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Let's take a look at the Rogue's Gallery of jokers and fools lined up on the Deomocratic side this time, shall we? ;-)

First of all, we have Herr Hillary Rotten Clit, living proof of the fact that SATAN HAS TITS. All that she really has going for her is the fact that she ran the country for eight years, while her husband was out chasing skirts and snorting coke. That and an alleged vagina. ;-D :-0 :-/ Of course, in a political climate like we have today, said vagina could actually be seen as a liability, rather than an asset. This sure as hell ain't 1992. ;-( Still, this swine in a pantsuit arrogantly insists that, as the old Jew-penned World War II ditty goes, she "did it before" and she "can do it again". Only time will tell whether she's right about that or not.

Well, if Madame Lucifer herself isn't enough to make you want to evacuate your colon, for the first time since 1988, we's got us a BIG BUCK NIGGAH who's an actual contender for the nomination. One Barack "Say-It-Loud-I'm-Black-And-I'm-Proud! (Well, HALF Of Me, Anyway.)" Obama. He seems to be scoring a lot of points by appealing to the Party's anti-war base and pointing out Herr Hillary's half-assedness at every given opportunity. (And, believe you me, the bitch has given him plenty.) If he scores big early on, he might just succeed in derailing the Rotten Clit Express, once and for all. Let's hope so, Atreyu. Let's hope so. Otherwise, it is gonna be one long, miserable year. :-(

John "Jerkwad" Edwards, who, as Scalawag Extraordinaire, rightly earned my chagrin during the 2004 election, is back in it again this year, and seems to be doing quite well in Iowa. Talk is he might even win it. His whole "two Americas" schpiel is playing pretty well up there with the down-on-their-luck farmers and downsized factory workers. But, at this point, all that is academic. The point is this: THE MEDIA CONSIDERS HIM A SERIOUS CANDIDATE. He is a white, heterosexual Gentile male, and the media considers him a serious camdidate. That is his strongest selling point.

And, if he wins Iowa, or even comes in second, he may as well just change his name to The Only Viable White Male Candidate In The Democratic Race, because that is what he has become. And, if he wins Iowa, he'll be sure to stay in it long enough to win his home state of North Carolina, and possibly even pick up Tennessee as well. States like Oklahoma and Missouri also tend to lean in his direction.

Because, frankly, there are a hell of a lot of white, blue-collar Deomocrats out there who simply *WILL NOT* vote for a nigger or anything with a twat. And they tend to live in rural areas like the Midwest and the Appalachian South. These people are *NOT* to be discounted, in any way, shape, or form, and the only way they will even CONSIDER voting for Hillary is if Edwards drops out of the race before they get a chance to vote, and they're FORCED to pick either her or Obama. Even then, many of them may simply switch parties and vote for Huckabee, should it come to that.

Chris "Douchebag" Dodd has proven himself generally useless as teats on a boar hog. Aside from a brief moment of glory (a virtual blip on the political radar screen) in which he chided Herr Hillary for her support of giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens, back in early November, he's basically just been lying there stinking like a Texas prarie muffin.

Bill "I-Know-I-Don't-Look-It-But-I'm-A-Beaner" Richardson never ceases to remind us that, as Governor of the state of New Mexico, he signed a "Hate Crimes" Bill into law. And he promises to do the same thing on a Federal level, should he become President. That's reason enough not to vote for the hound dog-faced hombre right there.

Nonetheless, for my money, there's no more obnoxious candidate in the race, in either party, than Joe "Blowhard" Biden. This two-legged reptile made my shitlist for life when I found out he had been the main architect of the so-called "Violence Against Women Act", which "Shrubya" signed into law a couple of years ago.

But what raised his Fraud Factor to Jimmy Swaggart-like levels of buffoonery was the unintentionally hilarious answer he gave to the question of why this allegedly "anti-war" candidate voted for yet another increase in spending for the war.

He re-stated the tired old establishment Democrat line about not having enough votes to effect any meaningful change in our Iraq policy, which he himself knows is PURE HORSESHIT. If they had a pair of *BALLS* they would simply stand up and refuse to send Fuehrer Bush anymore funds, and then he would either *HAVE* to bring the troops home, or turn to private sources to continue to fund it, which would be an impeachable offense. Of course, to do this, however, would require a *SPINE*, which, as we all know, slimy, scaly little REPTILES happen to lack. Bush might question their patriotism and they would have to run home crying to their mommies.

But then he sputtered something about not allowing any soldier to be harmed to make a cheap political point, (a jab aimed at Hillary and Obama, who both voted against the increase, though, paragons of integrity that they are, they waited until after the measure had already been passed to cast their votes. :-( ) adding something to the effect that, if it cost him the nomination, so be it. And, I swear to God, it looked like he was gonna cry!!! :-O :-D :-/ I'd be willing to bet anything that, in about three more seconds, he would've started sucking his thumb like a little baby. GOD, WHAT A WUSS!!! And he wants to be the leader of the Free World??? I wouldn't let him manage a Pizza Hut. ;-(

Dennis "The Menace" Kucinich, aka The Hobbit With The Hot Wife, is basically saying all the same old shit he was saying in 2004 all over again. And, though at least 75% of it is no less true now than it was then, it seems to be wearing rather thin. Why? Well, the main reason seems to be...............

.................Mike "Rock-In-The-Water" Gravel. (Actually pronounced "gruh-VELLE", although Stephen Colbert has suggested it should be pronounced as it is spelled, since it fits his flinty personality. I can't help but agree. :-) ) His genuine anger and no-nonsense manner are certainly a refreshing change for the party that is usually about as interesting as an Amish swimwear catalog. Before Obama started hammering the half-eaten babies out of Hillary, his presence in any given debate was the *ONLY* thing that made it watchable for me.

So...........there you have them.

The only real drama out of the Democratic side this time is coming from the showdown between Obama and Hillary, which, undoubtedly, has been heating up ever since Rotten Clit's first fumble, back in November. Now it has reached the boiling point. Tommorrow is the Iowa Caucus, and we shall see what we shall see. With any luck, Obama will have driven a stake through her heart, and the name of that stake will be John Edwards. ;-D

I'm hoping to see Edwards win, with Obama finishing second, and Hillary a distant third. If that happens, the New Hampshire contest is as good as sewn up for Obama, and, most likely, South Carolina as well.

With any luck, he'll be able to win all the states in the Deep South with a majority black population: Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. If he can do that, and win in Michigan and Washington,---two states that certainly ought to be leaning in his direction right about now,---while Edwards racks up wins in states like Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, Missouri, and Oklahoma, the two will have succeeded in, to quote the Fool in King Lear, "eating up the middle" of the Electoral Egg, only leaving Hillary "the two crowns", that is to say, the shell. :-D It will be a one-two punch that knocks her out for the count. Let's all pray that that happens. ;-)

Because, frankly, I don't think Obama can do it alone. He simply has too much baggage, being a nigger. All Rotten Clit is really about with this "I'm electable!" stuff is just not-so-subtly playing the race card by suggesting that Obama, being black, is *NOT* so electable. Grant it, this strategy might backfire, when black voters begin to see it for the INSULT that it, frankly, is. But that cunt is so brazen that she just automatically ASSUMES she can get away with it, and, unfortunately, she just might. :-(

At any rate, we *CANNOT* just trust it to fate that Hillary's strategy will blow up in her face. The only effective way to fight racism has always been with *MORE* racism. ;-D

That's why it helps us to have Edwards in there, looking like he's got a shot. It splits the racist vote between Hillary and Edwards, and, frankly, Hillary comes out the loser, because Edwards is *MUCH* more popular with the party's liberal base than she is. And he is even MORE "electable" than Hillary, because, guess what? He's not *ONLY* white, he's MALE. Be not deceived. God is not mocked. For he who liveth by the sword of "electability" shall die by the sword of "electability". ;-( :-D

And, if you're thinking, right now, that it seems I'm maybe getting a little too enthusiastic about the whole prospect of Hillary falling on her face, if you're wondering why I even care so much whether Commie #1 or Commie #2 gets the nomination, if you think it somewhat strange that I, an admitted White Separatist and neo-Confederate Secessionist actually seem to be endorsing a NIGGER for the presidency of the United States, I will be glad to explain it to you. :-)

You see, I, unlike my deluded, reactionary, racial chauvinist counterparts, am a REALIST. ;-) I realize that we are *NOT* gonna restore America to its pre-1954 state through the bloody goddamned ballot box, or restore the Old Confederacy by sitting on our asses merely lamenting its passing. Nor are we ever going to convince the MINDLESS, SOUL-LESS MASSES of the rightness of our cause, when they're already poised to send us to the fucking gulags, the minute they get the chance. :-( THE *ONLY* CHANCE WE HAVE IS REVOLUTION!!!

And that chance becomes *MUCH* slimmer, if January 2009 rolls around, and finds Ms. Rotten Clit taking the Oath Of Office. When and if that happens, I greatly fear that everything will return to the way it was before Bush and his neo-con buddies and their little Zionist cloak-and-dagger foreign policy intrigues ever came along. The liberals will be pacified, and go back to sleep, and the redneck vermin on the right will simply start selecting a candidate for 2012. And we will have lost our opportunity,---quite possibly FOREVER. :-/

We simply *CANNOT* allow that to happen!!! There is a poll out right now that says something like 65% of the electorate trusts Hillary Clinton. :-0 THAT IS HORRIFYING!!! That means that, should that CUNT get elected and do another "false flag" attack, the response will be like 9/12/'01 all over again!!! All the anger, the bitterness, the divisiveness that was there under the surface, that *WE* on the Far Right and Far Left worked our butts off to fan the flames of for the past seven years, until it finally became a towering inferno of discontent will be for nothing.

Never before in our history have we seen these kinds of divisions. Not since the Civil War. In reality, these rabid, dyed-in-the-wool Bush people are like the John Bell Constitutional Union Party people in 1860. They are effectively irrelevant. Now, as then, we have Secessionists on the Right who are just as committed to separate themselves from this vile, Antichrist Babylonian society as the Radical Leftists are determined to burn it all down to the ground and then burn the ashes. Such a potential for revolution has never before existed.

But, if we allow Rotten Clit to be elected, all of that is out the window. She will unify the Amerikan sheople, and she will unify them AGAINST US. Whether you're a right-wing survivalist or a left-wing anarchist makes no difference. America as we know it will cease to exist. Everything we ever feared from Bush will happen---just under another, more popular, and, therefore, more *DANGEROUS* president. She will outlaw free speech and she will outlaw guns, all the while being applauded by members of that 52% of the population, damn near *ALL* of which wants to eat her slimy little reptoid pussy. :-( It's our own damn fault. We brought it on ourselves by giving them the so-called "right" to vote in the first place. May God forgive us, because history never will.

Now I will be the first to admit that, *IF* I am right about the whole Election thing being as phony as a $3 bill, and Bush's intention is to do another "false flag" sometime between now and the conventions, then all of this will simply be irrelevant. BUT WE CAN'T JUST COUNT ON THAT!!! If that is the case, then fine.

But, if it's like I'm starting to believe it is, and Plan A is to simply sit on the sidelines and do nothing while Rotten Clit gets elected, based on the assumption that she will be a lousy and unpopular president, and be defeated by Jeb in 2012, then Plan B will only go into effect if *WE* step in and do our damnedest to see that Hillary *DOESN'T* get the nomination. And that is what we *MUST* do.

This marks the first time that this website has ever endorsed a candidate, and it will damn sure be the last. Right now it seems that the ball is in Obama's court. If he fails to run with it, it will be nobody's fault but his. If, after a few weeks, it becomes clear that I have "hitched my wagon to a stump", so to speak, I will have to develop some other strategy for revolution.

But, right now, it looks like Obama is a virtual goldmine. There are just so many ways to WIN with this guy. :-D For instance, if it looks like he's gonna get the nomination, Bush might go apeshit and nuke a whole city. I've already talked about that scenario. On the other hand, let's say he is allowed to get the nomination, on the assumption that the Republican candidate is so weak that even Obama will be able to beat him. And let's say it's a close election---at least as close as the Bush/Kerry race of 2004--but the Republican manages to beat him. Now what do you think that bunch of angry, vicious ghetto apes are gonna do when they realize they've been robbed of their chance to have a black president??? THINK ABOUT IT!!! ;-D They almost rioted, back in 2000, just because Al Gore lost, and he was a WHITE MAN. :-/ Just imagine what they'll do when they come within a stone's throw of having one of their OWN in the White House, and then find out they're not gonna get the opportunity. Can you say RACE WAR??? :-)

Then, let's say the unexpected and damned near impossible happens, and Obama does win. Can you think of a better way to light a fire under the asses of these so-called "Secessionists" of today and force them to act like the kind of men their forefathers were? I certainly can't.

So, basically, the only way you can stand to lose with this guy is if *HE* loses. If he allows Hillary to kick his ass in the primaries. All he has to do is hang in there until the bitter end, and make people think he's likely to get the nomination, and *WE* can't lose!!!! We *WILL* get our revolution!!! This is, undoubtedly, the best chance we've had in years.

Therefore, I, Charles Gavan O'Lanahan, founder and administrator of this site, do hereby endorse the candidacy of Barack Obama for the 2008 Democratic Nomination. If he looks like he's still in the running, by the time of the Tennessee primary, I will vote for him. And I encourage all of my fellow resisters, whether on the Far Right or the Far Left to forget about this Ron Paul silliness, and start working their butts off for Obama, especially if you live in a state where he actually has a chance to win. (Majority black or left-leaning.)

Try to convince all your racialist friends that a vote for Obama is a vote for race war. Try to convince all your anarchist friends not to waste their votes on Ron Paul, who is *NOT* gonna get the Republican nomination, in any event. Let them know that an Obama/Edwards ticket is the quickest path to revolution.