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Thread: A Few Thoughts On The Illuminati

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    Default A Few Thoughts On The Illuminati


    by CGO

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "There's no doubt in my mind that the Illuminati exist and that they have grand designs for the world. There's no doubt in my mind that much of the crap that is going on right now is part of that plan. But I am equally sure that it's a mix of people being incompetent and making bad decisions as much as it is part of the "plan" also. It's simply human nature." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Well, I'm afraid it's an either/or situation. You can't have it both ways.

    Of course, a lot of this has to do with the perception of who or what exactly the Illuminati is . There are many misconceptions about this issue.

    The popular view is that the Illuminati is merely some sort of conspiratorial cabal, founded by Adam Weishaupt in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, back in 1776. This, however, is not the case.

    This group that people speak of was merely a front, organized by the REAL Illuminati.

    Not to say that Weishaupt wasn't a Satanist, or that this group was not actually attempting to do what they have been accused of attempting to do. He was, and they were.

    But the whole purpose of this exercise, from the point of view of the REAL Illuminati, was to take the heat off of themselves, by blaming it all on some whacked-out Jewish ex-priest and his offbeat followers. Sort of like using a puppet to control another puppet.

    Weishaupt and company may have been pulling the strings of the Jacobins, Communists, Freemasons, etc., but the Illuminati was pulling Weishaupt's strings. He was working for them.

    The Illuminati, in fact, are the secret rulers of the world, and have been ruling it ever since the beginning of recorded history. They are the kings and queens of all the pagan kingdoms of the world and their descendants, whose bloodlines have remained unbroken from that day until this.

    All you have to do is study your history and you will see it.

    Go back to ancient Egypt, and look at the system you had there. You had the king, the Pharoah, and you had all these magicians there who practiced their craft, which was also the official state religion, and which was embedded into the day-to-day lives of those people.

    That religion, that craft was SATANISM. Real Satanism, not this phony-baloney Hollywood crap of Anton LaVey and his ilk. This was the real deal. The people all practiced it, to some degree or another, and those that were the most adept at it ruled over all the others.

    Then look at the Druids of ancient Britian, and that whole pre-Christian Celtic society. It's the same thing. The same principle.

    You had the various kings, who ruled over small areas of Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales, and each of these kings had his own Druid or Druids. You see this fact reflected even in the King Arthur myth, with Merlin.

    And, although the types of societies were very different, the religious element was one and the same. It was the same religion, the same system: religious and political . The religious authority and political authority were one and the same. And that state religion was essentially the same as that of ancient Egypt.

    At some point in history, when the Roman Catholic Church came on the scene, and, seemingly, wiped out this pagan civilization and all its religious practices, the practitioners, in fact, simply "went underground", and continued practicing their craft in secret.

    Their intention was, is, and always has been to BRING BACK that society. To re-create it in our own time. This is their goal: A ONE-WORLD RELIGIOUS/POLITICAL SYSTEM, WHICH THEY RULE OVER WITH AN IRON FIST.

    Now, the fact of the matter is that these entities, regardless of their seeming national and ethnic origins, are all intimately related to each other.

    In fact, when you look at the situation in light of these facts, you begin to view terms like "race" and "ethnicity" in a whole new light. They don't really mean what we've been taught.

    In fact, despite their physical appearance, the ruling classes of every nation are *NOT* of the same race as those they rule over.

    I once saw a bumper sticker that said: "THERE ARE ONLY TWO RACES: PEOPLE AND POLITICIANS." Only recently did I come to realize how uncannily accurate that statement really was.

    This is why they all cooperate with each other as well as they do: they're all kinfolk .

    Their ranks include the royal families of every country that presently has a monarchy, functional or otherwise, owners of all the major multinational corporations, the International Banksters, and every U.S. President.

    Perhaps they really are "reptoids" as David Icke has suggested----some sort of intermediate link between a morally tainted strain of humanity and the Draconian masters from which they take their orders.

    Or perhaps, they are merely WICKED human beings, possessed of a great degree of Satanic power, which they have maintained throughout the ages by means of selective breeding. Who knows? We'll ALL know SOMEDAY, though.

    The point is, however, that they are THE POWERS THAT BE, plain and simple.

    And it's *NOT* even a matter of what they're TRYING to do, for all intents and purposes, they've already DONE it. They rule the world and they always have.

    But they want something more. They want to rule over it all OPENLY and to be worshipped as gods by the rest of humanity, who they intend to despoil and enslave.

    In short, they want what they had in Ancient Egypt, except on a worldwide scale.

    At what point exactly the Jews got involved in this is unclear.

    It has been established by Hoffman and others, however, that a certain group of Jewish rabbis have been practicing black magic since the time of the Babylonian captivity, when they picked it up from their captors.

    Their plans for world domination discussed in the PROTOCOLS were first recorded in the late 1400s, so I would assume that would be about the right time.

    They had just begun to move west from Poland in the late 1300s, so I guess it would have taken them about a hundred years or so to establish themselves to the point where they could feel safe discussing such things amongst themselves.

    At this time, I believe some of the Jewish adepts must've begun working with the Satanists in Western Europe towards the same ultimate goal.

    It wasn't until Cromwell's time, however, when they were allowed to enter England, that they were able to form their most lucrative and powerful alliance---with the British Empire.

    Once they had done this, within a couple of generations, the Rothschild family was running the Bank of England, and the Anglo-Zionist occultic empire had been established.

    Ever since, they have been funding conspiratorial organs like the RIIA and Cecil Rhodes' Milner Group, which form the vanguard of the New World Order Conspiracy.

    The rest of their activities are more or less public knowledge, and, therefore, bear no mention here.

    Everything these Entities have ever done has been to serve the purpose of their Masters----to create a one-world government under Satan.

    Their Masters are a race of winged reptilian creatures, which is where the idea of "dragons" comes from.

    You will recall that all of the myths concerning dragons are set in Medieval England, in the days of knights and castles. Therefore, some have speculated that these "dragons" may have been meant to symbolize the Druids, and their fearsome occultic powers.

    For a knight, then, to "slay" a dragon, could be seen as an early Christian (Roman Catholic) literary device to illustrate the triumph of "good" over "evil", that is to say, of Christianity over paganism, much like the story of St. Patrick chasing all the "snakes" out of Ireland.

    However, one must wonder whether or not, in fact, these "dragons" were actually the TRUE FORM of the Druids---one they could shape-shift in and out of at will.

    Or perhaps they were the form of the entities that the Druids took their orders from. One way or other, it is no mere coincidence that they are associated, early on, with the country that Springmeier clearly identifies as being "the mother country of Satanism"----England.

    Satan himself/herself/itself is one of these "dragons" who originated in another dimension, or another universe.

    They created "our" physical universe, which we perceive with our five senses, and which we are led to believe is the "be-all and end-all", as a mirror image of their own.

    The violent, amoral pagan societies their minions set up on earth were modeled after their own.

    This is why it is said that nothing would come of any work we do in this world that is merely OF THIS WORLD. Everything decays, rots, turns to dust. Then it is forgotten. As The Preacher once put it: "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity."

    Make no mistake about it, Satan is the Lord Of This World, and everything that is of it, on it, or in it belongs to him/her/it. Every form of plant and animal life gives its allegiance to It. They don't have a choice.

    In the end, it all turns to dust. Everything returns to nothing, because everything IS nothing.

    All it would take is one good, strong fire to turn it all to ashes, and THEN where would you be?

    We have that capability right now, and there are references to it in the Bible.

    Now, let us ask the question: DO THESE ENTITIES MAKE MISTAKES? Well, it depends upon what you mean by mistakes.

    If, by "mistakes", you simply mean "errors in judgement", then, yes, certainly they do.

    Satan and his cohorts made a BIG ONE when they first chose to get on the bad side of the Almighty.

    Had they not made that intial mistake, they wouldn't BE "Satan" in the first place, since the word, "Satan" merely means "enemy of the good".

    However, that mistake was made on a much higher level than we are discussing here. It had nothing to do with a purely intellectual mistake. It was a moral failing. And those are two different things.

    Do these entities, then, simply "fuck up", as we would put it in human terms? No. They don't.

    Yes, it is human nature to err. However, as I have clearly pointed out, THESE ENTITIES ARE NOT HUMAN. At least not in the same sense that you and I are "human".

    To the extent that they ARE or APPEAR to be human, you must understand, it is only an optical illusion. They don't FUNCTION like humans function.

    They don't waste their lives away on cheap, petty amusements like we do. They CREATED those amusements, and they created them specifically for the purpose of distracting our attention away from their actions, so that we could be more easily enslaved.

    They don't become drunkards or drug addicts or gamble away their fortunes on some craps table in Las Vegas. Not the ones with the REAL power, anyway.

    There are some "culls" in every bunch, make no mistake about it. Every family has its "black sheep" even the Powers and Prinipalities. Look at Ted Kennedy.

    Nonetheless, the majority of these individuals have their eyes on the prize. They don't think on the kind of levels most of us think on: levels of material consumption and temporary gratification. They already have all the money in the world, so they don't have to worry about that.

    Not to say that they don't indulge their passions, however. Believe me, they do. It's just that, unlike the rest of us, they don't have to worry about the consequences. They have all the machinery in place to keep these things covered up, for the most part.

    The thing is, though, that, though they may, from time to time, indulge in some of the vilest passions imaginable, they don't become ENSLAVED by their passions, as many of us do.

    So, what does this all mean, on a POLITICAL level?

    Well, it's like this: I think the highest-ranking entities in the Conspiracy know the Time Table, and they haven't deviated from it one iota.

    I am speaking here of individuals like Pike and Mazzini, who claimed to be in contact with the Dark Forces, and the International Banksters.

    They knew that World War I and World War II would go the way they did. They planned it that way. And, as for World War III, we are either fighting it, piecemeal, right now, or else we are standing right on the precipice of it, as it was planned to be a worldwide war between Zionism and Islam, which would result in the destruction of both.

    It would also sap the strength of all the nominally "Christian" countries that sided with either of these, so much so that they would be too weak to resist when world government was finally forced upon them, once and for all, as a matter of course.

    At this point, there would seem to be no other alternative for the planet's survival. The only alternative would be prolonged chaos and ultimate destruction, as these nations would no longer have the funds to police their own borders.

    Their politcal minions are another story.

    I have no reason to doubt that they, or many of them, anyway, were genuinely surprised when their much-hoped-for League Of Nations failed to materialize. They viewed it as a genuine failure.

    However, since their plans were part of the Satanic Program, they were eventually enacted.

    So...that's the difference, in a nutshell, between ordinary people like you and I and our would-be Masters.

    When we fuck up, it costs us, bigtime. Usually it results in death, jail, divorce, bankruptcy, etc. When they fuck up, however, no problem.

    If they fuck up on a purely personal level, one of their uber-wealthy friends can usually be counted on to bail them out. They do stick together, you know.

    And, when they fuck up in executing Satan's plans for one-world government, all that means is that it will take a few more years for those plans to be enacted. Clear enough?

    Satan himself/herself/itself is able to see into the future, to the extent that most of us are able to perceive of the SPIRITUAL WARFARE going on in the midst of our so-called existence, "through a glass, darkly".

    At any rate, those elements of history that involve the merely HUMAN aspects of this battle, he/she/it is able to see quite clearly, long before they actually happen.

    This is because he instructed his minions how to bring it into being, thousands of thousands of years ago, in exchange for whatever powers he granted them, and, therefore, they are obligated to do their part.

    After that point, however, his view becomes a little murky. He can't see what's gonna happen next, when it goes to the next level, and the wars of man spill over into the other dimensions, and the various entities inhabiting these dimensions start to get in on the act.

    If he could see that far into the future, and view the final outcome of this battle, he would simply give up, or take his own life. (Which I'm assuming he has the ability to do, as any insect does, if it chooses to do so.)

    Unfortunately for him, he isn't able to do so.

    So, anyway....that's the answer to THAT.

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