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Thread: Mike Delaney of Prothink Betrays ZionCrimeFactory, Seizes www.zioncrimefactory.com

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    Default Anchorage Activist is mean to us jews andplaying Christian Identity. tranny faggots

    Anchorage Activist is mean to us jews and tranny faggots playing Christian Identity.


    Antichrist doesn't plug the Poop of CI until the very last paragraph of his latest report on matters CI. In this instance, a report on the stoush between Three Stooges look-kike-alike Mike Delaney and the rather dubious-looking Zion Crime Factory. Why, oh why, can't they be obviously sorta-Aryan hook-nosed marrano Dutch sephardic melungeon red-nigger kike looking criminal pisser-possums like this reptilian-eyed specimen like Jeromy Visser?

    Call me Chief Runnin' Lyin' Sephardic Melungeon Pisser-Possum!!!


    Or a wonderful fecal specimen of marrano Sephardic Portugee jew like Rabbi Eli James/jewseph Stalin Kutz-November?

    Rabbi Eliar James/jewseph Stalin Kutz-November


    Quote Originally Posted by That Incredibly Hottt Anchorage Activist that makes muh tranny mangina wettt


    Weighing in separately in support of Delaney is William Finck, who refers to Brandon as a "little atheist punk" and claims he looks like a Jew. However, Finck's own Christian Identity bonafides were compromised by his recent claim that Genesis 3 is an "allegory". Also weighing in separately is DSCI Pastor Martin Lindstedt. While Lindstedt is no ally of Brandon, he has particularly strong issues with Mike Delaney. Pastor Lindstedt has extended an invitation to Brandon to call in to The Movement Turd at any time; perhaps he will call in tonight.

    Completely unbiased reporter AA keeps referring to Jerry Lewis Lindstedt as "Pastor", deliberately overlooking the fact that he was excommunicated by Pastor Morris Gulett in 2006 as part of that drunken crackhead MoGulett's plea bargain in order to avoid getting 30 years in prison. And leave it up to us Aussie tranny poofters to 'forget' that MoGulett was excommunicated by Pastor Richard Butler and not allowed to cum on back and that everyone, including Anglo-Mestizo Truitt caught MoGulett wearing a wire and snitching to some federal grand jury.

    What I can't understand is why AA, who clearly has a thing for Murray Lindstein and definitely NOT for anonymous transgendered pissers-poofter-possums of mamzer ancestry, always omits the "Archbishop of Missouri (Aryan Nations)" part of his title. Surely he's not afraid he'd make the Archbishop look silly. I got over embarrassment a long time ago when caught sodomizing a wombat.


    PassTard Pisser picked a peck of pickled poofter possums.
    A peck of pickled poofter possums PassTard Pisser picked.

    Two & a Half Mamzers Forum!!!

    Winner of the 'Scarlet H' For Hypocrisy!!!


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    Default Mike 'the Kike' Delaney admitted stealing ZCF's web page.

    Mike 'the Kike' Delaney admitted stealing ZCF's web page.


    Delaneny gave a interview a few weeks ago on Carolyn Yeager's new Network. He essentially collaborated Brandon's statements regarding how Delaney came into possession of ZCF. Brandon is probably right that Delaney wants to use ZCF as a cash cow for fundraising so he can avoid real work. I would love to see this litigated under theft of intellectual property rights claims, copyright claims and a few other claims.

    Delaney's interview is a great piece of evidence. I think Delaney would be in trouble and in a Civil Case, there would be Discovery and we could actually see where Delaney gets his support. What I found disgusting about Delaney is that he talks Pro-White and Aryan and all, and yet he is a "Kept-Man", he keeps his ass at home in front of his computer screen and lives off his wife who is a nurse. Delaney says he is a "stay at home Dad" which is a way of trying to candy-coat Lazy Dead-Beat. A stay at home Dad does not go all over the Country on his wife's dime doing these little show off escapades.

    By the way, if he is a stay at home Dad, who is watching the little ones when he is out doing all his hard activism? Not a lot of difference between Delaney and that idiot who uses the NA for a personal cash cow.

    Numero Uno of Meercats

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    Default Cooncerning Mike 'The Kike' Delaney

    Cooncerning Mike 'The Kike' Delaney


    Mike 'The Kike' Delaney is a jew criminal with a long history of working with other jews like the Chicago Sephardic jew Eli James/jewseph Stalin Kutz-November and the murderous Jersey City Ashkenazi jew William Finck. Delaney has also worked with known ZOG agent provocateur James Wickstrom.

    Delaney has a history of betraying his former non-white friends who have produced intellectual property that Delaney is unable to produce itself, like this nigger named Martinson. In this thievery, Delaney is aided and abetted by new jew-friends like Carolyn 'Yenta' Yeager and now jew-lie Militia tard John Friend.

    Now from what I gather this betrayal is not to be unexpected given that Delaney has a history of using weaker jews and muds, stealing their work, reclaiming it as its own, then using extreme chutzpa to jewstify its behavior. Finck likewise uses a nigger-lipped, unibrowed, shitskin mamzer named Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren to co-host Finck's "Hitler Worship Hour" and in addition to making up history, mistranslates the New Testament, is a Papist Preterist in that he claims that the Roman Catholic church put Satan into the pit for a 1,000 years from 500-1500 AD, that pore Devil died somehow and that now his fellow jews are the Devil. This Finck has becum a "Sapphiracy of Klunt" "No-Devil except Debbie-El Downey" Gerda-Kochite. Finck (an Ashkenazi jew name meaning "informant" aka rat-fink) has been overheard denying no less than four times the Dual-Seedline core belief that Satan seduced Eve and Eve gave birth to the first jew Cain, saying that core Two-Seedline/Dual-Seedline Christian Identity is nothing more than an "allegory". Finck has many times claimed that Adolf Hitler is the Archangel Michael.

    Now for all of you whigger and mamzer tards who want to yap about how much you don't like Christian Identity, fine. You are no danger to my particular belief because your kind want nothing to do with it. What I despise is all the mamzers, mongrels, jews and idiots pretending to be something that they are not, namely Christian Israelites who know who they are, and who are not us. Christian Identity is NOT something that is for those pureblooded Whites whom Christ has not called. Since I am not privy to whome Christ has called, but in my many years since childhood in the Church, can tell by simply looking or listening to all of the mongrel tards who do not belong.

    Delaney and Finck and a bunch of others pretending otherwise are in no way Christian Identity. Hell, most of them ain't even Israelite, much less Christian.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    February 16, 2013 at 8:59 AM

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    Default All these Whigger Nutsionalist fuktards want to kill mudshark me and my Eurasian skank daughters

    All these Whigger Nutsionalist fuktards want to kill mudshark me and my Eurasian skank daughters


    Last week for the first time I met this Delaney chap at the chat on Mami’s Shit. They were trashing a lot of people which is something I avoid as much as possible. Since I was unaware of matters concerning you I was surprised you were being trashed. I was then offered to be hosted by Mike. Not knowing of your situation I declined politely simply because of wariness and distrust of the motives of so many others. Besides, I did not like the attitudes and the bad mouthing.

    When someone mentioned the justification of killing all non Whites I said, “Well count me out. My daughters are Eurasian.” and the response I got from someone . . . forget who . . . was “They will have to be killed like all the rest.” That was all I needed to know I was among idiots.

    Our movement does not need such idiocy.

    My dear, rest and heal from this betrayal. Know that those who know appreciate all your fine work, among the best I have posted on my own humble blog over the years, thank you for all your work. You know you will be back, but these emotional beatings and betrayals need to be purged. At the risk of sounding all airy fairy n stuff, go hug a tree and connect with the beauty of the wilds. You will return . . . we know you will.

    I look forward to then, but for now take good care of yourself and consider this betrayal to be a bitter lesson from a radical power monger with a complex.

    I am so sorry this has happened to you. John says it all best (as always).

    nooralhaqiqa says:
    February 13, 2013 at 8:40 pm

    Second To One!!!

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    Default What do you get when you fuck with jews?

    What do you get when you fuck with jews?


    I feel sorry for you, ZCF. You do good work, and it sucks that everything went down the way it did. I hope you find some people to work with that you can get along with better, and continue to spread the word.

    That said, your story distills down to: This CI guy offered to set me up on one of his websites. Everything went well until I invited him to a chatroom where I said CI was a Jew plot. Then he kicked me off the site and called me a Jew.

    How did you expect Mike to react to you calling his faith into question? If you were writing for a Mormon guy’s site, and you said “Mormonism = Satanism,” how would you expect him to react?

    I’m an atheist by the way.

    Justin Thyme says:
    February 13, 2013 at 6:30 pm


    Tell Me What To Do, O, Fearless/Dickless/Mindless Leader!!!!
    I Need A Zero!!!!!!

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    Default I have had a run in or two with Delaney

    I have had a run in or two with Delaney


    I have had a run in or two with Delaney. I wrote a book with Eli James about CI because I have no problem believing my ancestors walked out of Slavery. crossed the Caucus mountains and became called Caucasians but the dual seed line philosophy reeks of the influence of the Talmud. I would love to do an interview with you ZCF. Call me. My numbers are up on my website http://freeamerican.com.

    Gnostic text calls the forerunner of the Jews Archons.

    Clay Douglas

    Clay Douglas says:
    February 13, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    Frenz' Law of White Nationalism:

    Whiggers are always replaced by mamzers playing whigger.

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    Default Christian Identity types simply want to be the new Jews, exercising the same kind of senseless, dogmatic power over others

    Christian Identity types simply want to be the new Jews, inflicting the same kind of narrow minded abuse and exercising the same kind of senseless, dogmatic power over others


    All this is music to my ears, B., replicating the same thing I’ve been saying for years, as I suffered the same kind of smug condescension and vilification as you from those whom William Pierce once described as “defectives”. Christian Identity types simply want to be the new Jews, inflicting the same kind of narrow minded abuse and exercising the same kind of senseless, dogmatic power over others. All who don’t follow their pathological programming are excommunicated, because all religious zealots can no longer think rationally, since they have all the answers they need in their misguided holy books and have become immune to reason, not to mention compassion. This applies to every true-believer type of religious sect.

    Do not think for one minute that your work is done, however. You will come to see that your mind and conscience will never permit you to be done with this work, critical as it is to the chances for survival of everything that lives. No matter how profoundly hurtful is it, and no matter how much significantly important work you have lost, you still have you and what you know you are. An intact conscience cannot stay silent for very long, even though many Chinese sages insist it’s a good idea if you want to live a calm and peaceful life.

    All of us with consciences no longer have the choice of following that path, however, as our very survival depends on distributing the many ideas that you so professionally articulated in order to stop the creeping madness that consumes us all. The fact that a small group of small-minded zealots wants to control the facts of a situation based on their defective and pathological programming will become only a small injury as time passes, and the most effective way to heal that injury is to continue on the course you have charted and executed so bravely.

    So, by all means, take some time and let the enormity of this betrayal sink in. When you process it you will see that this is just one more hurdle to overcome in the neverending struggle against the greatest evil in human history, which any of us who remember the higher things (and are not ruled by exploitative dogma) can never stop opposing.

    Many people in the struggle — especially me — stand ready to help you in any way we can, knowing that the effort, inspiration, and thoroughness that you have put into your work is something all humans who aspire to truth in this world cannot afford to lose. Not now, not ever.

    John Kaminski says:
    February 13, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    I'm Little Butt I'm Loud!!!

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    Default I agree . . . CI wants to be the new jews

    I agree . . . CI wants to be the new jews


    I agree with your CI believing to be the new Jews. Love that terminology because thats exactly what the old testament turns you into a supremist. No matter what race reads it and they interpret it anyway they see fit. Anyways I ZCF your work is not done the corruption and Jewish power will force you to come back. We need your young talented mind in this movement especially exposing the WW2. This is one of the more critically areas and when Jews see such a power as you drop big smiles come across their face. Please dont let Jewry win this round over you.

    Drizza says:
    February 14, 2013 at 6:48 pm


    Itz Fun Being A Witless Meercat!!!

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    Default Mami's Site doesn't support CI shit

    Mami's Site doesn't support CI shit



    Are you trying to say that Mami’s site supports C.I. ? That’s a bunch of nonsense and you know it. They have full free speech over there in the comments and the chat and yes, people have had to take a lot of crap from wild commenters, including ZCF, but they don’t support any supremacist lunacy like C.I. It’s not their fault if some nutjobs from VNN & Stormfront decide to use the comment section as their toilet. Guys like Delaney and those two clowns from Truth Militia have actually come on there trying to censor the site to make it more favorable to themselves but Mami and Zap have refused. Tough Titty Toenails. LOL


    Great job and hilariously well-worded barbs at your opponents as always. Prothink and his associates have had some valid information to offer in the past but this well has always been completely poisoned by their hardcore supremacist ideology. That’s why I have hardly ever linked to Prothink directly on the many sites I consistently post on but always preferred to link directly to your site or your audios with Giuliani and Spingola. You should have never been associated with these lunatics in the first place, so consider this split, a blessing in disguise and don’t give up, I know you’ll come back stronger than ever. In order to become strong, you have to first become wise and that can happen only in solitude, not in communion with the collective rabble or this or that bickering faction. Strong ideas carry a life of their own and the strongest and most righteous idea if allowed a platform will eventually win out.

    Amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas ….
    “Plato is my friend, but truth is a better friend”

    “One who is still an ‘Aryan’ spirit in a large European or American city, with its skyscrapers and asphalt, with its politics and sport, with its crowds who dance and shout, with its exponents of secular culture and of soulless science and so on—among all this he may feel himself more alone and detached and nomad than he would have done in the time of the Buddha, in conditions of physical isolation and of actual wandering. The greatest difficulty, in this respect, lies in giving this sense of internal isolation, which today may occur to many almost spontaneously, a positive, full, simple, and transparent character, with elimination of all traces of aridity, melancholy, discord, or anxiety. Solitude should not be a burden, something that is suffered, that is borne involuntarily, or in which refuge is taken by force of circumstances, but rather, a natural, simple, and free disposition, in a text we read: “Solitude is called wisdom [ekattam monam akkhatarin], he who is alone will find that he is happy”; it is an accentuated version of “beata solitudo, sofa beatitudo.” — Julius Evola, The Doctrine of Awakening, p. 103
    “There are three classes of intellects: one which comprehends by itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the first is the most excellent, the second is good, and the third is useless.” Machiavelli – The Prince Ch. 22

    Negentropic says:
    February 14, 2013 at 12:36 am


    Itz Fun Being A Witless Meercat!!!

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    Default Thanks for your web site, Pastor Lindstedt

    Thanks for your web site, Pastor Lindstedt


    Pastor Lindstedt,

    I want to thank you for your website, which I read for a few hours tonight
    while searching for more links to add to my site,
    http://j3133.wordpress.com. Your comments regarding Dr. William Pierce
    were disconcerting to me because they seemed to ring true. I've already
    come to the conclusion myself that Bill Finck, Mike Delaney, John Friend,
    Andrew Anglin, and Carolyn Yeager are . . . cunts. And others are various
    other sorts of fools. And I was starting to feel lost, alone, again,
    because it seemed you were right about Pierce, and it also seemed as if
    you were attacking everyone pretty mercilessly, so then I wondered if
    perhaps you too were just crazy / a troll who attacks everyone in the WN
    "movement", and really there is no one out there who knows their head from
    their ass. But I read more and see that you are indeed genuine. And that's
    good because I'm pretty fucking tired of finding out everyone is a fraud
    or a fucking sac-less idiot.

    I am not a Christian, though a part of me wishes to believe, and my father
    certainly did. When I was younger I remember he thought his children would
    be prophets. Perhaps that's blasphemous. I suppose if I didn't believe to
    some degree that my efforts could have an effect, that I'm destined to
    fight the enemies of all that is Good, I probably would totally embrace
    hedonism, embrace the void.

    Today I spent some time poring through book links and website links to add
    to my site. I almost didn't but for something that happened today that
    compelled me to keep going. I'm glad I did.

    Anyway, I was hoping you could provide some guidance on who to trust and
    where to find men worth their salt. Perhaps if you read some of what I've
    written in the short time I've been Jew-wise you will see that I am
    genuine as well, though I am new to these specific topics, and still

    Thanks & Regards,


    Second To One!!!

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