Lunatic Liberal

by Joom

Well, liberals have sickened me again. Larry Wackowski, one of the pair of Wackowski brothers that produced, wrote and directed the Matrix trilogy, has had a sex change and is now "Lana". I'm gonna heave in my boot. I call them the Wacko brothers. Both are liberal kikes that have been spending their entire career promoting niggers and interbreeding.

For instance in The Matrix, the real world is populated by people that got good on a computer and realized that there was something really wrong and phony about their reality, and they sometimes "wake up" and are freed to live in the real world instead of a computer generated one that machines have created for an enslaved mankind. Trouble is, the city that is supposed to be populated by these computer geniuses and deep thinkers are practically all niggers. Hell, there aren't that many coons that even know how to turn a computer on, let alone hack with one. The only time they ever touch one is when they rip it off to sell for some crack.

There's one scene where the citizens of "Zion" the city that freed people have built, are celebrating. The beat of jungle drums and leaping and capering, sweating niggers by the thousands are everywhere. It looks like a scene out of a Zulu war dance in deep dark Africa. It's a total chimp-out. I know you're supposed to suspend reality when you're watching a movie, but damn! There's limits!

Even their so-called "Oracle" that guides the hero is an old nigger woman. Like so many in Hollyweird, they are a sick, depraved, mentally and spiritually bankrupt bunch, that insist on spreading their vile sickness to the world. Every couple of years the Jews in Hollyweird come out with another propaganda campaign to legitimize something that has been taboo in America since Moses wore diapers.

You mark my words, their next target will be pedophilia. They'll start a promotion of fags who like boys, and gradually increase the talk to acceptance of "special lifestyle needs" of the "misunderstood and socially oppressed". Gag! In other words, child molesters.

They'll be pumping this tripe at the silly-assed American viewing audience, that would by a crap sandwich if it was advertised as tasty. After all it only took 18 months for them to legitimize fags and even put out anti-bigotry commercials paid for by our government! Things are now totally out of control in this country, and the people that can still think clearly need to band together and do something before we lose our homeland. And trust me, that day is not far off.

Accepting child molesters sounds farfetched until you realize that the government reports that fags are fifty times more likely to molest your child than a straight person, and that liberals have now passed a national law forcing all public grade schools to allow fag teachers in their classrooms! How many of you parents want a sex crazed fag near your kid all day, pumping his mind full of liberal filth, and molesting him in the coat room? Well it's happening right under your noses and the principle isn't going to tell you about it either. You're going to have to check it out for yourself. And if you love your kids, you shouldn't wait to do this. Because I can flat guarantee you that if you live in a liberal state, there are now faggot teachers in your kid's school. Like I said, it's time to act folks. High time.

The U. S. Psychological Association has formally labeled liberalism a mental illness, and it's followers to be members of a bona fide cult! And yet the American public is still buying into their depraved views.I am ashamed to be an American. The last time I went abroad, I told everyone I was Canadian because Americans are hated everywhere now. They consider all of us to be depraved and degenerate. And can you blame them? Hell look what we have for a stinking president!