by CGO


Well, here we are, two days away from the South Carolina Democratic Primary.

Ever since Hillary had her ass handed to her by Obama in the Iowa Caucus, her husband, Ol' Slick-Dick Himself, has been beating up on him like that Scottish overseer in the movie, ROOTS. :-/

He called Obama's campaign "a fairy tale" and accused him of offering people "false hope". He may as well have just come out and said what he really meant: "Who the hell does that NIGGER think he is running for President, anyway?" "Don't the silly jigaboo know he CAN'T win???" But, of course, don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen. ;-(

Only Bill Clinton could ever make such BLATANTLY racist statements and actually get away with it. Any other white man, ----particularly a Republican---, and the Jewsmedia would've treated him to a "high-tech lynching", to use Clarence Thomas's phrase.

But this, after all, was "Pimp Daddy Clinton": Patron Saint Of NIGGERS The World Over, Regardless Of What Color. :-( He can say just about anything he damn well pleases, and all the STUPID blacks in this country, and around this world will go along with it. :-/

If it succeeds, however, especially in South Carolina, then the blacks in this country don't even *DESERVE* to pick the Democratic nominee, let alone the President. For that matter, I don't think they should even be allowed to vote in the first place, because they are FUCKING IDIOTS. :-( I don't know what else you can call someone who is fucking *STUPID* enough to second-guess himself, just because some person of a *DIFFERENT* race says that he should. :-/

I mean, can you even IMAGINE a white person voting for a candidate who was out there INSULTING his race like that? He'd be lucky if they didn't hang him.

If, after 40-odd years of screaming about "Black power!" and "Black pride!", and threatening with violence every white who dared make the slightest criticism of any black, for any reason, Sambo is so secretly riddled with self-doubt about his own race that he would actually sooner vote for an "ugly old white woman", on the advice of her husband, a WHITE SOUTHERN MALE, than one of their *OWN* people,---and *NOT* because they're so terrified of the prospect of the Republican candidate winning, but just to teach the black candidate a lesson about "getting too uppity",---then I will be forced to admit that I *DO NOT* understand black people at all. :-/ I have often suspected that the vast majority of them were STUPID, but I must admit, it never occured to me that they might actually be INSANE. :-0

Prior to Rotten Clit's Iowa loss, most of the pundits seemed to agree that having Slick-Dick running around the country campaigning for her was more of a negative than a positive. Then, after she lost, they were advising her to "put a muzzle on him". But she didn't do it. She didn't even attempt to do it. And we all know she could do it, if she actually wanted to. ;-(

After the colossal beating she took in Iowa, it seemed that she had painted herself into a corner. You see, she was running against a black man, and her "You don't have enough experience." tactic had failed. So what did she have left? There was no dirt to be dug up on this squeaky-clean choirboy. None that he himself hadn't already acknowledged and repented of. So he was unblackmailable.

And, for her to even HINT at the idea of her opponent's race being some kind of a liability seemed unthinkable. Some liberal cartoonist would picture her in a KKK outfit yelling: "Yee-haw!!!" "White Power!!!". :-D

And the reason for this was quite ironic: It was due, very much to the efforts of HILLARY CLINTON herself, back in the 1990's. She had been one of the main architects of the CULTURAL BOLSHEVISM known as "political correctness", which has been foisted upon us, via the Jewsmedia and public schul system, ever since about 1992.

This philosophy, as all intelligent people know, was created to be used as a weapon against all those who dared resist the Satanic New World Order planned by their Illuminati string-pullers. For the past 16 years, it has been used as a Sword Of Damocles, to be held over the heads of gun owners, home schoolers, racialists, survivalists, Christian fundamentalists, pro-lifers, paleolibertarians, tax protesters, and, basically, *ALL* white, heterosexual Gentile males, since we are the ones with all the INTELLIGENCE, and have been the traditional enemy of their Anglo-Zionist conspiracy.

This, of course, was very convenient for the Clintons, as it basically rendered all their political opponents "enemies of the state". You were labelled a "right-wing extremist" and were summarily either killed, arrested, targeted by the IRS, fired from your job, smeared, slandered, spied on, or otherwise harrassed, defamed, despoiled, or destroyed by this modern-day Juan and Evita Peron.

"Political correctness" dictates that, under *NO* circumstances is a white person, of whatever gender to criticize a black person in any way, shape, or form.

There *ARE*, grant it, a few exceptions to this rule: A white female or homosexual may criticize a black male who he or she perceives as being "sexist" or "homophobic". A white female is even permitted the privilege of making a "value judgement"---truly one of the rarest and most coveted privileges of the "politically correct" crowd, and one that is *ABSOLUTELY NEVER* conferred upon a white, heterosexual Gentile male,---against a black male, such as O.J. Simpson or Kobe Bryant, who is accused of having raped or murdered a white female.

A white female is allowed to do anything she pleases to a white male, including murder. But, in general, RACE trumps GENDER in the hierarchy of "political correctness" every time. This may seem somewhat strange, considering the large number of Jewesses involved in both the feminist and Cultural Bolshevist movements, but, then again, those Jewesses weren't fools. They had no need to delegate *NEW* powers to themselves, since they already had practically *ALL* the power to begin with. Their intention was to empower groups that had previously been in the background of the societal landscape, and use these groups as a weapon against the White Majority.

Therefore, for a white person, of either gender to, in any way, denigrate a black is *TOTALLY* unacceptable, under the rules of "political correctness",---those rules which Herr Hillary herself helped to write,---unless he is a wife-beater, a rapist, a "male chauvinist" rap artist, or a serial killer who only targets women. And Obama doesn't fall into any of those categories.

Therefore, when Hillary had the *UNMITIGATED GALL* to suggest that Martin Luther King's contributions to the so-called "civil rights" movement were somehow less important or relevant than Lyndon Johnson's signing of the Civil Rights Bill into law, she crossed her own line, and committed what she herself would've called a "Hate Crime". She, therefore, deserves to be turned into a charcoal bricquet by the BATF, FBI, National Guard and Delta Force at her earliest possible convenience. What's fair is fair, after all. ;-( ;-D

Even as I write these words, Slick-Dick is stalking through South Carolina, like some modern-day Lyndon Johnson, trying to convince "his little niggers" to vote for his wife on Saturday. I pray to God it isn't working, and all indicators seem to show that it isn't.

It seems kinda strange that niggers would be so afraid of Romney or Giuliani or even John McCain that they would give up the opportunity to nominate one of their own out of sheer fear of any of those individuals getting elected. ("Oh, Lawzy!!!" "Not MITT ROMNEY!!!" "What iz us niggahs gonna do???") After all, they've lived through EIGHT YEARS of George W. Bush. What could possibly be worse than that??? :-/

If they end up voting for Rotten Clit instead of Obama, it won't be out of fear of the Republican candidate, nor out of love for "good ol' Massa Clinton", nor even because they have come to believe any of the scurrilous and often rather ludicrous allegations made by him and his wife against Obama. It will simply be the result of a "beef".

"Beefing", for those who aren't familiar with Aaron Magruder's comic strip/TV show, BOONDOCKS, is a common practice among "gangsta rappers", actual gang members, neighborhood toughs, etc. "Player hatin'" is another name for it.

Basically, one nigger decides that another is getting too big for his britches, so to speak, so he decides to take him down. But he doesn't just fight him, like any white man would do. First, he has to make a big show of talking shit about him behind his back, to all his friends, relatives, etc. He might spray-paint nasty things about his rival on a wall, or, in the case of a "gangsta rapper" make a music video "dissing" him.

So, in the case of Obama, there may be some JEALOUSY issues there, where some of these broke-ass, ignorant-ass, ugly-ass South Carolina niggers are concerned. ("Whar da fuck do dat niggah get off bein' so damn rich an' good-looking???" "Who da fuck do he t'ink he iz?" "Ah'll show him!!!" "Ah'll vote fo' dat white bitch jus' to put dat uppity niggah in hiz place!!!") After all, as the nigger says: "JEALOUSY AM A MUTTHAFUKKA!!!" ;-(

For all I know, half of the niggers in this country hate and envy Obama as much as about half of the women hate and envy Hillary. :-/

But, barring that event, likely (if unpalatable) as the possibility may be, I would tend to think that black voters would rally behind Obama as one of their own. It would be *VERY* hard for me to imagine them wasting an opportunity like this, especially due to anything Slick-Dick might do. If, anything, his crypto-racist rhetoric seems to be having the opposite effect. Even James Clyburn told him to "chill out".

In the debate Monday night, Obama performed quite well. He stood his ground against Rotten Clit, and, perhaps, for the first time, proved he could drop the mealy-mouthed, John Edwards-of-the-2008-Election bit, and FIGHT BACK, when the situation called for it. :-) On more than one occassion he had Hillary looking like she was gonna have another phony "breakdown" and start crying again. :-D The biggest applause line of the night seemed to be when he reminded Clinton of her days as a corporate lawyer on Wal-Mart's Board of Trustees.

So, I have no reason to believe that Obama won't win Saturday. :-) How John Edwards does, however, is anybody's guess. While he certainly scored some major points in Monday night's debate, (Which, by the way, was the highest-rated debate so far.) and, as a native son, should expect to do well, under normal circumstances, as volatile as this year's race is, it's really hard to say. :-/ And, without Edwards in there to take Appalachian and Midwestern states away from Rotten Clit, the Obama/Clinton race is likely to drag on and on until the bitter end. Maybe even into April or May, as nauseating a prospect as that may be. :-0 :-(

I *DO NOT* however, agree with the lamestream Jewsmedia that Obama *MUST* win in South Carolina. Even if he loses, as long as he makes a decent showing, he can still stay in there for as long as he wants. He certainly has raised enough funds to last him awhile.

See, the thing of it is,---and this is what people tend to forget,---when Hillary lost in Iowa, the reason all the pundits were talking about her possibly dropping out of the race was because SHE GOT HER ASS HANDED TO HER!!! She came in THIRD, just as Howard Dean did in 2004, and her funds were simply starting to dry up. People don't like to back a loser. Especially when it's someone as loathsome as Hillary Clinton. ;-)

That hasn't happened to Obama yet. In New Hampshire and Nevada both, he finished a STRONG second, in spite of Rotten Clit's best efforts, even picking up the delegates in Nevada, instead of Hillary, despite her winning the popular vote. Therefore, there's been no reason for his supporters to lose faith and stop sending in the contributions. And I doubt if there ever will be. :-)

You see, I have come to a conclusion about the Jewsmedia: They want Hillary to win. ;-) Hardly a newsflash, I'll grant you. At least not to anyone who doesn't have his head up his ass. But there's more to it than that. They don't just want her to win because they're invested in her, ego-wise, in that they're bound to look really STUPID if she doesn't win, but there's another, more crucial, and, in fact, more sinister reason. It's because, possibly like "Shrubya", they're counting on her to win the nomination and the presidency, be hated and despised by the electorate, and get her ass handed to her by Jeb Bush in 2012.

And here, as Glenn Beck would say, is how I got there: Most of the pundits are Jewish, as are *ALL* of the network owners. They know that Herr Hillary is the best friend they've got in the Democratic Party, while Obama simply SCARES THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF THEM. Why? Well, #1, He's black, and most black people nowadays hate the Jews. This is simply the fact of the matter. #2, He was raised a Muslim. 'Nuff said. Certainly no love lost there. ;-( ;-D

For these reasons, they are convinced, and I believe rightly so, that, should Obama get elected, Israel's free ride would be over. He would cut off all foreign aid to that country, and the days of our fighting proxy wars for them in the Middle East would be over.

Of course, if he was to do these things, they would try to kill him, and probably succeed, but I honestly don't think he even gives a rat's ass. Like JFK, I think he thinks he can change the whole rotten system, and will either do it or die trying.

Whether he actually campaigns on these issues doesn't matter a damn. Surely he realizes, intelligent as he is, that, should he choose to do that, they would assassinate him before he even got the chance to take the Oath of Office, and then what would be the point? No, he has to play down the rhetoric, make them think that he's not that radical.

But, nonetheless, by admitting that he would PERSONALLY meet with the likes of Iran's President Achmedenejad, unlike Hillary, who makes it quite clear that, if elected, she would leave foreign policy up to the so-called "experts" at the Pentagon and in the CIA, while she sits on her ass thinking of new ways to fuck over the Amerikan sheople, he makes it clear that *HE* would be running the show, which, I have no doubt, is every neo-con and New World Orderly's worst nightmare. :-/ ;-D

Therefore, the media are bound and determined to see to it that he *DOES NOT* win. And that's why they're putting out this phony-baloney propaganda, saying that if he doesn't win South Carolina, he's toast. That's just what they wish was the case. ;-)

A couple of days ago, I had really been taking their propaganda seriously, and was letting it get me down. I was sitting on the shitter, thinking about why Slick-Dick Clinton seemed to be having such an effect down there in South Carolina. I was thinking to myself that herding cats was nothing compared to herding NIGGERS, and was basically cussing the day the sons-of-bitches were ever born, when, suddenly, a thought came into my head, and totally knocked me off my game: "Why", I thought, "had Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and all the other so-called 'black leaders', left their boy, Obama, down there to twist in the wind?" "Were they all secret Clinton supporters, or was there another reason?" "Did they, perhaps, know something I didn't know?"

And, just then, I had an epiphany. I realized that the reason those black leaders hadn't come down to South Carolina to support him was because they knew that the primary wasn't nearly as important as the media made it out to be.

You see, it was never Obama's intention to knock Hillary out in the first round. That would put too much pressure on him too early in the game. Then there would be nothing left for the media to focus on, for three or four months, except his every move, which, frankly, would drive anybody crazy. No, Obama was playing "rope-a-dope", and he was WINNING.

His strategy was simple: Make your opponent use up all her energy early in the fight, while you conserve all your strength for later. Then, when she's exhausted, and can't fight anymore, simply push her over and wait for the count. And the strategy was working!!!

In New Hampshire, Hillary was reduced to playing "Damsel-In-Distress" to gain sympathy votes. In Nevada, she did her damndest to "game" the system. Although she failed, she still won the popular vote, but lost the delegates. Now, in South Carolina, she's crying foul, and even implying racism, just to try to even the odds. She's already tried digging up dirt on Obama to smear him, but that blew up in her face.

So what's left? NOTHING. Absolutely freakin' *NOTHING*!!! :-D She's used every dirty, sleazy tactic in her bag of tricks, and now it's over.

If she gets her ass handed to her again, coming in third, as she did in Iowa, the pundits will, once again, and against their own interests, be advising her to drop out of the race. To do otherwise would raise too many suspicions, and, perhaps, cost them their jobs.

If she comes in second, or even wins, for that matter, she can stay in the game for a little longer, but, let's face it, she's just going through the motions. She's got nothing left to say that she hasn't already said, and, if they're not buying it by this point, they never will. All the momentum will be in Obama's favor, especially if he wins.

If, however, he loses, and she wins, then she's got another problem to worry about: That old "inevitability" factor that cost her a victory in Iowa, and forced her to pretend to be the "underdog", in order to win New Hampshire.

And who's to say that the rest of the states will be any different than Iowa this year? Why should they? With the whole country fairly itching for "change", why would they be so impressed with a worn-out old boot like Hillary, with a face to match? Why should they just automatically fall in line behind her, simply because New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina chose her as the nominee? Why should THEIR opinions count more than anybody else's? Why should Iowa get to have all the Establishment-bucking fun? What's so great about Iowa, anyway? THINK ABOUT IT!!! ;-D

So, basically, it's like this: Even if Obama loses, he wins, and, even if Hillary wins, she loses. The people have spoken. :-)

And, the *ONLY* way that I could be wrong about this, is if Obama has already made a deal with Hillary, behind the scenes, to "take a dive" in South Carolina, in order to be her running mate in the general election.

I certainly hope that isn't the case, and I doubt that it is. There doesn't seem to be any love lost between the two of them.

But, if it is, then fuck Obama, anyway. :-( Anybody who has so little confidence in himself that he's willing to make a deal to play second-fiddle to a candidate he could actually BEAT doesn't *DESERVE* to be President, now or any other time.