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Thread: Don And Derek Black Show Goes Silent After Nearly Three Years Of Promoting The Stormfront Pro-White Message On AM Radio

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    Default Don And Derek Black Show Goes Silent After Nearly Three Years Of Promoting The Stormfront Pro-White Message On AM Radio

    Don And Derek Black Show Goes Silent After Nearly Three Years Of Promoting The Stormfront Pro-White Message On AM Radio


    The year 2012 closed on a somewhat sad note with the announcement that after a run of nearly three years on WBPR 1340 AM in West Palm Beach, the Don and Derek Black Show will be silenced. The last show aired on December 28th. The two most important attributes to the show was that it was the only explicitly pro-White show on AM radio, and that it had the muscle of the world's largest White nationalist resource, Stormfront, behind it. Archives of the show are still available HERE as of this post.

    The entire history of the show is documented on a 168-page Stormfront thread entitled "Don and Derek Black Show on AM Radio". The show was originally launched by Derek Black, who had acquired considerable experience by hosting four one-hour weekly shows on Stormfront Radio, in February 2010. One of the primary reasons for going on AM radio was to reach people, particularly those in WBPR's listening area, who had not been previously reached online, although archives of each show were eventually posted online for those worldwide who wanted to listen. According to Al Kelz, a key supporter of the show, in order to increase its mainstream appeal, the show only skirted traditional topics such as the Holocaust, 9-11, and Jewish supremacism, instead focusing more extensively upon White genocide. It was hoped that this mainstream approach would better attract advertisers and ultimately lead to regional or national syndication.

    But alas, the advertisers did not come forth in sufficient numbers, thus thwarting syndication efforts. In addition, some Stormfront members were miffed to find out that their Stormfront dues were also being used to support the radio show after backlash arose over Don Black's frequent call for more donations; some recommended that the radio show, which cost $600 per week for airtime, be sacrificed if necessary to preserve Stormfront. But many were supportive of the show, and Al Kelz just recently disclosed that he had poured a significant amount of personal funds into the show.

    And it was on December 26th that listeners first learned that the show might have an expiration date, when it was announced that WPBR was changing ownership. The station was being purchased from Omni-Lingual Broadcasting Corporation, headed by Emil Antonoff, by Samuel Rogatinsky; Rogatinsky's Palm Beach Radio Group LLC paid $462,500. Rogatinsky is a prominent personal injury lawyer operating out of Fort Lauderdale; Avvo.com indicates that one of his languages is Hebrew. Rogatinsky has also taken a strong stand against sex abuse, to include abuse perpetrated by Haredi rabbis.

    Perhaps it's because of Rogatinsky's ethnicity that Don Black, despite being invited to remain until January 20th by the departing station owner, decided to pull the plug on December 28th. It is problematic whether a Jewish radio station owner would have allowed a White nationalist talk show to continue on his station. One alternative now being considered is to reconstitute the show on the Jeff Rense website.

    The SPLC was quick to exploit this development. In their December 27th post, they insinuate that Derek Black’s commitment to the racialist cause was weakening because Derek recently posted in an online student forum that he is not a white supremacist, supports gay marriage and is pro-choice. However, Derek Black subsequently wrote, “Everything I said is true, and I also believe in White Nationalism. My post and my racial ideology are not mutually exclusive concepts, and people can believe both. WN [white nationalism] doesn’t dictate specific creeds so much as my concern about white assimilation, which I still think is very much a problem.” So once again, the SPLC's disinformation efforts fail.

    Posted by Anchorage Activist at 4:58 PM Monday, December 31, 2012


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    Default Stormfront Radio Going Off Air?

    Stormfront Radio Going Off Air?


    Don Black, the founder of Stormfront, the oldest and largest white nationalist forum, is apparently trying to figure out what to do with his and his son Derek’s radio show, “The Derek Black Show.”

    In a recent Stormfront thread, Black noted that as of January 20, 2013, the ownership of south Florida’s WPBR, the surprisingly Haitian-oriented station where the Black show which caters to white racists is based, changes. However, he said that the current owner would like Black to stay with the internet broadcasting service after January 20, but Black isn’t sure he wants to do that, and said that he may end the show tomorrow (December 28) because of a recent “screw-up,” he said, with the radio show’s archives.

    According to Black, longtime conspiracist and broadcaster Jeff Rense has offered his network to Black, which is “less expensive,” Black says, and provides a separate server for smartphones. The Rense network also harbors David Duke’s radio show. But even that doesn’t appear to be a perfect solution, because Black is worried about scheduling with his current hosts and, ultimately, he says, “I never intended to do this show, not even going into the station when we first set it up for Derek three years ago.”

    Don’s son, Derek, is currently attending New College in Florida and has not been active on the radio show in some time. Recently, there have been questions about Derek’s commitment to the racist views of his father. In response to student concerns at the college he attends, Derek posted in an online student forum that he is not a white supremacist, supports gay marriage and is pro-choice.

    Perhaps Derek is signing on with his mother, Chloe Black? She told the Palm Beach Post in 2008, “I am not involved with the Web site [Stormfront] and do not agree with extremist or racially prejudiced views.” When queried recently by Hatewatch about these rather unorthodox statements given Derek’s long history of white activism, Derek confirmed that he had made them. But he also claimed that he still thinks multiculturalism is harmful to whites and that he still believes in white nationalism.

    While the fate of the show remains unknown, Don Black encouraged anyone who wanted to save “the over 600 shows archived by the station” to do so now. He did say he’d put the archived shows on the Stormfront servers, but he’s not sure what arrangement will remain with the station.

    It is unclear if fundraising issues are contributing to the current situation. According to Stormfront, the site is today about $2,500 away from receiving enough donations to cover its monthly expenses of $7,500. That number includes the cost of the radio program.

    Prominent Stormfronters were downbeat. Al Kelz, one of several Stormfront supporters recently contacted by the SPLC regarding their reasons for backing the site, posted, “We took over a small part of the enemies airwaves and used them to broadcast our message to a much wider audience. An audience that would never read SF [Stormfront], or other WN [White Nationalist] sites…I had hoped the show would be syndicated. But every time we got a chance, The Jewsual, I mean usual suspects complained and the results were as disappointing as they were inevitable.”

    Kelz ended his posting lamenting his financial difficulties and how they were contributing to those of Stormfront. “I don’t care about me but this is yet another WN project that must go under because of my financial collapse. I accept full responsibility for the loss of the show and for the loss of Guilt Free Radio.”

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    Default Tiny Tom sees through the $permFartians

    Tiny Tom sees through the $permFartians

    by James K. Jones


    Tiny Tom was not happy, not happy at all. He had just spent five hours putting his thoughts on the current state of the pro-White movement to paper. The results had not been inspiring. Tiny Tom was clear on the nitty gritty of what should and should not be happening, but somehow the pro-White movement seemed to be moving in the opposite of what Tiny Tom considered to be the right direction. There were too many chiefs, not enough Indians. Far too much infighting. Way too much negativity. And all the focus always seemed to be on what is wrong, never what is right. It was all so frustrating. Tiny Tom had had enough for the day. He decided it was time to get out of the house and find some way to unwind.

    Tiny Tom hopped into his pickup and headed for town. The plan was simply to head to the local bar and sink some cold ones maybe pick a fight with a drunk or two, who knows? About a mile from the bar Tiny Tom's eye was caught by a fancy sign advertising a carnival. 'The Magnificent Eastern European Carnival. In town for one night only, don't miss it'. Tiny Tom didn't need to think about it for too long. He could go to the bar any old night, how often did the carnival come to town? Tiny Tom headed for the town park, where the carnival was set up. He parked his pickup in one of the few slots left and made his way to the front gate where he paid a strange looking foreign sounding man a two bit entry fee.

    Tiny Tom was feeling better already as he made his way through the teeming masses enjoying the typical carnival atmosphere. Tiny Tom glanced the bearded woman and thought immediately of his old flame, Ann. He paid a bit for three shots with a slug gun at a large target, but missed and was unable to win the teddy bear he had had his eye on. Feeling somewhat dejected Tiny Tom bought himself a candy apple and some magic floss and decided to further explore the carnival when he saw a beat-up old tent with a barely legible sign advertising Madam Mihai's fortune telling. This looks mighty interesting thought Tiny Tom as he made his way inside Madam Mihai's tent.

    "I know why you are here," said a rasping voice as Tiny Tom entered the darkness of the tent. Tiny Tom couldn't place which direction the voice had come from and his eyes had not yet adjusted to the darkness when a soft green light came to life and illuminated a large table with a deep scarlet cloth hanging from it, on top of the cloth sat an ornate crystal ball. Behind the table sat an enormously obese woman covered in moles that had copious amounts of hair flowing from them. "I am Madam Mihai," the ghastly woman said to the startled Tiny Tom, "You seek answers, and providing answers is the business that I am in. I can only warn you that if you proceed the answers you receive may not be to your liking."

    "I can live with that," Tiny Tom said before inquiring as to the price of a reading.

    "From you, it is not money that I seek, but a kiss," said Madam Mihai as she puckered up her large slug like lips. Tiny Tom grimaced, but leaned in and planted a wet one on Madam Mihai. Tiny Tom involuntarily shuddered, but Madam Mihai seemed not to notice.

    "The price has been paid. Now I will explain my magic to you. My crystal ball here is an ancient Romanian artifact that has been passed down from gypsy clan to gypsy clan for over one thousand years. For the last two hundred years it has been in the possession of clan Domitru, my clan. The crystal ball has great power and can show you whatever you desire to see."

    Tiny Tom giggled nervously. He didn't believe what the old gypsy woman was saying but was willing to play along. Heck, what good was a carnival if you couldn't indulge in a spot of silliness now and then? In light of the days labors at hashing out the intricacies of the pro-White cause, Tiny Tom decided to ask Madam Mihai to tell him what Kayden was doing.

    "I can do better than that," said Madam Mihai. "Look into the crystal ball and concentrate." Tiny Tom focused on the crystal ball and felt his mouth hang open as smoke began to dance around inside. He felt as if the walls were closing in on him. Everything was becoming less and less as the crystal ball came to be the only thing he saw. He almost felt as if he had actually entered the crystal ball. The smoke cleared and Tiny Tom was amazed to find himself in a small seedy bar that he had never seen before.

    Tiny Tom looked around. He saw a pool table where two fat men were playing a game of nine ball. He saw a scantily clad waitress who's prime must have ended sometime around the seventies. Tiny Tom gazed to the back and felt a small shiver run up his spine as he recognized somebody that he knew. Sitting at the bar was Kayden. That ape-like face could never be mistaken. Kayden was dressed in a wife beater, tattered jeans and wore no shoes. He was visibly shaking as he nursed a half empty bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Every five seconds or so Kayden would shoot a nervous glance at the bar's entrance. After a couple of minutes the door swung open and a skinny man in baggy black jeans, skateboard shoes and a hooded sweatshirt, pulled up over his head, came in. He made his way straight up to the bar and tapped Kayden on the shoulder before heading into the men's room. A couple of seconds later Kayden followed him into the john.

    The crystal ball smoked again and Tiny Tom found himself in the men's room as well.

    "This is the last time," said the hooded man, who Tiny Tom noticed had a pockmarked and ratlike face.

    "Awww, but come on man! I gave you the good dirt. You need me," whined Kayden in a simpering tone.

    "Forget it dude. This is the third payout for one piece of information. You want more shit, you gonna have to give us something we can really use. Set up another conference or something like that." As he was saying this the hooded man produced a small plastic bag, filled with brown powder, from his pocket. He flicked the plastic bag into the near overflowing urinal. Kayden immediately dived for it and stuck both hands into the filth to retrieve his precious parcel.

    The hooded man turned to leave, but slowed at the door and called back to Kayden, "Remember, no more shit until you give us something more that we can use."

    "Yes, I promise. Soon, man, soon. I'll get something for you."

    The door had barely closed before Kayden dashed for a toilet booth, a grubby syringe had already sprung into his hand. As the booth door banged shut the crystal ball smoked once more and Tiny Tom found himself back in Madam Mihai's tent.

    "Have you seen enough?" Madam Mihai almost purred.

    "Nnnnooo," Tiny Tom stuttered, "They can't all be that bad. I must see more. Show me Don Black."

    "As you wish," Madam Mihai replied. At that the crystal ball smoked and Tiny Tom found himself in a lavishly decorated lounge room. The floor was covered by a rich and deep cream carpet. The curtains, covering floor to ceiling windows, were a bright gold. Behind a massive oak table was a tall but tremendously decrepit man. He was dressed in a red silk robe, his face was gaunt, cheeks sunken, eyes bloodshot and watery. His wrists were so slim they looked more like fingers. What was left of his thin grey hair was dull and lifeless. Tiny Tom realized that this living mummy was none other than the mighty Don Black.

    "Derek, get your ass down here now, boy," Don bellowed in a surprisingly strong voice.

    "Aww, but daddy, I am winning on crash bandicoot," came a nasally response from somewhere upstairs.

    "Now, boy!" Thundered Don who didn't seem like he had any interest in taking no for an answer.

    A few seconds later Derek made his way downstairs. He was dressed in a one piece pair of baby blue pajamas that even had cute little booties. On top of his long red mane he wore his trademark cowboy hat that he had worn ever since he first saw Brokeback Mountain.

    "Do you realize the time Derek? It is past ten, you know your bedtime is nine thirty. Just because your mother is holidaying in Monaco doesn't mean you can stay up till all hours," Don chided.

    "But daddy, I was doing so well on my games. It is just a little past my bedtime. It isn't like I snuck out or anything," pleaded Derek.

    "I could not care less. Rules are rules. I make them, you and everybody else follows them. Plus we have a radio show to do in the morning. Even Al Kelz is getting sick of your tardiness."

    "Al Kelz," Derek scoffed, "He worships the ground we walk on. He won't say boo, and you know it."

    "That is not the point, wiseguy. You seriously have to make more of an effort," admonished Don.

    "But daddy, you know I hate doing the radio show. All that boring old pro-White shit. What a fucking waste of time. I could be out skateboarding or partying with Manuel, Paco and Jesus," moaned Derek.

    "My son the moron," snapped an irate Don, "You need a reality check. That show costs us $350 a month. For that $350 we charge the plebes on Stormfront $2500. That means we make a little over $500 a week for that show. You're my son and are as interested in getting a job as I am. Unless you want to hand your empty resume into McDonald's you are going to have to pull your soft little finger out of your ass. Now get upstairs, brush your teeth and go to bed. And no more of this coming onto the show late business. You will be back down here bright and early! No later than eight thirty. One minute late and I am seizing your X Box for a whole week!"

    A look of pure terror crossed Derek's face. His X Box was his prized possession, second only to an autographed poster of Elton John that he had picked up three years ago in London during one of the many holidays the Black family took. "Alright daddy, I'll go to bed and be up for the show. I'll try my hardest," Derek practically wept. Derek turned around, shoulders slouched and made his way up the stairs, sucking his thumb the whole way. Don leaned back into his supremely comfortable couch (should be comfortable Don thought, it cost $8,000) and smiled merrily as he flicked through cable in search of a basketball game. "He's a fine boy," Don commented to himself as he found a ball game just in time to watch Malik Jenkins score a mighty slam dunk.

    Tiny Tom blinked and found himself back in the tent. "Dammmit, I knew something was fishy, but I didn't know it was that bad."

    Madam Mihai smirked as she said, "Shall we visit someone else?"

    Tiny Tom thought about it a minute. He was having great difficulty figuring out who he wanted to see next. His tongue popped out on the right side of his mouth, as it always did when he was deep in thought. There were so many candidates. So many people he could spy upon, but who next? Tiny Tom was desperate to see something positive. There had to be somebody from Stormfront who would inspire confidence in him. Tiny Tom thought he knew.

    "Take me to see Jack Boot," said Tiny Tom with as much strength as he could muster. The crystal ball smoked and Tiny Tom found himself looking at a cheap and dank hotel room. A fan lazily turned, the TV broadcast only static and a flickering light bulb cast a dull yellow haze over everything.

    Fuck, thought Tiny Tom as his gaze settled on Jack Boot. A pudgy man of medium height, with thinning hair and soiled white briefs was tied to the wall. The fucking reds have kidnapped Jack, I have to find a way to help him, Tiny Tom frantically thought. At that instant the bathroom door popped upon and threw a lot more light into the room. Tiny Tom could barely believe his eyes when a morbidly obese Korean, Vietnamese or some such other type of gook woman awkwardly walked out in stiletto heels. Great chunks of fat oozed out of her pink fishnet stockings. Her black PVC mini-skirt ended numerous inches above the knee. A whopping muffin top hung down across the mini-skirt and a red leather halter strained to contain her massive mammories. The Asian woman's oily black hair fell almost to her back, in a mess of tangles and kinks. Her horrible fish like face was heavily made up and her lips painted a repulsive bright orange. In her right hand she held a cat-o-nine tails whip, in her left was a massive black dildo. She approached Jack and swung the whip at his back, leaving a mass of angry red marks. Tiny Tom was beside himself at Jack's peril. How could he help him? As Tiny Tom was thinking, Jack made a strange noise. It took Tiny Tom an instant to realize that it was not a cry of pain or horror. No, it was a cry of pleasure. A call of delight. Tiny Tom was mortified.

    "Hit me baby," pleaded Jack in a gravelly voice.

    "Yes, me hit you much. You been a naughty, naughty boy. Make madam much angry," mumbled the dominatrix as she landed another vicious blow on Jack, this time on his not inconsiderable buttocks.

    "Mmmm," sighed Jack."I hope Don is paying you well for this. You are worth every penny."

    "It OK, mistuh," said the whore as she swung again at Jack's back, "Me likey whip da White man much. I is also happy to be made mod on Stormfront. Very nice."

    "Ahhh," sighed Jack,"Pleasure and pain, what a wonderful combination. You are the best, Hypathia."

    Tiny Tom snapped his eyes shut, when he opened them again he was back in the tent, more confused than ever. Kayden, Don, Derek, Jack, fucking Hypathia. What a horrible bunch of people. Animals, almost. Certainly not paragons of virtue. Not leaders, hell, not even all of them are White. What the fuck? Tiny Tom had never wanted a stiff drink more in his life. But he had enough presence of mind to realize that magic is a rare commodity and he didn't think Madam Mihais came around everyday. He wanted to see more. Needed to see more. This time Tiny Tom knew who he wanted to see next. He was going to aim real low. Expecting little he didn't think he could be overly disappointed by such an extremely innocuous character.

    "Take me to see Dres," Tiny Tom told Madam Mihai. The crystal ball smoked and Tiny Tom was off once more.

    Tiny Tom found himself looking at what appeared to be a one room apartment. An incredibly grotty and dirty one room apartment. Several cinder blocks sat underneath a board to form a makeshift table which was covered with empty Chinese takeout and pizza boxes. A small sink was packed with plastic plates, cups and bowls. An old laptop glowed and showed a Russian matchmaking website. A trashcan was packed to the brim with wine bottles, tins and cigarettes packages. Sitting on a fold out couch Tiny Tom saw Dres dialing on a phone. Dres wasn't much to look at. A short grubby little man wearing a I FUCK ON FIRST DATES t-shirt (You might, but I bet your dates have a different opinion thought Tiny Tom) and a pair of flannel track-pants. Not a very impressive specimen.

    "Hey dude, it's me, your best pal," Dres must have gotten whoever he was phoning, "Naw, Mjodr, it ain't Old Fritz, it's me, Dres,"...... "I'm good dude. Just surfing the web, you know how it is,".........."Oh, cool, well, I had a pretty intense day also. I fucked up a nigger,"........"Naw, not in a physical sense. See I took my scooter down to the welfare office to check in and get my stamps, on the way home I saw this big ole buck walking down the road. I pulled over a few meters in front of him and shouted back FUCK YOU NIGGER. Then I raced off on my scooter. The dumb old nigger was mad as hell but couldn't catch me, I showed him all about White Power,"......... "Thanks man, I appreciate the compliment. You are a brave Aryan warrior too. Say, did you see Sugar's post in SM today?"..........."Yeah! That one with the cat in the hat. That shit was the bomb. I posted it in post of the day,"............"Yeah, I know you love cats. I do too. Just can't afford one right now. I am saving all my spare money so that I can move down to Kayden's PLE. He said when he takes over and makes himself Fuhrer that I can be his deputy. Can you believe it? That is so fucking cool. Kayden said I will get a big salary too. I am already planning it out. I am gonna get me three wives and fourteen cats. Fourteen, get it? Like the fourteen words,"..................."Yeah, that's right. I thought of it all on my own. Clever huh?"............."Well, I should have enough money for a greyhound ticket in like two months. Kayden tells me that he will be Fuhrer by the end of the year at the latest. Not long to go now. I can already feel it."

    Tiny Tom was watching and listening. He couldn't quite believe that these morons were talking about taking over sections of the nation and dreaming about shacking up with multiple women. Christ, Dres was probably a virgin. That throwback would struggle to tie his own shoelaces, Tiny Tom could scarcely imagine him attracting a real woman.

    As if reading Tiny Tom's mind, Dres leaned over and opened a cupboard and pulled out a life-size blonde blowup doll with WinterSun scribbled on the forehead in magic marker. Dres continued his conversation with Mjodr as he tenderly stroked WinterSun's plastic breasts.

    "Yeah, I'm still having nightmares about the attack. That was some messed up shit. If I didn't have to get under the table to protect Becky I would have messed up some of those reds,"............"You are right about that. If Kayden was there the reds would have been dead meat. I once saw Kayden fight another bum for a quarter. He fucked that dude up, even stole his shoes. I know the bum was like eighty, but he was fast- and strong. Kayden's the man,"........."Yup, I was on SF today. Guess what? I did some more e-pimping. Got me two new friends on there, both girls. I think the second one is hot, she has a sexy avatar. I sent her my phone number and asked her to call me. Might get some good phone sex. Those new girls are over awed by a SF bigwig like myself,".........."Oh, your cat's calling you? Ok, dude, talk later. Hey, wait, call me some time, dude. Yeah, peace."

    Just as Dres mounted WinterSun Tiny Tom found himself back in Madam Mihai's tent. He knew how messed up the whole situation was but Tiny Tom was laughing so hard he was crying. He had never seen anything more hilarious than poor old Dres. What a cluster fuck. If he could get a camera rolling he knew it would be a hit reality show. Paris Hilton eat your heart out, here comes Dres.

    "Up for some more good times?" Madam Mihai queried.

    "I would like to see HansKY," said Tiny Tom. The crystal ball smoked and Tiny Tom got quite an unpleasant surprise.

    Tiny Tom knew where he was straight away. The Blue Pearl. New York's seediest gay bar, glory holes and all. The place was packed. All manners of deviants prowled the premises. Hulking muscular men dressed in leathers covered with metal studs, Tiny Tom recognized one of them as Srbska Sparta. Thin young boys in preppy looking outfits, vying for the attention of the older muscular men. Be-speckled businessmen casting equally guilty and lusty looks around the place, they were not regulars, rather part time dabblers in to indulge in what they knew was wrong. A DJ in a pink jumpsuit played a techno version of the Polish national anthem which really seemed to excite the crowd. Waiters in sailor boy outfits dished out all manner of outrageous cocktails, with a firm emphasis on the cock part.

    Tiny Tom gulped. It had been years since he had last visited the Blue Pearl. He had left that life behind him when he found his faith. Tiny Tom had spent many hours with Reverend Red Conrad as he completed his sexuality reassignment course. Tiny Tom hadn't even thought sexually about men for over a year. Now it was all coming back to him, coming back fast. He had to see what HansKY was doing and get out of there quick.

    Tiny Tom spotted him at the bar. There was HansKY, standing just under six feet,with a bulging beer gut and darting beady little eyes. HansKY was wearing a leather catsuit and drinking some sort of lime green cocktail. He moved down the bar and approached a young Negro boy who was wearing baggy pants and a mesh singlet.

    "Buy you a drink, honey?" HansKY asked the piccanninny.

    "Sure," he lisped.

    "What's your name? I'm Hans, but friends call me Handjob, for obvious reason."

    "I'm J'Nalli and you can get me a malt liquor."

    HansKY called over the bar tender, he thought his name was Butch, "A 40 for my buddy here and a Pink Lady for me."

    Butch served the drinks up in quick order and HansKY passed over a ten dollar bill, indicating that Butch could keep the change. HansKY put an arm around J'Nalli and raised his glass, toasting new friends. J'Nalli finished his 40 in one long pull.

    "Ever heard of Christopher Hitchens?" HansKY inquired of J'Nalli, "Naw, fuck dat cracker shit, we gonna hit up da glory hole or what dude?" J'Nalli demanded.

    "You know it," HansKY replied with a wink. With that they walked off to the other end of the bar, hand in hand.

    Tiny Tom was once more back in the gypsy tent, feeling worse than ever. Thieves, deviants, queers, it seemed never ending. One tale of depravity after another. Not a solitary savory person among the Stormfront Nationalists. Dammit all to hell Tiny Tom thought.

    "Where to next?" Madame Mihai asked.

    "Home. I'm done. These White Nationalists are rejects. I've seen more than enough."

    Madame Mihai pouted and tucked one of her chins into what would be called a neck on most other people. She asked, "Are you sure I can't tempt you with one last visit? Sugar Britches perhaps? She is presently wolfing down a chocolate cake while she watches The View. What about Winter Sun? She is really a he and he is having an awfully busy day at SPLC headquarters. Perhaps you would like to see Bjarni Frank? He is hard at work right now, overseeing his faithful team of migrant workers. How about your old buddy White Wolf? He is passing out candy at the Martin Luther King primary school for girls. Would you care to see Lycia? She is presently lighting a candle at her Don Black shrine. It is really a sight to see, life sized portraits of the man photoshopped to add her in as if they were a couple. Such fun it all is. Such fun indeed. I know you want more, Tiny Tom."

    Tiny Tom's features hardened. He didn't want more. He had seen enough, learned enough. The game was up. Stormfront was now anathema to him. All the delusions and lies that the Stormfront elite spread so aptly were exposed for what they really were- the shameful ramblings of defective individuals that make Negroes look good. Hell, that is pretty much what they are. White niggers who whine like stereotypical Jews. What a mess this so-called White Nationalism is. Tiny Tom knew in his heart that in order for anything good to come from the efforts of genuine and worthy White people a sea-change was needed. The mainstream White Nationalist cause was as broken as Humpty Dumpty. Nobody would be putting it back together again.

    "Nope," Tiny Tom said with conviction, "I've seen enough, learned a lot. I'm going home. I'm going to do something real. Take care Madam Mihai."

    With that Tiny Tom was off. It had been a long, hard day filled with turmoil, but Tiny Tom felt invigorated.. The blinders had been removed and he felt free to follow a new, truer path. Where that path lay he was not yet sure but he knew deep-down that he would find it. Onwards and upwards thought Tiny Tom as he hopped in his pickup and headed home.

    Back in the tent Madam Mihai could have kicked herself. She had totally forgotten to try and sell Tiny Tom some of her stolen credit cards. What a wasted opportunity thought Madam Mihai as she heated up a bowl of Hungarian goulash.

    Numero Uno of Meercats

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    Default SPLC Claims Derek Black Has Renounced White Nationalism, And Apparently He Telegraphed His Intentions Back In December 2012

    SPLC Claims Derek Black Has Renounced White Nationalism, And Apparently He Telegraphed His Intentions Back In December 2012


    In December 2012, Derek Black publicly declared that he was not a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi or a Klansman and does not hold such views. He also stated he doesn’t dislike anyone on account of their race, religion, or anything similar. The SPLC jumped all over it, insinuating that Derek was wavering in his commitment to the Cause.

    It turns out that Derek may have been telegraphing his future intentions. In their Hatewatch blog, the Southern Poverty Law Center claims that Derek Black, the son of Stormfront webmaster Don Black, has actually renounced white nationalism. According to the gay Jew Mark Potok, Derek says that he has been through a gradual awakening process, and has also apologized for his past pro-White activism.

    To buttress their case further, the SPLC includes a link to a four-page e-mail sent to the SPLC by Derek Black, triggered primarily by the SPLC's discussion of the December story:


    Derek states that he has been gradually withdrawing from the white nationalist movement over a period of time, hasn't posted on Stormfront in 2013, and only posted on that forum once in 2012. This explains why Don Black eventually took over sole proprietorship of the now-defunct Don and Derek Black Radio Show. He says he did not attend the European
    American Leadership Seminar in 2012. But then it gets disgusting as he begins using anti-racist terminology, first using the anti-racist term "people of color", and then asserting that whites are "privileged" because of the color of their skin. He gives no indication that he intends to become an anti-racist activist, and he still believes a healthy sense of identity and belonging is appropriate and necessary.

    Here's the section where he sets up and spells out his specific objections to white nationalism:

    White nationalism supports the premise that multiculturalism is a failure, and that politicians trapped in a multicultural status quo are oppressing white people in “their own country.” They typically blame the West’s movement toward inclusion on a conspiracy of Jewish power to promote multiculturalism at the expense of whites. White nationalists cite black-on-white crime statistics and the increasing prevalence of “nonwhite” cultures and values in western society, as well as the growing number of legal protections and employment opportunities that a “minority” status now affords. On the other hand, white nationalists consider white people in the US to be ostensibly the victims of an ongoing genocide brought about by immigration and miscegenation, and feel that when they try to speak up about it, they are subjected to a vicious double standard. They observe that Black Nationalism and Zionism are recognized as tolerable, but whites with a similar declaration are vilified as racists. When they attempt to claim an accomplishment or cultural. production for the white race that produced it, they are called racists. If they produced their own Malcolm X, the nation as a whole would regurgitate. Thus their own white leaders are victimizing white people -— the system has turned its formidable weapons against a white identity. Therefore they think that whites must oppose resistance to racism in order to guarantee the future of white people as a people. [Note that he capitalizes the B in Black but not the W in White.]

    I now consider this belief system principally flawed. Most arguments that racial equity programs disadvantage whites who would otherwise be hired or accepted to academic programs mask underlying anxieties about the growth of non-white social status. It is impossible to argue rationally that in our society, with its overwhelming disparity between white power and that of everyone else, racial equity programs intended to affect the deep-rooted situation represent oppression of whites. More importantly, white nationalism’s staunch opposition to the gains in numbers and in influence of non-whites makes it a movement by nature committed to suppressing these people. The advancement of minorities in the US is not insignificant, but has not ended (let alone reversed) their circumstances. Particularly bizarre to me is the determination of Jewish social domination. Though there are plenty of powerful Jewish activist groups pursuing their chosen agendas, it is inaccurate and outrageous to talk about people of Jewish descent as “the enemy” of anyone, as it is essentializing a large group into a fairy tale antagonist. It has become clear to me that white nationalism is not a movement of positive identity or of asserting cultural values, but of constant antagonism at the betterment of other groups.

    A white nationalist party can’t function without standing on these disparities between whites and other groups and essentially endorsing them. To say that white people have let the “minority agenda” go too far implies that the relatively insufficient gains they have made are oppressing us. There is no way to advocate for white nationalism but by arguing that minorities pose a threat to our supremacy. It is not enough to say it is opposition to assimilation when the proposed recourse is to expel, suppress, or marginalize these other groups. Advocating for white nationalism means that we are opposed to minority attempts to elevate themselves to a position equal to our own. It is an advocacy that I cannot support, having grown past my bubble, talked to the people I affected, read more widely, and realized the necessary impact my actions had on people I never wanted to harm.

    First, multiculturalism is clearly a failure throughout most of the United States. Not only has it imposed continuous cultural revolution upon our society, but the rules of engagement are disparate. Whites are clearly subjected to higher and harsher standards on racial issues than other races. Look at how Paula Deen was mobbed and purged by corporate interests; when's the last time Jesse Jackson got the same treatment. If multiculturalism is such a smashing success, why do we have a large parasitical class of sensitivity trainers, life coaches, and therapists to help fix the damage? Furthermore, Derek Black damages his cause by spewing nonsense about "white privilege". The doctrine of white privilege is laying the intellectual foundation for white genocide.

    Second, although Derek Black gets it part right on the Jewish Question, he ignores the fact that Jews not only dominate the media and the entertainment industry, but that these industries have degraded our culture. This cannot be viewed as a mere coincidence, particularly when over two-thirds of Jewish voters supported Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. It is entirely appropriate to explore and uncover possible links between the two. We do have extremists who believe we should minimize or ignore Black crime to focus on the Jew, but more responsible and moderate people have emerged. Dr. David Duke focuses on Jewish supremacism rather than Jewish existence, and ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda has said he prefers to focus primarily upon Jews who are taking active measures against us. Even the NSM downplays the Jewish Question at their rallies to focus on more mainstream bread-and-butter issues such as immigration and crime. But nobody other than Jared Taylor suggests that Jews be considered White.

    Derek Black seems to be going the same direction as Lynx and Lamb Gaede, although there's no evidence that Don Black pushed him as relentlessly as April Gaede did with her girls for a time. It's too bad he is embracing some of this anti-racist terminology and doctrine, but this could be attributed to his attendance at New College of Florida, considered a hyperliberal campus.

    Reaction: Stormfronters are expressing a guarded reaction. One person wrote "I never followed Derek. His renouncing White nationalism doesn't sway me anymore than hearing about April Gaede's kids does. If that is the path he wants to go down then fine. Not everyone thinks as we do and that is okay". Another person wrote "Two scenarios in my opinion . . . its a hoax, or there is a liberal girl with a tight grip on his heart. Either way, best of luck to him". A third person wrote "We need to support Don Black and his family through this very difficult period".

    Occidental Dissent also picked up the story, and opinion there is much less charitable towards Derek Black. One person described Derek as a little pencil-necked jerk who telegraphed his traitorous intentions literally years ago, and characterized Derek's actions as odious and despicable. Hunter Wallace himself wrote "If he wanted to quit White Nationalism, he could have said nothing, and just moved on with his life. Instead, he did an Ian Jobling and sent this groveling letter to Mark Potok in which he embraces every crazy leftist idea like structural racism and apologizes for harming Jews by posting on an internet forum". Wallace, by his own admission, left white nationalism, but not for ideological reasons; it was the proliferation of unstable personalities that drove him away. Wallace has embraced Southern nationalism; his version is pro-White.


    Posted by Anchorage Activist at 4:03 PM Wednesday, July 17, 2013


    For Recent News of the Bowel Movement

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    Default I’d want to see a comment from the Black family and an unedited statement from Derek Black.

    I’d want to see a comment from the Black family and an unedited statement from Derek Black.


    The SPLC lie about everything and don’t allow opposing views on their rarely visited website. They did the same thing to the Gaede girls, which was denied afterwards.

    So I’d want to see a comment from the Black family and an unedited statement from Derek Black.


    Pro White Joe says:
    July 17, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    I'm Little Butt I'm Loud!!!

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    Default Doing a Movement Turd tonight about Derek Black being a typpycull whigger

    Doing a Movement Turd tonight about Derek Black being a typpycull whigger


    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter Wallace


    If you are reading this, let’s talk about it on a special episode of “The Movement Turd.”

    July 17, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    Sure thing, Hunter. I'll be doing a standard show on Thursday nights, 9:30 pm Eastern, 8:30 pm Central, almost always 15 minutes late. I'd be more than happy to have you call in to the show directly or via my landline tomorrow, or some other time.


    I think Derek Black is just a stupid little whigger kid. And since there are so many whiggers running to and fro, I blame their parents most of all. I think Derek wants to be a good lil' whigger and fit right in or to get some pussy or just because like April Gaede's lil whiggresses, because they didn't want to live their parent's lives. If Don Black was serious about keeping lil whigger Derek on the sheep farm, then he should have farmed out some "cherry-picking" duties to Lycia/$permFart Hoggess or even Starr from phorafags/feebs.

    Actually, I am banned for life over on $permFart. And not because of what I've said about Milton Munster Black or David Duck. But because both Black and Da Duck of Deaf hate Christian Identity and so they want to pretend that Debbie "Klunt" Downey and her little Meerkat Markkk Clowney of the Sapphiracy of Klunt and their "No Devil" Gerda-Kochite/Sheldon Emry kikeshit is genuine Christian Identity doctrine. Klunt and her little meerkat Markkk were up to their old tricks back around 2000 of censoring and banning genuine Dual-Seedliners who believe that there is indeed a Satan the Devil who popped Eve's cherry in the Garden of Eden and she squeezed out the first jew when she raised Cain. Da Duck and Milton Munster like for Klunt and her Meerkat to ban people today while claiming to be Christian Identity.

    Anyway, after she banned one old DSCI minister, I dug up some shit about how Debbie Downey used to be the wife of this Washington State Klan Grand Dragon and he let her claim to be the Klailiff or second in command. Meerkat Markkk was the "Kludd" or Chaplain. Anyway the Kludd run off with the Klailiff, she got a divorce from the Grand Dragon and married the Kludd, thus being an adulteress in DSCI Law. But what was even funnier is that Klailiff was the sexual mascot of the Washington State Klan as well. So when I found out, I told Debbie Downey that she wasn't no Klan Klailiff -- she was the Klan "Klunt." Klunticum-cums has hated me ever since for saddling her with that awful nickname. She couldn't say that I was lying -- and she did manage to name one of the wives of the Klansmen that finked her out. She did call me a 'diablos' or a malicious gossipper. Where-ever I show up, Klunt runs off. So I am bannable on sight on $permFart. Of course that doesn't keep me from unleashing a whored of sock-puppets, some of whom get detected by another whore like April Gaede or a meercat like Hadding the Loveless Mattoid KAS-Fluffing Meercat.

    Of course, itz not just me. When LiarBill 'MumpsNut' DeClue(less) tried to get Klunt and Meercat Markkk banned on $permFart for fighting with them papist mackeral snapping baal-cult of Cybele Rometards, and due to LiarBill's stupidity I was able to read MumpsNut's private messages, Milton Munster told Jack Poot and Jack Poot told Lycia and Lycia told LiarBill that whatever Klunt wanted Klunt got -- and it wasn't just because Klunt used to have really big tits either.

    Anyway, the entire Whigger Nutsionalist and Christian Identity bowel Movements are full of jews like Alex Linder, Bill Finck, Eli James/jewseph Stalin Kutz-November and anglo-mestizo ZOGbots like TraitorGlenn Miller, WhiggerSwill Welas Williams, and Tard Biber from Floriduh. Maxfield Parrish's WhiggerNations.com has Ol' Niggerlips Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren, the jewnibrowed Mamzer from Mentor, who took down about a dozen or so of my forums, web pages and blogs.

    So some little whigger kid who just wants to fit in in kollidge and get some pussy and not take over the family business of ZOGbotting and racial master-debating gets no problem from me. He needs to live his own life -- if possible. Besides, what's another lil whigger tard from the loins of Milton Munster, more or less?

    Derek Black is merely some little whigger tard in the overall scheme of things. I have a lot more problems with the racial loyalty of Milton Munster Don Black and David Duck than I do some little whigger who if it wasn't for the fact that Milton Munster daddy tried to make him do something that he didn't want to do in the first place wouldn't have ever come to the attention of anyone.

    Maybe see you tonight, Hunter.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    July 18, 2013 at 9:12 am

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    Default If he wanted to quit White Nationalism, he could have said nothing, and just moved on with his life.

    If he wanted to quit White Nationalism, he could have said nothing, and just moved on with his life.


    If he wanted to quit White Nationalism, he could have said nothing, and just moved on with his life.

    Instead, he did an Ian Jobling and sent this groveling letter to Mark Potok in which he embraces every crazy leftist idea like “structural racism” and apologizes for “harming” Jews by posting on an internet forum.


    Hunter Wallace says:
    July 17, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Default Activist Son of Key Racist Leader Renounces White Nationalism

    Activist Son of Key Racist Leader Renounces White Nationalism



    Derek Black, the son of the former Alabama Klan leader who now runs the largest racist Web forum in the world, has renounced white nationalism, saying that he had been through “a gradual awakening process” and apologizing for his past activism.

    In an E-mail (pdf) to the editor of this blog this week, Black, 24, wrote that he had come to see the arguments of white nationalism as “principally flawed,” adding that he had realized that American society is marked by an “overwhelming disparity between white power and that of everyone else” and that white nationalism was really about “an entrenched desire to preserve white power at the expense of others.”

    In earlier daze BabyBlack used to be on Haitian radio yapping about jews & niggers.

    “Advocating for white nationalism means that we are opposed to minority attempts to elevate themselves to a position equal to our own,” wrote Black, a junior at the elite New College of Florida. “It is an advocacy that I cannot support, having grown past my bubble, talked to the people I affected, read more widely, and realized the necessary impact my actions had on people I never wanted to harm.”

    It was a remarkable statement for Black, whose father, Don Black, once served time in prison for plotting a racist invasion of a small Caribbean nation and founded and still runs Stormfront, a white supremacist Web forum. The younger Black was raised in the racist movement, had by age 12 created a racist children’s page on his father’s website, and until recently hosted a radio show featuring racist guests.

    But it was also the latest step in a fairly clear evolution.

    Already, at the tender age of 9, Derek Black was attending racist events
    like this Nov. 7, 1998, gathering in Jackson, Miss., of the white nationalist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC),
    a group that has described black people as a “retrograde species of humanity.” He is pictured here with
    then-Mississippi Gov. Kirk Fordice, one of few politicians who was then still willing to be seen at CCC events.


    Last November, Derek Black posted a statement on a students-only forum at his college in which he explicitly said he was not a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi or a Klansman, and revealing that he had some unexpected views, such as support for same-sex marriage, environmental regulation, and legal abortion. But he also said in the statement, which was made public on this blog in December, that he was not renouncing white nationalism and did not see it as incompatible with his views.

    In his E-mail this week, Black said that he was already moving away from white nationalism at the time, but that “I was not prepared to risk driving any wedge” into his relationship with his family, “whom I respect greatly, particularly my father.” But, he added, “After a great deal of thought since then, I have resolved that it is in the best interests of everyone involved, directly or indirectly, to be honest about my slow but steady disaffiliation from white nationalism.” He described himself as having spent “the past few years … disentangling myself from white nationalism,” and added that he had closed down his radio show permanently this January. He said that he had not posted at all on Stormfront this year, and only once in 2012. He said he did attend a Stormfront conference in 2012, but would not do so again this year.

    Black also directly confronted some of the main arguments of white nationalism, such as the idea that whites are being victimized by non-white immigration, mixed-race marriages and affirmative action — what amounts, in the arguments of most white nationalists, to “genocide” aimed at destroying the white race. He also ridiculed many white nationalists’ “particularly bizarre” hatred of Jews.

    “I now consider this belief system principally flawed,” he said. “Most arguments that racial equity programs disadvantage whites who would otherwise be hired or accepted to academic programs mask underlying anxieties about the growth of non-white social status. It is impossible to argue rationally that in our society, with its overwhelming disparity between white power and that of everyone else, [that] racial equity programs intended to affect the deep-rooted situation represent oppression of whites.” Indeed, Black added, “The advancement of minorities in the US is not insignificant, but has not ended (let alone reversed) their circumstances.”

    Black was explicitly apologetic. “I acknowledge that things I have said as well as my actions have been harmful to people of color, people of Jewish descent, activists striving for opportunity and fairness for all, and others affected.”

    “I can’t support a movement that tells me I can’t be a friend to whomever I wish or that other people’s races requires me to think about them in a certain way or be suspicious of their advancements,” Black wrote toward the end of his four-page statement. “Minorities must have the ability to rise to positions of power, and many supposed ‘race’ issues are in fact issues of structural oppression, poor educational prospects, and limited opportunity. The differences I thought I observed didn’t go nearly as deeply as I imagined. I believe we can move beyond the sort of mind-boggling emphasis white nationalism puts on maintaining an oppressive, exclusive sense of identity — oppressive for others and stifling for our society.”

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    Default As a trolling jewboy I can't stand Auntie Semites

    As a trolling jewboy I can't stand Auntie Semites


    Not at all surprising. Militant, hardline WN, with the kooky beliefs it requires you to accept without question about the value or nature of other races was always a natural born loser. Not only do many eventually quit in disgust, their disgust drives them to (at least momentarily) repudiate even the more sensible WN views.

    Anyway, I wonder if the SPLC didn’t “have something” on Black to make him crawl before them. I couldn’t imagined toadying up to those shitbags.

    Silver says:
    July 17, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    jewboy -- Misbegotten Spawn of Satan
    2d in Evil only behind yenta jew-grrrrrl

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    Default I quit White Nationalism . . . because of the personalities that I kept encountering

    I quit White Nationalism . . . because of the personalities that I kept encountering


    When I quit White Nationalism, it was because of the personalities that I kept encountering and their tendency to”detonate” or “blow up” on me. That was the main reason at the time.

    Hunter Wallace says:
    July 17, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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