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    Eventually, this page will contain the lyrics to every relevant song I have ever written, from 1988 to the present.

    This page will be updated frequently, so keep checking in regularly.


    Well, the wind was blowin' hard
    On the day that I was born
    Its intention was to kill me
    That very day
    And, seven years later,
    It almost did me in
    But God wouldn't let it happen that way

    I've lived to see the evil
    And deception of this world
    And there were many times
    I prayed my life would end
    But it's time to give up everything
    I ever could've wanted
    It's time to turn around
    And face the wind

    CHORUS: It really does no good to say
    The wind might blow a different way
    It'll knock you to the ground someday
    It won't let up on you
    It really does no good to stay
    I'll admit I'm pissed
    But I still can say
    I'm gonna fight the wind someday
    No matter what I have to do

    The wind was blowin' hard
    On the day I was enlightened
    Didn't want me to live to see the Truth
    And a few years later
    It blew all my dreams to Hell
    There was really nothin' I could do

    Now the days go by faster
    Than I ever could've imagined
    And I'm goin' down the same damn road again
    It's time to give up living
    The way that I've been living
    It's time to turn around and face the wind


    TAG: Now the days go by faster
    Than I ever could've imagined
    And I'm goin' down the same damn road again
    It's time to give up living
    The way that I've been living
    It's time to turn around and face the wind

    8/1988. 1988 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    I remember when we got together
    We both were running from the weather
    And you know it seemed so right
    We were so much alike
    We'd both been bound and tied and screwed

    You gave me hope
    And then you crushed it
    The only one I ever trusted
    You won my love
    But then you lost it
    And there's no way I'm gonna be used
    By a fucking little bitch like you

    CHORUS: I'm gonna write me a Constitution
    I done won me a revolution
    Is it me or just the institution?
    I don't know
    I just can't believe you did it
    Sometimes it seems like you really tried
    You never knew how much we tried and died
    You're infringing on my freedoms, bitch!
    I'm gonna have to write me a Bill Of Rights

    We were so distant from each other
    I hated your morals and your brother
    But when I looked into your eyes
    I could see so many lies
    And, like a fool, I believed that they were true

    You had to cling to your religion
    Your world of fear and superstition
    You walk the aisle with such contrition
    You put on such a facade
    I hope they sacrifice your ass to the gods


    3/26/'89. 1989 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    When I look across this room
    What do you think I see?
    Just worried faces with weary eyes
    Blinded by hypocrisy
    Must be the Year of the Dragon

    You left me on the verge of a revolution
    But now we've been defeated
    And I'm gonna fight like hell
    To make sure the past won't be repeated
    And if we're gonna make it
    We've got to regain our sight
    We've been blinded by "a thousand points of light"

    CHORUS: Must be the Year of the Dragon
    The silent enemy
    This world is gonna be crushed
    By a force that we can't see
    Must be the Year of the Dragon
    We're drowning underneath a foreign tide
    Those who promised us peace and prosperity
    Just took us for a ride
    Must be the Year of the Dragon

    When I look into my TV screen
    What do you think I see?
    Just repressive, hung-up souls
    Trying to find some peace
    Must be the Year of the Dragon

    Bearded Jews with twisted views
    Promoting catastrophe
    And religious freedom has been replaced
    By the politics of blasphemy
    People lying to each other
    And lying to themselves
    Their "applied survivalism"
    Was just a bullet-train to Hell


    When I look across this world
    What do you think I see?
    Just frightened leaders everywhere
    Crying for peace
    But there is no peace
    Must be the Year of the Dragon

    Sitting in their control rooms
    Knowing that the world moves on their command
    And if the wrong button is pushed
    It would mean the Ruination of Man
    Shivering in their ivory towers
    Trying to fake a smile
    They try to tell us everything's all right
    But it ain't right


    4/7/'89. 1989 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    How do you excuse
    The way that you abuse
    Neglect and screw
    And then kill when you're through?

    How can you attempt
    To prove you're exempt
    From all the troubles in the world
    Surrounding you?

    How can you justify
    The things that you do?
    The distorted beliefs
    That you hold true?
    It seems I've spent my whole life
    Just trying to escape from you

    Of running from the storm
    Trying to stay warm
    Trapped here in this cell
    While the whole world writhes in Hell

    CHORUS: I think I've heard it all before
    Another time
    Another war
    Just different faces
    Different names
    But nothing's changed
    It's just the same

    How can you dignify
    The things that you identify
    As being fit to kill or die for?
    Why do you abstain from
    Things that might cause some
    Reason to wonder why for?
    Deny for?
    Cry for?
    Or lie for?

    Of looking through these eyes
    At the world that I despise
    Your world
    And all its lies


    5/13/'89. 1989 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    I just want to die in my sleep
    Is that too much to ask?
    Just want to be free from all these chains
    Is that so hard to grasp?

    I just want to live in my dreams
    Reality's much too strange
    Don't know why I've got to wake up
    I just can't take the pain

    CHORUS: I'm looking for a loophole
    In the stratosphere
    I'm looking for the Path Not Taken
    Free from harm and fear
    I'm searching for a soft spot
    In the heart of the Dragon
    To shine the light of Truth on things unclear
    I'm looking for a loophole
    In the stratosphere

    Sammy Davis says I shouldn't drink
    Just so his book will sell
    But it doesn't matter what he thinks
    He's gonna burn in Hell

    And Tony Danza wants me to die a virgin
    His tactic is to scare
    He fears his daughter may've contracted AIDS
    But, Tony, LIFE AIN'T FAIR!!!



    6/'89. 1989 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.

    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Screw "the new morality"
    Like skinny White boys in a black neighborhood
    Just a bunch of self-indulgent, smoke-blowing bullshitters
    Not doing no one no good

    I'm sicking of seeing your shit on my TV screen
    And I guess it's gonna happen again
    But the truth you've been missing
    While you've been ass-kissing
    Hell, you might as well be pissing in the wind

    CHORUS: Pissing in the wind
    Your flames can't hold a candle
    To the fire that burns in us all
    We're gonna stand up for our rights
    You won't turn us around
    You're just banging your head against the wall
    I'm gonna tell you again
    You're just pissing in the wind
    'Cause you ain't got no balls

    Well, the Children of the Grape
    And the Children of the Bible
    Been fighting a war every day
    Here comes a preacher man
    With an automatic rifle
    Gonna blow our asses away
    It's been going on since the beginning of time
    And don't look like it's ever gonna end
    But your brains you ain't using
    'Cause your asses are losing
    Hell, you might as well be pissing in the wind

    7/21/'89. 1989 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Ever since we've been born
    Our minds have been torn
    Our ideals have been scorned
    We've been hiding from the storm
    Staring up into your faces
    Living on your better graces
    Looking up our sleeves for aces
    Trying to stay warm
    Out here on our own
    Unaffected by society's whirl
    Our names have been carved in stone
    We've found our place in this stone cold world

    CHORUS: So children
    Are you gonna get up now?
    Or are you gonna just sit there?
    Wasting away?
    Are you gonna arise now?
    Or are you gonna just die there?
    Waiting for the Dawning Day?
    But now is the time
    Yeah, now is the time
    Right now is the time to play

    Tears are falling
    Brother, brother
    Time is calling
    Mother, mother
    I have loved you like no other
    Keep me safe from harm

    Your heart is stone
    And your mind is gravel
    No need to stay
    No place to travel
    If this world starts to unravel
    Please don't be alarmed

    Our planet has been raped
    By hate and greed and war
    She's taken all she's gonna take
    Shes's evening the score


    8/3/'89. 1989 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    King Kudzu
    Made out a proclamation
    To all the Southern children
    In this nation
    To come and bow to him
    Like loyal peasants
    Offer our children to his feet
    As presents

    92 degrees
    And gettin' hotter
    Got to take a break
    And drink some dirty water
    Got a letter this morning
    It said: "Come on, join the slaughter!!!"
    "Come to the Harvest Ball
    And bring your sons and daughters."

    CHORUS: But Love will see me through
    And I've got my freedom, too
    And I won't bow to you
    King Kudzu

    You seem to think
    You've got a right to lead us
    To spread your propaganda
    And deceive us
    But all you ever do
    Is try to bleed us
    We cry out loud
    But you don't ever heed us

    Preachers preachin' out
    Against my music
    You're born with innocence
    But you will lose it
    I see the Serpent's head
    And I will bruise it
    Your fate is in your hands
    And you must choose it


    I see you growin'
    All along the highway
    Your way may be the law
    But it ain't my way
    You hang the First Amendment
    On your clothesline
    Let's forget it
    Drink some beer
    And smoke some cross-vine

    Drive across the country
    On a Sunday morning
    A storm blew up
    Without a word of warning
    The waitress gave me a dirty look
    She said: "I can't take your money."
    "The boss would have my ass
    If he caught me serving beer on Sunday."


    9/29/'89. 1989 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Poetry is read
    But the men who wrote it all are dead
    Like fairweather friends
    Descending into Hell
    The radio is on
    But they only play commercial songs
    By people whose ideals are up for sale

    Win a yellow ribbon
    At the county fair
    People only love you
    If you cut your hair
    And I can't imagine leaving
    But I can't go on pretending anymore

    CHORUS: I can't go on pretending
    That this world is just the same
    When in my heart I know
    That the course has been altered
    I can't go on pretending
    That I don't give a shit
    When I've got visions in my head
    Of a bloody altar
    I won't be moved by the whim of the moment
    I won't bow down to the Whore
    And I can't go on pretending anymore

    The televison glows
    But the song and dance is all it shows
    Do you think they'll still be laughing
    When they die?
    Don't know what to say
    About the things I've seen today
    It seems untrue
    But sometimes the truth can lie

    Have I seen a better future
    In your eyes?
    Or is the love I used to worship
    Wrapped in lies?
    This world will soon be ending
    And I can't go on pretending anymore


    11/18/'90. 1990 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    If I sleep in the gutter
    Would you take me off your list
    Of people to invite to your big event?
    I've always been a gambler
    Never satisfied
    But now it seems my chips have all been spent

    I know I should've realized
    A long, long time ago
    That someday I might end up in this jam
    But even with the knowledge of my imminent demise
    I don't think I could change the way I am

    CHORUS #1: Beggars can't be choosers
    That's what they always say
    But every turned out dog
    Will have his day
    Although I'm tired and hungry
    I'm in no mood to beg
    Beggars can't be choosers

    So if I puke on your Oriental rug
    Don't be surprised
    Just like every other mutt that you take in
    I used to live on milktoast
    But I couldn't pay the price
    Of being clipped and kept inside a pen

    Some people say I'm crazy
    'Cause I choose the Narrow Way
    When the Path of Fools is such an easy ride
    But I just get so sick and tired
    Of breathing all your fumes
    And I've always got clean air to breathe outside

    CHORUS #2: Beggars can't be choosers
    That's what they always say
    But every turned out dog
    Will have his day
    I could choose to gain the world
    And lose my peace of mind
    But I'd rather be a beggar


    11/'90. 1990 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.

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    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Well, they're tearin' down the house on Telegraph Hill
    And they're knockin' the Lizard King off his throne
    Seems the tenants ain't got the bread to pay the bill
    And them money fucks in the hills won't leave 'em alone

    For even the best-laid plans of mice and men
    Often sink into the canyons of quicksand
    Like sheep to the slaughter
    They're swallowin' the bitter pill
    But I can't jump into the ocean
    Just to spite the land

    And the slaverin' dogs are pissin' on Lenin's tomb
    And they've moved the revolution to the discount bargain bins
    And there's not one man alive with the fortitude
    To admit that the means could be justified by the end

    And the cocksucking sell-out singers are tellin' the press
    That their armchair theatre marches didn't do too well
    But I ain't buyin' your "Rockin' In The Free World" now , Mr. Young
    If you wanna go down with Amerika
    You can just fry in Hell

    And they're passin' out rubbers
    To your little jungle-jumpers at school
    And they're sendin' in Hitler
    To scare them into restraint
    And God help the child
    That don't wanna fuck with all their rules
    Or live inside their world of lies and hate

    And they're tearin' down Ellis Island
    And the Statue, too
    To make a torture chamber
    For the Commies, queers, and Jews
    And them Devil-worshippin' kids
    That live in the mall
    Are writing Nazi musical reviews

    And a million dead bodies
    Wash out with the tide
    And there's not one worthy soul
    Left on the land
    And now your Floundering Fathers must admit
    That all their dreams were built upon quicksand

    Yeah, they're tearin' down the house on Telegraph Hill
    'Cause all the Flower Children live in Malibu
    While, like sheep to the slaughter,
    We're swallowin' the bitter pill
    They're tearin' down me
    And they're tearin' down you
    And they're tearin' down the house on Telegraph Hill

    1/'92. 1992 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    We used to own it all
    Or so it seemed
    The graceful, gleaming, golden ides of spring
    All inhibitions burned
    And black as soot
    Mad dogs
    Cat watching
    Roaches underfoot

    The Cat's Eye lighted more than many grim occassions
    Chalky asbestos breath
    And pink hallucination

    The Poisoned Rose puked forth its black disease
    Puking oily evil on the grass and trees
    Every river
    Every stream
    Every wayward children's dream
    Scares you
    Makes you want to scream

    This is no plastic turd
    Talking to you now
    Forgiven children
    Cry out loud:

    CHORUS: You little prostitute
    Fucking your life away
    Without an ounce of Truth
    With all Illusion burned away
    You little prostitute
    Throwing it to the wind
    But don't think your luck will change
    When the current turns strange
    And you'll be blown back again
    You little prostitute
    Flushing it down the drain
    But, with or without the proof,
    Your face in the mirror still remains

    Burning wheat fields?
    Jump in the fire!!!
    Can't get three meals?
    Kill the desire!!!
    Broken shamrock?
    Blow up the red!!!
    Wayward children?
    I wish you were dead!!!

    And now the winter's gone
    And spring has sprung
    And pretty faces
    Mingle with the dung
    The sordid shit of your society
    Old hunchback leaning up against a tree

    The Devil offered you a sordid snack
    Of red blood dripping down White Rabbit's back
    Nephews and cousins dying at your feet
    You put your make-up on and hit the street

    William, William, William
    Hissing, kissing, pissing
    In your garden
    A salty Sassenagh snake
    Hissing, pissing in your garden


    SPOKEN: I leave you to the witches, whore!!!
    To the murky realms of night
    Of muffled scream and useless flight
    For snakes and frogs to screw your hair
    And suck your skin
    The night is falling hard
    The banshee seeks you, calls you in

    Go seek the Wayward Angels
    You will surely find
    And leave this blackened devil stranded in your mind


    5/'92. 1992 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Out playing on a summer day
    A sickening thought was blown my way
    I saw the boat go off the rocks
    I jumped in to get it in my socks
    I tried to call my dog
    But he just ran away
    I never was too good with dogs, anyway

    And many times I have been ignorant of bliss
    I shrugged and walked away
    Consumed with my abyss
    With every new child born
    I swear an old one dies
    One stopped his playing
    And looked up into my eyes
    He half-ass smiled
    And then he turned away
    I never was too good with kids, anyway

    Been playing some psychotic game
    Of following the leader
    Chasing voices out of nowhere
    Out of time and out of meter
    As I rounded this last bend
    I saw my foreskin hanging on the wall
    I guess before you learn to fly
    You have to almost die learning to crawl
    But it's dark as Hell in here
    And I can't seem to find my way
    I never was too good with mazes, anyway

    And, if you tell someone the truth,
    They make you disappear*
    You stare into the brazen eyes
    Of everything you fear
    You try to turn your boat around
    To dodge his flaming spear

    And, as the curtain falls, you overturn your tray
    Your guests all rise and say: "We're sorry we can't stay."
    I close the door
    And raise the covers to my face
    Outside they retrogress
    Within a mist of grey
    A haughty goddess makes excuse for my behavior
    She casually replies: "He's usually not this way."
    My mind just blurs the words of this sarcastic savior
    I never was too good with goodbyes, anyway

    *(The lines in the original were:

    "When you finally tell someone the truth
    You find they disappear"

    They referred partially to ALICE IN WONDERLAND and partially to my own experience with women, relatives, etc.

    But I felt that, under the circumstances, I had to pay tribute to the great and horrible sacrifices being made by Stephen Ames, Dr. Charles Thomas Sell, Martin "Mad Dog" Lindstedt, and the many real-life Justin Milfords who will undoubtedly follow before the Enemies of God are finally vanquished. God knows, I could become one of them myself, if my luck doesn't hold out. :-/

    But everything they do to us will be done to them TEN TIMES OVER. :-( God is not mocked.)

    5/9/'93. 1993 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    I can still remember
    The way you looked that night
    Your face of knowing innocence
    Brightened by the pale moon's light
    But I am just a cane pole
    Floating down a stream
    And you don't pray for driftwood
    So please don't pray for me

    There was no division
    No hiding from the Truth
    You gave with perfect kindness
    Everything I asked of you
    But I am just a black sheep
    That wondered from the scene
    And you don't pray for black sheep
    So please don't pray for me

    CHORUS: You can build a dam for safety
    But you'll never stop this stream
    And as the waters rise beneath you
    You hear a muffled scream
    But there's no waking from this dream

    I've never been accustomed
    To such a perfect dream
    As the one you let me borrow
    That night down by the stream
    But I feel like a patchwork blanket
    Bursting at the seams
    And you don't cry for spilt milk
    So please don't cry for me

    Arkansas penis-plower
    Scares me as he scrapes
    For I fear he will awaken
    The Spirit of the Lake
    Good and evil just don't cut it
    When your fucking mind's been raped
    I'd love to hide inside your arms now
    But I know there's no escape


    5/9/'93. 1993 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Well, I ain't ever
    Goin' down
    And I ain't ever
    Sellin' out
    But I feel
    Like a fool

    Started out
    So long ago
    Started out
    Looking for my soul
    And I feel
    Like a fool

    Never had no reason
    Not to believe
    Some would give
    And some would just receive
    But I feel
    Like a fool

    When that old sun
    Came up for me
    He didn't charge
    No user's fee
    And you know I feel
    Just like a fool

    CHORUS: When I get blinded
    Blinded by the light
    Tunnel vision
    Works its will with me
    And then I look down
    At all the vital organs
    I've trampled into victory
    And you know I feel
    So down and out
    Somebody had to come
    And bail ol' Charlie out
    And you know I feel
    Like such a fool

    Well, my friends
    Were always there
    And there were some
    Who could never care
    But I feel
    Like a fool

    And my dick
    Was my friend
    I never thought
    He'd ever try
    To do me in
    And you know I feel
    Like such a fool

    And sometimes
    My head starts to ring
    I'm a knight
    At the end of a rubber string
    And you know I feel
    Like a fool

    All these creatures
    Seem to be havin' themselves a ball
    They're good for laughs
    But, brother, that is all
    You know I feel
    Like a fool

    And there's bourgeois voices
    In my head
    Sayin': "Let's go out for a sundae
    "And contemplate the dead!!!"
    "The cars roll by
    So nice and white
    On a Sunday night."

    So now I wait
    With little dread
    To hear them screamin':
    "Off with his head!!!"
    You know I feel
    Just like a fool


    6/'93. 1993 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


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    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    (The Ballad Of Scott Woods)

    Some people say I'm disenfranchised
    Well, I don't know about that
    But when they run their tickertape tentacles down my street
    I ain't gonna tip my hat

    You can throw your harness
    And riding crop away
    'Cause I ain't down with that
    And if you don't thank me for the ride
    You'll be cryin' when I leave you flat

    Some people are born under a risin' star
    Got their future wrapped up
    All nice and neat
    But others sweat and strain their lives away
    To put the shoes on the bastards' feet

    Some people are born
    With a silver spoon in their hand
    And a Golden Rule up their ass
    But I know better than them
    We're out on a limb
    This world's goin' to Hell real fast

    And when I sit on the hood of my car
    And watch the stars fallin' in the night
    I wonder

    CHORUS: Is anything ever gonna be alright?
    Can you tell me?
    Is anything ever gonna be alright?
    You can bang your head on their concrete ceiling
    Piss aimlessly against the night
    But is anything ever gonna be alright?

    My role in life
    Was never very well-defined
    But nobody ever tried
    To fuck with my mind
    TV goddesses sang me to sleep
    While I prayed the Lord my soul to keep
    And I held my feelings inside 'til the morning light

    But nobody pins a medal on you
    For endurance
    I know this choad
    That's 40
    And he sells insurance
    His wife sings in the church choir
    But she sucks his dick every single night
    And I wonder


    6/28/'93. 1993 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    A little this and a little that
    Sunrise, sunset
    Tit for tat
    You think it's so cute
    Yeah, you think it's so cute

    Your wife calls your office late at night
    They tell her your workin' overtime
    You think it's so cute
    Yeah, you think it's so cute

    Meanwhile, she's gettin' her tits sucked
    And pourin' white wine
    She's fuckin' some chump
    From a 900 line
    And he looks like a fruit
    Yeah, he looks like a fruit

    BRIDGE: But you go to church on Sunday
    And you pray
    You close your eyes
    And you slowly drift away
    To another time and another place
    And a lusty little smile on her face
    She didn't think it was any disgrace
    She just fucked you 'til you couldn't take no more
    And then she sucked your dick like a $10 whore
    She even held you until the dawn
    You talked of cats and kings
    Princes and pawns

    But the earth was calling
    And the day was at hand
    You had to pull the plow
    At the Devil's command

    Smug in your little suburban Hell
    Your mother's eyes smile
    As they gently impale
    From across the room

    She's stupid, arrogant, and mean
    But you've gotta treat her
    Like she's some kind of Queen
    In your cute little world
    In your cute little world

    But the bird is in your hand
    So you do as she commands
    In your cute little world
    In your cute little world

    You make good grades and you kiss their ass
    You're in good with the teacher of every class
    In your cute little world
    In your cute little world

    You play your nigger music on your radio
    Saturday night you go lookin' for 'ho's
    In your cute little world
    In your cute little world

    You have a little fun
    With some whips and chains
    Then you meet some bitch
    That really fucks up your brain
    In your cute little world
    In your cute little world

    She makes you kiss her ass
    And watch GONE WITH THE WIND
    The bitch really knows
    How to get under your skin
    In your cute little world
    In your cute little world

    Witches sit at a table
    Eating ice cream and cake
    They won't sing "Danny Boy" at your wake
    In your cute little world
    In your cute little world

    "Better call the priest."
    "I'm not feeling too well."
    How will you feel
    When your cute little world
    Yes, your cute little world
    Burns in Hell???

    You're just another load of shit
    Flushed down the drain
    Your wife says to her lawyer:
    "Can you help me ease the pain?"
    In your cute little world
    In your cute little world

    I know it's gonna fucking happen again
    I'm doin' alright and I've got my friends
    But your cute little world
    Yes, your cute little world
    Will kill me in the end

    You think your lives are built to last
    But when all your little illusions have past
    Your cute little world
    Yes, your cute little world
    Can kiss my ass!!!


    8/7/'93. 1993 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Well, I saw his haggard face
    As he was leavin'
    He cursed the world
    That drug him down so far
    And he swore revenge at God
    His green eyes gleaming
    Then he smashed his fifth
    And got into the car

    He said: "I had to have the Devil
    For a mother."
    "And I had to have a blind man
    For a dad."
    "And an era all too short
    Of human feeling
    Turned out to be the best time
    That I had."

    CHORUS: But debtor's wine don't taste too good
    For breakfast
    Devil's wine don't taste too good at all
    In the time it takes to think
    Or raise the question
    The Serpent's head is rising in the hall

    "Now gentle eyes will greet you
    At the shearing."
    "Sympathetic smiles
    Will win the day."
    "But soon the canine cuspids
    Will be appearing."
    "And blood-drenched fangs
    Will tear into your brain."

    "They'll hold you in their arms
    Until the morning."
    "They'll make you feel
    Just like a newborn child."
    "But then they'll turn away
    And leave without a warning
    And leave you stoned and cold
    And twice as tired."


    He said: "My friends and neighbors,
    They don't understand me."
    "They don't know why
    I don't just play the game."
    "But I'd rather be a beggar
    Than a nigger."
    "If the wages, day to day,
    Are just the same."

    "Now there's a lot of things in this world
    That can be misleading."
    "But don't you be deceived
    By all their lies."
    "A bleeding whore
    Brought this world into being."
    "With a brazen, beaming nymph
    The new world dies."

    Well, he smiled a haggard smile
    And then he left me
    Left me there to shiver in the cold
    May God have mercy on this seasick sailor
    And anyone who tries to take his Soul


    8/16/'93. 1993 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Crouched comfortably in my den
    Oblivious to your outs and ins
    Someone turned a page and screamed
    But, all-in-all, a pleasant dream

    Atreyu with his Golden Spear
    You know our hero ain't no queer
    Watermelon ice cream daze
    Twat prisoners from a former raid

    But the swamp is sucking down the boy
    And the cat just found a rabbit for a toy
    And the blood goes dripping down my TV screen
    And the actors have all split the scene

    CHORUS: They're dragging me down
    With donkey kerotene
    Motherfuckin' donkey kerotene
    Donkey kerotene

    The empty wallet never fears for capture
    The half-cocked child never wants for rapture
    But somewhere there's a room with falling plaster
    And a bitch is screaming: "Give it to me faster!!!"

    While the grey and greasly hordes
    Eat beans and gristle
    And wait for the Reds to fire a missile
    You miss your mark
    And step upon a thistle
    And a bitch comes running out with bugbite cream

    You never had to worry about tommorrow
    You're oblivious to this world
    And all its sorrow
    And the execrable horrors
    Of the Late Show
    You're feeding off the grassroots of a dream

    But the Scottish slugs
    Are clever with their whips
    And a rank, inflated whore
    Makes nigger lips
    And a late summer revelation
    Gives you the shits
    And a lamp-jawed neo-Nazi makes the scene


    Half-alive and hiding from the shearers
    I could open a museum of bloody mirrors
    As the day-to-day goes gray
    The Truth gets clearer
    And I don't see how my life
    Could get much queerer

    Believing in the Dream I saw projected
    I knew this Other World must be inspected
    So many of my brothers had defected
    Like wild-eyed salmon swimming up a stream

    Determined to find this Sun-Drenched Cousin
    I took another look
    And it was Nothing
    But soon I was surrounded by the truncheons
    Saying: "Babe, we're gonna beat you 'til you scream!!!"

    So, bruised and sore, I left these pussy-waggers
    But my Mother's golden arms were hiding daggers
    And, finally, I took refuge with the stragglers
    And it seems more like a Nightmare than a Dream

    'Cause the nipples in my face show Snake Eyes rearing
    And on the Left is the Thing that I was fearing
    And on the Right a voice says: "Welcome to the shearing!!!"
    And I don't know where I am or what I've been


    8/25/'93. 1993 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Well, Sherwood Forest just burned to the ground
    And the Sherriff and his men were not in town
    Brer Rabbit and his friends were not around
    And the Underdog and Hong Kong can't be found

    Robin Hood just died from a snakebite
    His bitch broke out the fangs
    Their wedding night
    Friar Tuck has just joined AlAnon
    And he's touring the talks shows
    With Prince John

    CHORUS: And I won't stand there loitering
    Like some chemicrazy fool
    I just thought somebody oughta come
    And teach you the New Rule
    'Cause there's nothing left for you
    And there's nothing left for me
    Why don't we just say: "Fuck it all!"
    And turn on the TV?
    'Cause I ain't no whore
    And I ain't watchin' F-TROOP anymore

    And I refuse to mourn you with a sigh
    'Cause your cut and conquered roses were a lie
    But your myth-makers sent me out to die
    Just to keep their grislings busy in their sty

    When I came back to claim my pillaged land
    It was occupied by the bastard boys who ran
    And all my nights were haunted by a man
    Who said: "You better clean your bedsheets, boy,
    And join the Ku Klux Klan!!!"


    Now we're no longer plagued by any war
    The bastard sons have gone back to their Whore
    Lawyers sit in judgement of my dick
    And your needless neo-marches make me sick

    And you tell me that my life can not yet end
    You're a number in the meat market, my friend!!!
    Hell, yeah!!!


    8/29/'93. 1993 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.

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    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    ZOG-occupied, whigger-infested East Tennessee.



    There was Devil's green and gossamer blue in the sky
    I was glad that we didn't have a Queen
    But I didn't know why

    To float on and on forever in an endless dream
    Remember when only nightmares made you scream?

    A straw-covered bush can be sinister
    But it's only a game
    The witch in the storybook, too
    But its not the same
    Remember when you got ringworm
    From crawling in the hay?

    Hey Mama, why is everything stupid today?

    Remember when minds would roam
    And then come back?
    Just like a crazy freight train
    Off its track?
    The engineer, he never fears attack
    Until he feels the arrows in his back

    Long afternoons with old Viewmaster reels
    The animal don't hate the thing he kills
    Why do the people close their eyes and pray?
    Hey Mama, why is everything stupid today?

    I remember all the games I'd play
    While waiting for the sting to go away
    Of sunken ships and seaborne mysteries
    They disregard the cauldron's histories
    They just found them some new game to play
    Hey Mama, why is everything stupid today?

    The world is fading further into black
    So far I fear we'll never get it back
    Rush Limbaugh stalks the darkness with his spear
    And tells me Captain Kangaroo was queer
    Remember Mr. Baxter and parades?
    Hey Mama, why is everything stupid today?

    Now everything is wrapped up in a maze
    I stumble through the darkness in a daze
    I fear some evil buried in my brain
    Vague centuries have all gone down the drain

    I wander 'round like some psychotic clown
    I feel no pain
    But fear that I may drown
    How can I make the Devil go away?
    Hey Mama, why is everything stupid today?

    The first one that I knew
    She was alright
    Her skin was brown
    Her hair was almost white
    She didn't fear to come outside and play
    A shame I only knew her for one day

    The second one
    That I knew after that
    She had these eyes
    Just like a Siamese cat
    She liked to dig for diamonds in the ditch
    Her dark hair stood on end
    Just like a witch

    And now I feel half dead
    With half a ball
    I'm layin' in some crazy bitch's hall
    She wants to tie me up
    Before we play

    Hey Mama, why is everything stupid today?

    11/4/'93. 1993 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    What the hell else can I say?
    Everything has turned to grey
    All the truth has gone away
    What the hell else can I say?

    Why the hell now should I lie?
    Everything was born to die
    No use for you to even try
    Why the hell now should I lie?

    What the hell are you gonna do?
    The world ain't gonna stop
    And wait for you
    You know this language
    Through and through
    Just another refelection of you

    Why the hell now should I fight?
    Can't tell the daytime from the night
    Guess you could say I've lost my sight
    All I know is
    There's no light

    Go ahead and hide away
    Play all the stupid games you play
    Dig a hole for Judgement Day
    And cry
    When it all slips away

    Who the hell do you think you are?
    Badass with a brand new car
    Nobody under the sun will fuck with you
    'Cause they know what you will do

    From a breakdown to a smile
    I'm your hidden fractured child
    Ducking funerals in the yard
    While you try to tell me it's all so hard

    Laugh while the flaps of fat are spread
    And the Unholy Angel gives you head
    Watch you scream and cry in dread
    Wishin' to God that you were dead

    Can I have some severance pay?
    Take some time and go away?
    There just ain't nothin' here today
    Not even a half-assed reason to stay

    Lovely brothers fear my gun
    And the end they know will come
    And, at times, they try to run
    And everything else has been done

    You can say it's in my head
    And live a lie until you're dead
    But when the Angel's wings are spread
    No trace of eggshell scars the head!!!

    I suppose you'll try to hide
    Find something you locked inside
    No one will save you in the end
    You're just a crock of shit, my friend!!!

    Another world I hope you'll see
    Another fractured part of me
    When they drowned me in the sea
    They stole my mind
    And took the key

    Not gonna play this game no more
    Like your little eggshell whore
    Begging penance in a war
    Close your desk and lock the door!!!

    You fuck the Devil every time
    Pay for non-existent crimes
    How can you buy their twisted lines?
    And lose your fuckin' little mind?

    I've got a friend
    And he can't see
    What the bastards want him to be
    He's only tryin' to be free
    But he's not aware like me

    No more feigned words to skew my dream!!!
    Nothing left but moldy screams
    Library drapes in orange crepe streams
    And wrought-iron doors to stifle screams

    Watch me shit on yer Golden Dawn
    Your likes just clutter up the lawn
    You think you can smother your son
    But your bastard-breeding days are done

    And I'd rather talk to Malcolm X
    Than hear what Bill Bennett thinks of sex
    He's been smoking 'Nordic crack'
    And them freezer-burned brain cells
    Ain't comin' back

    SPOKEN: I think I heard this tune before
    When righteous frogs were risin'
    Jumpin' out of the water
    Cursin' your existence

    Awwwwwwwww, makin' yer little bridges
    You think you're so bad
    I got a little onyx stone that says you're wrong!!!

    Your golden age was in the Stone Age
    And now you're just gonna turn back to shit

    Lookin' up in the sun some night
    You'll see your ancestors' faces starin' back at you
    They're sayin': "When are you comin' to join us?"
    "It's nice and warm up here!!!"
    And they call us 'ice people'!!!

    Your ancestor was a little turd in Germany somewhere
    Ashes to ashes
    Shit to shit

    1/'94. 1994 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected By Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    So you changed your mind today
    Decided to go another way
    Didn't quite know what to say
    Half of you is horny
    And the other half is gay

    Livin' in a turreted terror-dome
    You only want to be left alone
    As innocent mustard turns to grey
    Don't you get a little sick of the games you play?

    Spiders harrowin' on the floor
    A little too scared to open the door
    The idiot ape turns the God-dish around
    You never expected it to ever come down

    And I chewed heavily
    While you laughed
    Secure in the vagueries
    Of your tainted craft

    Pretend to crawl
    Or pay your money and play
    You'll take it up the ass
    Either fuckin' way

    The sun also rises at your feet
    Comin' over the hill like a mother in heat
    Too burdened to live and too scared to die
    And a little too real to tell you a lie

    Child of my nightmares, what of your laws?
    For sure you know what is the cause
    You take the chance no one should take
    And tolerate devils at the lake

    Her tainted claws
    Will make you forget
    And some fat fucker
    Is draggin' a net

    Now the snakes in your carpet
    Are sworn to silence
    And the red velvet curtains
    Speak of certain blindness
    Would it make you a hero
    With your face on a calendar?
    And telling the same lies
    That you told everyone before?

    Go ahead, motherfucker!!!
    Give it all away
    Don't think anybody
    Will regret the day
    Go on and piss your stupid life away

    SPOKEN: Yeah, I remember it was a Sunday afternoon
    And I was walkin' home
    And the snow was comin' down, you know
    And the world was a big, spirally snake
    Reaching out to grab your testicles

    1/'94. 1994 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected By Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Sweat-stained chamber
    It's so obscene
    Nothing left to do but die
    Ain't got no control of my history
    And I get knocked about by the Lie

    When my brain is on vacation
    I don't know what I can do anymore
    Have a fucked-up dream about Hitler in tweed
    And wake up yielding to the Whore!!!

    CHORUS: But I won't play
    I'll be a dog for a day
    Fuck you!!!

    You can go ahead
    And wave your stars and stripes
    Play your parlor games
    You're not gettin' anywhere
    'Cause you know they don't give a fuck anyway

    Kids and tits and PMS
    Carport matinee
    You sneak out and go fishin'
    And you find yourself wishin'
    You could be the dog for a change

    It's the oldest tool of the trade
    That old caveman charade
    Even dinosaur-hunters need to be entertained
    A man-made canyon
    Filled with insolent pain
    It's all goin' down the drain


    Old man can't get it up no more
    He wants to feel useful
    So he takes the grandkids on his lap
    Makes him feel fruitful

    And he tells them lies
    And they say: "Wow!"
    "Did it really happen that way?"
    Just another slice of Hell
    To send you to your grave

    "Yes, Jenny." "He really kissed her that way."
    "He lived in the part of the neighborhood
    Where dragons used to play!"
    "And, yeah, Johnny, he could've taught ol' Bruce Lee
    A thing or two!"
    "He was virtuous and brave
    And everything he did was true."

    "And the princess guarded her sanctity very well."
    "Just like Asmodeus guards the Chamber of Hell!"
    "And I'm gettin' a little horny,
    So, kids, could you please get off my lap?"

    Barnyard under Bathory blues
    It always makes me feel tired and used
    When my crazy neighbors make the news

    And the king that people fear
    The one the priests say was queer
    Fattening farmers praise him
    With a sneer
    And look over their left shoulders
    When they speak of Lear

    Mickey thought the Devil could be changed
    So he ordered his army out of range
    But it never struck him as strange
    That the facts had all been rearranged

    The weaker man has always led
    While the stronger man lay dead
    And thanks the Lord for daily bread
    While the world falls down around his head

    Mickey died at Bael na Mblath
    While they were still starving in Ballina
    And as he fell down on the road
    Queen Maeve was standing by to goad
    To watch her Irish donkey sweat and swear
    While her maidens read their Yeats
    And combed their hair

    Oil and roses took their toll
    Patrick Cavanaugh took his soul
    And the attic door still hung agape
    While the bloody petals screamed of rape

    And now they see him as a god
    He's just some bones beneath the sod
    Just battered fragments in the mud
    Washed crimson by a sea of blood

    Milk-sodden mongrels of the past
    Clinched rusty swords
    And kissed white ass
    They took it up the ass
    To save their crown
    And peasants drink the blood
    They handed down


    Old Man
    Scared to
    Hear the news

    Young man
    He don't
    Give a damn

    He knows it's
    All a lie
    Ain't got nothin' to do
    With him

    No time to scream
    Pull the handle!

    Limp protest
    And useless prayer

    It's my kind of intersection
    Only corpses fuck there

    Heavy metal virgins
    And bitches with no will
    Come to see the gods there
    Discover a new thrill

    But the gods are on vacation
    They prefer their parlor games
    To theirs
    And they hide behind the walls there
    Without a body or a care

    And they read their Aleister Crowley
    And they smoke their Chinese hash
    Tasty Oriental entrees
    Muffled screams come through the cracks

    So the kids get bored
    And they yell awhile
    Just to have something to do
    Jerry wants to play Nintendo
    Sherry wants to go to Sunday school

    Then he squawks drug legalization
    While she screeches women's rights
    And she badmouths Ozzy Osbourne
    While he curses Jesus Christ

    Then she says if he ever touches her again
    She'll claw out both his eyes
    And he stops to pet a stray dog
    As she walks away in spite

    I'm the janitor at Newgrange
    Where the dances have all ceased
    Where the horses ain't really horses
    And the trees ain't really trees

    And the dog that guards the chamber
    Of the king whose name was cursed
    Will never be remembered
    In story or in verse

    'Cause it was Crystal Rain
    And bath oil
    ZZ Top
    And red balloons

    Now that my soul is out of stick shift
    I've gotta tell the truth


    1/25/'94. 1994 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    So they know that you are weak
    You're acres wide but none too deep
    You run
    And find the slope too steep
    While green-eyed monsters growl and creep

    You can't just stand there
    You know you'll die
    Some slave will find your soul-marks high
    And drag you to his grisly cell
    Just another lair of Hell

    CHORUS #1: Take one more look up at the sky
    For all God's children have to die
    Your childrens' blood within you will rise
    And you'll long to fight their bullshit lies

    Huckleberry hoarhounds have to go
    Creamed crimson buried in the snow
    And everything you tried to know
    In Druid circles grow and grow

    They'll haunt you in your day of weakness
    Death Flower squeezes out her sweetness

    CHORUS #2: Take one more look up at the sky
    For all God's children have to die
    When your best friends die
    You'll pay the price
    And hide your eyes from bullshit lies

    Manged amber dog burst into dream
    Light question nurtured
    But no scream

    Grim Dublin pubsongs of the day
    Won't keep her stars and scythes away

    Commercial loathing
    Blood-drenched days
    And wishing life
    Would simply cease

    New grass conspiracy
    Bathtub blues
    And wetbacks pissing on my shoes

    Death Museum rejects
    Deadly fault
    Self-serving hunters
    Finally caught

    CHORUS #3: Take one more look up at the sky
    For all God's children have to die
    Your soul will languish muffled cries
    And your mind will cling to bullshit lies

    Television Devil's in His place
    She drinks your blood with studied grace

    Immortal swingset potency
    Makes Cu Chulainn proud to be

    Her claws are golden
    Burning white
    Just like some ancient mystic rite
    And you wonder if her soul is right
    As her Grim Ones grab you in the night

    CHORUS #4: Steal one swift glance now at the sky
    The jackals comin' make you cry
    But all God's children have to try
    To hide their minds from bullshit lies

    Innocence can't fight a war
    Or make obeisance to the Whore
    Run quickly when the sky is ore
    And try to find the Hidden Door

    Future lies laugh in your face
    And say your movement's a disgrace
    Creamed mirages of soft lace
    And mangled meathooks
    Dripping waste

    CHORUS #5: Take one more look up at the sky
    For all God's children have to try
    The time has come to pay the price
    And live or die with bullshit lies

    Tell your Aunt Maeve you'll be no slave
    Drink Sprite and send her to her grave
    Just let your Mother cry and weep
    You'll not be losing any sleep

    When pointed ties reach out to scratch
    Just remember Truth's profusely patched
    But, nonetheless, you'll live for snatch
    And curse your chickens when they hatch

    CHORUS #6: Don't look sideways at the sky
    You might see something that'd make you die
    'Cause now the Maker of the Lie
    Has complete dominion of your eyes

    And when you're ball-strapped to your back
    And your only pleasure's looking back
    When you feel your braincage crack
    You'll curse the day you chose your Path

    Just demon laughter
    After all
    Either choice you made
    Would break your balls
    And bring you down upon the Stone
    For every aging rebel stands alone

    They poured concrete on your field
    And the noonday sky
    You know they stealed
    Every pawn of Nature was willed
    By the King of Evil's spear and shield

    And now they're closin' on your soul
    With sharpened steel they fill their bowl
    Just sex and death
    Just one more show
    Just another day
    For all you know

    CHORUS #7: No use starin' at the sky
    'Cause your eyes are blinded by their ties
    They make their unholy sacrifice
    And praise their god of Bullshit Lies

    A greater Truth is hidden still
    It remains unseen by all who will
    Make choices when they only steal
    From sick gods laughing on their Hill

    Years do not judge
    Deeds do not damn
    It's just a Lie that rapes the land
    You make your murders kicking sand
    And hang your own souls from a strand

    CHORUS #8: Take one more look up at the sky
    Behind the fascist lies of Jesus Christ
    The Soul of Truth is soon to rise
    And purge the world of bullshit lies

    1/28/'94. 1994 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.

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    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    They'll be fuckin' when you're locked up in your room
    They'll be fuckin' when you're watchin' your cartoons
    They'll be fuckin' when your head feels unsure
    They'll be fuckin'
    And they'll tell you they've got the cure
    They'll fuck when your relatives come
    And they'll fuck when your spendin' your birthday money

    CHORUS: Nobody fucks like a fascist
    When the petals are wet
    Nobody comes like a master
    Blood fertilizes the best
    (Ask Hess)

    They'll fuck when you go to confirmation
    When your poor little mind is in a haze
    They'll fuck when you discover masturbation
    And they'll tell you you'll go crazy
    They'll fuck when your mowin' their yard
    And they'll tell you that you're lazy

    BRIDGE: So give the word to Pat Buchanan
    If you should ever have the luck
    Tell him we don't need him in the White House
    He only knows how to fuck

    They'll fuck on your first Christmas morning
    After you've put your toys away
    They'll even fuck on Easter Sunday
    And they'll tell you you're losin' your way
    I swear they'd fuck at a funeral
    And they tell you they've got so much respect
    They gave up on drugs and rock and roll
    But the motherfuckers have still got sex


    You know they fucked when you said your first word
    And if it was "Mama" you know she was on top
    Daddy was screamin': "Fuck me harder!!!"
    They didn't think they'd ever stop
    And when you're readin' your Bible
    You can be sure there's a cherry bein' popped!!!


    BRIDGE #2: Women get turned on by a flower
    Blood makes it grow with such grace
    And the murdered skin of a baby
    Sure looks precious on your face
    On your face
    On your face
    On your faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccc cccccccccccce!!!

    5/'94. 1994 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected By Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Now that I have realized
    The nature of all these things
    I'm better off a full-fledged madman
    Or unaware of unholy strings

    Nothing simple anymore
    No easy way for me
    If the executioner makes it through the furze
    Bury me
    Right by the tree

    We fucked up the world
    We fucked it up bad
    Nothin' we can do
    Now ain't that some shit?

    Nowhere to go
    Nowhere to run
    Cloud just went behind the sun
    Ain't that some shit?

    I wanna be
    Right by the tree

    Playing games with God and time
    Bearing children is our most cardinal crime
    With plenty of love and plenty of health
    You can be 50 and maybe find yourself
    Yeah, now ain't that some shit?

    Born to be unsure
    On a psychedelic checkerboard
    Unknown and uncooperative
    I only got ignored

    Was all I ever wanted to be
    And everybody said I was insane
    You'd be surprised
    The effect 21 years of gunpoint reality
    Can have on the brain

    The cardinal liars sing in the choir
    And the ones who say they love you the most get rich
    I was cursed to be a self-destructive, ignorant, unknown son-of-a-bitch
    Proudly barbaric
    And freezing the heart of the witch

    And I'm gonna shit on your beautiful hedges, baby
    Before this game is through
    Unlike some
    I don't just sit on my bum
    Daydreaming of Mother's tits
    And sniffin' glue

    Send your whole kindergarten army to try to stop me
    And we'll see what they can do
    I say you're only a pack of lies, anyway
    Smile while I run you through
    Nothing you fuckers can do

    I wanna be
    Right by the tree
    Unsure and undiscovered
    Where nobody runs for cover

    Where everybody's afraid
    Of the little passion plays that were played
    And everybody runs
    When the cloud goes behind the sun

    They say they found a piece of rope
    Hanging off one of the branches
    And they run
    Guess they've just got this thing
    About blood

    And the flies that live under the trunk
    Bother everyone but me
    Condemned to look for doorways happily
    No one else could ever see
    And quite a formidable fortress
    When that overgrown, blood-sucking bitch
    Was looking for me

    Unjustly ignored it in silence
    As I screamed past the scene
    And I wished it was all just a dream

    Make my own peace with death, division, and madness
    Keep all the sinners away
    And I'll be happy

    Gettin' a little confused with this rat maze
    So beautiful, yeah, but nothing to see
    Guess I'll just hold on to the tree

    Continue to piss on corporeal happiness
    Knowing I'll be avenged in time
    Shit in the face of obvious normalness
    Make the motherfuckers pay for their crime

    A little too scary for some
    'Cause I shun the light
    That streams past drawing room shades
    Just like my ancestors
    I'll never be at peace
    'Til I'm in my grave

    Struggle through various shades of insanity
    There's none but the Devil's own mule
    That will be saved
    While the rest just fester and rage

    SPOKEN: "'But where can we draw water?'"
    "Said Pearse to Connoly"
    "'When all the wells are parched away?'"
    "'Oh, plain as plain can be'"
    "'There's nothing but our own red blood'"
    "'To make a right rose tree.'"-----William Butler Yeats.

    7/'94. 1994 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    I know a place
    Where blood is dried on crosses
    Where penny-ante corsets
    Speak of red clay apathy

    Where the lie is fed and watered
    And the half-Jew hides in hollows
    Where the cur's cry rings through valleys
    Like a revellie from Hell

    I know a place
    Where being real's a given
    Where no measure of pretension
    Crosses trestles in the mist

    Where the Question's gently laden
    In the cell of Maybe Someday
    Where Death's a joke at parties
    And a ghost's a walk away

    I know a place
    Where hills are high and lowly
    Where the sounds of all the universe
    Ring tinny in your ears

    Where the dead make life a burden
    With their wreaths of gentle summer
    As their long-dead dreams breed icy fingers
    Stranglehold my brain

    I make a television stand
    Unsure, in fact, still groping
    As long-dead skulls ring out with laughter
    Drowning sermons in their dream

    I know a place
    That's fostered fat on firstblood
    Whose stonecliff houses leave behind
    A multitude of graves

    Where the weary voice falls silent
    In a realm of blood-fed flowers
    Where the severed black urethra
    Prides a Scot's soliloquoy

    I know a place
    Pukes beauty after vengeance
    Half-fanged combs and redneck reasons
    Perfume in the pyre

    I know a place
    Where Truth's as old as Judgement
    And the Devil's every earthly crime
    Is water underneath the bridge

    8/7/'94. 1994 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Prehistoric five-year-olds
    Really had it bad
    They'd be beaten to death with a club
    If they pissed off Dad

    Prehistoric five-year-olds
    They couldn't go very far
    Stray from the cave
    And be eaten by a tyrannosaur
    Prehistoric five-year-olds
    They had it really bad

    Limey five-year-olds are really disgusting
    They're cheeky as hell
    And they're prematurely lusting

    Little Limey girls play with themselves
    Behind the bush
    And sometimes little Limey boys
    Like to grab one another's tush
    Limey five-year-olds are really disgusting

    Depression Era five-year-olds
    Had dicks up their asses
    And they lived on rats and boiled grasses
    Used little pieces of rock for marbles
    Bet they never even heard of Captain Marvel
    Depression Era five-year-olds
    Had dicks up their asses

    Baby Boomer five-year-olds
    Had souls the size of a garden pea
    And when they turned six
    They started taking LSD
    And by the time THE LAND OF THE LOST came on
    Their kids were two or three
    Baby Boomer five-year-olds
    Had souls the size of a garden pea
    And they wet their pants!!!

    Cold War five-year-olds
    Never learned how to dance
    But they had CAPTIAN KANGAROO, ROMPER ROOM and Ants In The Pants
    Cold War children
    Knew they never stood a chance
    They cried over sea monkeys
    And hung in a phantom stance
    Cold War five-year-olds
    Never learned how to dance

    Modern day five-year-olds
    Are completely irrelevant
    And when they came out of the twat
    They had a modem in their hands
    The little shits!
    And they only like BARNEY
    Because they never heard of Reagan
    Rush Limbaugh puts them to sleep
    And John Lennon sings to them
    And as likely as not
    They'll turn out worthless
    Modern day five-year-olds are completely irrelevant

    9/'94. 1994 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Won't be no announcement on the local station
    This time
    Warning you of impending damnation
    This time

    The undertaker won't stop pacing
    Highway speedfreaks won't stop racing
    Fucked up kid won't stop defacing
    This time

    The bastard won't even stop his dreaming
    This time
    The horny bitch won't stop her screaming
    This time

    Proffered jewelry won't stop gleaming
    No wet nurse can stop the bleeding
    Of everyone with the Mark of the Demon
    This time

    That old farmer won't stop plowing
    This time
    Rabid dog won't stop growling
    This time

    TV preachers won't stop yowlin'
    Burglars they won't stop their prowlin'
    The Child is waiting on the Mountain
    This time

    They won't even hear the cannon
    This time
    The ground's been tilled
    The seed's been planted
    This time

    The CIA never heard of its planning
    Schizophrenics won't stop rantin'
    We won't be leavin' empty-handed
    This time

    Now those of you who fear the future
    This time
    Rest assured, we'll be comin' for you, sure
    This time

    Those of you who shrink at violence
    Find your peace of mind in silence
    You will sleep beneath the lilacs
    This time

    Nobody is gonna stop it
    Tnis time
    Politicians will swear to drop it
    This time

    The President will say: "Go to the temple."
    He always made it seem so simple
    The preacher will say: "Every man for himself!"
    This time

    The sun has set for soul smotherers
    This time
    Son destroyers and mother motherers
    This time

    Scripture bayers and poetry readers
    Moral philosophers and idle breeders
    You won't be protected by new leaders
    This time

    9/22/'94. 1994 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.

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    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    ZOG-occupied, whigger-infested East Tennessee.



    Got to admit
    I must be insane
    Must've been born with a cloud in my brain
    Or something
    Had to be something

    A cricket croaked
    And I died inside
    Wasn't no place in this world for me to hide
    All fucked up inside
    Troubled and tried
    Took a little ride

    When you come into this world
    There's nothing you know
    They put a gun to your head
    And they tell you to grow
    It just seems so
    Might very well blow
    But you don't know

    CHORUS: I don't have the will to live
    But I do have the will to go on
    It's not good enough for me
    And it shouldn't be good enough for you
    But what can you do?

    The void only waits to be filled
    The dream only waits to be killed
    The hero and champion is you
    And now all things are made new
    So what do you do?

    History points the way
    Prophecy marks the day
    God knows your every crime
    We're nearing the end of time


    No bonnets or bullet shells
    Luxury of a concrete Hell
    Or knowledge of myself
    My soul's on the shelf!

    Please don't expect me to tell you the truth
    Cause I'm a son of a bitch to myself!!!

    Please don't expect me to be honest with you
    Cause I'm a son of a bitch to myself!!!

    SPOKEN: The world *DOES NOT* need love!!!
    The world needs a substance
    The world needs a drug

    How can it grow?
    How can it multiply?
    When all things die
    Underneath the sky?

    When Mother's claws reach out to scratch?
    And the preacher's are always profusely patched?
    When your friends fuck you around
    And stab you in the back?

    I'm sorry
    Maybe I should've been an animal
    They make us all look like FUCKING MORONS!!!

    Don't expect me to pour out my heart
    Cause I ain't got no heart to pour out
    Please excuse me if I cut yours out
    Please excuse me if I burn it!!!

    SPOKEN: And, you know, the funny thing is I've never been happier in my life!!!
    The human race *DOES NOT* need truth
    Truth would scare it into oblivion!!!

    The human race just needs drugs
    Chemicals in the brain!!!
    Awww, build up all that dependency!!!
    All those little lies!!!

    You're just like the animals!!!
    You're just like plants!!!
    Nothing's really complicated!!!
    Sell your soul!!!
    It's not valuable!!!

    A little MEANER!!!
    A little GREENER!!!
    Sorry 'bout your WEINER!!!

    CHORUS #2: I don't have the will to live
    But I do have the will to go on
    It's not good enough for me
    And I don't expect it to satisfy you

    You're not worthy of my blood
    So I'll just give to you my piss!!!

    10/16/'94. 1994 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    I was insignificant
    Strange singer
    Just like Manson

    Writing goofy songs
    And playing on the swingset
    Sittin' on a stump
    With a shit-eatin' grin on my face
    Got my ass kicked every day
    By those who knew the score

    CHORUS: Gladiators and whores
    At the feast of Uncle Sam
    On the corpse of Vietnam
    At the gates of Pakistan
    Line in the sand

    They had sinewy arms
    I had a longing in my heart
    They knew how to "gleek"
    And do underarm farts
    And they knew the score


    You always knew
    How to make 'em go weak in the knees
    Just like those yahoos in GONE WITH THE WIND
    You never figured the dream might end
    You never knew imagination was sin
    But you knew the score


    For a long, long time
    Must've committed some heinous crime

    I guess my dick will never be free
    A dictator's all I'll ever be
    But you knew the score


    Stag, stag
    Joining the Reichstag
    Stag, stag
    Learning a new bag
    Stag, stag
    Can you come out to play?
    Stag, stag
    Now that your Mom's away?
    What does Uncle Adolf say?
    He says: "Stick to your chores!"


    Young stags
    Are still in the stores today
    Being drug around on chains
    By wives with flaming eyes and fangs
    And me?
    I've changed a bit
    But my soul is the same


    10/25/'94. 1994 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    The me I never knew
    Has been floating
    Calling me
    In my brain
    And it's choking

    And all the lies that were before
    Are scattered on the floor
    The wind blows them out the door
    The seed and sample of the Whore

    The you I never dreamed
    In my sickest nightmare
    Has now appeared to me
    And it fills me with no fear

    The dream that kept me well
    Was found dead in its armchair
    And by its side there was a note
    Saying: "It's right, but it's not fair."

    And all the things I thought concrete
    Now have melted into the air
    And the Thing I thought was real
    Blocks my view
    With a cold stare

    I'm living off its corpse
    Some say it's sick
    But it sustains me
    I'm feeding on a dream
    So gently smiling
    But it's crazy

    I see my friends
    They're not the same
    They also see the things I'm seeing
    But they don't react the same
    I think they're not believing

    And now the time has come
    To get my grasp of being
    Have mercy on my soul
    I must trade this sick cocoon
    For some real ceiling

    I raise the Sword
    I play the part
    And now I hear the curtain falling
    And somewhere in your mind
    You must hear the Question calling

    But I've had enough of that
    Questioning has much perturbed me
    I'll now put on the Mask
    No God or Devil will disturb me

    And I will be the me I never knew

    11/'94. 1994 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    TOBIAS: You never love me with your feminine side
    You never love me when your brain's on a kike slide
    You never love me when you're thinkin' 'bout shoes
    And I know you don't love me when you're hearing the blues
    And when you cuddle up with your magazines
    All cozy and nice
    I'd bet my life you're imagining
    My head on a spike

    CHORUS: And there's shit in the nectar
    Yeah, there's shit in the nectar
    I had a little talk with the building inspector
    He said: "Don't look now, but there's shit in the nectar!"

    TOBIAS: Mary The Martyr is only Molly The Murderess's other side
    And, yes, Virginia, that's blood on the face of the new bride
    You talk about the pious expression on the face
    Of a mother with a new child
    But come by Sunday morning
    And I guarantee you you'll see one
    That'll freeze your gonads up for awhile

    And Paul Simon came out from under the makeup
    And told me there was shit in the nectar
    And Bob Dylan got his nappy head up out of the twat
    And he told me there was shit in the nectar
    And Lou Reed pulled himself up off the floor
    And he told me there was shit in the nectar
    So I guess we've pretty much established
    That there's shit in the nectar

    CHORUS #2: There's shit in the nectar
    Yeah, there's shit in the nectar
    Yeah, I had a few words with the paudeen that feck'd her
    He said: "Don't tell your Mama, but there's shit in the nectar!!!"

    TOBIAS: Ain't it funny how all the young witches
    Seem to go for the "sensitive" guys?
    But when they're gettin' fucked
    They leave thoughts of marriage far behind
    And then they laugh at them for givin' up their vows
    As self-determined religious freaks
    They say: "Boy, you wasn't so strong!"
    "You just had to take a peek!"

    And I just had this wild idea in my head
    That there was shit in the nectar

    Stonewall Jackson talked to me from beyond the grave and said:
    "Man, I was pussy-whipped!!!"
    "Bitch had me pourin' salt in my bread!!!"
    "Old witch really done a number on my head!!!"
    "Toby, there's shit in the nectar!!!"

    So now nobody with a penis
    Should have any doubt
    That there's shit in the nectar

    CHORUS #3: There's shit in the nectar
    Yeah, there's shit in the nectar
    Yeah, I had a little talk with the fallen rector
    He said: "Forgive me, son, but there's shit in the nectar!!!"

    TOBIAS: Now have you got a drug
    To make me feel not so much like Hitler
    But to make me feel fulfilled and masculine inside?
    Have you got a drug
    That's not gonna put my soul out on the auction block
    And give me no place in the world
    That I can hide?

    Have you got a drug
    That'll feel like a curtain strap
    Or silken whip
    That was used so long ago?
    Cause if you don't, my friend,
    I think it's just about the end
    I think I'm just gonna fade into the Soul

    Jim Morrison, he called me across the Great Divide
    And he said: "My friend, I always loved a good ride."
    "But don't be deceived by this shit you see."
    "Don't ever believe all the shit they say about me."
    "And let me tell you---there's shit in the nectar."

    Yeah, there's shit in the nectar
    So now every Boomenschwein worth his salt has to know
    That there's shit in the nectar

    Now you might find something to be proud of
    Hidden in some book
    But I'm sure there are people
    Who would kick your ass
    Just for taking a look

    They nicely covered up their past
    They made the Statue of Liberty a she
    And the real truth
    Is what they just do not want you to see

    There was a time when men killed Indians and bears
    And cut down trees
    And if his woman gave him any slack
    He would kick her little ass
    With the greatest of ease

    There was a time when man reigned triumphant
    Over all of these
    Rural it was, my friend,
    But only the dogs had fleas

    But it all died one day
    When some kike from the pits of Hell said:
    "I wanna be the Big Cheese!!!"
    So now if you want any escape
    Get ready for the rape
    Get down on your knees
    And say "please"

    And there's shit in the nectar
    Yeah, there's shit in the nectar
    Something tells me there's shit in the nectar

    I had a little talk with Stephen Douglas
    And he said: "Back when she was a he
    I tried to protect her."
    "But now the whip is clearly seen."
    "Boy, there's shit in the nectar!!!"

    CHORUS #4: There's shit in the nectar
    Yeah, there's shit in the nectar
    Back when she was a he
    I tried to protect her
    But the truth is clearly seen
    There's shit in the nectar

    TOBIAS: And when he came back to the forest
    He only had one question
    He said: "Who are you?"
    "And what did you do with my God?"

    12/6/'94. 1994 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    I can't wait to see 'em
    As they drag them down the street
    As their wrinkled, oat bran-eating fans
    Fall down at their feet
    They raise their moth-eaten arms up to the sky
    As the Mass is being read
    And it's dead hippies on parade!!!

    First comes old Neil Young
    With an expression of pain on his face
    Sittin' on a pot
    He died from swallowing a razor blade
    Hidden in some bitch's twat
    Now he's playin' "Sugar Mountain"
    As his minions bow and scrape
    And try to grab onto the hem
    Of the Future Fuehrer's cape
    And it's dead hippies on parade !!!

    Hey, look! Here comes John Lennon
    Wearing a dashiki and chained to a bed
    With a ring through his maggot-infested penis
    And a roman numeral stamped on his head
    And now all the grandmothers are soiling themselves
    Because the Beatles were so sweet
    He's singing: "All you need is love, "
    So throw down your crowns at the Dictator's feet!"
    And it's dead hippies on parade!!!

    Here comes that old perv Lou Reed
    As the choir starts singing the Mass
    Spewing sexual slavery
    And farting gun control out his ass
    And as the stormtroopers silence some pissed off punkers
    He's welcomed by his fellow Jews
    He's singing: "Sweet Jane was really a dear Catholic boy"
    "And Mistress Caroline was abused."
    And it's dead hippies on parade!!!

    Global Unitarian Choir: ooo ooo OOO ooo
    ooo ooo ooo OOO
    Heil Juan Carlos!
    Uber alles!
    Heil Juan Carlos!
    Uber alles!
    Heil Juan Carlos!
    Uber alles!

    As they're followed up by international bankers
    The crowd fails to see the guise
    And at the very back are ol' Dean Rusk
    And Bill Clinton in disguise
    They all discharge in a mutual orgasm
    As the Mass is being read
    And everyone there on this day
    Has the Mark stamped on his head
    Thanks to dead hippies on parade!!!

    6/19/'95. 1995 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Walt Disney was a Nazi
    And your Daddy wears nipple clamps
    People like Jerry Falwell
    Turned other people into living room lamps
    But I can stand on Kingston Avenue
    And have another hit
    Fuck Morey and Churchill
    This is the shit!

    CHORUS: Fuck Morey and Churchill
    Fuck Morey and Churchill
    Fuck Morey and Churchill
    This is the shit!

    Now chicks can take you anywhere
    Your little mind's willing to go
    But better not ask no questions
    Just sit back and enjoy the show
    Sure beats standing on Kingston Avenue
    Shivering and wet
    Fuck Morey and Churchill
    This is the shit!


    How do I define success?
    This is what I'll say
    A suicide blonde with boots and a whip
    To feed me birthday cake everyday
    Instead of standing on Kingston Avenue
    Like some stupid little shit
    Fuck Morey and Churchill
    This is the shit!


    When you feel like you'll never make it
    And you've got no money to spend
    You get in the car with your white trash friends
    And you go for a little spin
    And you cruise down Kingston Avenue
    Screaming: "Suck my fucking dick!!!"
    Fuck Morey and Churchill
    This is the shit!

    I'm gonna drive off Windrock Mountain
    Late night some Halloween
    Then they can drive me down Kingston Avenue
    Right about 3:15
    And all the nigger-lovin' mama's boys
    Will just be throwin' a fit
    Fuck Morey and Churchill
    This is the shit!


    7/9/'95. 1995 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Intro: The Jews are through in '72
    Parlez vous-vous!!!
    The Jews are through in '72
    Parlez vous-vous!!!
    So fire the cannon and ring the bell
    We'll send 'em all to kosher Hell!!!
    One, two, three, four

    Don't even try to love my ass
    'Cause there ain't no fuckin' time
    Tryin' to find something delicate in the middle of this nightmare
    Would really be a fuckin' crime
    And any spirit that was strong in ante-bellum times
    When the Truth was still within reach
    Would only be wasted on a jaded, frustrated, flea-bitten shit like me

    CHORUS: You may as well hate me
    May as well hate me
    'Cause it's quicker
    You may as well hate me
    May as well hate me
    'Cause it's quicker
    And there ain't no time for anything else
    No, there ain't no time for anything else

    A pioneer man with his dick in his hand
    Never had very far to go
    He could go to some stupid bitch for comfort
    Or to the whorehouse for a blow
    But everything is different now
    A man can't have no faith in his wife
    While she's telling him everything's alright
    She may be sharpenin' knives!!!


    We're in the middle of a war
    And this ain't no time
    To be sleepin' in the enemy's lap
    That shit might've worked fine
    For cavemen with no minds
    But we ain't gonna fall for that crap
    In these days, when you're not sure anything's real
    Some insanity can't be helped
    So believe whatever shit you need to believe
    But just keep your dick to yourself!!!!


    Tag: There's still hope for you
    Say the bells of '72
    But not if Lou Reed's still alive
    Say the bells of '85
    Go on and try me
    Say the bells of 1990
    So I'll see you all in Hell
    By the year 2012
    Yeah, I'll see you all in Hell
    By the year 2012

    8/26/'95. 1995 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    On the seventh day
    Of the seventh month
    In the year 1783
    They were standing 'round watching the bearbait charade
    And cursing the taxes on tea
    When a man wearing buckskins stood up in the crowd
    And raised his beer keg in the air
    He said: "One day, my friends, we'll all be free men."
    "And we'll all be gettin' our share."

    But we knew if we found you
    We'd lose you again
    In the mountains, so snaky, somehow
    'Cause the whiskey gets spent
    And the Bible gets bent
    And the lubber-lip furrows the brow

    CHORUS #1: And, hey, Mr. Davis, please come back again
    Though your children are thrown to the wind
    And the man with his crook
    Rips your name from the book
    And the picture is starting to bend

    On the second day
    Of the second month
    Of the year of 1839
    Mr. Davis has slaves
    And his new friends all rave
    That he's turned out a fine gentleman

    His beer keg is locked in the cellar below
    And his Bible grows moss on the shelf
    Mr. Davis drinks wine
    And most of the time
    He just sits around hating himself

    And we knew if he caught you he'd eat you alive
    In his grasp you shiver and scream
    But it'll take more than slaves singing "Far And Away"
    For you to wake up from this dream

    CHORUS #2: And, hey, Mr. Davis, please button your britches
    'Cause your "class pride" is drowning us all
    And the Unseen Hand is scribbling again
    But you can't read the words on the wall

    On the eleventh day
    Of the eleventh month
    In the year of 1893
    Mr. Davis has land
    And cash on command
    He's the head of a big company
    When the poor people starved
    In the War's aftermath
    And were crushed 'neath the tyrant's bootheel
    Mr. Davis's friends
    Saved him in the end
    And made sure none of his house was killed

    And you think he can't reach you
    You're safe in the arms
    Of the one who protects evil men
    Oh, you built your walls thick
    With industrial brick
    But they won't stop the Levelling Wind

    CHORUS #3: And, hey, Mr. Davis, better padlock your door
    'Cause the stormclouds are gatherin' outside
    And there's smoke in the breeze
    As it blows through the trees
    And the First Horseman's ready to ride

    On the seventh day
    Of the seventh month
    In the year of 1993
    Just one month before
    You took a job at the store
    And it was six months before you met me
    And it seemed you were real
    And you'd shunned Satan's seal
    But, then, for no reason at all,
    You stabbed us in the back
    And it seems, for a fact,
    That the Devil's got you by the balls

    But we knew if we lost you
    We'd find you again
    'Cause the seal has been lifted, you see
    And, as the dogstar dies
    In the eastern skies, there's a new star
    For you and for me

    CHORUS #4: And, hey, Mr. Davis, please come back again
    Because a new wind is starting to blow
    And the Mystery's been solved
    And the Lie has dissolved
    And the bloodtrail is covered with snow

    Yeah, Mr. Davis, please come in for dinner
    Before the whirlwind has you in its throes
    'Cause the funnel-cake's fried
    And your friends are inside
    And the book is beginning to close

    On the seventh day
    Of the seventh month
    In the year 1783
    They were standin' 'round watching the bearbait charade
    And cursing the taxes on tea

    8/01/'97. 1997 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Not too long ago
    You thought you was real
    Your raging hormones
    Taught you how to feel

    You had all the damn money
    Yeah, you had the looks
    And you'd keep on givin'
    As long as they took

    And you polished the whitewall
    Until it shined
    But now the cable's corroded
    And all you ever do is whine, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine

    In your filial nubescent spring
    You never waited long
    For the telephone to ring

    You never thought your perfect-petalled program would end
    But you had to wither
    Yeah, you had to sin

    Because your Mama was stupid
    And your Daddy was rich
    But now all you ever do is bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch

    CHORUS: It ain't nothin' but your memories of sex
    That binds your enterprise
    And throws the world in your hex
    That burns the curse on the head of Generation X
    It's just your pride of life, baby, and all your cute little memories of
    Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex

    Satan's socialist servants
    Put the Boomers to sleep
    But their proud Pike-ish papas
    Never made a peep

    Their air-headed mothers
    Pissed their panties with glee
    At the shit little Suzie Q learned on TV

    "Isn't that interesting?"
    "Isn't that neat?"
    "Isn't that cute?"
    "Yeah, isn't that sweet?"

    "Isn't that something?"
    "Our girl's got a mind!"
    "She can see both sides
    Of our shit-brown line."

    "No, it's not corruption."
    "Just inquisitiveness."
    "Just Pandora's crowbar,
    Not Lucifer's kiss."

    "Besides, anyway, you know,
    It's only a phase."
    Now your grandchildren's gonads
    Are caught in their maze


    As a horny little nymph in the prime of life
    She grabbed Frank Sinatra by the tail
    And kissed his greasy little guido ass
    Just to see if she could take the smell

    But that was many years ago
    And now she thinks that she's so pure
    She goes to church and bows her head
    She's nothing but a perfumed whore

    Babylon was born in the jungle heat
    While your demi-God daddies
    Were beating their meat
    The seed, once planted,
    Took root real fast
    They were fucking slant-eyed sluts
    Up the shit-brown ass

    And the ones that fought the Germans
    On the Western Front
    Saw the inside
    Of every French-fried cunt

    But when they came home
    They were so upright
    They did the same thing to your mothers
    On their wedding night

    It became very clear
    It was a whole new day
    The Roman Era
    Was here to stay

    They made sex their religion
    And the jukebox their choir
    They put their Bibles on the shelf
    And threw their irons in the fire

    Well, I guess they earned a well-deserved rest
    Just as long as it's known that they're the best, best, best, best


    Baby-Boomer Yuppie fascists
    Like to fuck in the dark
    They say they love Jesus
    But they love Petula Clark

    They got the white picket fence
    And two dogs and a cat
    But they still dig the Beatles
    So what's up with that?

    They got four little kids
    They tote around in a car
    But they play the Supremes
    In their Aerostar

    You say it's just something Ted Turner protects
    But it's your pride of life, baby,
    And all your cute little memories of sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex


    BRIDGE: Aesthetic election
    Producing elation
    Just a soundtrack for your fornication
    Whether it was cool
    Whether it sucked
    All depends on what was goin' on
    When you fucked
    Was it leather and chains?
    Steppenwolf is the shit!
    Was it candles and wine?
    Giovanni might fit
    Yuppies need music
    To fill up their holes
    Selection don't matter
    Cause they got no souls
    I know the preachers say it's evil
    Some kind of a hex
    It's just your pride of life, babe,
    And all your cute little memories of sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex


    You're bound to have your wedding
    I wish you lots of luck
    Moroni or Dionysus?
    I just don't give a fuck

    You seduced me with your flatteries
    You plied me with your wine
    I can't wait to see you drown
    You secret handshake-selling swine

    Always return to the same old cauldron
    No matter what the spell
    Well-polished lies to fool myself
    That I won't go to Hell

    The best of everything we've got
    Is the worst He's ever seen
    All the hopes we've buffed and shined
    Would only make His wrist turn green

    All the dreams you've laid before the Whore
    That your wounds have dyed blood-red
    Have beoome a regal carpet
    For the Antichrist to tread

    They all understand
    They all feel the fear
    Whether they live up there
    Or live down here

    Soon we'll all be serfs
    On a global plot
    But bucks and wenches
    Don't fuck a lot

    Which leaves the mad, nomadic bands
    Which still elude the Harlot's hands
    Who make a nightly enterprise
    Of putting out the demon's eyes
    Since Robin Hood once wed a maid
    Militia mongrels might get laid

    Maybe I'm just a minstrel
    On a plantation plot
    Painting murals
    On a discarded chamberpot

    Maybe I'm just a part of the sideline charade
    But the day after the Rapture
    I might just get laid

    Cause when order's overthrown
    And chaos abounds
    It might be cool to be fucking
    When the temple comes down


    3/28/'98. 1998 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Like a fly caught in the amber
    Petrified and frozen in time
    You sleep great leviathan's sleep
    Through the centuries' crimes
    When they see you
    Their eyes fill with guilt
    And their faces turn away
    They don't even talk about you now
    They'd like to all pretend you went away
    I know they'd like to see me dead
    For trying to talk to you
    But, with the last breaths in my body,
    I'm gonna scream the TRUTH!!!

    CHORUS: (That) (And) (But) Willie Clancy played the Sligo Reel for you
    Running like quicksilver through the fabric of your days
    And Mr. Yeats, he wrote "The Stolen Child" for you
    To comfort all your souls
    And guide your children through their maze
    And John F. Kennedy, he never died for you
    He just threw his blood, and sap, and semen in the well
    And Roosevelt and Lincoln never cried for you
    They just cursed your flesh
    And damned your soul to Hell
    But I know that on the Last Day
    You'll be wide awake
    And what your masters wouldn't give
    You will gladly take

    I've heard them say they envy you so much
    At least a half a dozen times
    Living close to God and nature
    Man, it must be, yeah, it really must be fine
    Wealthy dabblers are so puzzled by your past
    And wondering what your future holds
    But it's you who live in misery
    It's you who shake and shiver in the cold
    You tried your best to make it
    To create a better day
    And every time you reached for it
    It always slipped away


    White corpses strewn across their battlefields
    From Concord Bridge to Vietnam
    When danger threatened
    Appalachian blood was always cheaper than the bomb
    When Wall Street gave their marching orders
    You were always first to pay the price
    While wealthy politicians' children cursed your name
    And mocked your sacrifice
    You fought in foreign quagmires
    Died forgotten and alone
    Those who used your blood for fertilizer
    Carved your name in stone


    They clothed you with their hand-me-downs
    They pissed on you
    And then they wished you well
    They fed you full of shit
    And then they laughed
    While you were writhing in their Hell
    When they consumed the filth that you produced
    They said you had no shame
    They got rich selling you suicide
    And then they said you were the ones to blame
    They tried their best to keep you down
    And it worked for many years
    But now you're gonna claim the crown
    You won with all your tears


    There's demons runnin' through the rozzum
    There's Studebakers chewin' on the leaves
    And there's a banjo ringing through the holler
    For all the banished children of Eve
    There's hopeless machinnations
    Where the street lights glow
    And there's death on the highway
    Where the night wind blows
    There's universes buzzin' through the head
    Of every drunkard out tonight
    There's dark mysteries being borne in the trees
    Where the rays of the moon never reach
    And there's blood on the brambles
    As the sun climbs the church-steeple spire
    They say you ain't nothin'
    They say you're just scum
    But there won't be much of them
    Left when it's done


    6/20/'98. 1998 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    (Billy Milford's Soliloquoy)

    Must I repeat the endless litany
    Of all the things you did to me?
    Your cheap attempts and half-assed tries
    Have proved to me that Heaven lies

    Your soul of shit passed down to me
    Your paranoid uncertainty
    The sins of fathers cursed your brown
    The farrow fattened on the sow
    You shiver in your cul-de-sac
    And try hard to deny the fact
    That you're the shit that slipped through cracks
    When all the righteous turned their backs

    CHORUS: I've dodged your bullets all before
    My blood still burns
    I'll dodge some more
    My blow is swift
    My aim is true
    I live my life
    In spite of you

    Grim Brother Herbert's pampered Jew
    I curse the wormhole you crawled through
    You hide yourself in other's sin
    And paint your face like Urizen
    Your whitewashed windows hold no clue
    Of blood-red glass you're looking through
    Your pentagrams all point at you
    Your swastikas are crumbling, too
    Your idol stares you in the face
    And curses your pathetic race
    Your guard dog's chewed its rope into
    Its hungry jaws clamp down on you


    Shit-slurping sadists selling souls
    With dildos stuffed in every hole
    And Satan's seal upon their brow
    Creator of each sacred cow
    That sucks the souls of men inside
    The bowels of Babel sanctified
    Your pride of life has turned on you
    Your minions now want mansions, too
    The seeds you planted in their minds
    Will leave you bloody, bruised, and blind
    Your sins unlocked the door to Hell
    The hour nears, your power fails


    BRIDGE: It's never been my destiny
    To miss the opportunity
    To piss on every sparrow as it falls
    I'll suffer slings and arrows yet
    Until I get my chance to vet
    And read the bloody writing on the wall
    I didn't choose my time of birth
    But I'll hang on for all it's worth
    I'll count each day and hour 'til you die
    I'll muzzle every hell-spawned hound
    And live to see the Devil bound
    Before he falls
    I'll piss right in his eye


    8/16/'98. 1998 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    INTRO: Childhood dreams
    Rip through the seams
    Of a world that's lost its soul
    As power-hungry zombie-minions
    Scramble for control
    Like a half-mad kid in diapers still
    Shit-painting on the wall
    There's one more question I must ask
    Before we lose it all

    How could you bear the vicious glares
    Of power-blinded knaves?
    The Satan-serving scum
    Who drove your husband to his grave
    They ripped your soul to pieces
    As they seized upon their prey
    And loosed the blood-dimmed tide
    That drowned your children in the fray

    The chasm that they chiselled out
    Of our collective soul
    Had left us weak and paralyzed
    Had left us stiff and cold
    The patchwork poke burst at the seams
    The center could not hold
    And now your children live as slaves
    Where lies are bought and sold

    As Satan lurched from Babylon
    To Washington, D.C.
    To aid the birth of Hell on Earth
    And the death of you and me
    He never did suspect a man
    Might try to turn the tide
    And restore to all Americans
    Their dignity and pride

    But his brothers stabbed him in the back
    Like Joseph long ago
    They made him out a laughingstock
    And then they laid him low
    As the guilty watched in horror
    And the righteous knelt and prayed
    The sow devoured her farrow
    As the donkey stood and brayed

    CHORUS: And I'd give everything I own
    To bring him back again
    To shine his piercing ray of light
    Through this veil of sin
    To be a free man once again
    And hope for better days
    But I don't think even Moses now
    Could guide us through this maze
    And I know you've seen the things they've done
    You see the things they do
    Though they think they're seeing everything
    They never did see you
    Mrs. McCarthy

    How did it feel to be alive
    And know just who you were?
    A national identity
    A heritage from birth
    A soul not yet divided
    Though the storms of life blew hard
    Never fearing angry mobs
    Or killers in the yard

    You knew a different spirit then
    A spirit proud and free
    That blew across this country
    Back in 1953
    A spirit of redemption, of deliverance and grace
    When people turned from vain pursuits
    And sought Jehovah's face
    You were a nation then, and strong
    A great united soul
    But Satan's sickle slashed to bits
    What God had once made whole

    Our soul has long divided been
    With Satan over all
    Many prophets warned us
    But we did not heed the call
    We chose to worship Mammon
    As we watched our children fall
    Left to their own devices
    And the ZOG-box on the wall
    We blamed it all on Vietnam
    Sex, drugs, and rock & roll
    We never could admit the fact
    We'd sold away our soul


    It's nothing like it was back then
    When people sought the Lord
    A nation trampled underfoot
    Now fears the mongrel horde
    And innocence is murdered
    In a thousand different ways
    As our children sit and bathe themselves
    In ultra-violent rays
    Satan has conquered
    The best of them all
    He's sucked out their souls
    And he's ripped off their balls

    I've known some girls with gentle eyes
    In bygone childhood days
    And I've often sat and wondered
    If they made it through this maze
    I've seen the sordid psychopaths
    Who kill their dignity
    And leave them cold and frightened
    With no sense of certainty
    Some turn their hearts to Babylon
    To find a place to hide
    And some just turn against themselves
    And shrivel up inside
    Their soul's become a desert now
    A dry and barren place
    They turn to drugs and alcohol
    To cover their disgrace

    The mind-perverting animus
    That sold us three mad wars
    Has filled your sons with lust
    And turned your daughters into whores
    Though city-dwelling harlots
    Often prospered in their trade
    Now even the righteous girls
    Their virtue have betrayed
    In days of old, a man would take
    His pleasures with a whore
    But when he chose to marry
    He would take a girl that's pure
    But even the most wicked man
    Possessed of any mind
    Must shudder at the thought
    That now there is no other kind

    And you know it don't mean anything
    To be a man today
    The promise of the Post-War Dream
    Was quickly burned away
    And we're not only polarized
    And plagued by racial strife
    It's just about impossible
    To find a decent wife
    The bastards drove a wedge
    Between the woman and the man
    To make both people miserable
    And neutralize the land
    It's easier to conquer
    Discombobulated men
    If there's nothing left to live for
    Then there's nothing to defend
    And the hordes are taking over
    As our factories all close down
    For the men with wives and children
    There's just no jobs to be found

    When the charred remains of Waco
    Blew the ashes to the wind
    Of all we'd ever hoped to be
    And all we'd ever been
    The line was drawn upon the plain
    The Sword Of God was raised
    The righteous damned the murderers
    The wicked gave them praise
    The Devil's deadly poison
    Slowly seeped into the well
    And all of those who drink it now
    Have damned themselves to Hell

    Our world is cold and empty now
    Devoid of Heaven's light
    And groping in our blindness
    We stumble through the night
    There are no hopes to wish for now
    No dreams to be fulfilled
    No God to bless our enterprise
    No Promised Land to build
    My words will never be enough
    To turn it all around
    But I'd like to see you
    Just one time
    Before it all goes down


    9/21/'98. 1998 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    A long time ago
    There was a city
    Built by the hands of Masons
    Situated on the Clinch River

    It was a prosperous city
    It was a traitorous city
    General Nathan Bedford Forrest
    Said it was the MOST traitorous city
    I said: "General Nathan Bedford Forrest
    Said it was the most traitorous city
    In the state of Tennessee!!!"

    The people didn't care
    About their future
    They didn't care
    About the fate of their children
    They didn't care
    About preserving their freedom
    They only cared about their money
    They sold their children
    To the occupation

    So the Lord sent General Longstreet
    With a rod of iron
    And a sword of fire
    To judge the people
    To bring destruction
    To the people
    To put in the sickle
    For the harvest was ripe
    To bring down judgement
    For the winepresses were full
    The vats overflowed
    For their wickedness was great
    And just like in the days of Belshazzar
    They had been weighed in the balance
    And found wanting

    General McLaws
    Said to General Longstreet:
    "If you're gonna storm the gates of Hell,
    Better take a ladder."
    "Or your bones will rot
    In the pit of their furnace."
    "Don't make the same mistake
    As ol' Cyrus
    When he stormed the gates of Babylon
    And the men who stood at their watchposts
    Poured boiling oil down on their heads."
    "If you're gonna shake the throne of the Devil,
    If you're gonna challenge the armies of Hell,
    Then blow the trumpet
    Just like Joshua
    And break your lamp
    Just like Gideon."
    "But don't you go without a ladder
    Or you'll fall down into the bowels of Hell."

    But General Longstreet said: "It don't matter
    Whether we win or lose this battle."
    "The enemy has got us all surrounded
    And it won't be long 'til we'll all be routed."
    "We'll keep on fighting
    'Til we have to surrender
    So we can survive
    And have a future."
    "But maybe still there's one last hope."
    "If we keep on fighting, maybe they'll go home."
    "If we wear them down, maybe they'll leave us alone."

    "I'm so tired."
    "So far from home."
    "They've got me cornered."
    "I'm here all alone."
    "And I feel like ol' Christian
    Stuck in Vanity Fair."
    "My men are all starving
    But nobody cares."
    "There ain't a righteous man to be found."
    "And the women are all whores in this turncoat town."
    "If I had the power and a thousand more men
    I'd burn it to the ground and never look back again."
    "But I ain't got no ladders
    And there's no time to wait."
    "I'm gonna charge these bastards before it gets too late."

    So they charged at dawn
    They scaled the wall
    They mounted the precipice
    And they started to fall
    They fell into the pit
    And they lay there dying
    While Satan just laughed
    And his minions kept firing

    Longstreet cried out to God
    In the house of the widow
    Just like Jesus did
    In the Garden of Gethsemane
    He cried: "God, let this cup pass from me!"
    "I don't want to fight no more."
    "I want to go home."
    "I've been a disgrace."
    "I've been a failure."
    "I brought shame on the Army."
    "I brought shame on my comrades."
    "I just can't win in this Devil's country."
    "I know there's witches throwin' spells on me."
    "I know there's wizards tryin' to destroy me."
    "I know they've always been against me."
    "The Devil's using them to try to kill me."
    "And, as they serve their master blindly, they keep denyin' that they hate me."
    "But they've always hated people like me."
    "People who fight for God and country."
    "Who try to take a stand for liberty."
    "For righteous culture and morality."
    Righteousness and human dignity."
    "Self-preservation and stability."
    "Because they dream of some utopia
    With no basis in reality
    That some demon whispered in their ear
    Called it 'the Progress of Humanity'."
    "And they claim that they take no side
    In all the conflicts of humanity."
    "But, in truth, they always take the side of the promise of 'equality'."
    "Social levelling of society for supposed opportunity." "There's no hope of social harmony."
    "There's no levelling of society."
    "And those who think they'll profit from 'equality'
    Are just pawns in the Devil's game, kneeling blindly at the Devil's feet."

    "Lord, get me out of these witchy-ass mountains!"
    "Get me back to my wife and children."
    "Away from these men who act like devils."
    "Away from these women who act like demons."
    "Sordid Appalachian dreamrealm."
    "Take me back to my dear homeland."

    But he fought on until Appomattox
    And when Lee went down to the courthouse
    He said: "General, if they don't give you good enough terms,
    We'll go back and fight 'em some more."
    He died in Gainesville, Georgia
    In January, 1904
    His last words to his wife were: "I think we're gonna like this next post."
    And they buried him there in Gainesville

    It was maybe 100 years later
    In the year 1952
    Everything was straight'nin' out, y'know
    Everything was comin' together
    Everything was mellowin' out, y'know

    All the bitterness of the past
    It seemed to have been evaporated
    It seemed to have been wiped away
    Off the face of this nation

    It seemed that all our people
    Were once again united
    Standing in one thought
    Standing in one mind
    Stainding as one soul
    Standing as one people

    No longer full of bitterness and division
    No longer full of rancorous hatred
    No longer full of soul-perverting envy
    No longer full of madness and strife

    Once again a united people
    Strong and aware
    And defending our borders
    And protecting our prosperity
    And vigilant against the enemy
    And working for self-preservation
    And working for their posterity

    Standing altogether
    With their eyes on the prize
    And not being distracted
    By any of these little issues
    That they would try to think up
    To divide the soul of this nation

    And so they were standing
    Strong and aware
    And alive
    And knowing
    That the future was real
    And that the future was here
    And they were not gonna turn us back anymore

    There was a man named Hiram Williams
    From Georgiana, Alabama
    Who was born under the dogstar
    Cursed in the Old Dispensation
    Ripped apart by the sword of hatred
    That divided this great nation

    Filled with all kinds of bitterness
    Filled with all kinds of hatred
    With a soul that was split asunder
    With a soul that bled every minute
    With a soul that bled every hour

    With a soul that bled for the children
    Lost in this modern maelstrom
    Lost in the Appalachian wilderness
    Cursed by the sin of miscegenation
    Cursed by the sins of fathers
    Cursed by the Spirit of Desolation
    Raised from the pits of Hell
    In the wilderness of Arkansas
    In the year of 1833
    By a minion of the Devil

    Cast and made into a mist
    Ensnaring all of God's People
    Lost in this Appalachian wilderness
    As they stumble through the darkness
    And they struggle on their painful journey
    Where the hope seems evaporated
    Always moving ever westward
    Where the light seems to have faded
    But the Star lights the way there
    Just as it did in the days of old

    But they know that when they get there
    They'll shake off all this misery
    They'll shake off these chains of torture
    That they earned in past generations
    That have been handed down
    To curse all their footsteps
    As they walk in the paths of misery
    Always fearing what's behind them

    God said to Hiram Williams
    In the year 1952
    "Go up there to Canton, West Virginia."
    And he followed God's commandment
    But he never made it up there
    'Cause he died here in Knoxville
    At the Andrew Johnson Motor Lodge

    And the dogstar was up in the sky
    Smiling down like a minion of Hell
    With a knowing expression
    That said: "You're never gonna make it."
    "'Cause your people ain't gonna get there."
    "'Cause your people they're stuck here."
    "'Cause your people, they sweat and they toil
    But they never get anywhere."
    "And you're damned and you're going to Hell."

    But the spirit of Hosea
    That great prophet of Old Israel
    Left his body that December
    And ascended into Heaven

    And the trail he left behind him
    Of sorrow and of misery
    Of destruction and of conquest
    Or righteousness and vanity
    Of the soul of his people
    Full of hope and of tragedy
    Shook the walls of Babylon
    And struck terror into the heart of the city
    And put out the demon's eye
    And left the dogstar deaf and blind

    Two years later
    The minions of Hell and of Satan
    Destroyed God's own Messenger
    From Appleton, Wisconsin

    Who stood up against the hordes of Hell
    And damned them to oblivion
    And challenged the Seat of Satan
    And challenged his dominion

    And swore that he'd get back
    All the dreams that we'd mortgaged
    And preserve for our children
    A legacy of freedom

    They stabbed him in the back
    And they left him cold and crucified
    On the floor of the U.S. Congress
    Laying there for all to see

    And when he died
    Three years later
    Leaving behind a wife and a daughter
    They never shed a tear
    For the sin that they'd committed

    And they lived on
    Many more years
    Some of them until their old age
    But now every one of them
    Is burning in Hell for their sins

    And every one of them is wishing
    That they hadn't messed with God's Man
    That they hadn't challenged His Dominion
    That they hadn't challenged His Plan

    But, as it was written, in the words of the prophets
    This is a time of great division
    This is a time of separation
    That will reveal God's Own Children
    He said he was gonna separate the sheep from the goats
    Separate those who can endure
    From those who are too chickenshit
    To fight for the Holy Nation
    To fight for their preservation
    To fight for the blood of the martyrs
    That was spilled on the face of this nation
    To fight for their own children
    The not-yet-begotten generation
    To breathe free air as free men
    And to live as sons and daughters of Israel

    They're too consumed with the things of this world
    They're too consumed with their money
    They're too consumed with the lies they've been fed
    They're too consumed with their laziness
    They're too consumed with their cowardice
    The time is gonna find them dead
    Their blood will flood the streets of their city
    And they will not stand the judgement
    Because they would not take up the Standard
    And fight for the sacred birthright
    Of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
    To fight for the land they were promised
    To fight for the lives they were born to live

    So, I leave you with these last few words,
    You dirty, filthy sons and daughters of Japeth
    And the remnants of some of our tribes
    Made up of God's rebellious children
    Who were too satisfied with the things of this world
    To lift a finger to help their brethren
    When they were dyin' and beggin' for mercy
    They just sat there laughin'
    They just sat there feelin' superior
    One of these days, they won't be sittin' anymore
    Some day, they'll be layin' dead in the streets
    Some day, they'll be lyin' there bleedin'
    Screamin' and cryin'
    And just like Reuben and Simeon
    Who sold their brother to the dogs
    We will not hear their cries
    And we will not come to help them

    And on behalf of all the martyrs, many nameless, she has slaughtered
    That have trod the streets of this city
    Seeking only to do His work
    Seeking only to win converts
    For the sake of the Holy Cause
    For the sake of posterity
    For the sake of the Covenant
    That they've starved to death and condemned
    That they've left poor and destitute
    That they've left on the streets of their city
    That they've left there to beg for mercy
    And they never would hear their cries
    As they walked on, full of themselves
    Full of their own self-righteousness
    Thinking they would be delivered
    They've got to know someday
    That they WILL NOT be delivered

    God will say these words to them
    That I'm sayin' right now
    That express, the best way I know how
    Just exactly what He thinks of you:

    "Knoxville can kiss my ass!!!"
    "Knoxville can kiss my ass!!!"
    "Knoxville can kiss my ass!!!"

    1/31/'99. 1999 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    I was born down at the bottom
    Mercifully unaware
    But they scared me when I saw them
    Though nobody seemed to care
    Because I knew that their existence
    Would suck the life right out of me
    And would leave me cold and stifled
    Drained of all my dignity

    I was crawling through the junkheap
    When I heard the mournful sound
    Of long-dead spirits being conjured
    Buried deep within the ground
    Curses stamped into the spirals
    Clawed their way into my soul
    And they muddied up my bloodstream
    As the demon seed took hold

    I was climbing up the riggings
    When I lost my grip and fell
    I looked up at my surroundings
    And I thought I'd gone to Hell
    But Your eyes shone through the darkness
    And I knew that God was there
    And I swore that I would find you
    But, just then, you disappeared

    CHORUS #1: If I fall on my own sword
    It won't be of my own choosing
    But if I'm caught out in the storm
    And I'm feeling like I'm losing
    And if the stream's too swift to ford
    Then I know He'll let me drown
    But we won't be the sweepers
    When the shit comes down

    I was slogging through the cesspool
    When the current pulled me down
    My nostrils filled with blood and semen
    And I thought that I would drown
    I saw the Devil's evil leer
    As I started sinking down
    But then God reached in and got me
    Put my feet back on the ground

    When my heart was sore and weary
    I fell down on the floor
    I cried out to God in anguish
    And I bled from every pore
    And while the portals still hung open
    He shoved the Universe inside
    Then He wrapped me up in linen
    And He claimed me as His Bride

    I was blinded in the desert
    I stumbled and I fell
    I've climbed each rung of Jacob's Ladder
    And I've made my bed in Hell
    I've crawled through the darkest jungles
    And I've stumbled through the snow
    But still I'm not quite certain
    Of the way that I must go

    CHORUS #2: You stamped your shitstain on our heads
    And you marched us off to die
    Leaving just enough to bleed
    Leaving just enough to cry
    But our hearts are filled with rage
    And our triggerfingers' quick
    And we won't be the sweepers
    When the hordes start throwing bricks

    I saw you struggling at the bottom
    And I meant to wish you well
    But the vision struck like lightning
    And I saw myself in Hell
    I heard you scream in mortal anguish
    And I heard you curse my name
    Then I groaned in helpless anger
    And I hung my head in shame

    Without the light of Truth to guide you
    Sins of fathers drug you down
    Your flesh was seared by molten lava
    And I heard the shrieking sound
    Bert and Ernie couldn't save you
    Mickey Mouse just scarred your brain
    You were born without the comfort
    Of the Lie to keep you sane

    I saw others in my vision
    That escaped the Tempter's snare
    They were born without the blemish
    And lived free of grief and care
    Pure in all their generations
    The never bore the mongrel stain
    And their souls were not divided
    By this prophet-purged machine

    CHORUS #3: If my blood can stop the gears
    Then the daisywheels won't turn
    And the children will not fear
    And the still unborn won't burn
    Although it seems that their machine
    Has got me by the balls
    We won't be the sweepers
    When your tower falls

    We were born into this maelstrom
    With the curse stamped on our heads
    Now the worst of us are living
    And the best of us are dead
    Once you've bought into "whatever" Then you're sucked into the matrix
    "Whatever"'s got you by the balls

    Nobody tried to understand us
    They just told us what to buy
    Now they've ripped our souls to pieces
    Though we never bought their Lie
    But we've still got Shane G to guide us
    And ol' Carl Klang to spur us on
    We're the warriors of the twilight
    And the guardians of the dawn

    We watched your Cold War castles crumble
    As your universe dissolved
    We laughed at all the lies you swallowed
    As your hand-picked villains were absolved
    And as God brought down the Final Curtain
    We saw the Puppet-Master's strings
    So we took the backdoor exit
    While you were reeling from the sting

    CHORUS # 4: When you crucified the Truth
    And you painted up the Lie
    You bought yourself a short reprieve
    But you knew you'd only die
    'Cause when you drank the tainted milk
    It was your children who all fell
    But we will be the sweepers
    When they sweep you off to Hell
    Yeah, we're gonna be the sweepers
    When we sweep you off to Hell

    4/12/'99. 1999 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.



    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Come back, Ronald Reagan
    And show us the way
    We're too long in limbo
    Enveloped in gray
    The buzzard's hovering overhead
    The rats are in the corn
    Won't you get up off your deathbed
    And blow the Sacred Horn?

    Come back, Ronald Reagan
    For the last stretch of the race
    Bring back Christie Brinkley, too
    And maybe Chevy Chase
    And I'd love to see Clint Eastwood
    In a film that doesn't suck
    When he teams up with Meryl Streep
    I just don't give a fuck!!!

    Come back, Ronald Reagan
    But leave Jacko far behind
    He's raped too many little boys
    And justice was stone blind
    I wish you'd leave George Lucas, too
    He bores me half to death
    But the suits will shove him down our throats
    Until our dying breath

    Come back, Ronald Reagan
    Because we can hardly speak
    Sure miss Alabama
    And that "40 Hour Week"
    Merle Haggard singing: "City, turn me loose and set me free"
    Long before we'd heard of Randy
    Back in 1983

    Come back, Ronald Reagan
    Make the liberals feel the pain
    I'm sick and tired of watching
    What remains go down the drain
    They've traded in your legacy
    And burned all the receipts
    You used to call us all "blue collar"
    Now they think we wear white sheets

    Come back, Ronald Reagan
    Poke the Devil in the eye
    Bring back the days when righteous rednecks
    Held their heads up high
    Scare the niggers into line
    And kill the dirty fags
    'Cause we're all on the bottom now
    And virtue is in rags

    Come back, Ronald Reagan
    Bring back Huey Lewis, too
    Teach white folks how to dance again
    And ward away U2
    All the truths have been discovered
    All the lies have been betrayed
    We're not gonna let you go
    'Til everyone gets laid

    6/02/'99. 1999 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    Jason Robards trying to scare us to death
    Andropov cursing our every breath
    Reagan rattling the sabers
    And scaring the queers
    They were a fly in your ointment
    They were my golden years
    Rockefellers and ragheads were having a ball
    I was just happy as hell to be human after all
    Ricky Skaggs singing songs of class pride and pain
    I was sitting in a fucked-up desk
    In my white buttoned shirt
    Watching the shit-stained remains go down the drain

    Chernynko took over when Andropov dropped
    And ol' Gordon Kahl had it out with the cops
    CHS told me I couldn't come back
    I used the J.O. 'til I found out the facts
    My Mom finally let me watch GONE WITH THE WIND
    I was forced to abandon my second girlfriend
    The cunts washed their hands
    And shipped me off to Hell
    As I watched the shit-stained remains trickle down the well

    Gorbachev took over when Chernynko died
    And I was feeling all fucked-up inside
    Felt like I had done something wrong
    But what no one could say
    All that I fucking knew was that I had to go away
    They tortured me for six long months
    Mainly just because they could
    Just like I was a nigger
    And they were all wearing hoods
    I felt like a slave and I looked like a punk
    I hid like a rabbit and lived like a monk
    As I watched the shit-stained remains run down the drain

    The sun was shining through the cracks
    I got into THE WIZ, although I didn't like blacks
    I sung Alabama songs out in the rain
    From the swingset we had a good view of the trains
    I felt like a Jew with a boot up my ass
    Or a Knight Of Columbus caught out at a Black Mass
    CHS taught us history and cared for our souls
    But here it was all just "Achtung!"s and "Jah wohl!"s
    As the shit-stained remains ran down the drain

    That was the first Christmas I didn't get any toys
    'Cause of a thing called rock & roll
    I was finding out the joys
    The Everly Brothers, Cilla Black, Four Lads and Bo Diddley
    Greeted me that morning underneath the Christmas tree
    This chump from Oklahoma said all of them were gay
    And scared me out of listenin' to the Eagles, anyway
    And I invented "Sow, brother!"
    But it soon became a pain
    I started wearing my Dad's old butterfly shirt
    As the shit-stained remains ran down the drain

    The Everly Brothers were doing quite well
    The faggots and feminists were going to Hell
    Huey Lewis and Falco were on the charts
    And they sold Rebel flag ballcaps in the mini-marts
    Everything was still made in the USA
    And, if you owned a computer, you were probably gay
    I was riding waterslides in the rain
    And sitting in my Grandpa's chair
    In my butterfly shirt
    Watching the shit-stained remains run down the drain

    Watermelon popsicles and WATERSHIP DOWN
    Getting paid a little bread
    For picking up rocks on the ground
    Going down to Cat's every Saturday afternoon
    Eating maple nut and French vanilla yogurt with a spoon
    Didn't know how much things could change
    In a mere six months of time
    They crucified her in October
    It was a motherfucking crime
    As we learned of Michael Miliken
    And all that "insider trading"
    And I retired my black pants and my butterfly shirt
    As I watched the shit-stained remains run down the drain

    I fell in love for the first time since 1983
    It took snow in my eyes to make me wise
    And a slip to make me see
    I got to swim in my first cousin's pool
    And some of my enemies found a new school
    I got into the Monkees, Little Richard, and Chuck
    But for Run DMC, I just didn't give a fuck
    And as the sweet miseries of pubescent love filled my brain
    I was watching all the shit-stained remains run down the drain

    Saw THE MONKEES on TV and thought it was cool
    Really had some fun when I got out of school
    Got into Jimmy Buffett, Michael Murphey, and the Kinks
    I tried to write a few songs
    But, boy, did they ever stink!!!
    Ate Danish butter cookies
    And salmon on crackers
    Got over my crush on a TV actress
    My dog got loose and died somewhere
    And they never did find his remains
    As a lot of my childhood dreams ran down the drain

    Went back that fall to some real piss-poor luck
    I'd made my first trip to Gatlinburg
    But it kinda sucked
    They threw out this chick
    Over some half-assed shit
    Hell, I did the same thing all the time
    But I never got hit
    The last time that I saw her
    It was on a field trip
    I bowled a lot of strikes
    But I missed one when I slipped
    And it was too late to do anything but cry in the rain
    As I watched all the shit-stained remains run down the drain

    I hated the nigger, the fag, and the Jew
    I got into CCR, Bowie, and The Who
    I saw naked hippies rolling around in the mud
    And Beverly D'Angelo's titties and butt
    I wrote "FUCK THE WORLD" on some hotel desk drawers
    And thought about fucking some water park whores
    They sent us to a funeral home
    And it really fucked up my brain
    When I saw the shit-stained remains running down the drain

    I fell in love with a chick
    Just as fucked-up as me
    But I knew deep down
    It really wasn't to be
    She was the same age as I was
    And a little bit strange
    We'd been through a lot of the same shit
    And I kinda "felt her pain"
    And as your impotent Irish icon
    Faded with the sun
    I knew the world I used to know
    Was over and done
    On my birthday we drove up to Oakmont in the rain
    As the shit-stained remains ran down the drain

    Goldman mumbling curses over John Lennon's bones
    My Great-Grandparents came down here
    And left their native home
    Our trip to Disney World did not impress me much at all
    I didn't mind Busch Gardens
    But my legs were fucking raw!!!
    My sister's cat of three years
    Either ran away or died
    And so did Uncle Dewey
    And I guess I must've cried
    And if it wasn't for Tom Petty
    I would've gone insane
    Watching the shit-stained remains go down the drain

    When we went back that fall
    It seemed like everything had changed
    She decided to conform
    But acted even more deranged
    And as I cursed the changes
    And my faggy cotton shirts
    My tight-assed Uncle passed away
    And met his just desserts
    And as my third and last relationship
    Met its pre-determined death
    I cursed God with all my soul
    For ever letting me draw breath
    As the red car's tail lights faded in the rain
    And the last of the shit-stained remains drizzled down the drain

    6/06/'99. 1999 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Smith & Wesson, Inc.


    See the people sitting praying
    People on their own
    Living life like God intended
    Why won't you leave 'em alone?

    They don't bear your culture's curse-mark
    They don't watch TV
    They've left your cesspool far behind them
    They're only trying to be free

    CHORUS: People on their own
    Why don't you leave 'em alone?
    'Cause you just can't stand
    To let a man be a man
    And it feels you with fright
    To see a woman act right
    So you send in your goon squads
    In the dead of the night
    You just can't stand to see a righteous man prosper
    You just can't stand it at all
    So, whenever it looks like he's gonna make it,
    You kick him right square in the balls
    Why don't you leave us alone, motherfuckers?
    Go back to Babylon!!!

    SPOKEN: They created all their little walls to box us in so that they could lead us around by the throats and tell us how to walk, how to talk, how to breathe, how to smell. To make us miserable and dependent, and, most of all, to keep us divided. They divide us along every kind of doctrinal line, so that we're all ready to kill each other for God, or Marx, or Maha Bone, or Gaia, or Mary, or Quetzlcoatl, or whoever the faggots worship. Probably a giant penis or something. Because they know damn good and well that, if they left us alone and we all just read the Bible for ourselves, we'd all come to the same conclusion and we'd get our shit together and we wouldn't need them anymore. But then they wouldn't have a job, would they? So the cocksuckers in the white collars manipulate us and divide us into all these camps, so as to control us. If the children of Israel had had leaders like this, they never would've made it out of the wilderness. Jesus had a few words to say about these people, too. He called them a "nest of vipers".

    See the people raising families
    People on their own
    Teaching them the truths of history
    Teaching them right from wrong

    They don't need no government-sanctioned Godless bureaucrat
    To teach them how to raise their children
    They're much too smart for that


    SPOKEN: They want your children. Why? Because they weren't able to get you, and that burns them up. So they want to brainwash your kids and use them to brainwash you, or otherwise turn you in for daring to think an independent thought. They don't want people. People ask too many questions. They're bound to be dangerous to the regime in the last analysis. They want robots. Robots that can easily be programmed with whatever rationale they happen to be using to promote their agenda at the moment. Robots that can sweep floors, paint walls, and kill anyone who resists the agenda of their masters/programmers. And when these robots occasionally go haywire, as they did in Littleton, recently, they can always blame it on guns and the fact that some parents still refuse to turn their children over to Big Brother. Orwell called these people what they are: a bunch of power-crazed megalomaniacs. But it doesn't do any good to call them that, because nobody's listening. Sanity becomes statistical when apathy is contagious.

    See the people living freedom
    People on their own
    Enjoying the fruits of their own labors
    Making everything that they own

    They don't have to punch no clock
    Or kiss some kike's behind
    They live their lives on their own terms
    And live with their own kind


    SPOKEN: They aren't human. They couldn't be human. In their blackened, twisted little hearts, they hate and despise every natural human impulse. That's why they drove us off the land. They just couldn't stand to see us living the way God and nature intended. We set our own hours, owned our own land, and enjoyed the fruits of our honest labor. And we weren't dependent upon anybody. And we answered to no one but God. They just couldn't stand THAT, these arrogant bastards. They wanted everybody to worship THEM. They just wouldn't be satisfied until every hard-drinking, hard-working, hard-fucking son of God was forced to trade in his buckskins and moccasins for a starched, white shirt and penny-loafers and, instead of working his own land, was sitting behind a desk, shuffling papers for some fat, wrinkled, rich-ass KIKE who couldn't get it up in a hailstorm. They wanted everyone to tell them how great they were, these buttsniffing monkeys!!! And they knew that, if they let man remain in his natural state, that would never happen, because they were the weakest and the most worthless of the lot. So they invented their shiny little high-tech toys for everyone to marvel at and fawn at their inventors' feet. Bill Gates fucked up the world because he wanted some pussy. Edison invented the light bulb and, ever since, the world has been enveloped in darkness. They warned us. The preachers and the prophets. They told us that "idle hands" were "the Devil's workshop". The Devil whispered into our ear that, if we used his inventions, we'd have more free time. For reading. Read, hell!!! What the hell does a farmer need to read for? He can read more in one sunset than in all the books in existence. What else? Why, to go to town. And do what? Get drunk, gamble, and chase strange pussy, that's what. And go to the theater and watch bawdy shows. Nobody ever tried to close them down. As long as they stayed one place and the decent people stayed another. But that wouldn't last for long. It was only a matter of time before the technology of Edison was combined with the natural greediness of every saloonkeeper, prostitute and pimp. Take a whore and a faggot off a streetcorner, put them in front of a camera, and voila! they're movie stars!!! Instant pin-up matinee idols of every red-blooded American youngster. And now, if you don't conform to this new religion, you'll be gunned down by closet-case faggots in jackboots and Darth Vader helmets. And, when they're kicking down your door, they oughta tell you the truth, and say, like Tex Watson did: "I'm the Devil here to do the Devil's work!" But, instead, they'll just say they're enforcing the "moral law". The moral law of Sodom, that is: Fuck, love faggots, and worship Satan. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!


    6/14/'99. 1999 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    You approach me with your crocodile tears
    Trying to conceal all your middle-class fears
    Saying that you really, really envy me
    If I pissed in your eyes, then maybe you could see
    Wear my blue-collar urine like your trendy perfume
    Would your sisters accept you back in your drawing room?
    So, you've finally figured out that your life's kinda strange
    And you think you'd like to try to be human for a change
    You see your world crumbling and it scares you to death
    So you try to suck the bad right out of my breath
    And I know it just kills you
    It just makes you sick
    To see Ishmael prosper
    While Isaac sucks dick
    I don't know too many sheep
    With sharp, pointed teeth
    Through your sackcloth and ashes
    Your silk still shows underneath
    And I don't really know how to break this to you
    But don't go wearin' a toga
    If you want me to think you're a Jew

    CHORUS: You're not welcome to my pain
    And I don't even know why you think a change
    Would make you better
    Make you whole
    But you'll never get to Heaven
    'Cause you've got no soul
    You're so smug in your hypocrisy
    But don't even think that you're fooling me
    Your pelican breast and your lily-white hand
    Cannot reach me where you stand
    Where in the hell did you get the gall
    To even try to talk to me at all?
    You're not welcome!!!

    Where the hell do you get off sayin' you know how I feel?
    Your candy-ass will can never scratch this heart of steel
    You're too far over the hill to see which way the wind is blowing
    You don't know where I came from, let alone where I'm going
    You think I'm your boy just 'cause I kissed your ass one time
    Your idea of "justice" is a motherfucking crime
    You're a closet-case faggot and a baby-boomer whore
    You dodged the draft just like Clinton & Gore
    You worship the Devil and you fuck little boys
    Treat my generation like your personal toys
    So sure of Satan's protection, you don't even own a gun
    You pissed your pants over Waco 'cause your Satan's own son
    You just sit there grinning while I'm starving to death
    I'll curse your very existence with my dying breath


    Do you know I've been dead since I turned 17?
    And only saw God through an old TV screen?
    That my Mom's a fucked-up, diarrhea-colored bitch?
    She thinks she's an Indian, but she's just a witch
    That my Dad's a waste of semen, a dirty Canaanite slave?
    Great-Grandson of a horsethief, God-cursed from the grave
    That I got my ass beat before I was four?
    When the drugs ripped my mind, Satan crawled through the door
    That my Grandpaw's a rapeseed, half-damned and half-dead?
    His daughter bears the curse, his son's just fucked in the head
    There's no earthly connection between me and you
    You'll always be a Roman and I'll always be a Jew
    You're not a warrior and you're not a man
    You're just a milk-sodden mongrel who'll never understand


    BRIDGE: I'm not gonna join your victim-of-the-month club
    I don't think I can afford the dues
    You showed me all the warmth and compassion
    That Eva Braun showed to the Jews
    I don't mind kissing your feet for hours
    Or eating your snatch, if it's as good as it smells
    But if you want to make me your pet project
    You can just fuck off and go to Hell
    You're not welcome, bitch!!!

    7/08/'99. 1999 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    "Banish all hope, willful whore!"
    Read the sign upon the door
    I walked in like a mindless sheep
    And found myself beneath the heap
    Of frothy-mouthed and rabid curs
    The Devil conjured from the furze
    Fair cannon-fodder for the task
    Of hiding Truth behind a mask
    Of superstitious ignorance
    Deprived of all their common sense
    To scare the wealthy into line
    The pompous and psychotic swine
    Who felt "the calling" in their groins
    And sought "salvation" through their loins

    CHORUS #1: Nothing ventured, nothing gained
    Nothing but a world of pain
    When memory's trapdoor has been pried
    You damn yourself to stay inside

    You threw your net across my mind
    You left me naked, bruised and blind
    You thwarted my will
    And made me doubt my own worth
    I won't be satisfied
    Until you're ripped from this earth
    And cast into Hell
    To wriggle and scream
    When the Sword of God
    Slashes through your sulfurous dream
    And you're weighed in the Balance
    And the world sees your sins
    And you stand alone
    Deserted by all your friends
    You'll shriek and moan
    And curse your own birth
    At the Time of the End


    You glorify the basest shit
    And wipe your ass with Holy Writ
    You feed on stolen innocence
    The course that nature circumvents
    You revel in the Present Tense
    And bow before Expedience
    You pervert each natural inclination
    To speed the Dream's annihilation
    Now Satan claws your shit-stained brow
    Your children are your rulers now
    You got burned by Pat and Tipper
    You'd have been better off
    Worshippin' the Gipper
    You couldn't just let people be
    Now you're named a public enemy
    You damned poor Vernon's bastard soul
    For mixing God and rock & roll
    You cackled when they killed those kids
    They should've burned your sorry ass instead


    SPOKEN:You must understand
    That there is none greater
    Than the spiritual
    And cultural
    And racial renegade
    That knows only the river
    And damns the shore
    This outside irritant
    This unknown quantity
    Has embedded itself
    In the murky mechanism
    Of your collective soul
    And, through years of friction
    And trauma
    And turmoil,
    Produced a monument
    A stark
    That holds the very fiber of all your impulses
    The prenascent tricklings of all your vibrations
    All your curses
    All your questions
    All your blessings
    The culmination of all your power
    Not to mention every last fluid ounce
    Of the unknown
    Foreign spirit
    That, through some process vaguely known to me,
    Managed to seep its way into the fabric
    Into the cartilage
    Into the bone
    That managed to penetrate every layer of armor
    And planted itself
    At the very center of your universe
    And, inscribed on this obelisk
    Are the following words:
    "Therefore, by this sign shall ye CONJURE!!!"

    This machine
    Can conjure up your very highways
    This machine
    Can pump the curse into your veins
    This machine
    Can rape your Mother
    Leave her desolate
    This machine
    Can stamp your death onto your brain

    You can't drag it
    Although it drags
    You can't tag it
    Although it tags
    Better rip it to pieces
    And bury the rags

    I'd like to piss on all the winners
    I love the sin but hate the sinners
    Deprived of all my dignity
    I'm worthless times infinity
    Forced to kiss my benefactor's feet
    Or ply my trade out on the street
    They cursed me in my DNA
    You cursed me in my mental fray
    You left your shit-stamp on my skin
    And threw me in the lion's den
    You primed me for the poison pill
    A culture crushed beneath your heel
    You thought that if you stripped me stark
    That one day I would take the Mark
    Well, I hate to disappoint you all
    But you can lick the sweat right off my balls!!!

    CHORUS #2: Lift the latch
    Rip through the snatch
    Before the Demon Seed is hatched
    When Memory's trapdoor has been pried
    You damn yourself to stay inside

    I just came back to get my stuff
    You've haunted my nightmares for long enough
    I'm gonna take back all the things I left
    And tell you motherfuckers that you're guilty of theft
    I claim every name you ever conjured by
    And put your own hellhounds on the scent of your Lie
    I took the Sword from you and pointed it right at your throat
    And left your entrails floating in the moat
    You cursed my soul
    And you perverted my mind
    You knew exactly what the fuck you were doin'
    When you made this Frankenstein


    Why do the heathen rage
    And imagine a vain thing?
    Don't they know that their cities are burning
    And their towers are trembling?

    The Devil is outside
    I'm well aware that the Devil is outside
    It doesn't matter that the Devil is outside
    Because the Truth is inside
    And that's where you're afraid to go
    You can't penetrate the center
    You can't isolate the center
    You can't extirpate the center
    You can't extrapolate the center
    You can't encapsulate the center
    And you can't infiltrate the center
    You can't expostulate the center
    You can't interrogate the center
    You can't annihilate the center
    Because the Truth is inside
    And the Devil is outside
    And I fear not the landslide
    Because Jehovah is my guide

    Roll Call of the Dead: Wat Tyler, Robert Hode, Guy Fawkes, William Blake, Edmund Burke, Patrick Henry, John Randolph, Daniel Boone, George Rogers Clark, Ethan Allen, Davy Crockett, Charles Baudelaire, Edgar Allan Poe, John C. Calhoun, Steven Douglas, Alexander Stephens, James Longstreet, Patrick Cleburne, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Mark Twain, William Jennings Bryan, Robert E. Howard, H. L. Mencken, T. S. Eliot, William Butler Yeats, Jimmie Rodgers, Uncle Dave Macon, Hank Williams, Robert Taft, Joe McCarthy, Charles A. Lindbergh, Buddy Holly, Bobby Fuller, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, John Singer, Sid Vicious, Gordon Kahl, Robert Jay Mathews, Larry McDonald, Roger Miller, David Koresh, Ian Stuart Donaldson, GG Allin, Kurt Cobain, Charlie Rich, William Cooper, John Entwistle, Charles Gavan O'Lanahan.


    Your funeral pyre has been arranged
    So kiss my ass and keep the change
    I've packed my bags and called a cab
    And left you lying on a slab
    I've left the warning on your door
    And left you cold
    To greet the Whore
    I've dropped these poison frogs into your well
    And I'm not gonna hang around Mt. Pisgah anymore
    I'm gonna go and see my heroes in Hell

    8/05/'99. 1999 Ahtanaram Productions. Copyright Protected by Heckler & Koch, Inc.


    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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