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Thread: Tennessee's Bogus Internet Tax

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    Angry Tennessee's Bogus Internet Tax

    Tennessee's Bogus Internet Tax


    I got an e-mail from Amazon early last Thursday morning, claiming that I "may owe use taxes" to the state of Tennessee for Internet purchases I made in the past calendar year.

    After a few days of analyzing the situation, here's what I've finally put together: Since the legistraitors in Nashville (and, apparently, a good number of other legistraitors in a number of other states) hashed the whole thing out with their lawyers, and realized that they couldn't legally put a sales tax on out-of-state purchases made over the Internet, as it naturally falls into the category of "interstate commerce", which is clearly Federal jurisdiction, they decided, instead, to create a bogus "use tax", based on the fact that most Internet purchases are made via credit card, and this use tax would be collected by the credit card companies and passed along to the state, or, otherwise, they would simply report any Internet purchases made by their customers to the state, and the state would collect them themselves.

    So, here's the situation: I don't have a credit card of my own, because it would just be a big hassle, keeping up with the monthly payments and all, and it's really more trouble than it's worth. So, nine times out of ten, when I order something over the Internet, what I'll do is simply use my Mom's debit card, and give her the money to cover the cost of the purchase.

    So, apparently, what the bastards at the credit card company are gonna do is just up her monthly payments, and pass the extra money along to the state of Tennessee. This seems to be happening in a lot of other states as well. Cute little scheme, itz.

    I had been hearing, on Fux Jooz Channel, for the last couple of months, that credit card companies were about to screw over their customers by adding a bunch of "use charges" to their bills, so I guess then that "use charges" = "use taxes", and it's the state legistraitors, and not the credit card companies that are the real villains here. They're simply a means to an end. That is to say, unless this is something else, IN ADDITION TO the state taxes, in which case, Mom and a hell of a lot of other credit card owners are gonna be getting it coming and going.

    Anyway, here are the relevant e-mails regarding this, with only names and e-mail @s left out. ---TCM72.


    Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2013 2:16:21 AM
    Subject: Tennessee Tax Information

    Hello from Amazon.com,

    Thank you for being a loyal customer of Amazon.com LLC. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to provide you vast selection, low prices, fast delivery and convenience.

    As you may know, Amazon.com LLC is not required to collect sales or use taxes in Tennessee. However, the state of Tennessee requires us to provide the following notice to you:

    You may owe use tax on purchases you made from Amazon.com LLC during the previous calendar year. The amount of tax you may owe is based on the total sales price of the items you purchased during the calendar year unless an exemption exists under state law or you have already paid the tax. A sale is not exempt under state law because it is made through the Internet. The total sales price of purchases you had shipped to Tennessee in 2012 was $7.97. This is the amount that you may include on your Tennessee use tax return to calculate the appropriate use tax owed unless you have already paid the tax.

    As purchases from Amazon.com LLC can be made through various sales channels, we have included directly below your breakdown of purchases from the various channels.

    Total sales from www.amazon.com $7.97
    Total sales from www.endless.com $0.00
    Total sales from www.myhabit.com $0.00
    Total sales from www.amazonwireless.com $0.00
    Total sales from www.amazonsupply.com $0.00

    In addition, the state of Tennessee requires us to provide you with the following link that you can use to get more information and pay any taxes due:

    Use Tax Page: https://apps.tn.gov/usetax
    Please note the following:

    • While Amazon.com LLC does not report this information directly to the state of Tennessee we are required to provide this information to you based on Tennessee Code T.C.A. 67-6-515 (f)(3).
    • This notification has been sent to all customers that had purchases delivered to Tennessee. If you are not a resident of Tennessee, the most common reason for receiving this notification is that you may have sent a gift to a recipient in the state.

    For more information you may also view our Tennessee Use Tax Notification Page at:

    Customer Service

    Date: Sunday, January 27, 2013, 10:32 PM

    Received this message from Amazon early Thursday morning.

    Apparently, the Jew-serving suckpoops in Nashville don't have enough money to give to niggers on welfare, pay for abortions and birth control pills for whigger skanks, or teach dumb little whiggerlets in the public schuls how wonderful queers are, and how to put condoms on bananas, therefore, instead of going hat in hand to those rich, fucktarded gliberals who actually WANT these things done, they've decided to simply tax the Internet purchases of everyone in the state. :-(

    Just as apparently, the greedy fucktards at Amazon didn't see fit to tell me this back when I was ordering everything last year, for fear that it might discourage me from making so many purchases. ;-( But, now that the year is over, and I've already made several more purchases, thinking that everything was paid in full, as the dirty little cocksuckers led me to believe, and, at any rate, I had no reason NOT to think, as nobody else had told me that the state legistraitors had passed such a law, they drop this little bomb on me. :-/ They smugly point out the fact that they aren't required to collect state sales taxes, but claim that they are required to tell me that I owe them, apparently to cover their OWN butts, should some overzealous would-be tax collector actually ask about the matter. :-(

    Well, I don't know the logistics of the situation, but it's hard for me to see how they're ever gonna find out in the first place, and, besides, I don't pay any taxes anyway, which means I don't have to tell them one damn thing about my income or what it's spent on. They already know how much I get a year, since they're the ones giving it to me, and, as for what it's spent on, well, I'll volunteer that information when they start asking that question of every nigger who gets a welfare check, and, believe me, I'm not holding my breath waiting for THAT to happen. ;-(

    If they come after anyone, it'll be YOU, since it's YOUR credit card and YOUR tax return. But, like I say, I don't know anything about how the process works, since I've never filled out a tax form. Do they generally require you to list all your credit card purchases on it, or does the credit card company automatically report them or what? :-/

    At any rate, it's like this: I AM *NOT* GONNA PAY LAST YEAR'S SO-CALLED "DUES". #1, I don't owe it in the first damn place. Unless I buy something from someplace IN the state of Tennessee, I don't OWE the state of Tennessee a damn cent. It's just a bunch of sneaky-ass bullshit, and you know it as well as I do. #2. Since Amazon knew about the tax, they had a MORAL, if not a LEGAL obligation to tell me about it when they first became aware of it, or, better yet, have their accountants figure out the amount of state tax and figure it into the amount of every purchase I made, and list the full amount in the auto-confirm e-mails they sent me after I placed an order, rather than waiting until the end of the year and expecting me to take care of it all myself. Had they done so, we wouldn't even have a problem.

    Anyway, they'll be on your ass soon enough, too, since you ordered the stuff from them for my birthday and Christmas. But, then again, maybe not. :-/ You see, when they came up with this bullshit amount of $7.98 for my total, I pretty much came to the conclusion that they're only counting things that were ordered DIRECTLY from Amazon, (which only an idiot would do most of the time, since they always charge more than the sellers that do business with them) and that was only one DVD, and only because they gave me a discount on that, since my original order from Movie Mars had failed to go through. So, if that's the case, you NEVER would've been informed about the tax you supposedly "owed", yet YOU and not THEY would be held liable for it, if they chose to come after you. Wonderful folks, huh? ;-(

    So, here are the facts: A bullshit law goes through, trying to tax every purchase made on the Internet, and neither one of us know a damn thing about it. We hear FUCK ALL from the State of Tennessee about this, and only this one pathetic, belated warning from Amazon comes to me. And, unless I'm mistaken, and they're actually trying to coach me on how to lie on what they think will be my tax return, then it's only an accident of fortune that I was even told about it at all. Had it not been for that one technical glich on their part, resulting in me ordering something directly from them, in order to cash in on a special discount, I wouldn't have known anything about it until or unless the State of Tennessee sent you a "bitch notice", later in the year, saying, "Oh, by the way you owe for all the credit card purchases you made over the Internet."

    So, it seems to me that their little "law" is pretty well unenforceable, and, before long, they may realize it's unenforceable, and repeal it. But, it's YOUR ass that's on the line here, and you know better than I do about the credit card situation. If they're pretty well snitching you out to whoever asks about your purchases, be they State or Federal, then I guess you have to go along and do what they want, or else you could lose the card. If that's the case, and YOU want to pay last year's amount, that's fine. Lucky for you I save all my receipts, but, I've got to be honest with you: SOME of the sellers I've dealt with never sent me one in the first place, just the item I ordered. That usually happens when I buy from individuals, rather than companies. Grant it, I always write the amount for the item itself in my little Internet notebooks, but, sometimes, when I add the S&H amount, I do it on a different page, so it will be quite a pain in the ass trying to figure out anything from that. ;-( And, if there's no getting around it, I will go ahead and go to their stupid little webpage, and figure out the tax amount of items ordered FROM THIS POINT FORWARD, and go ahead and include the full amount in the money I give you to cover it.

    So, go ahead and read this, and see if you can figure out whether it's something we have to bother with or not, and get back to me before Tuesday, if you can, because I'll probably be wanting to order some more stuff then, and I'll need to know how to procede going forward.


    Sent: Monday, January 28, 2013 6:45:26 AM
    Subject: Re: Fwd: Tennessee Tax Information

    I don't understand it either but nothing about credit card purchases goes on an income tax form. Unless I get a bill from them (which I seriously doubt) I'm not gonna worry about it.


    Jan 01/28/13 12:06 PM

    Well, like I said, I just didn't know how the process worked. Whether you usually had to fill out a separate form for state taxes and another for federal or what.

    Maybe it IS just some half-baked horseshit that the legislature passed to try to raise some more revenue, not knowing exactly HOW they were gonna collect the money, ---an "unfunded mandate" if you will,--- and I certainly HOPE that's the case. However, if I was a betting man, I wouldn't put any money on it. ;-( I suspect you probably WILL be getting a bill, either from the credit card company or the state, sometime over the next few months. Most likely, they've thought the whole thing out, and they've got the credit card companies reporting all the Internet purchases of their customers to them. :-(

    At any rate, I just want to make clear that my offer to pay taxes on future purchases was only based on you asking me to do so, and, as you haven't, if and when (and probably when) you do get the bill, paying any so-called BACK "taxes" will be up to you. I'll only be paying them from that point forward.


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