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    I failed to mention it before, but Joe Biden and Chris Dodd dropped out of the race after the Iowa Caucus. Good shittin' riddance. ;-(

    After New Hampshire, Bill Richardson also dropped out of the Democratic race. Once again, GOOD SHITTIN' RIDDANCE!!! :-D

    Then, immediately after last Saturday's South Carolina Republican Primary, Duncan Hunter dropped out. Two days ago, Fred Thompson, who came in third in that state, (his highest showing) followed suit, making him the SIXTH Republican to drop out of the race since last April. :-/

    Not that there's anything weird about that, mind you. At this point in the race, one would really expect the field of candidates to be narrowing.

    No, what's weird is the fact that, after Iowa, New Hampshire, and even South Carolina, we *STILL* have FIVE CANDIDATES left!!! And, leaving out Ron Paul, it's *STILL* anybody's guess as to which one will win the nomination.

    Not only is there not ONE clear frontrunner, the Republicans, unlike the Democrats, haven't even gotten it narrowed down to TWO frontrunners yet. :-/

    Mike Huckabee won Iowa, and, though he hasn't won another state since, (including South Carolina, which most of the pundits expected him to win) it would be premature to write him off. Especially since, with Fred Thompson out of the race, he seems a cinch to win most of the Southern states on "Super Duper" Tuesday, as they're calling it this year.

    John McCain won New Hampshire and South Carolina, but, in truth, he wouldn't have won New Hampshire if not for the "fuck you" attitude of the people of that state, and, as for South Carolina, let's face it: If Fred Thompson hadn't been there, drawing votes away from Huckabee, Huckabee would've won that state. Basically, he's running on fumes, and he knows it. :-)

    Rudy Giuliani hasn't done JACK SHIT, as of yet, but like the old tin pan alley Jew tune goes, he's "putting all his eggs in one basket": Florida. He's betting on strong support from all the New York Jews that have gone down there to retire. Will his strategy work? Who knows? But he's betting that, if it does, he'll be able to stay in there until "Super Duper" Tuesday, when he expects to win New York and California. It is the most ELITIST strategy we've seen in a long time, and is bound to piss off a lot of rank-and-file Republicans, particularly out here in so-called "flyover country". ;-(

    Then there's Mitt Romney. He won Michigan and Nevada, and, apparently, some kind of unofficial "straw poll" held in Wyoming. The Gordon Gecko Republicans,---that cadre of money-grubbing sleazebuckets best represented by Rush Limbaugh---, have chosen him as their leader. Not surprisingly, he's a generational Satanist, whose father was involved in the ritual torture and molestation of numerous children. :-/ Frankly, I doubt that he is even HUMAN, hence the nickname I have given him, Romney The Reptoid.

    So, instead of having a clear frontrunner, or even two primary rivals for that title, what we have is a sort of four-headed-beast called RudyMcRomnabee. I think the obvious question is: Why?

    The last time we've seen a field this wide this late in the game was 1996. But the situation then was quite different. Then, the Republican contenders were battling for the rather dubious honor of running against a rather popular incumbent President. Understandably, then, there were questions to be asked about who was best suited to go up against that incumbent.

    But, this time around, it's wide open. There's no incumbent running for the office in either party, and, for the first time since I've been alive, the incumbent Vice President isn't seeking the office either. And, let's face it, the bar has *NEVER* been set any lower. It's not like you would have to do much to succeed George W. Bush. ;-(

    Why, then, is there such discontent and uncertainty on the Republican side? Is it, perhaps, because all the polls are predicting a Democratic landslide in the Congress, regardless of who wins the Presidency? Do none of them really want to win the nomination??? Do they all secretly want to lose??? It makes you wonder. ;-)

    This could be like the real-life version of a SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE skit that aired back in late 1990. It involved a number of leading Democrats trying to cajole each other into running for the '92 Presidential Election. Each one would make a speech, endorsing another, and then that candidate would make a speech, saying what a horrible person he/she was, and how unfit they were for the office. Then they would state all the good qualities that the one who endorsed them had. It was sort of like a verbal game of "hot potato". ("You run!" "No, you run!!!" ) :-D

    I suspect, however, that the situation has less to do with the candidates being too cowardly to face up to the possiblity of a "lame duck" status, with a hostile, oppposition-run Congress, than it does with the AMERICAN ELECTORATE simply NOT LIKING ANY OF THEM. :-/ ;-(

    If current trends continue, we may well end up with a brokered convention this summer. And, with *ALL* of the current candidates so unpopular, who do you think they would nominate? Maybe JEB BUSH??? :-O :-0 :-/ :-D ;-( Who knows? Believe you me, stranger things have happened. In this most volatile of all election years, I wouldn't rule *ANYTHING* out. :-(

    Earlier today, I found out that Dennis Kucinich had also dropped out of the race, on the Democratic side.

    I'm assuming that Gravel has done so, as well, since the reporter said that now there were only THREE candidates left in the Democratic race, but, then again, they could've been mistaken. When I get it *OFFICIALLY* confirmed, I'll post it here.

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