I See You



You know, it's startling how much the Jews have taken over not only the media, but the film
industry as well. I flat can't find a movie made anymore that isn't bleeding with Jew names in
the end credits. Produced, directed, even written in many cases by a Jew. And that doesn't
even go into the Jewish stars in cinema. Even if the name doesn't sound Jewish, take a good
close look at the stars of the movie. There's always the same dead giveaways that the Nazis
used in World War II. Traits they can't hide no matter how hard they try. Take a look at their
nose for example. Even if it's not a hook nose, look at the frontal shape. Head-on it will have
a teardrop shape to it. It never fails. And the hair. Almost always it's frizzy or kinky. A weak
chin is also a prerequisite as well as a sloping forehead and a receding hairline in middle-
aged Jews, looking most the time like a "Friar Tuck"...

The body shape is also a giveaway. A Jew male will have a small chest, wide hips, short legs,
pot belly and waddles when he walks. They closely resemble a penguin. I know all this sounds
comical, but it's the truth. Jews look like this. Not all of them mind you, but the majority usually
do. There are some Jews however that masquerade as gentiles in order to fit into white society.
These are called "moronis". William Shatner is a famous example, as is actor George C. Scott,
though later in life he's come to very much look like an aging kike. The older they get, the more
pronounced the hook-nose becomes. It's an extremely ugly feature in my book. If you want to
have any kind of career in Hollywood, you had better be a Jew or a well-known Jew ass kisser.
That means you have to be a rabid public supporter of their depraved agenda for the white race,
including blacks breeding with our girls, homosexual acceptance, raw sex during prime time, as
well as the vilest profanity in movies and the media. And this is just for starters. Take that piece
of crap Quentin Tarantino. A viler, more degenerate fiend never darkened the doors of Hollywood...

An example of this is his relatively recent movie "Inglorious Basterds". I have to admit it's a well
made flick..and that was also quite intentional..but the storyline is pure Jew ass kissing all the
way. The movie is a fantasy about a bunch of Jews killing off the entire German high command
in one stroke. Jew revenge in spades. There's tons of scenes were Nazis are being shot to
pieces, being beaten to death with ball bats, being scalped of all things, and burning alive. The
Germans are always made to look like complete idiots and murderous psychopaths, always
looking for an excuse to torture or murder someone. The writers and producers made the Nazis
look like they had no justifiable reason for their hatred of Jews, and treat the Jews as innocent
victims of unprovoked mayhem. Not one word is said about the greed, economic conspiracy or
mass starvation they deliberately caused, or their unrepentant murder, beating, and molestation
of thousands of innocent little German children. In fact records of these atrocities are now being
systematically erased worldwide, even as I write this...

When you look at a star on the screen, I don't care how good an actor they may be, always
remember that they sold their soul to get where they are. There are tens of thousands of people
that can act rings around the current crop of Hollywood talent today, the problem is they refuse
to abandon their morals or sense of right and wrong to get there. When I see some attractive
young starlet I say to myself, "There's another Hollywood slut". And 99% of the time I'm dead
right. Most of them got where they are by spreading their legs for a cadre of fat ugly old Jews.
Turns my stomach, I don't know about you. The next time the credits roll on some flick you
just watched, look at the end credits closely. You'll see a bunch of names like : "Goldstein",
"Goldberg", Feinstein", Jacobson", Rosenberg", Silverstein", and the list goes on and on...

You really can't miss them. Recently I checked out a behind the scenes look at making
a movie. What I saw blew me away. The entire 20 man production crew were all hook-nosed
Jews! All of them. It looked like a damned Bar Mitzvah! Take a look at producer J.J. Abrams
for example. He's done a ton of flicks including "Cloverfield", "Inception", "Transformers", and
a ton of others. And his trademark in all his movies is that he finds a way to introduce blacks
screwing blondes. It never fails. Somewhere in his flick it will be introduced. And he's not alone.
Producer Joel Silver. He's another kike that never, ever makes a movie without injecting a buck
on blonde scene somewhere in it. The Jew agenda is alive and well folks. And if you think it's
all just paranoia, you need to look for yourself. I get really, really tired of fools that tell me I'm
imagining things or exaggerating. All one has to do is turn on any TV and watch it for no longer
than an hour, and you'll see the buck and blonde formula being jammed down the throats of
our young girls, telling them over and over that it's not only cool, it's more desirable to screw
a nigger than a white. Odin's ass warts! This is blasphemy!

Personally, I can't understand how any white girl could stand to get close enough to one of
those apes to even kiss him. Getting that close to a sweaty, stinking, zit covered face that
has nostrils that go clean up to his sinus cavities and lips that you could use to plunge out
a toilet with, bulbous, yellow stained eyes and nappy, kinky hair would make me vomit right
on the spot. Blacks give off a sickly-sweet odor. They can't help it. It's a species thing, and
most whites are repulsed by it. We were never meant to get that close to a black to begin
with, and that's nature's way of telling a white to get the f**k away from him or her. And yet
our girls are so brainwashed that they overlook all these offensive traits and go to it anyway.
If that isn't brainwashing, I don't know what it is. And this is exactly what the damned Jews
want. I find it extremely interesting that Jews scream the loudest about racism among whites,
yet they themselves are the most racist bunch on this planet! Trouble is, very, very few whites
have ever taken the time to go read the Jewish Talmud. There are the two "holy books" the
Jews revere. These scrolls or books have been passed down from generation to generation
for thousands of years. Our own Old Testament was literally lifted from the Torah, one of
these two books...

The other one, the Talmud, is not a history book like the Torah, it's a compilation of codes of
conduct and rules that Jews are supposed to live by. This book has been compiled over the
millennia by hundreds of different rabbis and prophets, most of which had their heads up their
asses. Jewish doctrine teaches all Jews that they are to memorize and apply the Talmud to
their daily lives or be outcasts from Jewish society. This so-called holy book teaches them
that Jesus Christ was a liar and drunkard and is presently in Hell, boiling in a vat of his own
excrement., and that Mary was a whore. And that's just for starters. It also teaches Jews
that it's no sin to rape a white girl or to lie, cheat or swindle a white. That's because they
are taught that we are their property!! I don't know about you, but I find that offensive as
hell. They are even allowed to rape our boys up to the age of ten, and it's no sin! Does this
help you to understand why they are pushing so hard to make all sexual derangements
"normal" in our culture? They have always been vile degenerates and want to have their
practices accepted in white society! And that will eventually include child molestation!
Think it's impossible? How many of you twenty years ago, thought we'd ever see faggots
accepted in mainstream society? How about interracial sex thirty years ago? See my
point? There's no limit to their depravity...

As far as the Talmud goes, don't try to read it straight from the pages. In the first place
it's in Hebrew, and in the second, it's the most jumbled, cryptic pile of jibberish you ever
laid eyes on. This is deliberate so that only the priests will know how to decipher it easily,
though the average kike This book teaches Jews to never, ever breed with anyone other
than other Jews or face rejection by their peers. This is why most Jews look so similar.
Inbreeding. Thousands of years of it. They also have a serious problem with deformities
because of it, but this problem is hidden away from white society. They don't want us
to know how depraved they are. Keep all this in mind the next time you hear someone
screaming "Racism!" because it was the Jews that promoted that vile practice, even
though they themselves are the most racist people there are. But they don't want whites
to know this because it could bring down their entire house of cards. Jews are liars and
hypocrites. Never forget that, and don't forget they despise you and everything we stand
for, and that they want you dead. Do yourself a real favor and get hold of a translation
of the Talmud and read the thing. You'll be both amazed and enraged at what every last
Jew on earth thinks of you and our civilization. They are a parasite race, siphoning off
the fruits of our hard work and destroying the host nation every chance they get, like
a freaking virus. Believe it or not these ugly little wogs think they're the Master Race.
Let's show them who their real masters are...


"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."
--Samuel Adams, Father of the American Revolution