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    A Case For Pre-Existence

    by Pastor Wesley Swift
    Wednesday Night Bible Study, 6 July 1966


    Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers
    By Dr. Wesley A. Swift (July 6th, 1966)

    Here are some questions that have come in from our tape audience that I think that we should answer.

    1. What evidence do we have that we pre-existed before we were born

    2. What did we do before we were born into the world?

    3. If a man goes to heaven when he dies, then what evidence is there that he comes back?

    In the first place as to the evidence of Pre-existence let us turn to the 90th., Psalm: . . . 'Lord, thou has been our dwelling place in all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou has formed the earth, and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting . . . thou art Our YAHWEH-God.' This declaration does declare our pre-existence thru all generations, and of course all the generations of the Adamic race certainly before HE brought forth the mountains or the earth . . . HE was our dwelling place.

    In the Gospel of John we find the pattern of pre-existence. In chapter 17., we find that as Jesus lifts His eyes into the heavens He puts this prayer in the Scriptures as a more or less . . . teaching prayer. Here the Scripture says: . . . 'As thou has given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life as thou hast given him.'

    Here the man . . . Christ Jesus is talking about His Messianic Destiny. He is talking about the purpose for which he came into the world, and that before the foundations of the world, HE said : . . . He was the lamb slain before the foundations of the world. He was the redeemer, also that He would establish salvation for Israel, and that He would restore Israel. When He was to be born the Angel Gabriel said to the Virgin Mary: . . . 'Thou shall call His name YAHSHUA (Jesus), for He shall save His people from their sins.' With this declaration and then here in the 17th chapter of John, then Jesus is in the operation of His Messianic Destiny and He is fulfilling these areas of His responsibility. He has been preaching to His disciples, He has been talking to the multitudes on the hillside. He has been coming and going throughout the areas of the land. So Jesus said that He had given Eternal Life to as man as 'thou ' . . . (the Great Spirit) had given Him. This is Eternal Life that they might know the only true YAHWEH YAHSHUA. Then He said:..'I have glorified thy name (YAHWEH) unto the men (Adamites) which thou gavest me out of the world, thine they were in the heavens and mine they are in the earth.....I have finished the work.' Here we discover that if you belonged to YAHWEH in the heavens, then before you were born on this earth, you were spiritually begotten in the heavens of The Father (Spirit). The Father declares this when He says that you were begotten of incorruptible seed. And He declares that He told you many things from the beginning. He says His Spirit would bring to your remembrance the things which He had declared unto you in the beginning. This is:...'That ye are they who have been with ME from the beginning.' By this declaration then He tells you that you belonged to Him in the heavens and you belong to Him in earth.

    The Apostle Paul, who had a heavenly experience before he started the areas of his Apostolic Ministry, then...had for the great fundamentals of his apostolic ministry...basically the things that YAHWEH taught him, as HE lifted him into the heavens for this teaching. Whether he was in the body or not in the body, the Apostle Paul could not tell (II Cor. 12:1-3), but there in the heavens as He prepared him for his great work with Gods people then YAHWEH informed the Apostle Paul what he was to teach the Church and the Nations. Under this declaration the Apostle Paul was given to know that YAHWEH had told us...before the foundation of the world...that He, Christ, was the Lamb of the Almighty. Thus the Apostle Paul said:..'He is the Lamb of YAHWEH..slain before the foundation of the world, and I received this knowledge in the heavens. You will find this written in the Apocalypse of Paul, and it is also in his Epistles. In the first chapter of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul writes:...'Who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places before the world was framed.' In otherwords...spiritual blessings were things which could be obtained in the Spirit, and we have already been blessed in all Spiritual things because...He had already begotten us in the spirit before the foundations of the world. He said:..I told you that I was the lamb slain before the foundation of the world...and you were there. He told us this, and He brings this back to our remembrance, and He used the Apostle Paul in his heavenly experience to tell us this story. And thus Paul clarifies the fact that we were with HIM before the foundation of the world. Thus:..even embodied..HE was the owner, the Father, the guide, and the Shepherd of all the embodied sons and daughters of YAHWEH. In the dimension of Spirit, His spiritual children were His Household, and their embodiment in the earth was the Destiny that YAHWEH had established for His Kingdom. The areas of their fall was also advocated because YAHWEH said that in the hour when we succumbed to Lucifers temptation, as Lucifer was the temporary god of this world, that HE..YAHWEH..had cited this before the foundation of the world. He also said that He would not permit His Family to go astray, nor would He leave any of His sons in perdition, He would not leave corruption to attack any of His Household. So by this declaration He had made this promise from the very beginning. The Apostle Paul writes all these things in the 'Apocalypse of Paul'. He writes about his heavenly experience as he was taken into 4 heavens. And in one experience alone he writes of things that he was taught, first by YAHWEH, and then taught by Angels about these things pertaining to his kinsmen which he saw, and the things brought back to his remembrance by YAHWEH. The Apostle tells us that it is true...that we were in the heavens in the beginning. The 17th., chapter of John also sets the patterns of pre-existence as YAHSHUA The Christ tells us that we belonged to the Father, and He was our dwelling place in the heavens, and that we belonged to His embodiment....YAHWEH-YAHSHUA in the flesh..in the earth, and that He has kept all of those who came into earth. That HE preached the Gospel of the Kingdom to all those who were alive in His time, or all those who were in the areas of His operation, and having preached this Gospel to them He then said:..that we are alive for ever, and there is only one that was not included in all this, and that one was Judas of Iscariot the son of Satan, so that the Scriptures might be fulfilled.

    Thus we do have evidence of Biblical pre-existence, and we find this in the Psalms, as we are told that YAHWEH was our dwelling place before the mountains or before the seas, in all generations, and He was our YAHWEH... and we dwelt in HIM. This also coincides with what Jesus declared as He said that everyone the Father gave Him...that everyone the Great Eternal Spirit gave Him, then to that one HE had given Eternal Life. Then in the Book of Ephesians the Apostle Paul says:...we were with the Father in Love, before the foundations of the world. And what is love? II John 6., 'And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. this is the commandment, that as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.' He had blessed us with all spiritual blessings before the foundation of the world, and of course sometimes we try to catch the concept of the Spirit and this understanding grows in us as YAHWEH unveils His passages and His Word. He used the Prophets to bring these things to the attention of His people, and we have been growing in knowledge of the program and purposes of YAHWEH from the days of Adam down to our time and we believe YAHWEH-YAHSHUA and because we believe HIM..this then is imputed to us for RIGHTEOUSNESS.

    Abraham believed YAHWEH and YAHWEH imputed to Abraham His righteousness. Now:..He imputes this righteousness to Abraham because Abraham believed HIM. Because Abraham believed HIM then he dwells on these things that YAHWEH said and becomes more righteous, and because he is righteous then he keeps YAHWEH'S Law. And therefore the keeping of the Law becomes the fulfillment of righteousness that YAHWEH imputes to man.

    So again this is an area of this involvement, and we have areas of the Scripture in many passages that would indicate that we were with the Father before the world was framed.

    In the Book of Hebrews, which is further writings of the Apostle Paul, here again the Apostle wrote to our race, and tells us concerning these things that make...for FAITH. He cites that there were many people who dwelt in the earth, and he tells about the ministry that they had and how they believed YAHWEH, and especially how this was shown thru Abraham, and how this belief was imputed to Abraham for righteousness. And also that Noah before Abraham believed YAHWEH, and that belief was also imputed...as Faith..and this is true all the way back to Adam. Then Paul says that Isaac blessed Jacob, and Jacob as he was dying blessed both the sons of Joseph. Jacob believed what YAHWEH said, and he passed on the inheritance, the blessings, and righteousness was imputed to them for their belief in what YAHWEH said.

    Then the Apostle Paul come right out and says:...all these people from Abraham on down hadn't received the covenant that was given to Abraham, for they had not become a Great Nation (United States) and a Company of Nations (British Commonwealth), but they believed YAHWEH, for it was just natural for them to believe HIM as He unveiled more of His Word to them thru the Prophets and thru His leaders and imputing His righteousness to them, and thus built up the background of our race. Then with this same declaration the Apostle Paul said:...These same people...THRU FAITH..subdued Kingdoms. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, it is the evidence of things not seen. Faith is a practical operation of the things which YAHWEH has said, and He gives to every man a measure of Faith. But...He increases Faith and He increases the energy of the application of His Word and the application of the things which He has declared...which is FAITH. Thus Faith grows on men as it takes hold of you. Thus Paul said:...These people of former times, thru Faith, subdued Kingdoms and they wrought righteousness, they obtained promises and they stopped the violence of the storms. Thus thru weakness they were made strong and they waxed valiant in a fight, and they turned to flight the armies of the aliens. And still talking of these people the Apostle Paul said:...These people, some were stoned, some persecuted, some wandered in sheepskins, and some were tormented, but they still believed YAHWEH. These are the people whom the world was not worthy of.

    We are told that the world was not worthy of these people...our race.. in the times gone before. These people wandered in the mountains, in the deserts, and in the caves of this earth, and they came into the world having gained a good report, but they are strangers and pilgrims in the earth (Hebrews 11:13). This earth was not worthy of them, but truly if they had been mindful of a country from which they had come then they might have had an opportunity to have returned. Hebrews 11:14-15.

    Alright:...Plainly then, these of our race were seeking the Kingdom of YAHWEH and yet many of these people died in Faith, but not yet having received the promises, but they were persuaded that these promised things would be fulfilled. So these are the strangers and pilgrims that have come to earth and they said that they were seeking the Kingdom of YAHWEH. They were here in earth tho the world was not worthy of them...but they are the family of YAHWEH and yet today....here in earth.

    This is rather a hidden thing, but it is written here as the Apostle Paul unveils that the children of the Kingdom, the children who believe YAHWEH, the children who grew up in Grace and Righteousness, came in...from the outside. We do not remember too clearly the things of yesterday, so that is why such men as Paul and Enoch were given a special dispensation of Divine Grace. That is why men such as these two were carried into the heavens, and why they were brought back in their remembrance to these things they once knew, while they were in the body. There is no doubt in my mind that the Apostle Paul was in the body as he was carried into the heavens, just like Enoch was. But the Apostle Paul said that he could not tell whether he was in the body or in the Spirit, and he then said that only YAHWEH alone knows whether he was in the body or not. But it was important that he retain all these things he was shown, for he was to write them all in a book and teach these things to the Nations of Israel. He was to teach them to the Spiritual Center of the Kingdom, called the Church and thus he was to retain all these remembrances, so he was in the body so that he might accomplish what he was supposed to do. He was to teach our race that we are the children of the Kingdom, that we are HIS Household, and that we are His children and that we existed with HIM in the planes of Spirit and that now we exist in the earth.

    This being true then we find that the Apostle Paul was shown these things in the heavens and he saw the comings and the goings in the far corners of the heavens, and he came back to write these things in a book. In our entrance into the world during the fall of mankind we lost this perception of the fullness of the Spirit. In otherwords we had spiritual perception... spiritual guidance, but we lost some of that and now we are starting to regain what we lost. And since the Cross of YAHSHUA..The Christ, we have full rights to all the things that were ours before the fall of Adam. We are consciously coming into areas of truth, knowledge, and development from day to day and time to time. As we have said before:.... we become impatient from time to time as we know the prophecies, and as YAHWEH unveils these things we just can't hardly wait for these things to happen which YAHWEH said that were to happen, for we believe HIM and He imputes this to us for righteousness and He had done this from the beginning. Therefore in our semi blindness we do not know how to go back unless He send a ship for us, or unless we die, which is sort of a back door to heaven. But the pattern of all this is but a part of the program of THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM.

    Now:...we might answer the part of the question as to why would men want to come back from heaven after going there? This is usually asked by people who do not know anything about the Kingdom. If they do not understand the Gospel of the Kingdom then they don't understand the Bible, and they are always in confusion as to what it says. This is true whether they be ministers or laymen. They are in confusion until they understand the structure of YAHWEH'S Kingdom. For the Kingdom teaches that after all the fall of our race until the redemption...that those that fell were under the bondage of Lucifer, and when they died then Lucifer held their body in the ground and their spirits in the netherworld which was in the innermost part of the earth. So Lucifer held everyone from Adam on down to Christ except those that did not die. There were some who did not die, and the Scripture made this quite clear. When we consider men like Enoch we find that he never died and after his many experiences then YAHWEH just took him into the plane of Spirit. There were others as well such as Moses, for Moses did not die because Lucifer couldn't find his body, and he came to see Michael and disputed with him about the body of Moses. Then Elijah didn't die either, the race of Adam went into the planes of Spirit without dying but the majority did die up until the time of The Christ. Then after the Crucifixion of The Christ we find that after the atonement was completed, then He preached unto the spirits of them that were dead and He explained to them that He was fulfilling the covenant, and that He had the power to set them free. Therefore they were all rejoicing, and they were happy, for now Lucifers power was virtually broken.

    Then after the Resurrection of The Christ He ascended with His many sons into Glory. But He also showed Himself to Mary when the Glory was not gone off of him, and then later He went to His disciples, but understand that this was an area of time when the Adamic race was confined in the inner earth, Tartaros, and they were not free until the crucifixion. Therefore when people talk about going to heaven, then none of the Adamic race went to heaven up to the time of the crucifixion except those who did not die. And these who did not die were those who walked in such perfect Faith that nothing could destroy them. When people believe YAHWEH in every way then they have perfect Faith in everything that He says, so then He took them into the planes of Spirit from which they came and they did not die..or they never knew death. However this didn't mean that they were thru with earth, for they were still quite active with the things of earth. Remember how The Christ when on the Mount of Transfiguration brought forth Moses and Elijah? How Jesus took Peter, James and John with Him to the Mount of Transfiguration to show them that Moses and Elijah were in connection with the heavenly planes. Jesus brought the power of the spirit, of the heavenly plane close to earth and let the disciples see HIM transfigured. Then here also was Moses and Elijah, and they talked to the disciples about the things of the Kingdom and Moses and Elijah were in intangible forms and the disciples wanted to stay here on the Mountain because everything was so wonderful. You see...Moses and Elijah went to heaven, and they came materialized, and in this instance the Kingdom of Heaven then extends thru out the vastness of YAHWEH'S Universe. It extends probably into all areas where there are physical creations as well, for the dimension of the Kingdom of Heaven is a Spiritual dimension and its a different wave length of Life than the dimension of the physical atomic world. In otherwords it is different in its wave length, it is different in its philosophy and so forth, but it is just as fixed a dimension as this one in which we live. It is just as tangible a plane as this dimension is. In fact there are many things that may seem very strange, but we know that there are trees in heaven...the Tree of Life, and fruit trees in heaven which those people eat and they can do everything in heaven that we can do in earth, but it is a dimension where there is no transgression. It is a dimension where they have thrown out all transgression, and we know that in this area of spirit that everything is perfect.

    Now:...we also know that there are some spiritual realms that are not perfect, because the Netherworld is a spiritual realm and we know that people went down there with their soul consciousness, and the Netherworld was where the forces of Satans Archangels and his hosts were, and when Satans people were disembodied thru death they also went into the netherworld, but altho they didn't go into the confines where the Adamites were kept until the time of Christ's Resurrection, still they went into the patterns of the netherworld. We also know that Lucifer is a spirit, just as we know that he can become embodied in the flesh, but he materializes and de-materializes, and he has built up the sum total of knowledge and wisdom, tho he forgot many of the great spiritual patterns in his rebellion. Yet he does know how to materialize, and how to manifest and de-manifest himself... still he is a spirit. He is not a spirit of good, rather he is the spirit which is beneath the status of the physical world. In otherwords we have the heavens above and we have the world and we have the Netherworld, and Lucifer is in the Netherworld. And this Netherworld is below the status of the earth because the function of these spirits are wrong, they are evil, and they are in transgression, and they work always with cunning. Whereas the Kingdom of Heaven is in the planes of Divine Spirit, and all things work together for righteousness and for good. So by this policy we have the entrance into his dimension of spirit. As the Christ brought forth all the sons and daughters of The Most High from the Netherworld...HE brought forth all those who had died up to the time of the Crucifixion, and at that Crucifixion He had paid the price for ALL transgression.

    Thus when we deal with Pre-existence, we say that YAHWEH was our dwelling place thru all generations. We who were begotten of the Spirit of YAHWEH...existed in a spiritual plane, and our spiritual mind functions in tune and akin to the mind of YAHWEH. We thought like He thought and we perceived as He perceived. This was the area of the plane of Spirit. Therefore this is why it says:...We were given all spiritual blessings. We already were regarded with all spiritual blessings in the plane of spirit before the world was framed, because we were spiritual beings before the world was framed. We were begotten in the Spirit, we are the children of THE MOST HIGH. So for this reason then....Jesus made this very clear as He said when He was speaking to the Father...as your translation states: 'Thine they were in the heavens, and mine they are in the earth. I have given them thy word. I have given them Eternal Life in the flesh. I now bestow unto them Eternal Life and they shall never perish. I am the good Shepherd, and I call them out...I call them by name...I lead them out.' Thus Jesus confirms the pre-existence.

    Now:....your race is Spirit, soul, and body. And the Apostle Paul after his heavenly experience now sees, and he teaches the things that YAHWEH told him to teach and he says:...We..Israel..are strangers and pilgrims in the earth, and the earth was not worthy because the earth will not be worthy until it becomes like the Kingdom of Heaven with the children of Spirit. So by this process then...we find that up until the time of the crucifixion that men...Adamites...passed into the plane of Spirit, but their soul consciousness was in prison until the Resurrection of The Christ. Then since the resurrection of The Christ there is not one Adamite who goes into Satans perdition.

    Now:...there are areas of judgment taught in the Scriptures, and one of these is the judgment seat of Christ, and of course when the Household of Israel, or one of Israel moves in Faith then they develop as they move in that Faith. Then He sent out the message of the Resurrection and that message spread forth thru all the Nordic, Basque, Lombardic, Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon, and Germanic people, and they were to develop with the message of the Kingdom. And they were to realize that the pattern was that their spirits and soul consciousness returned to HE who gave it at their death. This was well taught and brought to our remembrance in all periods. In the Old Testament Israel knew that the day would come when YAHSHUA would deliver them out of the control of the Netherworld. The Ancient teachings of Israel taught that this would be true. The Wisdom Schools had this teaching and the Druids of Great Britain had this teaching, and in Germany and in Scandinavian lands they believed that following the Messiahship they would be set free. Thus....when they heard that the Messiah had come and completed His work, then they were happy and the church began to expand. In Scandinavia we find that Odin was one of their Deities in the areas of the early Druids. Odin came after Christ and he was a descendent of the Israelite Kingdom that had been transplanted in the West by Jeremiah. When great storms came to that area they called on Odin and he was supposed to step in and call on YAHWEH to settle these storms. These people believed that the Falconry rode thru the sky at this time and rode in heavenly places, and when great storms came or problems came for the people of the earth, then all of the sons of Israel who were before Odin came and hovered over Israel earth. These were strong and powerful forces, and the people of earth believed this because they believed in the power of the Resurrection. They believed that when the Mighty YAHWEH would come, that HE the Great Thor.... the whipper of the two hammers and so forth...He who laid low the rebellious one....HE would take the riding Falconry into the heavens. They taught this altho they did not quite understand all they taught in their traditions...until the message came that the Messiah had come and then they become caught up with this pattern. Remember that in this declaration about going to heaven that heaven is where we came from and heaven is where we will go back to if this physical body does not sustain us to the hour of Christ's return. But the only thing that will die is this body, because...Absent from this body is to be present with THE LORD.

    The Apostle Paul didn't want to die because he said that he might be around when Christ returned, but then he said:..I know that if this body dies than I have a body which is permanent in the heavens. It is not made by hands, it is begotten of God, and I have been in it before and I can go back into it again, and I will go back into this house which is Eternal, and which is in the heavens.

    Later as Paul's eyes were getting dim and he was getting old, then Paul said:...I have finished the course, I have fought a good fight, so after I have gone, then tell the people all these things. He had fulfilled his ministry and he left the earth.

    Now:...someone asked what are we going to do after we get into heaven? Well we have been there before and probably for thousands of years, or maybe millions of years before we came into earth, and there is plenty to do in the plane of Spirit. We don't remember all we did there, but YAHWEH is beginning to bring to our remembrance the things we knew before the foundations of the world. So the only thing that is young in this body, and it can get old, but it is still young compared to the Entity of the Spirit because when the Psalmist said:...O YAHWEH, thou art our dwelling place in all generations, and during our posterity that you sowed in earth...always you have been our dwelling place. And before you framed up these mountains or before you formed the seas you were our dwelling place. So the magnitude of this goes back before the foundations of the world. Now;...the Book of Job is contemporary with the writings of the Book of Genesis because Moses wrote the Book of Genesis about 1486 B.C., and even tho he talked about Adam as God brought, by His inspiration, all things clear to the mind of Moses, as to everything he learned in the Great Temple of On, in the Pyramid city that had been built by Enoch and Job. He brought these things to the memory and the mind of Moses, and HIS Spirit stirred Moses and thus he wrote the Pentateuch, and there is no question that Moses wrote with accuracy the Pentateuch. But as far as the Book of Job goes, Job wrote it before the Pentateuch, because Job lived about 5000 B.C., and Job wrote:....'I know that my redeemer liveth and shall stand in the latter days upon the earth.' Then also Job wrote:...'I know that I am to write with a pen of iron and a rock which will last forever.' He was to write the message of the Kingdom and he knew that he could write that His Redeemer Liveth. In otherwords Job was saying he was going to put in stone and rock something that would last forever, and of course Job and Enoch did build the Pyramid in stone and rock with the help of their descendants. But in that hour Job wrote and he said:.........

    'The morning stars sang together and when they sang together the sons and daughters of God shouted for joy,' for YAHWEH brought forth a new heaven and a new earth, and then He brought for this earth, and He said to Job:...where were you when I set the corner stones? Where were you Job, were you there? So Job said:....the morning stars sang together and the sons and daughters saw God roll forth this solar system. This was even before Lucifer's fall, and we also saw Lucifer fall, and we saw him cast out of the heavens and saw him make earth his dwelling place. We could not conceive of the evil that he wrought.

    Before the fall of Lucifer we were coming to earth, and we came into the Temples of the Most High God. What did we do before we came into earth into the physical realm? Someone may have thought this was a very smart question to ask...as we don't remember, but what you remember has nothing to do with you doing what you did. Because God said that He pulled down a blind over your remembrance because if you could have remembered where you came from, and how you came, then you wouldn't stay here when the going gets rough, you would just go on back. Thus it says that you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth and that you are mindful of a far country, and you would go back there if you knew how!

    But God said:...I will bring those things back to remembrance, and He brought these things back to the mind of the Apostle Paul when He took him out into space. And these things came back to the mind of Paul and one thing that God had reminded Paul of was that He had said...that we would fall.

    In the Book of Enoch it also says that God had told Enoch, and Enoch told his descendants that in yesterdays...God had told us that He was going to send us down to earth, and we were going to overcome Lucifer, IN THE FLESH. Then God had withdrawn us from the Temples of earth when Lucifer caused the earth to sin, and in transgression to fall. So you see even the Egyptians who had migrated, had held out for a long time, and many of the people still had the truth with them even tho they started to worship false idols, for they lived in a Pre-Adamic world like the Assyrians did. But then we came along in the flesh, in these Adamic bodies, and we have only been here for about 7400 years, 5400 years before The Christ and up unto now. This time span is the short history of the white race. So within the areas of instructions then what did we do in the heavens? There are so many things that we did, for we came and went through out the courses of God's Universe. We know that we served before the Most High, we know that we were in great assemblies because God talked to His sons and daughters, and he told us the things He planned in earth for His sons and daughters to do, and we know that a whole lot of us said:...'We will go!' There are probably a lot of sons and daughters that didn't come down here, but we said we VOLUNTEERED to come:....we will take care of the devil for you. Then God said:...When you go into the earth you will fall, But I am your Redeemer, I am your Lamb slain before the foundations of the world. Therefore I have planned how I will redeem you...I will give my life in the flesh, I will bestow upon that body of flesh the fullness of My Deity. I shall take my body and telescope it in seed, and put it into the body of the Virgin Mary, and then I shall bring it forth in earth, and I shall grow up in the earth, and the fullness of My Spirit shall enter upon this body, and then this body shall die. By this process I shall buy you, and I shall redeem you. Now:...you will not be redeemed with silver or gold, or even with goats or sheep under the type of sacrifice, even tho you shall keep those rituals of sacrifice.

    He told this to Enoch and Job, and then the Apostle Paul came along, and where did the Apostle Paul get this knowledge? He was just like the Judeans of that area, and he wouldn't have known anything about this when he was the one leading those who were persecuting the Christians. Even tho Paul was an Israelite still he only knew what he had been taught there in Judea at the theological schools. So God said:...here is a man of the tribe of Benjamin and he is a great linguist so I am going to call him and make of him an Apostle. So he stopped Saul-Paul on the road to Damascus and filled his eyes with the Glory of God. Those with Saul didn't see or hear anything except what they thought was thunder. So therefore when God called Paul and after he had been preaching for a time then God said:...I am going to tell you the things you are to tell the church and the nations, so He took Paul into the heavens to instruct him. Therefore it was in the heavens that the knowledge was brought back to his remembrance, and then he knew that God had told us long before that he was the Lamb slain before the foundations of the world. By the same token Enoch knew these same things, and they had been revealed in the Books of Enoch. But Paul did not have access to these Books so Paul had to be told these things.

    There were some of the writings of Enoch kept in scrolls and Mark had a full set of them in Alexandria, Egypt., and we have found many of them since that time. Thus we were told that we were busy with living in the Spirit, and there is one thing about the Spirit, for Spirit is Life and it is filled with Light and Life. Living and Life is the important operation in the Spirit for there we could not die. The Spirit is incorruptible and it cannot die, and you can't destroy it for it Lives forever. And the Spirit cannot have communion with the body...in transgression. In otherwords when the body fell, as it cohabited and joined the darkness, then the Spirit went off the body, and it separated in the point of our consciousness, and in this inner consciousness we did not have the full perception of the Spirit. It was a limited thing thereafter, and we could reach to the gate of it and we could be guided by it, and God could stimulate this point of contact and raise up special men as He did with Moses and others, but we were not in the area of the full extension of this.

    When God called Levi and established them as the Ministers to teach the things of the Kingdom then God said:...I will scatter Levi in all the tribes and make ministers of them for all times. Now:...that doesn't mean that all of Levi were good ministers because they were not. Some of them got fooled at times, and way back in the Old Testament times when the Jews were coming into the land and claiming they had a part in the Kingdom through Judah, then Levi was fooled. It is proved in the Old Testament that Judah wasn't even sure that this woman had a child by him for there were two others who might have fathered that child. But the woman was a Jewess and her children married back into that line of the Jews, and then later the children came back and tried to claim entrance to the Kingdom. And in the instance of trying to come back into the Kingdom they sought to bring trouble.

    At the gates of the tabernacle the sons of Levi were taught the things of God, and the Priesthood was chosen, and as they became older they entered into the areas of Priesthood. Then as the children of Israel developed and became more numerous they spread out over a vast area of hundreds of miles and the Levi were in all assemblies, and they taught the children of Israel, and they had their tabernacle to come to for their sacrifice, and their once a year offerings. Then the strangers came in and tried to change the teachings of the things of God, and the strangers tried to turn the children of Levi from the teaching of Elijah, and they said:...Don't believe that God is going to take Elijah away. You don't have to worry about that, for this is just an old man, and he has imagined that God is going to take him. God is the light of the sun, and He moves in mysterious ways, and He is just way out there somewhere. Some of the Levi went along with this idea of the strangers but not Elijah or Elisha. Elisha said to Elijah, I will stay with you, I will cross the Jordan with you...I will follow you. The sons of the Prophets tried to hold Elisha back as he tried to follow Elijah, as he went to receive his mantle. Then when Elisha came back he came with Great Power, and he gathered the Levi back to their proper place as they were going astray with the teaching of the mixed multitudes. Then the Levi drove out the mixed multitudes when they cut off the heads of the Baal Priests brought in by Jezebel. As soon as this happened the Levi all came out of hiding. God had installed in some of these men...Truth, so they would be His ministers, but some of them got carried away by following the mixed multitudes who were always around. But God continued to instill His Truth, and the merits of His purpose. And when God gave Israel the Law...well the Law was a taskmaster to bring them unto Christ. Why? Because the Law said what we should do, and what not to do. It said if you do this I will bless you, and if you don't do this you will bring on the curses. And these curses are going to be fulfilled and these blessings are going to be fulfilled. This is My LAW...hear ye it, and do it.

    Now:...God knew that no man was going to do this even when we said:... All ye have given is to do, we will do. He knew that still this was something that we could not do without the Grace of God. So Adamites tried to keep the Law but most failed, and only a few kept the Law while most had not built up the areas of resistance to pagans round about. God called out His prophets like Ezra and gave instructions on mongrelization. This was one transgression where God said He could never forgive but He could not rectify. This was the one sin that carried the transgression or the sin of the fathers on to the children for the third, or fourth, or fifth, or more generations. And God said:...all these other laws, if you break them, My Grace will still follow you and I will forgive you if you come to me in repentance, but this is one law that is different. And if Israel kept all these laws and commandments that were given her than none of the sickness and plagues would come near them that effected other people. If they were able to keep all these laws then God would heal and He would cause extenuating circumstances to occur such as the Serpent in the wilderness with Moses and so forth. For remember that all who lifted up their eyes to the Serpent would be healed. All these were areas of God's Grace. (Lifting up the brazen serpent was identifying the serpent people)

    Ezra spoke out about mongrelization and about putting away the outlandish wives and children, and they sent them away, and those that didn't were stoned. This was the Law and the Law seemed hard, but this also cleansed the blood of God's Israel. But remember...the Law did not put aside what God had promised to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, what He had promised to Shem, to Noah, to Seth, and to Adam, for He said:...These were His Israel, and the law did not put aside the promise that with them He was going to build a Great Kingdom. The actual development of that Kingdom and of the Great Nation, and the multitude of nations was one of the Great Mysteries that God revealed to Abraham. Then after 430 years, then God came down on Mount Sinai and gave the Law to Israel. But when He gave the Law He put conditions on its blessings, such as...do this and you will be blessed and do that and you will be punished. But under no circumstances does it put aside the covenant which was an everlasting covenant which God had with Abraham 430 years before.

    This covenant made with Abraham stated:.......

    I will make of thee a great nation, and I am going to be a God unto thee and to thy seed after thee thru all generations. Now:...Disobey and I will still be YAHWEH, but certain things will happen to you because of disobedience.

    Then in the Book of Isaiah He says:...I haven't cast you away, I haven't set you aside, I am still your God. We find that there is always a remnant that doesn't bow the knee to Baal, and after that all Israel comes back, and that is the way that God speaks out. Then after the coming of the Messiah then it says:...I will put my law in your heart, in your inward parts, for I am going to make of you a heart of flesh. This became a transition, and The Christ performs this:....First He brings back upon the children who are in the world an awareness that by believing His Word and by associating with His Spirit, by seeking Spiritual guidance, that more and more the Spirit of God will grow, and become an aware development within the individual.

    Then someone always asks:...but if we break the law do we lose the Spirit of God? NO..you do not lose the Spirit of God but the pattern is that as you become more righteous you observe more of HIS Law. And as you develop you will want to serve the Law, and not break it. Now some areas of the Law may be facets of mans conception of it, but generally speaking we will observe the things which are of God.

    Now:...when a man died the church has been told that if he has accepted The Christ he will go to heaven, and most Israelites do accept Christ sometime in their life time. Some of them have been taught in one way and some in another way for various doctrines have been taught concerning these matters. In fact for years and years, the church was held as the way of truth, and the church taught that member of the church who followed the church and loved the Christ, and who believed His Word were saved. So those members were baptized, and they were saved. But:...now I want you to realize this....it was not until Martin Luther came out of Rome that they started to teach other patterns of this. Now they began to teach a born again experience which many churches would demand as the pattern to use to get into heaven. So they taught then that if your Faith didn't include a born again experience then you can't get into heaven.

    Now:...they took the born again experience out of the words in John and they think they are teaching a new and vital doctrine, but I am going to tell you that when God said you must be twice born, when He was talking to Nicodemus...then turn to John 3:5., and we find that Jesus said concerning this:....'you must be born of the spirit and of the water.' But when they translated it then they translated it in reverse as....born of water and the spirit, and this established for them a new doctrine.

    When we were begotten in the Spirit ages ago, we were begotten of God's Spirit. When we are begotten of water this is by natural birth, with the breaking of the water. So therefore this is the entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven....spiritually born and physically born. For anyone to get into the Kingdom of Heaven, God has to call them out, and He has to lead them out as HIS Sheep. He had to energize them with His power and with His Spirit, He has to quicken their consciousness and restore them to this area. So the entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven...is Twice Born. Now:...God reactivates and renews our minds, He regenerates our Spirit, and our Spirit after our fall in the Adamic race was separated from our consciousness to a certain degree. Altho He could call and stir it up within, and the soul consciousness would be working within the areas of the law until the functions of the sacrifices, and the patriarchs in their contact with God responded....there were only such men as hung on to God, such as men like Enoch and others that became perfect to the point that they did not die. THEY went further than others in the patterns of obedience but this is the pattern of The Most High God and most of the Adamic race could not live up to that pattern.

    Now:...if they like, the church can teach a doctrine for you to be born again in an experience for maybe 3 times, as they can say that the regeneration of the spirit can be another born again experience, but the fact remains that God reactivated the areas of the Spirit and eventually brings it back to the fullness of what it was before the fall of Adam. For when He appears then we are to be like HIM. He tells us that He is going to do a great but short work of righteousness, and after this He is going to come. And when Jesus says a short work of righteousness, this is going to be the manifestation of the Living Sons of God....the sons and daughters of God who are in the world. The Apostle Paul thought this might even happen when he was still in the world, for he said:...That the whole Universe is groaning together, waiting for the manifestations of God. These others as well as we who are the sons of God who are going to be made manifest. But we don't count anything to much to suffer as compared to the manifestation of the sons of God which is going to be shown in us.

    Now:...we tell you that every Adamite...every Israelite moves into the dimension of Spirit, and therefore into heaven. But according to the area of theology of the teaching of the church, if they are going to separate the Adamites and put only some in heaven, then they have to have a place to put them that are not going to be saved. But when Jesus took the Adamites out of prison in the Netherworld, :then all those from Adam down to Christ were in that category and as He did that He opened up that area to perdition, so they can't use that place which was before then reserved for the Adamites. And even Paradise of the Netherworld was removed as Jesus took the Adamites out of there and back into heaven. so that area of the Netherworld can't be used either, thus there is nothing left in the Netherworld but Hell, and since the Adamites can't get in there then there is only one place for the children of Spirit, and that is in the planes of Spirit with Jesus The Christ. As you enter the planes of Spirit, the training that we move into, or the areas of preparation that we move into are determined by the amount of knowledge or the amount of conditioning we received in earth, as the sons and daughters of God. Because our Spirit is already perfect, and the Spirit if it were able to get thru to you with all that it knows would bring to your mind all things, for the Spirit knows all things. We didn't receive the Spirit of the world, we received the Spirit of God, and thus the Spirit knows all things. We never received the spirit of the world either, for we only received the spirit which is of God. So the Spirit will freely give us all things which are of God and it will teach us all these things.

    Now:...the natural man cannot understand this because he doesn't have the Spirit of God. But we can understand this for we have the Spirit and as we become more active, and the Spirit becomes more alert, and we become more in its knowledge, then we will move more in its Grace. They who die in earth then go back into the planes of Spirit for absent from this body is to be present with THE LORD. This includes as we are told in the Book of Isaiah, and in the Book of Romans...All Israel shall be saved. Then after this....All flesh shall be saved, for we are told just that. So as we move out and bring in the Kingdom and then after the Kingdom age comes in, we will still have tremendous amounts of work to do with the people of earth, and these others because they are going to all worship...ONE God, and Every knee is going to bow, and the triumph of the Kingdom and the superiority of HIS sons and daughters is still going to be made manifest in the earth. Now:...some say why would we want to come back to earth? Well, in the first place when you get out into the dimensions of the Spirit, into the planes of heaven from whence you came, there you are perfect, there are areas of developing, areas of consciousness and there may be well informed patterns of this also, but the body is still here in the grave. The body is what transgressed , the body is the area of error, while the soul consciousness moving into the areas of Spirit is moving into areas of perfection. Thus the soul consciousness may find that it has developed areas of license that it cannot satisfy in this Spiritual body, and thus might be in an area of punishment in itself until it becomes well activated, because it can be attached to things of Spirit that were not good, and it cannot satisfy them, so it goes thru a purging condition of its own, if it were far out from the condition of God while here in earth. But in this instance remember that God says that even if all a man's works were burned up, still the man would be saved, even as by fire....which is the Shekinah Glory of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, and the refining influence connected with that. Anyway we still go out into the plane of Spirit, so why come back here? But if Christ is going to be here, that is where we want to be. In other words where HE is, that is where we want to be, and here is where everything is going on and we don't want to see just half of the show. I'm sure that everyone who has lived in earth will want to see the Victory of the Kingdom. And if Christ's coming is to be 1000 years or so from now then our bodies will all go into the grave, but we believe His coming to be a decade or so. I believe His coming will be when a lot of us will be alive and remain until the coming of the LORD. But the pattern is that we will be alive and remain until the coming of the LORD and if not then we would want to come back with HIM because He declares in the Book of Matthew:...As the lightening cometh out of the east and shineth unto the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. And before the Hour of His coming He sounds the trumpet to the four corners of the heavens and summons His children... His Elect.

    The Book of Thessalonians tells us that in this hour....We who are alive at this time do not hinder those who are dead, whose soul consciousness has gone into the spiritual plane, for them also does He bring with HIM...for He calls His Elect. Now:...Israel is His Elect, and all thru the Old Testament and all thru the New God calls Israel His Elect. And then in the New Testament when Peter is writing he says in his Epistle:...'Peter a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ...to them that have obtained like Faith, Grace be unto you....according to how He has bestowed His Divine power on you.

    Then Peter an Apostle of Jesus Christ writes:...To the strangers scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithyman...elect according to the foreknowledge of God. Well when was the foreknowledge of God? Before the foundations of the world. And Peter writes to the elect, for he doesn't send his Epistle out to the Asiatics or others, he just sends it out to the Elect who were there before the foundation of the world.

    The Apostle James sent out this message:...'James, a servant of God, and to the LORD Jesus The Christ to the 12 tribes scattered abroad...to the elect according to the foreknowledge of God. So James is writing to the same people.

    Therefore YAHSHUA brings His elect with HIM, He brings His family from the four corners of the heavens and the earth...He brings them with Majesty and with Great Power, and Glory, He brings them in and when the devil gets his final appearance do you think we want to miss that?

    Now:...if we have been unfortunate enough to die before this, or if our bodies get wracked with pain then it might be nice to slip away, and be with the LORD in Heaven. And there is a heaven and there are planes and dimensions and things that you haven't seen or heard in remembrance, but you have seen it in Spirit. After all this earth isn't a very big place, and they have been telling us on T.V. that it is only a 5th., place solar system in the Universe, but it is still the spot where Christ came to die and it is still the spot where He came to redeem us, so we are going to sing songs of Praise in the heavens for our Redeemer, and we are going to sing the song of Moses and the Lamb, also because He was our Savior we will sing, and sing. And in this area we are going to see the final scenes of earth.

    In fact the earth is to be the habitation of man from one eon of time to another. And we are going to be here, we may come and we may go for we have all the avenues of the Universe, and who knows how many other far places are yet to be Redeemed. We don't know but we do know that this is one place that we know about, and also this is the pattern of the plan and Will of Our Father.

    In the one-third part of the Universe in which Lucifer rebelled, we don't know if there are other trouble spots or not, but we think that most of the rebellion was confined to here to he did cause a disaster to sweep across portions of the heavens before he arrived here. We do not have the Scripture that contains that story, but our Scriptures do say that we are to be as the stars of heavens and the sands of the seashore, and to be a great and mighty people and that we are going to rule and reign with HIM from this throne, over the Universe. And we know that there will be one son for every star, so of the increase of His Kingdom there will be no end. And we are going to expand out thru the areas of God's Great Universe. Of course a lot of the children of God, a lot of our kinsmen haven't come in to earth yet, or at all, and maybe they never volunteered, and only the volunteers will be all that were sent to the earth, but at least you know that you volunteered to come, so if you are in trouble its your own fault. In the Book of Enoch we are told that:...The children of God said, we will do all you have given us to do. We will chain up the devil, and we will not succumb, and you will not have to come save us.

    Well alright:..in the Spirit we couldn't think any other way. Of course we found out a lot after we got down here in bodies of flesh. These bodies are pliable, and they do tend to fall apart, but there is only one place to go if this body falls apart, and that is heaven, so that is fine. Once Christ has finished His saving Grace He isn't going to let Israel go into perdition, and in the final work when Christ took the sons and daughters into the heavens He said:...I am going to bring them back with me, and then He said:...I am going to see that my children finish the work that I gave them to do...every last one of them.

    Now:...we think some people don't amount to much, and maybe this one laid down in the gutter, and maybe this one was a bar fly and he died, and is now in the grave. But let me tell you something...that body is going to come out of the grave and that body is going to perform, and don't you think it isn't for it is going to perform. For God says:...every last one of his sons and daughters is going to perform in this body, and in the earth. So when the resurrection comes they may not all have the same work to do until...they do some of the work they were supposed to do, but they will do the work they were sent to do and we do have this evidence of this fact. But when Christ comes in, then its going to be a great day and we think back to these things, and we think of His coming with His Mighty Hosts, and we know that the sky will be filled with the Hosts of The Most High God. And when they arrive on earth then the earth will be filled, but by that time there will be lots of room here because before that, the tares are going to be taken out...the Jews at least will be taken out. One of these days there will be none of the enemy here, and even tho its going to be just a short time before He comes, Yet after its all over, then He is going to gather all the wheat into the barn.

    So...you who are alive and remain are not going to hinder those asleep in Christ, for those also shall He bring with HIM. And the dead in Christ shall arise first, and then we who are alive and remain shall be transformed in a moment, in the essence of our being, in the twinkling of an eye, and so shall we ever be with the LORD. From this time on the LORD is at the head of His Hosts and they move and operate the whole area of the earth, and this is a part of the work of a returning, resurrected Christ, a triumphant Christ, and of course the Light of His effulgence is going to be a great spectacular..... in the hours of His return.

    Now....if you still want to know why you would want to come back here ...well you were out there a long time before you came down here, and even tho you are still here you don't understand that we have a job here to do, and there is a triumphant finish to this task, so this is why we are here, and why we want to come finish the task.

    There is probably a lot of spots out in the Universe that we have never seen, a lot of fishing holes out there in space that we haven't visited, and a lot of preachers out there that we haven't heard for a long time, but they will have to wait, for we have a job to do here first. People are in such a hurry today, they must get everything done, but after all we do have eternity ahead of us, for we have Eternal Life and we are never going to perish. I think that people who don't think about dying live longer and they just might be the ones who stay, and then go out of here in a space carrier someday. But we are a special privileged people to be here at the end of the age, because we are witnessing the fulfillment of Prophecy. We are seeing the things which those who died in the promise never saw. We have witnessed a great company of nations, and the great nation that God has raised up. We have witnessed the magnitude of God's creation. Today we are in the time of Jacob's Trouble, and all the disturbance that this time has brought, but remember all these other things that we have seen. As we have beheld God fulfilling His covenants, we who have witnessed this time of trouble realize that He actually said that you were going to be able to take the brunt of this. For when YAHWEH set up the date time of your birth, he timed your entrance here for the toughest time of all...do you realize that? That is what He did, and He didn't do this to hear you squawk or hear you gripe. He timed this time for you, and He selected those who would stand till death. Now a lot of them don't at this time, but they will before this is thru, but He has set you for this area of this age. He had determined that you will resist the enemy, and that you will despise the enemy, and that you will fight the enemy, and in all these things you will be triumphant, for we look for His appearing and His coming.

    Someone wrote in and asked what is the next great event which is about to happen? Is China going to attack us...Is Russia going to attack us? Well we could say that Armageddon is in its starting phase, and we could move into it quickly, and God could end it in a few months or a few years. We don't know the time, but we know we are near the time of the return of Christ, because of this then all of the signs are following the people who believe. And God said:...I am going to do a short work of righteousness, and do it in these people who believe in God.

    QUESTION:...What about the Scripture:...'It is given to man once to die and after that the judgment?

    ANSWER:...Here you are talking about the fact that you are ushered into the refining Glories of God, unto the areas of The Christ. Or the dead who wait for the resurrection day. But people such as the negroes who are dead until the resurrection are judged according to it. This is the Great White Throne which judges men of all races, but we are already judged in Christ and we are fulfilled in Christ. And the Book of Revelations says:...HE is going to give every man, not as his work has been, but he shall give every man as his work shall be, and this is going to be for the Glory of God, for the Praise of God, and the Honor of God forever. In otherwords God is going to give to every Adamite as his work shall be, according as to the greatness of His Atonement, and the magnitude of His Salvation. This is why He says in Revelation 22:11., He that is unjust let him be unjust, he which is filthy, let him be filthy still, and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still, and he that is holy, let him be holy still. Actually, what He is pointing out here in the Book of Revelation is that HE is going to bring to fruition all these things.

    QUESTION:...How did the elect get here?

    ANSWER:...Well, it was a rather strange operation, but somewhere in a Garden we were begotten by God in a physical body.

    QUESTION:...I don't mean that, I mean before the Adamic creation...how did the Elect get down here?

    ANSWER:...Oh! you mean before the Adamic creation when in spiritual entities we as sons and daughters of God were revealed to have come to earth to the Temples of Our Father? We came in spiritual entities, and we came as spiritual beings. They could see us at times when we materialized enough to be seen, and they could hear us sing the Praises. The Book of Horus told of how the sons and daughters of God sang with tremendous beauty, and they sang and extolled the Praises of YAHWEH. We held services in the Temples of YAHWEH, and there were times when the people of earth could hear us, and even at other times they could see us, for again the dimensions of spirit surround the world. It surrounds every physical creation, and our coming and goings were probably in ships of space. Possibly from one dimension to another we moved thru the spiritual planes. Right now you have around you in spiritual planes a great crowd of witnesses, and now you may not realize this, and then to, these witnesses overlook a lot of things that we do, because they realize that we are here in the flesh.

    Then we have Guardian Angels, and if we didn't have we would probably stub our toes more often than we do. So you see that we are never alone, for you have Administering spirits also. They there are highways in the spirit and one could be right thru this room and you wouldn't ever know it. Actually we are surrounded by this plane of spirit, and in that plane are so great a company of witnesses. and he said:...how did the King of Israel know that we were coming this way? The Soothsayers said:..there is a prophet with the King of Israel, and he even knows what goes on in thy bed chambers. So the king said:..we need that prophet, so they surrounded the place where Elijah was eating breakfast and his servant saw them and he was very disturbed and warned Elijah and said a great army is out there, it is the OGPU. But Elijah said:.. don't bother me as I am eating my breakfast, but the servant kept being disturbed so Elijah said:...Lord please show him so he will let me eat my breakfast, and God let the servant look into the plane of Spirit and let him see a great army surrounding them. Then you remember that when Christ was about to be seized and the hand cuffs put on him, that Peter drew his sword and cut the ear off the High Priest? I always thought he should have swung a little lower and cut off his neck. It would have been a little more impressive. But Christ put the ear back on and He could have done the same with the neck. Then The Christ said to Peter:...put up your sword, it isn't that I don't want you to have a sword because I told you to go sell your coat and buy a sword for you are going to need one, but...now...if you could only see, you would see that right now surrounding us are the Hosts of Heaven, and if I wanted too I could call in this league of Angels. Do you know that people pass right by that statement by Jesus and don't think anything of it? But after all...THAT WAS THE FULLNESS OF YAHWEH-YAHSHUA STANDING THERE! There was a legion of Angels standing by and this was the fullness of God which was going to be mis-tried by An'na and by Caiaphas, and then later would be crucified. Yet the Hosts of Heaven were standing by, just as they were when later the King of Glory went into the Netherworld and the Hosts of darkness were trying to hold Him out of the Netherworld. So again:....we are surrounded by so great a crowd of witnesses, and this is properly true of all the areas of God's creation, all the vastness of the sidereal systems and even here...this remains true. Then remember that when He tells us things like this, that there are woven like nuggets all thru the Scriptures, as things of Spirit, things of the Heavens ,such as the surrounding company of witnesses. Remember the battle of Munz...when the flower of the British Cavalry and the finest of the Germans Cavalry were rushing headlong across that field and would have destroyed each other? Now, God didn't want these to be destroyed because He had purposes for the House of Judah and the House of Joseph and He didn't want these men destroyed, so He scattered a great Angel Host with flaming swords across the plains of Munz. The Germans didn't see these Angels, but their horses wouldn't charge because they had become blind. The British Tommies actually saw these Angels stand across that field, but the Germans had to go back and they had to shoot their horses because they were blind. In the Book of Zechariah 12:4...it says: 'In that day when the horses of Judah shall be blinded in battle.' Here we saw this fulfillment of prophecy proving again that Judah is Germany. And now remember that army of Heavenly Hosts was there all the time, but was caused to appear at this time in the purposes of God. There were Angelic Hosts standing between those two armies of Israel, and they were 26' tall. The Angels are of tremendous sizes and yet they are our servants. Lucifer and his Angels didn't keep their first estate, and took for themselves the size and form of human beings and that is why it says they didn't keep their first estate. This was why there were giants in that land in those days, after they had intermingled with the daughters of the land. Because after their intermingling the dividing of cells which taped a mean norm between the spiritual entity of the size of the Angels, and the size of the physical parents caused offspring which were 16 feet tall. The true Angels are the Warrior Angels of The Most High, and they are about 26' tall and yet to 'None of these Angels did He ever say...Thou art my sons.' QUESTION:...It says you will be given strength to solve all your problems, but in Revelations when talking about the church of Philadelphia it says:...ye have little strength, so how can it meet its problems with little strength? ANSWER:...Now....He said here that He knew they had little strength and this was the church which was subject to Martyrdom, and the conditions that went along with Martyrdom, but at the same time He always gave them the positive side of assumption. For instance the Church of Thyatira, He knows that they have priestly assumption, and this was for the time of the dark ages, and they were still copying the Scriptures and keeping the Light alive, but also at that time they had...Priestcraft, and that was not good. Then God speaks out against the Church of Pergamos and set up their headquarters there, and they ran things from these headquarters at the time of Christ. This was the great gold buying center and Herod came from Pergamos. And because this was the head of Jewry Jesus said this was where the seat of Satan was. All these conditions that were spoken of to the church are speaking of the church proper, and it is still triumphant because it comes through this age. When I tell you that you are in the end of the Age, I tell you that you are in the church age of Laodicea, and the church age of Philadelphia at the same time. The Laodicea church age...is the hierarchies of the church who move out to carry the image of the church...but not the power of the church. The Philadelphia church is the True Church and this includes every Israelite....this included every fundamentalist who believes in the things of God and according to His knowledge and according to His greatness, so is His Power. We think sometimes in the areas of this thing, that we don't have enough power to carry us thru, but God has given us...with every temptation a way of escape. He has bestowed upon us an area of power, and we do have this power but sometimes we just throw up our hands here in the flesh in futility, and then we stop and start thinking of the things of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA and we are ashamed of ourselves. ......a clipping has been brought and it says:....The Vatican and the Kremlin are moving into a co-existence course. I would say that if the Vatican moves into a Co-existence course then it will have joined the false prophets and will truly be the carrier of the Beast. Now, if that be true, then Catholics will have to set out of the Catholic Church as it exists in Rome. Altho the word Catholic means Universal, they will have to separate themselves from the fallacy of the Pope of Rome, if the Catholics of the Vatican made a deal with the Kremlin. If you would see that co-existence come to pass then it will be in the area of the false prophet. And then the area of the church that does this will be taking on the area of the false prophet. Know that it will be the False Prophet for all pagan religions, all Jewry is the False Prophet. And the Beast System of Jewry is the Major False Prophet, but this church being such a super head with its half Jew at the top is good for being a Jew most of the time and people will have to get out of her. Look at Gov. Brown, he is half Jewish and half Catholic and he is Catholic part of the time and then the Jew shows up. (This is talking about the father of the present Governor of California, and in May 1976, the Times Magazine says that Jerry Brown has going for him the fact of Jesuit...Talmudic..and Sexy...what a combination!) Anyhow if the Catholic Church at the Vatican makes a co-existence pack with the Kremlin then we will tell you that the whole Ecumenical Council will be the church of Laodicea with quite open acknowledgment. And therefore God says for the people to come out of her and this will be very important for them. ------A U.S. Scientist wants to X-ray the Pyramid and find the burial chambers? Well there isn't any burial chambers in the Great Pyramid, they are on the outside. They may find another chamber but not a burial chamber.

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