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Thread: The Consolidated Christian_Nationalist yahoogroups Thread

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    Default The Consolidated Christian_Nationalist yahoogroups Thread

    The Consolidated Christian_Nationalist yahoogroups Thread


    Infiltration of web pages and listservers and forums has been around since the start of the Internet. In this Consolidated Thread, I'm bringing up the days from May 2000 when this fat baal-priest pretending to be a One-Seedliner named Andy Anderson took over a ZOG listening post called Holy_Wars@egroups.com dating from the Summer of 1999 when this character called CygnusOne@hotmail.com/Norse Knight/Robert Paul invited myself, Willie Martin and other notables from the Christian Identity and Militia Movements to join his egroups (the forerunner to yahoogroups) e-mail listserver.

    Andy Anderson pulled the jew infiltration game perfectly. Andy was a minor player initially. Yet by May 2000, when it was obvious that Y2Kaos was gonna be a bust, Andy demanded that the former rules of in which all people has a say, John Knight, Yuriy Kirienko, John Lee, and others, be changed or Andy would leave. The listserver except for some twats who had joined recently, told Andy to leave and don't let the door hit Andy "Vaya Con Dios" Anderson on itz fat penguin ass on the way out. Yet the very next day Andy was back, given the moderatorship, and Andy immediately banned Yuriy Kirienko and John Knight and Fredrick Wayne Poley, a jew with a jew father.

    I instinctively did what became second nature: I immediately set up a competing egroups listserver, called it "Christian Nationalist," invited in all the bannees and proceeded to spy on the Wholly_Whores listserver by setting up sockpuppets before getting banned, or ASUSed ("Accidentally" Self-UnSubscribed Syndromed as Hengist put it.) And then I proceeded to give these jews and mamzers and ZOGbot twats fits.

    jews and ZOGbots don't change theyz' tricks, snouts nor pelts. They act exactly like they did for the past six thousand years since you have had jewboys and whiggers.

    The purpose of this archive is to show that the Internut Warz against the jews by playing "Cossacks and jewboys" in which the jews take over a White listserver or forum and then the Aryans proceed to re-create a new listserver or forum, insinuate spies and sockpuppets, and do nothing but fight, fight, fight with jews, whiggers, mamzers and traitors remains the same, both at the early years of the Internet, indeed since forever.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default The Holy_War Listserver is compromised.

    The Holy_War Listserver is compromised.


    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer

    --- In Holy_War@egroups.com, "Jennifer" wrote:
    > What do you mean, "John Gave up?" Did he quit the list? That's too
    > You can thank Lindstedt for that little bit of backstabbing.
    > Jennifer

    Myself and John Lee and Yuriy Kirienko have in common the trait of
    loyalty. If Kirienko and Lee were to ask me to quit this listserver
    as a sign of solidarity, I would be honor-bound to do so, just as I was
    honor-bound two years ago to quit a listserver after Willie Martin was
    unjustly expelled for another paytriot listserver, and Ray Earnest quit
    as well. We then migrated to the Sons-of-Liberty listserver, where the
    listserver owner has a policy of no censorship.

    Lack of due process and simple common decency has killed a number of
    listservers. The persons left may well hope that the sting left will
    go away, but it will continue in the wound, pumping more and more of
    its poison. Waco was like that in the public consciousness. It wasn't
    until a year passed that the militia movement started, and until the
    day that the Great CivilWar2 is over that the stinger will be embedded.
    Likewise with the unjustified, immoral, and illegal expulsion and banning
    of one of our members without cause. And you Jennifer, are gloating about
    it, as well as another female member, just like Janet Reno, at the on-line
    banishment of a White Man. The end result for you both will be that the
    suspicion of woman-kind, always present since the time of Adam, will be at
    the front of the minds of all White Men on this listserver.

    What is this? The NOW contigent of the Christian Nationalist
    community? Let me quote from Herod's decree #3:

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Anderson/Kink Herod

    3.The deliberate and abusive denigration of a Holy War members
    character or the use of coarse, vile, vulgar and obscene language
    to show personal disrespect to another members gender may result in
    a cautionary warning, up to removal from the list. If removed, a
    person may re-apply after a cooling off period; constant or severe
    abuse may result in being banned."

    Who does Herod think he is, Patricia Ireland's chief lackey? Everyone
    else on this list knew full well Yuriy's dislike for American women;
    Herod's Decree #3 was nothing less than a depotic style bill of attainder
    with Yuriy in the sights. The knife has your and another female's
    fingerprints, Jennifer. You figure out what the forensics imply.

    Everyone on this listserver knows of St. Paul's injunction concerning
    women being silent in the Church. The rule is relaxed, and the effect is
    that White Men are silenced by the byzantine plotting of women. Is that
    what we are supposed to learn from this latest incident? Seems to me that
    perhaps St. Paul had a point, if such is to be the result.

    You keep on telling us you have a lot to contribute to Christian
    Nationalism, Jennifer. And I agree, if one looks at the research you
    have done and your arrangement of other's writings. But if you cannot
    and will not refrain from petty viciousness in dealing with any White
    Man who does not desire you -- in fact wants nothing to do with you --
    then you will find yourself left out in the cold because no tribe can
    afford to keep such females amongst them. No one likes a black widow
    or a tyrannosaurus ex.

    What I desire is to remove the stinger, Jennifer. I want Yuriy to
    have the option to return. I would even like an apology from yourself
    and Andy. I do not expect that you are woman enough to offer such an
    apology or to even learn much, if anything about this incident. I
    do not expect you to get along with any Man who has thwarted you. I
    expect you will hold a grudge about this, and watch you accordingly.

    Bottom line: I want a return to the status quo ante Thursday. If
    Andy wants to leave, and take you and Tara with him, he is at liberty
    to do so. If anyone is to moderate this list, it will be Cygnus or it
    will be someone who will respect the rights of everyone on this forum,
    and make no rules designed to remove specific people or ideas from this
    listserver. If any rules are necessary, it will be by the consensus of
    this listserver community. If this community becomes a tyranny, then
    new communities will form from this listserver's refugees.

    If a mere Christian Nationalist electronic community cannot and will
    not act responsibly, in accordance to its professed principles, to its own
    membership, then what possible hope is there for a Christian Nationalist
    government which will never have as large a voluntary membership in its
    initial installation? The White People who may not share our doxology
    may well suspect, for good cause, that theocracy is yet another word for
    self-serving tyranny with a smug, self-righteous gloss.

    You've done wrong, Jennifer. You can humble yourself and make it
    right. Or you can rest smugly in your assurance that you got your way,
    you removed your enemy, and that you wounded this Christian Nationalist
    listserver community, perhaps permanently. If so, then you are neither
    a Christian nor a Nationalist.

    --Martin Lindstedt
    Christian Nationalist

    Mon May 29, 2000 4:57 am

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    Default The Holy_War Listserver is compromised.

    The Holy_War Listserver is compromised. (2)


    Quote Originally Posted by John Lee

    At 02:46 PM 05/28/2000 -0700, John Lee wrote:
    > I don't know what to say about all this. Let me see if I am able to

    >1. Andy is as blind as a mole, has his own way of thinking and when someone
    >does not agree with him or offers a challenge to his belief system, the
    >do-do hits the fan and Andy starts his ridicule by calling them spawn of
    >serpents or some other such garbage, I find it very hard to control my
    >tongue. There are a few others on your list with the same inability as Andy.
    > To me, if a person has a belief system, he damned sure better be able to
    >promote it from knowledge of it, not ridicule others that don't believe in
    >it. That is one of my main objections to any religion. Either you believe or
    >you are ridiculed; in some areas of the world you are shot or worse.
    > My whole point is to get people to understand why they believe as they
    >do. Many believe because that is all they have been exposed to. Many more
    >believe because they don't know how to think for themselves. I joined your
    >list knowing what was ahead of me, but never dreamed on of the most
    >incompetent people I've ever seen would become moderator.

    And, I cannot believe that someone who promised that he was going to
    leave because he didn't like the postings of others would be instead put
    into a position of power and authority over this listserver. It certainly
    didn't take very long for there first to be imposed a set of alien rules,
    and for someone to be banned by this little despot. And now there has to
    be called a meeting of the elders to deal with a situation which should
    never have happened.


    Quote Originally Posted by John Lee

    >When you asked Andy to moderate and he took the job, I left because first,
    >he is an idiot and is responsible in a large way for Christianity becoming
    >what it has. I also joined because in was NOT moderated. When I started on
    >Andy to make him prove why he believed the way he does, the first thing he
    >did was cry to you about the devil incarnate being on the list [me] then he
    >threatened you with leaving if you didn't bend to his way of thinking.
    > I won't take that shit on my list, which you are welcome to join, but if
    >you do you will be like everyone else there and stand on your own without
    >help from me, the moderator.
    >In other words, be able to back up what you say or don't say it.
    >John Lee

    I agree with John Lee. You don't give the monkeys the key to the
    zoo because the first thing they will do is to get rid of the unpopular,
    but responsible zoo-keepers. I'm reminded in the scene in "The Ten
    Commandments" when Moses (Charleton Heston) is up on the mountain and
    Nathan (Edmund G. Robinson) runs all over Aaron with a scheme for putting
    up a golden calf. Andy did exactly the same thing in running all over
    you, and I think it is time to set things right.

    We can't let this go on. I'm going to post Yuriy's and John Lee's
    messages to this listserver until I get banned. Every man among us
    has a listserver in which this sort of thing has not been tolerated
    because censorship by petty small minded people on other such listservers
    drove us out from amongst them. This is why each of us has founded their
    own listserver or WWW page, was to freely express our own point of view.
    None of us has ever felt compelled to kick anyone off from our listservers
    because we never seen anything expressed by others which was a threat to
    our system of beliefs. And we are thus concerned that you appointed
    someone so manifestly unfit to moderate a listserver who without just or
    sufficient reason expelled one of our friends and colleguesfrom this
    listserver of yours as soon as possible. We think Andy should be removed
    as listserver moderator and either someone else put into his place or
    that you resume moderation as well as ownership of this listserver. An
    egroups.com listserver doesn't need much, if anything, in the way of

    --Martin Lindstedt
    Christian Nationalist Moderator



    Quote Originally Posted by Cygnus One of the Hotmail Account

    >----- Original Message -----
    >From: "Cygnus One" CygnusOne@...>
    >To: "Martin Lindstedt" mlindste@...>
    >Cc: "Andy" andyandersonusa@...>
    >Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2000 1:20 PM
    >Subject: Re: The Holy_War Listserver Is Compromised
    >> Hello Martin,
    >> I have a great respect for you and your viewpoint. I don't have the
    >>time or ability to be a moderator. I've read some of Andy's posts and
    >>he shares the respect I have for Willie Martin...

    Do you know that Willie Martin has been kicked off of more
    listservers than even I have been kicked off of? Do you know why?
    It is because Willie speaks the truth as he sees it, and the phonies,
    liars, and rascals cannot stand to be shown up for what they are on
    their very own listserver.

    Do you know that John Lee defended me when a Tri-State Militia/
    Coalition agent provacateur named Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog kicked me off of
    his PIML listserver two years ago, when I dented the propaganda front
    created by a Khazar Bolshevik named Red Mike Vanderboegh? Red Mike
    was anti-Christian Israel and was later proven to be an informant for
    the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog later admitted
    to hiding another informant and now is in with a herd of militia-general
    informants where he belongs.

    See: http://pastorlindstedt.org/lindstedt/tsmc-5.html

    John Lee has paid his dues, and is respected by everyone in the
    Movement. I count him as a friend and ally.


    Quote Originally Posted by Cygnus One

    >> that was enough for me to ask him to be
    >> moderator. I'm the one who asked John Lee to join the List because he has
    >> many insights to share regarding the Battle but he can be mean and nasty
    >> towards Christianity.

    I suspect that John Lee's problem has been with Christians who
    couldn't be bothered to behave according to Christian precepts. I have
    not seen anything John Lee has said which the LORD would find objectionable.

    In any case, the Holy_War listserver specifically states that it is
    for Christian Nationalists. Therefore it is NOT a Christian Israelite
    doxology listserver, but rather one in which Christian Nationalists
    discuss how to achieve enough political power to set up a theocracy
    after the destruction of the Evil Empire. John Lee is one of our allies
    in this struggle, and thus entitled to know that such a theocracy would
    not be a despotism of the petty and small-minded claiming to be Christian,
    but with no such accomplishments.


    Quote Originally Posted by Cygnus One

    >> Please reconsider your opposition to Andy..I saw
    >> nothing threatening in the posts from Andy that you quote and the List
    >> needs a moderator, not a king Herod.

    I see something threatening in a set of rules which are used to
    purge allies of Christian Nationalism, allies which are needed. I've
    had to disavow Don Gayman for accepting money from The Order and then
    for fear of trouble testifying against Louis Beam and others at the
    Ft. Smith Sedition Trial. What am I supposed to do? Say that evil
    deeds by those who claim to be Christian whose actions are anything
    but Christian are all right and to be accepted?

    As a political activist I have to be nice to people I do not like
    or trust one bit. But I take great care to never let their dirt rub off
    on me. This listserver did something very, very wrong. I find that I
    must protest what it did.


    Quote Originally Posted by Cygnus One

    >> I should have put this to a vote and I apologize for not doing so. If
    >> Andy is not suitable I'm sure he won't mind leaving again.

    Andy is NOT suitable. He proved it immediately upon his ascention
    as moderator. Everyone with half a brain knows that if John Lee hadn't
    quit that he would have been next after Yuriy.

    If I had known that I was in a place where listserver life and death
    was put to a vote as opposed to according to law, then I'd have simply
    spied on this listserver like I do on the LibberToon Social Democrats,
    from time to time blowing off an alias. A Christian theocracy is not a
    democracy, Cygnus. The ruling theocrats either obey the Law of the LORD
    or they do not. If they do not, then they are not a theocracy, but rather
    a tyranny of the oligarchy of the base.

    I am not going to vote on this matter, now or ever. I'm asking for a
    consensus of the Elders to do that which is right.


    Quote Originally Posted by Cygnus One

    >>Until I know better, I know him as a Brother in Christ and a
    >> man for the Kingdom. I'm not an intellectual and I don't have time to
    >>assert political correctness on the List.

    I know Andy, not by his professed 'faith' but rather by his works.
    It is Andy who has done the PC-PW routine on behalf of Jennifer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cygnus One

    >> Is it possible that you and Andy could come to some agreement? Creating
    another list will spread us even thinner.
    >> Respectfully Yours,
    >> Cygnus One

    What do we have to agree with? Andy wants to kick off my friends and
    allies off this listserver to please his friends and allies. I want him
    to stop. Andy won't stop because you made him moderator. What do you
    want me to do -- ask him to not kick off any others of my friends and
    allies, or at least not over one a day or so? Let's see: Two fewer of
    them, one banned on Saturday and one resigned. At this rate, many of us
    will be gone by the end of next month.

    Take back your listserver, Cygnus. I'd rather you gave it to Yuriy
    or John Lee or John Knight, or even myself to moderate rather than
    Andy or Jennifer. Best of all, it is time you took back your listserver
    yourself and ran it with the lightest moderation. I'd advise you to make
    the archives public as well.

    I set up a new listserver, Christian_Nationalist@egroups.com for
    those who want to get back to business to go to if Holy_War is destroyed
    by you letting Andy play with it. I joined John Lee's new listserver,
    am on Yuriy's listserver, and opened up my own personal listserver to
    take care of refugees.

    This matter isn't going to go away, Cygnus. It is time to make up
    your mind as to what you need to do about this matter.

    Martin Lindstedt
    Christian Nationalist

    * Visit Patrick Henry On-Line *
    * Your One-Stop Shopping 4 Sedition *
    * http://pastorlindstedt.org/lindstedt/ *

    Originally posted on Mon May 29, 2000 5:38 am

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    Default My life as a "Virtual Rapist"

    My life as a "Virtual Rapist"


    >Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 18:26:38 -0700
    >From: "Jennifer" rockitech@...>
    >Subject: Andy as Moderator

    >Despite the erudite and well-written diatribe of Mr. Lindstedt I am in
    >favor of Andy as moderator.

    That's because even though I'm erudite & well-written, Jennifer
    knows that I'm not much better than a rapist because of my anti-feminist
    viewpoints. For that matter as well, God Himself should be looked upon
    with suspicion by Jennifer Andysdriver, cf Genesis 3:16.

    >Of all the men on this list he has shown to have the most compassion
    >with his fellow members in this group.

    Except for John Lee, Yuriy Kirienko, and Fredrick Wayne Poley,
    as of 6:30 p.m. Sunday, May 28, 2000, as the bodycount keeps rising.

    >I am sick and tired of being referred to as a whore or a Jew shill
    >or a consort to blacks.

    Well, . . . . . . . . .
    are you?

    >It is a great pity that Kirienko and Lindstedt who know as much as
    >they do are so blindsided by their hatred of women that they totally
    >negate the very thing they are trying to build up by alienating those
    >that they need the most: like-minded individuals. Whether they are
    >male or female is totally unimportant.

    Don't want to alienate a female space alien like Jennifer -- she'll
    get you banned & alienated from this listserver pretty quick enough.

    >But blaming the present ills of society on women alone is unintelligent
    >and shortsighted and at the same time an excellent example to others
    >of how NOT TO PROCEED. That is something scholars of the future can

    I think it comes from ignoring St. Paul's instructions on not allowing
    women to speak in church, myself.

    >If the rightwing patriot movement fails in its quest to stop the ZOG it
    >is not because of how well organized ZOG is but because of how badly
    >organized AND tempered the rightwing is. The patriots are divided by
    >their petty little opinions about what constitutes politics and love
    >to point fingers at everyone but themselves.

    Can anyone even begin to imagine how off-putting it would be to have
    something as sweet&cuddly and generous as Jennifer in their sleeping bag
    while on a Resistance mission out in the piney woods? Or -- as official
    Army posters dating back from 1981, "Rape-Awareness Year" modified by
    short-timers put it -- even in a vat of green jello?

    >Martin Lindstedt has shown today and in the past how everyone else is
    >to blame for HIS misery. Yuriy Kirienko is a carbon copy of Lindstedt
    >except that he is even more coarse and uncultured.

    White Males. Jennifer can't live with them and cannot live without
    pestering them.

    >Intellect is of no consequence,

    For some reason I can understand why Jennifer believes this.

    > if all that raw and unbridled energy is
    >allowed to spout forth without being channeled in the direction of the
    >real issues at hand, such elements will forever be random elements AKA
    >loose cannons and another Buford Whatshisface is likely to emerge and
    >further aggravate things for our cause.

    Jennifer is reading from the ADL/SPLC dialog sheet. Truth be told,
    privately, most of us have no problem with Buford Whatshisface except
    for his atrocious and wasteful marksmanship.

    >Yuriy Kirienko is such an individual and to me looks ready to snap.
    >Martin Lindstedt wants to be a politician but desperately needs some
    >people skills.

    I got real good people skills. I know how to bring out the worst
    in the worst kind of people. Don't I, Jennifer honey?

    >You are not going to win the vote of people by pissing them off with
    >glib rhetoric and asinine remarks. Being honest and true to your cause
    >can be done without insulting the female part of the population.

    I don't know. With some of the female population if I am honest
    and true then I am bound to insult some of the female part of the
    population. Like Jennifer most certainly, for instance.

    >As long as he blames females for his predicament and impotence he
    >will never be a leader.

    With some females, like Jennifer, maybe impotence is not altogether
    that bad of a thing.

    >Now everyone knows why M. Lindstedt is championing Yuriy Kirienko's cause.
    >They both have been severely bitten by the judicial system over a woman.

    Not me. I get along with my womenfolk. Of course my womenfolk ain't
    like Jennifer.

    >Both are misogynists and both are loose cannons that do not have
    >sufficient people skills to amount to anything important in our quest
    >for justice. And that explains their venomous attacks on females.

    Perhaps that explains why I have not been asked to speak [for
    campaign contributions] before the Gertrude Stein Lesbian Democratic
    Action Committee as well.

    >They are really not much better than rapists.

    No, I suppose to Jennifer that I'm not.

    >It's all just power play and a sick desire to get their rocks off.


    You didn't like your father much, did you Jennifer?

    Males like Andy should not be fathers.

    You have helped me make my point about Andy, Jennifer.

    --Martin Lindstedt
    Missouri Reform Party Candidate for U.S. Senate
    Virtual Rapist & Anti-Feminist

    * Visit Patrick Henry On-Line *
    * Your One-Stop Shopping 4 Sedition *
    * http://pastorlindstedt.org/lindstedt/ *
    * http://pastorlindstedt.org/lindstedt/ *

    Originally posted on Mon May 29, 2000 12:40 pm

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    Default Time to end Andy's short-lived reign-of-terror,

    Time to end Andy's short-lived reign-of-terror,


    At 01:02 AM 05/29/2000 -0700, Fathers Manifesto wrote:

    >Well said, Martin,
    >The funny thing is that it is people like Andy who loudly quote "I may
    disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right
    to say it", and then immediately censor the entire world if they dare
    >to use the word "whore".

    I've seen the type before, and they are as common as dirt.

    >Could it be that Yuriy struck a nerve );
    >John Knight

    Well, perhaps you should see the latest I've sent to pore Jennifer.
    I had a lot of fun writing it. And I agreed with some of what she had
    to say. The goofy heifer got real shrill.

    John Lee was right. Andy is way out of his league. I don't like
    FW Poley and trust him even less. He was instrumental in getting Willie
    Martin banned from Charles-the-Worst-Stuart's common-law listserver
    2 years ago, the swine. But he pegged Andy square before he got banned.

    Time to end Andy's short-lived reign-of-terror, reinstate everyone,
    let Andy and a few of his feebs mope around for a few days, and let
    everything go back to the way it was.

    --Martin Lindstedt

    * Visit Patrick Henry On-Line *
    * Your One-Stop Shopping 4 Sedition *
    * http://pastorlindstedt.org/lindstedt/ *
    * http://pastorlindstedt.org/lindstedt/ *

    Posted on Mon May 29, 2000 1:06 pm

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    Default Jenny, your stanky skanky ain't that damn good.

    Jenny, your stanky skanky ain't that damn good.


    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer
    From: Jennifer
    To: hbequip@...
    Sent: Monday, May 29, 2000 5:52 AM
    Subject: hello John

    The Holy_War White Men need to Worsesheep muh Sacred Baal-Priestess Pussy

    Hi John,

    Long time no hear.

    I did not know you were so buddy-buddy with Kirienko, Lindstedt and Knight.

    As you may have noticed I have avoided using your name in any of the responses to Lindstedt et al.

    As far as I remember, we had a pretty good understanding, you and I, regarding the excessive religious crap that broke theseries, remember?

    But it looks like we are now in opposing camps, what a pity.

    Why does Lindstedt imply that you were banished from holy_war when he knows you resigned on your own accord?

    If Martin misuses that type of knowledge to manipulate a discussion forum then I must already distrust everything else he might do if he makes it in politics. Too bad. He is an intelligent feller, and I wish he and I could have stood side by side in our quest against ZOG, but he hates women too much and is too consumed in petty issues to see the real issues it seems.

    That is a shame . . . for America.

    Go well my friend. Perhaps we get a chance to converse again one of these days ;-)





    Jenny, your stanky skanky ain't that damn good.


    I don't understand what makes you tick. You've come down on me while I was on the list because I got on your Andy; you tell Martin you support Andy for moderator then you tell Martin Andy should not have children.

    After 50 years of watching men and women interact with each other [the first 12 years of my life spent doing nothing] after I realized women were different than men in the way they thought,[learning this by watching the change in a childhood friend when she started developing into a woman] acted and in their desires in life. You are a little different because you are political to a degree. But putting the politics aside, tell me if I'm wrong when I describe the average women and make a few comparisons of women to females in the animal world.

    Women are nest makers, basically, it is the way they were designed by Nature and they have no choice about the matter. Women have the ability to bear children and men fight over the privilege of mating with them, exactly like animals do except men think they are a bit more civilized in the how of the matter. The foreplay is about the same; women make men go through all kinds of game playing in order to perform the act of sex; then comes the incubation period where the woman is usually in a bad mood because carrying a child is obviously not an easy task. Sort of like a hen sitting on a clutch of eggs; if you disturb her she will peck the hell out of you.

    Nature even designed women to fight until death to protect the child, whereas men don't have that Natural instinct. Modern feminism, this desire to prove women are equal or better than men in every way has caused the slacking of that Natural Instinct to the point where now, thousands of would be Mothers gladly kill their children before they are born. I've seen what it does to women that do this dastardly act. They do not get over it because, even though they try to hide it, they still have a conscience that tells them deep down "YOU'RE A KILLER OF YOUR OWN BABY" and that is something that is very hard to live with.

    They do this so they can be equal and without responsibility of motherhood, even though they enjoyed the act of making the baby probably as much as the man did. Women abort babies without real reason, unlike a sow pig that will kill the runt of the litter because she doesn't have enough teats to feed it. I suppose many call abortion "enlightenment" in these modern times but it is still murder without reason, in my book. If a baby , still in the womb is found to be deformed, that might be a reason to terminate its life, I don't know. But to abort so a women can continue to be sexually active or politically active or simply because society now says it's OK is insane.

    But back to the nest making. Women, most of them anyway are natural nest makers and will do anything to protect the brood. I've seen mother cats die to defend their litter, just like a woman should but modern society says it's OK to abort or adopt out. Women will vote for any politician that will promise them the care of the children; that will promise them they will guarantee their right to be equal; that will promise them the upper hand in divorce and the ability to gain what they never earned while in the marriage community and This Promise alone has caused more strife in this country than any other single thing. It has pitted the sexes against each other and is in the process of helping to destroy the White Race.

    Now then, I don't deny women a brain. But women use their brains on the spur of the moment without a thought of future consequences, it seems to me. They also change their minds like the tide changes its flow. I've met a lot of women in my 62 years and this mind changing holds true for everyone of them. Women do the NOW thing without thought of the future. Maybe that is why the National Organization of Women is called N.O.W.

    You don't seem to care for John Knight, but I suspect he has been totally abused by what women have accomplished in the political arena since gaining the vote. Before you condemn him, you, and all other women should really take a close look at what has been done to the family unit in America, whether by women or men. Put the blame where it belongs and lose you ill feelings for the male animal because you think you have a reason to be equal. When you can use a pick and shovel all day beside a man and do the same amount of trenching; when you stop using your bodies against men instead of for the family unit, most men that women have put through the grinder will change their attitude, but attitudes will not change as long as things remain the same as they are now.

    Before you answer me think about what I've said.


    Posted on Mon May 29, 2000 3:07 pm

    I am The Librarian

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    Default I am going to kick the ass of Andy (Anderson) and his whores for some time to come.

    I am going to kick the ass of Andy (Anderson) and his whores for some time to come.


    Hi, John, I will send you what you wish but I have to finish the
    article that am working on at present. It will take several more
    hours. Then also, John, I do not know what causes it but I
    receive the text of your files in the text format without line
    breaks. It becomes one large block of text that is difficult to
    read. It is not clear for me how to correct it. May be you have
    any idea?

    The events on the Holy-War are very promising - they should
    stir-up coach potatoes out of their lethargic state of existence.
    I am going to kick the ass of Andy and his whores for some time
    to come. - Let us use it for a target practice in darts throwing to
    train young men of America to hit the whore's butt from the first
    throw. We must extricate maximum advantages from their butts
    because their practice is identical with that of the skunks of the
    NWO. That is what they will do to all Internet if we let them do it.

    But we will not do it through arguing with them. We will do through
    organizing ourselves preparing for the fight on the higher level
    than they can conceive it. Does anyone on the lists have skills
    to make the songs with the simultaneous translation like I did
    on my website. The guy who does for me is overburdened and
    he does not speak English making it even more difficult.

    I have an excellent tape with a song of a Russian caterpillar driver
    who talks to his bitch. The song is great. Martine Lindstedt would
    start singing it himself and teach everyone in Missouri. That spirit
    of the Russian farmers will wake up the spirit if Missouri real fast.

    Yuriy Kirienko

    Posted on Mon May 29, 2000 7:20 pm

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Compromised? Please read - Members Input Requested

    Compromised? Please read - Members Input Requested


    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Andersson

    >Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 16:04:38 -0700
    >From: "Andy"
    >Subject: Compromised? Please read - Members Input Requested

    >Mr. Lindstedt,

    >Please accept my thanks for writing about your genuine concerns and
    >fears about the list. Please also especially accept my true thanks
    >for not copying and using any of the foul and obscene language that
    >has been unnecessarily and excessively used for a long period of
    >time by some of these MEN (your emphasis), whom you are now the
    >champion for.

    The MEN who were on this list seldom used foul and obscene language
    except when they had been provoked by you into doing so, as I recollect.
    As a man, I often have a number of random thoughts when describing
    such as Jennifer, but I have learned to not say the first thing, or
    even second thing which comes to mind. But I am not so prissy as to
    pretend that I will not say, as the earthy expression goes, " 'Shit' if
    I have a mouthful." (Doubtless this will bring about a little ticket
    from the language commissar, i.e. yourself. And I await with some
    anticipation some more of your listserver legistreason cutting off
    some more avenues of expression for White Men.)


    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Andersson

    >As a meek man without your gift for satire and such, I come to ask for
    >peace and to offer what may prove to be acceptable to yourself, or to
    >any other in regards to this matter. Amos 3:3 asks: Can two walk
    >together, except they be agreed? Let us see if we may have some

    In my opinion, you have much to be meek about. However, I am
    impressed by your abilities in the subversion department. I don't
    think that even Joseph Stalin and all of his Bolshevik Khazar
    Commissars managed to finish off 3/47th of their population on a
    Saturday to Sunday period -- all of them White Men. Looking at these
    accomplishments of yours as listserver moderator, you must be some
    sort of LibberToonian Social Democrat or something.

    But to get down to brass tacks, I want your resignation as
    listserver moderator and the restoration of the status quo ante. After
    which perhaps Holy_War could open up a sub-listserver for a retreat for
    you&Jennifer&Tara&Herodotus and any others of your kind. Perhaps we
    could call this retreat "Virtual_Khazaristan" or "Jewish-American_


    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Andersson

    >It is my (perhaps selfish) position to ask, how can it be that such
    >MEN who evidently have something of worth, note, and distinction to
    >offer, while also possessing abundant intelligence, education, maturity
    >and wisdom, be so apparently and appallingly unable to express
    >themselves to others without grossly insulting the other parties, by
    >constantly using foul, profane and disrespectful language, and
    >deliberately denigrating the Christian faith, of which they are
    >largely ignorant? Can not an intelligent person express himself in
    >an intelligent and respectful manner anymore? Indeed, can we two walk

    In the case of Yuriy Kirienko, no language was used other than
    that which can be found in a Bible, or at least so I noticed. In
    the case of John Lee, he asked what was the basis of your beliefs.
    Both of them asked you specific questions which you were unable to
    answer. Of course they both assumed that yes, you were a Christian,
    a mistake on their part. You have not acted the part very well, as
    witness your speedy imposition of your made-up rules to this
    listserver, and the lawless execution of your sentence. I pray that
    the LORD will do likewise to you, and do unto you as you did unto
    them. Matt. 7:1-2. Since you have offended these little children
    of the LORD, it would be far better that a millstone were hung about
    your neck and that you were drowned in the sea. Matt. 18:1.


    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Andersson

    > Some people feel that inclusion is needed without discrimination.
    >Inclusion is fine, but discrimination is necessary, for it is a
    >survival trait, and commanded by Yahveh. Is history, heritage, race,
    >and Covenants important in the Christian context? Again, yes, because
    >Christ said that he came not but for the lost sheep of the house of
    >Israel (Math 15:24). Let me illustrate by example wherein I hope to
    >illustrate this predicament.

    Was not John Lee, an American, one of the lost sheep of the House
    of Israel? And Mr. Poley, a Canadian, as well? And, as for Mr.
    Kirienko, of the Rus, an offshoot of the Swedes, perhaps he too is
    of the House of Israel as well? And of these lost sheep, it would
    seem to me that a ravening wolf, like a false profit, has curtailed
    their stay on this listserver unnaturally.


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