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An Enraged, Disgusted, And Exasperated Scream By A Disgruntled Audience Member And Would-Be Assassin, Masquerading As An Impassioned Soliliquoy From A Darkened Corner Of The Far-Right Wing Of The Theater.

(Suck On That For A Title!!! :-D ;-))

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Well, they tell us there is an election afoot. An event of unspeakable importance, which will change our lives forever, and which we should all be taking oh-so-seriously.

They also told us that FDR didn't have prior knowledge of Pearl Harbor, that Castro got rid of all those big, nasty, Russian missiles, that Oswald killed JFK all by his lonesome, that the Branch Davidians were a mortal threat to our democratic way of life, that the OKC Bombing was masterminded by a couple of inbred peckerwoods that didn't like the smell of Hillary's snatch, that 9/11 was carried out by a bunch of camel-riding, towel-wearing, wife-beating Arabs with small penises who "hate our freedom", and, most recently, that John Kerry actually lost the 2004 election, all of which have proven to be *PATENTLY FALSE*, so you might just want to consider the source. ;-(

Why would any *INTELLIGENT* person think, for even a moment, that, after murdering over 3,000 American citizens on 9/11, not to mention *AT LEAST* as many more in the Iraq War, (which is not even counting the 100,000+ Iraqi civilians he's killed) our Self-Deluded, Self-Proclaimed Emperor would relinquish power? :-/

Did he do all those things merely to AMUSE himself, or was there a point to them? And, if there WAS a point to them, then what could it possibly be besides either to remain in power indefinitely, or, otherwise, to hand the baton over to Brother Jeb in 2008? (And, since we've seen that Jeb ain't running, that kinda narrows it down. ;-) )

These are serious questions that demand an answer.

Grant it, some have speculated that the Bush family is taking "the long view" on this one, betting on Ms. Rotten Clit to first get the nomination, then win the general election, and summarily become so hated by the Amerikan electorate that Jeb becomes a shoo-in for 2012.

I'll admit that that could be a possibility, but, then again, why take the chance? Such a strategy might backfire on him. After all, Amerika gave Herr Hillary and her drug-addled, pussy-chasing husband two terms in the White House before. Who's to say they wouldn't do it again?

Under the present circumstances, it makes *MUCH* more sense for "Shrubya" to merely stage another "false flag" attack,---possibly taking out a whole American city this time,---declare martial law, and stay in power indefinitely, either until he falls over dead from old age, or Daddy Reptoid says it's time to play musical chairs in the Oval Office. :-0 :-(

Besides, there's no guarantee that Rotten Clit will even get the nomination. It may, just as likely, go to Obama, in which case, the Republican candidate, whoever he may be, will win, since we all know that white America is *NOT* ready for a black President.

And just what do the polls tell us about our current situation? Well, they tell us that people are ready for a change. That the Left is *VERY* unsatisfied with Hillary, and that the Right is just as unsatisfied with the current crop of Republican contenders. Yet the Lefties are quite skeptical about Obama's chances of actually winning the general election, (as well they should be) and the Republicuntz aren't even thinking about voting for Ron Paul. Yet, Obama and Paul are the most "change"-oriented candidates in their respective parties.

They tell us that *AT LEAST* 68% of the electorate STRONGLY disapproves of George W. Bush, yet about the same percentage of Republicuntz actually APPROVE of him. They tell us that while only 11% approve of the job Congress is currently doing, over 60% plan to vote Democratic in the next Congressional election. And they tell us that at least 50% of the electorate simply *WILL NOT* vote for Hillary Clinton, in any event. :-/ What does it all mean? Well, look at it this way: SUPPOSE THEY HELD AN ELECTION AND NOBODY CAME. ;-) The natives are indeed getting restless, my friends. Revolution may be in the air. :-)

Then again, though, there is another way of looking at it. One could deduce from these polls that the great masses of the sheopledumb, ignorant as they are, are as skeptical about this FARCE of an election as I am. :-/ ;-( They are simply waiting for the other shoe to fall. :-(

God knows I'm certainly not the ONLY one suggesting the possibility, or even LIKELYHOOD of another "false flag" attack, followed by martial law, rather than a timely evacuation of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by the Mass-Murderer-In-Chief. Stephen Colbert and John Stewart were joking about it as early as last spring. There is at least one YouTube video on the subject, and probably more. And, just a couple of weeks ago, no less "mainstream" a personage than CNN's Wolf Blitzer actually stated, with a straight, if not downright somber face in a post-debate commentary that Bush "might, I repeat, *MIGHT* be leaving office in 2009". That is pretty damn close to an exact quote, and I've got it on VHS videotape (soon to be on DVD) to prove it. :-0 Scary stuff, people. Scary stuff.

The whole thing is nothing but one big, elaborate stage play to entertain us and keep us distracted for a few months, so that we take our minds off all of the *REAL* shit that is going on in the world, like Bush's stubborn and self-deluded insistence on getting us into a war with Iran, in spite of the best efforts of our military, CIA, and every other foreign policy expert worth his salt. (And, by the way, if you actually believe he has given up his insane attempts, your head is so far up your ass you couldn't pull it out with a forklift. Believe me, it *IS* gonna happen. It's just a question of WHEN, not if. :-( )

All the world's a stage, after all, and the Powers That Be,---those vile, Satan-worshipping vermin, directly descended from the Rephaim,---are the self-appointed stage managers. It really makes their little panties wet to see how they can twist and distort even our very perception of reality. Fucking swine. :-(

I am reminded of the introduction to Fritz Springmeier's excellent expose, BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI. I am also reminded of a couple of lines from Yeats: "Players and painted stage took all my love."/"And not those things which they were emblems of."

I determined many months ago that those lines were *NOT* going to describe me. Pray that God will give you enough discretion that they won't describe you, either.

The fact remains that, if Bush really DID intend to relinquish power, he would simply go through the usual motions: Instruct Dick Cheney to run for the Presidency, and sit back and watch, demurely, if a little smugly, while he gets his clock cleaned by Ms. Rotten Clit. Then, he would, perhaps, have temporaily lost control of the country, but *NOT* the Republican Party, and, undoubtedly, Jeb would be the nominee in 2012.

But allowing individuals like Fred Thompson and John McCain to run for the office seems absolutely foolhardy. Either one of them could, quite possibly, beat Hillary, thereby wresting control of the Republican Party away from the Bush family for another eight years. And God knows WHAT kind of a mood the Amerikan sheople are likely to be in in 2016!!! It simply boggles the mind. Doesn't sound like the "Shrubya" I know. ;-(

No, like I say, the whole thing is, most likely, a farce, with the cable news networks playing their little "bitch" roles to a "T". :-( Never in my life have I seen so many TV networks not only airing the debates, but actually COMPETING with each other for the so-called "privilege". :-/

Used to be, if you wanted to watch something as wonky and presumedly boring as a political debate, particularly over a year before a general election, when every Tom, Dick, and Harriet is still in the running, the only place you would be able to find such Nielsen poison would be C-SPAN. Now even the freaking LIFETIME network is weighing in.

And yet, for all the hype and hoopla, these debates have barely registered a virtual blip on the ratings radar screen. Not even a drop in the bucket compared to the usual lowest-common-denominator tripe like AMERICAN EYE-DULL. Apparently, the brainwashing just isn't working, which means martial law will be coming sooner than you think. GET READY!!!

The fact of the matter is that "Shrubya" belongs to what may now be *THE* most powerful Illuminati family on Planet Earth. I believe they replaced the Kennedys in the Illuminati hierarchy right after the murder of RFK in 1968, and, once JFK Jr. was out of the picture, that once-powerful family's fate was sealed. They were out of the Council of 13. There is simply no way that Bush could've gotten away with even HALF of the shit he's done if he didn't hold an *EXTREMELY* high position within their hierarchy. Otherwise, his fellow Elitists would've simply removed him from power, either by the threat of impeachment, or with a bullet.

However, Madame Hillary's ranking within that hierarchy is nothing to sneeze at, either. She is a Grand Dame, which is the fifth-highest degree within the Order. She seems to be thinking it's about time that Amerika, already a monarchy in all but name, had its own Queen Mother, and, perhaps, her fellow Elitists may be inclined to agree with her. :-/ As matriarchal as those Satanists are, I must admit, it's quite possible. :-(

But, as for Barack Obama, CFR member or not, he's their worst nightmare, unless their intention, all along, was to create a shitload of civil unrest as a pretext for martial law, followed by the installation of some other dictator, rather than the one we've currently got. They'd never allow him to actually take the Oath of Office, otherwise, even if he was elected President, the likelyhood of which I highly doubt. :-/

Ever since the Holy Bible first appeared in the English language, there has been much speculation as to the meaning of Revelation 13:15-18, concerning the Mark of the Beast, and the number associated with it: 666.

While it is generally agreed that the symbolic meaning of the number is simply that a man (6) is proclaiming himself to be God (3), it is widely believed that there is another, more cryptic meaning to this mysterious number, which would only come to be known in the End Times.

Most people have speculated that the three sixes refer to the number of letters in the first, middle, and last name of this individual who will be the Antichrist, or, perhaps, the date of his birth. (For instance, 6/6/'06 or 6/6/'66.) This, they suggest, is what is meant by the phrase "the number of his name" in verse 17. However, I have another theory.

Since the Book of Daniel tells us that the Antichrist "seeks to change times and laws", couldn't it also be that this fellow, brazen as he is, might actually try to change the name of a whole COUNTRY??? And could this, then, be "the number of his name"---the name which he tries to force on the people of this country, and the number of letters in that name??? It is certainly a question worth looking into. ;-)

Could this mysterious number also refer to the date on which this new name for said country is proclaimed? It certainly seems logical to me.

One thing is for certain: When the Antichrist comes to power, it will *NOT* be during a time of peace and prosperity, when everyone is satisfied with things the way they are. It will be at a time when people are literally scared out of their minds, for only then will the seemingly powerful rulers of all the individual nations,---puppets of the International Banksters though they may be,---agree to give up their power and sovereignty without a struggle, and their subjects along with them. It would require an act so horrible as to frighten the multitudes into world government, against their own better judgement. And a MAJOR terrorist attack, one which takes out a whole city, would certainly serve such a purpose.

Here is what I believe will happen: If Hillary trounces Obama during the early primaries, and goes on to easily win the Democratic Nomination, then perhaps----PERHAPS---"Shrubya" will evacuate the Oval Office without a fight, leaving Rotten Clit to clean up his mess, and we will see a virtually terror-free 2008.

If, however, Obama looks as though he's likely to get the nomination by late April,---WATCH OUT!!! And the specific date you need to watch out for is April 29, 2008. Why, you ask? It's very simple: April 29, 2008 WILL MARK *EXACTLY* SIX YEARS, SIX MONTHS, AND SIX WEEKS SINCE THE 9/11 ATTACKS!!! :-0

Now don't you think that a man brazen enough to proclaim himself to be God will also claim to be perfect??? Of course he will!!! If he claims Godhood (3), then he will, most assuredly, also claim Perfection (7). And, if a man proclaiming himself to be God gives us 666, then a man claiming Perfection will give us 666.6666, that is to say, six years, six months, six weeks, six days, six hours, six minutes and six seconds. The exact time of the attack, then, will be 2:52:06 PM, April 29, 2008.

Then will come the changing of the "times and laws" mentioned in the Book of Daniel. This Antichrist, George W. Bush, will claim that the nation has been reborn as a result of the attack, and, therefore, must have a new name and a new national holiday. The name will be IDEAUM, (six letters) and the holiday will, of course, be the date of the attack, 4/29/'08.

Both of these will appear on the National ID Card that Bush will soon manage to easily foist upon the Amerikan sheople, and, when this is given up as simply being too unreliable, the next step will be a biometric chip, inserted in the right hand, with the same information contained in it.

Now, at this point, I'm sure many of you have noticed that, while I mentioned the "right hand" of verse 16, I failed to mention the "forehead". There is a reason for this. I simply don't believe that the biochip will be implanted there. The public simply wouldn't stand for it, terror or no terror. Besides, you *MUST* understand that evil is *MUCH* more subtle than this. Anyway, Satan would rather have VOLUNTARY compliance than FORCED obedience. He prefers to conquer the hearts and minds of the people than to merely control their physical bodies. Look at Adolf Hitler, for example. A forerunner to the Antichrist if ever there was one.

No, I don't believe that the Mark of the Beast will be either stamped upon the forehead or implanted therein, in the form of an actual physical device, such as a biochip. I believe that people will simply be required to memorize the name and number of the Beast, and those who are uncomfortable with having the microchip implanted in their right hand, and all the loss of personal freedom and privacy that that would seem to incur will not be required to do so. They must simply remember that the new name of the country is IDEAUM, and its national holiday is 4/29/'08.

These must be recited whenever one wishes to acquire employment or buy anything at a store. The Image of the Beast, which, of course, will be the Beast himself, watching through a sort of telescreen, (a device which, by the way, currently exists and is already in use) will watch to see that these questions are answered correctly, or, otherwise, the individual in question will receive no job, or goods, as the case may be, and will be hauled off to the nearest slave labor camp.

You may be wondering where I got the name "IDEAUM" from. It actually is an anagram for "Idumea", the name of a country mentioned several times in the Old Testament, including Ezekiel 36 & Isaiah 34. It literally means "the Edomites".

We know from the Bible that God hated and cursed Edom, or Esau. One theory is that Edom was the actual progenitor of the race of people now claiming to be "Jews". George W. Bush is a secret Jew, as are the rest of the Bush family, the English Royal Family, and many of the German nobility. Though they try to pass themselves off as "Gentiles", they are all descended from the same racial stock. Ethnically, they are Jews.

To anyone familiar with occult practices, it should come as no surprise that a Satanist would get a sort of perverse thrill out of hiding a fact within a myth, thereby encrypting the racial reality of IDUMEA within the high-minded philosophical claptrap of IDEAUM. This is merely par for the course. Satanists love "hiding things in plain sight", especially when it comes to words. For instance, the very name of "Satan" they like to mask as "Natas", (Satan spelled backwards), "Sanat", as New Age leader J.Z. Knight calls her "Spirit Guide", or even "Santa"!!! (See Springmeier's BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI.)

The neo-cons and their Popperite cousins on the Left like to claim that this is a "Proposition Nation", based on the Judeo-Masonic notion of "equality", hence the name, "IDEAUM". Those who don't share their Satanic and historically inaccurate delusion are in for rough times, indeed. :-(