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Early Impressions.


And now, entering the arena, are our (anything but) humble political gladiators---all nine of 'em: Howard "Hoof-In-Mouth" Dean, "Waco" Wesley Clark, John "Jewboy" Kerry, Dennis "The Menace" Kucinich, Carol "That's MS. Black Bitch To You" Moseley-Braun, Dick "Demosaur" Gephardt, Al "Hate Whitey" Sharpton, John "The Evil One" Edwards, and Joe "Vote For Me Or G-d Will Smite Your Genitals With A Plague Of Locusts" Lieberman.

Ooooooooookaaaaaaaay. Where to begin?

Ah, yes, with the perpetually self-sabotaging front-runner, the infamous Dr. Dean. (Creepy Randy Rhoads acoustic guitar music playing in background....oh, sorry, that was Dr. DEE, Elizabethan-era occultist and necromancer. My mistake. ;-) ) I must admit that I've wondered if this pudgy little political pugilist is, in fact, Illuminati. With his beady, evil-looking Bertrand Russell eyes, Joseph Smith-like chin, and Machiavellian Charles Manson eyebrows, he certainly LOOKS the part, and it's a well-known fact that New England is one of their favorite nests for laying their little reptillian eggs.

Beyond this possiblity, however, I'll be damned if I can figure out why the media has chosen this clown as the front-runner. He has all the personal integrity of a Bill Clinton, coupled with the smug, self-righteous arrogance, sense of entitlement, and legendary bad temper of a John McCain. Not to mention the fact that, with his looney-tooney Leftist views, he stands about as much chance of actually beating "Buzzardboy" in November as Wile E. Coyote has of catching the Road Runner. :-/

Maybe they want him as the nominee because they're happy with the status quo and they WANT him to lose. However, there IS another possiblity: that the very qualities that rest of us find so obnoxious in Dr. Dean have actually ENDEARED him to the Self-Chosen bagel-sucking Bolsheviks of the Fifth Estate. After all, they fawned at the feet of Clinton and McCain like a brood of starving puppies, even though Clinton was merely LEAVE IT TO BEAVER's Eddie Haskell writ big, and McCain gave a whole new meaning to the term, "military brat". ;-) Hell, maybe they actually LIKE the guy. :-D

Well, at any rate, time will tell. If Dean truly is "The Man To Beat", he'll still have to do his share of fighting before he can claim that prize. I STRONGLY suspect that General Clark will clean his clock a couple of times before he gets it, too. Maybe even in New Hampshire. At any rate, the Good Doctor will be bloodied. Oh yes. He will be bloodied.

Which, of course, brings us to ol' "Waco Wesley" himself, or "Lurch", as I prefer to call him. What can be said about this baby-killing bloodsucker with all the charisma of a bowl of dirt that hasn't been said already?

For anyone who's interested, the documentation on this maggot can be found at the following sites: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/ar...TICLE_ID=35094, http://www.brasscheck.com/yugoslavia/clarkatwaco.html, http://www.brasscheck.com/yugoslavia...ry/61099a.html, http://www.public-action.com/SkyWrit...oc/w_doc04.gif, http://www.public-action.com/SkyWrit...m/war/war.html, http://www.counterpunch.org/clark.html, http://www.counterpunch.org/waco.html, http://www.nato.int./shape/bios/saceur/clark.htm.

Suffice it to say, General Clark was the Commander of the US Army III Corps of the 1st Cavalry, located at Fort Hood, Texas, from August of 1992 until April of 1994. On Carol Valentine's Waco site (www.public-action.com) it is clearly documented that Texas Governor Ann Richards requested military personnel and equipment from Fort Hood after the initial failed BATF raid of 2/28/'93. Therefore, she would've had to have gone through General Clark to acquire said personnel and equipment. Anyone who knows anything about the military knows that four-star generals *DO NOT* take orders from low-level FBI or BATF operatives. If Clark allowed his personnel and equipment to be used in the Waco operation, there would've had to have been one caveat: that HE be allowed to run the show. Therefore, next to Hitlery Rotten Clit herself and Web Hubbell, there is no one more responsible for the Waco Holocaust than General Wesley K. Clark, to be known from here on out as "Hillary's Surrogate Penis". :-( God help us if this schweinhund ever becomes President. :-0

Then there's John "Jewboy" Kerry, this guileless little innocent who expects us to believe that he went through his entire life unaware of his Jewish ancestry, in fact, thinking himself to be Irish, and only discovering this suddenly all-too-significant fact a little over a year ago. Yeah, right. And, by the way, Al Sharpton's an Eskimo, Bill Clinton really DIDN'T "have sex with that woman", and Michael Jackson doesn't fuck children. :-/ They really DO see us as a bunch of gullible goyischkopfs, don't they? :-(

Not much I can say about THIS guy's appearance that some comedian on Comedy Central didn't say better. I believe his exact words were that he looked like "a seahorse in a JFK wig". :-D Exactly. And talk about WOODEN. Jeez, with this guy's zombie-like body language, Al Gore seems absolutely ANIMATED by comparison. The term, "KIKENSTEIN" comes to mind. ;-)

Aside from all of the afore-mentioned factors, which, at any rate, certainly don't HELP Kerry any, the main thing that seems to be actually HURTING him is the fact that he's been in Washington so long. Along with Dick Gephardt and Joe Lieberman, he must, most accurately be described as a "Demosaur". I even halfway think I remember this character running for President once before, back in 1984. :-O

I could be wrong, but I think he did. I'm about 90% sure that he ran for President before, and I'm almost positive that it WASN'T in 1988. The only ones I remember from THAT election cycle were Gary Hart and Joe Biden, who were eliminated from the pack early on, due to personal scandals, Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Dick Gephardt, and Michael Dukakis. Oh yeah, I think the Jew, Paul Simon, ran, too, but dropped out after Iowa or New Hampshire. He wasn't in it as long as the other four. Jesse stayed in it until the bitter end, and, if I remember right, Gore stayed in until at least late May or so. I guess he just couldn't believe the Party would do anything so self-destructive as to actually nominate that swarthy little midget that was Mike Dukakis. :-/ Guess their masters instructed them to "take a dive" that year.

The only ones I remember from the '84 cycle are Gary Hart and Walter Mondale, who eventually got the nomination. I'm sure others must've run as well, but, geez, what do you want from me? I was only 11 years old at the time. :-/ Gimme a freakin' break!!! I can't remember EVERYTHING.

But just the very IDEA of someone who ran for the Presidency TWENTY YEARS AGO and couldn't get it THEN, trying to run again in 2004 is pretty damned lame. How arrogant. How pathetic. How STUPID can you get?

Dick Gephardt. Hmmmmm...what to make of HIS candidacy? :-/ He stood up to Clinton on NAFTA, and I admire him for THAT, anyway. It took some guts. Especially with his old Senate colleague, Al Gore, leading the charge in favor of that ABOMINABLE agreement.

Aside from that, though, he's done pretty much like every other Middle-American Democrat who's been in there for awhile. As the country moved leftward, (or, I should say, was PUSHED in that direction by you-"nose"-who) he simply moved with it, going from a moderately pro-gun, pro-life, anti-"affirmative action" populist to a streamlined, mass-marketed, cookie-cutter liberal.

I guess I'm just sappily sentimental enough to want to see him win Iowa. After all, standing up for the rights of farmers and factory workers ought to still count for SOMETHING.

Dennis "The Menace" Kucinich, however, is my personal favorite. ;-) He's the ONLY candidate in the race who has CONSISTENTLY opposed both "free trade" and the disastrous, blood-thirsty foreign policy of the so-called "neo-cons", (I'll agree with the "con" part all right, but there sure ain't nothin' "neo" about them. They're just plain old-fashioned TROTSKYITES, plain and simple. The only thing "new" about them is the packaging. And if their co-religionists in Hymiewood hadn't succeeded in dumbing us down to this deplorable degree, we wouldn't have even fallen for that.) not to mention domestic Bolshevist tools like the tragicomically misnamed "Patriot Act".

Now, grant it, aside from that, he's pretty much your standard-issue looney-tooney liberal, but he's an HONEST one, anyway, and that's one species that has become almost extinct in today's political environment.

Think of him as the Jerry Brown of this election cycle. He's in it for the long haul. Even if he doesn't win a single state, he's going all the way to the Convention, because, unlike the throng of egotists with whom he's had the misfortune of sharing the stage for the past several months, this guy is in it for the PRINCIPLE of the thing. He's a true believer.

I think he'll do well in Iowa, maybe even come in third, because he's the one candidate in the race that actually lives in the REAL WORLD, instead of the la-la-land of the Beltway or the yuppiefied winter retreat of the cosmopolitian cultural elite that is Vermont. Being a midwesterner and staunch opponent of "free trade" won't hurt him any, either. And, with the current trend of Frodomania, perhaps his hobbit-like visage and physique will score him some points with the Tolkien crowd. :-D

Well, the one positive development of this election cycle so far seems to be the fact that ol' "Jewboy Joe" Lieberman (I find it quite amusing, in fact, that it's actually spelled like "Lie-berman". :-D You would think he, at least, would've changed the spelling. :-/ ) doesn't seem to be doing NEARLY as well as he was initially expected to do. Of course, considering the fact that he's basically just a moderate, Arlen Specter Republican running as a Democrat probably has a LITTLE something to do with that. ;-) I mean, sheesh, the Lefties may be half-insane and half-evil, but they're not downright STUPID like the brainwashed, inbred, trailer-dwelling, NASCAR-watching, WCW-watching TRASH who support the President-Select. They're not willing to nominate anybody who merely echos that Human Vegetable on foreign policy. They know the Republicuntz will turn any such candidate to Swiss cheese in a one-on-one debate. Bush-Lite ain't gettin' it.

And, let's face it, the fact of the matter is that the country is just not ready for a Jewish President yet. Grant it, maybe they'll tolerate a "semi-Jewish" one like the half-Jewish Clark, the "stealth Jew", Kerry, who doesn't really make that big a deal about his religion/ethnicity, or the Jewish-by-marriage Dean, but a full-fledged, bagel-biting, yarmulke-wearing, goy baby-killing, right-to-left-reading, Sabbath-observing Tevye type? No way.

The great irony here, of course, is that people haven't even noticed the BRAZEN HYPOCRISY of it all---the fact that Jews can have it basically any way they WANT it in this country, politically speaking, and nobody takes them to task on it. :-( Arlen Specter calls himself a "conservative", and supports the neo-con foreign policy of "Buzzardboy"'s administration, even though he supports "gay marriage", "hate crime" legislation, and is basically a "pro-choice"er on abortion. Lieberman's positions are almost identical to Specter's, yet he calls himself a "liberal", and nobody dares say him nay. :-/

What's the difference between the two? I'll be damned if I can see ANY, whatsoever. And yet one has run as a Republican all these years, and the other as a Democrat, and they BOTH have gotten re-elected, time and time again. Their brain-dead constituencies, apparently, don't even SUSPECT that something might be rotten in the state of Denmark, or, in this case, the states of Pennsylvania and Connecticut, respectively.

The fact of the matter is that, politically speaking, the Jew is simply a JEW, not a Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, libertarian, or whatever. His only political motivation is one of CONSPIRATORIAL SELF-INTEREST, *NOT* ideology. Ideology is merely something the Jew has invented to divide us clueless goyim, thereby to conquer. To the Jew, ideology is just the punchline to their own self-created joke. :-(

As for Al Sharpton, he is merely the "hate whitey" candidate, plain and simple. All those who actually believe O.J. was innocent, view Rodney King as a civil rights martyr, and think the "racist" LAPD is currently railroading that child-molesting, self-bleached scumbag, Michael Jackson, will, by all means, vote for him. All others, even many blacks who see him as a bad joke, will look elsewhere for a champion.

His following is strictly limited to the uber-correct crowd of humorless honky-haters who want reparations for slavery, eternal and unlimited "affirmative action", and the state-sponsored murder of every Confederate flag-waver in Christendom. :-/

Nonetheless, he's got every other candidate in the race dancing to his anti-white tune. It's pretty damn sickening. :-( He'll stay in there till the bitter end, screaming to all who will listen about what a "racist" society Amerika is. Perhaps he would prefer to be hanging by his webbed feet from a banana tree in some African jungle. :-D

As distasteful as JEW LIE-berman and "Ol' Catfish Face" may be, however, the candidate I personally detest the most is John "The Evil One" Edwards. GOD, WHAT A MAGGOT!!! Just when you thought the term, "yuppie scum" was now only reserved for the likes of Tucker Carlson, Lee Atwater's ghost, and the Young Republicuntz who support the Vegetable-In-Chief, this Clinton clone comes along and reminds us of everything we all have come to HATE about the so-called "New South". :-/

Thankfully, this blow-dried little butt-kisser doesn't seem to be gaining any ground. Nonetheless, I hope somebody cleans his clock before Super Tuesday, or, otherwise, we Southerners are gonna have a hard time holding our heads up for a LONG time. :-( Geez, first Clinton, then "Buzzardboy", and now HIM. :-/ Compared to this, Sherman doesn't seem quite so bad. :-O

Of course, the biggest joke of this campaign has got to be Carol Moseley-Braun. A black female President in 2004? Yeah, right. And then we'll have a "gay" Arab-American Pope. :-D She's about twenty years ahead of herself.

Nonetheless, the very fact that she can ATTEMPT such a thing, and not be laughed off of every stage in Amerika speaks volumes about the DESPICABLE state to which this nation has fallen. :-/

She is definitely the weakest link. I'd say she'll be voted off the proverbial island by the time the Iowa Caucus is over, if not before.

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