An Open Letter To Dweebight Of CLASSIC ROCK FORUMS
The following is a transcript of an e-mail, sent to me by one Dweebight, owner and senior moderator of Classic Rock Forums, which contains my original message to him of 9/28/'04, asking whether I had been banned, and my response to his reply. ---CGO.


Yes, you were banned.

Everyone had enough of your foul mouthed, insulting tirades. Please find somewhere else to pontificate.


On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 06:38:01 -0400, SidewaysToTheSun @ Classic Rock Forums wrote:

> The following message was sent to you via the Classic Rock Forums Contact Us form by SidewaysToTheSun.

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> > Have you reset your software, to the end that it no longer recognizes my username or password, or have I been banned?

> > If it is the latter, I must admit, you sure picked a SNEAKY and COWARDLY way to do it, as I was *NOT* warned, or alerted of this imminent eventuality, in any way, shape, or form, and, quite frankly, had not even posted anything in over a week. Therefore, I would be quite curious to know you REASON for banning me, if that was, indeed, the case.

> > All I know is, I came here, after only a little more than a week of absence, fully expecting to find myself still logged in, as I never bother to log out in the first place, only to find that, not only was I *NOT* logged in, but was told, upon subsequent attempt to do so, that my username and password were invalid. Therefore, I repeat: WHAT THE FUCK?!!!?

> > I anxiously await your reply.---SidewaysToTheSun.

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Classic Rock Forums

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Now you will, ultimately, either lose your site altogether, or have to change the URL to :-D Either way, YOU are no longer calling the shots. You have forfeited THAT privilege.

In case this fact hasn't penetrated your thick little kosher skull yet, Dweebight, classic rock is OUR music. We only allow SUBHUMAN FILTH like yourself to comment about it to the extent that, by pursuing a strict First Amendment policy, you serve our purposes, in allowing our views to be aired to the public at large. Once you cease to be useful in this function, you are no longer our unwitting "house nigger", and, therefore, are no longer our concern. We boot your hypothetically (if all-TOO-pathetically) black ass out the door, and let you fend for yourself. And 'tis a wide, wide world indeed, Sambo, and full of shotguns and rope. :-)

We only allowed your silly, frivolous little forum to exist because, due to the fact that the fan base for this particular type of music is ALMOST TOTALLY WHITE, overwhelmingly MALE, and generally Jew and faggot-free, we felt it gave us access to a broader range of potential converts than we ordinarily are able to reach.

We should've known better, however, than to trust a little BRAIN-DEAD, FLAG-WAVING, KITTY-RAPING DOUCHEBAG, such as yourself, to stand up for our First Amendment rights, while you wet your little Star Of David panties with glee as your little KOSHER FUEHRER wipes his little chickenhawk ass-crack with the Constitution. :-(

You let other people fight your wars for you, so we should've known you wouldn't stick your neck out for one of us, when our First Amendment rights clashed with the plans of the Planet Lubavitch crowd, you kennel-fed, Jew-shoe-licking, paper-pooping, race-traitorous little ZOG-mongrel.

Why don't you, Jeff Lain, and Ted Nugent all get together and lick each other's asses, while "God Bless The USA" plays in the background?

"Everyone had enough of" my "foul-mouthed, insulting tirades", huh? Yeah, right. :-/ Only if "everyone" is another alias for that FILTHY LITTLE KIKE, Addiv, from Ersatz Yisrael. ;-(

DO YOU THINK I'M FUCKING STUPID OR SOMETHING??? I saw what you did. You not only wiped every trace of my existence from your forum, in a positively Sharon-like spectacle, (Gee, you little chickenhawks sure are brave when you're just dealing with WORDS out in cyberspace, huh?) but you deleted a whole SECTION of your own forum, the "Member Creativity" section, just because I posted a poem with the innocuous little word, "Yid", in it, in a cringing display of KIKE-WORSHIPPING COWARDICE that would make even Marlon Brando puke.

Not "kike", mind you. Not "marrano" or "schweinhund" or "Christ-killer" or "hellspawn" or "viper" or "Antichrist", ALL of which they ARE, by the way, but just "Yid". Then Addiv threatened to report you to the ADL and have your little site deleted, and you, instinctively, fell to your knees. :-( I guess the thought never entered your little pea-brain to simply KIKE-PROOF your site, as we do with ours, or do you lack the technological know-how to do so? :-/

Am I threatening you? No. No need to. We are everywhere. We are watching you right now, as you read this message. Rest assured, one of these fine days, you'll meet up with a well-deserved bullet, or if by some odd coincidence, we let you live a little longer, you'll look good on the end of a rope, when the Day finally comes. And it won't be long.

In the meantime, IF you have the guts, and I highly doubt it, you might want to catch a plane to Knoxville, send me an e-mail from the airport, and we can settle this whole thing, man-to-man. :-) I know you flaggot chickenhawk douchebags are all rich from sucking on the blood-fed teats of Uncle ZOG, so I know you can afford the trip. :-( Be sure and let me know, now. ;-)

See you in Hell, maggot. BTW, send my regards to the Feds. Brer Sideways ain't no fool. He knows your type all too well. ;-( ----SidewaysToTheSun.