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    ZOG-occupied, whigger-infested East Tennessee.

    Default March in History

    March 1. Articles of Confederation ratified 1781. Martial law declared in Richmond, Virginia. President Davis arrests traitorous Yankee sympathizers, 1862. Roger Daltrey born 1944. "Have Some Baby Brains, Sherriff" written 1996.

    March 2. Sam Houston born 1793.Yankee General Ulysses S. Grant promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General, 1864. "Someday, Boys" written 1994.

    March 3. Alexander Graham Bell born 1837.

    March 4. Lincoln meets with outgoing President James Buchanan prior to his inauguration, 1861. Crypto-kike Franklin Delano Rosenfeld takes the Oath of Office, becoming the 32nd President of the Jewnited States, this day in 1933. He wastes no time in suspending the Constitution, declaring all citizens "enemies of the state", and establishing his "alphabet soup" of kosher tyranny.

    March 5. The Boston Massacre occurs when the British open fire on a number of rowdy, drunken youths who were throwing snowballs at them. Five were killed, this day in 1770. Two later died from their wounds. Five soldiers were arrested and tried for murder. Three were acquited, and the other two were convicted of a lesser charge and let off with only a fine. They were represented by the lawyer John Adams, future Congressional conspirator and 2nd President of the Jewnited States. Needless to say, he was a 33rd-Degree Mason. :-/ Howard Pyle born 1853. Newspapers across the South urge for war, 1861. "Grecian Lullaby" written 1995. Muharram, Islamic New Year.

    March 6. Yankee General Phil Sheridan born 1831. Fall of The Alamo 1836.

    March 7. Fierce fighting in Pea Ridge, Arkansas. Two Confederate generals are killed, 1862.

    March 8. Mickey Dolenz born 1945.

    March 9. Ironclads MONITOR and MERRIMAC battle to a draw near Norfolk, Virginia, 1862. Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party, born 1918.

    March 11. Confederate Congress adopts pro-slavery Constitution, 1861.

    March 12. "God Rest The Blues" written 1996.

    March 13. Davis signs law allowing blacks to fight in Confederate armies, 1865.

    March 14. Black troops are seen in Confederate uniforms in Richmond, Virginia, 1865. Michael Martin Murphey born 1945.

    March 15. Andrew Jackson born 1767.

    March 16. James Madison born 1751. Confederate General Patrick Cleburne born 1828.

    March 17. The old Warrior's Path leading from Tennessee into Kentucky, later to be known as the Cumberland Gap, purchased from the Cherokees by Daniel Boone, 1775. Roger B. Taney born 1787. St. Patrick's Day.

    March 18. The Stamp Act is repealed by the British Parliament, 1766. John C. Calhoun born 1782. Texas hero and governor, Sam Houston, refuses to support Confederacy, 1861.

    March 19. William Jennings Bryan, America's greatest populist and champion of the Common Man, born 1860. In one of the war's last battles, Sherman and Johnston clash in North Carolina, 1865.

    March 22. "Killers Always Smile" written 1996.

    March 23. Patrick Henry delivers his famous "Liberty or Death" speech in the Virginia House of Burgesses, 1775. Battle of Kernstown, Virginia, 1862.

    March 24. "To The Uninitiated" written 1996.

    March 25. General Lee launches assault to break siege of Petersburg, 1865. Slammed it down at The Daily Grind, 1999.

    March 26. New Mexico campaign escalates near Santa Fe, 1862. "Bill of Rights" written 1989.

    March 27. "203 West Franklin Avenue" (poem) written 1998.

    March 28. Battle of Glorieta Pass, New Mexico ends 1862. "Memories Of Sex" written 1998.

    March 29. A.P. Hill died 1864. Appamatox campaign begins as Lee's lines stretch 35 miles around Richmond.

    March 30. Eric Clapton born 1945.

    March 31. John C. Calhoun died 1850.

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    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Default April in History

    April in History


    April 1. Battle of Five Forks, Virginia, begins Confederates last week, 1865.

    April 2. Shrewish, yeast-infected harpies riot in Richmond, until Confederate troops are called out to quell this attempted PMS putsch, at which point, they went home and went back to fingering each other, 1863.

    April 3. Richmond and Petersburg fall to the Yankee vermin, 1865. A Potland, Oregon judge orders that all mail sent to Tom Metzger's P. O. Box be turned over to the SPLC, 1991. "Dennis & Me" written 1994.

    April 4. Confederate forces under General Albert Sidney Johnston begin march towards Shiloh, Tennessee, 1862. Martin Lucifer Coon, Jew butt-puppet and Communist agitator extraordinaire, scragged by CIA snipers this day in 1968. James Earl Ray, a petty criminal and admitted nigger-hater was made to take the fall. The latest snow in East Tennessee since the 1890's occurs this day in 1987. Eight inches of accumulation, but it had all melted away by the next day. "American Epitaph" (poem) written 1998.

    April 5. Booker T. Washington born 1856.

    April 6. The second largest battle of the Civil War begins at Shiloh church, 1862.

    April 7. Yankees regain ground lost on Shiloh's second day of battle, 1862. Jerry Brown born 1938. "Year of the Dragon" written 1989.

    April 8. Lee is surrounded at Appomattox and considers surrender, 1865. Kurt Cobain murdered by the Illuminati this day in 1994. Don't believe the "Courtney did it" theory they offer as an alternative explanation. She may be a vile Jewess, but she *DOES NOT* have the power to keep the facts covered up for all these years. Eventually, ZOG would've turned on her, and she would've paid the price.

    April 9. Lee and Grant meet on Palm Sunday at Appomattox Courthouse. Lee surrenders the Army of Northern Viginia, 1865. Carl Perkins born 1939.

    April 10. Lee bids "affectionate farewell" to his Army, 1865. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin born 1870. Sam Kinison died 1992.

    April 12. At 4:30 a.m., Confederates begin bombarding Fort Sumter, South Carolina, 1861. "We Won't Be The Sweepers" written 1999.

    April 13. Thomas Jefferson born 1743. After 34 hours of bombing, Union forces surrender Fort Sumter to the Confederates, 1861. "If Hitler Came To Your House" written 1996.

    April 14. After a bullet-riddled ZOG shitrag had been saluted and lowered for the last time, Major Anderson and his Yankee troops board the Confederate vessel, Isabel, cross the bar in Charleston Harbor, and then board the steamer, Baltic, bound for New York, this day in 1861. Gaybraham "Jewboy" Lincoln takes his fat, psychotic wife to see a comedy at The Ford's Theater, little knowing that it is he himself who will provide the REAL entertainment, when his brains are splattered all over the walls of the opera box by the bullet of a Derringer fired by one John Wilkes Booth, the moderately famous son of a more-famous Jewish actor, this day in 1865. Much has been made of this individual's Jewish ancestry, while Lincoln's own Jewish blood has been totally ignored by the writers of "official" history. Many seem to believe that Lincoln's assassination was the result of some grand conspiracy, orchestrated by Jews or Roman Catholics for some bizarre, unknown reason or other. What they would have to gain by this is beyond me. The Jews wanted to destroy the South, and they succeeded. The end result was the total subjugation of the South by the Radical Reconstructionist policies implemented by the Republican Congress, which I believe would have been implemented whether Lincoln had survived to serve out his second term or not. There is absolutely *NO* reason to believe that this opportunistic swine would've been willing to buck public opinion and risk making enemies in his own party, merely to save a part of the country he cared not one whit about, and, in fact, did his damndest to destroy. The notion that Lincoln would've been kinder to the Conquered South than nigger-loving Radicals like Thaddeus Stevens, is merely the stuff of historical myth, *NOT* fact. (If you don't agree, I would advise that you read LINCOLN THE MAN by Edgar Masters and Fritz Springmeier's BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI. These books will set you straight on what the REAL Lincoln was like. ;-) ) Sinking of the Titanic, 1914.

    April 15. At 7:22 a.m., Lincoln dies from a head wound, 1865. "There Ain't No Justice In This World" written 1995.

    April 16. Lincoln's assassin, actor John Wilkes Booth, flees with a broken leg to Maryland, 1865. Wilbur Wright born 1867.

    April 17. Benjamin Franklin died 1790. Virginia votes 88-55 to secede from Union, 1861. "You Wouldn't Have To Worry About Me" written 1994. "Invocation to Naphtali" (poem) and "9/9/'99" written 1998.

    April 19. A small handful of New England farmers, armed with muskets and hunting rifles, assemble on Lexington Green, boldly defying the Satanic hordes of Albion. Though routed to nearby Concord Bridge, they manage to rally and drive the British from their town, forcing them to surrender this day in 1775. Lincoln declares a naval blockade of all Southern ports, 1861. Over 86 Branch Davidians are murdered by the Federal government and Israeli Mossad agents. Those who weren't burned to death, (probably with the help of their "inside man", Clive Doyle) bulldozed, or crushed under the tread of Sherman (as in William Tecumseh Sherman, mass-murdering Yankee thug and despoiler of Atlanta. Interesting coinicidence, huh? ;-) ) tanks by the FBI, National Guard, and Delta Force commandos were shot on sight, while attempting to surrender by BATF (Known from here on out as Burn All Toddlers First) snipers, firing from a Chinook helicopter. The dead included seventeen children under the age of eighteen: Dayland Gent, Cyrus Howell, Star Howell, Serenity Sea Jones, Lisa Martin, Abigail Martinez, Crystal Martinez, Isaiah Martinez, Melissa Morrison, Mayannah Schneider, Aisha Gyarfas Summers, Startle Summers, Bobbie Lane Koresh, Hollywood Sylvia, Rachel Sylvia, Doris Vaega, and Joanne Vaega. Those few who managed to escape, despite the best efforts of "our" government, (or, perhaps, BECAUSE of them. It's interesting that all of those now breathing free air have aligned themselves with the ZOG mole, Clive Doyle, and his Satanic "Cover-Up Church".) were all taken into Federal custody, this infamous day of 1993. Only a small handful, including Clive Doyle, Sheila Martin, and David Thibodeau, were eventually set free. The rest, including the man whom Koresh chose to be his spokesman, Livingston Fagan, are still rotting away in ZOG prison cells. GOD BLESS AMERIKA!!! :-( And may He rain down fire upon the perpetraitors of this Satanic massacre!!! Two years later, in order to destroy crucial evidence of their conduct at Waco, and to demonize and destroy their right-wing critics, ZOG hires a number of operatives, including a Gulf War Veteran, one Timothy McVeigh, to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Once again, there is a massive cover-up of the true facts, and a demonization of all those who question the "official verdict". "Democracy On The Wane" written 1995. Attended Ramsey House re-enactment, 2008.

    April 20. Virginia's Royal Governor steals the gunpowder from the magazine at Williamsburg, Virginia. A large number of armed men quickly gather at Fredericksburg, determined to get the powder back or make the Governor pay for it, this day in 1775. General Robert E. Lee resigns from U.S. Army while at Arlington Mansion, 1861. Adolf Hitler born 1889.

    April 21. Lincoln's funeral train leaves Washington, D.C., bound for his hometown of Springfield, Illinois, named for his Rothschild father's adopted surname of 'Springs'.

    April 22. Southern diarist Mary Chesnut describes Charleston, South Carolina celebrating the fall of Fort Sumter, 1861.

    April 23. U.S. President James Buchanan born 1791. Wrecked 2nd car, 1993.

    April 25. Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, continues his escape south, eluding his Yankee persuers, 1865. Confederate Memorial Day. (Georgia & Florida)

    April 26. John Wilkes Booth born 1838. Booth is cornered in Virginia, and killed by Yankee soldiers, 1865. The man who fired the fatal shot was a religious fanatic named Corbett, who had neutered himself. :-0

    April 27. Samuel Morse born 1791. Yankee General Ulysses S. Grant born 1822. Attended Gary Kah meeting, 1996.

    April 28. U.S. Steamboat, SULTANA, explodes, killing hundreds of passengers, 1865. Confederate Memorial Day. (Alabama and Mississippi.)

    April 30. Jefferson Davis's son falls to his death at the Confederate White House, 1864. Adolf Hitler died 1945. "Skeleton Key" & "The Last Word" (poems) written 1998.

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    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Default May in History

    May in History


    May 1. Bavarian front group orgainized for the Illuminati by Adam Weishaupt, 1776.

    May 2. The men who had gathered at Fredericksburg were summoned by Patrick Henry to Newcastle, where they joined forces with his Hanover Volunteers, this day in 1775. After addressing the men,---recounting the dead of Concord and Lexington, and reminding them that God "was still the enemy of the oppressive and the friend of the oppressed"---, he then ordered his friend, Parke Goodall, and a contigent of sixteen men to the home of Richard Corbin, the King's Receiver-General, to demand payment for the stolen gunpowder, and to take him prisoner, should he refuse. He then began to march towards Williamsburg with the remaining 150 armed men. As they marched through the neighboring towns, they picked up many new recruits. By the time they reached Duncastle, they were 5,000 strong. "Stonewall" Jackson's famous flank march catches Yankees by surprise in the Virginia wilderness, 1863. "Poor Old Tommy Donohue" written 1996.

    May 3. Mistakenly shot by his own men, and fatally wounded, Jackson begins his long journey to Guinea Station, Virginia, 1863. Got TOMMY album, 1987.

    May 4. Governor Dunmore finally backs down, sending word to Henry in Duncastle via Thomas Nelson and Braxton Carter that restitution would be made for the gunpowder, this day in 1775. Henry accepts their Bill of Exchange, writing a receipt to Corbin for 330 pounds Sterling.

    May 5. Karl Marx, (real name: Moses Mordecai Levi) the son of a Jewish rabbi, born 1818. Battle of Williamsburg, Virginia, 1862. Battle of the Wilderness begins 1864. "We're The New Bookburners" written 1995. "Blood, Sap, & Semen" written 1996.

    May 6. The Tennessee Legislature passes an ordinance declaring Tennessee seceded from the Union and a soverign state once more, 1861. A Declaration Of Independence was to be submitted to the various counties for ratification on June 8. Lee barely avoids disaster as Grant attacks at dawn in the Wilderness, 1864.

    May 7. Gravely wounded, General Longstreet fights for his life, 1864. Sinking of the LUSITANIA, 1915.

    May 8. "Stonewall" Jackson wins minor battle at McDowell, Virginia, 1862. The Navy "flying-boat", NC-4 crosses the Atlantic in 15 hours, this day in 1919. Billy Joel born 1949.

    May 9. John Brown, the mass-murdering, Satan-worshipping, Yankee abolitionist dog, born 1800. Commander Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennett, USN, successfully fly over the North Pole, 1926. "Holden Caulfield's Blues" & "Huck Finn's Confession" written 1993.

    May 10. The Second Continental Congress convenes in Philadelphia, on this day in 1775. At the same time, several miles to the north, Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold settle their command differences, and take Fort Ticonderoga, on the Canadian border, just south of Lake Champlain, without firing a shot. Captain Nathaniel Lyon leads his German Home Guards, composed of Yankee-loving traitors from St. Louis against Camp Jackson, the encampment of pro-Confederate State Guard militia on the outskirts of the town. Though the Guards surrendered, when they were being escorted through town by their captors, a large mob gathered along the sidewalks, shouting: "Damn the Dutch!" (They referred to the Germans derisively as "the Black Dutch".) and "Hurray for Jeff Davis!" and throwing clods and stones, this day in 1861. Someone shot and wounded one of the Home Guard officers, prompting another officer to give the order to fire. When it was all over, 28 people lay dead along the walks and curbs of St. Louis, including a small child. This event became known as the "Camp Jackson Massacre", even though it occured well outside of the camp. "Stonewall" Jackson dies at Guinea Station, Virginia, 1863. Bono born 1960. Confederate Memorial Day. (North and South Carolina)

    May 11. JEB Stuart is mortally wounded at Yellow Tavern, Virginia, 1864.

    May 12. Wealthy proto-feminazi witch, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, urges all her fellow hellcats in the North to support the Yankee cause, 1864.

    May 13. Ritchie Valens born 1941. "I've Heard It All Before" written 1989. "Will The Pebble Come Down To The Flame" written 2000.

    May 14. Mawlid, Prophet Muhammad born 570 AD. Jamestown established 1607. "7-5-7" written 1996.

    May 15. The Fourth and final Virginia Convention instructs its Congressional delegates to adopt an American Declaration of Independence, 1776. President Davis is captured in Georgia, after five weeks of flight, 1865.

    May 16. Krist Novoselic born 1965.

    May 17. After battle of Champion's Hill, Confederates retreat to Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1863. "We're All Gettin' Older" written 1996.

    May 18. Grant begins seige of Vicksburg, 1863.

    May 19. Yankee forces attack Confederates at Vicksburg, 1863. Malcolm X born 1925. Pete Townshend born 1945. Sid Vicious and Joey Ramone born 1951.

    May 20. Christopher Columbus, the bloodsucking Satanist Jew, died 1506. Red Cross formed by Civil War nurse, Clara Barton, 1881. Charles A. Lindbergh successfully completes his non-stop trnasatlantic flight from New York to Paris in 33 hours and 29 minutes, this day in 1927. Joe Cocker born 1944. "Rich Folks Don't Sing Out Of Key" written 2000.

    May 21. The abolitionist stronghold of Lawrence, Kansas is sacked by pro-slavery "Border Ruffians", 1855.

    May 22. Yankee attacks fail at Vicksburg, 1863. President Davis is jailed in Virginia, 1865.

    May 24. Yankees enter Virginia for the first time, 1861. Bob Dylan born 1941.

    May 25. Con-stitutional Convention convened 1787. ;-)

    May 26. Large gold strike in Montana adds revenue to Yankee coffers, 1863. "Raccoon Consciousness" (poem) written 1998.

    May 27. Jewliar Warthog, feminazi Jewess from the pits of Hell, who wrote the Antichrist ZOG anthem "Battle Hymn Of The Republic", born 1819.

    May 28. JFK born 1917. John Fogerty born 1945. "Ode To Mr. Toad" written 1996.

    May 29. Patrick Henry born 1736. Patrick Henry gives a fiery speech against the Stamp Act in the Virginia House of Burgesses, 1765. President Andrew Johnson, the traitorous, white trash bastard from upper East Tennessee, grants amnesty and pardons to Confederate soldiers---in exchange for their souls, of course, 1865. ;-)

    May 30. Civil War nurse, Dorothea Dix, organizes first military hospitals, 1861. Confederate General John Singleton Mosby died 1916.

    May 31. Battle of Seven Pines, 1862. Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston is wounded. Got 4th car, 1997.

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    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Default June in History

    June in History


    June 1. Anglophile Satanist and Freemasonic operative, Brigham Young, born 1801. Confederate General John Bell Hood born 1831.

    June 2. Yankee soldiers prepare for doomed assault at Cold Harbor, Virginia, 1864. "Come Back, Ronald Reagan" written 1999. Jefferson Davis Day. (Alabama)

    June 3. Confederate President Jefferson Davis born 1808. Grant orders "regrettable" attack at Cold Harbor, Virginia, 1864. Barack Obama cinches the Democratic nomination, when he acquires more delegate votes than Hitlery Rotten Clit, 2008.

    June 4. Southern planters burn tons of cotton to prevent it from being captured by the Yankees, 1862.

    June 5. Dee Dee Ramone died 2002.

    June 6. Nathan Hale born 1755. Patrick Henry died 1799. Confederate General Turner Ashby killed near Harrisonburg, Virginia, 1862. Confederate Colonel William Clarke Quantrill died 1865. D-Day Invasion of Normandy by the Antichrist hordes of the Jew-nited Snakes Army, commanded by Swedish Jew, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1944. "Thinking Of Hell" written 1994. "Shit-Stained Remains" written 1999.

    June 7. Lincoln orders White House draped in black to honor the death of his two-time rival, (first for US Senate in 1858, when he beat Lincoln, and then for President in 1860) Stephen Arnold Douglas, 1861. Rotten Clit finally admits her defeat, and Barack Hussein Obama becomes the Democratic Party's de facto nominee, 2008.

    June 8. Andrew Jackson died 1845. The people of Tennessee vote to secede from the Union, 1861. In East Tennessee, the Declaration is ratified by six counties: Meigs (64%), Monroe (57%), Polk (70%), Rhea (64%), Sequatchie (61%), and Sullivan (72%). Washinngton, Hawkins, Hancock, Grainger, Knox, McMinn, Bradley, Hamilton, Bledsoe, Marion, and Cocke counties were divided on the issue, and Roane, Morgan, Greene, Sevier, Scott, Jefferson, Anderson, Blount, Campbell, Carter, Claiborne, and Johnson counties were overwhelmingly opposed to it. The city of Knoxville voted for secession with 68% and the city of Chattanooga with 89%. I state these facts because, over the years, an unfortunate mythology has sprung up, claiming that East Tennessee was practically 100% pro-Union, that is to say, TRAITOROUS to the Confederacy. This is, in fact, a scurrilous lie. As we all know, "history", or what passes for it, is written by the winners. It isn't until years later, when intellectually honest, dispassionate men seek to get at the facts, that history is indeed "brought into line with them", as the late, great Harry Elmer Barnes chose to put it. To that end, I will now list the counties of East Tennessee and the percentage of secession vote they got, from greatest to least: Sullivan (71.7%), Polk (69.9%), Meigs (64.3%), Rhea (64.1%), Sequatchie (61%), Monroe (58.6%), McMinn (44.1%), Washington (41.4%), Marion (40.8%), Hamilton (40.4%), Hawkins (38.3%), Hancock (30.7%), Cocke (30.4%), Bledsoe (28.3%), Grainger (28.2%), Knox (27.7%), Bradley (26.8%), Jefferson (23.3%), Roane (22.4%), Greene (21.7%), Blount (19.1%), Claiborne (16.7%), Johnson (12.4%), Anderson (7%), Carter (6%), Morgan (5.7%), Campbell (5.6%), Sevier (3.8%), and Scott (3.5%). All of this information is taken from W. Todd Groce's excellent book, MOUNTAIN REBELS: East Tennessee Confederates And The Civil War, 1860-1870., The University Of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, Tennessee: 1999. However, what Mr. Groce fails to mention, is the REASON that certain East Tennessee counties supported secession and others did not. I humbly contend that, in fact, a county's percentage of secession vote must've been inversely proportional to the number of WHITE TRASH "SCOTS-IRISH" VERMIN it contained, and I believe that the facts will, ultimately, bear me out in this matter. ;-( ;-) Key West, Florida blockaded by Yankee Navy, 1861. Israel attacks the American gunship, USS LIBERTY in neutral waters, 1967.

    June 9. The British schooner, Gaspee, is ambushed at Namquit Point by angry Rhode Islanders who shoot its commander, Lieutenant Dudingston, capture him and his crew, and leave them stranded on an island while they ransack and burn his vessel, this day in 1772. Confederate forces taken by surprise at Brandy Station, Virginia, 1863.

    June 10. John Hancock's smuggling vessel, the Liberty, is boarded on June 9 by British officers of the gunship Romney, who attempt to impound its cargo of smuggled wine from Madeira. Mr. Hancock, however, has other plans. He gathers together an angry mob, gets them roaring drunk, arms them with clubs, and returns with them to his vessel, demanding that the British officers leave the sloop. When they refuse, they are chased off the vessel, this day in 1768, by the club-wielding, brick-throwing mob, who then proceeded to run off every customs officer in town and destroy their houses. Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest leads his army to a brilliant victory at Brice's Crossroads, Mississippi, 1864. THE GREAT NOT-SEE (song cycle) written 1994.

    June 11. Lee moves north, in preparation for an attack on Pennsylvania, 1863.

    June 12. Virginia Convention adopts the Virginia Bill of Rights, 1776. JEB Stuart begins his four-day ride around McClellan's forces in Virginia, 1862.

    June 13. A skirmish occurs at Independence, Missouri between Yankees and State Guard militia, commanded by Captain Holloway, this day in 1861. Two Yankees are slightly wounded and three Guardsmen, including Holloway himself, are killed. William Butler Yeats born 1865. "Druggies In Love" written 1997.

    June 14. Populist Presidential candidate, Robert LaFollette born 1855. Confederate General Leonidas Polk killed at Pine Mountain, Georgia, 1864. "People On Their Own" written 1999.

    June 15. Magna Carta issued 1215. Confederates drive north through Winchester, Virginia, 1863. Harry Elmer Barnes born 1889. First non-stop transatlantic flight by John Alcock and Arthur W. Brown in a Vickers-Vimy biplane, 1919. Brian Wilson born 1942. "Everybody Wants To Sell Tickets" written 1996.

    June 16. Grant crosses James River before Lee can react, 1864.

    June 17. Battle of Bunker Hill, 1775. Grant fails to take Petersburg, Virginia, beginning long siege, 1864. (Probably drunk off his ass, as he usually was.)

    June 19. "Dead Hippies On Parade" written 1995.

    June 20. Yankees heavily shelled at Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1863. Got 3rd car, 1996. "Sligo Real" written 1998.

    June 21. GUILTY BURDEN (song cycle) written 1994. "Graveyard Ghosts" written 1996.

    June 22. Clara Barton arrives at City Point, Virginia, to help wounded, 1864.

    June 23. Confederate General Stand Waitie surrenders Indian command in the last formal surrender of a large Confederate force, 1865. "Sorcerer's Apprentice" written 1997.

    June 25. Lee's offensive begins to relieve Richmond, Virginia, 1862.

    June 26. Abner Doubleday born 1819. Battle of Beaver Creek Dam begins McClellan's retreat, 1862.

    June 27. Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia, 1864. John Entwistle died 2002.

    June 28. General Charles Lee defeated by the British in the Battle of Monmouth, 1778. Lincoln appoints General George Meade to commander of the Army of the Potomac, 1863. Treaty of Versailles, 1919. William Cooper warns of impending 9/11 attack by ZOG, 2001.

    June 29. Virginia's Declaration of Independence and Constitution formally adopted, this day in 1776. Patrick Henry elected as first Governor of the new state of Virginia. Confederate General John Bell Hood born 1831. Meade prepares to stop Confederate raid into Pennsylvania, 1863. US Senator William Borah, one of the great populists and America Firsters, born 1865.

    June 30. Yankees defend Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, as Confederate forces gather west of town, 1863.

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    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Default July in History

    July in History


    July 1. Battle of Gettysburg begins, 1863.

    July 2. The Second Continental Congress votes for independence from England, with a vote of 12 to 0 and New York abstaining, this day in 1776. After a flank march, Confederate General James Longstreet launches a massive assault on the enemy, 1863. Jim Morrison died 1971. "Fingers In The Lines Of Death" written 1994. "The Assassins" (trilogy of poems) written 2001.

    July 3. Lee orders Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg, 1863.

    July 4. The Second Continental Congress votes to approve the Declaration of Independence, 1776. The majority of Ameriswine have been brainwashed by the ed-Jew-cational system into thinking that this was the day America gained its independence from England. It is not. That vote was taken on July 2nd, so we were already a free and independent nation, in theory, anyway, by the time the written Declaration was approved. Its approval, therefore, was merely a formality, yet we foolishly celebrate the second date, rather than the first, as our "Independence Day", playing right into the hands of the filthy Antichrist Jew, who, true to his nature, is empowered whenever he can manage to convince the "goyim" (Yiddish word meaning "cattle". This is how they refer to all non-Jews.) to believe a lie, whether that lie has anything to do with him or not. For this reason, I refer to this day as "All Fools Day" and "The Fourth of Jew-Lie". It must also be remembered that, had those brave Massachusetts farmers not been willing to fuel the engine of Revolution with their life's blood that day in April 1775, no vote to sever ties with England would ever have been taken. In fact, it took over FIVE YEARS of hard, bloody fighting to make the words in that document a reality. Hymie and his Freemasonic tools would prefer that we forget these facts, and convince ourselves that the mere signing of a document can make someone "free". ;-( Stephen Foster born 1826. General Grant is able to capture the key port city of Vicsburg, Mississippi, this day in 1863. Ironically, its defender, Confederate General John C. Pemberton, was born in the state of Pennsylvania.

    July 5. Patrick Henry sworn in as Governor of Virginia, 1776.

    July 6. John Paul Jones born 1747. General Lee retreats from Pennsylvania with a 17-mile-long train of wounded, 1863.

    July 7. Heavy thunderstorms lash Lee's retreating army, 1863. Revilo P. Oliver born 1908. Joined online community, 2001.

    July 8. The last Confederate garrison on the Mississippi, Port Hudson, Louisiana, surrenders, 1863. "Not Welcome" written 1999. "Anus Dominandi" (poem) written 2001.

    July 9. Battle of Monocacy, Maryland, 1864. "Fuck Morey And Churchill" written 1995.

    July 12. Confederate General Jubal A. Early raids the Washington, D.C. suburbs, this day in 1864. Lincoln is nearly killed at Fort Stevens, Maryland. (Like they say, if at first you don't succeed....)

    July 13. Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest born 1821.

    July 14. Confederate General John Hunt Morgan raids Kentucky, with his sights on Ohio and Indiana, this day in 1862. Woody Guthrie born 1912.

    July 15. New York City returns to peace after days of draft riots, 1863. "How To Make An American Prayer" written 1996.

    July 16. In Paris, the Confederate Commissioner urges Napoleon III to recognize the Confederacy, 1862.

    July 17. Disguised as a man, Sarah Emma Edwards of the 2nd Michigan describes "gay spirits" in Union Army prior to Bull Run, this day in 1861. (Leave it to the dumbass Yankees not to know a woman from a man. Typical.) Liberty Lobby founded 1955.

    July 18. Jews expelled from England, 1290.

    July 19. "Hedgerow Blues" and "Caught On The Wire" written 1998.

    July 20. Newly appointed Confederate commander, General John Bell Hood launches a major assault to save Atlanta, Georgia, 1864.

    July 21. Confederates route the Union Army in the First Battle of Bull Run, 1861.

    July 22. Union Army limps back to Washington after its mauling at Manassas, Virginia, 1861. Went to Nashville with local Reform Party members to vote out some pesky Perot loyalists in 2000.

    July 24. Fighting escalates in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, 1864.

    July 25. General John Hunt Morgan captured in Ohio after long rampage, 1863. Congressman Louis T. McFadden born 1876. Charlie Rich died 1995.

    July 26. Yankee nurse Clara Barton arrives at Andersonville, Georgia, and sees 13,000 crudely dug graves, this day in 1865. (We can only assume she then quiffed "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" in tribute to their worthless occupants.) Mick Jagger born 1945.

    July 27. Scumbag Yankee General William Tecumseh Sherman begins cutting railroads south of Atlanta, 1864. Korean "War" ended 1953. "April 27th" written 1996.

    July 28. Battle of Ezra Church, Georgia, 1864. Rick Wright born 1945. Watched SONG OF THE SOUTH with Jew's Shitty Son, 2002.

    July 29. Famous Confederate spy, Belle Boyd, captured and sent to prison.

    July 30. Henry Ford born 1863. Union disaster at The Crater in Petersburg, Virginia, where hundreds of scummy nigger "soldiers" are killed trying to surrender, this day in 1864.

    July 31. Confederate Colonel William Clarke Quantrill born 1837. Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, is burned by raiding Confederates, 1864.

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    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Default August in History

    August in History


    August 1. Francis Scott Key born 1779. Confederate troops skirmish with Apache Indians near Fort Buss, Texas, 1861. "The Bullet Song" written 1996. "Mr. Davis" written 1997.

    August 2. Jews expelled from Spain, 1492. "I'll Go To Idaho And You Can Go To Hell" written 1996.

    August 3. France's Napoleon III visits Gaybraham Rothschild Lincoln in Washington, 1861.

    August 4. John Peter Zenger acquitted 1735.

    August 5. Third Virginia Convention appoints Patrick Henry as Colonel of the First Regiment and Commander-In-Chief of the Virginia Regular Forces, 1775. Major naval battle for Mobile Bay erupts on the Lower Mississippi, 1864. "Death Smiling" written 1992. "Heroes In Hell" written 1999.

    August 6. Gaybraham Rothschild Lincoln signs bill to increase the pay for his vile little ZOGbot minions, 1861. "The Ultimate Pariah" written 1995.

    August 7. Fort Gaines in Mobile Bay is captured by Union Navy, 1864. Montana Senator George Malone born 1890.

    August 8. General Lee offers his resignation to President Davis after public outcry over his Gettysburg failure, 1863. The Edge born 1961.

    August 9. Battle of Cedar Mountain, Virginia, launches Second Manassas campaign in Virginia, 1862.

    August 10. Captain Hathaniel Lyon, the Butcher of Camp Jackson, is killed in the Battle of Wilson's Creek, Missouri by Sterling Price's victorious Confederates, 1861.

    August 11. "Pitchfork" Ben Tillman born 1847. Apache Indians attack Confederate patrol in Texas, 1861. Ian Stuart Donaldson born 1957.

    August 12. Union Navy seizes British schooner loaded with 30 tons of gunpowder, 1864. "Water Under The Bridge" written 1994. Pat Buchanan sells his soul to the sodomites, 2000.

    August 13. Fidel Castro born 1926.

    August 14. President Jefferson Davis banishes all foreigners from the South who fail to recognize the Confederacy, 1861.

    August 16. "Debtor's Wine" written 1993. "The Unguarded Hour" written 1995. "Andrei Denisov's Blues" and "BMS" written 1998.

    August 17. Davy Crockett born 1786. David Koresh born 1959.

    August 18. Union Army battles for control of key Weldon railroad in Petersburg, Virginia, 1864. "Cute Little World" written 1993. "It'll Come Back To Haunt You" written 1994. "You Lost" written 1996.

    August 19. The American warship, Constitution, defeats the British warship, Guerriere, 1812. Sioux Indians revolt against Union authorities in Minnesota, killing 600 people, this day in 1862. Orville Wright born 1871.

    August 20. Scumbag Sherman continues to strangle Atlanta by severing railroads, 1864. Jim Reeves born 1924. "The Boy You Threw Away" (poem) written 1997.

    August 21. General Forrest raids Memphis, Tennessee, capturing two unsuspecting Union generals, 1864. After selling two sawed-off shotguns to an ATF informant, refusing to infiltrate the Aryan Nations compound for the ATF, and missing a court date that his probation officer told him was March 20, 1991, but had, in fact, been changed to February 20, 1991, Randy Weaver's family is ambushed by Federal Marshalls near their cabin at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, this day in 1992. The Marshalls hid behind a rock over-looking the Weaver's driveway, and, when the family dog, Striker, smelled them, and ran out toward the rock to investigate, they shot him. Randy, his son Sam, and their friend, Kevin Harris, had run after the dog, thinking he had smelled some wild animal nearby. When Harris saw that the dog had been shot, he fired a shot at the Fed vermin hiding behind the rock, killing a Marshall named William Degan. The Feds then shot Sam Weaver in the back, killing him, as he was running towards the cabin. The next day, when Sam and Vicki went out to get Sam's body, they shot Randy between the shoulder blades, wounding him. He managed to make it back to the cabin before they could fire another shot, but his wife, Vicky was shot and killed while holding the door open for him. She was holding her six-month-old baby, Elisheba, at the time. Remember this when you get the chance to pay these ZOG vermin back, and make sure they eat every bite of their testicles before you let them swallow. ;-( :-D

    August 22. Battle of Catlett's Station, Virginia, 1862.

    August 23. Union Navy captures Confederate boat filled with gunpowder in Texas, 1862. Keith Moon born 1947.

    August 24. British burn the White House, 1814. Two female Confederate spies are arrested in Washington, D.C., 1861.

    August 25. "Stonewall" Jackson destroys tons of Union supplies at Manassas Junction, Virginia, 1862. Elvis Costello born 1954. George Lincoln Rockwell murdered by a Fed infiltraitor named John Patler, this day in 1967. "Donkey Kerotene" written 1993.

    August 26. "Never Had A Chance" written 1997.

    August 27. Washington defeated by Lord Stirling's British forces at the Battle of Long Island, 1776. "Reincarnation Blues" written 1995.

    August 28. For lack of evidence, Confederate spy, Belle Boyd is released from prison, 1862.

    August 29. The Second Battle of Manassas rages over the same ground fought over a year earlier, 1862. "No F-Troop, No More" written 1993.

    August 30. Sarah Wakeman (Jewish?) enrolls in 153rd New York impersonating a male soldier, 1862. Once again, the dumbass Yankees suspect nothing. Confederate General John Bell Hood died 1879. Huey Long born 1893.

    August 31. Van Morrison born 1945. Jack McLamb and Colonel James "Bo" Gritz manage to convince Randy, Sara and Rachel Weaver and Kevin Harris to surrender to the Feds, this day in 1992.

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    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Default September in History

    September in History


    September 1. Nurse Clara Barton describes "scene of horror" in field hospital, where she covers wounded Yankees with hay to keep them warm, this day in 1862. Pigshit would've been more appropriate. ;-(

    September 2. Senator Hiram Johnson born 1859. Atlanta is captured and Union troops loot supplies, 1864. J.R.R. Tolkien died 1973. Falsely convicted populist hero and partial inspiration for the Devin Milford character in the mini-series, AMERIKA, Congressman James Traficant, released from prison, 2009.

    September 3. Lee ponders move into Maryland, 1862. Wrecked first car, 1991. "Lord Of The Manor" written 1994.

    September 4. Lee, recovering from a fall from his horse, decides to cross the Potomac with his army, 1862.

    September 5. Thomas Watson, the great Southron populist, born 1856. A Charleston, South Carolina newspaper urges armies to invade the North, 1861.

    September 6. Revolutionary War General Marquis de Lafayette born 1757. Fort Sumter, held by Confederates, is heavily bombarded by Union forces, 1864. David Allan Coe born 1939.

    September 7. Buddy Holly born 1936.

    September 8. Yankee General Joshua L. Chamberlain born 1828. Senator Robert Taft born 1889. Senator Huey Long murdered by Jewish doctor Carl Austin Weiss, 1935. Pastor Richard G. Butler died 2004.

    September 9. Lee divides army in attempt to secure Harper's Ferry, which is in his rear, 1862. Roger Waters born 1944.

    September 10. Oliver H. Perry defeats the British fleet at the Battle of Lake Erie, 1813. Lee begins five-day Cheat Mountain campaign which ends with a major loss, 1861.

    September 11. The combined Scottish forces of William Wallace and Andrew Moray defeat the English forces of John de Warenne and Hugh de Cressingham at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, this day in 1297. Thomas MacDonough defeats the British fleet at the Battle of Plattsburg, 1814. George Bush, Sr. gives his infamous "New World Order" speech, 1991. "Picking Up Orwell's Crumbs" written 1996. Ten years after his father's "New World Order" speech, George W. Bush and his father's Secretary of State, Dick Cheney, take a giant step towards actualizing that Satanic dream, when senior Pentagon officials, CIA and Mossad operatives and WTC building owner Larry Silverstein bring about the most devastating attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor, in which around 4,000 American lives are lost, this day in 2001. This "new Pearl Harbor" that Dov Zakheim and his fellow PNAC cohorts had advocated a year earlier was, predictably, used as a pretext for going into Afghanistan in order to secure the proposed oil pipeline and Amerikan control of the opium trade, and, almost two years later, the invasion of Iraq to destabilize the Islamic enemies of the Zionist statelet in Palestine. Its ultimate result, however, was to elect a half-breed illegal immigrant born in Kenya, by the name of Barack Hussein Obama as the first so-called "African-American" President of the Jewnited States. You gotta love the Bushes. What would the Democrats do without them? ;-( :-/ Went to Lost & Found with Andi, 2006.

    September 12. Yankee General McClellan advances on Lee in Maryland, 1862. H. L. Mencken born 1880.

    September 13. British General James Wolfe defeats the Marquis de Montcalm on the Plains of Abraham, ending the French and Indian War, this day in 1759. Lee's #191 order is found by the enemy outside Frederick, Maryland, 1862.

    September 14. "The Star-Spangled Banner" written by Francis Soott Key, this day in 1814. It begin as a poem called "The Defense Of Fort McHenry". Lee struggles to continue his floundering Maryland campaign, 1862. "The Curse" or "Golgotha's Hill" written 2000.

    September 15. James Fennimore Cooper born 1789. "Stonewall" Jackson captures Harper's Ferry and 12,00o Union troops, 1862. "Electric Woman" written 1994.

    September 16. Washington defeats General Howe's British forces in the Battle of Harlem Heights, 1776. Lee makes a stand at Sharpsburg, Maryland, awaiting McClellan, 1862.

    September 17. Satan cackles in triumph as the Jewnited States CON-stitution is adopted, this day in 1787. Bloodiest day of the War for Southern Independence, along the banks of Antietam Creek, Maryland, 1862. Hank Williams born 1923.

    September 18. Lee's army retreats under darkness back across the Potomac River, 1862. Dee Dee Ramone born 1950. "Pioneer Song" (poem) written 1995.

    September 19. Battle of Iuka, Mississippi, 1862.

    September 20. Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia, ends with Union army fleeing in retreat, 1863.

    September 21. "Mrs. McCarthy" written 1998. Attended Civil War re-enactment at Strawberry Plains with Jew's Shitty Son, 2002.

    September 22. Confederates lose key battle at Fisher's Hill, Virginia, 1864. "Pigs" written 1989. "This Time" written 1994.

    September 23. The American ship, Bon Homme Richard, commanded by John Paul Jones, defeats the British ship, Serapis, this day in 1779. Yankee marauders burn Randolph, Tennessee, 1862.

    September 24. Yankees begin wholesale barn burnings in Shenandoah Valley, 1864. Ian Stuart Donaldson murdered by ZOG, 1993. "Nightblindness" written 1996.

    September 25. Yellow fever breaks out in New Orleans, killing many Confederate sailors, 1863.

    September 26. "Johnny Appleseed" Chapman born 1774.

    September 27. Confederate government raises age limit for army service to 45, 1862. John Patrick born 1966. "Can I Talk To Her Now" aka "J.A.M. #1" written 1997.

    September 28. Lieutenants Smith and Nelson fly their Douglas biplanes around the world from Santa Monica, California to Seattle, Washington, this day in 1924. The flight began on March 17th, and originally included two other planes, one of which was forced down over Alaska, and the other of which was wrecked over Iceland. Professor Stephen Ames, one of the greatest Conspiracy researchers of our time, was surrounded by Fed vermin in Highspire, Pennsylvania, this day in 2001. He and his friend and supporter, Nicole Terry, surrendered and were arrested after the ZOGbots threw a "flash-bang" grenade at their front door. :-(

    September 29. Battle of Fort Harrison near Petersburg, Virginia, 1864. Jerry Lee Lewis born 1935. "King Kudzu" written 1989.

    September 30. Attended first Civil War re-enactment in Philadelphia, Tennessee, 2000.

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    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Default October in History

    October in History


    October 1. Fighting continues around Petersburg at Peebles Farm, 1862.

    October 2. John Patrick departs for Washington, Pennsylvania, 2001.

    October 3. Battle of Corinth, Mississippi, leads to crucial Confederate defeat, 1862. Eddie Cochran born 1938.

    October 4. Charlton Heston born 1924. Charles Gavan O'Lanahan born 1972. Went to Gatlinburg to celebrate with Jew's Shitty Son, 2003. Tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown arrested by Fed infiltraitors after an eight-month standoff, 2007. Attended last Civil War re-enactment at Corryton, 2008.

    October 5. Battle for Alatoona Pass near Atlanta, Georgia, 1864.

    October 6. Pony Express Mail Service is discontinued in Western Plains after 18 months of service, 1861. "They're Marching In Brussels" (poem) written 1995.

    October 7. Edgar Allan Poe died 1849. Confederate Congress passes a pay hike for its soldiers to $4 a month, 1862. John Mellencamp born 1951.

    October 8. Confederate advance into Kentucky is halted with reverse at Perryville, 1862.

    October 9. General JEB Stuart leads cavalry raid into Pennsylvania, 1862. John Entwistle born 1944.

    October 10. The First Continental Congress adopts the Suffolk Resolves, declaring the Coercive Acts and twelve other acts of Parliament illegal and applying economic sanctions against England until those acts are repealed, this day in 1774. It also urges the people of Massachusetts to form a government of their own to collect taxes and withold them from the Royal Authorities. To implement these sanctions, a Continental Association was formed, based on measures first framed at Williamsburg, Virginia. A committee was to be elected in every city, town, and county to enforce the decrees of the Association.

    October 12. The crypto-kike, Christopher Columbus, lands on the island of San Salvador this day in 1492. The first White man to actually set foot on that island, and that part of the Western Hemisphere, was the Irish-born Patrick Maguire, one of Columbus' crew. Robert E. Lee dies in Lexington, Virginia, 1870. Aleister Crowley born 1875.

    October 14. William Penn born 1644. Maryland adopts new Constituion abolishing slavery, 1864.

    October 16. Michael Collins born 1890. "Uberman Unmasked" written 1994.

    October 17. General Gates defeats "Gentleman Johnny" Burgoyne's British forces at the Battle of Saratoga, 1777. Nigger-loving nutball, John Brown, captured after raiding arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia, 1859. "Greek Grapes" (poem) written 1998.

    October 18. In England, pro-Southern ladies organization holds a benefit dinner for the Confederacy, 1864. Chuck Berry born 1926. "Appalachicola" written 1996.

    October 19. General Cornwallis surrenders his British forces to General Washington, ending the American War for Independence, 1781. Confederates suffer serious setback at Cedar Creek, Virginia, 1864. "The Old Dictator" written 1994. "Lament For A Robot" (poem) written 1998. Attended Civil War re-enactment at Bull's Gap with Jew's Shitty Son, 2002.

    October 20. Tom Petty born 1952.

    October 21. Battle of Balls Bluff, Virginia, 1861.

    October 22. After his defeat at Atlanta, General Hood takes his army into Tennessee for last ditch campaign, 1864. "Portrait Of Now" (poem) written 1997.

    October 23. Confederate General Turner Ashby born 1828. Populist Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo born 1920.

    October 24. Grant begins plans to lift siege of Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1863. Colonel Curtis B. Dall born 1896. Bill Wyman born 1936.

    October 25. Western Union completes transcontinental telegram, 1861. Father Charles Coughlin born 1891. Roger Miller died 1992. "Gladiators And Whores" written 1994. "The Righteous Wriggle Free" written 1997.

    October 26. Armies fight for control of southside railroad near Petersburg, Virginia, 1864. Leon Trotsky (real name: Lev Bronstein) born 1879. "Riverdwellers Hymn" (poem) written 1994.

    October 27. Theodore Roosevelt born 1858.

    October 28. Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston takes command in Kentucky, 1861. "Fear Of Motion" written 1990. "A Limerick From Hell" (poem) written 1996.

    October 29. More than 2,500 shells are fired into Confederate-held Fort Sumter, killing 33 defenders, 1863. Nathan Bedford Forrest died 1877. "Sometimes I Fear That I May Die" written 1994. "Rotting Away On Sesame Street" written 2001.

    October 30. Satan-worshipping Freemason scumbag, defender of murdering British soldiers, Congressional conspirator, and 2nd President of Jewnited States, John Adams, born 1735. Yankee General James Wadsworth killed in the Battle of the Wilderness, 1864. Ezra Pound born 1885.

    October 31. Larry Mullen, Jr. born 1961.


    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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